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7 Best Bipod for Long Range Shooting

  1. Magpul Rifle Bipod | Sling Stud QD
  2. XAegis Carbon Fiber
  3. Caldwell XLA Pivot 6-9 Inch
  4. Twod Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inch
  5. Caldwell Handy Rest NXT
  6. Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen3
  7. Ade Advanced Optics Hunter’s 13
TOP #1
Magpul Rifle Bipod | Sling Stud QD bipod for long range shooting
Magpul Rifle Bipod | Sling Stud QD bipod for long range shooting

  • Made of LIGHTWEIGHT MIL-SPEC hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and Injection-molded polymer;
  • Easily loaded with STABILIZING FORWARD TENSION without fear of failure or warping;
  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #2
XAegis Carbon Fiber bipod for long range shooting
XAegis Carbon Fiber bipod for long range shooting

  • Lighter, stronger-Carbon fiber
  • High & low-temperature resistance, corrosion & fatigue resistance
  • Better hand feeling
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable leg length.
  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #3
Caldwell XLA Pivot 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting
Caldwell XLA Pivot 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting

  • DIMENSIONS: 6”-9” height and weighs 12 oz
  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #4
Twod Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting
Twod Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting

  • Twod Bipods have adjustable leg length (5 settings) with spring return and deploys quickly with the touch of a button.
  • Attaches to virtually any firearm with a swing swivel stud or picatinny / weaver rail.
  • Twod Bipods have adjusting swivel tilt-level to tilt from side to side for sniper aiming.
  • The soft rubber feet provide stability while the rubber padded base protects the rifle’s fore end.
  • The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, compact and durable.
  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #5
Caldwell Handy Rest NXT bipod for long range shooting
Caldwell Handy Rest NXT bipod for long range shooting

  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #6
Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen3 bipod for long range shooting
Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen3 bipod for long range shooting

  • New Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock
  • New Contoured Grip with No-Slip Backbone
  • Strengthened Rotating Joint for Smooth Panning
  • New Heavy Duty look with Dark Earth Accents
  • Adjusts from 24″ to 61″
  • bipod for long range shooting
TOP #7
Ade Advanced Optics Hunter's 13 bipod for long range shooting
Ade Advanced Optics Hunter’s 13 bipod for long range shooting

  • Quality manufactured with cold forged hardened steel and 7075 T7 alloys. 
  • the spring legs can be adjusted
  • Hinged bases have tension adjustment to eliminate tremor. Bipods have an all-weather black heavy-duty anodized finish.
  • Attaches to sling swivel stud and comes with WEAVER/PICITINNY RAIL ADAPTER.
  • Very Light Weighs 14.1-Ounces
  • bipod for long range shooting

Magpul Rifle Bipod | Sling Stud QD bipod for long range shooting

Magpul Rifle Bipod | Sling Stud QD bipod for long range shooting

  • Made of LIGHTWEIGHT MIL-SPEC hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and Injection-molded polymer; aesthetically pleasing, LOW-PROFILE DESIGN conceals its mechanisms and hardware, smoothly brushing off Snags and bumps
  • Optimized for RAPID ONE-HANDED ADJUSTMENTS; quickly and quietly transitions between countless user configurations. Uncle Mike’s-style sling stud on rear of mounting body
  • Easily loaded with STABILIZING FORWARD TENSION without fear of failure or warping; at just over 11 oz. , The Magpul bipod is LIGHTER THAN MANY PRICIER BIPODS currently on the market
  • SPRING-TENSION LEGS stow neatly forward and snap down and lock into place with ONE HAND; LEG EXTENSIONS slide and lock securely with the push of a button on any of the seven half-inch spaced locking detents
  • An INDUSTRY-EXCLUSIVE 50° OF TOTAL TILT and 40° OF TOTAL PAN are Controlled by a glove-friendly knurled tool-less bipod locking knob located between the extended legs, allowing easy adjustment between shots
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Manufacturer: Magpul
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

All right today to talk about these two I have a maple bipod here, the new one that just came out 2018 and then a bolt gun. This is the savage if you haven’t watched a review for this. Yet this is Savage. 12 EFI go check, though this is a $219 miracle, rifle extremely impressive and watch that review. If you want to hear more about it, but I’m running that bipod on here, it’s not exactly set up for it in the way that I have a bipod adapter on a swill stud here and so I had to put an adapter onto or that kind of a quick-release adapter onto the maple bipod, because it has flathead only portions two of them not a quick detach like your Atlas and some of those other things right off the bat Inglis, a that’s a huge fail, I, don’t know what in the world maple is thinking in releasing something like this.

That is proprietary that you can’t have a quick detach on it. Furthermore, it barely snugs up on to the lug that’s available here, thankfully, I was able to make that work, but otherwise I would have been drumming a little bit of steel away to make that work so really frustrating that the initial piece couldn’t just attach on there I had to use an adapter, but I do like to take it off sometimes and put on another rifle.

So that’s cool, just a black model there and coyote tan version with the AR I’ve been shooting just a little bit so far, I’ve only got ten rounds down the pike today through this rifle actually just to confirm it. Zero. Interestingly enough, I’ll tell you I should review this rifle now. This is a Paul metal, Tony, inch, upper kind of a standard, maybe government profile or whatever, and between ammos there’s.

So many good quality ammos out there that other ARS have liked and I’ll just say for what it’s worth. This rifle consistently shoots: the 855, the penetrator at green tips. You know it shoots that the best it just amazes me because it’s not like a real high quality round, but it shoots relatively tight. So what I’m gonna do is somebody left up some targets, downrange which I love even have to use my targets or my staples, so there’s two targets I can shoot on.

This is about a 3/4 or a little under rifle with that eight five, five! Sometimes it’s under it’s hard for me to tell so I just saved 3/4 or under it’s somewhere in there and that’s what the utg bipod that’s. Typically, what I had ran run in the past check out my reviews on that UTG, 360 bipod and we’re just gonna see if this keeps up with it or does better I’ll, be honest about my my shot placement and, if I think, I pulled them or anything like that, but we’ll just run through I.

Don’t have a huge one! – amal with me today. Just give you a little look at what this bipod is like when it’s functioning so I’ll go 5 round group at 100 yards I’ll, see what that looks like on this guy and then I know my my savage is a 3/8 group shoot and rifle for sure, with the right. Animal and I’ll do a five shot group with that on the other target. That’s left open, we’ll just see if these bipods are keeping up with the utg at the very least or if they seem easier or better I’ll, give a little feedback on that and then we’re gonna move over to 200 and 250 yards, which is the most I have at my range right here.

I know it probably gets boring, seeing people shoot at point-blank distances, but that’s just when I got to work with right now over here in Scottie. So this this bipod there’s a lot of stuff I, can talk about a lot of things I can share about, but first, let’s just shoot it we’ll talk about this all right. So a little bit about the rifle. You know it’s just regular old, AR I guess it’s got! Cmc flat trigger in it it’s a three and a half pound trigger we’re, shooting, penetrator 62-grain min delay, us a bag, free, cheap, two cylinder, Bank and I, actually kind of like it with a are the best I’m, not shooting off the most optimum surface.

It’s like kind of a slippery carpet, but it’s got to make do with what you got or the range is clear here: use an SWF, a 10 X, actually so nothing premium, but it certainly gets the job done. Alright. Finding my target here, bullseye, maybe kind of a poor recoil, actually kick rubber fish up, four shots or five shots. Let’s go back and watch the footage, excuses, I’m sure it’s about 30 degrees out, so it’s actually warmer than it has been many other times.

What truth is your fingers just get cold after a while touching a lot of metal and brass, and it probably plays you know a scientific factor into your group size at some degree, but no excuses all day just got to get out and shoot and try it I’m using 50 grain Fiocchi with the Palmer tips. Typically, these do shoot real. Well again so watch my other reviews on the rifle, and this anvil combination hold that shot a little bit felt that well jerky on the trigger on that one again, there’s no warm-up here.

All right rain is clear: I’m, not real happy with the group I just shot, but let’s go take a look at it. We’ll talk about it. She really just not room for excuses in this. That was no warmup, you know, is what it is: shooting the right animal. It should have been. A three eighths group I have a feeling, that’s a little bigger than three dates, but is what it is. You know it’s not enough.

I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. Let’s go take a look at it and we’ll just talk about it a little bit then we’ll move over to at least 200 250. All right. So I’ll try to be brief, but it turns out that I shot six shots with AR, so I’m an idiot I was just so focused on that reticle I wasn’t even paying attention to some other things which actually caused me a little bit of problems, but here’s what I got that’s a 3/4 inch group with the six shots, so yeah all right, I, don’t exactly know which one’s got extras here, but I definitely shot six shots and there’s no hits around the target.

So in here there are six shots. My guess is by looking at oh yeah, okay, looking at the back of the target, I can tell that. Actually. This surprises me that a fair amount went through this hole, so we had four hits in this little spot right there, which really impresses me. Oh that’s pretty tight, but yeah there’s one two, three four, so four impacts up here and then two down here, which is I, would say this is much tighter than I am usually shooting with that rifle I do not claim that it usually shoots that tight, so mate.

Maybe I should say that that’s impressive, because it’s you know I had shot ten rounds for the whole day before that and was with the AR just get warmed up on that trigger it’s a three and a half pound trigger single stage and I’m used to shooting you know kind of two-stage triggers for accuracy anyways, and so this was very good for six shots. For me, three three-quarter inch group- and you know I- could even almost maybe see this being a flyer.

Maybe I, don’t know the the core of the group is up here. That’s really cool so for the AR with that bipod I would say, I did better than you like I said it’s it’s 3/4 or under with that ammo 3/4 inch at 100 yards or under, and so you know at the very least it kept up with what I expected. It is a 3/4 inch group and it just happens to be a nice cluster right in there. It could be a chance.

It could be that the bipod helped me do better. I noticed with shooting the gas gun, because the recoil is is more obviously, then you’re gonna get with like a bolt gun in 223, which is it’s. It’s laughable, recoil I, get it, but there’s something there in the gas gun to deal with in compensate for, and it does finally know what hops around and I wasn’t shooting loaded in grass or rocks, or anything like that.

I was on this slippery slippery carpet that I had out there. That was probably not a good choice on my part, so my apologies, you know fingers get cold, there’s another excuse, but it is what it is and I may have rushed it just a little bit overall, but I could feel a good amount of tension when I loaded, the bipod I’ve seen some critique already of people that they didn’t like the way that that bipod loaded but I far prefer the way that bipod loads compared to the other cheaper, buy pods that are out there under a hundred bucks.

You know I really do like that, a feature pretty well as far as attachment. Again, it’s like proprietary, you know, there’s the two flat heads on there, so I don’t have a quick-detach on it. So it’s just gonna stay on there. I had lengthen the legs, so I could run a 30 rounder in there, and certainly I can go plenty at all. You could run a 40 rounder Meg in there. If you wanted to you’ll just be sitting up really awkward I prefer to run 20 rounders in that thing, but the 30 rounder was just fine and obviously the group was not unacceptable.

You know most guys shooting PSA rifles at 100 yards they’re, probably gonna, look for one inch or maybe three-quarter inch, but for a 20 inch rifle perfectly happy. It’s not even a thick barrel. It’s a one on one in seven twist kind of standard AR barrel. You know that thing was super. Cheap I probably got that for 229 bucks or something so I’m, pretty happy. I’d say that’s not bad for a rifle that especially doesn’t have a bolt.

That’s time. You know perfectly and all that I don’t know. Maybe the stars align, but maybe it’s just a decent right. I should review that rifle soon. That’s what I got moving on with the savage I’m actually not happy with this. This is a half inch group, center-to-center 1/2 inch group I, should mention, and just not happy with that. There’s one shot over here. If you can see that I would guess, because I shot this rifle so much I, just especially the last six months.

I’ve shut this rifle a lot and I can tell that it is 100%, zero, perfect ly and so I’m a little bit high, and this one to the right I would guess that this was the shot that I said it didn’t feel like a great shot. Bad recoil I think that guy went over here, the rest of it. If you were to actually just take that shot out and move it over, it would be back to a 3/8 inch group, which is what I claimed the rifle shoots.

So not super happy with that. But as far as the bipod goes now on a bolt gun, it does set up a little higher than I like, but sometimes you’re in a there’s, an advantage to that. Switching your shooting over weeds or unlevel ground, which I do a lot of shooting on unleveled round and I just end up having to get that guy a little higher, anyways I’m, not always shooting off a mat.

You know, and so it’s it’s pretty decent. The recoil impulse again I can load that rifle very consistently. It’s not awkward like that utg was that was so inconsistent. It’s amazing that I ever pulled out a decent groups under that with that bipod. So for this I’m gonna I’m gonna, say certainly a pass and keeping with the status quo and for comfort and usability. It’s definitely better.

It’s light, yours better! Is it worth a hundred bucks at it? I’m not gonna, say just yet. Let’s go oh shoot at 200 and 250, and maybe I’ll just wrap up the review and give you my intranet thoughts. You know just one month in I know: that’s not a lot. I’ve probably got 500 rounds on these bipods so far. Cumulative least that’s not a lot, but it’s pretty easy to deduce. Information after you’ve been shooting on biopods for a while of what you kind of like what you kind of don’t.

It won’t be a long term review, but it will give you an idea of whether you even want to poke your head. You know in this direction or not so, let’s go over there we’ll shoot a couple groupset 200. It looks like we got about a 10 mile an hour and right now that’s crosswind! So that’s not great, and it’s not even consistent. It’s like back and forth real blustery, so I, don’t know how much audio you’ll get out of this, but you can at least see the groups and we’re done super-state.

I’ve been shooting for several hours. I can’t feel my fingers anymore. They’re super dumb Suns going down so I’m gonna shoot a little more wrap it up and we’ll talk about these five pods I’ll try to throw five out at a couple hundred yards here, real quick on an eight incher again I can’t feel my fingers, so I can’t even feel that bolts when I’m grabbing it. Let’s talk about it all right.

So, first of all, a while ago, I talked about doing a 10 to 1/2 inch review for Palmetto state armory, pistol and you’ll notice that I have a different upper on here. I had a buddy who also wanted the pistol. I decided I wanted something M block I, really like that, a to front sight, just the durability of it, but I realized I’m, not using it. It’s a really tough gas block, but I wasn’t using I was using.

You know a vortex 1x, so I ended up selling the vortex 1x again, that’s the second one I sold and the upper and I replaced it with this and actually accuracy wise. So far, precision capability, I would say it’s. It’s probably a good trade-off. For me, this seems to shoot a little tighter, maybe a lot tighter I’m getting about three quarter inch groups at 100 yards, four, five shot groups, and so I’m super happy with that.

That’s just with 62-grain, ammo I believe penetrators again. So this is what I’m actually going to review and you’ll notice. I have the bipod on there right now and a primary arms 5x, and so this kind of replaced my 16 inch AR that I had sold off while back I still got a 20 inch, and this is a pretty good. Little pistol seems to do kind of everything I want it to and with a 5 X, and if you use Oh, what’s it called my ballistic program, strelok Pro fuse that you can definitely adjust the reticle and know where you need to hold out shooting it at 200 250 yards today and as long as I can see, my target definitely can hit it pretty precise I, really like whatever the name of that program is strelok Pro star, like bro I, think it’s strelok Pro having a moment, – I can’t remember great program works with the a CSS reticle.

It’s like 12 bucks. If you want to buy the app on your phone and it gets to some good data as long as you have something to provide, but this pistol I shot this out at 250 yards and I was getting about four inch groups, typically, not amazing, but I was running. This it’s it’s definitely better than some ARS do in fact, I shot with plenty of guys and this little thing at 250 yards shooting a four-inch group is actually doing.

Ok, it’s not it’s not a two-and-a-half-inch group. It’s not my size, but a four and a half or four inch group is, is pretty good. So let me just talk through a couple targets for you, so with a 20-inch AR today shooting at 250 yards. This is not a I, don’t know it’s not not too impressive of a target, but actually the thing that I was safe. Is that even with this compared to the utg that I would throw on that in the past.

This is at least keeping up with it with a gas gun. I did slip a couple times during those shots and I. Almost wonder if it’s these two tighter shots over here, because I slipped very consistently in the trigger pull so there’s two over here, they’re close and about a two inch group would make sense at 250 yards with that AR. So that’s my guess, anyways, but at the very least it’s acceptable performance with the bipod on the AR, so good job make pull.

You made an bipod that works well with an AR, you know, and then, with the bolt gun. This is a I believe it’s a one and a half inch group and I have a flyer down here which brings it down. This is what two and a half inches looks like. So that’s a 1 MOA group. If you count my flyer down there, which is clearly a flyer, if you throw it up there, you know definitely shooting a little under half them away.

So pretty happy with that again. I’ve shot that tight in the past, though, with my other bipods, so I wouldn’t say it’s better necessarily 200-yard group. So this is what the 20-inch AR and not stellar I would say it’s okay, it’s definitely, okay, that right there I did measure it earlier as to two inches in a quarter group. So it’s a little over my actually so my bad I guess, but it kept up an okay group for most people’s a ours again.

They’ll be happy with that. I just know that that AR can do better, but it certainly hit the target, and actually it was this way when I shooting it I had a couple low ones down there too, just a pair, that’s 200 yards and then here’s my 200 yard target from the savage and this target is. It was 5/16 inch that these are all five shot groups by the way so 5/16 inches at 200 yards.

That’s five shots! You know, that’s that’s pretty good you’re shooting right around quarter, M away because half inch at 200 yards is a quarter inch or a quarter. Moa grouping I can talk so I’m pretty happy with you know what I’m seeing there like I said: three eighths is typically what I’m shooting. So this has fallen right in line with that very happy with the performance there with a bipod and actually I would say overall, with an AR.

The thing that I noticed is so these just kind of flip down. Just pressure you don’t have to hit any button or anything. The thing I noticed with the AR is when I extend the legs out a little bit. If I want to run a 30-round err like that, I can definitely feel more flex in it and that just the the recoil of a gas gun gave me a little bit more trouble. So it is what it is.

It wasn’t. I wasn’t quite as easy and one of the things I didn’t love was actually do this for you, so you can see on the underside here, there’s a tensioning piece which helps with panning the panning of the bipod cuz. This can pan and tilt, and so you know, certainly you could set it up. Maybe you can see better like this it’ll it’ll tilt. You know really really well, it’s awesome I really like the tilt on it, but the panning is just like a little bit loose and it almost seems like it loosens up a little bit, I shot for a long time that I shop for five hours so then I end up, tightening it just a little bit again, not the end of the world, but we’re dealing with the bipod.

That’s you know above a hundred dollars generally. So what do you expect out of it? I guess I expect it to stay tight. That’s what I expect for a hundred our plastic and metal bipod, especially coming from Magpul, because maple does put out good products, and so with the AR. You know it’s it’s pretty good. It’s pretty good I’m, not upset about my purchase at all. I, don’t want to sell it or get rid of it.

It definitely replaces the utg bipod, for me certainly is faster. Certainly is you know kind of user friendly, the bipod itself isn’t, as tough I, don’t think is that utg that one was was all aluminum and this one just having a lot of polymer in it. It’s real lightweight, but it’s not as tough I, don’t think so. There’s a couple things I notice, with a bolt gun. Now what I noticed with the bolt gun is the height is just a little bit tall, but I really really really like the way that it feels when I load, the bipod I was pretty efficient.

Today, all my targets today, we’re so MOA easily, but most of them were like rade around between half inch and three-quarter inch at 250 yards like I, think I showed one earlier or I’ve one flyer, sometimes two Flyers, but I can tell that they’re grouping really tight and I want to say that I’m actually shooting a little better with the maple bipod because of consistency, and so that’s kind of the big thing with bipods.

If it’s not consistent, you’re gonna be bothered with it. It’s gonna be annoying. The Magpul bipod seems to me a lot of capabilities to be consistent. It’s not if snazzy is an atlas. It doesn’t have all the features that some of the more expensive bipods have and I’m kind of cool of that, because I don’t want to pay $300 for a bipod right now, it’s just not in the cards for me.

So as far as a great middle-of-the-road bipod that doesn’t break the bank but gets a lot of things done. This is definitely something that’s good to go. We’ll see you about a long-term review if anything breaks or falls apart. You know that can happen with hardware we’ll see about that, but so far with these two bipods, you know we’re looking at about 700 round count. Now that I’ve had on the two of them I’m digging it I’m sold maypole.

If you’re watching this, you need to come up with some sort of quick detach version, that’s ridiculous that it doesn’t have a quick detach in the first place. That is a fail. Flexibility is good. No worries about that rigidity is fine. The thief on wood surfaces and cement services I tried it on a few different I tried it on ice, I tried it on grass. I tried it on sand, wood and cement.

All today and I’d say it’s a little slippery these pyramids on the bottom, they’re, okay, but they’re, just not great, especially on a harder surface, but typically I try not to shoot off those harder surfaces. Anyways most people wouldn’t try. It just be nice. If it did grip a little better, it did slip. It popped out a little bit. You might see that in some of the footage with the gas gun, especially, but if I got loaded into the sand or the grass it did really good.

It was awesome. I was very locked in any anything. That’s unimpressive in the shooting today is gonna have to write on me because actually bipods pretty awesome. So that’s my two senses, gun-totin Minnesotan they go ahead and like share subscribe. Do all that kind of stuff and I hope to have a review up pretty soon. Comparing this versus my buddies he’s got almost the same thing, just a couple: key differences in the engine room.

So we’ll talk about that. Thanks guys, you.

One thing to me about Magpul: is they always seem to come out with cool designs, but yet it’s a really solid product, whether it’s their stocks, their pmags. You know their d60 drums whatever they do. They seem to do it. Well, it’s one of the things, though, when the bipod came out, I really was looking forward to getting a hold of one I knew that it would be good quality, whether it fit what I wanted that was that remain to be seen, but as far as the Magpul design- and you would be nice- and this is it’s an excellent bipod and we’re gonna, look at all the different features it does extend, it does tilt it rotates, I mean just does what typically Magpul does they just try to do it right? I? Have the bipod mounted on an F for defense, 6 5 Creedmoor we’re going to be doing some testing later on with this and doing a review on it, but it just made a good platform for this bipod.

It’s really easy to deploy. I mean the the controls on this bipod are really simple. Now I’m going to take this off, but first I want to show you just mounted on the rifle it just pops down without any kind of tools, and then it locks into place right here is a little button still button just bring it up. It’s really intuitive everything. Just works very easily. Now right here is your button to extend, as you can see, it just pulls it right out and it locks into place, there’s a number of different positions, and then you have rubberized feet on the bottom and then we have a knob right here, and this is probably one of my favorite parts.

It’s a steel knob, it’s really heavy made for gloved hands or whatever means easy to get a hold up, and you can take and loosen that up. You have tilt and you have can’t, then you can tighten that down and it’s just really excellent. Now this is the Picatinny rail version. It does come in an M lock, it comes in an arms, mount and I believe there’s some others that are coming and it comes in the black and the fde, and when it comes to the Picatinny rail I love that you can use a screw driver or it has a place to be able to put an allen wrench, and so it makes it really easy to be able to take off here.

You can see the mount right here. Just has a plate, it locks in. But again this is just this certain attachment point. Do you see the knob? You can actually open this up and it’ll turn this all the way around, so you can kind of fit this. However, you want to on your rifle, so it makes it really versatile. It’s very sturdy. You can feel how sturdy it is here and it locks down solid when it’s loose, you can see the can’t and you can see it rotate.

It has a 50% tilt and a 40% pan. So it gives you a very wide range and again we’ve shown where the hub is reversible. You can turn this thing. All the way around, of course, I usually face my legs toward the outward toward the barrel. Now the legs of the bipod right here, you just extend it out. You can see that there are notches on the inside here. It’s seven different positions, including fully closed, all the way out to fully extended, and it is half-inch increments.

So you have quite a bit of variation to be able to get that right, spot and just bring them up. Just push and pull up I mean the again guys, it’s just so intuitive here the rubber feet. They do have pins that run through. You can put Atlas compatible mounts right here, so there’s a lot of different choices. If you don’t like the rubber, but I found that these really hold up well on the bench and on the ground, here’s a little closer look at the knob, it’s just solid.

The knurling is very tight and you know it’s the aluminum legs here into other 6061-t6, there’s steel components in different places, just to give it that added strength and it just locks down again, very simply. It’s 2 3 inches in height, it’s three and a half inches width. The legs extend from 6 3 inches all the way out to ten point three, so you have a four inch variable, all the way extended to all the way collapsed and it weighs eleven point.

Eight ounces. Now one thing I do want to show you when these legs are extended, is that there is a little bit of play right here. You can see everything else, especially once you lock down this knob is super tight. There is a bolt right here. I did try to tighten that up to see if I could get a little bit of that out, but it didn’t really make any difference. But from what I understand his Magpul did this by own purpose, I mean this was by design, and it gives you a little bit of adjustment when you hit the ground and it doesn’t cause a lot of noise up here.

It just has this little bit of variation right here now. When you extend it out, it really doesn’t change the amount of play, maybe a little bit, but you know we shot. It collapsed, we shot it all the way out, especially in the prone position, and it just really held up well and I. Thank the okie for sponsoring the ammo, we’re shooting just some 55 grain Full, Metal Jacket and we’re using some sure feed mags.

They ran a hundred and four dollars and forty-five cents on the Brownells website. Of course, I can’t have a link down below in the description, but you can just go to Brownells so guys if you’re looking for a capable bipod that won’t break the bank, something of real high quality. The Magpul bipod to me is excellent. It’s very versatile. It’s not an atlas, but it’s not three times the price you know.

So it’s just a great little option to me, for you know the things that I need and I want to thank Brownells again for sending the bipod for this test & Evaluation, be strong, be of good courage. God bless america, long, live the Republic four dollars and up definitely Magpul quality and I. Don’t know what it’s very solid, very intuitive and again it does have. Let’s check it out.

However, I do think I’m going to skip the extended test, because I think I’m going to return this uh, I really didn’t need another bipod. I was just hoping that this would be cool enough for me and and light enough to put on an ar and for me it’s not hey, folks, welcome to bulletin brass we’re doing something a little different today, uh I’m going to literally do this as an unboxing. I have not opened this. I have never actually played with a magpul bipod.

However, then we’re going to fast forward to the future, where I’ll had some time with it, so we’re going to unbox it I’m going to edit that down you’re not going to watch the whole process of the unboxing. Just the highlights of what I think, as I’m going and then we’ll fast forward to my thoughts after I’ve had some time to compare. I mean this is a harris bipod of roughly comparable size and use uh. So the end of this may just be me talking about the experience and showing you features that I liked and disliked we’ll see what we do.

So, let’s get to it uh first I I bought. This came like this uh. Clearly somebody else has already opened this. So maybe this is a previously. You know open package, or maybe it just got beat up on the hook and I bought it. Retail not uh online. All right package is kind of nice. The whole thing slides right out. We have, let me put that right there. We have a little manual here, so I got to say that’s beefier than I expected they’re polymer for a lot of the parts, but it definitely you can feel there’s a solid core of metal and the polymer is not thin uh.

I was expecting it to be much chintzier feeling. Okay, that’s that, okay, there’s no intermediate notch! You can’t do 45 degrees, which I mean, admittedly can’t do with these either. These are much more aggressive pop. This there’s no spring. It feels like it’s kind of cammed against the plastic or maybe there’s a little spring-loaded tab, but there’s nothing really strong, forcing it open or closed, and then I like that. I mean it’s not not really any different than then this guy yeah um yeah.

I never play around with the intermediate positions on my harris uh, so I was curious how solid they were. That’s that felt pretty solid. So technically I have infinite adjustment on the harris uh, which you don’t have on these, because this you got to go to a spot and it clicks in you can see the notches. These feet are a pretty firm, rubber, um not doesn’t feel very tacky yeah. These well not much different. My other, my other harris is much more tacky.

You know it’s, but uh that’s a lot of a lot of splay. I don’t know if the video shows that okay, so we’ve got some splay there, but not nearly as much um, which I mean I’m putting down to I’ve, got a metal frame here. You know bent steel versus. I don’t know that. There’s any metal reinforcing that portion of this uh. It may just be all the magpul polymer and there’s definitely some wiggle in the legs, even beyond that, whereas just a tiny bit- and it’s all in the extensions there’s no wiggle from here- it’s just down here up here, there’s there’s play in the legs and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel much lighter.

This is pretty light. Okay, you can adjust how tight the pivot is. So that’s that knob for the pivot is pretty snug that I’m pretty happy with uh very gradual, nicely knurled uh, I feel like I’ve got control of it. You know I don’t feel like I’m, I’m struggling to get it to do. What I want, and all that is is friction uh. It is literally just pulling this top piece down. There’s a plastic spacer here that it’s sitting on and then down against the main body.

Uh. Let’s face it, you’re not trying to force the rifle sideways. If you don’t want it to go sideways, the equivalent on the harris is right here, nice and easy yeah um, similar kind of system, less plastic involved. I don’t know I am up in the air still on how I feel about it, so we will have to try it out uh. I think I will put it on a 6’5 to start with and just see how it feels, but the main benefit was supposed to be lighter weight and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel any lighter.

In this case this is a bipod meant to be put on a lightweight rifle, or at least something you’re not trying to be excessively heavy with, and I think that they succeeded in the sense that it is not any significantly heavier than this option, which is the prior standard option. I just don’t know if it’s going to be any better, so, let’s put on a rifle and see, I will be right back for comparison. We’ve got my harris. It goes on a slow okay.

This is a standard slingshot mount version on the six five, so it’s a baguera, b14 hmr, definitely a rifle. You would put a bipod on, and I mean it’s. It’s pretty good. These feet are a little more rubbery than the ones on that one, and you can see it drags. A little more. I’ve been pretty happy with the setup. I don’t have any real reason to change it. However, for testing purposes we are going to okay by the way. This is a pain. It is really freaking small knob without a good grip in an awkward position, because you can’t get your fingers around it.

So if you can see this, that’s a lot of play now, obviously you would normally front load it. So the fact that it can play like that is almost irrelevant uh. But that’s that’s quite a bit, but I mean once it’s front loaded. It seems to hold pretty well uh the side to side pivot. I mean I would like a little less um. This doesn’t have a pivot feature. It’s not supposed to be doing that. Honestly. I may skip the rest of this test because I’m not too thrilled here, yeah and that that comes off really stupid easy.

I was actually going more effort than needed to put it on um. It felt like it wasn’t actually in place. It just floats there as you tighten it down until they grab. I I was doing it wrong for putting it on uh, but it isn’t apparent that that’s what’s going on the uh, the harris is like spring-loaded, so you can feel them in place and you can be sure you’re actually in before you start tightening it down, so you don’t actually accidentally tighten down with one of them not lined up with the holes uh.

I’m not honestly sure that the harris system is better once it’s in place. This seems like a pretty solid, lock up once it’s in place, but I am not sure how I feel about this not having a tool option to get that last little bit and it’s just a polymer knob uh yeah. It’s really not! I don’t know it doesn’t seem that tough. It feels like if that polymer knob, which is a molded part cracks. Your bipod is not going to stay in place and for something that’s intended to get bashed around.

I I don’t know um, like I said, if it was lighter, I think I’d be way more forgiving. Let me put this one back on, so that was a much more positive feel when I was putting it on. You know once I had it open up enough to get it on there, I kind of pried it off uh, but it’s definitely you can feel it click in where the two prongs clicked into the swing spool mount and then I’ve got a wrench for the last little bit and notice there’s more room.

I can get my fingers all the way around that knob. You know I can get my fingers all the way around that except this last little bit here now it’s not a big knob. It’s not super heavy duty, but it doesn’t have to be because it’s only doing a little bit of movement for a given amount of travel. It’s a leverage system with actually compound leverage. It’s not a straight pull system, and that’s about all you need. You know, quarter turn half a turn uh.

It really doesn’t take much, and this is on there now for comparison. You notice that it’s not flexing around, I mean my legs are moving, but I can’t get them to pivot separate from the rifle you know. So if these actually were firmly pre uh planted, you’ve got a much more solid feel I’ve got just the tiniest little bit of play down here at the feet. Uh, where they’re pinned on and the leg inside, the main leg can pivot just a tiny bit um.

So, let’s be fair, we’ll go up. The second notch, yeah still much more solid, so I got to give it I got to give it to the harris. I think that the the magpul well not a bad bipod, for what it’s really intended for. I think that the qd version, not the sling swivel version, and I think it’s on an ar or an equivalent rifle where number one. This looks more appropriate. Two there’s no spring sticking out snag: there is less. You know this is a very sleek design, there’s less to get in the way, there’s less things to catch on things and it’s just a nicer, cleaner design.

The harris there’s a lot of little stuff sticking out. It’s it’s a better range item than it is running around in the field hunting where you’ve got a more controlled environment for hunting, okay for spot and stock, where you might need to deploy those legs quickly and quietly. That can be tough. On a harris. This I get the feeling that you know yeah. I can do that pretty quietly. Okay, trying to do that on the harris is much louder.

So I think I think that scenario goes to the the magpul. However, I do think I’m going to skip the extended test, because I think I’m going to return this uh, I really didn’t need another bipod. I was just hoping that this would be cool enough for me and and light enough to put on an ar and for me it’s not uh. I, but that’s that’s a. I think, that’s the role. I think that it is good for that job. I already own this and I am happy with it and I don’t need that super silent deployment.

I don’t need the sleeker design, I’m not running this through brush, it’s just not worth having spent the money. To be honest, so I think we’re going to skip the extended field test and I’m going to return this and get my money back and we’ll find someone else um. I really can’t swing the the cost on an atlas as a test. I don’t need one um, so hey. If somebody wants to send me an atlas bipod, I will test the crap out of it either non-destructively or somewhat destructively.

You know I can be gentle with it or I can see how much abuse they can take and I won’t try to destroy it, but you know I’m not gonna baby it. If that’s what what we agree on ah, but it was an interesting experience uh. I think that a lot of people are going to buy these, who just think it looks cooler than the harris, because certainly the harris is very old school okay harris is very old school. This is pretty new school. However, harris has had a long time to fine-tune this design and companies like larue have added their own little touches.

You know the qd attachment uh fine tuning this knob, you know it’s. It’s really come a long way and you can get harris bipods to do pivot pivot. You know you can you can get a much more free design? This one is relatively limited. You basically have side to side pivot this way, but there’s no turning, there’s no turret design so to speak. Um. Because again, I mostly use these at the range uh. If I’m going to shoot prone in a more dynamic environment, I’m probably free handing it or resting it on a bag or something like that, I’m not going to play around I’m not going to play around with a bipod anyway.

Take care, have fun, stay, safe, y’all and keep tuned stay tuned. We got more videos coming, say, hi.

XAegis Carbon Fiber bipod for long range shooting

XAegis Carbon Fiber bipod for long range shooting

  • Lighter, stronger-Carbon fiber is “soft outside and strong inside”, the weight is lighter than metal aluminum, but the strength is higher than steel.
  • High &low temperature resistance,corrosion&fatigue resistance-Carbon fiber bipod can be used to any environment, it can hold the rifle more stably and shoot more accurately.
  • Better hand feeling-The surface of the carbon fiber bipod is more slippery, the pattern looks more stylish. It feels better and experiences better, brings you unprecedented ease.
  • Easy installation-It comes with picatinny adapter and hex wrench, easy to install
  • Adjustable leg length, return sprping- Adjustable leg length (5 settings) with return springs, you could adjust the length to meet different needs when hunting.
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Package Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 2.6 inches; 13.62 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: XAegis
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

Hello, everybody welcome back to the world of me. My name is cougar, and this is another episode from the Amazon review series. We got another request in and just so happens it’s from a previous company. It is from ex agus and they they contacted us- and let us know that the previous item that they gave us the previous by pod- they actually upgraded and got a new variation on it.

So, let’s go ahead and open up the box here, find out what’s inside and kind of go over, what’s new about it, what you know what makes this a little bit better than maybe the last one, alright guys! Well, here we go here. It is right here and it is another bipod now this one is, it is the identical build in terms of the way that it works. It still has the the spring assembly here that locks it into the up or down position as well.

It does have the extendable legs that extend out from 6 to 9 inches there and they lock into place using these little these little recesses here you just use the the little button right there and slide it back in. There is a little spring right there. That’s what causes it to kind of shoot out like that. You can then, of course, adjust it to whatever length you want.

Those are roughly 1/2 inch increments, and then you can take and lock it all the way up, nice and tight. It does come with an adapter. Now this adapter is for a Piketty rail and/or, a pic rail I call it it comes where you can mount it to the the rail there. It does come with a wrench, and then you have this little piece down here which simulates the swivel on a on a rifle stock for the sling.

So you know you can take put this on not only something that has a pic rail, but on something more like a traditional hunting rifle that may not have that, but could have the the simple swivel piece now how that works is right. Here is where your stock would end up, going or the hand grip more so, and there is this section right here now you can see there is a little cross piece right there and that’s actually removable that cross piece.

Is there just kind of keep tension on on these other two pieces here that do fit down they fit down here they go into this little opening at the bottom, and then they attach down here at the bottom, where you have this kind of pivot pin here and then you have this tensioner, and this tensioner is what you use to tighten everything down. You of course, pull this out.

You would set it up so that it lines up to the opening in your pivot there and then screw that down it then slides down and as it slides down it squeezes those two pieces tight so that they clamp onto that and as they do, that they also since they’re, going down it’s bringing the base piece up against here and locking it down nice and tight so that it doesn’t want to move now.

The big thing that’s different about this model, then the previous model is this is actually carbon fiber. Now it’s going to be very difficult, I’m sure, for you, guys to see the actual texturing of the carbon fiber may be in the camera. Hopefully, hopefully we can get enough lighting on there. You can see at least a little bit of it. Now, of course, the carbon fiber is stronger and it is lighter than the previous model.

I can I mean picking it up. It’s so I can feel you know it’s ounces lighter than the previous model holding it just like this. So it’s definitely something that is going to make it easier to add to your to your rifle or long gun and keep it from making it overly heavy I mean, of course, a lot of a lot of rifles and long guns, especially if you have something like a wooden stock, they’re already really heavy and with a with adding on an additional piece, a bipod for example.

It’s definitely going to just make it that much more uncomfortable to carry all right now. I do have a another rifle. Actually, this is set up as a shotgun right now. This is a single shot that has a removable barrel and it does have the the same kind of pivot or what? What have you as as this does here, and so what we’re gonna do is I’m, going to go ahead and put that on here and we’re gonna set it and see if we can get it to mount to this, just to have a different, a different mounting point like I, said it’s the same kind of concept as mounting it to the pic rail adapter for the pic rail adapter.

Of course, you would just slide this open, make sure that it goes over top of and sits wherever you need it to be in the pic rail, using, of course, the bolt to set up into your little locking area and then just take and spin it down. So it’s nice and tight once you’re there, then you can go ahead and take your your bipod and clamp it to the the pin there and get it tightened up so that it sits on your pick rail, if that’s where you’re using it.

Alright, everybody! Well here we go. This is what it looks like on the gun on the rifle or well. This is set up as a shotgun right now, but there you go. It did locked down on there now the way this one’s set up its kind of small. This is a actually a youth model, one that’s good for backpacking, and things like that, where you can break it down and keep it into a small area, so the pin that’s, there is a little bit small, it’s very difficult to keep it on there, just because it’s not a full size, pin quite like this one, as this one’s just a little bit longer, has a little bit more room for movement and everything so but anyhow, so there we go, looks like that being set like that, and then, if we go ahead and flip the legs down here and there we go, we can of course set it like that and again you just take and tighten the thumbscrew here and that locks it into position there.

With this and a you know, pretty pretty simple and straightforward: it works fairly. Well, it’s it’s! On there, like I, said on this one, it’s not as secure as what it would be on. Maybe a full-size one. This little piece on the gun itself is a little bit loose and not quite right, but yeah. It’s not anything to do with the mount here. It’s actually with the pin and the way that it’s set in there I think if I were to maybe take and in a sense, knock off the front edge there and tighten that pin in a little bit more so that it was a little more secure.

This would set better. It’s just the fact that that pin on this on this gun isn’t really made to much as a swivel, it’s more of a locking mechanism to hold the grip onto the barrel, but it does work. The way it’s supposed to this is a great shooting position like this. You can, of course, take an angle up and down- and you know we can take in- let’s see we’ll extend these outs all the way and there you go.

You’ve got an nice, a nice high position there. You could, of course, be up on a on a Ridge or something like that and be taking your shot, maybe down the hill or something of that nature. If you guys want to check this out, you can go down there in the description below. We will, of course, have the link to the Amazon site in the page where this is at Forex agus also, while you’re down there don’t forget to check out our social media, and you know, leave a comment.

What do you guys think about this? It’s really nice, honestly, in my opinion, being so much lighter the fact that it is a carbon fiber very very for the most part, fairly simple use takes a little bit in maneuvering to get the the pins to line up there, but once they’re lined up it works great, you know it does it does its job and it’s you know it’s it’s ready to go so you know I I, definitely like it and, of course, once you’re done down there, don’t forget to head on back up hit that thumbs up button and also there’s going to be that little icon it’ll be floating down over there in the corner or you know, there’s gonna be that subscribe button down below.

If you guys haven’t already done it, please do so and I hit that little Bell icon so that you’re notified when we got new videos coming out here on world of me, alright guys well, my name is cougar. This is, of course, been another episode from the Amazon review series here on world of me. I would like to wish you all a good day and I will see you later bye.

Friends and knew I needed one for my rifle. It is a very stable and well-built bipod. If you are looking for a good budget, bipod visit the one for you I plan on getting another one for my next rifle belt, added. On top of that, these are great guys and very good cut. Hummer service I can’t wait to see what these guys come out with next.

This has a nice design with adjustable leg, lengths and spring tension. It has two mounting options for either mounting to a Picatinny rail, with the adapter or to the swivel pin for the rifle slash, gun, sling, simple, stable and easy to use. It has cool aesthetics with the carbon fiber design, which makes it light and strong really like this design and build makes it easy for prone shooting, elevated kneeling or sitting you.

Yo, what’s going on youtubers pump, you in here just doing the little video, and today we got an unboxing to do. This was actually a weird thing: I watched a couple videos dirt road and Kota boy 32. They did reviews on these and actually dirt roads was pretty freakin cool, believe it or not, and I got ahold of this company and talked down a little bit. I actually messaged him through Facebook and talked to them about their bipods, and they had a few different ones and I was interested in the one.

They got, one that says it’s: carbon, fiber and they’re relatively not that expensive and I talked to them, and it was kind of a weird thing. I was asking about reviewing one and talk to him, see if they did a discount on one or anything like that, and they went ahead and figured out a way. It was kind of weird on I did had to do it, but they figured out a way to get me one and to review it. So they pretty much sent this out to review, but it was really weird how I had to do it, and basically, oh my god, it just comes in the mail the other day.

Well go ahead and open it up. Unless you guys see it, it’s um I, don’t know how you even pronounce it it’s either X Aegis or is Aegis bipods. They make a bunch of different ones like I said they’re on the reasonable price and I just wanted something cheek for my 1022 or my other 22 I may stick it on one of my ar-fifteens I know that it’s sturdy enough to do that, but go ahead and open up unless you guys check it out and see it firsthand. Just so you guys know. This is exactly how it came in the box.

It was opened up just like this. What it’s the sages, carbon-fibre hunting, shooting bipod. This is the adapter for Picatinny rail. So it mounts through the sling stud, on your rifle and of your rifle doesn’t have a sling said well, what this does is mounts to a Picatinny rail and it lets you have a sling stud to mount the bipod or sling or whatever, and the rifles that I’m gonna be putting it on pretty much already have unless I throw it on. One of my other ARS I will be using this, but I’ll set this to the side.

That’s all that is is an adapter, but from the reviews and what I’ve seen these things are pretty freakin sturdy, pretty neat-looking too, like I said it’s the carbon fiber. They make a few different ones and yeah first off first hand: this is it this, isn’t the exist bipod as you can see just straight out of the box Wow they do come out. I, don’t know how these actually work for sure, but the legs do fold out there. We go just like that, and this is the release and put down yeah, but basically right here, this little plastic piece.

You unscrew this knob here and basically it opens up two little pins. Just like this, and it just mounts straight to your sling stud, this is just a rubber piece to protect those. That’s why it’s on there right now and yeah pretty solid little adjustable bipod. It comes out there pretty hard and you got your different positions. It’s one two three four I think there’s five total positions you can put it in or adjust its here or whatever, but uh yeah I mean just on a first glance and the springs are pretty freakin solid and, like I said what I’m going to be using this, for is a on my probably my target 1022.

That’s why I originally got it for so I can mount it on the bipod and yeah just gonna check it out. It does have rubber spacers here and I. Don’t know if it’s like this on all of them, but I did read some of the reviews and these rubber spacers. Sometimes if you leave them on there for a long long time will discolor and so I didn’t know about that. But I’ll be testing this out. The things are pretty sturdy. Pretty solid and I see like I, said dirt. Road did a review on one and destroyed it and I mean took it apart, and he they pretty much thought or knew that it was actually carbon fiber.

So anyway, that’s it check it out and it mounts you can mount it either forward or backwards. That’s one cool part about it. From what I’ve seen the the legs can either mount this way straight forward on the rifle, basically like this or they can mount backwards towards you on the rifle. I just depends on how you want to do it and yeah. That’s it anyway. Let me know what you guys think Thanks.

Anyways I will leave a link to the one after you if you decide that you, like it, I’m gonna, go through what you get and what I think about it. So, overall, this is a carbon fiber bipod, just like it’s advertised and it comes with a mount for a Picatinny rail. So if you want to put this on your AR, you can also, if you have your rifle like a swing, I, don’t know if you’re familiar with how iPods mouse, but they all mount the same.

Basically, there are two little fingers that come up like this and the higher up. They are the more they open, and then you hook them in and then, when you’re typing this enough on the bottom, it pulls them down as it pulls them down. They get closer together and tighter. So basically you loosen it all the way up spread them apart and you hook it on a little pin like so and after you hooked, you start to tighten the screw and well get closer and closer together.

Also, this has rubber pads right. This has some rubber pads, so it won’t scratch out the wood on your gun and also has holes down here. So you can reattach your sling I was worried. I was like oh man, drive to take off my sling I, don’t take off my sling, but you don’t have to take your sling. You simply just like that. Now I’ve a sling attached to the bipod. This is carbon fiber. You just kick the legs out, push the little button and it’s really lightweight I’ve said I’ve had I’ve seen them what my friend got one at Walmart.

This is way better than that. You can see right there, I mean it’s pretty solid and you cannot there’s there’s different settings. You can adjust I push this lever in click positively into a different height all the way down. That’s all the way down. Yeah you just press and press just like that or you can leave them, extend it. However, you feel- and actually, if you leave them, extend it that really isn’t too bad overall I feel like it’s quality product it’ll hold up, it’s lightweight doesn’t cost very much yeah I’m keeping it on I like it.

This is definitely worth it um, so there you have it once again. I will leave a link in the description below this video. If you want to see more videos like this go ahead and click the subscribe button and the most important thing is to hit the bell next to the subscribe button, because I don’t put out a lot of videos and most likely, if you subscribe, you’ll forget about me and YouTube will no longer promote or notify your subscribers when you post a new video.

So the only way you can get notifications to people you subscribe to is, if you hit the little red, if you hit the bell as well as hitting subscribe. Otherwise YouTube will never tell you when I put a new video out and because this video is about a gun most likely, they will D monetize and bury it anyways. So this is just a public service announcement or a you if you’re looking for a bipod I feel like this is a good one. That’s all I got remember thumbs up.

If you liked the video leave me a comment. Tell me if you’ve tried it and that’s all we got have a nice day. Remember survival is a state of mind.

Caldwell XLA Pivot 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting

Caldwell XLA Pivot 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting

Caldwell XLA Bipods provide a stable shooting support that conveniently attaches to almost any firearm with a sling swivel stud. The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, with legs that instantly spring out to the shooting position with the touch of a button. The legs are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. There is a connection point for sling attachment and multi-section legs that collapse forward allowing for convenient carry of the firearm. Soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability, while the padded bipod base protects the firearm’s forend.

  • DIMENSIONS: 6”-9” height and weighs 12 oz
  • ACCURACY: Notches are located on the legs for quick and easy indexing as well as an 18 degree bi-directional cant
  • EASE OF USE: Legs fold up for easy transport and will instantly spring out with the push of a button and the bipod mounts quickly on the forend sling stud
  • CONVENIENT: Lightweight, quick-deployment aluminum legs and slim profile for movement heavy or prone shooting
  • SECURE: Soft rubber feet for enhanced stability and a non-marring padded base for forend protection
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Product Dimensions: 4.84 x 12.17 x 2.24 inches; 4.8 Ounces
  • Item model number: 247142
  • Manufacturer: Caldwell
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

Twod Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting

Twod Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inch bipod for long range shooting


  • Twod Bipods have adjustable leg length (5 settings) with spring return and deploys quickly with the touch of a button.
  • Attaches to virtually any firearm with a swing swivel stud or picatinny / weaver rail.
  • Twod Bipods have adjusting swivel tilt-level to tilt from side to side for sniper aiming.
  • The soft rubber feet provide stability while the rubber padded base protects the rifle’s fore end.
  • The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, compact and durable.
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Manufacturer: Twod
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

Caldwell Handy Rest NXT bipod for long range shooting

Caldwell Handy Rest NXT bipod for long range shooting

The Caldwell Handy Rest NXT is an extremely versatile front rest. The innovative design includes a removable handgun support attachment that easily converts this rifle rest into a handgun rest. This rest is made of a non-marring yet durable material.

  • DIMENSIONS: 12 inch diameter, 9.5 inches L with handgun support. 3 inches of vertical cradle adjustment
  • ACCURACY: With vertical adjustability, a soft front cradle and a durable, reinforced construction, this rest is made for comfort and durability
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE: The rugged construction of this rest makes it virtually impervious to the elements. This rest also features soft, non-marring material in the front cradle
  • EASE OF USE: Adjustment knob is conveniently placed to allow for easy adjustments that do not require removing the gun from the rest
  • VERSATILITY: This rest features a removable handgun support that allows for use with pistols and revolvers, in addition to a rifle. This rest also features a front sling stud clearance groove
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 5 inches; 2.21 Pounds
  • Item model number: 574662
  • Manufacturer: Battenfeld
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

What is good, Bernadotte 4242 back on our on boxing, so let’s go ahead and hop right into it. Let’s start cut this thing open right here. Let me show you real quick. What we got right here. This is a Cadwell shooting supply, zero max shooting rest for siding in your gun, and it’s real good for a lot of things. So if you just bought a new rifle and you’re, not the status of shooting, you could always buy this thing.

I’ll help you open this thing up and see. What’s inside so here we go, we’re gonna, be opening this thing up there we go got that I, think! Well, you can hear there’s metal in here and looky. This is it right here? Let me get my knife back out and cut this bubble wrap. So basically looking like here’s this and here’s this and yeah I think that’s everything so uh I’m gonna do a quick, time-lapse, real, quick and I’ll see you guys when this thing is done, building alright guys, that’s it and it only took like five minutes.

All you had to do is attach this, and then this thing here right here you gotta, unscrew it and bolt it so uh. Let’s give this thing a review, but first let me go get my gun. Alright, guys is what it looks like with my gun on it. These are here is the lower it, and this right here is to adjust the windage, so you can move it left or right and it fits really good, and you can tell something news on my gun look closely when I say closely.

Look right here! Look at it! There see that new scope, I put on it. I got that for Christmas. Goke is av life 6 by 24 by 50. So it’s really good, and let me show you something real neat about it. It’s got all these adjustments like 10 yards, go, focus, focus ya, see right there 10 yards, and it goes all the way to infinity a hundred and fifty yards a hundred seventy-five or a hundred and seven a hundred, then 75, and that little dot is where you line it up.

And then here you got your elevation in your windage and you’re thinking. What’s this right here? Well, let me show you that right there. So you can see you can change the color and everything and let me flip it. The red look: there’s five settings: that’s the brightest on red and here’s the brightest for green and look. You can see the mill dots there’s each individual mil-dots, it’s like. If you can make a slightly adjustment, you can see right there and that things for like elevation.

So if you need a raise or going up, you can and everything- and this is a break bow and if you’re wondering what type of gun this is. Let me show you so this is basically what it looks like that gun right. There I’ve not done a review on it, but I will do a review on if it clears up today. I’ll make two videos, maybe even three for you guys since I’ve posted in two weeks, but this is a bear. River, 1400, FPS, pellet gun, break barrel gun and you can get off Amazon and if you’re wondering where do you break it? It’s pretty obvious right here.

You just hit this down. This comes up clock it and then put your it in here and then snap, it back and then you’re ready to fire and if you’re wondering where the safety is. This is safety off on off on. You want to make sure your safety is on when you’re shooting this thing, because this thing can kill a person and it’s 1 400 feet per second way faster than a 22 short long rifle so yeah. Well guys, uh I can’t really do a review on this, like shooting everything, cuz uh.

Let me show you mother, nature, ain’t, real, happy right now! Look! It’s all rainy and ugly I can’t do a review on it, but uh. If it does clear up by tomorrow. What I’ll do is I’ll set it up on that stump right over there. You can barely see it and then I made a target right there and there’s a plate. Can you see that up there that plate right? There gently dropped it and it messed up my windage anything so I have to basically resize it in and then yeah then we’re good first squirrels and everything so uh I will catch you guys on the next video hope you guys enjoy this video hit the like button and peace.

Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen3 bipod for long range shooting

Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen3 bipod for long range shooting

Like every Trigger Stick, the new Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 adjusts to your desired height with just one hand and the pull of a trigger. The new Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock makes it easier than ever to switch from gun to optics and back again. Smoother panning action helps you rotate, scan and find your perfect shot effortlessly. It’s the next level of Trigger Stick to give you the next level of confidence in every shot in all terrain – standing, sitting, or kneeling!

  • New Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock
  • New Contoured Grip with No-Slip Backbone
  • Strengthened Rotating Joint for Smooth Panning
  • New Heavy Duty look with Dark Earth Accents
  • Adjusts from 24″ to 61″
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Product Dimensions: 46 x 6 x 3 inches; 1 Pounds
  • Item model number: 65814
  • Manufacturer: Primos
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting

Ade Advanced Optics Hunter’s 13 bipod for long range shooting

Ade Advanced Optics Hunter's 13 bipod for long range shooting

This is a light spring metal bipod for shotgun/rifle ect., the spring legs can be adjusted and you can pulling the leg from 9″ to15″.Rubber Padded on Top to Protect Forend of shotgun/rifle. Spring Loaded Foldable Legs are Notched to Extend to Multiple Lengths.Soft Rubber Feet Provide Enhanced Stability While The Padded Bipod Base Protects The Firearm’S Forend Very Light Weighs 13-Ounces Extra Picatinny Rail adapter included. A $10 value.

  • Quality manufactured with cold forged hardened steel and 7075 T7 alloys. These bipods are the heavy duty version with thicker stronger reinforced legs, Heavy Gauge Steel Full Cradle, Heavy Duty Springs. It can handle the heaviest magnum recoil.
  • the spring legs can be adjusted and you can pulling the leg from 13″ to23″
  • Hinged bases have tension adjustment to eliminate tremor. Bipods have an all-weather black heavy duty anodized finish.
  • Attaches to sling swivel stud and comes with WEAVER/PICITINNY RAIL ADAPTER.
  • Very Light Weighs 14.1-Ounces
  • bipod for long range shooting

  • Package Dimensions: 15.9 x 3.4 x 2.6 inches; 1.15 Pounds
  • Item model number: 13-23″ bipod
  • Manufacturer: Ade Advanced Optics
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping.
  • Type: bipod for long range shooting


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