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  Tru-Fire Bullseye Jr. Release Shooter™ Buck 3-D Archery Target Bear® Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow Package Obsession Bows Hashtag Compound Bow Package Bear® Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound-Bow Package Neet® Tube Quiver for Youth - Right or Left Hand Neet Products® Youth Range Armguard PSE Guide Youth Compound Bow PSE® Mini Burner™ RTS Compound Bow Package Diamond by Bowtech Carbon Knockout R.A.K. Compound-Bow Package Bohning Web Armguard Easton® N/Genesis Nock Bear® Archery Brave Flo Orange Compound-Bow Package Barnett Tomcat™ 2 Youth Compound Bow Genesis® Colored Compound-Bow Kit Scott Archery® Youth Buzz Bow Release The Block® Genz Youth Target Beman ICS Hunter Junior Arrows – 12-Pack
 Tru-Fire Bullseye Jr. ReleaseShooter™ Buck 3-D Archery TargetBear® Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow PackageObsession Bows Hashtag Compound Bow PackageBear® Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound-Bow PackageNeet® Tube Quiver for Youth - Right or Left HandNeet Products® Youth Range ArmguardPSE Guide Youth Compound BowPSE® Mini Burner™ RTS Compound Bow PackageDiamond by Bowtech Carbon Knockout R.A.K. Compound-Bow PackageBohning Web ArmguardEaston® N/Genesis NockBear® Archery Brave Flo Orange Compound-Bow PackageBarnett Tomcat™ 2 Youth Compound BowGenesis® Colored Compound-Bow KitScott Archery® Youth Buzz Bow ReleaseThe Block® Genz Youth TargetBeman ICS Hunter Junior Arrows – 12-Pack
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BrandBear ArcheryPSEBowTechShooter BuckField LogicBohningBear ArcheryBarnettTru-FireNEET PRODUCTS--EastonNEET PRODUCTSBearPSEGenesisBeman
Axle to Axle-25.25"30"---32"29.75"---32 3/8 inches--31"26"35.5"-
Brace Height (in)-7 inches7"---6.5"7.93 inches---6 3/8 inches--7.25"6 5/8"7.63 inches-
Draw Length-16.5" - 26"22.5" - 27"---12" - 30"21" - 23"---18 - 26.5 inches--20" - 30"16" - 26 1/2"15" - 30"-
Draw Weight-12 - 29 lb40-50 lbs---5 - 70 lbs17 - 22 lb---15 - 60 lbs--50-70 lbs5 - 40 lbs10 - 20 lb-
Weight (lb, oz)-1 lb, 8 oz3.2 lbs---3 lb, 9 oz3 lb, 7 oz---3.4 lbs--4 lbs2.7 lbs3 lb, 6 oz-

Tru-Fire Bullseye Jr. Release

Heat-treated jaws and adjustable, spring-loaded triggers are Teflon®-coated for durability. Soft-brushed camo strap fits small wrists. Fits right or left hand. Made in USA.
Colors: Camo, Pink.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hi I'm Marco true fire. This is the bullseye junior release. It is smaller most other releases out on the market but it's not short on features. It has an infinitely adjustable velcro strap that's easy for the little hands to grab. It also has a one-inch position adjustment here at the base of the strap so. You can move the head in. And out to just that length of pull the trigger travel is also adjustable by the use of a set screw. And the jaws are spring activated. You pull they automatically close. You release so if you're looking for. That perfect release for the little archers check out the bullseye junior thank you.

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Shooter™ Buck 3-D Archery Target

With a 25% larger insert than comparable 3-D targets, this lifelike target will stand up to hundreds of impacts from field tips, broadheads and expandables. A 125" Pope & Young rack, lifelike detail and a 31" shoulder height give it the look of a real buck. Legs remove for easy storage. Weather-resistant construction. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Bear® Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow Package

  • Fires arrows up to 300 fps
  • Dual cam system with a 70% let-off
  • Super smooth draw cycle
  • Peak draw weight range of 50 to 70 lbs.
  • Draw length range of 20" to 30"
  • A great bow for the first-time bowhunter, the Bear Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow Package comes ready for action. Outfitted with a 70% let-off, dual cam system, this bow offers a super smooth draw cycle with good speed and efficiency. Firing arrows towards your target at speeds up to 300 fps, this high-performance hunting bow also offers great adjustability to give you both speed and comfort in the stand or blind. Grow-with-you design gives bowhunters a peak draw weight range of 50 to 70 lbs. and a draw length range of 20" to 30" to help you find that perfect fit and balance. Manageable 31" from axle-to-axle. 7-1/4" brace height. 4 lbs.

    Bear Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow Package includes: Trophy Ridge three-pin sight, Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, peep sight, and D-loop.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Obsession Bows Hashtag Compound Bow Package

  • Hybrid PR cams - smooth draw, 80% Let-Off, big performance
  • Up to 308 fps
  • Easy, press-free draw length adjustment from 18"-26.5"
  • 3-piece. FX Limb Pockets reduce cam lean and eliminate limb torque
  • Wide-ranging draw weight adjustment - 15-60 lbs.
  • Packed with performance features, the Hashtag Compound Bow Package from Obsession Bows makes a great bow choice for young hunters and smaller-framed adults. Pairing a wide range of adjustment with big performance capability, this smooth-drawing bow makes a great choice for parents looking for a grow-with-you bow for their child. A progressive cam with a smooth draw cycle, the Hybrid PR cams launch arrows up to 308 fps. This high performance, 80% Let-Off cam system also features laser-numbered rotating mods for easy, press-free draw length adjustment from 18"-26.5". Built around a stiff, machined aluminum FX riser for stability through the draw, the Hashtag also features Obsession Bows' 3-piece. FX Limb Pockets to ensure precise alignment from the riser to the limbs, reducing cam lean and eliminating limb torque. Wide-ranging draw-weight adjustment from 15-60 lbs. makes it easy for developing archers to find the right balance of performance and control as they grow. Made in USA.

    Package includes: fiber optic sight with light, Trophy Taker XFC Drop-Away Arrow Rest, Trophy Taker Vise Quiver, Trophy Taker Buzzkiller Stabilizer, wrist sling, peep sight, and D-loop. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hello archers I'm Dustin. This product video brought to. You by your friends at Lancaster archery supply we're gonna be talking about the obsession hashtag bow package. And it's powered by the P R hybrid cam system so. We have a power cable. And a control cable. And a shoot string this bow is a 32-inch axel. It has a six and three eighths inch brace height with 80% let-off. It weighs three point seven pounds with. Nothing mounted on it the cam system is a modular cam system so as. We get longer in the draw length the bow does get. More efficient and faster. It has adjustable drawings from 18 inches to 26. And a half inches and a draw weight range of 15 pounds. All the way to 60 pounds. This boat is available in right. And left-handed black Realtree edge muddy girl. And a stars-and-stripes camo. That looks absolutely stunning this bow due to its nice mass weight is gonna be a great hunting bow for a short draw archer. Or maybe that stars-and-stripes pattern a target bow the package. You see on it has an extreme archery 4-pin fiber-optic bow sight. This trophy taker XFC rest this buzz killer stabilizer. This trophy taker vise quiver. It comes with a wrist long and a peep sight already installed please comment on.

    This video down below. You liked this video please hit. That like button you want to see. More videos like it subscribe to our channel. You have questions about. This product any others call. Us on the phone visit. Us in the showroom or click to talk to as expert at Lancaster archery calm you.

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    Bear® Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound-Bow Package

  • High-performance, grow-with-you bow with Ready-to-Hunt package
  • MV1 cam system features DrawDial rotating modules
  • EnduraFiber Quad Limbs power the impressive speed
  • Bi-dimensionally adjustable SonicStop offset string suppressor
  • Advanced grip design eliminates hand torque
  • Engineered to excel for bowhunters of any age or skill level, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH (Ready To Hunt) Compound-Bow Package offers maximum versatility to meet a hunter's needs. A grow-with-you bow with great shootability, the Cruzer G2 matches the extreme versatility of Bear's previous Cruzer bow and ups the performance across the board. With a draw weight range of 5 lbs. all the way up to 70 lbs. and draw length adjustability from 12" out to 30", the Cruzer G2 offers the perfect fit for nearly any archer or bowhunter. Bear's most versatile cam system, the MV1™, features DrawDial™ rotating modules to deliver the G2's deadly performance with wide-ranging adjustability. EnduraFiber™ Quad Limbs help power the impressive speed, sending arrows rocketing towards your target at speeds up to 315 fps. Compact for easy maneuverability in the stand or ground blind, this bow measures just 30" from axle-to-axle. The bi-dimensionally adjustable SonicStop™ offset string suppressor helps stop string vibration and noise, while the bow's advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy.

    Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, Trophy Ridge 4-pin sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer, Trophy Ridge sling, Trophy Ridge 5-arrow quiver, peep sight, and D-loop.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Darren MacDougall. Whether you're a new Archer. Or is serious bull hunter like. Me there's a new bow. You have to check out it's the new 2015 bear Cruiser. This bow comes with. Everything you need to hit the woods except for arrows. And broad heads included in. This package is a new four pin Joker sight from trophy Ridge as well as a whisker biscuit a five arrow quiver a stabilizer wrist sling loop. And peep sight again that's just about. Everything you need to hit the woods but what's really impressive about. This bow is its incredible adjust ability the MV cam can be adjusted from twelve to thirty inches. And that's just on one set of cams. And the inclusive modules. That come with this bow package on top of. That the Lim bolts can be adjusted from 5 to 70 pounds. You did hear that right 5 to 70 pounds it's probably the. Most adjustment on a single bow on a single set of limbs that's on the market today.

    What I really like about. This bow as you heard is its very quiet. It shoots very comfortably it's got a very trim low wrist style grip that's torque free. It actually is very similar to the grips on pretty much. All bears upper end bows so. This bow has a lot of features. And a lot of performance. All packed into a 32-inch axle to axle length but. This bowl only retails for 399 manufacturer's suggested retail price. You asked I don't think. Any better this bows been pounded tacks at 20 yards. Iplan on shooting at 30. And 40 in just a moment here thanks for watching today. You want to learn more about the cruiser go to bear archery products calm. Or visit your local retailer.

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    Neet® Tube Quiver for Youth - Right or Left Hand

  • Forward-angle strap with belt clip attachment
  • Made of black vinyl with attractive Cordura trim
  • Fits right or left hand
  • Neet Tube Quiver for Youth - Right or Left Hand has a forward-angle strap with belt clip attachment. Made of black vinyl with attractive Cordura® trim. 14" long with 2" dia. opening.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Neet Products® Youth Range Armguard

  • Protection for upper and lower arm
  • Comfortable backing
  • 4 pull-adjust elastic straps
  • Neet Youth Range Armguards are designed for both upper and lower arm protection. Comfortable backing with 4 pull-adjust elastic straps. String saver stave.
    Length: 9.5”.
    Camo pattern: Realtree AP®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    PSE Guide Youth Compound Bow

  • Grow-with-them system lets you adjust draw wt. and length
  • 12-lb. to 29-lb. draw weight paired to a 7" brace height
  • Ultracompact 25-1/4" axle-to-axle length
  • Cams adjust easily for draw lengths from 16-1/2" to 26"
  • Outfit your young hunter with PSE's Guide Youth Compound Bow so they're practiced and ready to hunt when that day arrives. Grow-with-them system lets you adjust draw wt. and length without the need of a bow press. As they grow, multiple adjustments ensure your kids have the proper draw length and are able to draw the bowstring back. 12-lb. to 29-lb. draw weight paired to a 7" brace height is easy for youngsters to pull back. Ultracompact 25-1/4" axle-to-axle length. Cams are easy to adjust for draw lengths from 16-1/2" to 26". Includes quiver, two fiberglass arrows, three finder rollers/savers, pin sight and arrow rest.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Iguess Chester Barnes Fall session I'm here at cinema Creek tonight. This is Lane my son we're gonna set him up with a new beau we're gonna start shooting some 3d archery together. And hopefully eventually lanes going to get to take his first deer with the bow so tonight. They set him up with a mission youth boat. And we've got him we got a draw length down. It a couple times have been pretty good he's a little weak shooting so. They suggested to us to leave the shots off. And leave the people off for now. And let him shoot for about a month. And get his get a strength built up then we're gonna come back for a follow up video installing the sights. And the peep sight I just hold. It up hold it straight up. This will be something we can grow with okay. Ibelieve the bow goes up look at the specs on. Iwant to say holy that camera does. You like black or camo okay let's let's get. This set I feel like it's gonna be for him okay. What he can grow if photos. All the way to 20 edges okay so before. He comes back so what you do so. What you wanna do is. You go back it behind your ear like. You to do okay and so then eventually he's gonna put a piece. Igonna string so you can look through the peep. You know like we do in the scope through the raffle. And it's gonna have little pins for your size just like on the other boat. And then you're gonna line those up ready so your finger stays behind the trigger okay do. You get ready to shoot. You get ready soon before your finger over. And then you'll pull the trigger.

    And the Bulbul I understand don't be nervous just it's ready. You know behind the trigger okay so kill the neighbor's dog. That was okay draw all the way back. All the way keep pulling there. We go no cup under your ear there. You go okay reach around for your trigger start to squeeze you're cleared here. We go nice one thing we're gonna have to build on strength arm strength yeah. Because he's kind of got the lane going already yeah. Because it's a lot of weight for him to start out with okay that's. One of the lighter weight bows. We have for you that will go with okay well. Iwould recommend keeping everything as light as possible so. You go with sites you go with. You know keep your quiver off yours no need for a quiver but.

    We go with some sights going for a lot of weight sighs okay tell Callie. You shot your first deer. This year with a rifle did. You it's all sir yeah man. This one's all about um so with. Iwould say we'll start here get them a release. You can manage something easy. Irecommend it is spring-loaded it's easier friend requires the dealings with. And then we'll get him spares. And just have them start go to emotion hopefully I'm starting no definitely getting in a good routine oh yeah you'll be. All right you think son yeah yes sir okay let's so we're pretty good on the length here. We just got get that get. That arm extended

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    PSE® Mini Burner™ RTS Compound Bow Package

  • Wide range of draw weight and length adjustment
  • Compact 26" design is easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight at just 2.7 lbs.
  • RTS package
  • Ensure a great first archery experience for a young archer with the PSE Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow Package. A great bow for developing archers, it offers draw weights up to 40 lbs. and a draw-length range of 16" to 26.5" to grow along with your youngster. Measuring just 26" from axle to axle and weighing just 2.7 lbs., first-time archers will have little trouble handling this compound bow. 65% let-off. 6-5/8" brace ht.
    PSE Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow Package includes: three-pin sight, arrow rest, five-arrow quiver, 6" stabilizer and three carbon arrows.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I'm Stephen Haines from artery supplies I'm here today to do a review on the PC mini burner ext compound bow suited for kids its very adjustable. What I consider the best kids compound bow on the market. And why do I consider the best kids compound bow not. Igot PSC shirt on it's the widest kids bar on the market to start off with in physical way. And I've just done a review of. All the kids compounds. This boat came up best. It was the most accurate. It was the lightest second fastest of the kids compounds they're very adjustable. One of the cheapest kids compounds. When you're talking compression limbs cast riser as opposed to plastic limbs plastic riser so. This review I want to talk about. You adjust this bow. And a bit about you know. Some features which. Ididn't discuss I was comparing kids compound bows in the other video so the mini burner comes in a purple which is. One there's a very dark purple so suitable for boys. Or girls good for target archery. It also comes in a skull works which is actually a black riser with skull work limbs on the pattern there. They are or deer skulls. And very hard to see the pattern. You can see there's a pattern. And also comes in the camo finish so three colors. It comes in 29 pounds 40 pounds. And 50 pounds the bows. Igenerally recommend are 40 pounds. Or 30 pounds because kids. This bow is aimed at the kids market. Though the drawing it goes out to 28 inches its still a aimed at the. You know smaller kid. Once a small kid you know a six-year old to the twelve thirteen year old as soon as.

    You go to 13 you're really staying a push. You know adult intermediate bows like the PC stinger. And other bows of that sort of nature. And just because of the axel size being so short on the mini burner xox. This is 26 inches which is very short so. Some things about the bow it's got the compression limbs which. You see pretty standard on. Most of the pse limbs piercing bows so. That means is as you draw. This bow back this limbs moving downwards. You shoot it moves upwards. And the bottom limb does the opposite so. It moves down so you shoot the bow there's very little force on. This bow moving forward in your hand the compression limbs.

    This is a piece of fiberglass which is under a lot of lots of pressure means. That puts more tension on the strings. And cables which means. That bow shoots better. Because the air is going to come out the string straighter. It wasn't compressional limbs like. Most of the other kids bows on the market. These strings won't be under a lot of tension they'll be sloppy. You shoot the string will move left to right. We get a lot of fluctuation in the shot so. Iwant to adjust in. This bow the bow is adjustable obviously here through poundage on your limbs but also as. You shorten the bow in the module it's got a rotating module just here as. You shorten the draw link.

    That also reduces poundage so a 40-pound bow. You shorten it to a 21-inch bow there's a little chart here which tells. How to adjust it basically drops the poundage back so 40-pound bow at 20 inches maybe 30 pound bow. And there's a chart here which shows. All the adjustments. You can make on it shows. What the perigee is. What it adjusts to so but my rule of thumb is. Most kids who. Itagging spur out will be around a 21 inch not 21 19 inch 20 inch draw length. That bow will be they generally started about 12 13 pounds. Ican get that again a 40-pound bow down to. Ican't get a 40 PO pound bow back by just adjusting the limbs. Ineed to adjust the cables to get. That sort of adjustment out of a 19. This bow here this is a book. This is a 40-pound bonuses. It goes down to five pounds but that's not really correct. It goes down to five pounds. You draw like there're 11 inches.

    Now eleven inches is gonna be about a three. Or four year old kid. Now three or four year old kids probably not gonna be shooting this boat so. Whether that's misleading or not I'm not here to say. It is adjustable there are settings to make. This bar 11 inches but it's. Something that doesn't really occur in real life. Most kids you know I've sold a lot of these mini burners. And I'm gonna say 95% of these bows sold are. You go be around 20 inches in draw length the page is always gonna be around 13 to 12 in poundage the 50-pound bow. Ican't adjust down enough for basically. All the kids I've sold. This bow to I can adjust. It I'm gonna go through. Ijustthis the 40-pound bow down to 13 pounds. And the adjustments on. That just in a second on how.

    That so for me for a child 30 pound child will generally not exceed 30 pounds till the age of maybe 12. This bow is readily sold easy to sell. This is going to be the easiest boat ever to sell. They cost retail probably a couple humming 370 370 you're probably going to get 250. You sell this bow that easy there's a bunch of people wanting kids bows. And very rarely sold. Because there's always other kids in the family coming along to buy a boat so quick features. This bow multiple sight pins here which is standing on pier see the narrow grip which is standing on pse stabilizer our arrest adjustment the piercing bracket here which is. All standard on compound bows easier to set up but. Iwant to talk about. You adjust this can. Because it's kind of unique, so we're gonna have a look at. Now here to look at the adjustment on the mini burner so the first thing on.

    This side here of the wheel you've got two settings here. And down the bottom. Now basically the rule of thumb is with a bow. You shorten the string you're reducing pounded so short a string shorter draw equals less weight so by shortening this by shortening this string you're also reducing the poundage. Now the opposite happens with the cables so the longer the cables so the longer the cable equals less weight. And the reason for that's because it's actually having exactly the opposite effect of the other. One shortening this string is basically shortening here. And lengthening the cable is actually taking the pressure off. These limbs so you combine. Both what's happening is. These limbs will actually move up in. This direction here, so they're going to move up. Ijust want to say that so the mini bearing will come set on the longest setting here there on. That little module there moving it to. This module up here.

    You need a bo press to do. That so you've got two modules I'll just draw. Idon't know you can see on the board your two modules like. That which the string sits on. It sits on that module at the moment the string comes the cam looks like. This the string comes off here moving it to. This module here is actually shortening the string so moving this to here you're shortening the string so you're reducing the poundage. And shortening the draw length. How much is it going to shorten the drawings. This is about half an inch here. And half an inch of the bottom so about. One inch it will drop about five pounds off. This bow by doing that adjustment. Now on the back side here of the cam.

    You have which is standard on a lot of PSAs it's got a little groove here which says performance. And that's it comes set from the factory performance. You pull on and lift. It across like it just clips in so pull. It out moves it across that's performance. Because that's making this a shorter so. We make animate this capable longer by moving. That into that groove. And it's a growth sitting there. That will be not about half an inch almost five pounds by. That adjustment but. That's because this is a 40-pound bow. And the parents wanting a bow for a ten-year-old. Ineed to give this boat about 13 pounds. Most parents are going to want a bow which has got adjustment from 40 downwards. This bow to last the child so. What I do I'm gonna grab the bow I've done. It to here there're two pegs of the top here so. It starts there and normally wraps around there.

    We actually move to the second peg, so we're actually lengthening this cable further. And we're then put it over the performance. Icould unplug and move. It to the other setting to get. More so by moving it here to. This setting here and over the performance. And here to the shortest here I've. Now I've now reduced. This bow from a 40-pound bow. It gets down to about 11 to 12 pounds in package by the time. Iwant out the limbs. You need a boat press to do. And it's not particularly quick. Isay it's not particularly quick. It takes time. Because you're gonna adjust the draw length for the child as well here so by the time. This up for the bow you're probably looking in about 15 minutes 20 minutes work. While the child's there to check the draw length.

    You need a broker so. You can't do this at home. You can do at home is adjusted here the draw length. And it's got settings from Pei through to J a. You rotate it through. That way it's actually increasing the draw length. Each letter is half an inch. And actually you've got them feather settings on. Even make it shorter down to 11 inches so. This bow goes from 28 to 11. And that's about it the punch here has a piercing module. Or little shots I've got spats see. He expects Sheen and says it's got six turns so you've got six turns on the limb bolts. Ifind it doesn't have a huge variance on the limb bolts itself as far as the poundage six turns will drop. It maybe 15 pounds 40-pound bows back to 25. You then get some out of. This but then you don't get the rest out the strings. And cables this boat will still shoot fine. When you've shortened the string because actually shortening and stringer bow is not a bad thing because putting more tension on the strings. And cables lengthening the cable is actually going to move.

    This lip take tension off but there is so much tension on. This bow you can see those limbs are still parallel. And I'm sure I've linked from the cables effectively, so I've linked from the cables. And limbs are still parallel it's still heaps of tension. This is actually boned under the test. Iwas comparing the kids bows so it's already been shortened. You know I've had that adjustment made to. Istill shot really good group. It still got a good speed so because of the compression limbs. Because you're putting so much tension on these strings. And cables the bow is just going to shoot fine so that's the PC mini burner the best ball on the market for kids. You know until someone comes out with. Something better Peter C has always had in my opinion probably the B best bow on the market as far as kids before. They had the Browning micro Myers which was top of the range kids bow which is very similar to the flight ruckus. And today that was on the market for probably 10 years prior so you're talking about 15 years.

    And pull that the Alpine cold was pretty good but yeah peers have really jumped over. Everyone else with these designs but. It is harder to adjust the ruckus but the performance is fast superior so that's the PC mini burner getting into a. Few kids I mean it's a sport archery is the sport which lasts a lifetime. You know my kids shot. This bow you know. Icoach a lot of kids. If that's shooting this bar they're coming up against Turkey with our high truckers I'm gonna say the hawk ruckus is gonna lose. Some kids you know there's there by Bo's at other archery shops. You know there's gonna be people so. Ishould really work by truckers. You would shoot bear with. This guaranteed note no questions you're giving up points not shooting this bow.

    If you're a child so anyway that's that's the PC mini burner I'm Stephan hand from archery supplies check. And have a shot with. It I'm (always) than happy for people to come. And shoot my stuff I should assume. Most shops would be. If they're not there's probably a reason for it they're not coughing in their own product. And there are a few shops down the road from. Iam who don't let you shoot their bows. And that's probably. Because they're not confident in their products. They sell that's by that's my view. You are give it to the people. And say try it out sees. We think this is an awesome product. And you'll shoot really well with. And 28 inches means it's going to last to a person almost adult size. Although I don't recommend. It for adults so that's a Piercy mini burner. Many ladies shoot spell so. Although I prefer their PC stinger for ladies could spit bigger, so I'm seeing here.

    Now true suppliers have a good day thank.

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    Diamond by Bowtech Carbon Knockout R.A.K. Compound-Bow Package

  • Diamond's most technologically advanced compound bow for female archers
  • Comes with factory-installed, tuned and tested accessories
  • Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam System - 302 fps, straight arrow flight
  • Easy-to-tune design that does not lose its accuracy
  • Advanced carbon riser - tested to 800 lbs., ultralightweight
  • Combining top technologies into a bow made just for women, the Diamond® by Bowtech® Carbon Knockout® R.A.K. Compound Bow Package gives women hunters the cutting edge technology and performance they deserve. Designed by women for women, the Carbon Knockout pairs Bowtech's Synchronized Binary Cam System with advanced carbon riser technology in one of the lightest ladies' bows on the market. Putting women bowhunters in a position to succeed like no ladies' bow before it, the Carbon Knockout sets a new standard for performance in the field with a look women are sure to love. Launching arrows up to 302 fps, the hard-hitting Synchronized Binary Cam System combines big power with a consistent accuracy other cam designs can't match. Powered by two perfectly symmetrical cams slaved to each other to turn in perfect synchronization, Bowtech's most accurate cam system delivers smooth arrow flight and consistent, maximized accuracy. Offering flawless, straight-line nock travel and exceptional tuneability that sticks, even with inevitable string and cable stretch over time, the Synchronized Binary Cam System produces tack-driving accuracy and maximum impact on every shot. A rotating module design, the Carbon Knockout offers easy, wide-ranging draw-length adjustment and an infinite draw stop without requiring a new cam or module to change lengths. Built around an advanced, ultralight carbon riser, this easy-carrying, 3.2 lb. hunting machine offers maximum strength with minimal weight. Designed to put you on paper at 20 yards, right out of the box, the factory-installed and tested accessories of the R.A.K. package reduce sighting time to help ladies get hunting faster.
    Draw length: 22.5-27".
    Let off: 80%.
    Axle-to-axle: 30".
    Brace height: 6.75".
    R.A.K. Package includes: R.A.K 4-Pin Custom Sight, Octane Hostage Max arrow rest, Octane DeadLock Lite Quiver, Comfort Wrist Sling, Carbon Peep, Octane 5" Ultra-Lite Stabilizer, and BCY String Loop.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bohning Web Armguard

  • Soft, rubber finish
  • Complete forearm protection
  • Open web design
  • Designed after traditional armguards, the Bohning Web Armguard from is durable and extremely flexible. Its soft, rubberized finish does not absorb scent, provides complete protection from string slap and compresses bulky layers. Open web design increases air circulation. Includes cut-to-size elastic for a custom fit.
    Colors: Black, Red, Neon Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Easton® N/Genesis Nock

    Easton's N/Genesis Nocks work exclusively with the NASP Genesis V2 youth aluminum arrows. Precision molded, press fit. Per 12.
    Colors: White, Green, Red.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All right I'm Randi with Lancaster archery here to give. You a product review of the Easton Genesis arrows. These are the complete arrows made for Genesis bows also it's the only arrow approved at the moment for n ASP which is the national archery in the Schools program it's an all-aluminum it's an 1820 arrow shaft. You can see they come in. Several colors available 1820 shaft. They have a standard length of 30 inches long the reason for. That's because every Genesis bow is designed for to pull out to 30 inches. This arrow is just long enough. You pull all the way up to 30 inches there's no chance that's going to come off the back of the bow. You know and be too short so basically. It is too short it can end up on the back of your hand. Something like that so it's kind of safety issue. These are gonna keep. That from happening they do have a semi sharp. You know what's my doll. Ishould say point on them. Where that's fairly safe. You know for children of. All ages but it's also going to stick in the target. That comes stock with their three-inch veins. These are the East End I'm invited sits the East End diamond three-inch. It also comes stock. Now with the eastern end knocks the end knocks were designed specifically for the Genesis as well using a little bit bigger groove size.

    That clips directly onto. That string so it's made perfectly for the Genesis bow works great for a mini Genesis the regular Genesis as well as the Genesis Pro so. This arrow any of these arrows here. That I'm showing are perfect for any of those bows children of. All ages and designed to be used out of them at. Any time and especially for. That nasb competition for more information about genesis arrows. And similar na SP products visit Lancaster archery calm you.

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    Bear® Archery Brave Flo Orange Compound-Bow Package

  • Grown-up features in a youth-sized package
  • Durable composite limbs and riser
  • Includes a simple but safe Whisker Biscuit rest
  • Perfect as an introductory bow, the Bear Archery Brave Flo Orange Compound-Bow Package matches up with the needs of young and beginner archers. Great for the growing shooter, this bow will grow as your young archer grows fitting draw lengths from 13.5” – 19” and draw weights from 15 – 25 lbs. The 65% let-off helps beginners maintain steady aim for consistent accuracy. Durable composite limbs and riser. Axle-to-axle is 26.  5.5" brace height. Ages 8+. Right hand only. 

    Bear Archery Brave Flo Orange Compound-Bow Package includes: two Safetyglass™ arrows, armguard, two-piece arrow quiver, finger tab, Whisker Biscuit® rest, one-pin sight and temporary tattoo.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today I'm going to be doing a review. And sort of la you can get. All your stuff on the bear. Or the yeah the bear three okay with a piece. That can hold four arrows. Ihaven't added that on mine. Yet have these but. Idecided I would go to Cabala's um. And not a lot of states have. You can go online and type in Cabala's CA B elas. This cost $90 it was kind of pricey but. They had like a deal. That day you can get a $70. One that's black and it's the same brand same. Everything they were just out of sock. That day I got lucky. They made it the same price as the black. One is camouflaged and it's really cool. It can shoot things you're pretty far I'll show. You in a couple second in like a woman it's the N. Iwanted to show you the arrows. Ihave um cuz the bow came with two arrows but. Ilost them both but. These are really nice and. You can get six of them pick. These for $20 the other two right there but. Some duct tape to the end of.

    One as for a grip but. It didn't seem to work. That well anyways the cripton fun. These um but yeah so the bear. Ilost two of them it shot too far. It went over a fence. And then I had no who. These you can get at rivers 3 archery online are. Or Three Rivers archery. And it's really nice. Because it's only $20 for six of them which is pretty good. Because sometimes they cost like seventy dollars for three I'm in for six so for these. They the colors really just type in youth arrows in their website um. It comes up with purple. And pink ones that the color is married so. Igot yellow ones I just ordered. Ijust heard uh and I'm hoping you can put in a recommendation but. They say like it's not always going to be. That so on it duh but as well. You can get uh you can pay 30 bucks for Target. You can go to Michael's. One of these phone boxes for $10. You can see I've been shooting it oh.

    And it's really nice cuz. You can just out of hit. You on there you want. It to be that detailed. Ijust thought it was fun to shoot at cuz. They get stuck in there. It feels like. Iwas shooting something so to make. One of the finger guards. You have to do is take like just a cheap $100 glove. Ichose purple that color um. You just take the two fingers. You shoot with so if you're left-handed it's the same finger still but so. You just those two fingers. You want to leave on their so with. These ones. You want to cut off. All the way down to right good job cool here so. That way you just have. These two fingers and the thumb Michael don't do.

    He just cut off the first the thumb. And then here's an example of finished. One show one like that cheap. How the clip it through. And then there's a black dieter right here. And then you just line. It up on top of it on top of the guider on top of the guider. And then take your two fingers so go watch my other video. Or teach how to make. You don't want to buy. You just want to mess around. It teaches how to make arrows. You need to like a hangar. Some duct tape easy stuff like. That like comment rate subscribe. You know that stuff you.

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    Barnett Tomcat™ 2 Youth Compound Bow

  • Built to ATA and AMO standards, delivering grown-up performance
  • Adjustable draw wt. between 17 and 22 lbs.
  • Draw length is customizable between 20" and 22"
  • Three-pin fiber-optic Brightglo sight
  • Pinch-free soft-touch finger rollers
  • View the line of Barnett products. Learn More Button

    Whether introducing a youngster to archery or giving your budding archer an upgrade, you'll be their hero when you show them Barnett's Tomcat 2 Youth Compound Bow. Built to ATA and AMO standards, delivering exceptional performance in an easy-to-manage package that has a draw-wt. range between 17 and 22 lbs. Three-pin fiber-optic Brightglo sight makes it easy for your child to get on target. Soft-touch finger rollers minimize string pressure, protecting their fingers. Adjustable draw length between 20" and 22" allows a like-custom fit without compromising performance. 60% to 70% let-off optimizes the bow's stored energy for maximum speed. Right hand only.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Yeah okay so this is the Barnett vortex youth compound bow. It ranges from 19 to 45 pounds to adjust. You just get an allen wrench. You twist that counterclockwise to loosen the poundage to loosen. It to lower the poundage. And clockwise to raise. And comes with the fiber-optic sites. That are adjustable to a simple air arrest that's. Idon't think it's the best. You should get a whisker biscuit. It comes with a three arrow bike case. And it's not super good at broke I'm shooting at soda cans today as. You see over there the sites aren't the best I'm not using them. Because that's way too close for these. Ihaven't adjusted them yes I'd say. One is a good starter but I'm only like $117 at Dick's Sporting Goods. You have to price match. It with Walmart and there might be a link in the description below to get. This bow but if you're really good already. Idon't think you should get. This cuz some really it's not the best bow there are better bows but for a beginner. This thing could take down a deer so yeah. II say it's good so.

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    Genesis® Colored Compound-Bow Kit

  • Fits draw lengths from 15" to 30"
  • Great for kids, youths and adult shooters
  • Composite split limbs
  • Includes belt, quiver, armguard and arrows
  • Draw weight adjustable 10 to 20 lbs.
  • Crafted with an innovative cam that fits all draw lengths from 15" to 30" and eliminates let-off, the Genesis™ is the first bow that accommodates young, beginning and adult archers alike. And since let-off is eliminated, it stores and releases energy comparable to a 35-lb. recurve (when set at 20-lb. peak weight). Machined-aluminum riser for rigid lightweight performance. Aluminum Genesis one-cam system with aluminum idler makes for easy tuning. Composite limbs. Molded grip. Stainless steel cable guard. 36" axle to axle. Zero let-off. Kit includes the bow, belt tube quiver, adjustable armguard, five Easton aluminum arrows and owner's manual.
    Colors: Red, Blue, Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Scott Archery® Youth Buzz Bow Release

  • Compact, single-jaw design for small-framed archers
  • Roller-sear trigger provides a crisp, consistent pull with no travel
  • Swiveling head design for full rotation
  • NCS Hybrid connector ensures infinite adjustability
  • Nylon connector eliminates torque
  • Made specifically to fit the hands and wrists of small-frame shooters, the Scott Archery Youth Buzz Bow Release gives smaller-framed bowhunters proven Scott performance. This reliable single-jaw release features Scott's proven roller-sear trigger design to deliver a smooth, crisp, and consistent trigger pull with no travel shot after shot. The swiveling head allows full rotation, while the ergonomic head aids in drawing and anchoring consistently. The NCS Hybrid connector offers infinite length adjustment to fit perfectly, while the nylon connector eliminates torque for greater accuracy. The forward knurled trigger maximizes draw length and offers a superior grip for use with a bare finger or heavy winter gloves. Buckle strap for comfortable and sure hold.
    Colors: Blue, Purple.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    The Block® Genz Youth Target

    The open-layered design of this target allows even the lowest-pound bows to penetrate it, and stops field points, broadheads and expandables. Even younger archers can easily remove arrows on their own. The large center dot helps inexperienced shooters become more familiar with target practice, and they can move out to the smaller dots as they advance in skill. Recommended for use with bows up to 40 lbs. Made in USA.
    16"H x 18"W x 7.5"D.
    Wt.: 6.25 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    They have John Siever simply block targets. And I'm here to talk to. You today about our block Gen Z. You target this target is designed to be shot for bowls. That are under 40 pounds so. It truly is a youth target. One of the most frustrating things for kids. When they're shooting at targets is especially. You should have bag type targets as a bounce out so. What happens if the bola doesn't have enough energy. You can't actually penetrate the bag. That bounces out any bola. You shooted this particular target is going to stop so. It is with the open layer design so. You look at this there's the foam is stacked so there's there's open layers here so. What actually stops the arrow as. It goes in is friction instead of the actual material ourselves so the arrow goes between the layers so. It makes arrow rule really easy it's its very light it's a very lightweight target so the kids can carry. It around and like. Isay it's its only supposed to stop those.

    That are up to 40 pounds so mom. And dad really can't shoot. One but it's a great target. And it'll stop any of these kids bows. It works really great. And the kids can pull their arrows out really easy. It stops um it's got a nice big spot in the middle. Some other spots to shoot at so it's just a great target. You can shoot this way. You can lay it on the side. And shoot that way so it's great target get out there.

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    Beman ICS Hunter Junior Arrows – 12-Pack

  • Ideal for beginners and other short-draw archers
  • Made from carbon for strength and durability
  • For use with bows with up to a 40-lb. draw wt.
  • Beman's ICS Hunter Junior Arrows are perfect for beginners and other short-draw archers. Carbon shafts are for use with bows with up to a 40-lb. draw wt. Weigh 7.3 gpi.  Super nocks and CB inserts included. Pre-fletched with 3" vanes. Made in USA. Per 12.
    Length: 28".
    Wt. tolerance: ±2 gr.
    Recommended field-point size: 9/32.

    Vane colors may very from what is shown.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the Seaman ICS hunter classic. This is a great arrows plus. Or minus 3000 straightness so it's got. All the accuracy you need to get out. And hunt made of lightweight high-strength carbon right here in the USA so. You get a lot of durability a lot of strength. And great arrow speed adjustable s nox. And precision machined aluminum inserts. This is gonna work great for any of your hunts. This is the beam and ICS hunter class 8 picks up a set today

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