5 The Best fixed Power Rifle Scopes

  1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight
  2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II
  3. CVLIFE 4×32 Compact with 20mm Free Mounts
  4. Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder
  5. UUQ 4-12X50 Red &Green Illuminated Range Finder
TOP #1
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight fixed power rifle scopes
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight fixed power rifle scopes

  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax – 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field
  • Nitrogen purged fog proofing: Nitrogen inside the scope ensures interior optical surfaces won’t fog due to humidity or rapid temperature change
  • fixed power rifle scopes
TOP #2
Vortex Optics Crossfire II fixed power rifle scopes
Vortex Optics Crossfire II fixed power rifle scopes

  • The 4-12×44 Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern.
  • Long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing.
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user.
  • Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in
  • fixed power rifle scopes
TOP #3
CVLIFE 4x32 Compact with 20mm Free Mounts fixed power rifle scopes
CVLIFE 4×32 Compact with 20mm Free Mounts fixed power rifle scopes

  • Magnification:4x;Objective Diameter: 1.26″ (32mm); Eye Relief: 3.3″ (83.82mm) Length: 7.48″(190mm);
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and with its one-piece tube construction, the scope is definitely for greater strength and durability.
  • Inert gas purged, fog,shock, water proof, this scope can be used under any weather condition.
  • The length of the whole scope is 7.48″ (190mm), which makes this compact scope suitable for quick moving and aiming.
  • fixed power rifle scopes
TOP #4
Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder fixed power rifle scopes
Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder fixed power rifle scopes

  • 4X32 Compact scope
  • Magnification is 4X
  • Tube diameter is 1″
  • Objective is 32 mm
  • Length is 7.75″
  • fixed power rifle scopes
TOP #5
UUQ 4-12X50 Red &Green Illuminated Range Finder fixed power rifle scopes
UUQ 4-12X50 Red &Green Illuminated Range Finder fixed power rifle scopes

  • Fully coated optics and Fast Focus Eyepiece/Eyebell 
  • High optical clarity at 4-12 times magnification and a 50mm objective lens
  • The main scope has Red and Green illuminated range finder reticles in 5 brightness levels, easier shooting in dark environment
  • Picatinny mount easily mountable to any 22 &11mm rails (Picatinny or Weaver). Windage and elevation adjustments with 1/4 MOA audible-click stops and fingertip turrerts
  • DETACHABLE Red laser can reach over 100m
  • fixed power rifle scopes

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight fixed power rifle scopes

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight fixed power rifle scopes

  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax – 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field
  • Nitrogen purged fog proofing: Nitrogen inside the scope ensures interior optical surfaces won’t fog due to humidity or rapid temperature change
  • fixed power rifle scopes

  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches; 3.7 Ounces
  • Item model number: 731303
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required.
  • Manufacturer: Bushnell
  • Type: fixed power rifle scopes

Review today it’s a Bushnell, Trophy red dot, TRS 1 by 25 millimeter there. She is right. There I was in her nice little box from Bush. Now, just like this. More recently, it’s been on a nice price from Cabela’s or Amazon for about $69 99 nice deal for a low cost red dot sight. If you’re not looking to upgrade on the higher end points, has a 3 MOA dot with an extra long battery life about 3000 hours.

It’s waterproof fog proof up to 10 feet, then we’re going to test that. But you know it’s there, for any kind of rainy days comes with a couple manuals as well as some wiping cloth for the optics. Keep it all scratch free. Have a nice padded box. Nice plastic wrap also has a hex wrench to tighten it. So is no quick release on this. One has a nice rubber cover slightly waterproof, but you don’t need it too much to be it’s nice, a dust cover, though this slide it off like.

So then you get the orange tint a little slightly at an angle. There you have the windage and elevation screws right there. We have the dial as well as the battery caps inside here, and then it goes from one. It goes from 0 all the way to 11 I about 5 or 6 is pretty much all. You really need alevins for real bright days, but, like I said five or six is fine. It does a hex screw to clamp on to a menu rails.

It does start to strip a little bit so make sure you use the right size always use that one. It is going to be cheap, screw I’m sure you can replace it somehow really wanted to the only thing I don’t like about it is. It does have a slight you look at it, it’s kind of cut at the four or five o’clock angle there. It has a little bit of angle on it from where the laser goes in and then bounce it back up the screen that back at you and I’ll, show you at 11:00 power what she looks like nice circle there not too bad, not too pixelated.

So it’s nice and accurate. You can go down from there like I said five or six. It’s pretty much. All you need, and that’s five right there and it’s actually it’s a lot smaller than it looks like in the camera, the camera kind of makes it quadruple in size, but you actually go down to one nice firm clicks to makes it nice that there you go is one for ya, it’s kind of barely visible, but it’s there.

So so that is the Bushnell red side sight. Thanks for watching.

Crisp clear sight picture with a bright 3mo, aiming dot in a waterproof fog, proof and shockproof optic weighing less than four ounces. The TRS 25 red dot is a lightweight yet rugged aiming system for your firearm. Unlimited eye relief makes this sight usable on rifles, shotguns and handguns, and the 11 position. Rheostat dial lets you perfectly adjust the brightness for any light conditions. The sight runs for up to 3000 hours on one lithium battery, which is included.

The TRS 25 has 70 MOA of windage and elevation adjustments with half MOA clicks, allowing you to precisely adjust the aiming point for maximum accuracy. Sight is available with a built-in clamp mount that attaches to any Weaver or Picatinny rail, with one screw or the high rise mount for flat top ar-fifteens that allows the iron sights to Co witness and the lower third of the field of view. Like all products sold by Brownells, the TRS 25 red dot sight is backed by our 100% unconditional, forever satisfaction guarantee.

On this edition of good gear, we talked about the Bushnell TR s, 25 Bushnell says this value. Red dot is entry into the highest standard. So how will it form on my AR wall rad? We might as well put it on my SOP shotgun and put it through his paces, let’s see if it can make it through the test. So why choose the Bushnell TRS 25 reason: one weight, not only eight ounces combined, you add capability to your AR without compromising its light weight, reason to add a light, visible, simple reticle that covers only three inches of target at 100 yards reason.

Three takes standard, cr2032 batteries and it’s three thousand hours of battery life extremely important in a carbine class car being class is serious, serious business reason for you can have all this for less than $100. That’s pretty amazing sitting you get a mount to and with the cost of ammo. Nowadays those pennies add up. Let’s get started by mounting the red dot by turning this knob turn it tight.

If you don’t want to fall off during recoil, as you can see, I chose the tall mountain mount. My red dot tall mount and they will one-third local witness where the front sights are at the bottom of the lower one-third window. I prefer a lower one third co. Witness since I can mount the gun without lowering my head once we secured them out. Let’s get at zero. I prefer a 50-yard zero, since it keeps me shooting flat out to 225 yard.

Now that we’re zero, let’s go hot and see what this thing can do. Now that we’ve seen it on an ER. Let’s give it a go on it. Sop shotgun I, don’t recommend the tall amount for the SOP, as you can see. It’s way too high for a good cheek. Well, we’ll put some paper 2-0. Our shotgun slugs I prefer a 50 yard, slug zero after ziering, we’ll go hot, so we put the site through his paces on a our and a shotguns recall, so you know it can hold up for its cost.

You get a ton of value check it out when you get a chance.

Everyone John here in this video I’m, going to be reviewing the bushnell TRS 25 red dot sight. This is an entry-level red dog that comes in around $100. So it’s a very good price point. It offers a really good optical quality for the money. If you look at this compared to other $100 red dot, optics I’m, going to tell you guys a little more about it. One of the great things about this sign is its battery life. It has a 3 000 hour battery life, as the factory says, and it has lived up to every bit.

I’ve left this sight on for days, I’ve, actually I’m, actually still on the factory battery I’ve had this saw over a year and a half I’ve been shooting this gun regularly and I’m still in the factory battery, so it is definitely living up to its name of having a long battery life. In terms of optical clarity, this thing is really top-notch for the money. If you look down it, you can see it has a green tint, but that’s the same for just about any red dot sight, that’s required for it to actually reflect that red dot back into your eye.

The cheaper sights have a less calibrated coating and they have a tendency to be excessively green in order to actually get the brightness up before you can see it, but this one is actually really well it’s good and bright. You can actually see well through, and it’s got good contrast. That’s one of the complaints I’ve had with other cheap red dots is the contrast. You lose law contrasting in low-light and evenings you just you can’t see your target and it comes down to just defeating the purpose of having a red dot, because that’s where red doc cells is in low-light, where you can’t see your sides, many people are using these black rifles as personal defense rifles, and some may want to put this type of sight on these rifles, and this sight has more than proven itself to me as a reliable sight.

I’ve got over a thousand rounds through this gun. With this sight on it on this automatic rail and I’ve never had a zero shift. Yet in terms of weather resistance, this sight is water-resistant, but I’ve also had this sight out in single-digit weather and I’ve also had this gun so hot that I actually couldn’t hold on to the handguard and I actually had to hold on to the magazine. I’ve actually got a scar on my hand where I’ve burned my hand on this gun before, and this site has withstood all of it and it’s never failed to sum it up.

I’ve dealt with the Bushnell and do tech hollow sights. I’ve also worked with other lower-cost, red dots and I can say for the money. This site is the best bang for the buck. Now, if you can afford an aim, point or a better sight, go for it, but this site really does work well and I. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You here you can see the intensity levels on the side. I’ve been shooting today with it on three, but if it’s really bright outside like a snowy day, this side goes all the way up to 11.

I’m Johnny: this is a 180 second review of the bushnell TRS 25 red dot scope, and this is really hard to do because it’s backwards, but I wanted to show you what it looks like this is at sitting: 11, that’s as big as the red dot gets. The TRS 25 I’ve had it now for a while I’ve done 500 rounds downrange with it. I’ve done 350 rounds with the ar-15 another 150 rounds with the tactical 22 and overall I’m super happy with it I’m going to tell you what I like and tell you several concerns that I do have with it.

I think the concerns on this one are legit. I bought this for $69 at one of the box stores to my fingers. It feels nice, it’s metallic and you know everything works really well on it. It just feels really well-made, but as a caveat again, this is a $69 red dot scope. It doesn’t do with the $1 300 scopes and updo. It doesn’t do what the 300 dollar scopes do. There’s a lot of chatter online about this one, because so many people buy it and Bushnell does push this one.

There’s also chatter on the message boards about the yellow logo, one versus the white logo- one you can do your research on that, but my experience is only with the yellow logoed one. It comes with the box, the paperwork, the lens cloth, rubber lens cover and an allen wrench for installation. Now my needs when I built my AR was to be able to put it in a bag, get to the range unbag it fire it get home clean it put it away and have it hold zero, so my needs are be able to shoot it, not kick down doors with a SWAT team, so it absolutely does hold zero.

I am completely fine with it and the performance that it’s done. I have no problems with it, holding 0 whatsoever, but go into it. Knowing it’s an entry level, $69 piece of glass. So given what it is, I’m super happy with it. I do have three problems with this red dot scope number one I’ve burned through batteries a little faster than the website in the directions say that I will so Mike’s. My experience and I do leave it on I.

Leave it on a little bit too much when I get home from the range, sometimes I’ll be cleaning it I have been on for a couple hours number one battery life number is the face weld or the cheek weld is just too low when I have it on here at such a low red dot scope, I’m getting down so low, it’s not comfortable my son when he has on his hearing protection. He can’t even fire the ar-15 because it gets in the way it’s so low.

You need to buy the riser for it. You can get the T rs 25 with the riser already installed or get on Amazon, and you can get a different size. Risers I’m, not putting this back on a firearm until I get the full 1 inch riser, so it’s way way too low. Finally, this thing is absolutely terrible. The way it goes on you’re going to get fingerprints on there to be able to get these these little wings over the red dot scope it just cranks.

It puts too much pressure on there. These are terrible if you have a better solution, put them in the comments overall for a budget, entry-level, red dot, scope, I couldn’t be happier, it does hold zero and it does function properly, but don’t take this thing’s over overseas into combat, but as a soccer dad I’m happy with it. The Bushnell TRS 25 good little scope, I’m, Johnny and I’m happy.

Hey guys, I’m just test-firing, the Visia 5/8 here and two to three caliber got a little Bushnell TRS 25 on the top, so the TRS 25 has been pretty easy to zero. These knobs, you just need a flathead screwdriver to make those there nice clear, crisp, clicks and because the incremental emajor that’s picking up on target mutually fa, you need to go and calculate out to 1/2 the employee adjustments, so zeroing x’ as easy as zero and a scope. It’s really difficult to simulate how a red dot sight looks when viewed through two eyes using a single point camera.

If you want to simulate the effect, though, take one of your hands place it over one of your eyes and keep both eyes open. You can still see your hand, but you can also see past and around it and handers transparent and that’s what happens with the red dot sight, housing, leaving a red dot. Prominent and division well, bring it up as soon as you’ve got that ripped off period, still full view of your target. There flew the bullets goal, and so that’s that’s. What’s really good up close applications! Sure you don’t have any magnification, it’s not going to be good for long-range, shooting long-range hunting, but my next project for this now that I’ve peeled it off the 303 and I’ve had a bit of a blast with the BZ with it.

I’ve had a bit of a blast on the arrow with it is to mount it on the on my 22lr and take it out for a night shoot and just have a crack and some possums and some rabbits up closest and the Douglas I think it’ll be really quick before they get a chance to react and I’ll bring you some video action on that. So the bush mile in terms of any bread dough out here, what’s it got going for it really easy to use and very easy to 0, just like a scope. So, as I pointed out earlier, under these, that’s got the little adjusters they’re flat, tip screwdriver, and you give nice tactile, audible clips.

Just like the good stuff, and that means you can adjust really well in increments you’re, not trying to match it up against. Take it on cymbals now I’m, trying to measure you’ve gone simple number of flips hopping away clicks you can move into a calculator before I will put some instructions down in the teach to us, but if you do want to grab a hold of a Catholic that I’ve created free to anybody, just hit me up on the Facebook page. Send me a message with the email address on it: I’ll email, you out this Excel spreadsheet and it’ll- do quarter MOA, half the MOA and 180 adjustments for you at various ranges anyway, back to the question, so yes, zero and was super easy.

The dot is nice and clear. You’ve got adjustable increments or how bright you want, depending on the conditions, so you can adjust it to suit you I. Have you been reviewed, other red dots, weird adjust itself? That could be a good thing and that can be some of those will turn off conditionally covers back on, whereas probably versus over, not so certain tonight it is down the value into the range for big tops, so you know I’m there talking putting $1 500 plus they have their places.

They will come up with a hammer, belong punishment, great qualities, size and Weaver. This will do the job, so there’s a good reason why this is one of the more highly thought of sites down on the venue into the range you don’t need to read doctor do much it’s it’s clear and it comes up and it’s reliable at a hold of zero, which this does under a huge metal recoil and that’s what you want. So if they come out with a red dot sight. That’ll make me a cup of coffee and give me a shoulder rub on the range.

Well, maybe I’ll buy one of those, but until then this would be my choice for a red dot value for money was so I keep an eye for them. If you haven’t shot a reef doll before I can recommend you give it a go, a lot of different way to shoot very, very instinctive, and thanks for watching the review, don’t they need to have subscribe. The channel is growing pretty quickly, but once we hear, if you have subscribers that you know start to grow a lot faster and closer, we get the more copyright and get to new to you guys and the more value like a bring to you so hit subscribe, hit like on the on the video every one of those counts and pushes pushes the videos out there to other audiences anyway.

Enjoy your shoe type ropes, see you next time you.

Hey welcome back to beyond seclusion, always looking for a good deal. I love, nothing better than a good deal. Looking for a red dot, looking for budget-friendly red dot, look no further Bushnell TRS 25! It is a nice little red dot kiss keep it simple stupid. It has windage elevation, real simple, just some caps, nothing fancy take them off. It’s got the classic coin or screwdriver easy to use. You’ve got your battery compartment. I can’t remember what it uses: those flat batteries that look like a quarter personally I hate those batteries, because there you can’t just easily find them, but that’s pretty much.

What most of this level type red dots are always going to use. You’ve got 11 light settings, they’re, nice and bright. It’s a 3 MOA. So pretty small does really nice quick, look down there, nice bright dot, I, don’t know what else to say. 3 MOA I’ve had this on my mosin-nagant for years. If you know anything about a Mosin Nagant, it kicks like a mule there. You go folks. Let’s try over here at 200, real quick, Oh, shot it off. I! Guess we’re done with that and it holds zero I’ve also had it on a 12 gauge for a period of time, shooting three inch mags, it’s great little optic.

You know 50 bucks, to throw on a shotgun why I mean come on who needs an EOTech or an aim point or a 300 red dot, $300 red dot on a shotgun for turkey hunt and shooting skeet or shooting pheasant. So anyway, nitrogen purge fog, proof it’s just an awesome, little optic, so looking for a red dot, don’t want to break the bank check out, bushnell’s, TR, TRS, 25 I think you’ll be happy anyway. Hopefully you found this useful if you did be sure to LIKE sub and comment until next time.

Happy shooting check out our website anytime. I find awesome. Deals like this they’re posted on my website. I’ve got hot links, sales and everything else. Thanks for your support catch you next time, you.

We have the package I’ve been waiting for this is our own metal state, armory Bush, now CRS 25, yes, finally, so immediately we can see fake versus real, yes, another sticker. Okay Jeff is watching I know what I’m doing anyways so. Okay, oh look at that. We got some tape stealing our stuff up over here. So let’s cut that up so immediately I mean you see it’s it’s a real package. It’s a real box. It actually gives you information. What I notice is is that this object looks exactly like the one on the box.

So that looks exactly like that now I’m very curious to see if this dot will look exactly like this or if it will have the big letters. Oh I am curious and we have Bushnell red dot sight as opposed to red dot scope instructions. So this makes me feel much better already just having this little booklet here, I, don’t even care. What’s in the booklet and once again it’s the tiny letters. Oh, let’s see what the scope is actually looking like big or small, big or small big-ass letters.

Okay, so I knew it and you can feel that like when you rub your finger across it. You feel the letters very excited for this. Remove this cap then pull sticker from bottom of battery prior to using illumination, no batteries included and, as we can see a very slick, looking mounting point at our 4:30 5 o’clock position and the not so slick looking on the top 2 o’clock so immediately you can tell- and that’s what threw me off honestly when I saw it up there.

I was like hold up something’s wrong here, so you can see. That’s your first sign right there top right corner and small letters and I guess what they were doing. Is there we’re trying to copy the box so sure that dot looks exactly like that, so it wouldn’t make you think: okay yeah! This is the real bush. No no I only paid 44 is it’s a manufacturer refurbished now don’t buy that [ __ ] man, please don’t buy that. If you want a quality optics spend the extra 16 dollars, then please get yourself.

The real Bushnell look at that battery is included. There’s a little plastic, removing tiny plastic. Well then, let’s compare the dot but dot itself. You can tell that that’s a quality seal right there, like that feels like it’s actually sealed in so I’m gonna. Take this yellow sticker off. Should I yeah [ __ ] it too late. Dammit. Excuse me for one second, while I let my OCD kick in and now I’m gonna have to go upstairs and [ __ ] clean this off god. Damn alright, so not a big deal.

Okay, so my one position, my one position is pretty dim. I do see a dot, it’s not blurry, but it is not crisp. It’s definitely not a Romeo five dot and we have more defined clicks here. So as I turned it up, I do feel it locking in a position. Wow eleven is very bright, so I’m gonna point it outside to muse the Sun like right. Here’s my window so I’m just trying to get a feel. Okay, that’s a nice guy! I can definitely see that there’s no glare whatsoever in my field of vision will actually turn that down just about a six.

Six is still pretty good for daytime. Eight eight looks great. Okay, eight is great, so for the daytime, eight is great and I do see a define red dot. Show you that zoom in there so I said soon. I met focus. Oh man, I’m messing up my whole phone mount here. Okay, so I cannot let you get a few in there here. I think I have too much light overhead. Okay, there it is, you can see the dot so as I move it around. You still see that that so this is really crisp.

I do like how I can see the dye very clearly, there’s no obstruction. In my view, like that two o’clock position there or if I looked at it from down here it was somewhat blurry. You can see what they look like there and okay, so that is intentional. I thought they messed up, but, as you can see the lens, it’s actually angled out. It’s not flush on there. I’m sorry focus yeah there. It is so the lens is not flush. It’s actually slightly slanted out and you can see there is not any type of holes on the front here.

You can see that they’re mounting point was actually used inside of the glass, so there are some slight differences. There are markings on the bottom okay made in China. That’s fine, but we do have some markings there. Our screw is much bigger. Do you notice the screw much bigger on the authentic roof, and that spring is so much tighter yeah? That spring is very, very tight, and this one is just mushy and it kind of gets stuck. Yes, yeah yeah. We have fake versus real Bush now and that honestly, it does not bother me that it is big ass white letters.

I did want something small and gold, but for the price I mean you can’t go wrong with this thing. I do have a riser mount for it, ready to go so as soon as I get upstairs. I will throw this on my space, Rider, 15 and I will cite it in and I will wipe off this sticky residue here, but there you go guys. Bushnell real versus fake.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II fixed power rifle scopes

Vortex Optics Crossfire II fixed power rifle scopes

  • The 4-12×44 Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern.
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing.
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user.
  • Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in.
  • A single piece tube constructed from aircraft grade aluminum ensures strength and shockproof performance. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the Crossfire II delivers waterproof and fogproof performance.
  • fixed power rifle scopes

Hey I’m Zack with vortex optics here, to give you a look at the highly popular offers, a comprehensive lineup of popular sizes and configurations, including this 3, to 9 by 50 the crossfire 2 rifle scope takes quality and value to the extreme, with a solid platform that’s built to outperform all other similarly priced rifle scopes. Quite simply, the only thing entry-level about this scope is its price.

One of the most impressive things about these scopes is the long eye relief and ultra forgiving eye box, which helps you quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target with this anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses. Your reviews, through the crossfire, are bright and clear. Strength and durability are unquestioned thanks to the one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube. That is also nitrogen, purged and o-ring sealed for a lifetime of waterproof and fog proof performance.

The fast focus eyepiece allows you to dial in sharp focus of the reticle, and the cap. Turrets are finger adjustable with tactile, MOA clicks and can be reset to zero. After setting in either rifle scope built to exceed your expectations without breaking the budget, look to the crossfire -, you won’t be disappointed, especially when you consider your purchase is covered by our unlimited, unconditional lifetime.

Vip warranty check one out online or at a vortex dealer near you.

Vortex optics crossfire 2, 2-7 x, 1-inch, tube, rifle scope, dead-hold bbc, recycle the 2-7 x-32 crossfire 2. Rifle scope is one of many configurations in the crossfire 2 line. The deadhold bdc recycle is good for hunting shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern with long eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy recycle focusing anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user.

Max elevation adjustment, 60 mower cap reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting. In a single-piece tube constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum ensures strength and shock-proof performance, o-ring, sealed and nitrogen purged. The crossfire, 2 delivers waterproof and fog. Proof performance click. The link in the description to get this product today, at the best price.

Vortex optics crossfire ii, adjustable objective, second focal plane, one-inch tube rifle scopes. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one: the 4-12 by 50, adjustable objective, crossfire 2, rifle scope is one of many configurations in the crossfire 2 line, the deadhold bdc reticle is good for hunting shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern. Number two. The adjustable objective provides image, focus and parallax removal to the shooter, while anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views.

Number three. With long eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing number four capped. Reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in number five, a single piece, tube constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, ensures strength and shockproof performance, o ring, sealed and nitrogen purged.

The crossfire 2 delivers waterproof and fog, proof performance, and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

CVLIFE 4×32 Compact with 20mm Free Mounts fixed power rifle scopes

CVLIFE 4x32 Compact with 20mm Free Mounts fixed power rifle scopes

  • Magnification:4x;Objective Diameter: 1.26″ (32mm); Eye Relief: 3.3″ (83.82mm) Length: 7.48″(190mm);
  • With the fully coated optical glass, the rifle scope would give you a bright and high-contrast image.
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and with its one-piece tube construction, the scope is definitely for greater strength and durability.
  • Inert gas purged, fog,shock, water proof, this scope can be used under any weather condition.
  • The length of the whole scope is 7.48″ (190mm), which makes this compact scope suitable for quick moving and aiming.
  • fixed power rifle scopes

  • Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches; 4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Huihaozi
  • Brand: CVLIFE
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Magnification Maximum: 4 x
  • Magnification Minimum: 4 x
  • Compatible Devices: Handgun, Rifle
  • Mounting Type: Weaver Mount
  • Type: fixed power rifle scopes

Optics hunting gun scope with 20 millimeters free mounts, magnification, 4x, objective diameter, 1 26, 32, millimeters, eye relief, 3 3, 83, 8 millimeters length, 7, 48, 190 millimeters, with the fully coated optical glass. The rifle scope would give you a bright and high contrast, image made of high-strength aluminum alloy and with its one-piece tube construction.

The scope is definitely for greater strength and durability. Inert gas purge fog shock waterproof. This scope can be used under any weather condition. The length of the whole scope is 7 48 190 millimeters, which makes this compact scope suitable for quick moving and aiming click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

I liked it but the top adjustment knob. It was my fault, but still I took a good look at it and it turns out. I broke a solid weld with my bare hands. I was shocked. I sent it back to amazon with no charge and got a new scope. I would recommend this scope to anyone with a an interest in hunting or airsoft. Also for being a 20 scope. It is really good rate.

10, tens cv life makes excellent products, well-built scope, precise adjustments and easy to get on target I’ve attached a 100 yards target to show results from this scope at 9x mounted to a nine millimeters. Carbine casual and rapid fire from a bench position seems to hold zero incredible value. Amazing, purchase and price fast delivery, not cheap mate, either very impressed I’ll, be ordering again can’t beat it for the price put it on a marlin, 60 22 did have to order rings for rimfire, attach photos of two inches target shoot at 75 feet at indoor range.

If you want to learn how to shoot with a scope, I highly recommend you pick this one. It’s of excellent quality and a good price. I popped this on an old browning 22 lever gun used it indoors at 25 yards zeroed it in around three or four five shot groupings, not the clearest to look through, but it works nice little scope for plinking fun.

In this pick it was being adjusted starting from right to left in five shot groups awesome on the 22 four-sided it in and took it to. The range literally within minutes was hitting a metal target at 100 yards awesome for the price, not sure how it would hold up on a higher power rifle, but for a clinking gun don’t hesitate to buy. It works very well with my 22 single, shot, simple to adjust and right on point with elevation and windage a great buy for any hunters or for competition.

So far, nice little scope with plenty of adjustability. The mounting rings have some blemishes on it. That kind of stand out. I could reprint them, but out of the box, that’s the only thing that I see so far took it out today and I’m pretty happy so far ran it on a 300 blackout. 110 grain supers and 208 grain subs so far holding zero and great buy for the price.

This full-size scope was a replacement for the compact 4×32 version that didn’t work on my 22 I’d like to thank the staff at cv life for taking care of me. The scope looks and feels pretty good, with tight adjustment rings and knobs very similar to its compact cousin. The optics look excellent for the price, but lack a little clarity at high magnification.

I’m not disappointed, however, since the cost is more than a good compromise in missing detailed clarity and max magnification. In my application, this scope offered a good trade-off in price and optics quality, as I would most likely never use it in higher magnification. The scope comes with a set of decent weaver rings, but I had to use my own dovetail rings.

The first step was to make sure the rings are aligned on the rail. This might be an overkill for a 22, but I’ve done it on my higher end rifles and scopes. So I stop now in more severe cases of misalignment, the scope could actually get damaged beyond repair. I could get the rings line up by switching their positions, so they had to be lapped to an acceptable level to minimize stress on the scope.

I then leveled the rifle on the rack to make sure the crosshairs would be level during the final assembly. Now the rings are ready for the scope. I shouldered the rifle and got a good cheek, weld before sliding the scope back and forth for a full field of view. I torqued down the rings to 12 in pounds and checked the eye relief for a perfect field of view.

Everything looks perfect now and can’t wait for a ranged day to sight it in. I was really surprised when I looked through the scope of the clarity and quality of this scope. The focal relief is between one five and two inches. There is also a focus: fine tuning adjustment for everyone’s individual eyesight that works well. I am not sure why the term tactical is used in the description, though there is nothing I can find.

That would lead me to think tactical. What I do see is a very reasonably priced hunting target shooting scope, I’m very impressed with this scope; click link in description for more reviews. You.

32 compact rifle scope in this video we’re going to give you an overview of this resource which is available to you on spadezilla com. The whole concept here is to save you time. We’ve already done the research and I’ve noted here for your reference, exactly where we did the research. The other thing to note is that, as of January 2019, this optic was on the Amazon bestseller list under the gun scopes category.

Okay. Unless we get into the points of praise and by way of context, it’s about you know, seventy five percent, three out of four reviews that are positive price, with the emphasis the exclamation mark. This is absolutely the strongest point of praise for this optic. You know people describing it as a nice scope for the money, a lot of positive reviewers, expressing surprise that how nice it looks and how good the fit and finishes and that it exceeded the expectations again for the money number three, that it’s a complete package and includes the scope rings number four, the tallest adjustment of the windage and elevation, which is described as being crisp having good, audio and tactile feedback, and we have a clip here from a helpful video review that demonstrates this.

Moving on to things to consider now, we’ve got four things here, as per the name things to consider, this is our neutral category. Glass quality is described by most has been acceptable for the price point. However, it should be noted that some reviewers describe the peripheral part of the scope ie, the outer part as being blurry.

It is also strongly recommended that you do not use this optic for anything larger than a 22. Long rifle again, we’ll see this in the criticism. It doesn’t really seem to hold up good with higher recalling calibers next just realistic expectations I mean given the price point. If you’re considering this optic, it’s you know, it all comes down to realistic expectations if they’re too high you’ll be disappointed, but you know, if you’re aware of all these things that we’re pointing out and you’re happy to live with that, then you know it may well be a good option for you.

Next many critical reviewers who weren’t happy with the optic expressed that they felt that the 30 to $40 price bracket represents a better sweet spot in regards to budget optics with the simmons range of optics, frequently being mentioned. So we’ve put a link there to that in case. You want to check that out by comparison criticism.

Now it’s about one in four reviews were critical, which is rather high, but at the same time it’s a budget optic. The first point of criticism is people saying it will not zero or will not hold zero. This comes up quite frequently short lifespan with high light. Sorry highlighted the wrong part with many reported, the optic losing focus or going blurry without any obvious reason in a relatively short amount of time, I relief is reported as being less than the specifications, there’s no instructions included, which annoys some people and the rings that are included, which you know was a source of praise for the positive reviews for representing a complete package.

A lot of people dismiss them and you know describe them as being just chuck in the bin type rings. So there you have it. Those are the considerations you want to keep in mind if you’re contemplating purchasing this optic up here on the right, we have some retail links if you want to quickly compare prices and that pretty much sums it up.

That’s your overview of this resource from spadez illa com in review of the CVLIFE 4 x, 32 compact, rifle scope, I hope this saves you time and proves you useful.

Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder fixed power rifle scopes

Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder fixed power rifle scopes

  • 4X32 Compact scope
  • Magnification is 4X
  • Tube diameter is 1″
  • Objective is 32 mm
  • Length is 7.75″
  • fixed power rifle scopes

  • Manufacturer: AIM SPORTS
  • Type: fixed power rifle scopes

Aim sports 4 x, 32 compact rank finder, 4 x, 32, compact scope, magnification is 4 x, tube diameter is one objective, is 32 millimeters length is 7, 75 click the link in the description to get this product today, at the best price.

Hello jungle Explorer here and coming back at you with another review um today, I’m gonna be reviewing this little compact scope. This is the aim Sports 4 by 32, you buy it on amazon com for about 20 bucks, depending on prices and stuff anywhere from about 19 to 21 dollars. It seems like a pretty decent little scope comes with this nice little caps for it. It’s very compact and that’s what I wanted was a really small, little simple scope, nothing, fancy and so I bought this hoping that it was going to be something better and that would be usable for my little Ruger 10/22 here.

I wanted something really compact for it and so I bought it it. This is the Ruger 22, 10/22 takedown, so I wanted something that would not be really cumbersome. That I could put into a backpack go backpacking in the woods with to have a weapon with me in case I needed it. I wanted something, light didn’t weigh a lot, and so when I saw this, even though it was a you know, very cheap for the price I was hoping. It was going to be something that was really good, and you know really.

You can’t expect a lot for the amount of money that they’re charging for what you’re getting it actually comes with the scope rings, which weigh themselves would be probably a seven dollar investment there. So you’re really not paying a whole lot for the scope. So you can’t really expect that much, but you are buying a scope. It needs to be usable, regardless of how much it cost it needs to be usable needs to function, and it needs to accomplish its goal.

Picking the scope up, it feels good to feel solid feels well built the one thing that I found, at least for my purposes, Ruger 10/22 people might want to know this. This may not affect you if you’re using a different model of rifle is that it has. It has about a three-inch eye and even though, on the specifications it says like two and a half to three three inches, it really is a very narrow, I, relieve it really pretty much.

You got to have your eye in the right spot on the Ruger 10/22, though at a comfortable level where I’m holding it right. Now, it’s really not the right. It needs about another two inches of eye relief. I’ve got this little picatiny rail here and I’ve got the scope, moved all the way back, it’s as far back as it possibly can go on the little rail. It still needs about another two inches to be comfortable. No, it’s not I’m, not saying I can’t use it.

I can actually scoop my head forward to it, but it’s really about a two and a half inch for eye relief, not a three inch, and it just really doesn’t work. So, if you’re thinking about buying it to use it on a Ruger 10/22, it’s really not gonna work where it’s comfortable, um I’ve had three or four people put this up to their eye and when they, when they just throw it up, and they look through it, it’s not at the right right eye relief.

It needs to be back further. I’m gonna try to compensate for that later with a different kind of a mounting system, but so that that that has nothing to do with the quality of the scope, I’m just kind of telling you that, if you’re looking to put it on a Ruger 10/22, it’s really not going to work unless you change this put a different kind of a stock on it with a shorter, shorter stock, or something like that, it’s gonna, be it’s not I’m, not saying it’s, not usable, it’s just not comfortable um.

So let’s go into the actual scope itself. It’s got a nice, a really nice reticle on it. It’s got. This I think they said rangefinder reticle on I’m, not sure exactly how to use that the the one thing I’m going to throw a picture up here of the reticle, so you can see it you’ll see that range finding and the one thing about the reticle on it that I was really kind of for my purposes. It’s very bold I mean it’s. It’s I would call it an ultra bold reticle of all the scopes I’ve used in over forty years of hunting.

I. Think this is probably the boldest Rett reticle I’ve ever seen just really really heavy-duty um. That is actually good, I! Guess! If you want something, that’s not going to break you know so I think it would be difficult to break this reticle because it is so thick just it’s going to be hard to knock it about and break it. So that’s a good thing. I’ve actually seen reticles break on scopes before so that that’s one plus side, but the downside to the very thick reticle is.

It doesn’t provide for really super accurate, shooting I have a target up range here and the I’m less just looking through the scope at it. I’m gonna throw this little camera up here and as soon as I get it on here. I’m gonna zoom at the end, do the actual target up there and I’m gonna, throw that on screen. For you tighten it up here. It’s kind of okay, I’m gonna, throw that up on screen there for you. So you can see that and now you can see those red dots now those red dots on that target, the small ones, are the size of a dime and with this scope, that’s 25 yards away.

The crosshairs are completely covering those that red dot so at a yard at third 25 yards, which is what I’m at right. Now that reticle completely covers that red dot. You can’t see it. The middle dot is a little bit bigger. You can still see it a little bit but uh, but you know it’s it’s it’s very, very heavy-duty reticles and at the end of this video I’m, going to show you some different reticle sizes from a comparison now, I want to compare the scope to another compact scope on my AR ar-15 here.

This is a utg bug buster, so let’s lay them side by side. So you kind of get a example. You can see that the aim scope is considerably smaller, go ahead and take these uh, these scope caps off here, so you can kind of get a better idea line up the backs of them. It’s shorter, it’s less heavy-duty! Now, obviously, the bugs bug buster we’re comparing apples to oranges here this is an 82 dollar scope or 880 $80 $85 scope.

Here it’s got a variable or adjustable objective on it. It’s got lighted reticles, illuminated reticles, so it’s a much more heavy heavy duty scope, but I just wanted you to kind of get idea. It’s hard. Looking on pictures on advertisements to tell how big things are one to another. You can actually tell here that the scope, this scope is a little bit larger, but then again larger means heavier. So this scope ways I, think 1 4 pounds this one’s coming in right at I.

Think twelve ounces I can’t remember the exact exact, specific patience of it, but it’s a lot lighter and that’s what I really wanted for this gun. This is a Ruger 10/22. This is a ar-15. You don’t need all this you’re not going to be shooting this 200 yards this you will be shooting 200 yards plus. So this is a. This is a three by nine power scope. This is a four power scope. Only so you know you don’t need a whole lot on a 22.

You don’t need a lot of fancy stuff you’re not going to be making long range shots with it. You know you’re going to be shooting in 30, 20 20 to 50 yard range, with your 22, your 22, even closer. So you don’t need that. So this is a good little scope for a 22. But what really disappointed me in this is actually when I went to smooth the adjustments on it here, and so let’s go ahead and take the scope cap caps off here.

This is these I mean honestly it takes about. It actually causes an indentation in my fingers to actually move them. I mean it is hard. They are really hard to move and the in some places they feel like they got sand in there I mean oh gosh, I mean it’s actually cause I’m, putting a dent in my fingers to move these things and they they don’t move smooth, they’re very, very rough now, maybe with time they would get better so but they’re really not that good.

So what I’m gonna do is kind of. Do a site in here I have not cited the scope in its from the factory where it came so so I’m gonna try to cite it in here, got my ammunition in there and just gonna see where it hits. This is a factory shot I’m gonna throw the target up on the screen there again I’m, going to start with the middle see where she hit turn my safety off Wow, not even sure where it hit okay, 25 yards from the factory I’m, not even hitting the target I believe it’s shooting low, I’m, gonna, I’m gonna, adjust it up a little bit here.

You know I’m, taking another shot here, see if I can hit the target. Okay I finally hit so I was aiming at the very top of the target there. It will wear out the right-hand corner and so I hit I need to come way up on ear and I need to come to the right, a considerable amount. There we go got to come up some more getting there all right now we’re back past it we’ll keep the height the same. Come back left a little bit.

Come back left again good now we’re kind of getting there and we need to come down. I’m gonna get some more bullets and I’ll be right. Back: okay, hey back, and let’s see what we can do here, I’ll write on the money on that one get moved a little bit. So little high go a couple clicks down! It’s really rough to really adjust. This seems to be holding a pretty good pattern over there to the left, a little bit I get or zeroed in here we use an AR tactical long rifle here: copper, nose, copper, plated round, nosed ammunition, it’s pretty accurate stuff; ok, so now I’m going to shoot and one of the other targets I’m dead on so we’ll go with the bottom left one now, since this already got a hole in it from before, go and take my time here and try to put these all in that tin, it’s hard because the radicals so big on it.

Well, that’s funny: cuz I had it dead on and then it seems to be walking a little bit left. I’m gonna give it two clicks to the right and it was went up. Interna in the the middle I was hitting pretty pretty bullseye there I know, I wasn’t pulling off. I was holding it real, steady there. So let me go ahead and give it another. Try I had to adjust it quite a bit. It may take it a few rounds to stabilize I’m just gonna keep putting round through it see if it’ll stabilize up there I, don’t like a scope that moves on me.

That’s what we’re trying to do here is see if it’ll, if it’ll hold zero on us. Okay, we’re going for the bottom right now take a little rest here. Okay, it held pretty good I’m going to go up to I, want to take that red all the way. All the way out it seems to be stabilizing, then get no movement on that one jumped around just a little bit but uh. This Ruger 10/22 doesn’t have the best of triggers on it. It’s a new rifle.

It’s not smooth, yet I really need to put a trigger upgrade on it. Okay, so now we’re going top right got a mosquito bite in my arm. Don’t like anything bothering me when I’m we’re not trying to make shot here. Well, I moved it up to, but it didn’t actually didn’t go up, but it did hold really good on that one I mean that was just basically the first couple: shots we’re off to the right. But then it’s centered in really good seems like every time I move it.

It tends to have to kind of balance out a little bit go ahead and all right all right now top left. What is it? Don’t? Walk up on me like that, my new school okay, alright I’m doing a review okay, so there you have it. It doesn’t seem to want to move up on me. The as I changed the turrets here, I moved it up from the bottom right, I moved it up two clicks, then I went to the top right, moved it up two clicks and moved it over to the to the top left and I moved it up three clicks and it didn’t go up any it just stayed where it is.

It seems to be holding zero, but it may it’s not really moving right with the clicks so with time. I think I probably could use it, but the crosshairs on it or a little thick for me, I like to have a little more precision with them. It’s not a bad little scope, it’ll work, but because of the the thickness of the crosshairs, the the stiffness of the actual adjustments on it and the the poor eye relief, at least from my situation- I’m not really happy with it.

It’s not something that uh that’s going to serve for my purposes. I obviously can hit with it precision enough for squirrel hunting things like that, and that would be good, but it’s just I’m not really confident. Just you know, especially the turrets here. The adjustment turrets just feel kind of rough to me. They feel like they’ve, got sand in them. I didn’t see the response that I’d like to see when I adjusted it.

You know I’m, not saying it’s a bad scope, I’m, probably a 3 out of 5 stars and what I’d give it for the price you’re paying. Really, honestly, it’s hard to complain because you get the the Rings with it so you’re, paying about maybe $15 for the scope. It would be good for a beginner for somebody who’s just needing something to throw on their gun. Definitely it’s usable but I’m, just not a not real real excited about it for long-term use, so I’m gonna, let you make the decision or whether it’s the right scope for you or not.

It meets several of the requirements that I was looking for the its compact. It’s light. It’s simple: it doesn’t have a lot of extra stuff on it, but it just doesn’t feel to be the quality that I would like to see for to give me confidence that I could go in the woods with it, especially in in shooting here it just didn’t respond to the adjustments like I’d like to see it wasn’t true to the clicks and things I like when I, when I click move up, I like it to move up, I don’t want to have to move.

You know six clicks up to and not move at all. So you know- maybe it’s just because I had to turn it three or four times I had to make four or five actually I think about five complete resolutions to get it up on target at 25 yards and that came from the factory that way that may do what have to do with the configuration of the gun, but that was quite a bit of movement to be able to get the the the sight close to bull’s eye.

So you know a different configuration might be different, but we’ll see what happens but I think that it’s not something that I would trust for any serious shooting. It is good for you know something throwing your gun and to use it. It works okay, it’s a little bit short on IRA leaf for a Ruger 10/22, but it is usable, so I’m gonna throw give you some examples here. Some crosshairs that I’ve taken some pictures of I’m going to put them up on screen and in this first shot, I’m just you’re going to see white background and you’re going to see the bug Buster and the the aim sports crosshair side by side.

You’ll see the difference in them. It’s a really nice crosshair. It’s got a lot to it. You know with the the rangefinder and stuff, but it’s just super bold Super Bowl earlier in the day, I had them out and I was targeting some of my chickens out in the wheat field. At about 30 yards this first one’s going to be the bug Busters on a Roosters head at 30 yards actually about 35 yards and then so you can see that there, the next one is going to be the aim sports crosshairs on that same rooster at about 25 yards, to give you kind of idea what they look like on an actual animal.

It’s easier to tell you know a roosters heads going to be larger with the comb and earthing than a squirrel’s head, but it’ll give you an idea kind of what it looks like so I’m gonna put the two on screen here for you, so you can see them side-by-side and you can get an idea, they’re side-by-side what they look like just for for comparisons anyways. So now we’re done with the comparisons. So here we go. That’s the aim: Sports 4 by 32 single power scope here, I’m gonna, give it a 3 out of 5 stars and I’m, not gonna recommend it for any serious shooting, but it is good, for you know basic toying around and blinking it’d probably be a fine scope for playing around anyways.

It’s definitely worth the price you pay for it, but it’s not worth much more than that. So there you have it. That’s the review of the aim. Sports 4 by 32, single power, scope, I, hope, you’ve enjoyed it. If it’s been found it useful and it’s helped you out please like subscribe and comment. Until next time, jungle explorer signing out.

Really she was at the ball right thanks to special guest appearance, my dude coca J, you know, I, don’t live for your song, put his link in the description because he held me out with that little intro record pressing your chords in it. But today is another good day guys we got the scope. I ordered. If you remember in my other video on I was thought about. I was I were to scope. This was come over. It wasn’t just a comment until Tuesday, but for some reason I just want to see my email said: the order change.

They gave me expression thing, but I didn’t pay the price for expression, I, look at the box, and so if we brush shipping huh I looked at and they changed it so I’m like alright. This today is Saturday. We play airsoft every Sunday, so I am set for tomorrow. With my news yeah, we don’t go outside with my near scope. It’s the aim: sport, a 2 1 by 32, combat to enjoy dress code. Anyway, let’s get into this box. Here we got even box all your usual, so I’ll tell you about their scopes and details so open that handle basic packaging.

Just plastic wrap 0 box, we’re going all decent cool cool elements into your airsoft yep I had written so he’s going to help me. Here’s a scope, river flats. Imagine imagine so therefore, title meta and also a little disclaimer I got my camera. So okay, yeah, not so about August 7th at the earliest I need I’m trying to slow low key in the stuff. I need for I’m, giving my SD card August, 7th and the casing that you need to refer that Garba 7 at the earliest. So we don’t have to still wait a bit before the actual videos going out unless I get so many points somehow find it right off.

Am I will die in your place till then. What specific? From one of you, the school all right, so check out really nice for about 20 or dollars. Chances is best thing you can buy when you’re starting off by yourself. No grace keep it down, but on best thing you buy it. When you start off with your soft, this scope in this laboratory that I’m, not which we kind not sponsored by these guys, obviously because I’m not even all out no but seriously I recommend that sniper in the scope about a 75, 80 dollar combination fascinating for your dog, and it comes with these lens caps, which are very useful.

So you don’t get your stuff scratching when you’re, not using it. Um pretty and previous codes got a decent dark. How a person gets food Kirk is really excited, but pretty soon everything other things I meet, someone I saw I can’t speak English because I was here inside and I have to zeroed in and everything still. So, let’s get this thing on my sniper, um cool thing again, you get in the house, I get when they actually come with the allen keys that we need. It also came with me: foster to clean off four of us and a little booklet.

So I see it’s got a rangefinder wrecked island. That’s one has looks like that for you that don’t know the range. My directi looks like this one, pretty decent little thing and now, what’s all book was telling you anything about it? Something I saw I’m actually going to fix this to my rifle now get this piece of trash scope. Actually, what I want to do is this guy’s first of a fire directly inside and blow it up? Oh hi, I’m filming them, because I don’t need this anniversary, trashed! Oh hey! Why just one for I want the old in with the new, don’t her off with the old in comic in good one, one firecracker we put a firework in it watching now.

You say that’s what I’m scared of no, because either this is 20 mm and the same supposed to fit 20 mil 15-year, ales better, it’s a contact! So that’s what scared me about it yeah, but it said it fixed, 20, millimeter things. So all you I do is screw off the nuts on one side, take off part of the rail and fix it – like soon and just like the other school, pretty much effective at two different. You know what I want to do some slight modification list as I do slight modifications, Israel Wow John, a bit of butter eaters hook, my Ruby, so I can get shiny coffee, okay, I think you get John’s chronicles, alright, guys so filmed and again, with this degree I’m going to have you slam up get into the rifle itself and for the mortal of the Grail breathin beans, because it does actually help all the maps a bit like in order of with what the screws are not strategically placed with the actual rail on the stone color, because it’s not a natural Gale colors that she wrote and starred in rifle um morning should have to or I can actually really just take off one rated issues, one and my bad.

Actually, let’s check out how that works. More now, I guess I went through only home struggles for this area do know what I actually got something that actually the width actually matches. Finally, so that’s good, but well I’m, still stupid God. Why didn’t sue the guys? Alright, so I, just really I can just move the ring back. I only have one on there and I’ll do the screws wouldn’t line up, but I can just move that back I’ll go back, he hasn’t actually uh sobbing -. There we go now it’s getting like a grand engine coughing.

Ah, yes, I’m guru, me I, can see the frickin Adam was on this tool with the scope. Let’s go so yeah, that’s the actual review of the school. But why do your shooting test tomorrow, seeing that it’s very night out, but actually uh, don’t do this at home, but I’m gonna aim out the window and see how far down now and I can see this? Oh there is, let’s go I can make somebody in the freaking Museum then, but my whole leverage like in here yeah play this huh like hearing me a little work, we’re less you I’m, honestly a up to be not going to take you out of Madoff, occasionally up as I’ve in times.

Magnification comes all the way. Turn our synergy bit. Let’s go. Maybe orange is so stupid and not knowing I’m dinner. Are you doing just trying to slide him in my frickin, my video here, yeah I was trying to compare anomalous. I was a looking to that, but I’m pretty sure the hugeness evening to the music, and he was really pretty good. Girl can I have a black. You look so crazy that causes all right. The result was a sauropod Thomas. No poor did review or it love it love the range transmission range finders can be easier.

If you know or fef donkeys, you can kind of mash up with those lines. If you’re that shooting at the full distance you can that scope. So pretty good on crystal-clear is no some dental, no scratches on it. So, like that’s manufacturer and shipper I got a file here is actually so all good and what it comes with. That comes with your allen, key and an extra screw and these. So this is really helpful. Shouldn’t get all scheduled and list you’d almost Mudge it off after your match.

So we’re final thoughts. Fantastic idea was freakin five stars in a beginner sense, so I’m pretty good loaded aim. Amos courts keep up the good work with good beginner stuff, because you’re sure you guys will be getting a lot of customers looking for good starting from and I’ll find yourself. It is very fantastic, so good job- and this is going to be end of this video I- was giving the shooting test tomorrow, hopefully so stay tuned. For that I will see you guys in that video.

Airsoft here, instead of gun review today, today we’re doing a review on a scope. This is the aim Sports 4 by 32 scope, at least I. Think it’s for about 32 I. Don’t remember, I’ll! Look it up anyway. You know what it is. It’s in the description, it’s by aim sport- and this is a great for time- zoom scope. It doesn’t have a variable zoom, but it is easy to sight it for whatever distance you’re shooting at primarily I currently have it resided in at 50 feet and as if you well, as you see here most of these shots up here and here well we’re while I was still feeding at first I cited it for elevation once I got that down, then I went in for the left and right now, as you see these shots, don’t matter, but it’s freaking accurate at 50 feet running the DPMS panther carbine m4 on 8 4 volt battery, when I was doing that I’m, not using my scar right now.

It’s got to get repaired assembly anyway. This scope does come with a nice lens cover here, which is great and it comes with strings. Now you say: oh, that’s, no big deal scope, scope frames, you kind of need that, but a lot of scopes out there you just got the scope, it doesn’t come with the scope rings now. These are nice really like low sitting scope rings. If you prefer a higher like raised up, one you’re gonna have to buy them separately, but it’s a nice scope and before I go on the board that we’re gonna talk.

Here’s the Box, simple boxes in sports on all four sides of it, nothing other than that black of some Apache helicopters on there looked pretty cool, but it comes with more than that. This is just a warranty that it comes with hold it up kind of wrinkled. It came with a cleaning and also there are some instructions for the scope on how to cite it all the basics that you’re gonna need to know how to clean it properly, etc, etc.

There also comes with an extra screw for the scope rings in case you lose it it’s hard to see here and the hex screwdriver specifically for that size, which I’m thinking I’m, probably gonna, keep on. My vest with me in case I need to fix it or something tighten it now, moving on board on the stove, it’s a four time zoom and it’s not the regular scope. You see where it’s just line aligned and mill dots on it.

There are mill dots on there, but also in the lower half of the scope there. What’s it’s called a range finding scope, pretty much there’s a line for every like increments of ten yards, depending on where you have it set for like it says, to have it set for the center one is 20, but I have it set, is 50 cuz, that’s right! I have most of my skirmishes out I’m, not gonna, bother figuring out.

I’m gonna have to aim down a little lower here in the middle of a skirmish. I’m gonna go there’s that center dot I want a fire right there, anyway, they’re, citing it or adjusting it. If it’s knocked out of its sighting, just simply unscrew these coverings on both the top and bottom by turning it to the left on the top. It raises it up approximately half an inch at 100 yards away and okay quite get this one.

Oh there you go the other one is for left and right, which is also a half an inch to the left, if you’re turning it to the left and to the right, if you’re, turning it the right hundred yards away. It’s a nice scope, all-metal easily fits on any standard rail. You use and it’s very comfortable, very accurate got a nice blue lens coating on there and I love using this thing for field fer CQB.

On the other hand, I would not recommend it to read, not just because you’re in cqb, you don’t have time to bring up the scope and aid anyway. That’s it for this review. Guys I’ll see you guys again next time with our next review, which will probably be the sling gear. Now see you guys again next time.

Hey guys, rory from ans gear, we’ve got another scope to look at today, so this is an aim. Sports 4×32 compact scope. This one right here is a non-illuminating version, so it has no batteries in it. It has no dot in it. It has no or no illuminated dot. It has no red or green or anything inside there. That will light up. When you look through it, this just has a basic, mil dot.

Reticle. You can see that right there, it’s got the circle with the crosshair through it, and it is four times magnification with the 32 millimeter optic. So let’s open it up kind of get an idea of, what’s in here little basic manual, allen key for adjustments and you get an extra screw, a little microfiber to clean your lenses. Let’s get the bag open here, silica pack, that’s not part of it.

Don’t eat that it’s bad for you all right. So what we’ve got here is pretty straightforward. In its setup, we’ve got our mounts right here which are adjustable. If you need to slide them a little bit, you can move them within the limited range that you have right here between the front and the middle by loosening up these top two screws. That’ll allow you to adjust this slightly forward.

Slightly back same with this. Now on the bottom, you’ve got your twist twist locks. You probably want to pull these as far out as you can. This is not one that you could put onto your rail mount and slide it on. You will need to open these up far enough, so that you can lay it down on top and then tighten it back down. You can see that these do have the screws that stick up and this actually fits in between one second yep.

I got this one right here. It fits in the groove, so the grooving in between each of these top sections of the rail, the actual post of the screw, is going to fit in there and that’s going to help, keep it from sliding around so depending on your setup. If your screws don’t line up like this one might not line up right, I might need to slide this one a little bit forward so that my screw post fits in between those grooves once you lock it down.

These are going to keep it nice and tight on there, but these are going to keep it from wanting to slide front to back as well. So definitely gives you the ability to set it up and lock it down and keep it nice and tight on there all right, so we’ve got just removable little shades here you can see. One side is yellow. One side is clear: they are different sizes too.

So obviously, this one’s going to go up here. This one will not fit over the front, but at least they are clear and you can look through them while they are on. So if you are in a position playing whatever kind of sport, you’re playing with this, where things will be flying at you and potentially hitting the front of that, I would recommend leaving that on so that if you get shot this breaks not this once that breaks, then you’re kind of screwed uh you’ve got 4 by 32, so you’ve got four times.

Magnification you’ve got a focus adjustment on the back side right here and then your windage and elevation adjustments through here now. If I pull these caps off a lot of threads, you can see that these you could do by hand this one right here does not require any kind of tool or uh like a flat head, screwdriver or anything like that to adjust. You can grab a hold of them and just rotate by hand which makes it nice you have to be carrying something extra lightweight, aluminum construction, super, durable, um, nitrogen charged water resistant seals.

It’s got everything going for it that you need a nice compact, 4×32, non-illuminated scope comes with the covers on. It comes with the locking system ideal for setups kind of just like this. You can throw that on. There maybe put a riser on it depending on how you want to do. It aim sports 4×32 available through the website orders now through ansgear com.

Hey guys, roy from ANS Ciaran, we’re gonna, look at some more scopes today from a m– sports, we’ve got some 4 by 32, try illumination scopes with a try, weaver mount at the front and one of them. What we have here is a quick release and one is just a standard mount and so we’ll look at both of them. There are four different options here. We only pulled out two of them because three of them look exactly the same they’re the ones with the quick release, but they have different reticles on the inside and then the one without the quick release also has a different reticle.

So the non quick release one has the rapid, ranging reticle in it, which is the small range finding reticle right in the middle, almost looks like a red dot, but it is a range finding reticle and then on the quick releases. We have the 3/4 circle reticle we have the arrow reticle and then we have the rapid range finding reticle, also, which is the little dot version. So three different reticle options for I should say three in the quick release and one in the in the standard mount.

They are magnified so they’re a four times magnification with a thirty two millimeter optic at the front and each each one is three color illuminated so red, green and blue from settings, one two and three, so one obviously being the dimmest setting two three being the brightest setting on it and that’s controlled right up here through the top windage and elevation are on the side and top and they are capped.

So you do need to remove the caps and then you will need to use some sort of screwdriver or a coin or something to adjust them. They are not finger adjustable once you have removed the cap off of it now. These also have three mounts at the front, so they call it a weaver mount, so really anything picatiny or weaver should fit on it. It kind of depends on the mounting device that you’re using if it’s bigger than the footage here, you know you kind of have to just play that out and see if it’ll fit or not.

This would be great for a little flashlight or a little laser, or something like that. You can mount that right up to the they’re, so the mouths talk about the mounts on their don’t throw them up. So we’ll do the the standard mount style. First, I, don’t see what that takes so some wheels on there. We can roll those off drop it on roll them back, tighten them down and then always when you’re really gonna mount this up.

You will want to take some sort of tool and tighten these all the way down. I use an allen key on these ones, just because I have it here, but you could use a flathead screwdriver I actually want to use a bigger one than the one I’m trying to use right here. So you don’t scratch everything up. This wants to slide down in there to make sure that everything is tight, and then you want to put it up to your face, make sure the high relief is correct and that you can actually look through it and everything is right and if not move it around or you can go with the quick-release style, which I think everything should be made with.

A quick-release version makes things so much easier. It’s kind of just a lever on the side right here, open the lever up, drop it on to the rail system and close it down and we’re done, and then we can set it up see if it’s right, if it’s not just loosen it up a little bit back, tighten it down and it’s already set up there again. So can’t go wrong with a quick release mount it makes moving things around and setting up a scope or sight so much easier, just takes a while that time and all that effort out of undoing it, removing it retightening it over and over and over again until you find out where that perfect spot for you is so you’re one of those people that doesn’t like to spend a lot of time moving things around and you just wanna be able to do it and put it get the quick release version.

If you don’t care, get the non quick release version, some people, love tinkering and just setting things up, and maybe that’s a good choice for them, so definitely check them out on the website. These are for by 30 to try illumination, try weaver mount scopes, they’re available through the website. You can get them with the quick release or you can get them with the standard. Mount check them out order.

Yours now, through ANS gear com,.

We’re Facebook fresh, big right. Oh no, you I’ll put a little clip together about it right. It was working with a label but oh [, __ ]. This is, you could explain it. Yeah I know right now: I’m not talking on TV get a real scope for I got off some on. Why are you what’s up with it kid? You said it cause like 120 hundred seventy-five got about 70 bucks like I, know, Hank I, assume, [ __ ] I got the dirt shoot gunk out healed.

Everyone he’ll, do you know my fans doesn’t deserve that classroom deserve that sight. Put it down there. It should be on. We go mascara, o 4×3 – sure did 4 by 32 phone numbers, told you not. Only as I told you right now, a new brand I. Don’t you have a Hammond high yeah? Okay, like how tech for herself skill man but I, get it dirty.

I mean don’t always go look on eBay and [ __ ]! That’s all yeah! Yeah, hey guys were scared. Come on not everybody else! Rich! Your plaque! Look at me. Do you have my gear on I’ll wrap them up in blue collar working man.

What is going on, ladies Jean welcome back to another airsoft video, which will be a little different today. I’m gonna be giving you my review on the aim: Sports 4 by 32, compacts scope. I just want to give a huge shout out to taxable airsoft Torino for hosting the airsoft with the friends event that took place recently. I’ve had a blast met.

Some good people, including Kevin, ok, random guy kept his Instagram page, will be down on the solution. If you’re interested the link to his YouTube channel will be listed down below as well. So, let’s start with a couple details about the 4 by 32 scope. The amount of cash is 1 5 X through 5x. It is 8 point 25 inches long in length.

The scope itself is 22 ounces. So it doesn’t really add that much weight to my MK 16. It’s a one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum body with fully adjustable windage and elevation knobs. The eye relief is 2, 7, inches and 3 5 inches and a really good thing about the product is that it includes two Bowl rings and we all know how expensive our rings to be.

So it’s a good thing. This scope came with you I grabbed this 4 by 32 scope off Amazon for $30. You can also find the same model and different websites, but prices will vary. The link to the 4 by 32 scope will be down in the description check it out if you’re interested, it is easily attachable to the Picatinny rail system on my MK 16, just swap it out with your current site in Brisco and you’re good, to go just like that.

After attaching the scope, depending on where I place it we’re still a bit of rail space, low suit can add a laser sight or scope can’t on the top of the rail or whatever attachment you desire cosmetically. It looks pretty damn. It fits the assault rifle well and with the adjustable stock, it can be converted into a designated marksman rifle before I start listening the pros and cons about the scope.

Just don’t do what I do and that’s bringing a 4x magnification scope to a close quarters combat arena, at least in the arena. I go to military operatives. I have no problem, bringing a scope and super fine quarters. I ran this up, just to see how I can perform and how effective a scope scope be in such close quarters. In fact, this is my first time taking my scope into the field against real players.

Another thing I should mention is the pose. Cons are based off of my experiences, so your opinions could differ from mine. Now, let’s get on to the gameplay starting off the pose of the compact scope, some of which iron already lists. It is quite literally compact. So, like I said, my amendment will fit whatever attachment. I want, like a laser sight, there’s light weight, so no maneuverability is sacrificed when carrying my rifle, even with other attachments added like an anchor grip.

The scope, of course, can allow you to see into further areas and shoot more precisely at targets that are well concealed. If, for a guy who wears glasses and can’t really see far, this scope gets the job done in the end. It’s a very solid, low-cost scope and I. Imagine it would fit well with any DMR or maybe use sniper rifle.

Let’s get into the cons for this scope. If you look closely here, there’s a small circle which shows the magnified area of the scope is pointed out. Originally I thought it would have a much larger view in the ocular lens, but I was wrong, in other words, have to look pretty closely at this scope to see the magnified area or it might just be me.

I, don’t know sometimes want to aim down sights during combat I’ll get my radicals wrong. So, for example, in this picture, is the exact same reticle that is featured in the compact scope. The red circle represents where the human eye should be looking at when aiming down sights now in the blue circle represents where my eyes sometimes looks at, and that is not good.

The point here is that I’m sometimes I’m looking at the wrong place, which could cost me or kill me. Then again that is based off of my experience. That’s going to include my personal review of the eating Sports 4 by 32 compact scope. I hope you enjoyed and found are pretty informative if you’re looking for a low budget scope again thanks to tactical airsoft airsoft with friends of them, give this video a thumbs up fjord my thumbs up.

If you did subscribe to see more fresh first-person content and I’ll, see you in the next video peace.

Say the thrill was I, don’t remember, $13, something like that, all right, where you start this way so you’re facing me better that way: you’re not creating all the shadow on all the guns that you’re working on, which is this the one? That’s it! Oh it slides in like so probably that’s a negatory! Oh, that’s, not tight! Tighten that so, basically this year.

Does this squeezes that to this rail, so you kind of just please open that up slide it right on in there. Maybe there was tension earlier. The screw. Keep walking out. Righty is Lucy. What why is righty loosey lefty is tidy. What am I doing with my life. Look at that wise, wise, lefty, tidy, walk on so I got it I got tighten that up and get some Loctite.

That’s weird lefty is tidy I. Don’t like that! That’s weird! It’s just from m1 surplus! There I, don’t think there was an actual name codes this with this rail blank plastic packaging, no name. This is the scope arena put on it’s a name sports for but 32. This was only like $25 and includes rings, so, basically yeah. It’s kind of a weird thing: I’m trying to replace an ACOG with something cheap and I’m gonna see how bad it is.

I like cute stuff, so we’ll be back with this monstrosity, so beard in His, infinite wisdom and strength is able to slide this on, tighten that SOB down as hard as you could and close the lever. So hopefully this won’t walk out. I didn’t use Loctite just for the purpose of yeah beat it girl, good luck, trying to get it off, though in BK. Well, it’s not going to come off.

Well, that’s the one thing I want to see: I, don’t even get the dust cover off with that on Lou I! Don’t want to take the test over part. The plunger is partially covered by that rail. You push that plunger in and the back button that’s kind of a oh yeah nothin to it and then put it back on. You gotta push that plunger again, so it kind of impedes the plunger you’re not lined up in the front there.

You go I’m gonna push that plunger in actually no here take this out push the plunger push. This up there, you go now release the plunger and it should sit against it. No, no tough wiggins. Still in that little rail yeah right there. Now you should be able to put this in and then once that set and push the plunger, and it says before I needs to be get that lined up and I’ll press the plunger there you go charging off now, just first shiggles I want to get beard to put the scope on for me and we’ll play with where it sits on the rail and all that later, I just want to get beard to put this bad boy on tiny other rings, tight on it or anything, to get a Phillips head to try and twist them.

Okay, so try and spin those rings to see if they torque them from the factory they good. Oh yeah, I’d, say they’re good, all right! It’s this evening, an assemble, a bad boy! Okay, sound like me, okay, I know what that’s a maiden shine on the bottom. Of course, it does I mean it’s $25 fix for power scope with a thirty two millimeter objective ones.

That’s what 4 by 32 means for all those newbies out there, I’m gonna shoot here 20 yards to see how close it is and then we’ll go from there. I love watching you struggle beard, I! Don’t really really do oh I’m sure of it one doesn’t help. They were inverted to begin with. What’s that, oh the little pieces that hold the rail need. I have this one in one that one is not going in one.

So we have to move the scope rings. I will go, get the Torx. What do you expect it to China’s will be back. Look at you, beard I’m, so proud of you. So basically what I had to do is loosen up. These four beard did loosened up the Torx holding the Rings together slide it up on the scope, so it fit in through the we did a hand tight check and they seemed pretty tight, but my bulb tighten him anyway and somehow it still held that was relatively tight.

That one wasn’t, which I mean you tighten the other side down, so I mean stuff, I, think that’s good beard not until it clicks 50 times not until I know. It’s not gonna move all right hold that bad boy up see how she looks. I’ll get out, I love it nice, cheek, weld with that stock. I know looking down the iron sights with that race. Doc is not fun.

Can you actually see through it? If anyone knows beards blind, he has like lenses. This thickness of coke bottles. We’re gonna actually find the target yeah. Actually, surprisingly, clear, all right, I got five rounds. Loaded up, I’m gonna see how close it is to zero. Well, usually it’s the zero. Are you done stretching? Am I keeping you up? Yeah I’ve been sitting down, that’s reticles a little big, but the Chinese go okay, Wow! That’s actually pretty close I put a four inch group standing up great, close guys, you’re, damn right, it is so I went one two three four and then I aimed right about here and I hit dead center.

So we’re gonna put some paper out a hundred yards. So we do.

Hey guys rory from ANS again and we’re gonna look at some more scopes today. So today we’re looking at a named sports scope. This is a 4 by 32 compact scope, so a 4 times magnification. It is not adjustable 32, millimeters optic at the front or the objective optic objective, optic, objective or optic. I already going to look at it. It is non illuminated, so it has a reticle in it and then I believe it’s the rangefinder reticle it has that. But it is not illuminated, so it doesn’t glow, it doesn’t light up.

It doesn’t turn red or green or ain’t those things. It’s just a static crosshair black with the rangefinder style reticle does come with covers. You can remove them. They are yellow and clear. Pretty standard through that does come with windage and elevation adjustment and they will need a tool once you get. The cap off. I know look at that. That was wrong. Let’s make sure the other one. Has it too hey? So you don’t need a tool. You can turn them by hand. So normally you’ll see a little slot in there.

You take a screwdriver or a coin in there, something these. You can turn by hand lucky lucky I like that we have to carry around a screwdriver in their bucket alright, so it does come with scope rings, so they are mounted on this particular one already. We did not have to mount them on there. It came Hardy on they have nice large thumb wheels to make it easy to unscrew, and then we can mount it right up on there go this way right about there. This one looks like it’s just a bit off so since they’ve preset these these rails on there or the Rings I should say this does not line up with the rail system that I have on this particular gun.

So what I would have to do is loosen this up slide it back or forward, depending on how far away it is on either one and then mount it up there I’m just gonna loosely mount this up, so I don’t have to go through that process. Put that on there and that on there. So that’s what it’s gonna look like when mounted up on your gun. This back end is a little bit high, because I actually need to slide this one. It looks like I need to go back a little bit, so this one I would need to slide it just ever so slightly, maybe 1/32 of an inch back to get it to drop into the slot, and then it would be fine outside of there, so they don’t always set them up perfect.

They kind of just slap them together and when they put in the scope rings on. So, if you get a scope that has already had it rings mounted to it, you probably will need to adjust it to fit your particular setup. This is what its gonna look like right. There adjustments here static, magnification four times. It does have a threaded front for a sunshade. Should you need to put something on there if you’re looking into a lot of the Sun or have a lot of glare going on, you can put that on there to eliminate a lot of that lens flare or lens glare through the through the scope.

So this is a 4 by 32, with the rangefinder reticle, not illuminated, so it doesn’t have any batteries. You don’t need to worry about any of that. Stuff comes with the adjustments on it and it comes with the scope rings. It’s available through the website order. Yours now through a and S gear, comm.

Everybody’s Rory from ans gear, we’re looking at more scopes and sites today aim sports scopes. If we have two in front of me, these are a fixed three times, magnification with 30ml optic and then a three to nine times, magnification with a 40 mil hub dick other than that they’re the same. They have the rubberized armor coating on the outside of them.

They have the illumination on them. So this one is I believe a dual illumination illumination yeah, red and green. They both have the the p4 sniper. Reticle I should look at the box before I did this yeah p4, sniper, reticle and then red and green between 1 and 5. So for brightnesses. The difference between these two well I guess: there’s a couple that we talked about already lens size and magnification, but the big big difference other than those 3.

There are two things would be this one who has what they call the BDC. The bullet drop compensation dial to it. So this one has windage and elevation adjustments which you can you can do, but this one has windage and elevation. So we’ve rephrase that well, it does have windage and elevation, but it has the ability to change elevation in large increments, based on a pre known distance that you are shooting.

So if you are shooting at X amount of yards, you can change this whole thing at the top to account for bullet drop over that distance and then the top of it comes off and you can fine-tune the adjustment through there. So it’s got preset basically levels for distance to accommodate the bullet drop as it’s traveling over those distances.

So it makes it a little bit easier to set up in theory, but giving you one more option to play around with can actually make it a little more difficult to set things up as well. If you don’t know what you’re doing so these ones, you can pull this one off and you can see I adjusted it with my hands. I didn’t need a key or a screwdriver coin or anything to adjust it.

Both of these are thumb adjustable when you take the covers off these ones, I’m pretty sure both need a coin. Yep coin. For that one- and let’s check this one as well, this is our elevation adjustment, yes coin or screwdriver. For that one as well, so no on-the-fly adjustments. You will need to have a tool for it as well.

Flip up covers on both which are removable, so you can pop those things up like that and then, like said, do illumination P for sniper, reticle, red and green from 1 to 5 as far as brightness goes, and they are armored rubberized armor coated. So if you happen to be real rough on your sculpt sites or just guns in general and I want to look at getting in one of these, they do come with scope rings right here, put the large one on like the way that one looks I’ll.

Take that one scope ring this one out of the way loosen this up. I’m gonna set that right there I think yeah on the back I like looks like it gives a little more support on that side. I’m gonna, loose ly tighten these up that way, I can still rotate. My scoop on the inside should I set this up and I realized that it’s all cattywampus and doesn’t just line up right.

So, let’s get that on. There drop that that’s just a thumb, nut put that on and obviously you’re gonna use both when you set it up. Don’t do it like I didn’t just put one on there all right and you can see I’ve got plenty of movement steer, so I can still move that around that looks about right. All right from there looks good.

This would actually sit up a little bit higher if I had the front scope ring on it right here. It’s kind of dipping down right now, just because I don’t have that extra support on there, but it’s a good looking scope. It’s got this one. Has the the bullet drop compensation on it three two times three to nine times: magnification dual illumination reticle forty millimeter optic, the other one, basically, the same size and length just a little bit shorter, but there’s a static three times: magnification 30 mil optics, but still has the dual illumination reticle just does not have the bullet drop compensation adjustment to it? So if you like the way these look, rubberized coatings, they’re, gonna, save a lot of things check them out on the website order.

Yours now through a and s gear com.

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  • Fully coated optics and Fast Focus Eyepiece/Eyebell are well suited for wide range shooting, with high optical clarity at 4-12 times magnification and a 50mm objective lens, allowing for quick acquisition of close quarter and fast moving targets.
  • The main scope has Red and Green illuminated range finder reticles in 5 brightness levels, easier shooting in dark environment. Picatinny mount easily mountable to any 22 &11mm rails (Picatinny or Weaver). Windage and elevation adjustments with 1/4 MOA audible-click stops and fingertip turrerts.
  • New design of electronic control system allows you easier and quicker setup the dot sight, reducing much hand work. High resolution image, unlimited eye relief and wide field of view competing high end reflex sight. DETACHABLE Red laser can reach over 100m.
  • Made of T6061 Aluminum, 1200G shockproof and 100% waterproof & fogproof test before release. Dry nitrogen is filled.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE- TRUST THE EXPERTS: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing Tactical Rifle Scope, UUQ offer you great customer service. With nothing to worry about, order for you or for your hunting aficionados friends today!
  • fixed power rifle scopes

  • Package Dimensions: 15.1 x 6 x 3.9 inches; 2.7 Pounds
  • Item model number: 4-12*50EG+HD103+JG8
  • Manufacturer: UUQ
  • Brand: UUQ
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Magnification Maximum: 12 x
  • Compatible Devices: Rifle
  • Type: fixed power rifle scopes

C4 to 12×50 rifle scope, dual illuminated, holographic dot reflex sight, never miss your target. The tubeless design with 33 millimeters reflex lens aperture, provides you a wide field of view: 15 8 at 100 meters, great for normal shooting, rapid firing or shooting of moving targets with easily adjustable 4 to 12, magnifications and distance.

You can target successfully up to 100 yards adjustable to your eyes for great accuracy with dual illuminated: five brightness level range: finding recycle four different sizes of dots and detachable green laser sight reaching over 300 metres make sure you can target your kills with the highest accuracy and with great results every time hassle-free mounting to any gun thanks to its built-in rail 22 millimeters, this scope easily mountable to any 22 and 11 millimeters rails, the cateny or weaver windage, and elevation adjustments with 1 4th molar, audible click stops and fingertip, turrets, top-notch quality, high-quality matte black finish, 100, waterproof and shock-proof.

Ensuring this is the best choice you can make get it with confidence, trust the experts being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing tactical, rifle scope. Ook offer you a 30-day money-back satisfaction, guarantee and 12-month warranty with nothing to worry about order for you or for your hunting. Aficionados friends today, click the link in the description to get this product today, at the best price.


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