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  Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite II Shoe - Women's Sidi Alba Carbon Cycling Shoe - Women's Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Women's Sidi Genius Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Manta R Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Raes Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed III Shoe - Women's Giro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Summit Cycling Shoe - Women's Scott Road RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Cristal II Cycling Shoe - Women's Diadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-TR5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Peak Cycling Shoe - Women's
 Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite II Shoe - Women'sSidi Alba Carbon Cycling Shoe - Women'sFive Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Women'sSidi Genius Fit Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Manta R Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Raes Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women'sShimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Tri X-Speed III Shoe - Women'sGiro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women'sPearl Izumi X-ALP Summit Cycling Shoe - Women'sScott Road RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Cristal II Cycling Shoe - Women'sDiadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women'sShimano SH-TR5 Cycling Shoe - Women'sPearl Izumi X-Alp Peak Cycling Shoe - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆--------
BrandPearl IzumiLouis GarneauScottLouis GarneauSidiSidiFive TenGiroLouis GarneauGiroDiadoraLouis GarneauGiroShimanoPearl IzumiShimano
Cleat Compatibility2-bolt3-bolt road3-bolt2-bolt-3-hole road-2-bolt mountain3-bolt road2-bolt MTB2-bolt3-bolt3-bolt3-bolt2-bolt mountain2-bolt, 3-bolt
Closurelace with lace keeperdouble hook-and-loop straps2 Boa IP-1 dials3 Hook-and-Loop-dial, hook-and-looplaceN-1 ratchet, 2 hook-and-loop strapsdouble-adjustment ratchet, hook-and-loop strapshook-and-loop2 hook-and-loop strapsreversed hook-and-loop strapBoa L6, hook-and-loop strap, laceBoa, hook-and-loopbuckle, hook-and-loopT1-Quick strap
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime1 year2 years limited1 year-1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 yearlifetime1 year
Recommended Usetrailtriathlonroad cyclingcross-country, cyclocross, trail-road cyclingmountain bikemountain bikeroad cyclingroad cyclingmountain biketriathloncyclingroad cyclingenduro, trailtriathlon
Sole[sole] 3/4-length nylon and carbon composite shank, [outsole] Vibram rubberCarbon Composite with vents, replaceable heel bumperHMX CarbonMulti Air Flex nylon and fiberglass-Millenium 4 carbon compositeContact Outsole with Stealth Mi6 rubberco-molded nylon and rubberErgoAir (injected nylon, fiberglass)co-molded nylon, rubberSport MTB CRnylon, fiberglassEaston EC70 carbon fibernylon resin plastic, carbonVibram Megagripfiberglass reinforced nylon
Upper Materialbonded seamless syntheticsynthetic leather, reinforced toemicrofiber, 3D nylon airmeshsynthetic leather-Politexsyntheticmicrofiber-syntheticSuprell-Buk, Air Mesh, Morpho Cagesynthetic leathersyntheticsynthetic leather, polyurethanesyntheticsynthetic, mesh
Claimed Weight-[size 38] 192g[size 8.5] 220g[single, size 38] 280g----[single, size 38] 265g285g (size 39)--[size 39] 230 g[single, size 40] 275g398g (size 40)[size 40] 247 g
Footbed-CoolMax Ergo AirAdjustable ErgoLogic removableEVA---molded EVA insole with medium arch support, Aegis anti-microbial treatmentbreathable, ventilatedEVAEVA-SuperNatural Fit KitEVAmolded foam-

Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite II Shoe - Women's

The Louis Garneau Women's Tri X-Lite II Shoe has effortless transitions and pedaling efficiency in mind, so you can shave precious time off your T1 and maintain a blistering cadence in the bike stage of your upcoming triathlon. Hook-and-loop straps quickly secure the shoe when seconds are rapidly ticking during the swim-to-bike transition.

Its synthetic leather upper conforms to your foot for optimal comfort and pedaling efficiency, and it's reinforced along the toe box to prevent collapse. To keep the foot in place, the anti-slip membrane comfortably hugs your heel to reduce slippage and uncomfortable rubbing. Breathable mesh drastically increases airflow, as do the perforated vents built directly into the sole. This heightened airflow is crucial if you're racing in hot weather, also decreasing sweat build-up if you choose to forgo socks for speedier transitions.

Sitting at the heart of every triathlon shoe, the sole is one of the most crucial aspects in terms of pedaling performance. Fulfilling the need for pedaling power, the Carbon Composite sole maximizes every watt of available energy. This means you'll surge forward with every pedal stroke, without having to exert more energy than necessary. For balance and grip, the replaceable heel bumper comes in handy when you dismount at the end of the bike stage.

  • Speedy transitions and efficiency for triathletes
  • Hook-and-loop straps allow for quick transitions
  • Synthetic leather upper with breathable mesh vents
  • Anti-slip heel membrane keeps foot firmly in place
  • Carbon Composite sole maximizes power to the pedals
  • Replaceable heel bumper adds balance when you dismount
  • Item #LGN00H1
  • Louis garneau try x-lite triathlon two bike shoes the try x-lite two triathlons. Shoes weigh 235 grams the steel cleats. Fit all major road pedals the heel reflector offers increased visibility. For more info and special discounts please click the link below. You.

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    Sidi Alba Carbon Cycling Shoe - Women's

    We're pretty excited about the Women's Alba Carbon Cycling Shoe from Sidi. Sidi is well known to the serious cyclist and if you're looking to step up your road cycling shoe game or maybe investing in your first pair of cycling shoes, the Alba's provide quality, fit, and comfort that we've come to expect from Sidi. Typically, Sidi shoes are priced out of the range of many riders, especially those new to the sport. What has us thrilled about these shoes are that Sidi packs many of the features we find on their higher-tier shoes offering its renowned fit and performance, at a price that’s attainable to help more riders reach their cycling goals.

    For the upper, Sidi uses a material known as Politex. It's a strong and durable material that allows excellent breathing and fit qualities. Sidi bonds different technical fabrics together, all having unique properties, to provide this non-stretching, long-lasting upper. The face fabric layer provides protection from the elements and makes this shoe as easy to clean as it is racking up the training miles. A reinforced heel anchors the foot in the optimal position and keeps the shape of the heel intact over the life of the shoe.

    On the bottom of the shoe, Sidi uses a Millenium 4 carbon composite sole, which is a blend of carbon reinforced nylon providing near-competition level stiffness. Typically shoes at this price point, especially from Sidi, feature an all nylon sole which is heavier and not as stiff. The sole is drilled for 3-hole road cleats and has a replaceable heel tab that aids in walking while off the bike and protects the sole.

    Cinching up the shoes is a breeze with the Techno Push 3 system. It also allows you to adjust the fit on the fly according to the weather conditions and your efforts. Across the top of your foot, the Soft Instep 3 strap distributes pressure evenly so you can concentrate on the scenery and not aching feet. Sidi uses two hook-and-loop straps over the lower foot for lightweight and a customized fit. This shoe oozes Sidi style and quality at a price that makes us all rejoice.

  • The perfect shoe for the beginning and experienced cyclist
  • Sidi's Millenium 4 sole is stiff and lightweight
  • Politex synthetic upper resist stretching and weathering
  • Dial and hook-and-loop closure for customized fit
  • Fully replaceable hardware extends the shoe's lifespan
  • Sidi quality and fit at a competitive price
  • Item #SID009L
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    Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Five Ten Women's Freerider Contact Women's Shoes build on the well-loved Freerider with a slightly more casual styling and even grippier sole for confident purchase on the pedals. Five Ten's Contact Outsole features super grippy Stealth Mi6 rubber under the ball of the foot for treadless, secure pedal grip and vibration damping over the roughest trails.

    A stiff midsole provides just the right amount of support while still remaining walkable, and a reinforced toe cap provides extra protection for your feet. The durable synthetic upper resists abrasion while mesh paneling provides cooling ventilation while you rock the park, cruise the DH circuit, or clean lines across all manner of all-mountain riding.

  • A casually styled freeride shoe
  • Grippy outsole for confident pedal contact
  • Supportive midsole balances stiffness and walkability
  • Reinforced toe cap for extra protection
  • Abrasion-resistant upper with ventilated panels
  • Item #FVT001S
  • Alright guys welcome back to wild outdoor living today we're going to be taking a look at the 510 free-rider. Contact and the regular 510 free-rider. Now we were looking to buy some flat. Pedal shoes for our bikes you know it was a real challenge because the 510 free-rider contact cost one hundred and fifty dollars and the regular free rider just costs a hundred so i wanted to know. Why is there such a big difference between these two pedal shoes maybe. Besides the initial looks and some of the stuff you can see online and nobody was doing in comparison so now that i have both of shoes here we're going to show you what the differences are so you can decide what is best for you the. Stuff we have the 510 free rider contact this is the women's version i got this purse elise when she decided to go to. Flat pedals we decided to get her these shoes for a couple of reasons first. There are a little bit lower profiled so if the styles not real the big fat skater style like any other reason i. Wasn't quite as worried with the new. Design being a little bit untested because solis is not right nearly as many miles as i do so mostly it was just get a good fit get a nice clean profile. And get a really good sticky sole so if. We look at some of the features on this shoe this is their newer design we're. Seeing a lot more synthetic materials, so we have this kind of rubberized texture right here along the mid foot same thing. On the inside on the medial side lateral media we do have some really tough. Plastic or rubber nylon type of material. In the toe and around just around the. Just around really look the front and sides of the whole toe box it's really rigid it's a super protective toe. Cap and we have a similar thing going on in the heel but upside of this is it's. Going to keep your toes really protected the downside is that if your toes don't. Quite fit in there comfortably that can. Be really irritating because there is no stretch to the shoes being that so synthetic we do see the real trademark. Of the content versus the contact patch it has no dots. On the in that area this is the area of. The foot you would put on the pedal and so instead of having all the all these. Groupies to make it inconsistent feeling. You're going to just make that flat it's going to sink down to the pedal and really give you a good grip additionally. This is 5/10 stickiest stealth rubber so. The two biggest differences you've got that flat contact pass it gives the shoe the contact name and then you have the. Ultra sticky stealth rubber. That is the softest stickiest that 5/10. Makes there are some other things that. You might want to be aware of before you purchase the shoe first and foremost elephant in the room if you've been reading the reviews you know that when this you came out it was absolutely horrendous in terms of reliability there's a there's a transition here between the eba in the mid sole. And the outsole stealth rubber and. They've cut it down a little bit lower and says sewing it directly into the (upper) of the shoe they've glued it into the eba of the mid sole and that. Saves some weight that makes the shoe light and streamlined but the problem is. That when it flexes here it would. Separate so we haven't had an issue with it haven't seen any bad reviews in a cup in a few months about six months or so actually and so hopefully all the shoes. Are good now, and we're not going to see. That reliability issue the other possible reliability issue is. Because the rubber is so soft it's going. To break down quicker i mean just plain and simple even on fleece issues which she hasn't actually worn that many times with it being winter last few months you. Now you can already see that it's a little bit scuffed up a little bit worn it's probably going to last a really long time though and be a great fit for. This shoe is definitely sitting as the higher performance option in a less reliable package move on to the standard. 510 pre writer i fretted and could not. Decide what i was going to get this shoe is quite a bit cheaper than. The free other contacts that i like that it was you know stickier and more. Streamlined all that that appealed to me but at the same time i needed she was durable i wear my shoes every day and i. Wear them in a lot of different places and i end up doing a lot of hiking biking and so it was important that the. Shoe be durable this shoe as you can see. It's a little bit simpler this is their older design this is 510 classic so it's. Not quite as soft as the mi6 version. That you have in the contact however it's still super sticky this is the rubber that a 510 shoes famous on flat. Pedals and so you're not going to be. Lacking in grip it's a little bit of. A simpler design instead of having that transition with the eba and the outsole. We just have the outsole completely sewn. In to the upper which is more of a leather and cotton construction we. Do have a toe cap but it's not nearly as rigid as what you get on the contact the. Heel cup is a little bit rigid as well but also again not as robust as. What's on the contact i have found this. To be a very comfortable shoe it is quite it's you know stiffness wise not. As stiff as the contact either in contact really is probably going to be. Your higher performer but this is going to be a little bit easier to walk in for the most part that said this is way. Stickier than any sneaker you probably have so this is going to give you great. Power transfer it's going to give good pedal feel and it's just going to be a lot more enjoyable to ride than your. Regular sneaker so it's a great option i. Actually thought it quite entertaining. When i first rode these shoes i realized i could still pick my foot up with the pedal at stop signs and stuff like i. Could do with my clip less pedals i mean you can easily take your pedal up. To 90 degrees if not more just by putting a slight amount of pressure on the forward on that pedal when it comes. Right up no problem so i don't have to take my foot off and scoop up the pedal with my toe nearly as often ah that's the main differences between those two shoes they're both excellent shoes if you're looking for a more durable long-term option that's maybe a. Better value definitely go with the standard free-rider if you're looking for the ultimate and performance and grip and protection, and they're not. Worried about swapping your shoes out as often go with a free rider contact that. Said you know you can probably order the. Regular free rider with a little bit less risk the free rider contact you. Now if you're ordering online there's a good chance you're gonna have to send it back if it's too short because it's not going to be comfortable if it's at all too short and so you know if you have a chance to try it on i really recommend. That you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments down below i. May be trying to keep up with this one video week thing and maybe bump it up to. Two if we have time, so we'll catch you later.

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    Sidi Genius Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's

    These shoes were made for cycling. That may seem an oversimplification or statement of the obvious, but with so many footwear options out there, it can get a little noisy. The Sidi Genius Fit Women’s Shoes are made for the lady who logs miles, who wants a well-fitting shoe, and who maybe likes to look a little sporty, because, hey, these are Italian.

    The Genius Fits follow in the footsteps of the Genius 5, Sidi’s long-running road standby. The uppers are Technomicro, a synthetic leather, and the soles are a carbon-reinforced nylon that manages to be stiff in the right spots, and flexible in the right spots, so you don’t lose any power transfer, but you don’t feel like you’re pedaling on 2x4s, either.

  • Synthetic leather uppers conform to your feet without stretching, for the perfect fit every time
  • Three-hole cleat compatibility
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon soles
  • Micro-adjusting caliper buckle
  • Item #SID003G
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    Giro Manta R Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Giro Women's Manta R Shoes serve as a refreshing update to the original Manta, preserving all the qualities riders loved while updating the outsole to co-molded nylon and rubber for an impeccable mix of comfort, stiffness, and grip. A rubber toe guard also increases the new Manta R's lifespan by protecting the leading edge of the shoes on the most technical trails.

    The Manta R's closure system consists of a ratcheting buckle at the top and two hook-and-loop straps across the midfoot and toe box that are easily adjustable on the fly for a secure, comfortable fit. The upper is made of breathable microfiber and features perforations for added cooling and a sleek, minimalist profile.

    Giro incorporates a co-molded nylon and rubber outsole with grippy, high traction lugs for confident foot placement on and off the bike. The outsole's tread pattern also accommodates flat pedal riding while providing debris clearance for two-bolt clipless pedals, so they'll travel with you between disciplines.

  • Updated shoe for adventures on your mountain bike
  • Nylon and rubber outsole provides traction and rigidity
  • Breathable microfiber upper provides plenty of airflow
  • Ratcheting buckle won't stretch as you ride
  • Hook-and-loop straps customize the midfoot and toe box
  • Rubber toe guard defends you in technical terrain
  • Aegis treatment reduces the buildup of odors
  • Item #GIR00AW
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    Giro Raes Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's

    When it comes to choosing road kit, we admit that we like to look good. With shoes, this often means, sleek and understated as the industry moves further and further away from the overwrought bobbles we all rode in the '90s and '00s. Giro has been a leading proponent of the cycling industry's nascent minimalism, and the Raes Techlace Women's Shoe is the latest model to embody the brand's artful marriage of understated form and over-achieving function.

    Each individual shoe is a paltry 44 claimed grams heavier than its more expensive Factress Techlace counterpart, and since it has a carbon sole, that makes it ideal for the aspirational cyclist who values weekend centuries as much as putting in a good showing at the Tuesday night crit series.

    The weight gain likely comes in the sole—which is built from Easton's EC70 carbon fiber instead of the Factress Techlace's EC90 SLX—or the uppers, which are a multi-piece construction instead of the Factress' sleeker, single-piece design. Regardless of the added grams, the EC70 sole still provides that crisp, lively spring we expect from carbon soles, and the upper secures the foot like a second skin.

    The fit owes its comfort to the Raes' peculiar mash-up of closure technologies: the shoe features everything from the standard hook-and-loop to laces and a Boa L6 dial. The design may seem unnecessarily complicated, but anyone who has experience the indescribably painful hotspots caused by hammering for 60 miles in ill-fitting shoes will confirm that, when it comes to fit, the more engineered, the better.

  • A competitive shoe for cyclists who race, but not on every ride
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber sole for race-worthy power transfer
  • Closure combines almost every popular system in the industry
  • Adjustable, anti-odor inserts privilege comfort and funk-reduction
  • Item #GIR00DD
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    Shimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    If you are looking for your first pair of clipless road shoes—or an upgrade from you existing ones—the Shimano Women's SH-RP5 Cycling Shoes are certainty worth a look. Shimano constructs the SH-RP5s with some features that are a step above entry-level models so they can progress with you, but it does so at a price point that doesn't induce sticker shock. The shoes accommodate all 3-bolt road cleats, so if you're going road clipless for the first time, make sure you look for this in the pedals.

    A synthetic leather one-piece upper is constructed on a women-specific last that maps narrower feet allowing for a secure fit. The lower hook-and-loop strap pairs with a Boa dial, providing micro adjustments typically reserved for pricier models. The light carbon fiber reinforced nylon sole offers excellent pedaling efficiency and scores an 8 out of 12 on Shimano's stiffness index. This translate to responsive power transfer for climbing and sprinting, yet it stays comfortable enough for all-day spins.

  • A stylishly functional shoe for endurance riding
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon sole balances comfort and stiffness
  • Durable, wide heel pads provide grippy walkability
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable synthetic one-piece upper
  • One hook-and-loop strap and Boa dial in the fit
  • Item #SHI00FG
  • Hey bike fans another review for you. Here on a shoe I've got a few miles on i. Think I'm sitting at around six or eight. A Hundred miles on this shoe not a lot this is the shimano rp9 for 2018. This is there if you take the s fire. Spire however you say that take that shoe out of the equation this is there. Top and performance issue. I don't know how what they you know how they rate it they have some ratings on based on how stiff they are and the s fire is their stiffest the stiffest soul. That's the next one pretty lightweight I'm happy with the shoe but a couple. Things so what am i digging on this shoe for one i dig how light it is it's. Pretty it's a pretty light shoe not the. The Lightest shoe I'm gonna have few pairs of bots and things that are lighter there's the what was this one i. Put the blitz even the blitz which is a. Cheaper bond it's actually a little bit lighter and definitely stiffer boxers the legendary with the tub design but. The rp9 is its a pretty light shoe I'm. Really happy with it so and it's also quite stiff for the price and for what. It is i mean this is as stiff as the shoes you're ever gonna need in my experience i mean yeah the bots are. Legendary stiff it's more than any. Normal human needs I'm just a regular guy erase a little bit I'm not a pro. It's more than enough so you know you. Get caught up in the stiffness it's great I'm happy that they've moved to boa i was running the older rp 9 which. Was a ratchet a boas a little bit easier. To deal with on the fly will be a bit. Easier to get on him off so I'm digging that as shimano has done in the last few. Years it's hard to see cuz cleats are on here but most shoes grab this bond again. Have you know a three hole design that's. It three holes are static on the shimano. These like your mountain like your typical two point two whole mouth like style cleat they actually slide so. There's a little bit of for aft adjustment on the cleat holes themselves. Plus i use a extender plate because i. Have big feet and this is a size 48 not. Just an ohm 40 I've actually put a shoe stretcher in here because i really wear like a 48 and a half almost 49 allows me. To get the cleat back there i run at about 15 to 17 millimeters behind my. First metatarsal is where i run that the. Peddle axle so i love that the shimano. Shoes now have an adjustable thing i almost don't need the extender it's. Pretty close i did still put it on there's like you know didn't to mess with my stack height too much so i like that like light lightness they're stiff and klee adjustment and these also ventilate like crazy which may be good or bad if you're somewhere cold mind be. Careful the shoe it is cold i found i. Was wearing toe covers because i started running these shoes on some rides in december and i started i was having to. Run toe covers you know even down into the you know upper 50s you know low 60s. I would put it just a toe cover on there because they were pretty they ventilate well and in the winter I'll always. Different shoes i like to tape up this bottom hole keep some water and stuff out of that i definitely did that on this shoe but even then this shoe cooled well so this in the summer here in texas. Where it's just wicked hot I'm expecting good things from the cooling of the. Shoe apart from that's kind of the. Main likes i liked on the shoe things. I'm I'm not digging the first thing. You'll notice when you if you ever go to try these on or get this shoe is the material they've used for this collar on. This shoe it's blue it's super grippy. Which makes it the shoe hard to get on. And even off because your sock you. No really clings to that stuff i found. It made me a little raw on the. Lateral side on my left under my left. Ankle bone kind of here the first few. Rides and that worried me but that since has gone away i haven't even thought about it until just now but this you know this might rub you. Because it is so grippy and i don't know. If that's a design decision i can't imagine they're using or. Intended to use friction to make the. Shoe fit because that's just dumb friction is not your friend when you're. Doing thousands and thousands of pedal strokes and their shoe it's a terrible idea but it's I've gotten used to it. It's gotten less sticky but when this is brand-new man that thing is another. Think i don't like is this matte finish. It looks great i mean it looks great out. Of the box i haven't tried to wash clean ease yet so i don't know if this will come out at all really haven't given it. A shot to see if some of this comes out but because it's a matte finish and it has a little bit of a texture to it. Does get dirty pretty easy you know you. Just get a little tire rub or a little shoe rub or something like that i get a little tired over like a little. Toe overlap and sometimes I'll hit. That left toe because that's the shoe i leave clip did when I'm poking. Around but yeah i think they're gonna have some dirty issues there's all black on the other i think the other color. Option currently in the us was like a navy blue or nearly a navy blue with a. Pink collars that just wasn't gonna fit. With my team kit this actually is a good match but I'm a little worried about two staying clean i haven't ridden that. White at a shoe in a long time I've written read all that i tried these bonds for a little while they just end up being too big but yeah i think that's. Gonna be an issue but overall it's pretty good you know for the. Money they're easy to find it's pretty. Good shoe tram onto rp9.

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    Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed III Shoe - Women's

    Not all triathletes are in the business of winning; there are plenty of us who just focus on finishing. This is especially true of the 140.6 events, and the Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed III Women's Shoes are made to ensure that bucket listers get through the bike leg with feet that are still able to run (or walk) a marathon. Compared to pure race shoes like the X-Lite II, the X-Speed III has a roomier fit and increased arch support, features that help take the pressure off of metatarsals and reduce the risk of hot spots.

    Underfoot, the X-Speed III's fiberglass/nylon outsole is a tried and trusted design for intermediate age groupers. It's stiff enough that it won't hold you back but doesn't carry the exorbitant price tag of carbon fiber. Courtesy of a reversed strap and a grab-without-looking heel loop, those stiff planks secure easily while rolling out of transition, and the single strap design means that no-look ease extends to mid-ride adjustments as the sun rises and begins warming the course.

  • Triathlon shoes for intermediates and competitive age groupers
  • Generous fit and arch support help to avoid metatarsal hot spots
  • Ventilated outsole reduces the swelling effects of summer heat
  • Heel stabilizer reduces abrasion from riding without socks
  • Synthetic upper minimizes seams to reduce potential irritation
  • Reflective details help you stay visible before the sun rises on the bike leg
  • Item #LGN00H2
  • Louis garneau try x speed three triathlon bike shoes the try x speed. Three shoes offer the technology you need to take on the world of triathlon at a price that won't bust your budget the reinforced nylon outsole provides. Excellent rigidity and the shoes general economics is the same as with our high-end models everything is set to get. You through the bike section in total comfort without pressure points to affect the run that follows for more. Info and special discounts please click the link below. You.

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    Giro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Tackle any discipline you fancy with comfort and control in the Giro Rev Cycling Shoe. These kicks are built from the ground up with co-molded rubber and nylon outsoles for stiff power on the bike, and grip off of the bike, that's partnered up with a die-cut EVA footbed to elevate comfort when you're spending long days in the saddle. The uppers are crafted from supple and supportive synthetic that's decked out with ample perforations and mesh panels to boost breathability, helping to prevent the ever-dreaded hot-foot. To help you secure the ideal fit, Giro equips the Rev Cycling Shoes with three large hook-and-loop straps that stay put while you're riding, but are easy to adjust.

  • Reliable road kicks for supple support
  • Stout nylon outsole is stiff for power transfer
  • Grippy co-molded rubber keeps your footing secure
  • Let your feet breathe with perforated synthetic uppers
  • Mesh panels elevate airflow to avoid hot-foot
  • Elevate comfort on the long-haul with EVA footbeds
  • Three hook-and-loop straps offer supportive fit
  • Item #GIR00KM
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    Pearl Izumi X-ALP Summit Cycling Shoe - Women's

    We think that the best mountain bike adventures involve a little sporadic rock scrambling on foot, or a river crossing or two, and it's apparent we're not the only ones, with the Pearl Izumi Women's X-ALP Summit Mountain Bike Shoes. Designed to deliver, the X-ALP Summits are perfect for all-day support and comfort when you're carving your own backcountry trail, or lapping desert singletrack shadowed by massive saguaros. The X-ALP Summit uses a seamless upper that cradles the foot preventing any seams or hotspots that could lead to irritation. The closures consist of two lower hook-and-loop straps and a 1:1 Anatomic Buckle Closure System further up to dial in fit while removing pressure from your instep.

    Inside the shoe, a supportive footbed cushions what your suspension doesn't soak up, and the lightweight EVA midsole makes walking while off the bike feel like you're wearing non-cycling sneakers. The shoes don't forget pedaling efficiency though, and the nylon composite shank allows efficient power transfer to the pedals helping you up and over steep pitches without hammering your feet on long descents riddled with rock gardens. On the sole, Vibram Megagrip lugs provide outstanding traction giving you exceptional grip on loose trails or if you're dabbling in some 'cross. The shoes are 2-bolt MTB cleat compatible with a recessed cleat mounting area allowing plenty of space to clip in while tucking in the cleat far enough to prevent interference with grip or tap dancing on hard surfaces.

  • Adventure wherever you please with these clipless kicks
  • Nylon-carbon composite shank transfers pedal power
  • 3-layer seamless uppers enhance durability and comfort
  • Rachet and hook-and-loop combo dials in a perfect fit
  • EVA midsole soaks trail blows
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole digs while in off the bike
  • 2-bolt cleat compatible in a recessed mounting area
  • Item #PLZ00MC
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    Scott Road RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's

    This summer, throw down in the Saturday county line sprint, your hometown twilight crit series, and the annual hill climb in the Scott Road RC Lady Shoe. Featuring Scott's stiffest carbon sole and dual Boa dial closure, the Road RC arrives as ready to win as you are. Its customizable fit and clean, streamlined design deliver watts to the pedals while keeping your feet comfortable, even when your legs are anything but.

    On warm summer nights, when the air remains humid and sticky through twilight, you'll appreciate the Road RC's effective microfiber and 3D nylon air mesh uppers. Not only does the supple blend yield to the lumps and bumps along your feet, it breathes consistently while you work to help you stay cool and dry. As you're driving watts into the pedals to stay with the pack through the grueling middle of the race, the Road RC's unyielding carbon fiber sole, as stiff as its top-end men's counterpart, will loyally transfer power without flex. And as you turn the pedals, customizable dual Boa dials keep your feet in place without a thought to slipping or pressure points.

  • Throw down in every summer race with this top-end racing shoe
  • Carbon fiber soles earn 10/10 stiffness rating in Scott's lineup
  • Breezy uppers blend support with ventilation as you race
  • Dual Boa dials let you achieve the exact fit you want
  • Adjustable, removable footbed allows you to customize arch support
  • Item #SCO00KL
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    Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Get ready to hit the trails, knock out that commute to work, or even attend a spin class in the Women's Multi Air Flex Mountain Bike Shoe from Louis Garneau. We can't decide if its versatility or low barrier of entry is what we value most, but that combination certainly makes this shoe a winner if you're in the market for your first pair of clipless cycling shoes. Using Louis Garneau's standard fit, it offers a slightly roomier last for all-day comfort that's specially designed for the shape of the female foot offering excellent performance.

    This shoe's upper is crafted from a durable synthetic leather with mesh inserts for breathability. Three hook-and-loop closures make getting in and out of the shoes super easy and offer a solid, yet soft support over the top of your foot. A ventilated EVA insole keep feet from overheating on long summer rides and prevents any hot spots or other foot discomforts. At the rear of the shoe is Garneau's HRS-80 heel stabilizer that keeps the rear of your foot anchored in place for efficient pedaling. On the outside of the heel are reflective accents allowing for visibility to motorists in low-light. For the sole, the Multi Air Flex nylon and fiberglass outsole offers just enough toe flexion for easy walking while off the bike. The sole accepts 2-bolt cleats that are used on almost every mountain bike pedal.

  • A versatile shoe for any rider's budget
  • Built on a last that accommodates a female's foot
  • Large mesh ventilation panels let in air
  • 3 hook-and-loop straps secure the foot in comfort
  • Efficient and grippy outsole keeps your footing secure
  • EVA insole soaks up shock from the trail
  • Compatible with 2-bolt MTB cleats and pedals
  • Item #LGN00K2
  • Hey what's happening guys my name is richard and this is multi air flex from. Louie garneau these versatile cycling. Shoes are ideal for training commuting or just those weekend rides have a synthetic and mesh upper to give you great breath ability three hook and loop closures on top to ensure you always have a snub secure fit you also have a. Here he'll reflector back here to give you great low-light visibility soft. Breathable lining on the inside here with a ventilated eba insult I'll give you excellent breath ability here on. Bottom we have this composite outsole data give you great flexibility and. Walking ease these shoes are also spd. Cleat compatible make sure you check. Then out they are from louis garneau.

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    Louis Garneau Cristal II Cycling Shoe - Women's

    While some may covet new bike shoe day, there are those of us who look at it with dread, as we panic over fit, stiffness and affordability. To ease the sting, Louis Garneau crafts the Cristal II Women’s Shoe with a pretty solid blend of the three, so you can focus on miles of fresh pavement, instead of pinches and aches of breaking in a new pair of shoes. This is achieved through X-Comfort Zone and Power Zone technologies in the uppers, that combine a gently-stretching fabric in the forefoot, with support in the mid zones, so you have the give you need when your feet inevitably flex and swell on steep climbs, and stiff support that keeps your power going to the pedals. A single double-adjustment ratchet helps you secure the perfect fit, and combines with two hook-and-loop straps for security when you need to lay the hammer down.

  • Support meets affordability with these cycling kicks
  • X-Comfort Zone fabric stretches gently to hug your foot
  • Lock in stiff support with Power Zone technologies
  • Double-adjustment ratchet dialed in the ideal fit
  • Mesh at toe-box lets your feet breathe
  • Fiberglass-reinforced sole stays stiff under pressure
  • Item #LGN00M6
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    Diadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women's

    After finally listening to your friends' advice and hitting the trail last year for the first time, you've admitted to them that they were right: mountain biking is a lot of fun. If you're looking for an introductory pair of shoes to accommodate two-bolt cleats, Diadora's X-Phantom II Women's Cycling Shoes make an affordable, versatile option. You can also use the X-Phantom II on spin bikes during the off-season, which will help you stay used to the feel of clipless once the snow melts and it's time to get back outside on the trails.

    While you're spinning the pedals, your feet will be wrapped in Diadora's durable Suprell-Buk synthetic upper with breathable Air Mesh panels throughout to ensure they get some ventilation while you're riding. To provide you with a secure fit along your instep, Diadora adds two hook-and-loop straps for you to adjust so you can make sure your feet aren't shifting around while you're pedaling. Along the bottom of the shoe, a composite-reinforced nylon Sport MTB CR outsole guarantees reliable power transfer to the pedals, earning a stiffness rating of six out of 12 on Diadora's overall road and mountain stiffness scale.

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    Shimano SH-TR5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    After a couple years of predictable T1 battles with the myriad ratchets and straps of your regular cycling shoes and the resulting extended transition splits, it's time to up your game with a pair of Shimano Women's SH-TR5 Cycling Shoes. Their fiberglass reinforced nylon soles provide efficient power transfer at a much more palatable price than carbon soled options, freeing up cash for an extra race entry or two throughout the year.

    The SH-TR5's two hook-and-loop straps are easy to operate from the saddle with shaky, wet fingers, and an asymmetrical heel loop helps you pull each shoe on while pedaling for valuable seconds gained over your fellow competitors. Breathable mesh and perforations cover the shoe's upper, ushering air in let your feet dry off from the swim leg and stay cool 'til T2. p>

  • An affordable, lightweight triathlon shoe
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole efficiently transfers power
  • Synthetic and mesh upper promotes cooling airflow
  • Quickly dial in fit with dual hook-and-loop straps
  • Heel loop make pulling shoes on a snap
  • Compatible with two- and three-hole cleats
  • Item #SHI00CX
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    Pearl Izumi X-Alp Peak Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Some of the best rides require a bit of time off the bike, hiking through sections of unrideable terrain. The Women’s X-Alp Peak Cycling Shoe makes the most out of these types of rides, whether you're carrying your bike up the mountain to reach an epic descent, or balancing on wet logs during a stream crossing. It comes down to the sole, which features Pearl Izumi's 1:1 Next Step design, and a sticky yet durable Vibram rubber compound. A 3/4-length carbon composite shank allows the shoe to flex just ahead of the ball of the foot for a natural walking gait, without compromising efficiency when you're putting power to the pedals. The lightweight seamless upper delivers breathability and all-day comfort, and shrugs off errant rock strikes thanks to added toe protection.

  • Versatile mountain bike shoes made for epic riding adventures
  • Bonded seamless upper offers lightweight and durable performance
  • Reinforced toe cap for added protection against rock strikes
  • Traditional lace closure for a precise fit and all-day comfort
  • Vibram Megagrip rubber outsole for superior hiking traction
  • Carbon composite sole balances efficiency and walkability
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for impact-absorption and comfort
  • Compatible with 2-bolt mountain bike cleats
  • Item #PLZ00RT
  • Hi I'm tony torrence I'm the cycling footwear product line manager here at lulu's me dad i could talk to you a bit about our health category of cycling shoe this category really came about. Through our european office they saw a. Need to have a cycling shoe where a. Cyclist could wear it all day long they could pedal over a mountain pass and then keep it on and you know go into a. Market or go to a restaurant really a shoe when you have it on it feels like you're wearing a running shoe or a Marquette a casual shoe but then when. You're on the bike it transfers power. Really well across oak elite it's really. A high-end shoe or cross-sell category. It's made from mom i could love to ride it's got a really good micro just buckle. With our pro level instep strap it's got. Three adjustments on the medial side a really center of the eba strap it's got. Our one-to-one nylon power band so. Really holds your heel down for great. Power transfer and then it's got our. Brand-new cross help bottom unit which. Has dual density eva a foam in the forefoot, so we can put a firmer, or we do. Put a firmer foam between your. Forefoot and your pedal so you get great power transfer we put our one-to-one energy foam in the heel which is a high. Rebound rubberized foam great off the. Bike shock attenuation cushioning the. Shoe you can be worn it can be worn all day long you feel like you have a running shoe on or a casual shoe and on the bike super. High performance across helped seek for. It's really a go-to shoe for mountain. Biking lace up kind of run shoe inspired. But it's got our brand-new cross tile bottom unit on it which is a full-length eba foam mid sole with a dual density. Forefoot so we can put a firmer stiffer foam between your forefoot and. Your pedal for power transfer then the heel we've got a rubberized 1/1 energy. Foam so off the bike you get great rebound from the heel so when you're wearing this shoe off the bike it feels like you've got a running shoe or very nice casual shoe on but on the bike great power transfer great style i think it goes really well with. Today's baggy mountain bike clothing.

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