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  Nitro Crown TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's Nitro Cosmic Snowboard Binding - Women's ThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot - Women's Flow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women's Nitro Monarch TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's
 Nitro Crown TLS Snowboard Boot - Women'sNitro Cosmic Snowboard Binding - Women'sThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot - Women'sFlow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women'sNitro Monarch TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's
Rating ★★★★★----
ClosureTLS 5 Twin lacing systemTLS 5 TwinFastTrack speedlace system--
Flexmediummedium-soft (4 of 10 on Nitro's scale)softmediummedium
FootbedSolo Ortholitewomen's anatomicalIntuition Foam--
LinerCloud 6Cloud 3Comfort--
Liner ClosureILS liner lacing, Re/Lace liner lockerDLSinternal lacing harness--
Manufacturer Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year2 years
Recommended Useall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingpark & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding
SolerubberEVAPerformance Rubber--

Nitro Crown TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's

The mid-flexing response and customizable support of the Nitro Crown TLS Snowboard Boot will help you reclaim your rightful place as queen of the mountain in any type of terrain. Its versatile flex is exceptionally responsive for bombing steeps and carving up corduroy, whil still flexing its freestyle muscles through the rail  and jump lines in the park. The TLS 5 Twin Lacing System offers a supportive fit fine-tuned to your liking. you can keep the lower zone looser for extra freestyle freedom or tighten both for the utmost in power and response.

Boasting a heat-moldable Women's Cloud 6 Liner, the Crown TLS wraps around your foot for a customizable fit without pressure points. The new women's Solo Ortholite footbed cushions the blow from heavy impacts when you're stomping landings and cruising over chopped-up snow. Adding even more impact dampening, the boot's EVA sole dissipates high-speed vibration for a smoother overall ride. Plus, it features Rubber Impact Panels along high-wear zones for long-lasting durability and extra traction.

  • Mid-flexing all-mountain boot with a freestyle background
  • TLS 5 Twin speedlacing system locks in the fit in seconds
  • Thermo-moldable liner delivers a csutom fit
  • Internal harness prevents heel lift and adds support
  • Impact-absorbing footbed and midsole dampen chatter
  • Grippy rubber outsole offers traction over icy terrain
  • Item #NTR00E6
  • What's up ladies could invite some. Nature of snowboards here proud to introduce our most comfortable women's summer about the new 2019 women's crown. Snowboard boot it's comfortable has an amazing fit an affordable price and has. A medium flex to it so if you are a girl. Or a lady or a woman who likes to charge the whole mountain and you want a boot that is comfortable it's going to keep your feet warm all day long and durable this is a boot for you why this durable. Is because it has a rubber outsole which is this these black spots here it's. Rubber so it gives you extra grip and durability grip for when you're walking to and from the mountains you're not slipping in the parking lot but also durability it's gonna keep its shape and hold its form longer than it just a full epa outsole it has an evo mid sole which. Has great dampening absorption properties so it's very comfortable to ride in and it also reduces the overall weight of the boot the crown one reasons. It's so comfortable and fit so comfortable is because it has our flex link design and what the flex link design is just mesh material on the. Outside and on the inside of the ankle which allows the boot to flex forward naturally and there's no weird bulk. Buildup on the side so you don't get any pressure points when you're boarding and also it's very comfortable to walk in the crown is very easy to put on and. Take off and I'll run you through how easy it is to put on because what we use. Is our own speed lacing system we call. It the tls twin lacing system it's twin. Because it's zonal you can decide the tightness you want the bottom of your boot and the top of your boot separate so you can get that perfect fit. To match how you want to snow word how. You like your boots tight so that's just one fitness where you only get the. Top type at the bottom zeus you can actually get both top and bottom just as. Tight as you want so I'm gonna run the shoot through how to use it and it's. Very simple once you put your foot in the liner and lace up the liner laces. All you got to do is take the tos handles right here ones for the lower and ones for the upper part all you do is pull on the handles at the same time pull it up pull it up like so. Up towards your knee and into your body. Locking the laces into the tos component. Putting them in place and once they're locked in i would give it two to three flexes forward boom boom and then you make sure that the laces are fully engaged in the tos component so getting. Then off i hate taking my boots up it takes so long I'm so tired not with tos it's super easy to use all you do is take the handles out of their respected. Pockets on each side pull them forward take the analysts poem for it away from. The tos component away from your body disengaging the laces from the tls. Component up here take the bailout tab right here pull out like so take the. Sides of the shell open them up take the. Tongue forward undo the liner here out of your boots you're chilling their car you're listening to you're listening to. Carefully what i say here you're. Listening to rolling stones. You know seeing the rolling stones cruising home having a good time the. Crown has much more because it has our ils lace liner lacing locker which is. This lacing system right here that holds the liner to the shell of the boot it's this orange material right here put the. Liner through it take the laces lock them around our real ace the real. Ace is this component up top here it's a. Very simple liner locking system it's a liner laces you take one lace on one. Side of the relays component up top here like so you take the other lace put it. Around like so and you pull up it's locked in it's not going anywhere you get the perfect you get the perfect fit the perfect tension that you're looking for and the best part about it is throughout the day you can easily take this rhee liner lace. Right here and pull it up for an extra relase hence the name release the crown. Has our women's loud six liners designed. Specifically to fit a woman's foot. Perfectly it's heat moldable so you can. Bring it into their store get heat molded customize it perfectly to your foot, but they also come pre molded so it should fit like a dream out of the box the cloud six liners is warm it's. Comfortable because it's a great foothold and it's gonna last because it. Has foam on the spine here which helps hold. The integrity of the liner and keep your foot solid in place all season long. Within the cloud six liners you have our. New women's solo porthole footbed which. Is this footbed right here it's very. Comfortable it's like standing on a cloud so you're gonna be bored and happy. Oh it's so plush oh it feels so good. It's a great foot bed it's really nice to stand on and it's gonna help your riding because your feet are gonna be happy and comfortable i would highly. Recommend the 2019 crown women's snowboard boot to any lady who's looking for perfect fitting very comfortable. Nice and warm medium responsive. Snowboard boot that's gonna keep your feet happy day in and day out riding in the park riding on the groomers riding in the back country hitting some pow it's. Gonna last you season after season and it just has that fit that you need for some wear boots so if you know don't. Take my word for it on the fit literally go to your local snowboard shop try on a pair of nitro crowns some wear boots and. I swear you're gonna love it if you don't love it leaves a comment below and i would like to hear why you don't love it thanks for watching.

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    Nitro Cosmic Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Created with a fit and level of comfort that's out of this world, the Nitro Cosmic Snowboard Binding has a user-friendly design with a versatile flex and response that helps you become acquainted with the entire trail map. Nitro gave this binding the Women's Transmission base Frame to hold your boot in place flawlessly, while its EVA dampening does its job by smoothing out harsh chatter from choppy conditions and absorbing the impact from overshot landings.

    Continuing to focus on comfort, a women's-specific Asym highback naturally aligns to your leg position for enhanced response and far less fatigue to keep you feeling fresh from first to last chair. The Premium Comfort ankle strap lives up to its name by snugly securing your boot in place without any painful pressure points, and the B.E.S.T. Convertible toe strap gives you the option of being run over the top or in front of your boot to meet your specific needs. Plus, the Easy Entry ratchets and aluminum Speedwheel ratchets quickly click you into place with smooth-gliding power, getting you ready to ride before the rest of your crew.

  • All-mountain bindings with a focus on comfort and fun
  • Asym highback keeps your legs naturally aligned for less fatigue
  • Transmission baseplate keeps response on point
  • Dual Air Dampening takes the sting out of flat landings
  • Plush ankle and toe straps secure a comfy fit
  • Fast-clicking buckles and ratchets lock you in quickly
  • Item #NTR00DM
  • What's up ladies can you listen here from extra snowboards super stoked to. Introduce a new binding to our line it is probably the best women's snowboarding right now market I'm serious this is the 2017 nitro boys. Environment it is there's so much. Technology in this thing and it is it's. Amazing this is like the sweetest man I've ever seen it is back to technology. But it's still super comfortable that's. One of those features we focus on those everybody needs is to make them as comfortable as possible no matter how stiff or how reliable durable they are. They always have to be comfortable and. The poison has our stealth air women's. Base plate which is this right here this is the base plate it has no bloomin yoga. For durability, it is there's only one. Screw that holds the heel cup in for adjustments to reduce the weight of the bindings to just loosen this up the screw here you can pull but you look up and up to just your food customized mt.abu so if there's any mood it has our. Aysen women time at which this a nice solid high back right here tool is suggestible for me I'd say it's more of. A medium is different flexing high back so it's for the woman is looking for a more responsive binding it has our dual. Nitro duel with anthony. Which of these air bags right here one on the toe and one in the heel air. Dampening that's because unlike mba it doesn't get. Hard when it's cold out it always says the st. anthony properties so super comfortable and it's lightweight because it's there the poison also has a three. Degree canted footbed is right here it's 3d view canteen the canteen goes inwards terms in between your feet what canton does it allow you to stand. In a natural stance we've strapped into reports to drive longer without getting pain in your knees year after year and the eb in the meadows canton and sore. Sore later bags three candies like the. Poison uses our mini this system which does this bad boy right here nice and small smaller than a normal disc and what that does it reduce the weight of the overall binding but it also reduces a dead spot to the binding puts on the board so as your deflects naturally under your feet and to ride. The way you want it to ride but sweet now is out what that means is you choose. Your aim boats anyone at nine you find the nine and then you just pop it in. Their mouth on your board just makes it. Easier mounting board and just makes it easier to set up you're right the poison. Also has our board saver technology which of these eta pads right here on. The heel side of the binding prevents binding like breakage to the board it just has durability to your total setup one of the coolest i would. Say decker was feature about the poison is that as our cable reinforced straps yes on a. Toe strap here and it has a ratchet. Strap and then also on the ankle strap. Ladder right here and what cable reinforcement means is that there're cables stainless steel cables running to. Through the ladders which adds for. Durability to the board so if you step on it or if it breaks the plastic breaks. Is so cold like almost all items do from anywhere and it's cold enough plastics. In the break but when you have to cable reinforcement steel cables in there it's. Gonna stay together and you can write a police to come you're not gonna ruin your day or your week looking for a new batter just there to add durability reporter know things don't last the. Poison has our premium old ankle strap which this beautiful ankle strap right here it's super comfortable pressure. Points as flex window which is sweet. That allows your ego to flex board naturally without any pressure points and gives you great heel support it as well. Has our best convertible toe strap this. Toe strap is amazing so give them an evident everybody ends up the whole line because it just gives you the support and hold you need that you expect from anybody you can wear over the top over. The toe doesn't matter and both straps. Have two of us adjustable levers here so you can easily dress the size of the straps on the fly on the chair in the parking lot you don't need a screwdriver it also has our force aluminum and speedwell buckles which are these beautiful rose going over right here. They're super we use big fat diverse and. See what you did to grab. See power-down design is super strong. Super reliable it also has their easy engineer buckle in ratchets so super straps are super. Easy to get up you easier to get back on. So the point of that is so that you can. Either buy himself super fast and get money investors watching to snowboard as much as possible it shouldn't be a hassle to put their two gear together. That's it this is for 2017 nature of. Poison i recommend it for anyone looking for top-of-the-line super supportive. Totally bad ass so combining with all the. The Latest technology and super comfortable. From right anyone from the half point to seek boomers are five days checking out in 2017 poisonous.

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    ThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot - Women's

    If your ideal day on a snowboard consists of sliding boxes, pressing rails, and spinning off jumps in the park, then the skate-inspired freedom of the ThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot is for you. Taking design inspiration from your favorite skate kicks, this boot offers plenty of flexibility for tweaking grabs and getting loose on jibs.

    The Fast Track lacing system makes it quick and easy to get in and out of your boots, and it won't slip, so you never have to stop and adjust the tightness mid-run. The 86 FT also features an internal lacing system that keeps your heel locked down for better response and reduced fatigue. An articulating cuff prevents the shell from breaking down over the course of the season, and the performance backstay channels energy for enhanced response. The Intuition Foam liner is heat-moldable for a custom fit, and a molded EVA footbed cushions your feet for all-day comfort. Plus, the footbed features a Sherpa fleece lining for a soft, cozy feel. Plus, an aggressive tread on the durable rubber sole helps you maintain traction on icy steps and sketchy hikes.

  • Freestyle, skate-inspired boot for park riding and groomers
  • Soft flex is playful while progressing in your freestyle skills
  • Fast-track lacing system is easy to get on and off and won't slip
  • Internal lacing design is optimal for keeping heel locked down
  • Articulating cuff and backstay increases lifetime stiffness of boot
  • EVA cushioning provides cushion and shock-absorbing performance
  • Comfort liner is thermo-moldable for the perfect custom fit
  • Durable rubber sole with burly tread for bootpacking up a line
  • Item #TTW00CO
  • Whoa hello I'm matt guff from house. Cotton I'm here with mike Seville and joe section from 32 thanks for you guys hey for having us hey you welcome they're walking us through 2018 live and. 32 this is the new 86 ft or fast-track. Boot of what's going on with respect i. Love this color with by the way excellent we got a rubber cup sole going on the exterior of it very flat joe can get. Into that a little bit later but uh skate feel to that outsole that's on it. Full synthetic up around that boot as well and then our fast-track lacing system so this is easy to use now this. Is a double pool system so there's a lower zone an upper zone correct independent on the upper and dependent on the lower and basically one side. Controls that the upper zone side controls the lower zone now there's a updated of fast-track lacing system as. Well it is updated for 2017 2018 season. So we have a little bit of different. Islands header going on there a lot of the lace that flowed through there a little bit easier the lacing system is a. Little bit different just as how many times it's going across the tongue sure as well as anybody that may have had. These are seen these in the past we used to have some notches on the side that lock them in place we no longer have the notches now they are self-locking when you just pull them back or forward to release them that's awesome so very. Simple to do and then you get some little pockets inside the tongue here where you can put the handle set up you pull the tighten when you saw a great thing about 86 it has a really low profile out so that good board feel joe. You've had that on your boots for was long time yeah i was just like how does a clean look and i was a good look but it's also functional too with the fur blast like i don't like it when it has a bunch of treads and feels like its kind of you're off your board i like the idea but just being flat and you can really get good board feel that way yeah your first signature colorway was in a. Chance to have any six fast-track this is the green one royal blue and white and i had my little the mid state of minnesota patch and gosh dream of i will. Get have so long ago that's the first one the blue one yeah it'll be green one with the second wheel in the socket yeah it has a sprog one yeah does how many seven years ago yeah probably. A lot of that work thanks maybe longer. Yeah and you pretty much still run. That same salt — yeah thanks aw yeah that's aw my boot right now as well and i don't think I'll ever change it i like. It a lot so whole time oh yeah it's cool. It's on that food as well as i think that it works for each level of like. That so sure yeah and this is comfortable — ah boo — it's got this a. Comfort fit liner right correct and tell. Is a little bit about this thing so comfort fit liner anybody that's familiar with 32 from the past may remember level one two three liners we. Updated that a little bit for this year so comfort fit liner coming in here which basically means just as it says it's going to be comfortable right out of the box it is a custom moldable liner system so you can wear this right out of the box say a half a dozen times and it will take a custom shape around your foot just from your body heat of wearing it you got the lace-up liner system here on the front along with your molded. Comfort fit footbed that goes on the interior you know and ah you know really out of the box they do feel really good and i want one thing that i like about the comfort liner is those internal j-bars and not something that a lot of people think about but when you put your foot in ik and you feel that little a little hug that little heel hug mm-hmm it's nice absolutely hold your heel in there no heel lift no slippage anything like that feel great if you get in an honor correct man right man so there it. Is for 2018 the new 3286 fast-track you. Can see when they drop next fall august. And the august are getting in september there we go guys thanks so much for being here thank you're welcome you guys around we already subscribe to the channel to free to ask questions or comments or leave comments below and i hope this you guys are up.

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    Flow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Charge all over the mountain with the Omni Hybrid Snowboarding Binding, Flow's flagship binding for surfing through powder, bombing down black diamonds, and sending it in the park. Its stiffer-flexing highback offers the support needed for launching park jumps and dropping cliffs into powder, and the rockered baseplate provides a responsive feel for carving up groomers and navigating steep, technical terrain.

    The Rockered baseplate design makes minimal contact with your board to channel power directly where you need it, and it has rounded edges that allow your board to flex more naturally underfoot. Flow's rear-entry design makes it quick and easy to strap in. The highback actually folds down in the back so you can slip your foot in, meaning you just need to set the buckles once and you're good to go from there on out. This Hybrid version also sports a toe strap for riders who prefer the feel of a more traditional binding. Canted footbeds align your legs in a more natural position for reduced fatigue, and they're made with EVA to absorb vibrations for a smooth ride.

  • Versatile performance and comfort all over the mountain
  • Medium flex offers all-mountain versatility
  • Hybrid PowerCapStrap provides comfortable support
  • Grippy toe strap for a locked-in fit and feel
  • Rockered baseplate reduces board breakage
  • ATM.6 support panel enhances response and increases support
  • Canted footbed aligns joints in natural position
  • Flow revolutionized rear-entry binding technology
  • Item #FLO007S
  • What's up internet matt guf a mouse come. And this is a pair of flo 5 hybrid on. Long snowboard bindings designed for beginner to intermediate level riders flo has been in business for 20 years. Now always focusing their designs on innovation simplicity fun and of course. Performance driven products really when you look at a flow binding you'll notice three different things the first one is dual entry you can enter the bindings with ratchets or through a reclining style high-back the second thing is comfort in a one-piece kind of power. Strap this is called a hybrid power cap strap and then lastly is going to be connectedness with the board because with this power try and go through the cable that's connected from the high back to that one-piece molded base plate. The base plate is pretty cool because it does have rocker style corners the. Board's gonna flex it a little bit more naturally instead of having like really sharp hard 90-degree angles with the base plate this is a kind of composite. That's nylon and of course fiberglass making it very smooth and soft this oral. Have a flex rating of about a four or a feel rating before through the aging series style base but then discs that. Come with the flow v hybrid are called the combi discs they're compatible for whole and three hold patterns but not the channel system keep that in mind. There's give me a good amount of cushioning directly underneath your foot through this i do a componentry there's. One section in the heel and then of course one's gonna be in the toe of. Course it's better to keep those things in but you can remove them if you want to and then there's that high back now. This is that you know that you need back a high back it's just one piece you can. The human is kind of just part of the. High back there's actually no aluminum piece or an additional piece for the heel cup the high back of course is nice and tall it's super flat it has a big. Backing of eda style padding with a locking style number with the tooless forward lean adjustment now that high. Back is to that power triangle strap that connects actually underneath the base plate when you lean back on this high back there's gonna be a direct connection of transferring energy because of that triangle instead of loss. Energy from the high back through that but a heel loop and then to the base but it's actually a nice little concept and then of course it's gonna be this hybrid power cap strap now the power cap ship. Has a kind of little bit more traditional feel of a dual strap design. Instead of just like a one-piece strap like some of the other flo bindings have i do have to say that it does feel like. A just like a regular traditional strap snowboard binding and flo doesn't a phenomenal job and making their toe straps now this isn't a convertible strap you can't wear on top your foot can we wear on the front of your toes the mid step section of action of this. Kind of ankle section is very. Comfortable and it does just distribute a lot of pressure because it's actually quite a bit larger and it does fit. Really nice in the mid step of your boot you know kind of for like an entry style binding the flow v hybrid actually. Has a lot of technology and a really nice price point and then lastly it's. Going to be these locking levers now these ratchets actually how they go if they call it lock slapping so you they. Can be locked into place but again if you want to use these bindings like a. Traditional snowboard binding strap you can do that but you also have the ability to use the reclining style high. Back this is the flow v hybrid and. Awesome all-mountain binding for begin to intermediate level riders that you can check out at the house comm if you. Want a lot more flow videos make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and I'll see you guys around.

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    Nitro Monarch TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Rule over every feature in the park with the Nitro Women's Monarch TLS Snowboard Boot. It has a soft flex for supreme comfort, easy turns, and maximum trick tweakage, and convenient lacing means you spend less time in the lot and more time tearing up the mountain. The TLS lacing system features two speedlace pulls that let you independently adjust different zones of the boot so you can dial in the perfect fit.

    If anything breaks, it can easily be fixed without special tools, and when you're ready to get out of your boots simply give the Bail Out tab a quick pull and the shell opens without a fuss. The Cloud 3 liner features low-profile Thermacell material and a women's-specific fit for lightweight comfort and warmth. Rubber in strategic areas of the outsole provides reliable traction and durability, while EVA keeps weight to a minimum while improving rebound and cushioning. An anatomical footbed cushions harsh impacts and reduces vibration for less foot fatigue.

  • All-terrain snowboard boot ready for a progression session
  • Medium-soft flex can handle the park or the groomers
  • EVA sole offers optimal rebound and cushion
  • Anatomical footbed helps absorb vibrations for a smooth ride
  • Heat-moldable liner lets you dial in a custom fit
  • TLS lacing system is easy to adjust for secure comfort
  • Item #NTR00E7
  • What's up ladies my name's knut Lassen. I'm out here and little the desert it's nice hot get my tan on getting excited for winter and i hope you're excited too because this is our new top aligned snowboard women's specific boot it's a. 2016 nitro fate it's our top aligned. Boot equipped with groundbreaking technology which is vibram i strike out. Souls which are souls we developed. Specifically with vibram to create a soul that's super grippy on icy conditions to get you to those higher peaks or just to make it so you don't fall in the parking lot it also has our levee a outsoles which our eba foam. Which is lightweight super comfortable and absorbs shock really well and then. Also on these boots on the soles you see there's a airbag in the heel which is great for all-day chatter riding all day taking landings deep keep your heels happy to keep your feet happy and keep it riding longer well it's sweet about. The feint is it is a boot that's designed to keep your feet warm, so we've added our thermal shield with a thermal nadir shield is its a thermal layer between the soul and the liner of the boot so this will actually reflect the heat that your feet are giving off back up into your feet to keep your feet warm all day long so i mean you're gonna have happy toasty feet all day long in the mountain that's what everybody wants guys girls especially girls no offense. The feint is designed to collect perfectly with your ankle and give you a true natural ankle flex to give you the perfect natural board filled response that you want therefore we've added our flex link design which is this design. Area of the boot right here so it gives you a nice natural ankle flex right there'll be no pressure points anywhere you're just gonna have a comfortable foot fit all day long and on. All of our boots we have this hearing introduced a new tls system basically. The same system is just a little smaller than before to reduce the weight on the boots and as you all know the tls system is the most responsive reliable and the. The Quickest way to put your boots on and take them off what you go do is unlock the component up top pull the. Tongue forward pull up on the two handles and that will lock your boot into place you get a nice solid fit for. All day borden super easy and with the tls system we also have a thing called the bailout system which is this little tab right here unlock the component up top pull on the tab take the tongue forward you out of your boots you're in your car you're doing makeup so you get on a date later so it's just super simple aysen system is super reliable sweet about the feint upgrade liner now. You have a really nice cloud six women's specific liner it's heat moldable but it also has a premorbid tongue tv a better. Natural fit as anatomically shaped fit. To the whole liner so it fits any foot really well but if you want to make it specific to your own foot then you can just heat more of it you know it's lightweight super comfortable to cloud. Six liners equipped with d3o technology. Which is a smart material for underfoot shock absorption cushioning and comfort and it has you know it's got your. Standard velcro here to keep the cup. Tongue in place it's just the most comfortable liner we make it also has foam in the back to maintain its integrity and the form of the boot seats get the better he'll hold and last year. Within the liner we have our women's. Specific triple density air footbed which is the. Footed made out of three different types of eb a for very specific and very good fitting footbed and an anatomically. Shaped you also have this sweet air bubble in the heel to give you even more cushion for all and for that gender so with this boot on. The faint you get double air in the heel which there's not many brands after that do it because we do it because we believe that's a great way to give you a more comfortable ride and keep you riding longer the fate also has our eye less liner lacing system which is this right here then you put your liner in and what it does is you can really tie down the liner into the boot so it gives you great foothold and heel hold for all day riding the feint is a boot that is. Made specifically to keep your feet warm keep them happy by being comfortable and. It's a pretty response to food faint as. A radiant of six which means it's a little stiffer than most women's boots that's because it's a high-end boot and it's for girls who need a boot that's responsive, and they're looking for a boot that can progress with them so if you're looking for a boot that is full of comforts can keep your feet warm top of the line lightweight super easy to. Get in and out of with the tos system and you like snowboarding as much as possible check out the new 2016 nitro faint it's. The best woman's food we make it's beautiful.

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