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  QAD Ultra-Rest HDX Arrow Rest – Blue Trophy Ridge® Whisker Biscuit® Replacement Kit Trophy Taker XFC Arrow Rest Trophy Ridge® Power Shot Whisker Biscuit® – Black Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Arrow Rest – Realtree XTRA®
  QAD Ultra-Rest HDX Arrow Rest – Blue Trophy Ridge® Whisker Biscuit® Replacement Kit Trophy Taker XFC Arrow Rest Trophy Ridge® Power Shot Whisker Biscuit® – Black Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Arrow Rest – Realtree XTRA®
Brand Trophy Ridge QAD Trophy Ridge TROPY TAKER Trophy Taker

QAD Ultra-Rest HDX Arrow Rest – Blue

  • Lock-Down Technology eliminates rest bounce back
  • Full-draw indicator ensures proper launcher position
  • Advanced Vibration Technology reduces vibration
  • Total arrow containment
  • The top-of-the-line Ultra-Rest HDX has a curved capture bar and a redesigned vertical, making it far more versatile and compatible than ever before. The Mounting Block Design gives you even more vertical adjustment and fits most bows on the market. Full-draw indicator marks ensure proper launcher position at full draw. The rest boasts Lock-Down Technology, eliminating rest bounce back. Advanced Vibration Technology reduces vibration, while durable molded rubber creates ultraquiet shots and feel. Velocity Drop-Away Technology maintains arrow-capture position even during slow let down. Adjustable timing cord at the thumbwheel. Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments. Breakaway safety feature. Constructed of CNC-aluminum stainless steel and Delrin® components. Right hand only. Made in USA.
    Color: Blue.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Trophy Ridge® Whisker Biscuit® Replacement Kit

    Replacement biscuit for the 2009 Whisker Biscuit line of arrow rests. Easy to install.
    Hand: Right or Left
    • Small
           Inner dia: 0.300 in
           Arrow size: 17XX or Smaller Aluminum; Small Carbon Arrows; X, G, H Nocks
    • Medium
           Inner dia: 0.320 in
           Arrow size: Internal Component Carbon; 19XX or Smaller Aluminum; S Nocks  
    • Large
        Inner dia: 0.360 in
        Arrow size: 23XX or Smaller Aluminum

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Trophy Taker XFC Arrow Rest

    The ALL NEW XFC rest from Trophy Taker combines sleek looks, bullet proof operation and tons of features at an economical price. The XFC is a buss cable driven fall-away that is built around Trophy Taker’s bomb proof launcher and spring design and features the new PRO containment ring. The containment ring has a custom rubber overmold with built in silencing dampeners and a one-way loading gate for true full capture confidence in the field. Super quiet operation, lightweight design and rugged over-sized fasteners indicate that this rest is truly built for bowhunters. Top it off with looks that compliment any bow package out there and you have a rest that cannot be beat at a value that cannot be overlooked. Additional features include 100% metal construction, stainless steel launcher, vivid adjustment marks and an unconditional lifetime warranty! Put an XFC rest in action on your hunts this year.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Trophy Ridge® Power Shot Whisker Biscuit® – Black

  • The strength of aluminum, yet 25% lighter
  • Microwindage and elevation adjustments
  • Laser-engraved reference marks
  • For right- or left-hand shooters
  • The Trophy Ridge Power Shot Whisker Biscuit boasts the Ballistix CoPolymer system for added vibration reduction and has the strength of aluminum, yet is 25% lighter. This enhanced Whisker Biscuit also offers a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and setscrew for ultrasecure mounting. Setup is extremely easy – simply attach to riser mounting holes, and it automatically lines up with the arrow rest. Holds arrow securely and gives maximum clearance around quivered arrows. Microwindage and elevation adjustments with nylon bushings to ease adjustments and prevent binding. Laser-engraved reference marks. Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading. For use with right- or left-hand bows. Hand: Right or Left
    Hand: Right or Left.
    • Small
           Inner dia: 0.300 in
           Arrow size: 17XX or Smaller Aluminum; Small Carbon Arrows; X, G, H Nocks
    • Medium
           Inner dia: 0.320 in
           Arrow size: Internal Component Carbon; 19XX or Smaller Aluminum; S Nocks  
    • Large
           Inner dia: 0.395 in
           Arrow size: 23XX or smaller aluminum

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Arrow Rest – Realtree XTRA®

  • 100% metal construction
  • Full-containment ring with rubber overmolding
  • Quick and easy cord-length adjustment
  • Attaches to lower limb, upper limb or upward cable
  • Trophy Taker's Mathews Smackdown Pro limb-driven drop-away Arrow Rest features all-metal construction, easy windage and elevation adjustments, and multiple silencing solutions. Can be configured to attach to top limb, bottom limb or upward moving cable. Right hand only. Made in USA.
    Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

    Hey archery talk this is Lucas. And today I'm here to offer my long-term review on the trophy taker Smackdown pro click arrow rest which. You can see here mounted on my obsession fixation 6 XP test bow. You might be familiar with the trophy take your line of era rests already they've got they've got a pretty deep line of limb Griffin. And cable driven rests the Smackdown line is. All limb driven I have actually owned a regular Smackdown Pro before which really the only main difference between. That and this particular arrest are the clicks so. Whereas the regular Smackdown Pro. You lose some things with an allen key. And then and then you're gonna gradually move things over left to right. Or up and down this. One you just use the clicker. And you can move it. One click at a time is make really my new changes. It does make things for me a little bit simpler to make changes especially.

    When you're first setting up a bow. And as I set up a bunch of different bows that's super helpful for me so. This is again this bow. Ithink retails for about a hundred. And forty dollars which is only about a twenty dollar up targe. Or so over the non clip version so for me that's really a no-brainer. Some other companies have kind of clicked rests which are significantly. More expensive than their non click version so trophy taker did a nice job. And keeping the price points fairly similar so for. That 20 bucks for me. Ithink this is a no brainer just for the ease of use. It has got vertical. And horizontal micro clip adjustment. All done very easily. This bow though this air arrest is. One of my favorites I've been I've had I'm not tested. Everyone out there the Smackdown Pro has been my favorite to have. It on the very first hunting mode ever had.

    And I've got it on. This one right now which. It just it's just a great functional air arrest again. Most of them will do every. One I like the idea of a limb driven rust in general. Ijust find there's just. It feels like there's less. That can go wrong then can on a cable driven rest not. That I've ever had any major issues with a cable driven rest before. Either but Linderman is kind of the way. Iprefer to go the only downside is. If you're into that kind of thing is the is. When you draw back. This bow and let down. These the arms of the stay does not stay up. It will go down as you as. You let on the boat the good news is. That this arrest has a bit of a cradle here on the Shelf of the bow which will hold onto the arrow.

    When you let down and kind of keep things quiet. You do have to let down fairly smooth as. You can end up off of. That and it could make a little bit of noise so. You might want to put. Some soft tape on. This on the top of your shelf. Or something like that just so you're not gonna hear a lot of carbon on metal rattling around in a hunting situation but. If you do let down carefully it'll go a little. And comfortably in that little cradle without. Any problems at least for me so far. Another thing I like about the trophy taker Smackdown pro click is he's got multiple entry points to low narrow through. You can come into the side there's a little flap. That folds down lets. You slide your arrow in are. You can come in from the front of the back. Whatever you like to do. This rest and then it's fully contained as well so there's a the.

    If you get in a weird position. Where you shake your bow the arrow is not gonna flop outside of. This containment ring which is kind of nice as for setting up in tuning this bow with. This arrow rest just the other week a week ago. Ishot a video or actually tried to see. How much of duct tape. Ican shoot an arrow through check the video for. That super important stuff we're doing here. Ihad to set up for brought in specifically so. Ihad just had said. This bow set up for field points which was already shooting great. Ihad to make a few small changes really. It was mostly just a little bit of vertical change two. Or three clicks up I had to come on. This rest and then. Ihad my broad heads. And my field points bang on against. Each other I was able to shoot the table at. Any issue and so it just makes. It easy to use the clicks like. That what I why I like. It is if when you're sending up bows.

    If you're a person who likes to take careful notes. You can make changes on here. And keep really easy track of them so. If you've gone up three clicks. And gone left three clicks. You can write those down. And then later on if. You find I may be gone a little too far out for a little too far left I'm going to come down. One I'm gonna come back right -. And you can just keep tracking your notes. And having those individual clicks like. That makes that a lot easier at least for me beyond. That the rest functions as. Iwould hope any rest does as. Isaid a like a limb driven rest. And know again this is just a personal preference. Any cable different rest is just fine as well but just for me balloon driven rest is never failed. Ijust like how it feels sturdy to. Me but beyond that the trophic take arrests as. Isaid retails for about. One hundred and forty dollars. You can learn more on trophy tiger comm.

    And beyond that thank. You so much for watching Archer talk will hopefully see. You soon and thanks again.

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