7 The Best Military Boots

  1. Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force
  2. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts
  3. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat
  4. Danner Men’s Tachyon
  5. NORTIV 8 Men’s Tactical
  6. Reebok Men’s Rapid Response
  7. Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen
TOP #1
Maelstrom Men's Tac Force military boots
Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force military boots

  • Textile and Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 8″ from arch
  • Boots are available in multiple colors (black, tan) and styles (side zipper, waterproof, insulated)
  • Polishable full grain leather and nylon upper for a professional look. Breathable, moisture wicking lining
  • Durable rubber outsole engineered for maximum grip on various terrain
  • military boots
TOP #2
Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts military boots
Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts military boots

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.75″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 10.5 around
  • Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction
  • military boots
TOP #3
Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat military boots
Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat military boots

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch
  • Vegan
  • Goodyear welt stitching
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • military boots
TOP #4
Danner Men's Tachyon military boots
Danner Men’s Tachyon military boots

  • 100% Leather/Nylon
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from arch
  • Removable insole
  • Shank Material is made up of Nylon
  • military boots
TOP #5
NORTIV 8 Men's Tactical military boots
NORTIV 8 Men’s Tactical military boots

  • Rubber sole
  • The combat boots only weigh about 540g
  • Breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry
  • Dynamic 3-sole system: (1) Removable, shock-absorbent cushion in-sole offers supportive all-day comfort. (2) Flexible EVA mid-sole reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock; (3) Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant rubber out-sole
  • military boots
TOP #6
Reebok Men's Rapid Response military boots
Reebok Men’s Rapid Response military boots

  • 100% Leather/Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 7.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 2″
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25″
  • Composite safety toe cap
  • Adjustable circumference
  • military boots
TOP #7
Skechers Men's New Wascana-Benen military boots
Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen military boots

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75
  • Black leather/textile
  • Memory foam
  • Closure Type – Lace-Up
  • military boots

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force military boots

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force military boots

  • Textile and Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 8″ from arch
  • For every pair of Maelstrom boots we sell, we donate 1 dollar to the Boot Campaign, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life improving programs for veterans and military families nationwide to bridge the divide between military life and civilian life.
  • Boots are available in multiple colors (black, tan) and styles (side zipper, waterproof, insulated). Backed by a one year manufacturer warranty. Sizes generally run true.
  • Polishable full grain leather and nylon upper for a professional look. Breathable, moisture wicking lining. Durable rubber outsole engineered for maximum grip on various terrain. YKK heavy duty side zipper with closure for fast on and off.
  • Removable, shock absorbent cushion insert for all day comfort. Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort and protection. Semi rigid heel and toe reinforcement to retain the shape of the boot.
  • military boots

  • Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.8 x 4.6 inches; 1.24 Pounds
  • Item model number: TAC FORCE 8” ZIPPER-M
  • Manufacturer: Maelstrom Footwear
  • Type: military boots

Perfect, this is what I’ve been looking for, usually getting this out of another store, but they ran out so I tried. I, said this: guy’s video on Amazon see how the heel kind of goes lower. Here, it’s very good for you back and makes you bet it makes your heels drop down. When that happens, all the muscles on the backs of your legs lower back just just it’s hard to describe they just drop down. So you kind of go like that. It makes a nice arch the heels a little lower and that affects your entire spine.

All the way up to your neck, the muscles and your shoulders neck. Everything drops down. Those are taking a little bit to get worn in I have neck and back injuries. So I like boots like this, it’s soft rubber I could push my finger into it. It’s not so soft that it’s weakened what will wear out, but it’s soft, so that I can press on it kind of like a rubber tire but softer. So that’s good for you back to its I, don’t like the new hard, almost plastic, tight, soles and a lot of boots.

This is the old-fashioned good one and they’re lightweight, no steel toe, so you’re, not having that heaviness on your foot all day, how’s. The zipper I prefer no zipper, because this kind of boot is so easy. I keep I adjust the strings like this. The laces after I wear it a few times it adjust. So all I have to do. I don’t have to bend down nothing I just slipped, my foot right into it. It feels it’s just so perfect. The way you can get your foot on in and out of it I added this to the back.

So when they’re new, sometimes I can’t just put my foot I need to pull it a little bit so they’re wearing, but it’s very easy. They also supply a piece here. It comes like this. Let its strong leather, you can tell it’s not gonna. Wear out like with some boots, I buy at a cheaper store. This thing you can tell it’s gonna last a long time. It’s to pull the boot off I put this, make it easier. Let’s see what else I’ll show you the sole inside, getting it dirty already it’s nice and thick, and it’s but it’s like the boot itself.

It’s it’s not hard! So it’s not pushing the heels up and making your back curve and get tight. It’s nice and soft, but it’s a good thick sole under that in when I buy boots. Because of my back I always dig up this piece inside and that’s nice soft rubber. But it’s thick, you can tell it’s gonna last a long time and I pull out this arch support thing. Some people like to keep it in I like to take it out, because the true arch support is supposed to be kind of curved to make your arch go up a little, but not too much or you throw out your bones and your ankle, but I, just throw in my own arch supports the whole thing.

So that’s the boot. This is killing. I bought the black ones, as you can see, comes with a nice bag. I’ve never bought boots that come with a tote bag. For boots, it’s got a string on it. I thought that was cool okay, as you can tell, by the way, I’m speeding through this I’m kind of busy. So off we go thanks. Amazon I, don’t have to go to the stores on the buses over it over it’s been a year and they still haven’t had my size or that my brand, so I’m gonna stay with the Amazon for boots.

Now. Thank you.

Hello guys this is Jaco from muddy tiger outdoors hope, everybody’s doing red today, we’re gonna, do a quick review today, say: Mike, quick, I! Guess today we’re going to be talking about the Maelstrom tack force 8 inch boot. This is something that I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a hold of these and make review, use them wear them. You know, take him hiking he’s what they were meant to be used for so I’ve been definitely wearing these for almost a week and almost pretty much every day, just to kind of test them out.

They look used a little bit dirtiest because I’ve definitely been given them a good test just to see what they’re, all about so before I get into detail. Giving you my opinion of what I think of the boots I’ll give you some of the quick facts about the boots, as you can tell just as the previous model that I reviews the Lancia beta inch. These also have a side zipper right here and it’s a little bit different than the other model. It’s a little bit more rugged zipper.

It’s also. It’s got a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort, and then we tell you these are definitely definitely comfortable they’re cemented construction with a toe stitched. So this is stitched right here and all this right here is cemented very, very sturdy, very well made for sure composite shank for support and stability. So you know, you definitely don’t feel like you know, you’re, you’re, sticking weird or that you’re off balance at all I mean these are.

These are definitely very well made, of course, as all of the models or boots shoe wear made by Maelstrom. These are slip and oil resistant. So you really, if you step on water, if you happen to step on oil or gasoline you’re, not gonna slip. Another aspect of these boots that, in my opinion, a lot of other brands or manufacturers kind of overlook it. It’s the Deanne soles. You know this is what you’re stepping on this is what you’re standing on for hours in a day- and this is very very important to my opinion to talk about these.

These are shock-absorbing molded, and these are high-performance removable, so you can definitely take them out and clean them out now. These are very, very cushy, very, very comfortable, very flexible, and you know if they to me they feel like they support your heel. Very, very well. So I definitely like this. Now all the materials they’re antibacterial and moisture wicking, guys I’ve seen my other video that I have, but these are the Maelstrom landship moved again, a very nice looking boot made by same quality and same materials, and these are definitely definitely a very top-of-the-line boot and just come make like a little comparison.

This is the tech force booster, so you probably tale very, very similar different collar. This is the tan and I believe this is the desert or coyote tan, whatever it’s called there. Definitely definitely very well made or differences is that these are waterproof. These are not. These are very breathable, as you can tell, there’s two little holes right there for ventilation and to you know, make sure that you’re getting enough air in your foot, so these are probably meant to be worn in very hot weather desert.

Maybe these are meant to be worn. Pretty much anywhere. They’re, waterproof, I, haven’t quite tested, see how waterproof they are, but you know based on on what they look like I’m sure these are very, very waterproof once again. I apologize for the dirt and the wear in these, but, like I, said up and I’ve been definitely using in my I took him a couple times hiking out to a local park here, and you know they perform very well. So my experience so far is that also very very lightweight they’re comfortable to wear I think the longest period of time that I’ve worn these so far is pretty much for close to 8, maybe 9 hours, all kinds of terrain, third mud grass, definitely and they’re comfortable they’re, very lightweight I was showing them to my mom the other day, and you know she thought they were cool and she picked him up and she definitely realized that they were not as heavy as they look.

These are a little bit deceiving as far as weight. I mean it’s a it’s. A very sturdy, boot very well constructed, but very lightweight. So you know you kind of forget that you’re wearing a boot, in fact, the only thing that reminds you that you’re wearing a boot is this part right here, because you feel it high on your ankle, but definitely very comfortable. These are also offered in black black leather. You know: they’ve got two callers on trails. This is the tan model same pass.

This other model, the landship. Let me show you this. This is a difference that I found a little bit interesting. The zipper right here, I, don’t know if you can tell, but the zipper it’s a lot more fine, a lot more I guess smaller. It looks a little bit more delicate, not that it is, but that’s what it looks like now. This other zipper definitely a little bit different a little bit more rugged. You know it looks pretty tough, it works great zips right up, and this is one of my favorite features of these boots.

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why I picked them, because you know you don’t even have to untie your shoelaces. You can just zip them or unzip them, and you know, take your foot right out. So my opinion is, if you’re looking for a boot, that it’s not going to break your bank, something that is very, very durable. It’s gonna last for years, I’m sure with proper care. Definitely definitely looking to these the company that makes them it’s an American company and their I think they’re based on Virginia somewhere in Virginia I.

Think if these these are really well designed, really well made. You know: I’ve seen comparable foods out there in stores and online, mainly on Amazon, since that’s my main source of shopping- and you know, they’re they’re. Definitely a lot more expensive I mean there’s some other ones out there for 100 bucks, 120, sometimes even 150 dollars, and that’s in your budget, that’s great, but these usually go for about 50, something maybe 60 something dollars which is you know for what it’s worth? It’s definitely definitely a good buy.

So here’s uh there’s a little bit of a more data right there. That’s the model, number I think, and these are some of the features there. This is where I took my information from so anyway. I hope you found this video useful I’m, definitely very happy with these boots. If you have any questions, please let me know if you liked the video please press on the like button and if you like what you see if you like to see more of my videos, please subscribe, I, hope everybody’s having a great day like I, said before, and we’ll see you guys next time.

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts military boots

Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts military boots

Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”. Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction. Full Support During Use: UA ClutchFit ankle support system contours & supports. Men’s Military & Tactical Boots: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) toe cap for added protection. Long-Lasting, Resistant Boots: These Under Armour boots for men have a welded polyurethane (PU) film that surrounds the perimeter for abrasion resistance.

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.75″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 10.5 around
  • Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction
  • military boots

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 6 inches; 2.5 Pounds
  • Item model number: 3021034
  • Manufacturer: Under Armour
  • Type: military boots

Yeah god, what’s up guys, welcome back to another, can we say show show another show on the tactical agent today we’re going to be going over the under armour valve sets. I guess that’s how you pronounce it. Biosets v-a-l-s-e-t-z, 1, 5 tactical boots, love these things before we get into it number one. Please do listen to the podcast, the tactical agent podcast links will be in the description.

Follow me on pinterest. Follow me on twitter. I greatly appreciate it and if you would like to get one of these ronin tactical shirts, I will leave a link into the description. Dude’s got a great channel, very helpful information. Please do check him out as well subscribe to his channel y’all. Let’s get into this all right, so guys we’re going to give you um a closer up view of these shoes um.

Once again, these are the under armour. Vial sets 1 5, and I can tell you right now I had I had a pair of under armours back when I was in law enforcement. I don’t think it was the same model shoe, but they were enormous and they were some of the most comfortable pair of boots. I’ve ever put on my foot um. The first thing that I like about them is the comfortability of walking with these shoes, and I had to walk a lot hitting clocks in the hallways.

When, when I worked inside the jail facility, um jailhouse, I could wear these 12 hour shifts and these never hurt my feet. They are very, very comfortable as these particular boots. Here you can see the near material here. The cushion down there is very, very comfortable. The second thing that I like about these boots are effect of how lightweight they are, when I say, extremely lightweight, extremely lightweight these may these may be maybe a pound if that, together, you may be talking about.

If you said a pound and a half a piece, a purse shoe these shoes. These boots may be three pounds all together. The grip on the bottom see almost like a diamond looking texture to them. Very when I say grip, you ain’t, you aren’t slipping with these shoes. You’re not slipping at all the grip is, is amazing um I’ve these a couple of times already, since I got them in um, you can see the the foam padded cushion here seems very durable as far as the um sewing goes and the stitching it looks very doable this.

The shoe strings are um extremely well made um. No, that you ain’t gonna worry about those gotta worry about those friend or uh tearing or breaking there. It’s very a very well made boot um. As you see I got some. I got some dirt in there from doing some walking around these are the camo boots here test it. This is considered a tactical boot.

I wanted something to go with my that I could go to the range with I can wear on a daily basis and be comfortable. Now I never wouldn’t been one to sweat much but last few years as an insurance agent out in the field summer, hot even with I guess you could say, church shoes on you know nice church, attire, slacks. My feet would sweat a lot in those shoes, even with the then church shoes on oh church socks on, but these I have right now.

I have a pur pair of thick red skin socks, they’re very big. My brother bought them for me for christmas last year and they’re thick on top of this shoe and my feet have not sweated at all. In these shoes, not sweaty at all, they’re, very breathable, extremely lightweight and they’re very well made like I see the shoe strings and, of course the color um is right on point um.

Let you get to see the normal side here, where the logo is located. One of the most comfortable pair of boots that I have on have ever worn. I’ve worn the 511s I’ve worn some of the other name brands out there and they could not even come close to these under armour valve sets 1 5 tactical boot, telling you guys if you’re looking for a tactical boot that is comfortable.

That is breathable that is well made and it is extremely light. You don’t have to feel like you’re walking around with those water boots on that. Just clog you and clog you down and weigh you down. This is the boot for you, I’m telling you this is a boot, for you I mean for a hundred dollars. You can’t beat a boot of this quality 400 bucks um when I got the on armors back in the day when I were when I was in law enforcement, you know those those will set you back anywhere from 150 to 170 bucks, but these 100 bucks and I’m good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this video um. If you would please like comment subscribe share this video, if you got any friends in law enforcement military, do share this video with them extremely extremely comfortable. Now these are size 11’s, oh another thing before I let you guys go, I like a boot or shoe, because I have big feet. I wear size 11’s in some shoes, um 11 and a half and others depending on how to made have two purple timberlands.

That’s that’s the boost that I normally wear is tumbling boots. I have one purse 11 and have another pair, that’s a 11, 5 or 12. So, depending on where it’s made determines um how well it fits my foot, but I love a boot or a shoe that makes my foot smaller than what it looks smaller than what it actually is. The timberlands don’t do that for me, but these boots definitely do that for me that it makes my foot look smaller and I absolutely love it.

I’ve worn these uh, like I said a couple of times out in the field working as an insurance agent, going to see my clients, which means getting in and out of my car walking up to the houses in the neighborhood door, knocking and never a problem whatsoever with these boots feet. Don’t doesn’t hurt my feet’s not sore. At the end of the day I can come home and my feet are fine, as if I haven’t hadn’t even been at work.

So once again hope you like this video links, will be in the description. There’s a detective wager telling you train hard, train smart stay in the fight.

In today, agf you guys can see another pair of andere arme boer en dit is wel vet rts one point for now. If I do have time to waste over, you understand it: moeder tennis, lang manager, zul, je wanting zo dus geen, be quickly euphoria, the feeling to buy this button. You looking ahead and grey boots, dergelijk door hen en bij een, but keep in mind this book and running bolero bit chesten little bit.

Small zo uit devil recommend you to get gave site dikker en normale you we, they have’ size, vegan, ready for de boot, zo voor, dit boek go for full 5, bigger, then make sense, lamy quickly, clare, finally, mixen oké, zo, mijn provider, forenst tome. I am highly go and really good advice to get online hiking boots online, minuten, reboot, botsing general would have some have site.

Nou een gave site bigger, then use them. Enorm of sucesso voor, zappen, mijn, oom of hoe, cijfers, mijn, een, half zo. My boots, ijs hoe bied hem bad. But how is this book massages en en hackers die? Doe een looks more than you oké douwe tijd dus under armour wel set archie s, one point: faisel of green twitter journaal. This review die specifiek leave for our ultimate survival, boet section with a tactical flash minuten reboots zo weduwe heftig eric doet chanson des lys, dikke, said you’d.

Think your ultimate survival situations and I ving dit, is in volgens for rumble. Moet bief staf daar is onze in bolt in tactical and military, je noodsituatie tactical een, militaire keer, goed, 4, applicable zo lets sokken banden kree theorie, yes, vetarm clickable to really any body, but specifiek lead to our ultimate survival. Brute seks oké number one of the level of kamfer zo to test uit de level of kamper op de voet, hij deed er, vijf mijl wolk en driemaal rond de toren, werd hij was about seven two towers, wit ouch in this brutal, complete laat me jullie, weg, dit, doet of fury, vericon verbod, in fact uit dit de reviews.

If you, if you add your subscription de shell uit dit de review of teller tag van under armour dozer onze tactical boots from under armour in they were not ask of voetbal is dus. Woensel dus was of devil ik de familie en improvement day of light weight. So I was very easy to run in them for free maals, moet uitstappen in juli van dit de taart mijn feed budget haar in die. Krullen de barrel is weer flexible.

I was very naast nou en anders vinden ramone toen mensen hier dat des contribute to become for global op dat bloed die thumping der I’m not put met before it’s pretty cool nou ik us know: er is n special innersoul other special innersoul technologie kultur volgt moet, je suis soort hoedjes na is om. Uw feed, wil, dus, moet, doen, advies gedempt gedemonteerd heb de ridderzaal is kamfer-boom.

Hier is zo’n, idee. Sorry jelly na this crazy jelly, leuk, voor, drempels, catchers, coaches, aan de vleugel, be too much. I know after after weer in je bloed voorbeeld, yellow flowers, je start feeling, like you were inger kkn dior, santing skills, hoe, je zo dus innersoul is good, but what under armour dit is d&ad het vet cotton, candy, texture, om de trap of you to use of this area, rivier feels green eyes and soft om.

Your feed and hefbed spongy feel to which I’m not seen in a feeling at in other boots, zo worden de ethiek rieten sofa wraparound feeling around you feel it is really nice one. Ever you running whenever wanneer je working for a very long time, duffeling mix dit difference and contribute to become verloop en zo over rol eijsink. If you get them in the right size, dus boots, you will, you will really really loved them.

Whenever I kan slapen der lilac zijden parasol is flexibel de herder extra cool feature, om de trap, op het, zo, kritisch, awesome, oké trio’s, onze over uw app die. We sallied mijn aan het zijn, we never comes to recover. Oké is zo weer daan trokken. We de cover was ook een rollerball, proving en voor zullen deze machine zeebad, proving’ dus doe daarna worden proef, je bent dat ik doe hem dus xtandit is u kunt zie klaas acteurs chef, chef, bij de biomass, er, soms eventjes niks point-7 die vijf soldeer na tutorial, not like your een inch shabu der schüler, but never les dit doel heavily doofheid moet, je snijdt ik nu die extra protection for your feet.

Budget en voorstelling proving dus nog maar checken, vind ik, als de arena, toren proef die arnoud, je nou daarna der tijden, really any team zelf was moe van axel nummer drie is de kolonie en de de war, nee tussen de bollen hij won toen mensen bontinck you you’re, going to amazon en en de link is, is een descried level. I recommend you to go and check out chica de reviews check on request.

You will find a deur en ladder reviews. There are complaining about de beeldkwaliteit dat dat, moet doen dat last night. I guess I keep in mind that happens to everybody. Oké many features the facts: heb een to ever by joseph f accidentally. Er was een allah en nep bloed pull up kilo in die, serie a busy de serie is gonna be within. It should be no ik dasn’t, minder de boost en zelfs al ghul quality, or that under armour mix propeller ebook over dus particulier nadeel is propeller.

Je deze minder under armour is de shows company and, of course, they have huge amount of project en bandje de fun, factory, sologirl zo. Of course, je noden de beagle, your de moeders chant of loafing schuur en dare to go zo doen josh de boetes is je derde minder santing in in in de few days. After a few words, you notice that there something I don’t get the idea that there something with de boer, just exchange for the fair and ensure your problem will be.

Your I zal did is een obama jong en experience agenda bloed en wil expressive, elina, sp, robot, frome, red wing shoes oké en us know, which you can be en de met. Meezingen meting product en duwen, redder tas is waterproof en de burgers. Waar, je moet, je snappen de macho word er. Is you think about it? Ddb start het league en trudy bed lig en na het hiernamaals ook in about door een in de regering in trok, hier, nooit, ook een about the no one.

Ever you working through one inch’, the quarter, which is not flink de woorden gettin troep in zei dat de innersoul, many features the fact a cold and red wing shoes. They they were placed in bad en brood oké, jane oké dan was de kwade de wijn icing dus er borrel wie best morgen nog be back luke tactical fles military bloed, 30 ouder driving dus blue caps en door de ven tijd zo of rollende qualie en de wijn aws alles van haar het en hi cookiewet morag met een, barbie girl.

You know some negatieve reviews, hij ging, ander, marmer, niet te tikken looked into their je nou mijn vectoring kent tikje, rolde van middelbrand dat de emmer en de oké zullen zoeken waarbij elk soort trucs en een stabieler I en de a soul. Hier is uw. Vakantie is creed ii, junius free the interesting die of ander boerderij zien outsole ik dit was actually the under armour feller tag: ja.

He zoals ik, nooit, eerder, bod, zo, lekker ze, the council is very flexible, is green eyes, door. Rubber is very soft own. It which final crisis en question to know about the protection 3d view from penetration. If you step en thumping sjerp en dan 1000 zien, like schoon rubber case als, je kunt, je eventjes simpele cruise mij samoerai en je promo’s vroeger waar, we get up a of rol en functie die series.

I know which uniek in die die spray die, borsato, oké nou, my task force, om antarmana’, faalt owner at rotom, redgrass onder zijn en zo nieuws nieuws over place en in en dus dus, warm soul. The sourcing microfoon very well and older than this special ieper van realy londen sent a problem. I koos de rivier il a of aggression and this little group a progressive but never letters de school views, flat service, moet, overhelt, om een, shiny services like for simple tile, decor gigi, onder, tellers, wel zo, you know for security officers deadline.

Greenport moment 18 dit is dit, is een, pretty good hoe to go for web artikel. Oké sal nummer vijf is de temperature, nou subs probably already know my test. Heb een boel in een floor de giet, je was bar en riep de global warming, hele straf bad bad dit bos, dit doel, heftruck, moet, men selection, het diana barry. You know there is no insulation. Wind alicia insulation, deur dicht en er, is het waar of really een.

I feel so you, your feed, devil, ik, viel mij, is in cool en andere dingen mannen te mensen dus bully feel more like na reboot. Dit is more sneaker. Whenever you were no one ever you groningen, menso live in de depri godin der de bar oké zo number six mile is is de sizing. I’m already mentioned above running in lobith small zo get half-size bigger. Then you’re already has a bigger boat, chauffeurs apple of your normal to spice heeft, nine, je moet woont.

U hier de boel. Dit is mijn een, hp, motul, binnenwerkse space for your toes wildeman hebben you going down de heel. Your to do is naar banking, om de france, pike’s ik get en hoynck and painful agenda. Hoe is dus, doet reviewsites is nou. We recommend him at henricus detail en hoopt mxs nummer zeven is de balance of application. Overvol een, single bosolifant eerder very light de barrel is weer flexibel, which I’ve really like the artwork geen verbod toe weer dus koeltechnologie dit is onder.

Trap is grigio, so you know my life time ever experienced experience and ever more info zoals brunette designer of van de look great dit is easy to put them om na ideal gebulder of compleet regarding the dus tricks en na de big fan of vier streams en is you can see this of creatief in bad ik in das. Help with china was de timing. Proces makes it easier to page which can come play in a day door.

Jullie over ella dapper technologie die nodig dat het zo is very soft. Zoals je draw something you to be prepared for stap, 1 de really know protection de bek voor 105 dat, look like dit, doet, gapless design, drawing by polder, is really is jesse. Design is, is literally barry’s of en hij moet noemen sailors en u projectie van de bar hem op de voet iedere week is de barrel is premies of zo skibrillen mijn oogbol do anything they are pretty.

Bird zal in de bells of application can serie that there could provide good work. Chocolade die fanservice en dat, je kin work and then for long time you can run een thumbs up en whatever arie kievit en aan het hem artikelnummer under armour usa, oké nou nobel number, eight is de laat van dus is de prijs. Aan de price is for the comparative die er ruim honderd en terry daders, curly opnames, onlogische de link is een.

Discussie below you can check rising hadden dat er is prediking, pdf, aangeeft, right and view boots and actually really cute, which were definitely worth wanneer. We ricaanse tactical boots, decor harrier, they were less kan, freubel balkhi and they were more fashion. Show live in under armour is doen reboot your support and, speaking of quality, be the level of some thing coming out.

Hier een under armour je geest niet het zeker lukken. You know: perfecte recensie was korner kinder boots, verdriet maar de beeldkwaliteit, nice to the greater oké zolang en reis wordt, je vink over rol in de conclusie aanbod say: yes, you looking for your ultimate survival bord a would say you know check out my other okay, but if you’re in a police officer security guard and you looking for good fod boots, there would be very comfortable to wear daily light.

Dat. Je doet die van links, je kunt draaien kunt job you have to you know en de natuurlijk, wel er is truc de moment. Ik is dus boots doen net absoluut doen adres krukje moment en robotjes en testen icing, absolutely fantastic: dit, om field, bal, kerel, dit, ongeveer, hebben eyes, that’s great zal, ik, dit york, j size, you! You might like this book, god folder. If you get them hoe daad en niet direct voor, je nou van me vector hoopvolle vet ik, even though you can come back’ un, blaine, er amerika site, where you’d like to go and by buying good guys were my for watching.

You have any suggestions or any request for use carefully. Luminale de comment below. If this review useful, please subscribe ff scrabble account, aan will see reis in de nexe media.

Welcome back this Oh essence that song about ice and today, I’ve got a boots and boots are important when it comes to survival gear and clothing, the whole nine. What are you gonna wear? You know, what are you gonna wear? What are you gonna walk in your feet are the most important part of your body, especially if your car goes broke and you’ve got to walk it.

So you got your two pair of Cadillacs I like to refer to my boots. As my two pair Cadillacs or my feet is much of Birkhead legs, but today, I’ve got the list is from Lyons tactical supply. Survival supply and I will have a link to their website. My friends over there sent me these boots and these are the Under Armour UA ver Stiles RTS one-point-five boots, and these are very breathable and I’m.

Gonna I’m gonna be I’m. Gonna, be hiking in these things today and doing some footage of just what they overall look like on a human body. You know most folks when I do these shoe videos and I show you a boot or a shoe. It’s they just show you this and they go hey check me out of my boot. You know, and then they don’t take it for a spin, but I’m gonna be doing that today.

Overall, let’s go ahead and a start kind of in the front here. We’ve got some synthetic leather, and this this whole thing is breathable ankle support and you got these tabs here for pull strength and inside here you’ve got your microphone mesh and that’s that just spells breathable of this. You can see it in there. It’s got a lot of that.

Basically, to sum it up, it keeps you from getting a lot of fungus and things growing inside your boot and that least athlete’s foot. Your foot breaking down and fall apart on you and your foot falls off and you foot rots and everything else. They might remember. Korea anyways, you don’t want that to happen, so take care of your feet, and this will help you do that with it’s inside here and right here in the front, you’ve got your your TPU toe cap for a little added protection here in the front, you’ve got some your micro mint sole and that’s.

This is very lightweight very, very lightweight. It feels like a sneaker more than a boot and a lot of added traction down here at the bottom or forgetting it is it great for running and I guess if you got a kick somebody in the face right anyway, let’s take these for us being and see what they look like. What do you think about my manly pose wearing some tactical pants? Well, your modeling and tactical pants.

You got some skinny pants to go with those next where’s. Your tactical boots, Doug see any now you’re just being ridiculous, so the web sites in the drop down below and if you want to pick up a pair they’re regular price is one $49 99. But if you use code SOS, you get them for 125 and they do free shipping so, and they also give up morale patch we’re supposed to be a al patch involved in this one.

I think and that’s what you get if you visit the web site and you enter the code SOS to pick up a pair of the boots. You might see me on there anyway. Please like share the video, so go check them out. Tell them I said hi and thank you guys for watching and God bless.

What’s, going on folks? My name is Jeff from zappos com Now. This tactical boot here is made from a synthetic leather and textile upper You’re, also going to get a welded abrasion-resistant film around the bottom of the shoes And. That’s that rough looking stuff. That’s all on the perimeter of the shoe there And, that’s gonna, add another layer of protection to the shoe, so you could wear this for a longer Now up front. You also have a TPU toe cap and much like that film, that’s gonna, add some protection, but this time for your toes Now up front.

Of course you have your laces for a nice secure fit on the medial side of this boot. You have a zip closure with a hook-and-loop, strap right at the top, making it easier for you to get these shoes on to your feet and to assist with that even get a pull tab around the back Now. The interior of this shoe is lined with a smooth and breathable textile lining. Exactly that’s gonna feel great against the foot And. This is going to be standing on top the Ultralight Micro G™ EVA, midsole, tons of underfoot support and shock absorption through that And below that you have the high traction rubber, lug outsole, that’s gonna, grip onto all sorts of different surfaces in a variety of conditions.

Now. This boot right here is almost as tough as the person wearing them from Under Armour.

Hey guys is Jessie with J and J outdoors you on a pair of my under armour tactical boots. These are called the val seats or val sets one thing that underarmour really went for with this boot. They made these to be lightweight, and that’s really. The first thing I noticed when I put them on is it feels like you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes they’re that lightweight that it’s so comfortable that you feel like you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes. One thing I will say when I first put them on I noticed that the soles on these boots were so squishy and I was kind of concerned that these might not hold up, but for the year that I’ve had them.

They’ve held up pretty good I wear these boots every day during work hours and they’ve held up pretty good for the price at around $100. Occasionally you can find them for 85, and then you see them on other stores for about 120, but they can be found for around the hundred dollar price range if you’re lucky and you find a good deal, if you found them for $80, I, say pick them up, they’re, a good boot and if you’re someone who’s just going to be wearing these on weekends or just occasional, hiking trips, or things like that, pick them up.

They’re, going to last you a long time if you’re like me, you’re going to be wearing them every day, I want to say that you can expect one to two years, depending on how hard you are on the boot, what type of surface you’re on asphalt, if you’re on concrete or, if you’re, off-road in the dirt and rocks just depending on what kind of surface you’re going to be on I, will say that if you’re going to be on asphalt, I I’m not sure how these things are going to hold up that sole is really soft.

Hopefully you guys that already own these other people can down in the comments. Let us know what you think of Under Armour’s boots me myself, I pretty good for the price $100 for a set of boots, not that bad and for me to get a whole year out of it I’m pretty happy. The the boot has a side zip and a velcro strap here, which is held up. I was a little concerned with that that the zipper is going to wear out. It’s held up good. Thus, the strings have held up good. The only thing that’s wearing out on mine, this liner right here is breathable liner is starting to tear and the soles are starting to come apart from them at the bottom of the boot.

They have really good ankle protection and they have a composite speedlace system right here on the sides. They have really good traction. Mine are starting to wear a little bit and have your strap back here to help pull them on. They have an added cap here on the front for toe protection and these boots they are 15, 5 ounce and seven inch on height, like I, said I. Think a lot of you guys can find use for these if you’re, especially those who are only going to be wearing them on the weekends or when you go to the range or when you go.

Hiking I think these I don’t know if they’d be good for hardcore hiking, but like a little weekend, hike I think they’ll hold up pretty good I’ve wore these hiking a couple times and they’re very comfortable and, like I said they feel like a pair of tennis shoes, and then you got that ankle protection I think it’s a good option for a hundred dollars, guys that’s just one of my little reviews here of the Under Armour val seats, tactical boots, thanks for watching guys, god bless america, y’all be safe.

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat military boots

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat military boots

Vegan high-shine synthetic material offers a premium and subtle two tone finish. this unisex shoe is a doc martens through and through, with grooved sides, yellow stitching and our iconic air-cushioned sole, that’s oil and fat resistant with good abrasion and slip resistance.

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch
  • Vegan
  • Goodyear welt stitching
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • military boots

  • Product Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches; 1.25 Pounds
  • Item model number: R14045001
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Martens Footwear
  • Type: military boots

Something came in the mail today and ordered for Amazon because they were cheap as let’s open it up. It’s a big box by the way I bet, there’s a shoebox in the box and that’s why? But we’ll see, put this away see what we got here. We got a shoebox in a box. Let’s moderately beat up on sides: they’re, not very cushioned inside that box, but I’m assuming it’s fine, dr Martin err where, with bouncing Souls. Okay, let’s see what we got ever since april, 1st 1960, when dr Martens boots for durham the blah blah blah folklore and see what we got here.

Sure if I got the right size. Okay, okay, hold into the light here: okay, very nice: these are the faux leather ones. The vegan 1460 I think they are okay. Let’s say, let’s see what we got here: 100% vegan, 100% vegan. Like me, I hope this hat is just hat me to wall acrylic, 100%, acrylic, 100%, Crillon, stuffing here looks pretty good more stuffing measure. It was just a foot just German man’s foot, okay, beautiful see how the other one held up here.

Okay, like a booklet or something with this found a prize, and these are for Coke. Well, that’s nice! If that were the way they were in the Box us 12 men’s Felix rub off Thank, You Felix. What’s this I got this little booklet or something or just a peg Oh vegan-friendly this product is suitable for vegans. The uppers are made of synthetic leather, which is a combination of polyurethane and polyamide nylon. Oh okay, I.

Like this little tag, it’s nice I, don’t know how to get it off, though I got it I found it a little. Not so uh guess that’s gonna try these on there. We go hope they fit. Okay, I just put on my black jeans and socks and I’m ready to god. I hope these fit holy. Sorry I teased the flash. It’s very dark over here, oh wow, now now I tucked my jeans into them as I. Guess you can say and I don’t know if I’ve been playing too much of the new Call of Duty or what but I I feel like I have some kind of like Nazi vibe going on so I might have to not do that, because that is not my intention, but uh.

These are like combat AF I feel like they’re all very stiff by the way at the moment, but I know they take like at least a week or something to wear in, but honestly, and it would be fine for to wear them out now. I think I could like do a work with them. If I want in which and decide if I want to yet or not, they got the air pockets and the soles for a cushion, apparently I hope they don’t wear out because of that too quickly, but we will see they fit good.

The twelve men fit me perfectly. That’s what I wasn’t my other boots. These wrinkles are gonna bother me with it. I guess the whole thing softens up over time, so yeah, that’s it. The laces I feeling good destroy these instantly, but um. That’s not too much of a big deal and I guess we’ll see if they hold up or not and then other than that that seemed gonna be terrible to get off, but I’ll work on that I’m sure when they loosen up a little bit it’ll be better to but uh yeah.

That’s it can’t wait to try it out more. You.

These boots have a synthetic upper that has a really fun design to it. They have a synthetic inner lining and they also come with a removable, insole At. The back is a pull tab to help you slip them on. These are a lace-up closure which allows you to customize the fit I, absolutely love the look of these and they are designed to make you shine with every single step. You take At the back of the heel. It’s going to boost you up around an inch and underneath is a textured outsole for traction.

Danner Men’s Tachyon military boots

Danner Men's Tachyon military boots

Lightweight tactical black training boot and polishable toe for uniform compliancy.

  • 100% Leather/Nylon
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from arch
  • Removable insole
  • Shank Material is made up of Nylon
  • military boots

  • Item Weight: 15 Ounces
  • Item model number: 50124
  • Manufacturer: Danner
  • Type: military boots

America, and today I am very excited because I have another pair of daener boots for my review for our ultimate survival boot section. So this is the nair techie on, but you would say: if you’ve been subscribed to my channel, you would say: hey you already done a dinar tachyon review. Well, this ones are the gtx and, as you can see, they are in blacks, so in black madden, blacks, okay, so what is gtx? What does gtx stand for? Gtx stands for gore-tex, which means these boots are waterproof all right, pretty amazing, honestly, you know, if you don’t have time to watch the whole review.

That’s fine! Let me tell you these boots are absolutely amazing. Now this is the kind of boots that I absolutely love they’re very light. They absolutely do not restrict your movement at all and I think it is extremely important in tactical boots. They are true to the size. They are waterproof just overall great boots. Now, if you don’t really care that much about much of the protection, although the ankles, the heel and the toe are sort of reinforced minimally, but they are go for this boost because they’re, just so comfortable they’re, so light no restriction in movement just overall amazing honestly, I would so far.

I think these are my favorite tactical boots of all the tactical boots that I have reviewed on this channel and I have reviewed a lot. Okay, as I’ve said, this review is specifically for our ultimate survival boots, section, which means we’re gonna, do several different criterias that we’re gonna judge the boots on the very first one is the comfort level, as I already gave you a spoiler. I absolutely love the comfort that these boots give you, because they are so light.

They just feather weight, absolutely amazing, because the bottom sole is flexible and because there is really nothing much anywhere that restricts your movement. Just just look at that piece of cloth and because the inner sole is very nice and soft, they are extremely comfortable now to test the comfort level. I usually do a three mile run: five mile walk overall, the wear time is about eight hours. These boots were absolutely a breeze to run in to walk in and wearing them for eight hours felt like nothing, nothing at all.

It was absolutely amazing, so I give this boot a very solid 10 out of 10. Whenever it comes to the cuff comfort level, they are very, very comfortable, good job denier, absolutely amazing job with these boots, and it was the same thing with the other pair of tachyon boots. They were in coyote, um color, and they they were not gtx. They were not waterproof. These are but we’ll get to it in the next criteria, which is criteria number two, the proofing and protection.

Now, as I said, because those boots are gtx gore-tex, it is waterproof uh fabric and, as you can see, it does give you quite a lot of height to protect you from you know. If you step into the puddle, what like five inches deep, you’re, not gonna, have any problems with getting your feet wet. I think it’s pretty amazing uh. So if it was the choice honestly for me personally, if it was the choice between gore-tex, tachyons and non-gore-tex, I would definitely go with the gore-tex ones, pretty good job.

Now, whenever it comes to protection uh, these boots, like I said they do- have minimal reinforcement here on the ankles on the heel and the toe. It’s still a soft toe, so don’t expect a lot of protection from it. If you drop something heavy on it, you will definitely feel it, but still it does give you something. You know there are some boots out there with still toes, but not known, absolutely no reinforcement on the ankles or the heel, which I think is pretty silly.

You know, if I’m being honest, okay, number three is the quality and the design features. Now whenever it comes to quality, there are plenty reviews on amazon for these boots. 95 of those reviews are positive and reviews from military personnel from security officers from police officers. Just really really great reviews from folks who, actually you know, are in the service who actually wear this boots. You know 10 12 hours shifts a day, so I like to see those it.

Definitely they definitely helped me make my decision. Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about the features. The hardware here is metal, which is nice. I always say that I prefer metal hardware over the plastic one. It does add up a little bit to the weight, but I think I can go with that, especially comparing that everything else is so light uh, rather than thinking that, oh you know, I can snap the hardware by tanning too tight or something like that.

Uh. The tightening process is very, very fast and easy. I think the strings are great. They are not sticky. You know in the in the sense that they don’t get stuck in side of this hardware inside of the hooks. So that’s that’s. I think it’s really good. You know if, if you can put on your boot faster, that’s a plus for a tactical boot, because tactical situations- it’s not you’re you’re, not always prepared for them. You know, especially because it’s the ultimate survival section ultimate survival.

It’s not something that you can be. You can’t be prepared for it, but it all will happen most likely. All of a sudden. It’s not like they’re gonna, warn you that something is happening unless they will. I don’t know, don’t ask me what your uh survival fantasies, possibly post-apocalyptic. Ideas are, okay, so number four outsole traction and stability. This is a very important one as well. I think the bottom sole is pretty interesting now because it does have a lot of flat.

These boots do perform very well on shiny surfaces like the tile and marble uh, but overall they perform decent on asphalt, rocky road also, this boots perform very well on the sand again, because the surface is flat. However, this is not a very good uh bottom sole for stuff like uh ice or snow. So keep that in mind. They are also pretty slippery on surfaces like wet grass. So, overall, I wouldn’t exactly call this boots.

You know appropriate for hiking or for long distance, different terrain, uh walks. So keep keep that in mind uh, so number five is the temperature now the temperature, of course, the only temperature that I can test. This booth is the florida heat which is was about 100 degrees. Whenever I did my run and the walk, so these boots are extremely breathable uh again. This means that they would not be very appropriate for cold temperatures.

Uh there isn’t really much of anything. There is no insulation, there’s really nothing whenever it comes to. You know, preserve temperature and keep your feet warm, so these boots are more appropriate for hot temperatures. Keep that in mind number six is the sizing, the diner. They do great job with the sizing. They are definitely true to the size. Now my regular size is nine and a half my regular shoe size- and I always get my boots in the side tan, to give you that little bit of extra for your toe, because for boots, that’s just a common practice, for whatever reason I learned it from my professional hiking.

Friends, number seven is the balance of application. This is the most important one I think whenever it comes to the survival situations, because your survival situation can be different, it can involve a whole bunch of different things. Different scenarios walking running moving fighting walking through the different terrains running through different terrains, wearing the boots for extended periods of times. Would this boot do good through all of those you know different things overall, how balanced this boots are? I think these boots are pretty good.

I would definitely consider them as my ultimate survival boots. I would definitely put these boots in the top ten. Yes, in fact, I would probably replace the coyote uh daenery tachyons on there with these boots, just because they give you extra that gore-tex protection, which is very nice, you know, waterproofing boots, is just a plus feature to have uh they’re very light, so there’s not going to be any restricted movement.

The bottom sole is flexible. They do give you some decent reinforcement on the ankle on the heel, which is nice, so I think it all comes down to the climate that you live in. If you live in a cold climate and you think that your ultimate survival situation might involve cold temperatures, these are probably not the boots to go with. But if you are like me- and you live, you know in california, in florida where the weather is mostly hot, warm and the winters are not too cold, not too snowy, not too icy.

This is this is a pretty amazing choice and, overall, you know if you are not really looking for ultimate survival boots, but looking for good work boots, you know if you’re a security officer or police officer- and you were looking for a good everyday work boots. I think this is just a fantastic choice, because they’re so comfortable, they’re so light, and they give you that good traction and stability to me. Personally, it really depends on the person.

Some people sacrifice that comfort that lightness and unrestricted movement for more protection. I am the type of person who would sacrifice that protection for unrestricted movement and lightness and comfort. So really it comes down to the personal choice. Number eight is the price. Now this boot on amazon currently go between 149 and 159, so definitely in that price range very similar to a lot of tactical boots that are out there not very competitive whenever it comes to the price.

But you have to keep in mind. You know donaire they’re, they’re, a great brand. The boots are great, they do have the waterproofing and, with you know more than 400 positive reviews on amazon. It’s it’s. It’s a really, really good choice. So, overall guys, let me know what you think about these boots. I know a lot of people were very happy with the daener tachyons in coyote, which were not gtx uh. Those are very popular boots.

What do you guys think about these ones, which do feature gore-tex? I bet these are even better. Let me know in the comments below, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below as well, and I will do my best to address those. Thank you very much guys for watching. If this review was useful, please subscribe. Every subscriber makes a difference thanks for watching guys I’ll see you in the next video you.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel I description to find the most up-to-date pricing stay tuned and, let’s get into the video danner men’s tacky on 8 inch for a slightly lower price. You can own this pair of men’s tactical boots also from the manufacturer. Danner, though cheaper than the torrent strikers reviewed above these boots are still a good, buy, they’re also light away without compromising on comfort and quality, which also makes them the best tactical boots for running what will immediately catch your attention with these Danner boots is the attractive light.

Coyote color, though they appear to be heavy duty, boots, actually they’re quite light thanks to the synthetic upper sole. The same feature also means they’ll dry faster when exposed to what conditions. By picking this brand, you can expect a snug and comfortable fit, even though they allow for a snug fit using them will be a joy thanks to the speed lacing system. These boots are designed to withstand most forms of abrasion, thanks to the superior abrasion resistance and traction properties found on the outsole made using a combination of 100%, leather and textile they’re, definitely built to last.

Like most tactical boots, the insole on this pair is also removable. We’re only disappointed that they aren’t waterproof. It also doesn’t help that the top part of the boot has no padding and the ankle support isn’t of the best quality. I have included this product link in the description you can check out this link for more information and latest price. Thank you. So much for watching. Please subscribe to my channel share this video and don’t forget to hit the like button.

Praticam os sites e hotsites letra, a [Música] sou 2009 jardim e. Do ano em que a ul o sol a lua e flor long long, lasting, o pior indiferentes nr17 hoje em doação de sangue traz problemas têm políticas e um altímetro e não, são necessárias longas disputas, são joão, ok, woking, vanin, em ficar fora do ar desde a volta, a campo o link é indescritível blush uma, chamado dawn of records, uk pouco healdsburg irsem de br ou ligue 67 que às vezes buscá las em décadas, a água cobre é logo, tiririca time é, o zagueiro edson puch 2010, o grupo lançou exame, profundo e [Música], [Música] ‘sua off tem nas vendas de um roubo é a busca por um corpo anel e esgoto, a subir e quem é fino em fio e livre de mofo, no teto a rute não for walking club med, são obrigadas tem, a lâmina de que mandou lobo dia diz a boots é senhor automotor valbusa warlocks amor e phil é vice que o fib uau é quem chega lá do morro da viúva carmem vez o I a ldu nobuto hosaka mendes foi voltou, a salvar ou ainda.

A perna uefa fez do grupo somente checkout já que era, leigo link, desse fundo long e, thiago silva e, ainda queria sem fio, a tim.

If you’re looking for Donna boots, my name is Emma your personal guide welcome to our channel at any time. You can click this circle in the corner and get more info and real time deals on your favorite products, ready. Let’s start number one most popular by Donna watch. This video choose your favorite number two another great product by Donna number three for more info about his great top 10, just click this circle and get yours number 4, number five, also by denna for more great related products.

Full details and online deals just regular circle. Thanks for watching this collection, if you liked it subscribe to our Channel, you.

Here this is going to be the Danner Tachyon 8 inch. This is the black version and it is also the wide version order. Number is 5: 0 1, 2 0 from Danner completely rubber outsole synthetic fabric upper fabric lining made in Vietnam. Ok, first thing about this boot when you take it out of the box. First thing: you’re going to notice is holy crap.

It is extremely lightweight. This is probably the lightest work boot that I have ever owned again from my application. It is going to be for law enforcement purposes, Street Patrol tactical I’m. Just going to give you a quick little look around the boot is the rubber bottom of it. You’re here great pattern on the bottom gives you nice gripped asphalt.

Surfaces haven’t brought it out into the woods yet, but it does provide really good traction here on the street. The material used here on the tongue right here on the sorry face of the boot. It’s like a kid aura, I guess suede type feel to it around the toe. You get the reinforced rubber around the toe. Also, you got the speed laces up top really quick on and off on on this boot, really quick on and off get ventilation holes.

Ok, it’s almost like little screen mesh in there. If you can see in real well there it is the top top of the boot, as you can see not like most other boots. Very, very lightweight again, you can fold it in like that. Okay feels floppy. I! Guess you could say is that your kind of first perception when you grab it but um, that’s solid material right there, it’s not going to rip again.

You can see it’s reinforced at the top. It’s almost like a seat belt type material right there, okay in the inside, the boot, there’s also very comfortable when you put it on your foot kind of got like that memory, foam type feel cushion when you’re out foots in it. Your foots, it’s really nice in it, feels like a sneaker but again, very tactical, looking boot, okay, very comfortable great for hot weather, also you taking it through the rain in the water it’s going to get wet.

Okay, it’s not waterproof, but it’s going to dry out real quick just because the thinness of that material again see how thin that is right there. That material is going to dry out nice and quick if it gets wet. Okay may want to recommend putting on some of that uh that waterproofing that spray on the boot that might give you a little extra added layer of protection from the wetness blood on that got to say, I haven’t seen any reviews on the Tachyon.

Yet I just want to give you an up-close look: uh, look at it. Definitely lettuce, boot I’ve, ever worn; okay, they look sharp okay, they look professional for myself, it’s a more tactical boot I’m with a k-9 unit. So I wear this with my black btus and it looks sharp okay when you blow some up. This boot looks really sharp.

Okay, again um, not a winter boot I wouldn’t think your feet. It probably knit real cold. If you were in this in the winter. This is a great summertime option, though, if you’re out walking around all, if you’re all trekking in the woods throughout sitting on the street, our detail he’s going to keep your feet pretty cool, okay and again, I can’t really describe the lightness the light weight.

It probably weighs less than your sneaker, but it doesn’t feel cheap. Okay, it doesn’t feel flimsy. It’s got good support around the heel around the arches and when you lace it up, it feels real good. You can move into it. You can move fast in it. It’s comfortable, so highly recommended. Okay and again, I haven’t seen too many reviews yet on YouTube about it.

So I will test them out a little a little bit more and try to get in some rocky terrain. Getting some wood getting some wooded areas see how it holds up. As for now, though, sitting in a cruiser working, the street working the road very comfortable boot highly recommended again, that’s um. This is going to be from dinner.

It saw the newest boot they have both. It is the Tachyon eight-inch. This is the black version. It comes also in tan and sage, so thinking about maybe getting a pair of tan just for off-duty. My own personal use is how comfortable those are and again Danner makes a quality item very impressed with their boots, never really had a bad barrier down a boot.

So alright, thank you.

You guys can see I have another pair of denier boots to review, and these are much requested than air look out, and this is the 800 gram of insulation version. So, let’s get into it to give you a brief overview of the boot. If you don’t have time to watch, the whole review can I give you things to look out for great boot. I, absolutely love it. The comfort level is amazing overall, with the nare I have reviewed, so many boots from the Neher and I have never had problems with the quality control, they’re, always true to the size.

The comfort level is always between acceptable and great, and this is more towards the great in this particular boot. Currently, these are a hundred and twenty-five dollars on Amazon. The link is in description below. If you wanna check it out, I wanted to say that I did see this boots go to about hundred dollars. So keep that in mind you might be able to get them cheaper, currently available in two different colors again, the link is in description below.

So if you do have time to watch the whole review, let’s get into it, as some of you already know, this review is specifically for my ultimate survival boots section. Basically, if this was your last boot that you put on something bad happened and you needed to survive, you need to travel for a very long distance by foot, maybe run maybe climb, maybe jump around fight. Do whatever is necessary to survive.

Would this be a good boot? How do we make the judgement we make the judgment based on eight different criteria, let’s get into it criterion number one, of course the comfort level, and let me tell you guys, I already mentioned it briefly. I absolutely do love the comfort level of these boots definitely definitely owned closer to one of the most comfortable boots out there that I have tested and considering that these have 800 grams of insulation, so winter boots, obviously one of the most comfortable winter boots that I have tested on this channel.

The test that I do usually is a three-mile run without stopping and then the 5-mile walk again without stopping right. After the run, eight miles total and a few factors that I wanted to point out, this is not the lightest, boot and I haven’t checked the weight just yet, but from the run, I can definitely say that these are definitely on the heavier side and yes, 30 ounce, 30 ounce. Definitely on the heavier side.

Of course, this 800 grams of insulation makes the weight a lot of the weight. Of course, understandable, usually I say that if you want to be able to run for extended periods of time and to really cover a lot of distance, you want a lighter foot lighter boot, something that is under 20 ounce. A little bit more than 20 ounce is acceptable, you’re not going to feel much difference, but at 30 ounce, of course, keep in mind.

This is definitely only heavier side running in these boots, even though they’re very comfortable- and there are several factors that contribute to the comfort which we will talk about a little bit later. Overall still, it was very hard to run it. This was because of that weight. You can definitely feel it. So, let’s talk about the things that contribute to the comfort level of the sport.

First of all, of course, the inner sole and the inner sole Here I am very very impressed by it. It’s not your basic Denair inner sole, a lot of times. They send this basic, very, very basic, inner, sole, nothing special. However, here it’s not the case, I absolutely love this inner sole, listen guys if you are buying a boot from denier. If you can find this denier comfort system, inner sole in the boot that you’re planning to get this is a huge huge plus of the wood.

I, absolutely love it now. It does add a little bit of the extra weight because, as you can see, there’s a lot of cushioning going on here, but it’s definitely definitely worth it because takes a lot of the impact from especially whenever you’re running and considering that this is a heavier boot, it’s harder to run properly. So occasionally, whenever you get tired, you do get some stress.

You do put on some extra stress on ankles on the knees because it’s hard to run properly in this booth because of the extra weight. This definitely helps to take on the impact. I, listen, probably one of the best inner soles that I have seen so far in a boot. I, absolutely love it. It has a very nice food, bad for your heel, and this is not just most of the times is just really floppy. No, this actually holds your heel in place, and there is a really really good amount of cushioning in the heel cannot say enough how much I love this interval.

Now there are a few other factors that contribute to the comfort level of this book is, of course, the insulation itself, which we have to take in as a factor because of that ink, so insulation, you do have some extra cushioning on the inside here on the tongue here on the ankles, obviously on the back here on the heel. So definitely a lot of that cushioning going on. So you do get that nice wraparound feeling definitely helps again.

Whenever you’re running your food doesn’t wobble around another thing that I wanted to point out here in the toe box. You do have that insulation that padding from the inside on the top of the toe box, and that really helps as well, not only to keep your food in place to give you that extra support and stability, but also helps with that comfort. Of course, we do have the flexibility of the bottom sole and really, surprisingly, surprisingly, it is very flexible, even though, as you can see, it is fairly sick thick.

Let me tell you exactly the stack of the outsole here. We do have one inch on the front and we do have one inch on the back, so it doesn’t really mess with your posture, which I do like definitely I do whenever the outsole is even throughout not different measurements. But but here I was mentioning the flexibility. We will talk more about the outsole a little later, but flexibility is definitely good whenever you’re running again, whenever you have a flexible, outsole, it’s easier to run properly.

Okay, so overall I would give this boot. I really want to give this boot eight out of ten just because of this absolutely amazing inner sole and because of all the cushioning that is there and of course the outsole definitely makes a difference too, but I will give them seven and a half because they are definitely on the heavier side. Thirty hours is definitely definitely pushing it. Definitely on the heavier side, okay.

So with the comfort level down with that, let’s move on to the criterion number two, which is proofing and protection. Yes, these boots are waterproof. They do feature your favorite than air dry and so far from all the boots that I have tested on this channel with different waterproofing technologies, one of the most popular and expensive – gore-tex, compared to gore-tex Dan air dry, actually does a really really great job.

I have not had any problems with gore-tex boots with the waterproofing. I have not had any kind of problems with than air dry waterproofing. So keep that in mind just because I’ve seen a lot of questions regarding whether than air dry is just as good as gore-tex I think it is honestly and what’s even better, is that you can actually save a lot of money if you are buying done air dry boots from the narrow, obviously, because this is their waterproofing technology.

So of course it’s going to be cheaper compared to gore-tex okay, so whenever it comes to the protection, of course, you do have your 100% full grain leather, so you do have those good qualities of leather, giving you that protection on the toe. This is by no means a hard reinforced, not a composite, not stilt. Oh, this is just a software, so keep in mind impact something heavier. You will definitely feel it, however, because the 100% leather, you do have a decent amount of protection here in the toe same thing goes for the ankles, although you don’t have leather here is just a regular fabric textile, because you do have a little bit of insulation that adds up some padding.

You do have decent amount of protection in your ankles and the same goes for the heel as well, so overall proofing and protection pretty good. Let’s move on to the criteria. Number three quality and the design features. Really briefly. Regarding the quality like I said, I have reviewed so many boots from Dan air and I. Think then there is the only brand of the boot that I have not had a single problem with the quality control there always sue to the size.

The build is always perfect. I never had anything any kind of little problems out of the box. So keeping keep keep that in mind, then their then their overall absolutely great brand whenever it comes to the quality and judging by Amazon reviews, if you want to check the link in description below people do like this boot so far more than ninety reviews on Amazon and almost five stars. Yes, let’s talk about the design features now here, usually I talk about the lacing system and I do like this lacing system a lot, even though it only features clothes hooks, which I know a lot of you guys gonna like because I know, some of you guys are not fans of those open hooks and honestly, whenever you have too many open hooks I, really don’t not a big fan of that myself here.

All of the hooks are closed. So, if you like that you’re gonna appreciate it, this the strings themselves are very thick, which I really do like the hardware is metal. So what it all of that gives. You is a very, very easy to string to lace boot easy to take it off easy to put it on so overall I am very happy with this lacing system, so that was the quality in the design features. Let’s move on to the criterion number for outsole traction and stability.

Now usually I test. All of my boots on variety of different surfaces, starting from tarmac, newer asphalt, actually older asphalt in the numeral near tarmac and then I go into the sand. Dry sand, wet sand, dry grass, wet grass, trail surfaces, rocky road and some flat surfaces as well. Here, as you can see on this outsole, it is more flat. There isn’t really a lot of aggression going on, so it does perform very well on flat surfaces.

It does perform on most of the surfaces very well now the only surface that it did not perform as good as it could have if it had a little bit more aggression was the wet grass, because you do need some extra aggression. Another thing that I wanted to mention. If you are planning to get this food for winter situation for snow and most likely you are because this is a winter boot, it does have the insulation I think you would want to consider if, if there is some icy situation’s terrains that you’re planning to use this boot on, you definitely want to consider some additional spikes on this book.

Another thing- probably one of the worst mentioning here is: it does have slip resistance on the outsole, which is definitely noticeable whenever you’re walking on the flat surfaces like marble and tile definitely definitely keeps you stable, okay, so down with the outsole traction and stability. Let’s move on to the criterion number five, which is the temperature like I, said these do feature the 800 grams of insulation.

Now the coldest temperature I’ve tested this boot was about 20-25 degrees, so not too cold for some of you guys who live in. You know northern states in Canada, but for me, Florida guy is actually pretty pretty cool, okay, pretty cool for me, but they do apps without any problems that definitely kept me warm in 20s 25, but but I’ve seen people reviews on Amazon talking about negative 30s, which is some crazy temperatures, negative 30s and these boots kept them nice and warm.

So keep that in mind and 800 grams of insulation. They should they should be able to keep you warm in those temperatures. Typically, we are talking we’re looking about 400 grams of insulation whenever it comes to the temperatures like 20s. So with double that, obviously you can go definitely lower than that and whenever it comes to hot temperatures, which I was able to test them here in Florida in the hot temperature in about 95 degrees, you do have course definitely gets hot because you do have the waterproofing.

There isn’t really a lot of breathability going on with all of the insulation and with the waterproofing, so definitely getting hot. Keep that in mind again, nobody would really buy a boot for warm weather, warm climate with 800 grams of insulation, but just worth mentioning. So, let’s move to the criteria. Number six, which is the sizing now perfect sizing without any problems. My shoe size, regular shoe size is nine and a half.

However, I do get my boots, always in half a size bigger, so this is size 10 and yes, you do get a little bit of that extra space, which is definitely helpful whenever it comes to going up and down the hill. So keep that in mind criteria number seven buy, also application. So if this really was your last boot, you know your survival boot mmm. Would this be a good boot to surviving I think is absolutely excellent option whenever it comes to colder temperatures colder climates.

If you are living somewhere, where there is a legitimate winter with snow with bad weather, cold weather definitely definitely a great option just because of the features and because of the amazing comfort, probably all thanks to that inner soul which seriously on this channel so far of how many boots that I have reviewed. This is by far my favorite inner sole. It’s absolutely amazing, Dan air comfort system.

Keep that in mind. If you find a boot at an air boot with this, probably gonna love it. Probably the comfort level is going to be great because it’s awesome. Obviously, if you live like myself most of the time in hotter States, if you live in Florida, for example, not really going to be any kind of sufficient option, but if you, if you, if you’re planning to get this boot for a colder climate, you’re gonna, definitely love it and I think as a winter survival boot, probably one of the best options out.

There was a really good amount of protection which, honestly you know I know some people would prefer composite toe, which I do have some people asking most of the times throughout my videos. If the boot has a composite toe or not it matters to people, but but I would rather sacrifice a little bit of that toe protection and have a lighter boot. I do prefer a lighter boot instead of having all of that, you know metal hanging out in my toe and stuff like that and the criterion number eight.

Of course, the very last one is the price like I said: currently they are hundred and twenty-five dollars on Amazon, but I have seen them as low as hundred dollars. So if you want to wait a little bit around and check on the link in the description below and see if it gets cheaper, you can do that or you can check out other sources where they sell boots as well. Overall, I think definitely a great boot.

So let me know guys in the comments below what you think about these Denair lookout boots, which honestly, I would say a hiking boot, but to me with all the features that they provide. I think this actually can be a really really great military, tactical boot for your winter situations. Let me know what, in the comments below what you think, if you have any requests for reviews, as always, you can drop them in the comments below and I will be happy to address them.

Thank you very much guys for watching. This was firearms of America and I’ll. See you guys in the next video.

As you guys can see, I have two than their boots in front of me here on the table, because this is the very much requested comparison between denier, tanika’s and the very popular than their tachyon. As you guys can see, they are very, very similar to each other boots so which one is better. What are the differences? Both of them are very similar in pricing denier taken a little bit more expensive at 150 bucks currently on Amazon and the Nair tentacles at 140. The links are in the description below.

Neither of these boots are waterproof, as you guys can see. Both of them do have the drainage vents, which we all talk about in detail, both extremely comfortable, whichever you decide to buy, it’s gonna be a good decision and you’re gonna love them, but as a personal preference, you just might find a perfect one for yourself. So let me take two boots luggage and we will get into it. As some of you already know, this review is specifically for my ultimate survival boots, section. Basically, what we do here, as we judge every boot, by eight different criteria, so that the review is fair and just and let’s get into it criteria number one is the comfort level in order to test a comfort level.

What I do is I, do three mile run in the boots and then a five-mile walk without stopping total. Weird time is about eight hours, and you guys already know. I have reviewed technicals before and I have reviewed tech and before I absolutely love both of them. I absolutely love the comfort level of both of these boots, but let’s see how much one is just better over the other or are they? Are they exactly the same or are they be different, one of them a little bit better? So, let’s start with the way, let’s start with the Tachyon, we have tachyon at absolutely amazing 15-point, one ounce, which is very, very nice weight.

If you guys have not watched my reviews before I always say, if you do want a light boot that you can run in, that, doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. Get yourself something under 20 ounce and, as you can see, tech hand is well under 20. Ounce 15 ounce is absolutely amazing, I mean this is as light as it can be, and this is by the way, a size 10. Just to give you background now we’re going to the tanika’s now tanika’s definitely has a little bit more weight to it and, let’s see exactly- and it is at twenty one point- six so tanika’s is actually heavier and you can definitely tell whenever you’re running.

You do feel that extra weight now 21 is not really that much over 20. However, after about two miles three miles, you definitely start feeling that fatigue so taking definitely a lighter boot, but there are a few other factors that contribute to the comfort level. Of course we have the flexibility of the bottom sole, and you guys already know that if you have your bottom sole, flexible enough, you can run properly in this boot without putting too much stress on your ankles and on your knees and take on, as you can see, is very, very flexible.

Barely anything to it now. Anika’s is, however, a little bit stiffer now it is still flexible enough to run properly, but keep that in mind it is a little bit harder to run in tanika’s boots because of that extra weight and because of less flexibility in the bottom, sole, alright. So, let’s get into the inner sole. Now the insoles, let’s see here in the denier tag, and they are both- they both have removable in Seoul, so we’re gonna take both of them out. Let’s take a look so, as you can see here, take on nothing much a very basic in Seoul.

There isn’t really any special cushioning anywhere. There are nice vents for the breathability which I do like, and then we do have our tanika’s insole, which is actually doesn’t have vent, but it does have some extra cushioning here on the hill which I really really do like, and that definitely definitely contributes to the comfort level. Also, you probably notice there is a very big difference between the heel that here on the insole here on Tanika. Specifically, this also contributes to the comfort level, because it helps to hold your foot in place and that’s definitely definitely noticeable, especially whenever you’re running so while tachyon is lighter and has more flexible.

Outsole tanika’s just has a little bit more of the cushioning on the insole, which takes more of the impact whenever you’re running so I honestly am much bigger fan of this insole. Compared to this one I mean this is really barely anything this one. You can definitely feel it’s very nice, but there is another factor that contributes to the comfort level. Let’s take away the insoles, yes, the shaft itself, as you can see here, to save on the weight tachyons, the shaft is really nothing, but this nylon material which, if you do wear without the socks, you’re, definitely going to feel it.

It’s not gonna be comfortable after some time, because this material rubbing on your skin does not feel good and the same thing with the tongue. It’s not padded in any way, there’s a little bit of the padding about one inch here on the top of the shaft, but not nearly enough to walk around bare feet in this booth. I mean you wouldn’t really do that, but something to keep in mind. However, whenever it comes to tanika’s, we do have the cushioning very nice cushioning going throughout the whole shaft all the way down and on the tongue as well.

So really these boots, you can wear without the socks without any problems and still feel very comfortable, definitely contributes to the comfort level. Ok, there’s one final thing that I wanted to mention here whenever it comes to the comfort level. Yes, the padding on the inside of the toe box, and here there isn’t really any padding at all in the tachyons. So it’s it’s I mean it’s leather, it’s leather, it’s softer leather! So it’s not that harsh! You know whenever you’re running, if your toe is wobbling around you, don’t really notice it that much.

However, again in tanika’s, you do have a little bit of that padding, which definitely helps with the comfort level overall and another thing that I wanted to point out here is both of these boots, which is obviously you know. It contributes to the comfort level both of them have it so might as well mention it. They do have some extra layer of softness here on the bottom, even without the insole. So of course that definitely contributes to the comfort level as well. Both of them have it good stuff all right.

So that was the comfort level over roll. Whenever he comes to the comfort level, I personally personally would pick tanika’s. They feel just a little bit more comfortable, even with that extra weight, and even with that extra stiffness of the bottom sole again, it comes down to the personal preference. This is just my choice: okay, let’s move on to the criterion number two, which is proofing and protection, so both of these boots, like I mentioned they’re, not waterproof. They do both both of them.

Have these drainage vents, which honestly I do like in case if you do get water them or if you step in a deep puddle and you get water on the inside, it’s it’s very easy for the water to drain through this vent, and it gives some extra breathability, which is nice, because these boots are designed more for a warmer climate. Okay, so that was the proofing not much here. Let’s talk about the protection now, starting from the toe, you do get a little bit just a tiny little bit more of the protection here, all the tentacles, because there’s extra leather extra layer of leather going here as you can see- and there isn’t much here going on on the tack and so the impact protection again.

This is not really reinforced in any way. It’s not a steel toe, not a composite toe. However, you will get a little bit more of protection just because there is that extra layer of leather, the same thing I can say about the shaft, both of them not a lot of protection. However, because here is literally just this thin layer of nylon- and here you do have a little bit of that padding again, not much, but still a little bit more here in tanika’s and heels are both practically exactly the same, although you do have, as you can see, some extra leather piece going above back of the shaft just to give you some extra protection and, of course, the bottom soles, they are very, very similar.

As you can see, we will talk about them both a little bit later, but as for thickness as a you know, as an extra protection itself, let’s actually see exactly how why they are. This one is about zero 75 of an inch and then the back is one inch. So there is a little bit of the stack on the Tachyon and we do have an inch and a quarter at the back and one each at the front. So we do have a little bit just a little bit. Thicker outsole here on the tan occurs, which again gives a little bit more author protection and that’s where really that stiffness comes from so again whenever it comes to action, if you want a little bit more projection, tanika’s definitely the way to go, but if you want to save save some weight and get a lighter boot tachyon personal preference both are great.

Ok, let’s move on to the criteria. Number three quality and the design features. Ok, let’s start with quality. Then there they make some of the best boots that I have ever reviewed on. This channel. I have reviewed a lot of boots from than there never had any kind of quality issues I own a few of them myself and wear them regularly on different hikes. Different trips, different climbs, they’re just great boots in general, then there knows how to make great boots, never had any problems, and if you want to check out the links in the description below for both of these boots for the Amazon, you can see it by the reviews.

Tech ants. They have almost 1000 reviews on Amazon and people, love them almost 5 stars and the same thing for técnicos, almost 300 reviews and almost 5 stars people absolutely love these boots. Just as much so yeah. It doesn’t really help right. It’s still still a tough choice. Let’s talk about the design features here. I talked about the lacing system and lacing system is just perfect on both of these boots, really because it is exactly the same yes, not much to say exactly the same. It’s easy to put this boots on easy to take them off.

The hardware here is metal. It features 3 pairs of clothes hooks, and then you have five pairs of rings and you have a nice round thicker type of strings which slides through this metal hardware so nicely. That’s why it’s very easy to take them off and put them on, and the same exact thing is with the tanika’s 4 pairs of clothes hooks 5 pairs of rings, absolutely love it probably some of the best lacing system in tactical boots, because keep in mind usually whenever it comes to a full size. Shaft 8 8 inch shaft boots.

Whenever it comes to putting the moon, if you don’t have a zipper on them, it usually they are very hard to put on and take off because it takes time. This is not the case here so good stuff. Let’s move on to the criteria, number four outsole traction and stability and, as you guys can see this, these are very very similar. They have very similar idea behind them, although just a little bit of difference, let me mention both of these are designed more for sandy surfaces. Now, whenever I test, my booth, I test them on a variety of different surfaces, I start with a new older asphalt and the newer tarmac and then I go into the sand.

Dry sand, wet sand, Rocky, Road, wet grass, dry grass, trail surface and, of course, I test them on flat surfaces as well like marble and tile. Both of these boots performed absolutely amazing on pretty much everything they both of them are a bit slippery on the wet grass. Although, let’s start talking about the difference here, tachyons they are more on the flatter side. Tanika’s, as you guys can see, they just feature a little bit more of the aggression. These grooves they just a little bit more aggressive compared to these smaller ones.

They perform a both of them on the fant they’re, both a little bit slippery on the wet grass, but tanika’s just perform a little bit better on the surfaces like wet grass that require a little bit more of aggression because they do have a little bit more of aggression. Also I wanted to mention here in tanika’s, as you guys can see, they do have these side ridges, which are very helpful whenever you’re climbing something, if you’re climbing a rope a tree, really whatever you’re climbing these can be very, very helpful.

Take can they do not have that. So keep that in mind again again, you know to save on the weight. This is a thinner outsole. This is a little bit thicker a little bit more weight a little bit more protection, but a little bit more weight, which one do you want more okay, so down with the outsole traction and stability. Both of them are great, but but my personal prayer friends would be given to tanika’s. Okay, so done with that, let’s talk about the criteria. Number five, the temperature. Now, as I’ve already mentioned this, both of these boots are designed for warmer climate right, so I wouldn’t obviously recommend getting this booth.

If you are, you know looking for something in the winter or if you’re planning to walk through snow. First of all, this boots are not waterproof, they’re, not designed to be worn and so or they don’t have nearly as much aggression as necessary to walk through ice. Keep that in mind, but in hot climate they perform absolutely unbelievable. They are very nice very breathable, however tacan, obviously a little bit more breathable a little bit lighter because they don’t have all of this padding that comes with tanika’s still again compared to a lot of other boots out there military tactical boots.

These are very light very breathable in the hot weather, however, compared between the two, this is just a little bit more lighter. So again, if you, if you, if you know where you’re going- and you know that it’s gonna be really really hot over there and you just want something as breathable as light as possible- probably tacking for you, okay, so down with the temperature. Let’s move on to the sizing really briefly, both of these boots are true to the size. I always get the boots, half a size bigger than my normal shoe size to have a little bit of that extra space in the front really helps whenever you’re running, especially whenever you’re going down the hill, so that your food doesn’t bang on the front of the toe box, gets you fatigue really quick and in size 10 both of these boots.

They do give me that extra space that I need so perfect sizing never had a problem with that, whenever it kind of suit in there. So that was the sizing. Let’s move on to the criteria, number seven balance or application now, because this is the ultimate survival boot review. After all, and something really bad happened and you were wearing one of these boots or you wanted to buy a boot for your survival situation in a summer time or you live somewhere where there’s a lot of sand. Maybe you live in the desert, I don’t know whatever, whatever situation might be, and this both of these boots were the boots that you were looking at, which one would you go with or both of them? Would they be a good option? I think both of them would be an amazing option whenever it comes to the hot climate.

Whenever it comes to the sandy surfaces. Personally, probably one of the hardest choices that I I personally have to make, because you know me guys if you watched any of my reviews, I always am a fan more of a fan of a lighter boot that restricts the mobility as little as possible, and just just is as light as possible, because you know a lot of survival situations. They involve a lot of walking a lot of hiking through places. You know wearing the boot for extended periods of time, and you do want something very light.

This is very light, but this ends up being just a little bit more comfortable with all this nice cushioning that you’re getting this five extra five ounce, I think to me is worth of a sacrifice that I’m willing to make. Are you and really? This is a decision that you make? Do you want a little bit of that extra protection, a little bit of that extra cushioning for comfort and some extra five-ounce on your feet? Six ounce? Actually, because it’s twenty-one ounce compared to this 15 or you just want to be as light as possible, because this is the option.

If that’s what you want, okay, so hopefully this will be able to help you and again criteria. Number eight, very fast price price, honestly I think it’s fair for both of these I. Don’t know why tech ants are more expensive that tentacles honestly I would personally if I was pricing them I would give this boots price. This boots ten dollars more than these, because they just come with more stuff, more protection, more cushioning so, but it might be because these are just much much more popular on Amazon.

As you can see again, the link is in the description below they have almost 1000 reviews. Definitely a lot, not a lot of boots on Amazon. Have that many reviews, so these boots are much more popular and that might be the price. So if you want to save $10, really I think it really doesn’t come down to the price, it comes down more to really the preference of what you want, and hopefully hopefully this review was able to help you make that difficult decision, because definitely I’ve done so far.

This is my third comparison. I’ve done a comparison of two tactical, very good tactical boots from Under Armour valve sets and stellar tack very similar, but they have some clear, clear distinction, much easier to make a decision between the two and then I did a review comparison review between two Salomon boots, very, very popular, very good hiking boots, quest for D and Quest prime bows, very popular, both very similar. But again they do have some very, very distinctive features. These, however, probably one of the toughest choices, but at the end of the day, my personal choice, probably considering, even though considering that I prefer more lightness and more just less restriction of the movement.

I still probably picked Anika’s just because of that extra level of comfort. But let me know in the comments below guys what do you think and that that would be really helpful if you own any of these boots- and you have experience with them- drop your insight in the bottom. You know in the comments section, it will be very helpful to everyone else if you do have any requests for reviews. Also, let me know I always put those in my to-do list and if I come around them, I do them as priority. Thank you very much guys for watching I hope this was helpful.

This is fire ants of America and I’ll. See you guys in the next video.

Hey everyone zach here from calls with tell us about some of the top selling boots they’ve got to offer. Let’s check it out. What do you got? Sean first boots called the Tachyon gore-tex boots eight inch. It’s a high active output, a PT training boot 510, your nylon, leather, a nylon upper gore-tex. So it’s completely waterproof and breathable evie a midsole more like a running shoe. So it is a training shoe but very, very lightweight. Multi-Directional lug outsole and a Polish hotel check that out on Gaulle’s, calm.

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel I’m cks cafe and today, I’m, going on 8 inch coyote boots, so we’re just gonna get right into it, alright. So this is my first pair of boots that I have gotten for the army. Alright, those crappy basic boots and so I decided to get my treat myself to a nice pair of Danner’s I highly recommend these. These are by far the my favorite pair of boots. I have actually probably ever worn out of any boot, even casual boots, if they’re very comfortable and versatile, and they actually don’t even really feel like a boot on my foot because of the fact that they’re so light and just very flexible.

You honestly don’t even really need to break them in because they’re already broken in from the box, like a lot of people, say I highly agree with that. We’re gonna have a full grain leather, as you most your the base of your boot and then up here. You’re gonna have a nylon which is very breathable light, so it makes the overall boot very very light. The only way 26 ounces per pair. So these boots are very very light and they’re very good for a desert, terrain, I would say: they’re gonna have an open cell polyurethane foot bed, which means the bounce back in the reaction to your foot.

Hitting the ground is going to be quick because it basically what polyurethane does is it? It’s mash doesn’t expands back up, so it’s gonna make a very, very comfortable fit like I said: I didn’t really even have to break these and they were already broken in kind of out of the box and basically the footbed just really forms to your foot. I recommend getting insoles if you have many plantar fasciitis or have any kind of arch problem, because these insoles don’t really provide much they’re, just kind of a regular foam insole that you get in most boots, but the lugs on these boots they’re gonna be little Pentagon’s on the bottom.

Here, it’s a very soft rubber, so obviously I’ve been wearing these so much it. The lugs are actually kind of starting to go away, which I, really that’s kind of one of the downfall. I haven’t had these that long, and these lugs are already kind of coming to the point where I honestly might have to think about getting a new pair of boots just because of the fact that I don’t want them to be useless and that Avenue um I have one run these on one ruck here for watch, okay and I really liked them.

The biggest plus to these is be light and comfortable. So I had really no problems going on a rock and then I wear these every other day as I switch out with a pair of Nikes they’re gonna have a plain toe, so there’s not gonna, be any steel, toe or composite or anything. These are just kind of a boot that they want to keep like they’re, not gonna, be waterproof but, like I, said they’re very breathable just because of the nylon, and they also have breathable perforations here.

I’ve also worn these during one long soon that we’ve had here in Arizona and they’ve, dried, pretty quick I would say um they dry, they dried overnight. Really. This is by far my favorite food that I have even from the civilian world those boots and compared to my nighty boot I have yet to have any problems with them at all. I didn’t get any blisters and they’ve formed my foot really quickly out of the box. So if you’re looking for an everyday boot and a boot, that kind of does a little bit of everything, I would highly recommend the day in attacking on eight inch.

It’s a very, very good boot and it’s treated me well so far with my short time in the army. Also, if you do not know much about Danner, they are made in America and they have a 365-day warranty. So if your boots end up being defective, then you can send them back and they we’ll give you another pair. So that’s really nice as well I haven’t had any problems. The biggest problem I’ve had it’s just at the bottom. Lugs are very it’s a very soft rubber, so they rub off easily, like you can kind of tell that I walk at the ball of my foot a lot because this one especially is kind of rubbing down and then I won’t got my heel, so you can tell that those are starting to rub down as well, but other than that I think this book will last me a while.

If you have any more questions about this boot in particular be sure to leave your comments down below I will be making another video of my nike boots probably next week. Just know that Danner is a very, very good brand, so I will see you next time take care and enjoy your holiday weekend.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Tactical military boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Tactical military boots

  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight & protection: The combat boots only weigh about 540g. Won’t feel heavy and fatigue when wearing it. Ankle-high protection wraps & supports the ankles
  • Durable & breathable: Breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry. And high abrasion-resistant leather provides full protection. This combination structure provides the maximum comfort and ensures breathable and long-term protection at the same time
  • Dynamic 3-sole system: (1) Removable, shock-absorbent cushion in-sole offers supportive all-day comfort. (2) Flexible EVA mid-sole reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock; (3) Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant rubber out-sole is the flexible response to various outdoor terrain
  • Perfect for outdoor & indoor: These army boots for men designed for both daily work and outdoor sports like camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, jungle, running, mountaineering, traveling, and so on
  • What you get: Nortiv 8 aims at providing high-quality outdoor shoes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.
  • military boots

  • Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 9.4 x 4 inches; 2.6 Pounds
  • Type: military boots

Well, today’s question is: can you get a hundred dollars? Well I’ll, tell you something guys. I think I found a really good solution for that. These are the nordivite men’s military work boots good, so all right! Well, till 2017! I worked in a a shop that required you to wear boots um. It was part of your uniform. We had to have the whole tactical looking thing as silly as that sounds yes, it really did make us wear boots and you had your choice of black or tan.

You know and uh. I went through a lot of boots and I went through boots that I thought would really last me a long time and they didn’t now granted. We did work in two locations in the second location. Some of you might be familiar with. It is front sight, which is a big firearms training academy and we were out on rocks all day, walking running, doing all sorts of stuff lifting ammo. So I mean we put them through the ringer but um some of the boots that I bought that I thought were going to be really really good turned out.

They weren’t that great, so I was really surprised, especially at the price point of these, that these actually felt comfortable and seemed to work well seemed to fit my feet really. Well, they just like grabbing my feet and holding them in place. Um. One of the cool things I did notice too, is the zippers on these they’re. Actually ykk zippers. You probably can’t see that, but they really are so. I was like wow they’re, actually put some.

They actually put some decent quality and stuff into these. A cool part about them as well. Is that they’re a lot more breathable than boots? I’ve tried in the past. I don’t know if that’s because all you know this is just suede here, and this is more breathable fabric and some of the ones I had before were just all suede, very, very stiff. I even had a pair of surplus military boots that I bought from an army navy store and those things were stiff and uncomfortable if you’ve ever worn snow shoes for skis.

You know the ski shoes that snap into skis. It felt like that it felt like you couldn’t flex at all. You couldn’t move um, your ankles or anything like that, because they were just they had you in there really really tight. These are definitely not like that. They’re definitely breathable they’re definitely comfortable. Obviously I haven’t gotten them all that dirty just doing you know regular everyday mundane tasks around here, but I will be taking them out and using them for video shoots and we actually do them outside of the house, so I’m definitely pleased with them.

So far now another thing that I like- and I know that I banged the heck out of this front- end here um, but it doesn’t look it um. I got in past. I’ve had previous boots that um, when you did that they got all scuffed up and looked filthy. I mean seriously one or two shifts in my boots would look all scuffed up and dirty around here I actually bought the the cleaning pad for them and everything these have been used for on and off for about a week and a half.

Now, none of that not needed not at all, and I was really surprised so they’re definitely made with some decent uh fabric. They do have a protective toe. It’s not a steel toe, but it’s definitely a pretty strong toe there. Nothing’s gonna slam into your foot too hard. I mean you know, they’re, not steel, toe boots, but at the price point they are that’s pretty darn good, now, they’re designed for both daily work, outdoor sports, camping, climbing fishing, any kind of stuff like that mountaineering.

I have like, like you know outside here, just working around my house, cutting down, trees and stuff cutting down limbs. Trimming stuff up these have been very, very comfortable. There have been no problems with them. As a matter of fact, when you guys were watching my chainsaw video. These were the shoes I was wearing. They were very comfortable, so I’m really pleased with them. The nice part about them.

Everybody tells you when you get a new pair of boots, wear them for a week or so and break them in I swear these things fit me perfectly. I have no hot spots from them. I have no blisters from them. It was like they were designed for my feet. They are, they run very, very true to size. So unless you wear very, very thick socks just get the size you wear, I wear a size, 12 and I gotta admit I was skeptical because I bought some shoes off of amazon in the past and size.

12 is more like a size 11 or it’s a size 12, but it’s very, very narrow these. If you have average size 12 feet, these are going to be perfect for you um they do go up to, I believe size 14. They come in different colors as well. You have sand, which is this color. Here they have black and a variant of black, which is a little more of the suede on it. They have a dark gray and a black suede. That’s completely suede.

If you’re looking for a breathable fabric, I would say: stick with just that partial suede there I mean that partial breathable fabric there, not all suede, they get very, very hot after a while. Now, if you notice, at the very end of my little demo video there, I showed myself unzipping these the reason I got the zippers I got into those again when I was working in that shop and um man I’ll tell you, after an eight nine hour day when you came home, the last thing you wanted to do was sit down in a chair and start unlacing.

These. It was really annoying. So when I discovered- because I didn’t know about them, when I discovered zippered boots, I was like okay, that’s what I’m getting from now on now in my use with these as long as you put the strap across the top here, this does not move. You can zip this all the way up. I’ll show you in a minute here all the way up like that. Put this across. Put it like that. Now I didn’t have any problems with it, moving without that being strapped, but I did it from the beginning, so obviously they’re well engineered and wall floored out.

I do like the bottom here. It’s a nice, thick rubberized sole. You can see how thick it is. It’s got a nice tread on it and again it’s they’re, just not that dirty. I mean you know from walking around for a week outside around here. Normally, my shoes are filthy by you know, one week after that they seem to be kind of very resistant to getting mud. We had a little bit of rain the other day and I was walking in mud, there’s absolutely no mud on these and I did not shake them off, so they seem to be pretty darn good good boots for what they are.

You know again, I wasn’t expecting much from them. The price point on these is anywhere from 49 to 53 dollars, depending on your size and your options of colors. So I really wasn’t expecting decent boots, and I was really surprised when they turned out to be very, very good. Normally, with cheaper boots, you’ll find glue on the surfaces, bad stitching. None of that was found on these. They felt solid again true to size, good, just as good as boots costing.

You know 10 20 times more so for the price on these. If you’re looking to get yourself a good pair of boots, um, reliable and comfortable and the big thing is comfort I’ll tell you- I’ve tried some boots on and, like I said, I tried those um. I got those uh surplus military boots that were supposedly brand new. Those things hurt like heck the first week I wore them. I could not believe how uncomfortable they were now, of course, my foot, you know, broke them in and they were.

They were comfortable after that. But these things are like they fit you right in right away, no problem, you just pop them on and you’ll be good to go. The only thing I had to do was um loosen these up a little, and I did accidentally. I didn’t place this weird. I have it underneath. I wanted to do it over the top, but that’s just a personal preference for me. That’s not how you have to do it in any way shape or form uh, but I have to say, they’re, very, very comfortable, even the tongue.

You know it’s got a nice little bit of leather there to hold your laces in place. I’ll give you a close-up look at the boot here just so, if you guys can find any imperfections, I’m just looking at the stitching and seeing that that’s darn near perfect for a boot in the 50 range kind of unheard of you know. I know people love their banners and they’re more expensive stuff, but for what I’m using these for basically an everyday runaround shoe that gives me the additional ability, if I have to jump on something climb on something you know, if I have to get running really quick, I like them, they’re, definitely cool.

I would consider them good for urban environments as well um growing up in new york city. Like I did you, I tell you I’ve torn through more pairs of shoes, and I think it was the salt, especially with leather soles. If you were dressed up, the salt would eat through the bottom of these. You know shoes like instantly so having the rubber soles. These are really really non-slip. That is something I did notice when it was kind of muddy and rainy.

The other day is they’re very, very non-slip um. You really feel, like you got a pair of snow, tires on the bottom of your feet. They are really really good for that. So that’s the deal. They’re nordiv, eight men’s military tactical work boots. They run, as I said, from uh 48 99 to 52 99, depending on what color what size- and I definitely like the comfort of them. I really gotta say that’s been a big seller for me.

You know I’m not 22 anymore, so uncomfortable shoes don’t cut it for me. They I won’t wear them. I just flat out, won’t wear them. So if I find something that’s comfortable and I can use every day definitely gets a a plus for me. So check them out. The link will be down below it goes to the black ones, but you can change your color. Whatever you want there, they do have an adequate stock. I checked that this time to make sure so they’re not all sold out.

That happens a lot with my videos, I’ll put a video up and within five minutes everything sells out and it’s like sorry guys, just keep watching they’ll be back, so I definitely enjoy them. I’m really really liking them so far, and this is something I’ve been very, very happy to uh to check out, because I really again, I wasn’t expecting much I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting these things to start to show signs of damage or wear after a week of just casual use, and they are not at all.

They are still going strong. So definitely- and you know the nice thing about the two I forgot to mention this- they have an insole in here that you can take out. So if you find it to be uncomfortable, you can remove that insole in here. It’s a padded insole, but I really like it. They got this arch in it. That really makes your foot feel comfortable if you’re sitting. If your foot is flat like this you’re not going to be as comfortable moving around and running as you are with a little bit of a little bit of something in there for the arch, so definitely uh padded inside really really comfortable.

With that shock, absorbent cushion insole, they really support you all day. I mean I’ve worn these eight nine hours at a time and had no discomfort whatsoever. Now, normally I will wear a thin pair of socks with them. You know I’m not going to go really really super thick big heavy white socks. I didn’t for the video today just to run out there and show you what they look like because they’re being used, but normally I will wear a thin pair of white socks with them and they’re awesome really comfortable, so check them out they’re down below we’re going to be uh.

Looking at more shoes and stuff like that in the future, because I feel that your feet are really really important. A lot of people tend to neglect it. I mean I’m hey, I’m the worst defender I’ll go to walmart, buy a 10 pair of sneakers and wear them for like six months until they’re absolutely dead. So I’m trying to upgrade myself into something a little bit better. I’m going to start with these we’re going to try them out every day and see how we like them.

If I have any problems with them, I’ll be sure to come back and let you know so far, the shoes I’ve reviewed so far have been awesome right on point and at the price point you know if these wear out in a year, I could buy another pair for 50 bucks. That’s really not bad, but I don’t see them doing that, especially not from you know, I’m not out there hiking every day and doing lots of heavy use, they’re really really comfortable, and I really really like them so far so check them out links down below check out our other links as well.

Our thrive life link. You can check that out there if you’re a subscription customer. If you get a normal every week, every month, uh order delivery. You got some deals going on right now, as well as for you folks who are my um consultants down below check out the deals. Don’t forget to check out our amazon affiliate page. Like I said, I’ve reconstructed it a little bit, there’s going to be some more categories up there.

I want to try and make a ham, radio specific category and a you know, footwear, specific category, but I need more products to do that so that’ll be in the future, but check it out they’re in the in the store right there and don’t forget to check out our food for patriots link. Now is the time to be getting stocked up on food uh. I think we all you folks in texas had a real, quick lesson on how bad that could be.

I know most of my subscribers. You guys are pretty well set for you new guys that are watching figuring this out. Um trust me. Food for patriots is a pretty good place to start um you’re, going to get a lot of carbs you’re, going to get a lot of energy you’re going to get a lot of good stuff. That you’ll want, during a disaster, very simple to do you order it it’s set and forget they got fifty dollars off this month on their four month a four week, food kit for a week, not four months and they’ve, got a little bit off on the two-week kit as well.

It’s for one person so go check them out. It’s prepare with iridium com, thanks for watching folks, stay safe and stay prepared.

Protection wraps and supports the ankles lace-up system with durable metal hardware for a secure, fit waterproof and breathable hiking boots features waterproof membrane, construction and breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry. This combination structure provides the maximum comfort and ensures breathable and long-term protection at the same time, dynamic. Three sole system, one removable memory, foam insole, offers arch support and bring all-day comfort.

2, flexible, md midsole, reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock 3 slip. Oil, an abrasion resistant rubber outsole, is flexible response to various outdoor terrain, dot, prefect for outdoor designed for both daily work and outdoor activities like hiking hunting, camping, climbing cycling, fishing jungle, running backpacking, trekking mountaineering, traveling and so on. Dot. What you can get nordivate is a professional outdoor brand and aims at providing high quality products and service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems in the description to get this product today, at the best price, protection and durability, ankle high protection wraps and supports the ankles lace-up system with durable metal hardware for a secure fit waterproof and breathable hiking boots features waterproof membrane, construction and breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry. This combination structure provides the maximum comfort and ensures breathable and long-term protection at the same time, dynamic.

Three sole system, one removable memory, foam insole, offers arch support and bring all-day comfort. Two flexible, md midsole reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock three slip. Oil and abrasion resistant rubber outsole is flexible response to various outdoor terrain, dot, prefect for outdoor designed for both daily work and outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, camping, climbing cycling, fishing jungle, running backpacking, trekking mountaineering, traveling and so on, dot.

What you can get nordivate is a professional outdoor brand and aims at providing high quality products and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems in the description to get this product today, at the best price, protection and durability. Ankle high protection wraps and supports the ankles lace-up system with durable metal hardware for a secure fit waterproof and breathable hiking boots features waterproof membrane, construction and breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry.

This combination structure provides the maximum comfort and ensures breathable and long-term protection. At the same time, dynamic, 3 sole system, 1, remove.

America and today we have another boot review for you guys. This is a tactical military boot from nortis 8. Now this is a new brand. I’ve never had any products from nor tip 84. So this is the first review from them, but they are very popular on Amazon, some of their hiking boots. Some of their tactical boots have hundreds and hundreds of reviews and they’re very good. Most of them are almost 5 stars, and these are no exception. So I decided to give it a try, because I actually do have a lot of experience with this type of boot.

I have already reviewed several on this channel. If you want to check them out, you can definitely find them. For example, Denair Tachyon, it’s a very similar design, very similar idea. Anyway, let’s get into review of this one. If you don’t have time to watch the whole review, let me tell you guys: I am impressed I do like them, they’re, very comfortable, very lightweight. They give you a lot of mobility, a lot of flexibility. They don’t restrict your movement at all.

If you are looking for boots, that will allow you to run fast to do any sort of movement. You know in any kind of tactical fighting whatever climbing jumping. This is a really really good option very affordable under $50. They do have a lot of different variations: shorter, shaft, different colors. The link is in the description below anyway, if you do have time to watch the whole review, let’s get into it. As some of you already know, this review specifically for my ultimate survival boots collection.

Basically, if this was your last boot that you were wearing and something you know, bad happened or you weren’t wearing it, but something bad happened and you put these boots on and you had to survive whatever. It is natural disaster or whatever kind of surround situation there might be. Would this be a good boot to survive? If you know to wear for extended periods of time and to to do all of these things that will contribute to your survival? So, let’s get into it the very first criteria.

You know where that we judge by criteria number one. It’s a comfort level to the in order to test a comfort level. What I do is I, do a five-mile walk and a three-mile run, three-mile run first and then a 5-mile walk. The total wear time is between seven and eight hours, and let me tell you guys: I am very impressed with the comfort level of these boots. They are extremely comfortable. First of all, the the factor number one that contributes to the fact the the comfort level I think is the flexibility of the bottom sole.

It is very flexible, it does not. It does allow you to run properly without putting too much stress on your ankles on your knees. Does not restrict your movement at all criteria. Number two is the inner sole, the inner sole, and let me take you out a little bit hard to get in here, but let me remove it so that you can see it. It is actually shaped nicely to give you an extra support for the heel and, as you can see, it is very foamy, and there is there are some grooves going on here on the front.

It’s kind of hard to see on the camera, these dots that you can see them yeah. They actually kind of stick out to give you a little bit more of that traction so that your food is not sliding back and forth in there. There is some extra padding it’s a little bit thicker here in the heel again. So if you are not running properly, this inner sole takes a lot of impact, honestly, very good, inner sole compared to some boots that I have reviewed, which were much more expensive than these.

This is a really really good inner, sole and, of course, a very important factor. You know that we definitely need to consider another. Another factor that contributes to the comfort level of these boots is, of course, the weight and the weight. Let me tell you exactly ask per one boot. This is by the way size tan, that you know you know exactly what size cuz different slice is gonna, be a little bit heavier a little bit lighter. So this one is sixteen point two, and this is really really good.

This is a really impressive weight and I mean I. Understand the design, of course, there isn’t really much in the shaft or anything like that, but nevertheless for the thickness of the bottom, sole which we’re going to talk about later and, of course, the materials that are being used durability. You know of the talk, because you do have nice decent protection here in the top. Sixteen point two is: is really definitely impressive. So on the comfort level I do I would give this boot a very solid nine out of ten.

Now let me mention a little bit about the toe box. It is a little bit of a freer toe box. So if you do prefer more that wraparound feeling in the toe box, you might get away with thicker socks to give you that feeling. But this is a little bit of a freer toe box. It’s just little really a matter of preference. You know: okay, let’s get into the criteria, number two, the the proofing and the protection. So yes, as I’ve already mentioned, you know, whenever it comes to protection, you do have a durability of the material you have fabric.

You have leather. Obviously, leather gives you a little bit more durability here in the toe and the heel again, the same leather. It’s not a it’s, not a hard -. Of course it’s not a composite toe, so don’t expect it to hold. You know anything heavy that you might drop but something you know something light like rocks. For example, if you’re going through, you know, through a trail for example, and something falls on your toil definitely definitely be nicely protected, so pretty good in that department.

Okay, so whenever it comes to proofing, these are actually not advertised as waterproof or, although they do feature the gusseted tongue, as you can see about about six inches from from the bottom soul. So keep that in mind it might help with the water with waterproofing and I’m sure. If you treat these boots for a waterproofing water resistance, they might give you a little bit of that. But again, they’re not advertised as waterproof and one thing I will talk about in design features.

Is that I wish the manufacturer. They were a little bit more clear on the waterproofing and if they are really not waterproof, because obviously they’re not what advertised as waterproof I would recommend getting a water releasing vent here and there you know on both sides very similar to what denier tachyon has on their non waterproof boots, because you know if you step in a creek and the water gets in, the water just gets out from the vent and then because there isn’t really much going on in the boot.

The fabric is very light. There’s really much. They will dry fairly quickly. So it’s really not a problem. It’s not that much of a problem if they’re not waterproof and if they do have those vents. Anyway, let’s talk about the quality and the design features quality vais the boot looks great. Everything is built nicely. They feel very good. They. You know it’s I’m, definitely impressed with the quality design features a few things that I wanted to mention that I’m kind of not a big fan is the lacing system.

It takes a lot of time to put this boots on because of the way the lacing system is. The strings that are that are used on this boot are not my favorite, because they don’t hold very nicely. You know tighten it’s very easy for them to kind of I tie untie, because there is just just the way the the strings themselves are, but nevertheless you know it’s really not that big of a deal, the hooks. The hardware that is featured here for lacing system is all metal.

So you know, if you don’t like the plastic hardware, there you go. You have the metal one in here. Okay, so let’s quickly talk about the criteria number for the outsole traction and stability. So, as you probably already noticed, this is more applicable for flat surfaces. Surfaces like you know, marble tile on the sand. This boots perform very, very well I tested them whenever I was running and walking I test them on a lot of different surfaces, the asphalt tarmac, rocky road sand, wet grass dry grass, regular trail service on the marble on the tile and, like I, said they do perform very well on flat surfaces on regular surfaces like asphalt and tarmac that perform very well.

The only surfaces that they’re not good with, were the wet grass wet grass a little bit slippery, not enough aggression in this outsole this this. This is more on the flat side, so keep that in mind and because I live in Florida wasn’t able to test them in this in the snow or on the ice, and honestly I wouldn’t recommend this boots for winter anyway, because of course, there isn’t really much insulation or anything like that, but this would be very slippery on the ice as well.

Keep that in mind, okay, so down with the outsole traction and stability. Let’s talk about the temperature, obviously, as you could imagine, these boots are more applicable for warmer temperatures, not colder temperatures, because obviously there isn’t much going on. There is no insulation or anything like that. This is a very thin material. So keep that in mind, obviously perfect, for example for Florida. You know, but would be too cold, definitely too cold for anything other than that, but on the breathability very impressed, I, absolutely love them.

I did not overheat in this booth at all. So for hot temperatures these are I mean absolutely perfect if you hear using them, if you need tactical boots, military boots for warm weather for warm climate, you’re gonna love these things. Okay, so let’s talk about the criteria. Number six really quickly. Is the sizing perfect sizing, absolutely no problems with that. Definitely true to the size criteria, number seven, the balance of application.

So if this really was, you know the last boot that you put on for your survival and you had to run out of your house and run walk. You know where this boost for extended periods of time go through different terrains. Would this be a good boot to survive in I? Think it’s a very good option. I definitely do like them, and you know they. My personal preference is whenever it comes to. You know, I. Think in terms of do you do you prefer more mobility, less restriction of movement, or do you prefer more protection? Of course, these boots would be more on more mobility, less restriction of movement.

So if you want to be able to run fast, if you want to be fast, if you want to move fast, you know fight the do all of those things. You know climb bran jump these boots. To do that, absolutely perfect. They don’t offer a lot of protection, but nevertheless you know with all the leather that is featured on the top toe only and the heel you get some. The only thing that is not protected is of course, ankle, because really this material here is barely anything, but nevertheless you still do have, and because the outsole is very thick, it does offer protection from you know from the bottom.

If you step on a sharp rock, for example, you do get protection from that as well. So, overall, if you do prefer more mobility over protection, I think you’re definitely gonna enjoy this boots now criteria number eight. The very last criterion is, of course, the price. Like I said they are under $50 $49 99 between forty seven and fifty dollars. They do have a lot of different variations. They do have a shorter version and of course they do have different colors.

They have a coyote, they have dark brown and olive, so you know whatever whatever you’re looking for you know, you can definitely find it in this book and, of course, considering the price compared to a lot of other boots. That I have reviewed on this channel in a very similar design, and it was a similar, very similar style. I think the price is really really impressive for everything, for the quality and, for you know, just design features that this boots offer I think the price is definitely good and I think this boots definitely do beat a lot of competition.

You know whenever it comes, you know to price wise anyway. Let me know in the comments below guys. What do you think about this boots? Honestly I am very impressed. Definitely getting on my survival list for warmer climate. You know for sandy surfaces, I think this is really really a good option. This was noir TIF 8, a new brand and I’m impressed with Northey fate. I will definitely be trying some more boots from these guys. You know in the future.

They do have a lot like I said some hiking boots that look pretty good, but you know typically I stick to brands that I kind of am familiar with to get in and try to review, but I do like these guys, so I’ll definitely feature them more on this channel. Thank you very much guys for watching this was firearms from America I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Reebok Men’s Rapid Response military boots

Reebok Men's Rapid Response military boots

When you need to move there’s no time to worry about traction and comfort, but the Reebok® Work Rapid Response RB 8″ CT work boot offers plenty of both so you are ready for anything at a moment’s notice. Style numbers: RB8874 (Black) and RB8894 (Tan). Suede leather and ballistic nylon upper. Traditional lace-up design for a secure fit. Side zipper with hook-and-loop strap for easy on and off. 100% nonmetallic design makes it security friendly. Padded tongue and collar for added comfort. Nylon mesh lining provides excellent breathability. Removable F2A PU cushion footbed insert with shock eliminator heel cushion for superior comfort. Cushioned EVA midsole offers supportive all-day comfort. Extra wide toe for a roomier fit. Dual-density Mountain Trail rubber outsole is oil, slip, heat, chemical, and abrasion resistant. Composite toe meets ASTM F2413, EH standards. Imported. Measurements: Heel Height: 1 1⁄2 in Weight: 2 lbs Shaft: 9 1⁄4 in Platform Height: 1 in Product measurements were taken using size 12, width D – Medium. Please note that measurements may vary by size. Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.

  • 100% Leather/Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 7.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 2″
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25″
  • Composite safety toe cap
  • Adjustable circumference
  • military boots

  • Product Dimensions: 13.9 x 10.9 x 5.1 inches; 3.1 Pounds
  • Item model number: Rapid Response RB RB8894-M
  • Manufacturer: Reebok Work
  • Type: military boots

Hey what’s up YouTube, this is winters camp. Let’s talk about the Reebok rapid-response boobs. Shall we? This is the Reebok rapid-response line of boots. It is a side, zip move. This is my third pair of these. They really hold up well for hiking I’m, not really a big shoe fan just because I, like the extra ankle support and like I said my third pair I have worn them to work, and my job is pretty demanding on shoes.

They get greasy and oily and they don’t hold up well to chemicals. So as a standard work boot, they would work okay in environments where they’re not exposed to chemicals. They are composite toe and they are eh rated. So if you work in a workplace where you’re exposed electricity, these are a qualified type of safety boot for that type of work environment. You know a lot of people give me crap about tucking in my boots and there’s reasons why I do that and there’s just only two reasons.

Really. The first reason is: if it’s wet, you don’t want your pant legs dropping on the ground. You know they’ll soak up the water and once they start wicking water, your socks start getting width, so I like to keep them kind of tucked in so they they’ll stay dry, because the last thing you want is wet feet can turn a good hike day into a bad one, and once your pant leg gets wet, it’s gonna stay wet unless you build a fire and dry it out.

But that’s why I do that for the first reason- and my other reason is ticks, try to keep any openings, you know covered I, don’t want ticks crawling up my leg and they will. They will find a way in your pant leg, one way or another. So this is another way to keep bugs and ticks out of your your calf area or crawling up your legs. So it’s nothing to do really with looking like a military BA or whatever. That’s just my preference.

You know a lot of times like getting a canoe and there’ll be water in a canoe. My pant leg will be drooping right down there in it. So it’s just a good way to keep your your feet dry. All right, so you can get these boots on Amazon, sometimes on sale for around $100 I. Think I paid 120 for these all-around good boot, they’re, not waterproof, but they are water repellent somewhat. I haven’t had a problem with them on a on a wet hike.

Yet I have gotten wet in the water, from getting the canoe and out out of the water and off the bank and whatnot and they’ve kept my feet pretty dry about the only problem I had was I was not tucking in the pant legs, but I learned my lesson there. Well thanks for joining me for another episode, and that was the Reebok rapid response line of boots and I highly recommend them overall good pair of boots until the last year, a long time to take care of until next time.

This is winters camp and it’s time to go.

Hey, what’s up guys, my name is Richard, and today we are looking at rapid. Now these boots have a really sturdy cattle hide leather and ballistic nylon upper. So you know it’s going to be long. Lasting durability got that lace-up closure here. That goes all the way up the front to really lock your foot in tons of padding on the inside. Here you see it’s super thick and padded here. Keep your foot nice and secure on the inside.

Give me some added support. It’s lined with mesh for amazing breathability polyurethane footbed they’ll, give you some added shock absorption with an EV, a midsole underneath now that EBA is super lightweight. Now provide you plenty of energy return with every step you take and on the bottom we have a dual density. Rubber outsole, with a mountain trail, tread pattern on it to keep you real, steady grab.

Yours today, they’re from Reebok work.

Richard and today we are checking out these awesome boots here from Reebok work. These great looking boots here constructed out of a sweet, leather and ballistic nylon upper got traditionally Subsystem here in the front, with this side zipper closure on the side. Here you can get your feet in and out of these with ease tons of padding a comfort on the inside there. It’s made of a very soft and breathable material. I’ve got a super shock, absorbing EBA midsole in there they’ll give you comfort all day long and it composite o here in the front, keep your feet nice protected down in the bottom.

We have an extremely a durable outsole here that help keep you nice and steady. It’s also really flexible, make sure you check them out they’re from Reebok work.

Hey there viewers, my name, is Brett and today we’re taking a closer look at the the remarkably rugged work, boot fairly flexible in construction with an upper crafted from suede leather with ballistic nylon. There’s a lace-up closure provide a proper fit, also a side zip entry with hook and loop closure and a pull up at the heel for quick and easy on and off got a very wide toe box for a nice comfy fit in there also a nicely padded collar and tongue for added comfort on the inside.

It’s got a completely removable insole, it’s gonna, add a ton of underfoot, cushioning and comfort for you, there’s a super thick evie, a midsole! That’s gonna, give you all kinds of shock, absorption and comfort. All of that sits very a competent lean, a top a super sticky, dual density mountain trail, rubber outsole, for fantastic comfort on your feet.

All day long tried the Rapid Response six inch from Reebok work.

Hey what’s happening guys, my name is Richard, and today we were checking out work. Now. These great looking boots here constructed out of a sweet, leather and ballistic nylon. Upper got traditionally Subsystem here in the front, with a very soft breathable lining on the inside I, give you tons of comfort and support all day long handy pull tab in the back on this side of the boot. Here we have this little hook and loop with a zipper closure for an easier on and off as well here on the bottom.

We have this shock absorbing midsole I’ll, give you comfort all day, long, real, durable, composite toe here and the front for some added protection down on the bottom. We have an extremely durable rubber outsole help, keep you nice and steady. It’s also really flexible. They perfect boots to keep your feet comfortable and protect it all day. Long make sure you check them out from Reebok work.

Hey what’s happening guys, my name is Richard and today we’re checking out. These boots are constructed out of a suede, leather and ballistic nylon. Upper got traditionally sub-system here in the front, with a very soft lining on the inside got tons of padding there for added support, got a little hook and loop closure and a zipper here for an easier on and off andy pull tab in the back as well.

Here on the bottom, we have a cushioned EBA midsole they’ll, give you supportive, all-day comfort. You’ll, have an extra wide toe here for a roomier fit got a composite toe as well to keep those feet nice and protected, and here on the bottom we have an extremely durable rubber. Outsole that’ll help. Keep you nice and steady, make sure you check them out different Reebok work.

Hey guys, it’s Nick from outdoors nation review on some boots. We got it called the Reebok rapid-response and I’ve been wearing a pair of these almost everyday for about a year and a half now so I think I’m kind of qualified to tell you guys what I think about it. You have a few different styles of the boot. You got different colors. You got the green, which I think they call it sage. You got the coyote, and then you got them the coyote tan -.

They also make them in a black and I think they came out this year with the camouflage. It’s a multicam on that now well, going along with the styles of the boots, there’s a composite toe and a composite toe pause. It’s kind of like your steel toe, except supposed to be lighter way, and it’s not gonna translate cold into the boot you’re wearing it on cold day. So you got your composite, oh and then you got your not composite! Oh.

Why didn’t you stop me on that? One I didn’t mean to actually hit my foot okay, so this here is our camera guy Michael, hello, Ivan wearing these boots for about a year just gotten this tan pair when he went out and bought himself disappear. Yes, they fill up. – Micah say: are your toes composite I didn’t know there was a composite version. Actually he responds with I, don’t know so, as I say, there’s one way to find out I stomp on its foot extremely hard.

It’s not fun like do not get the composite. Oh yeah, make sure you get the composite toe. I mean it’s lighter without it. But if you have a friend like me, who’s going to stomp on your foot because he knows you don’t get it, but I do also like the the non composite toe, because it’s flexible so like if you’re down on your knees and your toes are like bent like it’s not gonna bend as easy as his his is like rock solid.

It’s not gonna move. These will actually like bend with kind of what you’re doing so kind of up to you like if you’re, if you’re working with logs and [ __ ] you’re gonna drop on your on your toe I would definitely consider the composite toe. But if you don’t have to really worry about stuff getting dropped or people stopping on your feet, go without the composite toe, because it’s like it’s a lot more free and yeah.

So obviously, I bought a second pair of them, which means I like them. The first pair it lasted me about a year of you know some real abuse, I wore them for pretty much everything. The toe on this one started to fall apart when you first put it on your ankle, feels almost locked at 90 degrees, but once they break in you have enough articulation of the ankle for rock climbing stuff, like that, the boot does itself it’s fairly comfortable.

It has good ankle support the grip on the bottom. If this is about a year and a half now you’re about a year’s worth of where I’ve had these for about half a year- and it’s still mostly there- the heel is pretty much gone and along the sides. You can tell the tread start to wear away, but it’s got enough to still a bite. It works very well on wet surfaces or oily surfaces working in a garage. That’s one of the first things, I notice, you stepped in a puddle oil, and you really didn’t slip that much yeah.

You noticed you stepped in oil like a slicker, but you weren’t gonna trip or fall unlike most shoes, where you’re kind of on your ass. At that point, uh ice, they kind of suck you step on ice. You might as well just kiss your ass good-bye you’re going down, but it’s kind of hard to make anything grip on ice. Oh I can’t plan too much for that, but I’ve had boots that worked better on ice notes. It’s actually relevant all the ones you see here.

They have the zips on them, because me and Mike are in our local fire department and when we run down recall, we kind of want to make the truck whole point of being in it. So I can quickly. It’s a really good call. I do this in the truck on the way there and then run it with him. Unzip like this people doesn’t make fun of me in school cuz they like Nick. Why are your boots looking so we’re? Never [, __, ], zip I’ll, be honest.

Unless I’m working, you don’t need to they stay on. It’s like a fall off. It’s pretty comfortable, but I. Just do Hey, look yeah! You don’t have to unlace them, so, like mine, state might have been laced I throw my turnout. Song I have never untied those boots. If you don’t like the zipper, you don’t see a need for it or you want the waterproof version which they do make a waterproof version. Ah- and you don’t need to order the zipper, they do make a waterproof version with the zipper that can only be ordered through Reebok and just like them on that doesn’t have the Reebok on the back the whole deal, that is hey officer.

Oh [, __ ], it’s the Popo. He definitely looked at us like we were both here. So uh, you go wrong, but they do make a version. It has a piece that comes across here that just when you step it up it kind of folds. It’s pretty damn uncomfortable my friend who lives up the street, but he wasn’t around for us to go steal his shoes. He has it I, don’t like it, so that was her shitty review of the Reebok boot that people are just like.

Why are your boots? Reebok yeah, like it’s usually like people go with Bates or like Tim’s or something, but for these I was a big Danner tactical pants I like dudes, more yeah, so Reeboks they’re, actually not not bad it. Actually, they I’ve worn them for probably around seven months now and I haven’t had a problem with them. So go. Look at their inline Reebok is a whole line of tactical boots and work boots.

This is a rapid-response supposed to be their premier, tactical boot. I use it as a work boot. The reason I look towards a tactical style, and you see a lot of people nowadays going towards the tactical style is for that versatility. A tactical boot is made for work. That’s what they’re doing out there they’re working, whether it’s fighting or whether it’s engineer’s job it’s made to be able to do both and for higher mobility.

They’re lighter just as strong just as durable. You can run in them a lot better and easier. The grip on the bottom is made to never give out or slip because just look the wrong time to did it’s pretty much the best way to put it in some of these situations. Rebar actually does market this particular model to the military. So you know that’s there. They had a big issue in the beginning because they said it met uniform standards.

Part of the uniform standard is when you’re wearing your Foley’s to use in the army. You can’t have any brand name showing and they decide right, Reebok right on the back of the booth and you tuck your pants in in military. So that was an issue. They make a different version. You have to actually select it on Reebok website, whether you want the name or not so they’ll make it a sign. Anyone who buy through Reebok without is saying Reebok you buy at a store which I bought mine, the army-navy near here.

It’s gonna say it on the back. I personally didn’t give a [, __ ], so yeah. If this review was helpful for you guys subscribe and like and we’re gonna try and put out more wasn’t helpful for you also subscribe and like if you don’t I’m gonna, come find you what he said, but new videos every week. Well we’re gonna try and do. Every week we’ve made last week, they’ve been slacking, I went to Seaside, it was lit, so don’t blame.

Oh yeah I didn’t go, which is weird because I had a video to put up – sorry, and if you aren’t, if you don’t really care about our channel, this means nothing to you so yeah still, you should subscribe and start caring. Yeah start at this point: we’re babbling. Yes, we are babbling and we will probably cut this out. No, no, no! No we’re not because you said were probably gonna have to keep at the end. Yeah we’re just gonna keep this, and this is just gonna keep going, and maybe maybe at this point I’ll put.

No! No! No! No! Maybe at this point, I’ll put like a subscribe button or something or right here, just kind of like crown holding the struggling I can do that for your neck I, so I’m holding uh subscribe, but I want to lift it. Okay, can I bench the scrap you can bench and I’ll make it move for you? Alright, so I’m betting he’s benching a subscriber alright? Ah, yes, the deal with me all the time you guys are lucky yeah, well, yeah.

Let’s just keep babbling it’ll make the video longer.

We’ll be my second pair of Rapid, which I wear daily in a warehouse constantly walking they’re really light on my feet really comfortable. It’s not what you would expect putting on a shoe this big so for the winter I decided to get these pair I like the side zip on the 6-inch. My first pair I tried to put my foot in there too, quick. While the zipper was right here and it busted it.

They sent me a new pair that was covered on the warranty, but the pair that was replaced. This part of the velcro for some reason, look like the actual plastic button there. So it just kind of hangs like this, but I like the shoe so much that’s acceptable, I, wear it and get along with my life and no problems, but with this boot my foot here when I first sipped it up I’m like wow, that’s weird that I can feel the zipper on my ankle and then further vestigation revealed that it’s this I guess this is the ankle support or something it looks like cheap leather paper or something but uh.

This rubs on, like yep, okay. So I put it on bare feet kind of excited and it’s super uncomfortable, so I’m thinking, okay, maybe a pair of socks about nope, put a thick pair of socks on it, took about 15 steps of these things and immediate discomfort. Rubbing rubbing on my ankles back of the heel, to the point where, if you were to wear this thing for more than like 15 minutes you it would be, it would rub you raw, which really sucks I mean I love the way these things look like I said the six-inch pair is really like I’m, assuming that’s how these would be, but that thing back there makes this unacceptable.

It’s not wearable! You can’t take it out. You can take out this part, but that’s not the problem. It’s this part. Whenever I looked at the reviews, I kind of after I experienced this issue. I went and looked had to go about five pages deep and at tactical gear. Calm before I saw that there were other similar problems or actually gets the same problem.

Yeah. It’s just really disappointing I, don’t know, I thought it was a defect like I said, I went and looked, and there are other people experiencing this. Maybe it’s the the quality, control or I, don’t know if its design, I just hope, I, don’t know, I hope they come out with a different version or something that’s actually wearable, because I really like I bought the Reebok sublight, wasn’t really happy with those they were comfortable.

They were wearable. I. Just wasn’t happy with this. The way it bent whatever you draw, but this one it it’s fine, the six-inch traction is the same. I, don’t know it just sucks. I’m gonna be returning these tomorrow.

Hey, what’s up guys sack of holics here and I? Guess I kind of wanted to answer a YouTube and from people that I meet met, somebody in a store one day and he goes hey. Those are the boots you wear on YouTube. What are they so they were gonna talk about boots, real, quick, quick and dirty I am wearing and have been for about six months now the six inch stealth Reebok Rapid, Response boot.

They come in black as well as desert sand or coyote, whatever they call it. The black ones are leather bonus to the black leather ones. Is their water repellent, moisture repellent? You can certainly put a coating and a sealer on there to repel moisture the tan ones. I’m wearing are just a canvas type of a boot that is not entirely water, repellent.

In fact, their website Reeboks website says they are not water repellent. They do resist a fair amount of moisture here in Wisconsin they hold up better than most the other tan boots. That I’ve learned everything from garments: baits 511 s, Iraqis stuff like that, and they will repel more moisture rain and snow and puddles and stuff than those other brands have for me typically, but they are not a waterproof boot, but it has a six-inch boot.

It’s nice low-cut still supports your ankle and incredible incredibly well, but allows it allows your foot to breathe a little bit more and really stay nice and cool and dry even out here. When it’s, you know, 85 degrees, we’ve been slinging guns all day, my Peter pretty comfortable. In these things, really the only downside that I have experience with them and I’ll warn you about is the break-in period.

I’ve never bought honestly, never bought a pair of boots that had a break-in period. I’ve always put them on and they felt pretty darn good right away. Maybe they softened up a little bit, but for the first I would say two two-and-a-half weeks that I owned the Reebok rapid-response boot, they were just straight-up, uncomfortable to the point where I almost thought about giving up on them, returning them selling them whatever, but I stuck with it.

I. Actually ordered some insoles put them in the boot, and that did help with the arch support and the shock on my heel. It took away some of that discomfort, but it just kind of cramped. My foot inside the shoe too much and it’s not something I was comfortable with so I ripped those things out and just kind of grit, my teeth and stuck with it and all of a sudden I put them on one day, and it was like a whole new boot on my foot.

They were very comfortable, so you’ve seen us wearing them out here. You see me wearing them out here running guns, walking around every day. I wear these things just about every day, if I’m wearing jeans or 511 pants, something like that and they work great for everyday life. Some of the big advantages that I enjoy about these boots is the sole is very soft rubber, which makes him incredibly quiet when you’re walking on concrete or tile floors as well slip-resistant.

You get insane amounts of traction out of these boots on a concrete floor with oil spilled on it or a tile floor or icy conditions. Things like that they work really well for that. It’s nice to be able to walk around quietly depending on your application law enforcement. Military armed professional is some type you might want. Something allows you to move quietly, but you certainly don’t want to sacrifice the traction and stability that you can get in.

The Reebok rapid-response certainly afford significant amounts of traction while being ultra quiet. At the same time, the six-inch Rapid Response boot has a really tough side, zip on there, making it easier to get on and off now granted with a six-inch boot. Having that side, zip opening, isn’t something you really need. It’s not that hard to get your foot in or out of the boot and I know a lot of guys prefer not to have a side, zip, I’ve, always kind of been indifferent towards that I guess, leaning on the side that I prefer a side zip with an 8 inch boot with a 6 inch.

Boot I, don’t really see the need for it, but it does make it a lot easier and so far several hundred times and putting these boots on and taking them off the side. Zipper stays up it as a velcro loop that holds it in place. It doesn’t slide down when you’re moving around and it shows no signs of wearing out or giving up anytime soon so there.

It is guys, quick and dirty on the shoes that I choose to wear when we’re out here. Making these videos, as well as the shoes I wear everyday walking around so like I, said I’ve been asked by enough people. I decided what the heck, let’s grab the camera, and tell you guys about these things, so you can find them online or in stores for right around 100 bucks, depending on where you go pretty reasonable for for a decent pair of boots, that’s holding up really well I’m excited to see how they continue to hold up as I continue to punish them and the seasons about to turn over.

Here, it’s going to be real, cold and plenty of white stuff on the ground. Here pretty soon and we’ll see how they hold up in the winter months, but I’m like I’m so far so get out and check them out if you’re in the market for a 6 inch side, zip boot, that’s gonna live up to your tough lifestyle. Thanks for watching guys, we’ll see you next time we never quit.


Oh, what’s up my people? Fourth prince, that must have changed from the last British review. There is a link in the description to that. If you guys want to go and check that out, but there has been some changes in my boots and, like I, said in that video we’ll never get another pair of boots, because these boots are the best ever boots and anything else would just be not the best boots ever so that’s why we rollin whinnies, but now, as you can see, they make my Reebok, and these are the Reebok rapid-response.

As you can see guys. Anyone know knows my old video with the converse warrior: does it worry out? These are basically exactly the same boots. It’s just we bought make them now, but I did want to bring a video to let everyone know out there that there has been some major league changes in the boots with the name and the people who make them so I know a lot of people are struggling to find where to get these boots from, but yeah look a damn. Oh my days, hmm you smell them.

Actually they smell of protective spray water spray. No it’s just as good been feel good yeah, but yeah. These are the boots, and these are the greatest boots ever the only thing when these runs is they don’t have them a steel toe cap? I, don’t know if you can get them with a steel toe cap, I’m, pretty sure you can also know you can get these in black as well and I’m, not sure anymore. I know when converse used to make him used to be able to get these bits in camouflage which was sick boots, but then ones.

So all these little bits here they dis bit there that bit there that, but there didn’t have that had was in camouflage, but then boots did not have the zip so um in the past. Always when you are kind of thin, but I haven’t seen any more of them. I don’t know they still make them. Who knows, but these are the ones to get and like I said as well, when I say that these are the beasts ones, I show you well got on front first as well. This is where I’ve gotten from place called Knight gear and I will leave a link in the description.

This is if you need to get them in the UK. If you get them in the UK. This is the place you need to go to go to it used to be UK tactical, but they don’t sell them anymore, but might get older. Then late was really nice and everything and they’ve gotten within two days. Everything was beautiful with those guys so yeah, but I should say my over as well. This is my old boat cuz when they change the name. I was going to do a video on these ones when they change the name, but I didn’t know, because if someone else is making them, if there was a steady is when converts made it and believe me guys, Reebok have done a beastly job just as convert it.

As you can see, these are only box. These boots would be two years old. You knocked over it’s now July, so you’re, getting aware of how long I’ve had these boots knees and my only pair of boots. Apart from that, I got some new ones, hi new ones, how you doing but yeah, as you can see, the only things are really gone on these. It’s the songs and stuff which you know guys always know. You’re gonna have that’s what’s taking the beat in the souls but I’ve.

This is my work. Fourth pair of these kind of boots now and I’ve, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever had a hole in the body at all. I’ve had some bits of these fall out and some of the stuff fall out from inside. So, as you can see the stitching, even after two years, there’s no holes there or nothing things of peace. The only problem I did have with this one, and this is the only time this has ever happened to me on any one of these boots.

Is a zipper actually broke on this one? So, as you can see this, it went on that back. It was still okay. I could still pull him up and make him work. So it wasn’t anything that stopped the boots from working, but yeah I’m gonna, move that as well I just had to put that light. Getting down. Just so I didn’t get a Gugu best bed because she will beat me down and no one wants that I’ll get a bed daily, so y’all, but there you go. Oh absolutely amazing boots like I say if you are getting deployed, you can see that these are a military-style boot.

They are built for the army and in them you are getting deployed anywhere to somewhere. What’s sanding, you need Peretz hand, I will say: go for the m3, but weapons response. They are light as hell man they’re. So like that you pick them up and you go wow they’re like they feel like they’re, train trainers or feel like they’re made out of carbon fiber or something so definitely you are getting deploying you and the forces. These are definitely basting meat to have.

But these ones don’t have the composite tone. I don’t know if I just said that in this video I’ll say again, though these ones don’t have the composite tone, but these other ones where old ones which are put there do they’ve got the composite. So so I guess, if you guys, are getting deployed anywhere. That needs to be something you might need to check I’m, pretty sure that they probably do these in the composite tow. But that’s something you’ll have to check guys, see yeah, but I’m gonna wear and we go into a finger to show you what these bad boys look like on link to in the description for them.

They are the greatest boots of all time. If you buy a pair of these boots, unless the sole you guys doing, super walk in will be jolly problem, but I’ll say you’re guaranteed a pair of boots or year now I’ve been wearing timberlands. In the past cats, I’ve had SWAT, which is also another military-style boot, and the swats only mates, just over six months before I had to get a new pair like I, started to get holes in there with the swats, whereas these no holes guarantee comfortable and they look dope anyway.

I’ll show you how black don’t they look right now we go boots on, as you can see, I’m saying. Look at that. Ah, you know you want to pair these boots right now, guys. You know you do and most saying I ain’t get no money from Reebok on no one for doing this, I was just saying that these boots are the best boots ever I want you to have the best boots ever and the more people to get these things. I presume more they’re, gonna be making them forever, and ever.

This is like my fifth pair of these style boots. Exactly the same, my second pair of remark I’ve had three pairs of converse in the past of these and they never let me down. They keep your feet cool in the summertime warm in the wintertime. They are just amazing. If you are getting deployed in a way like I said before you know, these are the ones to have anyway peeps it’s my boots. Ah, they can give looking kid much love and peace.

Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen military boots

Skechers Men's New Wascana-Benen military boots

Skechers padded collar waterproof tactical boot.

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75
  • Black leather/textile
  • Memory foam
  • Closure Type – Lace-Up
  • military boots

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Skechers
  • Type: military boots

You guys can see, I have some sketchers tactical booths, and these are skechers wascana, benin, military and tactical boots, and let me tell you guys: I really really want to like these boots because they are waterproof. They look great. They are comfortable other than one major problem with the comfort level, which you will have to watch the whole review to find out what it is, but I really really do want to like these.

They are currently 60 on amazon and in fact there is an active coupon with which you can save almost eight dollars. So for 50 bucks you can get these boots excellent, outsole, excellent, inner sole, so many excellent things about this boost, but there is one major problem: alright, so if you have time to watch the whole review, which, honestly, if you’re considering to buy this boot, I really hope you do watch the whole review, because I have some important things to tell you about this boot.

Let’s get into it. As some of you already know, this is not just your regular average boot review. This is review for my special section that called that is called ultimate survival boots. So if uh something bad happened, you know, 2020 has been crazy. 2021 seems to be crazier so far, so you probably have a lot of survival situations in mind, and these are the boots you had in your house, and you put them on, and now you had to leave the house to get to the safety you had to walk, run, climb fight, whatever’s necessary in your survival situation.

These were the boots you were wearing. Would this be good for your survival? How do we make the judgment in this review? We make the judgment based on eight different criteria. Let’s get into it criteria number one, the comfort level, all right like I said overall. I really really want to like this book, because pretty much 95 of everything is amazing, with this boot, except for one major problem.

So, let’s start, how do I determine the comfort level? I do a test for all of the boots that I review on this channel boots and shoes, because I do sometimes hiking shoes trail running shoes. This is overall, it’s great right, but whenever I do my reviews, I do a three mile run without stopping and then I do a five mile walk right after again, without stopping no pauses in between, and that helps me kind of have a very non-biased comfort level judgment for everything that I review on this channel.

So, let’s start, let’s start with the good things. First. First of all, of course, one of the factors that contributes or takes away from the comfort level is the weight and overall you would expect this to be on the heavier side, because these are waterproof. These are, as you can see, the outsole is pretty thick.

Only 23 1, which I have to say, is really really good now to give you kind of a reference number whenever it comes to weight in general uh. This is a size 10 by the way. So it’s kind of you have a clear understanding of where, where we stand, obviously, if you go with a smaller size, it’s going to be a little bit lighter, but if you want a more or less light boot that you can run in that you can walk in for extended periods of time without getting tired from the weight on your feet.

You want something under 20 ounce. 23 ounce is pretty good, so only 3 oz over 20, not that bad, considering that they’re waterproof, considering that they have a very thick outsole to give you that kind of protection and reinforced more or less toe, very, very good construction. It’s not that bad. Another thing that contributes to the comfort level is the inner sole and whenever it comes to the inner soles sketchers seem to get it right every time.

So far, every sketcher that I have reviewed had an amazing inner soul. It’s their relaxed feed memory, foam inner sole, it’s very, very soft, as you can see, and it gives you some breathability because it has these pores on the back great great inner sole. I absolutely love it um. It’s helpful, especially whenever you’re running, because it takes away the impact um from you know.

If you’re running not properly, if you’re putting some stress on your heel, you know obviously transfers to your ankles to your knees, this inner sole helps a lot, that’s good. Of course. We also do have all the padding on the tongue here in the shaft, and you also do have a little bit, not a lot but a little bit of padding on the inside nothing on the toe box on the inside of the toe box.

So I kind of wish there was some padding, but you can solve this easily by implementing some uh socks. Some thicker socks will do the job okay. So let’s get into the factor that uh kind of disappointed me in this boot overall, I want to like it, but I can’t uh it’s one of those boots that, like some of you guys say that needs to be broken in honestly, I don’t believe in the break in period it’s either comfortable out of the box or it’s not comfortable out of the box, and here there’s a major problem.

There is this crease right here which the way it breaks it pushes into your toe and literally after the first quarter, mile of me running and then just throughout the whole thing. I started having these terrible pains in my toe and it’s always a bose boot uh on the bose feet, uh really really a design flaw in. In my opinion, it is just whenever boot manufacturers they they make their boots.

They they really need to look out for these things. The way that it decreases break. It’s it’s very, very important because, like I said these little things, it can ruin it for you now, if you’re one of those people that does not mind to deal with the fatigue for weeks for months. I don’t know how long you believe in your break-in period.

This definitely will get softer, and this will definitely adjust to your food all right, but you will go through a lot of pain and a lot of fatigue until that. Keep that in mind, if you’re willing to deal with it all right, go for it because look over 1000 reviews, almost five stars on amazon. So there are a lot of people who are dealing with the breaking period.

Okay, fine, if you want to do that, go for it, but I like I said I believe in it’s either comfortable out of the box or not now, let’s finish up with something good about this boot all right in the comfort level. Another thing that is really really good with this boot is, if you notice, no matter how thick the outsole is, it is actually very, very flexible, so running in these boots.

Besides this major problem, you actually can run properly in this boot, thanks to the very, very flexible outsole, definitely a huge plus so overall on the comfort level um, it would have been fantastic. It would have been fantastic if it wasn’t for these crease break right here, all right. So, let’s move on to the criteria.

Number two proofing and protection like I said these are waterproof all right and you probably already noticed the gusseted tongue here. As you can see, the gusseting allows you for about about four and a half inches of waterproofing. Now the shaft is much taller, it’s taller than six inches. So I’m not sure why sketchers did not implement at least another inch of waterproofing here by implementing uh more of uh gassing a little bit higher, but it is what it is you get at least you get four and a half so pretty decent all right.

Now, whenever it comes to the protection um, you do have some decent amount of protection here the outsole is pretty thick, so you have some protection from the bottom. The the toe is reinforced in a way, as you can see, probably a good, let’s see, probably a good two and a half inches. So it’s really not reinforced to the point where it can take on the impact of you know, hammer falling or something like that, so not that much, but still it’s nice to know that it is on the tougher side, just like I said, make sure you implement some thicker socks to kind of protect you from that hardness, because there is nothing on the inside of the toe box that protects you from it.

Of course, you do have some padding in the ankles not much keep in mind. The ankles are still soft. So not much protection from the impact and you do have the same: reinforced uh, heal as well. Let’s move on to the criteria number three. Now the quality and the design features quality wise, like I said there are over 1 000 reviews on amazon for these boots and they’re almost five stars.

So people really really do like these boots, probably not for the comfort level, but definitely for the price and for all of the features that you get in these, and I mean skechers is an established brand. They do have a lot of things out there, so you know it’s definitely a trusted brand whenever it comes to the design features.

Usually here I talk about lacing system and lacing system. Here is really really good. It’s a closed holes as you can see, the strings are very thin, so they slide through very nicely. It tightens very proportionately, very good job there sketchers and you do get two open hooks, which is not typical to your tactical boots.

Usually um. It is the hiking boots that implement those open hooks, but you know it’s nice to have them. I personally like them- and I don’t mind them- you know on my tactical boot. It makes it very easy and fast to uh, tighten and release the tension. If you’re walking, for example, up the heel, you want to release the tension a little bit.

You do that very good. Overall, I am very, very happy with this lacing system. Let’s move on to criteria number four, the outsole traction and stability now to test that uh. Whenever I do my run and my walk, I do that on a variety of different surfaces. I start with some older asphalt going to the newer tarmac. Then I go into the sand: dry sand, wet sand, dry grass, wet grass, rocky road, some trail surfaces, and then I finish with some marble tile, some shiny flat surfaces.

So, as you can see, this outsole is more on the flatter side. There isn’t really much aggression aside from here at the very front and here at the very back, so they do handle perfectly fine on asphalt tarmac. They do handle pretty good on dry sand, wet sand decent on the rocky road, because the outsole is so thick.

You don’t really feel anything you know stepping on sharp rocks without any problems. The only thing that these do not handle very well would be some wet grass. They are pretty slippery on the wet grass and it’s because they don’t have much aggression here in the middle. Keep that in mind, for example, if you, if you’re here in florida like myself, they might be pretty slippery.

If you know if you’re working for I don’t know doing something that requires walking through the wet grass in the morning, because in the morning most of the time grass is wet over here, all right might be slippery uh. I do like the fact that skechers implemented the ridges over here, which do help whenever you’re climbing, climbing a rope climbing a tree, whatever you’re clapping a huge plus.

You know because this is ultimate survival. Boot review, after all, so definitely a huge plus there. Now, whenever it comes to the snow and ice really not much to talk about here, because these are not insulated in any way so they’re not designed for winter, you can probably get away with some insulated socks uh, but whenever it comes to the outsole handling, they’re gonna be definitely very, very slippery um on ice there there aren’t really a lot of boots unless you’re buying specifically ice boots.

That gonna, be you know good on ice out of the box. So keep that in mind. That brings me to the criteria. Number five actually temperature. So these are really not designed for colder temperatures. They have no insulation at all. Now you might get away with some insulated socks, like I said, with some colder temperatures, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you’re, if you’re looking for a winter boot, get a specifically a winter put all right, but in the hot temperatures these are fairly breathable, even though they’re waterproof uh, they feel fairly light so not too bad and, like I said this, inner sole definitely helps a lot with these pores right here.

Let’s move on to the criteria number six. Now the sizing now they definitely are true to the size, and whenever it comes to the boots, I always recommend getting at least half a size bigger than your normal shoe size, not at least half a size bigger than your normal shoe size if you’re wearing you know nine and a half for your sneakers for your dress.

Shoes get yourself size, 10 in the boot, to have a little bit of that extra space between your toe and and the toe box, and especially in a boot like this, is very important where there is nothing really protecting you, no cushioning on the inside of the toe box. It saves you from unnecessary fatigue. It’s gonna be very helpful with a boot like this.

Let’s move on to the criteria number seven now the balance of application. So if this really was your ultimate survival boot something bad happened and you were wearing them or you put them on, and now you had to survive right. Would they be good honestly? I think they are a great option, especially if you have them already broken in right and now they fit you perfectly.

This crease doesn’t bother you at all and you you’ve been wearing them for months and they’re good. I think it’s a great great option, the comfort level other than this major problem, great the features great the outsole is, I mean fairly decent honestly. I wish there was a little bit of more aggression here in the middle, but still it is pretty good and considering the criteria number eight, which is the price I mean fantastic value.

What you are getting here is absolutely absolutely fantastic value for only 59 currently on amazon. The link is in the description below and if you are in time, if the coupon is still available as of right now, there is a seven and a half dollar discount coupon that you can apply. So you are getting these boots pretty much for 50 bucks, absolutely fantastic value for 50, like I said, if you don’t mind waiting for this break-in period and this crease right here, adjusting to your food shape you other than that you’re gonna love love these boots.

So let me know in the comments below guys what you think about these sketcher sketchers tactical boots. What do you think about this review? Would you consider them as your tactical boot or your military boot? Would you uh consider them as your ultimate survival boot? Thank you very much guys for watching. This was firearms of america and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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