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SOG® Twitch II Folding Knife – Wood Handle Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Folding Knife W.R. Case & Sons® Sportsman Series Folding Knives W.R. Case & Sons® Red Stag Folding Knives W.R. Case & Sons® NRA Veteran War Folding Knife Gift Set CRKT® Drip Tighe Folding Knife RedHead™ The Hunt Camo Folding Knife W.R. Case & Sons® White Synthetic Ichthus Folding Knives Buck® 55 Folding Pocket Knife Buck® 840 Sprint Select™ Folding Knife
SOG® Twitch II Folding Knife – Wood HandleOpinel No. 8 Outdoor Folding KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® Sportsman Series Folding KnivesW.R. Case & Sons® Red Stag Folding KnivesW.R. Case & Sons® NRA Veteran War Folding Knife Gift SetCRKT® Drip Tighe Folding KnifeRedHead™ The Hunt Camo Folding KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® White Synthetic Ichthus Folding KnivesBuck® 55 Folding Pocket KnifeBuck® 840 Sprint Select™ Folding Knife
Rating ★★★★☆---------
Blade length3.36".---3.106”.2.68".3-1/8".-3.5".2.5".
BrandOPINELW.R. Case & SonsW.R. CaseW.R. Case & SonsCRKTSOGBuck KnivesW.R. Case-Buck Knives
Closed length4.23".-- 3.625".4.197”.3.5".-2.375".--
OAL7.59".7.25".- 6.375".7.25”.6.2".-4.225".--
Wt2.2 oz.4 oz.- 2 oz.4.2 oz.2.6 oz.-1 oz.-2.2 oz.

SOG® Twitch II Folding Knife – Wood Handle

  • User-instinctive blade release
  • Rapid-deployment lever
  • Rosewood handle with pocket clip
  • Satin-finish AUS-8 stainless steel
  • Cryogenically heat-treated blade

This masterfully engineered SOG® Twitch II Folding Knife mixes fine-watch precision with Sherman-tank dependability. The user-instinctive blade release incorporates a pass-through lock bar that turns part of the blade into a rapid-deployment lever. Swift, reliable SOG Assisted Technology™ takes over to finish opening. The beautiful rosewood handle has a pocket clip. Satin-finish AUS-8 stainless steel cryogenically heat-treated blade.
Blade length: 2.68".
OAL: 6.2".
Closed length: 3.5".
Wt: 2.6 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Folding Knife

  • Serrated-edge 440A stainless steel blade
  • Rockwell hardness of 57-59
  • Built-in 110dB pealess survival whistle

Make survival preparedness a priority carrying the Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Folding Knife. Born in the heart of the French Alps, Opinel knives come backed by a legacy of quality knife making spanning more than 120 years. The 440A stainless steel blade with a serrated edge has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59, delivering an excellent combination of edge retention, ease of sharpening and corrosion resistance. 110dB pealess survival whistle built into the handle allows you to call for help or warn others in emergency situations.
Blade length: 3.36".
OAL: 7.59".
Closed length: 4.23".
Wt: 2.2 oz.

You are looking at an Opinel No9 A classic French folding knife This. One has a 35 inch(9cm) blade from high carbon steel. And a sharpness that is simply unmatched in its class Lightweight at 16oz(45gr) affordable. And beautiful These are knives. That demand some love care. And attention But you give them. That the result is a very rugged. And effective knife. That will truly grow on. And last for decades The wooden handle with a fishtail at the end is curved to give. You a sure grip and can be made from beech oak walnut olive rosewood. And a plethora of other materials The stainless steel locking ring at the top twists to secure the blade in. Both open and closed position The blade itself has the form of a so-called Yatagan Single-edged with a forward curve. And sharp point.

The nail nick in the side of the steel makes. It easy to open Its edge is okay out of the box but amazing when. You put a little work into. It The wood benefits greatly from a thin layer of wax. Once in a while to make. More moisture proof When. You don’t the handle swells. And the knife becomes difficult to open In. That case a firm tap on its fishtail ensures the blade is still accessible This. One from high carbon rusts. When kept wet so I try to keep. When possible but I definitely don’t mother.

It’s been with while kayaking on salt water camping in the Norwegian rain It’s been submerged in French rivers. And clashed with Polish rocks Opinel also makes stainless steel versions that are lower in maintenance but also a tad less sharp. More difficult to sharpen. It just has less character The Opinel is timeless. And a great piece of equipment. You are willing to put.

And like I said it's a blue died would handle. It is uh it's not a slip joint. It does have this locking mechanism oh. You could just turn. That okay nice for what I could tell my camera is picking. And locks it in place. Iknow the little bit of videos. Ihave seen on it basically. Ihaven't seen anybody really turning. That knob so it's almost like they're using it like a slip joint ah. This the end I still left thee the little tag on there still show. You it's brand-new this lanyard is leather it's made in France. And it's a ridiculously light 16 ounces. Me close and take it around at first. And then I'll take you open. You ever hear the saying how does. You never get a second chance to make a first impression well yesterday. Igot home I was a little psyched to get. It my way I paid $17 well right. This goes for cheaper a lot of places but. Ikept looking around. Ikept seeing I mean you'd on the website. It came up as some 18 dollars. This for 17 including ships a lot of places.

It for 12 after you factor in shipping it back up to 17 anyway so back to just getting it so my steamed about the first impression. You don't have a second chance to make a first person as soon as. Itried to stick my hand. You know my finger in there. And a pull I could not pull. This out I mean really. It was like I actually hurt myself. Because right now my nails are very short. Ia nice you know I was trying to pull. Igo yeah I was like wow the heck is up with. This doesn't this thing open up. Now over the couple hours yeah. You know it opens up. Me uh what's that my trusty wipe but. It took a little that usual. What hopin Elgar up. You know I'm gonna stick top enough is. That usual what happened. Idon't know like I said I'm a novice. It comes to open I don't know but let's let's see.

Now let's do a quick Wow. Iforgot my paper for my paper test anyway you'll just have to take. It for granted for me. Ididn't bring my paper. Idon't want to start. This over again uh it does cut very well okay. You know I'm not gonna say it's a plus color but it's sharp. You know it had that's a positive it's a very sharp blade. Some things I want to go over. What I like what I don't like in. Some comparisons to other knives. Idon't know when people are saying their doing modifications to. This knife it exactly they're modifying I'm assuming their modifying the handles. Idon't know I really can't say but as is well. Some positives. You will definitely not feel. This in your pocket wha your pop your wallet yeah in your pocket. Imean like I said 16 ounces that's ridiculously light but. II don't know the trouble opening it causes being right off the bat to have a bed like. Isaid bad first impression.

You wanna I want to light. This knife I already was already having plans I'm gonna buy. These colors and I'm gonna probably have a bunch of them. Iget a lemon it didn't open up good. You know it still seems a little stiff to open. You know is that a good thing is. That a bad thing maybe it's a good thing because. Once it's open you can it's probably not gonna close. Even without the lock on is. It a bad thing you know I'll leave. That up to you know like it's better. It was I'll say that cuz. Ihad taken this out of the package. And showed I was pulling it out like. Iprobably would have dreamed. All over and said forget about. This thing's a piece of junk but. It after a day of playing around with. It cut with you know. It does have redeeming value but let's take the price let's go from 12 to 20 dollars. You know you can get. This from 12 to 20 dollars. This variant anyway.

What else can you get for. That price right so let's feedback a little bit let's let's put. This in the middle of the. What else could you get for. That price you know let's tone on clone for now oh let's go like book. You might say well come on Joe. You expect for 17 dollars. Iexpect look at this is a Mora. Imean yeah alright it's its a fixed play. You know it's tough too. This is like $12 me the quality of. And you're getting a quality. These leaps and bounds better. Than the oppan oh you know. You want to stick to the. You want to stick to the de fix blade. How about a cold steel fin. This is less this is probably. Idon't remember what I paid for this. This is uh in that price range I'm pretty sure. This is probably leaps. And bounds better now does. This same Steel's is. Idon't know but it's a fixed plate so. You might sorry Joe come on man it's a fixed blade. You know you can't compare the two it's different alright so let's let's take the fin bear out.

It in the beginning it's a fin bear alright so uh. How about uh first short shuffle that's about sixteen seventeen dollars it's not the same size blade but the quality is there. You know it feels like a lot. More quality now I'm not running I'm not running the OP no down. You know it did start off on. Me bad but it has making a comeback. Iwas starting to like. It a little bit today but I'm just showing you. Some comparisons you know. What else can be bought out there. What about God knows. Many Gerbers that are out there. Now granted this guard was a Gerber aspect it's not. Even doesn't even exist. You know it's not mean anymore but still. Many Gerbers are out there. That are less than $20 it'll do the trick little folders it'll do the trick for this.

Icould probably you look them up. You could probably have a list. You go on YouTube you could but there's a ton right so. You want to go the route of clones. How about. This beast the gonzo 720. You can get now for like. One of my one of the guys on YouTube was listening this as twelve dot $12. Or twelve or fifteen dollars. They got bought it was like close to 20 but. You could have this instead of. You want to stick to the seam the same route. How about this is a Navy. Something around but it's a little too basically a little temperance knock off. This was 17 or 19 dollars. This is $17 you can have. This instead of this so here's the question. You know also well before. Even get to the question the knife itself the positives. Isaid it's like I said it's sharp but it's not. You can't open one hand right I'm sure to. You the grip there's no jimping eye. You could conceivably. Imean yeah I like the color of the wood handles.

Ilike the wood handles but. It could slip out of your hands. Imean yeah the lanyard helps the blade. Whether good or bad is paper thin. You know you might say well that's the way. You know that's the way up. And those are that's the way. Ijust feel like I should revisit. This knife maybe a video on. This knife in a couple of months. Ijust feel like something like the blade is going to easily snap on. Some hard duty I don't know. Ican't really say I'll be honest with. This I'm not gonna say. You don't get and I'm not gonna say get. It but I'll say this I'm probably not gonna get. It at first I don't love. All those other things. Ishowed that God knows uncounted. More things you can get between 10. And 20 dollars I think I'd rather go. That route than buy. One of these somebody gave.

One of these yeah would. It would you know it's got its value like. Isaid it's very sharp. And like an idiot I forgot to bring my paper to show. It is sharp so take my word for it like. Isaid very light but as. You know any of my videos I've said. Many times something so. She does shape or a look. Whatever I'll buy multiples of. Ican tell you right. Now I'm not gonna buy multiples of. This is nice to have but as a. One time only thank. Even the leather. We might say quick come on. You get a nose job but. Though the leather just feels a little bit no a little bit cheap could have been done a little bit better for them up for 17 dollars.

Now hopefully you op know fans don't start. You know I'm getting mad at. Me about this I'm just being honest my opinion. This knife has a big following I know there's a lot of incarnations of. This knife, so I could be just maybe could be just. Iper se just like this knife. And I'm not gonna wouldn't tell. You to definitely run out. What other ones like princess my cold for video. Idid know week or so ago. You know jumping up. And down how great. And recommending you definitely have the idea question. Ido not feel one is a must-bye to have to add. It to your collection nice but not great so there. You have it the optimal trekking knife the number 8 the blue handles. One last look at it before. We close out the one that's a fingerprint magnet thanks a lot for watching take care. You enjoyed the video you.

You right here on the knife. That it's a number 8. And it says made in France not sure. If the lights picking. That up it looks like. It is this is the ein ox stainless steel blade there's the famous OpenAL open three finger open two fingers closed hand with the crown. And there's some history behind. That and again let's come back. And I receive this from my birthday so my initials are engraved in. It and it's just a really nice knife. That I'm going to cherish. And that I'm going to start carrying and it's also a very practical knife as. You can see here I'll just do a little quick carving here a great knife to have around the campsite it's super sharp. You know for carving and kindling wood.

You could also do you could do. Some light batana with. It and see some of. That you were making a kindling wood very nice to work with just a really nice blade nice shape feels good in hand. And guys three and a quarter inch blade seven. And a half inch total length opened closed. This is what it looks like it's the knife closed again 16 ounces. You can get the monogrammed. And on the steel is also on the wood the blade is a stainless steel let's open. It back up and show. You the blade is a stainless steel 12 C 27s Sandpit stainless steel. It will not rust it's a considered. Some of the best stainless steel out there that's Sandpit 12 C 27 okay. This knife if you noticed. If you could see it has what's called a vibe Rolo con. It so once I open. This knife I'll shut. It here once I open. It there's a little sliding piece here called the vibra lock.

You can see I'll slide. It there it goes and. Now you can see that. It will not close on. You and fold onto your hand there. You can see and also to close. It again you slide the vibra lock over. You can close the blade. And then also slide the vibra lock so. You cannot open it. Either and will keep. It from opening as well so that's your safety mechanism on. This knife again the craftsmanship is really nice on. This knife second-to-none the woods really nice the lanyards nice the whole shape of the knife just the way. It feels the lightweight the versatility of. It and this gives. You no excuse not to have a knife in your pocket at. One point six ounces guys I'm going to put the open L USA site in the description box.

You could go over some of the frequently asked questions on. This knife but again guys. If you want a really good knife for you know under 20 bucks for this version here just a really nice piece of history. And a piece of craftsmanship open LLL number 8 thanks for watching guys let. Me know what you think. If you have this knife let. Me know how you like. It and take care and stay ready.

And it's a very lightweight knife. And like I said kind of traditional style so that's why I called. It bush craft kit worthy folder so anyhow like says just going to start a little fire with. It can be a pretty quick video so there. Iguess so I just want to show. You just how thin of a slice. You can do with and I'll show. It will strike further on here just a minute but. Some really nice fine little curls with. That really tiny you want to is a very sharp blade. And it's a it's a full flat grind so. You can get down in their like. You need to as well let's make just a. More little pieces little bitty feathers. Iwould row get back. And cut your snoot, so I'm going to fold. This back up instead of striking it with a Ferry rod with the blade out.

And with this little curved portion here that's. What I found the best place to strike a Ferry rod but. It strikes a Ferry rod very well as. You can see so like. Isaid that's the open L number eight. And I'll leave all the specs in the description box below. You want to check this out also leave a link to. It on Amazon and eBay. It goes for 1516 bucks. It was so a really great little inexpensive knife. That is definitely worth putting in a survival kit bush craft kit. That kind of stuff even a daily folder. You wanted to so I don't carry. It as a daily folder just. One of the main things. Iuse a folder for is opening packages so. Ilike an assistant open knife just in case my other hand is busy but. This would be a really great option for a very lightweight knife carry in your pocket so make sure. You check out all the links in the description box below. You very much for watching please like share subscribe.

That good stuff you next time.

W.R. Case & Sons® Sportsman Series Folding Knives

Featuring a variety of unique animal scenes on the handle, W.R. Case & Sons' Sportsman Series Folding Knives pay tribute to the outdoors. A leading American manufacturer of quality, handcrafted cutlery for over a century, W.R. Case & Sons constructs their knives in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Using skilled craftsmen and the finest materials paired with lasting techniques, you receive tradition and heritage with each knife. Each comes packaged in a gift tin. Made in USA.
Clip-point blade length: 3".
Spey-blade length: 3".
OAL: 7.25".
Closed: 4.125".
Wt: 4 oz.
Styles: Pheasant, Dove, Wood Duck, Grouse, Quail, Turkey, White-Tailed Deer.

W.R. Case & Sons® Red Stag Folding Knives

  • Genuine stag handles
  • Tru-Sharp surgical-steel blades
  • Perfect for everyday carry

Learn more about W.R. Case and Sons

Tried and true, the W.R. Case & Sons Red Stag Folding Knives are the perfect everyday companion. The genuine stag handle and mirror-polished Tru-Sharp surgical-steel blades combine stunning good looks with rugged durability.
• Peanut
Clip-point blade length: 2.1".
Pen blade length: 1.53".
OAL: 4.975".
Closed length: 2.875". Wt: 1.2 oz.
• Small Stockman
Clip-point blade length:
Sheep's-foot blade length: 1.5".
Pen blade length: 1.49".
OAL: 4.625".
Closed length: 2.625".
Wt: 1.2 oz.
• Tiny Trapper
Clip-point blade length: 1.85".
Wharncliffe blade length: 1.85".
OAL: 4.225".
Closed length: 2.375".
Wt: 1 oz.

W.R. Case & Sons® NRA Veteran War Folding Knife Gift Set

  • Embellished smooth natural bone handle
  • Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade
  • Includes presentation-quality gift box

Learn more about W.R. Case and Sons® Learn More Button

Nothing says thank you for your service quite like the W.R. Case & Sons NRA Veteran War Folding Knife Gift Set. Crafted with patriotic pride, these folders earn a centerpiece spot in the knife collection of any U.S. serviceman. Embellished smooth natural bone handle pairs with Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blade for lasting quality worthy of the name. Comes in presentation-quality gift box.
Clip-blade length: 3.25".
Spey-blade length: 3.27".
OAL: 7.395".
Closed length: 4.125".
Wt: 4 oz.

CRKT® Drip Tighe Folding Knife

  • Unique drip design on the handle
  • Tough, sharp and corrosion-resistant 8Cr13MoV blade
  • Nonslip weaved-carbon-fiber and G10 handle

CRKT's Drip Tighe Folding Knife combines the practicality of an everyday carry with unique style. Tough 8Cr13MoV stainless steel holds an excellent edge, resists corrosion and is easy to re-sharpen – making it a reliable choice for a variety of jobs. Nonslip weaved-carbon-fiber and G10 handle delivers the solid grip you need for superior control. Frame lock secures the blade in place.
Blade length: 3.106”.
OAL: 7.25”.
Closed length: 4.197”.
Wt: 4.2 oz.

Everybody goes chin three here. Ijust wanted to show. This knife it's gonna be. More knife videos I really like. This knife its good size I'll give. You the dimensions everything but. This is a made by Cricut as. You know we can say. And it's a TIG knife TIG HB so. Ibelieve I'm pronouncing it rights. Iwanted to show this wicked blade look at. This look at this thing came so sharp it's not. Even funny so my TIG. Ithink that's how it's pronounced from. What I've heard and researched but in case I'm running you guys can tell. Me that's how it's spelled.

This thing is just a wicked knife it's a three point six inch blades in length it's hollow ground it's let's see it's got a pocket clip of course right here so let. And here's you release. It in here that's most nice and so. You would put this way in your pocket. And of course pull it out as you're pulling this way. And then spring-loaded. This thing is really well-made but pretty much. Everything with Cricut is so like it's just a wicked knife so. This is pronounced my tie. Ikept saying TIG but. Ijust looked at my notes my tie kind of Rises a drink my tie so my tie that's the way it's pronounced so. Ikept saying TIG sorry about. That so about the knife a little bit right here German steel 55 57 Rockwell hardness it's self assist to frame block it's got serrations. They call these vests dubby. Imean I'm sorry V e FF. These are called vests. Imean look at these things it's just wicked. These are really sharp the whole blade is. Icame but this is sharp. Ibought this on ebay it's just seriously wicked. This will tear some serious meat.

Whatever it is you're going through. You went in through a surface like. This imagines coming out going in. And coming out tearing decelerations like. Isaid are called theft by the guy who created. These ve FF so these are best in. That serrations you want to call. It the handle is I tell over steel so. This right here is and the rest right here steel as. Itells on this part right here. And that's pretty cool it's got a cool little design as. You can see right there it's got two thumb studs on. Both sides some knives come with. That so it's on either side. And they're pretty cool they've never gotten loose like on. Some knives this is a right-hand carry I'm sure. You can do it on the left but there're knives. That are made for right hand.

This is made for right hand so. This would go in your pocket like. And then you would pull. It out like and then of course activate look at. That just this thing opens up quick so anyways that's the blade right there it's 56 ounces by the way it's 12 inches. And width from here too from tip to end I'm sorry 12 inches the blade is 36 inches but. Imade point 121 two inches in width is. What I was trying to say so anyways. This is just a great knife. This thing so it's very sharp okay here's a piece of wood just a little bit here. And then look at this with those vasser ations just. They carve into this thing look at. That look at those serrations just carve. Iwere to go down this way a little hard because of the angle but.

Igo forward just like. Isaid wicked I'd be careful playing with. These knives you know nice you've cut yourself. All have but be very careful of these so there's my cricket my tie awesome knife hope. You guys enjoyed this knife review of my. One of my mini knives there're different angles for you guys my tie that's. You pronounce it so click on the subscribe button. Iwould appreciate it my friends have. More videos coming come. And subscribe and talk to. You soon take care and God bless.

RedHead™ The Hunt Camo Folding Knife

  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • Dual thumb studs
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Liner-lock
  • Pocket clip

The Hunt Camo Folding Knife from RedHead makes a great hunting knife for both large and small game, while being slim and light enough for an everyday-carry knife. The high-chromium 440 stainless steel blade retains an edge through the hunting season and resists corrosion. Dual thumb studs enable quick one-handed opening. An ergonomic handle enhances control, and a sturdy liner-lock prevents the blade from folding in your hand. The Hunt Camo Folding Knife carries comfortably with a pocket clip.
Blade length: 3.5".
Camo patterns: Mossy Oak® Country Roots™ (Pink), TrueTimber® Kanati.

W.R. Case & Sons® White Synthetic Ichthus Folding Knives

  • Case has been crafting knives for over 100 years
  • Greek symbol for fish on the side
  • beautiful and strong synthetic handles

Are you a fisher of men? With any of these White Synthetic Ichthus Folding Knives from W.R. Case and Sons, you'll make that bold statement about your faith without saying a word. All knives feature beautiful and strong synthetic handles with the fish symbol on the side. This comes from the Greek word for fish, a symbol that has been used by Christians throughout history. W.R. Case and Sons has been crafting reliable knives for over 100 years.
• Trapper – Clip-point and spey blades.
Clip-point blade length: 3".
Spey blade length: 3".
OAL: 7.25".
Closed length: 4.125".
Wt: 4 oz.
• Peanut  – Clip-point and pen blades.
Clip-point blade length: 2".
Pen blade length: 1.375".
OAL: 4.75".
Closed length: 2.875".
Wt: 1.2 oz.
• Mini Trapper – Clip-point and spey blades.
Clip-point blade length: 2.375".
Spey blade length: 2.375".
OAL: 6.125".
Closed length: 3.5".
Wt: 2.7 oz.
• Small Stockman – Clip-point, sheepfoot and pen blades.
Clip-point blade length: 1.75".
Sheepfoot blade length: 1.25".
Pen blade length: 1.25".
OAL: 4.688".
Closed length: 2.625".
Wt: 1.2 oz.
• Medium Stockman – Clip-point, sheepfoot and pen blades.
Clip-point blade length: 2.188".
Sheepfoot blade length: 1.375".
Pen blade length: 1.313".
OAL: 5.75".
Closed length: 3.25".
Wt: 1.7 oz.
• Mini Copperlock – Clip-point blade.
Clip-point blade length: 2.375".
OAL: 6.375".
Closed length: 3.625".
Wt: 2 oz.

Buck® 55 Folding Pocket Knife

  • Half-sized legacy from Buck's renowned 110 Folding Hunter
  • Classic, compact design
  • 420HC steel clip blade
  • Natural wood-grain handle

The Buck 55 Folding Pocket Knife is a half-sized legacy from Buck's renowned 110 Folding Hunter. Classic, compact design features a clip blade made of 420HC steel and a natural wood-grain handle.
Blade length: 2.5".
Wt: 2.2 oz.

Buck® 840 Sprint Select™ Folding Knife

  • Carries discreetly and deploys rapidly
  • Drop-point, 420HC steel bade
  • 1-hand, blade-flipper opening
  • Ball bearing technology
  • Glass-filled nylon grip

Buck designed the 840 Sprint Select Folding Knife to carry discreetly and deploy rapidly. The drop-point, 420HC stainless steel blade pivots with ball-bearing technology to open smoothly with a flick on the blade flipper. A reliable liner lock secures the blade while in use. Glass-filled nylon grip scales and a finger guard provided by the flipper, offer a nonslip hold. The 840 Sprint Select Folding Knife comes with a removable, deep pocket, steel carry clip. Made in USA.
Blade length: 3-1/8".
Colors: Green, Black.

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