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7 Good Gun Maintenance – Solvents, Lubes, & Bluing

The durability of your firearm and accuracy of shooting are depending on the proper taking care of the gun.

All cleaners at this page contain a combination of ingredients that can simultaneously cut through copper fouling that accumulates during shooting and heavy layers of carbon.

Take a look at TOP-7 items for gun maintenance.

Top 7

Uncle Mike's® Gun-Tite Tube Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil® Stock Finish G-96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover Hoppe's Gun Medic Aero Cleaner and Lube Fix Birchwood Casey Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue
Uncle Mike's® Gun-Tite Tube Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil® Stock Finish G-96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover Hoppe's Gun Medic Aero Cleaner and Lube Fix Birchwood Casey Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue
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Brand Hoppe's Birchwood Casey Birchwood Casey Birchwood Casey - Uncle Mike's -

Uncle Mike's® Gun-Tite Tube

  • Welds on scope mounts;
  • Tightens loose or worn screws;
  • Anchors swivel bases;
  • Can be easily removed.

Uncle Mike's Gun-Tite Tube Welds on scope mounts, tightens loose or worn screws, anchors swivel bases, etc. Can be easily removed. 6-ml. resealable tube.

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP

  • Cleans and protects your firearms in one easy step;
  • Penetrates deep to free stuck parts and clean;
  • Provides long-lasting protection from rust;
  • Great for general shop and home use.

Clean, lubricate and protect your firearms in one simple step. Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP uses high-grade additives that dissolve powder residue, old lubrication and other contaminants. It penetrates deep into rust to clean neglected firearms and free-up rusted parts and actions. CLP's superior anti-wear additives reduce friction and wear. The special formulation leaves behind a waterproof, super-slick layer of protection against future rust and corrosion caused by handling, fingerprints, moisture and harsh environments, including saltwater. Used by major firearms manufacturers to coat and protect firearms prior to shipping, the solvent-based aerosol contains a unique drying agent that leaves your firearm clean and protected without any gummy residue. Made in USA.
Available: 11 oz. aerosole.

This is a viewer-requested review of Lucas Extreme Duty CLP.

I will test the product's ability as a powder solvent and as a corrosion inhibitor. I have prepared the steel plate by sanding to 400 grit degreasing with brake cleaner and separating into three sections.

I have a new assistant to help burn the powder. Let's fire it up. Here are close-ups of the burnt powder. I applied hoppe's number nine to one. Section and the lucas clp to two sections. I let the plate soak for five minutes. I really like that clock. I scrub the hoppy section with a brass brush and wiped with a clean patch.

After cleaning the brush with brake cleaner I repeated the process with one of the Lucas sections. I gave the remaining Lucas section 25 more minutes of soak time after cleaning the brush I scrubbed and wiped the last section. Here are close-ups of each section. The lucas clp did little to dissolve the burnt powder what powder was removed from the sections was due to the scrubbing and wiping the extra soak time.

Did not seem to help either irie sanded degreased and sectioned the steel plate. I mixed one teaspoon of kosher salt with one cup of water.
I used a clean patch to apply a firm of wd-40 to one section and the Lucas clp to another.

The middle section was left untreated. With the plate held vertical I sprayed each section with the salt spray. Here are close-ups of each section after spraying. I let the plate soak for 24 hours. Here are close-ups of each section. After 24 hours I was surprised that the wd-40 section showed signs of corrosion. The Lucas section was in great shape. So I found that the Lucas extreme duty clp performed similar to break free rem oil. And otis 85 all of these products are able to prevent corrosion. But are not able to dissolve burnt powder.

As well as the Hoppe's number 9 the Lucas clp had a thinner consistency compared to break free and the otis 85. I would say it was more similar to the ram oil.

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil® Stock Finish

  • Blend of linseed and natural oils resists water;
  • Won't yellow, cloud or crack with time;
  • Time-saving fast-drying design.

Whether you're building from the ground up or refinishing an old stock, Birchwood Casey's Tru-Oil Stock Finish uses a blend of linseed and natural oils to protect the wood from moisture without unsightly yellowing, clouding or cracking. Fast-drying formula saves you time.
Size: 32 oz.

G-96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil

Approved for use by the U.S. Army for maintaining both large- and small-caliber weapons systems. Effective in temperatures from -74°F to 350°F. CFC- and VOC-free. Biodegradable and nonflammable.
Size: 4-oz. bottle.

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Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover

A safe, reliable solution that removes rust and old blue easily and quickly without damaging base metal. Safe for removing old finish from firearms, muzzleloaders and antiques. Also excellent for removing rust from tools, gauges and precision instruments. Blue and rust removal is necessary before reblueing or browning.
Size: 3 oz.

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Hoppe's Gun Medic Aero Cleaner and Lube Fix

  • All-in-one bio-based spray ideal for quick cleaning;
  • Cleaner evaporates in 60 seconds
  • Thin layer of lube left behind protects against corrosion
  • Extremely cold- and heat-resistant formula

Bring dirty, malfunctioning firearms back to life with Hoppes' all-in-one bio-based Gun Medic Cleaner and Lube Fix. Perfect for carrying out a quick clean when you're short on time, this aerosol spray cleanses and lubricates in one simple step and evaporates in 60 seconds, leaving only a thin layer of lube behind to protect against the most punishing corrosion. Cold- and heat-resistant from -65°F to 500°F.
Available: 4-oz. aerosol, 10-oz. aerosol.

Birchwood Casey Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue

  • Touch-up or complete reblue;
  • Extra strength for hardened steels.

Birchwood Casey's Super Blue is a double-strength solution that blues highly polished and hardened steels containing nickel and chrome alloys (except stainless), giving your firearms the look you want. The blackest blue on the market.
Size: 32 oz.

Following the easy steps of virtual kc's Perma Blue Liquid gun blue kit will keep the metal of your firearm rust free and protected.

Included in the kit is virtue Kc's cleaner degreaser, blue and rust remover, and Perma Blue. Also included is wet/dry sandpaper, a sponge blue and Gobber's service cloth, and barricade wipes. After you have disassembled your firearms.

Clean all the metal parts with the included sponge saturated and cleaner degreaser. Make sure to thoroughly clean all metal parts and then rinse with water. You can now remove rust and/or bluing with the blue and rust remover. Saturate one of the dobbers in the solution and apply it to the metal parts with a small pad at steel-wool polished.

The metal lightly to remove rust and old bluing. Continue this process until the metal is gleaming. The metal has deep scratches or pitting sand. The areas with sandpaper followed by a steel wool polish to smooth it out. Make sure the metal is completely clean of rust and no bluing before moving to the next step.

Next reapply the cleaner degreaser scrub with a sponge and rinse again with water. Now this point of the process try to avoid touching the metal with your finger tips to prevent markings on the meta when it comes to the bluing process.

Now when it's time to start the bluing process timing is very important. You can work on sections of metal rather than the entire piece using a dawber in the Perma Blue. Apply on entire surface, allow the Perma Blue to stay on the metal for no more than one minute. Then rinse it with water and wipe dry. It's better to leave it on for less time because you can always go back and repeat the process if you would like a darker finish after ordering rinsing.

Polish the metal with fine steel wool and look at the coverage of bluing. If there is streaking or you want a darker finish repeat the bluing process after you finish the bluing process. Wipe down all metal parts with barricade wipes and allow curing overnight.


The benefit features of cleansers and other agents which you can find above are:

  1. No harsh smelling chemicals;
  2. Agents will not damage the finish and blueing of your gun;
  3. Significantly reducing adhesion of debris to the surface of your firearm.

All of these items are inexpensive and available for online purchasing.