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10 Good Running Clothing and Shoes for Man

Running may be a terribly simple and low-value kind of exercise. You really don’t need plenty of expensive gear to run comfortably or quickly, right?

What you need is a simple set of running shorts, shirts, and boots. Thus, target building your speed, endurance, and distance but not simply on shopping for loads of latest running clothing.

We offer you TOP-10 men's essentials for running.

Top 10

Inov 8 Roclite 305 Trail Running Shoe - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Short - Men's Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Salomon Sense Ride Trail Running Shoe - Men's HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Running Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Saucony Omni 16 Running Shoe - Men's Under Armour HeatGear Armour 3/4 Legging Nov - Men's Norrona Bitihorn Aero100 Jacket - Men's Klattermusen Vanadis Jacket - Men's
Inov 8 Roclite 305 Trail Running Shoe - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Short - Men's Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Salomon Sense Ride Trail Running Shoe - Men's HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Running Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Saucony Omni 16 Running Shoe - Men's Under Armour HeatGear Armour 3/4 Legging Nov - Men's Norrona Bitihorn Aero100 Jacket - Men's Klattermusen Vanadis Jacket - Men's
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Brand Norrona Under Armour Altra The North Face Saucony Inov 8 HOKA ONE ONE Pearl Izumi Klattermusen Salomon
Claimed Weight 4.2oz - 10.3oz - - 10.7oz 10.3oz 12 oz 1lb 1.7oz 9.7oz
Fit regular Ultra-tight (compressive) - standard - - - regular regular -
Manufacturer Warranty 5 years limited lifetime 30 days lifetime - 1 year 45 days lifetime 3 years 1 year
Material aero100 (nylon) 79% polyester, 21% elastane - 85% polyester, 15% nylon, FlashDry - - - 100% polyester 85% recycled nylon, 15% Elastane -
Recommended Use casual, hiking, road running, trail running road running, trail running, training, yoga trail running road running, trail running road running trail running trail running running backpacking, canyoneering, casual, flatwater paddling, hiking, ocean paddling, river paddling, road running, sport climbing, trad climbing, trail running, ultralight backpacking trail running

Inov 8 Roclite 305 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

You would just run around the track if you didn't want to deal with variable trail surfaces and undulating topography. The Inov 8 Men's Roclite 305 Trail Running Shoe caters to runners who appreciate adventure runs where unexpected climbs, washed-out creek beds, and brushy sections of trail are just par for the course. When you encounter rocky sections of trail and steep descents on loose dirt, the Roclite's durable Tri-C rubber sole with claw-shaped cleats ensure dependable traction, so you don't feel compelled to slow your pace. A moderately cushioned midsole disperses the impact of each step and increases energy return to keep some spring in your step during long training runs and intense endurance races.

  • A protective trail runner excels on unpredictable terrain;
  • Burly and breathable upper supported by overlays;
  • Cushioned midsole absorbs shock and enhances energy return;
  • Shank protects foot from rocks and downed logs;
  • Claw-like tread pattern provides traction on a variety of surfaces;
  • Item #INV002I.

We're taking a look at the Inov 8 Roclite woman's rack light 305 trail shoes.

This is kind of the do a tall trail shoe. If you're looking for one shoe that's going to work on all different types of terrain, if you're just going on short trail runs, if you're racing in it this is the shoe to look at.

You've got all kinds of traction here on the outsole. It's going to be great for different types of terrain. Whether you're going over rocks running on trails in the mud this is really gonna help you stick to the trail.

It's a highly responsive and cushioned shoe so you have plenty of cushioning here to reduce on fatigue but it's still a rather lightweight shoe. The 305 in the naming stands for the weight. It's about 305 grams which are really nice. You've got all kinds of materials in the upper that's gonna cradle your foot gives you protection.

Let`s take a closer look. I want to start with a part of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground. Inov 8 is really known for having incredible traction. So you know with the six-millimeter lugs here that you're gonna have all kinds of traction that you're really gonna stick to that trail. They have a couple of different densities of rubber here in the outsole. You've got a harder density where you need it. You have a lot of flexibility where you need it and they're using trainee sticky rubber so just excellent traction on all different types of terrain.

Now moving into the midsole. You've got a couple of different materials in there to reduce on fatigue and to protect your feet. So you have power flow foam here running through the shoe. It's nice and lightweight but offers a lot of durability over time but also cushioning for your feet. Then you have a medic that runs through the inside of that midsole with the meta shank. It's underneath of your metatarsals and it actually mirrors the anatomy of the human foot so rather than making the shoe feel boxy.

That shank actually has the right shape to give you all the protection you need from stone bruising. I kind of have a rock plate in there with that shank, but they keep the weight down and it is flexible enough that you still have a really responsive shoe. You've got an eight-millimeter drop from the heel to the forefoot. It's about twenty-two and a half millimeters here in the heel fourteen and a half in the forefoot. So you do still have a pretty minimal design there but again plenty of cushioning moving up to the upper part of the shoe.

Plenty of different materials here and lots of design that goes into every part of that upper. You have all kinds of mesh to keep you comfortable on the trail. There is a rubber toe cap in the front to cut down on stone bruising on your toes and just to protect you there. But the thing I really like about the upper is the adapter web technology. So basically they've got overlays here that when you cinch down the laces it really cradles the top of your foot and it really locks in your heel. To the heel of the shoe, you do have this kind of x design right here. This is a pretty dense material so when you lace up that top eyelet. It's gonna lock in your heel and it's gonna really cradle your foot so in addition to how much traction you have on the bottom. You've got all of that responsiveness from a well-fitting shoe, but they also give you plenty of room in the toe box.

It's kind of the perfect blend of having a well-fitting shoe and having enough room in the front for your toes. There is a removable sock liner so if you have your own insoles that you want to put in there you can do so you can take this out it's nice and well-cushioned and actually wicks away sweat. So that's a nice feature knowing that you can remove that if you want to overall you've got an incredibly responsive well-cushioned trail shoe that you know is going to give you confidence. No matter what the terrain on the trail it's the Inov 8 woman's rock light 3:05.

The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Short - Men's

The Men's Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Short is part of The North Face's Flight Series, a collection of clothes optimized for performance. In this short's instance, a compressive liner includes the support necessary for incredibly long runs made out of moisture managing FlashDry fibers to wick moisture quickly for added comfort. Its face fabric has a stable four-way stretch to keep you moving through the miles and UPF 50 to protect your skin when you're in the sun for long periods of time.

  • Long-distance running shorts for comfort through the miles;
  • Four-way stretch fabric moves with the body through each stride;
  • Compressive liner provides support and wicks moisture for comfort;
  • UPF 50 guards against harmful rays for happy skin on sunny days;
  • Item #TNF057S.

This is the first time I really run in the Better Than Naked jacket for an extended period.
My first impressions are: It's a great jacket in terms of being ideal for conditions. In this area, in the French Alps like a morning like this morning, I went for a run and it's cool misty some wind. It's just perfect because it blocks the wind. It's breathable, not getting hot in it and your core temperature kind of stays in that ideal state. You're not sweating but you're not getting cooled either.

I think to be able to regulate your core and to be able to stay comfortable. It`s really important and it's so lightweight. When it does warm up enough that you want to strip it off. You don't even realize when you tie it around. The waist or stuff it in your pocket it can't even tell us there even when you're wearing.

It's like a layer that you don't even realize is really on you the feel of the fabric. This way is different than anything I've worn before. It doesn't feel like you're your typical wind layer. It's super comfy just got done with a nice uphill warm me up. And this layer is ideal because it's so light and just strip it off when you warm up a bit tire around the waist and go.

Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

If your cup of tea entails a pre-dawn cruise through the local trail system, then the Altra Men's Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe might just be the complementary creamer to your earl grey. Incidentally enough, the designers at Altra listened to your feedback about the Superior 3.0 and outfitted the 3.5 with a series of improvements. To start, the Superior 3.5 now features accurate sizing, structural overlays in the upper, and a subtle flare on the outsole lugs to maintain traction.

In dependable Altra fashion, the Superior features a Zero Drop platform that places your heel and forefoot at the same distance for a natural stride. An A-Bound midsole includes EVA foam for the right amount of lightweight cushion and energy rebound with a low profile and not a lot of bulk. InnerFlex grooves provide flexibility in the midsole for better grip with every step, and Altra added a Contour footbed for extra cushioning. There's also a removable StoneGuard insole that provides lightweight protection from sharp rocks when you're boulder hopping or surfing your way down loose scree fields.

The Superior 3.5 features Altra's TrailClaw sole, which models sticky rubber after your foot's bones and tendons to give natural flex and targeted support in key areas. The famous FootShape toe box lets your toes spread out naturally to ensure stability on rugged terrain. Up top, Altra equipped the Superior 3.0 with a quick-drying and durable Air Mesh upper to ventilate and keep your foot cool, and it finished the Superior off with its Gaiter Trap, which lets you securely attach gaiters to the shoe without having to wrap them under your sole.

  • Revamped version of Altra's popular Superior trail runner;
  • Reinforced upper increases shoe's overall durability;
  • Air mesh upper dries quickly after creek crossings;
  • 4-Point GaiterTrap technology keeps debris out of socks;
  • Toe box is designed to allow for natural toe splay;
  • DuraTread sole with TrailClaw clings to loose, rocky trails;
  • Fully cushioned midsole with Zero Drop technology;
  • Item #ATR003Z.

This is the Ultra Men's superior 3.5. Trail running shoe. Trail runners racers ultra runners and even fast packers will love the lightweight performance that this shoe offers. Extra toe room a zero drop platform and a modular design are a few of the many features that come along with this shoe.

The biggest thing that comes along with the Ultra shoes is the foot shape. Toe box this is so much different than what you get with essentially all other trail runners. The toe box is significantly wider than your typical aggressively tapered trail runner but the shoe still keeps a nice snug heel and a narrow midsection. So your foot isn't sliding around the toe room is important so that your foot can expand and splay out on each strike. You get the most comfort and rebound out of each stride. With the upper, you get beefed up synthetic materials for increased durability. Ultras also built a four-point gator trap for use with their trail gaiters which are sold separately.

There's a D-ring at the base of the laces a velcro attachment at the back at the heel and two loops on either sides for securing. The middle of the shoe is also unique ultra builds there. Shoes on a zero drop platform that means there's no difference in height between your heel and your forefoot. This is meant to encourage a more neutral stride. The idea is to land more on the front of your foot instead of on the heel over time. Transferring to this method will help reduce fatigue and less frequent injury due to less impact on your joints.

The superior is known for being a lightly cushioned shoe so it's not gonna give a lot under the foot. It's designed for the fast and light type of runner who's already running likely. In this zero drop style, Ultra gives you the option of adding a stone guard plate to protect the midsole. As well it's a slightly stiffer material that's just gonna be up the protection that you'll get under your foot. If you're shedding as many ounces as possible simply leave it out.

The outsole is all Deraa tread rubber outsole with this trail claw design. This gives you nice directional traction that will adapt to many different terrain types. There are a few different densities of rubber in the bottom. So you'll have stiffness where you need it and softness where it makes sense. The tread is also a bit more flared toward the edges so you get really good stability from the shoe. As well these shoes are definitely a step up for a lightweight trail runner or racer. They give you enhanced durability without skimping on the excellent toe space or cushion that you should expect from Ultra definitely. Designed for the experienced runner these are the Ultra men's Superior 3.5 trail runners.

Salomon Sense Ride Trail Running Shoe - Men's

Hitting the trails without a proper pair of shoes is like trying to eat lobster without a bib: it just ain't gonna end well. So the next time you hear the trails calling your name, make sure you slip on the Salomon Men's Sense Ride Trail Running Shoe. Assuring unencumbered agility, the Sense Ride features a low-profile, seamless upper for a barely-there fit and feel. Meanwhile, the drawcord closure system makes for easy-on, easy-off, and the cushioned midsole is endowed with just-enough foam to keep you upright and comfortable for at least a marathon's worth of distance. Though, to ensure you stay four paws up, the Sense is equipped with an 8mm to help propel your stride, and the lugged Contagrip maintains sticky traction whether you're bounding through wet, damp, or loose surfaces.

  • Enjoy a smooth ride with this trail running shoe;
  • Mesh upper provides breathable ventilation;
  • Drawcord closure makes for easy, on-the-fly adjustments;
  • Midsole attenuates impact and enhances energy return;
  • Slight rockered profile and 8mm drop propel stride;
  • Grippy outsole chews up varied terrain;
  • Item #SAL00XF.

This is the Salomon men's Sense Ride trail shoe.

The shoe delivers elite level running performance at a price that won't break the bank. It borrows design features and tech from Salomon's elites lab line but uses materials that allow it to be more reasonable on the wallet.

This shoe isn't designed for any specific objective. It's more of an all around a trail runner. A lot of folks might look at this and see a perfect everyday trainer. The upper is a flexible mesh with a welded synthetic overlay. You get plenty of structure around the middle of the foot to keep you in place and the toes have all open mesh to breathe and move around freely without restriction.

It has Salomon's endo fit construction which basically mimics a sock. All the way down it wraps around your foot and provides a nearly seamless fit. There are friction free lace eyelets so durability is enhanced there. The quick lay system also makes the shoe much easier to put on and take off so you don't have to waste any time tuck away. The excess lacing right in the lacing pocket in the tongue you can see just by looking at the shoe. That it's got tons of cushioning. The compressed TVA midsole gives you plenty of comforts. And cushion and there's also a dampening compound in the midsole as well.

The combination of these really protects the feet well after a full day of rock hopping on the outside. You get a con to grip rubber outsole. This sole provides a great balance of grip and stability on variable terrain, wet/dry rocky or groomed trails. The grip is just enough without being overly clunky and route to the trailhead. If you like to warm up on pavement before hitting the dirt these can suffice for that as well.

The logs are multi-directional so you get good braking power and acceleration without being too slippery. Definitely suitable for most trail running objectives or training runs before a big race. The Salomon men's Sense Ride strikes a great blend between performance and price.

HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Running Shoe - Men's

When you want to escape to the trail and leave your daily stresses behind for a few hours, the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Running Shoe will be there with the support and performance you need to tackle your longest and toughest trail runs. Named after the original Speedgoat Karl Metzer, who knows a thing or two about going long, this shoe offers plush underfoot comfort and support for high-mileage days thanks to its oversized EVA midsole. You'll have lots of cushioning and a feel that isn't too bulky or clunky, ensuring maneuverability on tricky terrain. The Vibram Megagrip outsole features an aggressive lug pattern to help you claw into soft trails and keep your grip on roots and rocks, while the open engineered mesh upper provides maximum breathability on sweltering days.

New to the Speedgoat is a more supportive heel and upper to help you take on even longer runs. Reinforced overlays and a midfoot cage help keep your foot stable and supported, even when the trail gets rocky and overgrown. A wider platform also works towards a more stable base, and the MetaRocker design helps you transition easily from heel strike to toe-off, keeping you moving smoothly on tough terrain.

  • Comfortable and supportive shoe for long runs on favorite trails;
  • Lugged Vibram Megagrip outsole ensures traction on any surface;
  • Oversized midsole offers plenty of cushioning for high-mileage days;
  • Midfoot support ensures stability on technical terrain;
  • Engineered mesh upper delivers breathability in warm weather;
  • MetaRocker design provides a smooth transition through your gait;
  • Item #HOK0053.
We are looking at the Speedgoat 3 Running Shoe. This is an incredibly popular trail shoe for us. It was really as the Speedgoat 2 for a lot of people. It was the trail shoe of the year for 2018 and the Speedgoat 3 essentially continues what the Speedgoat 2 started.Exactly same midsole and outsole but with just a little bit more room in the toe box and a little bit fewer overlays on the foot. That's in response to people just wanting a little bit more space around their toes. What you need to understand with the Speedgoat 3 versus say a Challenger 5 or other trail shoes is if we look at this way American long-distance trail running tends to be quite rolly and there are some technical nasty ultras obviously but generally you're looking at rolling terrain big distances.

People looking for more spread through their feet which is where shoes like challenger coming in and shoes like torrent as well. With the Speedgoat. This was designed around utmb. Now utmb throws everything at runners. So you have very long climbs very sometimes long quiet steep descents.

You have very unpredictable weather conditions. Everything from loose earth to rock and mud, and ice, and slush, and snow so you need something that as well as handling all of that. Is also going to feel out-of-the-way enough that you can run long fast ridges and long fast valleys in a really smooth way. That is exactly I think why the Speedgoat is such a great shoe: because it was designed with a really focused purpose in mind as well being a hundred mile or of course utmb demands a lot of cushions.

The stack heights the amount of cushion underfoot. In the Speedgoat 3 are actually quite close to being the amount of cushion underfoot from the speed, from the bond. I`d rather bought it's in a less voluminous platform. It's got all the juicy goodness of Vibram outsole and part of the thing is. Speedgoat obviously cowl melter is the Speedgoat but when look at the way that these logs are patterned they actually work like the toes of a goat for descending in that.

They spread and for climbing that they come together so you have great traction, climbing or descending in this shoe and one of the things people have really loved about the Speedgoat on trial is that for technical staff that heel unit even though it looks like. There's a lot of cushions there is there and there is a lot of cushions there.

The way that it's being shaped and tooled actually means that it doesn't collapse medially or laterally in the kind of way you might expect from such a cushioned shoe. So it gives a really stable safe predictable ride over complex terrain and that is what European mountain running is very much about. So you have this mid and forefoot lockdown that's keeping the shoe in place on your foot. There's not a lot of lags as you do technical sort of stuff. The kind of running where you might have six thousand meters of gain in just 65k.

Importantly for people to know, there is nothing wrong with going up a half size because I know that some people feel that technical fit can be a bit squeeze go up. A half size generally not a problem and especially over a longer race where your feet are swelling a bit that tends to actually be. A benefit so there you have Speedgoat 3 slightly roomier toe box than its predecessor. Exactly the same cushion, stable reliable and sticky midsole and outsole array and a little bit of a better midfoot lock downer than previously. That shoe continues their heritage on which it's built and should really be any serious endurance runners in your arsenal basically for long-distance trail running in Australia.

Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's

Don't let the winter months sideline your running habit—run through the year's coldest months with the Pearl Izumi Men's Flash Insulator Run Jacket. The Flash is insulated throughout the body with Primaloft insulation to keep your core warm, and it has a weather-resistant polyester fabric throughout the rest of the jacket to combat wind and moisture. Two zippered hand pockets give you a place to warm your hands or stash a few energy gels on those longer runs. Reflective details provide an extra touch of visibility when light is limited.

  • Polyester;
  • 40g Primaloft synthetic insulation;
  • Regular fit;
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets;
  • Reflective details;
  • Item #PLZ00AD.

Saucony Omni 16 Running Shoe - Men's

Parting ways with your beloved Omni 15 shoes can be a difficult decision to make, but between their packed-out midsoles and riddled-with-holes uppers, it might be time for them to permanently retire. But before you get feeling too nostalgic, know that the Saucony Omni 16 Men's Running Shoe is ready to replace them with high levels of plush cushioning for all of your high-mileage training days and a light, breathable, and adaptive upper that flexes with your foot with every step. The Omni 16 checks in with an 8mm drop and stability support to accommodate those with moderate to severe pronation. The external heel support delivers a locked-down fit, while the Tri-Flex sole allows for a natural, flexing feel with each step.

  • Cushioned running shoe for long-distance training runs;
  • Stability support for moderate to severe pronation;
  • Plush midsole delivers high energy return and cushioning;
  • Tri-Flex outsole flexes with each step for a natural feel;
  • External heel support ensures a snug, secure step;
  • Adaptive upper with Flexfilm overlays for support;
  • Item #SAU00AN.

This is Saucony Omni 16 Running sports shoe reviewing. The new Omni Building of the same support level that Omni runners know and rely on this new update adds. Iso fit to the construction catering to a variety of feet the Omni isos new iso fit upper works with the moving mesh in the heel for improved fit.

We've added more xc 900 rubber to the outsole as well as new powerful midsole. We've carried the top flow construction of ever and cushioning and kept the shoe at 8 millimeters offset. Weight a slightly increased to ten point seven ounces for a man's size nine and nine point five ounces for women size eight. The Omni iso is perfect for a training shoe at any distance. I love every run in the new Omni. So check it out.

Under Armour HeatGear Armour 3/4 Legging Nov - Men's

The Under Armour HeatGear Armour 3/4 Leggings will keep you cool and dry during all of your workouts, whether they're on the practice field or at the gym. Using HeatGear technology, these leggings wick sweat and breathe well to help you stay comfortable as you build up heat and start to sweat. A gusseted stretch-mesh crotch not only helps you move easier during cardio interval workouts, but also increase breathability and airflow to help cool you down when you really get moving.

  • Compression tights to help you stay cool and dry as you work out;
  • HeatGear technology wicks moisture to help you stay dry and focused;
  • Four-way stretch construction moves easily in all directions;
  • Compression fit helps increase bloodflow to your muscles;
  • Stretch-mesh gusset provides breathable airflow to cool you down;
  • Anti-odor technology turns down the funk factor after long workouts;
  • Item #UND02J6.

I Reviewed some under armor leggings. I reviewed my under armour cold gear version of these same leggings. The only difference between these leggings is one is heat gear and one's cold gear, but we're gonna be focusing on the heat gear version of these leggings.

If you think of like under armour's compression where you know the heat gear material that's in their compression shorts.

This is still the same material. It's a very thin lightweight material. They fit tight since this compression. It's not fitted some leggings especially some coal gear. Leggings will come in a fitted version. Personally, I like to always go with a compression because the fitted ones. You will be loose in a few areas so with the compression leggings. I feel like you know. If you're buying them you want them because they're tight and you fit tight around the body. Tit the around your legs so really one big characteristic of these is the heat your version. Some other some nice features about these we'll just kind of go over some short things here. It's got a drawstring.

It is adjustable so if you do find yourself maybe if you get the wrong size you can still adjust them to where they fit correctly but I would always advise you guys to you're gonna ask me what size do I wear if you know if I wear like a large. I'm nourished all of under Armour stuff fits true to size so I mean if you wear like a large in compression shorts you're gonna wear a large inner murse legging.

So that's just kind of how their size and goes it all works. The same it just makes it easier so you're not having to figure out what size you wear so just always make sure whatever size that you've always worn. In under armour just they stay true to their size always have when I show you how these fit.

I'll be able to give you guys a little more description on kind of the overall fit of them. The waistband is stretchy. Makes it nice and easy to get them on. They're not hard to get on or anything. They've got one major inch seam going down the entire leggings. As you can see there and there's only three main in seams. Well kind of the stitching areas and this one kind of goes through the crotch area. You've got two of these long stitching's going all the way down. So and on the back, you got the Under Armour tag. There it says what size it is so really and then here's the tag on the back.

It's got the sizing says compression and heat here. It's the right one that you've got. These come in a variety of colors. Just the basic color is like black navy blue. I think they have kind of a lighter blue and white. In these, you have kind of limited on few colors but really I feel like if you're going for leggings. You're gonna go for a basic color like black or white. I feel like that's not overly expensive pair of leggings.

They're not necessarily sued for the cold weather they're more suited for the hotter weather but I would say that these would be great for fall you know say if you're playing football and you know it's not overly cold. This would be perfect if you still like wearing the cool your leggings or you'd like to have leggings with your football uniform.

I think these are great to go with even kind of weather because you can you won't be overly hot in them because they're gonna breathe well. So really and you guys might also ask how they kind of look short because if you look at them you know they kind of and I'll try stretch these out. Here show you how long.

They don't fit like a kind of like a pair of sweatpants. I mean they do look kind of short but no matter your leg size. These really do stretch out so and I'll kind of show you what I mean and once I do and put them on just kind of how long they stretch for me.

So let's get into that. All right so here the Under Armour heat gear compression leggings. To give you just an overall look of everything. What's great about these is that's the link that they stretch so no matter really how tall you are, how long your legs are, these are still going to kind of a stretch to your leg length.

Norrona Bitihorn Aero100 Jacket - Men's

The lightest and most breathable jacket that Norrona makes, the Bitihorn Aero100 Men's Jacket is ideal for backpacking, hiking, climbing, and even biking—pretty much any activity where the wind'll be blowing and you're likely to be sweating. With a long back for protection from dirt and water, the Bitihorn weighs just 4.2 ounces and stuffs into its own pocket, too, so you'll hardly notice it on your back or in your pack.

  • Minimalist softshell for trail running or trekking;
  • Lightweight fabric repels water and resists wind;
  • Open weave technology offers excellent breathability;
  • Laser cut holes under the arms provide ventilation;
  • Elastic wrists and adjustable hem keep out the wind;
  • Reflective hits keep you visible in low-light conditions;
  • Stows down into chest pocket for convenient packing;
  • Item #NRA00CV.

Let's go deep into details of the two major lines. The first one is a well-known Bitihorn because it's a long-lasting line but what's do about be eternal.

Lightweight tracking collection is completely renewed for this season What you will see here is that we have taken. We wanted to make tricking clothing and outer product a little more fashionable, so we pulled in more fashion into it. So still high function and we are continued to build a function, but we like to look out or to be a little fresher so that's what we don't have.

We worked on the past form on the pants. It's more like yet you see on the streets. Now little closer to fitting. Good news mark details and new very comfortable and functional fabrics, and we added in some new iconic products like our Alpha btw own jacket. So you have the product over here on the mannequin. This what's unique about this product is that you have an insulating jacket which is not new but the new thing is that the installation breeds very well.

It's knitted so you can have an open inside. Even if you're really active the moisture will move out. So this is one of the iconic styles. We're also having you know new flex shirts, lightweight shells backpacks, hiking pants, waterproof garments. There's a lot of nice things in there. In delight a lightweight vic to your collection policies and complete your fur. All these did so finally.

This is the alpha product so the Alpha installation from Polar Tech it's knitted polyester insulation and since it is knitted it can be. You can have an open inside liner because it's not migrating the fiber. If you have a down jacket, for example, you need completely down proof fabric on the inside of the down. So, therefore, you can have an open mesh and then when you slip the moisture will go out and you can also have a much more breathable face fabric which also lets the moisture out. So this is a totally new way or using insulation and it adds on a new dimension to traditional insulation wear. This one you know even if you're jogging and so on. The moisture will go out so it gives you a better comfort if you have high activity and you still need insulation.

Klattermusen Vanadis Jacket - Men's

Klattermusen Vanadis Jacket - Men's

Driving cross country in a van certainly comes with challenges, keeping clean and dry being one of the biggest ones. The Klattermusen Vanadis Jacket makes a great wind-blocking travel companion with its water- and dirt-repellent construction and quick drying fabric. Even if the best you can do is to clean yourself up is a dip in the river mid-trip, your jacket can stay clean longer than you without a proper shower. This versatile jacket can protect you from all the mildly uncomfortable weather you encounter while stumbling upon adventures.

  • Backcountry Exclusive;
  • A cozy, yet hardy jacket that will be your best friend on unpredictable adventures;
  • Stretchy fabric gives you mobility while blocking wind and sun;
  • Angled zipper and soft brushed chin fabric increase comfort while fully zipped;
  • Item #KLA0021.
The Brage Jacket is a classic clutter moving expedition jacket. It has been tested against all conditions and elements over time.

We envisioned it for winter tours and expeditions. It is a favorite among professional guides and active people who use it because it can really take a lot of wear and tear out signature clutter muse and wind visor.

It's designed to protect your face from strong winds and allowing room for a helmet. We've also included four zips pockets with storm flaps all out of the way of your hip.

Belts and harnesses. Brage is very hard-wearing but not lightweight.
We complemented it with a number of important safety features including a whistle, a compass, and a reflector in the back cut.

For a generous fit, the breath a jacket allows for warm clothing underneath. It is crafted from three layer cotton super-stretch fabric with dura coat reinforcements in key areas. We've also ensured the water repellent is pfoa-free.


The main requirements for running clothing are:

  • breathability;
  • durability;
  • freedom for movement.

All items on this page were designed to meet all requirements. They fit any level and kind of running.