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6 The Best Sniper Rifle Scopes

  1. CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 AOE Red and Green
  2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective
  3. Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics
  4. OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X56 Red&Green
  5. FSI 6-24x50mm W Front AO Adjustment
  6. Sightmark Wraith HD Digital
TOP #1
CVLIFE Hunting 6-24x50 AOE Red and Green sniper rifle scope
CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 AOE Red and Green sniper rifle scope

  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Field Of View: 28 ft @ 100 yards
  • Click Value: 1/8 inch @ 100 yards
  • Illuminated Type of the rifle scope: Red and Green
  • sniper rifle scope
TOP #2
Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective sniper rifle scope
Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective sniper rifle scope

  • The 6-24×50 Adjustable Objective Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line
  • The adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal to the shooter while anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views.
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box
  • Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks
  • sniper rifle scope
TOP #3
Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics sniper rifle scope
Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics sniper rifle scope

  • Magnification: 6-24X, Objective Diameter: 50mm, Tube Diameter: 25.4mm/1 inch.
  • Field of view (m): 3.98~16.24, Click Value: 0~1/4 inch @ 100 yards. Eye Rifle (mm):75.94~81.53, Exit Pupil (mm):8.3~2.1.
  • Illuminated Level: 5 Intensity (Red) and 5 Intensity (Green). Red or green dot crosshair with front focus eyepiece adjustment helps you shooting the target fast and accurately. Battery: CR2032 x 1 (Included).
  • Eavy duty scope ring mounts for 20mm weaver dovetail rail only.
  • Hard anodizing multi-coated lenses ensure a good hand feeling and avoid scratching. Lens cover included.
  • sniper rifle scope
TOP #4
OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X56 Red&Green sniper rifle scope
OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X56 Red&Green sniper rifle scope

  • 3-9X Magnification and 2.2″ (56mm) Objective Diameter.
  • 5 Different intensity level in both Red and Green Illuminated Optics with clear image.
  • 20mm Weaver rail scope ring mounts make it more satable and convenient.
  • Made of Black Anodized Aluminum Material with fog-proof and shock-proof design.
  • 6-Month Warranty for Quality and Service Gurantee.
  • sniper rifle scope
TOP #5
FSI 6-24x50mm W Front AO Adjustment sniper rifle scope
FSI 6-24x50mm W Front AO Adjustment sniper rifle scope

  • Multi-coated optics
  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Body
  • Ball and Bearing Windage/Elevation adjustment for precision and superior shock resistant
  • Test fired on .50 Cal 150rd
  • Front AO Adjustment with Mil-dot reticle with Red,Blue and green illumination
  • sniper rifle scope
TOP #6
Sightmark Wraith HD Digital sniper rifle scope
Sightmark Wraith HD Digital sniper rifle scope

  • Day/Night mode – full color viewing for day use; black and white or classic green for night vision mode
  • High-definition sensor – high resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p HD
  • 8x digital zoom – a 2x optical system for up to 16x magnification
  • HD photo or video recording (memory card not included).
  • Customizable tactical and hunting reticle options – features 10 reticle options and 9 different color options for easier aiming and better accuracy
  • sniper rifle scope

CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 AOE Red and Green sniper rifle scope

CVLIFE Hunting 6-24x50 AOE Red and Green sniper rifle scope

  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Field Of View: 28 ft @ 100 yards
  • Click Value: 1/8 inch @ 100 yards
  • Illuminated Type of the rifle scope: Red and Green
  • sniper rifle scope

  • Package Dimensions: 17 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches; 1.95 Pounds
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: Huihaozi
  • Brand: CVLIFE
  • Color: Black
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatible Devices: Handgun, Rifle
  • Type: sniper rifle scope

About this item, magnification 6-24 x, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8 inch at 100 yards, illuminated type of the rifle scope, red and green in the description to get this product today, at the best price about this item, magnification 6-24, x, objective diameter, 50 mm field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated type of the rifle scope, red and green in the description to get this product today, at the best price about this item, magnification 6-24, x, objective diameter, 50 mm field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated type of the rifle scope, red and green in the description to get this product today, at the best price about this item, magnification 6-20, x, objective diameter, 50 mm field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated type of the rifle scope, red and green.

In the description to get this product today, at the best price you.

50 aoe, red and green illuminated gun scope with free mount magnification, 6 to 24 x, objective diameter, 50, millimeters field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated; type of the rifle scope, red and green click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Aoe, red and green illuminated gun scope with free mount magnification 6 to 24x, objective diameter, 50 millimetres field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1/8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated; type of the rifle scope, red and green click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

50 aoe, red and green illuminated gun scope with free mount magnification, 6 to 24 x, objective diameter, 50, millimeters field of view, 28 feet at 100; yards click, value, 1, 8, inch at 100 yards, illuminated; type of the rifle scope, red and green click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Well made and by my experiences top of the line I had a couple of questions and their customer service department responded and answered them quickly and clearly, most of all, it’s accurate and durable. This scope and company is highly recommended and appreciated. I recently purchased another one thanks, amazing scope for the cost mounted to my ar-15 perfectly and hit the range great clarity and the variable.

Colors and brightness are perfect. If you have a low light situation, only shot out to 100 yards so far, but can’t wait to dial it in for longer range shots for the cost. It’s a great scope, I headed on my 308 and then my 6-5 Creedmoor for three months now and over 100 rounds, I’m no pro and was sitting three-inch at 250 yards with. This scope seems to be holding the recoil.

Fine downside if I’m tuning it today and put blower clamps and noticed the crosshairs are turning with the zoom.

Today, I am reviewing for you, this tremendously dirt-cheap scope that actually works. It is on an M&P 15, the killer is a trained military professional and he is always safe with it. There we go very nice, let’s break down some of the very brief features for a moment. Now it did take a while to get it sighted in I. Do note that there are caps that go on top of the windage and the elevation so take those caps off, and then you are able to access how to dial this thing in I click these upwards of a hundred times each to finally move it into position.

Obviously, with your firearm and with your firing habits, it may be different. Some of the brief features right here. You will see that that it does actually light up and we’ll take a peek in there for just a moment. But this is how you turn on the the light up glowing crosshairs. There is a red and also a green and light that is, and if we’re to rotate this guy. This is how you zoom in and out so a slight bit of zoom and then, if we were to go all the way down here, this is the actual focus and, as you can see, it can go all the way from 15 yards if we rotate it around.

It goes all the way up to. Is it 150 150 to infinity excellent right on so now? Obviously, I just threw this on my a R and I didn’t have time to take off the iron sights or they flip up the Magpul, sights right there, but just slapping it right on it fits absolutely beautifully right on the rails. You can hand tighten that right there and then that right there really make sure that that’s on securely I found that even after just a few shots, it loosened up, see I just tightened it a bit more, so really crank those guys down excellent overall, it looks absolutely awesome.

I would say a fantastic entry-level scope just be aware, it will take a little while to dial in but beautiful 5 out of 5 stars and awesome bang for your buck yeah. It’s very nice, fantastic, beautiful and it stays accurate after several shots. My name is Bo Sheva, sue and I look forward to reviewing more fun things here on amazon com.

This video we’re going to give you an overview of this resource which is available to you. It’s spadezilla com. The whole concept here is to save you time. We’ve already done the research and, as always, I always note exactly where we did the research now as of early 2019. This product was on the Amazon bestseller list under the gun scopes category it also comes to market under this – odd brand.

There may be others but – in regards to this one. Here, to the best of my knowledge, it’s exactly the same product just with different branding. Okay, let’s we get into the details and regards two points of praise about eight out of ten reviews with positive. The number one thing that comes up is the value for money. A lot of people also expect expressing surprise at the build quality and proportion to the price.

Further surprise in regards to how clear the optics are again for the price and if you’re wondering what the view through the optics actually looks like check out this clip from a helpful video review. That gives a good demonstration out in a desert setting moving on to the illuminated cross. Here’s again a popular feature, this clip here it has been taken from another video review and it gives a good nighttime demonstration, both the reading green illumination options.

Okay, the very positive clicks on the turrets in the fact that you can do adjustments with no tools required, receives praise. This video clip gives you a good demonstration of that, and the last point of praise that comes up repeatedly is that you can focus this down to ten yards, which is reported as being good compared to other budget optics.

Moving on to things to consider this, our neutral category- and it’s literally as for the name things to consider now. The number one thing here is that when you change the magnification, you will need to become familiar with adjusting the parallax and the focus as reportedly, if you don’t do so, you’re going to end up with a blurry view so think about it in advance, whether you’re actually willing to do so.

You know for a lot of people, it’s not a big deal, but if it is going to be a big deal for you, you’re gonna end up criticizing the scope now in regards to glass, quality or clarity. Overall, the impression I got across all the reviews that it is acceptable for the price point. Assuming you learn to use the parallax adjustment and the focus.

As we’ve already discussed, be aware, there is a lot of critical feedback saying that the view is murky or blurry. It’s uncertain to me as to whether that feedback is coming from people who didn’t use the parallax adjustment and focus in combination with the magnification, but be aware that sort of critical feedback is there and that’s the overall impression that I get now just be aware.

If you’re shooting higher calibers, it’s not gonna hold zero so well, there were reports of group sizes opening up and the next thing to be aware of jumping straight into it, as this optic is definitely not suitable for use on an air rifle. It’s it’s not gonna handle it. There’s a lot of people who experience failures on an air rifle ear rifles if you’re not familiar with them, are notoriously hard on optics.

Okay, the next thing, the adjustable objective for the parallax, is reported as being hard to turn. Most people said it’s not a big deal, but as per the name, this is things to consider. I bring it to your attention. Okay, and the last thing is that the optic overall is longer than many people expected. It is 16 inches long, so yeah just try and see a picture online of it on the type of rifle that you’re planning on mounting it to, because you know, as noted, many people found its length surprising in regards to criticism about two out of ten reviews.

Research were critical. The number one thing that came up repeatedly is just people emphasizing that it’s absolutely not 24 times zoom as per the specs. The second thing that comes up is that it requires a lot of a manual work to get it to focus. Now. We’ve already talked about this up here about changing magnification. So you know this is coming from people who weren’t happy with the scenario a critical reviewers say it’s not suitable for calibers above 22 long-rifle.

We did sort of touch on this under things to consider. This is what comes up with critical reviewers with people who even use just nine mil said that they had problems. The included rings are criticized described as thin and flimsy, and many people just recommend not using them at all, there’s no user, which is frustrating for some, especially when it comes to this consideration and using these the parallax adjustment and focus in combination with the magnification you’re left to figure it out for yourself.

Poor quality control is also criticized which to be fear. It’s pretty typical at this price point, unfortunately down. The bottom is space for comments just like on a YouTube video, so feel free to make use of that up here on the right is product links, so you can quickly compare prices from different sources, so there you have it a quick overview of this resource available to you from spadezilla com I’ll be sure to put a link at the bottom of the video.

So you can come check out these clips etc, and this has been in review of the CVLIFE six to 24 by 50, red and green illuminated gun scope, I hope that saves you time and proves useful.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective sniper rifle scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective sniper rifle scope

  • The 6-24×50 Adjustable Objective Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern.
  • The adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal to the shooter while anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views.
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing.
  • Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in.
  • A single piece tube constructed from aircraft grade aluminum ensures strength and shockproof performance. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the Crossfire II delivers waterproof and fogproof performance.
  • sniper rifle scope

  • Manufacturer: Vortex
  • Type: sniper rifle scope

Vortex optics crossfire 2, 4 to 16 x, 50, 30, millimeters, second focal plane, rifle scope, dead, hold bdc, recycle moa. The four to 16 x50 adjustable objective crossfire to riflescope is one of many configurations in the crossfire 2 line. The deadhold bdc reticle is good for hunting shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern. The adjustable objective provides image, focus and parallax removal to the shooter, while anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views with long eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target.

The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy recycle focusing capped. Reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that can be reset to zero. After siding in a single-piece tube constructed from aircraft-grade, aluminum ensures strength and shock-proof performance, o-ring, sealed and nitrogen perched. The crossfire, 2 delivers waterproof and fog. Proof performance click. The link in the description to get this product today, at the best price.

Vortex optics crossfire ii, adjustable objective, second focal plane, 30 millimeters tube rifle scopes. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one, the crossfire, 2 rifle scope is one of many configurations in the crossfire 2 line, the v bright reticle uses the v-plex format, with battery-powered electronics to illuminate the center dot for hunters shooters during extra-low-light conditions.

Number two with long eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing number three anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user number four capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in number five, a single piece, tube constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, ensures strength and shockproof performance, o ring, sealed and nitrogen purged.

The crossfire 2 delivers waterproof and fog, proof performance, and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

Vortex optics crossfire ii, adjustable objective, second focal plane, one-inch tube rifle scopes. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one: the 4-12 by 50, adjustable objective, crossfire 2, rifle scope is one of many configurations in the crossfire 2 line, the deadhold bdc reticle is good for hunting shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern. Number two. The adjustable objective provides image, focus and parallax removal to the shooter, while anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views.

Number three. With long eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing number four capped. Reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in number five, a single piece, tube constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, ensures strength and shockproof performance, o ring, sealed and nitrogen purged.

The crossfire 2 delivers waterproof and fog, proof performance, and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

Although again, my fellow Americans I I’m, Joel, Johnson and I’m the big country gun guy, so this little video, this segment is going to be on my vortex optics. So vortex optics makes one of the premier rifle scopes that I’ve ever had. This is my crossfire to 6, to 24 by 50 it has the BDC reticle, which means it’s. The bullet drop compensation reticle, it’s got a 30 millimeter tube, so any kind of rings or mounts will fit it as long as it’s a 30 millimeter.

So this has the best in the clearest, glass and I got the 30 millimeter cantilever mount as well. So this makes it nice and easy so that I can have a good eye to shoulder. Distance and I can have it set up between my buttstock in the rifle scope, the cantilever mount is definitely hard to beat, and since it’s just one piece and one system, it’s a lot easier to set up than having two different rings. This has the second or rear focal plane, and that means that the reticle size is in the back, so it stays the same size and clarity and focus no matter what the distance, so you can zoom in you can zoom out and that reticle is going to stay the same size.

Now, that’s a good thing. If you have eye problems now the other thing about it, though, is you’re going to have to adjust your compensation at different distances, so you’ll have to get lots of practice, but as long as you keep it like, I do I, keep it at infinity yards and it’s nice and easy for me. It’s no problem whatsoever. I don’t have to zoom in I, don’t have to zoom out unless I’m shooting at about a hundred yards or so. But this is a great system set up here.

So more text optics a little about them. They are a world-class customer service. They’re out of the great state of Wisconsin and I’ve, talked to them quite a few times. Their customer customer service is phenomenal, and one of the gals I talked to there is a big Packers fan. Go Pat go, they have an industry-leading warranty. Their warranty is lifetime. If you find a vortex optics, rifle scope or a spotting scope or dot. Anything like that.

You have a lifetime warranty on it. It’s got a transferable warranty so that if I sell this riflescope to you, then you have the warranty as well, and it’s unlimited. So if my house burns down and the riflescope gets, you know burnt to a crisp anything like that vortex replaces it they’re a good good company. I love more text optics, they love America I, do have to say that vortex optics love America. They have an amazing discount program from military and law enforcement.

That’s how I got my vortex and I got hooked on them. They give a 40 percent discount to military law enforcement folks and they sure do show their support. And it’s it’s absolutely amazing. You can write my buddy Jimmy Jordan there at vortex, optics he’ll, take good care of you. You just establish your email address. You send them proof. I sent them my DD 214. They got me hooked up in the system and boom anytime. I want anything from vortex, I just emailed Jimmy, and he sets me up.

I get my discount and everything like that. Sends it right out. I get my optics in about a week or so, and it’s good to go. It’s I couldn’t be happier with an optic system. So that’s it! That’s my vortex optics story. Now, let’s go to the gym.

Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics sniper rifle scope

Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics sniper rifle scope

Instructions & Attention:
Focusing: Look through scope within 3~4 inch distance from your eye to rifle scope lens. You may adjust it by loosing lock ring, rotating eye bell and screwing the lock ring.
Mounting: Rotating the scope tube for a vertical or horizontal crosshair. While tighten all screws to fix rifle scope firmly.
Bore sighting: Before you firing the target, you should make sure the vertical and horizontal crosshair should be in one point. Screw the upper and right hand wheel to adjusting the difference.
Adjusting magnification: Rotating the Power ring.
Adjusting distance: Rotating the distance ring.

Product Specifications:
Objective diameter:50mm/1.96inch
Eye Rifle(mm):75.94~81.53
Exit Pupil(mm):8.3~2.1
Tube diameter:25.4mm/1 inch
Field of view (m): 3.98~16.24
Net Weight(lb):22.22

Package List :
1 x Rifle Scope
2 x Ring Mount
1 x Lens Cover
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Manual

  • Magnification: 6-24X, Objective Diameter: 50mm, Tube Diameter: 25.4mm/1 inch.
  • Field of view (m): 3.98~16.24, Click Value: 0~1/4 inch @ 100 yards. Eye Rifle (mm):75.94~81.53, Exit Pupil (mm):8.3~2.1.
  • Illuminated Level: 5 Intensity (Red) and 5 Intensity (Green). Red or green dot crosshair with front focus eyepiece adjustment helps you shooting the target fast and accurately. Battery: CR2032 x 1 (Included).
  • Eavy duty scope ring mounts for 20mm weaver dovetail rail only.
  • Hard anodizing multi-coated lenses ensure a good hand feeling and avoid scratching. Lens cover included.
  • sniper rifle scope

  • Package Dimensions: 17.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches; 1.95 Pounds
  • Batteries: 1 CR123A batteries required.
  • Manufacturer: Beileshi
  • Type: sniper rifle scope

Deals out there in terms of price quality performance. I, have this scope mounted on a 308 savage model, 11 scout rifle. The scope has a nicely finished exterior. It simply reeks of quality. All knobs are smooth and smooth, and the scope feels like a high quality, binocular or telescope. The mounts that come with the scope fit fine on my Picatinny mount.

Your mileage may be different, but I had no problems. This is a big scope in the 50 millimeters objective absorbs light and makes this scope usable in low light condition. I also love the protective flip up caps on this scope. Nice touch dandelion. Speaking of that, the illuminated reticle it is just great for early morning or late evening, hunting zoom is smooth and using the aperture and objective focusing should enable you to custom, set your focal eye relief, which I found to be about three to three to half an inch.


Hello, everyone Frank again here with the belay she’s 6 to 24 by 50 millimeter AoE, G, optics hunting, rifle scope, red green illuminated, mil-dot reticle, crosshair gun scope with free mounts, so it comes in this lovely box. Here inside you get a force, the scope itself, the mounts for it now it does only fit on the 20 millimeter rail. So if you’re looking to put it on something, that’s got like a normal picatinny or weaver rail. You are gonna need some different rings, but so I, actually I I couldn’t I, don’t have bigger scope rings, so I couldn’t put it on my AR or my a K or my shotgun it fit on my 22.

So that’s what I tested it on comes with a microfiber cloth and also comes with a battery I. Really like the setup of this scope. You’ve got these dust covers on both ends spring right up another one. Here there we go, but they may also come off. If you want- and you just slide it right off, don’t want it on there. Take it off. No big deal right. Okay, to show this you a little better doing everything one-handed is fun right. Okay, we have our adjustments here for up-down left-right. Okay, right here is the dial to increase your magnification.

What I really liked move this again? I, never proper setup right here. This spins right now, I have it cited in at 50 yards. Okay, what’s nice is because it’s cited in 50 yards at the crosshairs, it’s dead-on. Now, if I’m looking at something, that’s 75 yards out, I turn it to 75 the crosshairs inside move and then so then I know where I’m going to impact. So that’s very nice flip these up. There we go. Let’s see if we can look down in there. Okay, I know it’s not the greatest doing. A video of a rifle scope is difficult, so there’s your crosshairs there we go.

We got some light on, and so it goes through. Green you’ve got different levels of brightness in red when they’re off it’s black, so I did enjoy this. It’s great in that it’s alright, it’s nice, I like it on the the color, is hard to see in the daylight. When you get low-light conditions, that’s when it’s best so I took this out early in the morning, I had the green on I had the red on. It was very nicest when the Sun was coming out more when he was getting brighter. I couldn’t tell the lights wrong, but I didn’t need it because, of course, the black is there already it held at zero.

Just fine with the 22 I wish. I could have put this thing on a big caliber to see see what it would do there, but all-in-all very nice to go very nice glass. Accurate holds it zero, at least for the 22, and you know, for the price. I mean they’re selling it right now for 50 to 99 prime free shipping. You really, you can’t beat this I really liked. The fact that you can you know that you can turn this to adjust for your your distance I, like the different magnification made looking downrange and seeing exactly where I hit a lot easier.

That guy was using. This thing also is just a spotting scope, because the magnification is so good. So if you enjoyed this review, please check rifle and I will catch you. The next review. Thank you.

If you’re looking for hunting scoop, this personal guide welcome to our channel at any time. You can click this circle in the corner and get more info and real time deals on your favorite products, ready. Let’s start number one by bellusci watch this video choose your favorite number two by our hands number three: by truly get your favorite hunting scope. Now, just click this circle in the corner, number 4 by EULA codes, number five by CD light for more great related products for details and online deals, just click the circles.

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OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X56 Red&Green sniper rifle scope

OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X56 Red&Green sniper rifle scope

OTW 3-9X56 Red and Green Rifle Scope for Hunting,shooting and other outdoor activies.

Each 5 Intensity Red and green mil-dot illumination for different lighting conditions.

Fast focusing eyepiece with high clear image.

Packaged inluded:

1 x 3-9×56 Rifle Scope
1 Pair of flip lens cover
2 x Scope mounts for 20mm Weaver rail
1 x Manual
1 x Rubber Eyepiece/shadow
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Allen Wrench

There is a 6-month Warranty for all OTW products. Pls contact us via customer service email if you have any problem in the processing of using.

  • 3-9X Magnification and 2.2″ (56mm) Objective Diameter.
  • 5 Different intensity level in both Red and Green Illuminated Optics with clear image.
  • 20mm Weaver rail scope ring mounts make it more satable and convenient.
  • Made of Black Anodized Aluminum Material with fog-proof and shock-proof design.
  • 6-Month Warranty for Quality and Service Gurantee.
  • sniper rifle scope

  • Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 3 x 3 inches; 1.7 Pounds
  • Item model number: f-1830
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: OTW
  • Brand: OTW
  • Color: Black
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Magnification Maximum: 9 x
  • Compatible Devices: Rifle
  • Mounting Type: Weaver Mount
  • Type: sniper rifle scope

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앞에 고스톱 투 이런 라인의 g -, 베케이션 즉, 보이즈, 테티스, 경험에, 2루수, 탑, 요약된다, 이, 아마, 8배, 펀드는, 템트리, 우와, 목, 엔더, 2, 말, 은, 부위, 넣으면, 에러가, 맥주부터, 후에, 웬, 총알, 인, 만큼, 이를, 소위, 블루에어, 스코프로, 이, 마음에, 개조, 몰, 4일에, 먹은, 끈, 뒤인, 메이크업과, 개, 놔라, r, 쏘울 문 1, 문, 제, 5호, 부터, 아트전, 샤프, 룩스, r61, 보안팀, 코코아, 거리면, 쏘울, 배수빈, 분, 뒤, 끝도, 웬, 캔들의, 수개표, 퇴겟, 뜨, 스프라이트, 데에, 디펜스, 프라이스, 입니다,.

Am very pleased with it well worth the money I’m, giving this product 4 stars, because it’s definitely worth the money. People who are saying this is as good as high and scopes are crazy. I bought this for 17, HMR and I think it will do the job very nicely. The field of view is not nearly what I would have expected from a 56 millimeters lens. In fact, my field of view is wider, with an icon or Lloyd pulled 40 millimetres lens.

Overall, it’s not a high-end scope. It is a good scope for the money. I would say the features and clarity are on par with the scope in the $60 to $75 range, so great value. However, there is no way I would put this on a high-end large caliber rifle, even if the internals could handle the recoil. The optics are not nearly as crisp as my Nikon buck master -, and there is a huge leap to alloy poled VX -.


Three by nine by 56, but I, give it a review. I’ve got a chance to take it out to the range just yet, but I’ll be taking it out to the ranch after this weekend, taking some shots, we’ve seen how it holds up. You can tell now just kind of hi I’ve been reading some reviews it. It may not actually come into focus or may not be able to slide it in without getting some loose.

Some different mounts that are maybe my world I can tell. Those are kind of high, so I may have to order some other bounce other than that the construction of the actual unit is nice installed it. You can hear that feel pretty well wheel. Naturally, you have your two adjustment screws for your windage and relevation, and then back here is a pretty cool little feature right here.

First, here’s where you change your power or just your power anywhere from three to nine he’s a huge different, the obviously the optics on this inner is actually pretty clear. Look well! Those are four hundred yards on what they were crystal clear. This is gonna, be your light. So you can actually turn it green and I’ll. Try to read I tried to get in there, so you can see what it looks like nice.

Somebody set of crosshairs right there and it’s got actually the other crosshairs on the bottom. That way, if you’re going a little bit further, you can see what your drop is going to be. But you know that’s all gonna be trial in there. As of now everything straight off the package seems like it works. Pretty good I will update this as soon as I. Take it out to the ranch and see if I’m able to side to it or I’m.

Actually, gonna have to order some other mounts from what I’ve been reading, but every gun is different. This is going on a 308, Ruger, knives and I’ll. Do a follow-up.

With red and green illumination options now to save you some time we’re going to run through the key considerations as identified in this buyer’s guide from spades illa now the spires guide includes three video-review cheat sheets, and what this means is we’ve taken the three most helpful, video reviews that we identified and doing our research and we’ve itemized and time-stamped everything. To give you a quick overview, I can say that, by way of praise, this reviewer was impressed with the eye relief.

Now I release is typically an issue on low price optics, so that is good praise indeed, and also in summary, when he’s summing up the scope, he’s it’s a positive summary for the price, so he considers it to represent good value. Despite its shortcomings, by way of criticism, he’s talking about, Kier is needed with how you move the adjustable diopter. He explains that it can cause the RIC tackle to move his other pointer praises in regards to the zero when he was testing and he described the zeros been all over the place, which is obviously not good.

What is undecided, however, is whether it’s due to the scope or the low priced rings, included with the scope. Perhaps with you know, better quality rings that might do better in that regards. In the second video review, he has lots of positives to say about the value proposition and he talks about the glasses actually as clear as a bush now, which typically go for higher price points. He also likes the fact that the windage and elevation adjustment turrets can be reset to zero and have audible clicks, which is not always the case on low price optics.

Now, one of the considerations he notes is that the included scope rings are not the best, and this is one of the reasons I suggested with that above reviewer, that the wandering zero might be the fault of the the Rings rather than the scope, but that is undecided. You’ll have to make your own judgment. Call there now the other thing he provides in this review, which is always very helpful with optics, as he provides a sight view and in this case low and high magnifications on the third video review.

He goes through a lot of details about the features of the scope he shares with you. His range results for zeroing it and covers what the pros are from his perspective, which is in summary, is the number of features you get for the price he does jump through the ones he most appreciates in regards to cons from memory. The primary con that he shared was that the objective is not adjustable and he wished it was down.

The bottom is space for comments, and there we have it. That’s the buyer’s guide and the key considerations that you’d want to think about. If you want to dig a bit deeper to check out the link below for this buyer’s guide. Also also provided will be a link for the product itself, so there we have it the OTW rifle scope, three to nine by fifty six. Do let us know in the comments what you ultimately decide in regards to the scope.

With the red and green optics option on it, so you can see it’s like your normal scope. Nice thing is you got your flip pump front and rear covers for your lenses. Of course, here you’re gonna be able to change your green to red, determining about how much brightness you want on it and then, of course, your focal zoom one nice thing that I liked about this scopes supposed to a lot of the other scopes that are in this price point.

It actually has the raised knobs for adjusting your elevation in your windage, so you don’t have to try to dig around in your pocket to try to find that penny ended up, putting it out on Marlon 22 than I had that I didn’t really like the iron sights on. Let’s see if we can get a see if I can zoom in here there you go, you can see the reticle I am not really sure exactly how the mil-dots or, if that works, with mil dots on there but yeah for the price point.

It’s a great scope, easy to install easy to sight in seems to be done out of pretty pretty heavy-duty construction aluminum. Of course, glass is good on it. Yeah. Definitely a good buy well recommended.

Omo 3-9 x-40, rifle scope, red green for hunting with flip open, covers b3 to 9×40 rifle scope, ammo rifle scope with green and red illuminations five-level brightness, available magnifications from 3x up to 9x, equipped with the superior eyepiece rifle scopes. Long range provide you ultimate clarity by performance and reliability. The field of view of ammo site riflescope is 13 41 to 40 38 at 100 yards. The windage and elevation click value, 1 4th mo 1 4 100 yards and with 2 7 minus 3, 3 eye relief, green and red mill.

Reticle provides outstanding accuracy for mid to long range targets, waterproof and fog. Proof ammo rifle scopes, with free mount nice for hunting with aviation-grade aluminum scope, body more impact-resistant and light the o-ring sealing and nitrogen-filled recycle ensures outstanding, waterproof and fog. Proof performance, bfully, multi-coated, lens ammo, rifle scope, 4x 40, millimeters, object lens with hd performance, multi-coated lenses, increased light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air to glass surfaces.

Fully multi-coated glass provides good light transmission and others fagistable dio pter and with weaver ammo 3×9 x40 rifle scopes with locking diopter, provides fast, simple, aiming points for various shot distances. The premium 2-1 complementary scope rings to be easily mounted onto any 20 millimeters picatinny or weaver mount rails click the link in the description to get this product today, at the best price.

FSI 6-24x50mm W Front AO Adjustment sniper rifle scope

FSI 6-24x50mm W Front AO Adjustment sniper rifle scope

Product DescriptionObjective: 50mm Magnification: 6x-24x Tube Diameter: 1 Parallax Setting: 15 to Infinity Reticle Type: Mil-Dot Field of View (ft @ 100 yds): 15.0-4.0 Eye Relief (in): 3.3 Exit Pupil (mm): 8.0-2.0 Weight (oz): 26.2 Length (in): 16 Battery: CR2032 3V W/E Click Value @ 100 yds 1/4OverviewSuperior multi-coated optics sets the sniper line of scopes apart from the competition without costing you an arm and a leg. Comparable if not the same as the manufacturing process to that of the Japanese and German optics. A hint of yellowish tint can be found on most Chinese optics offered by companies such as NcStar, Aimsports, Leapers, and Barska. Sniper line of scope is crystal clear and full of useful features such as quick windage/elevation locking adjustment plate.Sniper offers not a limited lifetime warranty (as stated, you are limited to conditions in fine prints) but a 100% satisfaction guaranty on the workmanship and against any manufacturer’s defect.Rule the game with your new sniper scope.

  • Multi-coated optics
  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Body
  • Ball and Bearing Windage/Elevation adjustment for precision and superior shock resistant
  • Test fired on .50 Cal 150rd
  • Front AO Adjustment with Mil-dot reticle with Red,Blue and green illumination
  • sniper rifle scope

  • Package Dimensions: 20 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches; 2.5 Pounds
  • Item model number: ELADL-MR-PN-6736664
  • Batteries: 2032 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Manufacturer: FSI
  • Brand: FSI
  • Item Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • Magnification Maximum: 24
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 Millimeters
  • Magnification Minimum: 6
  • Type: sniper rifle scope

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital sniper rifle scope

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital sniper rifle scope

  • Day/Night mode – full color viewing for day use; black and white or classic green for night vision mode
  • High-definition sensor – high resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p HD
  • 8x digital zoom – a 2x optical system for up to 16x magnification
  • HD photo or video recording (memory card not included).
  • Customizable tactical and hunting reticle options – features 10 reticle options and 9 different color options for easier aiming and better accuracy
  • sniper rifle scope

Digital rifle scope, day night mode, full color, viewing for deus black and white, or classic green for night vision, mode. High definition sensor high resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p hd, 8x, digital zoom, a 2x optical system for up to 16x, magnification, hd photo or video recording memory card, not included zero dot, dot click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Optic solution, the sightmark wraith 432 by 50 digital riflescope, is both a daytime color optic and digital night vision. Riflescope the wraith features a 1920×1080 hd color imaging on a 1280×720 high resolution. Flcos display featuring daylight use and transitions to traditional grayscale digital night vision, imaging to unlock the mysteries of the dark. The wraith is recoil rated up to 308 and boasts a rugged aluminum body with ip55 water resistant protection, a picatinny rail accessory mount 50, millimeter, objective lens digital controls, power unit micro, usb port, powerful 850, nanometer infrared led illuminator, with a nighttime detection range of up to 200 yards away and a micro sd card slot.

Why? The micro sd card the wraith includes onboard video and still photo capability and stores the content on a micro sd card, a 64 gigabyte card is capable of holding thousands of images for approximately seven hours of video and videos and photos are produced in popular avi and jpg formats. The wraith accepts up to a 256 gigabyte micro sd card routing out the feature-rich sightmark wraith. Rifle scope is 4 to 32 variable, magnification and 1 to 8 power, digital zoom, the wraith.

Also includes five firearm profile saves one quarter: moa windage and elevation adjustments, simple user menu interface and 10 reticle options in nine colors for a truly customized shooting and hunting experience, while the sightmark wraith is powered by four double a batteries for up to 3 5 hours in video mode and 4 5 hours in preview mode to extend battery life in the optic itself, the led ir illuminator is powered separately by two cr123a batteries.

The wraith includes an objective lens cover fixed picatinny, mounts and user manual to learn more about the wraith 4 32 by 50, digital rifle scope and other innovative sitemark products visit www.

Our right guys went back today with another set of high value and budget digital night vision for a rifle. This particular rifle scope is actually the sight mark, Wraith HD 4 to 32 by 50, digital rifle scope and I want to give a huge shout out to OpticsPlanet for really supporting this suppressed night vision. 300 blackout build this is a tribe defense, 300 blackout. That I already did a full review on this shoots, supersonic and subsonic ammunition, suppressed and unsuppressed a hundred percent reliably, making it a perfect host for a suppressed night vision, gun and sitting on top of the site.

Mark Wraith now I’ve tried some of the other sight mark digital photon night visions in the past and I’ve always been reasonably impressed at the price point right around four to five to six hundred dollars. Depending on the configuration you select, they actually record what you’re shooting at they have a wide variety of reticle options, but overall they’re rather large and the image quality is not the best compared to some other digital night vision. But again, these are half the price of some other optics out there, as well as different types of generations, whether you do in a Gen, 1 or Gen to traditional tube night vision, maybe like a FLIR thermal night vision, and then you have this digital night vision.

Category the digital night vision category seems to be the most affordable for what you actually get and how you can use it. The downfall with digital night vision is generally, it spared most of the time it’s paired with an illuminator and IR illuminator like this and with an IR illuminator. It actually projects a slight reddish hue. So if you are engaging a target that can actually engage you back, you’re kind of put in a small spotlight on you, but for hunting purposes and for range shooting at night having a digital night vision, scope with an IR illuminator is no problem whatsoever.

In fact, when I’m doing a lot of my digital night vision reviews either my handheld spotting ones or a rifle scope, when you’re looking animals with the IR light, it doesn’t seem to affect them at all for the ones that I’ve been look anyway. I know a lot of hunters, probably a better information. Please leave that info in the comments below. So what would you use something like this for and what I’m going to say is target shooting and hunting? This is a perfect optic for both of those options now obviously, night vision, hunting is restricted in almost every state to certain types of animals and I’m sure, there’s more freedom-loving states out there, but I’ll you hunt with night vision for a wide variety of animals, but for North Carolina.

It’s mainly left up to varmint things like coyotes, feral, hogs stuff like that. So this is a perfect option to pair with a suppressed 300 blackout for that night vision, varmint hunting, especially with hogs and coyotes things like that. This is a great option. Now, why am I talking about the sightmark Wraith when I’ve already talked about some of the photon optics and I believe this is a far superior optic for around the same price and I? Think sightmark continues to innovate. An optics planet has this on sale right now for $4 99, and they also have a coupon code, 704 tactical for 5% off your order, bringing this roughly to about four hundred and seventy-five dollars.

I always suggest you go on either their mobile site or their full web site, because a lot of times the prices can fluctuate, but right now on both I’m, seeing it at $4 99, then I believe this has a free shipping option and again remember that code to save you a little bit of money. Let’s talk about the specs and features of this optic. I have actually recorded me, shooting with this optic at night. So we’ll take a look at that footage, as well as its overall performance down at the range to quickly talk about the specs and features I am going to reference the box, so you can pause this and look at it later on.

It also has a very nice reference manual that you can go in and set this up. It’s got 1080p digital night vision, imaging it’s got a date/time color mode, so you can actually cite this in during the day, allowing you to not worry about finding a range at night that you can shoot at. You can actually take this in the range during the day, put it on the daytime, color mode and everything stays the same and everything tracks accordingly, too simple. To cite it in. It was super simple, you simply shoot, and then you can actually hold that aiming spot there and in the seitan mode, which is explained really well in the site in manual.

You can simply use the arrows on the top of the night vision optics to lift the red point over and over to your target click enter and then it’s instantly sighted in it’s like a one-shot site in which is really cool. It does have the night vision mode and it does have the built-in HD recording. Now it’s the four times optical zoom leaning, it meaning it uses the lenses, but as 8 times, digital zoom. So when you’re citing it in it’s nice, you can zoom in and see your target really well. It has 10 reticle options, as you can see right here, anywhere from crosshairs to CQB, two dots and Chevron’s.

It’s got a micro USB input for external power, and this is very nice for longer hunts. If you’re on the back of a tailgate or setting up in a blind and you’re waiting for a while. Looking through that night vision optics, you are gonna drain your batteries, so having an external USB power supply, you can buy from Amazon to help you keep. That going is a is a truly awesome feature for what this is designed for. It also has a weaver rail for accessories, and it also comes with that IR illuminator.

You can mount that IR illuminator on the top I found. It was easier for me to mount it here. So I can actuate it with my hand and adjust everything, and then it has five weapons profiles, and then it will take four double A batteries which are located on the side which are not included, and it also takes a micro USB card that you’ll have to put in yourself, I’ve actually taken my now to download the images some other quick features I want to talk about is it does have a bikini lens cover on the front to kind of protect it again.

This pick rail and all the controls are simply located on the top. You can power up record, navigate the menu everything with these controls and the instruction manual is actually very simple. It would take me too long and extend the video to explain every detail, but I can tell you this. Somebody used technology illiterate, like me, can easily figure this out with just simple installations. I mean a detailed step-by-step for citing everything in how to go through the reticles. It was insanely simple.

The video recording was simple. With a simple push of a button, it starts to record, hit the button again and it stops I. Just just awesome, you can actually date stamp to record your hunts to make sure you remember when they were. This is such a cool option with a ton of nice features in the last feature. I want to talk about it’s pretty much, just the focus ring in the front. You can easily adjust that image as you’ve seen the intro. Sometimes it’ll go out of focus it in focus. That’s me playing with the focus ring and the last part I want to talk about.

Is you do press your eye right up against this rubber piece to block out all external light from escaping and to really look at the LCD screen? And this is since it’s a digital night vision actually, as an LCD screen inside you are looking at so it actually gathers the image, displays it on a screen, and you are looking at that screen. Something about this I like better than the photon series is. The eyepiece is very usable, in fact, it’s very comfortable to get behind this optic and acquire your target, no problems whatsoever.

It was really easy to sight in and held zero for the life of this optic and taking it out at nighttime and shooting the image quality was almost infinitely better than some of the photon series, the older generations that I’ve shot in the past. You could clearly make out your target even with a digital zoom at night, as shown in some of the intro, where I am shooting different targets at night and the deer running through the field. I didn’t have a chance to focus it in before they ran off, but when I did focus it in on other things, you can really pick up.

Animals and I shine very well with this optic, and you can really get a crisp image again, a lot better than some other digital night vision rifle scopes in the same category. This by far is the most clearest image I’ve ever seen out of a digital rifle scope at this price point- and it’s also the simplest to use at this price point. So I am a huge fan. Let’s cut over these images, real quick, so I can explain what I’m doing and then we’ll kind of wrap up that review. So what you’re looking at now is a target roughly at about 70 to 75 yards.

It’s a rubberized full-size silhouette with a spray painted black hands and black gun on a white backdrop, and you can see these are against some quartz rocks now you could actually see the plume of the rounds impacting behind the rubber target, and that shows you how good of an image quality you can get out of this night vision. You can actually make out the fingers on the hands, the full silhouette of the target, and you can see that as you digitally zoom in you may have to refocus a little bit but look how crisp the image gets now.

For me, this was insanely impressive, that you can see the bullet holes the hands the details of the rock at seventy-five yards at pitch-black darkness, using that IR illuminator. You can also see the subtleties and details of the rock formations behind the targets and overall guys, this was just an incredibly good image quality out of this reasonably priced digital night vision. When I was doing this in the past. With some of the photon series it worked well, it was definitely manageable, but nowhere near this good I feel like sightmark, has really stepped it up with this new generation.

What you’re looking at now is about a hundred and twenty yards to the woods line, and you can see the difference between some man-made edge barriers in black, as well as the tree line. You can make out even the subtle details of the leaves, and you can see it’s got a wide variety of modes, including green, digital night vision. This is actually taking shots of 25 yards at a coke, can I thought I was missing, but I went to check the cocaine and actually punched right through, and that is just a mountain Dew bottle of 25 yards.

You can see those subtle details at four times magnification here I’m using the digital zoom to actually bring it in. You can see it gets pixelated, but you can make out almost the barcode on the can itself at 25 yards so again, an insanely good image quality. This is now at 150 yards to the tree line in the green night vision mode and I spotted some deer. I didn’t have time to focus in, but you can, even though it’s not focused, you can actually make out the deer perfectly and kind of track them really well without the image quality kind of pixel eating out.

So if you were chasing coyotes or hogs with this, you could really track them. Well, across a field. You guys can see that I I’ve just been so impressed at the image qualities you can get out of this night-vision scope. So here’s the can how a shooting that was punching through and I thought I was missing over all guys. I am incredibly impressed that the quality of this entire build setup I think the Trodd defends suppressed three on a blackout. Upper is the perfect pair for this site. Mark Wraith and I did shoot this a lot in daytime with supersonic ammunition just to see about recoil management and control of shooting something with higher pressure ammo, and it was still really easy to stay on target and again that daytime setting.

It allows you to everything in really try out this optic and its features in the daytime when you can see what you’re doing so when it comes to nighttime shooting you don’t have to worry about transitioning over, because everything will be working and sighted in I can absolutely recommend this optic understanding its limitations. Again, since it’s digital night vision, it relies on an IR illuminator, which can be noticed by the human eye. So take that into consideration depending on what you want this optic.

For now. That being said, the IR illuminator is nowhere near completely obvious if you’re not standing directly in front of it from the side or to the left or to the right, you don’t really notice it. It does work really well with a myriad of other features that allows you to zoom in sight in record focus everything you need packed into this really nice. Digital rifle scope and again a very reasonable price for night vision, and that’s the other downfall I mean this still is a five hundred dollar rifle scope on sale, but it that’s that’s a pretty darn good price for a solid night-vision optics that actually works and is very usable with a very clear image.

Again, if you like this, all the information will be in the description below for the upper as well as the optic and that coupon code 704 tactical. To save you, some money at OpticsPlanet, thanks for watching guys, have a good one.

They can pancakes makin bacon pancakes, get some bacon, then put it in a pancake bacon. Pancakes, hey y’all, welcome back again this week this is Hans. We are finally getting to the full review of the site. Mark gray, HD and I know that we’ve been talking about it. A lot we’ve reviewed it a lot on the late night vision show finally had a chance to sit down put together a video for it, because I’ve had this out in the field for the last three weeks. There’s a lot to say about it, one of the most anticipated scopes, night-vision scopes to come out in a very, very long time.

I know over at outdoor legacy gear they pre sold. Many of these and they’ve already sent those out and now they’re starting another pre-sale list right now. So, if you’re interested in this, you need to go check it out at outdoor legacy gear comm, but we’re gonna get into the full review of the site. Mark Wraith, HD first thing: we’re going to do is: go over the specs. We’re gonna walk around the scope and show you some of the different features. You’ll. Definitely get to see some video with it hogs and deer at different ranges and we’ll make sure that we put those ranges in there for you.

So you can get a good idea, but at the end of the video we’ll go over the likes and dislikes right now we’re going to go over the specs in detail and we’ll do some walk-around of the scope all right. So this is the site mark Wraith HD, so just to go over the specs right now this is a. It starts out on a four power. Magnification goes up to 32 power. It’s got a 50 millimeter objective lens on it. It’s a 1080p digital. It’s got 1080p digital imaging, and it’s got a built in video recorder now with the video recorder, you’re gonna have to put in and a micro SD card and to the side right there, and it also has a plugin for power as well, but it does have the internal video recording.

It does record to the micro SD card when you put that in there it does record in 1080p, so the videos that you’re gonna get and see you’re going to be in very high quality, which is a great feature as well and really just to make sure that you understand some of the ins and outs of this scope. First of all, you have how to focus it. Basically, you have a eyepiece diopter focus right here on the front. You get a little dial right here and then you have a objective lens focus right here on this dial, so you can focus the eyepiece and you can focus the objective lens.

So, like I said, it does start out on a four power based magnification, pretty magnification, but really when you’re taking a look through it, and you can see in some of the videos that you’ll see right now from you know, hogs and deer, over 150 yards, you can see them very well and you can zoom in even further than that. It does have an eighth power or eight times digital zoom. It’s got ten different reticle options to choose from nine different color reticles to choose from you can set this up to be able to shoot, have five different rifle profiles.

So, if you want to cite it in on one rifle, save the settings put it on another rifle. You can do so as well. The power source on this it runs on four double A batteries. I would suggest putting some lithium batteries in there I think if you just put some little cheap, double A batteries. You’ll get about. You know a couple hours of continuous run time with lithium batteries. You’ll probably get double that I’ve been running. Lithium batteries and I’ve had good results. With that, it’s been pretty warm outside I know.

In colder weather, it’s going to run down those batteries a little bit more, so it runs the scope itself. Rone runs on four double A batteries. The IR light that mounts to the top right here on the back. It runs on two of the cr123a batteries and those go right there in the back. So this IR light comes with it. It has a mounting option right here on the top of the Picatinny rail. You can actually switch sides to see which side you want to mount it on mount it on the right hand, side, because I like to focus with my left a month.

On my non-shooting hand, so I had to kind of switch it around mounted it on the right. With that Picatinny rail. There was some concern, and some questions as far as before these scopes come out came out. Is the our IR light going to be getting good enough, throw out enough light to be able to see a long ways away and I’ll say that, with this scope, I was able to clearly see and identify hogs in deer at 200 yards with no problem at all and even much further than that. I was able to ID deer, and so this light was a concern before these came out.

But now that they’re out not a concern at all. The light is good enough. If you want to put another IR light on there, something a little bit better, you can, but really with I found it to be good enough great enough and more than capable, the capable of seeing and shooting hogs. You know out to 150 no problem at all and even further a few on a nice night. So that’s a little bit about the specs of the scope. Now the price of its 499 really again, a lot of the you know excitement about this scope.

Not only is it a full-color HD during the day scope, but also the the price point at $4 99. Those were a couple of the major factors that got people excited, so it is during the day there’s a full-color HD. You look through it. It’s just like you’re, almost looking through a regular scope. As far as the color and everything else, which is a change from the sight mark, photons Sat, mark photon interior. Today we had more of a grayscale to it. This is full color HD and it does record in in the 1080p.

So if you record during the day record at night, you’re going to get great videos got a lot of buddies that D that deer hunt and they want to hunt with this during the day and record their deer hunts during the day, and this is a good unit for them to be able to do so. So that’s a quick look at the the specs and a little bit about the walk-around of the scope you got to see it now. One thing I want to mention is the mount that’s mounted on this scope right now. This is a sight mark QD mount.

This does not come with the scope. It comes with a regular just bracket mount that that screws on there. If you purchase the site mark Wraith- or let’s say you- have the sight mark Wraith right now and you’re just watching this video just just to check it out. You’re gonna want to get this QD mount. You can get it from outdoor Legacy gear comm, there’s not a lot of places that have it really outdoor legacy gear. Comm is one of the few places that you can find it not very expensive, less than $100 for this mount, but this will allow you to take this scope off and mount it on multiple rifles, and that way you know you can switch it in and out of rifles and not have to re sight in the scope every time you do it, but you’re gonna want to get this QD mount you you know, like I said you can contact Jason over that outdoor legacy and get that set up for you, but it does not come with it.

This is an additional purchase. Everything else that you see on the scope it comes with. You know the our our mouth, the brackets. You know it’s got the rubber flip over cover on it. That covers the lens when you’re not using it. But let’s get to some video right now and on the other side of that, we’ll go over the likes and dislikes all right. So, as you can see the sightmark race, you got to see some video, so it does have a traditional night mode that you can look at.

You know. That’s similar to every other are scoped out there on the market as a has a unique green mode, which is not on the the saw mark photons. So it’s kind of new I didn’t particularly it’s not a mode that I would use the gree green mode, but it didn’t look bad, didn’t, look terrible, but it’s not something that I would use. I’d use the more traditional I are looking screen and then it does have the daytime mode. So three different modes on it. Really. What I like about the scope? It’s got a first thing: it’s a $499 night scope.

I mean you really that’s. That in itself is a great deal but, like I said when these before these scopes came out, since this is a new model, there was some concern about performance, and you know all the way down the line was it going to perform? Wheels are gonna, be glitches that are gonna, be any problems with it at all. I’ve had this out for three weeks now: I have not had any issues at all: I’m shooting it on a Diamondback 308 a are 10. The rifle kicks hard I mean in and I’ve shot many rounds through that rifle with this scope mounted on top didn’t, have an issue with it: losing zero shot hogs with this scope and never had a problem with it, not holding 0.

Also, the light I thought is a very good positive. The light is more than sufficient for what you need to to get out there and hunt right away, seeing and taking shots at 200 yards I. Don’t think it’s gonna be a problem like I said. If you want to upgrade to another IR, you can, but you really, you really don’t need to I mean it really does it does a good job. I think the battery situation is ok, you know, for doublea’s is not uncommon and the IR light runs on a cr123a. That’s not a problem at all the menu setup and the menu functions, one of the easiest scopes that I’ve found to get set up and ready to go.

You get your menu dial right here. It’s just a series of buttons. You can go in and and change a lot of different options and different settings, but really easy to manage very easy to side in I had this rifle sighted and about three shots and to me, if I can sign in and rifle in three shots, that’s that’s doing pretty good. It’s not gonna, be that way for everybody. Sometimes you get on there and the scopes kind of sitting not perfect on the rail and you might have to adjust some things, but for me put that QD mount right on that rail I was able to get his sighted in, like I, said in a very quick amount of time.

The the focus ring is a little tight, but when I say tight and mean it’s a little bit hard to turn, but it held focus for me and if I took a shot, if I was you know if the animals were moving in different directions, it really didn’t lose focus at all. I didn’t have any problems with that the eyepiece diopter focus was good as well. It’s got the rubber cap on it which I like because it keeps me from scoping my forehead and and I think that’s a that’s. A good thing and I always use those on all the scopes that I have, but really it comes down to the the price and the fact that this is a full-color HD during the day and at night infrared good quality scope.

It does have the internal video recording. It does record in 1080p, high quality, high definition, video and it’s $499 I mean for five hundred bucks. You can get out right now and go and hunt Kouts and hunt hogs and do so in a very effective way. I’ve showed this scope to a lot of my friends around here and they they all want this scope. After seeing it because they’re very impressed with the way it performs, you know with any IR type of scope. You know if you’re hunting in brush you’re gonna have difficulty or, if you’re, hunting a tall grass you’re gonna have difficulty but you’re gonna have that same problem with any night-vision scope, because it throws that infrared beam and it’s bouncing off all the objects and it’ll come back in and hit the scope and it kinds of blinds you for a little bit.

But you know that’s just what you get with a night-vision scope, but I will say the only negative that I can say about this scope at all and trust me I’ve really thought about I put it through the ringer in the last three weeks. The only thing I can say negative is it’s kind of heavy I mean it’s a heavy, it’s a heavy scope. You know when you in rifle. You can definitely feel it it’s you know it’s all there. It is solid so other than the fact that it’s it’s a little bit heavy I couldn’t find anything wrong with the scope and the performance and the use in the ease of use and the functionality really couldn’t find nothing wrong with it at all.

So, if you’re interested in scope- and you want to get your hands on it, there are the hair gone quick, they’re going quick and they are gone. Quick. The first round of scopes that were sent out to signmark to the dealers you know, have have already been sent out and and sold for all the people on the pre-order list, they’re starting another pre-order list. If you’re watching this video right now, you know this was filmed in April of 2019. Some people may see this several months down.

The road and availability may be just fine and you can get them anywhere, but right now, this video is coming out pretty much right when this scope comes out, so they’re thinking there might be another round of scopes coming in sometime early summer early to mid summer. So if you are interested in this scope, you need to get on the pre-order list before they shut down the pre-order list again and get ready for another round of scopes to be coming in and shipped out. If you have any questions about it at all, you can comment to this video.

As always, and you can contact Jason and outdoor legacy gear, that’s eight seven, seven, three, five zero one, eight one, eight! You can also always get on to the Outdoor legacy gear comm website and go check us out on Jason and AHS podcast. The late night visions show you can find it on itunes. Google play you know anywhere that you can go, listen to podcasts. You can find it there. You know audio only or go check us out on youtube. The late night visions show you can subscribe to our channel.

You can see Jason I and some of our silly faces that we make when we’re recording video, but that that podcast is growing like crazy. The YouTube channel is growing like crazy. We talked about scopes and huntin every week, this kind of stuff we do, reviews we’ve already done. The review of the site mark Wraith on that show last week, so go check that out. Please go subscribe as always. Thank you for joining me. You know we’re always on this channel. Looking at the new scopes that come out and we are reviewing them putting through the test, we’re shooting, hogs and cows with them- and you know, if you see it on this channel- it’s it means it’s a good scope.

I, don’t read! Review scope, set I, feel our cart aren’t adequate enough for the people that watch this channel to go out and buy. So if you see the scope on this channel, just know that it’s a it’s a unit worth taking a look at so this is the site mark Wraith, HD $499, to go, checking it out door legacy cure com. Thank you for joining me this week, y’all stay safe in the fields, keep making those bacon pancakes. Thank you for watching and thank you for subscribing now. If you haven’t subscribed yet you can do so by just clicking on the hands.

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All right, outlaw nation done it along got thirsty, poster yo check it to post two hundred yards. The other cheap post is 250. You need to mark three hundred anyway. That’s neither here over. There shoot it y’all from 200 yards suppressed, subsonic and supersonic, and let y’all get an idea of what it would sound like if somebody was shooting at you, I’ll be using 300 blackout. Now a bolt gun would be a lot quieter, but that’s what I got but suppressed 300 blackout, I, don’t know how many subs I don’t know how many supers I’m gonna hit, still went dirt.

I’m gonna hit both of them. Let you this is kind of a dual video I’m gonna shoot these a Korean or black out 2:08, subsonic, I kind of want to see. If we can uh choose projectory down there, the duel is triple size to go mega. I’ve got a site mark right. The new right I. Have it any way I want to a video someone hit. It doesn’t record audio, but I’ll clip instant video and that’s at 200 yards over the race. You can really focus it in and I’ll.

It’s I think I think you can shoot there any yards with it. I rather do, but anyway, I’m gonna shoot some subs and see if we can see some I’m having to over hold probably three feet to hit. The steel I only hit the steel one time last I think I had four in there. I don’t remember, but anyway and I’ll see. If we can lob some in there, mmm did calming 200 yards dead calmly subsonic. That was bad last. You got to calm me on well, alright, there’s you drop right there from 100 to 200 yards with a 300 blackout.

Super hi, guys, sir got a little starlight. That’s about it. I really can’t see a lot. Doctors from before dawn get some night shots in at the still targets. Two hundred yards.

Hey, what’s going on guys Jake with PV quest outdoors, so in this video you’re that way, it helps with the turkey and the deer population on the ground that I have a couple buddies of mine. Have scopes, they’re, actually capable of recording the kill, shot, we’ll see what happens. I’ll have some product reviews at the end. That way, if you guys like the way that these optics perform, you can go out and buy the product and have the confidence that they’re going to work to your expectation so stay tuned.

You guys aren’t gonna want to miss this. No members, oh this one here I mean I, feel good. Shooting 200 yards yeah. I’m final. That mean you won’t pull the trigger. If you feel so fine shooting 200 yards, you shoulda shot that first guy out there was no excuse Josh. We get that job. He was annoyed and there’s two and I thought that the other one might come out when you cease, but well he was an indicator they’re not coming once they get up in the woods.

That’s tough we’re gonna! Try out what is this. This is our fifth set. It’s it. This set, we’ve called on three pairs. That’s captured before you guys get upset. No, this is not fake gun, I’m, not pointing it. It’s just a monocular not attached to anything, alright guys. So the footage you guys saw on this video was shot with these two optics and the guys are going to go over what gun they used and the pros and cons of the sight and the IR lights that they have so we’ll start with crackers.

You want to tell them about yours. They are 224 Valkyrie for the sightmark Wraith predator tactics, XXL Reaper, and what are the pros and cons of that setup? Biggest con is its base power. So scanning is harder. Alright, what ammo were you using in that? Alright Josh put one Yi’s in here. If there’s a Remington 700 22-250 same thing, site mark gres mine has a coyote Reaper from predator tactics.

It’s the older original one run it on the Bob pod. What are these? The yep blah blah Death Grips I’m, just using the cheapest Remington ammunition, you can buy at Walmart, 55 grain pros and cons. I run mine off a power pack. Instead of batteries, I got a $30 power pack from Walmart. It runs it all night long haven’t had any issues. Bad thing about. That is every time then plug it. You lose date time all that stuff.

So sometimes you see our date is wrong on it. It’s because that’s the reason like he said on the base power of these. It gives you a very small scan view. So you’re not seeing you really need two or three guys scanning. If you’re wanting to scan a 360-degree area, I just noticed you had two lights on there. This is the I’m sorry, this isn’t really the right setup, but it comes with a that. The sightmark Wraith comes with.

This is a stock light that it comes with. It has a little knuckle in there for to move the coyote Reaper light wooden mount to this I had no way to mount it, so I just had to mount it to the original light. It’s kind of handy, though, because I can still adjust it also if your battery goes dead in one you have the other. It doesn’t weigh that much extra, but that’s the reason. It’s that way, all right.

Well, we ended up killing one. We called in quite a few educated six called in seven and educated, says: alright, guys we’re gonna wrap this video up. I hope you enjoyed watching it. I had a lot of fun hunting with the sightmark Rafe, both cracker and Josh. Didn’t like that. The scope had a four base. Magnification made it a lot harder to scan I agree, also, a pro that they failed to mention was the price I think they paid around four hundred dollars for it.

So it’s pretty reasonable. Considering what you get comment they failed to mention was no audio so subscribe to this channel. If you have it I know, dear she’s got a touch too dear. Every time touch it. Oh, you want that. Okay touch, it hmmm, that’s the spot where daddy’s new deer goes alright, guys, I appreciate you watching hit the screen. Can you hit the screen say we will see you next time.

Alright guys good, oh boy, 13 here, check it out sitting out here on the range in is kind of pretty cool, because I’ve decided to start doing, reviews out here, and this is actually a table that is on the range that I do all the the still shooting short stuff well anyway. So when I got the purse for from the guys over there and Xena co-ed Ivan tactical I asked sightmark if they would send me out something that I could use, that would pick up.

Infrared laser and so I did a little research announcement. They would send me the wraith HD series 4 by 32 by 50 digital rifle scope, and they did now I, don’t know if this was the best thing to use in trying to illustrate what that purse for could do, but I did find out and shooting at nighttime. This thing is pretty to him cool. Is he more for a tactical environment and maybe not, but if you’re hunting hogs? This could be something that you really like now I tell you what this is I.

Think probably for me, one of the hardest things to do here. If you want, because I’m not big into the night stuff I mean we have PBS sevens pvs-14 PBS fast, that’s how far back I go, but those are not infrared. Scopes like this is now you might feel some wind kicking up because well, it’s windy out here, alright! So without further ado, what I want to do is just show you this thing really quickly.

Really neat stuff: you got 1080p HD digital imaging daytime, color mode, night, vision, mode, built-in, HD, video recorder, mini SD card goes in it each time, 8 time digital zoom. There are 10 reticle options with 9 different color modes. Now is this something to show you guys hold on here comes the wind there. It is it’s just something that I can illustrate to you guys well, I’m gonna go ahead and put a photo up here of showing you all those things.

When we talk about them individually, it’s got a separate power input and additional weaver rail for accessories and a five position profile, Saves. Okay, so you can set it up for five different rifles, five different rounds and a really neat little deal here so anyway. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and open the box and you get you have a set of instructions right here. This is pretty neat, it is a user manual and it goes through all the stuff.

I would suggest that you really want to go ahead and get on wanna. Take a look at the head comes with an IR flashlight objective lens cover, fixed Picatinny, mount and a user manual. This be in the user manual huh, okay, let’s go ahead and put this away and let’s pull this guy out real quickly. Alright, so when you open up the box, you’ve got some styrofoam stuff in here. This is the infrared light.

Now this guy right here takes the cr123a batteries, we’ll go ahead and open those up real, quick. Let’s show you because I do have batteries here, but unfortunately, I have to go out, get some double-a batteries, because I left those all at the house. Well anyway, there are several levels of brightness for this guy right here and it is an LED version and I don’t know if you can see that or if the light will actually pick that up.

But it’s you can actually see it with the naked eye. It is red, it is also a zoomable, so you can zoom it in and out and we’ll go ahead and show you those features here when we take this thing out on the long range we are gonna go shoot some steel tonight with this thing, so it should be interesting. I think you can see that not sure all right well, anyway, that’s yet and then one of the cool things and what we’ll talk about this here in a second I’m gonna go ahead, get my Allen wrenches out.

This is built only church matter of fact, let’s go ahead and do that I’m gonna brighten up the screen a little bit also, so you can see it better all right. So one of the cool things is when you loosen this up- and you can attach this flashlight to the pick rail on your rail of a rifle or anything else, but one of the cool things or you can actually attach it to the top of this pick rail right here.

It adds a lot to it, but let’s go ahead and loosen these things up, because I do want to show you there’s a ball turret to where you can actually move this light in a motion. So if you’ve got it sitting over here, you can angle it in you can angle it out. You can angle it up or down or, however you want, but I thought. That was a really neat. Add little thumb turn here for your pick, rail attachment, I’m gonna go ahead and turn that thing off before the batteries on it.

There we go all right, so the meat and potatoes that this guy is this right here, let’s go ahead and bring the screen in so we can talk about the details of it here we go all right, so here we are man. We got the Wraith in hand and I will tell you this this. It’s a hefty little thing. It weighs by itself. Thirty-Six point three ounces. Is that something that’s a big concern to me? No, it’s not! It’s gonna be a lot of fun to shoot with at night and I’m really looking forward to it.

The body is made out of aluminum, you do have a little uh, I, guess I piece right here that is removable now I mean myself and I will probably go ahead and just leave that remove I like it. The way it is right here, because what you’re looking at and we’ll talk about this later on, because I can actually put a mini SD card in here and hit the record button, and you guys can see exactly what the hell I’m looking at you’ve got a pic rail assembly right here that does they do have a QD attachment thing that you can put on here, but just being keep in mind these twists, knurled knobs are not tethered.

They do have a flathead screwdriver opening right there, and this comes open like that. Alright, so the objective or the diopter right here is adjustable here for fine-tuning, as well as you’re going to have to adjust your scope for different distances. That’s something that I wasn’t quite it’s kind of like a parallax adjustment, but it’s just a focus ring for when you’re. Looking at the targets, you do have a front cover right here, which is kind of nice, because you can fold that thing up there like that, bring it down back in place there again we do have a Picatinny rail up here.

Here is the battery compartment and again I opened it up today and I thought the batteries were 100% and they are not, and unfortunately, I got to go back out to the store to get some batteries. But you do you fit your for double-a batteries in there you can see. You’ve got your positive negative, connecting points right here, that’s pretty self evident and if you don’t have them just right, see that slot right there on the cover, that’s going to allow you to go ahead and put this thing into place properly.

Ah, just like that, so you don’t you can’t miss align it. That’s pretty cool I like the way they did that alright. So let’s talk about a couple of details here, this thing is actually pretty cool and, like I said, I, probably am NOT going to do it. Justice in my review, but most importantly, what I want to do is just cover. Some of the details that are important to me is I think they should be to you.

You’ve got adjustment things right here, power and button right there we’ll go over to details of that here in a few minutes, but basically it has a CMOS sensor. 1080P on the sensor resolutions display type is an F L saw cos, display resolution is 1280 by 720. It does have a built-in video recorder, so we’ll go ahead and I’ll show you some of those when we get up there and start doing some shooting memory card up to a 64 gigabyte, SD card, a mini SD cards at a format for taking videos is a V I.

The resolution of the video clips gonna be 1080 by 720, and the format for the photo files is JPEG. Also, the resolution for the JPEG photos is going to be 1080 by 720 memory. Capacity is approximately seven hours on the 64 gigabyte. You’re only gonna get about four and a half hours of battery time. Out of this thing, depending on what you’re doing with it, the objective lens is 50. The digital zoom is one to eight.

The focal lens is eighty millimeter. That’s not getting too much of the details here, cuz some of that stuff’s not really too important, but field of view at 100 yards is 21 yards alright, so we got four double A batteries and three and a half hours of video mode. Alright, who wants to see me, go shoot with this thing. The adjustments on the scope, we’re gonna, go ahead, get some batteries, we’re gonna zero.

This thing in I’m, gonna, sear it and in it 36 yards because we are gonna, be shooting it with one of the new rifles, the s and G, and really looking forward to seeing how that thing. We took it out there yesterday with the ACOG and had a blast shooting it is ip55, which means you can splash water on. It wouldn’t go submerging the damn thing, but shockproof drop from three feet and it’s good for a 308.

You’ve got your mini or your get your exterior USB charging port right there, as well as a mini SD card port right. There. You’ve got all kinds of controls over here and honestly guys. It would be hard for me to show you all the different things you can do. They say it’s good out to 200 yards we’re gonna test that theory all right. Well, let’s go get some batteries in this thing, get it zeroed up and take it out and do some night shooting with it.

Shall we here we go. Y’all have fun here, yeah, alright guys so we’re sitting out here at the range I’ve got a target set up at 36 yards. We’re gonna, do a 36 yard zero, because what my intention is is that we want to engage still at 100 out to 200. Maybe 250 we’ll go ahead and put an intermediate out there. Why not and then maybe 300, so we got some time a lot of wind tonight so just bear with me, but we’re gonna do yeah.

Let’s do 100 150 200 250 300, see how this thing can span out there. We’re by ourselves tonight should be a lot of fun. So let’s go ahead and get this done now. I will tell you this. The cool thing about this guy is that you can shoot with it during the day and then the optimal retinols in it. It’s just a matter of going through the menus. Like a computer system, the wind is absolutely kicking ass, we’re taking names.

So let’s go ahead. I’m gonna go ahead, I want to put it there’s a chevron which you know is probably one of my favorites we’ll go ahead and put it on that and then what we’ll do is I will show you the video through this thing, while we zeroed it in here we go same. Oh okay, so now we’re recording one of the things that will tell you is that there is no sound or microphone on this particular scope.

So what I want to do is I want to see if I can continue, recording, there’s the green that starts recording over and over all right. So we hit the record button, is getting a little darker out here. Let’s go ahead in the color mode right now, so I’m gonna bring it up. That’s one power level, third level, fourth level: fifth level: six, seven, eight hesitance digital zoom, that’s a pretty bring it back out a little bit.

Anyone do I’m gonna shoot at that hole right there, looking pretty good. So far. Now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go put some steel up and let’s bring some steel, see how much fun we could have. Let it get real dark and we’ll test out how well this flashlight works. All right, guys, we’re out here in the night now I have conveniently placed targets. I’ve got a little light right here. This is one of those lights that came in that tag.

Pack, kit, I’m gonna, be honest with you man. This is one of the most useful lights. I have right now, because we are gonna start doing a lot more stuff at night, because one it is dark earlier. So anyway, we’ve got a 30 round mag. Here now, unfortunately, what I did was I actually took the Wraith off the rifle in remounted it so we’ve got to zero it at 36 yards. We’re gonna, see how well it gets back there now I’ve placed targets at 100, 150, 200 and 300 gonna run you through all the radicals, so you can see what’s going on there and then we’ll engage the targets and see how we do now.

I, don’t know if how well it’s gonna hit we’ll start off at the 100. Also the flashlight is adjustable, and what that does is it will give you more or less light and it will project out further with the beam. So why don’t we go ahead? I had it turned on right now, I’m gonna press the record button, so you can see what’s going on. This is without the light and the nice thing we could leave this light on.

While we’re shooting see you guys have an idea what’s going on, but before we get it started, I want to go ahead and I want to turn that light on okay. So what we’re looking at you’re seeing the sights now, let’s get over here, alright, so that right there is the 100-yard target now watch what happens now: relocated the light off of the scope itself and put it on the front of the rifle. So what happens? I could turn that light down low and low, lower and zoom it is.

You can’t hardly see that thing if we go ahead and rotate that light out, it will project that beam a good ways almost to the point where it’s almost too bright. Now you know I like that Chevron, so we’re gonna. There’s the 100-yard target I place the target there at the 150 I’m gonna rotate up to 200 yeah there you are I’m, go use some magnification, that’s a 10 inch at 200, we’ll go on and it starts getting dizzy right there, but you can see how well that looks, then guess what there’s another 10 entered.

That’s 300 yards right there 300 yards and that’s all the way back out. So why don’t we go ahead? I’m gonna put some in here now: I, don’t know how good my shootings gonna be tonight. Just because we did pull this thing off of here for let’s try it at 300 yard target see how well if we can even hit it there. It is let’s zoom in a little bit there we go Center Point, not in here yet I’m I’m at the bottom see what happens.

Ah, all right a little far. Let’s key look at that 200 yard target right. There got her. You can see that brush going around I. Like my 150, oh there, you are 150 all right, picking the right, oh yeah, okay! So we’re we’re shooting to the right a little bit. I, don’t know what those striations cross there there we go. Maybe we take it back to the 300, see if we could get that guy there. It is, ah all right, let’s bring it down 100 my ain’t we’re right there.

So, let’s see if it hits in the center 150 200 that, ladies and gentlemen, okay, so that’s one of the radicals, not my favorite all right, so we can switch it to green. Let’s switch to green okay! There’s the green modes. You can see I’m, not really a big fan of that I can’t tell what the hell’s going on out there. We got a 200-yard target 100 all right. This is more like a sniper. It is not a first focal plane, let’s tag that 150 horse, yet there you go see if I can get that brighter okay.

So this is a different reticle right here, where’s my 100 come to Daddy there we go okay, so this is a just a simple crosshair, with a sinner dot. I think this is one meal get some Ranma. Let’s go ahead and switch this up a little bit. It’s a if it says a lot that I’ve actually taken this thing off and remanded it and it’s gone back to a pretty close zero. Approximately zero I guess: okay, let’s see what else we got all right.

So this is a single dot right here when I go ahead and I’m goin gauge that 300-yard target right there, so one mil dot there. It is, let’s do that, one more time, yeah, all right, where’s, 200 s, let’s bring it out! Here’s our 200-yard target excellent. So that was the 1 mil dot. Let’s change it up! Ok, so this is a 1 mil dot with the lines whatever. Oh we started over okay and some oh yeah.

Here we go 100 yard 150, bring it in know what I need to use the, so that was the 150 with the one male dot and some lines on it bring the fact we don’t need all that. Let’s try it again all right. Let’s try something else, all right! Okay, so this is just a simple crosshairs. There’s 200 crosshairs are boring. Let’s go somewhere else. Okay, so we’re skipping a few I’m going with this guy right here.

This is the 1 MOA center dot and I think it’s 45 or 65. In my way, I’m going to bring that in let’s grow up to the 300 there you are and then we’ll bring it back down to the 100. All those focus it in 200, where you are tying it along the hilltop over there follow focus area. Yes, all right. Let’s try something else all right! Well, we’re back to the order. All right. That’s high high on the battery on the flashlight IR light all right.

There we go shabby. Let’s do uh see all right bring her on back down. Wow. Look at that light. Now what change it up? I like that Circle dot? That’s it alright, guys! Don’t forget! There’s like nine different colors as well. Am I impressed I am now I learned how to operate that flashlight and I figured exactly how how it’s supposed to work. That’s pretty awesome the green I’m, not sure I’m big on the green I like it.

Alright, let me know what your thoughts are man. This was. This is a pretty good experiment for me. We’re gonna get at this night vision here very shortly, just because it is going to be time where it’s gonna be dark at like 5 o’clock, so we’re gonna need some way of testing out equipment. Let’s go to avoid 32. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up scribe, you have another con, so supportive red white, blue god bless america, compasses man, women, a uniform 24/7 for our freedoms, freedom, stop free, $4 99, and you got yourself a serious huntin machine.

Ah cool! Does anybody with infrared or night vision is gonna know exactly where you are so it’s probably not suitable for a very tactile culpas posture, but for hunting? Oh hell, yeah, it’s good! Oh boy, 32 god, yeah I’m out here y’all be good.

In this episode here I have uh black friday special from academy. It was on sale, it is the sightmark wraith and uh. It was on sale for about three 329 or something I think it was 107 off anyways. I was contemplating on where whether to get this or not, I just decided to go ahead and get it because um, you know you never know it is a unusual year. It is the year of the pandemic and a lot of strange things are happening, so I don’t have any night vision whatsoever.

I don’t really hunt, I’m sure, there’s a lot of videos about this. It is a. It is a scope, a night vision, scope for your rifle. I I do have rifles. I may use it in that scenario. Is it tactical not really because uh? Well, because you you need the illuminator and it not so tactical, but you can’t see in the night, and so my main purpose for this is really to do night watching I’ve been doing a lot of birding and uh it’s fun.

For me, I guess it’s kind of like hunting, but it’s not hunting and I like to do things more at night, because it’s getting it’s winter time. I got this on a black friday, black friday at academy, which is november so the day after thanksgiving and it’s getting darker and darker out, and so I would like to do more things to keep me active. So let’s just take a look at it.

This is a see in the box here it is a 4 to 32 by 50 digital day and night rifle scope, all right. It is 1080p all right, hd, supposedly hd digital imaging uh daytime mode. They got daytime color night mode night color. It does have a video recording but no audio 10. It says here: 10 10, reticle options, nine different color modes um. It does have a usb external power. Additional weaver rail and five weapons profile saved.

So you can’t save it to a rifle to supposedly five different rifles, but again I’m using it for a different reason. I did like it because of the hd quality that you can record so uh, but no sound. You can record, but there’s no sound, so let’s just open it up and they had this in ad academy. So there you go, there’s a nice little phone box to it, and here it is here’s, probably the directions uh.

So if you’re interested in getting this, you still can, I don’t know if you’ll get it for the same price. Let’s just take a quick look in here and see. What’s inside this is just an unboxing. I don’t know if I will include any footage or anything I might by the time you see this by the time you see this it’ll probably be around christmas time december, maybe after december 25th, so you get a little allen.

Key okay, allen key try to put that right over here, um, a wiping cloth, all right serial number or something and project product registration. I don’t know how you’re going to register this, but uh okay and then your directions. So that’s what comes in that so just put that all right over right over here. So there you go so what comes in the box uh you do get these little batteries.

What are these like? Cro1219 batteries, I think that’s what it says right here: one two, one, nine or one two three: these are actually lithium. Oh, they they come with lithium batteries. Interesting. This is nice. This is uh, so you get two of them, which is kind of nice lithium. All right, I think you can get rechargeable batteries, and this is mainly for the illuminator and here’s the illuminator okay- and this is the rail and here’s the.

This is what you need the allen key here to adjust this, and I believe this can pivot. I’m not sure I don’t have to find out right now. If this can pivot or not so, and yes, it can slightly pivot. You can pivot this interesting okay, so you can’t pivot this. Oh it goes up and down too up and down left and right there. We go okay, I’ll leave that loose. So that’s what you need this for: okay, let’s plop, that right there for now here is the actual night vision, camera digital night vision, camera and yes, it is a scope um, and here it is that’s what it looks like it comes with this rubber cover.

Here’s the front I’ll try to throw in some footage of it. What it looks on the inside. There’s your menu options, power on here’s, your detachable. I believe this is detachable as well yeah. This is detachable and reattachable there we go. It has really good eye relief from what I understand. So I won’t know until I check it out myself, but this is the rubber piece for your eye.

If you want to know what it looks like kind of looks like this, let’s put the box out of the way a little bit there. You go, gives you some idea and then on this side, uh here’s your picatinny uh rail attachment. Here again, I probably won’t use this on my rifle right away, most likely I’m going to get an attachment that I could put on a tripod and I’m going to use this as just a night vision.

So I can enjoy the outdoors at night and get some footage of animals. I’ve been doing a lot of shorts. I’ve been doing birding I like to see some night creatures night animals get recording of it, something I enjoy kind of like hunting, but not quite hunting. So this is over here on this side. Is your usb attachment with your micro usb card mini card sd card that you could put in there? It does record 1080p, but no audio, which is fine, which is fine.

You can do a voiceover here, so I can bring a battery bank and keep going all night on this. I may not even need uh batteries for what I wanted to do. You know, of course, if you can put on your rifle, you probably do want to put some kind of batteries in here. It is uh slightly waterproof from what I understand. Here’s your eye relief right here. You can adjust it for your eye relief and then this is your focus up in the front right here, so you can focus so for what I plan on doing.

It probably will work for me just some night vision technology. Some of this cost, like thousands and thousands like the really good ones. I just want to get my feet wet and it is also technically a scope, so I do have rifles. So that’s another reason why I got it. I believe this is where you put your batteries here. What does that say right there? I can barely read it.

It says twist to open it says to us to open right here. Okay, so you gotta twist it this way there we go. Okay again, got it at academy on a black friday. Okay, this is coming loose there. It is okay, there it is, and it does. It does take just regular double double a batteries here for them and you could probably get uh those lithium batteries uh, probably last longer or even get batteries that are rechargeable, maybe lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

I probably may not get it because I’m gonna probably use my battery bank to uh to use it the way, I’m I’m intending to use it again, putting on a tripod, okay, there we go and there you go again I’ll try to roll in some footage, some b-roll in here and get it to you. So you can kind of get an idea and then again the the rail goes on. I guess it’s set up for this way right now.

It’s set up this way. Let’s put this down here, there we go. Let’s see you probably want it forward as much as possible. There we go, and so there you go. So this is the illuminator you turn this on. This is what is gives you the ability to see at night. The camera is just an infrared, an ir camera. It’s just like your security camera footage, except it has um, reticles and you’re able to zoom in and out and use it as a rifle scope.

So for me this has multiple functions. It’s a it’s a technically a rifle scope. It is a camera which I will use for night and um, so it and it technically gives you night vision. Um infrared light is most likely everywhere. There is light, even possibly even moonlight I’ll try to get some footage of it and put it in. I haven’t tested this, yet I don’t know if it’s good for moonlight, but I from what I understand, infrared light is basically just uh the light spectrum that we can’t see is technically it’s probably in every light source.

You just don’t see it, and so, if you have some light source, but you want to see better at night, you could probably there’s really good chance. You could probably use it without the illuminator, but if there is no light like there is, there’s no moon and you got overcast cloud cover and there’s no light what’s available. This is where the illuminator comes in and you’re able to see at night and animals cannot see infrared light most animals.

I believe some snakes, some frogs, mainly reptiles. I don’t know if any birds see it, but most animals do not see infrared light, so you should be able to see- and you could probably see up to probably anywhere from 100 to 200 yards decently, so again I’ll try to put in some footage. This is just an unboxing. I’m very excited to get this and start uh, making some videos here anyways.

This is just a simple unboxing again I’ll put in some b-roll. I might have some other videos later on. So please like share subscribe, leave. A comment. Tell me your experience and let me know is this a good deal for a night vision, uh camera. I know it’s not like high quality um, you know like 4k, they do have a 4k, but it wasn’t on sale again. I got this for three hundred and thirty dollars.

Three hundred thirty dollars. That’s that’s quite a deal for a night vision, uh rifle scope. You don’t see that price range anywhere well until next time. Everybody I put this back in here until next time. Everyone thanks for watching, see y’all later bye. You.

These were sent to the channel by sight mark two race. One is a two by sixteen by twenty eight one is a four by thirty two by fifty. This one is about three ounces lighter coming in at 33 3 ounces with the four double-a batteries both take four double-a batteries right there it does ship with both of them do ship. With the same light, I opt to run my own because it takes rechargeable batteries. I like to run these lights as far forward as I can, if you don’t have any real estate up here, there I’d run it up as far as you can.

If you watch some of the videos, you’ll notice, uh, there’s a halo, that’s because they’re running their light further back, if you’ll run your light as far forward as you can, both of these are great lights. Both of these scopes are great they’re digital day night ir the day is beautiful. This one’s a little shorter uh there I I measured. I come up with about half to three quarter inch, but if you look on their website, it says it’s about a quarter inch shorter, but I really like both of them.

They both have their applications. I’ve taken this in hog hunting before and uh. The problem with that was, is we get up about 40 yards from so getting a shot at a second pig or something is is is not you’re just just that four power versus a two power, the two power is gonna, be a lot better for my area. If you hunt in a bigger area, you know flat north texas, central texas, somewhere in there that’s flat south texas.

I haven’t hunted a lot of them areas, but I know dallas is real flat, we’re real hilly, our shots aren’t and you can walk up on a pig pretty close, but our shots aren’t they’re, usually not that far. So I had them go ahead and send me this one uh, I’m not only a test and evaluation guy for them, I’m actually a customer. I’ve purchased all these, since they they send them. Let me try them out and I purchase them.

They don’t tell me what to say how to act, what to do in my videos. None of that. I really appreciate that, so the differences are lens. Caps are different. I like running this one like this in case I’m running through somewhere and you know, have it over here, get broke off or it blocks the light. So I like to run it like that this cap also- and you can take these off. If you want, you can spin this any which way you want it really cool products, uh really affordable to get into the the ergonomics of them are really great, the they just they’re so easy to use, and if that’s, what you’re wanting easy to use, if you don’t want all the bells and whistles and everything this is a great option for you, it’s just really.

It’s really. The day is just. I have a photon, also it’s black and white. This is colored day night is black and white, or green and black. I really like the green and black. I’ve got both these mounted on top of each other. We’re gonna get some shots at different distances: 100 200 300 yards- I just videoed some um cows, walking by at the same time, so you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about. You can see more cows with this one than you came with this one, because it’s four power they were uh.

They were 50 yards from me about about what we normally take pigs at the distance, so that’ll be good to see. Moving to the other side, we have this little cover here for your micro sd card for your video does not record audio, and you also have a usb port here. If you want to run external power for extended battery life. Moving to your top port on both of these is going to be your power on button. Also, your power off.

If you hold it for four to five seconds, and if you want your menu, you just hit it once after its own and you go through your menu with these. After your, you can go in your menus and set pictures or recording video, and then your right button is for your video. If you want to turn the record on and your up and down is for your zoom in and out, let’s go over some of the similarities. It’s 1080 hd digital, imaging day, color mode, night, vision, mode, built-in, hd, video recording, uh, 10 reticle options with nine reticle with nine color modes micro, usb input for external power.

We touched that additional weaver rails for accessories they’re up here, dan coronas five weapon profile systems. Now, let’s talk on that, I really like that option. I can set this up for 62 grain or whatever grain 55 grain, so whatever I’m shooting on my 223, and you can type that in now you can also take in for your different weapon platforms. I can put one of these on the nine millimeter ar I can readjust the sight in for that and that side in on these are easy.

It’s extremely easy! It’s a one-shot sight in it. It is awesome. You can watch some other videos on that, I’m trying to just get y’all. Some quick looks, but I can take it from my 300 blackout. I can type in 300 blackout 208 grain, which are my subs. I can type in 300 blackout, 150 grain. I can type in 300 blackout, 110 grain whatever, and I can move it from platform to platform without having to you know, I would check my zero, but that’s about it all right.

Let’s get into checking out looking at this uh silhouette target or steel target here quarter size, I don’t know, I think it’s quarter sized. Of course I still targeted 100 200 300 yards all right. One other thing I wanted to touch on while the cows are leaving they’re fixing, leave and I’ll get you all the 100 yard, little video clip but uh another one of the main questions I get from customers, not customers, but friends, customers of site, mark they’ll, ask me: does it? Does it need to be re-zeroed every time you change batteries? No, it does not it retains memory, don’t know how, but it does.

When you change batteries, your zero is still the same. All right with the 200 yard. T-Post just took a couple of video. One thing I would like to mention is now which is best for you is up to you. I firmly believe you need both, but that’s just me. It depends on what kind of hunting you’re going to do pig hunting. I prefer this one from deer, stand, hunting and only shooting at one thing. I prefer this one.

Ah, this one is just as great because you can simply go from by pushing the forward button zoom. You can go straight to four power like this. One is, and I did do that in this video. I went from two power to four power and I went from four power to I think eight on the lower one, it’s kind of shaky, because I’m trying to push buttons- I’m not I’m not in the lead, sled, so check that out. That’s my opinion.

If you’re hunting around here a lot of the deer leases are, are pine thickets and what they do is they they give you about. Maybe 100 yards shot is all you’re gonna get they’ll clear you out a little spot because they’re more worried about pine trees than selling uh. You know deer stands but uh. That’s my opinion depends on where you hunt yes out here in the pasture. I can shoot 300 yards. I can go to my neighbors.

I can shoot five six hundred yards, yes in the pasture, but but most deer leases and and just depends on what you’re doing with your application night, you can stalk up pretty close to stuff you’re, not gonna, be shooting deer at night anyway, not in texas. Anyway, it’s not legal. So all right guys that was from 300. As far as I can get at this range go check them out. They got really cool stuff. Now they are coming out with a wraith 4k.

I think it does wi-fi. I think it’s a lot more technical. You know system to use and it does record audio. So if you’re a youtuber wait, alright guys. One last thing I just got in from the back 40 range had a call in to sightmark my friend over there. You know you are anyway. I asked her if they were going to discontinue these two models after the 4k come out. She said no they’re going to keep these two models, so they should be around for a while thanks again for watching.

Sightmark does send this to me, I’m on their tna team um, I’m not just a tna guy, I’m also a customer. I hope all y’all like cheese, your fish to become cheeseburgers, get now ain’t doing nothing around here.

Hi there it’s matt from scott country yeah, our good friends at uh scott country has sent us the 4k wraith to put through his paces to go out to range today, just put on a on a rimfire two to alarm um. Am I impressed with picture absolutely you can on. You can alter the contrast and brightness to get what you want, but you seem to get a much more natural um video and a picture through the scope than the former hd one.

So we’ll start we’ll have a closer look and then I’ll show you a little bit of footage that I took um. It was only 30 yards, but you’ll you’ll see how good it is, and probably how good the uh smith and wesson is as well hope you like it cheers guys. Okay, first impressions of the sightmart wraith 4k max, comparing it against the wraith hd, it’s more slimline a little bit longer.

So a better eye relief controls seem a lot easier. Well, we’ll see what difference in weight is: wraith hd, two pound and 62 ounces, the new 4k max. It’s actually lighter 2, 25, all right, so ir wise. I will be using the wicked light a51, and so it will just clamp on the side and still get your record button if it’s on your rifle you’ll still just get underneath for the focus or over the top.

However, if you’re concerned about that, get a 45 degree angle pick it in it. Put that on put your wicked light on and it’s not pointing out inside it’s near it till you can quite easily get your focus on that’s on rifle, so you get four because makes it a little bit more user friendly. So not a bad fix.

That’s not that side of either.



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