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  Revo Cusp C Polarized Sunglasses - Men's CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Sock - Men's Smith Tempo Max ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Tifosi Optics Elder SL Sunglasses - Men's Icebreaker Ski+ Compression Ultralight Sock - Men's CEP Progressive Plus Outdoor Merino Sock - Men's Smith Prospect Elite Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Turbine Rotor Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration - 24 Pack - Men's Oakley Straightlink Prizm Sunglasses - Men's
  Revo Cusp C Polarized Sunglasses - Men's CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Sock - Men's Smith Tempo Max ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Tifosi Optics Elder SL Sunglasses - Men's Icebreaker Ski+ Compression Ultralight Sock - Men's CEP Progressive Plus Outdoor Merino Sock - Men's Smith Prospect Elite Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Turbine Rotor Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration - 24 Pack - Men's Oakley Straightlink Prizm Sunglasses - Men's
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Brand Smith Osmo Nutrition Tifosi Optics CEP Icebreaker CEP Oakley Smith Revo Oakley
Frame TR90 - Grilamid TR-90 (homopolyamide nylon) - - - O-Matter high-impact nylon acetate O Matter
Frame Dimensions [lens width] 65mm [bridge width] 15mm [temple length] 135mm - [lens/bridge/temple] 72 / 10 / 123mm - - - [lens/bridge/temple] 58 / 17 / 132mm [lens/bridge/temple] 61 / 19 / 125mm [lens/bridge/temple] 65 / 12 / 125mm [temple] 132mm
Lens Chromapop - polycarbonate - - - Plutonite (polycarbonate), HDO (High Definition Optics), Prizm technology polycarbonate polycarbonate Plutonite (polycarbonate)
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime - lifetime 6 months lifetime 6 months 1 year lifetime 2 years 1 year
Nose/Temple Pads yes - - - - - yes, Unobtainium yes, hydrophilic megol yes, Elastomeric yes, Unobtanium nose and temple pads
Recommended Use road cycling, road running, trail running recovery enduro, gravel, road cycling running skiing, snowboarding road running, trail running, travel running, casual fitness, hiking cycling, running, casual cycling, running

Revo Cusp C Polarized Sunglasses - Men's

Revo's Polarized Cusp C Sunglasses mix a sleek, everyday style into a sporty design suitable for cycling and running. Their polarized Serilium lenses provides 100% protection against glares, UVA, UVB, and UVC light, as well as high light absorption and blue and HEV light blockage. The semi-rimless frame ensures lightweight comfort, and the Elastomeric nosepads work with the rubber temple pads to prevent slippage after you work up a sweat.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Polarized
  • High-contrast Serilium lenses
  • Lightweight, semi-rimless frame
  • Elastomeric nosepads and rubber temple pads
  • Please see size chart for lens tint information
  • Item #RVO002J
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    CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Sock - Men's

    Take your runs to the next level with the CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks. Offering graduated, medical-grade compression that improves blood circulation―and, therefore, energy, stamina, and performance―as well as support that can prevent shin splints and other muscle fatigue, these knee-highs are indispensable for the serious athlete. CEP is aware of how much you might come to depend on them, which is why it also included an anti-odor treatment so these socks don't become toxic stink-bombs as a result of daily wear.

  • Compression socks designed for runners and enduranc athletes
  • Prevents pooling, swelling, and improves oxygen delivery
  • Compression zone supports the arch and reduces muscle vibration
  • Achilles tendon protector offers support and extra padding
  • Ventilation channels dump excess heat
  • Silver ion treatment prevents odors
  • Extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points
  • Anatomical left and right model fits your foot's natural shape
  • Item #CEP0023
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    Smith Tempo Max ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses - Men's

    It's quite challenging to run your fastest when the sun's glare is blinding you at each step. The Smith Tempo Max Chromapop Polarized Sunglasses have a speed-oriented design that pairs well with running shoes and road bikes. The Chromapop lenses filter two specific, unwanted wavelengths of light and cause eye fatigue and color confusion in order to deliver greater definition and popping colors. The skies will look bluer, the grass greener, and the pavement will be all the more beautiful when you get your best time. The lenses are also polarized to help with that whole glare thing. Smith made these lenses interchangeable so you can swap them out with different lenses with different tints for cloudier or sunnier conditions.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Speed-craving sunglasses pair with running shoes and road bikes
  • Chromapop lenses enhance definition, color, and clarity
  • Polarization eliminates obnoxious glaring
  • Interchangeable design swaps lenses for other Tempo Max lenses
  • Velocity performance frame with extended coverage and nose pads
  • Please see size chart for lens tint information
  • Item #SMI00J6
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    Tifosi Optics Elder SL Sunglasses - Men's

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    Icebreaker Ski+ Compression Ultralight Sock - Men's

    Icebreaker's merino wool socks are naturally odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture wicking, but the Ski+ Compression Ultralight Sock brings something new to the table. Its graduated compression design helps reduce fatigue and improve recovery time, so you can ski harder, longer, and stronger, and the light cushioning and support keep you feet comfortable during long days in your never-too-comfortable ski boots. The Ski+ Compression sock also has an anatomical toe box and minimal LIN toe seam to keep your toes warm and comfortable when you're busy shredding powder and tearing up the trees.

  • Merino over-the-calf ski sock for lasting comfort
  • Stretchy merino blend wicks sweat and fights fatigue
  • Natural odor-resistant properties keep things fresh
  • Minimal seams traps heat and fights chafing
  • Item #ICE00XT
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    CEP Progressive Plus Outdoor Merino Sock - Men's

    Running can take a toll on your body, so you might as well limit the factors that could potentially injure you. With the CEP Men's Progressive Plus Outdoor Merino Sock, you can keep up the circulation on your legs and stay cool and dry while you run. The merino wool balances body temperature and reduces odors so you don't have to feel your feet sloshing in your own sweat as you workout. Padded zones relieve pressure in certain places and top off the comfort with a seamless toe. Over-the-calf fit helps limit muscle vibration and circulates blood more readily so you can recover quicker and run further when you want.

  • Compression socks to keep blood moving while you move
  • Merino wool manages odor and temperature for comfort
  • Padded zones help reduce pressure in certain places
  • Close-fitting foot prevents blisters
  • Item #CEP000S
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    Smith Prospect Elite Sunglasses - Men's

    From the trailhead to the single track, the Smith Prospect Elite Sunglasses provide everyday style and unrelenting comfort and protection. These sporty shades boast an impact-resistant frame and lenses, and hydrophilic megol nose and temple pads help the shades stay securely on your melon, even in the face of unrelenting precipitation and copious amounts of sweat. So whether you're crushing rocky trails like nobody's business or going on a long hike in the woods to escape the hot summer sun, the Prospect provides optical clarity and protection from start to finish.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Sporty sunglasses that cater a myriad of sports and activities
  • Impact-resistant frame and lenses
  • Medium fit and coverage
  • In compliance with ANSI Z87.1 and lenses meet MIL-PRF-3101 clause
  • Item #SMI00EV
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    Oakley Turbine Rotor Prizm Sunglasses - Men's

    Whether you're grinding out tough miles up mountainous passes on your bike or just relaxing on the beach, you'll enjoy the uninhibited vision and lightweight comfort of the Oakley Turbine Rotor Prizm Sunglasses. The single-piece lens design offers unrestricted viewing of the road ahead, and Prizm polarization eliminates glare while enhancing colors and contrast for a bright, crisp view.

    Unobtanium nose pads and ear socks get tackier the more you sweat, meaning your shades stay on better the harder you work. Lightweight and durable Plutonite lenses block out 100% of harmful UV light while offering undistorted optics. The incredibly light O-Matter frame is subtly flexible for enhanced comfort, and Oakley's patented Three-Point fit eliminates painful pressure points while holding the lenses in precise optical alignment.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Plutonite lenses
  • Prizm Polarized
  • O Matter frame
  • Three-Point fit
  • Unobtanium nose pads and ear socks
  • 100% UV protection
  • Interchangeable icons
  • Item #OAK01AZ
  • Hi guys I'm Dietrich. And I'm here at frames direct comm checking out. Some Oakley sunglasses here. We had the Oakley turbines. These are great for active people who are looking for optimal performance from their sunglasses Oakley turbines are very light made from an Oakley patented material called o matter it's a stress resistant nylon that's flexible. And very durable the styling of these sunglasses is classic Oakley with the sporty wrap shape. And a prominent Oakley logo at the temples the grippy material on the ear stems is an Oakley invention called unobtainium which prevents sliding when. You sweat these come in around 20 different frames. And lends color combinations. This pair is black ink with sapphire mirrored iridium lenses. That are made from Pluto knife which filters out a hundred percent of UV rays. And harmful blue light. You can get the Oakley turbine with polarized lenses as well Oakley turbine sunglasses offer incredible comfort. And razor-sharp vision.

    You can get your own pair of turbines. Any Oakley sunglasses you're looking for at frames direct com.

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    Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration - 24 Pack - Men's

    Before heading out on your next demanding ride or run, grab one of the single packets from your Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration for Men 24-Count Box, mix it with water in your bottle, and you'll hydrate quicker than ever before. This rapid hydration helps reduce cramping, increase power, and maximize your performance. This recovery mix works with your body's fluid intake system to delay the onset of fatigue and boost your endurance, which helps your cardio system work at maximum capacity. This mix has been formulated based off peer-reviewed scientific research to prove that it is, in fact, the best way for you to hydrate your body mid-exercise.

  • Drink mix to fight cramping, fatigue, and boost power
  • Fruit flavors give this mix a delicious taste
  • Scientific research prove it gets you the most out of your body
  • Single packet makes for easy preparation
  • Item #OSM000P
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    Oakley Straightlink Prizm Sunglasses - Men's

    The Oakley Straightlink Prizm Sunglasses offer a bold, rectangular design and cutting-edge optics for your outdoor lifestyle. Taking design cues from Oakley's Straight Jacket and Chain Link Sunglasses, the Straightlink plays off both frames for a thoroughly modern vibe. The O-Matter frame keeps it exceptionally lightweight and durable. Unobtainium nose pads and earsocks keep the frame secure during fast-paced activities.

    Prizm lens technology offers a high-definition boost of visual acuity in a wide variety of light conditions. Oakley does this by filtering out unwanted visual noise while boosting parts of the visible spectrum that your eyes are most sensitive to. Ultimately, this results in precise clarity without washed-out vision on those bright, sunny days.

    Going one step further to protect your eyes from harmful glare, Oakley's HD Polarization filters out 99% of glare to keep it from fatiguing your eyes in bright outdoor environments. The Plutonite lens is crafted from impact-resistant polycarbonate for a lightweight feel that's durable enough for your high-octane lifestyle.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Bold sunglasses with a distinctive rectangular shape
  • O-Matter frame is lightweight and extremely durable
  • Unobtainium nose pads and earsocks for a secure fit
  • Prizm lens technology enhances visual contrast
  • HD Polarization cuts 99% of distracting glare
  • Item #OAK01FT
  • Everybody how's it going this is Matt. And today we're going to be taking a look at sunglasses in particular Oakley sunglasses. You guys know I'm pretty big into EDC gear knives guns just. Everything that has to do with a good EDC setup. And sharing my thoughts on those products. You know it is those things. Or veer am shoes anything like. Ilike to give you guys my opinions. And thoughts on gear so. This might be a long video just give. Me a heads up here I'm going to be discussing and in reviewing these 2you sunglasses as well as giving my backstory. Idiscovered Oakley for the first time so without further ado let's just jump right into. This like I said it's going to be a long video so grab. Some popcorn and favorite drink maybe a beer let's just get started guys by the way subscribe to the channel. You haven't done so already to leave. Some comments down below left talking to. You guys loves discussing EDC gear. And just stuff you carry on. You on a daily basis so anyway my journey into Oakley let's start with. That so about three years ago before then. Iwas just wearing nothing but Walmart brand. And dollar store sunglasses. And maybe the occasional sunglass you'd pick up at a clothing brand. Nothing about Oakley sunglasses. Ifigured you know sunglasses are sunglasses right. Ididn't know there's. Any difference between quality. Or design anything like. Iknow of Oakley the brand. Iused to snowboard. Iused to skate I was aware of the brand but. Inever really owned. Anything from them I just new. They were a pretty cool company.

    And that's about it didn't try. Neither stuff but anyway that's that's besides the point so. Iwas stuck buying those. You know cheap sunglasses. They were affordable. Ididn't really care. They just easy and court defined so around. That time you know. Iwas looking at my EDC setup. You know I know the difference between a good quality knife. And a good quality firearm. You know flashlights. Everything like that but. Ireally haven't given. Any thought to my eyewear so about. That time I started doing research. And I've looked at spy I've looked at Costa I've looked at Ray Ban. All those glasses that are on the market. And said what is the difference between. These expensive sunglasses. And the ones I've been buying that's. What I ran across an Oakley YouTube video online showing the lens quality. And the drop tests we're not the drop test but the impact tests of their lenses.

    What the materials they use for their frames. That kind of stuff I discovered a huge world of Oakley sunglasses. Ilike the styling I liked. What they were showing as far as impact protection. Iwas basically sold on again. Ilooked at spy in all those other brands. Iwasn't really convinced right marketing does play a role in. Everything nowadays that's for sure but. Ifigured ok well I will go to my local Oakley store. And actually take a look at their stuff in Tri mod. What I think so my first venture into Oakley sunglasses. Iactually bought a pair of gas cans there were about 150 bucks in there a polarized lens. Itried those for the first week. And instantly got hooked to those sunglasses. They were right about their lens quality. And their clarity so from there on. Iuse those gas cans for about two years. And as time went on. Istill have them to. This day actually they work phenomenally well but.

    Iwanted to upgrade a little bit. You know just some different styles. And things of that nature around the same lines. What I like so fast-forward three years later. These are the two new pairs. And I'd like to show. These to you so let's take a look at the first. One in the box here which is my latest pair. And it's a style that's been out for a little bit. It is the Oakley crankshaft. This is a really cool sunglass guys. Now like one has been around for quiet. Some time this frame style but. Ipicked it spoke to. You guys know I'm a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. All things America fits so let's just move. That off to the side I'll show. You the product number product code is nine to three nine.

    This is the standard issue crankshaft so military. And police you know Oakley SI crankshaft. That black frame with gray lenses but. Idid change out the lens we'll get to. That minute so this is the We the People Heritage Collection crankshaft. And look at this microfiber bag guys. We just pull these glasses out here check. This out isn't that cool. This is the joiner die snake. That Thomas Jefferson drew up back. When the colonies power around. This is a joiner die so. You wanted the colonies to unite to start. And from the United States to defeat the British really cool so. This actually matches the artwork inside the sunglass. These particular model called the crankshaft has been out since 2012. And they're getting sort of harder to finalize.

    You can find these go ahead. And pick yourself off the pair they're really nice super lightweight very durable frames. These are made out of there Oakley Oh matter material which is going to give. You a really nice durability. And it's sort of plastic material but. Everything I know is. That it's made out of like an FRN type of material so it's almost like a fiberglass reinforced nylon. You know plastic composite material that's very strong very lightweight. Something you can wear every day. All day without any hot spots on the head. You know weighing you down. Anything like I really like the. All matter frame material lay. This says we the people on the side with the snake can be negative. And on the other side. It doesn't have the. We the people but it has the same snake in the regular coloration. This is the black frame with the desert ten icons in the desert tan graphic on the side really cool so again. This is a part of their heritage collection.

    They have four different frames. That are part of this which is the frog skin fuel cell. This crankshaft and the Hal brook which the Holbrook is there. Most popular style and you'll see a lot of the Holbrook style being ripped off by. All their companies. And stuff like that but that's for a separate video so that's. It came with the grey lenses but. Ibought a separate pair of polarized lenses which is the chrome. And I'll give you a head shot of. Both of these sunglasses later on in the video as well just to show. What they look like on your face. And give you an example. And an idea what they look like but. This lens here is a straight chrome lens.

    You can't really pick up on. It on camera right now but again. Ithrow them on you'll get a better idea. This is basically a straight mirror look anywhere. This is a polarized lens so. Idon't know think about Oakley lens quality is Oakley lenses blackout 100% of UVA B. And C as well as 400 nanometers of blue light. That equates to total eye protection as far as UV ray goes from the Sun. And their polarization the guys don't know polarize does is. It blocks out 99% of glare. That 99% of glare is unique to Oakley lenses because of. This special blend of poly carbonate with which. They call blue tonight. It blocks out 99% of glare compared to the competition so fantastic so. If you're out on the water. If you're driving it's going to cut. That glare offs the water. And off the road off your windshield to give. You the best viewing experience also Oakley lenses are going to give. You phenomenal clarity as far as detail.

    All of their lenses are HD o. Or HD optics which means they're not going to distort. Any image your brain is not going to have to overcompensate for whatever you're looking at. And correct those images coming through the lens into your eye which is really nice so no eye fatigue no eye strain total eye protection. Iabsolutely love this is the crankshaft Heritage Collection from Oakley phenomenal rep pair of sunglasses so. It gives you really phenomenal. You know side protection so you're not going to get. Any light coming in from the side they're amazing so that's my recent pair. Ipurchased one before. That is in this metal case here. You can purchase the Smokies separate but. This is a custom pair. This is the Oakley straight link. And like these are custom. You get a custom pair of Oakley's. You can totally make them your own. You can do it online. You can go to the store.

    You have an Oakley retailer. Either a vault store. Or in regular Oakley store near. You to customize your own sunglasses I'd say call ahead of time just to make sure. They can do that's because not every single vault can do customized sunglasses so anyway. Icustomized these in store. Iam super glad this is a new pair. They released in 2016 again. This is 2017 for those of. You are watching this video so it's still a new style it's not. Even been out for a year. Iabsolutely love these pair. These are my favorite out of. All of them I bought. This crankshaft for a collector's piece just aware every. And again but one is my main go-to for everyday Saamy replace my gas cans.

    That kind of stuff so. These are my everyday pair. This is the straight link. And custom and it's really cool so. One has the matte green in black frame with the slate. Or gray sock on the side matte black icons. And the new prism daily polarized lens. Now what's really cool about. One is yes it is still a rap style like. Ilove rap style sunglasses. Iblock out a lot of side light. And gives you total eye protection but. One has the Oakley unobtainium on the ear sock so say. You sweat you get them wet they're not going to slide off your face as easy. They get this material gets. More tacky you know. You sweat what say with the nose piece here so total secure fit as with. All Oakley sunglasses. They have a three-point fit so. These two parts of the arms will touch the back of your head. This nose piece will touch the front of your nose giving you not only a secure fit but. It doesn't squeeze the crap out of your head so. If you're worrying all day they're going to be super comfortable.

    And they're going to stay in place. Now the cool thing about. These lenses here the prism daily polarized is. They give you a nice rosy hue. You look through them so. It relaxes your eyes a little bit. And they're not only polarized so. It blocks out 99% of glare but a really cool thing is. They increase color contrast so with the prism line of lenses. They make a slew of them so. They make them for cycling baseball fishing golf trail. You know daily wear which is. One here and then they release. Some newer ones I won't get into in. This video but they're. All phenomenal all increase different colors depending on what your going to be doing during the day. Or different activities so. Iopted for the prism daily which is good for everyday wear obviously. It increases colors of brown red yellows. And a little bit of green not as much but. It takes like sheen off of greens. And things of that nature increases those colors. You want to see during the day to help.

    You pick out more detail in your environment. And just given all-around better viewing experience. And in fact I not only wear. These on a bright sunny day but. When it's foggy out. Even overcast I do a lot of disc golfing and shooting and. These work phenomenally well for. That as well as fishing too. They are polarized but again. You want a specific fishing lens deep water. And shallow water prisms are phenomenal as well. You can get those if you're avid fisherman. Or water sport enthusiast but anyway the daily lens is. What I absolutely love. Another thing that's really cool about. These daily lenses is.

    You know when it's foggy out. Or overcast this lens lets in about thirteen to fourteen percent of light can't quite remember which. It is but it's right around there. And it's its not too dark to. Where you're going to be missing things but it's not too light to. Where you're going to be squinting when you're still wearing sunglasses so it's in. That perfect medium, so we're going to pick up colors better. And detail and it's just a good all-around pair of lenses so. This is the Oakley straight link absolutely love. One nice secure fit. You go custom by the way. You could choose your frame color your sock color icon lends color. That kind of stuff to really suit your own needs. And make them your own, so I'm really into camo. That kind of thing so. Iopted for this it also comes in a black. And gray camel too which is pretty cool. And then now with every Oakley custom. You get to choose your choice of microfiber bag. Ichose the riveted microfiber bag for this.

    This has the picture of the. One icon headquarters on. It which is in oak which is a Oakley's headquarter headquarters in Foothill Ranch California. And then this metal vault case as well to match the back so really cool guys. Iabsolutely love Oakley they're not just name brand they're definitely high quality lenses. You want to learn more just go into a store talk to. One of the Oakley sales reps. And they'll definitely take care. You show all the ins. And outs of every single lens every single frame. And you'll find one. That suits they have sport frames lifestyle frames crossover pairs like. One here which is sport lifestyle wire frames. Even snowboarding goggles. And apparel they will definitely hook.

    You guys up you guys know. Everything about Oakley so um. Another thing I want to touch on -. This chrome lens I bought with. It lets in about the same light amount of light transmission as the daily but. It does not increase color contrast but. It still gives that HD optical clarity so. Anything you look at out of. Any Oakley sunglasses. It is rather been 5 feet in front of. You like or right in front of. All the way out to 350 plus yards out you're going to get bed zero optics which is going to give. You the best detail out of. Anything you look at. It doesn't distort any image plus with the lens quality in general they're shattered resistant safety rated. That kind of good stuff so your eyes are going to be totally protected the. One thing I will recommend is. You go in there you buy yourself a good pair of sunglasses don't forget the lens cleaning kit don't forget a hard case.

    That will save your investment yes. They are you know expensive sunglasses but. They definitely are worth the money they're not just a name-brand they're high-quality. They will save your eyes in your eyes are the only set of eyes you're ever going to have protect them from the environment. And you're good to go your muscles do not regenerate overtime guys so. You want to make sure. You have a great pair of Oakley's to back your eyes up um. Ithink that's about. It Oakley's also do come with a two-year warranty as well so. It doesn't cover lens scratching again so get. That lens cleaner to protect the lenses from scratching over time. And don't use your shirt. You clean these up guys use the microfiber bags.

    That are provided that lens cleaning kit. And always storm in case. When you're done protect your investment. All right guys so I'm gonna give. You a quick view of what. Both of these sunglasses look like. You put them on so first off here is the Oakley crankshaft the Heritage Collection really nice wrap frame on. And again these have the chrome lenses so as. You can see there iridium coating on the outside so. You cannot see my eyes. It just reflects back. Everything you look at so there's a side shot there. These have a nice fit. Ihave a smaller frame face. And I'm not seeing any light on the bottom. Or on the top just really nice and enclosed. And I'm going to put them on the top of my head here so. You can see what they look like as well really nice. They just sit there they're not going to fall off. They don't feel loose. Anything like and the next. One is the straight link my custom pair prism daily polarized lenses.

    These do have a little bit of an iridium. Or reflective coating on them but in certain light. If certain light hits the side. Something you can see your eyes just a little bit but it's not too bad still has a little bit of a mirror look there but again no lights coming in from the bottom. Or on the top really nice wrap secure fit. And again of that unobtainium they're going to stay on your head pretty securely. And then I'll post them up top again on the Hat so really nice to naki go anywhere so. That was just a quick look. Both of those look like on my head let's jump right back into the review so anyway that's about. It for Oakley sunglasses guys. Iknow it's a long video it's running about 20 minutes. And I'm sorry but for those of. That it's sick tore up stuck around. And learn something definitely check them out well worth the money. And drop some comments down below guys let. What you think and until next time I'll see on the next CDC video thanks for watching this.

    And I'll talk to you in the next.

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