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  Simms Headwaters Boa Boot - Men's Redington Sonic-Pro Wader - Men's Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Hodgman Aesis Sonic Wader Stocking Foot - Men's Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot - Men's Simms Freestone Boot - Men's Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Patagonia River Salt Jacket - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Simms Wool Half Finger Glove - Men's Simms Outdry Insulated Glove - Men's Simms Waypoints Jacket - Men's Simms Flats Sneaker - Men's
  Simms Headwaters Boa Boot - Men's Redington Sonic-Pro Wader - Men's Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Hodgman Aesis Sonic Wader Stocking Foot - Men's Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot - Men's Simms Freestone Boot - Men's Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Patagonia River Salt Jacket - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Simms Wool Half Finger Glove - Men's Simms Outdry Insulated Glove - Men's Simms Waypoints Jacket - Men's Simms Flats Sneaker - Men's
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Brand Simms Simms Korkers Simms Redington Patagonia Simms Simms Hodgman Simms Redington Simms Hodgman
Closure Boa - traditional lace - - - - drawstring lace lace lace - -
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime 1 year - 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime 1 year lifetime 1 year
Recommended Use river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing saltwater wading fly fishing fishing flatwater paddling, river fishing, river paddling fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing
Sole Vibram - OmniTrax 3.0 (interchangeable sole system) - - - gum rubber - H-Lock interchangeable system (rubber, felt) StreamTread rubber - -
Upper Material nubuck leather - synthetic - - - synthetic nubuck leather, mesh - waterproof nubuck leather, hydrophobic synthetic synthetic canvas, rubber - -
Material - 100% Merino wool - 92% polyester, 8% spandex 4-layer nylon [membrane/laminate] H2No (4-layer), [face fabric] 100% polyester, DWR treatment - - - - - 2.5-layer nylon [upper] 4-layer shell, [bottom] 5-layer shell, DWR finish, [booties] 5mm neoprene

Simms Headwaters Boa Boot - Men's

You have worked long and hard to make your fly presentation precise. Get a similar level of precision for your foot with the Simms Men's Headwaters Boa Boot. This leather boot has a Boa closure for a customized fit, to ensure that it stays securely in place as you wade. Simms gave the Headwaters a dual-density midsole to absorb shock, reducing fatigue throughout long days on the water. The lightweight platform gives you stability and traction as you move through varied banks and river beds, so you can confidently make it to, through, and from the river.

  • Boots for wade fishing with confidence
  • Vibram sole provides traction and durability
  • Dual-density midsole absorbs impact
  • Waterproof nubuck leather is durable and malleable
  • Boa lacing system for a precise fit
  • Item #SMM00CE
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is tony fairy with sims fishing products today we're going to be talking about water series of boots headwaters pro. Head bloggers well it all starts with. What's underneath the hood in this case it's the platform that's integrated with the boot itself starting on the bottom. We use a four millimeter vibram hydra. Grip rubber sticky rubber in the market same type of rubber that's used in the climbing shoe world so really grippy rubber lug pattern aggressive they are. All set with 92 degree cutting edges so even as the rubber wears down you still. Have a good clean edge for scuffing on rocks integrated tow injection molded. Dual density eva a mid sole with ess. Retention plates built in the ess plates. Allow for a stutterer cleat to go. Through the outsole but then gives it the backing material in order to grab. And hold onto your the threading on the screw for the cleats or studs the. Dual density eva a harder on the outside. For rugged durability a little bit. Softer underfoot does feature a nylon shank plate for a little bit of rigid torsion control last is your foot forum. Which is neoprene wrapped as well prevents excessive moisture from absorbing also just slides in and out. With your neoprene stocking feet as we. Get into the boots themselves both boots aren't going to be neoprene line partially neoprene line allows the foot in and out real simply both boots are. Going to use big burly heel tabs for. Pulling the boot on and off both boots use scratch rubber construction. Fundamental difference comes in the upper material the remaining materials this is a high-density nylon woven this. Is a waterproof nu buck leather going to be a little bit more form-fitting a little more durable over the lifetime of the product both are designed to have a. Gravel guard drop down over the top of. The boot simply hooking into the lace or the d-ring the whole story behind simms. Footwear is the whole idea of proprioception it's a fancy five syllable words it's the experience underfoot when you look at how this platform works in conditioned. Conjunction with get uppers it gives you a very durable long-lasting high-quality piece of. Waiting for wear both boots come in. Sizes 7 to 14 retail on the headwaters. Is 179 retail on the headwaters pearl. $1.99 so a $20 upgrade to go into the. Leather thank you very much.

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    Redington Sonic-Pro Wader - Men's

    Redington designed its Sonic-Pro Men's Wader for the angler that spends upwards of ten hours a day fishing for everything from wild steelhead, salmon, and trout. The Sonic-Pro may be simple by design, but that's not to say it isn't built to withstand the harshest fishing environments you'll encounter. For starters, Redington used a four-layer fabric that is waterproof and breathable and used SonicWeld seams for added protection against the kind of leaks traditional taped seams can produce. Integrated neoprene booties and reinforced lower legs protect against debris both in and out of the water, and the chest-high design allows you to wade a bit deeper during river crossings and when fishing those hard-to-reach seams. The addition of an adjustable waist belt and suspenders allow you to make quick adjustments to the fit as you start to lose that winter weight you tacked on sipping porters and tying PMDs. 

  • Wade deep in cold trout and steelhead rivers in these waders
  • Waterproof and breathable 4-layer fabric with SonicWeld seams
  • Neoprene booties and boot hooks
  • Adjustable waist belt and suspenders
  • Zippered hand pockets with fleece lining for warmth
  • Zippered chest pocket with additional flip-out accessory pocket
  • Item #RNG001Y
  • So i got my new Eddington waiters in. The mail from adam next day i returned my large 1213 size for the large long's. As you saw previously i thought the. Regular large 12 13s were just a tad. Short and i was worried about the booby says with the large long's i believe the. Booty size they get smaller but looking. Back it doesn't seem that much tighter so. We'll try them on just so you can see what they look like difference but I'm. Very happy with the purchase and avonex did a great job excellent customer service returned home sent me the new. Ones with i would any questions asked so. There we go the large lungs definitely. Have a lot more room especially in like. Crotch region before when i was sitting. Down and pretending the over logs the. Large 1213 just didn't seem to be loose. Enough so I'm very happy i upgraded and swap them out for the large loans it. Might be a little larger at the top and a little bit bigger just in general however in the long term i think they're gonna wear a lot better than if i were to have stayed with the shorter ones that we're just a little tight a little uncomfortable I'm very happy thank you. Having max for reaching out i sent him. An email that called me the same day sent me a return slip put my old ones in. The box sent them and then got these within a day or so excellent return process very happy. With added max and these ready thing waiters awesome of a deal. So while here at fort knox otter creek. And testing out my new waders so it's. About 27 degrees so far things are. Feeling pretty good I've got a few layers on and go outside on the water. Catch some tarpon well there we have it first trout Eddington waders i think. They're trout magnets.

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    Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's

    Not so different than your favorite pub appetizer, the Korkers Men's Greenback Felt Boot is a loaded with features that ultimately offer paramount performance, unparalleled traction, and solid comfort, so you can focus on the fish (or lack thereof) rather than your feet. The Greenbacks feature the Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System and come fully equipped with a felt sole. However, the Greenbacks are compatible with other Korkers' specific interchangeable soles, so you can adapt your traction to meet the performance needs of each river system.

    The Greenbacks are constructed specifically for wet-wading anglers with hydrophobic waterproof materials that reduce water absorption and overall weight, which also enables them to dry faster and in turn, assist in preventing the spread of invasive species. The cemented parts, strategic seam locations, toe caps, and web lace-loops increase longevity. Iintegrated midsole drainage ports also allow water to drain quickly to keep the boots lighter while you wade.

  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System
  • Felt sole included
  • Hydrophobic materials
  • Cemented seams and strategic seam locations
  • Internal drainage
  • Traditional laces
  • Item #KKR000L
  • We're live on the floor die cast 2015. Right now we're in the bunker booth the roman fortress code is gone you see you. Got an all-new burger that has not been. Released yet do you want to discuss with us that's right for spring 2016 should. Be available around the holidays this is the greenback waiting room really excited about this one we built a booth we wanted to hit around a hundred dollar. Price point which is a price point that as consumers we know everyone likes we. Put a lot packed a lot into this boot for that price we've got an ev a molded mid sole so much more comfortable and much more provides much. More support than some of the other booths you see there on the market at this price we added a little more padding into the ankle so it's going to be a little more supportive there how to daddy ring for your gravel guards and. Just an all-around great construction and had a great value for ninety-nine dollars that comes with felt set of. Souls and offers you the option to interchange those soils with other options that we have available on top of the rest nominal. Bring a lot packed into that room yeah. That's that's going a little bit a lot of doors really get into a group a good. Quality. If you have any questions on this and the other items to get our website when this becomes available and opening up and should be available soon on our website for pre-orders to keep checking in we'll have it up there if you have any questions or need to pick up alone and speak with one of our products I'll be happy to answer any questions thanks so much for tuning in you have a lot more coming at you today we're still shooting make a lot more to come and stay tuned.

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    Hodgman Aesis Sonic Wader Stocking Foot - Men's

    Tired of your old, leaky waders that don't breathe well and leave you soaking-wet after a long day of fishing? Upgrade your tired waders for the robust durability, anatomically correct fit, and waterproof protection of the Hodgman Men's Aesis Sonic Wader Stocking Foot. Offering Sonic 2.0 welded seams, waterproof seam tape, and a water-shedding DWR finish, the Aesis Sonic Wader Stocking Foot keeps you blissfully dry when you're stalking brookies along alpine streams and casting for monster steelhead on late-season runs.

    Breathable four-layer shell fabric along the upper keeps you from soaking in perspiration when the mercury rises throughout the day. Five-layer construction reinforces the legs and seat from abrasion when you're bushwhacking along banks and walking across abrasive terrain. Another impressive feature are anatomical 5mm neoprene booties for superior warmth and comfort. And for warmer summer days on the water, the uppers feature Hodgman's Drop Down system, which converts the bibs into a waist-high wader. Also, it's compatible with with Core INS zoned insulation (sold separately) for year-round use in colder conditions.

  • Breathable upper with four-layer shell fabric
  • Reinforced five-layer shell along legs & seat
  • Water-shedding DWR finish
  • Drop Down system converts waders to waist high
  • Sonic 2.0 seams with waterproof seam tape
  • Water-resistant YKK zippered chest pocket
  • Internal flip-out storage pocket
  • Outer-mesh tippet pocket
  • Compatible with Core INS removable zoned insulation (not included)
  • Anatomical booties with Hodgman print (5mm neoprene)
  • Adjustable suspenders with buckle closures
  • Stretch belt with DuraFlex buckle
  • Item #HOD0001
  • We've been out on the south fork river for the past couple of days filled testing the new asus sonic zip front so i stopped by the local pro shop to be able to take you through some of the new features on the asus the first thing. That we wanted to do because we've been working on this waiter for the past couple of years, and we really want to start from the ground up, so we concentrated on developing a new ergonomic lee design anatomic left and. Right fit stocking foot it shapes to the. Unique design of your foot and it's sculpted so it reduces bulk inside of your weight shoe over the past two years we focused our efforts on developing the next generation of sonic welding technology and sonic 2.0 utilizes a. Double folded sonic weld to eliminate. Thousands of stitch holes in the waiter, and we also reinforced it for added. Strength with waterproof seam tape so it keeps water on the outside of your waiter or where it belongs the lowest of. This waiter utilizes our five layer shell fabric that runs all the way to the upper leg and even around to the. Seat where you need added puncture resistance and durability the (upper) of. This waiter uses a four layer shell fabric where added breath ability where you need it most the asis comes with a. Weight belt for safety that is accompanied by three welded belt loops. Two on the side one in the rear so if. You unsnap your belt you won't lose it if we use only the top align waterproof. Zipper on the market which is riri so it allows you to unzip the waiter to. Be able to get in and out more easily the chest pockets on the asis utilize a. Water resistant zipper garage so if rain. Is pouring down it won't actually make it into the pocket, and they're also micro fleece hand warmer pockets on the inside the suspension system on the asis. Allows you to convert it from a waist high without taking the suspenders off. So on a hot day you can just unclick the buckles from the two front ones in the back center convert it to a waist high and you're ready to go also the asus is for ims compatible it. Allows you to convert this waiter to an all-season waiter and install our. Removable insulation system so next time you're at your local pro shop ask about. The new asus sonic zip from hodgman.

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    Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot - Men's

    There are a couple of miles of dirty hiking trails and slimy river crossings between you and your secret fishing holes, which is why you choose Hodgman's Vion H-Lock Wade Boot. Its H-Lock System allows you to replace the boot's sole with welt for grip on slimy stones, or you can keep the rubber sole intact for the trail. Lined in neoprene, the waterproof nubuck leather upper works hard to keep your foot comfortably dry while fly fishing, and the drainage ports add self-cleaning convenience when you're hiking back to the car. 

  • Wade boot designed for hiking to slippery fishing holes
  • Waterproof nubuck leather and neoprene prevent water absorption
  • H-Lock System switches rubber and welt soles for versatile traction
  • Shock-absorbing midsole with self-cleaning drainage ports
  • Corrosion-resistant, double-stitched construction for durability
  • Item #HOD0005
  • Hires pete McLeod here from our varma cloud I'm going to give you another product review i think i needed some new. Wading boots because those are definitely past their prime so haha what. I've got here is a pair of hodgman veon. Interchangeable sold wading boots which. I'm pretty excited about my last ones. Have done me well but I'm afraid they are definitely ready for the scrap heap. So what's really exciting about these is they're an interchangeable sole system i. Now that a number of different manufacturers have tried to make interchangeable souls all have done so successfully for a few for a few years. Now but what i find particularly fascinating about these is that the. Dual lock sole system quick on unboxing. Here what I've got here whirling disease. Prevention excellent coachmen well done. Here is a description on how the h lock sole system works and here is a new boot. Any question. So this is the new hodgman v on h lock. Boot my first impressions are it's a big. Solid hard construction boot it looks. Like it's going to last a good long time it's not that heavy for its size i know it looks quite a big clunky boot it. Doesn't feel very heavy at all and. Looking at the specification so this is. The first set of interchangeable. Sole troops I've ever had now this to me just makes perfect sense whether you're going to be fishing either a river or you're going to be. Clunking around the banks of a lake or you know depending on which bottom variation you're going to be on sometimes you're on slippery boulders sometimes you have to walk into the area. You're going to which requires more of a. Hiking type sole because felts brilliant. As we know in the slippery rocks and. Things like that utterly useless when you are starting across mud hardening like that so here's an opportunity to combine the best of both worlds firstly I'm going to have a. Look at this h lock system so reading. The instructions it appears that i lift up this part here i push this part in. And the boot just literally slides and. Pops the whole song off that's really clever so i don't know if you can see there you've got situation where it locks in. Runners on the sole of the boot so rather than being just caught in the front of the bag the entire soul locks down in four. Different spots so you've got the lower one we've got the middle one that it moves around and you've got another one in the middle across your main part of your foot and then you have this upper. Runner which will hold it like the site and then you've got a dual active great toe on the front so you're not actually. Taking the weight of interchangeable salt on the front of the boot so to lock. It back in literally you just line it up. Push it in connect to make sure that all. The runners are in the right place and then you just slide it in and that is. Not going anywhere at all that's british. Like that a lot so let's have a look at. Some specifications on this boot so I'm just going to put this here for a. Second so my cheat sheet tells me that. The hodgman vion o'clock boots very cool. Name has the h lock interchangeable system which I'm going to go into in a. Little more depth in a second they are neoprene lines for extra warmth so. Essentially rather than having all that. Water inside the boot sloshing around as you're walking a long way you down it doesn't get that far and just come straight out of the runner system in the bottom so there are drainage ports that. Come straight through in the actual dual. Lock sole so the boot actually drains. Through the bottom of these which actually clear these out at the same time which is really very clever. what else we got it's a waterproof. Buck leather and hydro hydrophobic. Synthetic upper country writing that essentially means it is not. Going to rot because the number of pairs of boots that i have I'm terrible with groups I'm sure that people probably. Look after them far better than i do but I'm afraid they just tend to get hold in a bag at the end of the day and sorted out at a later date which is normally never and that kind of anti rot proof. Thing is going to go a long way to. Helping me out the boot is double. Stitched construction you can see double stitching all the way through which again i think is going to make it more durable there is a d-ring which has been. Put in here for gravel guards as most. Weight as these days come with a built in gravel guard and a hook on the front so rather than putting it on the laces and wearing how your laces which invariably I've certainly done in the past then you've actually got a d hook. To actually put that on which is cool there's a light weight say. That 20 times off you've had a drink. Shock-absorbing evie a mid sole which. Essentially means it's built more like a trainer so it's much more comfortable to walk on you get a bit of bounce and i. Don't know about you but i have had bruised feet in my wading boots when clambering over rocks and that kind of thing so I'm quite excited about that they are. Corrosion and salt waterproof which. Means that i can wear them in the salt so from the bass fishing or I'm not sure. Like probably the tropics big bit black. But certainly if I'm going to go and paddle around for coastal s3 fishing or something like that that means of salt waters not going to rot them the metal parts have all been made corrosion proof which is great now there are four different souls that come with this boot you have the straight rubber sole which. Is this one here which has got a great grip on almost like a cleated grip and then. You have rubber and stud and then you. Have felt and then you have felton stud. So I've got my spare felton studs here. Which come in mr. hand you little packet. Pop these open felton stud to be honest. Is always been my favorite combination i know that it's becoming increasingly unpopular around the world whether now no longer allowed in alaska new zealand. But countries like iceland and norway long as you disinfect them properly with. A 3% work on solution I'm comfortable in. Using them but I've always found that felt and start gives me easily the best. Grip especially on slippery rocks so if. I just make sure I've got right clues. Here i haven't incidentally there's. Actually an area on the bottom of the soul that's got river names so you could even have a separate pair of soles for the different rivers you're fishing to really prevent any form of bacterial. Movement or anything like that so I'm going to pop that on their line up the sliders and there we go. Locked straight on that easy. That's a really solid boot really. Like this toe as well the number of times that I've gone through the toes of my waiting boots so that's dead easy so for example you. Could use one set of soles like the rubber grip ones for hiking into the river that you're going into and then. When you get to the river you can switch them out of your backpack and you can put the felt and stubble which i think is a really clever idea that's the dual lock system i think is. Really what makes these boots pretty revolutionary the way that they slide in. And lock in both places and you have to. Undo both locks to allow that soul to move at all it means it's really not going anywhere at all so very excited about those. And i think i better put them on quickly. Just to have a quick feel for how they feel right okay and i quickly throw. These on well I've got to say even just. Wearing them with just my ordinary socks on they're incredibly comfortable so. It's so comfortable i think I'm going to. Wear them home I've also just discovered. In the box is another set of felt clean. Felt soles so all in all you get two. Sets of soles when you buy the boot and then if you do what i did which is to buy an extra pair just to make sure that. I've got the felt and stud then i think i pretty much got everything that i need to cover every eventuality whether I'm. Going to be fishing in houma slippy edges of the copper river in british columbia or whether I'm going to be waiting around in iceland or whether I'm going to be falling in the chalk streams at home either way i think I'm sorted i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like and subscribe and i look forward to seeing you on the next gear review thanks a lot

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    Simms Freestone Boot - Men's

    Trudging through a river is hard work as it is, and you don’t need your boots to make matters worse by weighing you down. The Simms Men’s Freestone Boot features a water-repellent upper that minimizes water absorption—and the resulting weight—as you wade. When the water is cold, count on the full neoprene lining to insulate your foot, helping you resist the numbness that makes you clumsy. Coordinated or not, the StreamTread outsole provides maximum traction thanks to 360 lugs designed to bite into the riverbed. If you find yourself needing additional grip, the Freestone is compatible with HardBite and Alumibite studs.

  • Durable wading boots for fly fishing
  • StreamTread outsoles have 360 lugs for traction
  • Speed lace system offers an easy, secure hold
  • Water-repellent uppers reduce water weight
  • Full neoprene lining insulates your foot
  • Rubber reinforcements in high-use areas for durability
  • Compatible with HardBite and Alumibite studs
  • Item #SMM00CA
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is tony. Today i want to talk about stone waiting boot free stone boot one of the most popular selling boots at sims i think it's the right combination. Of both durable and value free. Stone uses viper minor grip rubber outsole it's a three millimeter thick using a lug pattern or a pattern that we. Call string tread 360 degree lugs allow for pushing off and the ability for the. Boot to come in and scuff rocks and clean that algae off giving you better traction does use an integrated toe kick. So a little extra protection in the front of the boot for your toes scratch rubber upper again Duroc durable really. Burly fabric or in this case rubber big. Heavy-duty ankle pull so i can pull the boot on and off injection molded ev8 mid. Soles this guy uses the dual density it's a harder epa on the outside with a. Softer epa underfoot enhances that underfoot experience fully gusseted. Neoprene tongue neoprene lining for getting in and out of the boot nylon. Hardware totally rust proof anti-corrosion good hardware boot. Retails for 149 it's available starting. At a size five and runs all the way up to a size 16 retails for 149 thank you. You.

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    Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's

    It may be ninety degrees outside, but that's some high mountain runoff you'll be wading in, so slap on a pair of waders and the Redington Men's Palix River Sticky Rubber Wading Boots if you want to last more than an hour. These simple and effective boots are made with a durable canvas upper, which is supported by a rugged rubber toe cap for increased durability and toe protection. The rubber sole offers reliable traction when you're walking on slick river bottoms and can be fitted with metal studs, if you need a bit more bite from these boots.

  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Lace closure
  • Non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Webbing pull loops
  • Sticky rubber sole
  • Stud-compatible sole
  • Item #RNG001P
  • Hi my name is adam I'm here to talk to. You about the pale looks river boots it is a lightweight durable waiting boot for all occasions offered in sticky walnut rubber or felt our souls this. Boot features a highly pack able and classic design so you can take it with you on all your angling adventures it is. Constructed of high denier durable nylon. Fabric this boot is designed with deep. Draw lacing to keep your foot in place while waiting all hardware is anti. Corrosive to help your boots last longer in the field the neoprene line interior. And collar offer exceptional comfort for. Long days on the river halex river boot features a high rubber rand for. Excellent durability and protection this boot is constructed of quick drying. Lightweight synthetic materials both soles are stud compatible for safe. Weighting in all conditions overall the. Pail looks but is an affordable option for all your fishing endeavors.

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    Patagonia River Salt Jacket - Men's

    With its ultra-burly, four-layer waterproof and breathable fabric, water- and corrosion-resistant front zipper, and fully adjustable hood, the Patagonia Men's River Salt Jacket is tough enough to handle full days chasing wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest or paddling rainy rivers up in Montucky.

    An adjustable storm hood allows you to buckle things down once the wind starts to rip, while an elastic drawcord at the hem prevents wind-backed rain from blowing up the coat. Mesh panels readily shed water if you happen to wade one or two steps too deep. The jacket is equipped with three zippered front pockets, giving you a place to warm your digits before you switch out flies or space to accommodate a fly box for quick access. Multiple tackle loops allow you to attach nippers and hemostats, and two internal pockets keep any valuables you want to kept warm and dry next to your body.

  • A burly jacket for days spent fly fishing on the river
  • Four-layer waterproof shell fights off rain and wind
  • Watertight cuffs seal out river water as you release your catch
  • Adjustable hood lets you buckle things down in extreme conditions
  • Zippered front pockets to warm your hands
  • Drawcord hem is lined with mesh to drain excess water
  • Item #PAT028X
  • This is our women's river salt jacket. It's our toughest most durable fishing. Jacket specifically built for women the. Heavy-duty 5.4 ounce for layer h2no. Waiter fabric keeps the harshest of. Conditions at bay while the nano sphere. Dwr fights the precis on the outside. Surface of the jacket the innovative. Hood is fully vented and adjustable and. Stays in place at high boat speeds we. Have t pu coated zippered pockets on the. Chest to organize fly boxes or whatever. Else you might need as well as two hand. Warmer pockets that enclosed with velcro. On either side at the bottom cuff we've. Got adjustable watertight links that. Help keep water or wind out and a. Draining hem cord to keep the bottom of the jacket dry our women's river salt. Jacket is a burly go anywhere fishing. Shall that will keep you on the river even in the harshest conditions.

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    Simms Sunsleeve - Men's

    Protect your arms from the sun and elements when you wear a short-sleeve shirt with the Simms Sunsleeves. Its quick-drying, breathable stretch fabric offers comfort and protection while you fly fish while elastic at the bicep and a curved fit at the cuff provides better hand coverage while you're fishing. Pairing snaps at the bicep also keep the two Sunsleeves together when you're driving back home. 

  • Polyester, spandex fabric blend
  • Quick-dry, breathable stretch fabric
  • Pairing snaps at biceps
  • Elastic at bicep
  • Curved at cuff design
  • Average Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Item #SMM002K
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    Simms Wool Half Finger Glove - Men's

  • Hard-working handwear to keep palms toasty and fingers free
  • Wool stays warm even when wet for maximum warmth on the river
  • Gripper print on the palms for secure rowing and casting
  • Rib knit cuff won’t stretch out and leave your wrists exposed
  • Item #SMM00GK
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    Simms Outdry Insulated Glove - Men's

    If you're brave enough to get out on the water in cold conditions, you deserve the gear that will help make it an enjoyable experience. The Simms Outdry Insulated Glove is the warm, waterproof, low-bulk layer your hands need to maintain their ability to catch a fish. From the waterproof Outdry membrane to the PrimaLoft insulation, this glove is designed to keep your hand functional—and you can even add a handwarmer if temps really drop. While you might not be able to successfully tie a nail knot in them, their mapped insulation and pre-curved fingers help your fingers maintain their dexterity so you can accurately feel hits on your line and manage your reel.

  • Warm and waterproof gloves for cold days on the water
  • Waterproof Outdry membrane seals out moisture
  • PrimaLoft synthetic material insulates even when wet
  • Mapped insulation traps in heat with minimal bulk
  • Pre-curved fingers help maintain your dexterity
  • Wrist pocket secures a handwarmer for extra heat
  • Item #SMM00GC
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    Simms Waypoints Jacket - Men's

    Fishing pristine mountain streams brings the potential for gorgeous cutthroats—and unpredictable weather. Stay prepared for sudden rainstorms with the Simms Men's Waypoints Jacket. Waterproof and breathable construction wards off nasty weather while keeping you comfortable in warmer climes, and it weighs in at under a pound and packs into its own pocket for ultra-convenient storage on the river.

  • Packable jacket for fishing in unpredictable weather
  • 2.5L fabric with sealed seams wards off rain
  • Anti-catch molded cuffs eliminate line snags
  • Stows in own left pocket
  • YKK Vislon zippers prevent leaks
  • Simms products are designed by dedicated fly fishermen
  • Item #SMM009T
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is tony faria mo sims fishing I'd like to discuss the new weight. Points jacket from sims weight points is. Unique and then it's the lightest most pack able of all our rain gear tips the. Scale at a whopping 12 ounces these is a. Two and a half layer construction waterproof breathable nylon face fabric. With a micro porous coating fully seam. Sealed keeping it dry in those wet. Conditions three-point adjustable storm. Hood got adjustments both on for volume. Control as well as being able to pull. The hood back and give you better coverage over the top of your head or cap does have a little bit of a reinforced biser as well the beauty of. This jacket is its lightweight some of the component sorry we're not skimping on we're using a ykk vislon zipper it is a highly water resistant zipper it's the. Some separate we use on our most technical rain wear so really nice piece. Of poetry into it fully adjustable anti. Line catch cuff adjustment simkins pinch. That down or the coolest thing about this jacket is its pack ability he's. Got two hand warmer pockets whereas the. Left hand warmer pocket is doubles as a. Pocket bag so you simply pack the jacket. Inside out filling that up for ultimate. Still, ability great for the travelling angler thank you for the guy that's gonna go do a hot saltwater adventure need something you can stuff into a backpack or a boat bag weight points. Jacket super economical at 1 1995. Available sizes small through double extra-large thank you.

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    Simms Flats Sneaker - Men's

    Pinchy sea creatures are bountiful while you wade on the flats, so protect your toes and feet with the Simms Men's Flats Sneakers. These low-profile sneakers feature cup-rubber platforms for lightweight saltwater wading comfort, support, and traction. The full-perimeter scratch rubber rands offer lightweight abrasion-resistance and protection against underwater rocks, submerged tree limbs, and pinchers. The Flats' full neoprene linings and padded collars provide maximum wading comfort while the non-marking gum rubber outsoles with high-surface contact lugs supply boat-friendly slip-resistance and security. 

  • Synthetic nubuck leather, mesh uppers
  • Neoprene lining, padded collar
  • Low-profile, cup-rubber platform
  • Full-perimeter scratch rubber rand
  • Non-marking gum rubber outsoles with high-surface contact lugs
  • Item #SMM000J
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is tony fairy with. We're gonna go over the sneak or the sims flat sneaker today. Starting on the very bottom we're gonna go ahead and use a gum rubber cup built rubber outsole it does feature a. Drop-in eba mid sole and a combination of. A scratch rubber ramp as well as a. Synthetic nu buck as well as quick dry. Nylon construction more of a lace to toe. Fit kind of like a hiker lightweight. Option you get tons and tons of surface contact with this fully sticky rubber. Bottom so both decks non mark great. Cushioning as well as great secure foot. On a wet deck those flat sneaker is. Fully neoprene lined allows for just. Easy on and off whether I'm using with a neoprene waiting sock. Sky retails for 119 available in sizes 7. Through 14 and when you purchase this. One you want to buy this more like a regular standard shoe so normal shoe sizes apply thank you.

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