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Cabela's Standard Crossbow Skin Cabela's Crossbow Rail Lube Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbow Package Excalibur Micro 335 Crossbow TenPoint Eclipse RCX™ ACUdraw™ Crossbow Package Excalibur Micro 335 Crossbow Hunting Kit by Cabela's TenPoint Flight Groove/Trigger Lube Ravin String and Cable Set Cabela's Crossbow Cocking Aid Hawke 1.5-5x32 Illuminated Reticle XB1 Crossbow Scope
GWS Lighted Crossbow Nocks – Three-Pack Ravin Pro Crossbow Bolts Easton 22" Bloodline Bolts Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead Cabela's Elite Stop Crossbow Target Horton 20" Omni-Brite 2.0 Bolts – Three-Pack Nikon® PROSTAFF® P3 Crossbow Scope
Cabela's Standard Crossbow SkinCabela's Crossbow Rail LubeCarbon Express PileDriver Crossbow PackageExcalibur Micro 335 CrossbowTenPoint Eclipse RCX™ ACUdraw™ Crossbow PackageExcalibur Micro 335 Crossbow Hunting Kit by Cabela'sTenPoint Flight Groove/Trigger LubeRavin String and Cable SetCabela's Crossbow Cocking AidHawke 1.5-5x32 Illuminated Reticle XB1 Crossbow ScopeTenPoint® String Wax & ConditionerTenPoint® Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows with Alpha-NockGWS Lighted Crossbow Nocks – Three-PackRavin Pro Crossbow BoltsEaston 22" Bloodline BoltsRage Hypodermic Crossbow BroadheadCabela's Elite Stop Crossbow TargetHorton 20" Omni-Brite 2.0 Bolts – Three-PackNikon® PROSTAFF® P3 Crossbow Scope
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Cabela's Standard Crossbow Skin

  • Flexible neoprene construction;
  • Fits crossbows up to 26" axle-to-axle and 26" stirrup to back of scope;
  • Stretches over most crossbows and slips off quickly.

Our Standard Crossbow Skin is constructed of flexible neoprene to protect your crossbow's scope, strings, cables, wheels and limbs while you're out in the field. Fits crossbows up to 26" axle-to-axle and 26" stirrup to back of scope. Skin stretches over most crossbows and slips off quickly. Accommodates various crossbow configurations – with or without scopes. Will not interfere with most crossbow strings or straps. Easily folds up and fits in your pack. Imported.
Color/camo pattern: Cabela's Outfitter Camo™, Black.

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Cabela's Crossbow Rail Lube

  • Creates a slippery surface for your crossbow string to glide across;
  • Reduces center serving wear and extends the life of the string;
  • Scent-free formula.

Our exclusive Crossbow Rail Lube creates a slippery surface for your crossbow string to glide across, vastly improving shot consistency and velocity. Ultimately, the scent-free formula reduces center-serving wear and extends the life of the string. Made in USA.
Size: 0.5 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbow Package

  • Lightweight, streamlined design for go-anywhere convenience;
  • Adjustable stock and multiposition grip ensure a perfect fit;
  • Anti-dry-fire mechanism protects the compression-molded limbs;
  • Ergonomic pistol grip puts you in the proper position for accuracy;
  • Includes a free quiet crank winch that makes cocking a breeze.

Boasting a lightweight, streamlined design, Carbon Express' PileDriver Crossbow Package lets you hunt anywhere a vertical bow can hunt. Adjustable stock teams with a multiposition grip to provide a like-custom fit for most shooters. Sturdy aluminum rail ensures repeatable results. Anti-dryfire won't let the string loose unless a bolt is securely in place, providing a level of protection for the rugged compression-molded limbs. Ergonomic pistol grip aligns your fingers for a smooth trigger pull. Comes with a free silent crank cocking winch so anyone can pull it back. Includes: crossbow, 4x32 scope, three bolts, quiver, rope cocker, crank winch, lube and three field points.
Speed: 390 fps.
Power stroke: 13.5".
Kinetic energy: 142 ft-lbs.
Draw wt: 185 lbs.
Length: 36.5" to 38.5".
Width: 13.5" (cocked), 19.5" (uncocked).
Wt: 7.25 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

I just wanted to show this crossbow. It's not the most expensive, not the cheapest, it's a Carbon Express Piledriver 390 which is supposed to do 390 feet. Thinking it's not quite that fast because it's got the screen silencers on it. Use a little bit heavier arrows. They are actually piledriver arrows our bolts we're gonna call them. They are piledrivers from carving Express I've got 100 grand field kits in them. And I've got a target down there I'm not. Iwant to do this right. You can see what I'm gonna do is set the camera up down there on the tripod. And take a couple shots see. What the axes like on. This thing, so I'll be right back with the camera set up on the tripod hopefully is. You hear we get loaded up Michael right Photoshop. You think here you don't get cocky. Another round in it takes a little. More works net all right. Both number one like si bullseye just under the jacket have yellow gay that's. What we're looking at a little bit low. What are you doing eating. One of the kittens out here running around. Iwant to shoot him. Imean not today anyway. All right number two Bango guys hopefully a little bit higher. This time it should be well there. More in their feel like do. It without tearing up in there. Ithink I'm gonna go for the next bullseye over. Idon't want to mess up a boat I'm gonna go for the top-center. One right under the Dead Yet right under the Debu pull.

It I'm pushing rushing a little bit still not better yeah just so. You know that wasn't a fluke. It again I'm gonna shoot. One first time me get blocked up then I'll pick the next. One like I did wild go. We get her loaded yes. All right first boat coming at. You here we go on the top dead center. You gotta kind of block. Ithink I'll go for the. One on the right of. Iwant to wait and tell them. These expensive bowls for sure not like a good. All right one under the CK. Iguess we'll do more I'm getting tired of pulling this thing I'm sweating and I'm getting it by Peters so that's gonna be my last round for the day alright let's go to the bullseye under the e ll. It would be the one on the left side to the top oh we're a dick. Idon't know looks pretty fair to. Me think Carbon Express piledriver 390 oh wells. They don't hunt I reckon by.

Ido believe they do make. Some bows as well they make a fishing boat but very little information out there on their bows so. This is gonna be all new I'm gonna make as. Many videos as I can on. This to try to help. Everyone else out there who has. All right so what you get. This is an again this is just gonna be an unboxing what you get is the manual of course warnings of course never fire. It never dries fire all right so Carbon Express has. They have about four. Or so four or five crossbows in their line their current line the blade is the. Ithink the LAN the lowest here. And then there's a blade Pro. And then there's this is the piledriver. And then I think there's. More like more above. That but one of the reasons. Iwanted it comes with.

These the string Stoppers here. It comes with it also comes with. Some silencers but I the very little. Ihave heard I've heard there may. They may not be so great. All right so again one of these standard things. That says don't return to the retailer. They want you to send. It back to them hopefully. We won't that send. It back as I will keep. This just in case so. You have your footrest. That is the quiver. It looks like a let's get. Some toys off I love look at. That get this off and look at. That is a beautiful camo pattern. One of the reasons why I got. This over again over the blade the blade has kind of. Idon't know I think it's kind of just an average-looking camo.

They put on a lot of a lot of hunting type stuff. You know which Hamill I'm. More of a traditional person. Ilike multicam I like cryptic. And that's one of the reasons. That like this is kind of cryptic pattern. Or cryptic pattern as. They call I was in the rut. Iwas in the running for my crossbow. That is a beautiful looking bow. That Carbon Express style branding — hopefully. This performs as well as. It looks but this is Emma dexterous safety very nice yeah so just from the feel. And the look of this is quite nice very nice yeah. That is gorgeous so the nice thing too is it's. All railed under here so. You don't want this hand stop. Or hand guard or handrail. Whatever they call. You can put one on there it's got a Pirating rail Pirating pick rail up top as well yeah that's beautiful trigger.

Ican feel of it of course I'm not gonna be able to feel. It for real until it feels okay. Idon't again this is very early my fortune for tray foray into crossbows. Idon't know what their triggers are like. You can get anything as good as a trigger on a rifle probably not is. What I'm thinking so but. It feels like a plastic trigger. Iwas kind of hoping for metal but. You know we'll see it goes yeah very love. That pattern okay so whoops before. This gets too long get the rest of. Everything out of the package here okay, so we've got your. This is your standard cocking device. And then you've got your quiet crank right there. Ibelieve that's nice package. You know I have to say let's take a look at the scope real quick. And then we'll probably do a separate video on putting this together maybe. Idon't know we'll see. It might be a bear put together. Idon't know so see.

That goes so all right here. We go with the scope initial impressions yeah kind of chintzy. This is kind of something you'd get with maybe a 22. Or a pellet gun looks like not. That there's anything wrong with those buttons. Idon't know you could see there. Idon't know how much you're gonna be able to see it's nice it's got elevation markers. Idon't know if you're gonna be able to see. Ikind of doubt I don't think you're gonna be able to see in there but. It does have it does have. Some elevation markers so that's good that's gonna be good for crossbows so. You know we'll use it primarily. Ithink that's gonna be my best option for now so.

All right so there's. That the limbs let's see. We can get these off just so. You can see them better. And the knife I'm using today is the Kershaw. This is the oh god even remember which. This is but this is a handy little knife. Idid a review of I will put. It in the description down below as well as my Amazon store as well as. You can get one of these drivers. Another reason it has a somewhat short width to the arms really nice looking cable so very nice. All right I'm gonna cut. This open so y'all can see accurate is very good. All right here we go use your arms. Or limbs ever you want to say PAC gene was very good. Idon't see any damage here. All got your company branding product branding again just giving it the once-over to inspect for any cracks.

Ido not see any messages on here not to drive fire right here is. Some your stats power stroke is 13. And 3/4 strengths string length 35. And a half cable is 20. And a quarter boat length 20 inches bolt diameter 3 4 4 bolt minimum 308 grains it's looking for and there is the there's the other side the X force piledriver so of course. This together we'll get off. This will get these doohickeys off here but again really small signature on the limbs so which is important. When you're in the woods. You want to have fairly small signature there's a mock-up of what you're gonna. What it's going to look like so here. We go again this is your unboxing this is.

What you're gonna get the limbs the bow whoever footrest let's go instruction manual. And get three Piledriver arrows. These are decent arrows obviously. They named the bow after the after the bolt itself. And from what I hear. These are pretty nice bolts a lot of people use them very nice they've got nice others are fairly sturdy. They do also make these with light up notches I've seen them advertised. Ibelieve these sell just stock like. Ibelieve you can get. Ithink like six of them for about forty bucks. You can get for the same money. Ibelieve you can get three of them lighted so just to show. What else is out there let. Ican find now these are the other ones.

Ibought to go with. These are just for shooting out in the back. These are again these are carbon express users are just carbon cross bolts twenty inches so again. These are just for shooting practice but definitely a difference between them a lot. More attention has gone into the pile drivers. These cross bolts these cross bolts. The cost around four. And change you can get those at Walmart so there. We go that's it that's the entire package you're going to get with the 390 piledriver I'll pick. More time so you can take a look close. Ido believe this grip is a standard AR style grip. And it's got a it's got a compartment here. That is definitely an AR grip. You can't see in there but. It is but it's nice. They give this little compartment in here too. You can carry batteries. Something else in there. You may need in the field. Idon't think you could fit a bra head in there.

This maybe it may be a mechanical. Idon't know it but it's nice anytime. You have extra storage spaces its nice so there is. This oh here's your here's your rail loop right here that's nice. You could put the rail loop in there that'd be a good spot for it. This is supposed to be adjustable as well. It looks like maybe. You may have to adjust. It with a allen key. Idon't know does come with spots for a sling mounts forward. And rear there is a broad head wrench right there on the stock so very nice very compact little crossbow I'm to put. This together or may not film. Ido I'm gonna go through. We will probably speed. Because it's probably gonna take a. While so but I just wanted to give. This initial view of the bow really like I'm really liking this grip by the way. Iknow the blade comes with pretty much just a standard air grip. On a lot nicer not only does. It have the compartment a lot grippier.

Some rubbery parts here as well on the back. And the fingers as well so real nice hold on. This yeah very nice. Iwas thinking about replacing this as well but boy. Idon't know this a lot. You know I was initially. Iwas gonna maybe you know. Because I'm I'm a rifle guy too. Iwas gonna put some Magpul parts on. This but I don't know. Ireally like the way. This is stock, so we'll see anyways that's the initial look. Ialso bought just to show. This off Amazon I will also put the description for. That also down below here. This is the universal split limb crossbow kit silencer, so we'll probably do a video putting those on as well but anyways that's. It for now more later stay tuned. You want more of these. More videos like this go down below hit the subscribe button. And the bell notifications so. You get a notification.

They come up because YouTube will not tell. They come up though you're subscribed so make sure to hit. That Bell alright like share. And subscribe thanks later.

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Excalibur Micro 335 Crossbow

  • Shoots bolts up to 335 fps;
  • Amazingly quiet, smooth to shoot and deadly accurate;
  • Built to weather the toughest hunting conditions;
  • One of the most compact hunting crossbow on the market.

Perfect for blinds, stands or spot-and-stalk hunting, Excalibur's Micro 335 Crossbow is one of the most compact recurve hunting crossbow on the market. A short 9.5" power stroke and 25" width deliver unprecedented maneuverability, yet it still shoots bolts at a devastating 335 fps – more than enough power to take down any big-game animal in North America. Feather-light skeletonized stock sports rubber grip inserts and an ambidextrous cheek piece for comfortable shooting, and an oversized trigger guard makes it easy to hunt while wearing heavy gloves.
Speed: 335 fps.
Power stroke: 10".
Draw wt: 270 lbs.
Length: 32.5".
Width: 25", 21" cocked.
Wt: 5.2 lbs. (without accessories).

Micro 335 Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, Dead-Zone scope, 1" rings, R.E.D.S. suppressors, four-bolt quiver with bracket, four Quill bolts, four 150-gr. field points and rope cocking aid.
Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

Well folks I'm super excited X caliber crossbows are the toughest crossbows on the market today. You make it better. You make it quieter introducing the micro suppressor with the sound deadening system in the system here. We have the res the air brakes the Rabb's ex-jocks string stars an over molded rubber stirrup and hold-down spring.

This package also includes the Guardian anti dry fire the tax own lumen ated scope reversible cheek piece oversized finger guards standard three-sided Pirating rail for any accessory. You need and the new adjustable ex hanger quiver not only is. It deadly quiets but it's ultra compact.

It comes with the bull pup style stock so the micro suppressor is 2 inches smaller. Than the micro 355 the micro suppressor shoots 343 feet per second. And has enough power to take down. Any North American animal it's a smallest crossbow in its speed class check. And shoot one at your local dealer you.

While still getting the reliability. And accuracy that only comes from an Excalibur recurve crossbow absolutely dead center balance better shoulders better. This crossbow is amazing.

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TenPoint Eclipse RCX™ ACUdraw™ Crossbow Package

  • Up to 370 fps when using TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts;
  • ACUdraw cocking aid provides a consistent, simple draw;
  • Reverse-cam RCX Cam System maximizes speed;
  • Vibration-, noise-reducing String Dampening Rods;
  • Dry-Fire Inhibitor and a 3-1/2-lb. auto-engaging trigger safety.

TenPoint has a complete line of crossbows.

TenPoint's Eclipse RCX ACUdraw Crossbow Package is paving the way for a new generation of crossbows. Reverse-cam RCX Cam System™ teams with 10.5" RCX limbs and Brownell Rhino strings and cables to deliver bolt speeds up to 350 fps while maintaining a lightweight, compact frame and low 140-lb. draw weight. Machined aluminum riser provides rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. Over-the-Top™ limb pockets and Zytel® Limb Suspension System keep the limbs from contacting the riser directly, teaming with pre-installed String Dampening Rods (SDR) to reduce noise and vibration. Lightweight carbon-injected polymer barrel and Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB™) stock features a comb for a solid cheek weld and weight-reducing cut outs. Rubber barrel-bedding inserts along with rubber wings that keep your fingers out of harm's way further reduce vibration and noise. Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI™) and a 3.5-lb. auto-engaging trigger safety maximize safety. ACUdraw cocking mechanism enhances accuracy by ensuring a consistent draw, plus it reduces the drawing effort so that anyone can cock it safely. Made in USA.
Speed: up to 350 fps with bolts included, up to 370 fps with TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts.
Power stroke: 14".
Kinetic energy: 116 ft.-lbs.
Draw wt: 140 lbs.
Length: 34.75".
Width: 13.5" (cocked); 17" (uncocked).
Wt: 6.9 lbs.; 8.5 lbs. with accessories.
Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

TenPoint Eclipse RCX ACUdraw Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, TenPoint 3X Pro-View 2™ scope, ACUdraw cocking mechanism, quick-detach quiver, three Pro Elite™ carbon bolts with field points and string-dampening rods.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

One with Burkholder archery here. We are going to be looking at the new 2017 eclipse RCX from 10 points. What this is like it says the 2017 model. They have basically taken. This model off of the 10-point FX 4 but there's quite a. Few differences so both the FX 4. And the Eclipse are 370 feet per second the FX 4 is 185 pound drawl. They were able to put a reverse cam system on. This so it's a hundred. And forty pound draw so staying feet per second 45 fewer pounds as far as the physical size it's within a half inch butt stock to stroke axel to axel as the FX 4.

Another nice feature is. It comes stocked with the string stops on. Where the FX 4 you had to purchase. That is an additional cost so with. It have the less poundage it's a lot quieter, so we're sorta the FX 4 has been kind of loud. You know about mid range. This thing is extremely quiet so stock package comes with the pro view scope. You can get it with the AK use accudraw the accudraw 50. Or just the regular dead sled. Where you're manually pulling it so short. Several times love.

I said it's quiet you were not to use the act to draw. And have the accudraw 50 with the. You know poundage being so much less. You know what pulls like a dream. Imanually pulled it to so. All great cross crossbow so definitely. If you're in that tent 10-point market. It would be one to look at. You know given that 70 yard effective harvest range area so. You have any other questions on. This crossbow you can check.

It out on our website at Burkholder dark trees calm. Is a call here at the shop at five seven four seven three zero six thanks for watching.

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Excalibur Micro 335 Crossbow Hunting Kit by Cabela's

  • Crossbow fires bolts up to 335 fps;
  • Sling features a padded, molded rubber back;
  • Wax/Lube Kit helps extend the life of the crossbow sling;
  • Case’s high-density foam padding protects your crossbow;
  • Target boasts Welded Core Technology for extended target life;
  • Broadheads increase penetration and leave massive blood trails.

Excalibur's Micro 335 Crossbow Hunting Kit includes everything you get in the crossbow package, plus a sling, wax/lube kit, case, target and broadheads.

Perfect for blinds, stands or spot-and-stalk hunting, Excalibur's Micro 335 Crossbow Package is the most compact recurve hunting crossbow on the market. A short 9.5" power stroke and 25" width deliver unprecedented maneuverability, yet it still shoots bolts up to a devastating 335 fps – more than enough power to take down any big-game animal in North America. Feather-light skeletonized stock sports rubbe- grip inserts and an ambidextrous cheekpiece for comfortable shooting. Oversized trigger guard makes it easy to hunt while wearing heavy gloves. Package includes: crossbow, Dead-Zone scope with 1" rings, R.E.D.S. suppressors, four-bolt quiver with bracket, four Quill bolts, four 150-gr. field points and rope cocking aid.
Speed: 335 fps.
Power stroke: 9.5".
Draw wt: 270 lbs.
Length: 32.5".
Width: 22" cocked; 25" uncocked.
Wt: 5.2 lbs.; with accessories: 6.9 lbs.
Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

Cabela's Crossbow Sling lets you carry your crossbow hands-free to your favorite hunting spot. Padded, molded rubber back ensures it stays on your shoulder. Neoprene front adds extra padding and repels water on wet days. Adjusts to fit your size. Heavy-duty webbing straps. Metal swivels included. Imported.
Color: Black.

Cabela's Wax/Lube Crossbow Kit helps extend the life of your crossbow string. Includes a 1-oz. tube of Premium Crossbow String Wax and a 0.5-oz tube of Premium Rail Lube. Made in USA.

The sleek, high-impact plastic Plano® Manta Crossbow Case provides safe, secure protection for virtually all sizes and configurations of crossbows, from recurve to reverse limb. Patented PillarLock™ system and customizable high-density foam padding protect the stock, limbs and cables. Multiple tie-downs hold your crossbow securely in place. Heavy-duty case hinges at the front and latches on both sides of the tail. Built-in storage area in the lid holds bolts and a quiver. Two handles and a removable shoulder strap for convenient carry.
33.13"L x 38.75"W x 13.13"H.

Cabela's Barricade High-Performance Target stands up to high-powered crossbow shots and stops bolts in their tracks. Constructed using Welded Core Technology, an advancement that dramatically extends target life, eliminates pass-through shots, and makes arrow removal quick and easy. Specifically made for use with field points and broadheads. Rated for crossbows that shoot up to 400 fps. To extend the life of your target, the use of field points on the sides is highly recommended.
18"H x 18"W x 14"D.
Wt: 6 lbs.

Rage's Crossbow X Two-Blade Broadheads increase penetration and leave massive blood trails to follow. 2" cutting dia. and ultrasharp .035"-thick stainless steel blades are tough enough for the largest big game. Ferrule Alignment Technology ensures proper flight. Shock Collar™ blade-retention system for consistent slip-cam blade deployment. Per 3.
Cutting dia: 2".
Wt: 100 gr.

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TenPoint Flight Groove/Trigger Lube

TenPoint has a complete line of crossbows.

Increases lubricity between metal surfaces and moving parts. Leaves no build-up.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Ravin String and Cable Set

  • Replacement strings and cables;
  • Pro shop installation recommended.

Keep your crossbow performing at its best with the Ravin String and Cable Set. Replacing the strings and cables on your crossbow should be done periodically for safety because of the pressure placed on them with every shot. All strings and cables should be replaced at your local pro shop or with the manufacturer's service department.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Cabela's Crossbow Cocking Aid

  • Simplifies cocking any crossbow;
  • Decreases cocking tension by as much as 50%;
  • Can be adjusted to fit both the crossbow and user.

Utilizing a pulley system, our Crossbow Cocking Aid reduces felt draw by as much as 50%, while ensuring perfect string alignment. Length can be adjusted to fit both the crossbow and the user. Works on all standard nonreverse-draw crossbows.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Hawke 1.5-5x32 Illuminated Reticle XB1 Crossbow Scope

  • Fully multicoated optics for bright images;
  • Adjusts for speeds from 250-425 fps;
  • Illuminated reticle for low-light conditions.

Hawke's 1.5-5x32 Illuminated Reticle XB1 Crossbow Scope boasts fully multicoated optics for excellent image clarity. 1” mono-tube chassis provides increased strength. Features speed selector ring for crossbows shooting 250-425 fps and fast focus eyebell. Nitrogen purged for water-, shock-, and fogproof performance. Illuminated XB1 SR reticle features illuminated aiming points in red or green from 20 yds. to 100 yds. Imported.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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TenPoint® String Wax & Conditioner

TenPoint String Wax
  • Reduces friction;
  • Increases string life;
  • All-natural compounds;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Scent-free.

Made from all-natural compounds, TenPoint string wax and conditioner comes in a convenient chapstick style tube. This string wax and conditioner both lubricates and rejuvenates bow strings and cables. Scent-free and water-resistant, it greatly reduces string friction and abrasion against cable slides, wheels, and cams. Size: .15 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hello! My name is Jacob Howell with ten point crossbows customer service and warranty apartment. Today we're going to be talking about maintaining your crossbow. Let's start with waxing and stringing cables you'll want to apply a decent amount of wax to. Both the string and the cables not waxing serving because. It will gum up the serving and the trigger box about every 75 to 100 shots. Or at the beginning of. Each season you do not shoot that much.

Then you're going to want to rub the string cables to melt the wax into them next let's talk about lubricating your crossbow. We recommend the ten point microphone. It is far superior to. Any other oil on the market. You want to start by putting one drop of oil on. Each side of the fly trail. And rubbing it in all the way back to the trigger box. And out to the riser on. Each side never want to use a Vaseline based substance to do. It will gum off your trigger box. And ruin your survey as well. You over oil the fly trail. And wolf room for serving and saturate. You want to put oil in your trigger box by putting one drop on. Each side of the safety slide window. One drop on the trigger lap. One drop on the dfi usually. I like to move the parts. And work the oil in next you're going to want to put a drop of oil on. Each bolt that is exposed to weather also a little bit of oil on the axles to make sure your wheels turn true every time you cock your crossbow.

You happen to get exposed to weather or. Any kind of element. Where your trigger box can get wet spray wd-40. And your trigger box Andry lubricated. Now let's talk about maintaining your active joy unit first you're gonna want to put a little bit of wax on your a Kjar cord as needed. We will not need it often but. It will help the longevity of the court. You just put the wax on. It under your finger. You ever see anywhere on your cord do not use your accudraw unit send. It back to us for replacement for oiling your accudraw unit. You want to put a little bit of oil around the pinion gear. You put the crank on. And on the inside of. Each front hole where the cord entry. If your active dry unit ever gets exposed to weather take the covers off dry out the inside out a little bit of wd-40 in. And then relocate it.

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TenPoint® Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows with Alpha-Nock

TenPiont carbon crossbow
  • 6-pack of high-performance Pro Elite carbon crossbow arrows;
  • Advanced carbon fiber construction;
  • Precision arrows - .003" straightness tolerance;
  • For use on 2019 and newer TenPoint crossbows;
  • Fletched with slightly offset 3.5" Bohning X Vanes.

A masterpiece of precision engineering, strength, and accuracy, TenPoint Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows with Alpha-Nock™ deliver deadly precise performance. Made of an advanced carbon fiber, these performance crossbow arrows come inspected for straightness to within .003" and hand-sorted for precise weight of use: ± 2 grains. These 20" arrows come fitted with 68-grain brass inserts and fletched with slightly offset 3.5" Bohning X Vanes™. These Pro Elites also feature TenPoint aluminum Alpha-Nocks for use on 2019 and newer TenPoint crossbows. 440 grain arrow. Inside Diameter: .297". 6-pack. Arrows come full length with HIT inserts loose. Per 6.
Straightness factor: ±.003".
Wt. tolerance: ±2.0 grains.
Wt: 435 grain.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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GWS Lighted Crossbow Nocks – Three-Pack

  • Lighted crossbow nock;
  • Fits bolt size .297" to .302" inside dia.
  • Each nock weighs 30 gr.

GWS' Lighted Crossbow Nocks have a plunger to activate and a hole on the side to turn off. Fits bolt size .297" to .302" inside dia. Made in USA.
Wt. 30 gr.
Color: Green.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Ravin Pro Crossbow Bolts

  • High-strength pure-carbon construction;
  • Consistent accuracy with minimal loss of kinetic energy;
  • High-profile, offset vanes stabilize broadheads;
  • Special nocks lock into Ravin’s unique trigger system.

Ravin's Pro Crossbow Bolts fly true and penetrate deeply. High-strength pure-carbon construction delivers consistent downrange accuracy with minimal loss of kinetic energy. High-profile, offset 2” vanes stabilize hunting broadheads and reduce vibration. Engineered polymer nocks and high-impact aluminum nock bushings lock into Ravin's unique trigger system and increase string impact strength. Also features high-impact brass threaded inserts. Inserts and nocks included. For use with Ravin crossbows only. Per 6.
Length: 20”.
Straightness factor: ± .001”.
Wt. tolerance: ± 3 gr.
Nocks: Ravin engineered polymer nocks.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Everybody this PJ Riley from Lancaster archery got a product video for you we're gonna talk to. You today about the Raven lighted arrow 3000 series. That means is this arrow shaft the straightness tolerance is to three thousandths of an inch that's pretty straight for a carbon air shaft so these are 20 inch arrows. They're built for use exclusively with your Raven crossbows and the reason that is Raven uses a specific nock for its crossbows which aren't available on other shafts. And their nock doesn't necessarily work in other crossbows so you're gonna want. One for your Raven crossbows. We mentioned it's lighted.

Everybody has been wanting to get lighted arrows for the Raven crossbows well. You got them you can imagine. This is loaded into the crossbow. Itake the shot the light comes on. You can track your arrow. Whether it's in the deer in the ground. You recover the arrow. You have to do is jiggle the nock a little bit. It will go out nice and simple. Now you're ready to go again so. This is a Black Eagle carbon shaft Black Eagle always turns out quality carbon arrows it's going to have three two inch blazer vanes they're set at a right offset so.

You get a nice spin. These arrows come out of the crossbow. And they're a matched set meaning. One of these arrows weighs 400 grains without the point. You put in a hundred grain broad head. You got a 500 grain arrow that's gonna be great for hunting awesome arrow for your crit for your Raven crossbows. You liked this video give. Is a thumbs up you want to see. More videos like it subscribe to our YouTube channel. And as always you can visit. Us at Lancaster archery comm.

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Easton 22" Bloodline Bolts

  • Carbon-composite crossbow bolt;
  • Microsmooth finish;
  • Straightness factor of +-.003".

Easton's 22" Bloodline Bolts are made of carbon composite for shot-after-shot durability and the microsmooth finish promotes accuracy.  Fletched with 3" Easton BTV vanes. Shaft wt. is 10.5 gpi. Recommended field-point size:11/64" or 22/64". Includes nocks and inserts. Per 6. Made in USA.
Length: 22".
Straightness factor: +-.003".
Wt. tolerance:  +-.003" gr.
Nocks: Flat, Moon.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead

  • Deployed blades create a 2" wound channel;
  • FAT technology ensures ferrule-to-bolt alignment;
  • Patented tip rips through bone and flesh.

Equip your crossbow's bolts with the capability to create massive 2" wound channels with Rage's Hypodermic Crossbow Broadheads. FAT technology delivers maximum performance and consistency by ensuring proper ferrule-to-bolt alignment. Solid steel construction with a patented tip that rips through hide and bone. High-energy shock collar securely holds the blades in flight and ensures proper deployment upon impact.
Available: 100 gr., 125 gr.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Many bullish it's starting to Sabbath boy 2. And that's what a dull yeah that's. What a doe brought hips let's pull the board's out. What the cut it yes yeah just unplug the backup. And plug it back in. It just need to power okay let's pull. One board out-of-town okay so. This one is with the other shot-caller that's. What the red Shack must be a different project.

That I use was a 23 cotton oh yeah. It was a 2 points for you Scott hey clogs yeah that's. What the old type shot-caller the red Shack. All right let's keep on going that's a little tight red okay. You would you type. It ain't closed you can't use those shot Carlos but be lonely sight-read. You know bullshit okay good. Even with the doll play. They went deep on them. Everyone went further. Then the big that big ones a 24-inch cut but a dick go further. This is the 7 foot what I believe. One two three four five six steps seven fool. All right let's pull. It out so I can show people.

What kind of broad head it's bent the blades back a little bit. Ithink but basically didn't they're not really bad yeah. And that's the second time. We shot a second hit it's the second time with shot through foot. What are different with. This shot caller so where's the Wizzle already shot caller. We took off because that's important. All right guys on the red Chicana. It just put a little indentation. Where the blade was supposed to go on. Where the blades open. All the way it actually blows the side of the shock collar out. This is the second time. This shock collar it on a 23 broad head before.

It to make it even better so. Where do we go to find out. More about this broad head. You can go to farad I'm calm. And it'll teach you push. You to all of our websites to include rage broad heads perfect Thank You, Ryan.

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Cabela's Elite Stop Crossbow Target

  • 48 highly visible shooting spots;
  • Suitable for field points or broadheads;
  • Long-lasting, self-healing foam.

Self-healing foam provides the ideal combination of durability and long-lasting performance. Its compact size is perfect for travel. 48 different shooting spots are highly visible. Made for field points, broadheads, arrows and crossbow bolts. Rated to over 400 fps. Rope handle for convenient carrying.
15"H x 15"W x 13"D.
Wt.: 15 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hey guys today I'm going to be going or a archery target it's good for broad heads as well as field points it's made by cabelas we're always seeing it. This guy right here. It is the Cabala's elite stop target okay self-healing you can see. These actually we're done nowtell week ago. They closed up quite a bit. You can see in the center there those are. Some broad heads basically gonna be shooting some arrows into. Ishoot a bear anarchy. And just give you an idea got my little pamphlet here forgot the stats of. It the IBL speed is 340 feet per second. It as a draw length of 31 inches. I believe it's maxed out so. I believe that's 31. And the draw weight is a 70 pounds, so I'll take. Some shots you can see the penetration I'll do the broad heads as well as the field points. And then I'll pull them out. Some people are saying their having difficulties the trick is you've got to do a quick jerk. And then pull it out straight pull. It up crooked it's not coming out so I'll show that maybe that'll help people who are having troubles right just.

Some extra info for you. Ijust measured I'm actually only going to be shooting from about 13 feet away so. You know this targets going to be taking these arrows. You know pretty hard so. She give you a really good idea of the stopping power. And fuel point and broad head just so. You know this is the slick trick Frizz trick too alright so it's a fixed broad head. And it's got its got a pretty big cutting diameter. Ibelieve it's an inch. And a quarter could be wrong around there. Though alright and let's shoot. All right here we go so. One here is fuel point. This is a broad head I'm just going to turn. This around so you can see no penetration okay.

These are very much in there so. Now we're going to pull them out generally. What I've done is you will need an arrow puller. Or a piece of rubber I've got a glove with a rubber ish palm on. It I've had success doing it a couple ways grab. It near the base take. This arm put it against there for a leverage. You can pull that way. Or the easiest way guys it's not. That hard put it on the ground ok. One of these is a broad head make sure. You got your shoes on through my boots on. This is a field point quick jerk that's. And then it comes out easy. That quick jerk is essential here's a broad head click jerk make sure. They come out straight boom super easy with. This target I did want to actually say. More think it actually does have kind of cosmetic flaw to. It depends on up pick yard guess. It matters I noticed. Any of these targets are on the shelves as well as. They have one give a crossbow series as well. All of them have this prob about eight of those in the shelves.

This right there I believe. They inject it into a mold. Something it's not Hollow yeah just so you're aware so. You don't think yours might be the only. One with all have it kind of sucks but as. It targets can get chewed up hopefully. That helps you guys great target says on the site. That it's made with by Reinhardt. Or with the same material as a Reinhardt target. You know these are a hundred twenty bucks so that's in Canada so it's a lot cheaper. And yeah give it a shot. Ireally like I just give. That quick jerk and pull. Most straight and you'll be good thanks.

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Horton 20" Omni-Brite 2.0 Bolts – Three-Pack

  • Lighted Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks;
  • Slightly offset 3" vanes;
  • Includes 100-gr. field points.

Upgrade the bolts for your Horton crossbow with Horton's 20" Omni-Brite 2.0 Bolts. Fletched slightly offset with 3" vanes for optimum consistency. Fitted with aluminum inserts and Omni-Brite 2.0 lighted nocks. Inspected for straightness to within .003". Includes 100-gr. field tips. Made in USA.
Straightness factor: ±.003".
Wt. tolerance: ±2 gr.
Wt: 400 gr. with field points.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Nikon® PROSTAFF® P3 Crossbow Scope

  • 3x32 optics;
  • BDC 60 Crossbow Reticle provides aiming points out to 80 yards;
  • Fully Multicoated Optical System ensures a clear view dawn to dusk;
  • Spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets;
  • Hand-turn 1-MOA adjustments.

An ideal upgrade for your high-performance crossbow, the Nikon PROSTAFF P3 Crossbow Scope delivers Nikon optical performance with a crossbow-ready BDC reticle. Designed for a variety of crossbow arrows, point weights, and velocities, the BDC 60 Crossbow Reticle's provides corresponding aiming point circles for shots out to 60 and 80 yards after you zero the scope at 20 yards. A Fully Multicoated Optical System provides bright and vivid sight pictures, optimum light transmission, and maximum brightness so you can hunt from dawn to dusk. Spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets with hand-turn 1-MOA adjustments help you lock in accurate adjustments. Lightweight and durable 1" aircraft-grade aluminum tube construction. Quick-focus eyepiece with generous and consistent eye relief. 3x32 optics.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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