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11 The Best Men’s Hiking Snowshoes

If you are keen on hiking in the winter season, then good snowshoes are a must. This tool will allow you to move on all snow-covered terrains. So here you have a top-list with best men's snowshoes on the market.

The construction of the snowshoe is quite simple. It consists of:

  1. The frame;
  2. Crampons (may be additional);
  3. Bindings.

The idea of snowshoes if to spread your weight over a wider surface and keep you "afloat" on snow. Right-chosen pair allows you even to run on the snowed terrain.

Now, take a look at 11 good men's snowshoes for the money.

Top 11

Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoe - Men's MSR Lightning Trail Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Flex Trek Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoe - Men's Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's
Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's Tubbs Flex Trek Snowshoe - Men's MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe - Men's Louis Garneau Appalaches II Snowshoe - Men's
Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoe - Men's MSR Lightning Trail Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Flex Trek Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoe - Men's Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's Tubbs Flex Trek Snowshoe - Men's MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe - Men's Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe - Men's Louis Garneau Appalaches II Snowshoe - Men's
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Binding 180 Pro 180 Pro - - DuoFit - 180 EZ Binding - DuoFit DynamicFit HyperLink HyperLink 180 EZ Binding Contact harness with EVa 3D comfort+
Brand Tubbs Tubbs Tubbs Tubbs MSR Tubbs Tubbs Tubbs MSR Tubbs MSR MSR Tubbs Louis Garneau Louis Garneau
Claimed Weight [25in] 4lb 8oz, [30in] 4lb 8oz, [36in] 5lb 11.2oz [25in] 4lb 8oz, [30in] 4lb 8oz, [36in] 5lb 11.2oz - - [pair, 22in] 3lb 14oz, [pair, 25in] 3lb 12oz - [pair] (size 25) 3.9lb, (size 30) 4.3lb, (size 36) 5.6lb - [22in] 2lb 6oz, [25in] 3lb 5oz 4lb 8oz average (pair) [22in] up to 180lb, [25in] 120 - 220lb [22in] 3lb 15oz, [25in] 4lb 2oz, [30in] 4lb 11oz [pair] (size 25) 3.9lb, (size 30) 4.3lb, (size 36) 5.6lb [825] 4 lb 11.2 oz, [930] 5 lb 6.4 oz, [1036] 5 lb 14.4 oz -
Crampon Material Cobra Toe (carbon steel), Tubbs Heel Cobra Toe (carbon steel), Tubbs Heel carbon steel carbon steel steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel Pivot steel - - carbon steel - carbon steel
Deck Material Soft-Tec Soft-Tec - - plastic, steel Soft Tec Soft-Tec Soft Tec ballistic nylon Soft-Tec ExoTract - Soft-Tec Lightec -
Dimensions [25in] 8 x 25in, [30in] 9 x 30in, [36in] 10 x 36in [25in] 8 x 25in, [30in] 9 x 30in, [36in] 10 x 36in 8 x 24 in 8 x 24 in 22in, 25in - (size 25) 8 x 25in, (size 30) 9 x 30in, (size 36) 10 x 36in - 22 x 8in, 25 x 8in 18 x 25in (size 25), 9 x 30in (size 30), 10 x 36in (size 36) [width] 8in [width] 8in (size 25) 8 x 25in, (size 30) 9 x 30in, (size 36) 10 x 36in - [25in] 8 x 25 in, [30in] 9 x 30 in, [36in] 10 x 36 in
Frame Material Fit-Step (aluminum) Fit-Step (aluminum) Flex Torsion deck Flex Torsion deck steel [snowshoes] aluminum, [gaiters] nylon, [poles] 6000 aluminum Fit-Step Frame (aluminum) [snowshoes] aluminum, [gaiters] nylon, [poles] 6000 aluminum aerospace-grade aluminum Pro-Step (aluminum) - - Fit-Step Frame (aluminum) 6061-T6 aluminum 6061-T6 aluminum
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime limited lifetime 1 year 1 year limited 3 years limited lifetime limited lifetime limited lifetime limited 3 years limited lifetime limited 3 years limited 3 years limited lifetime 1 year lifetime
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Recommended User Weight [25in] 120-200lb, [30in] 170-250lb, [36in] 220-300lb [25in] 120-200lb, [30in] 170-250lb, [36in] 220-300lb - - [22in] up to 180lb, [25in] up to 220lb [25in] 120 - 200 lb, [30in] 170 - 250 lb (size 25) 120-200lb, (size 30) 170-250lb, (size 36) 220-300lb [25in] 120 - 200 lb, [30in] 170 - 250 lb [22in] < 180lb, [25in] 120 - 220lb 120-200lb (size 25), 170-250lb (size 30), 325 in² (size 36) [22in] 3lb 14oz, [25in] 4lb 2oz [22in] up to 180lb, [25in] 120 - 220lb, [30in] 150 - 280lb (size 25) 120-200lb, (size 30) 170-250lb, (size 36) 220-300lb [825] 100 - 220 lb, [930] 150 - 250 lb, [1036] 200 - 300 lb [25in] 100 - 200 lb, [30in] 150 - 250 lb, [36in] 200 - 300 lb
Surface Area [25in] 188in², [30in] 251in², [36in] 325in² [25in] 188in², [30in] 251in², [36in] 325in² 165 sq in 165 sq in - - (size 25) 188sq in, (size 30) 251sq in, (size 36) 325sq in - - 188 in² (size 25), 251 in² (size 30), 325 in² (size 36) - - (size 25) 188sq in, (size 30) 251sq in, (size 36) 325sq in - -

Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoe - Men's

Your legs work hard running year-round, so when snow blankets road shoulders and makes your favorite trails disappear, take a break and reach for the Tubbs Men's Panoramic Snowshoe. This hiking-minded snowshoe eagerly heads off the trail onto steeps and flats alike, with a thoughtful design meant to maximize the time you can spend exploring.

Loyal Tubbs users will recognize the brand's biomechanically sound Fit-Frame design on the Panoramic, which uses lightweight aluminum rails and a slightly upturned tail to provide a stable platform while reducing stress on ankle, knee, and hip joints as you trek. Set your sights on steeper terrain and know the carbon steel Cobra crampon will hang on when you need it to, while the 16-degree heel riser prevents achy Achilles and cramped calves from interrupting your day. The DynamicFit binding allows for precise, quick adjustments using its single Boa dial, and it surrounds your foot with a thin layer of EVA foam to make sure hot spots and blisters aren't a part of your day. Each time you step, the Revolution Response design allows the shoe to rotate to shed snow, keeping your foot in a natural position and giving you full access to your crampon for traction.

  • Venture off-trail in this capable hiking snowshoe;
  • Lightweight aluminum frame limits impact on your joints;
  • Boa dial allows for quick, precise binding adjustments;
  • Carbon steel crampon hangs onto questionable surfaces;
  • SoftTec decking floats through deep, fluffy powder;
  • Rotating design sheds snow and increases traction;
  • Item #TUB001F.

MSR Lightning Trail Snowshoe - Men's MSR Snow Shoes

Yeah, there are snowshoes built for climbing steep mountains with a 50lb pack on your back, but when your snowshoe excursions take place on trails and rolling terrain, do you really want the added weight and bulk of an expedition-style shoe? The MSR Men's Lighting Trail Snowshoe is built for lightweight efficiency and is capable of covering some serious ground. In creating the Lightning Trail, MSR's goal was to streamline the design, cutting down on weight without sacrificing performance so you can cruise with ease over the snow.

Cut with water-jets from a single blade of 7000-series aluminum, this lightweight snowshoe features MSR's signature 360-degree Traction Frame for premium edge-to-edge grip. MSR gave the Lighting Trail its classic and proven DuoFit Binding, delivering essential security on rolling terrain. The freeze-resistant, glove-friendly design lets you get in and out of the snowshoe quickly, giving you more time on the trail and less time messing around with tricky bindings at the trailhead. The Pivot crampon offers plenty of grip for those icy and slippery sections of trail.

  • Lightweight snowshoes for backcountry touring and snowshoe hikes;
  • Single-piece aluminum frame provides low-weight, stable footing;
  • 360 degree Traction Frame offers good edge-to-edge grip;
  • Pivot Crampon grips well on slick ice or slippery trails;
  • DuoFit Binding designed for rolling, uneven terrain;
  • Ballistic fabric deck is light yet durable;
  • Item #CAS002A.

MSR Revo Snowshoes review

Tubbs Flex Trek Snowshoe - Men's

Hike off the beaten path with the Tubbs Men's Flex Trek Snowshoe. Ideal for those interested in taking a hike along flat and rolling terrain in mid winter, the Flex Trek enables you to walk freely and easily over snow so you're not confined to the treadmill during the colder months. The Torsion Deck frame flexes to match uneven terrain, and the 3-D curved traction rails bite into hard and icy snow for secure footing every step of the way. Plus, the 16-degree Active Lift heel reduces strain on your calf muscles when the trail starts to get steep.

Thanks to its QuickPull binding system, an intuitive forefoot strap cinches easily and unlocks with one buckle push. Its pivoting toe stop allows speedy adjustment and Control Wings keep your heel aligned. A Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7%. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted while a rotation limiter prevents over-rotation and shin bang. The Flex also has an ergonomically and bio-mechanically designed Flex Tail that absorbs shock from heel strike, reduces the amount of stress on your joints, and allows you to snowshoe farther and longer and with less stress on your body.

  • Torsion Deck design;
  • Rotating Toe Cord - Rotation Limiter;
  • QuickPull binding system;
  • Traction Rails (carbon steel toe crampon);
  • Flex Tail technology;
  • 16° ActiveLift heel;
  • Item #TUB0103.

Hi my name is Katie Herod. I'm with the Tubbs snowshoe company and I'm here today to talk a little bit about our new line of Flex serious new shoes. Flex series was the culmination of years of research development and testing to come up with the most ergonomic and comfortable snowshoe on the market.

The key feature of the flex serious snowshoes is the flex tail. It's available in all models of the Flex series and what it does is it works in two ways. First, it absorbs shock from your heel strike and what that does is it minimizes the amount of stress on the joints in your foot, your ankle, your knee, and your hips. And second, it allows you to have a nice rounded step which is the way you walk when you're walking just in regular shoes over ground. If you imagine a stiff rigid snowshoe you have a heel strike that happens here and then the snowshoe kind of acts like a lever and it pulls your foot forward quickly and it makes you have an awkward stride. Most people compensate for this by walking. They basically just shuffle. They pick up the whole snowshoe and drag it.

The Flex series snowshoes, however, let you absorb that impact from heel strike and have a nice rounded follow-through. Just like you're walking over ground. Another important feature of the Flex serious snowshoes is traction. All the snowshoes in the Flex series feature these non-parallel traction rails and the enhanced traction on all of these snowshoes really makes them ideal for hardpack or icy conditions. The truth is most people use snowshoe on established trails or on hardpack snow or in icy conditions so having a snowshoe that optimizes flotation is not quite as important as having a snowshoe that optimizes traction and maneuverability.

The compact nature of these snowshoes along with them being loaded up with traction really make them ideal for on trail use or hard pack conditions with other important features like torsion deck, soft strike, and women's specific design. The Flex serious snowshoes really represent the highest level of engineering and the snowshoe market to date.

Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes - Men's

Hit the trail or trek through the backcountry in the Tubbs Wilderness Series Snowshoes. A lightweight deck keeps them afloat through powder as you make your own path through the woods and the Active Lift heel riser helps reduce fatigue when you're climbing up steep hills searching for scenic vistas. When the snow conditions change and you find yourself on icy surfaces, the toe crampon and rotating toe cord dig in and offer your traction to keep you upright as you explore.

Tubbs has been making snowshoes for exploring flat lands and remote and rugged mountaintops since 1906. The Wilderness sits right in the middle of Tubbs' assortment of snowshoes and has an intuitive binding design that gets you out on the trails more quickly, something both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate. Take the Wilderness out on day hikes to remote waterfalls or stunning vistas in winter's wilderness.

  • Snowshoe with the technology for exploring the wintery wilderness;
  • Fir-Step frame reduces impact on joints for comfort on long hikes;
  • Rotating toe cord pivots to sink teeth into snow for traction;
  • 180 Pro binding is padded and easy to secure for warmth and comfort;
  • Toe crampon offers grip and traction in varying snow conditions;
  • SoftTec decking floats on the snow to help reduce fatigue;
  • Heel lift risers reduce Achilles strain on steep ascents;
  • There is also Tubbs women's snowshoes;
  • Item #TUB001H.

When you live up in the high mountains a good snowshoe is really important. Three seasons ago I picked up a pair of Tubbs wilderness snowshoes and I found then to be extremely good.

A couple of the features that I like about them are I actually like the plastic binding. The reason I do is because it keeps its shape so it's easy for me to slip in and out. It's got a strap that the buckles that you can adjust to tighten it up but and it's got a hill strap. You can reduce the length of it to pay out in size your foot. But I found that this shoe is really good for both my Shirelles or my hiking boots. Now it's got these grips on the bottom that the bite into the harder crust snow and gives me traction to get up hills. It's got a swivel that worked really well to change the angle of the shoe to pay on how I'm shifting my weight.

After three years of use, I had no problems at all with it whatsoever. The next step up on the snowshoe has a class cloth straps instead of the plastic bindings which is you were doing a lot of mountaineering work where you're on an angle a lot more or you're shifting side to side a lot more than a lot of flat work. This might break eventually where the cloth would but for everyday use and so forth I really like this snowshoe. Up here the snow gets say we're from six to eight feet in the winter and if you don't have a good shoot you just sink right down and you can't get around at all.

Whether we're doing cabin repairs or just trying to get to the back of the property or I'm trying to some photography this tubs wilderness so. She's been really good step into the binding push the strap into the buckle. Listen to ratchet and then pull on the strap, tighten it down and you're good to go then to release. All you have to do is just push the button binding strap. Buckle that comes out you can slide right out of it's really easy. The thing that I have found is that the snow does not stick to the buckles or to the binding making it easy to clear by just knocking the snowshoes. Together or just a quick tap and it'll It will free itself and I would recommend that you consider purchasing the Tubbs brad because I found them to be exceptionally well-made.

Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's

Louis Garneau designed its Men's Blizzard Snowshoe for steep ascents so you can get to the summit and back before dinner. Its sturdy Contour frame keeps you light on your feet so you can cover miles faster, and its optimized surface area and easy snow-shedding ability give you a natural stride in deep powder.

The Freeflex pivot provides excellent shock absorption and free foot rotation on the axle for an efficient stride. Traxion HCS carbon steel front crampons offer multidirectional traction for reliable traction on everything from powdery approaches to icy steeps. The Contact harness system utilizes Boa technology to helps you lock in the perfect fit with the twist of a dial so you don't have to deal with pesky straps, and it cinches across any shoe whether its a hiking boot or a snowboard boot. Louis Garneau added EVA padding to prevent any discomfort during all-day excursions.

Lightec decking remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40F for ideal performance regardless of the weather, and the Connect fastener system attaches the deck to the frame to enhance durability and boost the snowshoe's lateral traction over uneven terrain. The Gradient heel riser reduces the distance of each step to minimize calf fatigue when you're climbing steep slopes.

  • Contour 6061-T6 aluminum frame;
  • Contact harness with Boa fit system;
  • Connect fastener system;
  • Lightec decking;
  • FreeFlex pivot;
  • Gradient heel riser;
  • Multi-directional Traxion HCS carbon steel crampons;
  • Item #LGN006T.

MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's

msr lightning snowshoes

When it comes to heading off trail in snowy conditions, make sure you bring along the Men's Lightning Explore Snowshoes from MSR. Ballistic nylon decks and 360° traction frames provide incredible durability and control in any condition you might encounter. Axis Gait technology allows you to adjust the bindings laterally to help provide a good fit and even stride throughout your hike. Pivot crampons keep your feet and ankles comfortable through variable terrain, while the Ergo Televator heel risers ensure that your calves won't be getting overly tired. Modular flotation tails (sold separately) increase float for the deepest days, while still maintaining the maneuverability of a smaller snowshoe.

  • Lightweight snowshoes focused on comfort and efficiency
  • Axis Gait tech lets you independently adjust bindings
  • Hyperlink are MSR's easiest and comfiest bindings
  • Ergo Televators save energy on steep slopes
  • 360° Traction frame and Pivot crampons offer tenacious grip
  • Optional Modular Flotation tails balance float and maneuverability
  • Item #CAS00BZ

Lightning Explore model is compatible with MSR snowshoe straps

These are MSR Lightning trail snowshoes. These shoes are built to provide excellent performance on rolling terrain. They're lightweight and they have adaptability when snow conditions call for greater flotation to keep from sinking too deeply.

The frames of the snowshoes are made of lightweight but highly durable aluminum. The urethane decking across the top of the frame helps to keep you up on top of the snow. If you look closely at the frame you'll see that there are basically teeth cut right into it, and they go a long way to providing all the traction that you need.

A stainless steel toe crampon then goes even further to ensure a confident grip with each step. The crampon is designed to pivot and move freely but do so without over rotation that can trip you up. Couple this with the frames ergonomic shape and you have a snowshoe that allows you to maintain a natural stride pattern.

MSR duo fit bindings have two four foot straps and a heel strap. That simple design is straightforward to use and provides a broad range of fit adjustability for different sized feet and a variety of footwear styles. The shorter length is best for up to 180 pounds with that way to include you, your clothes, footwear, and any gear you might be carrying. The 25 inch is best for 120 to 220 pounds. Note that the snowshoes do have a modular design and you can pair them with MSR lightning tails for use in really soft snow or if you need to accommodate even more weight.

Those tails are sold separately, but they're a great investment that increases the versatility of your snowshoes providing ultra lightweight traction for rolling terrain.

MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Men's

MSR Revo Explore snowshoes

Wander across winter wonderlands in the comfort of the MSR Men's Revo Explore Snowshoes. Their Hyperlink bindings ensure comfort when you're tackling long treks over variable terrain, and they're super easy to use so you don't have to think twice about taking them off when you stop for lunch. Meanwhile, Pivot crampons ensure reliable grip on windswept ridgelines, and Ergo Televators save precious energy and give your calves a break when you're faced with a particularly steep trail.

  • Rugged durability meets all-day hiking comfort;
  • Hyperlink are MSR's easiest and comfiest bindings;
  • Ergo Televators save energy on steep slopes;
  • Pivot crampons offer tenacious grip;
  • Modular Flotation tails balance float and maneuverability (sold separately);
  • Item #CAS00C1.

These are MSR Revo trail snowshoes. These snowshoes provide reliable traction for tackling rolling winter terrain, and they do it at a really competitive price.

Injection-molded decks provide great flotation and tooth aluminum frames offer aggressive traction and stability on snow. The materials nicely balanced weight and durability. You get even more traction and nice responsiveness with each step out of the stainless steel toe crampons. They won't over rotate but they do have a pivoting design that allows them to react to variations in terrain and snowpack. This helps to keep you balanced and along with the streamlined shape of the frames.

It lets you maintain a natural stride pattern instead of constantly over correcting to remain upright. I really like the duo fit bindings. They're easy to use and you get a broad range of adjustability in the heel strap and the 2 4 foot straps. You can wear boots or wear trail running shoes which I prefer either way you can really dial in the fit to keep the snowshoes securely and comfortably in place you'll need to consider your weight and the weight of what. You're wearing and carrying when you choose between the 22 inch and 25-inch size options.

The 22-inch shoes can accommodate up to a hundred and eighty pounds and the 25-inch snowshoes are best used for 120 to 220 pounds in really soft snow or if you have a reason to carry more weight than is suggested. You can use em MSR Revo tails to increase flotation and weight supporting capability. The tails are sold separately but there are a pretty worthwhile investment especially if you expect to use the Revo trail in variants no conditions. A durable cost-effective choice for tackling rolling terrain. These are the MSR Revo trail snowshoes.

Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's

If you're looking to get your start in the world of snowshoeing, look no further than the Tubbs Xplore Series Snowshoe Kit. Featuring a pair of Xplore Series snowshoes, two-piece adjustable snowshoeing poles, and full-length boot gaiters, this kit will have you exploring scenic snow-covered trails in no time.  The snowshoes' Quickpull binding system is easily adjusted and releases with a single push of the buckle. Plus, the bio-mechanical upturned tails reduce impact on your knees, hips, and ankle joints by as much as 10%.

  • The up-turned tails of the Fit Step aluminum frames reduce impact on knee, hip, and ankle joints by 10%;
  • Recreational carbon steel crampons provide a secure footing on hard and icy snow;
  • Quickpull bindings easily cinch down for a secure hold and are released with a single buckle push;
  • Pivoting toe stops allow for quick binding adjustments;
  • Control wings on the rear of the bindings keep your heels aligned;
  • Soft Tec decking adds lightweight durability and excellent flotation;
  • Rotating toe cords allow the tails of the snowshoes to drop and shed snow for efficient winter travel;
  • Two-piece adjustable snowshoe poles are made from durable 6000 series aluminum and feature carbon steel tips, powder baskets, and nylon wrist straps;
  • Water-resistant and breathable full-length nylon gaiters keep deep snow and debris from getting in your boots;
  • Item #TUB0092.

MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Men's

Snowy trails and off-the-beaten-track adventures are no match for the MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe. Made of tough, lightweight steel and injection-molded plastic, the Revo ExoTract deck boasts a stiff, stable platform and external traction walls to keep you from slipping and sliding when the going gets slick. There's also a Pivot steel crampon underfoot and a freeze-proof and glove-friendly DuoFit binding on top, which easily accommodates pretty much any footwear. If things get deep, pop on the modular flotation tails for some extra surface area to get you through the powder without turning your legs into jelly.

  • Streamlined, durable snowshoes for hiking in the backcountry;
  • ExoTract plastic and steel deck offer rugged performance;
  • Pivot steel crampons dig into the ice and snow;
  • DuoFit bindings provide freeze-proof and glove-friendly convenience;
  • Add-on modular flotation tails assist in deep powder;
  • Item #CAS001Y.

These are the MSR women's Revo trail snowshoes. They're best suited for packed snow and ice, on rolling terrain. They're lightweight compared to traditional snowshoes, so they're ideal on packed snow and ice on long-distance treks.

We're cutting weight is essential. The bindings are comfortable, easy to use, and they accommodate a wide range of footwear. Let's check them out. These are designed with a women's specific gait and stride. That means the shape of the snowshoes' taper just right. You have a more natural stride. The rugged exo tracked decking is strong and holds up against ice and rock better than traditional flexible decking materials.

The aluminum frame gives excellent traction. There is an aggressive tooth profile to the frame so it does better impact and groomed snow compared to the round frames of traditional snowshoes. There's more traction underfoot with the molded decking. The pivoting crampon digs into the packed snow and is made of stainless steel for durability in wet conditions. It gives you free-range of motion but does not over rotate. Stops at a certain point so you maintain balance.

The other benefit to the flexible decking is that these snowshoes actively respond to uneven terrain. If you step on a piece of hard ice the decking flexes and you maintain balance. This is the duo fit binding. it's super easy to use for beginners. Seasoned snowshoers will appreciate how fast they attach and detach from your boots. There are three adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit. They work well with a wide range of footwear from heavy bulky boots to lower profile, ones make sure the ball of your foot is overtopped of this round logo and then adjust the heel strap first. Then adjust the two straps over your feet and you're set to go.

They're available in two sizes 22 and 25-inch lengths as a rule of thumb. You'll have better agility with shorter snowshoes impact or groomed snow. You don't need as much flotation so a shorter shoe is the best deep untracked powder. On the other hand, demands more surface area to keep you afloat. So if you anticipate powdery conditions most of the time you will benefit from the larger size.

Overall weight including gear and clothing comes into play in powder — the 22-inch size is suited for up to 180 pounds and the 25-inch size works well up to 210 pounds. Remember, there's a range here so be sure to check the specs. If you experience a mix of conditions throughout the season consider adding MSR Revo tails to the back when you need more flotation. You can pick those up separately. Durable and responsive with a lot of traction.

Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe - Men's

When you're trekking through snow-covered woods, it's sometimes nice to fantasize that you're a rugged frontier explorer. But you're pretty sure Lewis and Clark didn't have golden retrievers, and if they did have dogs, they definitely weren't wearing fleece vests. You may not be high in the Rockies, but you can still find the adventure close to home with the Tubbs Frontier 25 Snowshoe. Designed for day hikes on your favorite trails, this snowshoe offers reliable performance and ease of use. The 180 EZ binding features a one-buckle tightening system that makes adjustment on the trail quick and simple. The Fit-Step frame design reduces strain on bones and joints, while the rotating toe cord allows the tail to drop to shed snow, reducing weight while you trek. For traction uphill, downhill, and in slippery hard-packed conditions, you've got carbon-steel toe and heel crampons keeping your grip.

  • A snowshoe designed for snowy day hikes through local woods;
  • One-buckle binding offers quick adjustment on the trail;
  • Rotating toe cord lets the tail drop to shed snow and shake weight;
  • Recreational crampons feature braking teeth for dependable traction;
  • Fit-Step frame reduces impact on bones and joints;
  • Lightweight deck provides effective flotation without bulk;
  • Item #TUB001P.

Today I'm going to review my Tubb Frontier 36-inch snowshoes. I bought these in Minnesota at a shield store. I've only owned them about a week. They seem pretty good. I'll give then work out here for you.

The bindings. They're a lot better than the cheaper Tubbs that have. Just straps: these as a plastic binding on them. I don't know how long these bindings are going to last. I am a little weary with them. Just the cheap plastic, but hopefully if they don't last I can replace them easy or I can repair them.

Here's the back. Got the little claw there. See that have these straps in the front and the back. There's a little metal hook. There are holes in the plastic and you get the little nub there and the metal nib you little hole banging in the back. It can leave like this or I can take it and wrap it on the back for a little extra work.

There's a little plastic clip right on the back of the strap that you can put your slack on to that clip to hold down there. We go so pretty tight, so we'll go out and walk around and it works out. I'm going to take for a little walk through my backyards into the backwoods up a hill. They hold pretty good. Linings are good. They don't come loose. I'm only sinking down maybe in the end inch and a half pretty easy to walk on.

One thing I really like about snowshoes is that I can go places I went arm legal with my skis. I'm not a world-class cross-country skier so I went normally come up to the edge of this little cliff here on my skis for fear that I would find myself in the stream below. I can get a pretty close. I don't want to get too close edge because this is just a big snowdrift on the edge that will probably collapse but I really like the fact that I can get out and go through the woods in areas where I couldn't go with my skis. I'm going to go up a hill here with the shoes on just give you an idea how they work. How well they work on heels. I'm sure they work pretty good. I haven't done a lot but I'll try. We're pretty good that's a lot easier than going up there and went through the snow on boots especially when you got about two feet of snow. All in all. I like these snowshoes. I think they're pretty good.

Louis Garneau Appalaches II Snowshoe - Men's

Your days of dropping cliffs and shredding tree lines are great, but sometimes you're craving a calmer dive into nature in the winter. For the mornings when lift lines and 5am alarms for backcountry skinning don't sound ideal, grab your Louis Garneau Appalaches II Snowshoes. Happy to take you into pristine and untouched fields of snow, the Appalaches II snowshoes feature a sturdy contour frame that keeps your stride feeling natural, and covers maximum surface area for staying on top in deep snow. Freeflex Pivot allows your foot to rotate as it naturally would, on an axle for efficiency, and absorbs shock to keep your knees happy well into your hike.

A 3D Comfort+ harness lends its self to secure footing and control, and underneath your toes you'll find Traxx+ crampons with multidirectional traction for all conditions, whether you're out for a stroll on the Nordic track, packed out hiking trail, or breaking your own trail through waist deep snow. The Lightec decking system remains supple and flexible down to temperatures as low as -40 degrees F, and sheds snow with ease to keep your load light and easy. Enjoy winter beyond the ski resort with these lightweight snowsnoes.

  • Delve into nature at your own pace with these snowshoes;
  • Contour frame provides natural stride and easy snow shedding;
  • Easily and securely strap in with 3D comfort harness;
  • Enjoy a smooth flex in temperatures down to -40 degrees F;
  • Uneven terrain is a breeze with Traxx+ crampons;
  • Freeflex pivot absorbs shock and allows foot rotation for efficient stride;
  • Item #LGN00HJ.

How to find the perfect snowshoes?

You should take into consideration that there are 3 main categories of snowshoes.

If you are a beginner the best option for you would be flat terrain snowshoes. They are featured with easy-to-adjust bindings and have less aggressive traction system.

Mountain terrain snowshoes are designed for mountaineers and snowboarders. This type is featured with climbing-style crampons and rugged bindings to be able to withstand harsh conditions and icy step terrain. There is also rolling terrain snowshoes.

They are the middle-level type. They can be used for all terrain except very steep or icy.