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  POC Resistance Enduro Mid Short - Men's Castelli Elemento 2 7x(AIR) Jacket - Men's Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket- Limited Edition - Men's Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses - Men's Yeti Cycles Dart Ride Tee Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Yeti Cycles Ironton XC Bib Short - Men's 2XU Active Tri Suit - Men's Endura SingleTrack Liner Short - Men's Mons Royale Momentum Chamois Short - Men's ION Traze Bike Short - Men's Pearl Izumi MTB LTD Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's ION Scrub AMP 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Men's ION Paze Bike Short - Men's
  POC Resistance Enduro Mid Short - Men's Castelli Elemento 2 7x(AIR) Jacket - Men's Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket- Limited Edition - Men's Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses - Men's Yeti Cycles Dart Ride Tee Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Yeti Cycles Ironton XC Bib Short - Men's 2XU Active Tri Suit - Men's Endura SingleTrack Liner Short - Men's Mons Royale Momentum Chamois Short - Men's ION Traze Bike Short - Men's Pearl Izumi MTB LTD Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's ION Scrub AMP 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Men's ION Paze Bike Short - Men's
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Brand Endura ION Pearl Izumi Yeti Cycles ION 2XU Castelli Castelli Smith ION Louis Garneau Yeti Cycles POC Mons Royale
Fit form-fitting regular relaxed form-fitting regular compressive form-fitting slim - regular - regular relaxed form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year - lifetime - - 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime - 1 year - 1 year limited
Material 60% nylon, 20% polyester, 20% elastane 100% polyester 2-way stretch 100% polyester 78% nylon, 22% spandex [front] 86% polyester, 14% cotton, [sleeves, back] polyester [front and back panels] 83% nylon, 17% elastane, [lower body] 79% nylon, 21% elastane, [mesh panels] 83% nylon, 17% elastane [membrane/laminate] Windstopper 150, [face fabric] 100% polyester, [liner] 90% polyester, 10% elastane [arms, center front, lower back] 7x(Air), [upper back, chest] WindShear - 2-way stretch (polyester) [palm] 90% polyurethane, 10% polyester, [upper hand] 100% polyester spandex tri-blend [main body] 95% polyamide, 5% spandex, [back] 92% polyamide, 8% spandex, [lining] 100% polyester 83% merino wool, 13% nylon, 4% elastane
Recommended Use enduro, trail cross-country, trail mountain bike mountain bike cross-country, downhill, enduro, gravel, mud/sand/snow, trail road cycling, road running, triathlon road cycling cold-weather cycling cycling trail cross-country, enduro, gravel casual, mountain biking mountain bike cross-country, downhill, enduro, trail
Pockets - 2 hand 3 rear - 1 zippered stash 2 rear 3 rear, 1 zippered side 3 rear, 1 zip chest - 2 zippered hand - - 2 front, 1 zippered leg -

POC Resistance Enduro Mid Short - Men's

Thankfully, you don't have to be in British Columbia to enjoy the spoils of flow trails anymore. Whether you're lucky enough to have ribboning brown pow minutes from your house, or you're traveling further afield to reach it, make sure you're wearing the Poc Resistance Enduro Mid Men's Short when you and your indulgent enduro beast reach the trailhead at last.

Pre-shaped to accommodate the body armor you'll want for turning at the "harder way down" fork in the trail, the Resistance is designed to yield to your movements over the course of a technical descent. Its light and breathable fabric durable enough to withstand brushes against trail furniture when your line doesn't go as planned. And when you can't avoid pedaling uphill, the airy mesh leg vents promise to keep the air moving as you sweat it out.

  • Get your flow on in this durable enduro-specific short
  • Relaxed fit comes pre-shaped to fit over padding
  • Stretchy nylon blend wicks and moves with you
  • Ventilation zips keep air moving on climbs
  • Front pockets and zippered leg pocket carry mid-ride snacks
  • Hook-and-loop waist tabs let you dial in just the right fit
  • Item #POC00A1
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    Castelli Elemento 2 7x(AIR) Jacket - Men's

    In warm weather, you can throw on any old jersey and hit the road, confident that you'll stay warm and happy. Winter makes things a little tricker. You want to be warm, but not sweat, because sweat will quickly turn to ice, and you want to layer up, but you don't want to look and feel like a marshmallow man. It's a damn near intractable problem, but Castelli's Elemento 2 7x(AIR) Men's Jacket offers up an elegant, slim-fitting solution.

    It manages to balance weight, flexibility, breathability, and warmth, thanks primarily to Castelli's 7x(AIR) fabric. Quilted for warmth and naturally moisture wicking, 7x(AIR) traps heat against your skin while letting moisture move away, so you stay warm and dry even when conditions are at their toughest. To stop cold gusts from sapping your warmth, Castelli integrated WindShear wind-blocking inserts at the front, back, and triceps, and lined the body and collar of the Elemento with lightweight microfleece for extra insulation.

    Materials are only half of the equation, though. Cut is also essential, and the Elemento has a slim, aerodynamically-minded fit that's not only fast but efficient, as it allows moisture to quickly transfer to the jacket's surface for easy evaporation while minimizing the space between your core and the insulation for additional warmth. It also moves with you, so you never feel restricted when stretched out on the bars for long winter base miles.

    The articulated collar wraps comfortably around your neck in every position, and works with the raw-edge cuffs and dropped rear hem to seal out drafts without causing irritation. The Elemento also has three drop-in back pockets and reflective details for storage and visibility, respectively.

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    Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket- Limited Edition - Men's

    Your cycling wardrobe likely consists of wet-weather gear and dry-weather gear, with little overlap. Until recently, those really were the only options, with wet-weather gear that would leave you feeling bogged down and steamy when you get pedaling, and dry gear that just couldn't hold up to more than a couple of raindrops. Castelli created the Gabba and Perfetto to help cover the bases for both, but the release of the Alpha ROS Jacket takes things to the next level. With limited edition colors, this model of the Alpha ROS Jacket captures the performance we expect from Castelli, along with an exceptionally stylish and elegant aesthetic.

    The Alpha ROS Jacket is ready for rain or shine, with its two-layer construction that separates thermal insulation from wind and waterproof shell. The front offers a double-opening so you can ventilate without exposing yourself directly to the frosty chill. With two-layer construction, Castelli enables each layer to do their job to a higher degree, so Windstopper can keep its focus on sealing out water and wind, keeping the thermal layer dry so it can excel at regulating temperatures. The inner layer provides thermal warmth that wicks away perspiration and allows heat dissipation when needed, so your core temperature can be regulated and you're able to put down the power on long climbs without overheating.

    Shielding you from the elements, Gore's Windstopper membrane is reinforced with YKK Vislon waterproof zippers and selective seam sealing. By being selective with seam-sealing, Castelli is able to maintain great dry-weather riding qualities on the Alpha ROS Jacket, without compromising water protection. Castelli won't make the claim that the jacket is 100% waterproof, but it does present the jacket with confidence to stand up to most cold and wet riding with resilience.

    With a form-fitting cut that's much like a jersey, the jacket leaves little room for drafts or excessive fabric that flaps in the wind behind you. The cut is designed for in-saddle comfort, so you might notice the chest feels a bit tighter than normal across the chest when off the bike; however, on the bike the design is built to accommodate your arms, shoulders, and back when you are in the drops, eliminating extra fabric in that position. Since the design already features 2-layers you often won't need more than a baselayer to remove the chill, depending on the day's weather and your own preference. The jacket can span temperatures ranging from 23-to-50 degrees Fahrenheit, but—again—that depends on how hot your engine runs.

  • Pedal on through wind and rain in this cycling jacket
  • Limited edition colorway stands out in a crowd
  • Blocks wind and water with Windstopper 150 membrane
  • Insulating midlayer unzips separately for heat dumps on climbs
  • Race fit eliminates excess material and cold air drafts
  • Breathes and wicks away sweat on long climbs
  • Raw-cut hem and cuffs and comfort and improve fit
  • Castelli's revolutionary all-weather race kit continues to evolve
  • Item #CST00JS
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    Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses - Men's

    Smith designed its Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses for cyclists that aren't always the most willing to hang back in the pack. Their aerodynamic profile and streamlined designed are better suited to leading the peloton than drafting towards the back. Aerodynamics aside, the Attack Max Sunglasses also offer cyclists a crisp field of vision thanks to ChromaPop technology. Smith's flagship lenses reduce color confusion while filtering harmful UV rays for a crisper field of view and better color contrasts. The actual shape of the lenses increase the coverage area for added protection from wind, light, and debris, and the frameless front is designed to integrate with Smith cycling helmets for a gap-free fit and enhanced ventilation. These sunglasses are equipped with Smith's quick-release MAG interchangeable system and come with an extra pair of ChromaPop lenses to accommodate different light conditions.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Aerodynamic sunglasses for road cycling and racing
  • ChromaPop lenses reduce color confusion for better contrast
  • Quick-release MAG interchangeable lens system
  • Additional ChromaPop lenses included for different light conditions
  • Expanded field of view protects from wind and debris
  • Nose pad can be adjusted between two positions for snug fit
  • Frameless front integrates with Smith helmets and aids ventilation
  • Item #SMI00H9
  • Bonus video today are i. Talking about these smith sunglasses these are my running sunglasses and a lot of you guys have been commenting in the last week asking me what these sunglasses are like what's the model was the brand and why i chose to go with these basically it's the smith the name. Is kind of funny the smith attack max is. The bar is the model attack max chrome pop is the type of lens that is on here. And the number one reason i bought these sunglasses over other running sunglasses. Is that they wrap around the face you. See that and so i wanted maximum coverage over my eyeballs so i didn't. Want any airflow going under or down or. Bugs or rocks or what-have-you flying. Into my eyes also these you know you may. Already know this but these sunglasses are actually designed for cycling for. Cyclists because they're so aerodynamic. They're actually designed for biking their not designed for running but i did my research and i was like wait a minute all these running design sunglasses don't necessarily wrap around my face. They're a little more blocky if i could say that like they don't kind of they don't have that curvature and that is what i love about these sunglasses in addition they have the chrome pop lens so it just makes everything especially out in nature like i was out in today it makes everything kind of pop a little bit so that means my rocks and roots and. Just hairpin turns everything just kind. Of pops a little bit when you're looking through the glasses at the ground that way when you're flying over the trails you can actually see where your foot is stepping and especially in bright. Obviously in bright sunlight when you're just like getting hammered with sun it's. Like these things doing them these lenses do an amazing job at making. Everything pops a little bit now unfortunately they don't give them away they're expensive these sunglasses you ready for the price tag oh baby whoa. Baby 250 bucks that's crazy that's crazy. I made an upfront investment. And yeah, and they it's paid off like how. Often do you go through sunglasses maybe actually let's do it the question of the. Day how often do you buy sunglasses what type of sunglasses do you like to buy and listen I'm not saying like I'm a. A Hundred percent sold on smith forever but over the last 12 months these guys have been incredible and a little bonus. Feature on this sunglasses is that the arm of the sunglass right here that rests on your ear this pops off watches waiting there it goes so basic like. There have been so many times when I've either dropped them or stepped on them and this pops off and so you don't end. Up breaking the actual lens in addition. The nose pad can be adjusted to. Two positions for a really snug fit so yeah that's right this thing right this little nose pad can actually be adjusted for a type in fact I'm gonna do it there. It goes so it's like more of a snug fit so when you're flying through the trees or flying down the trails or flying i don't know to catch the subway or whatever like it's its a little more of a snug fit and these guys were a huge. Upgrade for me all right i ran the pikes peak ascent last summer and basically a. $5 pair of sunglasses that were being handed out at a colorado rockies game here's some footage feeling good okay. what the star just like while we're waiting for you guys isn't that exciting. That was a fun race in my $5 sunglasses. Glad i did it glad i did it but i am so grateful that these guys have been durable and i know i keep saying that but for sunglasses for me to last 12 months that's a big deal again these are called the smith attack max chrome pop. Sunglasses and you can find them on amazon down below in the link and in. Essentially i love them i love them i. Would give them i don't know eight and a half out of ten that's a good score in my book eight and a half out of ten and of course comment below with your questions your thoughts any ideas you might have on other sunglasses that you have found because the frame i mean i know i know the price tag is high it's high but you get what you pay for sometimes. So 12 months of goodness seeing well I'll take that I'll take this all right love you guys.

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    Yeti Cycles Dart Ride Tee Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    From working on your bike in the garage to actually getting after it on some weekend singletrack, the Yeti Men's Dart Ride Tee Jersey tags along in soft, cool comfort. The tri-blend fabric delivers a plush feel along with moisture-wicking properties to prevent you from getting bogged down in sweat on your ride, while the classic front logo lends your look appreciation for the iconic.

  • Cool, dry comfort and timeless style blended together
  • Tri-blend keeps you wrapped in sweat-free comfort
  • Regular fit ensures you're able to move freely
  • Item #YTI008Q
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    Yeti Cycles Ironton XC Bib Short - Men's

    For many roadies, cross-country endurance events are the obvious entry point to the mountain bike world, largely because we can wear similar kit. This includes the Yeti Cycles Men's Ironton XC Bib Shorts, which adapt the bib model that we asphalt adventurers are so comfortable with to life on the trail. We do recognize that there's a place for baggies, but fast, hardtail-fueled races on hardpack trails aren't that place.

    The shorts' four-way stretch fabric outclass awkward, pedal-hampering baggies by riding tight and allowing a full range of motion in the saddle. No hang-ups on the nose; no catching knees. The material's gentle compression also recommends the shorts for a life spent pedaling up rather than (just) coasting down, and the material is far better at managing moisture than even the most well-intentioned baggies. For more casual laps, the Ironton can of course be layered under baggies, but when speed is the only concern, then there's no substitute for Lycra.

  • Slim fitting bib shorts for serious XC racing
  • High stretch material manages moisture and enables pedaling
  • Gentle compression helps keep your legs fresh through long events
  • Mesh paneling further enhances breathability and airflow
  • Multi-density Italian chamois brings roadie comfort to the hardpack
  • Item #YTI005S
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    2XU Active Tri Suit - Men's

    When you've spent weeks fitting your life in around your swim/bike/run training schedule, don't leave anything up to chance come race day. Leave your separates at home and reach for the 2XU Active Tri Suit when you need kit that will let you concentrate fully on the course. The Active Tri comes with a breathable but supportive construction that stabilizes muscles for less fatigue and better recovery, and won't chafe or stretch as the hours of your race stretch on. As you transition out of the water and onto the bike, its moisture-wicking fabric will help you dry off quickly while its minimal Speedline chamois provides the cushion and support you need for a comfortable bike leg, without impacting your ability to turn up the cadence during your run.

    Designed for exceptional comfort and durability this 2times you set is a perfect home for any triathlete skip both made from spr skin cross for mild. Long-lasting compression the support your muscles enhance your performance and improves your recovery the as well. Features built-in upf to protect you from the sun's rays the high fill mesh. In the thing that will control your core temperature and the moisture wicking properties will keep you dry the shorts are excellent to that the flat waistband and a lightweight speed line shamming the chamois is particularly impressive it's thick enough to be comfortable in the saddle but thin enough that it's really discreet when you run both pieces have two rear pockets for your energy gels or little extras to top it off the cut of both pieces is extremely flattering brilliant for anyone wanting an extra kick of confidence. You.

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    Endura SingleTrack Liner Short - Men's

  • Keep comfort plentiful where you need it most in the saddle
  • Stretchy fabric wicks sweat and mesh panels boost breathabiltiy
  • Impact-absorbing DisperseFoam pad soaks up harsh chatter
  • Comfort leg gripper secures the fit all ride long
  • Liner shorts are Clickfast-compatible
  • Item #EDA000R
  • So done a review a tease the other day when it's a p that's so much p for the. Shorts now the liner's came to their i. Just want the show people the liner as. You can see there just snaps in with the. Pad it's really nice pad for. A liner short pretty impressed with that. Now the actual line ashore was more than. The shorts i don't know what's going on. There i think the women's ones are cheaper in. Fact i know they are now this is how. Much you can get the liners for you have to shop around threads let the cheapest so just a good line of short snaps in. Pads good i can't see there's going to be any problem in that it feels. Substantial alright I've had a few pads. In the past kind of cross between r. And that's awesome energy writing but we. Like that just boy share that kind of. Lot of money i suppose when you add it. All up but shop around you're poor looking at 65 70 pound kind of cheap i. Suppose and the bottom of the range bib shorts depending on what my job done.

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    Mons Royale Momentum Chamois Short - Men's

  • An ultra-lite chamois for hard-hitting trail days
  • Tapered 90-density chamois designed for 5+ hour rides
  • Merino Air-Con fabric is fast wicking and odor resistant
  • Wide waistband stays comfortable on long rides
  • Keep covered on the bars with extended back rise
  • Grippers at hem lock your leg seams in place
  • Item #MNR0065
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    ION Traze Bike Short - Men's

    So, you're seeking a do-it-all trail short that's ready for shuttle laps one day, then pedal-assisted missions deep into the mountains the very next? Look no further than the Ion Men's Traze Bike Short for free-flexing mobility and streamlined comfort. This everyday trail short features two-way stretch fabric of lightweight polyester, which wicks moisture off your legs when you're sweating on long uphill slogs. Adjustable waist tabs are hidden along the internal waistline, allowing you to fine-tune the short's fit and feel to your exact liking. It's finished with zippered pockets for secure storage of your trail goodies, as well as reflective details for stand-out visibility.

  • Streamlined trail short is lightweight and flexible
  • Two-way stretch fabric for quick-drying and mobility
  • Zippered pockets store your trail goodies and small tools
  • Adjustable waist tabs for fine-tuning the fit and feel
  • Reflective details pop in low-light conditions
  • Item #INB0007
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    Pearl Izumi MTB LTD Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's

    Showing up for a day spent riding along exposed rocky descents and punishingly hot climbs with just a baggy tee would be a big mistake, especially when you could be wearing the Pearl Izumi men's MTB LTD Jersey. Pearl Izumi constructs the jersey with a semi-form fit and a simple, effective design that won't weigh you down.

    The Transfer Dry polyester body will keep you far cooler than a heavy, cotton tee when you start to heat up, pulling sweat away from your skin quickly so it can evaporate at the surface rather than causing chafing as you ride. Pearl eliminates elastic grippers on the arm bands and waist hem to keep the jersey relaxed for the trails and able to be paired well with your favorite baggies. The jersey's finished with a full-length zipper and three pockets, roadie style, so you can stow extra food, water, or anything else you'll need all day. Bet you don't have a t-shirt that can do all of that.

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    ION Scrub AMP 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    Whether it's a day for the trails, bike park, or some lift-accessed downhill laps, the Ion Scrub AMP 3/4-Sleecve Jersey is the comfortable, lightweight coverage you need. Its lightweight blend keeps you from overheating on warmer days when you need the skin coverage, while the design keeps you warmer on cloudy, chillier rides. A synthetic-cotton blend in front is soft and comfortable while the full-polyester back and sleeves encourage sweat to move away from you to evaporate. The sleeve design is spacious enough for pads when you need them while the regular fit provides a stylish cut.

  • Hit the trails in this lightweight jersey
  • 3/4-length sleeves provide restriction-free coverage
  • Blended front panel dries quickly
  • Polyester back and sleeves manage perspiration
  • Zippered pocket secures a lift pass
  • Integrated lens cloth lets you clear your view
  • Item #INB0020
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    Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Men's

    Bumpy backroads and long miles on the bike can sure put a hurt on your hands, but Louis Garneau aims to take the sting away with the Air Gel Ultra Glove. Garneau claims that the Air Gel Ultra Gloves feature more gel padding than any other glove on the market, so you can count on them to absorb those vibrations from harsh potholes and gravel roads alike. The gloves feature a whopping 5-millimeters of anatomically targeted Biogel padding placed around the palm to help keep the blood flowing and prevent numbness, while Ergo Air X-Vent allows air to keep flowing freely through your palm, so padding doesn't have to equal sweaty paws. Since durability is a must for long hours on the bike, the palm is made with GTEX synthetic leather that holds up to the abuse.

  • Ultra-cushioned gloves to take the sting out of the road
  • 5mm of Biogel padding absorbs vibrations from rough rides
  • Let your mitts breathe wit help from Ergo Air X-Vent on palm
  • Durability is taken seriously with Gtex synthetic leather
  • Easy on-and-off thanks to finger pull tabs
  • Breathable back of hand lets sweat escape
  • Item #LGN00LZ
  • (light music). If you're looking for the most padded, most comfortable and most enabling glove on the market, . The air gel ultra glove is for you. With more folks seeking adventure through multi-surface. Routes across the world, we wanted to ensure there was a glove that offers better protection to the hands and more comfort throughout the day. It's patented, progressive padding offers up to eight millimeters of gel padding on key areas and are strategically placed throughout the palm. To alleviate friction points and pressure areas that cause hand fatigue, discomfort, numbness and pain. The patented ergo air x-vent ventilation system. Follows the natural movements of the hands to avoid bunching while simultaneously allowing air to flow through the glove thus keeping your palms sweat free and comfortable. Lastly, the palm is made with our proprietary gtex synthetic leather, and we've equipped the gloves. With our proprietary patent pending finger pull system. That allows the gloves off super easy. Ride in comfort and lead those handlebars in style. (light music).

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    ION Paze Bike Short - Men's

    Loosey-goosey is a term you prefer to describe a character from childhood stories, not your kit, that's why the Ion Paze Bike Shorts are the first you reach for when you're getting ready for a ride. These streamlined, slim-fitting shorts provide all the stretch and comfort you need when you're hammering out miles at your home trails, and make a good, clean case for XC race day — without requiring restrictive lycra. They're crafted from a special polyester material that acts similarly to mesh for maximum breathability on the trail, with two-way stretch that lets you move fore and aft on the saddle free of hangups. The seat area also happens to feature a gusset for free range of motion, and added durability against abrasive saddles.

  • Slim-fitting shorts for all-mountain endeavors
  • Stretchy fabric lets you move with ease
  • Stand up to abrasive saddles with seat gusset
  • Keep cool through summer's heat with mesh-like material
  • Slim, but not tight fit keeps things streamlined
  • Flex-waist keeps comfortable all through the ride
  • Item #INB0002
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