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  Deuter Rise SL 32+8L Backpack - Women's Salomon MTN Explore Ski Boot - Women's DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's Dynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women's Scarpa Gea Alpine Touring Boot - Women's La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Ortovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women's K2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women's Deuter Freerider SL 24L Backpack - Women's Ortovox Free Rider 22L S Backpack Fischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women's Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women's Scarpa Vibram Mountain Plus Sole - Women's La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's
 Deuter Rise SL 32+8L Backpack - Women'sSalomon MTN Explore Ski Boot - Women'sDAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women'sDynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women'sScarpa Gea Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sLa Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sOrtovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women'sK2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women'sDeuter Freerider SL 24L Backpack - Women'sOrtovox Free Rider 22L S BackpackFischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women'sHagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women'sScarpa Vibram Mountain Plus Sole - Women'sLa Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women'sArc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's
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BrandDynafitLa SportivaScarpaOrtovoxHagan Ski MountaineeringFischerScarpaSalomonArc'teryxDeuterDAKINEOrtovoxDeuterK2La Sportiva
Claimed Weight[163cm] 5lb 13oz, [170cm] 6lb 3oz, [177cm] 6lb 8oz[157cm] 2lb 5oz [164cm] 2lb 6oz[half pair, size 25] 2lb 13oz1lb 13.6oz[pair, 24.5] 5lb[162cm] 2lb 9.6oz-[pair] 5lb 10oz[single, size 25.5] 2 lb 5 oz3lb 2oz1lb 12oz2lb 10oz2lb 10oz[pair, 160cm] 5lb 1oz[27.5, single] 2 lbs 12 oz
Dimensions[163cm] 123 / 95 / 114mm, [170cm] 124 / 96 / 115mm, [177cm] 125 / 97 / 116mm[157cm] 121 / 94 / 110mm [164cm] 121 / 92 / 110mm---123 / 87 / 106mm---27.5 x 10.2 x 8.6in21 x 12 x 8in-21 x 11 x 8in121 / 88 / 109mm-
Manufacturer Warranty2 year1 year1 year5 years1 year4 years1 year2 yearslimitedlifetimelimited lifetime5 yearslifetime2 years1 year
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Deuter Rise SL 32+8L Backpack - Women's

Rely on the Deuter Women’s Rise 32 + 8L SL Backpack during freeing backcountry adventures. This pack keeps your touring gear organized with a front pocket for quick and uncluttered access to your avalanche safety gear. On your way to the summit, durable front straps securely hold your board or skis. Access your extra layers and snacks through the back panel, so digging for a bite to eat or an extra sweater doesn’t turn into unpacking your entire bag. Throughout your tour, the Rise’s Delrin U-frame prevents pain from a heavy pack from overwhelming your adventure. A channel between the back panel offers chimney-like ventilation so you don’t overheat during sunny spring tours.

  • Alpine touring pack is supportive and stable during the up and down
  • 40L capacity suitable for full days in the backcountry
  • Front avalanche shovel pocket allows for quick access
  • Ski, snowboard, ice axe, and snowshoe attachment points
  • Women-specific design for comfortable wear
  • Delrin U-frame and X-frame support offer stability and load transfer
  • Chimney ventilation system allows for breathable comfort
  • Duratex fabric resists abrasion and tears for enhanced durability
  • Item #DTR005L
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    Salomon MTN Explore Ski Boot - Women's

    Designed to remain nimble on the up, comfortable during long approaches, and dependable on the descent, Salomon's Women's MTN Explore Boot is a solid offering any backcountry-roaming lady will appreciate. A performance-oriented 98-millimeter last and 90 flex is ideal for lighter, intermediate to advanced lady rippers, while the generous 63° range of motion in walk mode makes short work of bootpacks and long skintracks.

    Salomon built the shell around its Sensifit shell technology, which eliminates needless materials throughout the shell but reinforces it in key areas to maintain a progressive and responsive flex while skiing. When coupled with the lightweight carbon spine, the MTN Explore delivers big on the descent, without sacrificing an ounce of performance on the ascent. The women's-specific liner and cuff is shaped to match narrower legs and calves and is slightly shorter in height to better fit the female leg. And if that wasn't enough, Salomon made the liner heat moldable to ensure a precise and snug fit through the heel, arch, and toe box.

  • A backcountry-specific boot built for accessing remote lines
  • 90 flex is suitable for intermediate to advanced lady rippers
  • 98mm last offers a performance-oriented fit
  • 63° range of motion in walk mode for efficient ascents
  • Liner is heat moldable for a snug and precise fit
  • Carbon spine reduces weight while keeping the boot stiff
  • Lugged rubber sole crawls up icy bootpacks and rocky ridges
  • Item #SAL01J6
  • Hey it's brad from back country skiing canada calm today we're here to talk about a new ski from soft 2016 this is the solid mountain explorer 95 ski and. As the name suggests it's 95 millimeters. Under the foot and it's got 130 in the. Shovel so nice and fat for powder and some early rise and 116 in the tail that's for the 177 length ski it weighs. 1,400 grams per ski so twenty-eight hundred grams prepare and that again is the 177 length so it's a really lightweight ski ideal for ski touring it comes in a few different sizes 169 177. 184 centimeter lengths and the turn radius ranges from sixteen point five meters to eighteen point eight meters now the mountain explorer 95 is a full. Sandwich sidewall construction it uses utilizes utility rocker which is basically tip rocker up front underfoot. You've got camber and then the tail it's a relatively flat tail it's a 3d full. Wood core this reduces weight and maintain stability and control and this. Uses the cfx super fibers which is basically 60% carbon and 40% of flax. Laminate and so this increases your dampening it also uses what Solomon. Calls the g-spot technology and this is basically a combination of side cut and rocker profile in places the edge hold directly underfoot so you've got better edge hold on the groomers and also in skinning up hill it's got a built in. Skin clip in the tail here as you can. See and in the tips it's got Solomon's honeycomb. Construction this is the same construction you're gonna find on the qvc lab skis we reviewed last year over. Here and also on the q 98 that reviews. Over here and the q 105 that reviews. Over here as well in this technology basically lightens the tip and tail. Up for improved swing weight and it as well. Gives the ski no chatter virtually no. Chatter on hardpack and groomer conditions and I'd have to say Solomon's one of the few ski manufacturers this really mastered this these skis just have minimal chatter on hardpack wears other skis with this early rise they chatter all over the place and start skating out on you so I'm really a big fan of this honeycomb tip and tail design the other. Think that you need to know is that this also comes in a smaller width it comes in an 88 underfoot so that's the mountain explorer 88 ski and overall I'd say this is a really good lightweight ski for ski touring it's built for ski touring but it doesn't sacrifice anything on the downhill 90 95 underfoot. Is a good length for skiing resort and also out of bounds deeper days you might want to go a little wider but if you're more of a resort skier than the mountain explorer 88 ski would be the one for you this ski retails for $749 canadian and. It's new this year from salomon that's the salomon mountain explorer 95 skis highly recommend it for other things back country skiing blogs forums gear. Reviews competitions routes go to. Backcountry skiing canada.com thanks a lot.

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    DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's

    The Dakine Women's Heli Pro 20L Backpack is built to carry everything you need whether you're sending it in the resort, slashing turns in the backcountry, or just kicking it at your local coffee shop. A durable 600D polyester fabric resists wear and tear from frosty chairlifts and piney tree runs, while its women-specific fit remains comfortable when you're riding and hiking. The zippered main compartment keeps your shovel and probe secure, and the two straps along the side secure the handle of your shovel when you need a little extra room inside the pack. When you're not riding, a front pocket keeps all the small things organized, and a 15-inch laptop sleeve protects your computer when you're on the move.

  • A snowboarding and skiing pack for the resort, backcountry, or heli
  • Laptop sleeve makes the pack ready to transition to work or school
  • Women's-specific design is constructed to fit feminine contours
  • Hydration compatible and bladder ready for on-the-go sipping
  • Vertical board and diagonal ski-carry hauls your gear to the drop
  • Fleece-lined google pocket lets you stash an extra pair for the sesh
  • Zippered organization pocket lets you stash gear, snacks, and extras
  • Sternum-strap whistle lets you sound off in case of emergency
  • Item #DAK012A
  • What's up benson here for tactics pork. Shop right now you are checking out the 2016 dakine heli pro 20 l it's a great. Riding pack you've got vertical board straps you got a diagonal ski carry so. If you're out on the resort if you're out around anywhere and you need to carry your snowboard your skis this pack will do it for you so your vertical. Board carry straps are these two clips right here you undo them on either side, and then they actually go across the whole pack so your board is going up and down then you've got them strapped here you also have straps right here on the bottom you can undo those and then again. Strap your snowboard to the back of your. Backpack which is rad you do have an accessory pocket right here on the front zip that open as you. Can see sleeves for phones for pencils just whatever you want to put in there it'll fit and you're good to go. Do you have a fleece lined goggle pocket. On the top, so they're your goggles in there if you've lost your goggle bag you know that your lenses aren't going to get all scratched up because you got that fleece lined pocket the way that. You carry your skis on this is actually kind of cool you've got a small pocket up here it's kind of hidden on the top this you can pull out a strap put your. Skis diagonally across your backpack. Strap that around and then on the bottom down here you've got another strap that. You can then just kind of like put your skis in there and it'll just go right across your entire pack so that's cool carry your skis if you're into skiing. And you're a two-pointer if you want to. Just carry your main compartment of stuff it opens up super big that's red. You do have a hydration compatible sleeve so you can put like a little bladder in there and then it has i guess it's just like the hose or the straw mica hose actually goes up here funnels. Out through the back of the backpack and. Then down now if you can see it within. Down one of the shoulder straps so then you can get a drink of water while you're riding so that's super cool you do have adjustable sternum straps right here and then the cool thing is if you're ever lost maybe in the back country and you need to make a lot of noise so people can find you there is a rescue whistle right here on the storm strap well into that people can find you a lot easier than you try to yell and losing your voice and then perishing in. The gold so yeah that's basically it the dakine heli pro 20 l for 2016 header and. Tactics comm you can pick one up for yourself.

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    Dynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women's

    Finding the best snow a week after the last storm requires some additional effort. When those sheltered north-facing couloirs seem like the best bet, step into the Dynafit Women's Beast 98 Ski as you get ready for the long skin into your line. The ski is built around a stout ash and poplar wood core that helps save weight during the skin up and maintains stability when you're skiing aggressively on bigger terrain. The ski's 98mm waist puts an emphasis on versatility, so it'll handle everything from windboard at the top, sheltered pow in the middle, to a little bit of the crusty stuff when the apron starts to twist to the east. The Beast isn't your typical backcountry ski, though—its Double Elipse profile consists of a full rocker profile to give the ski a predictable and playful feel as you enter and exit a turn.

  • Versatile backcountry ski ideal for powder-seeking tours
  • Midfat 98mm waist makes the most of variable conditions
  • Full rocker profile has a floaty and predictable feel
  • Full sidewall construction is durable and stable
  • Ride Tip helps reduce chatter when conditions turn firm
  • Carbon and fiberglass laminates increase torsional rigidity
  • Item #DNF00CO
  • Hi this is hub with back country calm out. Enjoying a beautiful spring day and the Wasatch mountains here near our home base in park city utah I'm standing here with the beast 16 binding we alluded to this a little bit earlier in the year that we are going to be one of the few actually the only online retailer in. North america that's going to be allowed to carry this binding we're gonna have. Roughly a hundred pairs for the fall winter 13-14 season it's a very limited. Release there's 2,500 worldwide 850 in north america and a hundred of those are gonna be here at back country calm i want. To go through a few of the technical aspects of the beast binding because it's obviously quite a bit different than a lot of the dena fit products that you've seen in the past first thing I'd like to kind of mention is obviously you can tell it still has the tech inserts that we've come to know and love from the dena fit brand which allows you great freedom of motion when you're hiking uphill there's nothing there's no resistance points as you're climbing also you're climbing more off the ball of your foot as opposed to having a pivot point that's a little further in the front which feels like more of a natural walk motion so as with a lot of. The other dena fit bindings this button is going to allow you to enter the binding by simply pressing down on it the teeth will open up and then you'll allow you to sit into the tech inserts in the front of your boot now when you're actually going into walk mode this throw would go forward which. Prevents the toe piece from actually pivoting now when you do go into ski mode and you put your throw back in place here you will actually have the binding that's gonna pivot laterally in the front which is something completely new for dena fit and it's going to allow you a lot better release in terms. Of lateral release as well as vertical release from the binding now on the heel. Of the binding obviously this looks quite a bit bigger than anything that we've seen from dena fit in the past and as i mentioned before the dena fit. Binding even though it's quite a bit burly are looking it still is keeping the weight you know shaved down at night 35 grams is still a really lightweight binding for the amount of safety. Protection and performance that you're going to get out of this piece now the first thing that obviously you're going to notice is the pins have changed from a round pin they've had in the past with all the dena fit tech bindings to an oval eyes pin now the oval eyes pin is going to have more surface area so it has greater contact with the boot and with greater contact with the boot you'll be able to transfer the energy a lot easier to the ski and it's going to give you a lot more lateral rigidity on the downhill now when you're actually going to go you know if i was going to step into this binding and go into ski mode all i would simply do is step in you'd be locked in and ready to go now when we're gonna go into tour mode you would engage the front of the binding and then all you do is pull this first throw down and it's going to lock out. Both the brake and put in your primary climbing post for your uphill mode now. You have a secondary climbing post which. Actually will flip over and you can easily flip it over with a pole and it locks into place on top of the secondary climbing post it's easier to just you can pop it out with your pole get it back in place like that the other things that you're going to notice right off the bat is the increased size of the. Spring in the rear of the binding now this does have a release value of 16 as I've mentioned before which is not dim standard because no tech bindings at this point are actually din released standard but what is known as its release value so it's going to be very comfortable to that if you're familiar with a din setting the other thing is obviously it does have two points of adjustment here for your din which is going to adjust the upper spring and then as well as your lateral release which is going to be adjusted from the rear of the binding now when you want to go out get your skins off and everything you're done at the top all you do is pop this right out-of-place click it back step in and you're ready to go now the. Other really important factor here is the elasticity of the entire binding in the past a concern has been the people you know if they were coming off a large air or really compressing on the tail coming out at a high speed turn but the pins can actually move a little bit in the back of the boot which generally speaking is not a problem with this new rear piece and front pivoting a toe piece it. Actually has an elasticity to the entire binding that will keep the pins at a constant pressure with the rear of your boot so you never have to worry about pre releasing from this binding this is the beast 16 binding we're really excited to be the exclusive online retailer for dena fit in north america to offer this to the consumer if you. Have any more questions about the binding about the process of mounting the boots and bindings and skis together feel free to call our gear heads, and they can answer any questions that you may have on this any dena fit product or any other product that we have a back country comm.

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    Scarpa Gea Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    Scarpa's Gea Alpine Touring Boot is already a best-seller due to its proven design at an affordable price, and while some ski companies simply change the color of ski boots each season, Scarpa made the Women's Gea Alpine Touring Boot better than ever for the new season. This year, the Gea is remarkably lighter, comfier, and more secure than ever before. A 100 flex and 101mm last make it a great option for skiers taking their first tour into the backcountry, but it'll also serve lighter veterans who value comfort over precision.

    Scarpa updated the Gea with a Grilamid construction to ensure long-lasting stiffness and durability without much weight—it's not as stiff or light as carbon, but that's how Scarpa kept the price down on this boot. The tongue is still flexible Pebax to ensure a smooth, progressive forward flex during the descent. Other updates include a thermo-moldable Intuition liner that boot-fitters can heat up to mold to your foot's exact shape for even more comfort, and the Vibram rubber sole has a new tread pattern specifically designed for rocky summits. The Speedlock Plus ski/walk mode is also new for this season and is designed to reduce play between the shell and cuff for a more rigid feel while you ski.

  • Scarpa's best-selling ski boot for backcountry skiing
  • 100 flex is forgiving yet responsive in pow and on hardpack
  • 101mm last ensures comfort for long days in the backcountry
  • Speedlock Plus ski/walk mode is friction free and rock solid
  • Vibram rubber sole helps you boot up rocky summits
  • Thermo-moldable Intuition liner customizes your foot's fit
  • Item #SCR005I
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    La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    Sure, you don't have much trouble smoking everyone in your group on daily dawn patrols and all-day backcountry missions, but if your boot can't stand up to your aggressive skiing style, what use does it serve? For women who like ripping the descent as hard as they charge up the skintrack, the La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 provides the optimal balance of lightweight functionality and expert downhill performance.

    The reshaped shell now accommodates a far wider variety of feet and has a beefed up flex. Four Pegasus buckles with an optional power strap allow you to dial in your fit so you can capitalize on every ounce of that stiff flex in techy couloirs and wide-open powder fields. 60-degree cuff rotation and a comfortable EZ Thermo heat-moldable liner keep feet moving comfortably on long days, and the three preset forward lean positions can be selected according to your preference. The bottom line is that this boot is perhaps the stiffest, most responsive boot in the lightest, fastest package you can get—oh, and by the way, your friends might appreciate a head start on both ends.

  • Send skimo missions with these stiff and light women's boots
  • Grilamid tongue with Vertebra tech provides 115 flex
  • 102.5mm last and reshaped shell for a more comfortable fit
  • Rugged Vibram sole provides traction while scrambling
  • Walk mode offers a whopping 60 degrees of cuff rotation
  • 4 buckles and 3 lean settings let you dial in your fit
  • Weights in at a hair over 2.5lbs per boot
  • Item #LSP00BG
  • Hey it's brad from back country skiing canada calm and today we're going to talk about the last sport team of specter 2.0 alpine touring boot this. Replaces the original spectrum boot which we reviewed a few years back that can be found over here this is still the. Lightest 4 buckle boots on the market it weighs in at 1400 45 grams or about. Three pounds three ounces that's four half pair size 27 and a half sizing. Comes in from 25 all the way to 35 sorry 31.5 in half sizes the boot is a little. But stiffer this year it's got a 115 flex rating which is about five percent stiffer than previous version the shell. Is made of grille made and the cuff is p back so that's what makes this boot so light again it's four buckles so it's a pretty light boot considering it's a four buckle boot it's also now compatible with alpine bindings tech. Bindings and tr2 bindings so that's a new feature as well what is the same on. This boot is the low profile Pegasus. Buckles really simple easy cam device to use they don't pop out when you're using the boot takes a little bit of getting used to using them because they are so innovative but once you get used to using them they're pretty easy to use. On a day-to-day basis thermo moldable. Easy liner is the same as well and also the 60-degree cuff rotation so a really huge range of motion in walk mode and. What i love about the less marked eva's in the original version in this version is you don't have to unbuckle the boot to get that range of motion i keep the boot totally buckled up i might open this one up just to get the blood flow again but in fully buckled mode you can. Get that sixty degrees which is pretty incredible the sole on the 2.0 is a. Vibrant sole it's got the harder the. Harder sole in the yellow locations and the softer soul in the black location so that you can grip on a rock better and not wear down the tip and toe what is. New is well in the 2.0 version is a roomier toe box the last sport team has always had a really roomy toe box this time it's even roomier I've had to put an insert in to take up some of that room because it was just so much room for me but nice feature because you can. Wheel the toes keep them warm the pivot point as well it used to be removable with an allen key now it's built-in it's fixed which is great because i did lose the pivot point once at a lodge which was not the most opportune time so now that's a solid feature which is great color scheme is. New as well I'm digging it i think it's. A great color scheme for the boot nice and vibrant and lots of fun to wear it's also 5% stiffer as i said before. And you can definitely feel that when. Ski touring and it's a nice feature price on this is 779 canadian 679 us so. It's a pretty reasonably priced boot considering it's such a lightweight boot and it's got all these great features and yet it still skis the hill so I've. Ski turret in this the previous version the last 14 is spectre original promote. Two and a half three years i think now on the version 2.0 and it's a I'd say better than the last version they've they've improved some features but you can tour in this you can ski the hill and it kind of does it also it's one of my favorite boots that I've ever toured in or skied in period the women's. Version is the sparkle and it's got a nice color colorway as well if you're. Looking for a really light boot and you. Don't want to compromise anything on the down you want a good fit you want huge. Flex range you want a lightweight boot and optimal performance then I'd highly recommend the last sportive spectre and the last 14 of spectre 2.0 which is the new version so highly recommend this boot check it out if you're in the market for an 80 boot that you also wanna ski the resort and occasionally for more bug reviews go to. Backcountry ski in canada calm and everything else back country you'll find it there as well thanks.

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    Ortovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women's

    Ideal for through-the-gates missions at the resort and light-and-fast backcountry tours, the Ortovox Women's Cross Rider 18 Backpack is specifically tailored to the shape and needs of female skiers and snowboarders. Slightly smaller and lighter than the men's Cross Rider, and with straps contoured to fit ladies comfortably, this low-profile pack carries all the safety tools, water, snacks, and other accessories you need for trips into the backcountry, all without weighing you down or making you feel like a pack mule.

    Because "safety first" is a very real attitude in the backcountry, Ortovox included a separate compartment for avalanche rescue gear so you can quickly access it in the event of an emergency. A stowable net holds your helmet while you skin or hike so your head doesn't get drenched with sweat on the way up. Ski and snowboard carry straps hold your shred sticks during steep stretches of hiking, while trekking pole loops hold your poles on the way down. Front and back panel access lets you quickly reach water, snacks, and extra layers, and there's also room for a hydration reservoir (not included) when you want to make things extra convenient.

  • Compact skiing and snowboarding pack
  • Ski and snowboard carry options
  • Separate safety tool compartment
  • Stowable helmet net holds brain bucket
  • Compression strap manages load
  • Ice axe and ski/hike pole loops
  • Hydration system compatible (not included)
  • Hip belt and sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • Item #ORT001G
  • This is the otter box cross rider 2020. Litre bag, and they've made lots of updates compared to previous years it's. Got everything in there that i could want to go touring with, and so we'll just take time to go through each. Of the features so first of all in our. Front pocket we have a deep pocket. Including a zippered one for all. Valuables included in there is a helmet. Net as well this is for when you've got. So many things in your bag you can attach your helmet onto the outside which will save space and mean that it's out the way in my main pocket we have. Access to the main space there's a space. For shovel and a probe and it's as well. Compatible with a water hydration system there's a hole at the top and cleverly. They've also added an insulated shoulder tube which should make sure that your water isn't going to freeze if you are miles away from civilization this main. Pocket can also be accessed from the. Back meaning it's a lot quicker to. Access any of the tools that you might need there's another little compartment. Here for any other important bits that you don't want to get lost in the main pocket when we talk about straps it's. Got the across the chest strap with a whistle it's also got a really strong. Waist strap with a really handy pocket. Here for quick access once you're touring and at the front we have all of these as well so if you've not got a lot in your backpack it's gonna help. Bring it nice and tight which makes it easier for walking obviously the. Attachment for the helmet can go on here as well there's also a strap here for ice axes, and they've also included both. A diagonal and a vertical and ski strap. Holders so depending on whether you. Prefer to have them diagonal not complete personal preference but you're not limited to one way with this backpack comes in at just. 850 grams so it's on its own with plenty of space it still. Shouldn't be too heavy by the time you filled it's a very comfortable backpack thanks to the padding that you. Can see on the back and on the side straps and on the shoulder straps so if. You are going quite far away it's going to be a really comfortable backpack it's available from many retailers including. Snow and rock in seven different colors at the price point of one hundred pounds.

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    K2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women's

    As the middle child in K2's women's backcountry-specific ski lineup, the Talkback 88 Ski has the versatility to tackle long alpine missions or quick spring laps with equal zeal. Its narrower 88-millimeter waist won't weight you down on the skintrack, and, when paired with the rockered tip and tail, offers up just the right amount of flotation in softer snow. Since every backcountry adventure isn't always powder-filled, underfoot camber gives this ski a reliable edge hold on any firmer snow you may encounter.

    K2 shaved some weight of the Talkback 88 this season, yet managed to maintain excellent downhill performance when it comes time to strip skins. A Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement is to thank for this ski's impressive power and stability, while the paulownia wood core is responsible for its efficiently light weight on steep ascents. K2 completed the Talkback with snow-shedding topsheets to ensure that you aren't weighted down by piles of powder as you head back up the skinner for lap four of the day.

  • Lightweight touring ski to crush steep ascents and style steep lines
  • 88mm waist for quick ascents and fun, nimble descents
  • Rockered tip and tail add float in softer snow
  • Underfoot camber reliably holds an edge on unexpected ice patches
  • Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement delivers power and stability
  • Paulownia wood core is efficient on ascents and strong on descents
  • Hydrophobic topsheets dump snow when you're skinning
  • Skin grommets help keep climbing skins securely in place
  • Item #K2S00HJ
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    Deuter Freerider SL 24L Backpack - Women's

    The Deuter Women's Freerider Pro 24 SL Backpack is up for just about anything your day in the backcountry may entail. Its women-specific Alpine Back System includes X-frame aluminum stays for stability, a flexible Delrin U-shaped frame for mobility, padded shoulder straps, and a removable back panel that doubles as a sitting pad for shoveling pits and studying the snow. The Freerider also features Deuter's Vari Flex waist belt, which pivots with your hips for easier mobility on the mountain.

    Like every backcountry ski pack, the Freerider features a compartment designed specifically for avalanche gear, like a probe and shovel. However, unlike most ski packs, the Freerider offers an extra compartment designed specifically for wet gear. It also carries skis, snowboards, helmets, ice axes, and trekking poles. Zippered security and fleece-lined pockets store smaller electronics and valuables. This pack is also hydration compatible for any 3-liter reservoir or smaller, ensuring you don't go thirsty on the trail.

  • Fully functional ski and board pack for day tours
  • Women-specific Alpine Back System with pivoting waist belt
  • Roomy safety gear pocket for shovel and probe
  • Carry systems for skis, snowboard, helmet, ice axe, and pole
  • Compatible with 3-liter hydration reservoirs
  • Removable back panel doubles as sitting pad
  • Zippered security and fleece-lined pockets for valuables
  • Item #DTR004J
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    Ortovox Free Rider 22L S Backpack

    There are a lot of ways things can go wrong in the backcountry, so cover as many safety bases as possible with the Women's Free Rider 22 Short Backpack by Ortovox. In addition to having an easily accessible compartment for your avalanche rescue gear and deployable hemet net for your brain bucket, this innovative pack sports a built-in back protector to shield your spine from harsh impacts. This particular version of the Free Rider 22 is a bit shorter in design, providing an ideal fit for females and smaller males desiring less bulk and greater mobility.

    The SPS Flex Back Protector offers extra insurance against bad falls, and it's totally flexible when you're skiing and riding at high speeds, as to not impede critical movements. Best of all, it's good for multiple or successive impacts, meaning you won't have to replace this pack after taking a nasty fall on the mountain. Plus, it's TÜV certified for extra peace of mind, so you know it'll perform when you need it most.

    Besides the front-access pocket for quickly grabbing your shovel and probe, there's a zippered top compartment for stashing a compact puffy jacket or spare gloves. You'll find an A-frame ski carry, as well as diagonal ski/snowboard carry configurations for approaching steep lines where you need to boot up. External loops conveniently attach to ice axes and trekking poles, allowing you to scale technical ascents and cross glaciers en route to your line. Plus, it's fully compatible with hydration reservoirs, complete with tube routing for on-the-move drinking.

  • Streamlined backcountry pack with extra back protection
  • Front compartment for quick access to probe and shovel
  • Shorter design is ideal for females and smaller males
  • SPS Flex Back Protector softens crashes on the mountain
  • Zippered upper pocket fits a spare puffy or gloves
  • A-frame ski carry and diagonal ski/snowboard carry
  • Hydration-compatible design with tube routing
  • Ice axe/trekking pole loops and helmet carry
  • Item #ORT007F
  • This is the otter box cross rider 2020. Litre bag, and they've made lots of updates compared to previous years it's. Got everything in there that i could want to go touring with, and so we'll just take time to go through each. Of the features so first of all in our. Front pocket we have a deep pocket. Including a zippered one for all. Valuables included in there is a helmet. Net as well this is for when you've got. So many things in your bag you can attach your helmet onto the outside which will save space and mean that it's out the way in my main pocket we have. Access to the main space there's a space. For shovel and a probe and it's as well. Compatible with a water hydration system there's a hole at the top and cleverly. They've also added an insulated shoulder tube which should make sure that your water isn't going to freeze if you are miles away from civilization this main. Pocket can also be accessed from the. Back meaning it's a lot quicker to. Access any of the tools that you might need there's another little compartment. Here for any other important bits that you don't want to get lost in the main pocket when we talk about straps it's. Got the across the chest strap with a whistle it's also got a really strong. Waist strap with a really handy pocket. Here for quick access once you're touring and at the front we have all of these as well so if you've not got a lot in your backpack it's gonna help. Bring it nice and tight which makes it easier for walking obviously the. Attachment for the helmet can go on here as well there's also a strap here for ice axes, and they've also included both. A diagonal and a vertical and ski strap. Holders so depending on whether you. Prefer to have them diagonal not complete personal preference but you're not limited to one way with this backpack comes in at just. 850 grams so it's on its own with plenty of space it still. Shouldn't be too heavy by the time you filled it's a very comfortable backpack thanks to the padding that you. Can see on the back and on the side straps and on the shoulder straps so if. You are going quite far away it's going to be a really comfortable backpack it's available from many retailers including. Snow and rock in seven different colors at the price point of one hundred pounds.

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    Fischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women's

    Get out in the fresh snow and enjoy beautiful views with the MY Transalp 90 Carbon Ski from Fischer. This touring ski is loaded with features to make your precious time in the backcountry more enjoyable. Its wide waist keeps the ski buoyant as you find untouched snow while the early rise tip stays on top of the powder as you break trail. Fischer focused on reducing weight when designing the MY Transalp for less fatigue on the ascents and more energy for the descents. To achieve this, they constructed the ski with a poppy wood core that has AirTec channels for a light and responsive ski.

    Not wanting to sacrifice performance for weight, Fischer equipped the ski with Carbon Tex, a sandwich sidewall construction, and their lightweight aeroshape design. The Carbon Tex weave dampens the chatter at high speeds that's all too common in lightweight skis. The sandwich sidewall construction furthers the ski's stability and grip at high speeds while the aeroshape design provides extreme torsion stability. All in all, the MY Transalp 90 emerges as a lightweight backcountry ski that delivers great uphill and downhill performance.

  • Backcountry touring ski for discovering new lines after a storm
  • 87mm waist width keeps ski buoyant through fresh, untouched snow
  • Tour rocker delivers easier turn initiation and efficient skinning
  • Early rise tip stays afloat when breaking trail through deep snow
  • Wood and AirTec core keep ski light and responsive through turns
  • Carbon Tex dampens chatter at high speeds without adding weight
  • Lightweight aeroshape design provides extreme torsion stability
  • Sandwich sidewall construction offers stability and grip at speed
  • Item #FIS007H
  • What's up guys matt berkowitz here at fisher is gonna tell you today about a. New product for us for 1617 this is the. Transalp ts pro boot so this boot was. Designed out of the already successful trans out boot lineup couple features we. Have here a couple things that make it different from the rest of the trans out boots are we injected this one with pu. Injection so this is not a vacuum boot this is a pu injected boot 130 flex so. This is the stiffest boot in the trans out boot lineup we also put alpine buckles on here in a beefy power strap. So major difference between this boot and the rest of the trans out boots is gonna be weight in performance so. This is for your guy who is driving bigger skis he's hopping on the ranger 108 driving that wider ski not super. Concerned with the weight on the way up still a pretty lightweight boot you're looking at 1800 grams in this boot in a 26 v couple other key features to the. Transalp line of boots certified deena fit inserts here so completely reliable. You've got an ultra lawn liner here. Which is also a thermo formable super easy ski walk mechanism trans alp ts pro. For more information check out fischer sports com.

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    Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women's

    There's no time to dilly dally when you've got multiple peaks on the agenda for the day—good thing you've got your Hagan Ski Mountaineering Women's Core ST Ski boots on your feet to set the pace. These lightweight kicks boast a stiff yet manageable 110 flex and an ultralight Grilamid shell that delivers power and response on spicy descents.

    When you're striding across sparkling glaciers or powering through arduous approaches you'll be psyched on the efficient 60-degree range of motion that you get when you flip into walk mode. The Easy Slide Lock mechanism is reliable and quick to lock down when you top out on your third peak of the day and get ready to crush another steep pitch, and the grippy rubber soles feel secure and stable while you're cruising up an icy bootpack or navigating surprise scree fields.

  • A lightweight touring machine of a boot
  • 110 flex is responsive yet forgiving
  • Grilamid shell is powerful and stiff
  • Heat-moldable liner lets you customize the fit
  • Easy Slide Lock mechanism flips quickly between ski and walk
  • 60-degree range of motion in walk mode for an efficient stride
  • Grippy rubber soles feel solid on icy terrain and scree fields
  • Item #HSM000G
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    Scarpa Vibram Mountain Plus Sole - Women's

    Replace or upgrade your old worn-out soles on your alpine ski boots with the Scarpa Women's Vibram Mountain Plus Sole. This sole features a co-injected steel plate for a more powerful and reliable connection than most soles, and the rubber heel has a special lug design to give you an excellent grip on any terrain. Scarpa designed this sole specifically for snowy situations because it reduces snow buildup so well. This sole is compatible with all of the AT and Quick Step-In system bindings on the market.

  • Co-injected steel plate with rubber heel
  • Compatible with all AT and Quick Step-In system bindings on the market
  • Item #SCR0274
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    La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's

    Your penchant for human-powered descents may lead some to call you a glutton for punishment, but that could have something to do with the fact that they've never skied the La Sportiva Women's Maximo LS Ski. With a lightweight construction that will fly up steep skintracks like you're on an escalator and a fun-having progressive shape, this ultralight offering from La Sportiva will keep a smile plastered on your face whether you're skinning to the base of a steep couloir or making hop turns down a line you've been dreaming about skiing all season.

    La Sportiva teamed up with with Italy's Ski Trab to produce the Maximo LS. Building its skis in Italy, Ski Trab specializes in ultralight backcountry skis that inspire confidence on the descent. Utilizing Ski Trab's 14-layer Technology, the Maximo is home to a wood core with air canals to save weight and a stiff-but-light construction to keep the Maximo responsive when you're confronted with less-than-ideal conditions. Adding to the ski's overall skiability, La Sportiva commissioned the Maximo to be built with the Low Omega Profile, which makes initiating turns a breeze and reduces the chance of hooking up edges as you exit your turn, giving the skis a fluid, easy-to-ski feel when you're making your way down techy lines in the alpine.

  • Touring ski that rocks the uphill and doesn't skimp on the downhill
  • 92mm waist offers plenty of float in pow and is quick edge to edge
  • Camber profile gives you good edge hold on exposed faces and ice
  • Short turn radius boosts control in tight trees and rocks
  • Wood core with air canals is lightweight, stable, and responsive
  • Carbon reinforcements boost torsional rigidity and stability
  • High quality sintered base easily glides across flat areas
  • Item #LSP00JD
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    Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's

    With the ability to climb like a mountaineering boot and navigate technical ski mountaineering descents, the Arc'teryx Women's Procline Lite Boot is a true alpine workhorse that will move up granite-strewn ridges and glacial ice with ease and remain rigid when you're laying turns down a hanging snow field or narrow couloir. It's clear at first glance that the Procline isn't your standard AT boot—its split cuff, uniquely shaped shell, and integrated boot gaiter all indicate that this boot loves to ascend. In fact, the Procline brings a whole new level of uphill performance to the table with 360 degrees of cuff mobility (75 degrees fore and aft and 35 degrees laterally) to deliver an unsurpassed feel while skinning, bootpacking, or climbing sections of vertical rock and ice. And if that wasn't enough, the Procline gets an extra bit of help on the up thanks to a lugged Vibram sole and reinforced toe cap to protect the shell from shrapnel when front pointing.

    The construction of the Procline consists of a Grilamid shell more akin to a traditional AT boot to give the boot the solid downhill performance necessary for skiing and a split Grilamid cuff to save weight and enhance climbing mobility. Where the Procline really sets itself apart, though, is with its integrated corder gaiter, which is durable and waterproof to ensure reliable coverage in high alpine environs. Beneath the attached gaiter is a heat-moldable EVA liner with optional lace closure to ensure a precise and comfortable fit. The buckle system of the Procline consists of two aluminum latches and a cam-locking power strap that can be quickly secured without having to deal with traditional hook-and-loop straps during transitions.

  • A women's-specific boot for ski mountaineering
  • Split cuff delivers 360 degrees of articulation
  • Attached corder gaiter resists wear and is waterproof
  • Procline Lite liner is heat moldable for a precise fit
  • Two adjustable buckles lie flat to reduce catching on pants
  • Cam-locking power strap ensures a quick and secure fit
  • Lugged Vibram sole climbs well on rock and packed snow
  • Rubber toe cap enhances durability when front pointing
  • Item #ARC00LO
  • When you're touring and you flick this it's amazing the range of motion obviously that you have without undoing. That top class so it's very precise for. Where you want to put your foot but feels really freaked she's good i guess if you can do this if you want and you loosen it rights up when you're throwing to it makes it even easier the side. To side motion business and kind of see. Here it's on an angle makes it better yeah i like that i just. Kind of want to see if snow entry is any. Issue with this it's a mountaineering boot so times are gonna happen when you do get off your skis obviously and start. Postholing up there's something nasty and big i don't know if he'll be full walk mode like this or not but likely so. You can see i mean that keeps a lot of the snow out which is really nice that tall boots all gator and then. There's that cuff area so without doing. Anything to it i just clamp that yep. Clamps i don't think i can feel it but it's in. There it's definitely in there so i. Don't know yeah but other than that i. Mean boots sure does skin nice that's very comfortable and free feeling and. Light and on off-camber type stuff it. Sure allows you to keep a full skin contact if you choose so yeah so far so. Good okay so now it's time for the book. Review inside instead of in the rain so. There it is size 27 and there's our weight pretty. Simple little scale one boot 1.3 6. Kilograms so super light obviously. Especially when you're looking at something that is as strong as skiing boot as it is so that's nice so good weight on the boot now, and we look at the liners you'll see there are two liners that this boot is using this. Is the support liner the support liner. Are they're stronger liner it's nice just. A good flex motion in the back of flexes. Going in the back so you can get lots of easily easy angulation with this boot is. The cuff of the boot certainly allows it, so we don't want the liner to restrict that different densities of foam nice. And stiff through the top and the tongue so lots of support through their nice moldable down through the bottom which is great and then obviously our character being a mountaineering company they're thinking about using liners like this if you have to be drawing your liners you're wearing them alone not in a boot you can see you've got a rubber. Bottom to that boot which is going to. Give you a lot better traction if necessary but just durability as well so. Into the actual boot itself the plastics this is where all the magic is in this boot a few things that i really. Like i love how dry this boot is with this. Zipper that does up from the front of the boot it keeps this entire structure. Quite watertight as you can see that you. Tough and that gator around the top it's going to keep a lot of snow out so when you have that boot opened and you are in tour mode and a lot of other boots you. Collect a lot of snow through here through buckles and into the boot so you have a lot of water entry into this whole boot system that's not the case with this. Which is really nice to see it's in front of the boot as you can see has the rubber rand to it that's a thermoformed. Rand it's not going to pull away from that gives you much better durability. And some add its stickiness if you are. Climbing and using this boot from a mountaineering standpoint to have a hard. Plastic toe that can skate off is not a. Good scenario so having this is going to make a big difference for people its ultimate comfort when they are climbing and not using it with their skis and you. Can see it's a very burly soul the soul that's on there is not one of these super lightweight soles that's going to. Disintegrate in one season of use that's. A full proper vibrational go it's a. Mountaineering sole great to see that. Obviously works with pins it's what it's made for it's the only way it's going to work but from a standpoint of moving in. The mountains it's great to have that security on your feet so all in all i. Have to say that our caraxes nu pro kline. Boot walks as i would expect it to walk. And skis much better so i think it's. Going to be it's its definitely worthy of carrying the arc'teryx name hope you enjoy it.

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