10 Best All Mountain Snowboard

  1. Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Men’s
  2. Rossignol Gala Women’s
  3. Chamonix Lognan Men’s
  4. DC Focus Men’s
  5. Nitro Team 2021
  6. Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain
  7. Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green | 150
  8. Rossignol XV Sashimi Men’s
  9. Technine Shred Til Death STD Men’s
  10. Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2021
TOP #1
Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Men's All Mountain Snowboard
Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #2
Rossignol Gala Women's All Mountain Snowboard
Rossignol Gala Women’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • Designed for beginning to progressing riders,
  • Glass fiber has greater elongation before break
  • AmpTek Auto-Turn rocker profile
  • Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #3
Chamonix Lognan Men's All Mountain Snowboard
Chamonix Lognan Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • Poplar wood core
  • Sidewall construction
  • Twin shape
  • Camber Profile
  • Extruded Base
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #4
DC Focus Men's All Mountain Snowboard
DC Focus Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • A directional shape with fun, forgiving flex, the Focus features a Rocker profile and catch-free 3 Degree bevel on the edges.
  • This design makes for easy turning and smooth, all-mountain cruise control.
  • Rocker – The board is flat between the stance & curved away from the snow outside the stance, resulting in a playful and forgiving ride.
  • Stratus Core – The stratus core consists of smooth flexing poplar with two stringers of beech running down the middle of the board for added strength.
  • FLEX RATING: 5/10
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #5
Nitro Team 2021 All Mountain Snowboard
Nitro Team 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

  • Shape: Directional Twin
  • Rocker: True
  • Width: Standard
  • Flex: All Terrain
  • Sidecut: Dual Degressive
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #6
Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain All Mountain Snowboard
Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain All Mountain Snowboard

  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #7
Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green | 150 All Mountain Snowboard
Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green | 150 All Mountain Snowboard

  • Modern All-Mountain Design
  • Engineered By Legendary Board Designer
  • Ride It In All Snow Conditions
  • Loaded With Tech
  • Better Product and Prices
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #8
Rossignol XV Sashimi Men's All Mountain Snowboard
Rossignol XV Sashimi Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • New 2020 Rossignol XV Sashami LG Men’s All Mountain Snowboard
  • Explosive Pop and Stability – AmpTek Elite Rocker maintains explosive pop and edge-gripping stability
  • Smooth Ride, Focused Edge Control – L.I.T.E. Grip enhances edge pressure on toe and heel sides when you need it most
  • Hard-Charging Control – Reverse super directional flex maximizes power and control for aggressive freeriding
  • All-Mountain Power, Freestyle Versatility – Moderate flex for a stable blend of power and forgiveness for all-mountain and freestyle riding
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #9
Technine Shred Til Death STD Men's All Mountain Snowboard
Technine Shred Til Death STD Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

  • SHAPE: Traditional Twin
  • FLEX: Centered Stiff 6/9
  • PROFILE: T9 Combo Camber
  • All Mountain Snowboard
TOP #10
Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2021 All Mountain Snowboard
Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

  • The Mountain snowboard was specifically designed by legendary board shaper Thomas Delago to provide the perfect directional experience around the whole mountain, by offering a flawless edge hold through turns & effortless float through chop and pow.
  • Shape: Directional. Camber: Cam-Out. Flex: All Terrain. Sidecut: Progressive.
  • All Mountain Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Men's All Mountain Snowboard

  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Package Dimensions: 61 x 12 x 0.7 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Item model number: 20SN044
  • Manufacturer: Lib Tech
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

Libtech here and I’m very excited to show you an all new board for 1819. It is the tear ice Orca. So it’s part of Travis Rice’s ProModel series. This board is actually only available in one size, a 153 and there’s been a bit of a trend in snowboarding where people and realizing that, if you make a board a little shorter and wider, it still performs really well in powder and floats well- and this is Travis’s answer to that- is having a nice wide waist width.

This is actually a 28 6 waist width, so you know you’re, even if you have a smaller boot size, that’s perfect for this board, because it is a little bit shorter and when you get this thing in powder being a little bit directional, it just floats like a dream: it’s got a really cool shape to it. Nice little kicked up tail here and the contour is c2, so you’ve got that rocker between the feet and an arch shaped camber underfoot.

That rocker is really gonna help. It float as well and it’s just a nice aggressive powder, friendly car friendly new addition to the libtech line that we’re all really excited about. So there’s your Orca.

This is a 20/20 libtech tear ice Orca, the last board that I would ever ride. If I had one board to ride for the rest of my life, this deck sold out so fast in 2019. It’s probably going to do it this season for 2020, it’s an all-mountain, freeride freestyle board for intermediate to advanced level. Riders has a really unique shape, both in profile and overall style of shaping. It’s quick edge-to-edge has a wide platform, there’s a lot of really unique things happening with the Orca and that’s why so many people love it.

If you want to elevate your game, go from where you’re at in your skill and really gonna step it up. This is really one board that does that it can help you progress, because it’s not overly aggressive, it’s still kind of surfy and loose at times, but it still has a quick amount of pop a sweet, ollie spot and floats in really deep snow. So for all those other times, you’ve ridden other boards and gone I wish it. The board would do this or something something happens like I.

Don’t like this feeling, I, don’t think I’ve ever had any of those types of negative feelings with the Orca. It’s really that much fun of a deck like. Overall, though again it is a directional board. The stance is set back two and a half inches. The nose is 20 millimeters wider than the tail. The nose is gonna float really well in deep snow. It does have a c2 X profile shape, which means that’s it’s a hybrid shape. Now, as you see you in this on this flap table has a slight rocker to it.

There’s rocker between the feet. They give us a board that loose kind of floaty feel, but then there’s camber, underneath each foot to the contact points that give it precision to control. It has great amount of Ollie pop and that Ollie pop sweet spot is right where that kink is where that short high tail kicks up now. Some boards, of course, have a kind of gradual long style tails and the ollie spot keeps carrying a very depending on how much energy or the time that you put into it.

This one is always right here and it’s really close to your back foot, so you snap in Ollie, it happens really fast. It’s actually a lot of fun, but another cool thing about the profile shape of the deck is that has a very short running length from the 147 size has a 105 running and then all the way up to that 159 size. This one has a 115 centimeter running race, which is not very long at all, and then you add in a fairly small sidecut radius of seven meters. This is a board that turns really fast.

It just has lots of energy. So, even though the deck is a little bit softer than average, it still has a lot of really cool kind of shaping’s to it that make it feel more aggressive and stable than it maybe wouldn’t have if it wasn’t the shape that it is, if that makes sense, um, yeah I’d say this thing has about a feeling fluctuating of four, maybe a five four and a half, but definitely you know, like I, think the libtech rates it has a little bit stiffer than your average more but I.

Just don’t feel that way. When you look at the general range of flexes of boards across the entire industry, I’d say this is just a little bit softer than your average style board, especially with that c2 hybrid profile. No inside this thing is there’s a real cool construction, it’s pretty simple and it actually keeps the cost down quite a bit. There’s the original power construction. It’s 75% Aspen about 25% Polonia, to keep it lightweight and then has the original power, plus a style option added to it, giving the Orca a black sintered base, which is a godsend.

You can whack this thing up. Keep it waxed up throughout the season, of course, keep it well maintained, there’s a decent amount of structure to this depth, to which I actually really like I, think a little bit more structure than I found in other boards from them check in previous seasons, which is pretty cool, there’s a by X fiberglass on the bottom of that wood core. That makes the board maneuverable, of course, and then a tri X grass. On top again, it gives it just a little bit more energy.

One thing that a lot of people really love about the Orca is that you can basically have I, don’t say any size foot, but you can have a larger size, boot size, 11, 12 13. You can get on these boards because they have wider than average waist width. Now the 147th size has a twenty five point: seven centimeter waist width and then all the way up to that 159 has a twenty six point: seven, so it’s actually fairly wide in the middle. So if you have a size, 9 boot, you can really lay down those deep style cars, especially with that mmm eat or 7-meter sidecut, and then you know.

The Orca, of course, is gonna. Add that manda traction style edge. Seven strated a knife like blade, I, just I, helped a grip on firm snow I ride a lot in Minnesota. We have firm snow here and anytime I’m riding a lib or Mervin style board with Maggie I’m, absolutely in love, because it really does grip in cruddy conditions, but this is a really great board. This is the Orca it will sell out before the snow hits guaranteed. So if you want this thing, are you seeing it you’ve heard about it check out the link below in the description check it out, see if we still have it might be sold out? But really this is a fantastic deck.

I have a feeling: it’s gonna stay within the line for a long time, but a lot of people who wanted this board last year couldn’t get it because they waited too long. So, if there’s a call of urgency to get the work out, if you want one this is it right now don’t blow your chance, because it’s gonna be gone really soon, I’m, not just trying to sell you stuff. You know this is just the truth. Uh-Huh thanks for watching guys. You know, leave a comment, a question. Let me know what you think of the Orca for all those guys who grows out there that road and got one last year, you know Congrats.

Let me know what you think subscribe to the channel better chicken more vids there, hopefully see I’ll, see you guys on snow ripping around on this thing. Peace.

While you watch us get our average riding on this is a semi-concise summary of the lib tech orca. I guess we’re tactically the same species as travis, but his boards never made us feel like we were. They just don’t like to turn. However, this somewhat short wide tapered directional easy turning semi-buttery slashy forgiving board works really well for us.

In fact, I’ve owned a 153 in the past that now own a 150 we’re not that into the loose feel underfoot when one footing or flat basing in harder conditions, but it skids turns easy and once the edge is set, it grips like a champ. It doesn’t have that bucky bouncy feel that many shorter wider boards have an uneven terrain, which is pretty cool.

While we have had more pleasure carving with lots of c3 camber boards like the rocket, this does really well for a c2 board, even though its edges can be grabby and soft wet snow, it has a very set back, easy floating riding powder, that’s way better than any other t rice model. This still has that aggressive straight line kind of travis personality to it, but for the first time it also works with us mellow riding mortals.

This is especially great for those that see hard to icy snow, but want to be ready for those deep days. The only drawback is it’s so popular. You might find yourself skating up to an orca pod in the lift line and feel like you haven’t, made an original choice and now I’ll take you back to the in-depth review on snow and let’s get into the sizing I feel kind of in between 50 and 53.

I think, if I had to make a choice, I might go 53, but I love how quick and how easy this is to ride at 50, so felt like you could handle my weight, though I feel I’m between 32 and 33, but you are aging rapidly as far as boards go um it the sizing honestly, you know trying some 50s yesterday and I was just like. Ah, this feels not fun.

You know there are a lot of 50s they make like short and fat or whatever that I don’t necessarily love. I got on this board today immediately and you know it’s pretty hard conditions out there um, but but still fun, and this board felt great underneath my feet. Although I haven’t tried the 53, I could see how I would also love the 50 yeah.

It’s a little more, a little more powerful though yeah, but even jimbo could handle this with his 11s mm-hmm. Definitely weight wise. He was right from 185 to 160. Right thing was really fun to get over under its edges. For me, yeah for my boots, didn’t you! It took a lot to get my boots to the snow, good good. This I’m just getting a camber profile, the c2 xc2 kind of ish.

I think it’s c2, um, hybrid rocker, basically rocker between the feet, um going to camber and the tip and tail yeah. I mean uh, but still not touching all the way down. It’s it’s um rises up. It’s a very forgiving feel, even though this orca is stiff and kind of aggressive it um it skids turns very easily. You can get off your game with this and recover where, if you’re on the fun boy or c3 boards from mervin like we were just comparing it against you’ll, find that those are much more locked in much more technical and much more unforgiving when it comes to skidding out of turn for those beginner intermediates.

Compared to this to this, this is way more aggressive. Those are still more forgiving than like a full whale said yeah like, but, and then also, though, like if you’re written other c2 boards, like trs or the writer’s choice, or something like that and you come to this you’ll be like whoa. This is pretty pretty aggressive for hybrid rocker um, but all in all pretty good.

Now flex, it’s got. You know it’s got a little bit of that bend in the middle, but overall, it’s very medium stiff, but it was easy to butter uh, especially coming off of like a lot of full stiff camber rides. We’ve been riding coming to this you’re like wow. This gives that gives you that cheater bend in the middle and it really breaks open and lets you butter off the off the nose and tail pretty well yeah, but it also has just lots of pop and drive very lots of volley lots of pockets.

Yeah, you see how it bends you’re, like spring’s, really yeah, it’s a pop. It’s a poppy boy. When you get into speed and uneven snow and chatter, and that kind of thing um. I was surprised at how damp it was for because mervin boards have these kind of like they accentuate the wood core in their design. It seems like they really enhance that woody feel and sometimes that can make it kind of ultra poppy and a little too like not that damp.

This had some dampness at speed for a fifth for a 150. I was pointing this thing yep and it’s not as peter says: bucky lasik, it’s not uh classic. It has a little of that c2 vibration that that that little clown vibration, but it didn’t pass up into my body like I thought it would. No, I’ve ridden this this 53 in a little uneven terrain and uh, I felt like it could bust through chunder and power over stuff pretty well.

What do you think through the through the crispy and variables on the sides of the trails, is yeah and over the ski trail? If you hit a death, if you hit a like a mini death, cookie patch yeah, it’s not gonna, be the end of the world and especially the field or yeah, especially competitions, a lot of other 50s that I’ve written snowboard but uh yeah.

This one definitely had a had a stable feel in in kind of that harder, chandra snow or if you go over like the the groomer inconsistencies, let’s yeah, occasionally like yeah and this edge hold is exceptional. It’s surprising, very aggressive, magna traction and for um c2, hybrid rocker. It really holds well. This is the kind of board that you want on hard to icy snow.

The on snow feel like we forgot to touch on it’s loose it. It wants to auto spin on you yeah, but once you get it on edge, it holds an amazing edge. So, if you’re out in hard snow yeah, it’s gonna be a little weird on a flat cat track, but as long as you keep it on edge, it’s gonna grip, better than anything. You’ll ever see one foot and then occasionally yeah.

So I put my feet close together when I’m one foot, sometimes, if you’re doing a big old chicken air- and you know you just land- you better- you better, lock yourself down and you know, turn initiation. Oh my gosh. This thing was super fast yep. I I would say medium fast. You would not believe the waist width is what it is.

The width is what it is the way it turns. It seems like so that rocker in the middle uh helps you get over faster, helps you transition quickly from edge to edge, but, as I got into wider radius turns and then started getting into carves. I was pretty surprised at how much like coming off the fun boy to this um. It really needed a lot more back foot weight to keep the tail from washing and um.

I I felt like I was in an adjustment period where I have on the 53 gone out all day and just carved and had fun, but it was amazing coming from full camber how much this washed on the tail- hey, stew, he’s he’s, always photobombing us what’d. You guys think I honestly didn’t wash out uh my tail very much um and especially compared to boards.

Yesterday, I felt very locked in on my wide radius turns, but it was the first board I was trying, so it’s different when you like go to other boards, you know and then you’re like. Oh, where can I like push it? A little more? I was like kind of staying more in my comfort zone when I was doing my big radius churns for the first ride of the day I felt like if I wanted to carve a short fat I’d, get the fun boy but um.

This was the third board. I got to ride out of the fleet and I had an absolute blast on it. You were dropping like butt scratching foot, scratchers butt scratches yeah. The glow of my merkaba field changed slightly. You know what that is: gentle readers. I know in a positive direction: good speeds of macabre field, but powder.

This has a decent amount of setback on uh side cut as well as board, and there is good directional float for a board this size and even though it’s a gripper um, it might grab a little bit in the softer snow. It can float and it’s a it’s a floater for its size. Yeah there you have it you’re like you’re like man, that’s not that big in the toilet, but it takes two plushes this guy.

It’s a float. I would write it again floats for its size, the good ride. Sometimes we put a feeder in the middle.

(Upbeat rock music) Lib Tech claims this is their short wide nimble, free-styling, directional, free rider, Three of our experts, took it out. Let’s see how it did Just. So you guys know we are not sponsored by any brands and we don’t get paid for any of these reviews. All our reviews are unbiased, (upbeat rock music), I love this snowboard I own. This snowboard, this current year’s model It’s just so versatile, powerful and you can take it anywhere.

The edge hold’s insane on this board. I can carve this board better than any other snowboard I own It has Lib Tech’s, magna traction edges which really just dig, especially on harder snow And. It’s got a tight side cut, so you can really just rail turns on it. Not the best snowboard for buttering You can do it on the nose You can see. The nose has this kind of big platform here. The tail is not so good for buttering And, it’s just a little too stiff It’s excellent in powder, excellent in groomers, excellent in uneven terrain, It’s great for carving Super stable on landings.

It’s got plenty of pop I love. It (snowboard. Carves through snow) – This year, the 2021 Orca comes with horsepower in it something new that they haven’t added to it in years past Makes it a more powerful ride, a lot poppier a little bit, stiffer super fun. All mountain board, The Orca’s, a super stable board. You can take it through. Anything You can feel confident popping off anything Landings are super stable, Doesn’t, wash out It’s a great all mountain board, Good in groomers steeps, deep snow trees, (upbeat rock music), – So.

This is the Lib Tech Orca And I had a lot of fun on this board. There’s been a lot of hype around it. So I was kind of curious to see if it was over hyped or if it was worth it. It has definitely lived up to the hype It’s a little bit wide for me being a little bit smaller So you, lady riders out there. If you’re riding this, you probably wanna size down a little bit to give yourself a little bit quicker edge to edge responsiveness. I, probably wouldn’t take this board into the park.

It’d be great on some bigger jumps and that kind of thing, but as far as riding the rails and boxes and that kind of thing, probably wanna stay away from this one, – I would recommend the Orca to the intermediate to expert rider who is either looking for an awesome powder board or a really versatile, daily driver that they can use when it’s knee-deep I wouldn’t recommend this board to a beginner, especially if it’s their first board It’s a really unique snowboard It rides a little different than most boards and there’s just better boards for beginners out there There’s tons of different snowboards for different people So.

If you wanna chat about how this board will work for you visit my profile or any of the other expert’s profiles shoot us a message. If, you have tried this snowboard out. I would love to know what you thought of it. Shoot me a message: Cheers (mellow, electronic music).

What’s going on shane serrano here coming to you from radio board shop in aspen colorado in this video, I’m going to be talking about the 2021 libtech travis rice orca, let’s check it out so here we have the 2021 libtech travis rice orca. This is one of the most anticipated boards every year. It’s a super fun, unique style and shape and ride, and is one that a lot of people have been loving in the last couple years. If you don’t know, travis rice is one of the best snowboarders in the world in any terrain, and this is one of his many pro model boards.

This is actually one of the boards. He rides the most. If you watched his most recent movie dark matter last year, a lot of those shots were filmed on this board. So if you want to be like travis rice and you want to rip massive pillow lines, this is the board for you. If this is a board you’re considering buying, you can click the link in the description and I’ll. Send you right to the website for radio board shop where you can buy it from us and help support local snowboarding.

The main reason the orca is such a unique board is because this is a volume shifted board, so they’ve taken the surface area from the length and they’ve put it into the width. So this is a much wider board than what would normally come in these sizes and with that lib tech suggests that you ride this board 3 to six centimeters shorter than your normal length snowboard. That can be something that trips a lot of people up. It might feel or sound weird to ride a board.

That’s a lot shorter, but once you get on one of these boards, you kind of understand how much stability they have and how much they compare to that normal size board. You’re used to take travis rice, for example, he’s about 5, 11 180 pounds and he rides the 153. So he’s you know not a small dude, but he rides the shorter version, it’s what he trusts and relies on, and if he can ride that anybody can ride this in a shorter version. This is a directional all-mountain freeride board, so it’s kind of designed to rip the whole mountain and being directional.

The stance is set back a little bit, so you have a little bit more nose than tail also being directional. This board has 10 millimeters of taper in it, so the nose is 10 millimeters wider than the tail is, and that really helps to give you a little bit better float and powder, and it really helps also to initiate those carves and turns makes turning this snowboard on hard pack super fun. This board comes in sizes, 144, 147, 150, 153, 156 and 159.

This board retails for 649 99, the camber profile you get on the orca is libtex c2x technology. So there is a short rocker zone in the middle of the board camber below each feet, so you kind of get the best of both worlds. Camber and rocker. The camber gives you that stability, when you’re going fast, especially on hard pack and that rocker zone in the middle, gives you good floating powder when you need it. If libtech’s hybrid profiles kind of confuse you, this is pretty much the same as their c2 hybrid profile, the cameron rocker, but it’s just a shorter section of rocker in the middle of the board.

So a little bit more stability and power. This board is built with libtech’s horsepower construction, which means this is a little bit more of an aggressive board. So this is not the board. For that day, one beginner snowboarder it’s more tuned for the intermediate and advanced snowboarder to take it where they need to take it and, like I said this is an all-mountain freeride board, but this is not necessarily a park board. You can go off jumps, you know okay, but there are boards that are much better, that will hit rails and jumps and half pipe than the orca.

One super cool thing that travis and lib tech have decided to do with the orca. Is that they’re donating some of the proceeds of each board sale to the orca conservancy project? They love these animals. They know they’re such a vital part of our environment and of the ocean and how everything works. So they wanted to give back with the boar that is namesake after that killer whale, just like on all of libtech’s boards on the orca you’re going to get edges that are not fully wrapped, so that metal edge stops before the rest of the nose that allows you to more easily repair this board.

If you ran into a tree on the front, you can easily sand it down and the core is kind of set back three inches from where the edge of the board is. So, if you do get an impact on that nose or tail you’re not going to be, you know damaging the core and letting water seep into the core. That’s a cool thing that libtech and gnu do additionally you’re going to get libtex magnatraction on the orca. What that means is this is a serrated edge which gives you seven points of contact into the snow.

So you have a really grippy board in the snow. This kind of matches up good with that c2x hybrid profile and gives you a good grip into like ice if you’re in icy conditions or just good edge hold. If you want to carve hard on the tail of the orca you’re, going to see that it is a very angled kicked out tail, this allows you to really load up those ollies and snap them pop them. When you want to so there you go, that is the 2021 travis rice orca from libtech.

This is a very unique and fun board to ride if you’re skeptical, on the downsizing of the board or just on, like the uniqueness of the board, definitely go and demo one if not and you’re, already sold on it, go and hit the link in the description, and you can buy it right from radio board shop and support local snowboarding thanks for hanging out and watching this video, if you’re not already, subscribed, go and hit that subscribe button, throw that thumbs up like if you’re going to get norca this year.

If you have any comments or questions drop them down in the comment section below and I’ll answer them right away, we will be dropping a lot more content later down the line in the winter, whether it’s board, reviews gear reviews and a lot of fun adventures. So make sure you’re tuning in for that, and we will see you in the next video peace.

This is the libtech orca that everyone’s talking about it’s got c2x bottom contour, which is tons of camber out the tail mild rocker between the feet, camber out the nose and a little early rise. It’s a volume shift shape with a deep side cut works really well. In groomers, we had our team rider, kai hugging, ripping it up at Mount Baker this weekend. It’s super versatile, it’s great for Powys and cut up snow. It’s my personal daily driver and I recommend it for anyone.

That’s intermediate to advanced and likes to have a surface shape. It’s a little bit different than a popsicle stick. If you want to learn more about the libtech Orca check it out at tactics.

Hi everybody jeremy from the snowball asylum and today we’re going to be taking a look at the libtech tea rice orca. Now, when libtech first launched the orca, it very quickly established itself as one of the most popular short wide powder focus freeride boards on the market. However, after a very short amount of time, lib tech pretty much discovered that, although this board was designed as a quiver board for powder, more and more people were wanting to use it as their daily rider.

It was that much fun to ride that people just didn’t want to go back to their original snowboards. Now as brilliant as the orca is, it was always designed to be a powder board, so what people were finding that, when you kind of wanted to ride it as your everyday board, it was lacking in a little in a few areas, so uh not wants to kind of sit back on their haunches. Uh libtech have redesigned this orca for this year and have like upped the performance up the spec and, in doing so have created one of the most fun to ride all-terrain freeride boards that you can possibly put your feet on to.

So, let’s take a look at what they’ve done with it so start off, with the shape pretty much retains the same shakers that as a traditional orca. So what you’ve got is a fully directional uh, longer nose short tail short wide board. So really, what libtech are doing here is swapping length for width, kind of gaining surface area and volume by kind of going for a wider shape, allowing them to kind of produce a board. That’s shorter overall just gives a more responsive and dynamic ride that extra width at the nose and cut back tails just going to channel snow under the front of the board.

It’s going to kind of hit this increased volume just just give you kind of effortless lift and flow. So, although the board’s kind of pretty tiny, it isn’t gonna feel short in powder, you’re, just gonna be able to stand on this and the board’s just gonna lift and do all the work now by kind of running a short tail as well. That allows the designers to kind of put in a longer side cut into the board, for what is a relatively short shape. Now that side cut is pretty deep as well seven meters on all lengths.

So what that’s going to give you is a really maneuverable really dynamic ride. That kind of on-edge performance is then further enhanced by the addition of libtex magnatraction, so magnatraction places seven bumps along the length of the sidecut. Those bumps work as traction points which kind of really bite into the snow, pretty much the same way: a bread knife kind of carves a lot easier than trying to cut a loaf of bread with a standard knife. This thing just rips in kind of hard packed snow, even in those kind of really early morning, icy conditions you’re going to get a level of edge hold on this.

That will blow your mind if you’ve kind of never ridden this kind of side cut before now profile wise uh, it utilizes the c2 camber, now c2 camber kind of gives the board an overall rocker shape, so you’ve kind of got rocker from the middle out. As you can see here, that’s just going to help the board float in deep snow again channel the snow under the board, however kind of what they do with the c2 camber is under the binding areas. You kind of got really aggressive, camber zones.

So when the board is on its edge, these camber zones are going to push out transfer energy the full length of this edge so that energy, along the full length of the edge in collaboration with those magna traction contact points and that deep cycle, it’s just going to give you a really rock-solid and stable, feel on the edge even at the highest speeds. You’re just going to have to crank this board through the turn and not worry that it’s not going to hold now kind of one of the big changes this year is last year the orca utilized libs op construction.

This year it steps up to the horsepower construction. So what you’re doing then, is you kind of uh the wood in the core changes? So you move to 60 aspen 40 polonia that creates a board that is featherweight uh to ride uh. It weighs nothing um, but it’s also got loads of response and loads of power as well. Thanks to that aspen also what they do as well, which again kind of adds. Another dimension of power in response to the board is that it runs a uh birch strip that runs across um.

The side of the sidecar that birch strip just adds another kind of layer of power to that side, cut again just enhancing that performance and also adds an extra bit of durability, because it’s almost creating an additional side wall um inside the board as well. Structural layers are then formed from uh, a combination of triax and biax glass. The triax just gives the board it’s kind of dynamic power and response the biax just kind of gives it a slightly smoother overall feel. So you really get that perfect, compa um composition of great performance, but more of an easy going ride.

So you can ride this board at 10 10 all day and it isn’t going to kill you now to those structural layers. They also add a layer of basalt that basalt just kind of again gives an extra kind of bit of power and a bit of rebound to the board just makes it more dynamic to ride base material utilizes a liftex tnt base. This unique base material, which is exclusive to lib, uh kind of, is, is a sintered base, but it’s kind of centered very differently to most other bases uh. This is a sintered base that you don’t need to wax all the time to get the most out of it.

It has what they call a crystalline finish and that crystalline finish beads the water without the need for wax. So if you can’t be bothered to wax this every morning, it’s really just going to perform pretty much the same as a sintered base that you have to wax. So you get the best of both worlds, performance and ease of maintenance, so they have it the libtech orca, if you’re on the market for a short, wide board, you want to kind of change how you perceive your free ride. Snowboarding get yourself on one of these boards.

They do make. You rethink your whole snowboarding. They are so much fun to ride. Personally, I won’t ride anything other than a short wide board anymore. It really is that good. You.

At the libtech tear ice Orca for 2020, if you don’t know about this board, you obviously miss the party last year. This big could not have made enough of these boards last year because everyone get their hands on it, including myself, because this is a super awesome. Fun do anything type of snowboard that wants to ride the deep snow as well as crush any groomers. In its way, it is a short stubby fat, little snowboard that I, don’t wanna, gets their hands on the biggest takeaway from the libtech.

Orca is obviously giving its size. This is a 147. This would be the size that I want to ride I’m about 150 560 pounds, depending on how many beers I’ve had the night before, but it is a definitely board that you want to size about five to eight centimeters down from regular size, even though it is a 147, it does seem a little bit scary, but it has a wider profile overall and a deeper side cut.

So the water profile is nice, because you don’t worry about tone, he’ll drag and the deeper side cut is amazing. Along with the magnatraction makes us that sink holes, they can edge like no tomorrow and also turns on a dime. So you can be bombing down the groomers of this thing and not be getting squirrely at all and make sure that edge does not let go also with the libtech.

Orca is gonna, have the c2 X profile, so you have rocker between the feet, which is amazing in the deep snow makes it super easy to turn from edge to edge and a really surfy ride, but then, as extended camber points from outside the inserts, all the way to the nose and tail. So it does almost grip like a regular fold, camber snowboard, but you still have the rocker between the feet when you really need it like the deep days that we always hope we get so the big thing with the libtech Orca, it’s small, it’s fast holds an edge like no.

Tomorrow floats like a dream in the deepest snow you can find and just makes an overall really fun. Snowboard to ride, if you are building your quiver, you need to have the libtech Orca in your quiver. I know: I! Have it on my wish list. I just want a short fun. Snowboard like the libtech orchid, a ride anywhere, whether it’s groomers or deep snow. This board can definitely handle.

It definitely came out of a dream from Travis, Rice and I’m so glad they made it come true, because this board is just super fun to ride, definitely need to grab this board before they’re all gone like your head to the shop or head to Pierre board shop, calm, we’ll ship it out to you next day and make sure you get this board in time before the snow falls.

Yo, what’s up guys Kevin here today, I met riding at Stevens, Pass and I wanted to talk to you guys about the libtech Orca, so I’ve been waiting quite a while to do a full powder review on this board. I really wanted to test it out in the best possible conditions and over the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to ride the Orca and the Seco de panne, through some of the deepest powder I’ve ever written through. So I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of how this board delivers in powdery conditions, so right off the start guys.

The thing that really makes this a great powder board is the larger nose so with good pal boards. A good powder board will have a smaller tail to help the tail sink and then a fatter nose to help the nose float. So this shape I really found that riding in Japan the larger nose helped the board to float. Another thing that helps this board afloat and powder is the rocker between the bindings I’ve tried a few powder boards that are full camber and I, find that with the full camber, it makes it more difficult to keep that nose up, but the rocker in between the bindings really helps this board to float, to keep the nose up and just to ride pretty effortlessly through the powder snow.

The other thing I love about the orca, is the camber zones underneath the bindings. So the camber zones really make this board feel lively, so as I’m doing a drop as I’m riding through trees. Those camber zones under the feet really give me a lot of pop and a lot of control, so especially on landings. I really feel like the camber on the back foot helps me to get an ollie and then the dual camber zones really help to land a drop and ride it out. Another thing that helps this board land in powder is the tail I’ve tried a few powdered boards that don’t have a tail, have the swallow cut out and those are really fun for surfy powder boards.

But for powder boards, where you want to land a drop, I really feel like having a tail, helps you to land the drops and just gives you more control, especially with riding at high speeds. Having the extra bit of tail helps. You just have that bit more control for riding at high speeds, and you feel, like you, have a tail. That’s gonna have your back through those conditions, so this is actually my second libtech board. Last year, I had the 2019 Orca and a size 153, the smaller size, I think is great for doing quick turns through powder, and it’s still wide enough to help you float, but this year with the 2020 Orca I got the 159 and that larger size, I think is better for going at high speeds for helping to land drops and still very maneuverable through the trees.

So it’s a bit of personal preference. If you prefer quick, turns through the trees, I’d go for a shorter size. Orca. If you like, riding at high speeds, big open bowls landing drops I might go for a larger Orca. This year, I also threw on the now drive bindings, which are a stiffer binding. So something to go with a stiffer harder charging board is a pair of stiff bindings that way, if you’re plowing through powder at high speeds, these bindings are gonna. Have your back and they’re, not gonna flex out too much that stiffness is going to transfer your movements into the board, giving you that all that response that you need so overall guys, the libtech Orca, is definitely my favorite powder board.

The reason I speak so highly of it is because, as I’m riding through powder, I actually feel like it’s making my powder riding even better and I definitely felt that in Japan, so whether I was hitting a drop, I felt like I was landing more stuff than usual or just riding at high speeds through the trees. I really felt like this board was helping me to ride at that pace with that performance and definitely I felt like the board was helping to improve my powder riding I. Don’t know if this is actually the best powder board around there’s a lot of personal preference out there it’d be great to hear from you guys in the comments.

What is your favorite powder board and what are some of the board’s that you would recommend to your friends? Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked this video make sure to subscribe and like I’ll, put a link to the libtech Orca in the description below. If you want to check it out, thank you guys. So much for watching half Arthur snowboarding see the next one soon.

Hello, my name is Eddie wall. We are here at bald-faced, lodge in British Columbia for the 2019 Transworld Snowboarding powder board review. This is one of the boards. We rode here, the libtech Orca, one of the first things you’ll notice about this board is that it only comes in a 153 which at first comes as a surprise, because many powder boards are larger than at 153. The reason that this board works so well in the powder, even though it is a 153, is because of a few factors, one the width of this board, the taper going into the tail and then also the setback inserts.

This board was designed with Travis rice and it would not necessarily be a board that he would bring to Alaska, but something that he would mount up on more of a fun day when he would want to be a little bit more playful. The profile of this board is reverse camber in between the bindings and then going to regular camber out into the tip and tail with a slight early rise going into the nose. The Flex of this board is medium, but a bit on the stiffer side. The best part about this board is that it’s easy to control, it’s very versatile and very responsive.

The other thing that surprised us was, even though this board was short, it really floated on an extremely deep day. The amount of float packed into this relatively short board is astounding. Although this is a powder specific board, it’s also a board that you can probably ride every single bit. Another detail of this board is the magnatraction edges, and what that’s going to do is help you, even if you’re riding in powder, if you get yourself into some hard pack or icy or situations, that’s just going to help you have more control.

This is the libtech Orca. One of that we wrote here in the 2019 Transworld Snowboarding powder board movie.

Rossignol Gala Women’s All Mountain Snowboard

Rossignol Gala Women's All Mountain Snowboard

  • Designed for beginning to progressing riders, the new GALA offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride so you can focus more on learning the motions, instead of falling on your face.
  • Glass fiber has greater elongation before break than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it our #1 choice for customized flex and torsional resistance.
  • AmpTek Auto-Turn rocker profile supplies user-friendly fun in any snow conditions with effortless float and no-catch edge control for easy, natural progression so you can get better, faster.
  • Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.
  • DIRECTIONAL ALL-MOUNTAIN Directional flex Stiff under the back foot for control Stiffer waist for stability at high speed Softer under the front foot for easier turns.
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Rossignol
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

We knew nobody else would Galah right here. I tried to review it earlier, just like I said in the binding review, but there was like 70 mile-an-hour winds. They decided to pick up and the blizzard came in and you couldn’t hear anything so we’re gonna redo. It I wrote it with my friend Sara, so we got a couple opinions, but we were pretty on point and we agreed on basically everything on the board.

The first day I took this out. It was kind of hard pack snow and bumpy. It was not the best day because I didn’t feel, like the board wanted to turn ever and I was very difficult to turn in the bumps I. Don’t know why maybe it’s cuz really stiff or I, don’t I don’t actually have any idea but yeah. So, first of all, if you are going snowboarding, this is their beginner board.

It’s for learning, so I’ll give it. You know you’re, not gonna, be riding moguls or steeps in it. So that makes sense. You don’t have to worry about that until you progressed a little bit, but in the description of this board it said that it was the board you wanted to help you turn, and so you don’t fall on your face. Well, I! Don’t think I’d like to turn it all, but it was fun.

The next day in powder and snow and just kind of more pointing it and doing open, turns and keeping the board pointed down the fault line. It did really good in powder. Actually it is directional and I’m not sure how much sure that will happen on the table review, but it’s directional. So it’s the nose is longer than the tail and then it’s a camber to rocker profile and right here.

The just reference points for it. So the rocker starts right here and it goes out to rocker. So it starts in between your feet. Actually, it’s just a little bit of camber right here and it was interesting riding a board. That’s so rocker, but also very stiff, medium stiff, which is nice for snow if you’re riding powder but I, don’t think it’s very nice or plowing through other things.

Just because no maybe you didn’t like to turn because there’s so little camber and it was all rocker and you feel I felt like I, could feel the front of the board being heavier and more difficult to maneuver, but we’ll see if you can speed about where my hand is and then going out to rocker on the tip and tail yeah. So it was pretty fun, but it just felt a little slow and actually pretty heavy.

It’s really heavy actually like I compared it to maxi snowboard, which is a 154, is alright yeah 154 and his board was lighter than this 144 146, so yeah. That might contribute to the factor of why it’s a little bit slower to turn. But you know, if you just want a board, that’s gonna, be making open, turns down the fall line, mostly always and skidded, probably not carving.

Then this is a good board for you. I could see it being okay for a beginner. Just a little stiff and I find that most of my students that I have they want. You know once they start turning. Oh, they want to learn tricks or whatever. They want to learn how to pop at Ollie. Out of do faster turns and it’s hard to do and the board is a stiff, but it is nice on a powder day and it’s nice on a groomer run.

I would say: yeah the Razzie gala there you go.

Hey guys, this is steph with the goodreads com and we’re here with the rossignol maracai and a 140 um. So this is kind of their beginner level. Uh, all mountain freestyle board. It’s a very forgiving ride. It’s got their auto turn um. I think it’s auto turn camber um, but what that is is like an 80 uh rocker on the tip and the tail and then a 20 camber right in between the bindings, like not even um, and I wrote this in spring conditions, and you know I didn’t wax it.

You can kind of see it’s a little bit of white there. It didn’t come waxed, so I just wrote it as is, and it’s pretty quick um, you know it didn’t. It didn’t, feel very sluggish, so that’s cool, so the base seems pretty fast, oh and then you get the three point serrated edge on this. You get mellow bumps um outside of the bindings and one right in the middle there.

So you know it gives a little bit extra hold and edge hold on hard pack or ice, especially like you might need it for the amount of rocker. This thing has, then, it definitely comes in comes in handy, so yeah took this out on a spring day, so you know, wrote it all day, wrote it all over the mountain on the steeps and down through the park and everything and it’s a quick turner, it’s very loose when you’re riding it flat, so you can spin it around in a circle really easily.

You can butter it. You know you can play on it. You can make short radius skidded turns, and it’s really easy to do. It’s kind of like a medium carver, it’s not great at carving, but it’s not really what it’s made for either um. You know and it’s I found it kind of have a medium pop. It’s not super snappy, but it does have a little pop there.

You know for the um the little camber that you get in the middle there, but um felt good on the steeps. It was easy to turn and then you get that little extra added help. If it’s a little bit icier up there or whatever you do, get a little added help with that serrated edge and then uh. You know easy to ride, switch, it’s exactly the same, it’s a true twin and it felt pretty good on kind of small to medium jumps.

I don’t know if I would take it in anything higher than that, because it didn’t seem like a super fast board. It kind of just likes to play around and it’s kind of in that medium fast range. So you know if you’re just learning how to ride park, it would be good or if you’re like a beginner, and you want to take it all mountain, but you want something, that’s still kind of playful and forgiving.

This could be a good option. You know also felt pretty good on the jibs. It’s got a loose kind of more open feel on the gym. So it’s not super locked in if you’re somebody that likes to spin on and off rails or on and off that’s a good option too very affordable. It’s like 349. I think so. You know that just makes I feel like it would just be a great kind of first purchase board for somebody.

You know that’s looking for a forgiving board, but doesn’t want to drop a lot of money right away um. This could be good for that. So you know I wrote it um with my union milan bindings and my van’s pair of boots and had it set up. In my you know my normal stance, 1515 centered yeah. I think I think that’s it um so yeah that is the rossignol maracai and a 140 and there’s the base yeah.

Me here at Tom lab sacrum how you doing awesome. Thank you so much you’re, welcome and now, thanks for being here guys, just as day for the hosted retailer’s Snow, Show Tom’s walking us through a one of the brand new women stores, the mayor akita, a freestyle part of the two twin or women’s freestyle question. What’s going on for the new board for 19, this is like I, absolutely love the mayor. Keep we had so much fun designing this thing, I mean just over: simplify we’re going to start it with with technologies that you were familiar with you put in amptek Auto turn camber pocket in this thing, 24% camber between the insert.

So it’s going to give you this confident platform to stand on the rocker tip and tail. This thing is going to turn so easy for a regardless if you’re, a beginner intermediate or advanced you’re, gonna love popping on this camber profile. Beyond that we actually have a serrated edge. So at this price point you can actually get some extra edge, especially in those icy air-conditioned days. You have the bumps that run down the side of the board.

They just go right into the snow like Maureen. Have that confident edge did rely on wine? That’s right, and this is a fastball Geo. That’s exactly Center base totally so sintered base on this at this price point there’s a really great base. If you get on this thing, you just have to wax it. The wax lasts a really long time and your glide all day long yeah, that’s easy. The Maverick is the female equivalent of our saw, blade and men’s true twin power dimension, ostia totally.

The last thing that I would say on this. Ladies pay attention to this wonderful name here: I have so much fun, bringing to it who’s. Actually, lady named Jessica and her dealer services department that thought of his name for us. What Mary key is from Greek origins in the English language sucks in describing emotion, clear, concise terms and mayor aqui in Greek means to absolutely dedicate yourself to a singular passion in life, and, if you think about snowboarders God, we absolutely love it yeah.

We got one thing on the line so may Ricky to do that. It has an awesome mantra for the board. Get out there to have so much fun on this board. Ladies I promise: you’re gonna love it Tom thanks. So much absolutely go. Thank you. So much you’re welcome, ladies make sure to check out the Maritim layer. Drops this ball at the house. Calm thanks for watching leave a comment question. Let us know what you think and remember to subscribe to the channel.

We just passed 27. No, it’s actually kind of great. So we could do that without you. So thanks for being there and of course hopefully we’ll see you guys.

This is a rossanov gal snow, or is that one longboard design for beginner to intermediate level rider so I want to step their game up and start doing a little bit more of dynamic, carbs I’m a catch free ride. This is a directional shaped board, with a slightly set back stance with an amp Tech Auto turn profile shape. That means that there’s 20%, rocker or camper in between your feet and then 40% rocker on your nose and your tail so have a little camera section will provide a little bit stability but that rocker zone on that wheel is the tail will make this virtually catch-free.

It’s a fun to ride and smooth to ride snowboard, of course, along with that is a little bit softer than average fluctuating of a four. But when you put this thing on snow, it might feel a little bit softer than that because of those rocker nose and tail shapes now inside as a poplar wood core. So it’s poppy actually is lightweight and it’s been wrapped in a by axe, glass, I love, the look of the snowboard and you’ll love.

The way that this thing feels it’s gonna ride fast, always because of the extruded base. It’s really really little maintenance. You won’t have to really racks it up that much and then there’s a 360 wraps standard steel edge that steel edge. It sits on a very deep side, cut radius, it’s great for cruising around having a lot of fun. Let’s board again is for all long riding well for the most part for the women out that I’d like to travel kind of one direction, you can write it’s which, of course, but with the set back stance, it’s a little bit easier to float in the powder to make sure to check it out.

This is the Rossignol gala at the house. Calm.

Hey guys, this is steph with the goodride com, and today we have the rossignol after hours snowboard. This is a 153. This is their new board on the women’s side, it’s kind of cool, because it has this really freeride shape. It’s got that big old nose with the pointy nose and then you know the little tail there um, but it has the flex of like a freestyle board which is really fun. I found it really fun, especially as a light rider, and this board is way too big.

For me, it’s a 53 so but the cool part is, I still had fun on it. Um. It was flexible enough and maneuverable enough to be really fun and feel like a freestyle board, but you get the added benefit of this nose for the soft snow and it also carved really well so it felt really versatile right off the bat and it felt really easy to ride right off the bat. It doesn’t look like there’s any um disruption in the side.

Cut so edge hold on ice is going to be like your normal kind of camber-ish board, feel on ice, not as good as something that would have more disruption, but should be pretty good because you do get that camber. It also comes with. You can see it here. The light frame, I think, is what it’s called yeah, so you can see there’s lines that comes all the way down through the tail and it comes here and all the way around and it keeps it I mean for a 53.

This felt really light on my foot like the size of a 42. Maybe so that just says that if I did write it in my actual size, it would probably feel pretty great. It also comes with 40 rocker 60 camber, so you can see the camber zone is from here to here and then it goes rocker out, but it’s not a super aggressive rocker. It’s pretty mellow and I felt pretty good on this board all over the mountain um.

It liked kind of more open turns, but because it’s so maneuverable it feels a little like smaller than it actually is for me, especially with the 153, and I could make close turns if I wanted to, but it definitely preferred those more open, drawn out, turns and carbs as well yeah. This would be a fun board for somebody who is an intermediate advanced expert rider who just wants a board that could ride all mountain, because this could ride all mountain, but it also is going to ride really well in powder and is looking for that lighter flex, maybe you’re a lighter rider like me, and I can’t really bend boards that are have a stiffer flex or maybe you just want something.

That’s super playful and maneuverable, but you still get that free ride, inspired shape and feel to it. It had a pretty good amount of pop to it. Um. I think I would have fun on natural features on this drops or you know little log hits or whatever. I don’t think I would play much with it in the park really just because it’s so directional it wouldn’t be ideal, but you know it’s kind of fun and inspiring to bring the park to all over the mountain.

That’s what I feel like this board wants to do is turn the entire mountain into a park, but in like that, more freeride style way. If that makes sense uh just because it you know, can hold a line, it felt medium damp going over chunder and bumps and stuff, but that comes from the softer flex, so you’re able to get more information back from your snowboard instead of gliding over it and that’s what a stiffer board would do.

It’d be more damp, but this one gets information and you can feel the snow under your feet, but it didn’t get chattery or bucky at all, so that was really nice um. I wrote it up in june mountain with my union milan bindings and my vans fair boots. The snow was pretty awesome. It was a powder day and just open groomers all day too, so it made for a really nice testing atmosphere. If you’re looking for an all mountain board that has a free, ridey type personality, but the flex of a freestyle board, this could be a good option.

It’s super fun, it’s maneuverable, but if you want to get down to business it can do that too. So that was pretty cool experience. It was fun ride, here’s the bottom sheet for you and there you go, and today we have the rossignol after hours in 153 uh. This is a freestyle inspired board with a freeride shape, so it has a flex, it’s more similar to a freestyle board, but it has this really.

Directional setback shape it’s a 6040, camber and rocker, and you can see they have their indicators down here. So this is the camber zone and then the rocker zone uh the slow rocker up into the nose and then a little wrapped up into the tail. So let’s check this out on the table, it has it’s not a ton of camber, it’s just a little bit, so it didn’t feel super aggressive on the snow. Like really catchy.

It was pretty easy to maneuver and it was you know, kind of damp, but it was somewhere in the middle, so it felt to me like a medium flex, and then you can see right here. If we look at it looks like the height of the camber is like it says right in between the feet and it comes down to right where it says right there and then out into the rocker. So let’s check out the reference stance.

So if you do it centered the reference stance is 20 and a half and then, if you go all the way in it’s 19 and all the way out is 23 and a half, let’s check out the amount of nose. This has on it. If you write it centered up, it’s got 22 inches on the nose to the front lining and 17 and a half inches on the tail. So you get four and a half inches difference between the nose and the tail centered.

So that means two and a quarter inches set back on board and then let’s check it out from the all the way back stamp. If you set it all the way back, you get 23 inches on the nose and 16 inches on the tail, so that is seven inches difference between the nose and the tail set all the way back. So you get three and a half inches set back on board um and I wrote it on powder day today and it didn’t have any problem floating writing.

Centered in, like it was like six to six to seven inches of powder, so set all the way back. It should be really fun. It also comes with the light frame. I don’t know if you can see it in here, but I’ll show you on the review. So you can see the lines here where they just take out kind of the core to keep it nice and light and yeah that is the after hours board in 153 from rossignol and here’s the base there you go.

Anything we can’t we’re here with the rossignol myth: snowboard, it is a 144, it’s their kind of par keyboard. It’s pretty flexible, I! Think it’s a 4 out of 10 on their scale, which I know I mean that’s what I read, but it feels a little. So this one is a 20% camber in between the feet, not under the feet. So it’s in the middle there and then it goes out to 40% rocker over there and 40% rocker over there.

So it’s a pretty rock or snowboard and just a tiny bit of camber, so tiny that you can’t I mean you can kind of see it, but it’s kind of even hard to tell. Can you see that Maxie yeah? You can so the camber zones from here to here and then it goes out. I mean I feel like it’s a pretty mellow rocker as well. It’s not super so yeah. So this is the Rossi myth.

I wrote it in a few different types of conditions. We had it on a pretty firm day off. Piste took it in the park this morning for some boxes and some jumps, and actually so the first thing I was surprised about was, if fellow was stiffer than I thought, it was gonna, feel I, don’t know it has. It feels a lot more stable than you think it’s gonna be with as much rocker as it does have.

I, don’t know if it’s with whatever kind of wood they used yeah, it felt stiffer than I thought it was going to be, and it actually buttered less buttery I thought it would and you can get it to butter, but it’s just I think it’s just like stiffer than I expected, but saying that the pop was a lot more than I expected as well, because you know with a camber.

That’s only from here to here. That’s not a whole lot of bending that the board does, but it just must be a pretty snappy pour or something like that, because the pop was pretty easy, so yeah it felt stable flat. You know normally full rocker boards are kind of squirrely when you’re getting off the lift flat. Just a little bit of camber from here to here, I think gives it just enough direction to keep you going off the lift or feel really good on the boxes.

It’s very catch for you, though, because of the rocker on the tip and tail and a little bit of camber. So you know if you’re looking for a board, that’s not gonna, be really grabby. This one’s pretty catch-free, it turns out to edge very easily makes great. Skidded turns great small turns the carving. You know it was so-so, it is okay, but it’s not really a carver.

It’s not one of those ones to buy to go, but yeah so I mean great skidded turns you could carve it. It’s just not gonna, be that effortless hooking into the turn and going so yeah, but I liked it on jumps. It felt very stable, jumping and landing felt good underfoot. What else took it on the steeps? And actually that was the weird part, because strangely the board felt almost really short underfoot.

I, don’t know if it’s, because the only I don’t know it felt like I wanted there to be more board to work through the turns on the steeps, as opposed to I felt, like I, ran out of board here when I was trying to slow down or turn or work. You know push through the turns on the steeps yeah I’m, not a huge deal, but alright. So I think this would be a very decent beginner to intermediate board, which I think is where they have.

It marked, as you know, maybe not sending it all the time off the top or in the crazy bumps or whatever, but definitely it can be a fun park board. You could take it in the pipe, but I prefer a more camber aggressive board in the pipe personally I think it is to be good for jumps and rails. You know playing in the slushy spring pipe sure, but once you get up on those icy walls, I’m not sure it’ll really hold the edge very far, but I did write it in ice and the edge felt okay.

So fine I wasn’t amazing, but it was. You know trustable put it that way. I’ll give you a look at the bottom sheet here: pretty bright, I love the neon. It’s bright board, it’s good in pictures, not that I! Take it. But yes, I was writing this with my now condo bindings right here: they’re, not mine, I’m, demoing them as well and I had on my Nikes and Force One boots set up at a 20-inch steps and I got him at 12 and 12 today, so that was a setup yeah, but overall, a pretty decent board.

I! Think it’s a you lower price point board too. So I feel, like you know, pretty good quality board with a good price point range because you don’t want to, but I don’t want to spend any money on my snowboard setup. So that’s good but felt solid and you know felt good. It is a little bit on the heavier side. She don’t notice that when you’re I didn’t notice that when I was riding, it notice it a little bit on the lift.

You know yes, so there’s a rosy myth for you.

I’m Lance I’m here with the gala amptek from Rossignol 16 17. This is our entry directional board. Very very soft. Has our auto turn technology 20% camber, designed to get you out there get you flowing enjoy the time very, very soft board in a directional flex. Subscribe subscribe and subscribe seriously right now. What are you waiting for.

Kinda cool I have yet to see an entry level board that has a little camber in it So it’s a hybrid you’ve got like rocker zone out here, and the camber zone is real small right in the middle, so you get a little bit of play out of it and the camber’s really nice too. So you do get to grip, pretty well, I guess the only thing I wouldn’t like about it is that it is a little squirrely on this really hard pack snow But on the flip side to that, if you are a beginner and you’re learning, it’s fogiving enough to where it’s really gonna challenge you and help you out.

So definitely an awesome board for a beginner.

This is Lance here at the Rossignol tete about our 1516 product line or insiders real riders, real reviews. This is the gala. This is our directional beginner board for girls. Get you started, gets you out there? What’s your what’s your whistle so to speak in the sport of snowboarding? Has our Auto turnt a camber just between the feet just enough to give you the rider feedback, you need rocker, tip and tail for forgiveness, ease of turn, access good look to for the latest.

Snowboard reviews check out board insiders, calm.

Comm and today, I’m talking my top 3 women’s snowboard, picks of 2018. Now I chose these boards for a couple reasons: they’re all a little bit different um, and this is my opinion on the boards and why I think they really shine, but your opinion might be totally different, so I’m gonna name them off in no specific order and talk about why I chose these three so, like I said, they’re all gonna be pretty different, different flexes different profiles, different companies, just totally different, rides really so I tried to pick a pretty diverse selection of what I think really shines from kind of each category, -.

So to start off right off the back. I have the Burton socialite in front of me, a flat – rocker profile on this one. So it’s gonna be flat underneath and rocker in the nose and tail with a twin stance. This is really gonna shine and powder, or in kind of a little bit of a softer snow, but because those frostbite edges from Burton, it’s also gonna shine it in hard pack as well. So this is about one of the most flexible boards that you can buy for women and having ridden it myself.

I would definitely agree with that. It’s very easy to maneuver very easy to control I mean really anyone can have a super fun time on it. So a beginner can jump on this and learn to snowboard or an advanced rider will appreciate the difference in this board and it has a very thin profile as well, because a lot of that extra tech that you get from Burton there’s also one of the nicer things why I also picked a Burton board – just to put in my line up is the fact that they do use the channel system and it’s really nice.

Having said that, it does do very well on powder that you can decide exactly where you want your stance. So it’s not one hole to hole, three hole. You can put it minutely, exactly where you prefer it. So when you ride it in the powder, you can move it to back to wherever you would like it and now we’re moving on to the DC telegraph board. So we have a fresh deck top sheet on this one. It’s a super cool graphic and this very different from that board is a very classic camber.

It’s also gonna be a little bit stiffer. So while this is technically a park board by definition, I think any girl who really appreciates a hard just a really traditional camber board is gonna really like this ride. So for that reason the camber really is going to help just lock into those is especially on hardpack. This board really really shines, and it’s very very fast. We have a centered supreme textured base and for that reason is why it just absolutely flies down the mountain and with that traditional camera, it’s also gonna help in the park.

If you are appropriate or that’s why it’s defined that way, there’s I can help to lock onto rails, but definitely an awesome board just for an all-mountain rider as well. There’s a small stand set back. So if you want to write in the powder you wouldn’t do surprisingly well, I have to say, and for this I would definitely say that it’s maybe a little bit more intermediate to advanced a beginner could definitely learn on it, but you might want to be on something a little bit more forgiving if you are beginner.

Moving on to the raw signal justice. Now we’ve talked about a flat rocker. We’ve talked about a camber board, and now this is a hybrid board, truly engineered. The raw signal justice is a super stellar board and I have to say personally my favorite graphic from the 2018 lineup -, which isn’t really supposed to matter, but you want to love your board right. So with this we have a very hybrid profile, so we have camber between the feet and then a lot of rocker in the nose and tail and a 1 centimeter step stance set back.

So this is gonna, be a very surfy feel whether you’re riding hard pack we’ve got some edge technology from raw signal in this board. That really helps you lock in on that hard pack, but we also with that stance, step back and that heavy rocker in the nose, um you’re gonna have a really great time on the powder. Another thing in this, as you can see, on a lighter color on the base of this board that it actually has beveled edges.

So when you put it down it’ll kind of float from side to side, similarly, how it does with the rocker in the nose and tail and what that does is it makes for a very catch free ride and it’s also very very easy to initiate turns with this board. So, as you can see, just by the last few things that I’ve said, this is a very engineered board, also a very beautiful board, and that’s one of the reasons that I chose it for my top three women’s snowboard picks of 2018, so I’ve talked about three boards today.

If you want to know more about these boards, you can talk about, or you can see my more in depth. Video reviews on these specific boards plus will drop in links below thanks for watching today. Guys drop any comments or questions down below the video and don’t forget to describe to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

Chamonix Lognan Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

Chamonix Lognan Men's All Mountain Snowboard

One of the most versatile boards in the line, the Lognan will have you attacking everything on the mountain like a pro. To provide smooth progressive turns, this board was crafted with a camber profile and poplar core that is soft but still maintains a good responsive snap underfoot. The matte-finished topsheet is scratch resistant, keeping your board looking newer longer. The Lognan is a board you will want to be on year after year and is sure to improve your skills all season long.

  • Poplar wood core
  • Sidewall construction
  • Twin shape
  • Camber Profile
  • Extruded Base
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Package Dimensions: 61 x 12 x 0.7 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Chamonix
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

The chamomile lognet is a camber profile, directional twin snowboard, designed to rip the entire mountain built around a flexible poplar wood core. This board is one of the most versatile boards in chamonix lineup ready to take you wherever you want to go. The logging, steel edges and abs sidewall, keep it quick edge to edge, and the extruded base keeps you riding fast with minimal maintenance throughout the season. The lognen has a soft flex at 3 out of 10 providing response in the turns, but forgiving enough to give you confidence staring down a new line.

The shamany logan is great for the beginner to intermediate rider looking to progress across the entire mountain.

This is a pair of 2018 is shaman II Laden in all month, freestyle snowboard boots, designed for beginner to intermediate level riders that want the convenience of a quick-draw lacing system in a soft appealed. Boot that’s very comfortable. This is a good piece at a very low price point that has some nice and very unique style features overall yeah.

It is a soft boot. It’s easy for anyone, who’s, just kind of learning. How to ride already knows how to ride that want something can’t afford giving. There’s a quick lace of system now I like laces all right, like bow I like it’s like a speed zone, quick-draw style laces. If it’s simple now this one is a bit confusing. As you can see, there’s an upper and lower zone, the lace is kind of crisscross and then there’s locking, there’s locking levers that you really need to make sure lockdown.

The lower section is controlled by one pull handle that’s labeled in white and then toppers own is labeled in black, but you definitely need to make sure that you keep these things locked down all the way. So they don’t so they don’t move but make sure that you keep all the laces the way that they should to ensure a nice snug style, fit the logname features a tongue that actually has an upper zone.

That’s a little bit stiffer there’s like flex notches within the tongue as well, about help to make the move just a little bit better because there is not flex not just within the actual shell. The shell has bought a combination of nylon and polyurethane, has a nice sort of a support back panel and a very lightweight foam style outsole. Now this hole is designed to be you know, ridden and, of course, in the resorts, not of bound that’s, why the tread isn’t really that rugged the liner as simple it’s, a EVF of kind of liner has a plush top up on top and, of course, internal style.

J bars an integrated lacing system that locks down it’s easy to use and, of course, a little neoprene style of toe box. To give a little bit room these boots, the loudness will break in about a quarter of a size or so then really they won’t really pack up much beyond that. But with with all of this, is actually a foot bed that has a 3d molded kind of contour to it little arch support a little bit of a heel cradle.

Usually you won’t find this style of foot bed in this price. Point of boot usually they’re, mostly flat, so that’s kind of a nice little touch upgrade. But of course you can check this shaman II logged in out at the house. Comm I swept them the link below leave a comment or a question. Let us know what do you think of this thing? Subscribe the channel there watch the videos there.

Of course, I’ll also see you guys on the snow. Just keep in mind. Keep these laces the way they should be thanks for watching peace out.

This is a 2019 shaman, II LogMeIn, Junior, snowboard, a fun little youth deck designed for all those all-mountain rivers who want dive into the park and ride POW. At the same time, this board is designed for basically anyone from beginner to advanced level, young riders, who want a one board that basically does it off high. The Leyden Junior is a true twin board.

It has the nose into that. Are the exact same shapes? You can write it this way, or this way it’s gonna feel the exact same. The stance is centered. Of course it features a flat two rocker profile. Johnny says it has a continuous style rock or a rocker profile shape, but, as you see as the board sits on the flat cable there’s a flat zone underneath and in between the feet that give the board stability without it being too loose or too aggressive, but outside of the insert pack, the things that actually support your bindings in the board, it has a gradual little rocker rise and what that does is lift up these contact points.

The contact points are the points on the board where people are most likely to catch their edge. This board has it pretty much a catch free rise, but because of that flat zone, it’s still stable, while it’s on an edge and with that raised up nose and tail section, it’s really easy to initiate turns, but another cool thing about this deck. Is that not only is it great for beginners it’s four, it’s really good for advanced level, young riders too, especially anyone who wants to be in the park.

It’s a true dream board. That means that if you could do a 540, you spent one and a half times around you land going backwards, the skin of feel good. It’s gonna feel the way that it should the same as it does this way as it does this way, which is really nice. The feeling flex rating of the log majr is actually about a four there bit softer their average board, but still really pliable.

Because of that poplar wood core, you can see through the tachi and the biotics fiberglass that you can see on the top and, of course, on the bottom, then by X fiberglass actually gives the board a nice pliable feel it’s smoothly consistent without it being too reactive or lively. There’s really no additional land mines to it. There’s a 360 wrap standard, ABS, sidewall and then a standard 360 round steel edge to with a radial sidecut.

This board can do small and large style carves. It’s catch-free, it’s at a low price point and features a very low-maintenance extruded style base. This is pretty much a showstopper right here. It’s called the Shawnee logging, a junior Nicky check it out the house, comm I, selecting the link below in the description leave a comment question. Let me know what you think of this thing here: subscribe to the channel they’re chicken, more vids there and hopefully I’ll see you wants no peace.

Designed to rip anywhere on the mountain, the chamomile corneu is a true one-board quiver, with its b rocker profile and directional twin shape. The cornea will keep you on the mountain from first chair to last call built around a flexible, poplar wood core with a fiberglass top sheet. This board is ready to tackle anything that the mountain throws at you, steel edges and abs.

Sidewall keep the cornea quick edge to edge, and a centered base allows you to stay fast. All winter long, with the flexible rating of 6 out of 10, the cornea provides above average stiffness, giving you style and confidence anywhere on the mountain.

Want is de 2009 sheena shaw, mini voor, nieuws nee, hoor, roman prix zal jack voor man van de kinderbijslag, liars, gewoon, een, cruise nog online voor, mijn trap, al weet, u de paraplu departure trees and, of course, de paal ze was een. Nacht dashboard is al parijs in het goed winst aan shapes zo de nodige, keer wel, wat ik in india, xmg de steeds is en hoe. Je waren dus misschien feel the same way as nieuw bij de this mij maar ik doe een right, diep, schildjes, zetten, steijns, makelaardij, hoe het daar is het, koor, say hi word: staan, proef, als, je yolo zet de boor darcy tiert, hangers een, beurs, wie, voor, schemer, je moet.

U in de video vaker maar ik is boer, kan raken loose and playful staan via een in camera. Negatief youtube contact points, ik, deze, boeloe lightly, viel in het koor scrub en voorspoed sensibility, miljoen, woning, willen versus great combination, paus belletje, snel, wil ik beneficial for people are beginners en pipa waarin de party cross de contact contractie lift je daar te snel hoe ze in overal kunnen rapper stijl, pio, een, koor nieuw en zijn vier, een, fax meer in gevaar, vrede, middel, natuur zaak in na het, hysterisch, perfect, voor ja, basically al lang.

Hoe zijn er is een, laag great stuff en kunt. U de constructie met julia speel, saab, er, staan hoe, het koor het harmens players who just b kelly m ingenieurs week. Aan de middag het is pijnlijk fotograaf hand had een bergvouw de baas. Aan baan was in the shock raken de stringers en beken leeuwarden vol licht de boer van de contact wordt ook frankrijk nooit eventuele in shirt paars in de race, kinder woorden, voor van lively stijl, viel mee naar huis en leisure kennen, voeg uw profiel in mijn, tryphy vader, wees, zender, je garage had toen watchers te gaan.

We kunnen wel, mijn training kilo, riding 5, ze, hun bases, ten dele, belgisch record aqua. Medic first hoe begin ik eraan en kim hem een een dus het risico. We hebben stenen stoel en in een medio. Stylesign kaïn is dus nestje bytes, kan willibald, easy 20e trots en hierna keek en matching beginners kiezen boer, voor beginners de green tube is in het drassige in mijn slaven huidige schema van time on this is een. Kleine boor de je kunt dus vloeistof allemaal niet alleen horizon-initiatief en dwingen uw woning fast is alarm van je kunt iets en een aap in coaching de parken in set een stans vaak moeten, snel iets diep en je baby.

Take this time where ever you what you dus, we 2019 charlie voor nu in juni 4, het de hadaka maasvlakte link below the description, dit kanaal cachenaam. I know you think of this link. Hier subscribe to charity, moore, bitshare, hoffelijk, als iran show dus.

Hello, I’m Matt guff from House, calm and shaman II all-mountain freestyle boards. Here they are, these are the all-mountain freestyle boards from Germany for the 2020 season, there’s five of them. If we have the Katyn, we have to relax the cornu the motive on and then the dull lint I’m gonna walk through each of them. It kind of from there feeling fluctuating from softest that kind of starts here and works its way that way to its stiffest.

These are boards that you can take into the park ride. On who trails? Do you ride in deep snow? If you like? These are boards that you can go basically everywhere with certain out with this one. This is a called the Kaden. The Kaden is actually a true twin style board. The stance is centered. You can write it this way, and this way it’s gonna feel the exact same but features a flat style profile set this thing on flat, ground um.

It’s gonna have a good amount of stability, but it secondly overly loose like some of the other boards, but it does have a feel and fluctuating over three, which is actually quite a bit softer than your average style board, keep a horde just kind of getting into snowboarding or really gonna, love the Kaden and what’s coming up next in the relaxed both of the boards feature, poplar style would cores by X fiberglass, that’s soft, which you can, which is really pliable when you’re learning how to carve- and they both have very low-maintenance extruded style bases.

With three six, you wrap a standard steel edges. This one, the KDS, can be a little bit more freestyle oriented than what you find in this relaxed style board. Now the relaxed has an awesome graphic that was done by a couple guys called the Ames brothers they’re based out of Seattle, and the kid is actually a directional twin style board. So overall it does feature a twin style shaping, but the stance is just slightly set back, has a flat profile, feeling flex rating of a three in that poplar buy act, kind of a kind of hybrid style combo.

The cool part about the relaxed, though, is that because the stands are slightly set back, it’s a little bit better for kind of more all Mong free riding, instead of just being in the park or not just in the park, but being more of a freestyle oriented board like the Kayden I like relax, because it has a relaxed out graphic again by the Ames brothers moving into the corner.

Now this is this is where it gets kind of fun. The cornu is unique because of its profile shape. This is also a directional twin. Stop right side, oh we’re all like twin style, shaping we look at it, but the stance is just set back just slightly. The unique thing about the corner, though, is the hybrid profile in between the feet. The board has rocker that Teeter totters and then underneath each foot to the contact point.

The board will have a little bit of camber. Well, that does this allows the board, when it’s riding flat and through deep snow and it’d, be kind of a surfy and loose, but when you put it on an edge those camera sections underneath each foot provide a lot of stability and good amount of pop. When you want to ollie off it, the feeling fluctuating of the corners can be different than what you find indicated and relaxed, though this one actually feeling flexible for still softer than your average style board um, but because of that surfy rockered section in between it’s gonna, have it can the loser style feel there’s poplar, wood, core Vioxx, tile fiberglass and no additional laminates like we’ll get into in the next two boards, and then it has that standard 360, wrap steel edge and, of course, an extruded base.

That’s extremely low maintenance. Now moving into the motive on in the Dolan. This is kind of where the boards get a little bit more can advance in their performance. The motor line is actually a directional style. So when you look at the overall shape of it and the location of the stance of these kind of setback, the nose is quite a bit longer. It has a camber profile, shape a nice arcing shape that really grips on firm snow really well and provides the most pop compared to the other boards that feature flat or a hybrid style profile.

The motive on has an awesome graphic that was shot actually by photographer Stephane Jenny and it does feature a stiffer than average feel in fluctuating of a six. So if you like to ride at fast speeds, you can really like the motive on it does have a poplar wood core, but there’s hard wood style, stringers right down the middle of the board through those insert packs a by ex fiberglass and then almost a full length style, carbon stringer on board the toe side and the heel side edge.

So this boards can be a torsionally just a little bit stiffer and lungs truly stiffer as well, especially with that camber profile. But then on the bottom, it’s been actually upgraded with a sintered style base instead of an extruded base. So you need to keep this thing waxed up throughout the season, quite a bit more than what you find in the k2, the reacts and the cornu moving into the last one.

Now this is the dolmen. This is for those like high level and riders. This is a directional twin style, boy, character, relaxing the cornu overall, a twin style shaping, but the stance is set back, has a full camber style profile, a good amount of earth. You can ride extremely fast in this board and be very stable. The feeling fluctuating of the dome is going to be about 1/8, quite a bit stiffer.

It has the same construction materials that what you find as what you find in the motor line, or have that the poplar wood core with hard wood stringers by exile, glass, carbon stringers as well pretty much full length in the board. But then, as you see on the top sheet, this is a kind of a wood style veneer that makes it towards me even stiffer, in addition, of course, to that that carbon.

So if you’re looking for a very responsive, fast, stable board, the dome is gonna. Be a great one for you on the bottom and have an extrude, sintered style base, 360 wraps Tanners to allege this is one you can really haul on it. For a really good price point, and that’s one of my favorite things about the whole shaman elion out the side, fantastic boards, awesome price point and there’s basically a board for everyone within the lineup again starting out with the Kayden relaxing the core new little bit softer a little bit more maintenance, and then we get to the motive on and then this dolmen you can ride extremely fast and be extremely stable, so make sure to check one of those things out.

You can see the links below or in the comment section thanks for watching, hopefully see you guys on snow peace thanks for watching this was again the 20/20 shaman e, all Hmong freestyle lineup. You can check all these decks out at the house. Comm I select in the links below in the description live comment. Question. Let me know what do you think of the decks subscribe to the channel? There check out more videos there and hopefully I’ll see you guys on snow.

And this is a 2019 show: Maneesh evolved, snowboard bonny, designed for oman freestyle used for beginner to advanced level riders who want a piece it’s a little bit softer than your average binding. It has a medium flex about a four out of the one to ten flex rating scale, one being soft, ten being super stiff. This is about a four it’s actually really comfortable, and you really can’t find another binding with the same style of straps.

A mold injected straps are kind of hard to find at this price point and I. Think Sean need really hits it out of the park with the Shema there’s actually two different colorways here in the black. They have this one that actually matches up really well with that JV squad. In the background, all the graphics on them, a high back actually were done by the Ames brothers, but the baseplate is a single component style baseman.

There’s a the ability to adjust a toe, strap to be closer to your heel side or toe side edge, depending on what your preference is, and it does have a good amount of cushioning in the heel and in the toe area. The heel pocket actually has a dual density style. Evie, a foam. The black section is actually little bit softer and helps you absorb more impact in shock when you’re ripping through the parks there’s no extra padding across that top of that disc, and then the high Mac is exclusive exclusive to the cheval.

There’s a full backing of eda stead of padding around the perimeter to again they’re too loose forward lean adjustment, which is nice but I, will have to say there is a no zero lean kind of backing to it. It does have a little bit of forward lean, there’s a little bit more about an acute style angle. So it’s easier to get onto your heel side edge right away.

Another cool thing about the shoe ball is actually the ability to adjust this toe ramp out. You know, sometimes you want a little bit more leverage. Sometimes your feet grow and you get different boots. The cheval. You can actually adjust that toe ramp out for better leverage which is actually really nice and then there’s no straps.

These are both mold injected straps. It can be centered down the mill, your boot, with those two tools for leading just or those two list: adjustments, there’s an external style, hard perimeter spine and then a softer drama rating, 3d mold in stepped area. If you have a weird ooh, doesn’t matter, it’s gonna, mold and kind of shape to the whatever boot that your half and then there’s that toe strap.

This is a CTS 2 0, it’s an updated version. The CTS stands for a convertible tourist trap. You can wear this across the top. Your foot or you can wear it across the front of your toes I, generally like to wear them across the front of my toes to push my heel back into that little heel pocket area. The buckles are nice, like she have big release, tabs and locking levers, there’s actually four different teeth on them, and then the discs that come with this bad boy are actually the two by four and four by four style discs, so they can be mounted on pretty much any board.

That’s out there in the industry right now. This is an awesome piece for 2019 from Xiamen II called the cheval. You can check it out, of course, at the house at comm, by selecting the link below in the description feel free to leave a comment or a question. Let me know what you think of these things here, subscribe to the channel there check out more of his there and hopefully I’ll see you on snow peace.

DC Focus Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

DC Focus Men's All Mountain Snowboard

  • A directional shape with fun, forgiving flex, the Focus features a Rocker profile and catch-free 3 Degree bevel on the edges.
  • This design makes for easy turning and smooth, all-mountain cruise control.
  • Rocker – The board is flat between the stance & curved away from the snow outside the stance, resulting in a playful and forgiving ride.
  • Stratus Core – The stratus core consists of smooth flexing poplar with two stringers of beech running down the middle of the board for added strength.
  • FLEX RATING: 5/10
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Package Dimensions: 61 x 12 x 0.7 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: DC
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

Hi guys it’s nicolas from love online board. Dc is a new brand for us here at level, and sports really excited about it. A lot of cool features of this board. This is a true twin tip. This is they call it an anti camber board, so it’s flat underfoot with turned up tip and tail wood core sidewall construction, a really well made board. This is definitely a nice soft, medium flex board great for the beginners ready to move on up into a little bit more of an advanced level, riding style again.

Dc Focus, snowboard 2014 check this and all are the new DC gear out at level. 9 sports, calm.

And this is a 2019 DC focus snowboard, an all-mountain freestyle deck. That’s gonna be a little bit more loose and surfy than some of the other boards within the DC line. That are a similar price point and kind of focus this for a basically beginner to advanced level rider. So one little bit more of a loose sound board. The focus was a manufactured at the Austrian mothership facility. The leading facility makes me in the world for making snowboards. This is a directional board. The nose is a little bit longer than the tail stance, the slight setback and it features a profile shape called rocker.

It’s not a continuous rocker, because there’s a flat section in the middle gives a little bit stability while you’re on an edge, but basically underneath each foot to the contact points. The board has a very gradual and slow negative six millimeter rise. That’s right! Those contact points are raised up actually pretty high, but it’s nice that a transition- it’s not very abrupt. What that means for the rider is that it’s gonna be a little bit more catch-free, especially in those context.

We need an earning how to carve, which is really nice. The feeling flex on the focus, though, is actually about a five. So still has the Stratos course to us by next class. So it’s not like a wet noodle by any means, but with that profile, shape of rocker nose and tail, that’s gonna feel again a little bit looser a little bit more surfy. So even though it’s an all Amman freestyle tech, it still floats in in deeper snow, which is actually nice. There’s a wood core called the Stratos wood core, most of us actually popular style wood, but there is two Beach style: stringers that run down the middle or the centerline of the board.

You can kind of see those through that transparent style top sheet. Then then, of course, there’s that by x-class ninety degrees and at 0 degrees woven together both on the top and the bottom, making the board very, very pliable, torsionally, there’s no additional laminates to the deck. That’s pretty bare-bones and simple, there’s a true style base. That’s has a nice little die cut to it, a good amount of structure. You don’t really have to do much to it to maintain the base throughout the season, which is nice, then there’s at 360 wraps standard steel edge and a 3 degree base balance.

So not only does the contact point are their points raised off the snow, that actual edge is actually raised up three degrees – so be less likely to catch anywhere. This is a dope born help you to focus on your snowboarding and progression. This is a DC focus that you can check out at the house. Comm I selected. The link below in the description leave a comment or question. Let me know what do you think of the board subscribe to the channel check out more vids there, and hopefully I’ll see you once now.

Hi guys it’s Jason from torpedo, seven freestyle board from DC with that medium flex, so it’s gonna suit, that more intermediate or just someone who’s. Looking for a slightly softer flex and a freestyle board, it is what DC calls rocker, but basically it’s a rocker in the front of the board and a rockered in the tail of the board, with a flat right to the middle.

So it’s gonna feel nice and forgiving and very catch-free they’ve, also added on the base three degree base bevel. So that just means that the edges are lifted up a bit and gives you that extra catch, free feeling, which is very, very good. If you like to ride rails and things and don’t want to break your face on features, it helps not catch again.

Like I said it’s a medium flex, it is a full wood core. So it does still have that good poppy feel to it and adds that extra bit of stability and smooth feel when you’re on kind of icy, firmer surfaces and does not fully be a sidewall which again gives you a little bit smoother ride on the hard stuff. But yep good mid-range freestyle board from DC.

It’s the focus.

And this is a DC focus in all Mountain snowboard, designed for anyone out there, that’s beginner to intermediate level and ability. This is actually one of my top 5 beginner boards of 2016-2017, but it kind of goes beyond that, because any intermediate level rider that’s still learning how to rip dynamic. Carves can have a fun time on this.

A lot of like hi in few seconds, actually ride this too, because the true twin board and still a lot of fun, that’s right. This is a true two in depth with the centered style stance and what DC calls a rocker profile, but they were rocking profiles a little bit different than other rockin profiles, because in between the feet, the binding is flat and then outside to feed the binding will rocker or the board will rocker up at negative.

6 millimeters will actually have six millimeter style rise, uhm it’s loose and playful in the middle supply of all on the nose of the tail and because the rocker is like lifts up the contact points. It’s a very, very catch free ride. Add that in with a three degree base bevel, it’s literally impossible to catch an edge on the focus and that’s why it’s so great for anyone who’s, still learning how to carve and learning how to snowboard now does the Flex rating above for just a little bit softer than average and I.

Think DC did that because you know, even with that rocker profile shape. If you have too soft of a board, it gives out way too easy. But that’s why that’s why DC has that flex rating right around the floor? That’s a pretty cool wood core as well. It’s got a Stratis wood core, basically, the whole the whole core is all poplar wood, but it does feature to Beach stringers little bit stronger wood down the center of the board and still the still gloss for the board to be liked or shuli soft, with those extra Beach stringers down the middle.

That core has been wrapped in a buy extra back, fiberglass smooth, flexing fiberglass. It still has a little bit of pop to it, but one thing I know about my axe is that it’s really smooth. It’s really really consistent. There’s a extruded as true style base as die-cut it pops really loud, which is cool and then there’s that 360 wraps steel ledge.

It is you know, metal that three degrees and it’s really catch free. That’s one of the reasons. I picked this for my top five beginner boards, a 16 17. This is a rad deck. Of course you check it out at the house calm and you can also subscribe to the channel thanks so much for watching and I’ll. Hopefully this you guys on the snow.

This is a DC focus and all Mountain freestyle board for beginner to intermediate level riders. This is actually one of my top five beginner boards in 2017, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a beginner to ride it, because even intermediate level riders can get up to advanced on this loose feeling depth.

It’s a true twin board, with a centered stance and overall, a rocker profile with negative six millimeters of gambler. That means that this thing rockers and Teeter totters six millimeters, that’s quite quite a bit. It does have a little bit of radius to flat on the nose in the tail. The focus is a fun board to ride because it rocks up so much.

You can keep this thing flat base and like spin it on flat ground you’re not going to catch an edge, combine that rocker profile shape with a three degree base edge bevel and it’s yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to catch your edge, which is nice for anyone, just learning how to rip around on groomers and ride in the park.

This is really easy board to press on Rails and boxes to. Overall, the Flex rating is actually can be a little bit beefier than a most beginner style board having to flex about a five, but it may feel a little bit more surfy than that, because that rocker shape inside the Stratos wood core. Now, that’s a combination of two different woods, poplar and Beach poplar, pretty much run throughout the most of the board and then there’s two beech kind of stringers running tip the tail throughout the board that core has by axe grass on top my axe fiberglass on bottom, which means it’s really smooth riding board.

Along with that is a true base. This is a die cut style base. It’s really easy to maintain. You really don’t have to wax it up too much. It’s pretty much good to go right on the bag. This is awesome board. It’s called the focus from DC again one of my top 5 best beginner boards of 2017, and you can check it out.

It’s a house com subscribe to the channel now leave a comment below and of course, thanks for watching.

Nitro Team 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

Nitro Team 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

With over a decade of innovation, testing, and feedback the Nitro Team snowboard is one of the most trusted and versatile all-terrain snowboards on the market – ridden by Pros to Weekend Bros all over the world daily.The Team is the perfect snowboard for someone looking for a deck that can do it all season after season. For over a decade the Team has been the most trustworthy and iconic snowboard in our lineup; our endless mission to innovate and improve the smallest details and a perfect blend of flex and response has been the key to its success. The Trüe Camber offers the perfect amount of standard camber for reliable snap and riding with confidence, while the Reflex Core Profile offers a playful and yet responsive flex. The board is offered a regular width and wide width to allow for the perfect pairing of the boot to board ratio for any sized rider out there – providing a custom set-up. Team riders like Sam Taxwood, Ludvig Billtoft, and Jeremy Jones who ride the entire mountain from the park, halfpipe, to the steepest of AK lines, always choose the versatility of the Team snowboard as their all-mountain slayer and regular daily driver.

  • Shape: Directional Twin
  • Rocker: True
  • Width: Standard
  • Flex: All Terrain
  • Sidecut: Dual Degressive
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Package Dimensions: 61 x 12 x 0.7 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Item model number: Nitro
  • Manufacturer: Nitro
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

This is the good ride review of the nitro team snowboard, just the old traditional camber um directional twin. We rode this, of course, with the nitro team bindings, the nitro team boots uh right here and uh the team tls before we did that. I rode these with adidas tactical abvs on other days, union stratas and uh union atlas and nick- and I tested this over various conditions over the last couple weeks and had a pretty good time on it.

It’s it’s very traditional camber, very limited in terms of being catch-free and floating in powder, but very fun for those who want that traditional camber mountain freestyle to bordering on all mountain kind of you know that technical ripper, who can do everything um on one board, that’s where that’s what this is for um, but you can see it’s kind of a medium flex and um good jump board, yeah yeah for sure, and you and I felt this like the the butter ability uh was doable.

You were better at than I was because I’m much lighter, but yeah I had, but I had to use a little extra of that like what are we I’m 185 and you’re, what buck 55 it’s? Okay, so I had to use an x that extra 30 pounds all of it to get this to butter yeah. It’s not the easiest butter board uh, especially if you’re more of an average rider like myself. This camber profile is just good old, traditional camber that you’re used to in the o’s when uh the early o’s.

When everything was camber. This would be a mellow board um. Nowadays, it’s kind of catchy and technical yeah. It feels that way after riding reverse and flat yeah yeah, because I remember I I caught a little bit when I was riding this small. I know we’ll get to the park stuff, but definitely catchy, but it tracks. Well, one foot’s really well flat bases really well. This is for advanced to expert riders, the edge hold.

I thought it was good. It wasn’t great. It just felt like competent up to like a three and a half out of five. I felt like we wrote this on a an icier day, right, yeah hard packed and it held well enough. I felt like it wasn’t gonna slip out under underfoot nope, but I had to dial back my turns a little bit right, but I’ve ridden this board before in the past and compared it to some boards with like disruption in the side cuts, and they just blew this thing away.

Oh I’m sure it did. The turn initiation I felt was like medium fast. It was good, it was got where I wanted it to go, and you know did you feel like with any binding? I used team or strata or atlas the overall turning experience I mean it’s definitely less forgiving than the team going, but way more fun to turn, there’s so much more energy and spring out of the turn. Those hybrid rocker boards, like the go wing um hurt you up through the turn a little bit and that just there’s a little bit of camber in the tip and tail to just not make it too boring and uneventful and quick and washy yeah.

But with this, it’s like it’s got that spring and drive out of the turn, and it was so fun to try to carve regular and switch with this speed. I felt this had good mountain speed. Didn’t you yeah yeah, and I mean it was pretty pretty sound as far as uh daphne was concerned. This base, although ugly, is from nick’s adventures in the jib park, yeah um, you know it has some die cutting and it’s like all die cut.

You can feel it and- and I don’t like it, but man look at that team recognition thing going on here: let’s do this: oh nitro, there we go um, I’m talking about you buddy the base had good glide, though um waxed up pretty well. When we got it thanks guys and the uneven terrain, it did a good job, it could really handle um a crowded resort, snow, weaved in and out of bumps, and we had some really messy ugly snow with this.

I just finished up today on this a little bit and uh yeah did great switch, is just it’s a directional twin. It was almost the same either way um. I didn’t even really notice a difference when it was centered up and duck. This is old school 2000s cartwheeler for the average rider if you’re a technical ripper, you know how to plane well keep your speed at all times and powder you’re, always picking the right line.

If you need a board, that’s going to do better in powder, you want the team going uh we’ve ridden that powder and that had pretty good float. It’s not amazing, but it’s definitely on the upper end. Now I’m going to turn it over to nick talking about park. Because that’s you know I really didn’t ride the park. It’s a great jump board, um rails. It was kind of challenging. Like I said, I brought a lot of flat and reverse camber, so you have to change your approach slightly different.

So just keep that in mind when you’re riding a camera board such as this and a stiff board at that too. So, like I said, pipe and jumps awesome did ride pipe with this yeah yeah and you loved it. Yeah yeah yeah well with it too surprising, because I don’t usually ride pipe well, but you know rails, it was hard jumps and and pipe it ripped really really well yeah. I and that’s that’s how I felt like I’d, be totally confident.

It had a nice approach to any little kicker on the mountain yeah. It had a nice stable approach. Uh, especially if you size it up right and you know overall, it’s a fun board, it’s not for everybody, but for those who are technical and um and aggressive, I think um. You know it could be a good fit. Definitely 100. This is for advanced to expert riders. No bong hit well yeah yeah, I mean hard do.

Maybe it would make you more cautious, yeah. You never know how it works for right, yeah. You know for some if, if bong hit makes you more cautious- and maybe you want that before you get on this yeah, if a bong hit makes you more bold, do people even do bong hits or are they all vaping these? Oh that’s true. What are the kids doing? I don’t know I’m so.

Of the 2020 nitro team, the team is one of nitro, is most popular boards and is one of the best boards I’ve ridden. If I hadn’t just bought the cabin or Outsiders, this would definitely have been the board. I would have gotten it has a directional twin shape, traditional camber, medium flex and a sintered base. It’s one of those boards, that’s been around for a long time and shares a whole lot of the same features with the camber Burton custom.

This review is all based on the camber version of the team, not the gull wing or the hybrid camber version they’re. Also, the team exposure versions, which is the same board just with different graphics, I rode, the 155 centimeter twenty20 team, with my bindings set up to my regular angles of positive 12 on the front foot and negative 9 on the back. I was riding with a slightly narrower stance that was around about 21 inches wide I’m, 6 foot tall weigh about 160 pounds or 72 kilos.

It definitely has enough stiffness to handle any of the terrain that I rode without any problems. Turning the team is a very smooth and easy feel it all feels very natural. It makes sense as the side cuts made up of large radius circles on the nose and the tail of the board and a smaller, tighter one in the middle seems to work just as well in deep snow as it does on the groomers, with the traditional camber profile and the medium flex.

There’s plenty of pop in the team you never felt too stiff or too flexible. There was always enough support in the tail, but I could still press and twist the board a feeling like it took too much effort. The team has a fast sintered base and I had waxed it just before. Writing so I didn’t run into any problems, with keeping my speed up at all, whether that was in powder or on groom runs. It has 15 millimeters of setback, which helps the tail to sink a bit and keep the nose up in deep snow, for a bore that looks.

Pretty close to a twin does float better and deeper snow than I expected. Riding switch didn’t feel any different to me than riding regular I. Don’t think most people would be able to notice the difference. Overall, the Nitro team is a easy board to recommend I think it has almost a perfect balance of features. The camber gives it a very solid, stable, feel has plenty of pop, and it holds a good edge in all conditions without feeling catchy.

Anyone who is an intermediate or above rider would be able to get a lot out of the team. You can push it a long way. You can get a very similar ride from the Burton custom, but I’d still choose the team. It’s a bit cheaper and you don’t have to worry about the channel with your bindings, make sure to search on snowboard, robot, comm, /search and it’ll check to see if any stores have it on sale. If this is helpful, consider subscribing I have quite a few more board reviews coming up soon.


Nitrous over to the new 2021 Nitro Team snowboard: this is the team. Favorite snowboard, a favor, everybody favorite. This is the best know where we make hands that best know where we make. Is the Nitro team to make it so good that we offer it in two different camera profiles: two different widths, two different graphics, executive, snowboard. Anyone who’s been the team can most likely tell you that it’s the best know where they’ve ever ridden the team is built for doing it all.

So, if you’re someone who’s looking to do it all, you want a versatile snowboard. That’s really good! It’s gonna last a long time come to right spot. It’s an HR team. If you don’t know anything about it, I’m gonna tell you all about it right now. Nitro team has a directional twin shape. Sets of twin with a step-back set back stance, it’s making more versatile. So it’s getting the powder and good for free riding, as well as being super good in the park.

I mean it’s so good in the park. You could ride this at the Olympics. It comes with two different camera profiles. It comes with two camber and goal wing rocker, so the true camber is standard, camber from contact point to contact point giving you that support response and snap and stability you now are looking for a little stiffer of a ride. But if you’re looking for something a little more playful, a little more fun in the powder, I would highly recommend the golden camber.

The going is going. Rockers reverse camber in between the bindings like this and standard camber underfoot. Making this type of shape right. The reverse camber in between the bindings, allows for a more playful ride. More float in the powder, it’s easier to butter on easier to nose, presses on and basically just more forgiving I’m a standard camber under the feet. Give you the support response you need, so you know just wash out on everything and it’s it’s a really fun playful camber profile that a lot of people like, but just to let you know a lot of the professional riders.

They are going through camber standard camera because they need that. Precision in that snap, we’re going camber is just a little more fun and playful team comes in standard and wide width. It comes with an all-terrain flex. It has our dueled aggressive side cut, which is my favorite side cut, because it is tighter in between the bindings here and then mellows out towards the tip and tail making it easy for you to initiate, turns and power out of them and we’re in the the.

When an apex of your turn deepen that turn, you can really lay down those zero carbs, it’s just a fun edge to edge all mountain side cut, has their power light core, which is a tip to tail poplar wood core made out of the lightest the best grade, poplar wood on the market, super lightweight and very responsive. It has a reflex core profile, which means the board is milled out so skinnier in between the bindings here, allowing for more torsional flex, making it easier for you to initiate, turns and power out of them and also make the allowing you to do a normal nose press.

It’s not gonna. Look like you’re doing some weird 5050, leaning forward. You’re doing a full on those press they’re not going to fold over the front this year. As you can see, we don’t have the shiny top sheet anymore, because any kind of high-gloss top sheet is actually really bad for the environment. So, throughout the whole night row line, we have reduced using this technology and move to more of a more matte finish.

It’s just a more environmentally friendly way to make the boards and this year the team. Has this nice brushed finish as well? The team uses our sintered HD speed formula face, which is one of the fastest bases we make Center bases hold, wax really well and they haul ass. So that’s it! That’s the team. That’s new! Twenty twenty one, nitro team I would highly recommend this board to anyone who’s looking to buy a snowboard.

If you are a beginner or if you are super pro, and you want to know where that can do it all just a nice, regular snowboard I would highly recommend the nitro team. It’s the best board, I’ve ever ridden for a versatile snowboard. It’s a do-it-all snowboard. Unfortunately, the quiver killer. It’s just a really good snowboard. So if that’s what you looking for, look no further go check it out your local snowboard shop and support your local community and thank you for supporting the company like us nitro, who is built on snowboarders made by snowboarders and everything you give us goes back into snowboarding.

Thank you! So much peace.

So this is the nitro team, tls snowboard boot, along with the nitro team, binding the nitro team board. I rode this with that combo there, along with the union atlas. I compared these against my trusty adidas tactical adv’s, rode them with the nitro quiver fury and the union strata. I rode them with the um, never summer, prototype 2. I rode them with yes greats and I wrote them with the gentleman stick: man or manta ray on another day, gotta say other than the crowded lacing system.

Everything about this boot seems great for those of you. Looking for what looks like a really well made, boot well put together, well thought out, responsive and blends with just about any board on binding. I tried it with this. Could work let’s get into the lacing. This is my biggest problem and there’s no way around it. I just didn’t like this at first and I’m still having trouble getting used to all this lacing all around you here and it just seems like a mess.

There’s like two, you know: laces you’ve got a lace inside here too, so it’s just like one, two, three and that’s kind of annoying. So it’s a little convoluted, it’s a little messy, but it works and there is upper and lower adjustability. It really doesn’t feel like it’s tightening much past here, um, so that’s kind of cool and then you definitely have a separate top, and I like that, it’s it’s kind of like burton and their speed lace system.

Let’s talk about the fit! I compared this. My adidas tactical adv’s run a half size large, so I have eight and a half’s there um. These are nines, I’m a true nine. My true nine feet fit this tactical adv, eight and a half perfectly. They fit this nine perfectly now, in terms of width, I felt like my tactical adv’s offered up a lot more width. This feels kind of in that same realm as like ride, um fans and uh and other boots out there, like that uh, but kind of in that normal foot, size and foot width so well done on the sizing uh.

They really got that dialed. I was. I was impressed as to how well they did comfort wise day. One always there’s pressure points, there’s always stuff to work out, but based on my experience and all feet are different. You might actually be okay, not heat molding these, because when you heat mold them, you lose a few days of longevity, um you’re breaking them down a little earlier. You might be able to get away, especially if you’re going to ride a lot of days that year with just slowly breaking them in slowly tightening them as they conform more and more to your foot.

Man first day, I thought I was gonna put on my adidas tactical adv’s, and I never did it was so cool. I just kept writing these all day. I put them on very end. Just for a check check, heel hold pretty good. I felt uh it kind of tight in my heel. There’s definitely a little j bar in there there’s the j bar, and I could definitely feel it really coming in around my ankle and wrapping it. If you have a narrower ankle, these could work they’re still not quite like, like the wrap you get from like a focus boa that really overlaps, maybe with a boa inside or a really good lacing system there, but I definitely didn’t feel any heel.

Lift heel, lift doesn’t bother me as much as it does some, but I didn’t feel anything. You know the response and the flex. This just has that flex. That’s gonna match up with just about any board. You put it with it’s. It’s doesn’t feel like the best boot for somebody who likes a real loose playful boot, but the response and the power of this boot, the response matched the flex and if you want to even take it up another notch uh.

You can slide this in right here and uh that adds to uh the response factor in terms of flex retention. Look at this articulation point. It’s almost there with my adidas tactical adv’s. You can see it stops about right there, and this is just all neoprene. You can see it folds there and it increases the longevity of the boot. Also. This is one of the most aggressive spines it really comes out from here and up and around, and it’s very stiff so like they say on nitro site, like uh knute says it, it protects you from what the highback’s doing.

If you have a stiff high back, it’s not going to bite into your calf as much as let’s say it would with other boots. You know uh like this is a nice rubber spine that has good flex retention but um. You know this is a little better on the back, but like the adidas tactical adv, with that. Basically, this two shell system, you know um. This is better on the front and wraps around better uh, but this wraps around pretty good too up here you can see traction vibram, yeah, look at this girthy thick vibram, rubber sole.

It looks like it’s. You could walk miles with this every day and by the end of the season, you’ll still have some tread left and I love vibram, because the rubber doesn’t change. The tread doesn’t doesn’t change as much so it retains its grip in fluctuations in weather, and so it’s always nice to have that on the bottom. Now shock absorption um. You know it’s almost not a fair comparison, because these are literally like the industry standard for shock absorption.

When I did a little ollie that you know on these boots and a little ollie on these boots, I really felt it no matter what binding I had the team, the atlas or the strata um these just you know this is the tops of the tops, there’s a lot of rubber here, so you don’t feel the air bag as much as you would think. If you looked at this online you’d be like oh man, this is going to be just the shock master.

Well, I think going really big. It will, but going small to medium. It’s not enough to give that much and I felt it it was harder, but it’s good shock absorption and it does a good job. Let’s talk about footprint for those of you who are trying to maybe fit into or get fit into, maybe a slightly narrower board or to get less tone heel drag this. Isn’t scientific and I’ll take a better picture.

This adidas 8 5 fits me perfectly. This nitro team, tls 9 fits me perfectly and look at the difference when you just kind of sight them up off. You know you put them heel to heel and you just show here it’s like an inch difference, but that’s one of the best, especially in my size. It changes from boot size to boot size. But what I did like about this big boot is that the ankle strap um. I felt like I had insulation there.

It’s a thicker boot than my adidas tactical adv’s, and I felt like all these ankle straps. I could tighten them a little more than I normally would and I didn’t feel it at all. So that’s a positive compared to the negative of the footprint. So all in all pretty impressed with the nitro team tls, it’s a well-constructed boot. I can see why it’s the team boot and it’s recommendable as long as you can get over um the lacing system and for some the footprint, but it’s going on the recommendation list and it definitely works for a normal footed rider.

I love the smell, oh god, um, I’m just huffing this without a high. Oh, that’s cool.

No words with the new 2021 nitro team snow, we’re boot. This is hands down team favorite, snowboard a favor, my favorite everyone. They chose favorite summer boot because it’s the perfect mix, it’s a medium stiff, flexing boot that does it all with an amazing fit. This boot has been backed by arrow at the love for over 15 years now and every year we upgrade it to make it better and better and better. The team boot we’ve updated this year with a new construction material on the outside.

It’s a more durable sheds, water, it’s a more waterproof material than the years before so T boo has been updated to be even more durable. This year, I’ve also made the right steps in the Eco story, because we’ve added our Vibram outsole made of the Eco step Vibram compound. So that’s this white material right here with great grip and amazing durability properties. But it’s made out of a recycled Vibram rubber, which they collected from their factories to reuse rubber, to reduce overall waste.

This technology move back 100%. Everyone knows Vibram super durable and it’s very grippy. It’s gonna, give you sure, footholds all over the mountain as an Eevee, a outsole to reduce the overall weight of the boot and give the boot out so a more natural flex. When walking and of course, the team has our air dampening in the heel, which is great for chatter, on the heel or when you go big on jumps. The team has an armored spine right here which helps the overall durability of boot and makes it last longer.

It’s also gonna make the boot a little more stiffer for lateral flex, giving you that nice responsive feel you want. It has our flex link design, which is this mesh material right here and the ankles, giving you more of a natural ankle flex feeling when walking and also when in your snow, wear boots. So when you go from your heel side to your toe side, there’s no pressure points in the tongue year and there’s gonna be no bulk or build up on the side, making it a pressure point freeride.

All day long team TLS uses our nitro TLS five lacing system we’ve upgraded the lacing system. Tls is very reliable. Super fast and does only speed lacing system, you can control the tightness on the bottom or the top simply so two handles with this TLS component right here. All you do. Is you step in your boot? You lace up your liners. You grab the two TLS handles right here: pull them up boom up towards your knee, locking the laces into the TLS component right here flex forward two times boom boom boom you’re ready to go snow when it’s that simple super reliable and it’s super easy to take off as well.

All you have to do is take that cos handles out of their holders, pull the laces forward away from you, disengaging the laces from the TLS component right here, and then you pull on the bailout tab, which is this tab right here, pull it forward boom boom boom open it up slowly, pull the tongue board easing out of the boots. That’s simple! Just like that and sweet about our team boot is. It uses our ILS lacing system, which is this boot.

You can see that internal boot right there, this orange boot right there, that is the boot disconnected shell. The boot, which holds the liner into place, it’s gonna, give you the sure, foothold for all day, riding no heel, lifts and no pressure points and to connect the ILS lacing boot to the shell and connect the liner into the shell of the boot. It’s super simple and it’s my favorite technology that we’ve introduced a couple years ago.

It’s called our we lace, liner Locker, which is this component up top right. Here you see three lace: it’s on top of the shell, it’s not down by the ankle, where a lot of other brands have liked that liner lace, your component, they push down and get stuck around your ankle creates a pressure point. You don’t get the right fit. Well, the relase you get the right fit every time you take the particularly says reprimand, one on each side wrap around like so boom pull up, get that perfect sure fit every single time and the best part about it is when you have your CLS and the boots all laced up throughout the day.

If it feels a little loose, you just want to look quick little retype. All you got to do is go into the tongue here, grab out the relays handle, pull it up, boom, get a quick little release on the fly on the chairlift or write when you’re strapping in it’s that simple. The team also has our Terminator shield on the inside of the shell, which is amazing technology. It’s a reflective material at the bottom. There, that’s gonna reflect your body heat back up into your feet, keeping their feet nice and warm all day long because cold feet are uncomfortable feet warm feet, comfortable feet.

It also has our cloud9 liner, which is this beautiful, liner right here, it’s heat moldable, but it comes pre molded from the factory, so it fits like a glove out of the box every single time, but if we want to customize it to fit your foot perfectly, you can easily heat. Molded. Has a d3o dampening shock absorption pad right here in ankle, reducing any kind of pressure points from a strap. It’s gonna give you the sure fit that great feel all their own all day.

Long no pressure else as a 3d molded foam spine keeps integrity of the liner and it’s gonna also help with the lateral flex and keep your foot in place. The liner nitrile honestly right. We make some of the best liners on the market, and that is because of the support around the ink on the inside of the liner that called J hooks. We have some of the best ones on the market really gives you a sure foothold and no heel lift within the cloud nine liner.

We have our ortholite dual density, footbed, which is this beautiful footbed right here. It’s gonna, keep your foot nice and comfortable and being an amazing platform of stand and send it on from first chair to last all season long, the team comes in three different colorways, it’s olive green here, the stone in the black, and it also comes in a black standard lace. In addition for those who just believe and our die-hard standard lacing fans, we totally respect that and we offer the team in black for that as well.

I’d recommend the team boot for anyone who’s looking for, if you’re anywhere from a beginner snowboarder all the way from a professional Olympian. If you want a medium to stiffer flexing boot, not too stiff, not too soft medium to stiff. That has a durable, also made a Vibram, great grip, an amazing fit air dampening in the heel and a zonal speed, lacing system, that’s comfortable, and it’s something that arrow at the left stands behind at highly recommend that you go to your local snowboard store and you ask them to try on a pair of Nitro teen boots.

Thank you for snowboarding. Thank you for watching this video and thank you for supporting a local, snowboard community and brands like nacho thanks beef. It’s my favorite boat this year, we’ve updated team with a new shell construction material. It’s a lot more durable, it’s gonna run hello, I think someone’s listening to me right now and they say they’re. Never listening. You want to talk about the team blue series.

Listening Siri Nitro teams, no more boot greatest food on the market, cool thanks, sir.

These are the new 2021 nitro teen bindings team, binding hands down best-selling binding that we’ve ever made and still make it’s the best-selling binding, because it’s bomb-proof it has the perfect medium to stiffer flex to it. It has a nice slim fitting base tray in the heel here, which provides you with a lot of support on the ankle and it’s a binding. That’s been backed by professional team riders for years it’s a Brian, Foxx favorite, it’s a Jeremy, Jones favorite, it’s a Jared, Elston favorite.

All the different generations of freestyle snowboarders love this binding because it is responsive, very comfortable and bomb-proof. It has a stealth air base frame, which is this beautiful, two-piece base frame right here with an aluminum heel cup. It’s fully adjustable by these two screws here and here you can adjust the heel cup to three settings small medium large in and out. You can also rotate the high back to fit horizontally with your heel side edge, which is pretty sick if you’ve never tried that I definitely recommend that you try adjust in your high back to match your heel side edge.

Just gives you a different ride and feel the team has our ace in jet high back, which is this beautiful, skinny high back, which is quite curved. It’s not very flat. It’s curved, so there’s a lot of support and makes it very responsive laterally, which makes it feel really responsive and is responsive because it kind of cups, the back air boot. So the interface between your boots, your board kind of, becomes very seamless and that’s what people love about the team? Is you barely feel that it’s there you just all the power you generate from your legs, go straight to your board.

You know they lose any powers through pressure points or lost, or delays in the binding. The team has a three degree canted footbed, which is amazing, because the outside of the footbed is raised straight degrees, you’ll, see degrees down to the center, allowing you standard more natural stance. It’s gonna be more gentle on your knees in the allow you to ride longer harder all day long. It has nitro air dampening the heel, so you get an air bag in the hue right here with great dampening properties and reduces the overall weight of the binding.

This as our force of aluminum speed, wheel buckles, which has four buckles right here, go on every time with these big ladders can ratchet down. So you get the perfect tightness all the time. It’s not gonna strip or wear an ankle or on the toe strap. The ankle strap is our premium comfort, ankle strap. So it’s a I’d say like a medium width, ankle strap and it provides an even pressure all over the ankle and that’s it’s a medium to stiffer response radiant on it. So you can really drive that power from your heel side to your toe side edge to the ankle strap.

The team also has our uber grip toe, strap with Vibram eco step rubber compound the Eco step is a recycled vibrant material and we’re the only company that works with Vibram, and we do so because we believe that the toe strap is one of the most important parts of the binding. It’s where you can drive power from your toe side, edge back to your heel side and have really good control, so this toe strap. It should be very, very grippy, so shouldn’t move on your toe and should also be very durable, because this is one of the straps that you use the most and there’s gonna be a lot of wear and tear on it.

So we decided to partner the vibram for added durability and for extra grip. Both the straps have two suggestible levers right here, so you can just flip them up, move them up and down to their desired length of the strap to fit any boot on the market with ease. So you get that perfect fit every single time and my favorite feature about the team and a lot of our nitro bindings is it has our cable, reinforced, connectors and ratchet ladders? If the plastic breaks the stainless steel cables, are gonna hold them together, so you can keep going just add an insurance and makes the bindings even more bomb-proof and even stronger.

The team binding also comes with our 2 by 4 mini disk system, which is amazing because it’s a disc that attaches to the board and it’s smaller than your standard disc, which means the interface between the bindings to the board is going to be smaller and smoother, and it’s going to create the smaller dead space on your board, allowing your board and bindings to ride more naturally, and not so kinky. It’s a more of a smooth transition, smoother interface between body to board. We invented the mini of this system and we’ve also upgraded the mini disc, with our angle, lock features.

So if you want plus 15 on the front binding, you find the 15 right there and all I gotta do is snap it into place like so, and you got the fifteen angle, it’s not going to go anywhere. You get the perfect angle, everything time that is the new 2021 nitro team, binding a binding, that’s backed by the entire nitro team, Brian Fox Jeremy Jones Jerrod Elston Sam tax. Would everyone loves the team because it just has a perfect response of flex to it a great stick, and it also is bomb-proof it last year after year.

So if you’re looking for a new binding to take your writing to the next level and your intermediate to pro level rider or super advanced rider, I would highly recommend that you check out the new 2021 nitro team by name. Most of all, thank you for supporting your local snowboard community and thank you for supporting us and just for snowboarding, because nowhere is my favorite thing. It’s our favorite thing to do and we hope we can get you out on the mountain having more fun with more bomb-proof bindings in more comfort, thanks for watching uncool icing, but see you on the mountain.

It comes in 4 colorways, as you can see here, beautiful color ways the 2021 team. What are you waiting for get to your store check, em out support your local snowboard community, thanks for watching.

So this is the good ride. Review of the nitro team. Pro I wrote this with several different boards. The quiver fury my good old trusty, yes grades, the nitro team, how appropriate and compared it against a a few bindings that I owned the Union Atlas, the Union Stratos I’ve brought it with the Nitro Team TLS boots. I wrote it with adidas tactical ATVs to get my baseline, going kind of switched it all around and compared it and I gotta, say they’re very well made they’re very well done good construction.

They do a good job and mesh up well with just about any board boot combo you can think of, and I was pretty impressed with that. First off we got the Flex. It’s got a nice twist to it right and going back it’s it’s strong. It only has just a touch give you can see, but not much adjustability. There seems to be good adjustability here. You can move this forward and whoa.

Let me do this. This detaches I love how the screw stays in here. You’ll never lose. This stays it’s covered with evie a foam on the top and stays in there on the bottom. Yet you could work this out with a little pressure. If it’s strips or if it gets, you know something’s wrong with the screw. You can get a new one and you can just you know you don’t have he’ll slide, but most don’t let you have tow slide.

The heel loop will slide out so very good adjustability for getting your boot in the right place on the binding. You’ve got high back rotation like we said, get forward lean here. You’ve got on-the-fly adjustability here now you have a mini disc here and there is a decent amount of slide here back and forth. So I was able to pretty much always get my stance that I wanted and what’s even cooler is centering.

This up. When you can Center your boot up in the binding correctly, then you can turn it and then you’re always centered on board and I like that, and then you can slide it either way. You know the ratchet system is pretty smooth and you can tell they’re made to last and and especially as they break in, and the curve starts meshing to your boot. They’ll come on and off pretty easy.

It’s only a little catchy right here when opening up, but once you pull a little harder it pops right out and if you kind of go like this, it’s the same, you can see there’s a little Vibram here, and this really sticks well on the boot and speaking of boot, support this toe straps great, putting it all the way forward on the toe of your boot and really pulling it into the heel.

The vibram grip is pretty sick. It’s it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s got some of the best grip in the business for me personally, I the Union rubber on these does a great job too, but this is really kind of like where it’s at grip, wise, a Vibram just they’re made for gripping, and then this ankle straps kind of narrow right here, but has some support on the sides for a little more power when it comes to buttering and- and you know, movement from nose to tail where this you know you can see with the strata it’s somewhat similar in the middle.

The strata felt like it just had a touch more support, and then this big ass thing felt like there’s a lot more ankle support, but I never felt like my ankle was exposed, or it was too much in the uneven snow. What little I had, because it was pretty hard during this testing. But you could just tell like, as you fold it over, it, wouldn’t wouldn’t be a problem. So there’s enough support and enough freedom of movement.

It’s a nice balance. We both love the steel cables in here, – they’re, just gonna make sure this doesn’t break now. Comfort I felt these were comfortable day. One super easy super comfortable and turn initiation I felt they were kind of on par with the Stratus baby. These these Atlas are pretty responsive. They were a bump, maybe a bump higher, but these are definitely responsive bindings that can match with just about any kind of board you want to ride.

I could put these on a much more responsive board. I mean a much more demanding board like the Nitro quiver cannon and have a blast on it. No problem so I felt, like the response, is pretty good kind of mid, mid bordering on upper mid and I thought it did a good job now, the feel underfoot and the buttering this did make. This can be good or bad, depending on what you’re into this did make the board feel a little more dead underfoot than the strata, but it was close.

It was closer than I thought. It has some pretty good butter ability and you can see if you look at the bottom of this. They really taper this in so there’s minimal contact past this mini disc. So then it can flex. The board went like I put these on the yes grades, then put on my strata and I was surprised that I didn’t find like the stratas would really I thought they would really have a noticeable difference between the two, but they don’t.

You felt like okay, I’ve got a lot of binding underfoot, which is good and you feel like. Okay. This is going to be a little dead, but it’s gonna dampen up the board and then you’re like well I’m, probably not gonna, be able to butter, and then you go to butter and then you can butter, so it butters really well this air bag, and these little like shock absorbers here, do a pretty good job and I felt like it was pretty shock.

Absorbent a pretty solid toe ramp, as opposed to these guys kind of they have a little softness there. But there is a little give you’ve got some dampness here. So shock absorption, it’s not the best. Definitely not, but it’s no slouch and it’s not going to leave you high and dry if you land flat and some people say who want to land who wants to land flat, nobody, but everybody does so you want to be ready for it.

Love the canted footbed – forgot to mention that earlier, but it really helps align your like. Some people have knee problems. Some people have hip problems. Some people have ankle problems. Some people have other weird parts of their knee or hip, or here and there and often times a canted footbed really helps put you in better alignment. So all in all this team is of this.

You know, Nitro team Pro is a very recommendable, binding and I think it could work with a wide variety of board types and boot types. It’s a new binding it felt like I might have been the first one on it. It’s got this really cool smell, it’s probably toxic, and it’s starting to wear off now that I’ve got a few days on snow with it, which is a bit of a bummer but probably better.

For me,.

Nitro team, Pro, binding I’m, three licensed team manager for nitro, snowboards and I can guarantee you that this is a team rider. Favorite. This bindings, been written by air, is written by Markus Cleveland zeb owl dominic wagner benny urban. They love this binding because it offers torger program did the guy? Who does the switch backside? 5 method come on he’s riding this binding and he raises by him for a reason, because it offers the perfect amount of support response and it offers a customization and also the comfort and, most importantly, the durability that freestyle snowboarders need because they bang the crap out of bindings and they need a buying it’s gonna last and the team pro is built to last.

Let’s get into it. The team pro has our stealth air base frame, which is their space frame right here. Beautiful base frame without aluminum heel cup right here fully adjustable with this screw right here you can adjust the high backs and rotate the high backs again. Just the heel cup there’s three lengths. You have small medium large, and it’s marked right here, so you can move it in and out, and you can also adjust all the straps to lessly with toolless leverage right here.

So you can move them up and down to be perfect, get the perfect length you want up and down on the straps and the team pro has our pro high back. Obviously, it’s a pro high back because it has a slim fit to it. It’s a little canted. It cups the back of the boot pretty nicely, but it’s a little open. So it gives you that lateral play for tweaking. We call it the pro because there is no tool suggestible high back or forward lean adjust.

You have to use a screwdriver number three to just the forward lean, so you get that perfect fit every time. The team pro has air dampening in the heel right here, which is key if you’ve never ridden air bags in the heel and you’ve been missing out, because this really does save your heels and it allows you to style plantains. If you go deep and landing, gonna save your heels and it also reduces the overall weight of the binding and people like you.

Keep Nona just won the US Open, with this binding and I’m pretty sure when he did his backside. 16 20 on the last jump in Atlanta has heels. These air bags help them out a little bit. The foot beds also have a 3d do canted footbeds three recanting is great because it means the outside of the bindings are three degrees lifted up with three degrees, you’re standing in a more natural stance, so it’s gonna, save your knees, allowed to board longer and hopefully longer not by hours, but by years to come.

The team Pro has our board saver technology, which means edge edges of the binding around it up a little bit. So it allows it to roll just a little bit to save your board from binding line breakage. The team pro has our premium. Lockdown strap right here, which is this nice thin profile, ankle strap, which provides an even pressure over the ankle and it’s still very responsive, allowing you to go to your toe edge quickly. Like I said it’s too suggestible the strap right here, move it up and down, and it also has our uber grip toe strap with a Vibram eco step, rubber, we’re the only company in the Somerton industry that works with Vibram on bindings, and we believe it’s important to work with Vibram on the toe strap because it provides you with super grip and a durable rubber, that’s gonna last year after year, and you want a grip with toe strap because it’s gonna hold sit over the toe.

Your boot like this and that’s gonna hold nicely, and it’s gonna. Allow you to drive power to your Hulett, real, quick, there’s gonna, be no delay, see the precise ride of these bindings new. This here is the Eco step rubber, the vibram uses it’s a recycled rubber and we feel it’s important to do our part and use recycled material as one possible as long as they have the performance that we demand and require from snowboard equipment is supposed to last year after year and the Eco step.

Does that nicely? One of the reasons our team Pro is super. Durable is because it has our cable reinforced or connectors and ratchets. It’s got the case. Stainless steel cables running through the ladders and all four points right here here here and here, which is amazing, especially for like a freestyle binding like this we’re putting into the beading it just is a stronger ratchet ladder. There’s nothing stronger on the market.

If something does break it’s, the stainless steel cable is gonna. Hold it together. As you can see, the stainless steel runs all the way through the ladder. So it’s going to hold it together, there’s gonna be no stretching and if something does break in the plastic, stainless steel, cable, it’s gonna hold that thing together. Our T Pro uses our forged aluminum speed, wheel, buckles, which have these beautiful buckles right here, super easy to get on and off big lever.

So you can use mittens easily to Ratchet it down. There’s gonna be no stripping again. There’s gonna get a solid sure foothold all day, long on the ankle, strap and on the toe strap. The team Pro also uses, as you can see under here, it uses our 2 by 4, mini disc, and the mini disc is smaller than the standard disc and what the mini disc does it reduces the overall weight of the binding, but, more importantly, it reduces the dead spot.

The dead space that the binding makes on the board, allowing the board to flex, naturally underfoot and flex. The way it’s built to flex right. If you have a huge minute, if you have a huge disc, it’s gonna be a bigger dead spot and then the board’s gonna go a kink out in the Flex pattern or the smaller. The dead space is the more natural the board is gonna flex are many discs are different than others, because we have the mini disc.

With the angle lock feature which is super important, especially if you’re trying to get a precise board setup say you want a plus 15 on the front you find the 15 there. It is. These. Is that snap it into place like so boom you’re gonna get the 15. It’s not gonna fall out. Just not gonna move around like a lot of other bindings out there, you’re gonna get the angle that you wanted. I would recommend the team pro for any of you out there who are looking for a high level, freestyle binding that offers the durability the fit and the response you need to ride like spent organ markets Cleveland.

Is that bowel all these guys ride this torger burger? They ride the team pro because it’s the most durable, most responsive, most freestyle oriented binding that we make and one of the best on the market. So, if you’re looking for that, you wanna ride like the pros look no further than the new 2021 nitro teen pro, but thanks for watching appreciate you guys checking out this video and, more importantly, thanks to snowboard and snowboard is the best it’s because of people like you, the community, it’s all time.

Thank you.

What’s up everyone, can you live swim, 2021, Nitro, Team exposure, the team exposure is our team board with a more more fun graphic. It’s a way for us to celebrate art, honor snow words, I mean this is no boarding, it should be fun, it doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. So we’ve created this sweet graphic this year with photographer Jack used to fought, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful, crazy, crazy graphic which has been received really well and I think looks beautiful.

So if this is something floats your boat and stay with me and I’m gonna tell you all about it. The team exposure has a directional twin shape. It comes with true camera to standard camber to camber is camera from contact points of contact point giving you stability and snap and the reliability you need from a stiffer, more responsive board. The team exposure comes with standing a standard and wide width.

It has their all-terrain flex, has our dual aggressive side cut, which is a fun side cut, because it’s tighter in the middle here and then mellows out to the tip and tail allowing you to initiate turns super easy, but you can really dig deep and lay down those zero carbs. The team exposure has our power light core, which is a tip to tail poplar wood core made out of the lightest highest grade material, poplar, wood, it’s a super lightweight and very responsive.

It has a reflex core profile, which means the board is milled out in between the bindings here, allowing you to get more torsional flex to initiate, turns and just be more playful of a ride, even though the true camber offers a really stiff, responsive ride. Overall, the reflex core profile right here is going to allow you to initiate turns with ease, and it’s going to feel fun and playful in between the bindings.

The team exposure uses our sintered HD speed formula base, which is one of the fastest sintered bases that we make holds wax really well. It’s very durable and strong, and it’s gonna keep you flying all year. Long team exposure, I highly recommend this board for newland, who wants something that can do it all. This is your go to everyday daily driver snowboard. That hands-down is one of the best snow words I’ve ever ridden, and that’s why it’s been in line so for so many years and that’s why we offer it in so many variations.

So if that’s what you’re? Looking for a nice, regular snowboard, that’s going to last year after year, look no further than this beautiful 2021 nitro exposure. Snowboard tell me you don’t want to get on this. Get on this thanks for supporting snowboarding, go to your local shop and check it out, and thank you for supporting nitro built by snowboarders made by snowboarders we’re just like you.

We just love being out here snowboarding! So, hopefully I see you on the mountain scene.

This is the nitro team on the table under the pretty lights and uh, you know with the nitro quiver uh, sometimes the the standard, the standard nitro boards are overlooked, but every time we get on a nitro board um, we have a pretty good time and they’re pretty well made. This is not a board for everyone, though this is the nitro team, maybe 10 years ago. This was but these days with you know, hybrid shapes camber is more for that technical, advanced expert, more expert rider that wants that pop that drive that return of camber but um.

You know but understands its limitations. If you’re kind of more of a you know, beginner intermediate or even just an advanced rider that wants to push themselves or an expert rider that wants to push themselves and wants a more forgiving nature uh to the board um. This isn’t gonna be for you. This is old school. This is powerful. This is poppy. This is drivey, but you can see it’s kind of like a true two.

I would say it’s a directional twin um. It’s got a little setback on side cut and uh. It’s a great board for those of you who uh, you know, love that return of full camber uh and that that pop that technical aspect to the board- and you can see it’s just you know even this demo model here um under the pretty lights. Uh has a good bit of spring and I can get my you know, fingers under there and pick it up this way instead, like with some of those flat to rocker boards and other stuff, like that, you know, and it definitely just takes it hard on the aggressive technical side compared to the team goal wing, which is a board.

We’ve had a lot of good times with um. So let’s get into some measurements here. Readers always want to know the width. So you know this is the 57 I believe um. I saw that somewhere, I swear, I did uh. No, this is not the 57 is it. I thought I saw 57 somewhere what the hell yeah 57. This is the 57 for sure um, so going out here, you’re looking at about 26 to 26, 3 and then you’re looking at about 25 6, and it probably will be the same both ways.

But let’s just check because there is a little bit of setback on side cut yeah about 25 6 yeah about about the same, maybe a millimeter or two difference, and then uh yeah kind of you know like 26 in a little change. You know like 26, 2 3 there too now dealing with setback on board. This is just not the kind of board you want to ride these days in powder that goldwing’s going to do a better job, but if you’re an old-school technical, camber rider who understands how to you know, keep his speed and float um playing well in powder on a camber board.

I just knew some guys who could go out on camber twins and just rip powder like no other and never understood like people like me who are like yeah, it just didn’t, float really well, I had trouble. You know I was really leaning on the back foot. Every time I stopped. I felt like the nose sunk down they’re like oh. I just never stopped if you’re, that kind of rider, if you’re, that good, you always just know where you’re going and what you’re doing and know how to ride power really well you’re going to be fine, but going off the back inserts.

I forgot: let’s do this stance with here, you’re looking at just about 21 and a quarter all the way back and then just about 21 and a half and then 18 and a half. So what is that 19 and a half 20 and a half 21 three inches kind of like your standard, all-mountain difference between nose and tail. You know three inches difference between nose to the back and tail to the back and one and a half inches back on board very standard, but with camber it’s going to be a cartwheeler for your average rider like myself, but at least they have something there.

So if it’s super deep, you can get just you know, maybe just a touch of relief on your back leg and then you’ve got just you know: um die cut bases are never really. My thing, but man it does, it does look cool, does get their name out there. I get why they did it and it’s you just you know. This is a demo board. It’s been used, but man, you don’t really feel the die cut that much and it seems like a nice fast, durable base.

So there you have it um. You know that’s the nitro team 57 under the pretty lights, and you want to look up above uh to see the in-depth review uh from us, actually riding it and doing our thing. This is just more technical, pretty stuff.

Is a 2019 nitro team, Goldwing wide snowboard, a great I’m on freestyle deck for anyone besides 11 feet and larger, there’s actually the same board that I wrote a couple seasons back a lot and I absolutely loved it. It’s a home on deck. You can take basically everywhere it has a directional twin style, shaping basically two twin board, but the stance is set back a 1 5 centimeters just a little bit. Anyone can ride it. I think from beginner to advanced level. Abilities can have a lot of fun time on the team going live now going.

What is that? What does that even mean? It’s? Actually, the profile shape that nitro has Cobain is a hybrid shape, there’s rocker between the feet, a long camber underneath each foot and then a little bit of rocker on the nose and the tail and you’ll notice that the board actually teeter-totters back and forth that little rockered section between the feet, which is a little little more aggressive, gives the board a loose feel when you’re tracking straight, but those longer cambered sections I actually really do light down.

Well, when you put it on the edge and carve around, and they still provide a great amount of Ollie pop right behind that back foot near that tail is contact point before it starts to rise up. You can always this thing really really well, but it does have a pretty aggressive v-shape. As you see, overall, the Flex rating of the Nitro team going wide. It’s gonna be a bottom five, maybe even a six, because that rocker overall Braco dominant profile, shape he’s gonna feel just a little bit softer.

Maybe just a little bit looser. There’s a power like hood court tip tail red real wood cord. You can actually see that that’s actually poplar style would and it features a reflex style core profiling too. So in between the feet, the boards give me a little bit softer easier to press easier to manipulate in that kind of twist torsionally, and you combine that with the by x-class on top and on bottom. That runs at zero and 90 degrees here before that’s totally pretty soft, but it’s still overall a little bit more firm than your average board, because the board’s thickness, underneath in between the feet or underneath each foot to the nose and the tail there’s a centered speed formula style.

The thing actually runs: pretty dang fast, keep it waxed up. Does so every you know, four or five times you go to snowboard, put a fresh coat of laughs on it. If you want a well-rounded board that you can take in powder, you can take into the park the team going. Why does a really great option? If you have big feet, man do yourself a favor ride, a board that has a wider platform, so you don’t catch your toes and your heels on the snow dog deck check it up in the link below subscribe to the channel over there.

If you haven’t done so, we just passed like thirty two thousand subscribers, which is really great check out more vids there and hopefully I’ll see you on snow.

Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain All Mountain Snowboard

Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain All Mountain Snowboard

The Loaded Algernon is a high-performance all-mountain snowboard for the discerning rider. Built to go fast with control in a wide variety of conditions.

Functional Design — Directional-Twin shape is twin between wide points with a slightly longer nose for powder. Mustache Camber profile for solid edge hold, powerful snap, and intuitive feel with less catch than traditional camber. Sturdy flex underfoot for charging and softer tips for buttery fun. Radial sidecut for smooth lines. Centered six-pack on sidecut with additional set-back inserts for powder.

Advanced Construction — Custom bamboo and fiberglass layup runs tip to tail and edge to edge (no sidewalls). Cork footbeds provide cushioning and vibration damping. Sintered UHMW base and full-wrap stainless steel edges. Hand sharpened and detuned with One Ball Jay bio-wax.

Sophisticated Sizing — Snowboards are typically designed for a specific rider (usually a pro) and then scaled up and down from that template. Loaded created a formula considering boot size, stance width, and rider weight and applied it to each individual board, essentially creating four unique boards that all ride exactly as intended for the respective rider.


Boot Size: 5.5-8M / 7-9W US
Centered Stance: 20.25”
Weight: 100-160 lbs
Height: 5’-5’6”

Boot: 7-9M / 8.5-11W
Stance: 20.25”
Wt: 120-190 lbs
Ht: 5’2”-5’10”

Boot: 8-10.5M
Stance: 21.25”
Wt: 140-220 lbs
Ht: 5’3”-6’2”

Boot: 10-13M US
Stance: 22.5”
Wt: 160-240 lbs
Ht: 5’6”-6’5”

What’s included?

One Loaded Algernon snowboard deck ONLY. Bindings, hardware, etc. are NOT INCLUDED.


Loaded Boards was founded in 2000. Producing a broad line of progressive longboards and snowboards, they strive to grow the industry, community, and dynamic culture of board sports.

  • ALL-MOUNTAIN SHREDDER — The Loaded Algernon is a high-performance all-mountain snowboard for the discerning rider. Built to go fast with control in a wide variety of conditions.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN — Directional-Twin shape is twin between wide points with a slightly longer nose for powder. Mustache Camber profile for solid edge hold, powerful snap, and intuitive feel with less catch than traditional camber. Sturdy flex underfoot for charging and softer tips for buttery fun. Radial sidecut for smooth lines. Centered six-pack on sidecut with additional set-back inserts for powder.
  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION — Custom bamboo and fiberglass layup runs tip to tail and edge to edge (no sidewalls). Cork footbeds provide cushioning and vibration damping. Sintered UHMW base and full-wrap stainless steel edges. Hand sharpened and detuned with One Ball Jay bio-wax.
  • SOPHISTICATED SIZING — Snowboards are typically designed for a specific rider (usually a pro) and then scaled up and down from that template. Loaded created a formula considering boot size, stance width, and rider weight and applied it to each individual board, essentially creating four unique boards that all ride exactly as intended for the respective rider.
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Manufacturer: Loaded Boards
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

– Hey: what’s going on guys? My, name’s, Colby I’m, a snowboard expert at curated com, So, all mountain snowboards in general are the most versatile, snowboards they’re boards. You can kinda take anywhere When you’re, picking out a snowboard based on what type of riding you’re gonna be doing. It’s gonna dictate what shape and profile of snowboard you’re gonna get So when I talk about shape.

That’s this way profile is looking at the board like this So. The main shapes you’re gonna, see are twin. That means the board symmetrical from tip to tip. This is for your park, riders people that wanna ride switch and all mountain freestyle. Then you have directional twin The. Only differences is that the nose of the snowboard is gonna have more volume. It’s gonna be a little bit bigger than the tail So.

What that’s gonna do is when you get into some deeper snow, it’s gonna help the tail sink down a little bit and the nose flow on top of the snow, The directional twin, is a super versatile, all mountain shape. And then you have directional boards So! You can see this snowboard is directional. It’s made to be written in one direction: nose first down the mountain This is gonna, be really good for bombing down groomers riding powder, (upbeat music) So, the main profiles you’re gonna, see on a snowboard are camber rocker and then a hybrid kind of a combination between the two So.

When you hear camber it’s referring to the bend of the boards, so the board is gonna bend this way, Rocker is the opposite, so the board is gonna bend this way. And, then a hybrid like this board here, actually, you have rocker between your feet and then you have camber’s zones under foot, so you kind of get the benefits of both If you’re looking to charge down. Groomers I would definitely recommend a camber board, If you’re kind of looking for a happy medium.

You don’t really know what you’re gonna ride. You spend some time in the park sometime on groomers. Maybe some powder high-profile might be good. And rocker. If you just kind of like cruising around you ride on soft snow, more, you might wanna consider a rocker profile board. So snowboards come in all different flexes All mountain boards are gonna, be right in the middle with a medium flex, all mountain snowboard you’re gonna have a stability to charge when you want to, but it’s still gonna be playful enough to do some freestyle stuff or hit the park.

So big picture think about how you want to ride And, there’s a board out there to fit it. (Upbeat music) So for bindings and medium flex. Bindings are great for all mountain kind of the same thing. With a flexible board. It’s gonna be the most versatile, It’s flexible enough, where you can do some freestyle on it, but it has enough firmness that it’s gonna be responsive when you’re charging a little bit harder, When you’re shopping for bindings, the stiffness of your bindings should roughly match the stiffness of your board.

So, with boots kind of the same thing as bindings. Mid flexing boots are great. All mountain boots Soft enough to take it to the park and be comfortable all day, but firm enough, where you can push it a little harder. If you want to With boots, try them on. If you can It’s super important to get a good boot fit In my opinion, that’s the most important part, (upbeat music) This has just been a brief overview, It’s impossible to cover all aspects of this, but please feel free to visit.

My expert profile Shoot me a message: I’d love to help you get on the right gear. And. If you want more content like this, please subscribe to our channel (upbeat music).

Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green | 150 All Mountain Snowboard

Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green | 150 All Mountain Snowboard

The Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine 158 is a modern all-mountain shape that blends geometry and technology to deliver high rider euphoria in deep snow, groomed snow, and everything in between. A touch of width and a moderate amount of early-rise camber in the nose give it advanced powder performance, while our progressive sidecut and positive camber in the mid-body and tail give it trench-cutting power on early-morning corduroy.

  • Modern All-Mountain Design: The Peregrine shape blends geometry and technology to deliver performance in all snow conditions for the rider of all ability levels looking to explore every inch of the mountain
  • Engineered By Legendary Board Designer: Paul Maravetz designed Burton’s franchise Custom board and later launched Rome Snowboards. Cabin Mountain Tool’s boards takes all that experience to deliver a direct-to-consumer snowboard that outperforms everything else in the market.
  • Ride It In All Snow Conditions: The Peregrine has moderate early-rise camber in the nose for extra float in powder combined with a progressive sidecut and positive camber to give it trench-cutting power on corduroy.
  • Loaded With Tech: Carbon45 provides response and pop, PowerLoad Sidecut enhances carving ability, and the Sintered Base allows the rider to maintain speed.
  • Better Product and Prices: Cabin Mountain Tool’s only sells snowboard online allowing us to deliver premium products at significantly below retail pricing. We want you to spend your money on adventures not marketing hype. Our priority will always be getting outdoors, which is why we plant ten trees for every board we sell.
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Manufacturer: Cabin Mountain Tools
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

– Hey: what’s going on guys? My, name’s, Colby I’m, a snowboard expert at curated com, So, all mountain snowboards in general are the most versatile, snowboards they’re boards. You can kinda take anywhere When you’re, picking out a snowboard based on what type of riding you’re gonna be doing. It’s gonna dictate what shape and profile of snowboard you’re gonna get So when I talk about shape. That’s this way profile is looking at the board like this So. The main shapes you’re gonna, see are twin.

That means the board symmetrical from tip to tip. This is for your park, riders people that wanna ride switch and all mountain freestyle. Then you have directional twin The. Only differences is that the nose of the snowboard is gonna have more volume. It’s gonna be a little bit bigger than the tail So. What that’s gonna do is when you get into some deeper snow, it’s gonna help the tail sink down a little bit and the nose flow on top of the snow, The directional twin, is a super versatile, all mountain shape.

And then you have directional boards So! You can see this snowboard is directional. It’s made to be written in one direction: nose first down the mountain This is gonna, be really good for bombing down groomers riding powder, (upbeat music) So, the main profiles you’re gonna, see on a snowboard are camber rocker and then a hybrid kind of a combination between the two So. When you hear camber it’s referring to the bend of the boards, so the board is gonna bend this way, Rocker is the opposite, so the board is gonna bend this way.

And, then a hybrid like this board here, actually, you have rocker between your feet and then you have camber’s zones under foot, so you kind of get the benefits of both If you’re looking to charge down. Groomers I would definitely recommend a camber board, If you’re kind of looking for a happy medium. You don’t really know what you’re gonna ride. You spend some time in the park sometime on groomers. Maybe some powder high-profile might be good. And rocker. If you just kind of like cruising around you ride on soft snow, more, you might wanna consider a rocker profile board.

So snowboards come in all different flexes All mountain boards are gonna, be right in the middle with a medium flex, all mountain snowboard you’re gonna have a stability to charge when you want to, but it’s still gonna be playful enough to do some freestyle stuff or hit the park. So big picture think about how you want to ride And, there’s a board out there to fit it. (Upbeat music) So for bindings and medium flex. Bindings are great for all mountain kind of the same thing. With a flexible board.

It’s gonna be the most versatile, It’s flexible enough, where you can do some freestyle on it, but it has enough firmness that it’s gonna be responsive when you’re charging a little bit harder, When you’re shopping for bindings, the stiffness of your bindings should roughly match the stiffness of your board. So, with boots kind of the same thing as bindings. Mid flexing boots are great. All mountain boots Soft enough to take it to the park and be comfortable all day, but firm enough, where you can push it a little harder.

If you want to With boots, try them on. If you can It’s super important to get a good boot fit In my opinion, that’s the most important part, (upbeat music) This has just been a brief overview, It’s impossible to cover all aspects of this, but please feel free to visit. My expert profile Shoot me a message: I’d love to help you get on the right gear. And. If you want more content like this, please subscribe to our channel (upbeat music).

Rossignol XV Sashimi Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

Rossignol XV Sashimi Men's All Mountain Snowboard

  • New 2020 Rossignol XV Sashami LG Men’s All Mountain Snowboard
  • Explosive Pop and Stability – AmpTek Elite Rocker maintains explosive pop and edge-gripping stability
  • Smooth Ride, Focused Edge Control – L.I.T.E. Grip enhances edge pressure on toe and heel sides when you need it most
  • Hard-Charging Control – Reverse super directional flex maximizes power and control for aggressive freeriding
  • All-Mountain Power, Freestyle Versatility – Moderate flex for a stable blend of power and forgiveness for all-mountain and freestyle riding
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 10 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Rossignol
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

Hello, I’m, Matt, Guf, mouse calm and this snowboard, the XV sashimi LG, also known as just the regular sashimi, is a great addition to the sushi deck for they released a couple of years ago. This is a fun power deck and the design is kind of from Xavier Adela who actually designed another one of my favorite kind of big mountain snowboards, the XV. This is a kind of a more fun shapes deck for power, slashing riding it’s for intermediate to advanced number riders at one dad they’ve powered up to their quiver.

This is a very unique shaped board. As you see, the nose is quite a bit wider than what you find in this really smaller tail about five centimeters wider. Then this little back end. This close like a dream. It has a really cool profile, shape to it so amp tech elite, meaning that from underneath that front foot to the tails contact point, there’s gonna be a good amount of camber. So when you’re running groomed trails and you need a good amount of edge hold, you can have that there, but outside of the nose this contact point, the board starts to rock up quite a bit.

As you see there, it’s quite a bit higher quite a bit wider and longer than what you find in the tail. The tails up kick is actually very aggressive and sharp, which is cool, but a really unique thing about the sashimi. Is that inside, but would be the keyboards contact points. The stance is actually centered, and so is the slight cut radius, which is pretty cool. So it’s not gonna feel like a twin board, with a ride switch for multiple reasons.

Of course, the tail is a lot or narrow. There’s more. You know camber, basically underneath this back and then on the front end, but it will feel a little bit more true tour than to a twin board when you light switch than other boards that have this an aggressive of a directional style. That kind of makes sense. Overall, the feeling flex rating of this bad boy is gonna, be about a six. You know. Maybe a firm five six bars not rated as a seven there’s, no way absolutely no way.

This thing compared to the rest of the industry. This there’s a to to read a rail poplar wood core, but it’s actually has a kind of unique thing to it. We call it light frame or light grip, sound technology. Now you may not be able to see it fully through here, but there it is sections that the core has actually been fully milled out around the nose, the tail even the midsection. Let’s call it, you know light grip, so it’s a little bit different than the light frame that they offered boards, like that with the one nag things of that sort, but that core in those milled out section is filled with a TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane which helps to absorb negative vibrations and make the board a little bit more damp, while also so make it bite down good you’re, just nice, the base of Center.

It has a decent amount of structure to its, but in fact you acts by Rondo. Of course, there’s at 360. We have standards to the edge, but then there’s another cool thing with the deck called red cut and now red cut uses a singular cycle, radius or radii, and then they also have a reverse side cut radius. It goes this way and that allows for the board to get into in initiate turns a little bit quicker, and you feel that a lot more on the nose than what you feel on the tail, because the nose rocks up so much pass up, turf right kind of cool.

You know thing: this is a fun little board if, if you need a place to really kick around a board- and this is this- is good really good, but not the biggest differences between this and the sushi is the sushi has a much larger, so I can read. Is this one? It is much tighter. So if you find yourself in some trees, I’d get the sashimi. This is a cooler deck designed by a xavier Delarue for 2024 Rossignol context, beef, sashimi algae. You check it out at the house, calm.

My selecting the link below in the description leave me a comment or question. Let me know what you think of the deck subscribe to the channel better check out more videos over there, and hopefully I’ll see you guys on soon.

Hard to try before you buy so here we are looking at the rossi sushi. You know it’s I wrote it today with Burton Genesis, I’m heating, yeah, Burton, Genesis and adidas tactical ATVs. This James from the good ride- and you know I’ve just been spending a little time on this sushi a little more time we I had it last year. There just wasn’t a lot of powder, just kind of some messy snow I, just kept missing storms when I had this board for demo, then this year gone and I’ve had three powder days on it so far and barely any groomer days, so I got the groomers last year in the powder this year and first to start off.

This is a short fat little board, but man when you get this thing out on groomers, it really comes alive. There’s a lot of camber going on with this board a lot more than you would think, and it really makes this board Drive edge to edge, really well and really carve and really light up groomers it. It’s quite surprising as to how good it actually is.

I’m super impressed with its groomer capability and it’s not just a powder board now in powder. You know you already see a review down below me, comparing it to an equally priced powder: division from Rome, the 157 and the Jones. Mind expander and I felt like this, while being a great powder board has good float, it’s so short and fat that you really got to be careful, checking your speed, because if you do it slows down and it’s hard to keep your momentum.

So it’s just kind of like get going and just keep turning, but don’t do these complete stops, you can you can do that and you can make really sharp turns and they can really weave in and out of trees. Really well. Sometimes it’s funny this. This nose is so wide that it made me feel, like am I gonna squeak through these trees, where I normally would on another board.

But you know it’s damp, but it’s just a little Bucky it just pops really easy off little lips and stuff like that, but sometimes it’ll pop me off my line, it’ll just kind of me out of my line and send me off and, and that part I didn’t like, but man it is a /e super surfy I mean this is the definition of surfy. It doesn’t on groomers when you’re carving yeah.

It feels you’re way off the tail, as you can see here, but you’re not so far off the tail that it feels weird you feel like you have so much more tail than you actually do, which is a trip because I really felt like I was secure. I was I felt good. So you know this is the sushi. It’s not just a powder board if you’re kind of itching for the short and the fat, this will do it.

Our only complaint is how it bucks you around sometimes, but it’s got really good float. It might not like rival that of like just powder gods, like you know, like the Jones mind, expander, and you know the the capita spring break tree hunter. Those things are, those things are just amazing in powder. They float like no other, but this will float really well, it’s a great board for trees and, for you know, really kind of weaving in and out of steep tree lines.

This is where that really shines great for getting air and and it’s amazing, to carve up groomers and just go out and have a good time once the powder is gone. You don’t have to necessarily put this thing away it. It can hang so there you have it the sushi.

Hey, what’s up guys TJ here today, I’m out Japan! This is day 2 on the sushi, for me also had a day out at hop o ona. It’s been a lot of fun out here. Let’s check it out all right. As far as the tech goes in this snowboard, its camber from the front insert pack all the way down out to the tail with some significant rocker in the nose. It’s also got a directional flex. I’d say it’s like a 3 or a 4 in the nose and feeling more like a mid flex 5 in the tail, but that really short tail.

You can’t get much leverage on there, so that kind of has a little bit to do with the way that feels you’re, really gonna feel that camber on hardpack snow combine that with the width, and you can really lay over some turns on this guy. It’s pretty fun, carving with it, whether you’re, carving on your toes or on your heels. You can really lay it over and you’re, not gonna have to worry about heel or toe drag, so it’s pretty fun on groomers as well, and the stance on this guy is actually centered within the side cut.

So it looks like it has a really long nose and it does. But most of that nose is outside the contact points. It’s got a super wide shovel nose and a really significant taper, so the tail is gonna be way smaller than the nose helping us drop and sink that tail and powder and help pop that nose up as well in the softer snow. That, combined with the rocker, really allows this guy to float really well. Whether I was in that heavier denser snow, like we had at hapa own a earned the Sun here today.

It’s sugai K I could keep my weight centered and that nose was popping out of the snow, so that’s probably the biggest standout. For me, if you’re looking for a powder board, this guy is gonna, keep you on top of the snow, but that tail also slices through the snow, pretty good as well. It’s really maneuverable whether you’re, trying to swerve through trees or just kick up some snow for a face shot. This guy is gonna perform for you.

It’s also got a bit of a swallow cutout in the tail, so that’s gonna help drop that tail even more in the powder that rear contact point pretty much goes all the way out to the end of the swallow tail as far as rider and mine goes for this guy I definitely say this is a very powder, specific snowboard. If you happen to find yourself on a groomer, you can still have some fun carving with it, maybe take it through some trees, but by far and large this is going to be the board that you want to pick on those deep days.

We were just trying to float stay on top of the powder and get some face. Shots.

Hello, snowboarders of the Internet I’m video, we’re gonna, be talking about the new Rossignol sashimi. That’s right, it’s the little brother to the xB, but the big brother of the sushi. This board is available in three sizes 150 to 156 and 160. This board features roz, melts amptek elite, camber profile, which is 40% rocker in the nose to right about here, and then it becomes 60% camber back to the tail. That way, you can load it up and get pop, and when you do load it up, it activates that rocker in the nose giving better float in fresh snow I rode this board a Copper Mountain on a day that can only be described as cold as balls.

It was like hell head frozen over. In fact, I got a little bit of frostnip. During that day there was some fresh snow and it was heavily wind deposited. So you get into pockets that were need a mid thigh deep, depending where you were on the mountain. But if you were on a groomer, it was usually just like wind blown off or perfect corduroy, just the way that mountain sits, I used. My key to 3-axis boots and my key to indie bindings. This board has a reverse directional flex, meaning that it’s stiffer under the front, foot and progressively gets softer towards the tail.

The rocker does have actually a lot of flex in it, but that doesn’t resonate back underfoot. So what you get is a lot of play up here and then it stiffens up right where you need to drive the board and that tail is softer, so it will sink in there’s a moderate amount of torsional flex which really helps with the carving in it. And overall this board is super stable. It does have their light rail technology in the core. So that way, what happens? Is it dampens, any micro vibrations that could affect your right you’ll, especially notice that out in the nose as nothing when that thing is flapping goes back under that front foot? You get no feel, no chatter, nothing! It’s just a smooth, stable ride, designed for crushing anything in your.

The beautiful thing about this board is how it’s got that directional cam rocker in there, so you can really load up that camber zone and pop with it. This board is very effortless when it comes to popping or snapping, send in side hits no problem going off a roller, no problem. The one thing that I will note is you don’t have a lot of tail like you would with a traditional board, so sometimes, if you’re getting more backseat heavy when you’re coming down it may wash out on you, it does have more tail than the sushi, which is nice, but it’s still one of those things you just got to be cognizant of when you’re riding can you butter in this board? Well, there is a lot of rocker in the nose and that tip shape is good for it, but I found that you had to get your weight aggressively out over it to get it to lock in and you’d, be better off doing it on steeper terrain in fresh snow than on flatter train with firmer snow.

Can it be done? Yes, do I recommend it? No, so let’s talk about how this board carves cuz. Clearly it is a more directional free ride, powder center board. It’s amazing. This board rolls from edge to edge with no effort, I mean if you want effortless carving. This is it for you. You don’t have to worry about. This board will set an edge and forget it, and if you want to drive it off that camber in the back, you can really load it up and get it to spring out of any turn.

This is a board that feels smooth on edge in uneven terrain. It just wants to plow through everything in its path and keep on going, which makes it a little more versatile. So who is this board for it’s 100% for the resort, riding powder, hunting, freeride, guys, someone, that’s gonna, go out in charge, POW and crush a groomer, buy rip and carves? That’s it! That’s all! So I can definitely see where this is the little brother to the xB and the big brother to the sushi.

It fits perfectly in that line of freeride boards from Rossignol. The one thing that I didn’t necessarily like about it was getting into the tight trees that we have at Copper, Mountain and I’m, not talking like the stuff, you see off the chairlift I’m talking full-blown bushwhacking, where no one should actually be. This board was a bit of a slug in there and it took a little more work now that could have been because it was cold as balls out there and I was stiffening up, but I think it was more so the board it just took a little more effort in the trees and with having all that nose.

You had to be cognizant of over-exaggerating, your turns other than that, though, getting into fresh pout, it floats effortlessly. It’s one of those boards that you could feel that nose was just planing perfectly in the tail would sink. It was great. Do I recommend it for everyone? No do I, recommend it for specific people. Yes, this is a great addition to the Rossignol lineup for 2020, comparable boards, the ride Mountain Pig the cap at a navigator. Anything from the Explorer series from the United shapes line seems to be comparable to this as well.

This has been my review of the Rossignol sashimi. Do you agree with it? Do you disagree with the do on? When are you going to buy one leave me a comment down below. Let’s have a conversation about this board. I love talking gear with you guys, if you’re new here remember to subscribe click the bell get those notifications that way, you’re not missing any of the videos we’ve got coming out and trust me. We try to put out a video daily, it’s tough, but we do it and if you’d really like to support us swing on over to angry snowboarder, VIP and sign up for a subscription service, it’s the best way to get stickers to you every month, get behind-the-scenes content and support us, making the content that you know and love.

As always, I’ve been your host a ring. Lefevre and I’ll see you in another video.

Scottie stank Matt sit-ins, yo I. First, as we kind of start this little video I want to give a huge shout out to these two guys. These are guys that do all the stuff behind the cameras do the editing, sound lighting, make the studio what it is and not make me look good on the channel. So thank you guys because absolutely rip. Thank you word up.

So these guys were actually lucky this week. Um they will end up to lützen. It was like what me second and third yeah 35th, yeah, yeah and I was able to go and ride, but they grabbed some of the 20/20 Rossignol goods and we want to sit down kind of chat about it and yeah just kind of discuss what the 20:29 looks like so I, don’t all the decks within the each category.

You know freestyle all-mountain within how fun shape, which one did you guys like the most like in those really warm spring conditions. Um well I mean like for me: I really enjoyed this sushi. Okay, I thought, if I mean obviously it would it’s it’s a pretty specific board a little bit like yeah Sushi’s. The this one yeah is that fun this one has been dude.

Everyone loves this thing, I, don’t know a lot of people will consider this kind of like I, always just hear people say like. Oh it’s, the toy in your quiver, you know, but when we were out there you know riding in in May in Minnesota. It just felt a lot more more than that it was in the slush. It was still super surfy cool without chattering too much right, so you weren’t really getting bucked around especially in the morning and there you know, I think that the will will probably get to it and sorry to cut you up, but I definitely know what you’re talking about, because we both wrote almost all the boards right right.

So I think that these, what does it call light tech light, Frank light frame, yeah I think that probably had a lot to do with it, because I really didn’t feel much chatter on this thing: cool yeah, which is crazy, because this is such as a 144 right, yes, yeah, sure, yeah and especially like when it’s that slushy, like it’s pretty chopped up out there, man and so yeah yeah.

It was pretty amazing. You could kind of just let this you. Can you just pull your pull your nose up and- and it just did most of the work for you, you could I mean yeah, it’s a good! You know what does that hyper profile shape so, like just past the front insert packs it like has a gradual sweep like the nose shape, because this is like up yeah fast, it’s kind of like it’s really gradual and then what the tails got.

Tails got camber, so underneath that front foot all the way to the back end got got, got camber yeah and we’re hitting some side hits with it. So there’s still like plenty of pop, although you don’t have that big tail – like really pop you up. So a lot of that is coming from your back foot right, so I guess that just takes some time to get used to you know you can still sore off the side hits or if you want to even take it out, jumps or something right right.

I mean that’s good! That’s a really good point! -! It’s like yeah, you! It has loads of energy, but that I can that pop location is like way closer to your back fit and even with like, even with the contact point ending ending. There then knows one up just a little bit in front your front foot, even though the full length of boards of 144 mm-hmm.

It definitely feels like a lot shorter board. Is your contact. The snow is like, like there – just outside your front, yeah, just a yeah, yeah cuz, you know I kind of feel felt like it was you kind of have like it’s kind of like a pivot. I run most on your back foot like you can like it’s it’s so short, I, don’t I! Just don’t have a lot of experience riding something like this.

You know whatever yeah, but it felt like you could just take your foot and just it was like a pivot like yeah I, don’t know like you’re playing basketball. You know right, yeah, right, I, think that’s a big draw to a lot of a lot of people that are bored like this is like yeah. They can pivot on their front foot and their back foot is like a rudder.

Just like exactly yeah right where’s there were there any trees opened they just mostly all yeah. There’s one uh. We took a little gutter on yeah, hmm, okay, but it was pretty stumpy but sure I think we were I. Think I was on this thing, yeah good and it was nice because of that pivot point you know, and the quick Bank turns and stuff like that.

No I’m booth, you guys have like Matt here. Besides 11 1/2 boot, Scott, you’ve been given 12 I was gonna, say noon, but that would be weird so disposition as a 26 point for waist width. That’s that’s definitely wider than your average average board in the spring conditions, sometimes like you can get a slip out and your board digs into the snow deeper and generally can cause more toe and heel drag with this waist width with the heavy wet deep style snow.

Did you guys drag your toes and heels? You see yourselves our future selves catching it all. Oh no, I didn’t notice anything really I mean yeah. I mean we’re. We are laying in the carves to which this thing is awesome doing and if only we could have done it on. Like some. You know: middle winter, groomed trails, right, yeah, I, didn’t notice anything cool yeah for the conditions we had and typically this is.

This would probably be for more of a powder situation, but it works well, just as well. I guess ya, know um with with the the flex of the other boards that you kind of brought up there. Where do you think this one kind of ranks and in within the other boards it was it cap stiffer than most the other board softer than most other boards are kind of like right in the middle from what you remember, I’d, say right in the middle, would you say: um yeah I mean it was.

It was just like pretty middle-of-the-road sure in terms of flex um. You know it wasn’t it wasn’t. It was playful enough where you can quick, edge-to-edge flex it out on turns- and this is a fun board like, like you guys, are saying with a short tail. You is maneuverable right, yeah yeah, but it still has like a really big sigh cut radius for the length that it is I can’t remember exactly what that what the number is, but it’s a little a bigger psyche and radius in most boards.

So when you are riding like hard groomers like so rip really good, but when you want to turn it fast you can. You can use that tail like a little. So this this thing the sushi compared to you this next one, the sashimi yeah. What would you, what do you think, in contrast of both of both of these decks I, can take that um? For me, that’s a good looker, though yeah dad looking boar that top sheet, especially on the snow like the colorful fish yeah, shines through right.

It’s compared to last year’s. There was another dude out there running last year’s sushi yeah, and this thing they really uh up the game. I, don’t think it looks way better. The graphic kind of reminds me of so I think it’s a thing where people would like they they’d have a fish and then like paint the fish, and then they made the fish down on a piece of paper kinda like stamp it out.

I think that was I got kind of are done this. This can reminds me of that a little yeah which is kind of cool. It has like some longitude and latitude more Kings, like I, don’t know where the heck that’s a, but we could find out yeah. The basis base is pretty tied to hell yeah. So this thing compared to the sashimi which the sashimi was new for nineteen I, believe wasn’t it I, think yeah I, think so yeah I think I think so, maybe not yeah.

What you guys think of this. What do you think of this thing? This thing was perfect. This was my favorite board. This one was she man, okay, I mean we could talk about the best part board, but overall, this thing for the sloppy conditions we were in was perfect cool. It has the same characteristics of the sushi, but then you also get a little bit more board to work with down you right.

You know what I mean right. You can spring off of that thing, a little bit better cool, yeah cool. What science is this one there’s a 56, yeah 56 is three big ways: 23-window cool yeah I mean for me. It just felt like kind of like the older brother of the sushi, so older brother, the sushi yeah a little bit I mean definitely in terms of of length for sure, but like it held up a little better, it’s kind of like if somebody wanted the sushi but wanted it to go anywhere.

God to me at least that’s the sashimi for sure it was a little less less chattery on like when people start pushing the snow, and it’s like you, know two o’clock or something does this thing yeah this thing would kind of like rip through that real bumpy. You know packed up soft snow or hard school yeah hard slush. You can charge and not have to worry about getting bucked just like on the sushi right yeah here the nose, the nose sheeping past.

What the contact looks like looks at me just a little more abrupt in its in its angle. Yeah looks like it goes up and kind of bulls out, just a little bit more I suppose when you’re riding it was like really sundry conditions here is just super bumpy the afternoon having having a little higher the rise can help can I get over the top of some of that stuff, yeah and then even in deeper snow.

Maybe a little bit wouldn’t necessary as I push it like a me like kind of push it, but we are in some variable terrain like hard and softly together that might be able to kind of perform a little bit better. What’s a base, look like on the 2020, this is actually this I’ve seen these graphics before looks good. It reminds me of the graphic from last year’s 1lf, just there’s like that striped on the board.

This also features light framed technology. Oh yeah, do you feel like the was there any difference in the way or what was the biggest difference in the feel of the sashimi? In contrast to the sushi I think it’s just like it absorbed a lot of the the Chonburi stuff. Okay, better to me: that’s what what I was feeling so you weren’t getting as bucked around or even you, probably you really weren’t getting bucked around on going through.

You know, and it would hold a turn really well so I think this thing obviously would do great and POW yeah, but yeah yeah, great boy. This is your favorite I mean we could talk about Park boards in a second but and I love park board’s so I, it’s hard to say it but yeah. This was that’s right, yeah for me, yeah I, like I like Fushimi. You know, especially with that little bit longer of a tail too.

You know um and you can actually I think you come out of a turn a little bit. It kind of holds that line just a little bit better, so that kind of washing out yeah. You really have to watch out like where your weight is on your boards, when you’re exiting and turn on something a little bit more short like this yeah, and something like that, because that maximum point of velocity that last sort of point where you’re like exiting out of that turn, is further away from your body kind of holding you on and I think just Springs you squeeze out of the turn a little bit faster for sure.

That’s why I like to I like yeah? Oh yeah, how’s the horse huh. Now, if you saw Scott, if you were to pick one of these to ride forever, you say this one over this yeah I I like the way the sushi looks better but but like I like the graph I like the fish man, but right yeah, right I’ll pick this one yeah yeah, yes, which one if you’re gonna pick it can abour between the two which one do you like better well, if I had to ride something, just one yeah on any condition, it would be this.

So she goes it’s more versatile yeah, but like the sushi was just just so fun and like I, could you know I could have fun find a way to have fun in any condition with that and then I feel like you get into powder, and you might like this, you see more than this machine right. You know, I, don’t know both look really good and then like how the graphics are vastly different.

Even though names are fairly similar. You know sushi sashimi, you know like yeah, that’s pretty tight, all right, yeah.

Hello, snowboarders of the internet, I’m your host going to be reviewing the rossignol sashimi, the slightly bigger brother to the sushi or the smaller little brother to the xv. This board features rossignol’s amptek elite, camber profile, which is basically on this board a set back cam rocker, so you have a little bit more rocker in the nose camber through the inserts and a tiny little bit of rocker out in the tail.

This is just going to help with pow float ease of entry into turns, but you’re still going to have that spring and snap of traditional camber right under foot. This board is available in 152, 156 and 160. I wrote this board at copper mountain on a sunny bluebird day with colder temps. There was a little bit of snow on top of the corduroy in about three to six inches. If you really went hunting for it, and I wrote it with my rome black label bindings and my k2 thraxis boots.

The big thing to note with this board is that it does have a reverse directional flex, meaning stiffer nose softer tail. So, as this board progressively gets closer to the tail, it starts to get softer. Now in between the feet, you do have a decent amount of torsional flex, which makes it playful, and I would rate the overall flex of this- is ever so slightly just past middle of the road. All mountain free ride.

It’s a playful board. It’s just got a stiffer nose softer tail, which makes it amazing for pushing through chunder and chop at high speeds. You don’t really get a ton of chatter on the nose. You’ll notice there’s a little bit, but it never fully resonates back under that front foot and even in the tail, when you get into lumpy mashed potatoes, chunder ruts, it doesn’t get fully booked around and want to wash out it stays on top of everything and you’re just able to kind of just cruise along as you need to with it.

What I like about this board is with that offset cam rocker. You still have traditional camber that you can load up and with the micro rocker in the tail just being so minimal. It creates this perfect flex point that’s almost like a springboard, so you do have to load it up, but when you do it engages that rocker you get more spring and snap. This is a board. That’s actually relatively easy to pop in when you get into pow you’re, just sort of like spring boarding purposing along and when you’re on a groomer, you can send a roller a side hit with ease it’s not something that you’re like.

Oh, my god. I hope I get pop or you’re springing fully off the back foot. The whole camber section with that micro rocker zone work in conjunction to help you get the spring that you want. So obviously, if you’re gonna, pow butter with this thing, you gotta be way out on the nose and you do have an elongated rocker section, plus all that up kick to get on there. The thing to note this is the stiffest section of the board, so you want to get your weight out there and there’s going to be some fight into it.

So if you’re looking to swivel and sizzle in some snow and just be prepared for a little bit of fight, that’s that’s really what it is with the tail high speed wheelies I mean you literally got next to nothing back there. So what you want to do is just get up on that tail and just spray and slay as best you can. You know you’re just going high speed, mach 10, just all the way through with it. That’s that’s just kind of how I do things.

I don’t know about you if you make that sound effect when you do it, but I do I do you should get on that. This is a board that drives cars, like no other, mainly due in respect to its reverse, directional flex pattern, the cam rocker, the shaping of it and everything it’s smooth and nimble into the turn, and then you get so much power between the feet that you can really slingshot it in and out. If you want to be mellow with this board, you can be mellow, but if you want to be aggressive, go be aggressive, it’s the best of both worlds.

This thing kind of just handles everything in front of it with ease, and you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a solid board that grips when it’s on edge, because it has that serrated edge tech and you don’t have to worry about it, so who’s this board for the resort powder chaser that wants a slightly volume, shifted board, someone that doesn’t want one, that’s fully aggressive like say a sushi, but doesn’t want to go up to just like an aggressive old-school free ride board.

Just like the xv. This is the best mix of both worlds. That just keeps it right there in the middle and lets you rip them out so the last time. I rode this board. I wasn’t really in love with it. It was a snowboard. It did snowboard things now. No one can actually confirm with me that if there was any tweaks to it, but it feels like the core had a slight tweak to it. The flex is just a little bit more playful than the last one I wrote, or I got a production sample that wasn’t quite dialed in either way.

This board is phenomenal for what it is it transitions smoothly from edge to edge when you’re on a groomer. It floats well in pow. You’ve got that spring from the midsection off the tail. When you absolutely need it, don’t sleep on this board, a lot of people have and for the price you’re gonna get a good bang for the buck comparable boards, the nideker mosquito the rome stalefish the ride super pig. This has been my review of the rossignol sashimi lg.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you own one? Are you gonna buy one leave me a comment down below. Let’s have a conversation about this snowboard. If you’re new here remember to subscribe click, the bell get those notifications that way you’re not going to miss any of the videos we got coming out for all you snowboarders of the internet, and if you really want to support us and just help us grow out what we’re doing over here swing on over to angry snowboarder vip.

I could tell you more here, but I got a video over there. That explains it so much better. As always, I’ve been your host david, lefevre and I’ll. See you in another video.

Your host Kevin here with anger, snowboarder reviews, and today we are going to be talking about the Rossignol sashimi flight, so Rossignol is using their anti kiwi camber profile for the sashimi. It is camber from insert pack to insert pack 30% rocker in the nose and then 10% micro rocker in the tail. Basically just enough to pick a contact point out, I wrote this with my Burton clutches in DC, tuck, nice size, eight and I runner to Keystone and Breck ends. If it amounts of snow.

I rode this in March, which, if you were paying attention to the conditions in Colorado in March, it was POW town every day it was insane. We got way more snow than we could handle. It was ridiculous, but yeah so I wrote it in knee deep way: Steve ankle, deep, deep, deep, I read it indeed also chunder, because it’s Colorado so even on an average holiday. It’s tracked out by 11, so yeah still got it on some chunder, even a little bit on hardpack in the morning right on a groomer on a day that hadn’t quite snowed yet yeah, renod and kind of honestly.

Mostly conditions out there, except like boilerplate, ice or slush, the flex on this, is using Rossi Knowles, reverse directional flex. So this is part of the xB series which started with this DX B. This is a v8 board, so he likes reverse directional, flexes stiffer in the nose moving back softening up a little bit kind of average between the feet and then a little bit softer in the tail, and you can feel it a little bit with this and the biggest thing. The reason that I actually like that style of flex on a board like this is with this short of a tail.

It’s inherently gonna feel stiff, just cuz, there’s nothing back here to flex the benefit of having the reverse direction of flex is really in the nose, a notice. It’s this big and with this much rocker, and this much just lifts -, it can get really kind of flappy and floppy if it doesn’t have some stiffness to it. So having that reversed, directional flex just keeps that knows a little bit more calm. It works really well, and this board feel pretty even across your feet. You don’t feel like the nose is going to be able to be overpowered if you’re pushing through turns it doesn’t get bucked.

If you land a deep snow that nose really stay stable, it does a really good job of just taming the rest of the board and making sure that it doesn’t feel unpredictable coming from the nose back. It also has their light for a minute that has a little bit more shaping in the traditional light frame that the light frame kind of comes in across here and then starts back out here. Just to give you a little bit extra pressure just inside your Footwear that camber zone is so what that kind of light frame shaping does.

Is it kind of adds almost like a pseudo contact point? So there’s no real contact point as far as the shape is concerned right there, but because of the structure of the core right, there just adds a little bit extra pressure right there. It’s not something you really drastically feel, but it’s kind of they’re just something that they like to talk about. The marketing and I didn’t want to point out that it isn’t just what it’s certainly not as noticeable as some of the other added sidecut x-act there, but it does something so with stability, let’s start off by talking about how I am 20 to 40 pounds overweight over what this board really designed towards.

So despite this being a volume ship board in a 152, it’s really I believe the weight range is designed to go up to like 130 or 140 and I’m one hundred and fifty five hundred and sixty pounds geared up so definitely over the weight limit on it. That’s said, I think the weight limits play off I had no problems with stability on this board. Now it is still powder, I’m gonna still downsize POW back, so you get into that really rough gnarly chunder in the trees or what have you? Then? It’s gonna skip around a little bit, there’s just not enough board and I’m not edge there to really push through those kind of conditions, but anything other than that and I never felt like I was gonna overpower this board.

Now that said, if I’m on a full, fresh groom area and I’m pointing it and I’m turning as hard as I, possibly can not gotten away all the way over my front foot, it does tend to skip around a little bit. It does tend to just get a little too loose, but those aren’t really good conditions. You’re gonna be grabbing this to see me for it anyways. So, outside of that, this board was super nimble in the trees. It was really really good at deep, snow and I. Think the weight limit should be pushed up a little bit.

I never had a stability. You should really on this thing at all. The snap out of this board was really the only thing about it that I didn’t super enjoy. It doesn’t have a crazy amount of pop, and that could be the only piece of it that really falls down to the fact that I’m a little overweight on this board is it just didn’t? Have that police to it now I never really had a problem with the math. The amount of snap that I was getting out of it and always got me up and over what I needed it to get me up and over and it did its job.

But it’s not a shining feature. The nose is huge, so buttering around on it was super. Easy was really fun in deep snow. You can really let your entire body weight over it, just because there is enough nose there to do that with the tail, not quite as much there’s not much tail. There is a little bit softer, so you can throw some weight down into it and get it to flex and butt around a little bit. Wheelies in deep snow or super fly, just be careful with how little tail there is.

It’s pretty easy to go over the bars or under the bars I guess under the bars when you’ve got a tail. That’s short, so just be wary of that. But wheelies through deep snow are super fun and nose. Butters and deep snow are creating it. The side cut on this lends itself to a little bit more quick snappy turns, and it does really long. Big drawn-out turns- and this is more of your resort- POW killer, so it kind of makes some sense. A lot of us we’re looking for that kind of snow, it’s in the trees.

So it’s really quick in the trees. I never had an issue in there, even with that little bit longer nose. It only took me honestly, like five six turns that was it to get used to that longer nose because of how short that it wasn’t just how nimble the board felt that I could just flip it around. However, I needed you so carving on it out on hardpack, not really a strong suit. It’ll get the job done. Definitely will be better if you’re a little bit lower on the weight spectrum on this board.

I am, but ultimately, that’s not really strong suit. It’s built for quick, snappy, really agile style turns who is this board for lighter riders females looking for that resort, POW board that is a little bit of a downsize and on your ultra downsize, where you get into sushi and looking for just that really awesome, quiver POW deck, my personal thoughts start with how I don’t really want to give this back. The ollie was, like I, said the only thing that was really kind of a letdown out of this board and even still not much of a letdown I, don’t usually much out of pop and snap out of my house Pacific boards.

There’s you know when you’re riding deep, deep snow, there’s nothing really to push all those, so I’m, not super concerned about the fact that it was average at best for popping and everything else about it was so so good. So, for me, I thought it was amazing and that definitely speaks to the fact that I really think that Rossignol should be revisiting how that this board is marketed and what weight ranges that this board is marketed to, because guys my size can easily get on this, and it is a super fun board, especially in the trees.

That’s one of the reasons I really like it. So much is in Colorado how is almost always going to be in the trees, because it’s tracked out by 10 11 o’clock anywhere else so having a board, that’s super, quick and good in the trees is key to having a really good long powder day and that’s where this board really shines. Similar boards to this Ashima are going to be the DC house of powder, the battalion party wave and the libtech Orca thanks for watching. This has been my review of the rising on sushi meal light.

What did you think? Has this been a board that you’ve been really looking forward to do you agree or disagree with my suggestion that Rossignol raised the weight limit on this thing? Let’s have a conversation about it. Why are you doing that? Make sure you click the subscribe button and hit the bell? Make sure you get notifications when these videos are coming out, if you’re interested check out angry snowboarder VIP, it’s the best way to support us and keep growing these kinds of projects, and thanks for watching and come back for a next video.

So this is the good ride, review of the Rossi sashimi light conditions, just sucked up on the mountain for filming, so I just thought: I’d take this home and try a little something new, so sashimi like 152, to give you a quick summary, basically just a little smaller little narrower little quicker version of the sashimi, which is right next to it. Let’s give it a flex here you can see it’s got a medium stiff flex, just like all the Rossi boards.

However, it doesn’t feel as stiff on snow and buttering and you know pressing around it. It definitely has a liar feel and let me grab my flashlight here. This is kind of cool. You can see this kind of rubbery thing going on here, so that’s kind of cool wait a sec there. We go much better, a little rubbery thing going on here to give you an idea of, what’s going on there core wise flex wise dampening wise, but it’s got decent butter ability for its Flex for sure camber profile on snow field check the on the table review.

This is where the table normally is, and you can see how you know this camber profile works, but you can kind of see here. It starts here and goes all the way to the tail and it’s a very mellow camber, but it gives you a very stable feel underfoot when one footing and flat basing. However, the personality of this board on snow is a little different than your average hybrid camber, double ender, or even hybrid camber tapered board, like the XV here, there’s so much taper that it definitely feels like you’re riding a board that goes like this and off.

The tail can sometimes feel a little different I, don’t know what it is with the side cut, but it can feel kind of like, like sometimes I, don’t know how to describe it, but it was hard to get back and forth on your. You know just transition from edge to edge it transduce transitioned differently than all these other boards, except for the sashimi had the same thing. The edge hold is good, very competent in most snow kind of starts to dial back as it gets harder though, but it’s, but it’s good good edge hold.

It can hold in hard snow and not not. Let go you just have to dial back your turns a little bit turn initiation is super fast. This feels long and quick edge to edge. So it’s really quick this way, despite that, weird turning feeling, but then on the on the sushis, those feel like they complete a turn around quicker, and you can do this faster, but this is not slow going like this either, but it feels more slalom II in the trees and feels like it keeps a little bit more mint, more momentum and keeps its speed.

Turning where these, if you turn too hard, they don’t seem to they’re so short and Bucky. They don’t seem to really flow through a turn, and you know the XP is the best at that. Turning experience and carving all these boards with this camber off the tail have a fun kind of directional, Carvey kind of thing, I found that they all carved well really well and we’re fun really had good spring out of the turn.

Not the springiness, not the pop yes, but definitely competent, Carver’s uneven terrain, like I said sometimes in the trees and even terrain, it felt I, don’t know it might have been. My stance, I was set up plus three on the back foot 18 front foot on all these and just going a little off reference. Just a little under 22 I think it was like 21 and 3/4 somewhere around there. Sometimes I, just felt, like I, just felt off with my turning I, didn’t feel like I, had a good heel to toe flow, with a sashimi like sashimi compared to those riding switch that you know, powder we’ve had lots of powder in the sashimi and it floated really well.

The base doesn’t really it’s not the fastest base. I’ve ever seen and giving it a good whacks would really help and making sure you have the right wax for the right conditions, because when these get dry they can be, you know a bit slow. They can get slow and dry, not sure why? But when they’re waxed up there medium medium good they’ve got, you know they keep their speed. Well enough sizing wise both of them, though, feel kind of like 10 and under you know, this just feels a little quicker a little faster.

This feels you know just a little longer a little more stable and, like I said with all these boards, like the sashimi and the sashimi. Lite are a great idea. If you want something kind of in-between the sushi and the XV.

This is the good rod review of the rossi sashimi. We rode this with Stratos, Atlas and FAL course all from Union and our trusty adidas tactical ATVs and a quick summary of the sashimi is it takes a little bit of the sushi a little bit of the XV. It just kind of puts it all into that kind of like board that can work for a wide variety of riders and in a pretty wide variety of ability, levels all into one little thing, and if you’re thinking about the XV or you’re thinking about the sushi, and you you like a little bit of each, you probably be better off with the sashimi.

When we’re talking about like flax pop, you know we were just. You were just saying how we were just flexing before this and one cool thing about this. Like you know this board, you can butter off the tail super easy. You can even butter off the nose if you want- and it’s got a very interesting core and I’ve brought my little flashlight here. So you can kind of see you know. What’s going on, there they’ve got like throughout the board these little like glowing spots, and it’s just basically like a dampening material in between the core that keeps the board not too stiff, but not too soft either and really absorbs chatter, and you know, doesn’t make it the chat area STUV boards, because Razi sometimes has a little bit of a dead feel to it.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s got a lot of pop or, and it doesn’t feel like it’s got a lot of dampening, and this kind of like helps a little bit with both but they’re doing a lot of cool with this board and- and you know, I like the overall flex when it comes to the camber profile check the on the table review. But you can see the little you know. Yeah yeah drop your dog and, and it really goes down almost to the tail and then but this is all rocker and it comes up to a much wider nose than tail.

And so it’s got that kind of feeling where it definitely is a surfy ride and it feels like it can do a lot with it a lot of different riders, but the the overall thing is: it’s not too catchy. You know. An intermediate rider could have a good time on this and and learn kind of like more of a directional ride where you know where, like you compared it to some other like super camber boards that might be like camber to just like, maybe an inch before the nose, it’s just less catchy, it’s less technical and it appeals to a wide variety of riders.

Like you can kind of go like this, you can bring it all the way up like this and, however, you want to like weight yourself on this board. It works pretty well, it likes a little back foot heavy riding, but it can also kind of get a little more. You know if you set your stance up this way. You can get a little more attorney that way too, and it’s fine. The edge hold I felt like it. It gripped. Well, it’s no XP, but it’s right. There, with a the sushi, the sashimi can, just you know, hold a good edge and some some medium hard snow and be competent, and then, when it comes to turn initiation I would say yeah.

This thing is fun. It’s it’s pretty fast. It’s like medium fast. You know it’s not super fast, but it’s always where you want it to be. When you want it, I had no problems in the trees. It was always there and as long as everything set up correctly and you’re doing things right. This is a quick tree board. Yeah the sushis a little faster, but the sushi gets more Buckey. If you get off your game in the trees right, this is a little slower than the sushi and and a little longer, but it’s no xvii either so it so.

It’s like a fun tree I actually preferred this in the trees more thin. The sushi, which is really weird because I just felt like you can’t always pick the perfect tree line right right and ah, and if you did that on the sushi, it’s more fun it’s faster. But if you get off your game a little bit, this has a little more length. Little and I felt like I, got back on my game faster, like if you get off the your game and the sushi, it just feels like you’re kind of stopped, and you go to correct yourself.

Yes, I mean it’s a goal to pick up the speed again and get your flow back, or this I just felt like I, I kind of just was staying in my game. The whole way down, even if I up here and there, you know Oh wrong turn and I could just kind of turn away from that, come to almost a complete, stop, turn away from that and start accelerating again faster than I could on the sushi, and that’s what I liked about that when it comes to like turning and carving did you get? Did you get any groomers on this yeah? It’s fun yeah like at the bottom of a yeah.

It was great yeah. It does the amazing goods really yeah. This was my great carving board. I mean I thought that was actually in my personal favorite aspect of this board was um. You had the carving speed the one thing: I got the base dry, just like super dry and then I waxed it kind of half-assed and took it out. It was much better than the first time on the dry and then I took it back one more time and waxed it, and then it started to kind of act like a normal bass, but I got it super dry.

So it’s hard to really like you know. Sometimes that can pull from your experience in the way that you don’t want it to I would say that with a good couple, good waxes, this will be, you know good, but it’s not a super fast base for this price point I think there there were other boards have had better glide, but in terms of dampness and like balmy, you can bomb pretty well yeah, so stable yeah, yeah I was like I want problems with that, and astrology boards are like that: they’re stable at a speed, that’s kind of their thing, dudette XP! Well, you know switch yeah powder.

This this thing floats pretty well. I’ve had a couple powder days on this now I got no powder, but considering the amount of rocker I’ll just seem it’d be really good. Yeah I could slash a pipe wall with this. You know it’s okay, hitting the kicker, despite how little tail there’s some length here, but there’s not a lot of volume for the landing yeah. It’s okay, but you know probably rather launch off a cliff on the xve uh yeah. You just need some new hips yeah first.

Would you think love the edge showed we had a pretty setback when I wrote it, we had to sit all the way back that yeah? Oh, why can’t you throw the tail out at the same time? You know you have a note, not know Tara minimal tail area and yeah. It’s real, easy to throw out and and still maintain the edge holes are super fun word um, yeah, /e, yeah yeah. Definitely, like you know, like you’re, saying, um, more read more user-friendly great for an intermediate rider who wants to dabble in the directional world.

Yeah I did feel like the board felt down. Yeah yeah that, like prefer that yeah, it wasn’t all, is known for making to having some really quality construction. So together they’ve always put on a good board, and then you know you know it’s so funny is what, when I tried the sushi, what I loved about it, the most was taking it out on groomers yeah when I finally got it in some deep powder, I was like oh I, liked it better on groomers. This I liked way better on groomers, then even then, the sushi I thought is that extra length, the sushi is so fun, it’s so unique, but it feels more quiver right.

This felt like I, could go out and carve groomers all day on this, but when the powder comes, I can ride powder too. So this could be maybe a better one board solution for the Red Rider yeah, it’s a better daily driver, you know, but the sashimi is fun and it’s at the priming, the sushis fun, and it’s at the price point that that works for a lot of people. You know to build to build a quiver. This is a little more expensive. The price points a lot higher I think it’s in the upper fives, and that’s that’s tough.

But if, like I said before, if you’re in between the xvn this the sushi, the sashimi might be the right call yeah, because it is a good daily driver.

In this video we’re going to talk about the rossignol XV Xavier de LaRue’s Board of choice, this is a high-end freeride powder board. It’s got camber to it. It’s got a reverse directional flex, so that means stiffer nose softer tail. This is a board for charging aggressive lines for slashing POW with that camber underfoot. To give you the pop and snap that you need, this board features: roz melds amptek elite, camber profile, which is 60% camber into a 20% rocker in the tip and 20% rocker in the tail.

Basically, it’s cam rocker, so you load it up like traditional camber, but it’s going to engage that rocker, making it a little more loose out at the contact points a bit easier to press with it’s going to be better in powder. The Zoff has a unique flex pattern to it in that it’s a reverse directional flex, which means stiffer nose softer tail. That way, you can sink the tail and flex the board more in the back to get the nose up and push through chunder crap, which, if you know how zyv rides very fast and down ice rivers that are first on mountains.

Now what this means is you get a board? That’s actually not crazy, stiff underfoot for being a directional freeride powder board. You’ve got a lot of torsional play. You can really flex this board and it breaks in relatively quick, like after three or four days, you’re gonna notice that the board’s gotten softer underfoot. Now when it comes to stability, you’d think a nose. That’s that rocker would be super chattery.

You would feel it underfoot. You don’t the only time you feel any Cheddar’s if that thing is busted through heavy chunder, and it’s just forcing all those vibrations to reverberate back under the front foot underfoot, it’s very, very stable. It’s very smooth. Overall. This is a very smooth damp, stable ride. This board does have traditional camber underfoot, so you have to load it up, but almost all the snap comes out of the tail, which is very minimal.

So when you engage that camber zone it activates the rocker, creating a flex point when you roll back to pop off of you’re gonna notice that the snap is ample enough to get you up on top of Lou’s fresh snow or to pop off of something it’s not the snappiest board and you’re working with a lot of knows that you’ve got to elevate when you do pop with it. So you have that going against you, but it’s solid enough, especially when you’re charging hard I mean the faster you go, the better you’re gonna pop with it.

This is a board for haulin, ass and just Ollie and straight down stuff, it’s not impossible to butter this board. You just want to make sure you get your weight way out over that nose. You’re really going to flex into it. You’re gonna be aggressive. Fresh snow is your best bet. You want to pop a 180 you land on that nose, dig in, have your weight over it and then pop right out. There’s a lot of rebound out of this board, so just be prepared for it.

This is not a slow speed. Pow butter type of board: this is something haulin ass you’re in the steeps. It’s the end of your giant ass run and you’re just gonna butter for your friends to cheer you on after you just crushed a big line. That’s how you butter with this thing, yeah! You are set way back on this board, so that means you have a lot of nose. So carving is a little different. It takes a little bit more effort to engage it from the start of the carve just because of the nose with well.

When you get it on edge, this board locks in it’s very smooth and stable. This board can carve it holds an edge exceptionally well, you don’t have to worry about it. Buckling you can just rip turns with this and I’m, not even talking like just hitting a groomer on your way back to the chairlift to go, get more power. You could ride this thing on a non powder date and rip carves with it. I’ve done it, it’s fun! That’s all! You really need to know.

This is a board for someone. That’s charging steeper lines, someone that wants to haul ass go fast, slash heart! This board isn’t nimble in the trees. You can ride trees with it, but it’s not imbel. You have to be prepared for that. You’re gonna work harder than that. This is a board for wide open POW, which is once-off rides. So if you’re going out and you’re riding wide open, deep, a spout good if you’re not and you ride more trees, you probably want to sushi instead or one of the other boards that I’ve reviewed in this review series.

Now, if you’re, just looking for something to carve yeah it’ll get the job done, but why wouldn’t you get the crypto? Looking at you right there? You white people, always ask me about carving with this thing: it’s a powder board just because you bought the RUS and all XV doesn’t mean you’re gonna rip lines like Xavier, but maybe you are gonna rip some lines and this isn’t the board for you, which in that case you want to check out these other decks.

The Endeavour archetype the ride, alter-ego the moss swallow 62, the Jones, lone wolf, the unity whale snow Fisk’s, the deeps remember to comment, share subscribe and like this video that way, you can see all the relevant for irrelevant snowboarding content that we’re putting out for you guys so smash that fell down below that way. You’re getting a notification and I’ll see you guys in another video if you’ve been enjoying all these product reviews and you haven’t been buying through our affiliate program, which is down there.

Why don’t you check out our patreon? This is a great way for you to get involved with us. There’s some great rewards on there and it helps fund us. So we can do more product reviews for you guys that enjoy what we’re doing.

Stands because it really hasn’t changed much over at all, but I wanted to show you the new XV under the pretty lights and kind of give you an idea of you know what kind of board you have going on here. You know it’s. It’s one of those big tapered, surfy, freeride directional boards, the biggest question I get with the XV is: should I really go that big in size? And, yes, you should I want the 151 67, not 50, it’s just a mine slip, I’m used to that size, but with the XV it rides smaller on groomers and its size or better in powder.

So you, you kind of want the bigger size. For me, you know the 163 and 167 are fine. We’re a lot of free ride. Boards I’d normally go with like a 159 like around there, but this one I actually preferred the 167 and owned the 163 for a few years. Only because I just didn’t want to buy another bag, I had to buy I would have to buy a bigger bag to get the 67, and so that would probably be the only reason to not get the 67 over the 63 if your specs are similar to mine, even my size, 9 boots powered this so well and love the graphics this year, man, it’s super fun and you can kind of see this great bit of edge hold technology here.

This magnatraction you’ve got this big bump here kind of two small bumps and kind of a third mellow bump, along with the the camber ending right around the bindings. You get so much more. You know edge hold now, like we always say about this board. Is it is a little washing off the tail and you can kind of see like there is some tape here and you feel the taper, but man it’s fun to drive off that back foot.

You kind of have to be a little back foot heavy with this, for it to work well and if you’re not that type of rider, then maybe you don’t want to do this board, and maybe you know something else would appeal to you more. Maybe the crypto, which is more normal sizing and you can see where they put the rocker and camber stickers, and it seems to be about right, there’s a good bow of camber here and you can see it really does.

Well. Let me hold this thing up, so you can kind of see. What’s going on there, there’s a lot of camber here, a lot of Drive out of the turns, but then a long pointy nose with a good bit of early rise. So it sets back really well, and you know talking about the crypto. It doesn’t set that far back in powder, but this thing does and it floats so much better than the crypto, while still being a great, an amazing, hard snow, freeride board, just amazing freeride board in general, but it really excels for those that see hard conditions and you’re.

Looking at oh, let me do the stance with back on board all the way back with normal bindings you’re, looking at 22 inches, which is pretty reasonable and then you’re getting to about 25, pardon me and just about 17 and a half 17, and a quarter so you’re, looking at seven and a half to seven and three-quarters back on board kind of somewhere in between there I’d probably say it’s closer to seven and three-quarters, because that one’s just a little off of 25 to but right around there right around seven and a half and that’s kind of what you expect with boards like this in the freeride world that are kind of you know, you know tapered and set back.

You know you kind of want to be far back in powder and so setting it all. The way back is going to make this thing float really easy and that’s why it does a little better than the crypto and is rated appropriately. So there you have it the X, ve just great graphics. This year, I’m really impressed they. It really nailed it sometimes graphics, I’m, not.

We focus mainly on how it rides, but sometimes graphics, just call to you and this one really does yeah it’s a fun board and there you have it. The the XV 167 current model.

This is a great snowboard, If you’re, an advanced rider or an expert rider. That’s looking for something. That’s just not gonna get too hung up when the snow’s, not perfectly groomed, or if you want to take it into powder. You want a really versatile snowboard for basically all conditions The, one thing I really liked about it is when you got it up on edge, it actually just held the turn. It was really really fast into the next turn. Super SUper easy board to ride, especially when the conditions aren’t perfect, Definitely a great board for the advanced to expert rider.

Okay, so I’m happy to be here with ano from rossignol he’s going to present the new xavier de la rue split board. Unfortunately, we missed out savier de la rue, but he is at least [Laughter] the same as good as xavier for presenting it. Oh maybe presentation, not writing for sure and yeah. We will see. So what is the best way to use the new sashimi speedboat from studio, so basically what we did and what we do as a standard procedure at roswell? Is we just split the regular snowboard, so the behavior riding down the hill is the same on the split board that it is on a non-split board.

So when you develop that sashimi, after xavier, will of doing a softer version of his signature model, historical signature model and also a version that has more tail that the sushi which we developed two years ago and also that could be able to ride precisely on slopes carve harder than the sushi not as extremely shaped and flexed as the dollar aziz signature model, but still in the same area of flexibility, which is very different from what’s existing on the market.

Xavier rides on his front leg: zavi is all forward, leaning on the front insert. This is why we have that sashimi split board. That is stiffer on the tip softer on the tail. Also speaking of technology, maybe you’re not going to be able to see it from that perspective, but it’s built with polyurethane stripes in it. This is what we call the light grip, so we basically have polyurethane stripes that run all along the edges, interrupt between the bindings and go back down again along the edges on the tail.

The polyurethane stripes, the pu stripes gives real smoothness to the snowboard entering the turn exiting the turn is really smooth really nice. It’s also a shock absorption like a shock absorber for a car, so anything that hits the board is really mellows out, mellowed out through that cold earth and stripes. The reason why we break that pollutant pull the pu stripes between the bindings is because we want to achieve grip on traverse on hiking up.

You need a grip behind or underneath your bindings. So this is why we have that pu stripe cutting out interrupted between the bindings so that the flex of the board really the board bends between the bindings, where the pu stripes interrupts, creating bumps artificial bumps, because you don’t see them, but there are real bumps and flexibility and those two bumps on your toes and your heel when you hike up on your on your heel side or your toe side when you ride down, are really like magnet traction edges like serrated edges and they really dig into the snow, getting grip between the bindings on your body when you hike up, which is key for hiking up, particularly on traverse or icy snow conditions, but also riding down when you’re, leaning forward or you’re leaning backward on your edges.

So you have that grip. Like grip, you have that reverse flex pattern for xavier front foot. You have that nice tail, which you didn’t have much on the sushi, which is very much a tree riding board. This one is really an all-mountain board, not as extreme as the xv is, but the softer version of it. That’s perfect for backcountry riding for 20 to 35 percent slopes not go to 45 or 50, like xavier, does on extreme, with his signature model and also for carving and for riding pistes a little tail again.

You may even be able to land switch and ride switch with this one, which is not the case for the sushi, for instance, which is kind of the differently. The tip is also wide not as wide as the sushi, but it’s wider than the xv and the tail is narrower. We have 45 millimeters, pin tail on this one, so it really gives you that versatility that maneuverability on the towel, that’s pretty much it for, for the sashimi split, it’s a sintered base as well, and it delivers with the hooks and tip and tell lockers standard procedure.

And then we worked for bindings with the same company. We did introduce the bindings five years ago with xavier delury. So, as I said, as I mentioned, this is the standard xv split version. So this is a six years old, classic model that was split back at that time again and that we’re delivering again in four sizes. 59 63, 67 and 64 wide. It has, as I said, that reverse flex profile it has the original, maybe you’re, going to be able to see it.

The way, the edges, the serrated edges for the for a better grip, and we also have a women’s version of uh for split boarding. It’s called the diva. The diva is more a marion, irie style of board. She won the freeward world tour twice she’s on her third tour this year, hopefully she’s going to win it again and we developed that diva uh split board for her specifically, so that’s the diva 52 diva 52 is based on a twin freestyle snowboard with a thicker wood, core and directional insert patterns.

So even though it’s it’s originally, it was originally thought. As a twin freestyle board, we made it slightly directional for split boarding use, so it has the painted base. The skis that are, I call them skis, because the way we think speedboarding at rossignol is really much like a ski. So you have, you know the full wrap edges. We also have that that double torsion box, that dual torsion box, the fiberglass that wraps around the full uh uh half of the wood core- and we also have the basalt and the aramid um a fiber reinforcement for shock absorption and punch.

And now I have another question: why should I buy a rossignol split board instead of a different brand? What the reason you would say for- and there are- there are a few reasons for which I would consider the exvi delivery, particularly signature models from this sushi, all the way to the xv going through the sashimi, because it’s made after xavier dolores will and and way of riding the majority, if not all, of the other boards on the market are met with a classic flex profile, which is a profile that is traditionally stiffer on the back foot or on the middle in the middle part of the of the snowboard.

But most of the people. The majority of the people who ride, split boarding who ride a free ride, not extreme but free ride, lean or put the majority of their weight on their front leg. Therefore, for us and for example, even more than us, the critical area of the snowboard is on the front of on the front part of it on the front leg so from front leg from front inserts all the way to the beginning of the tip to the kick tip.

This is why we make that part of the snowboard stiffer than the tail of the board and then, when you lean back when you want to curt back shorter, when you want to slow down, you just transfer your weight from your front foot to your back foot and then you, basically, the the the beauty of having that tail softer than than the tip makes the tail sink into the snow and you’re you’re able to rotate to torsion the board much better, with a softer tail than than a softer tip and slow down immediately.

That’s that tail will sink into softer snow and also the sidecut radius will deep or dig deeper into the snow. So you get a shorter sidecut radius and in the meantime, you also have a tail that sinks into this nose. So that makes it much more much more much safer on certain areas of the mountain, basically going from super fast to slow and and kind of safety. Maneuvers, sometimes that have that can happen, then, with that reverse flex.

This is really different from from what’s available on the market, and I I’ve haven’t heard many companies, if not any doing this on their freeride boards. So that’s the first reason. The second reason is the technology that we’re bringing into the sashimi the polyurethane stripes. That’s also a patent from rossignol, so they’re that kind of shock absorbing that breaks in for a turn for additional bumps on your toe side or hillside or heel, whether hiking up or riding down, is also patented.

That also is a kind of breakthrough technology on the snowboard. So that’s also very interesting, and the third uh reason why I would strongly recommend- and I’m proud of it, because I can recommend, but it’s it’s not going to make a difference. If you don’t ride it, it’s also the construction, the fact that we’re wrapping around both part of the snowboard uh, those keys with a full socket of fiberglass and adding those either carbon kevlar or aramine and basalt, depending on the smoothness that we want to achieve on all our boards.

And now we all know about all the sustainability debate, which is right right in the market and if you rank your boards from one which is not sustainable at all yeah. Where would you rank it and why um? I would rank it five right in the middle, because we have fsc certified wood cores. We don’t use, we don’t do a pure biosourced uh top sheet, but we reduce the thickness of the top sheet and that also for me, there’s.

There are two ways of of working walking towards sustainability. It’s either making products that last longer, also or using bio, degradable or biosourced material materials, also lowering or using less of oil sourced materials. Okay, great and now, if I start split boiling yeah- and I don’t know so much about it- it’s a pretty big investment like around 1000 euro yeah.

Maybe yeah um. What can I expect from the rossignol split pods regarding durability? Well, this is um. As I said. I think this is part of it. I don’t hit a rock or something just normal use for usual split border. We have. We have a two years warranty on industry and factory issues, but we also believe that the products that we make, as I said earlier, are, are really as tough as the industry can make.

We think products like we do on skis and we again we make sure that they’re unbreakable everyone can break you know, but technically speaking uh for the rest of the collection not only for free ride. Some of the customers are are still writing the same product for 10 years, so the idea for us is to build products for an unlimited and and unlimited uh lifetime. Okay, if I’m your customer, I have a roasting, your sashimi yeah and I have some issues with the quality or something.

How do you deal with it? It can happen at every brand we have. We have. We have an online uh website, yeah that you can reach. How many calls does it need, because I’m not very much interested to reach an online website and wait weeks? No, no! No! No! I’m missing my powder days yeah. So how do you deal with it? So there’s a there’s, a there’s, a phone number that you can call directly okay, so it’s not only online.

We also have a customer service yeah that can take calls at all times, so they open- you know, even even not even overnight, sometimes but open eight o’clock in the morning all the way to six o’clock in the afternoon. Okay, so that’s every day, all through the season and that online obviously is you know 24 hours per day. Obviously- and I don’t- I personally also contribute uh, it’s not only the customer service, but also the product managers and and every division in the company is involved into that hotline.

So I also reply directly to the customers when I, when I can visualize that the reply that they get from the customer service is either not appropriate or sometimes text takes too much time, so the process would be that I take a picture. Yes, I send it to somebody of you. I call yes exactly you take a decision exactly or exactly or not yes, that or going directly to the to the dealer that you you brought the product to okay.

So it’s either that I don’t have such a like good experience, because they say we need at least three weeks four weeks: okay, okay, it’s it’s anywhere between the the way I reply to the questions that I get from the online uh. The hotline service is either an hour to 24 to 48 hours. So that’s my standard time for replying, depending on the amount of time that I need to address the question.

Sometimes some questions are way more technical than just a scratch or just a a mounting issue. Uh they can take time. But as far as I’m concerned, you know, if I can reply, and if the hotline can reply immediately uh, you know we do it in an hour okay, but average. It’s certainly not an hour, but between between one day to two days. It’s definitely not in weeks. Okay.

What would you recommend to to buy uh roasting your speedboat? Would you recommend to buy it online on yeah? Would you recommend it? I would test events to get to know the product for me, there’s nothing that will beat a testing not only for snowboarding or skiing, for everything just like make sure that those products fit your style, fit your ride and are are built for your level and some of the products that we offer on the market will not take you from zero from from beginner all the way to professional, xavier dolores signature model.

I would not recommend that board, for instance, to any beginner. I would recommend the sashimi, for instance, to intermediate to expert rider, but for beginner I would recommend something shorter, easier to write to to maneuver uh in the shorter sizes, like the diva. 52 is perfect for women, for instance, and then train gradually uh through your own experiences and rental for me, is also key for uh to begin with.

So the events, the test, events that we run into into all the majority of the countries so go through those test events write the board. You know that you feel that you’re going to be writing and then go test. The sashimi go test the the diva for women and and take a decision after writing. The products um, if you’re, not a if you don’t have an occasion to test the product, go to your local dealer, and I would also recommend, go to a dealer and talk to someone and get the recommendations.

If not then ask the question on the hotline. Personally I like to talk to people I like to have people reply to questions you know and more than make my decision from a pure online descriptions that I see. Magazines as well are key also to uh to a decision. So the magazine test the magazine own point of view all right. Thank you very much. My pleasure.

Sashimi had some time on this earlier and then got on this again for the 2020 model same board as before. So there you know this review is gonna, be a lot quicker than last. Give you a quick summary, this kind of sits in between the sushi 145 and the XV, and if you need a little narrower a little shorter, a little quicker. You got the X feed light right here, and then you know if you want a little shorter little fatter you’ve got the sushis over there. It feels like you, take the sushi and you just stretched it out and as it stretched out it got narrower, but it kept that same kind of taper and filled set this up at plus, 3 and 18 looked up xavi a stance and wanted to see how how it compared when it was set up close to reference and with with the stance it was made for the conditions we had were kind of pretty bad spring conditions, and it was tough to really get out and make some good carving turns with this, but already did in the past and let’s get into the pop and flex you can see here.

It’s got that medium stiff flex. That is very like easy to butter for its flex. Really. Surprise me on that edge hold is pretty competent. I didn’t feel like it blew me away like the XV, but it can definitely hang up into hard snow. If you dial back your turns now turn initiation super quick, it’s just so fast edge to edge. Really the only thing faster is the sashimi. Now the sushis are much shorter and wider. So what they do is they feel like they can make a once the side cuts engaged.

They can make a tighter turn and get around tight spots easier, but they scrub their speed faster. Doing that where this feels like it drives through turns a little easy. Something was weird with this turning experience on both the sashimi and sashimi 52. There they felt like I, don’t know in certain tight spots and certain uneven terrain it. It just didn’t feel like it kept its flow like the rest of these boards and like a lot of boards, and that would be one kind of hang up on this, but the turning experience on groomers, just laying it out on perfect groomers and I’m referencing back earlier in the season when I was riding the you know, the new release, which is the same board as this.

It just really, you know, carved well and laid out a good turn. It didn’t blow minds, but this camber from here to the tail really did a good job at making a groomer day of fun. So this is far from just being a powder board. Uneven terrain, like I, said it kind of felt a little weird, but man it it really jams. You know you can jam through bumps and then powder I just felt sometimes in the trees. I, don’t know, I just didn’t have a smooth feel I didn’t feel like. Maybe I need to play around with the stance or how you know stance angles or how I turn it, but something was off where the others were very plug-and-play.

And then you know powder floats very well the base, it doesn’t keep its speed super well and- and we were riding in some really demanding spring conditions and I did not wax it, but win wax like I waxed the sashimi earlier in the season. It has good good speed to it, but not amazing. There are definitely a lot better bases out there and I think that’s one area where they can improve. Overall, this is just a nice in-betweener. You know if you want to just go full xavi a here, and just you don’t have your XV.

Is your daily freeride driver? You know your power board, you know, have something for kind of in the middle and then have your suit as the short fatty. This could work. So there you have it.

Technine Shred Til Death STD Men’s All Mountain Snowboard

Technine Shred Til Death STD Men's All Mountain Snowboard

“All Terrain Vehicle to nail turns, shred the deep, or enjoy endless laps in the park. This stick does it all and shred till you drop dead.” Features: SHAPE: Traditional Twin FLEX: Centered Stiff 6/9 PROFILE: T9 Combo Camber SIDECUT: Radial CORE: Power Tech GLASS: Stitched Tri-Axial Laminate BASE: Sintered IS 7700 Base, Printed Single Carbon Taping from tip to tail, Kevlar Crosses AM Edge Waist Width: 24.7 cm.

  • SHAPE: Traditional Twin
  • FLEX: Centered Stiff 6/9
  • PROFILE: T9 Combo Camber
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Package Dimensions: 61 x 14 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Technine
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2021 All Mountain Snowboard

The Mountain snowboard was specifically designed by legendary board shaper Thomas Delago to provide the perfect directional experience around the whole mountain, by offering a flawless edge hold through turns & effortless float through chop and pow.

  • The Mountain snowboard was specifically designed by legendary board shaper Thomas Delago to provide the perfect directional experience around the whole mountain, by offering a flawless edge hold through turns & effortless float through chop and pow.
  • Shape: Directional. Camber: Cam-Out. Flex: All Terrain. Sidecut: Progressive.
  • All Mountain Snowboard

  • Manufacturer: Nitro
  • Type: All Mountain Snowboard

Nitro snowboards here with the new 2021 nitro Mountain snowboard, the mountain is a snowboard designed to be the all-mountain destroyer. It has a directional shape. It has our cam out camber, which is a camera that is camber underfoot and right before the contact points. There’s early, lift in the nose and tail giving you more float in the POW and also be more forgiving when going edge to edge or the camber underfoot is gonna supply.

You with that support snap and ability to escape tricky to situations when you’re cruising through the trees and the directional shape is obviously a bigger nose and tail. Give you more float in the POW and allowing you to rip turns a lot harder and speaking of ripping turns. The mountain has a progressive sidecut, which is one of my favorite side cuts because it starts off mellow here in the tip, mellow radius, melot, melot, melot melot, and then it gets tighter, tighter in the tail.

It gets nice and tight in the tail and progressive side. Cuts are amazing for rippin turns and an all Mountain shaped board, because you can really lay into that back leg. Back leg and then just really rail on your heel edge and your toe edge. It’s not gonna wash out on you. The mountain comes in a mid wide shape. It has our power core -, which is the tip to tail poplar wood core with to Beach wood, stringers running all the way down the through the middle right there and what those Beach wood stringers are gonna, do they’re, gonna, add firt, add liveliness, snapper responds to the board or the popular wood is gonna, keep the whole board at a minimum weight.

The mountain has our sintered speed formula HD base, which is one of the fastest bases we make. So it’s gonna, keep you hauling. Center bases are amazing for holding wax they’re durable and they’re gonna. Keep you flying all over the mountain. The mountain elsa has our by light laminates, which are sheets throughout the whole top sheet here, which are gonna, add for torsional response at a minimum weight. The mountains, backed by a lot of our personal words, a lot of the Nitro team riders like Griffon, Seibert, Sam tax wood, nils orbits in they all ride this in the backcountry.

Actually, Griffon Seibert loves this board so much, and we appreciate that he rode this directional AMA on board. So much that hold on. We gave him his own version of the mountain. It’s called the mountain Griff, but you can see more about that in the mountain grift video, so I’d recommend the mountain for anyone who’s. Looking for a nice directional, do-it-all powerhouse all Mountain snowboard, if you like right in the backcountry and you like riding on POW days, but you also like riding, was choppy through the trees.

You want something that has camber and is responsive and directional. Then you’ve come to right place. It has a flex rating seven out of ten. So if that’s really looking for a medium, is different, flexing direction on board and go to the local snowboard shop and check out the new 2021 nitro Mountain snowboard. Thank you for snowboarding and thank you for supporting brands like nitro and your local snow work community by shopping local or your favorite online store, which supports snowboarding.

Thank you. So much see you on the mountain.

A gradient layer thanks for some words how you doing doing well, man, good good, good good, like today’s been a good day. We’ve done two days back-to-back riding after naps and riding the 20/20 gear, get a sneak peak into some new stuff from Nitro. This is the mountain with a grip graphic. What can people come to expect from a choke in the mountain for 25, so the mountains, your classic directional tapered, freeride board? It’s got cam out, so it’s cambered between the binding and then a little bit of early rise going into the tip and tail super floaty and deep powder great edge, hold on the chunk, so pretty standard and hasn’t really changed much after the last couple of years.

It’s just been a stable product, yeah I think there’s a lot of really doing that if it broke, don’t fix it yeah just kind of change change the graphic maybe make one spice little update yeah, but for the most part, if you know and expect it to ride in one way you want to ride that way, keep it out. What exactly is the people they want? Man, that’s right! Good night, the nitrile month, when you get on this thing, with the camo profile, shape.

What do you like about it most I think it’s! You still have that classic edge hold and pop up your cambered boards. No, with that early rise in the nose and tail you’re, not working as hard in the deeper snow, and it’s a little bit more forgiving and playful. You know one thing I do appreciate about nitro bore it’s like we put camber your board, you really put camber good. You know, there’s like a good amount to rise. Even this, like we’ve little rocker on the nose and tail you looking down that line this guy, it’s got a solid amount of cam snap crackling, oh yeah, the mod from Nitro make sure check it out when it drops next fall at the house.

Comm they become. The question of us know what you think of this deck subscribe your channel there to come over there and hopefully see you guys on snow beats. Thanks for being here, yeah man, Oh.

Might want some shades, so I can read it kind of is like the one quiver and restarted hello. Internet today I’m showing you the 2021 nitro mountain times, Grif the sport super-awesome I’ve been riding it for a few seasons. It’s kind of my do everything board. I either ride slush the park and powder in it. It’s good for dropping cliff doing turns doing pow slashes they can kind of if you, basically, if you want a board that can do it all. This is the board for you.

It comes in a 157, a 116, a 163, it’s a standard core profile and it has a power core to core. It’s a mid wide and it’s also directional board. So it’s tapered, it’s a little wider up front and the side cut tightens in the back. It’s got a progressive sidecut, so that means it’s a blend so as you’re entering a turn once you get into the apex of the turn the radius tightens and you get a better Drive out of your turn, and it enables you to turn quicker when trees or rocks or stumps and different pillows come out of your way.

This board features, nitros came out camber, so that means there’s camber in between the bindings and the inserts and then a little bit of reverse camber on the nose and a teeny bit on the tail, and this just helps you flow in the powder with less sinking and better for stomping keeps that back leg less tired, so you get more runs in on those days that are really good. This boards also features nitro speed formula HD base. This is the fastest base on the market people and who doesn’t want some flower power when they’re jumping in the air board has an all-terrain flex, meaning, like I, said earlier that it’s good for any type of terrain that you throw at it.

The graphics story behind this board is basically I wanted a simple board and then, especially in our day and age, we could use some more peace, love and powder, so some hippy vibes with the flowers slashing through the flowers and then a little dude, giving you a flower cuz. Why not? We could use more happiness in the world right now. So if you want a simple clean, look and a board that can do it all go to your local shop and grab the 2021 nitro mountain times Grif, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you and have a good day. You think.

Board times, Griff I like this board, because it’s pretty much my like quiver killer, had to pick one board ride on everything. It’d be this board. It can ride anywhere on the mountain from side hits to park jumps, maybe even occasional five-o who knows on the down rail, but it also handles super well off cliffs. On your POW day. It floats super good, and this graphic is based upon my love of the desert.

I grew up in Utah and I, always loved the trips down to like Moab and all those areas, and this board clearly has my lab right in the middle and then that’s me just chilling on a hammock sipping, a martini, enjoying the view and the one idea behind this graphic is when I’m in the desert I think about space, because it’s such clear skies and I’d hope to have a chill alien in my future. If we ever met some extraterrestrials, and so that’s the idea behind this, this graphic, the 2020 nitro mountain is directional and it has came out camber.

So you have camber in between your feet and then early rise on the tip and tail to help. You float a little bit better in the fresh snow and then it’s a mid wide width. So for people like me with like a slightly bigger foot, you don’t get any toe or heel drag because you don’t want that when you’re carving down the groomer and it has a progressive sidecut. So it’s a little tighter on the back foot and then draws out to the nose.

So you don’t wash out on any of your turns or slashes, because you got a carve hard and slash even harder. You know and it’s a stiffness rating of seven out of ten, so it can handle super choppy terrain. But then it’s also not too stiff. So the board doesn’t feel like it’s riding. You you’re riding the board and it also comes with a nitro sintered speed formula base HD base, it’s basically just the fastest out there.

So you can shred hard and impress all your friends and then you got like a dope a on the base who doesn’t want that. But now I’d recommend this to any dude at the mountain or girl that wants a board that will just ride anything. This is basically I’ve had to pick one board out of the Nitro line to ride everything on and I. Couldn’t change. I would definitely use this board. It can handle any conditions in any terrain that the mountain throws at you.

Host David Lefevre and in this video we’ll be reviewing the mountain x, grift nitro or the grip x mountain. Basically, the mountain with the Griffin cyber graphic from Nitro. This board is available in three sizes: 157 160 and 163. This board features nitros cam out camber profile, which is traditional camper into rocker in the tip and the tail basically camera.

So you’re gonna get the pop and snap of traditional camber, but you’re gonna have a little bit better floaty powder, because the rocker and the tips and a little bit ease of entry in deterrence I wrote this board and rapa Basin on a kind of normal-ish powder death and turned into a spring powder day, which basically means hot. How so the snow went from light and fluffy too heavy and sundry? There’s a little overcast, there’s fog, humidity, other going on and I wrote it with my k2 Traxxas boots in my k2 in deep bindings, clearly a directional snowboard, so you have a softer nose, slightly stiffer mid center and then a really stiff tail.

Basically, the middle of the board is about all-mountain. Freeride flex, like middle-of-the-road notice, is a little softer, but the tail is super super friggin stiff, there’s some torsional give between the feet on this board, but it’s not like a crazy amount. Now this board is fairly stable. It does a great job of dissipating chatter at high speeds on groomers that nose looking a little flat, but it doesn’t resonate fully back underfoot so I’m on those boards.

Were you gonna feel everything it pushes through everything in its path? It’s really just designed for charging hard hauling ass. This board takes a little bit more to engage to get it to pop. You really have to load up off that back foot and engage that rocker into the camper section. But when you do, this board is going to pop and I mean boost it’s one of those boards where you have to know that you want to pop and really loaded to get it to spring and snap.

But when you do your boosting with the nose being softer when you pop 180 into a butter, you’ve got this nice platform where that rocker meets the camber and it’ll lock in and believe me, you will notice that it’s locked and it’ll hold and you can just plow right through pop right back up the tail, on the other hand, takes a lot more effort.

It’s really one of those boards that you really got to get your weight out over and really manhandle to get it to butter. This boards very nimble edge to edge, and it’s solid at carving it’s only when you do those deep, hard, aggressive hero cars where you really pushing off the tail, then it’ll sometimes wash out, there’s a limit on this.

So you have to be prepared for that when you’re trying to drive this board now, if you’re, just gonna, do big swooping carves not really get low in feet, but yeah you’re, fine, tight, little quick setup, carves sure. Basically, this board is designed for turning and Burt so who’s. This board for the all-mountain freeride guy that’ll throw a little freestyle Flair into their riding board.

Didn’t suck, but it also wasn’t mind-blowing it just sort of fits somewhere in the middle. In there I mean it has its place in the nitro line, but then again their line has like 5 000 boards in it, so I assume that there’s a place for it. It’s a board that there’s other boards from other companies that are better and there’s boards from other companies that are worse and then there’s just boards from other companies that are exactly the same or very similar to it.

It’s not a crazy stand out of a board comparable boards, the Jones aviator, the ride, Berserker kind of the k2 manifest. This has been my review of the nitro mountain times grip. Basically, the Griffin cyber pro model from Nitro. Do you agree with it? Do you disagree with it? Do you own one? Are you gonna buy one leave me a comment down below.

Let’s have a conversation about this snowboard. If you’re new here remember to subscribe click, the bell get those notifications that way you’re not missing any of the videos. We’ve got coming out for all you snowboarders of the internet, and if you’d really like to support us, if you want to see us grow up, build our content, offering as well as our snowboard Network swing on over to angry snowboarder.

Vip I can tell you more here, but I’ve got a video over there. That explains it. As always, I’ve been your host. David, Lefevre and I’ll see you in another video.

No birds here holding my hand, the brand new to nitro 2020. That’s right. People were in 2020, already crazy, 2020 nitro squash snowboard squash snowboard has easily become one of the favorite snowboards in our snowboard line, because obviously the shape it’s great for POW, but it also rips turns on the groomers and all over the mountain. It’s one of the most versatile shaped powder snowboards on the market and I mean to prove that, because it’s been in line for so long and it’s one of our best selling snow works because people love it.

The squash has a tapered Swallowtail shape, so it has a longer nose. So it’s good for float in the POW and the swallow tail allows for more quicker moves and the trees and allows you to maneuver through tighter trees and make quicker quicker decisions on the fly. You’re not gonna, be stuck in a turn. The squash has our true camber. It’s just standard camber from contact point to contact point, giving you the snap, the reliability and the confidence you need for hauling down.

The mountain has a mid wide shape, so that’s gonna, reduce heel and toe drag and give you more surface area for float in the POW and the mid wide shape, along with the progressive sidecut, which is a side cut that gets tighter in the tail and mellows out towards the tip really allows you to carve like a boss through groomers and choppy 4. P m mountain runs, so this is like the feedback we’ve gotten in what I.

Think personally is this board is built for powder, but it excels in turnin on the mountain. So, if you’re looking for a board, they can rip the mountain on just on a regular day or rip on a 2 foot powder day. This will be the one for you. It has an all-terrain flex, flex rating of 7, so stiffer board, responsive good for making turns and riding POW has our power core 2, which is a tip-to-tail poplar wood core with two beats wood stringers makes it very lively and reduces the overall weight of it.

The squash has our sintered speed formula HD base, which is one of the fastest bases we make. It absorbs wax really well holds wax really well, it’s hard firm. It’s gonna! It’s gonna, keep you hauling all over the mountain. So if you’re looking for a board either your medium level to experienced snowboarder if you’re looking for a board that you want to just cruise the whole mountain on and you like, preferably going one way more than the other, and you want something: that’s good in power, but also amazing, for just going fast and ripping big turns.

Then I highly recommend the squash board and even though has a Swallowtail. It’s a little kicked up in the tail here, so you can go switch on it. So can get you out of tricky situations, yeah I can just gonna tomahawk. You can go switch on this as well, but it’s built for going straight. It’s built for going fast, built for turning and definitely built for power days. So if that’s, what you’re looking for go to your local store check out the new 2020 nitro squash snowboard, thanks for watching thanks for snowboarding, hopefully you see out there.

Nitro snowboards here with new 2021 nitro Magnum snowboard. This is a snowboard for the big bad boys. The guys are the big feet, the guys who are tall or just have bigger feet than most. It’s a wide board designed to ride, just like your normal, regular snowboard, because there’s a lot of boards out there that are wide versions of the inline standard width board.

But this board was designed specifically to offer an amazing ride to the guy with the right wide foot. Has the perfect flex pattern for someone with a wider foot? It’s built just for you. It has a directional shape, so you can see longer nose and tail give you a little more flow in the POW and it’s really fun to turn on. It. Has our cam out camber, just camber from contact point to contact point with early lift in the nose and tail give me anymore float in the POW, but also makes it more forgiving when connecting turns and just cruising around the mountain standard.

Camera underfoot gives you that snap and support you need, especially because someone, the wider foot, is using a bigger guy. So he’s gonna want to stay in their camber underfoot or Austin boy, she’s gonna fold on you. It comes in a wide width to give you a reference of how wide it is the size, that’s 163. Centimeters long has a wide waist width of a 270 millimeters.

So there’s some reference for you comes with a mountain flex, which means it has the stiffest flex pattern that we offer. It also has our dueled aggressive side cut, which is my favorite side cut for just cruising, and especially for laying down euro cars, because it has a tighter radius in between the middle in the middle here in between the bindings, then the radius mellows out so flattens out towards the tip and tail which really allows you to get into turns easily runner at the apex of the turn that tighter radius right here is gonna hold that edge really good.

It’s not gonna wash out, and then it’s super nice and forgiving when you exit the turn and also has our power light core, which is a core made out of the ultra most highest lightest weight grade of poplar wood core. So it’s super lightweight and snappy. A board like this. That’s quite responsive, needs to have some kind of core profile to it.

So we’ve added our nitro reflex core profile, which means the board is milled out in between the bindings. So it’s thinner in the right here. Little thinner profile, that’s going to give you more torsional flex, allowing you to initiate, turns and exit them with ease, and also just to control. This big big back board a lot easier. The Magnum has our power pods, which are bumps little bumps right here on the heel side and the toe side right by the binding insert pack so heels for me.

I’m goofy, heel, side right here, bump here, side, back foot, bump toe side, front, foot, bump back foot toe side bump. So these bumps right here flat, give you more grip, and it’s also going to reduce any kind of heel and toe drag, and it’s going to give you a tighter radius in between the bindings, really accentuating that dual aggressive side cut, and it’s also going to give you more grip in sticky situations and allow you to lay into carbs in slower speeds.

So it’s just a more playful side cut. The Magnum has our sintered speed formula HD based, which is one of the fastest Center basis that would make hold wax, really well strong, durable. It’s gonna, keep you hauling all day. Long I would highly recommend the Magnum for obviously the guy with the bigger foot, because it’s a wide board, but for the guy with the bigger foot who’s looking for a board, that’s built to be wide.

It’s not just a wide version of a standard board, it’s built to flex and to ride like a normal board for someone with a bigger foot. If that’s you, if you’re a guy who has a Magnum and other places in his wardrobe- and this is important for you. So thanks for watching see you on the mountain peace out, I’m Knut and let’s go board together.


Here in the beautiful salt lake city, wasatch back country holding in my hands the new 2021 nitro b, snowboard designed by arrowettala, marcus cleveland, torga, bergram and sven torgen, basically four of the gnarliest freestyle snowboarders in the world for the last decade or for arrow two decades. It’s a board built to do quad corks to nose, press front flips in the streets or front boards back lips.

Whatever it’s board built for freestyle, snowboarding, responsive and gnarly, the beast has a twin shape comes with true camber camber from contact points. Contact point give you that response and snap you need for going big on jumps and also for laying into presses the beast. Has our park flex. So it has a flex pattern built for park riding. It has our radial side cut, which is a side cut with run radius from contact point to contact point one nice long radius, which is also the most most widely used side cut profile on all snowboards, because it’s a side cut that allows you to lane the turns, but it’s also not too aggressive and you’re not gonna, get stuck in the turn.

So it’s perfect for a freestyle park boarding the beast: has our power core 2, which is a tip to tail poplar wood core with two beachwood stringers running all the way down from tip to tail, giving you that response and that snap you need for all leaning up on the rails or putting down the landing gear when you go deep on a landing, your little back seat, but you need that little flex to help you get your board underneath you that’s what the power core 2 is going to do at a minimum weight.

The beast also has our whiplash core profile, which is a core profile built for freestyle snowboarding, it’s thinner in between the bindings, and then you have added meat underneath the feet right here out to the tip and tail allowing you to get really into your presses without the board folding underneath you, you can really get those presses sky high, and it’s also going to give you the snap response.

You need. The beast has diamond bands, which is a well-balanced layer of carbon fibers throughout the whole board, giving it snap at a light weight. It also has our ballistic impact panels and what the ballistic impact panels is. It’s sheets of kevlar underneath the bindings or around the insert packs right here and here and that’s going to help reduce any kind of binding line, breakage, making the board even more durable and speaking of durability.

The beast comes with our rail killer edges, which are these edges right here that are twice as thick and twice as strong as your standard edge, giving you more durability for when you’re, hitting boxes and gapping out to front lips or back lips in the park on the rails all day long, you want a edge, that’s going to be able to withstand a beating, and the rail killer.

Edges are edges designed specifically for park snowboarding, so they can handle that beating this year on all of our park boards we’ve added our urushred sidewalls, which is a sidewall material made out of urethane material. So it’s a softer more of a rubbery feeling sidewall. So it’s going to be more durable, again, adding more durability for when you’re sliding sideways or if you hit a rock, it’s going to hold up a lot better.

The beast has our hd speed formula two base, which is the fastest most durable base that we make it’s going to keep you hauling all day long and it’s going to help you get to those landings and clear those knuckles through the park day after day holds wax really well, it’s very strong and durable. I would recommend the beasts for anyone who wants an aggressive park snowboard.

You want something that has a nice friendly side cut, but a beast and super durable, build to it with a lot of snap and a stiffer response to it. So if you want to ride like around below marcus, cleveland or zeb powell, for that matter, then look no further than the new 2021 nitro b snowboard, designed and backed by some of the best freestyle snowboarders in the world built just for you.

Thanks for watching, see you in the park.

What’s up everyone clear lesson here, prime snowboard prime snowboard is our affordable. Do it all snowboard comes in two different colorways. You got the overlay here and blue. Then you also have to just store it in red right here. So two option: two colorway options boom boom two options because it is our best-selling, affordable, snowboard. The prime is built to allow you to progress all over the mountain built from a beginner for beginners all the way up to advanced snowboarders we’re looking for a board.

That’s has all the technology need to ride well and cruise and connect turns and jump and do all that fun stuff, but come at an affordable price comes in directional shape has our flat out camber, which means the board is flat from contact point to contact point with early lifting the nose and tail, and what that’s gonna do is the flat underneath is gonna, make the board more a little softer, more playful of a ride or the only lift in the nose and tail is going allowed to float a little better than the powder and also make it easier to budge around and also reduce any kind of edge catching on the nose and tail when you’re doing tricks or just cruising all of a mountain.

It comes in standard and a wide width has our all-terrain flex. So it’s a medium flexing board comes with a radial sidecut, which is a site cut that has a radius from contact point to contact point there’s one long radius, it’s the most versatile and most used radius, psycho radius in the snowboard market, because I cut radius. That works really well, it’s friendly and it’s easy to progress on and delay the turns, but it’s not gonna be too aggressive. It has our power core, which is a tip to tail poplar.

Wood, core lightweight very snappy, also comes with our premium extruded fh base, which is an extruded base. It’s gonna hold wax really well, and it’s super easy to maintain the prime comes in sizes from a 150 to standard, with all the way up to a 165 wide width. So it’s a board built for everyone and everyone. So if you’re looking for a board to get into snowboarding or if you’re looking for an affordable snowboard for next snowboard, it’s not gonna break the bank, but be a good really fun ride.

Then look no further than the new 2021 nitro prime snow built for everyone to have more fun on the mountain. So thanks for watching check it out and see you on the mountain. Please.

What’s up, everybody can utilize him for nitro would cover snowboard. The would cover was designed to make carving all over the mountain, especially groomers, the most fun experience you’ve ever had designed specifically for carving, but also has a shape that allows you to float like a boat in the POW. So, let’s get into it. The wood cover has a directional shape, needs as a shorter tail than nose allowing you from Wharf float when you’re cruising through the pow.

It has our cam out camera. What came out camera is standard standard camera under the board from contact point to contact point now right before the nose and tail there’s a little early, lift and that’s gonna. Allow you to float more and be a little more forgiving and actually allow you to enter and exit turns with ease and you’re, not gonna hang up as much and then the camber underfoot. It’s gonna give you that pop and support you need for curves in the mountain, but it’s also going to allow you to pop and get power and generate power out of those turns seeing carve even faster and harder.

The wood cover has a mid wide shape, so it’s a little wider than standard with board, and that allows you to lay into your heels more lay into your toes more it’s gonna reduce overall toe drag and heel drag, and for carving one thing that a lot of people don’t really talk about too much is that a wider board is actually easier to carve on, because you’re, not gonna, get toe, drag or heel drag, and that’s why the wood cover is a mid wide.

The wood carver has her all-terrain flex, so it’s a stiffer of a flex, so it’s responsive, it’s gonna, allow you to hold that edge really well, when you’re, carving and rip around mountain and then also in power days. It’s not gonna fold on you. It’s gonna, give you the stability and support you need. It also. Has our dual aggressive side cut, what dual digression side cuts are? It means the radius of the edge here so the turning where you’re turning on it’s tighter in between the bindings and then it mellows out to the tip and tail that allows you to really initiate turns easily.

But when you’re in the turn, then you can really hook in and do sharp turns if you want to, or you can relax and draw it out and do a nice long turn so just makes it a more playful but yeah, very responsive, turning radius or side cut. The wood cover has our power pods and what power pods? Are there these bumps right here on the heel side of the board here and here, and also on your toe side edge here and here so there’s two bumps. Those bumps are gonna, give you a better grip in icy conditions and really allow you to dig into your turns.

So you get a nice solid when you’re cruising laying down those zero carbs. But one thing that’s also cool about power. Pods is that it reduces a radius in between the bindings, allowing you to really rail that edge under when you’re laying down a turn. The would cover was designed by Tommy Galaga, one of the founders of Nitra snowboards, and he wanted to make a board that is fun to carve on no matter the conditions on the mountain, but also has the shape of something out float in pow.

So it’s kind of like the board for the guy who likes to rip the whole mountain, but also on someone board the same board where he can just cruise on power days a little setback, but your nose just floating like a boat through bow. The wood cover has our power light core, which is a tip to tail poplar wood core made of ultra lightweight poplar wood also has to beat wood stringers running through it. So it’s gonna be lightweight very supportive and very snappy.

It has our sintered speed formula 2 base, which is the one fastest basis we make. So obviously, if you’re building a carbon board, you’re gonna want a board that goes fast, and this base goes fast. Sintered hard absorbs wax really well and it keeps the wax in there allowing you to haul down the mountain. This year have teamed up with Dijon knives on the wood, carver graphic dijo, there’s a company, a knife company that makes these very sweet nice knives.

We figure made sense because this board is designed to carve the whole mountain, might as well have some little utility knife in your pocket working carving wood and you can carve it up off the mountain as well. So I would recommend the neat 2020 nitro wood carver for anyone who’s looking for a board they want to carve on, but they don’t want. You know a carb, carving, specific board. You want some, they can do more than that. I would definitely look no further than new 2020 natural wood carver, because the shape allows you to float like a boat through POW set back and the side cut is to die.

For if you like carbon thanks for watching and hopefully I see you out there laying down some euro carve soon.


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