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  K2 Talkback 96 Ski - Women's Fischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women's Dynafit Speedfit 84 Ski - Women's Scarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women's La Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women's La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's
 K2 Talkback 96 Ski - Women'sFischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women'sDynafit Speedfit 84 Ski - Women'sScarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women'sLa Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women'sLa Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's
BrandFischerScarpaLa SportivaK2DynafitLa Sportiva
Claimed Weight[162cm] 2lb 9.6oz[single, size 25] 3 lb 6 oz[157cm] 2lb 5oz [164cm] 2lb 6oz[pair, 163cm] 5lb 8.5oz[pair, 176cm] 5lb 15oz[pair] 3lb
Constructionsandwich sidewall-Piuma Quadriaxialhalf-cap3D Tech with full micro sidewalls14 layer (cap)
Corepaulownia, AirTec-woodPaulownia-Tour-Lite (Titanal spine, carbon and fiberglass laminate, paulownia wood)Air Flex (poplar and ash wood)Aramid, carbon
Dimensions123 / 87 / 106mm-[157cm] 121 / 94 / 110mm [164cm] 121 / 92 / 110mm128 / 96 / 115mm[149cm] 113 / 82 / 101mm, [158cm] 114 / 83 / 102mm, [167cm] 115 / 84 / 103mm91 / 65 / 80mm
Length155cm, 162cm, 169cm-157cm, 164cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm149cm, 158cm, 167cm157cm
Manufacturer Warranty4 years1 year1 year2 years2 year1 year
ProfileTour Rocker-camberAll-Terrain Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)tip and tail rocker, camber underfootearly rise tip, camber underfoot
Recommended Usebackcountry skiingall-mountain, telemark touringbackcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineeringbackcountry skiingbackcountry skiing, randoneerandonee, ski mountaineering
Turn Radius[162cm] 17m-[157cm] 17.8m [164cm] 18m[163cm] 18m[149cm] 17m, [158cm] 18.5m, [167cm] 20m20.6m

K2 Talkback 96 Ski - Women's

As the widest ski in K2's women's backcountry-specific ski lineup, the Talkback 96 Ski lives for dreamlike days of fluffy goodness, but can handle steep, technical lines with more supportive snow—all in a sub six-pound package that will have you zipping up the skintrack lap after lap.

K2 shaved some weight off the Talkback 96 this season, but without the expense of its downhill performance. A Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement keep this ski stiff and powerful, but without taking away from its nimbleness, while a paulownia wood core is to thank for its efficient weight on the climbs and the fun, poppy feel on the descent. Complete with a snow-shedding topsheet to ensure you aren't weighed down by five extra pounds of powder, you just might track out a whole backcountry bowl before you even feel tired.

  • Crush the ups and shred the downs with this lightweight touring ski
  • 96mm waist can navigate soft or variable snow with ease
  • Rockered tip and tail deliver float in powder and a nimble feel
  • Underfoot camber provides a reliable edge hold on firmer snow
  • Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement add stiffness and stability
  • Paulownia core is light on the skintrack and strong on the descent
  • Hydrophobic topsheets don't hold onto snow while you're skinning
  • Skin grommets keep climbing skins secure
  • Item #K2S00HI
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    Fischer My Transalp 90 Carbon Ski - Women's

    Get out in the fresh snow and enjoy beautiful views with the MY Transalp 90 Carbon Ski from Fischer. This touring ski is loaded with features to make your precious time in the backcountry more enjoyable. Its wide waist keeps the ski buoyant as you find untouched snow while the early rise tip stays on top of the powder as you break trail. Fischer focused on reducing weight when designing the MY Transalp for less fatigue on the ascents and more energy for the descents. To achieve this, they constructed the ski with a poppy wood core that has AirTec channels for a light and responsive ski.

    Not wanting to sacrifice performance for weight, Fischer equipped the ski with Carbon Tex, a sandwich sidewall construction, and their lightweight aeroshape design. The Carbon Tex weave dampens the chatter at high speeds that's all too common in lightweight skis. The sandwich sidewall construction furthers the ski's stability and grip at high speeds while the aeroshape design provides extreme torsion stability. All in all, the MY Transalp 90 emerges as a lightweight backcountry ski that delivers great uphill and downhill performance.

  • Backcountry touring ski for discovering new lines after a storm
  • 87mm waist width keeps ski buoyant through fresh, untouched snow
  • Tour rocker delivers easier turn initiation and efficient skinning
  • Early rise tip stays afloat when breaking trail through deep snow
  • Wood and AirTec core keep ski light and responsive through turns
  • Carbon Tex dampens chatter at high speeds without adding weight
  • Lightweight aeroshape design provides extreme torsion stability
  • Sandwich sidewall construction offers stability and grip at speed
  • Item #FIS007H
  • What's up guys matt berkowitz here at fisher is gonna tell you today about a. New product for us for 1617 this is the. Transalp ts pro boot so this boot was. Designed out of the already successful trans out boot lineup couple features we. Have here a couple things that make it different from the rest of the trans out boots are we injected this one with pu. Injection so this is not a vacuum boot this is a pu injected boot 130 flex so. This is the stiffest boot in the trans out boot lineup we also put alpine buckles on here in a beefy power strap. So major difference between this boot and the rest of the trans out boots is gonna be weight in performance so. This is for your guy who is driving bigger skis he's hopping on the ranger 108 driving that wider ski not super. Concerned with the weight on the way up still a pretty lightweight boot you're looking at 1800 grams in this boot in a 26 v couple other key features to the. Transalp line of boots certified deena fit inserts here so completely reliable. You've got an ultra lawn liner here. Which is also a thermo formable super easy ski walk mechanism trans alp ts pro. For more information check out fischer sports com.

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    Dynafit Speedfit 84 Ski - Women's

    If you look at days spent skiing at the resort as an opportunity to train for bigger objectives, then the Dynafit Women's Speedfit 84 Ski is for you. Dynafit's Speedfit series is geared toward human-powered inbounds skiing with a nimble 84mm waist width that's light on the up and a blast to carve down groomed runs. A lightly rockered tip and tail eases turn initiation while a good amount of camber underfoot gives the ski a stable feel when you lay into your turn as much as your touring boots allow you too.

  • A lightweight ski designed for skinning and skiing the resort
  • Skinny waist width is light on the up and nimble while carving
  • Full micro sidewalls balance strength with weight
  • Carbon laminates increase rigidity without adding weight
  • Notched tip accommodates Dynafit skins
  • Item #DNF00CJ
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    Scarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women's

    If you love a wide-open vista full of pristine bowls and undisturbed glades, you'll embrace the resource-conscious Scarpa Women's T2 Eco Telemark Boot, which is made from organic, plant-based Pebax Rnew plastic. Thanks to the T2's triple-density, uber-stable construction, there's more to love about this versatile all-terrain boot than its reduced carbon footprint. The last and cuff are designed with the female foot in mind, and it features a narrow heel, lower calf, and higher instep. This year, the T2 Eco got an upgrade to the warmer-than-ever Intuition Performance Flex G Women's liner. After a quick heat-molding, it forms to your foot so precisely that it may be more apt to say this boot will embrace you.

  • An iconic telemark boot with a women-specific design
  • Pebax Rnew shell is plant-based and resource-conscious
  • Stable flex with unparalleled lateral stability
  • 102mm width provides room for long climbs and fast descents
  • 3 buckle design with Booster Active Power Strap
  • Replaceable edge guard protects bellows
  • 30 degree range of motion for touring and walking
  • Heat-moldable Intuition liners are toasty warm
  • Item #SCR003O
  • Hey this is desiree at tahoe mountain sports in truckee and I'm here today to talk about scarpa boots teen to echo. Which is the best-selling telemark boot of all times pretty traditional telemark include three buckles the echo is because tomato that pea backs were new which is made of castor oil so it's renewable and uses less petroleum to make the product you think they say it's 32 percent fewer emissions and. Material we have that instep buckle that we talked about earlier which is really good at keeping your heel in place comes with additional scuff guards 75 no fit. In the line for 20 years there have been a lot of changes is just the best-selling weed of all times.

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    La Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women's

    La Sportiva teamed up with Ski Trab to produce the ultralight, vert-devouring Women's Gara Aero LS Ski. Built to the specifications of gram-counting rando racers, the Gara Aero sports an feather light weight that will fly up the mountain and progressive shape that will inspire confidence once you rips skins and point 'em down the mountain.

    Ski Trab built this ski in Italy with its ultralight 14-layer technology. The technology utilizes 14 different layers, including carbon, fiberglass, wood, and Aramid, that wrap around the ultralight honeycomb core to reduce vibration and increase rigidity while tipping the scales at feathery 3lb. In the end, all these materials simply mean the Gara Aero will remain nimble on the ascent and stable on the descent. The progressive shape consists of an early rise tip to ease turn initiation in difficult conditions and plenty of camber underfoot to give the ski the ability to carve smooth turns when the terrain and conditions allow for it.

  • A vert-hungry skimo ski for crushing the competition
  • Early rise tip eases turn initiation
  • Camber underfoot lets you carve confidently on the descent
  • Carbon fiber provides strength without the weight
  • Honeycomb core reduces vibrations
  • Cap construction is super durable
  • La Sportiva teamed up with Ski Trab to create this ultralight race-ready offering
  • Item #LSP00ED
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    La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's

    Your penchant for human-powered descents may lead some to call you a glutton for punishment, but that could have something to do with the fact that they've never skied the La Sportiva Women's Maximo LS Ski. With a lightweight construction that will fly up steep skintracks like you're on an escalator and a fun-having progressive shape, this ultralight offering from La Sportiva will keep a smile plastered on your face whether you're skinning to the base of a steep couloir or making hop turns down a line you've been dreaming about skiing all season.

    La Sportiva teamed up with with Italy's Ski Trab to produce the Maximo LS. Building its skis in Italy, Ski Trab specializes in ultralight backcountry skis that inspire confidence on the descent. Utilizing Ski Trab's 14-layer Technology, the Maximo is home to a wood core with air canals to save weight and a stiff-but-light construction to keep the Maximo responsive when you're confronted with less-than-ideal conditions. Adding to the ski's overall skiability, La Sportiva commissioned the Maximo to be built with the Low Omega Profile, which makes initiating turns a breeze and reduces the chance of hooking up edges as you exit your turn, giving the skis a fluid, easy-to-ski feel when you're making your way down techy lines in the alpine.

  • Touring ski that rocks the uphill and doesn't skimp on the downhill
  • 92mm waist offers plenty of float in pow and is quick edge to edge
  • Camber profile gives you good edge hold on exposed faces and ice
  • Short turn radius boosts control in tight trees and rocks
  • Wood core with air canals is lightweight, stable, and responsive
  • Carbon reinforcements boost torsional rigidity and stability
  • High quality sintered base easily glides across flat areas
  • Item #LSP00JD
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