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  Vortex® Sparc AR Red-Dot Sight Vortex® Viper 6-MOA Red-Dot Reflex Sight SIG Sauer® ROMEO4 Red-Dot Sight Aimpoint® Outer Rubber Cover EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights TRUGLO® 2x42mm Red Dot Sight Aimpoint® CompM4 Red-Dot Sight Leupold® D-EVO Dual-Enhanced View Optic SIG Romeo5™ Compact Red-Dot Sight Barska® AR-X Prism Sight Aimpoint® 9000SC Red-Dot Sight Aimpoint® Carbine Optic Red-Dot Sight TRUGLO® TG8230B 30mm Red-Dot Three-Color Sight Aimpoint® Hunter H30 Red-Dot Sight Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight
 Vortex® Sparc AR Red-Dot SightVortex® Viper 6-MOA Red-Dot Reflex SightSIG Sauer® ROMEO4 Red-Dot SightAimpoint® Outer Rubber CoverEOTech Holographic Weapon SightsTRUGLO® 2x42mm Red Dot SightAimpoint® CompM4 Red-Dot SightLeupold® D-EVO Dual-Enhanced View OpticSIG Romeo5™ Compact Red-Dot SightBarska® AR-X Prism SightAimpoint® 9000SC Red-Dot SightAimpoint® Carbine Optic Red-Dot SightTRUGLO® TG8230B 30mm Red-Dot Three-Color SightAimpoint® Hunter H30 Red-Dot SightSightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight
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Vortex® Sparc AR Red-Dot Sight

  • Multiple anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission
  • 2-MOA dot promotes precise point of aim
  • 10 brightness settings, includes two nightvision-compatible settings
  • Rear-facing digital controls are easily accessible
  • Automatically shuts off after 12 hours to preserve battery
  • Water-, fog- and shockproof design
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Get on target fast with Vortex's Sparc AR Red-Dot Sight. Multiple anti-reflective coatings on the lenses increase light transmission, while a 2-MOA dot promotes precise point of aim. Also features 10 brightness settings with the two lowest settings being nightvision compatible – perfect for a variety of lighting conditions. Rear-facing digital controls give you easy access to power and brightness settings, plus they're viewable from your shooting position. Automatically returns to last dot intensity used when powered up. Unlimited eye relief and parallax-free. Powered by one AAA battery (not included) for up to 300 hours at maximum brightness or up to 5,000 hours at minimum brightness. Automatically shuts off after 12 hours to preserve battery. Nitrogen-filled design for water- and fogproof performance. O-ring sealed. Shockproof. Backed by the Vortex VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.
    Length: 2.9”.
    Wt: 7.5 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    you do what's going on guys Arizona guy back up into the video. Ihope you had a great holiday Christmas New Year's. Ihad a blast with my family great great times so today's video be a little unboxing video on my new red dot for my 300 blackout SBR. Ilove these things guys for the price. You pay these are just as good as 188. One H two is gone on I on. Both of them and this thing it's a bake first but I'm serious guys great little site great warranty so let's dive in a little bit closer. And I'll show you what comes in the box be right back alright guys welcome back here. We go got a spark a our red dot from vortex guys I'm impressed with. This uh with the sil site I'm so happy with. It that I have three of them. Now it's woman great little optic let. Me show you guys the features on. It before I tear up the box. Idon't know dies of. Me there you go you want to freeze the screen they're hard anodized low glare matte black finish pear likes free a limited eye relief versatile multi height mounted system long-lasting triple-a battery it's a two MOA. And there's some more specs for you. If you want to freeze. That the length is two point nine inches the weight seven point five ounces lens diameter is 22 millimeters. Irelieve some limited max brightness 300 hours guys on. One battery that's the estimated time minimum brightness level says 5000 hours.

    That is crazy guys and. It comes with the mounting system to mount on your weapon let. Me refocus the camera. All right so what do. We get in the box we get a instruction manual. You get the optic you get. Some screws you get an adapter plate a battery. And the mount that will go on your rifle so let's put. This together first thing let's put the battery in that's pretty tight that's. What she said oh I know. Ididn't use myself sorry. What can I say now two screws back on cheese come on going on here alright open up the lens caps that's. Another thing guys I like for the price. You paid 200 bucks I think. You get a rubber like a. You know a cover that protects the optic with lens caps. And it's already on. That is pretty bright very nice let. Me show you guys there.

    You go says parallax free unlimited eye relief great lens very nice let. Me put it in the brighter sitting show. You guys look at that very nice little optic let. Me zoom it in that to show. You guys says Sparkie are their doctor vortex emblem got your adjustment there as well on the right side the front of. It has got the battery compartment. One triple a battery. And these lens covers. They actually snap together. Ijust snap it all the way. And it'll stay locked up. While you're shooting me weapon so there. You go let's go ahead. And install the baseplate. Iguess we'll put these lens caps on for now until we're done so here comes the mounting bracket. You will get and you'll get. Some screws I believe just like my other two Sparky ours.

    Ihave to use the shorter screws so. You take him out of the bar will place the mount like so. Where is our um where is my wrench oh here. It is okay guys it does come without with an adapter plate. If you want to come in. This with your sight your iron sights. Idon't run iron sights I'm a 300 blackout backup site, so I'm gonna straight up run. This optic so I'm not gonna use. That spacer but it does come with. One if you need one. And if you do use. It you'll have to use the longer screws. That vortex does provide so keep. That in mind you don't want to use the longer screws with just the mountain here.

    If you do you'll tap out the screws on the plate. And if you keep screwing them down you'll actually strip the threads on the optic which. You don't want to do. That's because then. You have to send it off to war Tech. And explain to them. What the heck happened to your up. It, so I don't use a lot of tight on these screws. Because they're gonna be mounted against the rail of the weapon so. Idon't see them backing out at. All you know what I mean the weapon go right flat against. This, so I don't think it's gonna go anywhere we'll go ahead. And unscrew this now. What I'll do I'll put. Some walk tight on the screw right here right there I'll put.

    Some Loctite so it stays nice and firm on the weapon I'm gonna keep. This optic we're gonna mount. It like so, and we're gonna screw down the screw like so. And you give it a nice tug. You want to let the Loctite set. Or at least 24 hours before. You start shooting a weapon. Or it's not gonna get. It enough time to set so basically they'll be pointless. You know just the weight of your time. You have to put some. More on and wait again so guys just be patient put. It on and weapons clear by the way guys. Idon't know if I talked about. This rifle this is my home defense SBR. This is a suppressed SBR bringing a blackout 10-inch barrel running a Yankee 30 Cal suppressor. This thing is nice guys. Ilove it I actually. Ireplaced a hand guard. Because I wanted to suppress. It to kind of sit inside a little bit so. Igot this really bad ass Deacon's hammer oh.

    Ilove this guy's running off santan tactical billet upper. And lower this is sweet. Because it's ambi on. Both sides for a mag release slides slide release. Both sides safety both sides. This is my baby guys. Ilove this thing it shoots very nice have no issues with. It whatsoever it's pretty lightweight for being and. You know 300 blackouts with the long rail. And a suppressor the suppressor guys is its it's very heavy it's a stainless so a lot of the weight is on the front of the rifle but god. Ihave to check this out man look at. This I love the fore grip. Ishoot like this very nice I'm gonna keep. This thing black I was gonna send. It off to Karl at leisure precision. And have them do a wicked seracote job.

    Some kind of camo but. Idon't know I think. Iwas gonna keep it as is. Ilike it like that's nice red dot oh man. What do you guys think about my three meters BR. Ilike it alright guys well. Ijust wanted to show. You my new red dot for my 300 blackout. Ihighly recommend this red dot for the price. You pay you get a lot of features great warranty ad vortex not to mention well I'll catch. You in my next one stay safe out there.

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    Vortex® Viper 6-MOA Red-Dot Reflex Sight

  • Simple, speedy target acquisition for handgun shooters
  • 6-MOA dot dia. gets you on target fast
  • Easy-to-access power and illumination controls
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    The Vortex Viper Red-Dot 6-MOA gives handgun shooters the advantages of simplicity and speed, while also allowing co-witnessing through stock iron sights. The 6-MOA dot and fully multicoated lens gathers more light and boasts a wide field of view to get you on target quickly. Super-low mounting height makes it perfect for handguns with cutout sides. Easy-to-access power and illumination controls are located on the left-hand side and can be altered using an up/down motion. Recessed 1-MOA windage and elevation adjustments are protected from accidental bumps or drops. Operates on one CR-2032 battery (included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You hey guys Adam here for text optics. Now kicking the vortex nation asking about carry optics on pistols. And USBs a division our products for. That would be the piper red dots integrates with the common mount actually. We share it with I believe the first sapphire. Or they share it with. Is I'm not sure what that's our best recommendation for it is the red dot that's just lowest to the center of the board so it's going to give. You the best sight picture the best grip for presentation on to the target battery life is anywhere from 150 hours on the highest setting to 30000 hours on the lowest setting MSRP on. This is about 329 bucks so. This is one of the. More affordable options for carry optics law online vortex optics comm check. It out and will be set up.

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    SIG Sauer® ROMEO4 Red-Dot Sight

  • Unlimited eye relief facilitates speedy target acquisition
  • Four easy-to-see reticle options
  • Waterproof and fogproof for use in all weather conditions
  • Rugged, lightweight CNC-machined aluminum housing
  • Motion-Activated Illumination extends battery life
  • When fast target acquisition is imperative, you'll appreciate SIG Sauer's ROMEO4 Red-Dot Sight. Unlimited eye relief lets you get on target no matter your position behind the scope. Waterproof, fogproof construction ensures excellent performance in the worst of elements. CNC-machined aluminum (tactical model features 7075 aluminum) delivers exceptional strength while minimizing weight. Clear flip-open lens covers keep optics scratch-free. Motion-Activated Illumination (MOTAC) powers the unit on when it senses motion and shuts it down when it doesn't, ensuring a long battery life. 50,000-hour CR-2032 battery loads through the side for simple replacement when needed.
    3.33"L x 1.86"W x 2.46"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Craig Pfeiffer a signaler electrostatics I'm here to talk about a Romeo foreclosed red dot sight the sig sauer Romeo for red dot uses our proprietary LED reticle system. That comes with a 65 MOA circle dot. Or two MOA red dots with zero thermal shift we're able to mount. It is parallel with a bore of the gun which allows for the user. That the one target at point of aim at. Any angles of the gun. It also allows the user to have. Both eyes open as they are able to get target acquisition the shooter is built with cnc aluminum material. That allows us to continue to be strong. And lightweight the Romeo 4 comes in four different variants with a selection of flip caps. Or bikini covers it comes with a low plate pick mount. Or truká witness 141 inch high rise mount so you're getting. Either in corks or QD the sig sauer Romeo 4 is the site for you you.

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    Aimpoint® Outer Rubber Cover

    Protect your Aimpoint from dust, rain, sleet, snow and impact with their rubber covers. Works with the following models: ACO, PRO, CompM2/ML2, CompM3/ML3, CompC3.
    Colors: Black, Tan.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey welcome back to Gundam mentals. You may recall in the video whereI'm talking about my ar-15. Iwould put a Ziploc bag over my aim point here so. Icould keep the flaps mainly the front flap here open. Yet still be able to use the iron sights with. It without having to worry about dust. What not getting on the glass itself. Igot to thinking why on earth. This aim point out a solid cover on the front here. They have a clear one on the back. You actually power I can get good. You actually power it up here. You can actually use. Both eyes it gives. You sort of virtual sense of the dots. Though the front thing is closed. You can still actually get on target with. It closed but you still can't see through. It with the iron sights so. Idug around a little bit. Ihappen to find this on Brown ells. This is a clear front cover for this thing. That flips up is the same form factor. This will fit on any of the standard sized aim points here, so I'm gonna throw. That on here and we're gonna see. That works first thing we need to do is take the old. This is just rubber around here. You see hold one on the new. One same form factor let's take the old. One off here should just pop right off okay. Now it's not actually screwing on. Or off I'm just twisting it to get the momentum. And the right leverage here on.

    It okays for the most part. That came off pretty easily. You can see it's got. This a little Ridge right in there. Iwould imagine this little Ridge part here catches in there. And that's uh that's. What sort of holds it in place is. What I'm guessing so let's throw the new. One on again it's not screwing on I'm just sort of twisting to get. That leverage going on it's a little tight. This rubber is definitely tighter but. You can see I wasn't able to get. It into the ridge there. This is on I'd say this is on pretty good so there. We go there's a clear part there. You can see right through. This is a little damaged on the back there not damaged a little scratched up but yeah. You can see right through. You can leave these covers on. You can still see through. And use your iron sights. You know tromping through the mud. If it's raining really hard. You don't want to expose your glass.

    You can just have this cheap little plastic cover here. It goes across there so. You can see through. It without worrying about scratching the glass up. Now the only reason. Ican imagine that aim point does not provide the clear. One with it from the start is so. They can turn around. And sell this other. One for $19 so that's a good tip for fellow endpoint users out there go ahead. And check out some of the other videos here on Gundam mentals maybe. Something else will help. You maybe you have better ideas for some of the things I'm doing go ahead. And subscribe you later you.

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    EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights

  • Proven effective by military and police units
  • Delivers precision accuracy
  • Function in harsh conditions
  • EoTech's Holographic Weapons Sights have proven effective for fighter pilots, military and police units. This revolutionary technology is renowned for its precision and ability to function in harsh conditions.
    • 518 –
    Side button reduces rail space when partnered with an EOTech magnifier (not included). Compatible with drop-in laser battery caps to enhance aiming through the use of visible and infrared lasers. 20 daylight settings. Runs up to 1,000 continuous hours lithium batteries, 600 hours on two 1.5-volt AA batteries (not included). 5.6"L x 2.2"W x 2.9"H. Wt: 13.8 oz.
    • 558 – Compatible with Gen 1-3 nighvision devices. Adjustable, locking quick-detach mount. Side button reduces rail space when partnered with EOTech switch-to-side magnifier (not included). Compatible with drop-in laser battery caps to enhance aiming through the use of visible and infrared lasers. 20 daylight settings. Runs up to 1,000 continuous hours lithium batteries, 600 hours on two 1.5-volt AA batteries (not included). 5.6"L x 2.2"W x 2.9"H. Wt: 13.8 oz.
    • 512 – Waterproof, submersible to 10 ft. Mounts to Picatinny rail with return-to-zero after remounting. Run time is up to 1,000 continuous hours on lithium batteries, 600 hours with two AA batteries (not included). 5"L x 1.8"W x 2.25"H. Wt: 11.5 oz.
    • 552 – The standard used by the FBI, DEA, ATF and elite military units. 65-MOA ring with 1-MOA aiming dot. Waterproof, submersible to 33 ft. Mounts to Picatinny rail with return-to-zero after remounting. Run time is up to 1,000 continuous hours on lithium batteries, 600 hours with two AA batteries (not included). 5"L x 1.8"W x 2.25"H. Wt: 11.5 oz.
    • XPS2-0 – Shortened base requires 2.75" of rail space. 65-MOA ring with 1-MOA aiming dot. Waterproof, submersible to 33 ft. Run time is approximately 600 hours on one lithium battery (not included). 3.75"L x 2.4"W x 2.4"H. Wt: 8 oz.
    • XPS2-2 – Mounts and removes quickly with zero repeatable up to 2-MOA. 1" standard Weaver rail mount. 65-MOA sight-ring reticle with a pair of 1-MOA dia. stacked dots. Nonreflective black hard-coat finish. Waterproof and submersible to 33 ft. Up to 600 hours run time on a CR-123 lithium battery (not included). Not nightvision compatible. 3.75"L x 2.4"W x 2.4"H. Wt: 8 oz.
    • XPS3-0 – Mounts and removes quickly on a 1" standard Weaver rail mount. 65-MOA sight ring with a 1-MOA single centered dot. Nonreflective black hard-coat finish. Waterproof and submersible to 33 ft. Up to 600 hours run time on one CR123 lithium battery (not included). Nightvision compatible with 10 brightness settings for generation 1-3+. XL. 3.75"L x 2.4"W x 2.4"H. Wt: 8 oz.
    • XPS2-RF – Specifically designed for rimfire rifles, it mounts to any 3/8" dovetail rail. 65-MOA¿sight ring with 1-MOA single centered dot. Zero repeatable within 2-MOA after remounting. Nonreflective black hard-coat finish. Water-resistant.
    • EXPS3-4 –Boasts the same features and compact size of the EXPS2-0 with the addition of nightvision compatibility. Submersible to 33 ft. and utilizes a 65-MOA ring four-dot reticle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    TRUGLO® 2x42mm Red Dot Sight

  • Waterproof and fogproof for all-weather use
  • 11-position rheostat controls brightness
  • Unlimited eye relief, wide field of view and 2.5-MOA dot
  • Multicoated lenses for more than 95% light transmission
  • Two-power magnification makes this a truly unique red-dot sight. Waterproof and fogproof for all-weather use. Shock-resistant up to .50 caliber muzzleloader. An 11-position rheostat controls the brightness. The unlimited eye relief, wide field of view and 2.5-MOA red dot make for fast target acquisition. Multicoated lenses for more than 95% light transmission. Flip-up lens caps included. Integrated Weaver-style mounting system. Limited lifetime warranty.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys shoot the day again with the Ruger 10/22 just. Ihear plink enjoin. This pretty day well. You can see downrange there got a couple of clay pigeons on the big target they're on tops of the post kind of towards the tops. And got three clay pigeons on the t-post there. Or about 40 yards away using the true glow red dot scope dialed in pretty good list. And we're going to see. We can take them clay pigeons out they're a lot of fun to shoot. You get instant feedback so let's see. We take a few of those out. It was long pushed the hole right in. One on the right didn't fall try. It again cans we finish him off danger a lot of fun to shoot I'll be right back alright guys going to move in a little bit closer. This time got a hint clay pigeons up there got ten rounds in the rotary magazine so 10 rounds 10 targets let's see. How good we can do I'm not going to be as far back. This time probably about 25 yards but. Idon't care how good a marksman. You turn that camera on. You guys have made videos know. What I'm talking about pressures on so like. They 10 rounds 10 targets let's see. What we can do to running in the hole just let the holes in the dev good alright guys. Iappreciate it I'll be back just a second I've had.

    Some PMs about this true globe read daughter by zesting what kind of red dot did. You have on that thing guess my Christmas video. Everybody was asking what kind of red dot. That was so it's a true globe. More special I'll be back just second five. You a closer look at. It hey guys won't let. You guys get a look at the red dot scope on shoes. Itold as I said it's a true glove GGC true little red dot bought at Walmart very inexpensive I've had. It for several years. Ibelieve I'm pretty sure. Ipaid under $30 for it but man. Iknow I'll probably get. Some messages about. You know this thing's a piece of junk. Whatever but uh no complaints man it's been a great little red dot.

    Idon't know it holds up so. You know heavy caliber guns with recoil shotgun things like. That but far as of 22 goes on the Ruger 10/22 here it's a perfect man. And it's like say it's kept at zero no complaints whatsoever. You can see it's got eleven brightness settings there 1 1 to 11 it's plenty bright for daytime I'm out here shooting in the Sun bright Sun today no problems in. It whatsoever as you can see there it's got a knobs for wind age. And elevation adjustment flip up lens caps very nice protect your unions there see. Ican turn it on let. It's about a 3 or 4 Moas dot it's thisis very good size dot well see. We can get you can see. It there oh there you can see. Or not but okay that's plenty bright enough good red dot.

    Isaid no complaints. This bad boys had held. It zero for all these years so. Isay for the guys for the money. Irecommend I wouldn't. Iprobably wouldn't put. It on my AR but for a Ruger 10/22. You like just the red dot stuff without magnification good little scope man so anyways guys. Iappreciate it thanks for watching.

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    Aimpoint® CompM4 Red-Dot Sight

  • Up to eight years of use on a single AA battery
  • Band-pass lens coating delivers clear and bright images
  • Seven night-vision settings and nine daylight settings
  • Waterproof to 150 ft.
  • Aimpoint's CompM4 Red-Dot Sight boasts an internal voltage regular that delivers up to eight years of continuous use on a single AA battery. Unique band-pass coating on the lens offers the highest possible dot brightness with the smallest amount of energy – while still providing clear and bright images. Also features seven night-vision settings and nine daylight settings. Mount base screws directly into the sight, so there is no need for a separate sight ring. Waterproof to 150 ft. Night-vision compatible. Available with or without a QRP2 mount, which has twice the clamping force of the original QRP and a wider mounting knob.
    5.3”L x 3”W x 2.8”H.
    Wt: 9.3 oz.
    Available: CompM4s with QRP2 Mount, CompM4s with No Mount, CompM4 with QRP2 Mount, CompM4 with No Mount.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Yep really why to hear from four guys guns today we're doing the comp m4 from aim point. This is a gorgeous optic. It takes a hell of a pounding I've had. Nothing but luck with. It's the first optic. Ibought it's the optic. Istill use today and it's just been fantastic so. What we got here is a two minute of angle. Or two MOA dot and clicks encased in a nice little extruded aluminum tube that's good down to 150 feet underwater. It takes a pounding it runs for eight years on. One double-a battery. Because it's just one simple. You know focused LED inside. It's good to negative 50 degrees Celsius. And up to a hundred. And fifty I believe waste three hundred thirty ish grams with the base. It has this nice snap ring. That will show you up close in the video as well so. You can see taking this thing on. And off your point of aim. And point of impact are really consistent. Everything at you know 25 25 meters has been within one-inch groupings offhand so. Imean this is a really great site looking forward to testing out their micro which weight comparison wise is night. And day very reliable it's been on for the past week. And the dots still nice and bright we're going to show. You a bunch of shooting footage. And maybe a little demonstration of what it looks like. When you have it on take. It off put it back on. And still have the actual good to go. All right so at the endpoint confident for did.

    This nice little hand to be. Any knob right here. That allows you take. It off quickly and efficiently. And put it back on. You know without having to get mounting screws. And all that fun stuff out so. What we're going to do is. Ihave two targets set up downrange we're only at about 25 meters maybe a little bit further. And what we're gonna do is I'm gonna put three downrange. And we're gonna go ahead. And take it off show. It to the camera out. It back on round marker t8 that's. Where I keep it, and we're gonna go for target number two we're gonna see. You know there's a little bit of error here just. Because I'm shooting offhand but uh. Igot this nice little nifty two point slings that'll help stabilize we'll see. If there's any noticeable difference we've marked aiming points since we're at such a close range things would drop low so hopefully. This will end up being right in the bullseye based on the aiming point which. Iset so let's see if.

    We got going here nice a point top-end for this is. That knob I was telling you about it's got. This old ratcheting mechanism we'll get a close-up for you but go right back the cool part about. This is it's got that nice snap to. It so you know when it's tight enough. Ilike to get just a little extra sauce, so we're gonna go with target two. Now all right so target number. One you can see I'm actually a little to the left here there's my aiming point. One two three now a little faster on target two. And as you can see we're still within a nice little wheel grouping there. This little guy right here a bit of a flyer but there's not a doubt in my mind.

    That between one and two the point aim is pretty damn consistent for what the site is really designed for to give. You know on and off capability. And stays on forever. And yeah fairly pricey by comparison to. Some cheaper stuff but. When you buy quality. You get quality and. This is a great site I'm very happy to have. This so check them out aim point calm. And make sure you subscribe to. Us you point comp in 4th Street a little bit. You they're damn it the Super Bowl makes. Me giggle you've got a lot of sites out there. That I'm just gonna ramble on about fucking nothing you're probably gonna die of dehydration before actually. Now this most likely seven settings for a night vision which is great. Because I don't have. Any night-vision goggles but we're. All you out there that are actually in need of. That I'm gonna start again.

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    Leupold® D-EVO Dual-Enhanced View Optic

  • Fuses with your red-dot sight for enhanced close quarters and mid-range precision
  • Exclusive CMR-W reticle estimates range quickly
  • Submersible to 66 ft.
  • Experience vastly superior optical quality  Learn More Button

    Leupold's 6x20mm D-EVO Dual-Enhanced View Optic is a new class of carbine optic boasting an innovative design that allows it to be fused with virtually any red-dot sight to deliver a magnified image for long-range precision, a bold aiming point for reflexive shots and the ability to switch between the two with a slight movement of your eye. Immediate adjustment of your eye's focus takes you from 1X to 6X and back. Exclusive CMR-W™ reticle lets users estimate range and engage targets with precision and speed. 0.5-MOA dot is surrounded by a 5-MOA circle, mil-based hash marks, ranging features and windage hold points. Eliminates the need for clumsy flip-out magnifiers. Super-durable construction is also submersible to 66 ft. Backed by Leupold's Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today we're here to show. Something from Lupo. We look to just briefly back to shark show day before shot show of media day we've got play we're going a little bit out to pretty well extended ranges four. Or five hundred yards. Ithink work really well. What this is the de veau what's the deal enhance view optic. And know what this does let. Me standing up here use. It in combination with. Another optic such this da / yes so doctor for close to medium range XR no magnification entities to lco loophole carbine optic which is a really good optic in itself it's a dot with adjustable intensity we'll get to. That in just a minute the de veau. What it does it pretty many looks around your close range optic on your weapon it's got a prism in here. That it's viewing out the side here so. What erupted you got in front of. You can look around.

    You don't have to lift your hand up. And down to go from short range so long range. You just shift your focus well. You keep your cheek in the same spot you're looking for here at close range. You need some magnification. This six power magnification just glanced down. And you're looking through here annoy. That reticle looks will get. It on the wall over here then. You zoom over here beause the only critical right here has got a it's a substantial four five six. And 308 element two three. Or eight seven six two cartridges on here for extended ranges. It has the windy totals on here too. One reason you need to win. These holes this optics offset a little bit it's not exactly centered with your rifle. That stuff all kind of cold stuff here. And we'll have a close-up of the reticle. You learn more about.

    It's not as complicated as. It looks you pretty much. You use blanks through there. Or your yardage and fire on whichever substantially innate so. It looks complicated but it's really not works really well. If wind blowing you figure. That into you need but it's a handy little rig on from loophole our sentence copa de veau it's real heavy-duty it's not cheap but like. You know I found a long time ago cheap strokes are not a good deal in the long run. Another good value about cheap scopes are wasting more ammunition using cheap scopes but. It Lupo makes good stuff got a real heavy-duty aluminum housing on. It the magnification is about.

    What you need for something like. This six par gets you up to. You know four or five hundred yards really easily pennilyn so it's hard to shootin but works really well with. This lco but the Evo itself is a $1875 lco is a $1250 the combo is a twenty nine ninety nine. Ithink right at three thousand dollars from a loophole. All together but you work really well together which. You can use another optic on here. You want to as your close range optic. And the de veau will look around. It does a great job is. Something that never seen. Anything like it before but like let. This thing I'll put my face on. And look through here. You can't see what I'm saying but I'm seeing this close range object.

    Both eyes over them seeing everything I need right here. They don't have to shift my hand at allI'm also seeing the long range right here except for 200 yards in the center we're excited it's got a 1/2 minute dot in the middle it's got a 5-minute circle on. And then the orchestra tensions out the other side but. You don't do any shifting you see. Both at the same time really amazing how. It works its simple. You need something. Ihadn't seen anything like. It before these are vital from loophole Gold loophole calm. And see them on our website. And in order for a lot of different places online. They sent us rifle scopes quality stuff. You can order the lco. And the de veau loophole comm check them out for some of the. You know we can't really show. You don't mean anything showing you. What I can see looking through here butI'm just going to bring some close range targets.

    And long-range targets awesomely looking through here. You know you really can't see whenI'm shooting but lungs. Ilook good shooting that's.

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    SIG Romeo5™ Compact Red-Dot Sight

  • MOTAC illumination powers up when it detects motion
  • Low Dispersion glass and aspherical lens design
  • 10 illumination settings (eight daylight and two nightvision)
  • Side-loading battery compartment for quick replacement
  • Lightweight, compact sight with IPX-7 waterproof rating
  • SIG Sauer's ROMEO5 Compact Red-Dot Sight packs leading optical performance into a lightweight package. MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not, which helps optimize operational safety and improves battery life. Low Dispersion (LD) glass and aspherical lens design delivers a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge clarity. 2-MOA red dot provides 10 illumination settings (eight daylight plus two nightvision) for visibility in virtually all light conditions. Side-loading CR-2032 battery for quick battery replacement without having to remove the sight from the firearm. Integrated M1913 Picatinny interface. IPX-7 waterproof rating. SIG Sauer's Infinite Guarantee™ and limited five-year electronics warranty.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Barska® AR-X Prism Sight

  • Black, red, blue and green dots get you on target quickly
  • Brightness adjustment for changing conditions
  • External turrets for hassle-free windage and elevation adjustments
  • Featuring black, red, blue and green dots, Barska's AR-X Prism Sight gets you on target quickly. Four dot colors and brightness adjustment ensure you have the perfect type and amount of light to center the illuminated cross-dot reticle on your target. External turrets for hassle-free windage and elevation adjustments. Multicoated lenses produce vivid, clear sight pictures. Durable rubber coating provides shock resistance. Waterproof and fogproof. Runs on one AAA battery (included). Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Aimpoint® 9000SC Red-Dot Sight

  • Ideal for short-action rifles or magnum handguns
  • Rugged waterproof construction
  • ACET technology for up to 50,000 hours of illumination
  • Ten-position rotary switch adjusts the reflex red dot's intensity
  • Two-ring configuration fits nearly all 30mm mounting systems
  • Construction is free of any hazardous materials
  • Whether you hunt wild boar, turkey or deer with short-action rifles or magnum handguns, Aimpoint's 9000SC Red-Dot Sight provides a highly visible, parallax-free view of your target with unlimited eye relief. Its rugged waterproof construction is unaffected by extreme weather conditions. The 2- or 4- MOA red dot stays illuminated for up to 50,000 hours thanks to ACET technology. Ten-position rotary switch adjusts the red dot's intensity for perfect brightness in any lighting condition. In the NV 2 MOA, the first four positions are for use with night vision assistance only because the settings cannot be seen with the naked eye. Two-ring configuration fits nearly all 30mm mounting systems. Construction is free of any hazardous materials. Reflex reticle eliminates laser emission. Mechanical switches allow speed and reliability in adjustments, giving you a more confident shot. NV 2 MOA is compatible with nightvision devices.
    Available: 2 MOA, 4 MOA, NV 2 MOA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Aimpoint® Carbine Optic Red-Dot Sight

  • Enhance target acquisition
  • Co-witness with your backup sights
  • Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief
  • 2-MOA red dot
  • Enhance your rifle's accuracy and target acquisition with Aimpoint's Carbine Optic Red-Dot Sight . Fixed-height mount provides absolute co-witness with your backup iron sights, ensuring you've always got a bead on target. 2-MOA red dot is the optimum size for close- and long-range shooting. 30mm aluminum-alloy tube. Optic is waterproof for performance in the harshest conditions. Runs on one DL1/3N battery (included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back everybody today's review is gonna be from the range. It is going to be on a carbine optic. One will be on the ACO which stands for aim point carbine optic. This is a great little optic. And we'll get into some of the specs. And you'll get to see. It in action I realized there's no backup irons on. This gun trust it annoys. Me just as much as it annoys. Ididn't have time and trust. Me I'll be getting some on the gun so without further ado let's get into the review of. This sweet little aim alright guys with aim point I'm sure. Idon't have to tell. You about the reputation aim point it's been making optics for a long time military grade optics. And there are a lot of torture tests out there. And proof video proof of these things lasting for a long time I'm talking house fires IEDs actually getting shot with a K rounds. You flip the switch. And the light comes back on so. That out there that haven't heard about aim point. They are bomb-proof they're awesome optics but let's get into the specs of the AC oh right. Now the AC o comes with the mount. You see here it is not a QD mount is not quick detach. It is a standard bolt on Pirating rail style mount. It goes on very solid it's on their very tight but you're not gonna get. Or off very quickly like. Isaid it's a 30 millimeter tube so it's a 30 millimeter ring. That mounts on to the AC oh.

    It has 10 brightness settings. One of them being off. And then numbers 2 through 10 are different degrees of brightness on settings 7 through 10 the battery life is estimated right around a year so. You happen to leave. This thing on for you know a substantial amount of time. You should still have a good bit of battery life left. Provided it hasn't been left on the highest setting for over a year but that's why I kind of like to see an optics. You know long battery life with vo Texas con. Iwas constantly changing batteries great optics but. They just shoot them up so fast. One uses a let it real quick. This a co uses a lithium battery. It is a 3 volt lithium battery. It comes with the optic so it's nice. They provide that for you the wind age. And elevation caps are captured they're attached with a rubber ring so you're not going to lose them. You can unscrew them. And just let them hang. You zero your rifle the dot inside the tube is a 2 MOA dot.

    This is great for prep for precise shots at distance. And today we'll back. It up to 200 yards and shoot. Some silhouettes steel silhouettes. Provided by ta T targets. And just show how good. These optics are for forgetting the rounds on target. And a little bit of a distance the housing of the ACO is aircraft grade aluminum. And it's and eyes black no surprises there a lot of mils spec optics. These days use the aircraft grade aluminum for the outside it's lightweight its durable. And it's not very expensive alright let's get into. Some dimensions of the ACL the ACO is just under 5 inches long. It is 2 inches wide it's coming in at 67 ounces which is not terribly heavy which is an bonus for your rifle the field view on the ACO is like. Any other 30 millimeter tube so.

    You use a strike fire. Or other aim points out there the field of view is okay it's not the greatest but it's not terrible. Either like the aim point t ones H ones T 2 s. And H 2's the field of view is absolutely horrible through the glass but that's. What you have to compromise on. You want to go with an optic that's really small alright let's back up to 200 yards. And make some hits from distance with the ACL. All right we're back at 200 yards I'm going to use the ACO to make. Some hits that two MOA dot really comes in handy we're gonna be shooting some tactical AR 500 targets which are awesome.

    Because guys should go check them out on Facebook. They make really great steel targets. And we're thankful for them to provide those targets for us for videos so 200 yards silhouette target at top of the hill here. We go there's you can see there were three hits right there. That two MOA dot that fine dot doesn't obscure the target at. This distance it's great let. Ican get some freehand too so as. You can see the ACL. Ican get that dot in their great for shooting at distance as well no magnification standard mil spec trigger in. This gun so nothing fancy still easy to make hits with a little bit of distance using this aim point alright guys hope. You enjoyed this review of the ACO from aim point remember that's the aim point carbine optic great optic for the money.

    You have any questions about. This particular optic please leave them in the comments below don't forget to hit. That like button share. This video with your buddies go visit. Us on Facebook and Instagram. And we'll see you on the next video.

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    TRUGLO® TG8230B 30mm Red-Dot Three-Color Sight

  • 5-MOA tri-color red, green and blue reticle illumination
  • Multicoated lenses deliver optimal brightness and clarity
  • Water-resistant, shock-resistant and fogproof
  • TRUGLO's TG8230B 30mm Red-Dot Sight's 5-MOA Tri-Color red, green and blue reticle provides quick target acquisition. Multicoated lenses deliver optimal brightness and clarity, while an anti-reflective interior reduces stray light. Lightweight CNC-machined aluminum construction. Click windage and elevation adjustments. Water-resistant, shock-resistant and fogproof. Rheostat brightness control. Unlimited eye relief. Integrated Weaver-style mounting system for easy mounting on most shotguns, handguns, muzzleloaders, rifles, airsoft guns and crossbows. Integrated lanyard system on the flip-up lens caps prevents loss. Runs on one 3-volt CR-2032 battery (included). Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Aimpoint® Hunter H30 Red-Dot Sight

  • Multicoated 35mm objective lens for superb light gathering
  • Can be used with both eyes open, leaving your field of view unhindered
  • 2 MOA dot allows for precision accuracy, even at a distance
  • Runs for 50,000 consecutive hours on one CR-2032 battery
  • Thanks to its multicoated 35mm objective lens, Aimpoint's Hunter H30 Red-Dot Sight gathers light exceptionally well so it is bright even in low-light situations. Can be shot with both eyes open, is parallax-free and has unlimited eye relief so your field of view is unhindered and target acquisition is fast. 2 MOA dot covers very little of the target so you can be precise even from a distance. 12-position digital push-button intensity adjustment lets you easily adjust the dot's brightness to match the conditions. Fully waterproof and unaffected by extreme weather conditions. One CR-2032 battery (included) provides up to 50,000 hours of constant operation. Adjustment turret caps are the only tools required to zero the sight. Easily mounts on your favorite gun using standard 30mm rings. H30S (short) is perfect for rifles with standard length actions, hunting shotguns and magnum handguns. 30mm tube diameter.
    Available: H30S with Rings, H30L with Rings.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is going to be a video review. Or a short overview of. Each 34s red dot sight made by endpoint is currently the. Most famous company. That produces strictly only the red dot sights with normally with accessories. And they're doing this for more. Then 40 years now they're they're hard to say almost the inventor of a red dot sight the H models are meant for hunting. That means this is also the H stands for a hunter. And thirty-four means. That the tube of this red dot sight its. It has a diameter of 34 millimeters. One of their best models for hunting application. They also offer the same version in 30 millimeter tube so H 30. And there are two versions the L. And S which generally differ between themselves in length. You can see here this is the L version. This is the S version optically. They are totally the same the difference in length is only for mounting purposes. You have a longer action a Magnum action then. You need an L you have a shorter action. You have a Pirating rail on the right.

    Something similar then. You can have the S version the shorter. One like this video hmm as. You can see this is a big device for a red dot sight it's almost looks like a classical rifle scope but at the same time. It weights only 250 grams. And in length one is 20 centimeters long. It offers one time magnification. That means no magnification at. You can always aim with. Both eyes open which gives. You full field of view. And really the best rapid target acquisition. You can have it's a perfect optics for driven hunts. And of course for close range there is no parallax error. That means all the time. You see the red dot they would impact will be. Where the red dot is. You see the red dot totally in the corner of the aim point so. If it's not in the central position. You will still have your bullet impact. Where the red dot is. This is really great.

    It means that there is no sensitivity to eye position. This optics also have an unlimited eye relief. And immediately as you see a red dot. You can shoot it doesn't really it's not important. Where your eye is this is the biggest advantage of red. All sides against classical rifle scope. You compare the age 30. And age 34 the price is the same for. Both red dot sights but the H 30 is probably easier to mount. While the age 34 gives. You a little bit better. Even not better but less sensitive it's its less sensitive to eye position so the H 34 is in my opinion the best option. Either short it depends on the rifle.

    While the H 30 it's a little bit. More sensitive to eye position but. It offers easier mounting but. Ialso need to tell. You about n points is. They are made very robust very reliable. They work at all temperatures. You can see videos made by endpoint but. They are covered with ice. It really extreme load Pettersson. They still work this is true. They work in any kind of condition. You can imagine they are fully waterproof for proof. And totally recall proof for any kind of caliber. You can use this age 34 s on. Any African Magnum caliber. Something similar the reticle inside as. You can see and it's not turned off it's a it's a red dot in the center of the field of view but. You move the red dot also moves but there is no parallax error the dot is 2 Moas in size.

    That means 2 minutes of angle translated to centimeters. That means the dot covers 6 centimeters at 100 meters. This is not too much experience shooters can use. This dot side even on distances longer. Then 100 meters and every tutor can probably use. It without any problems — 70. Or 80 meters but the real joy is. How to use this red dot sight on close range. You have to shoot at 10 meters on a driven game which is really fast there is no other optics. That would be equally good as. On the intensity level of the dot can be adjusted on these two buttons +. It has 12 different intensity levels so for any kind of light condition. What is also what I also need to mention is. This extremely efficient electronics. Or the electrical system in the side offers. You 50000 hours of operation on.

    One battery than five years it's its amazing all are there red dot sights eat battery quickly but with aim point. You can almost have. It for you for the entire lifetime to zero the same point. You can do this on these turrets just turn around the knob. And then you have really nice. They were clicks one click is 20 millimeters. And 100 meters to centimeters. This system really works nice and. You can be completely sure. It will handle any kind of caliber. You can imagine any kind of recoil to make a short summary. This is a really superb red dot for hunting because. It has a 34 millimeter cube it's really not sensitive to high position. It has no parallax error. Ithink probably for hunting this is the best red dot sight. You can buy but I also need to mention the downsides not really a downside but things.

    Ihave to mention is. That with 34 millimeter tube it's a little bit harder to mount on Sun rifles. And with the time with two MOA big dot long-range shots of course are not possible but. This is not the purpose of. This site so thank you for watching if. You need any additional information please do not hesitate to send. Is an email use comments. Or visit our web page.

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    Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight

  • Side-mounted Picatinny rail for accessory attachment
  • Quick-detach mount for fast installation and removal
  • Aluminum hood protects the sight
  • Reticle brightness, pattern and color are easily adjusted
  • Featuring a quick-detach mount, the Cabela's-exclusive Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Grey Red-Dot Sight is easy to remove when changing conditions call for iron sights or other accessories. Equipped with an aluminum hood for added protection. Side-mounted Picatinny rail lets you mount a variety of accessories. Matte black finish eliminates reflection – ideal for tactical applications. Interlock™ internal locking system holds zero extremely well. Red and green reticle illumination and adjustable brightness and pattern let you customize your reticle to meet the situation. Wide field of view and unlimited eye relief aid in fast target acquisition. Parallax-corrected to aid accuracy. Weatherproof construction. Able to withstand heavy-recoil calibers. Mounts to Weaver, dovetail or Picatinny rails. Runs on a CR-2 battery (included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Salut! Je m’appelle Kaitlyn et voici Idan Nous travaillons chez Sightmark et nous faisons une évaluation de produit sur le nouveau viseur Ultra Shot Plus de Sightmark il est disponible dans cette intéressante couleur kaki et aussi en noir une des choses que je préfère c’est sa légèreté grâce à l’aluminium Il a aussi un réticule rouge/ vert de 3 à 5 MOA Donc en tant qu’utilisateur quelles sont les caractéristiques que vous appréciez le plus sur ce produit ? D’abord il résiste au temps Il s’adapte parfaitement aux fusils qu’on range dans le camion Vous pouvez l’installer sur le fusil le jeter sur la banquette arrière il résiste à tout ! Aujourd’hui je l’ai installé sur le Frontier Tactical Il est équipé du système War Lock L’avantage c’est que cela permet de varier entre 223 et 65 Et il va jusqu’au calibre 50 n’est ce pas? Oui en effet Jusqu’au calibre 50 C’est plutôt pas mal Celui-ci peut aussi aller jusqu’à 458 Cela signifie que vous pouvez l’installer sur le fusil de chasse donc si le fusil est équipé de cette glissière vous pouvez l’installer juste ici Pour l’enlever il suffit de soulever ce petit levier l’ôter et le ranger dans une petite boite Vous pouvez aussi le remettre rapidement vous l’installez sur le dessus et il suffit de resserrer le système Quick Disconnect et le voilà à nouveau installé sur le fusil J’utilise aussi cette protection en néoprène pour protéger la lentille vous savez pour éviter que la poussière se dépose dessus c’est toute l’idée ici Mais en plus il a 4 réticules différents Prenez le premier réticule – c’est en fait un cercle avec un point au centre ce qui est génial Vous ajustez le cercle sur l’animal et c’est tout bon Le deuxième est une mire celle que la plupart des gens utilisent et que vous connaissez sûrement Le troisième a juste un point il suffit de bien le placer pour avoir une meilleure visée Enfin le dernier est en fait une combinaison entre la mire et le point Et tout cela avec en plus un champ plutôt large c’est une chose à prendre en compte Voilà en résumé les caractéristiques du nouveau viseur Ultra Shot Plus de Sightmark Pour en savoir plus sur nos produits rendez-vous sur sightmarkcom.

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