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  Ride Fuse Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boot - Wide - Men's Burton Photon Snowboard Boot - Men's Burton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men's Salomon Snowboards Launch Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Men's Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's Rome Inferno SRT Snowboard Boot - Men's Salomon Snowboards Faction Snowboard Boot - Men's Nitro Vagabond TLS Snowboard Boot - Men's Nitro Dropout Snowboard - Men's Nitro Venture TLS Snowboard Boot - Men's Nitro Team Exposure Snowboard - Men's Rome Label Snowboard - Boys' Smokin Pillow Monster Snowboard - Men's ThirtyTwo JP Walker Light Snowboard Boot - Men's Nidecker Gun Snowboard - Men's
 Ride Fuse Boa Snowboard Boot - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boot - Wide - Men'sBurton Photon Snowboard Boot - Men'sBurton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Launch Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Dialogue Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Men'sRome Inferno SRT Snowboard Boot - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Faction Snowboard Boot - Men'sNitro Vagabond TLS Snowboard Boot - Men'sNitro Dropout Snowboard - Men'sNitro Venture TLS Snowboard Boot - Men'sNitro Team Exposure Snowboard - Men'sRome Label Snowboard - Boys'Smokin Pillow Monster Snowboard - Men'sThirtyTwo JP Walker Light Snowboard Boot - Men'sNidecker Gun Snowboard - Men's
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BrandThirtyTwoSalomon SnowboardsSmokinNitroNitroNitroSalomon SnowboardsRideRomeNitroSalomon SnowboardsRomeNideckerBurtonSalomon SnowboardsBurton
Closuretraditional lacingFocus Boa---TLS 5 Twin lacing systemZonelockstandard, Tongue TiedBOATLS Twin lacing systemZonelock--traditional lacingZoneLockDual Zone Boa Coiler with Lockdown tech
Flexmediummediummedium (5 of 10 on Smokin scale)medium-stiff (7 of 10 on Nitro scale)medium-stiff (7 of 10 on Nitro scale)mediumsoft-mediummedium-stiff (7 of 10 on Ride's scale)stiff ( 8 out of 10 on Rome scale)mediummediummedium (6 of 10 on Rome scale)mid-stiffsoftsoftmedium-stiff (7/10 on Burton's scale)
Footbedmolded EVAOrtholite C2---Solo OrtholiteOrtholite C23D-formed dual-density EVAUltra Foambed (D30 and AEGIS)EVAOrtholite--Level 1 molded EVAOrtholite C1Level 2 Molded EVA, Aegis treatment
LinerComfortGold---Cloud 6GoldIntuition MobileUltra F.I.TInterlock CloudShadowFlex--Imprint 1SilverImprint 3 with Focus Cuff
Manufacturer Warranty1 year1 year3 years2 years2 years1 year1 year1 year2 years1 yearone year2 years1 year1 year1 year1 year
Recommended Useall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingpark & freestyle snowboardingfreeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingfreeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding
SoleSTI Evolution FoamFlight EC+---rubberFlightMichelin FiberliteGripLight, Vibram ECOSTEPTRHiFive EC+--DynoLITED-LightVibram EcoStep rubber (30% recycled rubber), Rubber Ice Spikes
Thermo-moldable Lineryes, Intuition Foamyes---yesyes, Custom Fityesyesyes, Cloud 1yes--yesyes, heat-moldable foamyes

Ride Fuse Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's

Give your freestyle creativity a kickstart this season with the Ride Men's Fuse Boa Snowboard Boot. Its exceptionally smooth, responsive feel breathes park-friendly fluidity into your riding, while its Slime Tongue increases dampening when you're blasting through choppy conditions. Its traditional lace closure locks down the powerful support and long-lasting durability you've come to love with regular laces, but is supplemented with a Boa Tongue Tied closure that prevents lift from sapping the response and energy transmission.

Internal and external J-bars clutch your heel even more for the utmost in near-instantaneous response. Inside this premium freestyle boot, the Intuition Mobile Foam liner enhances comfort and support with its thermo-moldable fit. You can heat mold 'em right away for a great fit straight from the box or ride with them for a few days to conform the liner to your foot. Other key features include a vibration-dampening Impacto footbed, as well as a Michelin Summit sole for sure-footed traction over icy, snow-packed surfaces.

  • Mid-stiff boot made for riding hard and fast anywhere
  • Boa locks down heel for better response and less fatigue
  • Traditional laces put the fit in your hands
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to your foot's shape
  • Impact-absorbing footbed dampens harsh chatter
  • Rubber Michelin Summit sole is incredibly lightweight
  • Item #RDE00FQ
  • What's up this is Jordan with tactics. Right now you were checking out the 2019 ride fuse this is a great boot for any. Level rider from beginner all the way up to advanced it does feature a medium to. Stiff flex so if you're looking for a responsive boot that you can kind of take across the whole mountain i would definitely check this out taking a look at the outside of this boot it does feature traditional laces up the front it's gonna allow you to get a nice dialed customized fit over how the boot feels on your foot and it also features a boa dial right here on the side which is going to control rides tongue-tied system so this boa dial is. Going to control two cables on the tongue crank that thing down and it's just gonna seat the tongue back into the boot and get your ankle nice and planted in the heel taking a look at the bottom. Of the boot it does feature a Michelin rubber outsole really grippy rubber on this boot and a unique tread pattern that's gonna be really grippy in ice and snow the shell of this boot is. Really slim compared to a lot of other boots on the market as you can see really narrow across the back of your ankle so this boot is gonna provide a. Really low profile fit that's gonna feel more like your average shoe instead of a bulky snowboard boot the liner of this. Boot is an intuition mobile foam liner. So kind of unique liner on this boot it's not gonna have the lace harness on. The liner of the boot and it's not gonna have a lace harness on the inside either instead it's gonna have kind of this big. Velcro panel on the liner that you kind of fold over to really secure your calf. Back into the liner and get a nice secure fit in the boot shell another unique thing about this boot is it does. Feature integrated construction so what that is the liner is actually molded. To the shell of the boot so with the. Kind of low profile shell of the boot you get a low profile liner as well that's custom fitted to the shell of the boot for a more integrated and customized fit but yeah overall the ride. Fuze is a great boot for any level of rider really solid construction nice features. On this boot it's gonna be really durable pack a ton of grip and be really. Supportive and i would not be afraid to take this boot across the whole mountain if you have any more questions or comments make sure to drop those in the box below or check these boots out at tactics calm You.

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    Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boot - Wide - Men's

    Designed to meet the specific needs of snowboarding's greats, the Salomon Men's Hi Fi Snowboard Boot serves up the exact right fit, flex, feel, and level of comfort for everything from hot laps in the park to days spent sessioning a backcountry booter. ZoneLock lacing utilizes, well, zonal lacing to customize your fit one zone at a time, eliminating painful pressure points. Further customizing your fit, the thermo-moldable Custom Fit liner increases comfort and foothold with a foam that contours to the natural shape of your foot. If the natural shape of your foot is a little wider, the extended last in this wide size will create a more comfortable fit for all day use.

    Built into the wrapping panels, Sensifit ensures a precise fit that holds the foot from the midsole to the laces comfortably, while the molded TPU SpringBack spine delivers a precise and reliable flex. Ride after ride, the Ortholite C3 footbed creates a cooler, drier, healthier, and better-cushioned home for your foot that won't break down over time and is built to maintain its cushy comfort. Salomon installed a watertight neoprene seal around the lower foot for waterproof protection in the deep stuff, and rounded the Hi Fi out with an ultralight HiFive EC+ outsole for exceptional rebound and comfort.

  • Do it all boot for advanced to expert riders who demand control
  • ShadowFLex liner provides a fully moldable customized fit
  • Zonal lacing locks in your foot with maximum comfort
  • Wide sizing provides a more generous last for wider feet
  • Climax Gaiter helps keep snow out when you trudge through deep pow
  • Ortholite C3 footbed holds its shape and comfort over time
  • Hifive EC+ outsole creates great feel on your board and traction
  • Item #SAL01GL
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    Burton Photon Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Designed with hard-charging freeride fiends and ruthless powder slayers in mind, the Photon Snowboard Boot dials in a precise, powerful feel for attacking the steep and deep. If a locked-in fit and unwavering support is what you seek, then you've found it in the Photon.

    The Dual Zone Boa closure lets you tighten the upper and lower zones separately with the spin of each dial, giving you a precise fit for laying into swift carves and straight-lining steeps. Burton also incorporated Lockdown tech, which means the lacing wraps behind the ankle to prevent heel lift from sapping your power transfer. All of Burton's Boa systems make use of New England Ropes for the lacing, ditching Boa's traditional steel wires for the natural flex and robust durability of this climbing-quality rope.

    The aggressive flex gives you the instantaneous response desired for leaving your mark on natural terrain features and carving up freshly groomed runs. Seeing it's one of Burton's high-end boots, it's hooked up with an Imprint 3 liner that's both supportive and resistant to breakdown over the course of a long season. This heat-moldable liner not only conforms to your feet to alleviate pressure points, but it's equipped with a removable J-Bar system for better heel hold. And to ensure optimal traction when you're scrambling along sketchy peaks in pursuit of powder, the Photon Boa's Vibram EcoStep sole features Ice Spikes that remain soft and grippy in cold conditions, much like you'd experience with a winter-specific tire for your vehicle.

  • Precise and powerful boot for freeride and powder
  • Medium-stiff flex serves up powerful energy transfer and support
  • Dual Zone Boa independently tightens upper and lower zones
  • Burton's Lockdown tech wraps ankle to eliminate heel lift
  • New England Ropes laces offer more natural flex than steel cables
  • Imprint 3 liner with a heat-moldable fit to eliminate discomfort
  • Vibram EcoStep rubber sole with Ice Spikes for extra traction
  • Sleeping Bag reflective foil traps and reflects body warmth
  • Item #BUR02JU
  • What's up guys kevin here from. Snowboardprocamp today I'm here with chris hey and chris is gonna tell us the story of his burton photons. Pros/cons everything we need to know. Awesome how did it all begin so i had some old rides with the traditional lacing system a little bit big a little bit old to lose too sloppy. Just losing that response in the boots i. Tried on a variety of brands and lacing systems but it was when i tried on the photons instantly i knew these were the. Boots for me was it just the boa system. System got me to them i was really intrigued to try the boas and it was the. Heel cup my heel slid in there was like. Cinderella's slipper and i just sat in. There and that was it that was the moment what are your first impressions of the photons first day riding obviously doing them up is really fast but that wasn't the thing that got me it was just like precise tightening that you can do just click by click to. Really get it the exact kindness you want also the pull-string on the inside. To hold in the inner boot was really good and it felt like i was stuck in my heel in so like for free riding and stuff you just had much more response with your board and insane response compared to the old one so any lean at all instant transferring of that energy. From the boot to the board so i can feel. Even all their little like bumps and inconsistencies in the snow so it wasn't just the boot to the board it was also the board to the boot so you also had. Some problem with like heel and toe drag before how do these compared to the year old boots they didn't eliminate it. Entirely but they definitely got rid of a lot of it cool thing about the burton's is that the footbed size is half size to all size smaller than what you normally would wear which is the same on the ions i think especially for anybody like me if you're around about that 1112 range then it's gonna. Hopefully help eliminate or at least reduce your tony hill drag how do those. Boots feel when you took them into the terrain park for do some freestyle and tricks was more connection with the snow so just having to be a little bit more careful on rails and stuff like that on. The it actually felt better because when you're landing and when you're taking off you must be more sure of the angle. That you're going off and how the snow is under your feet the other cool thing too is that in the boots in the soul they have some kind of. Like fancy gel i can't remember the name but I'll put it at the bottom at least for myself i know i had a couple times that i overshot the landing and landed pretty hard yeah they felt good i didn't have any pain like up my feet or my legs how. About in the back country like we did a lot of hiking last winter mm-hmm how are they for the powder and. Hikes yeah so hiking usually what i do come up to the hike undo my top zone for just making it easy to hike up remembering now it's another reason that i was jealous too cuz chris gated loosen. Off is his bow is really quickly for those quick heights yeah it's got the vibram sole which is really good so excellent grip on any kind of snow or. Ice as well as having like a few extra spikes cool the only thing that you're. Limited by is obviously the technology is a bit more advanced and so it's not really something that you can fix out on the hill so anytime you have a break in the boa system or if the laces snap you. Can't do it yourself you got to take it back to the store but has a lifetime warranty so yeah the fix it for free. I'll just do it straight away what kind of rider would you recommend those two almost anybody would like these boots. The convenience of the boa system is amazing if you guys have ever had any bad experience with laces i think most people have this just eliminates those. Entirely awesome thanks for sharing your story yeah if you guys want you go these boots put a link down in the description check them out for yourself if you've already got the photons let us know down in the comments what you think are some of the pros and cons if you'd recommend them to anybody and thanks for watching guys thanks chris thank you i will see you guys the next. Gear review soon yeah.

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    Burton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Get out of those clunky rental boots and into the Burton Invader Snowboard Boot. It has a soft flex for easy steering and all-day comfort so you can go from getting your turns down on green circles to conquering the entire mountain in no time. The Imprint 1 liner is heat-moldable for a comfy custom fit, and the soft-flexing tongue makes it easy to get those toeside turns down. A Level 1 molded EVA footbed cushions impacts and absorbs vibrations for a smooth ride, while the Snow-Proof internal gusset keeps snow from sneaking in when the powder piles up. The Dynolite outsole is not only 20% lighter than regular rubber outsoles, but also allows for better board feel and provides better cushioning, even at below freezing temps. Plus, Total Comfort Construction means the Invader feels broken-in when you take it out of the box.

  • Simply comfortable all-mountain boot for progression and fun
  • Soft flex provides a forgiving feel that's easy to control
  • Traditional laces put an exact fit in your hands
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to your foot's shape
  • Level 1 EVA footbed helps soften chatter and impacts
  • Dynolite outsole is lightweight and grippy on icy terrain
  • Item #BUR02JZ
  • Paul en Edgar fornuizen dakramen in die. Zo bont snowboots dus wie in vr vr. Wie is Almelo scherm en wat persona. Larry is een de gap en zus en of ik ben in de video you be able to determine which doen is best for you and een storing aan bod voor online fishao heels for beginners and i have lawyers nee weingut naar b dat is controle hadden baas smeden chemo de boom en dan ik in groter skills met een jullie bood hij me zag vlak met specialiteit is easy to use and remote. Viewing in een burn widget stalen beugels tegen een steen zal in de kippetjes sensationeel dan lacing system de in wederom grunge wordt het goede chenal leesvoer duizenden model dan zere spier zo wat schaduw in de. Pantheons het een hele eer single boy. Gooide er staat zodat de koren de balk onderaan chique is wankel hier vorm kunnen snugfit hoer huis de spier zo'n systeem en ze separation aan boord had er een oor jones begin Eine in de pennen Griffith power i chose the spotlight oude leechers is mijn x-as en like hem in mijn appers acties mijn rauwe seks in roze parasol dat ik niets in spieren de spier zo'n lacing. System has a feature nu in hun broek spoort in de lol er een. Koers in de speech van de sjaal pijn als. Energie aan boven de marjo een ding beter bridgers tot burp app het more support pijn als de berg steentjes die er overal het bush kopie goedemorgen spicer. En support airport door de troje gsa reis en trots en noteer de in bitterheid. En isoleer de moord pleegt gaan opvoeren dus het twee stagehand. Zullen we het zelf in een simpele doet met klas het bedingen blies en zag. De meest de site de lezing seizoenen zijn slim dus sleep hem bij me vlakte voordeel dat staan alle niet door liner aan het. Machines verschiet dat wordt je bonnie instellen hebben en dit soort hem uit de banen met de pil boten we al zo zorgen. We zijn die zullen de die online al zo'n streaming grey wolf peecher suited for. Productierun technologie zo'n is zou ze letten als je huizen imprint aan de snelle besides en hoe discreter niemand moest ice al laat en filosofie niet eens kennen size stijl alleen binnen de armen. Sacrificie de booby ingang te borgen naam online er zo jefferies op letten 3 december. De boer kan de invloed marmer dus gewoon in de metro is even mooi klas woorden. Zijn meer mee zaaddoosjes dat dat plus moord was tyler 12 alle appels actie mijn verlosser we hebben zeven zaak extreme share this channel support pijn. Als een yogi bars in iv in making lacing. System van buiten mozes onder de worp. Afremmen your field trendystyle. Natuur en landbouw goed heb dus kennis. Single i get jullie ideeën. Stijl van zullen morgen bridge een stervend supporter mensen miljarden. Voordat je van Amati brian's bij les nummer perforaties voor brieven belgië morgen we gaan ingesteld haar verder weg je ook wel in arch support ben ik ken ik de binnenste mutsjes. Bevriende marrone in the entire maar willen die dunne lacing system pingback technologie er in een mooi glansje stalen tafel en waar we over. Alle grijs pak en waar u de print on board elec kleed ik ineens een krijgen snel hier de vorm vinden we ballen die dit Monaco blijkt de spieren speeddate. Businesses to moeilijke en dat separation rapper langer en gelijk de traditional kennen vaak in een staafje more slaap doen dan die haat dan in b. Duw het er traditioneel lees aan wat is. Is een boter great boots mary differente dus mensen kleur de mars op orde moet je ervaring in daarin vleessap je en boten liners op koers. Archiefmodule belkasmi mode bossen ring mode keer terugkoppeling door neem digimon een tolk mee gewonnen micro's. We hebben een nationaal dory Harmöle met je barbecue zo mengseltje rabat bloed en de hadaka. Mij sluiting van hun polo in description die de camera crash een aminozuur Flick. Bis bloed schuren social share bear chair than chair een hoek wc hans naam is.

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    Salomon Snowboards Launch Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Men's

    From sliding double-kinks to spinning 40-footers, you'll handle everything in the park with Salomon's go-to freestyle choice, the Launch Speedlace Snowboard Boot. If offers up the versatile flex, cushy-yet-supportive feel, and all-day comfort needed for lap after lap of slaying rails and sending jumps. ZoneLock lacing lets you adjust the tightness of the upper and lower zones of the boot independently for quick and customizable fit control. Salomon also added Cat-Tongue material in the heel area to grip your socks and prevent heel lift, resulting in less fatigue and improved control.

    The Gold liner displaces lace pressure from the top of your foot to around your arch and above the heel to improve response and deliver all-day comfort. Heat-moldable Custom Fit foam panels form to your feet in sensitive areas to improve comfort and performance. A soft-medium flex gives you the support needed to send the jump line and maintains enough flexibility to tweak methods. The Ortholite C2 memory foam footbed conforms to your foot for dialed-in support and comfort. One of the lightest outsoles in Salomon's arsenal, the Flight sole combines EVA and rubber to keep weight to a minimum and provide a cushy feel while still maintaining traction and durability.

  • Mid-flexing, speedlace freestyle boot for serious park riding
  • ZoneLock lacing for quick customizable tightening
  • Heat-moldable liner foam for comfy custom fit
  • Ortholite C2 footbed cushioning and supports
  • Heel grip helps keep foot locked in place
  • Flight outsole for confident traction and a low-profile feel
  • Item #SAL01HZ
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    Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's

    The Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa Snowboard Boot combines the freedom to tweak grabs with the response demanded by heavy jump lines and progressive freestyle features, and has a  mid-range flex that's tailored to freestyle use, yet isn't afraid to leave the park for some fresh lines through the trees. Focus Boa lacing quickly tightens the upper and lower zones independently, allowing for a truly customized fit, while the Gold liner conforms to the shape of your foot for a precise fit all throughout the season. The cushy OrthoLite C2 footbed soaks up heavy landings and vibration, with a noticeably plush feel underfoot, and the Flight EC+ sole cushions the impact that comes with every time landing hard on a missed transition or firmer-than-expected surfaces.

  • Medium-flex boot for seshing the park and sampling some pow
  • Focus Boa tightens upper and lower sections of boot independently
  • Gold liner molds to foot over the course of a season
  • Ortholite C2 footbed absorbs impact while supporting your foot
  • Flight EC+ sole uses premium EVA foam for cushioned flat landings
  • Item #SAL01G5
  • What's going on guys I'm jeff richard through here my love sport in salt lake city utah here i got the 2015 salomon dialogue. Dual focus but this is an amazing boot. From salomon the dialogue has been in the blind for years and it's also been a best-seller here in lannisport for quite some time new to this year they're adding the focus boa the dual focus boa this is something really great i mean as. Many of you know boa has been around in the world for a long time it's really efficient and really functional so this one here it's got dual boa so you got that outside bow here is going to control your bottom zone this bow here located on the tongue is gonna control your whole top zone really giving you like a good customizable fit so that you can you know dial your boot down exactly how you like it featured here is the. Contra print song and outsole this is. Gonna be a premium rubber grade household that's gonna provide great traction and durability over time and. It's also here has the e v a foam which. Is gonna provide very good comfort and also make the boot very lightweight here on the liner of this boot is gonna. Feature salomon Sherlock liner system. What is which is really a high high-end liner system for lacing really locks you. In their well and this boot also here features an amazing heel hold it. Really can lock you in there to make it. So that you don't get any heel lift there it's got what Solomon calls cat's tongue as well which is an awesome material there that makes us say your foot can slide right in there and it kind of catches as it comes up so it's really giving you a good hold on their preventing any heel lift so this boot i would recommend for. Anybody that kind of likes to ride the entire mountain it's great for riding park good freestyle flex on salomon. Scale it's rated a six out of ten so right there in the middle but it's as well. You know responsive enough to take out under the thing now and write big lines and everything like that it's kind of year do everything killer and like i said it's been a best-seller care of milo's for four years it's available here in milo sport. In salt lake city or also on our website at wwlp.com.

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    Rome Inferno SRT Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Engineered for superior support, response, and traction the Rome Inferno SRT Snowboard Boot is a beefy all-mountain boot for riders everywhere. The stiff flex of this boot lends itself to high speed carving and superior big-mountain performance. To properly utilize this stiff flex the BOA closure system is built to lock your foot in place with a special HeelLock BOA adjustment that locks the super important heel and ankle are firmly in place for exceptional control. To boost traction the Inferno SRT features a Vibram Outsole that easily grips on slippery boot packs and icy parking lots.

  • Powerful and easily controlled all-mountain boot for shredders
  • Stiff flex is ultra responsive and stable to inspire confidence
  • BOA closure quickly and securely lock your foot in place
  • HeelLock specifically focuses on the heel and ankle for max hold
  • Ultra F.I.T Liner is easily molded for a comfortable fit
  • Ankle flex zones limit bulging for exceptional control, stability
  • Griplight Outsole boosts grip on slippery boot packs and lots
  • Item #ROM00EG
  • What's up I'm george from the house.com. Here adjusted from the rome syndicate at. Si a 2015 and we're gonna talk boots. Justin tell me what this is all about a this is an inferno he's saying egg cuz I'm canadian stuff this is the inferno. It comes in two colorways for 2015 this is the men's olive it also comes in black and orange so differences from last year we have to have a free version to rio this is gonna provide 25% more. Torque or more closing power over the bottom of your boot and unlocking your ankles locking your forefoot so you're not moving around really good fit improvement for the 25th at 16 infernos also nice updated look so the patterns. Are nice and clean we have the budget seems really low profile looking boot as. You can see here black boa lace just makes it a nice blend with the rest of the boots a nice details there the. Other sandpapered toe finish as well as the backstage provides good grip on your toe strap as well as your high back that's gonna provide really good response tracked out, so we're known for this outsole it's gonna have good grip with the rubber evs gonna keep it light the gels you min have that high impact absorption pro fit liner there's a ton. Of tech in the liners we really design. Our liners to have good rich materials. And we have zona lining so that means we got the right materials in the right spot some materials are gonna provide moisture wicking some people some materials are gonna provide good ankle lock and heel lock, so we really designed our liners to all have zona lining so you get the most out of your fit they're also all 100% he moldable including this. Boot the inferno, and we also have a skate cuff inside the boot or the liner. I should say we have a piece of foam that goes under your ankles and over your heel that's going to lock in your heel and surround your ankles to get a nice plush fit right out of the box and again you can heat mold a bit he moldable if you need to customize it we also have this boot in colorway. So that's this black and gold. It's a really nice treatments we got the goal highlighted rivets with the gold lace really nice looking boot with the textures the gold flake in the liner cuff and again like i said m3 real one. The side is going to provide that better closure over your ankle and your forefoot that's 25% more closure power. Than last year's inferno that's the inferno we got a ton of other boots this year 2016 line is looking. Great rome boots that's it i don't have to say. Anything the house comm rome syndicate. We're out.

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    Salomon Snowboards Faction Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Decadent comfort and all-mountain versatility at an affordable price come to you in the Salomon Faction Snowboard Boot. It has a convenient quick-lace system, lightweight construction, and a softer flex for a forgiving feel when you're learning new tricks and perfecting your carving skill—all without blowing your season pass funds.

    Zonelock lacing independently tightens the upper and lower sections with a quick pull of each quick-lacing handle to evenly distribute pressure while promoting a truly customizable fit. The Silver liner's AutoFit foam automatically conforms to the shape of your foot for a comfy fit and secure feel, while the Ortholite C1 footbed's well-cushioned feel ensures hours of comfortable riding on the mountain. Rounding things out, the D-Light sole absorbs unruly vibration and flat landings with its lightweight EVA foam.

  • Soft-flexing fun and cushy comfort for beginners on a budget
  • Zonelock lacing independently tightens upper and lower zones
  • Silver liner with AutoFit foam for a custom, foot-wrapping fit
  • Ortholite C1 footbed provides cushioned support underfoot
  • Lightweight EVA sole dampens vibration and harsh landings
  • Item #SAL01GA
  • Hello I'm matt guf from the house comm and this is a pair of 2018 salomon back. Shinbone mountain freestyle snowboard. Boots designed for beginner to advanced level riders i want something that's true to size but very snug in the heel. To reduce heel lift this is a really. Great boot it has a medium to i'ts a. Stiff style flex appeal overall it does. Feature a lot of great key technologies that make it a wonderful boot again one. Of them being the design of that heel pocket area that just allows for the. Heels of favor it should be touching your foot bed the exterior style shell. Has a lot of support panels as you see it's very bomb-proof there's no articulation in it and that's one reason that it's like pretty stiff over the top of that toe side edge and has a nice tall support panel along that back side and then a plush top within the liner that makes it a little bit softer I'm going to lean it back on that heel side edge you don't get a lot of he'll bite. From that boot on the footbed or excuse. Me the alto was actually called the d lite it's a kind of eba style. Lightweight foam this boot is extremely. Lightweight the faction boa actually comes in two different lacing options. Like a speed lace and then this is. The bullet coiler, and they both coiler is nice because you don't really have to rewind it or to tighten it back up or. You don't have a lot of excess like give. Within the cables then in the tongue the. Tongue is a firm flexing tongue it's articulated has nice of a flex notches has gussets. But it's a little bit narrower and that reduces the overall can amount of material inside of that shell so you get. Less pitching in a less awkward weird spots saman you know for the people who. Know salomon boots they know how good. They are for those of you know as for. Though you guys watching you don't like they're actually exceptionally oh well. You know they do a lot of unique things they can have this nice sort of side wrap that kind of like pulls from the bottom of the boot and set it from the top of the boot just for a nice overall style fit the liner is. Mouldable this is the goal diamond run the top table line once again that heal. Is nice and snug special iran that keeley's the internal j-bars are absolutely massive, and they're nice and. Plush along the top and notice how thick that tongue is but one thing about the tongue though it's its kind of firm on that outer section so it's not gonna really pack out too much up if it as well. Features a locking integrated lacing system which is pretty cool has a little lever not very many companies i actually. Don't think I'm gonna be doing that and surprisingly enough even this little stitch right here helps the liner to get the into a part a little bit more support so you're not just kind of falling out of your mid step and. Then lastly is that porthole see one foot bed this is a dual density footbed it's flat doesn't have any support panels for that arch or a heel cradle. But it is very soft with that dual density it's gonna make the ride just a little bit damper but this is a great. Boot it's called a faction boa from salomon lots of great pieces but the. Think that i enjoy the most about it is the shape of that heel this is a very narrow heel that keeps a heel locked in the heel pocket so if you have problems with heel lift really check out salomon. Rather, be the faction boa or anything else within the line thanks for watching the become our question I'll check out the boots below in the description and right there should be a subscribe button. And then right there should be a couple more videos so check those out of course thanks so much for being part of the community and chicken you know everything that we do hopefully see you guys on snow.

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    Nitro Vagabond TLS Snowboard Boot - Men's

    From the hiking up the park's rail line to charging down the last groomer run of the day, the Nitro Vagabond TLS Snowboard Boot travels with you all over the mountain with lightweight comfort, sure foothold, and mid-flexing versatile performance. The TLS Twin lacing system provides a highly reliable zonal lacing system that eliminates pressure points, and features an easy lace engagement and release, to get you locked in and shredding quickly and comfortably. The thermo-moldable Cloud 1 liner conforms to the exact shape of your foot for a truly custom fit, while the Interlock design keeps the heel in one place while eliminating slippage for locked-in support and response. The EVA footbed and TR outsole work together to dampen harsh chatter during high-speed runs over choppy snow, and the Bail Out system makes for an insanely easy removal at the end of the day.

  • Mid-flexing boot with lightweight all-mountain performance
  • Twin lacing system provides an exact fit
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to your foot's shape
  • Interlock Cloud liner prevents heel lift and adds support
  • Bail Out system helps you take off the boot quickly
  • EVA footbed adds lightweight, cushioning comfort
  • TR outsole is grippy, dampening, and lightweight
  • Item #NTR00E3
  • What's going on everyone can utilize supernatural snowboards stoked to introduce you to our most affordable comfortable durable do it all summer. Boot the 2019 vagabond snowboard boot. This boot was built to give you the. Comfort in response and the fit you need to progress in snowboarding and to give you a very affordable option that's very durable and as our tr outsole which is this rubber also right here gives you a great grip it's very durable it's not gonna wear and tear it's gonna give you the foothold you need when going to the mountain and also when you're in your boot it has a nice shell. Around the whole boot for durability and also as you can see these little inlets right here with the little inlets with. The mesh material these allow your boot to flex naturally forward without making. It give you any kind of bulk extra bulk build-up which creates pressure points within your binding and uncomfortable ride so you get a nice natural fit when you're walking and then also in your snowboarding the vagabond has a speed lacing system the nitro. Speed lacing system that we call tls. Stands for twin lacing system and why. It's twins because it's zonal you can decide how tight you. Want the bottom or how tight you want the top with two handles you can pull on. One which is for the bottom one for the top and you can get that perfect fit that you want for your type of snowboarding we're all about customization and the tls allows for customization but the tls. Does more than customization it makes it so fast and easy to put your boots on I'll show you how so once you get your. Feet in the liner and you lace up the. Liner then you take the two handles ones. For the bottom of the tls ones for the top you take the two handles and you pull them up boom like so towards your. Knee until the laces lock into the tls. Component and then you flex forward two times one two two and then that makes sure that the laces are fully engaged in the tos component then you take the tos handles and you put them in the respected pockets like so on each side and you're ready to go snowboarding the best thing about it's easy to put on you can do it in 15 to 20 seconds I've done it there's a video on youtube search tls quick way system you'll see that video they're just as easy to take off because you put hands up you take the tls handles take. Then like this pull them away from your body I'm dissing disengaging the laces. From the tos component once they're disengaged take the bailout tab right here pull the laces out away take the. Sides of the shell open it up take the tongue forward undo the liner you're out of your boots it's that quick boots should be able you should be able to get in your boots fast and get out of them fast as well within the vagabond you. Have our cloud one liner which does this liner right here it is heat moldable very comfortable hold and hold its shape very well and gives you great foothold and to ensure you get good foothold we. Have our interlock system right here which is this component right here the teeth right here one on the liner one on the inside of the shell, and they lock into each other ensuring a great foothold and no heel slippage on the cloud one liner we have our d os. Lining lacing system which is this lacing system right here you take this component here pull it down lock into place and then it's locked in and to get. Then off you pull up on the component and then you get out of your liner within the cloud one liner you have our. Eba footbed which is a nice comfortable. Footed allowing for a great dampening property and it's very nice to stand on all day long if you're looking for an. Affordable yet very comfortable and. Quick lacing snow or boot with a medium. Flex to it that you can charge the whole mountain on i would look no further then. The 2019 nitro vagabond summer boot it's. Great for those getting in the snowboarding or those who just want an affordable snowboard boot that gets the job done check it out code you to liquor store try pair on, and we'll see you on the mountain thanks for watching.

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    Nitro Dropout Snowboard - Men's

    The Nitro Dropout Snowboard blends a classic powder shape and powder prowess with all-mountain control and versatility. This board is built for surfy turns in deep pow but is well equipped to handle high pressure system groomer cruising. The directional shape and mid-wide width combination is the key to its effectiveness in both scenarios. The directional shape creates exceptional edge to edge control and sinks the back foot for excellent float in powder, meanwhile the mid-wide width eliminates toe drag on hard carves and further keeps you above the snow. To further boost performance the Cam-Out profile mixes the powerful edge hold of camber from insert to insert with the forgiveness and float of rocker out to the tip and tail. All of these attributes wrapped into one board creates a do-it-all carver for everyday use.

  • All-mountain board that leans towards surfy and fun pow riding
  • Directional shape creates excellent edge to edge control
  • Cam-Out profile mixes energized camber with rockered forgiveness
  • Medium-stiff flex is stable but responsive and easily manipulated
  • Powerlite Core saves weight and creates a poppy and responsive ride
  • Carver Crue designation means this board is built for carvey days
  • Speed Formula sintered base is extremely fast, reliable, and durable
  • Item #NTR00CM
  • What's up internet guff from the house on the chair that's enough checking out. The 20/20 stuff we're kind of rolling into the nitro lineup nitrones got a new board out called the drop up kind of cross connect a twin park board and a directional all-mountain board it has the flex paint kind of like side cut of. A twin deck but the shape of a. Directional board so it's kind of like a cross between both full camber profile. Shape has it or like protruding edges underneath the bindings I'm gonna do a couple runs on it so you see how it feels it's supposed to be just a little bit softer than like a normal all-mountain deck which i like four runs. Around here in minnesota i like direction of shapes like stiffer boards. But i also like directional boards i like maneuverable not just like solid. Oak boards so you know any meme so stoked on this one nitrous been doing some good stuff they've got the big pink out a lot of. Other little boards the team board the t1 those are all great nitro decks five, so we start to try this one it kind of like stood out so grab it mounted it up let's go. Yeo-hwa okay drop up there're a dropouts a mild-mannered all-mountain board it's. Got camber you can still get in on insurance fairly quickly but it's not explosive it's not like ultra aggressive which is kind of nice but it still holds. A nice edge but conditions right now it's about nine degrees it feels a little bit warmer than it actually that's about nine degrees we seven. Inches of snow yesterday, but they groomed it so it's a little bit softer it does hold a really good edge but again in digging out turns is easy but. It doesn't have a lot of explosions a lot of energy so if you like just kind of casually cruising you want to board the butter around on when you're cruising all-mountain do some side hits and things like that the drop outs gonna be coupled it's gonna be a super fun run for our 2019 of course get your 2020 if you check it out my drops this fall 2019 at the house. Calm a nitro I've been doing a lot of. Great stuff across their line finding a perfect board for anyone within the line is easy to do subscribe the channel over there to come or visit hopefully you see you guys on snow peace.

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    Nitro Venture TLS Snowboard Boot - Men's

    From early-morning powder hunts to afternoon hot laps in the park, the response and foot-conforming fit of the Nitro Venture TLS Snowboard Boot takes you all over the mountain with confidence. It features Nitro's TLS 5 Twin Lacing System for independent tightening along the upper and lower zones with the quick-and-simple pull of each lacing handle. Not only does this facilitate quicker lacing than traditional laces, but it also dials in a customizable fit to your liking and the terrain at hand. Keep both zones as tight as possible for the utmost in response or loosen either zone for a bit more freestyle freedom.

    Inside this all-terrain slayer, the heat-moldable Cloud 6 liner offers a supportive, highly cushioned feel without nasty pressure points. Its lightweight Thermacell foam conforms to the contours of your feet and calves for a truly customizable fit. Its internal lacing system and molded Latex memory pads keep heel lift in check, even when you're laying into toeside turns. Softening the blow from heavy landings and choppy snow conditions, the Solo Ortholite and EVA midsole enhance impact-dampening for high-impact freestyle riding.

  • Freeride-oriented version of the original Venture boot
  • Speedlacing system secures a snug fit in seconds
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to your foot's shape
  • Medium flex provides support and response
  • Internal lacing system prevents heel lift and pressure points
  • Impact-absorbing footbed cushions flat landings
  • Grippy Vibram IceTrek outsole delivers sure-footed traction
  • Item #NTR00DZ
  • What's up internet people my name's canady liaison you've come to the right spot if you're looking for a great summer boot this is a new 2016 nitro. Ultra the ultra was designed to be super lightweight without losing any of us. Performance qualities or the comfort of the ride so super lightweight all-mountain battles comes as our eba. Outsold which is an eb a material that's super lightweight and very comfortable it has our rubber impact panels these blue panels right here you can see and those are there to add durability to the sole and to give you increased grip when walking around the mountain it also uses our cuff link. Design which is this two-piece design right here you have a top of the part and lower part and it gives you a nice natural flex at the ankles so it makes it super comfortable and you get no pressure points around the ecos or above on the shin it's just a great design. Made for lightweight and to be very comfortable it has our new tls lacing. System lacing system is a new head for 8 years now and it's proven to be the best. Most responsive reliable and fastest. Wasting system on the market super easy to use this year we just made a little smaller the component top which makes the boat the boot even. More lightweight you can imagine that, so we're stoked that it's smaller, and we're so stoked on how easy it is to use to. Get in the boot for example you unhook. It up top and the component step in you pull up on both tabs like so boom the. Boot put the handles in the respected areas and you're ready to go snowboarding its super easy and what's. Sick about the tls system is we've created this thing called the bailout system and the bailout is this little tab right here unlock those laces in the. Component up top you pull on the tab boom it's all loose you just step out your boot you get your car you go home and tell your friends about all the back flips you do that day so you give me stoked super easy super nice super. Comfortable the ultra also uses our ils lacing system stands for inner lacing system and that's this component down here it goes around your liner you can. Tighten it nice and tight to give you a perfect heel hold and a perfect fit for all day riding keeps your foot in one spot it's very comfortable easy to use very comfortable the ultra sweet because. It has our cloud six liners so one of the. The Best liners in our line and it is comfortable flexible molded from. Lightweight thermos tile materials turn all around cushiony very comfortable fit it has our no slip healed drip lining. What that is it's these hairs we're two in the back which are little hairs that point downward so it's easy to get a heel in but it's harder to get your heel out so it gives you great heel grip for all day riding the cloud six liner uses. Our dual density footbed this footbed right here made out of eb a foam super lightweight very comfortable in two different densities of eb a foam a little soft on the toes for better board feel and whilst it from the heels for. More support on impact that well sure. Has a response rate in six so it's a more flexible more feel free flowing. Ride it's really lightweight very comfortable and I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a comfortable boot that can do it all a minimum weight this. Is the 2016 nitro ultra it comes. — fabulous colorways right here so check. Then out by on the link below.

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    Nitro Team Exposure Snowboard - Men's

    Taking a slightly different art direction this year, the creatives at Nitro paired the stunning cosmic landscape of the Team Exposure Snowboard with the same all-mountain versatility that you've come to love from years' past to let you shred whatever, whenever, with style and finesse.

    The True Camber profile keeps things classic with standard camber for stability and poppiness that's unmatched when it comes snap and power, while biax glass maintains smooth, consistent flex for a forgiving feel and easy pressing. A directional twin shape increases float in powder and control at high speeds, yet still easily rides switch. Then, the Powerlite core uses ultra-lightweight poplar for an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, which is paired with Reflex Core profiling to help you nimbly surf through turns. The Speed Formula HD base combines the durability and speed of a sintered base with the ease of repair and wax retention of an extruded base, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • All-mountain directional twin that's a favorite for a reason
  • True Camber profile ensures strong pop and stability
  • Medium-stiff flex charges hard on steep terrain
  • Poplar wood core is insanely light and strong
  • Thinner tip and tail reduces swing weight
  • Sintered base is both impact-resistant and fast
  • Item #NTR00CE
  • Word up everybody can you live in here. Nitro snowboards holding one of my favorite snowboards in my hand the 2018. Nitro team exposure snowboard there's. Two versions of the team that's here graphic lives you have become exposure and you have a standard team this is the team exposure and the graphics are all. Different on each size and it's out. Staff photographer award-winning lorenz holder who has created these beautiful images on the top sheet by using an old. Fashioned development technique double this one known to man basically by using the sun you can look into how. He did it by clicking this video right here Christmas video right here to find out how he made these graphics, but they say he took the photos they're all analog photos and printed the old-fashioned way. The exposure to exposure is has been and. Is a team favorite it's the best normal. Snowboard that we make in the line comes in a directional twin shape it comes in. Standard and wide widths it comes with. Two different camera profiles you have the gullwing camber which is right here what going is its reverse camber in between the feet and standard camber under the feet so you get the playfulness and flexibility and the. Fundus of a reverse camber board in between the feet forget to support the stability and the response you need from standard camber underfoot the other. Camber profile that comes in is our true. Camber and what true camber is. Standard camber so you got standard canler from contact point to contact point you get very responsive and it's. Quick snappy it's just a good old-fashioned snowboard that's the camber you want the team has our power light core which is the core that's made of hide the most high-grade. Ultra lightweight up lower wood so it's. Super lightweight very snappy very responsive it has a reflex core profile which is a profile which means the board is milled out in between the bindings of torsion ally flexible so it's easy to initiate turns hold the turn and power out of turns the team exposure board has. Their dual degress of side cut which means the board has a tighter side cut radius in between the bindings and it mellows out to the tip and tail the team has our wintered speed. On the hd bass which is a super fast super durable wintered base people have. Been using contests clear all the jumps. You can use in races you can win bank slalom races with it you can speed away. From ski patrol it's just really fast very durable very strong the team board. Is our satine boards their team favorite. Boards it's the perfect snowboard for riding freestyle groomers powder. Halftime whatever you want to do this. Board is a good old-fashioned full of high-tech technology bad ass help you. Progress get better have more fun snowboard it's the perfect snowboard for anyone whose medium to advanced snowboarder and if you're looking for a board that can do it all you got it right here some 2018 team exposure snowboard thank. You ollie for the graphics and to find out more about this board in the graphics click this link right here what. When you work as a professional photographer in our world right now you. End up shooting hundreds of images per. Day you shoot edit and deliver a suit edit and deliver over and over again so. large format photography basically gave. Me back the reason why i actually love photography that you don't get a result. Right away actually creates a lot of. Tension and when you set up the camera. And you really feel confident about all. The settings that you just selected you feel that kind of tension again and like. Didn't meter the light correctly did i focus correctly there's just so many. Things that he can suck up and like this. Kind of tension gets even worse when you. When you once put push the trigger. This kind of photography is also a very. Slow process when i go it's shooting. It's almost like a little bit holiday for my brain i guess a bit like. Fly-fishing for some other people it. Really slows you down and you really get. Connected to the nature and your surrounding. For me contact printing is almost like. Like an art it's one of the oldest. Methods to create prints and selecting. The right paper mixing the chemicals correctly and coating the paper with it. Just by using a brush gives you a little. But the feeling of being like a. Scientific painter in the darkroom. Which is kind of fun those. Images have like such a great. Three-dimensional feeling that you almost think you can put your. Finger in a scene or even touch a face. So all those prints were actually made. And very pure and honest way so it was. Not a long way to walk to put them on a. Board of over sport that is very pure. And honest as well it's a very good. Combination. You. You.

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    Rome Label Snowboard - Boys'

    The Rome Label Snowboard is built for younger and smaller riders who are progressing faster than they are growing. This all-mountain board is designed to fuel progression by offering a forgiving ride that still encourages proper edge technique. This forgiveness mixed with performance is created by the NoHang-ups rocker profile and the 3D base contours in the tip and tail. This combination fights hard edge slams by slightly raising the edges at the contact points and relying on a powerful but forgiving flat section underfoot with early rise in the tip and tail. This balance will provide up-and-coming riders with the control and lack of slams they need to start progressing faster and help them fall in love with the sport.

  • Snowboard for young shredders that are progressing fast
  • Nohang-ups rocker is forgiving and encourages proper edging
  • Twin shape is versatile and encourages freestyle experimentation
  • Medium flex is easily manipulated while turning by lighter riders
  • 3D base contour in tip and tail keep hangup zones off of the snow
  • Biax laminate creates a consistent and responsive flex
  • XTRD base is durable and easily repaired for consistent performance
  • Item #ROM00D7
  • What's up house how are you guys doing p. With the rome sds here talking about the 2012 label this year is coming. With our free pop camber line so flat. Between the bindings rockered out at the tip and tail also giving you coupling. That with the ttt tip to tail wood core. With our by axel laminate or straight by. X this boards gonna come with that as. Well if you debate structure so a nice non back snow cerie ease of repair base. Structure we're dropping this in a 128. On 133 138 1:42 and 1:45 for your. Shredding pleasure be sure to check out the shred remains dropping this year label. You.

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    Smokin Pillow Monster Snowboard - Men's

    Take your powder day enjoyment to a new level by riding the powder loving Smokin Pillow monster. This directional board provides all of the float you could ever need by sinking the swallow tail and keeping the boat hulled nose above the snow. This action also allows this board to maneuver far better than its large size would suggest so that you can enjoy the afternoon pow scraps in the trees.

    To provide additional control and float in powder the Pillow Monster features a deep snow minded Directional early rise profile. This profile uses a rockered nose to keep you above the deep snow and camber to the tail to exaggerate the dropping of the tail and allow you to comfortably carve on the groomer so that you can head back up for another lap in the good stuff.

  • Powder slaying behemoth of a snowboard for unmatched float
  • Directional shape drops the tail and keeps your tip up
  • Medium flex is a good balance of stability and maneuverability
  • Directional early rise profile provides control on firm and float
  • Full length aspen core is responsive, powerful, and durable
  • Quattro Grip sidecut adds contact points for powerful edging
  • Sintered 6000 bases easily skip across long flat sections
  • Item #SMK003F
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    ThirtyTwo JP Walker Light Snowboard Boot - Men's

    JP Walker's innovative freestyle riding continues to inspire the next generation of hungry riders, and it's clear in the design of the ThirtyTwo JP Walker Light Snowboard Boot. Giving you the feel of skating on snow, this boot is incredibly lightweight and low-profile, so you're never encumbered with excess bulk when you're spinning, slashing, and jibbing. The articulated shell allows you to press with authority and tweak out tricks without unnecessary stiffness holding you back. Inside the boot, the Intuition foam liner wraps your foot with a customized fit, alleviating painful pressure points from curbing your freestyle sessions. The molded EVA footbed not only absorbs flat landings and excess vibration, but just as importantly, its Sherpa fleece lining keeps your feet warm and cozy from first chair 'till last call.

  • Park and freestyle boot of choice for legend JP Walker
  • Intuition liner is heat-moldable for the perfect fit
  • Medium flex is fun and forgiving in a variety of terrain
  • Evolution Foam sole is lightweight and super durable
  • 3D molded tongue includes lace-up design for great fit
  • Sherpa-lined EVA footbed is supportive and comfortable
  • Item #TTW00C6
  • What's up guys we're here milo in salt lake city and this is the 2015 32 light. Snowboard boot shown here in the jp walker signature color the name says it all this thing it's one of the lightest boots out there but unlike a lot of like. Super light boots out there this thing can actually retain its flex and actually perform super well also it's. Got a one-to-one last which means that the liner and the shell are the exact. Same size a lot of companies will have like an eight and a half liner and a nine shell and a 9 jh liner with the. Nine shell, so they share the same shell size here each individual liner is made. For the shell so at eight and a half liner eight and a half shell 9 line or nine shell and that just makes it so that it fits better in there but also you don't have added bulk on your boot when you don't need it's got the 32. Level one liner so it's a full-on heat. Foldable liner pretty basic it's got this nice little velcro here so that it sticks in the boot and it helps with preventing Hewlett coming to check this. Think out support the dawn so for my. Love it's for 32.

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    Nidecker Gun Snowboard - Men's

    Locked and loaded with a long running length and large sidecut, the Nidecker Gun Snowboard is a true surf blaster that charges hard, lays down wide carves, and flows over every inch of the mountain with power and finesse. This unique beast of a board features a rockered long pic nose to help you rip up steep, choppy terrain and go fast in any type of snow, from a deep powder field to springtime slushy snow, while the positive camber and diamond tail allow you to finish your turns easily and maintain powerful response all day long.

    Destined for high-octane speed, the Gun's long sidecut makes for easy cruising, fast long turns, and confident control when you put the pedal to the metal. Nidecker's exclusive Nidsponsive wood core combines poplar and bamboo to achieve the ideal balance of lightness and responsiveness, while the triax/biax wrap results in confident stability under your feet and lightning-quick responsiveness. As with all of Nidecker's boards, the Gun uses ash—the best natural, light dampener material available—on the top sheet for more absorption and responsiveness.

  • Charge hard and carve up the entire mountain with this deck
  • Directional with diamond tail helps blast through all snow
  • Mid-stiff flex provides a stable platform that charges hard
  • Long side cut and running length make for wide-arcing carves
  • Bamboo and poplar core maintains snappy response at low weight
  • Triax and biax wrap enhances response and drive
  • Ash veneer maintains a lightweight, smooth feel underfoot
  • Item #NDK000U
  • Nighy decker swiss crafted riding. Devices since 1887 the score for the one. Who wants to progress fast blurring the. Line between parks layer and all-mountain charger the score delivers. Great performance wherever and whatever you ride this freestyle focused shred. Stick lets you take it to everything the hill throws at you perfect for riders. Who want a great performing snowboard that won't break the bank it's great for. Cutting loose with a bit of freestyle on the slopes and in the back country designed to ride well in all snow conditions and on all types of terrain including laps through the park for beginners and intermediates looking to improve all aspects of their riding here's how the score scores on floating. 8 out of 10 carve ability 7 out of 10. Switch 10 out of 10 speed stability 7. Out of 10 this twin directional shape is. The most freestyle oriented in our line it's perfect for riders who want to ride everywhere and like doing tricks the 20. Millimeter setback helps it floats through powder and adds stability on hard pack with camber between the. Bindings and rocker evenly distributed in the nose and tail standard cam rock is the best hybrid rocker camber combination and snowboarding today it's the perfect all-mountain all conditions. Profile that will leave you stoked and smiling from ear-to-ear our standard. Construction is the top of the line for. Most other brands our well proven high quality materials allow us to produce great performing boards that don't break the bank the four centimeter. By two centimeter v insert combination. Lets you adjust your stance to the optimum position absorb nits is an. Innovative top layer that absorbs unwanted vibrations this allows us to. Develop responsive dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free. Ride our standard 90 degree bi axial. Fiberglass is designed for forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex bomb-proof and reliable it's. Perfect for all types of terrain and riders this is our standard poplar core. Combined with beach reinforcements in the nose and tail for more pop and better stiffness and torsion it delivers. A consistent ride with lots of life out. Standard 90-degree bi axial fiberglass is designed for a forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex the n 5000 is. Our universal base it's designed to. Absorb wax and retain it longer exceptionally durable this base will take you anywhere for more info check. Our night occur calm.

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