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  RedHead® Hunt Series Fixed-Blade Knife Morakniv® Companion Heavy-Duty Fixed-Blade Knife Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Series 119 Fixed-Blade Knife by Buck Knives® TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife Morakniv® Eldris Fixed-Blade Knife Ontario Knife Company SP-1 Combat Knife W.R. Case & Sons® Presentation Knives Bear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade Knives TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife SOG® Fling Throwing-Knife Set Cold Steel® Spike Series Knives TOPS Knives Tex Creek Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Mini Scandi Rockies Edition Fixed-Blade Knife Fremont Knives Hide Glider Old Timer® Large Sharpfinger Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife
 RedHead® Hunt Series Fixed-Blade KnifeMorakniv® Companion Heavy-Duty Fixed-Blade KnifeCabela's Alaskan Guide® Series 119 Fixed-Blade Knife by Buck Knives®TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade KnifeMorakniv® Eldris Fixed-Blade KnifeOntario Knife Company SP-1 Combat KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® Presentation KnivesBear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade KnivesTOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade KnifeSOG® Fling Throwing-Knife SetCold Steel® Spike Series KnivesTOPS Knives Tex Creek Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Mini Scandi Rockies Edition Fixed-Blade KnifeFremont Knives Hide GliderOld Timer® Large Sharpfinger Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife
Blade length6.875".3.5".6".4.1”.4".6".4.88".2.8”.3".3.375".-2.32".4”. 3.99".4.19".
BrandONTARIO KNIFETOPSBuck Knives-Cold SteelW.R. Case & SonsTOPSSOGTOPS-Bear & Son Cutlery--OLD TIMERTOPS
Wt18 oz.6.6 oz.10.5 oz.0.3 lbs.2.3 oz.11 oz.</li> </ul>6.2 oz.5.4 oz.2.3 oz.2.1 oz.-2.8 oz.--7.1 oz.

RedHead® Hunt Series Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Skinner blade with gut hook
  • Full-tang construction
  • 440 stainless steel
  • Spine jimping
  • Rubber overmolded nylon grip
  • The RedHead Hunt Series Gut-Hook Fixed-Blade Knife offers the ultimate balance of length, weight and blade design in a durable, full-tang hunting knife that's capable of field dressing the largest species of American big game. The skinner blade with gut hook is constructed of high-chromium 440 stainless steel, and with a Rockwell hardness of 58-60, providing great edge retention and corrosion resistance while being comparatively easy to sharpen. The Hunt Series Gut-Hook Fixed-Blade Knife features nonslip rubber overmolded nylon grip panels solidly attached to a full tang. Spine jimping helps keep your hand in place during tough cutting jobs. Comes with a durable nylon sheath.
    Blade length: 4”.
    Available: Fixed Blade, Fixed Blade with Gut Hook.

      Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Morakniv® Companion Heavy-Duty Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Exceptionally sharp with high load capacity
  • Rugged carbon-steel blade for lasting performance
  • Extra-large, ergonomic rubber handle
  • Sporting a 27° edge, Morakniv's Companion Heavy-Duty Fixed-Blade Knife boasts an exceptional sharpness and a high load capacity – perfect for tough outdoor jobs. Clip-point carbon-steel blade ensures lasting durability. Extra-large, ergonomic rubber handle offers a comfortable, nonslip grip for greater control. Includes plastic sheath and belt clip.
    Blade length: 4.1”.
    OAL: 8.8”.
    Wt: 0.3 lbs.
    Colors: HD Orange, HD Military Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Series 119 Fixed-Blade Knife by Buck Knives®

  • Fine-edged, clip-point S30V steel blade
  • Easy to sharpen with conventional stones
  • Comfortable wood handle
  • Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Series 119 Fixed-Blade Knife by Buck Knives features a comfortable wood handle and a fine-edged, clip-point blade crafted of extremely strong S30V steel. Made of metallic powders fused together under intense pressure and heat, then tempered under extremely high temperatures and cooled in a cryogenic freezer, S30V steel delivers a fine combination of edge retention, flexibility and hardness (59-61 Rockwell) while remaining easy to sharpen with conventional stones. This steel also has a high chromium content for oxidation resistance. Includes a brown leather sheath for safekeeping.
    Blade length: 6".
    OAL: 10.5".
    Wt: 10.5 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife

  • “All-belly” blade speeds through skinning tasks
  • Edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping
  • Includes black Kydex sheath
  • The “all-belly” blade on the TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife speeds through skinning tasks with efficient ease. The blade shape slices easily into hard-to-reach areas where other blades would slow you down. Crafted from 1095 steel rated at 56-58 Rockwell hardness, the blade holds an exceptionally sharp edge that's easy to resharpen when needed. Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping ensures a secure hold. Carry it appendix (front), vertical (inside or outside the waistband or belt), horizontal or scout-style with the included black Kydex® sheath. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 3.5".
    OAL: 7.13".
    Wt: 6.6 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Morakniv® Eldris Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Fine-edge Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel fixed blade
  • Compact, go-anywhere design with a durable drop-point tip
  • With a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel fixed blade, the Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade Knife Kit is an excellent multipurpose tool for backcountry hiking or camping. Compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere, while the drop-point tip ensures excellent durability. Includes a polymer sheath. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
    Blade length: 2.32".
    OAL: 5.63".
    Wt: 2.8 oz.
    Colors: Blue, Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Ontario Knife Company SP-1 Combat Knife

  • 6.875" fine blade with clip point
  • Tough 1074/75 CS steel
  • VersaFlex plastic handle
  • Tactical sheath included
  • Trust your security to the same blade used by the United States Marines Corps – Ontario Knife Company's SP-1 Combat Knife. The tough 1074/75 CS blade is perfect for survival situations. It has a fine edge and clip point for better cutting. A 5" VersaFlex™ plastic handle provides a superior grip in all types of weather conditions. The perfect blade to pack for military, sporting and first-responder use. Includes tactical sheath.
    Blade length: 6.875".
    OAL: 11.875".
    Wt: 18 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The Ontario Knife Company sp1 marine combat knife. This thing is a freaking sword. It is a 121 I believe inches overall seven of. It is blade it's a clip point. And it's kind a double-edged there's a definitely. Some edge on the back end. Or at the clip points. It does have a nice deep blood groove. And a really good ergonomics on the handle it's a very non-slip. Ibelieve you could probably use. This regardless of how wet slimy. Whatever your hands happen to be it's uh close to a pound like ten points. Something ounces of 1095 powder coated steel carbon steel so definitely not. Something you'd want. If you're in like a real humid climate. Or if so you know take according precautions the knife itself. Iknow is 100% made in America. Ican't say the same for the sheath which is very nice. Or for the box either. One of those could have been made in the China. It has a very nice lanyard very sturdy it's a full tang knife encapsulated.

    If you don't know the difference between a regular full tang. And like an encapsulated go to like Google. And they can pull you. Some pictures up that would explain. Icould possibly explain. It but a very solid knife. Ihaven't had this. One for very long but. Ihave taken it on a. Few trips with me I've put. It through a little bit of use. And it's as sturdy as. Iwould expect from a slab of steel. That size and for I think. It was 37 bucks so it's a deal let's deal steal of a deal the sheath is really well-made it's. Some kind of leather. Or leather like material. And nylon it has a lot of different points. That you can use to mount. It to whatever gear. You happen to be mounting it to backpack your pants boot bike. If you happen to attach to.

    That it has a really tight lock up. Once it's in there and. It does have a double clasp so. Once it's in it's not done anywhere. And it's its pretty sturdy. Imean I'm not Hulk hands. And get and try to yank. It out but it's not going anywhere. Once it's in it's a it's for 37 bucks I'd say. It is exactly what you would expect. It to be plus maybe a little bit. Idon't know that it's bomb-proof but I'm not planning on testing it necessarily quiet. That heavily or for the money it's not a bad way to go.

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    W.R. Case & Sons® Presentation Knives

    Commemorative knives are a great way to show your gratitude. From presidents and astronauts to the world's best dads and devoted employees, anyone will enjoy the gift of W.R. Case and Sons Presentation Knives as a token of appreciation. All knives include a gift box and leather sheath.
    • Black Bowie – Tru-Sharp® mirror-polished surgical steel blade that's taper ground. Black synthetic scales with brass rivets and guard.
      Blade length:
      OAL: 14.25".
      Wt: 20 oz.
    • BlackBowie with Case Logo – Tru-Sharp mirror-polished surgical steel blade that's taper ground. Boasts Case's insignia embelleshed into the blade. Black synthetic scales with brass rivets and guard.
      Blade length: 9.5".
      OAL: 14.25".
      Wt: 20 oz.
    • USMC Knife – An authentic reproduction of those submitted to the military. Blackened 1095 carbon steel blade, guard and cap. Wood handle.
      Blade length: 7".
      OAL: 12.125".
      Wt: 10.2 oz.
    • White Bowie – Tru-Sharp mirror-polished surgical steel blade that's taper ground. White synthetic scales with brass rivets and guard.
      Blade length:
      OAL: 14.25".
      Wt: 20 oz.
    • Buffalo Horn Kodiak Hunter – Authentic buffalo horn handle. Tru-Sharp mirror-polished and taper-ground surgical steel blade is embellished with the image of a kodiak bear.
      Blade length: 6".
      OAL: 10.5".
      Wt: 11 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade Knives

    Get the best of both worlds – exotic 512-layer Damascus steel with hand-forged American quality. Valued by hunters and warriors since before the First Crusade, Damascus steel offers unmatched sharpness, premium edge-holding durability and a one-of-a-kind look. All-purpose drop-point blade for improved tip strength and control. India stag bone handle. Leather sheath included. Made in USA.
    Blade length:
    Overall length: 7".
    Weight: 4.3 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Exceptionally tough 1095 steel blade holds its edge
  • Handsome green canvas Micarta handle
  • Professional heat treatment makes it easy to resharpen
  • Jimping allows for excellent control and handling
  • Comes with a black leather sheath
  • Boasting an exceptionally tough 1095 steel blade and attractive green canvas Micarta scales, TOPS Knives' Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife is equally qualified for show and for heavy-duty use. Black-river wash delivers unique style to each knife. 0.16"-thick blade with a full flat grind delivers a compromise of strength and precise cutting ability. Professional heat treatment makes the long-lasting edge easy to resharpen. Spine and finger-guard jimping makes it easy to control in slippery conditions. Includes a black leather sheath.
    Blade length: 4.88".
    OAL: 9.25".
    Wt: 6.2 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Tyler here with knives today. We have the tops baja 45 specs on. This knife got a nine point four inch overall length with a 45-inch blade the blade is full tang. And is 5/32 thick it's 1095 high carbon tool steel. It features tops Black River wash it's a nice durable finish on the blade uncoated but still offering some protection against corrosion the weight on the knife is six point three ounces. It comes with a high-grade leather sheath. That weighs six point two five ounces giving the weight for the overall package coming in. And right around three-quarters of a pound as. You can see it does have green canvas micarta handles. Some nice cutouts here for a secure grip comes with brass screw construction nice large brass lanyard hole divin the handle is used for bow drill fire makings the Baja 45 features jimping at the index finger. And the thumb for a very secure grip. And there's some nice white liners between the micarta scales. And the blade just giving it a little bit of a classy look there the Baja 45 would make an excellent field ninth.

    And shares similar qualities to the Brothers of bush craft field craft knife also from tops. Both have high carbon 1095 tool steel blades. Both have micarta handle skills the major difference you're gonna see here is in the thickness. And weight so the Baja has a full flat grind versus the Scandi grind on the field craft. And the thickness in the blades the Baja has a 5/32 thick blade. And the field craft has a 3/16 it's not a major difference but in slicing performance you're really going to notice. It especially with that full flat grind on the Baja. You can see here things down at the tip the nice taper on the Baja. And the thickness and the handle scales is also fairly noticeable cuts down a lot of the weight on the Baja without sacrificing any comfort the Baja is still very comfortable in the hand as nice of ergonomics. Whether in a forward. Or reverse grip the Baja comes with a thick double stitched leather sheath a steel ring and heavy-duty snap fastened leather drop loop.

    It also comes a Ferry rod magnesium fire rod combo fits snugly within the Sheep as well see the Baja so it's pretty deep in the sheath it's very secure it's definitely not gonna come out. You really want it to come out again that's the Baja 45 from tops check. Now at gpknivescom thanks for watching and stay sharp.

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    SOG® Fling Throwing-Knife Set

  • Set of three traditional throwing knives
  • Handles wrapped in 7 ft. of paracord
  • Tough 3Cr13MoV steel with satin finish
  • Perfectly balanced and styled after traditional throwing knives, the SOG Fling Throwing-Knife Set puts your accuracy to the test. Ideal for backyard competitions or learning this time-honored skill. Each knife has a blade of 3Cr13MoV steel with a spear point and a silver satin polished finish. The 3Cr13 handle is wrapped with 7 ft. of paracord that can come in handy in unexpected situations. Black synthetic fabric sheath holds all three knives. Lifetime warranty.
    Blade length: 2.8”.
    OAL: 9.5”.
    Wt: 5.4 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hi my name is melody cuenca world champion knife thrower. And today I'm just going to show. How to throw some sod knives alright so for these the best seems to work as a little pinch grip. You rub your fingers around the knight. And hold it with your thumb you're going to stand with your left leg forward roughly about seven feet. And with a knife I'm just going to go straight back straight forward. And extend your hand out towards the target.

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    Cold Steel® Spike Series Knives

  • Lightweight, ultratough knives can be carried all day
  • Fixed one-piece steel blade
  • Textured Griv Ex handle
  • Sheath and lanyard included
  • Thin, super-lightweight and ultratough, Cold Steel's Spike Series Knives boast razor-sharp, zero-ground blades and heavily scalloped handles to ensure convenient carry and ease of use. One-piece solid-steel fixed blade is available with a drop- or Tokyo-point. Ergonomic G-10 Griv Ex™ handles are textured and sculpted to provide reliable traction and a sure hold even when hands are cold, wet or slippery. Includes a Secure-Ex™ sheath as well as a handy beaded lanyard to keep your knife secure and within easy reach.
    Blade length: 4".
    OAL: 8".
    Wt: 2.3 oz.
    Available: Drop-Point Spike, Tokyo Spike.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Designed by custom knife maker barry dawson the spike is the quintessential neck knife available in tanto clip. Or talent point styles. It features a thick narrow blade ground to a razor-sharp 0 edge for ease of carry. It comes with the securities. And a steel bead chain so. You can sling it around your neck. It to your belt or other gear. Many of my competitors claim expertise. And knowledge in designing their knives but. What they put on the market. Iwant to laugh when your knife doesn't have a guard like. This spike tanto point there's only two. Or three safe ways to stab with. One of them is a palm loaded grip like. This the other one is the thumb reinforced reverse grip like. When your knife doesn't have a guard. You can only stab as hard as your grip strength. What that's a lot of penetration from a knife without a guard our talent spike is a terrific neck knife. It Pierces's like a dagger. It slashes like a straight razor watch. And see I'm going to stab. It through this big block of meat using only two fingers.

    All the way through. Now watch the cutting power look at. That a 12-inch-long cut two inches deep with very little effort here's the tip. If the camera can come in. That cardboard and 12 layers 15 ounce denim that's equivalent of stabbing through 12 denim jackets that's fantastic penetration.

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    TOPS Knives Tex Creek Fixed-Blade Knife

  • 1095 steel blade holds an exceptionally sharp edge
  • Ergonomic, lightweight Micarta handle optimizes strength
  • Includes a brown leather sheath
  • Field-tested in the Tex Creek area of Southeast Idaho and dedicated to the hunters and anglers who reside there, the TOPS Knives Tex Creek XL Fixed-Blade Knife accompanies you to all those places you feel most at home. The 1095 steel blade, rated at 56-58 Rockwell hardness, holds an exceptionally sharp edge that's easy to resharpen when needed. Ergonomic Micarta handle optimizes strength while reducing overall weight. Includes a brown leather sheath. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 4.19".
    OAL: 9".
    Wt: 7.1 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    TOPS Knives Mini Scandi Rockies Edition Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Compact design fits easily in a pack or pocket
  • Rugged, lightweight Micarta handle
  • Edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Kydex sheath allows vertical or horizontal carry
  • TOPS Knives' Mini Scandi Rockies Edition Fixed-Blade Knife gives you all-around performance in a compact package that fits easily in your hunting pack. Durable, lightweight Micarta handle stands up to rough use and is easy to grip, even in wet conditions. Tough 1095 steel blade hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 holds it edge well and boasts a modified scandi grind, allowing it to be used for a variety of tasks. Designed by Leo Espinoza. Includes a tan Kydex® sheath that allows for vertical or horizontal carry.
    Blade length: 3".
    OAL: 6.13".
    Wt: 2.3 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everybody we're going to do. Another knife review. And today we're going to talk about. Another small fixed blade. Ilove small fixed blades I'll tell. You why I have a specific use for small fee explodes. Icarry a small fixed blade. Icarry my firearm and the reason is. Anybody ever goes for my firearm I'm gonna have to use my strong side hand to retain my firearm in. That situation I don't believe no matter. How much you train. You can 100% count on reaching across your body with your weak side hand pulling a folder out of your pocket opening. That folder and bringing it to use. Because remember you're wrestling with. Somebody over your firearm it's a life-or-death situation chances are it's going to go to the ground. You have got to come out on top of. This your life depends on. It so my philosophy is carry a small fixed blade on your weak side.

    That way you don't have to worry about fine motor skills. While you're retaining your firearm with your strong side. You can reach with your weak side pull out. That fixed blade it's automatically ready to go. You got to do is start sticking it in. Somebody to get them off of. Itypically I carry mine on like. Isay on the weak side iwb appendix carry. And it's easy to go to its natural location for when you're in a fight. Or flight situation your hands want to come to your core anyway naturally so that's a natural location to locate. That at its easy to hide easy to access. Ican get it into use. Ihave to all right. What we're going to cover today is the tops knives lioness Rocky's addition. Now tops knives is well-known in the community they're an american-made product. They have a vast product line. Even know many models. They got a 10000 different models.

    Idon't know they are crazy. That they've got so. Many models like I say they're an american-made product with a great reputation. They primarily build in 1095 carbon steel. Although they do have. Some stainless but primarily in 1095. They have a fantastic heat treat for 1095. They really know how to do. This steel they have a great reputation as far as. That goes the line acid model. You know anything about. That it's more marketed towards females it's a fairly small model. One in particular is in a finish. What they call their rockies edition but the other models there's two other models. One is actually pink powder coated with black g10 handle scales. And the other one is purple powder coated with black g10 handle scales. And that's pretty feminine. Idon't have anything against. Idon't want to carry a pink.

    Or purple knife personally but. You know to each their own. This model you can see. That the steel is done in an acid stone wash it's a medium dark acid wash with a fairly heavy stone wash finish on. It it's its very good overall it's very. Even overall no issues as far as the finish goes. And then the handle scale is in natural micarta that's a little. More masculine looking knife. It does say lioness on. It I'm not going to sweat. That I'm not worried about my weather. Anybody thinks that my knife is masculine enough. Or not as long as it's not pink. Or purple so you know let's go ahead. And do the specs on. This knife you got a three. And a half inch blade length. And I'm measuring that to the plunge the blade stock thickness is about an eighth of an inch. Or three point two millimeters the blade width from the edge to the spine.

    One point one inches are 28 millimeters the handle length. Imeasured this from the strike but here to the finger choil I'm making all of. That the handle length. And that's 40 three inches. Or 10 centimeters the handle thickness 498 thousand so you're right on a half an inch there twelve point six millimeters the handle width at the widest point here. One point zero one inches. Or twenty-five point seven millimeters the overall length right at seven. And a half inches or nine centimeters the weight of the knife itself three point three two ounces. Or ninety-four grams with the sheath. This is the sheath right here with belt clip on. It you're looking at a total of five ounces. Or a hundred and forty-two grams. What to go ahead and take a look at.

    That sheath that knocked out it's a Kydex sheath let's say a taco. Or clamshell type of sheet meaning it's folded over. This way and a fixed closed on. One side with bolt on hardware. Ibelieve that that is spaced four at a clock. Ihave not tried this I'm using the built in clip. You can see I've got. Where it's candid right since. It appendix carry you'll see. That carry down in the belt is going to can't. This right in the fold of my leg to crotch there for a. More comfortable carry. Now will say I think. This sheath material. This codex is a little heavy. You know this is 80. Or 90 thousand scottex. Ididn't measure I probably should it's a little bit heavy for iwb carry. Now that's that's not good. Ijust think it's a little heavier for my preferred carry. You know if you're going to carry on the outside of your belt. You really want a tough sheath then that's good actually like. Isay it's not bad it's just sort of personal preference thing and then in the design of the sheath the only thing I really have issue with again because of the way.

    Icarry is the point down here I'm gonna take. And I'm gonna radius. This over and soften. This point on my grinder I'm gonna. You know about like. You know that keeps. It from jabbing into my crotch. And being uncomfortable. When I'm bending over. Or seated overall the quality of the sheath is good the clip is plastic. You can see it's a retained type of clip. You know it's fairly stout. Idon't think you're going to break. It under normal use it's screwed mounted with a large rubber o-ring. That gives it tensions so it's. It won't rotate you consciously want to rotate er. It has a you know a great amount of force on. It the hardware is finished well on. Idon't really see any issues in the quality of the sheath at.

    All the fit is good. Isee here you can see yeah there's not. Any play anything and you've got a nice ramp here to push off on with your thumb to pull. It out so overall the sheath is pretty good quality. Now let's take a look at. This knife this is a small knife at about seven-and-a-half inches overall. Now take a look at my hand I've got medium-sized hands I'm not a real big cat but look at the way the fit of. This I've got full grit. All four fingers on. It I've got this super big coil here. Imean super big some good jumping right here in a natural position. Where my thumb's going to fall in the forward position. That out of my waistband. Ihave to use it for its intended purpose that's the grip.

    That I'm going to use primarily. Or initially I need to. You know readjust it to a reverse grip. Something so the design of. This is absolutely fantastic from my intended purpose the blade style is almost Persian in fact. You could compare this to say like the cold steel towel water folders which I've done a review on you're welcome to check the blade profile is almost exactly the same almost exactly the same so. What you've got see. You hold the and you've got the centerline of the knife you've got a handle. Or natural draw up here. And then you've got a lick. Or ting to the centerline of the knife a slight rise towards the tip a slight rise in a trailing point. And then the edge you've got a very short flat section here. And then barely rising towards. That tip the tip is good it's in line with the design here. It gives you a natural feel for where the tip is. You need to manipulate the tip. If you're using it in a utility use. You can choke up in. This big hair soil and you're very close to.

    That edge it doesn't have a secondary coil. You can get into but. This primary coil is huge. You can get really close to the edge. This there's another set of jump. And further out on the blade towards a tip it's not comfortable for me to use my hands are just too small. And stretching from. This soil to there is a little much for me. Although you could use. It in a pinch grip with. This finger you can see I've got a natural. You know you wanted to use. This it's a little pointy for me but. You wanted to use it in for skinning game. You can use that way. Any fine detail cutting but in my primary use I'm looking for. That big coil that natural hand grip. Iwant to be able to stab stab of course.

    Ihave to use this for the intended purpose as far as my intended purpose. Idon't fear slipping forward. Idon't fear falling back. You see you've got a nice bit of palm swell here it's its fairly exaggerated actually for Palms well. Because it's very thin in the toil area. And then it thins out again back here going into. This impact head so. You know this really is a fairly pronounced palm swell. It does really lock. That knife in and combined with the forward finger choil. It gives you a very secure feel. Now as far as the butt-end goes I'm calling this an impact tip but. You have large hands it's its not really. You can see in my medium hand. Irotate I've got a little bit. That extends out I could use.

    It for a non-lethal sort of impact device but. You have a large hand it's really going to cover. That you're not going to be able to use. That then you're looking at. You know the primary use will be to attach a lanyard. You do have a very large lanyard hole no issue at. All get in 550 cord through there. Even with the core in alright as far as tops 1095. They use like I said already. They have a fantastic reputation as far as their heat-treat of 1095 I've had no issues I've had no rust issues good edge retention the grind on. This is a full flat grind. It is done very well. You can see it does not intrude into the spine of the night so the grind geometry is pretty much perfect from the edge to the spine. And not through the spine it's. Both sides the edge grind itself is fairly thin. It is fairly thin behind the edge it's a good slicey knife.

    You can see side to side here. And from the tip to the plunge grind. That it's its you know they've done a good job there is a small sharpening coil here as. You can see that there is a small sharpening coil to terminate. That grind line in so you're not grinding into the plunge. You know a hassle with your sharpening or edge Flair. You sharpen all the way kudos to Tops for. That is a much-needed feature. Many knife manufacturers overlook the fit. And finish as far as the handle goes your basic natural McCarter there're no liners sometimes tops were used colored liners under their micarta to offset. That but on this model. They don't I think it's really attractive. It is natural micarta. It looks natural to. It doesn't look fake color II.

    You know it's not fancy the grip is. You know it's micarta. This is linen micarta here isn't it's the finer micarta. You can see it's not canvas micarta it's linen. It does have some surface texture. You can see here it is smooth but. It does have some surface texture. Ilike mica by Carter. It gets wet and at least in. This surface finish widths. And texture the exposed fibers here. Idon't know that it's almost like. They swell up when water hits them. It becomes a little tackier to. Whereas a smooth finish GTN. You know the fiberglass that's in GTN really doesn't react with water. And a smooth finish gtn will stay smooth. If it's wet and sometimes becomes slippery. This has got more of a. Idon't know again a sort of naturally tacky but not obtrusive finish to. It as along with the jumping up at the blade tip your primary jump in here you've got. Another set of jump in here. And that's a little far back as far as my grip goes.

    Idon't know exactly. What it would be used for no jumping on the inside of the grip at. All not in the soil. Or across the grip itself. Nothing on the butt-end. This knife it comes naturally to the hand like. It fits my hand well it's got a fantastic blade design. That moderately rising trailing point like. Isay it's a lot like almost exactly the same profile as the cold steel tower war folder which. And is my primary carry folder so. This comes into my system very easily. It comes into my hand very easily it's easy to carry it's small its compact it's lightweight the construction is exemplary there's no rough edges no gaps no misfit on the scales.

    It feels like it was made to go together. It was made to go together. You know what I'm talking about again the sheath. You know nothing wrong with the sheet. Ithink it's just a little thick as far as the material goes for my personal use but there's. Nothing wrong with the design other. What I said about just rolling this tip a little bit. And again that's because. It iw baby you know. This clip it does set off of the body a little bit but. And iwb carry with this clip over your pants. And your belt it actually. This hot right here pushes the sheath into your body. It doesn't really push the clip out. Because the clip is on your belt the belts what's putting pressure in so. This hot really gets pushed into your body. Then out so it does doesn't make. It hard to conceal anything I've not had. Any problem with it coming off of my belt.

    Idon't know it's a. You know like a nylon injection molded clip. Idon't know how tough it's going to be but. Idon't foresee having any issue with. Ido like I say I'm pretty sure. Icould put a small tech lock on. Icould do a loop okay just to put a loop on. Icould carry even just leave the hardware in. And put a piece of cord on. Icould carry it rips cord style like the CRKT. That Lucas Burnley design that's a good carry option also so. You know that's a good sheath. Idon't have any issue with. And the knife is a high quality knife it's small compact lightweight fit. And finishes good a good steel that's easy to resharpen like. Isay 1095 is a carbon steel. It will rust you don't take care of. It but I've not had. Any issue as long as. You just use some minimal care practice with. Ijust keep it coated down with a very light layer of your favorite oil. Iuse tough glide which is basically a dry lubricant after.

    It dries so I'm gonna say hey. You need a small compact fixed blade lightweight maybe you're looking for something to carry parallel. And my philosophy with. This which is to use with my firearm for offside carry. This is a great little knife. It doesn't hurt at it says lioness on. It I'm not so sensitive about. That's because this finish is pretty manly. And yeah that's not such a big issue. And again look at that right there proudly made in USA made in USA. You can get one of these for about $100. Ithink that's a pretty decent deal guys so. If you're interested in. Something like I do recommend. And like I would trust my life to. This thing in the intended use. Ihave put it into my system so again. Iappreciate you guys taking the time to view. One of my videos I want to say God bless to. Everybody you have a great day we'll talk to.

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    Fremont Knives Hide Glider

  • Compact, ergonomic and efficient skinning design
  • 4Cr15 stainless steel construction adds strength
  • Two finger spots for a number of grip options
  • Utilizes a ton of belly and angle in the skinning surface
  • Guthook pull-cutter gets through thick hides with ease
  • Featuring a unique and compact design, Fremont Knives' Hide Glider takes ergonomic and efficient skinning power to a whole new level. Not only does it offer two finger spots for a number of grip options to choose from, it utilizes a ton of belly and angle in the skinning surface to make skinning tasks quick and smooth. The guthook pull-cutter gets through thick hides with ease. The entire lightweight construction is made of 4Cr15 stainless steel for strength and years of high-end performance. Nylon sheath included.
    Blade length: 3.375".
    OAL: 6".
    Wt: 2.1 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Old Timer® Large Sharpfinger Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife

  • A must for any serious outdoorsman
  • 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel clip-point blade
  • All-weather Old Timer Sawcut handle slabs
  • Includes a leather sheath for convenient carry
  • Easy to carry and a real pleasure to use, the Old Timer Large Sharpfinger Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife is a must for any serious outdoorsman. The 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel clip-point blade holds its edge incredibly well and is simple to maintain. All-weather original Old Timer Sawcut handle slabs add versatility. Includes a leather sheath for convenient carry. Imported.
    Blade length: 3.99".
    Overall length: 8.58".
    Weight: 6 oz.

    good evening knife ants. This is knife detector again with. Another ninth video. Iwanted to show this knife. It came out in another video titled. Ithink Easter BBQ and knife talk. This knife very much. This is an oldie I think it's from the 80s. It is a 150 charade old-timer. You can see it comes in a sheet. This sheet has been well taken care of nicely oiled. This is the sheath I believe. That came with the knife. This is the knife it is a full sized fixed blade hunting knife skinning knife very sharp. And it's got this synthetic handle really good for cutting meat really good for skinning feels great in the hand. These grooves right here. This thumb grooves. This guard right here on the bottom. Idon't know you can see. That the images in the picture but it's just perfect right. You need it no matter which hand. You have you can use. It to apply pressure. Or to keep this finger safe which. Ilike very much and it's a good knife guys very sharp I've been sharpening this. One quite a bit recently using my trusty easy lap sharpening rod starting in about a 20 degree angle working my way down. And coming back and wanted to share. One with I don't think. This knife got a lot of attention in. That other video I made it's a good knife guys like. Idon't have very many fixed blade knives but I'm gonna start showing you the ones.

    Idecided I start off the weekend by showing you guys a couple of videos. Ihave with some cool fixed blade knives. This is a nice one so until then. Ijust wanted to make. This short video don't forget to Like. And subscribe you like. What you see all kinds of videos so don't be afraid to check out. What kind of videos. Ihave in case something you might like until then. This is knife detector signing off. You hear any noises my wife is wiggling her booty right next to. Me trying to make me nervous. This is knife detector don't forget to Like. And subscribe thank you.

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