14 Top Rated Men’s – Hunting Boots

Choosing the right pair of boots is a contribution to your successful hunting experience. Before buying hunting boots you should know what weather and terrain to expect. The main features of hunting shoe are:

  • temperature rating;
  • waterproofing;
  • insulation.

If you consider all these factors you will get the most appropriate shoe for hunting and forest walking. Now, take a look at TOP-14 hunting boots for men from top-rated brands.

Top 14

Muck® Fieldblazer™ Rubber Boots Rocky® Sport Utility Max 1,000-gram Boots Cabela's Men's Scent-Free 400-Gram Rubber Boots Cabela's Men's Iron Ridge™ Uninsulated Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX® Danner® 8" Pronghorn 800-Gram Hunting Boots Cabela's Men's Uninsulated Kangaroo Featherlight™ Boots Cabela's Men's 8" Uninsulated Axis Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX® Irish Setter Men's Rutmaster™ 2.0 800-Gram Rubber Boots Irish Setter Men's VaprTrek™ LS 800-Gram Hunting Boots Cabela's Instinct® Men's Pursuitz Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX® Surround® LaCrosse® Men's Venom Snake Boots LaCrosse® Men's Alpha Lite Waterproof Rubber Hunting Boots LaCrosse® Men's 4xAlpha Waterproof Snake Boots LaCrosse® Adder Snake Boots
Muck® Fieldblazer™ Rubber BootsRocky® Sport Utility Max 1,000-gram BootsCabela's Men's Scent-Free 400-Gram Rubber BootsCabela's Men's Iron Ridge™ Uninsulated Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX®Danner® 8" Pronghorn 800-Gram Hunting BootsCabela's Men's Uninsulated Kangaroo Featherlight™ BootsCabela's Men's 8" Uninsulated Axis Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX®Irish Setter Men's Rutmaster™ 2.0 800-Gram Rubber BootsIrish Setter Men's VaprTrek™ LS 800-Gram Hunting BootsCabela's Instinct® Men's Pursuitz Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX® Surround®LaCrosse® Men's Venom Snake BootsLaCrosse® Men's Alpha Lite Waterproof Rubber Hunting BootsLaCrosse® Men's 4xAlpha Waterproof Snake BootsLaCrosse® Adder Snake Boots
Rating ★★★★★-------------
Avg. wt3.9 lbs./pair. 4 lbs./pair.2.9 lbs./pair.4.6 lbs./pair.--5.1 lbs./pair.4.2 lbs./pair.1.75 lbs./pair.4 lbs./pair.5 lbs./pair.-4 lbs./pair. 5.3 lbs./pair.
BrandCabela'sLaCrosseIrish SetterLaCrosseCabela'sRockyLaCrosseIrish SetterCabela'sMuckLaCrosseCabela'sDannerCabela's
Camo pattern&nbsp;TrueTimber® Kanati, Cabela's Zonz Woodlands.<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=MossyOakBreakUpCountry" target="_blank"><u>Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®</u></a>.<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=MossyOakBreakUpCountry" target="_blank"><u>Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®</u></a>.<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=MossyOakBreakUpInfinity" target="_blank"><u>Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®</u></a>.-Mossy Oak® Break-Up®.TrueTimber® HTC Green.-<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=CabelasO2Octane" target="_blank"><u>Cabela's O2™ Octane</u></a>.<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=CabelasO2Octane" target="_blank"><u>Cabela's O2™ Octane</u></a>.<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=MossyOakObsession" target="_blank"><u>Mossy Oak® Obsession®</u></a>.-&nbsp;<a class="js-productPopup" href="/custserv/custserv_popup.jsp?pageName=MossyOakBreakUpInfinity" target="_blank"><u>Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®</u></a>.-
Men's sizes7-15 D and EE widths. Half sizes to 12.-8-14 D and EE widths. Half sizes to 12.7-14 medium width; 8-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.-8-14 D and E widths. Half sizes to 12.--8-14 medium width. Half sizes to 12.-8-14 medium width; 9-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.-8-14 medium width; 9-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.-

Muck® Fieldblazer™ Rubber Boots

  • Waterproof, breathable and buoyant;
  • CR flex-foam booties;
  • Breathable Airmesh linings;
  • Stretch-fit uppers trap warmth;
  • Self-cleaning, all-terrain outsoles.

Some of the finest waterproof rubber boots in their class, Muck's versatile Men's Fieldblazer Boots perform equally well for camping, hunting and fishing. At the heart of these hardworking rubber boots is Muck's waterproof, breathable and buoyant CR flex-foam booties with four-way-stretch nylon with breathable mesh linings. Stretch-fit topline bindings are snug and comfortable around your calves to trap warmth. Wrap-up toe bumpers and Achilles overlays protect your feet and add durability. Reinforced shanks for added support. Easy-off kick rims. Self-cleaning, all-terrain outsoles. Imported.
Comfort range: Subfreezing conditions to 85°F.
Ht: 16".
Avg. wt: 4 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 5-14.
Camo pattern: Cabela's O2™ Octane.

Muck boots. We've got the new field boys are boutonniere J want to explain a little bit about. This rubber outsole just basically a stamp rubber up. It has an air mesh liner in. It does give some feasibility as well — pasta 8002 Haiti. And it's got a removable as well totally waterproof there's not. Any kind of system and then he's got. This okay it's just a standard 80 degrees zero degrees dude guys by month boots. Even purchase this body the drapes our jury trades are china.

Rocky® Sport Utility Max 1,000-gram Boots

  • 1,000-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation;
  • Waterproof construction;
  • Aggressive Sport Utility outsoles.

Like all-terrain vehicles for your feet, these boots will smoothly take you over the roughest terrain in the worst conditions. The Sport Utility rubber outsoles are aggressively treaded for traction and have a multidirectional pattern that keeps you effortlessly on the move in any direction. A layer of 1,000-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation locks in warmth without weighing you down. Rocky's exclusive Guaranteed Waterproof construction seals out moisture but is breathable to keep feet dry during peak exertion. The combination of tough, breathable nylon panels and rugged full-grain leather reinforcments ensure the uppers will stand up to season after season of abuse. Imported.
Average height: 10".
Average weight: 5.8 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 D and E widths. Half sizes to 12.
Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up®.

Cabela's Men's Scent-Free 400-Gram Rubber Boots

  • Ankle-fit construction reduces blister-causing friction;
  • Cold-busting 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation;
  • Mesh linings enhance breathability;
  • Cushioning removable insoles;
  • Side gussets and heel kicks for easy on and off.

Our Men's Scent-Free 400-Gram Rubber Boots boast ankle-fit construction that locks your feet in for chafe-free comfort on the way to your stand and Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation to keep your feet toasty once you're in the stand. Mesh linings enhance breathability so your feet don't overheat. Removable insoles add fatigue-fighting cushioning. Side gussets make them easy to get on and have an adjustable cinch strap to secure them once you're locked in. Heel kicks for easy off. Aggressive lug outsoles keep you sure-footed. Imported.
Ht: 16".
Avg. wt: 5.3 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 8-13.
Camo patterns: Mossy Oak® Treestand®, TrueTimber® Kanati.

This week's gear review. We're going to be going over the Cabela's Men's Zoned comfort track hunting boots. What I'm wearing today we've been wearing all season. And I'll start by saying I've had really good success with the Cabala's branded boots. We had the instinct accelerator boots for probably about five years. I finally just about wore through them so this year these new ones.

The really cool thing about this is the zoned insulation throughout. It's got different levels of insulation throughout different parts of the boots to keep those parts of your foot warmer. Or cooler so it's zoned for those different areas. That get cold faster. And the areas that don't get as cold are gonna have less insulation really over built rugged boot. I first saw I was kind of afraid. They were gonna be really heavy but. I was surprised I picked him up. I noticed they felt lighter than the other instinct accelerator boots which is really nice obviously.

You can see today we're hunting in a really muddy field. You start out with a heavier boot by the time. You walk through this stuff you're gonna pretty much be dragging your feet across the ground aggressive tread for climbing up deer stands walking through creeks really. Anything that aggressive tread is nice to grab instead of sliding around a lot of stuff it's really mucky. We could do a lot of walks in hunting and. You need a nice rugged comfortable boot to do. These work perfect so. If you're a waterfowl hunter a big-game hunter that's looking for a pair of comfortable overbuilt heavy-duty rubber boots head over to Cabala's comm check out the Cabala's men's zoned comfort track hunting boots.

Cabela's Men's Iron Ridge™ Uninsulated Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX®

  • Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX linings;
  • Full-grain leather and 900-denier nylon uppers;
  • Removable polyurethane footbeds;
  • Aggressive bob outsoles and steel shanks for stability.

Every feature on these rugged boots has been tested to ensure they’ll withstand all the abuse dished out during season after season of rugged hunting adventures. Plus, they’re outfitted with breathable GORE-TEX linings for 100% protection against rain, snow and ground moisture. The uppers are crafted of richly oiled, waterproof full-grain leather and lightweight, yet extra-tough, 900-denier nylon shafts. These boots will tackle terrain with the most punishing rocks, brush, briars or blowdowns. The moisture-wicking linings pull perspiration away from your feet so they stay dry on long treks over exhausting terrain. The polyurethane footbeds add cushioning, plus can be removed for quick overnight drying. Goodyear®-welt construction ensures long-wearing durability, while permitting resoling when the time comes. The aggressive bob outsoles offer the grabbing power needed to stay safely on your feet on a variety of surfaces. Steel shanks for stability on uneven ground. Imported.
Ht: 10".
Avg. wt: 3.9 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 7-15 D and EE widths. Half sizes to 12.
Camo pattern: TrueTimber® Kanati, Cabela's Zonz Woodlands.

Whether it's been a hundred degrees. All the way down to 30 degrees. Iget to find an issue with. These boots so they're your traditional hunting boots. That a guy likes to wear out into the field. He knows he's going to find something that's very functional can help keep your feet dry. And last for a long time

Danner® 8" Pronghorn 800-Gram Hunting Boots

  • Waterproof CamoHide leather uppers with 1,000-denier nylon;
  • Terra Force platforms for support and stability;
  • 800-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation for increased warmth;
  • Breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX linings;
  • Three-density open-cell polyurethane Ortholite footbeds;
  • Danner Pronghorn outsoles for solid traction.

For superior warmth and comfort, Danner's 8" Pronghorn 800-Gram Hunting Boots combine a classic look and premium materials. Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide™ leather uppers with rugged 1,000-denier nylon protect your feet, while Terra Force® platforms offer exceptional support and stability. 800-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation keeps your feet warm in cold weather. Breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX® linings pair with cushioning three-density open-cell polyurethane OrthoLite® footbeds for dry, high-mileage comfort. Danner Pronghorn outsoles provide solid traction over rugged terrain. Protective toe- and heel caps. Imported.
Ht: 8".
Avg. wt: 4 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 medium width; 9-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.
Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®.

Ijust received my Danner Pronghorns 800 grams in the mail. I'm pretty excited about them. I've always been a top brand ever since I can remember for the past 20 years in nike boots. Or hunting boots I think there's a really cool looking boots they're sharp they're 800 grams. They have a 400 to 1200 gram boots as well. I went with the 800 kind of in the middle I'm gonna be using for snow blowing and. Some grouse hunting probably in the future. And they're really lightweight that's. What I like about them let's say compared to the Cabala's boots which are probably $80 less but. These are really lightweight.

I have a 14 wide in. That way it's kind of lot in the sole. And a 14 so I'm pretty excited. I just put some open off. Some haven't had another video on the open ops protectant on my channel. And I'm pretty excited. That the 800 gram didn't have a camel. They had other option besides camel just the brown but. I don't mind the camel the tread looks pretty good. I got 14 wide I guess the only thing. I noticed about the 14 wide is. They probably use the same soul it's just a 14. Because in all the other boots. It extends out pretty far on here. You can see the stitching's but. It looks like they just like made the leather bigger on. And the 14 wides the only problem. These boots showed up was the sticker on the sole wouldn't come off so as.

You can see the glue is completely stuck on there so. I haven't even worn. These boots I contacted Danner. I sent him a picture. They got back to me within 15 minutes. And said they're gonna send. Me out a replacement apparel of souls. Everything a key knife leg to try to hit the glue up. I tried chewing it off. Everything to get that sticker off. What a bummer that's the only complaint. I have about the boots. I don't do another review on these boots after. I bought a year or maybe two so far. I like the way they look. It made water protectant stuff the open ops works pretty good. I just did a test or running it under the water. And just kind of beat. It off I'm pretty excited about. These blue hey one thing I noticed. I really like about. These boots right off the bat is when you're putting them on. These in here you pull. They kind of lock in there a little bit. I really really like them.

Cabela's Men's Uninsulated Kangaroo Featherlight™ Boots

Ounce for ounce, you won’t find a tougher boot with this much comfort. This is no ordinary leather. Australian kangaroo leather is lighter but stronger than cowhide of equal thickness. The full-grain cowhide lining yields incredible comfort and lasting durability. Vibram® Gumlite® outsoles give great traction without picking up excess mud, and an abrasion-resistant scuff tip protects your toes. With these boots, you’re sure to feel lighter on your feet. Imported.
Height: 9".
Average weight: 2.4 lbs./pair.
Men’s sizes: 8-14 D, EE.
Color: Green.

Cabela's Men's 8" Uninsulated Axis Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX®

  • Waterproof nubuck-leather and 600-denier-nylon uppers;
  • GORE-TEX membranes are both waterproof and breathable;
  • Moisture-wicking linings;
  • Axis outsoles with dual-density lugs for traction over any ground.

Boasting waterproof nubuck-leather and 600-denier-nylon uppers with 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® membranes, our Men's 8" Uninsulated Axis Hunting Boots seal moisture out, ensuring your feet remain comfortably dry – even during the longest hunts. Moisture-wicking linings pull dampness away from skin and allow it to evaporate quickly for all-day dryness. Rubber toe bumpers deliver much-needed protection against harsh and abrasive terrain. Our Axis outsoles boast dual-density, ground-gripping lugs – rigid perimeter lugs for reliable traction and softer, interior lugs for absorbing shock while you're on the move. Imported.
Ht: 8".
Avg. wt: 2.5 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 medium width. Half sizes to 12.
Camo patterns: Realtree XTRA®, True Timber® Kanati.

The Cabela's Ultralight Hunter by mindil gives all the features you've wanted a boot in an ultralight package. The hunter's nock increases flexibility and delivers a superior broken. When you're kneeling down let's take a look at the outsole rigid treads surround a pliable middle section for the ideal balance of stability and stealth.

Check out these triple stitched seams. Rugged construction endures the most challenging hunting terrain. The full grain distressed leather has a broken and look and feel right out of the box. The air active footbed is a soft print foam that adjusts to the form of the foot and cushions the entire sole.

All ultralight boots are lined with the gore-tex membrane giving you unmatched waterproof. And breathable protection during extreme wet weather available in uninsulated 400. And 800 grams the insulate the Cabala's ultralight boot buy mindil. We didn't call it ultralight for nothing. All those features packed into this boot. Try it, you'll love it.

Irish Setter Men's Rutmaster™ 2.0 800-Gram Rubber Boots

  • Waterproof vulcanized-rubber and lightweight 3.5mm neoprene uppers;
  • ExoFlex Fit System provides a custom high-performance fit;
  • 800-gram PrimaLoft Gold Eco insulation fights off the cold;
  • ScentBan system reduces odors;
  • Mud Claw RPM II outsoles provide ground-gripping traction.

Irish Setter's Men's Rutmaster 2.0 800-Gram Rubber Boots provide waterproof, scent-free comfort in a lightweight platform. Combining lightweight, yet durable composite Rapid Performance Material (RPM™) with the ExoFlex® Fit System, these boots deliver the performance you demand. Uppers combine waterproof vulcanized rubber with lightweight 3.5mm neoprene for naturally insulating waterproof protection. ExoFlex Fit System expands to accommodate the back of the feet, then once in, it contracts for a custom high-performance fit. 800-gram PrimaLoft® Gold Eco insulation fights off the cold while the ScentBan™ system reduces odors. Removable anatomically correct polyurethane footbeds absorb shock. Injection-molded nylon shanks deliver stability. Reinforced heels and heel kicks. Side gussets adjust for a snug fit around your calves. Mud Claw RPM™ II outsoles provide ground-gripping traction on a variety of terrain. Imported.
Ht: 17".
Avg. wt: 4.2 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 8-15.

Attention hunters, the game has changed the new game. It looks like this introducing the exo-flex fit system. It's what makes Irish Setter boots the best fitting the easiest on/off rubber cleats. You can buy old-school rubber boots are designed with. All loosey-goosey so there's room to insert your foot not so with Irish 7 which features the best fit you'll find our patent-pending exo-flex technology expands to accommodate the back of your foot. And then once you're in. It the tracks for a locked tight high performance fit exo-flex is waterproof scent free. And back with a bomb proof panel to deliver the durability. You expect from seven easy on Easy Off easy over the river. And through the woods. You know Watney squad offers so save those old camo galoshes for a nice walk winter sweet. When you're hunting really haunted you're gonna want the ultimate in right fitting bar going boots those boots are going to feature exo-flex technology they're gonna be built by irish set. And your than a level.

Irish Setter Men's VaprTrek™ LS 800-Gram Hunting Boots

  • Waterproof UltraDry technology;
  • Warm 800-gram PrimaLoft insulation;
  • Memory-foam footbeds cushion each step;
  • Odor-fighting ScentBan footbed covers;
  • Lightweight yet durable composite outsoles.

Built for the late season, Irish Setter's lightweight Men's VaprTrek LS 800-gram Hunting Boots won't weigh you down as you chase after your trophy. Rugged 300-denier honeycomb ripstop uppers boast UltraDry™ waterproofing to keep feet dry in the field. Warm 800-gram PrimaLoft® insulation protects against the cold. Removable cork and high-rebound memory-foam footbeds cushion every step, while ScentBan™ footbed covers fight game-spooking odors. StableStep™ technology in the heels and arches add stability and support. Cushin™ Comfort Tongue offers long-lasting comfort in the shin area. Lightweight yet durable composite outsoles with RPM™ technology sport rubber lugs to increase traction over tricky terrain. ArmaTec™ heel and toe guards. Imported.
Ht: 9”.
Avg. wt: 2.9 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 D and EE widths. Half sizes to 12.

From Irish Setter a legend in hunting comes the hunting food of the future vapor trek boots with rpm technology a breakthrough composite material. That significantly reduces the weight of the boot without sacrificing comfort. And durability for boots. That are 40% lighter. Then our traditional big-game foods the RPM sole wraps around the instep for added protection against tree branches. And sharp objects in your path the armor tech toe. And heal add another level of protection. And abrasion resistance memory foam is added to the collar for extra comfort instant the cushion comfort tongue provides long-lasting comfort to the shin area there's also a speed lacing system for fast secure lacing Irish Setter vapor Trek boots with rpm technology the sole of a hunting booth the soul of an athletic shoe order today. These boots are designed to go fast paper Trek booths new from Irish Setter

Cabela's Instinct® Men's Pursuitz Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX® Surround®

  • Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX Surround technology;
  • TPU upper overlays provide incredible support;
  • Fatigue-fighting EVA Crash Foam midsoles;
  • Aggressive Vibram outsoles provide sure-footed traction.

Speed. It separates you from the rest. Cabela'`s Instinct Men's Pursuitz Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX Surround are ultralight, ensuring that when you hear or spot your prey on the other side of a canyon, you can get there – fast. A revolutionary concept in waterproof footwear, GORE-TEX Surround technology offers full 360° waterproof protection and enhanced breathable comfort. This technology adds waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX Surround to the bottom of the construction to increase breathability. This helps your feet stay dry and comfortable even in warmer conditions and ground-covering pursuits. Synthetic and nylon-ripstop mesh uppers feature injected TPU overlays for incredible support. Removable OrthoLite® footbeds reduce odors, helping to keep you undetected. Padded tongues and collars offer enhanced comfort. Fatigue-fighting EVA Crash Foam midsoles put a rebound in your step to keep you going all day. Vibram® outsoles provide sure-footed traction, even when traversing extreme terrain. Imported.
Ht: 6.5".
Avg. wt: 1.75 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 medium width. Half sizes to 12.

Hey guys! Your Hardcore Turkey Hunters out there. One product you guys really need to check out. This is the Cabela's Instinct line of boots. This is called the pursuit. It has the gore-tex surround technology David. I really love our run and gun style turkey hunting these things are super light. They're super versatile for climbing those heels. And chasing those turkeys. All day long go ahead. And check them out at Cabala's calm.

LaCrosse® Men's Venom Snake Boots

  • Flexible snake guard doesn't compromise mobility;
  • Tough full-grain leather and 1,000-denier nylon uppers;
  • Waterproof, odor-suppressing Scent Dry liners;
  • Side zippers make them easy to get on and off;
  • Rugged low-lugged outsoles minimize noise.

When you hunt in snake country, you shouldn't have to choose between snake protection or excellent hiking performance. That's why LaCrosse's Men's Venom Snake Boots use a flexible snake guard that provides 360° protection against dangerous fangs while still giving you the mobility you need. Full-grain leather and 1,000-denier nylon uppers deliver exceptional durability and boast a waterproof side zipper that makes on and off a breeze. Scent Dry lining suppresses odors while providing waterproof protection so you can ford streams and tromp through rain-soaked grass without your feet feeling a drop. Removable polyurethane footbeds and steel shanks provide cushioning and stability. Low-lugged rugged outsoles let you travel quietly for maximum stealth. Imported.
Ht: 18".
Avg. wt: 5 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 8-14 medium width; 9-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.

LaCrosse® Men's Alpha Lite Waterproof Rubber Hunting Boots

  • Proven Alpha construction for comfortable waterproof protection;
  • Naturally insulating and waterproof 5mm neoprene uppers;
  • Tough rubber overlays and snag-resistant rubber shin guards;
  • Active Fit design provides easy on and off preventing slipping;
  • Alpha-Lite outsoles deliver sure traction over land or through mud.

Giving hunters easy-wearing waterproof protection through multiple hunting seasons, LaCrosse's Men's Alpha Lite Waterproof Hunting Boots keep hunters' feet comfortable. Utilizing proven Alpha construction, the Alpha Lite combines waterproof 5mm neoprene uppers with natural, handcrafted rubber overlays and snag-resistant protective rubber shin guards. They also sport multiple layers of rubber in key areas for durability and vulcanized construction for a sure waterproof seal between the boot's uppers and outsoles. Contoured Active Fit design provides easy on and off while keeping your feet in place while on the move. Removable EVA footbeds keep feet comfortable, while the special lug pattern on the Alpha-Lite outsoles offer more surface area for a better grip through mud or on dry ground. Imported.
Comfort range: down to -20ºF.
Ht: 16".
Avg. wt: 4 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 7-14.

This is the Alfa burly pro from LaCrosse. The original rubber over neoprene hunting boot available with and without the insulate ultra insulation.

They've been trusted by sportsmen and women for durable scent-free protection and comfort for over a decade. The Alpha burly pro is formed a premium natural rubber hand. Laid over three and a half millimeters of insulating neoprene that makes it flexible, waterproof, scent-free, and overall really comfortable and durable.

What it won't do is crack in the cold or get soft in the heat. What it will do make. You wonder if you're worthy of such a boot we've added three layers of rubber in the toe and the heel. That's more durability for two of the most high stressed areas of a hunting boot. Because the top of your boot is constantly flexing when. You walk for more durability we've added two layers of premium rubber to the top of its flexible neoprene our active fit design features a more athletic and glove-like feel in a boot. Its neoprene core adds foot hug. And cushion all around as well as added flexibility to slide the boot on. More easily the Alpha burly pro uses two different out soles while the insulated boots tread is designed for colder weather to provide stable footing specific to ice. And snow both designs provide excellent traction. And are self-cleaning so. You can take on the outdoors without taking pounds of. You on top of our naturally insulated neoprene the insulated alpha burly pro has a layer of Th insulate ultra insulation around the foot for added warmth without the bolt.

This moisture-wicking quick-drying embossed neoprene liner creates better air circulation to regulate the temperature inside the boot. That way your feet never get too hot. And sweaty or too cold. And stiff our signature gusset brings best-in-class versatility with a flip of a clip feeling too warm loosen the gusset. And but down have smaller calves cinch. It tighter for a more secure fit larger calves are tucking in pants loosen. And clip it that's the Alpha burly Pro available in. Both men's and women's styles in the Alpha burly Pro. You can tread lightly. And hunt comfortably lacrosse boots done right since 1897.

LaCrosse® Men's 4xAlpha Waterproof Snake Boots

  • Superior support and snake protection;
  • Naturally insulating and waterproof neoprene uppers;
  • Ankle Fit design locks heels in for comfortable fit;
  • Quad Core offers four layers of cushioning comfort and support;
  • 4xBurly outsoles provide sure traction over land or mud.

Enjoy proven construction and performance from boots built for snake country with the LaCrosse Men's 4xAlpha Waterproof Snake Boots. These high-performance hunting boots combine LaCrosse's Quad Core support platform with proven waterproof construction and 360° SnakeGuard™ protection to surround your feet in safety and comfort. Utilizing proven Alpha construction, these boots combine waterproof neoprene uppers with natural, handcrafted rubber overlays and snag-resistant rubber shin guards for superior protection. Ankle Fit™ design locks your heels in place for a secure fit that prevents slippage during the hunt. Under your feet, the Quad Core support platform combines four layers of cushioning comfort and support for long hunts over many miles. Removable polyurethane footbeds. Adjustable back gusset for a comfortable fit around the calf. 4xBurly outsoles for trustworthy traction in mud and loose terrain. Comfort rated to 20°F. Imported.
Ht: 16".
Avg. wt: 5.1 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 8-15 medium width.
Camo pattern: TrueTimber® HTC Green.

LaCrosse® Adder Snake Boots

  • Snakeproof full-grain leather and 1,000-denier nylon uppers;
  • Waterproof Scent Dry linings keep feet dry;
  • Nonloading lug pattern keeps you quick and provides traction.

Made with full-grain leather and rugged 1,000-denier nylon uppers, LaCrosse Adder Snake Boots provide 360° snakeproof protection. Back gussets and straps adjust to fit your legs perfectly. Abrasion-resistant toe caps help ensure longevity. Waterproof Scent Dry linings keep your feet dry. Internal odor-fighting membranes leave boots fresh longer. Removable dual-density polyurethane footbeds and thick EVA midsoles provide cushioning. Low lug II outsoles featuring a nonloading lug pattern keep you quick while providing traction. Imported.
Ht: 18".
Avg. wt: 4.6 lbs./pair.
Men's sizes: 7-14 medium width; 8-13 wide width. Half sizes to 12.

Testing LaCrosse Snake Boots just got him out of this box the other ones were not waterproof just lace them up. And it's less than a foot of water maybe six-seven inches say brand-new battabox. Let's see so far so good. While left toes wet it's only been a minute 30 seconds. I like LaCrosse boots on a pair of snake-proof boots last. Me for a while but a waterproof issue with. These his problems cousin. I went turkey hunting walked across a creek spent the next four hours truck into the woods with wet feet, so I'm gonna give it a full maybe about three minutes.

They are very comfortable I'm just walking in the water flexing the booth. You would normally when you're walking yeah my left foot after almost about a minute began to get wet. All right foot I think it's dry but my left foot is obviously getting wet so it's been three minutes my sock. That is moisture very short period. This sock there's a little damp but not much take the right. On the right boot may have passed the test with the left boot did not but it does feel a little damp. You can't tell you see the water line and ironically yep very wet very disappointing.


We suggest you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer regarding wearing and washing your boots. If you want to wear boots with thick socks you`d better order the next size.

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