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  Vanguard VEO Tripod Cabela's Hybrid Binocular Harness Badlands Binoculars Case Cabela's Snug Fit Spotting Scope Case Spudz BinoSlicker™ Waterproof Binoculars Cover Zeiss Lens-Cleaning Wipes Cabela's Binocular Neck Strap Vanguard Heavy-Duty Bench Tripod Cabela's Teck-Lite Binoculars Harness Vortex® GlassPak™ Binocular Harness Vortex® Binocular Tripod Adapter BOGgear BOG-POD® Camo Legged Devil™ Vortex® High Country Tripod Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter BOGgear BOG-POD® Red Legged Devil™ Shooting Pods Vanguard Alta CA Panhead Tripod Manfrotto Panhead Manfrotto Pistol Grip Head SIG Sauer® Tripod-Adapter Sleeve
 Vanguard VEO TripodCabela's Hybrid Binocular HarnessBadlands Binoculars CaseCabela's Snug Fit Spotting Scope CaseSpudz BinoSlicker™ Waterproof Binoculars CoverZeiss Lens-Cleaning WipesCabela's Binocular Neck StrapVanguard Heavy-Duty Bench TripodCabela's Teck-Lite Binoculars HarnessVortex® GlassPak™ Binocular HarnessVortex® Binocular Tripod AdapterBOGgear BOG-POD® Camo Legged Devil™Vortex® High Country TripodSwarovski Universal Tripod AdapterBOGgear BOG-POD® Red Legged Devil™ Shooting PodsVanguard Alta CA Panhead TripodManfrotto PanheadManfrotto Pistol Grip HeadSIG Sauer® Tripod-Adapter Sleeve
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Vanguard VEO Tripod

  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Five-section legs for a wide range of adjustments
  • Easily convert feet from rubber to spikes to match the terrain
  • Vanguard's VEO Tripod features an innovative rapid column rotation feature that allows it to fold into a compact package, great for hunters looking to save on space and minimize weight. Aluminum-alloy legs feature five sections and three leg-angle adjustments for a full range of positions and lock into place for a steady viewing platform. Easily convert the feet from rubber to spikes to match the terrain. 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
    Folded length: 14.88".
    Maximum ht: 60".
    Leg sections: 5.
    Head wt. capacity: 13.2 lbs.
    Wt: 3.31 lbs. for Ball Head, 7.7 lbs. for Pan Head.
    • Ball Head – Includes a Vanguard TBH-50 ball head with a large main locking knob, bubble level and Arca-Swiss quick-release plate.
    • Pan Head – Includes a two-way pan head with Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate. Quick-fold handle for compact storage. Soft rubber handle moves smoothly for 360º viewing.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You guys daytime suborn plant. I'm in the field here. One of our new projects a lot. That hasn't been turned over, so we're working on right. While I'm doing I wanted to showcase the new vo -. This is the 265 a B from Vanguard our Friends of anger always creating great things I'm actually filming this on the original vo 235 ap right. Now which is a great stand. This would become one of my favorite go-to stands in the field. Because it's super light. And compact this new one's. Even lighter and smaller they've done such a great job with. And watch these quick releases. You just twist so it's. Even faster than the original with the clip so it's gonna make for a really easy time. When you're trying to do video. Or photos in the field again very small light compact. They have different colors let's go. And open it up, so I can kind of show. You guys it works you can see. How quick this works out so. You just tighten them like. This get them all tight on the. One you're just twisting my hand as. Igo so again it's really fast. You know these guys are always creating great things. This gonna be my new favorite go-to in the field. You can see real quickly. How easy and look how smooth the reaction is. You can adjust that here real smooth the ball head can move around. This also has different configurations so. You can get different heads for this. You want leave have. This little twisty piece here. That allows you to put.

    It on easy and in the field. You need to have and why because nine times out of ten. You don't have a tool with. You a neon wrench to put. It on so you simply do. It on very simple it's gonna go just like so there's a level on here. Now I'm able to take photography. Or videography and look. How smooth this is look at. That there's not even having a little arm on. You don't even need. It looks at you can't get an arm. They do have different configurations again. That allows you to change. That the ball head you need to make an Engel. This thing will go on so. Many angles it's unbelievable. These legs will pop out flat gives. You as a photographer the ability to do a bunch of four kinds of shots.

    Ifeel like today I'm out here. And we're doing a lot of work on. This a lot so I want to take. Some pictures and capture those moments check out being guard. This is just some of the stuff. They got their packs. Or pioneer packs even have camera bags too specifically. If you're looking for camera bags which is. What I use to carry. All my camera equipment so check. That online the new vo 2 series don't miss out on. This amazing super light easy to pack in. And out of the field. Whether you're hunting fishing hiking whatever you're trying to do are just doing photography in the field. They usually the ability to do. It easily and with comfort.

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    Cabela's Hybrid Binocular Harness

  • Evenly distributes weight over shoulders
  • Ergonomic, scent-resistant back piece
  • Nonstretch, stretch straps conform to body shape
  • Rugged, compact, quiet swivel hooks
  • Wear your binoculars securely and enjoy hands-on performance. Cabela's Hybrid Binocular Harness has added an updated straps and back piece to the original Cabela's Binocular Harness. This harness evenly distributes weight over your shoulders to reduce binocular bounce and neck fatigue. The ergonomic, scent-resistant back piece delivers increased airflow across the back. Nonstretch and stretch webbing straps conform to your shape. Nonstretch shoulder webbings eliminate bounce and the stretch side straps provide effort-free viewing that won't ride up. Adjust the side straps to increase or reduce stretch. Rugged, compact and quiet swivel hooks offer hassle-free viewing. Includes binocular keepers, zip ties and split rings for extra attachment options. Made in USA.
    Colors: Camo (not shown), Tan, Black (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Badlands Binoculars Case

  • Rugged, watertight, dustproof fleeced-nylon exterior
  • Zip-No magnetic closure
  • Four interior pockets
  • Keep your binoculars safe from blowing dust, rain, snow, mist and other hazards with this innovative Badlands Binoculars Case and strap system. A rugged, watertight, dustproof fleeced-nylon exterior makes it ideal for use on an ATV or horseback. Zip-No® magnetic closure protects binoculars from the elements and provides quick, silent access. Straps are fully adjustable. Four interior pockets hold maps, licenses and similar items. Imported.
    Note: Cabela's Outfitter Camo and Cabela's O2 Octane have one interior pocket in the cover flap and one mesh exterior pocket on the cover.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The bino XR is the ultimate combination of protection. And accessibility for. Both your binoculars. And your rangefinder. What we did on the bino XR is. We designed separate top. And bottom compartments for the binocular. And the rangefinder to have their own places to go so you're not fumbling around wondering where things are. When the moment counts you're going to have a badlands. If no technology magnetic pockets here on the upper side. You can drop it open just a little bit. All the way down and you're going to be able to have quick access to your binoculars as always. We have included tethers so. You do drop they're not going to go far. You want to drop them quickly to get to. Something else you can do. That a cool feature of. It has a moveable shelf on the inside. That separates your top. And bottom compartments. You can undo some velcro in there. And move and down depending on the size your binoculars for a size reference. This is a 10 by 42 binocular. And that's typically about the biggest you're going to get into the bino xrk by far the coolest new feature the bino XR is the dedicated rangefinder compartment here on the bottom.

    You give that a good tug. It creates a little shelf for your rangefinder to sit on you're going to quick access to. That be able to pull. It out ranges what you need to range get. It back in there it's quiet it's quick it's accessible inside. That pocket we've also included a tether. You want to tether your rangefinder in there so. You do drop or want to drop. Than putting, it back in the pocket. You can do and it's not going to go too far. Another new feature of the bino XR. That we've never done before is. We put external side zippered pockets on. Both sides of the vinyl case. We also did hide some daisies chain so you're going to have to daisy chain straps on. Either side of the case so. You do want to flip. Something on radio gps. That daisy chain actually hides away. And is nearly invisible. You don't need it on the rear of the case. It sits against your chest.

    We put a nice big pocket in there. You can put cell phone licenses. Some of those bigger platter items. You might want to carry it's also big enough for some smaller handguns. You want to slip a holster back there. Another feature we added. That we've never done before is for those really crazy downpours. You get into have your expensive optics in your case. You want to give them ultimate protection. We built in a rain cover. That is going to quickly cover. That case and give. You a hundred percent waterproof protection for your optics. And then when you're done with. It off tuck it back into. This pocket zipper and you're. All done that's also completely removable. You do want to get rid of. That extra bulk in the rear of your case completely up to.

    You but a cool new feature of the bino XR. We revisited the design of our shoulder straps. We wanted to go with an extra streamlined design so be. More comfortable you do wear the spinal case under your backpack straps. We also added more ventilation so you're going to get. More breath ability stay comfortable longer. When you're wearing those two sets of straps the culmination of. Everything we've learned to design the world best binocular cases over the last decade is found in the bino XR. And it's available now as always. Everything with that red bull skull is going to be covered by our unconditional performance quality comfort.

    And lifetime warranty you.

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    Cabela's Snug Fit Spotting Scope Case

  • Form-fitting cavity locks your scope in place
  • Padded exterior straps secure your tripod
  • Web carry handles and shoulder strap
  • A molded, form-fitting cavity locks your scope in place with soft, yet resilient, angled grip diamonds – absolutely no shifting. Padded exterior straps with adjustable quick-release buckles tightly secure your tripod while allowing fast access. Web carry handles and shoulder strap. Heavy-duty two-way zip opening. D-ring at each end for attaching case to a pack or saddle bag. (Spotting scope not included). Imported.
  • Large (80mm).
  • Small (65mm).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
  • In the world of sporting optics European glass has long been recognized as the pinnacle of performance by combining. That legendary European craftsmanship with leading-edge technology for one of the world's leading optical manufacturers Capella says. Once again raise the bar with the introduction of their Nero HD spotting scope the heart of the euro HD system is the oversized 82 millimeter two-part objective lenses. This true high-definition optical system eliminates chromatic aberration to deliver bright clear. And color correct imaging throughout the 2270 power magnification range proprietary ion assisted meal bright 5501 multi coatings on. All air to glass services eliminate glares. And reflection for enhanced light transmission in. All conditions which hunters will really appreciate during early morning and late afternoon blasting sessions in addition to the high quality glass. What really separates Cabala's euro HD spotting scope from the competition is the unique center drive focusing wheel easy to operate with heavy gloves.

    Or an inclement weather. It allows hunters to quickly focus on the quarry without taking their eye off the scope built to withstand the rigors of the field the scope also features a rubberized armor shall scratch resistant meal shield coatings. And a nitrogen purged eyepiece to eliminate fogging modern design advanced optics cabala's euro HD spotting scope captures true European craftsmanship. And leading-edge optical quality. And a tough hunter friendly design you.

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    Spudz BinoSlicker™ Waterproof Binoculars Cover

  • Stretches to fit various sizes of binoculars
  • Waterproof protection
  • Stuffs into attached compact pouch
  • Made of quiet neoprene fabric
  • Attached microfiber lens cleaner
  • BinoSlicker stretches to fit around binoculars of various sizes to provide waterproof protection for your optics. It's packable and conveniently stuffs into its own attached compact pouch. Made of quiet neoprene fabric with an attached microfiber lens cleaner. Regular size fits binoculars up to 10 x 42, while the Large fits up to 12 x 50. Made in USA.
    Sizes: Regular, Large.
    Colors: Black, Camo.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zeiss Lens-Cleaning Wipes

  • Wipes keep screens, lenses and eyewear clean
  • Ammonia-free formula doesn't leave streaks
  • Individually wrapped for ease of use
  • Keep your touch screens, camera lenses, cell phones, laptops and other gadgets clean and streak-free while you're on the go with these Lens Cleaning Wipes from Zeiss. Individually wrapped wipes feature an ammonia-free formula that's safe for use on all eyewear, lens types and coatings. Each wipe measures 6"L x 5"W.
    Available: 20-pack, 60-pack.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Binocular Neck Strap

  • Keep binoculars handy at all times
  • Comfortable and flexible neoprene
  • Slide-adjustable length
  • Maintain easy access to your binoculars at all times with Cabela's Binocular Neck Strap. Crafted of comfortable 4mm neoprene that allows the right amount of stretch. Narrow 3/8" webbing easily attaches to most binoculars and includes split rings as an optional attachment method. Adjustable length. Imported.
    Available: Black (not shown), Camo.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Vanguard Heavy-Duty Bench Tripod

    Full-featured, rock-solid-stable tripod at a price that is hard to beat. Lightweight aluminum and high-impact plastic construction.
  • Bench Model - Two-way pan head. Safety quick shoe with retractable video pin. Elevator friction control. Rubber-tipped feet.

  •  Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Teck-Lite Binoculars Harness

  • Lightweight alternative to most binoculars cases
  • Provides support and reduces neck fatigue
  • Distributes weight around shoulders
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Magnetic fold-down lid
  • Weighs just 6.75 oz.
  • As a lightweight alternative to most binoculars cases, Cabela's Teck-Lite Binoculars Harness provides great support and reduces neck fatigue. It accomplishes this by distributing weight around shoulders instead of the neck. Bouncing and swinging binoculars will be a thing of the past as this harness holds them close to the chest. Even at just 6.75 oz., it does a great job of keeping valuable optics in the optimal position for quick access. Fully adjustable harness has quick-release buckles for easy on and off. A quiet magnetic fold-down lid provides quick, quiet and easy access. Made of soft, quiet weather-resistant polyester tricot. Imported.

    Hey guys look we wanted to do a quick video it's been a almost a couple weeks since I've uploaded had a lot of family stuff going on. And just been taking care of people so but look. Iwanted to talk about. This vinyl harness and actually I've I've been holding off on getting a vinyl harness for a long time. Because honestly the way. Ihunt believe I don't use binoculars a lot. Ilike to stay really light minimal gear. Ifigure you know on my rifle I'm packing something that's got up to the nine power magnification. Ineed to look at something some people will say oh. You should be pointing your rifle to look at stuff yeah. Idon't know when I'm up in the mountains. Ilook over a thousand yards away. Some elk I don't think it's too dangerous to throw my rifle up. And have a look at him but anyway. Ifinally decided to bite the bullet. And go with a harness. And a vinyl case one of the reasons. Iheld off doing it too was.

    Because for archery hunting I'm really worried. This could get in the way of a shot. You know I was to draw I'm left-handed so. This way and had to. You know shoot really hard to my right I'm worried. That the string could hit. Imay not use this during archery but. Ican definitely use. It during rifle and as well. You know just when scouting and stuff but. Idecided to do I wanted to go with a really compact setup. Idon't have big binoculars. Idon't like big bulky binoculars. Some research and found out about the badlands by no C. And C is for compact so it's a compact case. It won't hold great big honkers I'll get into. Another minute but it's. You know smaller more compact fits tighter against your body.

    Than a lot of the other cases. Ialso went with badlands. Ilike the magnetic closure so. This is magnetic right here around. It kind of the magnets are. It just closes up that better. Then a zipper or a clasp. You know I need to take off running or. What no everythings secured. Ihave to worry about. Some class but staying pulled down. Whatever that's just my preference so. Iwent with the vinyl see. And in here I have a set of 8 by 42 Diamondback vortex Diamondback hey by 42s. They will fit in there with the eye cups twist. They fit in there no problem with the eye cups up my son's running a set of Nikon Prostaff 3 s's very by 42 s they'll fit with the eye cups up but. We have a set of Nikon Prostaff 7s 10 by 40 2 s. They wouldn't fit so.

    You got to be a little careful. You know you probably go to the store. And take your binoculars with. And make sure they'll fit in there but. This has turned out to be the perfect setup for me I've had. It out on some scouting trips. This winter pop these out check stuff out put. It right back it also has a little zippered pouch in here. You could probably put maybe your licenses. Something in there's not a ton of extra room at. And then on the sides there's kind of. Some little MOLLE webbing you could probably put a little compartment on there for your wind checker. Something like that of course it's fully adjustable. You can see the back it's got nice comfortable. This a couple weeks ago. Iwent up looking for some elk. Ihave my backpack over. Nothing was buying and her pinching it was very comfortable.

    And my sternum strap came across right above. All worked out really well. Another feature these have. Iwas gonna take them bow hunting with. They actually have a little hanger here. You can hang your D loop off of course. It won't work during the video. You can hang your bow hands-free. You could glass and then just grab your bow again. And you're off and running so. Iprobably like when I'm bow hunting I don't see myself wearing these. Iworry about the whole string thing but at least ask. Something there that would work for someone. That was going to boho so again Badlands buy no see the cs4 compact it's really working out well for us. You guys take care of we'll talk soon.

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    Vortex® GlassPak™ Binocular Harness

  • Durable nylon shell with bungee-close full-coverage lid
  • Adjustable nylon webbing straps deliver a comfortable fit
  • Fits a wide variety of full-size binoculars
  • Keep your binoculars secure and protected while keeping your hands free with Vortex's GlassPak Binocular Harness. Durable nylon shell with bungee-close full-coverage lid protects against dust, debris and water. Adjustable nylon webbing straps deliver a comfortable fit all day. Binocular tether straps prevent loss and feature quick-disconnect clips for easy attachment/detachment. Fits a wide variety of full-size binoculars. Extra storage space includes two mesh side pockets and a zip-close back pocket. Includes harness strap, binocular case and two binocular tether straps. Vortex's VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Imported.
    6.75"H x 6.25"W x 3.75"D.
    Wt: 8 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys and girls Ross from gaming outdoors. Iam on New South Wales a commercial hunting property let. Me use the opportunity of super quick review of the vortex glass pack bio harness. If you've already seen our review of the vortex guide harness which is essentially the Big Brother of the glass pack you'll know. That the vortex harnesses are very robust made of good quality materials. That are gonna you know take. Some abuse in the outdoors. Iactually really like the guide. And harness the big daddy of. This but the only issue. Ifound with I am using the bow it's just not quite slim enough to comfortably draw back. And release so I actually use the guide. When I'm purely scouting but. When I'm doing a hunt. Now use the glass pack very comfortable. It uses the quick release straps over the neck. You can see on the back there's a crossover which gives. You solid comfort in terms of the access super easy just pull down on the elasticized band there lift up our coming by nose the cool thing about.

    This is for the guide pack as well is. That the heavy straps. These quick release buttons. That attach to the harness the reason why I like those is. You don't have a harness with. These straps on you take your bio nose out. You have a fall bang there goes your binary. It saves you by nose. These straps are very worthwhile. And that's a that's a solid feature of these things on the sides there's two elasticized mesh pockets. Each side I use my wind checker there. And my phone with my um. And that's got my phone scope case on. It so that's quite bulky. And fits very nicely it's really tight I've never had. Even come close to you know jumping fences. Whatever never had even close to popping out so it's a very secure fit.

    And on the back you know. How to keep I mean I'll keep my Adidas gaping adapters in there but. You can do all sorts of stuff that's just a mesh pocket as well so it's not waterproof but. You know it's good for keeping a snack. You know if you've got a smaller phone. If you've got them waterproofed check him out game on outdoors like condo. We sell a stack of these. All the other vortex products are on their go for your life thanks. Everyone keep adventuring

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    Vortex® Binocular Tripod Adapter

    Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Take the load of binoculars off your arms and put it on a tripod. The steadiness of a tripod will help you spot small details you might otherwise miss. Quick and easy attachment is possible with a 1/4" threading at the top that attaches to any tripod-adaptable binoculars. A 1/4" x 20mm standard threading on the base fits directly into most tripods and car window mounts.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We use a pair of binoculars. And spotting scope together. One thing that really helps. Than packing two tripods is get yourself a good tripod. That has a head on it with a quick-release system so like. What we're doing right. Now is we're looking at. This face we're looking at these elk looking for deer. You know with the binoculars I've got such a large field of view it's so easy on my eyes. Ican really work this hillside over quickly. And then I want to. You know I want to get a closer look at the animal. Iwant to just get a closer look at the hillside. These quick-release Issam. Ican pop this off I've got a spotting scope arty set up with the correct shoe fur for this head. It just slides right in their like. You know granted I've got to make a. Few adjustments to the tripod. You can do it really fast so. You look in the hillside over through binoculars find something you want to get a little closer look slap. You know that pair of binos off of the tripod. That spotting scope on there to get those really a close-up a detailed look. You might need to decide. If you're going to go after the atom. Or maybe what you were looking at. You know you thought. It was a stick and who knows maybe. It is an antler off of a big buck. Or a bull like we've got over there right. Now so hey one of the features. You want to look for when you're choosing binoculars. You want to buy a pair of binoculars. That are tripod mount adaptable pretty much. All of them are Universal. Some don't have but. Most of them do or fairly universal thread size but on.

    This pair of razors. Most vinyls like I said are real similar to. They work this cap simply screws off. And there's there's. Several companies that make tripod adapters but. You vortex makes a great. One for under 20 bucks. It screws right onto the front of your binoculars just like. And then you come out. One of those quick release plates. You can put it on your tripod just. Some a lot of guys overlook. Imean for less. Than $20 you shouldn't overlook. It really could mean the difference between a success. Or failure on a trophy home.

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    BOGgear BOG-POD® Camo Legged Devil™

  • Hunter-friendly all-terrain feet
  • Rapid-adjust lever locks
  • Bipod and Tripod models available
  • Lightweight, high-strength aluminum
  • Crafted of lightweight, high-strength aluminum, the Camo Legged Devil is field-ready rugged with minimal weight and bulk. The three-section, telescoping legs have rapid-adjust lever locks and inch markers for quick, precise length adjustments so you can use them sitting, kneeling or standing. It also features "all-terrain" feet. All models are topped with a Universal Shooting Rest™. The true tripod head swivels 360°.
  • Bipod: 22" up to 68"
  • Tripod: 22" up to 68"
  • Tripod 40: 6" up to 40"

  • Camo pattern: Custom BOG Camo.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Vortex® High Country Tripod

  • Lightweight construction is ideal for backcountry hunts
  • Adjustable leg angles provide stability in any terrain
  • Flip-lever locks keep legs steady
  • Ball head with a quick-release plate
  • Comes with a handy carry case
  • When you're chasing game at altitude, every ounce that goes in your pack requires careful consideration. Fortunately for backcountry hunters, the High Country Tripod from Vortex is so lightweight that you can add it to your pack knowing the benefit of steady optics will far outweigh the slight 2.2-lb. addition to your load. Variable leg angles ensure stability, even in steep terrain, while the flip-lever locks keep them from collapsing. Ball head with a quick-release plate makes it fast and easy to get your optics on and off. Includes a handy carry case. Backed by the Vortex VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.
    Ht: 15" - 52.3".
    Folded: 21"H x 3.8"W.
    Wt: 2.2 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys its Mike with. Ireview gear calm in the mountains of central Utah again it's. Where I call home and. Iam up here taking a look at. And using the vortex high country tight tripod it's a lightweight tripod. That I got this year just for a couple backpacking trips I've I'm going to go on I've got. Some heavier duty tripods. That have the big you know heads on them. That stabilize the spotting scope really well but. Ijust wanted something smaller. That I could backpack with. And I kind of thing. This is the ticket I've got. This Swarovski 22 60 by 60 v spotting scope on. It and it seems to be about right for it. Now I don't think this would be a tripod. That you're going to go set up somewhere. And do hours and hours of glassing and be. You know super stable with. It but certainly doing. That when you're back packed in. This thing is ideal for it. Iwant to kind of go over. Some features with. You first you can see. That I've got this back leg of. This tripod even with the body I've got. It lined up if you take. It off of that alignment. And put it in this position. It can get a little bit tippy so it's just about right but you'll have to pay attention to get the tripod set up just right to be able to use. It you can see that it's got a ball head right here hopefully. You can see that which makes. This thing really easy to adjust I'm going to put up a little higher in a minute. And you can see how fluid. It is to scan with that scope with. That ball head it's got. These legs that adjust freely out to.

    This point and then with the push of the button. They go out to one. More level a push of the button clear out almost flat. Now the other cool feature about. This tripod it's got. This Center post that. You can use for stability right so. If you raise this up higher it's got a hook on the bottom. You can put your backpack on. And then a little bit of wind really stabilize. It with that weight as well. Though it unscrews so. You can take the centerpiece off lay. These legs clear out flat as I'm going to do right. Now, so I've got that center post screw off. You can see screws off real easy. And those legs lay clear out. And with that that thing is very low to the ground. Because that center column disappears. And now let's say for instance. Ibeen shooting wanted. It down really low you have the ability to take. This tripod down super low. Or if you're laying down.

    And spotting or just sitting on your butt. Or whatever you can take. That down super low which. Ithink is a great feature let. Me point out this cool thing as well. If you can see its kind of weird son but. You can see right here. That the way you attach the scope with a quick attaches with a screw on so. You loosen this right here. You just loosen that up. And then the quick disconnect slides forward. And slides backwards also to allow. You to move it forward. And back and get a little bit better angle. Or a little bit better balance. And it's got this pin on the side so. Once you unloosen it. You can slide it back slide. It forwards either direction. It still won't come clear out until. You depress this button. And release it so that's a pretty cool feature on. This tripod as well. How quick connect so. These little suckers really load up. Some features there's. That ball head that. Imentioned earlier right in there. That you can see so it's just got a super nice ball head that's really fluid.

    You adjust it just by loosening this a little bit. And then you can easily adjust. It with the with just your hand, so I'm going to try. That right now look at. That I'm set up I just loosen. This a teeny bit it's still snug but. You can see that I can roll. That now in any direction really well pan. It this way panicked sideways tilt. It up and down and it's just got a really smooth adjustment with. That ball head and then just tighten. It back up and it stays pretty stable so. Once again that's the vortex high country really quick overview that's got a pretty good hike to. It too so you can adjust. All these legs out it's got four of them just pretty high so. You can even use this sucker standing up so. It gets high enough to stand up low enough to lay down the legs clear out good ball head it's just a good spotting scope for backpacking but that's about as big a spotting scope but.

    Iwas use on it I wouldn't go. Any bigger that's about the big as its going to stabilize. And have any luck with. That Swarovski 65 hope. You enjoyed the review its Mike. If I review gear comm go online. And read more about.

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    Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter

    Enjoy crisp, steady views through your EL and SLC binoculars with this compact, easy-to-use tripod adapter. The lightweight, sloped frame and durable band provide a secure, stable platform. Universal shoe fits directly into Swarovski Optik tripod heads, while a screw thread mounts this adapter to most other tripods.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BOGgear BOG-POD® Red Legged Devil™ Shooting Pods

    A stable platform is essential for shooting, photography and wildlife observation. Look to these lightweight, yet sturdy telescoping systems to keep your targets in the viewfinder. Each of the two models is outfitted with high-strength aluminum legs that telescope from 22" to 68" so you can use them while sitting, kneeling or standing. The legs have height markers in 1" increments for quick reference when setting up. Insulated nonslip hand grips are colored safety red and ensure a secure grip in any weather. All come with a rubber-covered USR (Universal Shooting Rest) rest that won’t mar the finish on your firearm. All models come with a weather-resistant travel bag with a shoulder strap.
  • Bipod – The Bipod model has a head that swivels 360° and includes a hook-and-loop strap that secures the legs together while being carried. Weight: 23 oz.
  • Tripod – The Tripod model has a head that swivels 360° and includes a hook-and-loop strap that secures the legs together while being carried. Weight: 29 oz.

  •  Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Vanguard Alta CA Panhead Tripod

  • Reliable and steady three-way 360° panhead for smooth operation
  • Easy-to-use leg-lock button and quick flip-type leg locks
  • Four-step leg angle and angled anti-slip rubber feet add versatility
  • Detachable central column allows for low-angle photography
  • Compact, lightweight, yet the Vanguard Alta CA Panhead Tripod refuses to sacrifice any of the features needed for advanced performance. Reliable and steady three-way 360° panhead delivers smooth operation. The easy-to-use leg lock button and quick flip-type leg locks let you adjust and set up quickly. Four-step leg angle and the angled anti-slip rubber feet offer the versatility and grip need to adapt to uneven ground. Detachable central column allows for low-angle photography or glassing. Vibration and anti-shock control ring. Removable hook for backpack carry. Includes carry bag.
    • Alta CA 203AO – Head: PH-20. Max. load: 11 lbs.
    • Alta CA 233AO – Head: PH-30. Max. load: 13 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome to the review of the Vanguard Alta Plus 233AP The Alta+ 233AP Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan Head from Vanguard is compact weighting 152kg supporting your. And can support your camera lens. Or camcorder up to 3 kg The Alta+ 233AP also comes with a fluid 3-way pan head with two handles (PH-22). And two bubble levels for positioning versatility. And accuracy PH-32 pan head is lightweight. And easy to use with cameras. And spotting scopes Its array of panning movement suit different needs. And feature 2 bubble levels for precision. And easy 360 panorama movements The knobs are really well-made. And after 4 months of use. They don’t show any damage. Or usage deterioring material It comes with the vanguard QS 50 quick shoe release plate compatible with PH-22. And PH-12 pan heads It has a 1/4"-20 Screw. And a Retractable video fixing pin Is really easy to use with the orange security pin lock to ensure.

    That your camera remains very well fixed to the pan head. And tripod In my opinion for panning and tilting in video mode is not such smooth such a true video head but I’ts ok. You are on a budget. And like to work around with firm hands Here are shown. Some features of the tripod. You can unlock the tree legs. And put them all horizontal The tripod have Large foam grips for all-weather use Compact. And lightweight for travel Perfect for macro photography with its reversible head. And a built-in low angle adapter Three leg angles for uneven ground Aluminum alloy legs Feet can be adjusted from spikes to smooth rubber to provide stability for changing terrains the orange security pin lock to ensure.

    That your camera remains very well fixed to the pan head. And tripod it saved my dslr from destroying it three leg angles (25 50 & 80°). And rubber feet with retractable spikes so. You can set up on almost. Any terrain The box contains. All the instructions. You need for this tripod. And also the head-s. You can raplace for this type of tripod. It comes also with a carrying bag. That is not shown here but. It was in the box You can hang also your camera bag on the hook. Provided for improved stability. And windy situations The max hanging weight is 3 kg buts. Iwas always hanging at least 6 kg. All seems fine So for the conclusion:. Iwould say: really lightweight. And affordable tripod. That can furfill all needs of a casual/intermediate photographer If.

    More on videography. You should go more for the video pan heads. That vanguard provides Thanks for watching comment. And ask for opinions give. Me a thumps up you liked the review.

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    Manfrotto Panhead

    Lightweight camera mount that provides fluid motion for crisp and smooth image quality. Pan bar for precise control. Quick-release camera plate for easily swapping out cameras. Pan and tilt locks for stationary work. Integrated bubble level, independent pan lock and 360° panoramic rotation combine for a full-featured mount.
    Height: 4.5".
    Load capacity: 8.8 lbs.
    Weight: 2.2 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Manfrotto Pistol Grip Head

    Manfrotto's Pistol Grip Head takes the versatility of a ball head and adds true ergonomic control that locks into place precisely where you need it. The revolutionary design of its grip handle allows you to make minute adjustments to the position of your spotting scope or camera with one hand. Control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked. Security lock prevents accidental release of scope or camera. Single locking mechanism blocks or frees all movement for speed of use. Magnesium construction. Built-in bubble level.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    SIG Sauer® Tripod-Adapter Sleeve

  • Allows you to mount SIG Sauer's Kilo range finders to a tripod
  • Tough CNC-machined 6061 aluminum construction
  • Black anodized finish ensures solid weather protection
  • Easy slip-on installation with 1/4"-thread lug
  • SIG Sauer's Tripod-Adapter Sleeve is compatible with SIG Sauer's Kilo2000, Kilo2200 and Kilo2400 range finders, allowing you to mount them to a tripod for steady, confident readings at long range. CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum and featuring a black anodized finish, you can count on its durability. Slips over the range-finder housing for simple installation. 1/4"-thread lug at the bottom attaches to most tripods. Made in USA.
    3.31"H x 1.44"W x 1.5"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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