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  Rab Alpha Direct Jacket - Men's Patagonia Torrentshell Insulated Jacket - Men's KUHL Team 1/4-Zip Sweater - Men's Minus 33 Chocorua Midweight Crew Top - Men's Outdoor Research Feedback Flannel Shirt - Men's The North Face Trivert Pullover Hoodie - Men's Marmot Avant Featherless Hoody - Men's Arc'teryx Kyanite Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant - Men's Outdoor Research Voodoo 10in Short - Men's Mammut Aenergy IN Vest - Men's The North Face Glacier Alpine 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover Jacket - Men's Mountain Khakis Jackson Chino Short - Men's
 Rab Alpha Direct Jacket - Men'sPatagonia Torrentshell Insulated Jacket - Men'sKUHL Team 1/4-Zip Sweater - Men'sMinus 33 Chocorua Midweight Crew Top - Men'sOutdoor Research Feedback Flannel Shirt - Men'sThe North Face Trivert Pullover Hoodie - Men'sMarmot Avant Featherless Hoody - Men'sArc'teryx Kyanite Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men'sThe North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant - Men'sOutdoor Research Voodoo 10in Short - Men'sMammut Aenergy IN Vest - Men'sThe North Face Glacier Alpine 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover Jacket - Men'sMountain Khakis Jackson Chino Short - Men's
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BrandMammutMinus 33Mountain KhakisOutdoor ResearchOutdoor ResearchThe North FaceThe North FaceArc'teryxKUHLPatagoniaRabThe North FaceMarmot
Claimed Weight9.8oz--1lb[size 34] 8oz15oz-15oz-1 lb 7.1 oz17 oz-1lb 1oz
Fitathleticform-fittinslimstandardtrimrelaxed, straight legstandardtrimregularregularslimregularregular
Lengthhip-[8in] mid-thigh [10in] above-knee-knee----hip-hiphip
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime180 days1 yearlifetimelifetimelifetimelifetimelimitedlimitedlifetimelifetimelifetimelifetime
Material[body] Pertex Quantum Air (polyamide), DWR treatment, [back panel] 94% polyester, 6% spandexmerino wool (18.5 micron)98% organic cotton, 2% spandexpolyester flannel88% nylon, 12% spandexnylon, DWR finish[solid] 85% cotton, 15% polyester [heather] 53% cotton, 47% polyesterPolartec Power Stretch Pro (53% polyester, 38% nylon, 9% elastane)merino wool[shell] H2No Performance Standard (2-layer), [lining] 100% recycled polyester[shell] Pertex Microlight, [insulation/lining] Polartec Alpha Direct[solid] 100% recycled polyester [heather] 65% recycled polyester, 35% polyester100% nylon
Pockets2 zippered hand-42 buttoned chest2 hand, 1 zippered thigh, 1 zippered back, 1 back2 hand, 2 back, 1 zippered cargokangaroo[external] 2 zippered hand, [internal] 1 zippered chest-2 zippered hand, 1 zippered interior2 hand zip, 1 chest zip2 secure-zip alpine-style hand[external] 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest, [internal] 1 zippered stuff
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Rab Alpha Direct Jacket - Men's

When you're on the move in cold weather, stay warm—but not too warm—in the Rab Men's Alpha Direct Insulated Jacket. Designed to be used as either an outer layer or a mid-layer, it takes advantage of Polartec Alpha Direct technology to keep you warm while offering unmatched breathability, so you stay comfortable through a wide range of temperatures.

Alpha Direct insulation eliminates the need for a liner fabric, so you get more unimpeded airflow (not to mention less weight and bulk) without sacrificing warmth. A water-resistant outer fabric makes short work of light rain and snow, and the slim fit allows you to comfortably wear this jacket underneath a technical shell when the weather is extra rough.

  • Built for spring-to-fall active alpine pursuits
  • Light, water-resistant shell fabric
  • Alpha Direct insulation allows unprecedented breathability
  • Under-hood helmet with tricot-lined collar
  • Slim fit for comfortable layering
  • Stretch fleece cuffs for uninhibited mobility
  • Drawcord at hem seals out chilly gusts
  • Rab is a British company that specializes in gear for the mountains
  • Item #RAB00CB
  • Right we're here at bridge west on a. Lovely misty damp day to talk to you about this new jacket the alpha direct by rob and I'm not sure everyone understands how this works i thought I'd explain it a little bit for you it's a really active piece of insulation full of synthetic fibers a lot of people don't understand the difference between primaloft and something like this that's due to be active and preen lost due to be stationary so simply. This is politic alpha direct this is. What's lining this jacket really fleecy. Warm but synthetic fibers that loft up like a normal piece of installation the. Reason this is so good it's really tough and really doesn't do't move at all. So it can stay direct against the skin and it doesn't need another liner underneath what i mean by that is most. Synthetic insulation needs to have like. A prima loft like this you have a tough critic sauter and something on the inner as well so that it doesn't migrate pretty much really warm for its weight and really light and it's still a really good piece of equipment I'm not saying one's better than the other but if you see you can pull apart quite easily so that's why it needs to be. Trapped inside these two layers and now. These two layers can't breathe as well when there's just one that's why this is. But being acted I'm coming off as for when you stop this. Is built to be a really movement piece. So when you're climbing or even walking you could even do on a really cold a person running so as you can see it's really neat it's trim doesn't feel like a big warm jacket you should be sticking on over everything when you stop which. Slimmer arms it's really good for climbing if it's really neat it's for harness so when I'm climbing i can still get my arms really easily up high like that I've got hand warmer pockets, but they're so slim i don't even notice them with the harness in the way i still pocket here as well for putting your phone or whatever your camera or something you need in their favorites. These days two thumb loops i really like those especially to get under your gloves in winter climbing get. No coal bits underneath there, and they've done something really clever with the hook i don't quite know how this works but somehow it fits underneath the helmet really neatly fits. Really nicely like so but also if you. Want to wear it on top of your helmet. Again this is not stretchy in there you. Nice and warm and cozy and your vision is brilliant, so they offer direct i think can be really useful for many people if you just walk in climbing on a cold day but like rock climbing maybe a bit drier than this the main reason i really like it is i use it as a mid layer in winter and you probably found when you're walking in if you try and wear a premium off jacket that's built has been stationary you'll overheat but if you take it off you're too cold so something like this is brilliant because it's wind proof is water-resistant so if it's a grim day walking in that's fine but because it breathes so well you're really comfortable in it and when you get to the base of your route you rack up you put your waterproof over the. Top it takes away neatly underneath there i feel ready to go also the hood rolls. Away if you don't like having multiple hoods some people as a real book bear when you use the outer hood roll it away you don't even know

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    Patagonia Torrentshell Insulated Jacket - Men's

    When the weather offends your civilized inclinations, put on the Patagonia Men's Torrentshell Insulated Jacket for robust yet refined protection. For additional warmth and brutish water resistance, this jacket uses a mix of new and recycled materials, reducing your carbon footprint without increasing your water-logged footprints. Whether you're caught in a cold PNW downpour or cheering on your team during a rain-soaked Saturday football game, the Insulated Torrentshell will keep you warm and dry.

    Patagonia's waterproof and breathable H2No Performance Standard shell, finished with DWR, helps water bead on the jacket's surface. The lining also sports a DWR finish for additional protection. Thermogreen insulation uses 92% recycled polyester to provide soft, lofty warmth. The two-way adjustable hood includes a laminated visor for increased visibility in poor conditions. When the clouds clear, the hood can be rolled and stowed to keep it out of your way. Two-way underarm vents provide customized venting to help regulate temperature. Hook-and-loop cuff closures and an adjustable drawcord hem gives you the ability to batten down the hatches and seal out the elements until you reach shelter.

  • Everyday protection from cold and wet weather
  • H2No Performance Standard shell is waterproof and breathable
  • Thermogreen fill uses recycled materials for responsible warmth
  • Adjustable hood with laminated visor for increased visibility
  • Two-way undeararms zips for customized ventilation
  • Adjustable cuffs and hem seal out cold
  • Regular fit for easy layering
  • Patagonia is dedicated to producing environmentally responsible products
  • Item #PAT01HU
  • Hey there clay king with granite sports in hill city south dakota I've got with me today one of my favorite new products brand-new from patagonia we just got. Then in the store this is the insulated torrentshell jacket just in time for. Winter this is the perfect jacket for. Extremely cold and wet conditions which we're gonna have all the time now it's winter in south dakota starting with the. Outside of this jacket it is waterproof the material that they've used for the. Outer layer of this hard shell jacket is. Patagonia's h2no fabric which is you can. See here is a waterproof extremely. Durable and yet breathable waterproof. Fabric you can just feel it you can just tell how heavy-duty it is it's gonna last a really long time the. Nice thing about patagonia's waterproof fabrics a lot of companies will sometimes test their waterproof fabric on. Their jackets with a brand-new jacket, so they'll take one off the showroom floor they'll test it to see if it's waterproof and a lot of times it is but. The problem is after years and years of use a lot of times that waterproof. Fabric will break down in the jacket will no longer be a waterproof what patagonia does is that they will take they will test the garment when it's first brand-new and then also they'll take it and subject it to a machine that simulates three four five six years of. Rugged use and then retest it again to. See if it's waterproof if it hasn't maintained its waterproofing back to the drawing board so you know you're getting a jacket that's gonna be truly waterproof for years and years to come. The great thing about this jacket is its your also durable water-resistant. And that means that any water that falls. On here it's waterproof but it's not going to spread out over this surface either it's just gonna it's gonna form. Into beads and then just roll right off of here the same goes for the inside here it's also watered repellent here so. If you're if you're walking around and let's say you're hiking and it starts to. Raining dude you don't zip up right away and you have water falling right here it's not gonna soak into the insulation. It's not gonna soak into the inside and compromise your warmth or insulation it's just gonna beat up and roll right. Off and keep you warm so that's really. Great another one of my favorite things about this jacket is these zippers are. Actually a coated watertight zippers if. You see if you have a opportunity to feel them you can feel that they're almost rubberized they feel like rubber and so when you're when you're zipping. This up you can just see all that come together into a completely waterproof. Seam because you don't want to be buying a really nice waterproof jacket that's. Really not going to keep you waterproof if it's leaking everywhere that there's a zipper and so that's a really important element of this jacket a couple other things the insulation on this jacket to be keeping you warm and. Waterproof is the 60 gram primaloft eco. A synthetic insulation which is a really. Fantastic insulation it can hold its own up. Against any down that's out there not. Only that but it's also stitched into this jacket it's got kind of like a quilted pattern here so it's. Keeping all the insulation distributed throughout the jacket and so that's going to prevent there from being hot spots or cold spots in the jacket and. Make sure that you keep equally warm throughout this jacket also has is. Helmet compatible that means that this. Helmet this this hood right here is. Structured in such a way that can accommodate a helmet if you're into any. Sort of alpine sports that might require a helmet to keep you safe and so that'll be really important if that's what you're into a couple other things this is gotta love the color i love this. Green not only is this gonna be keeping you warm and dry but it's gonna be. You're gonna look great well it does it's got a real nice athletic fit to it. But it doesn't feel constricting in any way shape or form so if this is your thing if you need to stay warm dry this winter come check it out it's one of the best jackets we have. For this the weather that's coming up and you'll be glad you did.

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    KUHL Team 1/4-Zip Sweater - Men's

    For cool spring, fall, or winter days, there are few choices better than the Kuhl Men's Team 1/4-Zip Sweater. Made from 100% washable merino wool, this modern classic has a tight weave for durability and integrated thumb loops to prevent the sleeves from riding up.

  • 100% washable merino wool feels soft, regulates your body temperature (so you stay warm when it's cool out and comfortable when you head inside), and deals with odor
  • Tight Ponti knit increases durability
  • 1/4-length front zip provides ventilation when down
  • Flatlock seams ensure chafe-free comfort next to skin
  • Integrated thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up
  • Item #KUH0348
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    Minus 33 Chocorua Midweight Crew Top - Men's

    If you're still hiking when most people have begun their winter hibernation, layer up with the Minus 33 Men's Chocorua Midweight Crew Top. Made with merino wool, this midweight insulating shirt is naturally breathable and antimicrobial, making it perfect for cold-weather expeditions into the backcountry.

  • Merino wool
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Form fitting
  • Flatlock seams
  • Machine washable
  • Item #MNU000C
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    Outdoor Research Feedback Flannel Shirt - Men's

    Outdoor Research heard our pleas for a fashionable flannel that performs outside, because the Men's Feedback Button-Down fits that description to a T. This flannel wicks moisture and dries quickly when you're working up a sweat in the mountains, and its brushed interior feels comfy for casual use. Injected with cold-weather insulation, the Feedback makes a great midlayer for sessions at the ski resort.

  • A flannel that fits in around boulders and coffee shops alike
  • Brushed flannel wicks moisture and dries quickly keeping you cool
  • Standard fit easily layers over a shirt or baselayer for warmth
  • Curved hem adds a fresh look to the classic flannel style
  • Buttoned chest pockets secure a phone or other vaulables on the go
  • Item #ODR005Q
  • I'm graham Zimmerman I'm an alpine climbing ambassador for outdoor research and this is one of our technical woven shirts these shirts come in a number of different styles and colours and are fantastic for everything from rock climbing in the spring or fall to hanging down the backyard and make it hamburgers some of these shirts feature fresh guard which means even after a few. Days on the road they still don't smell they're also very quick drying i wear. Then for everything from hang it out on the glacier in alaska going out to late night phone shows in seattle i think they're fantastic piece that looks great is really comfortable and i wear them. All the time.

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    The North Face Trivert Pullover Hoodie - Men's

    The North Face's Half Dome logo climbs up the Men's Trivert Pullover Hoodie like the Regular Northwest Face. Its soft warmth is a welcoming addition when you're camping in prime climbing temps.

  • Soft pullover adds warmth to cold camping trips
  • Cotton blend is breathable and quick-drying
  • The North Face's logo symbolizes Half Dome
  • Item #TNF04SG
  • Hi I'm sam with ultra calm nothing says. Relax and hang out like the north face half dome hoodie this classic pullover. Sweatshirts does everything right from the fit to the fabric the north face nails classic style the half dome hoody. Is ready to be your daily driver from post-workout wear to daily classroom comfort the north face uses a midway. Cotton blend that uses 20% polyester fibers for durability and shape. Retention the smooth cotton face is soft and fleece like on the inside the front kangaroo pocket offers shelter for your hands and the drawstring hood. Helps keep in the heat when needed but what really sets this hoodie apart is the full size north face half dome logo. The trademark insignia for the north face is as distinctive as it is cool the. Ribbed knit cuffs help to give the hoodie a finished look you can rest. Assured this versatile hoodie will be part of your wardrobe for years to come all trek comm your source for everything. Outdoors.

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    Marmot Avant Featherless Hoody - Men's

    The lightweight Avant Featherless Hoody from Marmot is ready to keep you comfortable during your cold weather adventures. Its 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation keeps you warm while trekking, backcountry skiing, or climbing through dry or wet conditions while its 20 denier woven baffle construction holds up to the rigors of backcountry adventure so you can confidently bring it along on any of your trips. Angel-Wing Movement allows you to reach and climb without the hem riding up and elastic bindings at the hood and bottom hem seal out the cold for extra warmth on frigid days. When the sun comes out or the adventure is over, the whole jacket packs into its inside zippered pocket for convenient transport to your next pursuit.

  • Non-bulky, insulated hoodie for warmth during cold weather pursuits
  • 20 denier woven baffle construction holds up to rigors of adventure
  • 3M Thinsulate offers down-like warmth even in wet stormy conditions
  • Angel-Wing Movement allows you to climb without the hem riding up
  • Attached hood with elastic binding seals in body heat when worn
  • Elastic drawcord hem seals out the elements on cold morning hikes
  • Item #MAR01JZ
  • Well hello there guys eugene here from reviewer gear and today i want to talk to you guys about an awesome new jacket that I've been testing using wearing. That i really like this is the marmot avant jacket it's a featherless synthetic fill jacket. That I've really enjoyed and i. Want to show you i don't see too many views of this thing on youtube for some reason so i was like hey why not do this. So a while back i shot a review of the marmot zeus jacket this is actually a. Down jacket 800 fill and I've had this jacket for a. Long time and i really enjoyed it. I've used this thing for i think a little bit over five years now it's an awesome jacket but it has two. Begun to worn through to wear through have some tape on it lose some feathers so it's time to upgrade and no hood on this one so this one is just as. Warm maybe a tad bit cooler but the fact. That it has a hood it makes it just so much better and it actually is warmer because it can warm your head up which is where a lot of heat loss happens now in terms of the fit and just the construction of the jacket it has a. Nylon shell that's very nicely water. Repellent you can actually I've walked in the rain snow it'll melt and just really beat off really nicely and roll off the jacket and the cool thing about. This is that the featherless the synthetic down inside is a down that if. It gets wet it doesn't clump down and it's still nice and warm so that's a. Really nice feature now let me just go kind of through all the features of the jacket but first I'll start with the fit since i have it on in just the way it feels it's kind of tailored to a kind of. Athletic shape so if you do have a large belly you might be able to fit in there but uh. You know it's nicely kind of trimmed to. Fit you really well and stay close to your body and it's very comfortable all. The way to here i hope you can hear me well but it's up all the way to your chin and. If you always wear the hood. There're that zips up really nicely very. Nicely shaped to your head very warm. Not too much space for when to get in there the sleeves aren't really nice and. Long and if you raised your arms up the. Waste of the jacket doesn't really right up that's the angel wing movement feature from marmot that's that's. Excellent if you're gonna use it for rock climbing or anything where you have to have your hands up you have that nice. Freedom of movement all the way around as you can see they're very. Comfortable so the features also as. You're kind of wearing this jacket we have a really nice chest pocket here and the down fill is on the outside of. This pocket and not on the inside or if you're carrying a phone you want to stay warm fits excellently in here this is the. Iphone 6s plus so pretty large fits no. Problem into that pocket i like that a lot the previous jacket did not have that by the way I'll have links to this. Jacket in the description haven't quite seen on amazon yet but i will put that in there when it is available you can get at rei or a couple other online. Stores so there's not pocket going down here we have these two hand warmer. Pockets very nice and large they go all. The way up to here down to here all the. Way to the zipper here, and they don't go beyond here they do have a nice little lip here so even if you have the pocket open there's something in there it won't fall out because you have another about three inches of space they're really nice smooth zippers that are water-resistant on the outside nice. Little plastic things there zipper pulls. And inside of these pockets you have as. You reach in there and you pull out you have these things which allow you to cinch down the waist so that's that's. Awesome and then to release that you have two little release buttons here just like that and then you can relax the waist like that so the waistband as you unzip all the. Way on the inside we don't have any pockets just some tags and some information here about cleaning. It in terms of washing it you can wash it just like you do down you know just. Make sure you read the titles in there. So those are the pockets test those are the features on the cuffs here sleeves. It's just a nice little rubber band stays nice and tight around your wrists. You can have a nice watch hidden under there no problem you know. This will fray a little bit as time goes on but nicely done really nicely done. For a mormon, and then we have a marmot logo here logo on your chest the other really cool thing about this jacket is if you have this down jacket and you want to get a rain jacket also from. Marmot let make sure they're the same size so this is the medium and i have the medium minimalist jacket i have a. Review of this on my channel a long time ago this is one of my favorite jackets of all time the marmot minimalist rain. Jacket absolutely like it I've had this. For over five years has not leaked at all gore-tex but what i want to mention. In this review though is that when you put this on if they're the same size. It's amazing this almost every time the. Hood just automatically fits into that did i make it in their i think it did no okay but there we go. Might be under no i don't know we'll see but you put that on and just live it zips. This up this down jacket fits perfectly. Inside of this rain jacket so you have. Rain protection now and the rain hood. Goes right over that's just awesome. Now it's water protected and you're nice. And warm inside so i really like that. How those products work together now the. Other thing i wanted to mention is that this seams here the baffles are. Very interestingly done there is actually no stitching to divide the fill. I'm not sure how they've done it and if you look really closely there is no stitching and there's no melting i don't. Have no idea how they have separated these baffles amazing stuff. Good technology yeah anyway it's just. Really cool i will also mention that this real on the outside here the shell is very thin and i-i don't know how easily. It will be ripped if you snag it on something sharp i think it won't be hard to rip it so you should be careful with it but it's very light it is a little. But heavier than a down jacket now when. We take this jacket off and we take one. Of these pockets and turn it inside out. You can just stuff the whole jacket into. One of these pockets so if you're trying. To pack this into a backpack for going. On a nice little trip into the mountains and you know i mean of course you could just stuff this you can just stuff this. Jacket into your backpack but the other. Option is to stuff it into its own. Pocket there's a jacket and a little hot. Dog bun so that lets you store it in. Your backpack really nicely and come nice and compact and then you can just pull it out and it expands out back to. Its original size and shape no surprise. Very nice and warm you know i can say a. Lot of good things about it I've had it for probably three or four months now i. Really like it i would buy it again no problem look for a sale re i will have a sale on ammo sometimes yeah i think around $230. And then you can get it all the way down to like 160 150 on a sale, and they have. A female version of this as well so if you ladies are interested there is a female version of this so check that out. As well hopefully that kind of shows you this jacket what it's all about and gives you some of the features if you have questions leave them down in the comments below and check the description for any updates links to buy this jacket if it is available anywhere else and. Again thank you very much hit the like button if you liked it subscribes to our channel to see more videos, and we'll see you in the next one and don't forget to praise god for everything that he gives us and provides for us beautiful outdoors and everything see you guys the next one over now.

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    Arc'teryx Kyanite Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's

    From crisp fall days at the crag to deep powder days on the mountain, enjoy the comfort and freedom of the Arc'teryx Men's Kyanite Hooded Fleece Jacket. This streamlined fleece offers lightweight warmth and total mobility whether you layer it under a shell or wear it as a standalone piece.

    Polartec Power Stretch Pro traps heat and stretches effortlessly to keep up with your movements when you're skiing, hiking, or climbing. It manages moisture to keep heat-robbing dampness from leaving you cold and clammy, and it also breathes well to keep you from overheating during arduous ascents. It's ready for your toughest adventures with a nylon face for abrasion-resistance on close encounters with rocks and brush, as well as an articulated design and underarm gussets for added mobility on tricky climbing routes. The close-fitting ScubaHood keeps your dome warm and fits comfortably under a hood, and the hand pockets sit high on your torso so you can access them while wearing a backpack or harness.

  • Durable fleece that works for midlayer and standalone performance
  • Polartec Power Stretch Pro offers greater mobility for every ascent
  • Nylon face resists wear from trail-side brush and granite walls
  • Underarm gussets and articulated design provide free movement
  • Trim fit layers easily under a shell for multi-season performance
  • ScubaHood fits comfortably under helmet to keep your noggin toasty
  • High hand pockets work with a pack waist belt or harness
  • Item #ARC00PA
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    The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant - Men's

    Stay prepared with The North Face Men's Paramount Trail Convertible Pant when long hikes require you to start in the chill of the morning and finish in the heat of the afternoon. The legs zip off at the knees to create shorts, making the Paramount a great choice for treks in unpredictable weather and camping trips when space is limited. Plus, the performance fabric is quick-drying, durable, and water-resistant to endure life in the great outdoors.

  • Lightweight pants and shorts all in one package
  • Nylon fabric is durable and dries quickly
  • DWR finish repels light rain
  • Legs zip off to create 10-inch inseam shorts
  • Gusseted inseam for better mobility
  • UPF 50 sun protection shields skin from UV rays
  • Item #TNF031I
  • Hi I'm here to talk about the north face. Men's paramount peak convertible trouser it's a full-length walking trouser has. Two easy access pockets at the front which are very large and large back pockets at the rear it has a really good elasticated waist with a belt for security and a gusseted crotch for ease. Of movement and they zip off to create. 10 inch shorts which is really useful. They've got a durable water repellent finish which means they just take off some of the splashes or a bit of rain it just washes off and it's also got a upf. Rating of thirty which means it blocks some of the sun's harmful rays really good for it for walking scrambling in the mountains really nice durable trouser.

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    Outdoor Research Voodoo 10in Short - Men's

    Rather than having to paw through your drawer for the right pair of shorts every time you're doing a different activity outside, invest in clothing that'll go almost anywhere with you comfortably. Modeled after its beloved Voodoo Pant, Outdoor Research's Voodoo Short comes with a cut modeled after your favorite pair of jeans, but the functionality to transition from the crag to the trails with you. Its durable nylon construction easily withstands the rigors of life on the trails, and its gusseted crotch and harness-compatible design ensure you stay comfortable, even if you're just wearing the Voodoo into town.

  • Go from summit-chasing to bouldering in this short
  • Regular fit modeled after an easy-fitting pair of jeans
  • Abrasion-resistant nylon fabric breathes on a hot day
  • Harness-compatible waist won't slow you down at the crag
  • Multiple pockets keep trail mix and a smartphone safe
  • Item #ODR00JY
  • I'm wearing the outdoor research men's voodoo pants this is a highly technical. Pant designed for cracking or alpine. Climbing it's got a really durable. Stretchy double woven soft shell fabric. So you've got that 90 d fabric is going to resist moisture it's going to wick. Sweat and moisture from underneath it's going to breathe really well while offering that mechanical stretch the. Styling of these pants however offers a. Really casual look so you've got a trim fit it's got that kind of jean like. Design so you can wear these right to work and go straight to the climbing gym afterward and have a good session they are super comfortable and very lightweight and have a number of other features that cater to the climber or. The active outdoors person as well you've got two standard hand pockets they are fairly shallow pockets so you. Can't really fit a lot in these pockets, but they are mesh lined, so they're going to help to wick and breathe really well you've got a zippered side pocket so. That's going to work well with a harness leg loop you can still access it and it. Is a pretty deep pocket so you can keep a lot of gear in there if you need to on. The back of the pants you do have two pockets the right pocket is a zip. Closure pocket so you can secure some items in there and the pocket on the left side is just an open pocket kind of. A flap cover there so you've got easy access to extra gear the pants do have. Belt loops throughout the top so you can wear a belt with these and it is a really low profile waist so it's. Designed to work really well with a climbing harness so if you wear this pant under a harness it's going to feel comfortable you're not going to have those pressure points of those hot spots that you might find with some other pants of this nature the knees are. Articulated so you've got really good stretch really good mobility in the knees and it does have a gusseted crotch so again freedom of movement is key here. With those stretch materials you're really getting excellent movement with these pants again as i mentioned it. Is a trim fit the inseam for these pants is about 32. Inches so it is considered a regular pant overall it's a simple but extremely. Effective pant when it comes to climbing or mountaineering you can wear these casually you can wear them hiking or backpacking it really is a pant that. Does it all it is the outdoor research men's voodoo pant. Thanks for watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with. Me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our. Products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    Mammut Aenergy IN Vest - Men's

    When you're heading out on demanding ski tours and quick-moving alpine expeditions, you want insulation that can breathe, and now you've got it thanks to the Mammut Aenergy IN Vest. This vest was designed with Polartec Alpha Direct insulation, an innovative fabric that places its soft insulating material directly next-to-skin to save weight and maximize comfort, while giving you the reliable temperature-regulating breathability that you need when you're working hard in cold weather. The Pertex Quantum Air shell provides wind and water resistance, so you can rock it as an outer layer on warmer tours, while the back panel features a stretchy and quick-drying fleece material for easier movement and greater overall comfort. You've got a partially elasticized hem to seal in your warmth, and when your journey is over and done with you can stuff the Aenergy into its own side pocket and throw it back into your pack.

  • A highly breathable vest for those moving fast in the backcountry
  • Polartec Alpha Direct insulation offer high levels of breathability
  • Pertex Quantum Air provides wind and water resistant protection
  • Back panel has stretchy fleece for a comfortable range of motion
  • Entire vest stuffs into one of two side pockets
  • Item #MAM016E
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    The North Face Glacier Alpine 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover Jacket - Men's

    Experience comfortable warmth and peace of mind on chilly hikes this fall with the nature conscious The North Face Glacier Alpine 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover Jacket. You can rest assured knowing you are doing your best to help the environment thanks to the recycled polyester that makes up the warm fleece material. From a practical stand point you will love the comfort of the fleece, the easy on and off provided by the quarter zip, and the ample pocket space in the zippered alpine-style pockets.

  • Warm quarter-zip fleece jacket for chilly fall hikes
  • Made with recycled materials for the environmentally conscious
  • Quarter-zip for easy on and off while hiking
  • Large pockets hold all the essentials
  • Item #TNF04P6
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    Mountain Khakis Jackson Chino Short - Men's

    Mountain Khakis made the Men's Jackson Chino Short for summer trips to Jackson Hole, where there are more hikes than restaurants. Its soft, breathable cotton blend feels right in summer's warmer weather, and the spandex blend works with the gusseted fit to ensure freedom of movement on hiking trails. This twill chino also has a slim fit for a tailored look fit for town.

  • Short designed with hiking and enjoying Jackson Hole in mind
  • Soft, breathable cotton blended with spandex for stretch
  • Slim fit with gusseted construction for freedom of movement
  • Triple-stitched outseam and reinforced pockets for durability
  • Item #MKH00DV
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