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Portable chargers work like extra batteries for your laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices. Plug your device to charge it on the go, without needing a socket or other power source.

There are different models which are engineered to one, two or more devices at once. We present you 2 high-quality and reliable portable electronics chargers.

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Jackery Explorer 75 Portable Power Source Energen Dronemax Portable Phantom 3/4 Charge Station
Jackery Explorer 75 Portable Power SourceEnergen Dronemax Portable Phantom 3/4 Charge Station
Wt7.2 lbs.1.5 lbs.

Jackery Explorer 75 Portable Power Source

  • Lightweight, compact powerbar;
  • Charges four devices simultaneously;
  • Supports solar panel and car recharging.

Power up phones, laptops, drones, tablets and other items on the go with the Jackery's Explorer 75 Portable Power Source . The lightweight, compact powerbar can even be taken on planes. With its 20,800mAh/77 watt-hour ultrahigh capacity, it can charge four devices simultaneously out of its one USB-C port, one USB port, one Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port and AC 110V 85W Continuously, 100W Max port. Takes just 6-7 hours to recharge with UL-Certified wall adapter. Supports solar panel charging if off the grid for days. Also supports recharging via car adapter. Built-in LCD power indicator with an accuracy of power calculation.
6.5"L x 2.5"H x 2.5"W
Wt: 1.5 lbs.

Today I'm going to review. Another portable power station. One in particular is from a company called Jackery which probably. You have never heard of but. It is not a no-name company. This is a company that's fairly well-known in. They have partnered with Honda, for example, they're putting out a generator through Honda which is pretty cool so. This is a Chinese company but. They do have a pretty good well-established name so it's a little bit different. Than the other some of the others. I have reviewed in the past. One is the Jackery Explorer 240 which has 240 watt hours of power there is also a Jackery160. And I'll put those both of those have links in the video description for you to check out the Jackery 240. I do have a coupon code. That gives you $30 off so. This is currently selling for $300 on amazon. You use the coupon code in the video description. You can get $30 off for watching this video anyways let's go ahead. And crack this thing open. And see what's inside a couple things. We can tell just from the box, for example, the two-year warranty symbol that's up in the top right-hand corner is a lot better. Most Chinese units so that's a good plus already. You can also see from the picture. It comes with a cigarette lighter adapter built in which is kind of cool. I haven't reviewed that has. That before so obviously. It comes with a manual. And we'll look at that later we've got a carrying case with.

All the various chords. That come with and then. It does come with several types of cords which is good. Because sometimes they don't come with the right cords. This first one is a charging cable. That can plug into the cigarette lighter adapter in your vehicle. And plug into the 12-volt input on the Jackery power station to power. And then obviously you have the wall adapter. That allows you to plug into the wall in your home to charge the battery. That wall outlet cable then plugs into. This power adapter which then plugs into the Jackery itself to recharge your device. And that's all that's in there except for the Jackery explorer itself so let's pull. That out and take a closer look at. Now to give you a sense of scale I'm going to put my hand in front of. It so as you can see it's very small it's a lot smaller. It looks on the screen. And it's very lightweight. And portable too according to Jackery specifications. It weighs six point six pounds. Both the left and the right side has cooling vents to keep the battery cool.

It charges and discharges. And then the back is completely blank there's. Nothing of note on the back so here. We have a look at the front of the device by the way. This is a pure sine wave inverter device so. It is able to power sensitive electronics so. You don't have to worry about. What you're powering with. It will be safe to use in the top. You see an LCD screen. This is going to tell. You the input and the output of the device currently as well as the state of charge of the battery to the right of. You see the 12-volt button. I pushed that enables the 12-volt output of the device. And then to the right of. You see the car cigarette lighter adapter. You can plug in any kind of car charger devices just like. You would you were charging it from your car below. That is the AC output. You would plug anything. That has a normal wall outlet plug on. You have to hit the button to the left of there to enable. That function in the middle.

You see the USB which I'm not going to test in this video but it is available. It is a 24 amp on both of those ports so. It will fast charge. Any of your small portable devices. You do have to enable. That with the button to the left of. And then finally to the bottom left. You have the 12-volt input which is. What charges the Jackery device. This can be charged with the chargers. That came with the device. Or there is an optional Jackery 50 watt solar panels. You can buy that will plug into. You can charge it with solar so enough talk about features. And specs let's go ahead. And test this thing out the first thing.

We need to do is charge. It to a hundred percent before. We start any testing now. That the battery is full charge let's go ahead. And test this out with. Something that puts a small steady load on the battery. Though the Jackery does have an output meter I'm going to test. This with a kilowatt meter to give. Is a second opinion on how. Many watts were using from the device. Now you'll notice I forgot to push the button to the left of the wall outlet there to enable the AC output so nothing's going to happen. This thing in that's going to take a little bit of getting used to. I haven't seen that feature on too. Many other portable power stations so as. You can see there's a. Few watts difference between the two meters. I think that's probably. Because the Jackery is measuring the output from the battery. And the kilowatt is measuring the output from the outlet itself so unlike competitor products. This device did not give. Any warning when it was going to shut off.

It just simply stopped so, in my opinion, that's. One negative against. This device is I would have liked to have seen at least. Some sort of warning beep. Something when the ax device was about to shut off so. Now let's do a little bit of math the factory rating of. This device is 240-watt/hours the real world testing we just did at a 45 watt average. It ran for about five hours which equals 225 watt/hours of battery capacity in. This device so that's close enough. However, at a higher load the capacity is going to go down so let's test. Now with a little bit of a bigger load after recharging it back to a hundred percent the Jackery is ready to go on a little bit bigger test oops. It looks like we hit the upper limit of what this device can handle which is 200 watts according to the manual so after playing around with the fan speed a little bit.

I finally found a setting. That was just under the 200-watt maximum. We could do this test so there. You got a good look at what happens. It runs out of power. It just shuts off abruptly so after finishing the math surprisingly the battery capacity at a higher load is actually still pretty good clearly Jackery uses pretty high-quality lithium cells in its batteries so. I don't really like the 200-watt maximum. This device can handle. It does last a good long time so in conclusion at the $299 price point. This is still a better bang for your buck. Then a competitor like a gold zero but maybe not as good bang for the buck as. Some lesser-known Chinese brands. Or knockoff brands in my opinion. This is a solid product with only a. Few drawbacks and a lot to like about it.

Energen Dronemax Portable Phantom 3/4 Charge Station

  • Recharges your DJI Phantom 3 or 4 quadcopter drones;
  • Charges a drone's battery four times and more;
  • Four charging ports let you charge multiple drones;
  • Two USB ports let you recharge electronic devices.

Take a lot of extra power along, with Energen's Dronemax Portable Phantom 3/4 Charge Station you can recharge your DJI Phantom 3 or 4 wherever you decide to fly. Powerful built-in energy cells can charge a single drone's battery four times and more. Four charging ports let you charge multiple drones at once. Also features two convenient USB ports for recharging cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Four drone-charging cables included.
5.9"L x 6.9"W x 2.7"H
Wt: 7.2 lbs. 


The portable batteries also known as portable chargers or power banks are widely demanded. You can find a variety of different models in local stores and online shops. So many that sometimes it feels tiring to choose the best one for your smartphone or laptop.

This is why we created this TOP-2. In order to save your time and money, you may read this review and order the most appropriate charger.

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