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Modern multitool knives are elaborated versions of "Pocket Survival Tool" designed by Tim Leatherman in 1984. Now companies go further and offer knives with more and more opportunities. Multitools are divided into 2 main categories:

  1. All-purpose;
  2. Specialized.

Choose the optimal variant depending on your needs. We present here TOP-3 multitool knives.

Top 3

Cabela's Multitool Victorinox® Evolution 10™ Swiss Army Pocket Knife Victorinox® Classic SD Swiss Army Knife
Cabela's MultitoolVictorinox® Evolution 10™ Swiss Army Pocket KnifeVictorinox® Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

Cabela's Multitool

  • Extra handy and priced right;
  • Stainless steel tools, including scissors;
  • Includes nylon sheath.

Cabela's Multitool is a handy, affordable and compact tool with devices you need for quick fixes and repairs. Stainless steel construction with an assortment of attached tools that includes flat-nose pliers, wire stripper, knife, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, saw, bottle opener and scissors. Nylon sheath included. Imported.
Open length: 4.5".
Closed length: 3".
Wt: 3.8 oz.
Colors: Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal.

Welcome back, guys! Today another multi-tool one. It was definitely an impulse buy, but they're gonna share with you guys what it looks like. Anyways, this is the nylon sheath. It's not high-quality by no means, but it's its a cheap multi-tool. So alright technical difficulties over back and there. It is Cabala's size comparison my trusty squirt ps4. As you can see it is substantially bigger substantially. It's not substantially wider but definitely not a pretty form factor. It's not as well-made let's say as the SquarePants for but let's take a look at this thing nonetheless alright so over here.

It blades stiff tube open. There's not really much of a lock-up knife, doesn't cut much but it could be easily cleaned up. It's probably no-name steel, two-dimensional Phillips head. As you can see their next is a flathead decent. Flat the grinds.

All right, on to the next side. We got a little saw by a little I mean it'd be good for small branches. You know anything small diameter I'm sure I'd do a pretty good job the teeth seem to be grippy, so I'm sure they bite into the wood real well next tool on here is a bottle opener as. You can see there and then the last of the outside tools is I can get it out would be there're scissors. Everybody wants scissors on a small tool right.

They cut they definitely cut. Anyone noticed that was a hotel paper. And that's because I am currently on the road for work and figured I'd knock out a couple of videos walls here. All right open we got is the pliers yes yes. It feels pretty good in hand I'm not gonna lie. We got needle nose pliers fit yeah it's not bad Duffing up at your normal pliers. And your wire cutters. You know same routine it's spring-loaded but it's got. This dreaded spring note behind. You know but besides. That like I said it's a ten dollar multi-tool. What I recommend it.

I'm gonna say if you're a multi-tool connoisseur probably not gonna fit the belt. You always wanted one of these which is 420hc high carbon steel by the way and the blade but if you've always wanted one of these go at this. The type of person that just likes to have el cheapo multi-tools. You don't want to spend the money for a Weatherman then it's alright but you are new to getting a multi-tool. And you're looking for multi tools. I suggest you invest the money and buy yourself a good because it'll pay for itself over and over again anyway. What I recommend this probably not it's an alright tool. If you're gonna buy and throw in a tackle box. I say go for it if you're buying this to keep. It as a back up in the glove box your truck. Or car go for it if you're buying this to be an everyday multi-tool. You know skip it but anyways please like comment. And subscribe again. This is the Cabela's compact multi-tool or a little multi-tool.

It for the first time yesterday. Or two days ago from recording this video. And pull some nails out. Ihappen to have it actually worked perfectly andI've never used. This for anything else but uh yeah the pliers worked well to yank. Some nails up I mean small handles but it'll definitely get the job done um well as multi tools go. You have to have some other stuff to make. It a multi-tool one so it's closed back up. One side we have except. It put an LED flashlight. It looks just like or two watch batteries oh shit fuck. Idrop the sprint up here's but. That is a tiny spring folk. That would not be good news for this LED light so oh. Even has an o-ring there so. Iguess it's waterproof that's handy but ya got a little LED light. Iwould say it's just a single le. Because it's not the brightest but. What are you gonna do. If it's in your pocket then it's better. Nothing I guess it's a cool little light effect on the camera anyway turn.

That off close that side up. This side as you can see. We have 44 tools number. These are a bit of a painting st apt by the way but. Imean for the price. Once again I'm not playing it at. All number on a straight blade. When it's folded up like. You can actually probably use. This well for its size being generous there's a. One inch blade right there but. You have to cut some small. Once again what it's made for it's a key chain tool number two which. Iwon't be able to get out right. Now, so I'm just going to go to the. One on the other side which is a lie close. This up wow that stiff which is a little saw. Icould never see myself using this for any type of wood tree branch twig stick cutting ever. If how is that unprepared to only have. This saw to cut some type of wood I'd be pretty much fucked um next to tools last two tools in.

This little for tool side number. This bottle opener looks like an eagle with. That slit as an eye looks like a falcon eat booth but yeah take just regular bottle opener. Irealized after using it for a. That the tip of it is actually shortened. Or like tapered down into a flathead screwdriver so that's. More tool on here you got a flat head. And a bottle opener on. That side and closing. That up trying to cut myself just simply build head screwdriver. Nothing special but nonetheless as. Isaid in the last video a great fantastic deal. You guessed on the price by. Now actually I hope you're still watching because. Ineed viewers but the price. That asked you to guess on was for this multi-tool with the four things over here the light. And the pliers on a key chain with the sheath the sheet sheath with the belt loop a grand total of three dollars.

And eighty-nine cents. Irecall correctly the. Few months old so according to my memory. It is less than four dollars without tax at cabala's with a sale which is awesome butI'd just rounded up. And say it's five bucks for this thing if. You were to go to fells. They always have huge bins of them just lying around. And definitely worth. That little money I didn't have a multi-tool before. It was cool to try it for only five bucks. Iwas pleasantly surprised by the price. Ifirst saw and by its performance so far are so yeah. That is the Cabala's multi tool for you for ye. Ihave no idea you would fit your belts through.

This loop be kind of shape is so small but. This is sam the man cfda see. If they trace signing out for my cabala's multi-tool video so thanks for the view. If you're still watching now. Iam surprised and subscribe my friends.

Now it says cabelos on. One side no marks on the other it's made from very thin steel um. It doesn't have an incredible degree of craftsmanship here it's not completely useless. Now however one thing I do like. These tools are all accessible from the outside excellent great job. Ithink that every multi-tool should be designed like. That are you listening Weatherman ah doesn't have a vaguely usable knife blade here next. We have a Phillips head but. This is not a Phillips. That I've you want to use for any kinds of aggressive task at. All very light duty Phillips head. They didn't finish on. This is quite frankly. These tools is not bad at. All it really is it is pretty decent then.

We have just a standard size standard screwdriver on. This side we have a pair of tiny little scissors which. Iknow could be useful for maybe cutting strings. Or paper or maybe even a fingernail but. You know not much else but. They do fit in there fairly nicely. And then we have a bottle opener. Because you know every multi-tool needs a bottle opener. And then last on this. We have a saw now why they included a saw on. This tool I am not sure. Imean that that saw it's like the length of my finger joint. It is so small I think. It is absolutely useless but it's relatively sharp it's got the classic vertical.

And then slants tooth design stubble road so it's actually not a bad design it's just really small just make. It may be useless I can imagine. What you'd actually cut with. That thing now the main tool is a pair of pliers nice and narrow come to a decent point probably a little blunter then you're then a pair of leather men in the same size it's got a wire cutter. They don't mesh well. Ican feel no resistance but. They probably would cut light wires. And again relatively uh. You know aggressive jaws. And therefore grabbing nuts. And such now one thing I will give them kudos for there's a spring in there. Now that doesn't mean the spring probably going to break on. You someday but until then having a flyers with a spring is pretty darn cool. Ithink that's a quite a nice design. Ilike that I tell. You that my Swiss tools. Ilove to death it does not have.

That feature but this. One does so would I pay for the. This particular tool no. Iwould not but this is a cute little gadget. And could it potentially be useful to. Someone who has a light duty. You know series of things. They want to do and. They want to have a multi-tool legatus toxin to their bag. Or their purse or something or thrown into a glove box. This may meet their needs I'm not gonna bother putting at the pouch pad my wife worry about. That this is hers and. She said she wants. It went back on after. Idid my review so there. You have a cabala's multi-tool it's not horrible I've seen worse then. It does have some design features. Ilike tools accessible from the outside a spring here for the pliers, so I'll give them credit.

Where credit is due there. Ithink all multi tools should have tools exalt accessible from the outside to. Me that just makes absolute sense. You should not have to open your multi tool to access the tools so there. You go you ever find yourself signing up for a credit card from cabelas. You may get one of these for nothing.

Victorinox® Evolution 10™ Swiss Army Pocket Knife

  • Extremely portable and functional tool;
  • Ergonomic grip panels made of Cellidor;
  • 11 fully functional tools.

The Victorinox Evolution 10 Swiss Army Pocket Knife is an extremely portable and functional tool. The Evolution 10 features ergonomic grip panels made of Cellidor thermoplastic to enhance your control while cutting or fixing with any of the 11 tools. The Evolution 10 has 1 large knife blade made of premium Swiss stainless steel, to cover all of your basic cutting chores. The bottle opener and can opener blades feature large and small flathead screwdriver tip respectively. An awl blade provides a supersharp point for piercing a multiple of materials, and an eye allows you to use it for sewing leather or canvas. A nail file, toothpick and tweezers cover grooming; and a corkscrew is there for casual picnics with a friend. The Victorinox Evolution 10 Swiss Pocketknife carries easily, so you're prepared for everyday adventures.

Victorinox® Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

  • Compact, pocket-size design;
  • 7 convenient implements;
  • Ideal for everyday carry.

The Classic SD Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox, also known as the little red knife, is a best-seller. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Classic SD has 7 implements and is functional enough to save the day. So versatile, it's always there when you need it. The Classic SD is the perfect everyday-carry knife. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Includes a nail file with screwdriver, blade, scissors, key ring, tweezers, and a toothpick. Made in Switzerland.
Color: Black.

This is Swiss Army Dan coming at you with another Swiss Army knife video. Today we're going to discuss the Victorinox Ambassador and it's maybe kind of like an underrated, not often discussed Swiss Army knife that is pretty. It doesn't get that much attention like say a classic does but it's basically the same toolset. It doesn't get as much attention as like the 74-millimeter executive but it's a really cool knife. One does not have a keyring. They come both ways with them without keyring this one happens to not have a keyring. It does have toothpick and tweezers.  These toothpicks and tweezers, they go in 74-millimeters and 58-millimeter knives. You know they're interchangeable. Just like the 84-millimeter and 94-millimeters knives. The toothpick and tweezers are interchangeable in case you didn't know that here's. You get a little bit larger blade. You know compare the blade with the classic there. You can do quite a bit more with you know it's getting to I think a little bit more usable size MacGyver demonstrated use of this blade quite a bit. You never really saw him a guy. We reach for a classic so yet that's one obvious advantage. You know the Ambassador has a larger blade what's interesting is the file on the ambassador's actually smaller than the you get on a classic.

Look at the file area though. Here's a classic SD. You know here's, I don't have just a classic eye thing but here's a Rover. You know that has this but anyway since they don't have a sorry about. They don't have a screwdriver at the end of this file so you know that's the file and it's actually bigger on the 58 millimeters then you get on this Ambassador. This is like the size of like the small blade you get on the executive about that size you see. That's interesting but I mean maybe you're not missing out too much. You are kind of missing out on a screwdriver. I don't understand why they didn't just go ahead. And maybe make this a screwdriver.

Maybe they look at more of like a nail trimming, kind of hand care knife with the nail pick there in the blade and then these scissors earth. I think a lot more useful than the scissors you get on a classic. Though they're a lot. You know they're a lot bigger and maybe capable more tasks are easier to do tasks. Won't take is long so that's definitely an advantage. They're basically the same with. You know actually the executive. I mean I'm sorry the Ambassador is just a little bit thinner. Even a classic not by much at all. Not by much as I was just looking at him like flat on the table and the Ambassador's just a little bit thin definitely longer. You know 58-millimeters compared to 74-millimeters there. You know definitely a lot thinner than an executive. You want then an Ambassador is a really good way to go. You know realistically the executive doesn't have too much on the Ambassador. You know you could say this has its screwdriver. I wouldn't want to use this for too many screw-driving tests. Maybe something really small like you know like appliance or like a remote control. Something like that but not too much. And like you know you can peel an orange with this helps. It's cool. I'm not dissing the executive. I'm just saying this is a pretty practical simple to carry knife. One reason these aren't so popular is just because there's not as many variations of like the different scales. You know like there's not like a pin on the 74-millimeter scales. You know not as many variations and colors everything. I got these out just to kind of show you know the thickness of these things and here's a Bijou. And it's basically, just like this Ambassador. You know they've neither of them have a key range but as far as thickness goes it's gonna be something like you know so.

Here's like a mini champ down here and then a midnight manager and a regular manager executive a signature. So like these pin layers do add quite a bit of thickness then obese you then this ambassador. And it's just a touch thinner you know even. This cuz these are about. these are exactly the same.

You know a cadet is a super thin carry. It's gonna be thinner. well, it's about, it's just a little bit thinner that Executive but the Ambassador is thinner then the Cadet but you know it's clearly thinner. Not a whole lot thinner but you know you'd feel that in your pocket. So I think anyway it as longs as you're not like worried about screwdrivers. All the extra tools. You got the your blade scissors file.

You know toothpick and tweezers. It's a good carry so I don't know if it's a good fifth pocket or watch pocket. Carry this Ambassador and like I prefer carrying this to the executive in the fifth pocket just. It is thinner you know so this Ambassador anyway. All the points you know I wanted to you guys were expecting or whatever.

Iwas looking around for my old. Ican't find it's been lost somewhere probably in Ohio somewhere so in a field at a shooting-range somewhere in Ohio. You find a Weatherman SD I'm sorry a Victorian house dice a Weatherman I'm using my Weatherman here to cut. It open uh yeah be fie foe fum. All right well I think I'm just gonna start tearing alright here. We go come on little parrot lovely let's have a look oh. This brings back memories the feel of. This just it feels. It was lovely color oh. This toothpick okay right. Some Invisalign braces yes I'm an old man wearing Invisalign braces laugh. It up YouTube but I use toothpicks. All the time nowadays. Iremember this like oh. If sweet can finally the good old Victorinox toothpick. This is the plastic variety so. Ican just wash it off don't have to replace. All the time oh man it'll be so nice having this on my key chain again my little parrot I'm a pirate let's have a look here make sure.

Everything functions as usual a little screwdriver tip on the file which is always nice. This blade I probably will never use. Ijust usually don't need. It a little delicate blade but it's there. And little delicate scissors again. They used to come in handy. All the time I'm just not convinced nowadays. Iwould really use those um. You can see the difference here the Weatherman juice s — scissors versus. Imust say that juice s — scissors were not great opening this little blister pack here so take. That into consideration. This is way more convenient. And smaller than. This huge juice s — see. We can close this back up. This needs to be open at least it's not sharp oh wait. And there we go back in place alright so. You think of the Victorinox classic SD. Many have you gone through in your life.

Iwould say what every. You go through one every. What three years maybe for me anyway love. This little knife anyway. That was interest I love knives. And multi tools and stuff so thank. You so much for watching my name is John hobby please hit. That subscribe button. And I'll be back with.

Another stick let's see. This stick was cut down just about two days ago let's try. It again here so much poison ivy junk out here look my way around. This stick this little tree is oh about two thumb widths thick like. This was cut down just two. Or three days ago we brush hog pretty tough still like be pretty good go anyway put. You through the torture watching this whole video but as. You can see it's not out of the stick. And we're making pretty good progress Oh slow the progress anyway. That is the progress. We made on the Swiss Army knife. It looks like it actually broke the pin the rivet. That goes through and sticks on. Each side of the inner scales there in the middle. It just broke that pin. This came out intact so surprisingly the blade is perfectly straight.

It has razor sharp let's see. Ican wrong way yeah it's a little bit of Shaving not too good but yeah that's razor sharp. Isaid it's a good knife. You had to depend on. This for your life I don't know. It would be better nothing that's for sure. This other one just popped out so yeah does. That rip that broke. Everything was popping out of. This scissors to work, so I'm gonna use. That for a bit longer anyway it's. One make quick video. You have any questions please like share. And subscribe thanks.


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