5 The Best Tent Under $100

  1. Wakeman 2 Person
  2. River Country Products Trekker
  3. Guide Gear Compact Truck
  4. BISINNA 2 Person Camping
  5. Pacific Pass 4 Person Family Dome
TOP #1
Wakeman 2 Person tent under $100
Wakeman 2 Person tent under $100

  • Nylon
  • 2 PERSON TENT- This lightweight two-person dome tent with a large D-style door has enough space for you and a friend
  • The 2-man tent features fiberglass poles, a removable rain fly, ventilation, and an interior storage pocket
  • The combination of the inner screen layer and the outer zippered fabric layer of the tent door provide plenty of air flow as well as privacy
  • With just 2 fiberglass poles, set up and tear down of this camping tent is quick and easy
  • tent under $100
TOP #2
River Country Products Trekker tent under $100
River Country Products Trekker tent under $100

  • Super fast and easy set up! Great for hiking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up.
  • Great one-person and gear tent or two-person tent without gear
  • At 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and 42 inches tall, this tent offers more room inside than almost any other ultralight tent.
  • The Trekker Tent 2 weighs just 2lbs 12oz. Tent comes with stakes and carry bag.
  • tent under $100
TOP #3
Guide Gear Compact Truck tent under $100
Guide Gear Compact Truck tent under $100

  • This truck bed tent provides a fast and comfortable shelter anywhere. Sleeps 2
  • This truck tent is lightweight and perfect to be kept in your car. It comes with a heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyester carrying bag 
  • Made of 190T polyester with 1500mm water-resistant coating
  • tent under $100
TOP #4
BISINNA 2 Person Camping tent under $100
BISINNA 2 Person Camping tent under $100

  •  The INNER TENT made with 190T Polyester Taffeta+B3 No-see-um Mesh; RAINFLY made by 190T Polyester Taffeta and guarantees PU2000mm water-resistant; TENT POLES made with lightweight and durable 7001 space aluminum, can supports most heavily wind rain.
  • Roomy 2-person Tent for 3 Seasons
  • Large section of mesh and 2 D-shaped doors with dual zippers provide much better ventilation
  • tent under $100
TOP #5
Pacific Pass 4 Person Family Dome tent under $100
Pacific Pass 4 Person Family Dome tent under $100

  • Spacious: The 4 person tent designed for a roomy and overall cozy experience. The camping tent with a center height of 60 inches and 108.3 x 82.7 inches base size
  • The durable fabric on the outdoor tent body, 1500 MM waterproof tent for a dry trip
  • There are two mesh storage bags and a net bag on the top in the family tent and keep the dome tent organized. The hook on the top designed for a lantern. E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside
  • The camp tent equipped with 2 ropes and 7 stakes for safe and stable
  • tent under $100

Wakeman 2 Person tent under $100

Wakeman 2 Person tent under $100

  • Nylon
  • 2 PERSON TENT- This lightweight two-person dome tent with a large D-style door has enough space for you and a friend. This compact tent is ideal for hiking, camping, a kid’s indoor or backyard play tent, fishing, or shelter at the beach
  • CONVIENENT FEATURES- The 2-man tent features fiberglass poles, a removable rain fly, ventilation, and an interior storage pocket to keep your contents neat and organized while enjoying the great outdoors
  • DUAL LAYER DOOR- The combination of the inner screen layer and the outer zippered fabric layer of the tent door provide plenty of air flow as well as privacy. Simply bind the doors back with the sewn in ties to let the breeze in and keep the bugs out
  • EASY SET UP- With just 2 fiberglass poles, set up and tear down of this camping tent is quick and easy. When you are finished with your trip, you can simply place the tent components back into the included carrying bag to easily pack up and transport
  • PRODUCT DETAILS– Material: 190T Polyester and Fiberglass. Dimensions: (L) 77” x (W) 57” x (H) 40”. Pole Diameter: 3mm. Carry Bag: (L) 23” x 4” Diameter. Weight: 2.75lbs. Fits: 2 people. Color: Bold Blue
  • tent under $100

  • Manufacturer: Trademark
  • Type: tent under $100

River Country Products Trekker tent under $100

River Country Products Trekker tent under $100

  • Super fast and easy set up! Great for hiking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up.
  • Great one-person and gear tent or two-person tent without gear.
  • Trekking poles are NOT included (they are included in the Trekker Tent 2 Combo pack also on Amazon @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BNQXKDN ), this tent is intended for use with your own trekking poles, but can be used with almost any stick that is over 42 inches tall.
  • At 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and 42 inches tall, this tent offers more room inside than almost any other ultralight tent.
  • The Trekker Tent 2 weighs just 2lbs 12oz. Tent comes with stakes and carry bag.
  • tent under $100

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 84 x 42 inches; 3 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: River Country Products
  • Brand: River Country Products
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Green
  • Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Type: tent under $100

What’s up guys welcome back to outdoors canyons, just that we come out for the evening, and recently we were looking into purchasing a lightweight inexpensive, backpacking tent. Now we search around the market for one of these and they’re a little bit hard to come by just find something that was really good quality but also inexpensive. But lo and behold we came across this tent, which is made by a river country products.

It’s called the trekking pole, tent and yeah. Here you have it and as far as I know, this is a one-person tent I believe that it is under three pounds and all you need to set up this tent is the tent itself and two trekking poles. This was made to be super simple, and so you didn’t have to pack in any other. Fiberglass poles, like you, would in a normal, tent yeah, so I have I, actually haven’t even opened this up yet but yeah.

Let’s open it up and give it a try. Okay, alright guys. So here it is here’s what it looks like opening it up comes in some cellophane right. There guys stick that in my pocket. Okay, so the first thing I see is a set of instructions and that’s just kind of looks like it’s a step by step. You’ve got a letter here from river country products, so I’ll read that a little bit later, but yeah, so there you go, then we’ve got our instructions here, which are step by step with pictures, yeah all right.

Well, I’m, gonna read through these instructions a little bit we’re gonna, lay out our tent and we’ll get going. My first impressions, though, on this tent I’m, just that those down are pretty good. It comes in what looks like a pretty sturdy bag cinched here at the top, with some orange paracord type rope, it looks like I’m just gonna untie that okay, there you go that just comes down. This opens up, and now one thing that I do that I, like know, is kind of a problem in like the tent industry, and world is a lot of times.

Tents are hard to pass hard to pack up and put in the same sack that they came in I mean. Can it can be kind of a fight? But this one looks like we’ve got plenty of extra room: we’ve got a little bit extra room right there, so I, don’t think this should be a problem trying to roll it back up and fit it back into the stuff sack all right, okay, okay, so that this all rolls up and that’s the whole contents of the stuff sack looks like it’s tied up by this little ribbon like this little piece of fabric type of looking thing about three inches wide.

She just set the stuff sack down and untie this okay and now I’m gonna read through the instructions, I’m not sure the purpose of this. Yet if it’s just to tie up the the tent together or if it has another purpose but all right. Well, let’s lay this down. Oh here you go, looks like it’s got, one more little sack in it and just feeling around looks like it’s full of some tent pegs, so we’re gonna lay our tent down and we’ll get into this in just a second all right! Well, I, don’t know if you guys can see that or not but looks like it is about I.

Don’t know how long I’d say that is maybe about seven feet: yeah, honestly, um with, like the cheaper end of backpacking tents, you kind of expect like a cheaper material, but this stuff is like it seems really nice to be honest, like it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna tear it doesn’t stretch it all like. That seems like a good synthetic material and like it honestly, it should be pretty waterproof. Now it does say in the description of the product on their website that the tent is waterproof, so we’ll definitely be looking to test that out in the future and a storm or something like that and see how it holds up in the weather.

I’m gonna have my little brother help me get. These stakes in the ground chain looks like. We’ve got two pieces of rope there, I’m, assuming that those might be either back up or used to widen up the sides or I’m, not a harm percent. Sure so I’ll set those down looks like we’ve got some aluminum metal stakes right there, we’re gonna go counter down into the ground. Thank you all right. Okay, now we’ve got it all.

Pounded in here and really quick, you want to just come over here. Um. These stakes are really lightweight like I bet, they don’t even weigh an ounce, apiece and I’m, just hammering them in, though with a rock. You want to come over here on this. One I did actually end up bending this, so you’re gonna want to watch out, for that I mean they seem lightweight, and this seemed okay, but I definitely think that you could look into upgrading in some higher quality stakes, just as a thought and really we just went out guys and we just bought some trekking poles from Walmart.

Like your trekking poles, don’t have to be a huge deal, you can actually even use sticks if you don’t have trekking poles or if you don’t like using tricking poles, you’re, gonna kind of have to like experiment with the size. Well, that seems pretty close. Okay I’ve got that in college. You wanna come on this side and hold it for me. She’s gonna be just about the where I think it should be. Okay, bring on pull up like that now.

Those other snakes that I sat down are going to be used to hold this string out into the ground to keep the tent up right. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that which is pretty self-explanatory and after we’ve got these sides pegged down to the ground. I will show you guys what it looks like all right guys. We got our first side down here. I did end up adjusting my pole just to make sure it’s really straight up and down really perpendicular.

Now we’re gonna come over here thanks :. Thank you Cameron, just this one too, and then get this one tied to the ground all right. There we go okay stretch it across right here: okay, we’re gonna, put our steaks angling towards the tent, just to make sure we can keep that line nice and tight all right, okay. So this is what its gonna look like after you’ve got. Your two sides pick down now: I’m gonna, come across.

We’ve also got ropes right here. Just gonna do the exact same thing, and all this is gonna. Do is widen up that inside cavity for you and also help keep the rain running down off the side of the tent. I have watched a few review videos and a lot of them said that at the beginning, they were concerned about um water, maybe pooling up in here, but actually what they found. Is that, because this stretches down like this, even though it looks a little bit saggy, is that the rain just runs right off there and you’re not gonna have a problem with it.

You want to throw me over. The pigs come on alright guys, so we’re just gonna peg these down also at an angle and we’re not sleeping in it tonight so I’m not gonna, do I’m, not gonna peg them down all the way. We’ve got this one I’ll go to the other side. Okay, we got that right here looks like we’ve got our door right here. Do you guys want to come in your home and give this a look, looks like we’ve got a Velcro down there at the bottom and up here.

Then it’s like it unzips right here, alright guys. So it looks like on the other side it does. The same. We’ve got velcro another zipper, really making sure that that door is nice and secure. We can actually drink that over or you can also get two more poles or sticks and put it out here and kind of have like a little awning like a little shade um now another nice feature that I was actually really impressed with.

While we were researching to buying this product. Is it’s got a mesh door as well as the outside door? So this way you can have it open and have a ventilation in there and not worry about getting the bugs inside all right. Well, let’s open up this to that mesh also flaps open, and then you want to hand me the camera we can get inside here. Okay, so this is what it looks like see if I can step back a little um yeah, so we’ve got the door flopped up.

This is what it looks like on. The inside looks like you’re good enough to go down now. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna get in here and lay down just to show you guys how much room it takes up for somebody to lay down in there looks like I. Can I can barely sit up in the middle at the end, you’ll have a easier time sitting up and just keep in mind I’m about five, ten five nine. So you can sit up like that. Now my feet are all the way down to the back and I can lay down like this.

You’ve got plenty of room for your gear. It looks like and honestly I think this advertised as a one-man tent, but you wanted to get close I bet. You could make it a two. No, but I bet you can fit your backpack in here all your food, all your gear, um yeah and then, as I lay down I’ve, got probably good another, maybe foot a little over a foot so yeah, it’s honestly pretty roomy for a one-man tent. Then it looks like right here want to come.

Look right here. We’ve got some ventilation holes. Let’s get it on the outside see if, when you get in there see yeah, it looks like right here: we’ve got some ventilation holes that we’re gonna use to tie up in the outside, and, to be honest, this material is like waterproof like it’s airtight. So it’s nothing! No air is gonna get through here. So you got to make sure you’ve got these vent holes open right there just to make sure you’re getting air flow into your tent, but yeah.

All in all, first impressions are pretty good. We’ve you’ve got these vent holes on both sides yeah. So if you guys end up buying this product, just make sure you got those vent. Holes open I have heard some not complaints, but concerns about the ventilation in this tent. Now, I personally haven’t experienced it. So I can’t tell you firsthand, but and that you definitely want to have these vent holes open, um, yeah, so River Country products they make a ton of great products.

They’ve got a wide variety of tents. If you’re looking for a longer tent like this one or teepee style tents, they’ve got a couple of those – man, tents, they do a lot with hammocks, also but yeah they’re, a great company. It looks like we do have a few more of their products that we’ve decided to purchase so we’re definitely been giving those tests out yeah. So if you liked our review today, man, if you like these tins, make sure you go down check out.

River Country products, we’re gonna have a link for them in the description yeah. Let us let us know what you guys think I mean we’re, definitely open to suggestions about what we can do in our videos and about how to make our reviews better and what you guys really want to see. So definitely let us know what you guys are looking for in a good review. Okay, alright, we’ll make sure you guys go down subscribe.

If you like what you guys saw today, we’ve got a ton of other reviews and outdoor videos, so make sure you go check those out and, like I, said more River Country products to come in the future. So all right! Well, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Hey this is Matthew Oh, Florida boy with you again once again me and Trailblazer Tim from the creative outdoorsman I’m gonna leave a link to his channel below. We are out on a camping trip on one of our last semi cool weekends, I think in the camping season and I got a surprise. Today, I got a new tent I got the river country products trekker, one a tent I.

This is a really really nice. Tent I’ve only seen one other review of it on YouTube and I. Don’t know why it’s pretty cool tent. This is. This is made to be used with two trekking poles, one at each end, but I’m gonna use it with a Ridgeline, I I. Think it’s going to work much better than I than like that and I’m gonna show that to you in a few minutes.

But here is the river country products just like it comes plenty of room in the pouch. This thing is about 14 inches long by about 6 inches wide and about 3 inches deep, so fits in the pack really really nice and it weighs 2 3 pounds, and this is the whole thing right here: there’s no rain fly or anything in it, but I’m gonna set that up now and I’m gonna show you what it looks like comes with a nice night, tight tied up with a nice little fabric thing there.

They give you stakes with it, – all right. Let’s check out these stakes. This is the first time that I’ve taken it out. Ah, we got the red stakes and we got a couple more guidelines in there too. So we’re gonna use those. Let’s get this thing pulled it out. This is the first time I’ve set this up, there’s a door on one side and it’s great seven feet long by two and a half feet wide.

So I got a nice five by seven tarp folded in half all right. Let’s go get something to pound these stakes in all right, these different ones. This will work all right. We’ve staked out the four corners nice and tight. Now this is made to use to track and fold on each side and it’s got. It comes with guidelines.

There’s guidelines all over the place, but it comes with the trekking. Poles are made to go in these little eyelets, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to string a ridge line because I don’t have any trekking poles and I, don’t like them, damn things anyway, so I’m string a wrist line to these trees and hang it up from that.

I always carry some of these little pre wood, pre-made wooden toggles with me, it’s really cool. So all we got to do is just put this around the tree. Put it through stick the toggle through and pull or tight. Now we can go now, that’s gonna stay! Now we can go to the other side. All right, I got this set up with a couple of pressings slide up and down the main line and all I’m gonna do is put my pressing through the toggle in there pull it tighten up the side, we’re gonna go to the other side and do the same thing.

Okay, now we’re ready all right now, this side, you got the other pressing right over here and put this through tighten up a prusik is not bad, sir Tim. Okay, we can guy out the sides all right, we’re gonna, do that and come right back. Okay, we’re gonna! Guy out the back now comes with these our nice little adjustable shock cords here.

So let’s go around the front and do the same thing all right. It’s pretty cool! This is really gonna, create a lot more room money inside guy in out the out dying out the sides all right. It makes the makes the centerline droop a little bit and show you there. We are it’s not bad. It’s got these dents in the back, then I’m gonna guy, open tonight too, that’s pretty cool.

It’s got guy lines and give you guy lines all over the place, but here’s what I’m talking about it’s got the grommet that you can use it with trekking poles on the end, but I just tied it with the trucker’s hitch to this tree and I’m, just using it with a Ridgeline, and if you know the tents waterproof, but a thick out in the heavy rain you could always you can always throw a tarp over there.

Now this thing has a door, and this is velcros, throw the door open. Now it’s got a screen door. So let’s go inside okay! Here we are inside. Let’s check this out all right. This has a ton of room in there. I got at least two feet around by my foot side. It’s got a little a little hanging. Pouch, that’s gonna, be pretty cool.

This is the head side. That’s not too bad. I can lay in here really comfortably I’m. Gonna put my air mattress on I can lay in here really comfortable next to the screen door, and it’s got a little a little sunshade that you could pull out. I’m gonna pull out that out there a few minutes, but this is pretty nice plenty of room for your gear plenty of room for the sleeping pad, I kind of like this Wow, the river country products trekker, one a meant to be used with trekking poles, but since I ain’t got no trekking, poles I use the ridgeline.

So let’s get out of here and check it out all right. Here we go the river country products trekker, one, a tent Bertie’s are nice I’m kind of liking. It the proofs, going to be in the pudding about how it is tonight. But the cool thing is this: camera down and I’ll show you if you wanted to the sky grommets here.

If you wanted to, you could make a little porch right out there just like that, but I’m gonna keep this closed and I’m gonna keep that kind of zipped up for the mosquitos. So here we go, I’ll show you what it looks like in the morning: that’ll be the real key. How much condensation forms inside so we’ll pick this up in the morning.

This is the redneck Riviera. Look at this I got the little I got the little rain fly out. Oh yeah, it’s got the little front porch on it. Look at this Tim. This is a redneck Riviera man. Hopefully it’s gonna be nice and cool in there. I got that nice big screen yeah, you know Skeeter, so I got my sleeping bag and my air mattress and everything ready.

We got the fire going. We got a couple refreshments we’re gonna, do some dinner in a little while and then we’re going take out this tent okay, we’re back from the trip. Now the river country products trekker won a tenth performed really really well. You know nice, nice, small, a nice light package. It’s made to be used with checking poles one in each end and I ain’t had no trekking poles.

So it’s got those grommets in each of the straps on the end, so I just ran a Ridgeline right through the grommets and it worked absolutely perfectly so that’s another way that you can set this tent up. If you don’t have trekking poles or you don’t want to cut poles for the end of it, I could have cut some poles, but yeah forget it.

I had a Ridgeline, but it worked. Great I had the little porch up all night. Long and I slept right next to the mosquito net and I could hear the mosquitoes buzzing outside the net and I was perfectly fine. Inside looking from the inside last night, with a flashlight I noticed that all of the seams are seam, sealed River, Country Products says that this tent has got a one year guarantee on it.

You know repair or replace. You know and there’s been some bad reviews on River Country products on YouTube, but I. Don’t think that this tent is bad at all. I think this tent is really really good. It’s a one-person tents about 7 feet. Long plenty of room inside I think that I’m going to invest in a couple of trekking poles it’d be a lot easier to set it up next time, but you can set it up with a Ridgeline.

So there’s a review of the river country products trekker tent trekker. One, a trekking pole, tent whatever it is, we had a great trip and now we’re back all safe and under quarantine. So once again this is Matt. The old Florida boy and I will see you on the trail.

Hey folks, slothful hi career here today, tent the river country product to person back hey folks, I’ve got my current tent here. This is the river country product two person, backpacking tent, that I got off of Amazon retails right around the $60 price point pick this one up on special for right. Around $32, so I gave it a chance. They’ve been having some issues with some of the seams leaking, but according to the manufacturers recommendation, some simple spray, sealant or seam sealer along the seams is fixing the problem so for $32 I had to take a chance.

I did that and I gotta say I’m pretty pleased with the results of it. I had it set up in my backyard. A few weeks ago, some good heavy rain started in the evening six or seven hours of straight rain. Temperatures dropped down in the low 20s had some snow that night pretty decent 15 20 mile an hour winds throughout the evening woke up the next morning check the tin out perfectly dry on the inside, so the seam sealer seemed to fix those issues.

Also, it is not a free standing tent. You do have to have trekking poles, but it gives you some weight savings a couple weekends ago had it out on the trail to my daughter, slept in it got down around 30 degrees. That night no issue with condensation or anything like that in the tent. So overall I think it’s a really good tent. My biggest downside to this is it does not have a vestibule which you’ll see here in a moment once we get it set up.

So if you’re a person that needs a vestibule, this may not be the option, but if you’re again beginner looking for some cheap options, the lightweight options to get out on the trail around a $60 price point for what I can see so far is a good quality good value. This might be the way to go. So, let’s get this tent set up and I’ll show you some of the features all right.

We’ve got it all set up here and, as you can see, there’s the entrance I was talking about, does not have a vestibule, but it’s got a nice big two door entrance we’re just gonna. Take a quick walk around the side. Here, it’s got a bathtub floor. You get the pullouts there on each side to give you some ventilation for air. The backside here will come back around here.

Some way over here and you’ve got another pull out there to help with ventilation and we’ll see that better. Once we get inside, the tent seems that I was talking about manufacturer, recommends. Z seems right across the fly there that pulls out up the side of the a-frame on both sides and then I ran, and even though it is tape. Seamed I put some seam sealer along the ridge line, just to reinforce that as well, and then I put over long.

The edge of the bathtub floor I did that as well, and it held pretty well. I did not have any leakage whatsoever in the tent within heavy rain and snow. So, let’s get inside and we’ll see how roomy it is all right, so we’re inside the tent. Here again, this is a two-person tent. My daughter’s slept in here had plenty of room, gets a little tight with two people in here as far as gear.

That is again one of the downside. This is, does not have a vestibule, so you keep your gear in the tent. It can get a little cramped with two people, not a huge issue, biggest thing about the vestibule or lack of vestibule that I don’t like about. It is as if I take this out for a one-person that is super roomy for one person, it’s light for a one person. You got plenty of room here spread out, but I don’t like about.

No vestibule is if it’s raining in the morning or the evening, I like to cook in my best boil some water for some coffee or some tea or whatever your drink of choice, is I like to set the best to fuel up. I can sit here at the door and cook and be dry without the vestibule doesn’t give you that option. So to me that is a downside of this tent, not a huge issue, but again for my style.

It is kind of a downside for me, as far as room again plenty of room in here, it’s like a castle for a one-person tent. That’s super lightweight good airflow, with the tight side tie outs, there’s plenty of airflow in there again couple weeks out of the trail, two people sleeping in here down to 30 degrees, had no issues with condensation inside whatsoever, plenty of airflow.

It’s warmer. You leave the screen open and again you get a cool breeze, blowing and stuff like that, does only have the openings on the sides for airflow back wall completely solid, but you do get plenty of cross ventilation and stuff like that. So for a lightweight, very cheap option on a two-person tent or a large one person, I think it’s a great deal. It really is again a price point around this.

On Amazon, it’s gonna, be around 60 bucks manufacturer has been working on a newer model trying to fix the issues with the seam leaks. For me, simple can of spray sealant put two coats on it solve the issue, not having any issues with leakage and stuff like that. So awesome, lightweight, tent can’t beat the price on it. I’ll put the link down below to Amazon for this tent.

So, if you’re, looking for a super lightweight super cheap check out the river country, products tent on Amazon I think you’ll be happy with it. Thanks for watching my review of the river country, products to person, backpacking tent stay tuned here, coming up in the near future, I’m gonna be giving you my initial opinion and review of the hammock gear. A wonder, lust hammock set up should be getting that delivered to me this week.

I’m I do an initial review and then I hope here within the next month and stuff depending on holiday schedule, I hope to get it out on the trail and give you a full review of super excited about this hammock set up. It’s gotten great reviews online and I’m anxious to get my hands on it myself and try it out in the woods again. I am the slothful hiker. If you like what you see more to come down the road hit that subscribe button down below.

Thank you for support. Welcome your comments down there, suggestions and stuff like that. In the comments, please leave me some tips again: I’m learning here, I’m, a beginner and backpacking and stuff like that beginner on YouTube, so looking to improve myself and give you all what you want to see and talk about things that you all want to talk about. So oopsey out on the trail have a good day.

What I have here is the river country products tent. I bought this tent after seeing a review um. Well, I used it last year for field day, not this year, but the previous year for field day and I slept in it. We didn’t have we had great weather um, so I really didn’t have any problem with it. I used it for winter field day where it rained and snowed. I had a couple of drops of water in the tent, but that might have been from condensation, so we’re expecting rain tomorrow, night and for the next couple of days.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to set the tent up? Try to pitch it as best as I can, and I’m going to leave it out here for a few days and see how it does see if there’s water in it without me, and it’s make sure, there’s no condensation make sure it’s not condensation and we’ll see these tents get a bad wrap for being so cheap and I know, there’s been some other reviews online that have just torn these apart, but so far my experience has been good.

So hopefully this will be give me a better test. Now the ground isn’t flat here, but there’s two trees close by this tent does not have any pools so either you have to have trekking poles or you can anchor it to two trees, which is what I’m gonna do. So I’m gonna try to set it up the best. I can and then we’ll leave it out here and see what happens. Okay, so I have the tent set up. It’s set up pretty good, it’s pretty taunt um! I’m gonna actually move this corner out a little bit over.

Here I didn’t like how this side was pitching uh. I couldn’t get the rope up high enough uh, so what I did is I put a stick in there with a hitch on it, just to pull the opening up a little bit um. Let’s show you what it’s like inside. Okay, there is only a door on this one side. That’s a tent! It’s uh! It is big enough for two people uh. I used it by myself actually with augie. He was in here with me on winter field day and it was. There was plenty of room for for me and all the gear and auggie, so I am going to zip this up nice and tight on the sides.

These stakes on the side open this up and you can see the mesh here. So it comes up pretty high, so you should get some good airflow in there. I actually don’t like how this see how this side’s, like all messed up. I think I might try to fix this a little bit and pitch it a little bit better. It was a lot easier when I was using poles underneath here, because I did that first, I did the corners and then did that first and everything was fine. I think I’m pulling a little bit too hard on this side.

Let’s see if I relax just a little bit yeah this side just doesn’t seem high enough either see this should be up like this and it should be pulled taunt and I’m pretty high up in the tree. So I think I need to find another stick to pull this side up and then the pitch looks a lot better. So let me find another: stick. Okay, so I just walked in the woods, found another stick to prop this side. Up now, there’s a little bit more head room, the tent looks pitched a little bit better.

It’s pulled out um as the way it should be, because you want this airflow up inside here as much as you can, I’m going to pull this side a little bit tighter since I’ll relax on the other side. You can see the bathtub floor is up a little bit um. So if we get rain, this should be a pretty good test. I’m pretty confident as to where how the tent is set up, how it’s, how it’s all staked out, how the door is so we’re gonna, leave it here for a few days and see what happens now, either a deer’s gonna, destroy it or uh or it’ll get rain in it or it won’t.

But uh I’ve had this pack, it’s a nice little light tent and I bought it for like fifty dollars off of amazon. I think they have a newer version of this tent out, but this is the old version, so we have it. Let’s see what happens and let’s see if we would get wet if we were sleeping in it and we’ll check back in a couple of days, hey it’s tango, oscar mike well, as you can see the tent’s been out here for a few days, we really haven’t gotten a lot of rain just a little bit, so I haven’t looked inside tent’s a little wet on the outside, but we haven’t had anything at all really.

So I really don’t expect any water to be in here. Just a we’ve just had a sprinkle or two down, so I can unzip this some spider webs on the door. Actually, it looks like there’s some water back here. There’s a little drip right here, that’s probably from this corner folded up and that could be my fault. I guess I gotta try to pull that out. Maybe no there’s some water here, too, there’s a little bit of water. There is a little bit of water in a tent, but not much.

I mean a couple of drips. It’s not something! I’m gonna not call a failure. I think we’re supposed to get some more rain tonight, but well I’m gonna try to fix this corner, maybe pull these corners a little tighter. Maybe it’s stretched out since it’s been up a little bit, so I’m going to try to pull these corners out a little tighter and we’ll leave it out here and see what happens so um. We got a half an inch of rain last night uh in about a hour and a half period.

I came down to check the tent uh. Everything looks good still in shape it’s getting been getting pummeled by acorns. You might hear them falling every time the wind blows. I took a quick look and there is a couple of drips right along here um, but there’s not really nothing in the back corner, there’s a little wet spot right there, but that was where that water was yesterday, but there’s no new water after I fixed that back corner that was sagging a little bit like I said.

There’s a couple of little drops right there, but that’s it I mean for a 50 tent. I think that tent was actually less than 50. Like I said, I know this tent has gotten some really bad reviews online, where they just tore it apart. Um. I think 50 is kind of hard to argue with the fact that it’s not leaking as bad. As everybody else has said. Maybe I just got a good one. I don’t know. I know this is the. I think this is the trekker 2 1, I think there’s a 2 2 out and then they have a new single wall tank, but I can’t dang acorns um, that’s not bad.

I gotta give it to river county river country products for making a tent a tent this cheap. That worked, like I said, half an inch of rain in about an hour and a half last night, um and uh the tent’s not full of water, like some other reviews, have said so we’re not expecting to get any more rain now for a few days. So I’m probably gonna break this down and finish up the video but uh yeah. I’d use it now if it was gonna rain really hard, and this tent is all I had.

Maybe I would try putting my tarp shelter over top of it just for some extra protection um and some. You know that way and maybe have a a little bit of a front porch, but other than that. You know it’s lightweight. I think the tent’s under three pounds I’d like to check out some of their newer versions and see how they are, but that’s all so that’s it. This is tango. Oscar mike 73 take care, stay dry, tango, oscar mike.

Time is 12:40 p m on 728. Just so happened. I saw this rain coming in and was able to get the tent set up just in time, gonna see if the seam sealant worked. Okay, I am inside the tent, as you can hear, the rain still coming down pretty good so far, which I mean we are super early to be saying anything, but so far, so good I’ll keep you updated, 12:46 and still coming down pretty good. So six minutes so far looks like I got a little drop. There can’t really tell where it’s coming from I think it’s coming from that scene, I, probably just didn’t do a good job seems filling it another drop there.

So you have that bottom scene right through there, I guess I didn’t seem so good. Now, on this side looks good, got a small drip right in the very crown of the tent I thought. I seemed sealed that really good I must have missed a spot I’m starting to get some rain inside the zipper. I didn’t get the little flap on the outside that velcro’s down I didn’t get it shut, so some rain is coming through not very much, and it’s only when the wind is blowing. So that’s something that you’ll need to make for sure when you’re zipping up is to get that flap closed the best you can yeah, it’s one o’clock rains pretty much led up.

This is what it looks like on the outside back corner. Here always sings this back corner, which is where I’ve got the lake, which doesn’t seem to be tight, I, don’t know it seems like it’s collapsing in too much right here, but I’ve got it pulled and I’m thinking that right there is what’s causing the leak on the top is the nylon webbing they can be used to pull and hold up a tree. Didn’t really get a chance to get it out into the field and try this because of the fact that this storm just kind of snuck up on us but I, did get it thrown up in the backyard in time to see I’m wondering if I undid these that here zip that up and pulled it out.

It’s maybe that would help some of the taunting us there, but I, don’t think it does go back inside and see what we see. I’m dripping water, so some of the water you might see is gonna be for me, but this is obviously not that is what’s leaked in I still need to reseal this thing, and maybe that will cure that problem looks like it right there and then up here, I’m getting a drip from somewhere, but this side that was the worst last time after sealing it. I must have got it right because this sides totally dry so kudos for this side, I just needed to do a better job of seam cell.

On the other side, in which I remember, while doing it, I was getting tired and it was getting hot and I kind of rushed. So that was my fault. I honestly think, if I would have got better seam salon there, it would have worked now. The one up there, that’s a new one, I’m not for sure on that, but, as you can hear, it’s quit raining. So, let’s step back outside we’ll have one final walk around and go from there. You tell beautiful bright sky now, there’s the rain that just hit us yeah I, still really like the tent I, still really like the design I’m, not for sure what to do to get this corner to where it doesn’t.

Sag I’ve tried pulling it I, don’t know like having the back of ant back here, I like the top vent I like this whole inside back panel. Here the whole thing is almost all mesh on the inside, so that’s really nice and then that’s it so need to just get a little bit more seam selling on it and I guess we’ll have a part three for the river country products trekker. One.

Hey guys, I’m not hiking today, but I will be setting up a new one-man, trekking pole, tent and a sleeping pad. When you first start out hiking, you might find that you’re using some heavier equipment as time goes on. You’re gonna want to lighten and equipment out, so I did start with a REI camp bundle. It had a camp dome to tent in it a sleeping bag and also a sleeping pad that was self inflating.

What I quickly found out was that the tent leaked on your face when you’re in any kind of rain, so I took it back and now I’m trying this new tent out. It’s a lot lighter, so it’s kind of like an ultralight tent. You don’t have any poles in it. You’re gonna use one of your trekking poles, which I never go hiking without also the sleeping pad is not self inflating. It takes about 14 breaths to blow it up.

It only weighs sixteen point. Six ounces, I’m gonna try to link to both of these products in the description. So if you’re interested check them out, we’ll see how this goes well, as you can see the tent, this takes no time at all to put up these are the kind of states that it comes with the pegs they’re super lightweight and aluminum anodized I may change those out for some of the hook type that are a lot easier to push in to the ground.

So this is what it looks like on the outside I’m, going all the way around I’m excited to see a vent up here at the top and one down at the bottom. So let’s take a look inside here so inside you have room for probably yourself sleeping pad sleeping bag and down here at the end, there’s a pocket for putting your things. You don’t want to lose up here. You have the vent and also one down at the bottom.

It looks like you can roll those up in the middle. You have a trekking pole. One thing that it mentions is to never use the pointed end that you use on the ground to either use the rubber foot that comes with it or to put the handle in this little notch right up here at the top, so far looks like it’s well made. Let’s get inside and set the sleeping pad out so inside now you’ll see the sleeping pad and what’s crazy, is there almost color-matched I didn’t do that on purpose? As you can see, speaking of color, the tent is my favorite color army, green, pretty straightforward.

Have you ever spent any time inside of a tent they’re kind of pretty all the same looks like I reach top to bottom here, so you don’t have much space going. This way may not be for the tallest person, but for me it’s perfect. The reason I got this tent. Is that opposed to the one I used to have this one has a vestibule, which is a little area that you can put your pack and also cook outside, underneath it here in case it’s raining so overall it seems very well-put-together I, don’t see any apparent defects or obvious defects.

It looks like the bathtub, which is the bottom of the tent I’d, say: that’s probably about three inches deep, so that’s good for in case there’s any standing rain standing water not getting in so you the vent is here and one over there. I think I would probably position this tent so that air is coming in to the the face of the tent. So it’s traveling through to kind of help.

With some of that conversation, like I, said this sleeping pad took me about fourteen breaths to blow up very easy. It’s a free land brand and it feels super comfortable. I think this is gonna, be a perfect ultralight, camping setup except for the pegs I. Think I might change those out, so the sleep in bed, so sleeping pad, comes with this style. Opening inside there’s a check valve you’ll see it inside of there.

So what I do is when I’m letting the air out of it I push the check valve. So this is in the open position and kind of holding itself like that that will allow you to roll it up without it holding the area in the whole time now inside the bag with the pad is a patch kit, just in case you spring a leak. So that is a handy thing to have just in case. Well, that’s it for today guys thanks for watching I’m gonna, get everything packed up and put away in the backpack and ready for the next hike.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments be sure to like this video and subscribe. If you’re looking to learn more about camping, backpacking or hiking in South, Carolina.

All excited one of my subscribers mudbone m: u d b, o n e youtube channel name mudbone, but he has the same 3F UL, LanShan, 2 tent that I have, but he also introduced me to a new tent. That was it’s a single wall tent, yes, I’ve been wanting to try one but I didn’t want to fork over the money to Z packs and there I’m dual duplex just to see. If I like a single wall tent I, didn’t the condensation was the issue that was bothered me but anyway, so mudbone introduced me to this particular product made by this company.

Here it’s called River Country products, I think it’s a trekker, 2 I’ll type. It up here for you, so you know, but I brought I brought my little digital scale, so I’m weigh it for us: 2, 8, lbs, okay, now my this is my Lanshan 2p in a stuff sack everything the guylines – lets, weigh it and see what it weighs. This is. The one I usually carry okay 2 6.

Now I’m gonna open it up for the first time, yeah I. Guess we got instructions here. How to fold your new tent smaller than the football in under two minutes anyway, this is kind of the way it’s going to look. He says it’s easier to set up in my Lanshan stuff sack. He came in nice, nice, big one, I, don’t like folding them up like this here, I like just stuffing them in this football size right here we have a strange feeling to it.

Okay, there’s a little package, one, two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight eight eight stepstakes, oh yeah, guywires, come already attached I’m, so I was curious about okay, alright, that’s as far as I’m going with this today, I’ll take it to the campsite tonight. Set it up. This is the back. The instructions says to stake out all four corners adjust this camera.

Here we go. Actually it looks pretty good for $50 00, tent yeah. You right it was a fairly easy setup. I was surprised that part was good. The first thing I noticed, though, not necessarily a deal breaker, but there’s no vestibule. For me, my Lanshan 2, tent I can unhook the inner push it to the side when, on a rainy or snowy day, I can cook right under my tarp.

Now, with this tent I’ll have to bring my 5 by 7 blue tarp from Walmart I’d have to bring some more paracord and a couple of stepstakes to set up a rain tent. So that’s the negative for me that it doesn’t have a vestibule as far as the tent I’m I’m surprised, it’s the easy setup and I’m gonna probably use it a couple of times and give you some feedback on how it sleeps.

Let me take a look on the inside Mike said no YKK zippers and in windy weather they gonna dangle an make a little noise, but that’s not that’s, not a deal-breaker. This is where the lock laces work. Good, I know. I said in the past. I would never buy another tunnel tent that had one entrance, because I’ve had some one-person tents and the tunnel did you just had one entrance and when you got in it to get that sleeping pad under you, you’d have to be like one of those desert lizards way.

You raised one foot and one arm and try to stuff it under you raise the other foot and other arm, but this is wide enough and big enough inside that I. Don’t think that would be an issue now Mike my brother-in-law. He he’s taught me everything. I know about backpacking I’ve, just watched him and learned, and we both learned together but for 50 bucks, I, think I.

Think Mike is impressed with it really big well anyway. I think that’s. My only thing was the no vestibule I have to carry a tarp. Now, that’s the only that’s, not a deal-breaker for 50 bucks. It’s really not I! Think it’s a I think you did good and I’m. Certainly glad you give me clicked me off about it. I didn’t mind for 50 bucks, because I always wanted to try a single wall tent because I couldn’t pull the trigger on zpacks, just to try it out and see if I really like it now trekking pole, tents, I’m sold on that I like that, but the condensation was always a sure couldn’t pull the trigger strip, mainly because of the condensation, but this would be a $50 trial and I.

Think it’s a 4 season, tent single wall, a women might like it. It’s got a little privacy to it. You know they’d like to do that, change their clothes and clean up in the tent, so that could work for them and it’s a really really easy setup. I was surprised we never set it up before. Just follow the instructions stake out, 4 corners, put up the trekking poles and guy it out what a deal so right now, I’m give it a thumbs up.

It’s a thumbs up. It got 1 storage pocket in the back. Actually, I was looking I said. I said it was made in America, but I really don’t know that, but I was looking for. If it was made in China, they’d have to have a little sticker somewhere in there saying made in China. I, didn’t see it, but also didn’t see made in USA in it either. Oh yeah mike says this seam sealed he didn’t see any loose stitches, so hey pretty positive when mike gives it okay.

Well it might roll up as small as a football, but I don’t want to spend that much time trying to get it it it rolled it up it fit on the outside of my backpack. Just like this stuff and didn’t work. The material on the floor was too thick. I think at least Mike seemed to think that I mean a good. It’s a good deal for 50 bucks and it’s made by this company here.

River Country products and I’ll type it up here. For you all right.

What’s up guys gabe here from our simple story, what’s out here, starting to get dark, it’s dusk, I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm. It’s raining! We got already got about an inch of rain so far tonight and I wanted to spend this night reviewing a tent made by river country products from rivercountryproducts com and they’re out of kenwick washington.

Now I purchased this tent with my own money. This tent was not sent to me by the company, as is the case with all my reviews. This review will be honest and it will be to the point and I’ll give you some pros and cons of this tent and what I’ve experienced so far. So is it dry? Is it wet? Was it easy to set up? Is it light? Is it heavy stick around for the answers to all these questions? I purchased the trekker 2 ultra light backpacking tent from river country products on amazon, and it cost me 51 95 with free shipping, and it arrived on time now.

It’s super fast and easy to set up it’s marketed as a one person and gear tent or two person tent without gear, and it’s designed to be set up with trekking poles. So if you’re backpacking on the appalachian trail and you use trekking poles, you don’t have to bring poles in addition to trekking poles. However, I am not using trekking poles, so I decided to just make my own now.

The tent is seven feet, long and five feet wide and it’s 42 inches tall at its tallest and it weighs in at about two pounds and 12 ounces. It comes with eight lightweight. Aluminum sticks that weigh in total about 3 4 ounces. So this is not going to take up a lot of room or be very heavy for you to carry in your rucksack or in your backpack, so so far so good.

What I’m doing now is I’m measuring up for the tent poles to see how long they need to be before I go out to the woods and cut them. This is my friendly swede. Folding saw I love the saw. It is super sharp and all of these products guys can be found on my amazon influencer page, which is linked down below in the description oops. So what you want to do, if you’re making your own poles your own stakes, is to go ahead and clean them up a little bit, because you don’t want any of these little uh branch, stubs snagging on the fabric of your tent and cutting a hole, and you want to whittle down the tip of it just a little bit to make it a finer point, so it’ll fit into the eye hole at the peak of your tent, I’m using my bushmaster survival knife.

I love this thing as well. You can check that out in the amazon influencer page in the link below as well. Now as I started filming this video, it was sunny. It was breezy, it was a nice day and the clouds started rolling in and lo and behold, uh tropical storm, which is now I believe, hurricane sally uh, is, is moving in. So I picked this day specifically because I knew that there would be bands of rain moving in um intermittently throughout the afternoon, and I really needed to test this tent and its ability to keep the rain out, because you can’t do a tent review.

You can’t do a test of a tent without you know putting it through the ringer in terms of rain and being able to stay high and dry. So here I am putting out the guide wires, a little bit just uh staking these out on the ground. These aluminum stakes are so light, and I love these. I love that they put a nice red coat of paint on them so that you can spot them easily, because one of the the hassles of a lot of you know tent stakes is that you lose them in the in the leaves and the foliage and they’re just hard to spot, and you end up breaking camp and leaving without collecting all of your stakes.

These ones kind of jump out at me, and I like that, so I picked this tent because it looked like a great tint for doing bush crafting or you know something for a bug out bag or something like that and and it was affordable and that’s kind of what their their mantra is at river country products is that we won’t break your back or your wallet, so they offer it seems like good, affordable, backpacking gear, and you know I immediately started watching some reviews on youtube by other bigger youtubers that do a lot of outdoor gear reviews and stuff and and some of them just really trash talk.

This tent and I could see where the company would come back and say: hey, we’ll fix that. You know this is a small company based out of washington state they’re, not this big corporate entity and I felt kind of bad for them because I was like you know. You can’t just write off this product because you know they’re still in the development process and so they’ve been putting out these new models over and over and kind of fine-tuning them, and I noticed inside that there is, you know, more reinforced, seam tape and it just seems like a well-made product.

It is a lightweight. So it’s hard to balance, you know being lightweight and being really breathable with durable and it’s hard to maintain that balance and and find it in a product, but so far I think river country products does that uh, the tarp bottom. The floor of this tent is really lightweight. So if you were to set this, this tarp, on top of you know like a little um sapling that you cut and it’s not completely flush to the ground.

Absolutely it would poke a hole through the middle of this tent and this floor. I also like the color of this tent because a lot of backpacking products are marketed. They are, you know, teal, blue neon, green, yellow and you’re. Like oh man, I just want like a good kind of like an old school od green tint. That’s not going to like make you go blind by looking at it and I’m so glad that they put this color out now.

You’ll notice on these side, flaps, where the guide wires come out on the sides, there’s a little flap of fabric um. That is meant to serve as sort of the water directing point um and it’s kind of like a gutter and I’m curious to see how this works out with the rain, because it’s supposed to pour off on either side and kind of drip off that little triangular piece of fabric right there.

So now I’m going to go ahead and throw a rain fly over this. This does not come with the river country products tent. This is something made by rainfly revolution, and this can be found on my influencer page, of course, but I am going to take this rainfly back off before it starts raining so that you can see just how the tent performs in the rain. But I’m just doing this to kind of demonstrate what I suggest people do with any pup tent or any hammock type situation.

This is actually designed for hanging over a hammock. This this fly is, but I love the pattern on it and it’s a great camo pattern, if you’re looking to do something like stealth, camping or something like that, this is just a really great lightweight rainfly by rainfly revolution. So I’m going to go ahead and kind of pull it taut and stake it down, but you’ll notice right there in the first little peak of the tent um.

That stake is a little bit too sharp. So I need to get my knife and and lob it off a little bit and make it a little bit more blunt. So it doesn’t poke a hole through the rain fly. But what this does a couple things? It increases the uh waterproofness of this tent, obviously, but then. Secondly, you’re gonna have see these little sides over here to the right of the tent.

This is a great spot for gear. If you wanted, to put you know a pair of shoes, or you know something that you’re okay with you know, critters having access to like some cooking utensils and cooking equipment, that’s a great little spot for that. Also. If the sun is beating down on your tent, if you’re out in the open area- and you don’t have shade um, creating something like this is great too, especially if you can suspend it between two trees or two other poles um.

This creates kind of like a little buffer of air and insulation between the rain fly and the tent. It basically creates the shade that you don’t have so I highly recommend people bring a little rain fly like this and they’re in their gear with them. This is, like, I said, is an extra layer of protection, insulation and camouflage. So this is the camo pattern and I love the pattern on this um.

It just really blends in with this terrain that I live in here in um in alabama, so I’m just going to give you a walk around and showing you. This is the inside of the tent. It’s all set up. My bed rolls rolled out everything’s going to go nice and spacious, so you could easily fit two adults in here and I think with gear you could at down at the foot, because you I have another foot to spare seven feet long, so I really think they’re kind of under marketing the the size of the tent in that regard.

This is another view of the bushmaster survival knife. It can be mounted vertically on your belt or horizontally on your belt as well, but so far overall, a great knife. I really like it. This is the camouflage pattern at about 25 yards out. You can see it really blends in very well. This is it again at more, like 50 yards out and it really kind of disappears into the treeline at 50 yards and it’s about 75 yards out.

I had to guess it’s pretty much invisible at that point, and this is a straight line of sight: there’s not a whole lot of bushes in between. So it’s a really great camo job, and at this point I hear the rain, the pitter patter of the rain on the roof of the tent. So I’m going to rip the rain fly off the tent because, like I said as I promised, I’m gonna see how this tent performs without a rain fly in this rainstorm.

So so far, everything seems to be working. The way it’s intended to work you’ve got the rain, dripping off that little triangular piece of fabric and landing kind of away from the tent. That’s good! It’s the way it’s supposed to work and the rain is only going to get harder here harder than what you see in this clip like. I said, the bands and um waves of tropical storm sally are rolling in now, and the rain is going to get a little bit harder and the wind’s going to pick up a little bit more, but there’s nothing quite like the sound of the rain, the pitter patter of the rain on the roof of a tent.

Well, I want to take this opportunity guys and say thank you for watching this video. I hope it’s been helpful for you and insightful for you, if you’re a backpacker or if you’re a bushcrafter or we just like to get out and sleep and attend every now and then like I do. I highly recommend this tent. It’s lightweight it’s affordable, coming in at around 51 52 free shipping on amazon.

I think they made a great product here. A couple cons of this tent um. It seems like there is a little bit of excess fabric in one of the corners over next to the door. I’m not sure why that is but um it doesn’t seem to be creating any leaks, but I think if there ever were to be a leak, it would start at that corner, but I’m just showing with the flashlight here how there’s no water coming in, usually if water were to come in, it comes in the corners of tents like this, but so far so good it’s been about an hour of rain.

We’ve got about one inch as I’m taking this video so far, but about right here you see this little kind of bunched up area of fabric. I tried and tried to pull this out and get a little bit more taut, but I couldn’t do it so it’s kind of baggy here for some reason, I’m not sure if that’s a design, flaw or user error or what, but you can clearly see the the tape on these seams um.

This is good. This is what you want in a good tent is uh some taped up seams, because this is where the water does kind of um tend to leak through the tent and drip down into your tent guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you like this video, please consider giving it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this. You can hit the bell to receive notifications.

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So much guys for watching take care.

Hey guys, as you can tell it’s raining behind me um, I don’t know how long it’s supposed to be raining, but it’s supposed to rain for a good part of the day. I got a new tent, the river country products trekker run. I got it last saturday, not this past saturday, but a week before that and actually saturday I did get out and I did set it up one time I did shoot a little bit of video on it uh kind of like a first impression, but it wasn’t that great.

So I don’t know if I’m gonna even upload that um, I may show a couple clips of my first time using it. You know setting it up, which is pretty simple uh. I have not put any type of spray or nothing on it. No waterproofing spray. While I was in there all the scenes looked like they were taped um in the corners. I thought there was a mistake. I thought that they had seen take part of the scene down to the tent, but it was coming up, and I I couldn’t understand that I’m I’m looking at it and I finally looked at it closer and you could pull the scene up like you know, just laying flat like that tilted up my cat and it had the tape going on both sides of it all the way down.

So hopefully that’ll be good. Um. All the inside scenes look like they’re seamed or you know tape. So I know it says that it’s made with like water resistant material. I’m gonna try it out today without any type of silicone spray or waterproofing spray, just to see how it does and what I’m seeing right here it looks like it is already starting to soak through without- and I haven’t put any sealer on this, so it looks like it’s uh seeping through right there.

I noticed it down here on on this also see those little spots right there and right here there up here here at the top. Okay, I’m just gonna use my phone front now since uh it’d be hard for me to grab my other camera and bring it into the tent, as you can tell right here, it’s starting to seep through, but they do recommend to spray it. So there’s a few drops right here, but that’s coming in from the from the door. Okay see right along in here.

I have no idea where this is coming from the only oh, the only thing that I can think of that it’s where it could come from is maybe, when I was setting it up, that that is possibly it. Let me feel back here back here in the corners. I don’t feel nothing. I feel a little moisture right there. The only thing that maybe if I could see this, maybe if I fix that I don’t know what I did do- I took some sticks and staked them out right here, which, if you had to do this all the time out in the woods that would be kind of aggravating trying to go around finding different sticks to prop that thing up.

But I don’t know I I am noticing that right here, this material is shedding water very good, while this material is soaking it in somewhat except right here. But that looks like it’s a little bit different material that one’s doing good this right here, the vestibule signs not so good, and then this side, not so good um. This little thing right here is doing really good and it looks somewhat like that is, I don’t know, there’s discoloration up there like what not like, but where the water is soaking into the material.

Okay, we’re gonna go inside and take a look, I’m just holding my phone, so okay, this back here had dried up. I believe what happened was when I was setting it up it. Um rain was coming through here when I setting it up. Okay right here I see a drop, and it’s coming right here through this scene and that seam is supposed to be sealed and all this material is is moist, okay, bad on the scene. Of course, it could be a little bit of condensation from all of this evaporating getting in here.

It could be that another thing I’m noticing is the tent part is actually hitting this um bug net. I think what they did new here is put this in here with a I, don’t know what you call that a strap or whatever it’s attached to that back fly. So when it’s when it’s taught it helps pull this uh backside out, plus the bug net, but it’s still, the bug net is still hitting this. I don’t know if that really matters, but that over there see what I’m doing.

That is the only spot where I see where it is leaking. So hopefully, when I spray some silicone on it, it’ll help it out. I just don’t like this, how it’s uh resting up against the the netting right here? Okay, see it right here: okay, that’d, be it for right now.

All right, my name is Pete. This is my 18:22 MC adventures and more. What I’m doing today is I’m going to give you my opinion and a review of the tent that I use and the tent that I use is a river country, trekker 2 2, and it’s a traditional 5 by 7 pup, tent, real, simple, real basic and it’s an American made company. That’s why I chose it, among other reasons, and I will get into that as I set it up. So with that being said, let me get out of my camo and I will set the tent up for you.

Alright, my ground cloth is nothing more than a piece of house wrap. It’s free. How can you go wrong right? Why do I use a ground cloth? You ask: well it’s a vapor barrier to start with and to it will protect the floor of my tent from sticks and stones and whatnot, so my tent will actually last longer Plus, remember. Vapor barrier and I use a wide variety of steaks, but the polls that I use our Swiss Army tentpoles. What I did was I got four pouches like this, with four poles and four steaks to each pouch and I got that for $17 99 delivered to my house.

It’s a sectional aluminum pole is that a nice light fiberglass one like a backpacker would use. No, it’s not, but it’s nearly indestructible and most of the steaks that I’ll be using today will be these ones right here. These are Swiss Army, tent stakes, indestructible like the poles. So with that being said, let me go ahead and get this thing going. Here’s the tent! You can probably fold it a little bit smaller than this. If you wanted to, but I’ve got to fold to this size because it slides into my saddlebag, it fits there perfect.

Okay! Now these four poles right here give me the 42 inches that I need for a tent pole, but what I did so? It would fit through the grommet was ice globbed in some epoxy and then I dropped the bolt in there and then I tightened it up with a washer and a nut. Let it set ground it down a little bit, and now it works out perfect, as you can see, with the grommet slides on there. I use two long poles like this and set it up like an upside-down V that way, I don’t have to weasel around the center Pole something I’m just I’m just too old to do that.

Y’all might want to consider doing this too, and the reason I feel like and get away with a big heavy poles like this and, of course, I could always set it up with only two poles if I wanted to I choose not to I set it up like this, because our motorcycle camping weight is not that much as the issue to me. Actual volume is but wait. Isn’t that critical to me as long as I bounce it on the motorcycle? It’s fine! So now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna grab this other pole and I’m gonna lash them together up here.

Normally, how I do this I’ll just put a couple of half hitches on one of these? Don’t eat nothing, really fancy! All it’s got to do is hold and I’ll be kind of a figure. Eight type wrap wrap it around once or twice finish it off with three half hitches and what I do is I simply take this tent run it up over the top of that, like that and we’re just about there now, here’s something that you do not have to do, but I like to do it I’ll grab a stick and I’ll pop it up under there like that, because there’s a screen mesh in there opens the tent up.

A little bit adds more ventilation. Now if it was seriously cold out, you might want to keep the flap down. As you can see, I got a little extra on the ground cloth, that’s to kind of help, keep mud from getting tracked in and out of the tent. It helps a lot even if it’s gonna rain, you just tuck it up under the tent alright in this tent. It opens up like this that just does have a zipper on it. It’s just God zipped at the moment, I wouldn’t zip it up unless I was in a storm, but it rolls back all nice and has these little toggles.

That holds it up all right. So now, as you can see, with the two poles up here, there’s more than enough room to crawl in and out of this tent okay, as you can see, it’s a big tent in there and with the mesh inside it almost acts like a second skin, which is a big positive. All right here goes for those of you that don’t know me: I’m, 6, foot, 5 and I weigh a lot. As you can see, there is more than enough room in here. Probably the only drawback is you really can’t stand up and if you’re tall you’re crawling around on your hands and knees and if it’s raining out, you’re gonna get dressed, laying on your back but uh when you’re, just kind of traveling or you’re wanting to camp kind of on the down-low a little tent like this is great.

So here’s what it looks like when it’s set up I got my little bolt running up through there. If you were a backpacker you’d, be using your trekking pole, I like these little toggle things once you figure out how they work, they work great. If you’re seeing this milky-white stuff, that’s on the seams of the tent, that is seam sealer. You know you just put this goopy stuff: it’s like rubber cement. You put it everywhere that there’s thread, and then you buy this other stuff.

That’s in a spray! Can this Scotch Guard is one brand there’s several brands, then you spray the whole tent down like you’re, painting it and that waterproofs the whole fabric and it will not leak. Ok I’ve already explained the importance of a ground sheet. It acts as a vapor barrier and it protects the floor of your tent now. I know that not everybody grew up like I did. I was very fortunate and how I grew up, and one of the very nice things that I got to do was be a scout.

I was a Cub Scout I was a wee blow. I was a boy scout and even when you’re a little dinky Cub Scout, they instill things to you like use a ground cloth and, to my next point, use a rain fly. Even if your tent is waterproof, you put a rain fly on there. It’s a double layer, it’s common sense. It’s basic camping, old school 101. What do I use well I’m, using like up 399 tarp from Harbor, Freight and camo, it’s nice to have camo tarps. If you’re camping on the down-low, you can use one for a rain fly to hide your tent and then you can take another one and throw it over your motorcycle and your gear and you become almost invisible.

So, let’s put this up it’s important when I break this up over the poles, you know it wouldn’t take long to rip through the tarp. So what this here is is this is key. Rex tape. It’s like industrial duct tape, cost about twice as much as duct tape, but it’s been way more than twice as strong, so really good stuff. Now, I, don’t use these in the back, but I do use them up front. So I have a little bit of give in the front of this tarp. So here we go. The tents all set up.

I’ve got my ground cloth, aka, my vapor barrier down the tents up and I. Have a rain fly all right, so now it can rain a ball as much as it wants to. Rain is just gonna, be dried off the tarp, okay and the type of knot so I’m using this is a taut line. Hitch and I’m gonna go ahead and tie it for you, so you know what it is. This is an old school Boy Scout knot. All right, you just simply bring it around. Put your thumb. There make a half hitch, make another half hitch and you bring it across over and under and when it’s done, it should look like that and what this is it’s an adjustable knot and as long as there’s tension on this knot, this knot will stay tight.

It’s called a taunt line, hitch very, very basic knot and, as you can see right here same routine, a taunt line hitch, it’s an adjustable knot. You know I mean if your tent comes with fancy toggles like that great, but if not simply go old school entire taut line, hitch, real, simple, really, simple, all right! So there’s a good profile of what the tent looks like when it’s set up from the side and if I knew it was gonna rain anywhere you see, white I would actually tuck that under the tent and then that way, the water wouldn’t have a chance to get between the ground cloth and the tarp and make life miserable and, of course, the tents going to come down just as easy as it went up this off to the side, because that’s another nice thing about having a ground cloth as you’re taking it down.

You got a nice place to wad your tent up and it’s got a nice mesh in three ways. If ur, because of the way I tie this up, those half hitches, they slide right off the top, and then you just undo your lashing and any old school Boy Scout manual will show you how to lash it’s very simple. It’s basically common sense. Oh wait! A minute! I said common sense in 2020 what the hell was I thinking disregard that don’t forget to put that back in your bag. If you’re doing it my way now, when I fold it I’ll take the door and the end of it and fold it in you can fold it over the top.

If you want I prefer to do it like this River Country products, tricker 2, 2, pup tent in these little spikes right here, they’re made of aluminum. These are actually the stakes that came with the tent, but I have them in my tarp bags, because I have my rain fly and I also have another tarp that is, and I use that for, like a canopy all righty. Now, aren’t you glad that I was kind enough to turn the sound off when I rolled it up? This does make a lot of noise now, the only thing that would probably make my life a little easier doing it.

This way would be if I had maybe some compression sacks for my gear. This stuff will compress down in a few minutes, but you always kind of got to wrestle it a little bit into the saddlebag, our compression sacks, nice hell yeah. Are they necessary? No, and you know you could even spend a lot more money on attention and it could still possibly leak this company. They had a bad production run and for those of you out there that are talking all kinds of smack to the camera right now.

Well, guess what, unless you’ve, never signed the front of a cheque? You really ought to just simmer down a little bit and give it some thought, because I’m pretty damn sure this company didn’t build leaky, tents on purpose, they had a bad run and now there’s they’re eating. It obviously I mean there’s people out here like me that love these tents that know that they, you just have to do a little prep to them to make them work right. Then there’s people that bought a $50 tent and are crying because the food thing leaks pretty lame.

If you ask me now, my advice to the company would be this you’re, an American company. I. Think that’s awesome. I’m gonna, give you the benefit of the doubt over some Chinese Walmart every day of the week, but from where I’m standing I think you have two options here: one to start with talk to your accountant: get rid of these tents, get rid of them at cost or below and then sell them with the disclaimer that, because you’re getting such a good deal the reason you’re getting such a good deal is because your tent might possibly leak and then- and you could do one of two things as the company one.

You could continue to sell a cheap tent that leaks and hope you stay afloat or you could figure out what it takes to make the tent not leak, but Jenn. You probably have to raise your prices. My advice would be try to find a compromise in the middle to where you see. If there’s a better way, you can sew these tents up, so they don’t leak but still I feel it is ultimately the customers responsibility which would be me and everyone else that buys one just seal it up yourself to me.

That’s basic camping, 101 to seal your stuff up, waterproof your gear. You can’t get much more basic than that right. You gonna have all the coolest gear in the world, but if it’s not waterproof, ain’t gonna be worth a flip. Did anyways before I wander off too much back to the tent I. Do think the tents a good tent it works for me. Will it work for you? I, don’t know, but if you’re looking for a cheap tent, this might be the one for you. As you can see everything I’ll use on that tent fits in that saddlebag I got my poles in there.

I got my stakes in there. I got my extra cordage in there. I got my ground cloth in there and I. Have my rain fly all in one saddlebag? So for me, this works out quite well and, like I, said, I use three poles instead of two because it’s easier for me, but you could set this tent up with a Ridgeline if you’re lucky enough to find a couple of trees between flat ground or you can use your trekking poles or you can go full Daniel. Boone and carve you a couple of poles right, but to me the bottom line is for $49 and change delivered to my house now.

I know the tents a little more now but for $50 delivered to my house and then about an hour’s worth of my time and about $10 worth of sealants I’m tickled pink with 210 and I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a tent like this okay, well, I think I’ve said all I can say about this tent personally. For me, it’s a good tent. Will it work for you, I, don’t know, that’s your decision, not mine, but know this. If you get to tent or any of their products, my advice would be waterproofing, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed this review.

Hopefully it’s been helpful to you. Even if you don’t choose this tent I hope it helps. You decide on what kind of a tent you want, but know this I’m, not a backpacker I’m, a motorcycle camper, but a lot of things that are geared towards backpacking work, quite well for motorcycle camping. Just remember as a motorcycle camper, you don’t need the smallest and most ultralight stuff. You just don’t need it as long as you’re, not carrying don’t hate me for saying this, but as long as you’re, not carrying any more than a fat girl on the back of your bike, you’re good to go right all right for all you out there that are butthurt what and send me a nasty email or comment all right.

Let me rephrase that as long as you’re, not hauling any more gear than a passenger, take what you want with you enjoy yourself now, if you’re going on a cross-country trip, you might want to scale things down to the bare minimum, but if you’re going out for overnight a couple of days, you know maybe a week, there’s stuff you can take that you wouldn’t want to take on a long trip. So the best advice I can give you on motorcycle camping is uh watch youtube videos of how other people do it, and that should give you an idea on what will work for you.

But just remember this. You do not me to spend a lot of money on your gear because you might get tired of it after a while and if you spent a bunch of money on gear, we’re gonna be stuck with a bunch of expensive stuff sitting in your closet. Now, let’s just wrap this up done no more okay, my final thoughts on this tent, it’s an american-made product that is a huge plus, it’s a traditional-style, five by seven pup tent and it’s actually five by seven. It’s not a cut-down Scout model.

It is waterproof once you waterproof it, but that’s your responsibility. You.

Hi everybody it’s chris with hot fish cook, thanks for watching our gear review. Um this month we are looking at the river country, uh trekker, two tent for trekker tent two um. I purchased this tent about a year ago february of 2020 and um taken out about, I think six seven times since then and uh wanted to do a gear review on it, because I was looking for a backpacking tent on the cheap and um.

I found this on amazon and didn’t want to get it because I was scared. It was uh at 50. It was going to be um. It was going to be a bust, but after reading you know I don’t know 100 reviews or something I’m uh. I decided to pull the trigger and and give it a shot. Um and uh I’ve had it on um, see scouting trips, turkey, trips, fishing trip a couple deer trips this year in the mountains and um.

It has seen everything from some monsoon rain to uh to even a little bit of snow on on the last deer trip in november. It got down to 28 and we had some snow. So without further ado, this is it 51. It is a two-man river country, trekker 210 trekker, tent two um and it is under three pounds. I believe it’s um two pounds: twelve ounces with the uh with the stakes that uh come with it uh.

You can get this tent in a couple different ways: uh, it is just 50. I think it’s 51 51 95 or something uh tent and stakes and stuff sack uh. It is around 70 bucks or add 20 bucks for the addition of the two tracking poles. So these are the trekking poles. I got trekking poles with it and we’ll talk about those in a minute but uh. So it’s 50 bucks right around there for the tent and it’s a two-man tent but um I’d have to say that it’s really not a two-minute ten.

It is but uh, I’m six feet tall and I fit in here. Fine with my pack and and gun and and my stuff, but two grown men in here would be a little tight but um. But if you have to carry one tent and you you’re in the backcountry, you need to get two people in it. Uh you can’t so um for one person and a bunch of gear, it is got a ton of space uh in the next section, we’ll um I’ll, set it up and uh kind of take a look at it.

But this is what it is uh. I did not the last time I packed it back up. I didn’t really uh. I was getting out of the dodge because it was raining so um. I did not pack it up super tight, so you can get it down smaller than this. When it came from from the manufacturer, it was about half the size, so they really had it compressed and down and folded down.

But if any of y’all know about packing tents um, they never seem to go back in the way that you took them out. So I really need to just bring this in the backyard and set it up and then kind of uh push all the air out of it and get it pulled up good. But even in this haphazard way, it is not too um. It’s not too big below three pounds with the stakes and everything is super light, um and uh.

Let me see what else I gotta talk about here, uh. One of the main reasons why I got this tent was all the reviews. Uh talked about their customer service being just killer um. There were a ton of people on amazon and online that said that when they had issues they called up and or emailed and got taken care of, and I have to um admit that was one of the reasons why I spent the money on.

I figured you know, I’m a big fan of the you know, buy ones cry once kind of thing, especially with gear. You know saving money on something that is going to ruin your trip down. The road is not worth it, so I was really really skeptical about buying this, but all of the reviews about customer service were great and um and sure enough. When I got this after my third trip, I bent the hell out of one of my um one of my trekking poles.

It was my fault I cinched down um one of the guidelines on it and just bent it. When I got back, I emailed them uh. Let them know that I bent it and asked them if I could buy a single one or if I could just buy um another set directly from them and they emailed me right back and said not to worry about paying for it and shipped me, two brand new upgraded um temples um.

So it was awesome. I was super pumped that they didn’t. I mean there was no questions asked no nothing. They were happy to get an email and then shot them right over got an email confirming them tracking numbers and everything um. So all the stories about them being really awesome. Uh on customer service, in my opinion, are, are there um, so I’m gonna go set it up.

Well, we’ll uh, we’ll tape a little bit more, but um it is waterproof. I bought some seam sealant um. This is the same sealant I bought we’ll have links to all this on our article in the comments below but um. This is the seam sealer I bought and uh has a little applicator. It’s called scene grip, wp um, and it worked killer um of all the rain and everything we’ve had.

This thing has not uh not leaked at all, I’m so high on this company that um earlier this week I went and bought uh their their new model, which is the the trekker tent 2v um, which is more of a uh. It’s a two wall tent this one’s, a one wall, single wall, tent um, but the two wall 2v has uh it’s kind of got a vestibule over the front and uh it’s mostly mesh.

So um again it was like fifty dollars so um. I got it because I kind of wanted something with a little bit of a vestibule on there um and having two of these is not bad um. So I went and bought some more seam seal to um seal up the oven when we get there, but this stuff uh also worked killer and um. Once I sealed up all the seams on this uh, I didn’t have any issues.

Um condensation is an issue with this. This is kind of just an old school puck 10, almost like a military style, tent a little a-frame. So when the temperatures got really cold um, I had condensation on the inside of the tent a bunch in the morning but uh. I also have condensation on my more expensive tents and stuff like that. So I don’t know that it’s necessarily just an issue with this tent or if it’s just an issue in general, the uh staking out the vents in the back helped a little bit and then arranging my um sleeping bag.

So my head was at the the door. The vent door helped a lot uh. I saw that online. Some guys suggested using a candle lantern inside the tent, that it would um cut down on the condensation. So I’m gonna try that uh. I know that if the super geeky guys say that you exhale almost a pint of water at night, while you’re sleeping um- and I guess that water has to go somewhere so condensation on the inside of 10.

I don’t think it’s just an issue with this 10. I don’t think it’s a fault of this tent. I think that it’s just something that happens when you have temperatures that are that low, so any you guys out west or up north, that uh are always camping in um. Really freezing temperatures watch out for that done that the tent is super waterproof, a ton of space, it’s seven feet, uh long by five feet wide and 42 inches tall.

So it’s a little tight for me when I’m leading up gearing up in the morning and stuff but um you know for fifty dollars for a one-man tent. I don’t know what else you can really ask for you know it’s not like you’re trying to have the taj mahal out there with you know huge spaces. The idea of this tent was to just get something small enough.

That would be more protection than my hammock um, but able to pack in in the tent and able to set up um set up time on. This was four minutes five minutes the first time I set it up now I can break it up, set it up and break it down in about two minutes. Um you stake down. Four sides set up two tracking poles and pull them tight with four guidelines, and and that’s it, so it’s nothing too pretty it’s nothing too.

Fancy foot, I like it. It’s a killer, tent um, I’m really enjoying using it and when we get the next one, we’ll um we’ll do a review on that. I’m not paid by these guys at all. I just really like their stuff and people that have customer service like that. I think deserve being called out for for being good. So that’s all with this we’ll we’ll hit the next section and we’ll set it up and um look inside and out thanks all right.

So here we are uh with the the river country, trekker tent two set up um I’ll, walk around it and kind of show you guys what it is, but um mesh screen on the front. As you can see, the two temp hole or two tracker poles are just trekking, poles are set up and then it just pulls tight with a guy line here and two on the side um. But that’s pretty much all there is the um, the doors zip, but then they pull back with these two little toggles or um straps, and then it’s bug proof and here’s that kind of tub basin.

That’s that waterproof basin, so I’ll walk around with the camera and poke on the inside and show you around all right. Here’s the front view you can see the two doors and then the bug mesh and one pole you get the front guy line that holds it up in the front right here on the side, you’ve got the side gun that pulls it out tight and here in the back, are the two um condensation vents so the first time I set it up.

I did not. I did not pull these things out. I just kind of let them flap and um condensation in there so pulling those things out and also keeping my sleeping bag faced up here towards the front. Um helped out a lot as well, but um you can get this a little bit tighter on the ridge line. Um I didn’t, I probably should have set it up a little bit better and then you can see all the seam sealant um that I did on all the scenes.

Uh as the tent goes back around. So you can see that even down here on the bottom uh, we got that so coming up on the inside come in and uh there’s not much for me to show you in here. Those are those two condensation vents in the back: um seven feet by five feet and about 42 inches high. So I didn’t do the best at setting up. You can set it up a little bit tighter to uh keep some of that sag out there um a little gear pouch in the back for uh phones and flashlights and stuff.

That’s it hope. You all enjoyed the video and uh. We will put out another one when we get the other one, the other tent in here, the uh trekker tv or whatever all right. Thank you all very much. You.

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  • 【Durable and High-Quality Material】: BISINNA Camping tent are made with high quality Material. The INNER TENT made with 190T Polyester Taffeta+B3 No-see-um Mesh; RAINFLY made by 190T Polyester Taffeta and guarantees PU2000mm water-resistant; TENT POLES made with lightweight and durable 7001 space aluminum, can supports most heavily wind rain.
  • 【Roomy 2-person Tent for 3 Seasons】: With the unfolding size of (23.6+55+23.6) x 82.7 x 47.2 (H) inches / (60+140+60) x 210 x 110 H cm.BISINNA backpacking tent is spacious enough to accommodate up to two people, perfect for couples .The tent also has double layers that is suitable for 3 Seasons and preferred use for Hiking, Expeditions, Fishing, Kayaking, Car Camping, Backpacking, or Bikepacking.
  • 【Breathable & Stable】: Large section of mesh and 2 D-shaped doors with dual zippers provide much better ventilation. Equipped with 8 lightweight Alloy Pegs and 2 Wind ropes, the tent has a high resistance of wind.
  • 【Easy Set up &Compact】: A camping tent should be very easy to erect and takedown. Free-standing and two Aluminum poles design for lightweight hiking tent’s fast pitching. One person first using this tent is able to set up the tent with double flysheets in less than 10 minutes.Even a child can do it easily.Packed Size: 16.9”x5.9”x5.9”, easy to put in one’s backpack.
  • 【No Risk Purchase】 : We offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty to make it an absolutely risk-free purchase. We stand behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied with this tent for any reason, simply contact us, we will send you a replacement or give you a full refund. Buy with no risk!
  • tent under $100

  • Manufacturer: BISINNA
  • Type: tent under $100

Basina, camping tents are made with high quality material, taffeta plus b3 no cm mesh rainfly made by 190 t polyester taffeta and guarantees poo 2, 000, millimeters water resistant, tent poles made with lightweight and durable 7001 space aluminum can support most heavily wind rain check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time.

You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one breathable and stable large section of mesh and 2d shaped doors with dual zippers, provide much better ventilation, equipped with eight lightweight alloy pegs and two wind ropes. The tent has a high resistance to the wind number two easy setup and compact.

A camping tent should be very easy to erect and take down freestanding and two aluminum poles designed for lightweight hiking tents, fast pitching one person. First, using this tent is able to set up the tent with double fly sheets in less than 10 minutes. Even a child can do it easily packed size. 16 9 by 5 9 by 5 9, easy to put in one’s backpack number three no risk purchase.

We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty to make it an absolutely risk-free purchase. We stand behind our products if you are not completely satisfied with this tent for any reason, simply contact us, we will send you a replacement or give you a full refund, buy with no risk and so much more thanks for watching.

I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

Pacific Pass 4 Person Family Dome tent under $100

Pacific Pass 4 Person Family Dome tent under $100

Pacific Pass camping tent is made of high-quality materials that will provide you stability throughout your camping experience so you can focus on making memories. The rain sheet is durable and will keep your tent and the contents in your tent dry during bad weather. Enjoy mesh pockets inside the tent for small storage along with a hook at the top of the tent to hang your camping light. Enjoy your next camping trip by choosing an easy setup/carry tent by Pacific Pass.

  • Spacious: The 4 person tent designed for a roomy and overall cozy experience. The camping tent with a center height of 60 inches and 108.3 x 82.7 inches base size, and it is a spacious backpacking tent with plenty of space. Great tent for camping
  • Stable & Safe: To keep your items dry, the durable fabric on the outdoor tent body and the rain fly help to ensure water does not make rain infiltration of your 1500 MM waterproof tent for a dry trip. Ideal family tents for camping
  • Convenient Design: There are two mesh storage bags and a net bag on the top in the family tent and keep the dome tent organized. The hook on the top designed for a lantern. E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside
  • Easy Set-Up & Carry: The camp tent equipped with 2 ropes and 7 stakes for safe and stable. It only takes 2-3 people 5 minutes to set up. The carry bag weighs only 8.05lbs, and a large tent can be store in the car without taking up much space
  • Lightweight & Portable: When you finish your trip, you can simply place components back into the zippered carry bag to pack up and transport. The good design makes a lightweight tent is suitable for outdoor, hiking, traveling, fishing, etc
  • Type: tent under $100


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