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  Smith Vantage Helmet - Women's Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's Anon Omega MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's Smith Riot Chromapop Goggles - Women's Pret Helmets Lyric X Helmet - Women's Anon Greta Helmet - Women's Bern Juno Goggles - Women's Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 C.Air Helmet - Women's Bern Muse EPS Helmet - Women's Anon Auburn MIPS Helmet - Women's Anon Tempest MFI Goggles - Women's Marker Consort Helmet - Women's
  Smith Vantage Helmet - Women's Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's Anon Omega MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's Smith Riot Chromapop Goggles - Women's Pret Helmets Lyric X Helmet - Women's Anon Greta Helmet - Women's Bern Juno Goggles - Women's Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 C.Air Helmet - Women's Bern Muse EPS Helmet - Women's Anon Auburn MIPS Helmet - Women's Anon Tempest MFI Goggles - Women's Marker Consort Helmet - Women's
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Audio Compatible yes, ear pads compatible with aftermarket audio yes, compatible with aftermarket speakers - yes - yes yes yes, compatible with Outdoor Tech speakers (not included) yes yes - - yes yes, compatible with aftermarket audio - yes yes, Skullcandy audio system compatible yes
Brand Bern Anon Anon Smith Bern Anon Sweet Protection Pret Helmets Salomon Smith Anon Smith Marker Salomon Bern Bern Smith Anon
Fit Adjustment Boa dial - - [small] 51-55cm, [medium] 55-59cm, [large] 59-63cm - 360-degree Boa Fit System Occigrip turndial RCS fit system with control dial custom dial dial - - RTS Custom Air Fit System (air bladder liner with pump) - Boa Boa FS360 fit system Auto-Adjust Fit System
Impact Foam EPS impact foam - - Aerocore (EPS, Koroyd) - EPS, MIPS impact shields (EPS) EPS impact foam, MIPS technology EPS 4D EPS - - EPS EPS 4D impact foam - EPS Aerocore technology featuring Koroyd, EPS foam EPS
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years lifetime 1 year lifetime 3 years 2 years 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding skiing/snowboarding all-mountain riding, all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder riding, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding skiing, snowboarding skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking skiing, snowboarding skiing, snowboarding
Shell Material Thinshell (thin ABS shell) Endura hardshell construction - polycarbonate - polycarbonate ABS thermoplastic shell In-Mold (polycarbonate shell) in-mold polycarbonate - - Double In-Mold In-Mold construction (polycarbonate shell) - ABS thinshell Hybrid SL Shell In-Mold Shell (polycarbonate)
Certifications - ASTM 2040, CE 1077B, CE 1078:2012 + A1:2012 - ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B - CE 1077B, ASTM 2040 CE EN1077 class B, ASTM2040 ASTM F2040, CE EN1077 CE-EN1077 / ASTM F-2040 ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B - - CE EN 1077:2007 Class B CE-EN1077, ASTM F-2040 - ASTM F 2040, EN 1077B, CPSC, EN 1078 ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 Class B CE 1077B, ASTM 2040
Ventilation - passive ventilation - AirEvac2 (14 vents, adjustable) - active ventilation (15 vents) optimal ventilation VTT1 intake and exhaust ports active ventilation slider - - 2 position climate control, MarkAIR Active Ventilation with control slider - - AirEvac 2 system, 21 vents Passive Ventilation, goggle ventilation channel

Smith Vantage Helmet - Women's

Your helmet is as essential to shredding as your ski poles or your snowboard boots, so it shouldn't feel like a burden when you're wearing one. The Smith Women's Vantage Helmet offers lightweight and stylish protection with features designed to enhance comfort and provide superior safety on the slopes.

This season, Smith engineered the Vantage with Aerocore construction, which combines lightweight EPS construction with revolutionary Koroyd material. This unique material absorbs more impact than traditional foams while simultaneously improving breathability and reducing weight and bulk. The result is greater comfort, a lighter feel, and improved protection. AirEvac 2 ventilation features 21 vents that can be fully opened on warm spring days, partially closed when temps drop, or completely shut in the middle of a snowstorm.

The Nanosilver lining has a women-specific fit and anti-odor features that keep the helmet from getting too funky. The Snapfit SL2 Ear Pads provide a warm and cozy seal around your ears on colder days, and they're removable for comfort of warm spring days. Plus, they're compatible with Skullcandy audio systems (sold separately) so you can crank up the tunes to keep you stoked while you shred.

  • Snowsport helmet features Hybrid SL construction
  • Aerocore construction featuring Koroyd absorbs more impact
  • Adjustable AirEvac 2 ventilation with 21 vents for airflow
  • Adjustable Boa FS360 fit system has precise settings
  • Nanosilver performance lining resists the buildup of odors
  • Snapfit Sl2 ear pads are removable for warm days
  • Removable ultralight goggle lock secures eyewear
  • Item #SMI00AM
  • You. This is what's left of my 2014 smith. Vantage helmet i really like everything. About the features but just wanted to share my experience taking a good hit with it took a hit to the back of the. Head i caught a heel side edge and landed on some ice as you can see like a. Good single impact helmet got lots of. Cracking right around the area of impact but then also other cracks throughout. The shell all the way up to the front as that energy is dispersed this is their choroid material that they claim. Disperses the energy 30% more effectively for my money i got up i was. Laughing i did not realize how hard i. Had hit and i rode the rest of the day so that's why i have another one of these in the mail so smith vantage highly recommended.

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    Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's

    As the first soft-foam goggle on the market, the Bern Women's Monroe Goggle with Bonus Lens conforms to every contour on your face with its ultra-supple, incredibly lightweight Plusfoam frame. This recycled frame material virtually eliminates pressure points, allowing for an unprecedented fit over widely varying face shapes. It features a larger size with its spherical vented lens for uncompromising peripheral clarity when you're bombing steeps and negotiating crowded weekend slopes.

    Facilitating on-the-fly lens swapping, Lens Pop tech features seven retention points for quick-and-easy lens changes. Additionally, the included bonus lens adapts to widely varying lighting and weather conditions. Keep the bonus lens handy in high-alpine environments where it's often bluebird one minute and socked-in the next. Another thing to note, the Monroe Goggle's larger size integrates nicely with Bern helmets without the dreaded "gaper gap," also working well with other popular helmets on the market.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Spherical vented lens
  • Plusfoam frame (100% recycled)
  • Lens Pop tech with 7 retention points
  • Bonus lens included
  • Goggle bag included
  • Item #BRN001R
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    Anon Omega MIPS Helmet - Women's

    Stay safer on the slopes without sacrificing style or comfort with the Anon Women's Omega MIPS Helmet. In-mold construction keeps it lightweight and low-profile so you'll hardly even notice it's there, and the 360-degree Boa fit system lets you fine-tune the fit with the twist of a dial for a secure, comfy fit that's free of pressure points. MIPS technology reduces the force of angled impacts, which are common when you take a spill while going downhill. Active ventilation lets you control the amount of air flowing through the fifteen vents, allowing you to quickly make minor adjustments so you stay comfortable throughout the day. Long hair fleece on the liner and ear pads offer plush warmth, but you can also take out the liner when you just want to rock a beanie underneath.

  • Sleek, stylish, and comfy protection for the mountain
  • MIPS reduces rotational force from angled impacts
  • In-Mold construction is lightweight, low-profile, and strong
  • 360-degree Boa fit system for fine-tuned fit
  • Active ventilation lets you control amount of airflow
  • Long-hair fleece liner offers plush, cozy comfort
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle is easy to operate with gloves
  • Removable liner and ear pads for spring shredding
  • Item #ANO004A
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    Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's

    The Bern Women's Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet is here to help your head whether you're skiing down Pioneer Peak or mountain biking the Lakes Loop. Certified for both sports, the Brighton uses a thin ABS shell that feels good in summer and winter, and you can switch out the included EPS Winter Liner for Bern's EPS Summer Comfort Liner. Boa's adjustable dial ensures a secure, wraparound fit. There are slots inside each ear pad for audio compatibility.

  • ABS thin shell
  • EPS foam
  • Removable EPS Winter Liner
  • Boa adjustable dial system
  • Audio compatible ear pads
  • Item #BRN002G
  • You. Sup ladies have i got the helmet for you. Right here this is the burn brighton bike helmet it's got a really core skate. Inspired look that's going to be the. The Best style for riding around the city or riding around your neighborhood it's got a clean profile on it with our shine line right here which separates the top from the bottom of the helmet which results in a really low profile look so this helmet isn't going to look like a big goofy dome on your head it's got an adjuster on the back which really brings the helmet into back of your head which results in a really great fit as home it's not going to go anywhere on your head it's got a visor on the front here. Which is kind of track inspired style flips up and down so you can rock it. Either way you want and yeah check it out the burn brighton bike helmet here at the house boardshop.

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    Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's

    Whether you're ripping groomers, exploring the backcountry, or playing in the park, the Smith Women's Mirage Helmet offers up performance and comfort for all-day shredding. Its lightweight shell combined with a foam liner provide protection without the weight, and the unique honeycomb-looking material, Koroyd ®, further enhances impact-resistance while keeping the helmet's weight low and promoting ventilation. Multiple vents equipped with an adjustable slider system makes it easy to dump hot air if the day heats up and close the vents again when the temperature drops and the wind starts to whip. The fit is easily adjustable, too, thanks to a dial at the back of the helmet, providing a secure, comfortable feel.

  • Comfortable helmet for adventures on the snow
  • Lightweight construction offers comfortable, breathable protection
  • Multiple vents provide adjustable climate control
  • Dial fit system for customized fit
  • Item #SMI00IV
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    Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's

    For clear views of the fresh snow, grab your favorite powder skis and the Anon Insight Sonar Goggle and get after it. This stylish snow goggle features the new technology of Sonar, a joint endeavor between Anon and Zeiss, delivering increased depth perception and enhanced contrast. While you're enjoying your crisp, colorful views of the winter wonderland around you, you'll also appreciate the natural ventilation and comfort that's built right into the Insight's frame. Full perimeter channel venting helps bring fresh air into the goggles while pulling water vapor away, and the moisture-wicking fleece foam provides a perfect goggle-to-face fit. Anon designed the lens with Integral Clarity Technology (ICT), which combines a porous inner lens with anti-fog treatment, helping shed moisture before it has a chance to ruin your next run. And—of course—the Insight features Anon's easy-change magnetic lens system, with a bonus lens to boot.

  • Enjoy crystal clear views of your favorite snowy mountains
  • Sonar lens created to enhance contrast and depth perception
  • Anti-fog technology keeps your lens clear from pesky moisture
  • Well-ventilated frames enhance goggle's anti-fogging nature
  • Moisture-wicking fleece foam offers good fit and comfort
  • Magnetic interchangeable lens system is oh-so-easy to maneuver
  • Item #ANO004K
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    Smith Riot Chromapop Goggles - Women's

    Disturb the still, silent snow with your destructive skis, and be sure to revel in each snowflake's chaotic flailing through the Smith Women's Riot ChromaPop Goggles and Bonus Lens. With Smith's most innovative technology, the Riot's ChromaPop enhances clarity and natural color for sharper sights, easier color recognition, and a more confident performance. The cylindrical, scratch-resistant, carbonic x-lens also features Tapered Lens Technology for enhanced clarity, and the 5X anti-fog inner lens maintains clarity when you work up a sweat. The frame features DriWix face foam for moisture management and cushy comfort, and the interchangeable lens system includes a bonus lens so you can swap them right out of the box.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • See every snowflake shift underneath your ski with the Riot Goggle
  • ChromaPop enhances clarity for a confident performance
  • Cylindrical, scratch-resistant, carbonic x-lens
  • TLT Tapered Lens Technology ensures crystal clarity
  • 5X anti-fog inner lens maintains clarity in sweaty situations
  • DriWix face foam manages moisture at the frame
  • Interchangeable lens with bonus lens
  • Item #SMI00DP
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    Pret Helmets Lyric X Helmet - Women's

    Slip on the Pret Women's Lyric X Helmet, turn up your favorite jams, and drop into the park and enjoy the helmet's low-profile fit, exceptional impact protection, cozy fleece liner, and audio-compatible ear pads. Upgraded with MIPS over the standard Lyric Helmet by Pret, the Lyric X helps to dissipate rotational forces when you come in hot and overshoot a jump or catch your nose in some powder, only to ragdoll down the mountain.

    MIPS technology is comprised of an elastomeric liner that allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, dissipating rotational forces resulting from angled impacts with the snow and other terrain features. Ultimately, it's a cutting-edge technology that's nice to have when things go bad on the mountain, helping you protect your most valuable asset from hard spills, knocks, and bumps along the way.

    The rest of the Lyric X is nearly identical to the standard Lyric, and that's a good thing if you're seeking a lightweight and low-profile helmet that's well ventilated and cozy-warm. The Lyric X's EcoSmart liner of recycled fleece maintains soft-wearing warmth on those chilly shred sessions, with the ability to plug up the VTT1 ventilation ports when things get a bit too chilly. Pret's RCS fit system dials in the fit and feel to your exact liking, so you won't have to deal with excess movement or sloppy fit issues. Moreover, the audio-ready ear pads are compatible with the latest speakers from Outdoor Tech, so you can turn up the jams and find some musical motivation.

  • Low-profile helmet upgraded with MIPS technology
  • MIPS reduces rotational forces from angled crashes
  • In-Mold construction keeps it light and low profile
  • RCS fit system with adjustable dial for a custom fit
  • VTT1 ventilation ports along front, top, and rear
  • EcoSmart liner of recycled fleece for coziness
  • Compatible with Outdoor Tech speakers (not included)
  • Item #PRH000X
  • The lyric is pressed no frills women's. Specific helmets featuring passive ventilation it's perfect for hiking the park or cruising the resort it uses a super light in-mold construction and comes in a variety of colors for safety that complements everybody's style.

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    Anon Greta Helmet - Women's

    Protect your most valuable asset when you're charging the park and ripping steep alpine lines with the Anon Women's Greta Helmet. Featuring Endura hardshell construction, the Greta Helmet fortifies your head from the hard knocks, everyday spills, and high-speed impacts you're bound to encounter over multiple seasons of riding.

    Passive ventilation along the front and top allows built-up heat to escape on warmer spring days, so you won't succumb to overheating issues. It comes with a classic fleece liner and ear pads for fuzzy-soft comfort, and it's compatible with aftermarket audio systems for seamlessly jamming out on the mountain. Also, there's a removable goggle clip, so you can rock your goggles in a secure fashion along the outside of the helmet or wear the goggle strap underneath.

  • Protects your head from harsh crashes and impacts
  • Endura hardshell construction withstands multiple impacts
  • Passive ventilation panels eliminate overheating issues
  • Classic fleece liner and ear pads maintain fuzzy warmth
  • Audio-compatible ear pads for jamming out on the mountain
  • Removable clip for a secure fit with your favorite goggles
  • Item #ANO003W
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    Bern Juno Goggles - Women's

    Designed to maximize your peripheral vision with its sweeping spherical lens, the Women's Juno Goggle by Bern excels at everything from skiing across open powder in the alpine to dropping into the trees on stormy days where visibility is limited. Its mid-sized design caters to female wearers seeking a seamless fit with their helmet, but without it being oversized or feeling awkward on their face. Additionally, you'll find the plush face foam features integrated venting to reduce fogging in wet conditions.

    It's equipped with Bern's LensPop technology, which allows for painless lens swapping with seven points of retention for security when changing between lenses. There's an included bonus lens for adapting to varying conditions, whether it rapidly clears up after a snowstorm or you're faced with socked-in conditions at the summit of your favorite mountain. Both lenses feature a mirrored finish for optimized clarity and increased contrast in specific lighting conditions.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Maximizes peripheral vision with its spherical design
  • Spherical lens with mirrored finish for reduced glare
  • LensPop for quickly swapping out lenses on the mountain
  • Bonus lens included for adapting to changing conditions
  • Plush face foam with integrated vents to prevent fogging
  • Medium fit is ideal for female skiers and riders
  • Seamless integration with Bern winter helmets
  • Item #BRN004H
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    Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet - Women's

    The Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet is back, and it's not just a figment of optical illusion, whatever its name may imply. It features all the comfort you need for long days taking laps, with adjustable venting and a lightweight in-mold construction. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps reduce rotational forces that occur during an oblique impact, and Smith's Aerocore construction combines traditional EPS foam with proprietary Koroyd in order to increase impact resistance and improve airflow. A dial-fit system makes it easy to microadjust the fit—even with a gloved hand—while a cozy liner keeps you warm against the howling wind. The snap in earpieces are audio-compatible, should you desire tunes while you ride, and they can easily be removed when the days are warm.

  • Comfortable helmet for riders that like to explore
  • In-mold construction provides lightweight comfort
  • MIPS technology reduces rotational forces from oblique impacts
  • Aerocore material increases impact resistance from spills
  • Adjustable venting keeps you cool during lengthy traverses
  • Snapfit earpads keep your ears warm on chilly winter days
  • Item #SMI00IU
  • Hey guys sara here si at the smith introduced to. You the new mirage helmet for 2018-19 collection you buy this helmet at buckman's calm the mirage is new women's. Piece it has 14 bends technology. Including mips choroid for ultimate. Protection and is also audio compatible go buy it at buckman.

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    Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's

    Keep your pow turns deep and your resort look on point with the Salomon Women's Icon2 Helmet on your head. Salomon can't guarantee you'll ski bottomless pow all day with this all-mountain brain bucket, but they can assure you'll be ripping up the frontside in style. The in-mold design is lightweight and low-profile, while retaining the tough, durable properties you'd expect out of a helmet.

    The Icon2's EPS 4D liner helps absorb and distribute energy from angular and vertical impacts, and the custom dial system is quick and easy to adjust. The active ventilation and removable ear pads work to combat overheating during sunny springtime shred, and the climate control lining is not only plush and fuzzy, but it also wicks moisture to fight off noggin sweat.

  • A sleek helmet for ripping up the frontside
  • In-mold design is low-profile and lightweight
  • EPS 4D liner helps absorb energy from oblique and vertical impacts
  • Active ventilation keeps your head cool
  • Custom dial is easy to adjust
  • Climate control lining is moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Faux fur is soft and cozy on frigid storm days
  • Removable ear pads are audio compatible
  • Item #SAL014V
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    Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Helmet - Women's

    The Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Helmet provides comfortable and lightweight freeride protection with plenty of ventilation to keep you confidently skiing or riding in the backcountry in cool comfort. Its injection-molded ABS shell delivers high performance in a light weight package while the inner impact shields absorb and distribute shock when you take a tumble. The Igniter also features MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain when you crash. Inside the helmet is Sweet Protection's performance interior for easy fit adjustments and excellent ventilation. Its 3D shaped vented lining wicks moisture and is removable so you can easily wash it. Topping it all off, the helmet is audio compatible so you can jam to your favorite tunes as you send it when you add Sweet Protection's Audio Chips.

  • High-performance backcountry helmet for high-intensity skiing
  • Molded ABS shell delivers a high performance to weight ratio
  • MIPS technology helps to reduce rotational forces during impact
  • Impact shields absorb and distribute shock when you take a tumble
  • 3D shaped vented lining offers cool comfort on technical descents
  • Lining is moisture wicking and removable for convenient washing
  • Fidlock magnetic hook buckle is easy to use with gloved hands
  • Audio ready system is prepared to have you jamming on the slopes
  • Item #SET003D
  • My name is johnny we're here at a outdoor retailer snow show we're at sweet protection it's a norwegian company that's kind of just launching our snow helmets here in north america for 2018 we have the switcher just won. The espo gold award it's an advanced. Hybrid shell construction which means that it's part in mold and part she'll offer some unique protection. We like to balance rigidity with. Elasticity to dampen the energy of the impact we have multiple different densities of foam eps foam on the inside. We have a close working relationship with mips technology we believe in. What they're doing we have some unique one-turn ventilation. System audio ready retails for 219 and. Then to 49 for the mips version okay tell me what mips is a. Multi-directional impact protection system so a lot of impacts are linear. Right so a linear kind of direct on so mips solves for rotational impacts so a. Lot of a lot of the impacts that you hit when you hit snow or rocks or whatever it might be it might not be directly straight they'd be from the sides so what mips is a low friction layer. Between your head and the helmet that. Slides and allows for some of that. Rotational energy to get transferred to the helmet and not to your neck. And award if the advanced technology and. The attention to detail we recommend me to replace your helmet every three to five years due to uv breakdown yeah awesome and we've got some. Yes some nice colorways there you go but these one so you've got. A mips and a knot men non mips version correct yes so the ones with the shiny. Or the myths i know what you're looking for with the mips versions is you're looking for this little yellow dot okay that's kind of their trademark sign so are you going to be sacrificing safety if you've got a non mips version we. Believe in the technology yep and we. Think that it's worth you know save twenty or thirty bucks on your jacket or your socks and throw down for mips. Because it's technology that's data-driven and proven it's not subjective like how its key fields or snowboard fields its mips and collecting. Data on rotational forces for over twenty years, and they're experts and, and we believe in what they do i. Mean projectors kind of the high end for. Well it's because we're we're users we. Like to say we make products for people who really use them and it's its it's a. Very sort of data-driven business like you can actually measure the results we've had some good independent third-party testing that that shows that what we're doing is pretty unique, and we take head safety. Seriously yeah sweet protection calm.

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    Salomon Icon2 C.Air Helmet - Women's

    It's best to be wearing the Salomon Women's Icon2 C.Air Helmet before you point it downhill at speeds usually reserved for highway vehicles and send thirty-foot jumps in the park where falling isn't an option. Built with Salomon's EPS 4D foam, the Icon2 C.Air Helmet is able to absorb crushing impact forces when you take a nasty spill. The In-Mold shell maintains a low-profile, incredibly lightweight feel that's barely noticeable when you're wearing it for long hours on the mountain.

    Another unique feature of this helmet is the Custom Air Fit System, which employs an air-adjustable bladder that fine-tunes the helmet's fit with a rear pump. This system is similar to those old-school baseketball sneakers with the pump on the tongue, acting to secure and lock-down the helmet from bobbling around and moving excessively at higher speeds. This unique fit system is complemented with Active Ventilation that opens and closes the helmet's ventilation to the specific conditions on the mountain.

  • Protective peace of mind for going big
  • In-Mold construction retains a low-profile feel
  • EPS 4D impact foam dissipates crushing impacts
  • Custom Air Fit system pumps up for a secure fit
  • Active Ventilation with slider that adjusts vents
  • Faux fur lining with ActiveDry for quicker drying
  • Compatible with aftermarket audio systems
  • Item #SAL014U
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    Bern Muse EPS Helmet - Women's

    Originally responsible for placing Bern on the map with progressive skiers and riders, the Women's Muse EPS Helmet is back for another year of park and all-terrain domination. Drawing a cult-like following with its lightweight, low-profile feel, impact protection, and prominent brim, the Muse EPS is hard to beat in terms of overall comfort, rugged protection, and eye-catching aesthetics. Plus, the helmet's affordability leaves your wallet intact for season pass funds and post-shred parties in town afterwards.

    The winning recipe for the Muse EPS Helmet all starts with its Thinshell construction, which fuses a thin ABS shell to protective EPS foam. This allows the helmet to effectively dissipate crushing impact forces, but without the excess heft and bulky feel you'd normally associate with snow helmets. Bern then adds a sculpted brim for stand-out style, so your friends can quickly spot you in the park or waiting at the bottom of the mountain. Other key features include an adjustable Boa dial for a secure, head-wrapping fit, as well as a cozy knit liner for lofty warmth on those colder days.

  • Balances lightweight feel with rugged protection
  • Prominent brim for stand-out style on the mountain
  • Thinshell design keeps it lightweight and low-profile
  • EPS foam disperses crushing impacts on the mountain
  • Boa dial provides micro-adjustable fit, secure feel
  • Cozy knit liner for added warmth in cold conditions
  • Audio-compatible ear pads (speakers not included)
  • Item #BRN004O
  • You'll find all the top features together in one helmet with a burn makin summer eps helmet this multi-sport lid. Offers certified crash protection for bike skate and ski pursuits the helmet. Is hard but thin abs shell protects it from routine bumps and combines with the eps hard foam interior to deliver certified crash protection for all of your favorite action sports from ski and snowboard to bike and skate the maken is. Available with or without the removable cloth visor the visor is a great addition on bright sunny days and it's easy to remove when the conditions change the helmet also features a full set of. Engineered air vents for maximum climate control it's a goggle compatible and. Includes an interchangeable liner with winter upgrades and a goggle clip so you'll be raring to go for winter to set. Yourself up for all season action with the burn makin summer eps helmet it's the solution to your multi sport head. Protection needs.

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    Anon Auburn MIPS Helmet - Women's

    The Anon Auburn MIPS Helmet is ready for a day on the slopes. Its In-Mold shell construction delivers comfort and a sleek, low-profile fit for performance. Equipped with a Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS), the helmet's low friction layer allows the helmet slide relative to the head for more protection against rotational movements when you take a tumble. It's not only very simple, but very effective.

    The Auburn is equipped with plenty of features to keep you comfortable as well. For example, multiple vents throughout the helmet keep goggles clear and maintain a comfortable temperature through a full day on the slopes. The Auto-Adjust Fit System with removable ear pads and lining help you find the perfect fit and comfort level to match the conditions outside. A long hair fleece liner and ear pads wick moisture and offer warmth, or remove them and layer up under the helmet with a beanie. For an easy in and out, the Fidlock magnetic snap helmet buckle allows you to open and close it with just one hand when you're wearing gloves.

  • In-Mold Shell construction offers comfort in sleek, low-profile fit
  • MIPS helps protect against rotational movement when taking a tumble
  • Passive Ventilation help keep goggles clear, adds lasting comfort
  • Long hair fleece on liner and ear pads wick moisture, add warmth
  • Ear pads and liner are removable for spring days or beanie layering
  • Auto-Adjust Fit System helps achieve the perfect fit on any day
  • Fidlock snap helmet buckle is easy to use even with gloved hands
  • Audio accessory compatible for jamming favorite tunes on the slopes
  • Item #ANO004T
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    Anon Tempest MFI Goggles - Women's

    When meteorologists are calling for feet of fresh, grab your board and the Anon Women's Tempest MFI Goggles before heading over the pass to the local mountain. This spherical goggle mimics the curvature of the human eye, providing a large, unobstructed field of view with minimal distortion along the periphery of the lens. Anon's spherical lens comes with a mirrored finish for enhanced contrast and clarity in a variety of lighting conditions and alpine environments.

    Boasting Magnetic Facemask Integration, the Tempest MFI seamlessly attaches to the included MFI facemask with four magnets along the bottom of the goggle frame. This gives you complete coverage, especially on the summit where whipping winds make you susceptible to frostbite. Full perimeter channel vents combine with Integral Clarity Technology (i.e. Anon's anti-fog treatment) for clear vision without succumbing to fogging, even in raging snowstorms and sopping-wet conditions alike. Additionally, the Tempest MFI Goggles have Flush Mount Outriggers that adapt to the shape of your face and accommodate most helmets on the market.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Spherical goggle with Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI)
  • Included MFI facemask for seamless protection from the elements
  • Anon spherical lens maintains large field of view and clear optics
  • Full perimeter vents + Integral Clarity Tech for fog-free vision
  • Flush Mount Outriggers adapt to different face shapes and helmets
  • Item #ANO003O
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    Marker Consort Helmet - Women's

    Whether your day calls for park laps or secret powder stashes, the Marker Women's Consort Helmet will handle all of your resort adventures. The Consort provides protection and flawless style with its double in-mold construction, featuring an impact-resistant EPS foam on the inside of the helmet and a durable polycarbonate outer shell for strength and puncture resistance. Additionally, the MarkAIR ventilation system, dual-position climate control, and the removable ear pads allow you to dial in the perfect fit and temperature.

    Since all noggins are all unique snowflakes, the size adjustment is quick and easy thanks to the RTS fit system. For maximum comfort and a cushy fit, the lining is made of Volume Fleece that has increased warmth and an antibacterial treatment. This sweet helmet is ready to take on anything with great styling and features that make it a great choice for a season of skiing or riding.

  • A stylish helmet to rip the frontside
  • In-mold construction is light and durable
  • MarkAIR channel system for efficient ventilation
  • RTS fit system is easily adjustable
  • Volume Fleece provides cozy comfort on storm days
  • Removable ear pads for sunny spring days
  • Fidlock OG buckle can be undone with one hand
  • Item #MRK002Z
  • L'amp ailleurs c'est le casque haut de gamme de chez marqueurs que j'utilise toute l'année et non rider utilise aussi parce qu'on a une bonne protection sur la tête sur le dessus et en même temps une légèreté et un confort donc ce. Casque est conçu en deux parties dont la partie dure qu kbs qu'on appelle sur le dessus qui permet de résister à tous les chocs et la partie moule et qu'on appelle une mode qui est une partie beaucoup plus légère qui est un mec plus qu'à du plus léger est aussi confortable. Donc comme tous les casques marqueur il est équipé d'un clip aimante et qui permet d'enlever le casque d'une main quand on a les skis les bâtons d'une main l'autre côté on peut enlever le casque facilement ensuite un système de ventilation qu'on pourra régler vraiment soi aurait complètement soit un peu fermé donc vraiment ajustable et ensuite. Bien sûr la molette qui permet d'ajuster le casque donc sur l'employeur autiste. On retrouve une mousse qui s'appelle lors temmar qui permet d'avoir une meilleure absorption des chocs.

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