7 The Best Mud Run Shoes

  1. Mishansha Quick Dry Barefoot
  2. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail
  3. L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water
  4. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer
  5. New Balance Women’s 410 V6
  6. ALEADER Women’s Stylish Quick Drying
  7. La Sportiva Men’s Bushido II
TOP #1
Mishansha Quick Dry Barefoot mud run shoes
Mishansha Quick Dry Barefoot mud run shoes

  • Spandex Fabri Upper
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper with salt resistance wear resistance
  • Easy On and Off
  • According to the width of the foot quickly adjust the shoes elastic and avoid the annoyance of tying your shoes
  • mud run shoes
TOP #2
Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail mud run shoes
Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail mud run shoes

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Featuring an aggressive grip, precise foothold, & lightweight protection
  • A monster grip for soft trail conditions, the lightweight, highly cushioned Speedcross 4 is the perfect shoe for trail runners
  • mud run shoes
TOP #3
L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water mud run shoes
L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water mud run shoes

  • Rubber sole
  • Upper with stretch breathable ultra light weight fabric for fast draining and cross ventilation
  • Elastic band with removable shoeslaces help adjust the shoes according to the width of the feet 
  • Take advantage of the textile, high-quality flexible and lightweight style
  • Thicken outsole with stronger traction
  • mud run shoes
TOP #4
WHITIN Men's Cross-Trainer mud run shoes
WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer mud run shoes

  • Anatomical shape provides natural comfort.
  • Adaptive materials and minimalist construction.
  • Zero drop from heel to toe for a natural stride.
  • Our vegan friendly footwear uses 0% animal products.
  • Note, if between sizes, order next size down.
  • mud run shoes
TOP #5
New Balance Women's 410 V6 mud run shoes
New Balance Women’s 410 V6 mud run shoes

  • 50% Synthetic, 50% Mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • The New Balance 410v6 is a cushioned running shoe that’s made for the trails
  • Soft Fresh Foam midsole that is precision-engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride
  • These Fresh Foam Fast v2 kids’ performance shoes are designed with a durable rubber outsole for comfortable support on a range of surfaces
  • mud run shoes
TOP #6
ALEADER Women's Stylish Quick Drying mud run shoes
ALEADER Women’s Stylish Quick Drying mud run shoes

  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
  • Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability
  • Water Drain outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions
  • ComforDry sockliner provides the optimum cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying
  • mud run shoes
TOP #7
La Sportiva Men's Bushido II mud run shoes
La Sportiva Men’s Bushido II mud run shoes

  • Rubber sole
  • Enhanced cushioning while also providing the user with a neutral, stable, lightweight, sticky and aggressive outsole
  • Updated tongue and heel is ergonomic, padded, highly-breathable and will stay in place with gusseted construction
  • Outsole lugs wrap the midsole to provide added traction and enhanced stability on off-camber terrain
  • Slip-on construction wraps your foot like a sock
  • mud run shoes

Mishansha Quick Dry Barefoot mud run shoes

Mishansha Quick Dry Barefoot mud run shoes

  • Spandex Fabri Upper
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • PERFECT MATERIAL:Upper with salt resistance wear resistance stretch breathable ultra light weight Lycra material for fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent flexible and comfortable.
  • QUICK DRY WITH DRAINAGE HOLES:Unique and top-quality anti slip camo rubber sole, with several holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment
  • Easy On and Off:The pull tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry, protecting your feet from dripping off.
  • ELASTIC STRAPS:According to the width of the foot quickly adjust the shoes elastic and avoid the annoyance of tying your shoes.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY ACTIVITY:Women and men perfect for beach, swimming, surf, pool, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, long airline flight, yoga, performing pilates exercises aerobics etc. The shoe is necessary equipment for vacations.
  • mud run shoes

Spandex fabric imported rubber, sole resistance, wear resistance stretch, breathable ultra lightweight liquor, material for fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent, flexible and comfortable quick dry with drainage holes, unique and top-quality anti-slip camo rubber, sole with several holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them, which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment. Easy on and off the pole. Tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry protecting your feet from dripping off elastic straps according to the width of the foot, quickly adjust the shoe’s elastic and avoid the annoyance of tying your shoes ideal for any activity.

Women and men perfect for beach swimming surf, pool, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing beach, volleyball long airline, flight, yoga performing politics, exercises aerobics, etc. The shoe is necessary equipment for vacations. You.

I usually wear a size 9, but it wasn’t. I have super long toes which hit right at the end of the shoe, but I found them to be very comfortable. The problems I’ve had with my old water shoes are what led me to choose this style. I work out at my local pool, so I needed something that was secure on my foot, but also allowed water to pass through the whole shoe the drainage holes on the bottom have made a huge difference.

I don’t have as much drag in the pool and especially when I get out, I’m not sloshing around with a shoe full of water that only uses out of the sides. The elastic on the top allows me to control how tight I can get the shoe on my foot, depending on how aggressive my workout is so far. I haven’t had to put it that tight to keep it on my foot, which is great.

They haven’t slipped off once also. They have good grip on wet tiles. I’m not sliding around one of my most practical purchases yet so very happy. These water shoes are so much better than the ones I had previously being able to adjust. The width is important to me. My feet are narrow in the middle and wide in the toe area, very lightweight, but the sole is substantial enough to do the intended job of protecting my feet.

I most often wear a 10 in a sandal, so I ordered the 10 5 size for women they’re a little long, but I prefer that to having my toes jammed up in a smaller size and the bright pink color is fun ordered a size, 8 5, which is what I wear in most shoes. I wore them on the boat today, where we walked on shelves and sand and water of course, and I had no trouble with anything getting in my shoes.

They fit just right and weir tm re-comfy the whole day. They had perfect grips on the bottom, so I never slipped. The color is very bright and cute highly recommend you.

Spandex fabric upper imported rubber resistance, wear resistance stretch, breathable ultra lightweight lycra material for fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent, flexible and comfortable quick dry with drainage holes, unique and top-quality anti slip. Camo rubber, sole with several holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them, which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment. Easy on and off.

The pull tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry protecting your feet from dripping off elastic straps according to the width of the foot, quickly adjust the shoes elastic and avoid the annoyance of tying your shoes ideal for any activity. Women and men perfect for beach swimming surf, pool, sailing boating, kayaking, windsurfing beach, volleyball long airline flight yoga performing pilot for more details. Please check descriptions.

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail mud run shoes

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail mud run shoes

The 4Th edition of our iconic and aggressively lugged trail runner for tearing through technical, soft ground with speed.

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • TRAIL RUNNING SNEAKER: Featuring an aggressive grip, precise foothold, & lightweight protection, the Salomon Speedcross 4 is the ideal shoe for runners who want to conquer soft, technical trails.
  • ALL THE WILD PLACES: With a monster grip for soft trail conditions, the lightweight, highly cushioned Speedcross 4 is the perfect shoe for trail runners who aren’t afraid of wet & dirty terrain.
  • GO THE DISTANCE: Whether you love daily road running in your neighborhood, an escape to a local trail, or something more rugged, Salomon makes shoes that ensure you have a smooth ride on any & all terrain.
  • mud run shoes

  • Package Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 4 inches; 2.34 Pounds
  • Item model number: Speedcross 4
  • Manufacturer: Salomon
  • Type: mud run shoes

You, the Salman men’s speed cross for running shoes. I’ve got these because I’ve recently taken up at some outdoor classes, and these look great out the box. You see, I’ve gone for the blue and white fantastic other colors are available, the outer material is synthetic in a material textile and the sole is a gum rubber, and they have this quick, lacing system.

You see the grooves on the bottom. I was having problems with my existing trainers. I’ve slipped it all over this muddy field. These things, though, are fantastic. You simply slip the 14 I’m an eight and a half plus a size. Nine, and you can see how quick it is to do the laces. You simply pull that toggle down and they’re done, and there’s no extra long laces.

So then guessing the weight and trip you up, I’ve been using these in any field. In my previous trainers. Had zero grip, no sliding all over the place. These they are fantastic. They let you stop evening. The muddy stuff conditions and I’m doing really happy with them much much better and once you’re done you’ll see in a second just time woody.

They can get, but because the grips are quite far apart, you can quite easily clean those off with a brush. One thing to note, though, is that, if you’re using these in very damp conditions, they’re not completely waterproof, so if I dip a forceout you’ll see a very damp sock, I’m really happy with these shoes. I really like the quick clay system and they’ve been a massive improvement over the previous trainers.

I was using the had me slipping and sliding all over the place. If you want to know more about link in the description below, if you haven’t already, please hit subscribe, I hope you found this short of useful thanks for watching.

This is a lightweight beast of a shoe. That’s meant for the mud. The gnarly lug pattern just begs to chew up that softish trails around the upper of the speed cross is synthetic. There is no leather on the shoe. It’s got a running shoe profile, the uppers welded, so there’s no stitching. There are no seams. This gives you better durability and an overall better fit. This is in-line with Salomon’s sensi fit construction, which is all about cradling the foot.

To give you an almost customized fit. The mesh is anti debris, so it will keep out all that nasty stuff that would otherwise make you very uncomfortable and also cause your shoes to break down faster. The upper has a quick lace system for easy on and off and there’s a nice little lace pocket so that cord doesn’t get caught up on the trails. The midsole is Salomon’s energy cell plus midsole. This is a unique compressed, foam midsole that balances weight and rebound as well as shock absorption.

It’s a nimble system that feels great under the foot to add cushion Salomon gives you a molded evie a ortho light sock liner on the inside of the shoe the outside of the shoe. The outsole has these gnarly Chevron lugs, this contig rip taa compound is meant for a serious bite. These shoes take aim at nothing but those loose soft surfaces. Overall, these shoes will stick their grippy, durable, comfortable and lightweight. The perfect choice for your loose muddy trails check out the salomon men’s speed cross 5 for the full, specs and latest price click.

The link in the description shop in wild calm for great deals on the best outdoor products, with expert advice and exceptional service, whether you’re, hiking running or roaming, we’ll help you get the gear you need for your next step subscribe and follow the n wild crew for the latest reviews. How-Tos and backcountry education see you on the trail.

This is the Salomon speed cross, for it features a synthetic upper with anti debris mesh, so basic protects your foot and stops any kind of little rocks, I’m bones or any mud. Getting into your shoe. The upper also uses cents a bit technology. This wraps around your foot for a really secure fit. The midsole is made from lightweight EBA, so it keeps the weight of the shoe down and offers a lot of cushioning and impact absorption underfoot.

The outside was made from contra grip, which is a really sticky rubber, and it also has really aggressive lugs. This gives you lots of grip when you’re moving at pace on very terrain. They also come with a quick lacing system, as you can see for easy on Easy Off. The drop of these shoes is ten millimeters. This is the difference between the height the hill in the toe.

It’s quite aggressive and therefore has quite a lot of cushioning under the heel. These shoes have a lace pocket. So once you put your shoe on, you can just tuck the laces in there like so and just keeps them out of the way for when you’re running they also have a molded ortholite footbed. This gives an extra layer of cushioning underfoot for extra comfort.

Additionally, they have lightweight protection around the toe and the heel. So you can see here and just there. This makes the shoe more durable and just protects your foot as well. These shoes are great for technical trail, running and off-road running, and those are looking quite nice for quite an aggressive shoe they’ve got massive lugs, so they’ll definitely make give you loads of grip on kind of unstable kind of muddy or rocky terrain, they’re, not great for kind of everyday use or general Road running the lugs on these shoes aren’t designed for use on tarmac, so they will wear down very quickly and they’re, not so they’re not really suitable for that kind of use other than that, if you’re after a technical trail running shoe, that will be great for pretty much anything.

This is the Salomon speed cross before.

For a vlog I see so many vlogs out there that look super polished and I’m literally on my bedroom floor, but we’ll see how it goes so. I start something’s a bit different I wanted to start a kind of vlog thing, but where I get to chat kind of with the camera, were you guys really about about running so trail running? In particular, a mountain trail running a bit about me.

I am a runner among many other things and I really like trail running and mountain trails, I’m an ambassador for the brand Salomon for running and I love it and for a lot of people. That is the most bonkers thing is lemon will find running crazy, boring or really hard. But some of us that’s crazy. Few really really flippin love it and I. Guess I! Just wanted it a space to chat about that really about how it kind of is accessible to everyone, I think and kind of what I go through what things I do.

I run a lot I do a bit of training and I, try and get ready for some events, occasionally pike, mountain races and it’s really a huge part of my lifestyle, so I guess I just wanted to share it with you, like you’re, my friend and just kind of explain. What is what it’s about ready for me and and maybe hopefully, you’ll take something from it too, even if it’s just that, it’s been impossible for you.

So how would I start this? Well, I thought I talked about just really. Basically a piece of kit that I really like I do love these shoes. They are like this sexy pair. They they are so muddy. These are the Salomon speed cross, four and so I do I work for Salomon and obviously gonna talk about their kit because I use it, but I also wouldn’t use it unless I loved it.

So there are some things that I like more than others, but this is a good chance to explain the kind of kit that I use in these vlogs and yeah. Why not start with speed cross flow? Your trail shoes things you need to put on your feet to run up mountains that something for me they’ve been a real, solid, shoe pretty much from the beginning I. These were the speaker threes for the version before them.

When my first sort of much-loved shoe the real kind of these are my real trail. Shoes and I kind of haven’t ventured too far for them. I’ve tried other shoes, but these I kind of always come back to you now. For me, the reason is, and things that you should look out for is get a good grip, especially for stuff. Like technical mountain trails, anything off-road is going to be a bit more unpredictable and they’re more unpredictable.

You get the better grip you need, so these have contra grip, which is Salman grip. It’s super, sticky, really good friction on rocks and just gives that extra support be sure, you’re going downhill understands, and so for that that is just for me. They were kind of the reason why get through these shoes and keep wanting more there’s a few other nice little features there, which I really like Palamon shoes have quick lay systems.

So if we’ve had problems of laces at school, these are really good. They just simply come buckle like so, and then once you tie it, it just fits really neatly in this little compartment at the front. This is really good for quick adjustments on the trail and they’re really comfy I find that the cushioning is really good around the sides of the shoe. Just it’s a really support and cushion the foot.

So for me it’s got that extra kind of grip. It’s got the quick lacing it’s well cushioned and also I have quite flat feet a bit like an elephant, I guess and a bit of arch support. So these are quite a high heel drop, which is this part here the difference between the back of the heel and the the front of the foot. This has got quite a high heel drop and that’s just I find quite supportive on my flatter feet.

Cuz I said they’re not for everyone, but as someone who use these from pretty much the beginning of racing and longer trails, I really recommend them as a great start out shoe, so you get on with them, see how you like them, but in terms of, if you want to step up that grip, these are a really good option and I guess. For me, shoes are probably one of the most important bits, if not the most important kit, because your shoes are what are going to protect your feet.

Fundamentally, your feet, you’re doing a lot of work. Most of the work I’ll give you the rest of kind of in your head got cobwebs of that in a different blog. These yeah really recommend and yeah they’re a good shoe. This is the first kind of vlog of this dial. It’s a little bit roar again and but hopefully it’s a chance just for you to kind of see a bit at the inside of running and if you’ve got any questions or anything do please get in touch.

Let me know if I can cover anything. Was there anything interesting, you’d like to know I have a great to take you out on some runs, maybe at some point and yeah we’ll see how we go.

America and today we have another pair of Salomon boots shoes. Let’s find out. This is speed, cross four and they are pretty popular, so I decided to give them for our ultimate survival boots. Review. I, know. I know there are not boots, but nevertheless would they be good for the ultimate survival situations, let’s find out so very quickly. You know if you are looking to buy this speed trail running shoes.

If that’s all you’re interested in I personally might test everything I’ve done. If you don’t want to watch the whole review, I absolutely love them, they work perfectly for what they are designed now, if you are interested to find out whether they’re good, for you know the ultimate survival, keep watching. So what are we doing this review with this ultimate survival? So we judge the. You know: shoes boots by a few different criterias criteria, number one comfort.

Now, whenever it counts to the comfort levels, Solomons, they always have. You know they always hit the mark perfectly. One of the reasons is because they do have that special inner sole that is called ortho light and the ortho light is basically that you know the feeling that it gives you sort of the G le, but at the same time, firm feeling it does take a lot of impact. Whenever you are running it does feel really good.

You know it’s it’s it’s. It makes it very comfortable to wear the shoes for extended periods of time and the tests that I’ve personally done in order to test them was three mile run and then a five-mile walk right after pretty much without stopping, maybe just to drink some water and the overall wear time of all of this was about eight hours. Eight hours wearing this shoes non-stop without taking them off, and let me tell you they are you know just like a lot of other Solomon’s shoes and boots that I have reviewed.

They are absolutely amazing whenever it comes to the comfort level. Now it’s not just a wall slide. However, that contributes to the comfort another thing: it is the bottom sole. It is so flexible and, as you can see, I can you know it really does not take any effort in order to you know, bend it and that that’s really what contributes to that running process. Whenever you run it, you do have to run on your.

You know on your toes and not get a lot of impact on your heel, so that you know your ankles, don’t stress your knees on stress and this in this shoes, it’s very easy to do because of that very flexible bottom sole. So, whatever it comes to the comfort level, I would say this: this shoes they do get. You know a solid nine out of ten. Why nine? Why not ten? Well, here’s the thing, because, because a little bit of because of that bottom sole and as you can see, it is very aggressive and it does have a very long grooves that are sticking out we’re gonna talk about it in in an in the criteria about the outsole, we’re gonna talk about it later and I’ll mention why it’s! It does kind of take away a little bit from the comfort okay.

So number two is the proofing and protection, and whenever it comes to proofing, there is really not much proofing. This boots are not gore-tex, they are not waterproof. So keep that in mind. You know if you’re interested in in waterproof make sure you’re looking for something that has GTX in the name, because that’s what it stands for stands for gore-tex, which is waterproof sort of a fabric that they implement into the design whenever it comes to the protection, there is a little bit of that hard rubber here, a little bit of something hard here.

It’s not really rubber, it’s more of sort of a patch, so it does give you just just a little, because it is still pretty soft and that’s really it now. The bottom sole is not very thick, so you know it’s very. It’s very tough rubber. So there’s not a lot of chance that it’s going to be penetrated by something like a sharp Rock, but the nail will definitely go through without any problems. Keep that in mind.

You know whenever you’re running just make sure your your you use your looking where your step- okay, let’s just keep that in mind, number three, the quality and the design features now quality wise. If you can check out the read the link, the Amazon link is in the description below and you will see that there are a lot of positive reviews. People love this shoes for their purpose for trail running and the design features that I wanted to mention here is my favorite quick lace system, which is absolutely amazing.

I do love it so much I wish every you know. Everything was with this quick lace system, because all it takes really to you know tighten it is BAM, that’s it. So it’s really really easy to put the shoes on. It’s really easy to take them off. I! Think! That’s! That’s! That’s really good and, of course, this a lot of Solomon’s shoes they are equipped equipped with the system they call center fit these ones do features that as well.

Basically that feeling that creates sort of wraps around your foot. You know it feels really good and it gives you stability as well, especially whenever you’re running you do feel that now, let’s talk about the number four and it’s the outsole traction and stability. Now I’ve mentioned something about the outsole. This aggressive grooves. They do serve their purposes on surfaces like you know, wet grass.

Just you know your regular trail surface is kind of like woody mix of branches and leaves and stuff like that mod they do perform on all those surfaces very well. Sandy surfaces perform amazing, but here’s the thing whenever it comes to the flat surfaces like, for example, there’s desk or you know the tile or the marble, because these grooves are so long as you can see, I don’t know, I can show you they are.

You know they. They are soft and you definitely do feel that whenever you step on the you know flat surface like this, you do feel sort of that extra movement. That is not supposed to be there so sort of like you’re slipping you’re. Not it’s just a little bit like a half inch movement. It does not feel very good, especially if you’re trying to run it, feels very wobbly. So keep that in mind these shoes. They are not for flat surfaces, you’re, not gonna like them on you know, on the tile on.

You know, even like a flat concrete or something like that. It’s it’s not as noticeable, for example, on tarmac on as well, but it you know still, you do get a little bit of that wobbly nest, because this grooves are long. You know and because they are so long and I, you know they do band and that’s what gives to that imbalance so on the surfaces and flat surfaces, not good on the trail surfaces. Absolutely amazing.

Keep that in mind. Number five is the temperature. Now, of course, as you would imagine, you know they are not winter, you know in any sense, so don’t expect them to. You know, keep you warm, but at the same time you know in the hot temperatures I live in Florida and I was testing them in about 100 degrees. They do. They are very, very breathable. They are very light. It’s very it’s very comfortable to run in them in the hot temperatures your feet do not or overheat, so they are for hot temperatures.

Keep that in mind. Number six really quickly is the sizing, no problems with the sizing at all. They are definitely true to the size. No complaints here, number seven is I. Think the most important one is the balance of application and what I mean by that is. You know if this were your last shoes that you put on and- and it was something that had to do you know your survival depended on them and you had to run out of your house and you had to run and walk and climb and fight- and you know do all of this job do all those different things that you can possibly imagine to survive.

Would these shoes be good now, I think they do well, they do serve their purpose. As you know, in the trail, in the woody, it really depends on the areas where you live and how you plan your survival. For example, if you do live in the woods somewhere- and you know, if you plan to run out of your house and run through the woods and get to somewhere safe, where you need to get this shoes, obviously would be very good for that.

But if you are looking for all sorts of you don’t know what the terrain is going to be in you’re. Looking for all this difference in areas like me, for example, running through tarmac running through, you know, wet grass one day and another day running through the mall on the tile. They might not suit you very well just because of that very aggressive bottom sole and this very aggressive, long roofs that are pretty wobbly whenever it comes to flat surfaces.

So keep that in mind and the very last one is the price. Currently, this booth are selling on Amazon somewhere between $95 and a whopping 230 dollars, but it really depends on the color. It really depends on the size and the availability and what cellar you were buying the front, but you can’t get them as low as 95 dollars, for example, this particular pair that I got was I, believe hundred and ten dollars, so pretty good I think you know for for the price, it is pretty good, especially if you are a professional.

You know trail runner, trail hiker, and you do that regularly. I think you’re gonna, absolutely love this boots and for the price you get all of these cool features like this extremely aggressive bottom sole. You know this lightness, quick lacing system and all of that stuff I think that’s pretty competitive. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below I know. This is not your usual, not your typical boot review, but I thought it was something cool to you, because this boots are pretty popular.

After all, they have more than 2000 reviews on Amazon, and you know people people do like them. People do get them and they are. They are pretty amazing for the trails, if have any requests. Let me know the comments below I will be happy to address them and if I can you know if I can’t get my hands on the product? I’ll definitely review that. So thank you very much guys for watching. I appreciate it. If you found this review useful, please subscribe.

This is a still growing channel and you know you know, give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Hike down well great, it’s a stretch, video tracks down here, anywho I am at the bottom. You may have heard the expression before what goes up must come down. What goes down has a hiker. Let’s go back up so right now, I’m gonna start my ascent back up this to show you where I came down. It’s literally that to the top of that right there and I came along that way. So that is not the way I’m gonna go back, looks a little more gradual, so we will see anywho while I do this hike up I figured.

It would be a good chance to talk about one of the pieces of gear that I always hike with, but have not mentioned yet that is I see if I can show you. My Salomon speed cross fives now get some shots just show in a minute kind of closer to the ground, how I’m hiking with these, but a little bit of the philosophy behind why I hike in trail, running shoes and not hiking boots I grew up hiking in hiking boots. That’s what my dad got me to hike in when I was a boy.

That’s my I hiked in until I was a teenager, and then something happened when I was like 18, ish and I went a couple times, hiking on some pretty simple, fairly easy hikes with some friends and I wore just like tick gross I wore just some old, like cross-training shoes that were the ones I had played volleyball in and that since gotten new one, so I wasn’t worried about him getting ruined or anything like that and I found that when I was hiking in those, it was way way way more comfortable.

For me, well has a terrifying spider with an egg pouch gross. It’s got bees on there too. All right. It was way more comfortable for me to hike in light-weight kind of like running, focused juice compared to heavy rigid boots. Now part of that is probably largely because of my environment. Here in Southern California, it’s a different terrain than a lot of other places. So if you live somewhere else, this may not apply to you as much, but for me, I find that I prefer to be agile and be weighed down, even by sacrificing some of that rigidity.

So then, after years, I was just hiking in Nikes or a 6 or whatever my oldest pair of like running or court shoes were oh yeah, finally was given. Luckily a pair of trail running shoes, the first pair I had were some ultras. They were great warm for a couple of years, put a lot of miles in them and they were fantastic. It was all the benefits of having a lightweight like court shoe, but with a sole that was meant to go on rock and dirt and had real traction.

So I did a lot of research for a long time and ultimately, eventually I landed on these Salomon speed cross shoes. Now these shoes have been a game changer for me, I liked my I think they were called ultras I liked those shoes like I, said they were a big step up, but these Salomon’s are just they’ve been perfect for me. I’ve had these: let’s see it’s been about six months now and I’ve definitely put at least a hundred miles into him, probably more probably a lot more but I’ll be conservative, I’ll, say a hundred miles of hiking in these shoes and with all of that distance they have been phenomenal.

I didn’t even really find that I had to like super break him in either, which was great. They they didn’t, give me blisters right off the bat or anything like that. They were just awesome right out of the box and they’ve held up incredibly well. They get dirty, but they take an absolute beating and they are the perfect amount of rigidity while still being really lightweight and just having a perfect perfect sole on them. So I’m gonna wrap in do a little bit of footage of me kind of down low.

So you can see them the way they look while I’m hiking in them. Hopefully that works and then I’ll do a wrap-up when I get to the top, but yeah these shoes are nuts so more to come all right. So it’s currently 92 degrees. It’s almost noon, and that was not a trail to get up it. Just wasn’t I literally just bushwhacked. My whole way up that face just pushing through stuff I had to cut a few sections. Oh my goodness, it’s a is way too hot right now. Oh I definitely should have stopped and rested along the way, but the angle of that hill I was just purely clearly in the Sun.

The whole way, there’s no shade and I, don’t like just sitting in the Sun I think I said already: it’s been five six months with them. Yeah six months now and I’ve got easily over a hundred miles, maybe more like 150 in these shoes, and they just keep taking everything. They haven’t gotten any less comfortable. If anything, they’ve only gotten more comfortable, the soles are holding up perfectly I slip. One off so I can show you it’s a it’s. Just they stay in great shape.

All they get is dirty. They haven’t worn down at all. I I don’t even have to wear funky socks with these. My favorite socks to wear with them are just my literally Stan’s classic socks like lightly padded ones, just a Salomon, conquer grip anyway. That soul is money. I think the focus of this trail running shoe I know, there’s different, like degrees of them and four different terrains and stuff I want to say this. One is like the preferences, Rock and uphill I.

Remember when I was researching them. The angle of the sole can have a slightly different degree, depending on what type of surface you plan on running on whether it’s a lot of uphill, a lot of downhill whatever it may be. These were focused on uphill, which I like as I dig hill climbs, not that one that I just did but usually I love hill climbs. It’s just fun to push yourself and get your heart. Beating and flatland isn’t test fun to me and downhill hurts many so yeah.

These have just been incredible: I’m gonna loop in in a minute some footage of me walking in them, so you can see them in action, but I got to cool down for a second that was just way way too intense. So I’m gonna crank this AC back up, get myself five and then I’ll wrap up this video outside again, alright, so first things, first I should probably show you how they go on. These have a really unique lace system and they have a bunch of debris in them from I was just doing anyway.

The way that these laces work- it’s really nice, I, totally dig them so literally I just kind of give the tongue that tug like that, and then you can cinch like this, give it a pull, pull that cinch down and then there’s this little pouch. You can tuck all of the lace into and then you’re good to go. These I was worried before I got these, that these cinches wouldn’t stay tight, that the ratchet the latch thing would kind of come. Undone on its own, I have had zero, loosening and, like I, said I’ve got miles in these.

It’s not like I’ve done, one test, hike and- and that’s been, that these have been through the wringer and yeah all of the seams and seals are holding really well. I’ve got like a few scuffs, where I’ve really scratched them bad, but I’ve like kick hard into sharp, twigs and stomped through stuff, and these have held up really really well, and so let me spin, the camera see if I can find a good way to show you me kind of moving around in them. So these shoes are dope.

I I really can’t emphasize enough the difference that I made when I switched from hiking boots to trail running shoes, I, guess there wasn’t in-betweener there where I was wearing like cross trainers, which was nice too, especially at that time. I wasn’t doing hikes as intense as I am now, and so it was usually pretty fine. But now with how much like really I go up, some pretty sketchy stuff where it would be unsafe. For me to have inadequate footwear, the amount of traction that these give me makes it just so much more comfortable to go up really steep stuff and loose terrain and to get over rock and when I’m like climbing up a face free climbing by myself, it’s better to have the right Footwear, so I’m really glad that I have these Salomon I think they are speed.

Cross I really should have known that before I did this video, but I wasn’t thinking about it before I came out here. I just thought man I, haven’t haven’t talked about these at all, so yeah 5 out of 5 stars for sure. For these shoes they just they’re breathable there light they keep my feet relatively cool. They protect my feet from everything. I’ve kicked through stomped through run into they’re, good for jumping and landing in. They have good arch support, they’re comfortable, oh yeah they’re.

In my opinion, the perfect shoe to hike in especially for a day hike and I have trail running them as well and they’re built for that, so obviously they’re great for it, but I hike way more often than I trail around now. The only situation that I could say I would want boots in is probably if I was going to be doing like a backpacking trip with a heavy pack on I’d want that extra support I’d want support around my ankles that kind of thing, but when I’m just hiking with my day pack, it is more than adequate for me to have this amount of support on my feet and, if anything, I think it’s probably I’m, not a scientist, I, don’t specifically know but I.

Imagine it’s better for my feet to have some flexibility and be letting my feet do the work instead of just relying on a totally rigid sole, because this gives me a better workout and I’m able to kind of articulate my toes a little better and I feel like I have better balance in them, and it’s just in my opinion, a much better way to hike for the types of hikes that I do at least so there you have. It that’ll, be my review on the Salomon speed cross fives.

Let’s pray, I’m right on that name: anywho they’re great shoes. There you have it.

Hello, my name is paul with golden blaze, videos and I’m here to share with you. What’s going to be a new favorite piece of gear, it is a salomon trail running shoe. This is the speed cross 5 and it’s very highly rated from what I’ve read online and yeah. I’m really looking forward to trying these on the trail. I thought I’d show them to you brand new before I got them all muddy. Um I took up trail running this past summer, want to get a little more cardiovascular in maybe speed up my hiking pace and backpacking pace, which I still do both of.

I just wanted to mix it up a little bit and throw in some trail running, and so I didn’t buy. You know trail runner, shoes right off the bat I went with my x ultra 3, which is really a hiking shoe and hey. It worked great for me and it’s still comfortable. I just ran in these a couple of days ago and um. I like them, but I thought hey. If I’m gonna stick with this trail running, which I’ve been doing now for about six months, that I’d get me some true trail running shoes, so they are um very similar on the soles so put that up there for you, um, the dirty ones.

Obviously, the x ultra 3 and then the new speed cross. The speed cross looks like it has a more aggressive tread, it’s still a contra grip thread, which is a material for salmon shoes. It’s very grippy, you notice. It’s got the v’s which point this way for helping to push off and get better grip and then on the heel. They are reversed, which helps you on the down step to break and the shoe not slide out from under you. But contra grip is a what I really like about salomon, it’s very grippy, very cushy, and this tread looks like it’s going to be great.

Another thing to show you is what they call their energy cell heel. You see the little marking there, that is, to help give you cushion when you’re stepping down onto your heel and then it’s supposed to help push you back off with um, with the energy released on the rebound um. Another thing that’s great about the salomon. It’s the same thing on the x ultra 3 is our lace system. You’ll notice, this kind of upside v shape on the sides. Those are like fingers that come up to the to the lace points on each side and that really cradles your foot good and man.

These feel comfortable right out of the box. It does have the quick lace system and uh right now. I’ve got the the little pull tab tucked up underneath the tongue where it stays, but it’s real nice you just pull to loosen and then, when you want to tighten the shoes, you just pull it back down great system, same thing to have on the x ultra 3, and I really like that holds really well helps. You tighten your shoes quickly, especially if you’re wearing gloves and cold weather, and then also they have the ortholite sole, which is very cushy.

Very comfortable helps wick away moisture, and what can I say I just love solomon’s shoes. I can’t wait to get these out on the trail, I’ll, try and shoot some video from you out on the trail and then I’ll come back after I’ve, worn these and give my final say, but so far I’d say just right out of the box. These things feel great and I can’t wait to get on the trail I’ll check in with you, after that, thanks so good morning. Finally, on the trail to try out my new salomon speed, cross running shoes and it’s a beautiful morning, it’s right at 50 degrees on one of my favorite sections of the mountain sea trail and uh, doing about six and a half miles a little over 1500 feet.

Elevation. If I remember right so, let’s try these things out check in with you later do first trail run got a muddy. Um ended up doing eight miles. It’s such a beautiful day and the shoes felt great. I really like them very grippy. The tread does extremely well very comfortable right out of the box. I did wear them for about 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then today was my first day on the trail. The break-in time was basically nothing. They feel great um ran my fastest mile uh today, which uh wasn’t trying to do that, but it just happened to work out that way, but anyways highly recommend these did some rock scrambles stepped in a puddle um had some creek crossings, wet leaves only thing I didn’t run into today was snow and the shoes still great so highly recommend them still love salmon, stuff check them out, and thanks for watching the videos and hope you’ll subscribe and stay tuned for more thanks for watching you.

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This is a real-life winter test of the Sullivan speed cross for trail running shoes. One of my biggest problems in the winter is that I just constantly have cold feet. What am I running so that’s why this year, I bought a pair of the Salomon speed cross for GTX gore-tex trail running shoes, they’re, waterproof, they’re, warm so in theory. They should keep my feet, nice and toasty, and to help with that, and because you choose are no good. If you go out running snow, you just kick snowed on the inside of them where it melts and makes your feet frozen.

I also bought their trail running gaiters and held in place with Velcro, and then they just seal up the ankle. I don’t stop snow getting in over the edge I’m melting inside the shoes. My tackle Inara Forest Park in Northern Ireland we’re going to six seven mile run I, don’t hand. The big question will be. Are my feet? Still warm, oh, come side this before I get into the run and get reviewing and talking about these shoes a little bit more I’ll be interested in knowing, if you’re a runner.

If your trail runner, what what shoes is it that you wear when you go out and under you wear Gators I’ve, never I’ve, never really run snow before and so I don’t know am I going over the top. They don’t really need them so post post in the comments. What what shoes do you wear and how would you read them and if you were to be cross force? Let me know that too, and let me know what do you think of them as well, because of the snow, the Forestry Service have closed. The main car parking are today, so I’ve had to go and park I’ve had to go and park in a lie by on the road.

I come in three or four throw in the pocket, but in just a second I’ll be emerging on the snow igloo. That’s what I called you I’m gonna, be running right time for and then back out by the waterfalls back wants to get to the other side. Just because of the way the Sun is this time of year. That’s gonna get quite damp even quite icy on her foot where the snows melting I don’t have it quite slippy on the way back up, so we good to see how the shoes perform if I fall in a ditch and that’s not going to be a kids look at that.

If I’m running in oh nice, I didn’t fall over bonus, point yeah I find that if I’m running wearing these shoes- and it’s over about six degrees, Celsius might be actually get too warm borderline overheat. So there’s that to consider ha I love this bit. It’s like a roller coaster. The conditions up here could not be more ideal for me. I love, running sunshine, I, love running in snow I, love running when there’s no wind and I love running when it’s close to zero, and it’s all four of those.

Today, oh and five I love running in amazing locations, fights come up on what is probably the nicest you inkling I’ve. Look at this: it’s just something about ramen, it’s! No! Let’s just it’s magical 30 minutes in my feet are warm and toasty. They feel like there’s a heat source and my feet. It’s a speed cross force, definitely turn this job. I’ll fight the good eye on the steps nice -. This will be interesting to see if I, if I make it down here in one piece when RFA’s also known as the queen of the glance and that’s partly because it was named after the legendary British rock band and their areas around here, known as Bohemian, Rhapsody, Creek and fat bottomed, girls, milk at the main, waterfall and gone ARF- is also known as the mercury slide.

Those are those are true. True things hey, you know what I want to break free from these trees and just be in the open, because then you can’t stop when I, that’s called I think my trail running times would probably be faster. If, if I had no interest in video photography, the battery on the answer, 361 acts is running low, so I’m gonna put it away before I. Do I want to show you this? This is my homemade, more compact, invisible, selfie stick for running I bought what is actually supposed to be a gimbal extender and then using the trick.

I did with a 3 meter alone. Selfie stick I chopped the top of it, so that it’s more narrow like this, so it comes out visible in the shots and that’s what I’ve been filming all the 360 stuff with for this and then the other thing I found that bought this. This is a little cheap plastic tripod that goes on the bomb. This one’s made by an Dewar and I’m, just meaning to set at the ground for doing gimmicky shorts like guy running around it shot I’ve not been paid to review these they’re, my own shoes I bought them for myself.

Oh look, a waterfall, oh I saw it. I saw well, let’s simply understand, Oh, okay, I think that’s who comes the worst of it, terrible Shimla I’m having to walk on the most horrible of help heartless. But it’s just it’s just too icy to run be dangerous, Alec, interesting! Oh, they don’t provide grip on slick ice for them. I, don’t think anything short of metal, mail, spikes or yak tracks is gonna help with that. This is one of the glowing RF ba fees that we’re going to encourage people to do a little bit more wild, camping and hiking, but due to budget constraints that didn’t have enough money for a fourth wall, or indeed a door.

So they’re not really. Once you see anybody speaking of fourth walls, this hill here, which is the last hill in the north up to the car park, is known as the hell of H, because that’s the side you make when you’re halfway up, that is the seat of shame so-called because of the shim you’ll feel. If you give up and sit on it when you’re supposed to be running, hit, hit hit this hill, but I am going to learn to love it or at least tolerate it. Muffit the carpark, there’s a soul in sight here.

I know, I said that our view is the best feeling on earth, but maybe it’s this one. So verdict I’ve been out running for nearly an hour, I’ve done 36 miles and my feet are dry. My fear. Warm I’m with the big Gators on absolutely no snow gotten to my ankles I am I’m. Actually, I am delighted with how well he’s done. This is exactly what I got before and they performed exactly yeah really happy with these I’m going up. So it’s a GoPro off not about really done. I know we’re about two miles back to the car, so that’s pretty much it yeah.

If you’re looking for a pair of trail shoes in one room, what I’d recommend absolutely selamat speed cross four and if you’re gonna be running in snow grab a pair of the Gators and stick them on. Let’s stop snow, getting down into your ankles. If you liked this video please hit like please leave a comment. Let me know what you wear or even let me know just what gr you wear if you’re out running in the snow and please subscribe, if you want to get more videos like this and I, will see you on the next video, which might be a review of a light or phone cover, we’ll see, – snowman stand in the garden chandi charlie I’m, one of them Ted.

Just not carrots, you.

Solving equals four: this is the black Everglade slipper spring Holloway, and they are size, nine and a half years. Forty three and one-third European, and then you came nine. These babies we’re gonna talk about some sizing. First of all, I would believe these are true to size if I were, if you, if you compare it to a Nike and Adidas I, wear for two and two-thirds in adidas and I wear for the tree in night. So if you wear that this woman and I normally don’t work for the three and one-third in adidas, because yeah a little bit too big, this fits like a Nike funny tree I would say spot on right after box I think they are a real nice.

She I had my first running these in mountains a couple of days ago and when I took him off, I was outside for maybe two three hours before I came home and then I walked on, because I had to walk to the city to get to the mall and in the morning it was really nice and firm and great done. It’s fits like a glove after a while I got a little bit pain in this part here and a little bit. This part here on the right foot and a little pain under here, because the shoes are so stiff.

But then again it’s a branding mountain running, so I definitely need to break them in so I’m. Not scared of this being like and painful shoot to where it’s like just robust issue that you need to yeah breaking I gotta, follow for a decent price and I’ve seen fives speed, cross, fives and I. Don’t see that necessary, necessary to spend a little bit more because I don’t think they upgraded this who, like they did from the tree today, for, for example, I think this is just as good as the 5, maybe I haven’t put it all and I see some reviews and some people said spread out something to sizes, but to me like I’m, not like this professional runner, a run like the road, maybe two times a week now and I try to run in the mouth into the treehouse a week so five days a week, but none long runs.

Maybe 40 minutes to max maybe 5k, sometimes maybe 7k. Sometimes it’s just really fashionable to, and he looks great and like I have a lot of she’s like a lot of shoes and our sneakers every day and like for fashion and I would say. I haven’t been this excited for shoe. You know, I know that I’m liking. You too, like Salomon I, never had a Salomon shoe before, but the trees I think it looks better because it’s a little bit, not not a statistic and the colorways for the trees are insane, but they don’t make I think there are production so, but either way, if you it’s not a great shoe for the summer Erin, but for the wintertime just for snow and everything you come where this is a passion like I know a lot of people just wearing for corner walks and stuff, but I would recommend this like if you into fashion, you know how to start this shoe is nice, so to be fair.

I would recommend this for, like in the summer time, in the winter time, when it’s a lot of snow outside, because so quickly notes and when I was running. This shoe was really good. You never looked that good because it’s like a running trail. It don’t look like it feels that comfortable. But it’s really nice. It’s really been nice being the French, so yeah I will do a little outfit relief. You guys yeah! That’s it thanks.

So these are the deep speed cross force. First of all, I do own. Almost everything Salomon makes for whatever technical, their hiking climbing, not much of the higher boots. I do own a bunch of cell phones because it was gonna, be relevant, so I brought in foul razors I brought in the speed cross. 3 I’m gonna show you what they look like I brought in my XA Pro 3-d ultras I do really bruise them. This kind of should tell you that I really use them. It’s not like just I buy shoes in review, so you’re gonna get an accurate one and I’m not compensated by anyone.

So these are all my shoes, my archers. Nobody gives them for free to say anything, nice or bad about themselves. Ok, so, first things! First, if you have that speed, cross 3 and you want yeah, let’s say they’re in bad shape and you need anymore and you want to go with speed cross 4. If you’re used to speed cross 3 speed cross 4 now gonna be good for you. I’ll tell you why? Because this is a trail running one, it says racing material on the speed cross freely, but that’s not what it says on the shoe.

What Solomon did to the shoe the travel running shoe is more guided. What I mean by that is speed. Cross 3 is like a sock. You wear the shoe superlight ultra flexible, like I kid you not like it is kind of fold. I mean it’s the back. The the heel part of it is really soft. This part really bugs me on certain issues: I, don’t like too much guidance in the heel unless I’m doing like technical, climbing or anything I want to run I want to wear a shoe like a sock.

You know like one of those things that way you put your toes in I, don’t like them, but I like this one. So it’s really thin material. The top of the material is the same except the trail running shoes of gore-tex, which I don’t suggest, buying gore-tex you’re gonna get wet regardless of its gore-tex or not so you’re, better off with some kind of material that dries quick. Instead of trying to keep water out. You’re gonna get water in that regardless and it’s gonna be tougher to get it out and if you have gore-tex so okay, so I bruise these shoes- you can tell these- are my speed cross 3 s I mean they got a lot to tell you can see the punctures here.

Look at the heel, I really bruise the crap out of them there’s no more teeth. If you wanna, compare no more great. Almost look at this I mean I’ve, been everywhere with these things in salt, water, muddy water, off-road anywhere climbing on certain rocks, I’m, not saying rock climbing, but you know I used them for everything. I think they. It came to an end. Gonna use them for gardening now, so it was time to upgrade when I got the forest. I was kind of disappointed because you see this flexibility and light weight.

It’s gone this shoe. Let me use the other one. This tells you all the gore-tex and all the fancy stickers and everything on it. I’ll put it right there. This shoe here is nowhere near flexible I, put a muscle in it right now. Look about the shoe bands from I want my shoe bending from here. You know why, if it doesn’t Bend from here, the heel doesn’t give when the heel doesn’t give doesn’t matter how the shoe fits your your heel will go up even though, like quarter inch up and down up and down moving in the shoe, the shoe does not Bend.

If it doesn’t give your heel is gonna have to go up, so it’s a natural way of running. You know you has to give, but this is not good enough of a give year. It’s not even flexible. This is so stiff at the bottom that the shoe doesn’t bend at the right spot, and for me this is super. Guided I kid you not I mean solar, won’t change this! It’s like going backwards. Why would they do that? I was just so ready to wear these shoes but I’m sending them back to get another.

One. Obviously I need some [ __ ] to run. I got my thigh races, but they’re, not like really runners. This is so guided like it’s almost unconscious uncomfortably guided like I’m, not gonna. Do rock climbing, with this I know, I, understand that it has to have a stable heel for trails but is extremely guided I, don’t know why Salomon would do this. I mean this was like one of their bestsellers. Now you can always search for a speed, cross, 3 and still gonna find it I, don’t know if you’re gonna find the same I’m, definitely ordering a speed cross 3 before it’s completely like discontinued.

I may even get two of those, because I really love the way that shoe fits. So the four like I said the bottom is completely stiff. This part is like not even bending I kid you not. Obviously the material is a little thicker feels a little stiffer. It’s not as soft like speed cross 3, because it’s gore-tex gore-tex may come handy if you have like little water. But if you live in Florida, you know you’re gonna dip in water ankle deep, but at any point so I really not care about gore-tex I, really don’t care if my feet gets wet, but if you think that you’re gonna just step in some puddles and get off gore-tex is fine, because it’s keep it’ll keep the water out.

But if you’re gonna go in ankle deep boaters gonna get in there, regardless its gore-tex or not. So who cares about this cortex, so she can save on that? Go for the regular one. So if you don’t like guided shoes, meaning the shoe will not take the shape of your feet, your feet has to fit in the shoe, which is like a terrible idea. If you’re gonna do a lot of runnings as far as the cushion goes, it feels good. It’s almost the same thing: I mean they just changed.

The way lightweight, muscle, lightweight muscle, it’s kind of like I can tell the difference. Man. This thing is like much lighter. My speed cross 3 is are like super lighter, and this one is a little heavier on the side. I don’t want to get into like too much details about the weight. I mean, obviously it’s negligible, probably, but you can still feel it if you’re gonna run a marathon. Obviously in the woods it may matter for you, so the blocks work great.

Obviously this is like a very innovative system. I still love it, I, really don’t care about other kind of ties, I actually, like dread tying my other shoes, if I have regular sneakers too. Obviously, I really look for these. This is a very innovative system. The problem is one of them, don’t even work out of the box. That’s another reason that I’m returning it it gets stuck halfway inside is ortholite it’s thin, but it works perfect. So you do really not need anything else in there just used, but what comes with it? The the design is pretty similar.

Obviously you can see the three you can see. The four shoelace is kind of red on this one, a ton of the shoe is a little more I want to say, like puffier, so he’s kind of bulkier here when you, when you put your shoe on this, is a little thinner and I like the way it fits. Actually, it’s much softer material right here, so I really don’t care for gore-tex I kid you not like it has up a lot of weight. Obviously the visibility marks are like same here.

You can just see in the dark a little bit in the back of the shoe they’re coming from as all to s and all that so but, like I, said, I tear these uh like I, wear them on the trail really heavily, so you can see what it was and what it came to. So that’s this is my speed cross 3. This is my fellow racers I’m loving this shoe foul racers like one of the best they discontinued I. Don’t know why they keep discontinuing the shoes. I love super flexible, I mean super lightweight.

Very aggressive grip. I am loving. These shoes like they are good. Looking shoes super nice and everything, but I can’t find them anymore self, and then these are my eyes: lose the crap out of these also probably I’m leaning towards these. Instead of speed, cross four and then I’m gonna get a speed cross, 3, Pro I’ll find them somewhere, X, April, 2 or 3 D. These are gray shoes I kid you not they’re in the heavy side, they’re completely flat right now, like if I get up.

If the surface is wet, forget about snow or any kind of slippery service, just wet I can’t even walk with these. It’s just does it doesn’t even feel like rubber anymore, some kind of other material pulled out of this thing like it. It lost this grip completely I, wear them for gardening. Like I said, you know, cleaning the dog crap from the yard or just mowing the yard, and all that so I keep throwing them in the washing machine and they’re coming out like clean at least not super functional bit so getting back to our feet cross for you can probably find these under hundred dollars right now and I got them for ninety two dollars on Amazon make sure the retailer is real.

Don’t buy these knock-offs these shoes last you forever I mean I’d. Like I said you don’t want to save on these and trying to buy a $20 Chinese knockoff. So are you gonna pay about 90 to 110 to 120? If it’s too good to be true, you know, that’s not real, so be careful with those buy it from an authorized retailer all right. Well, that’s it! If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to answer them for you. So it’ll probably help you hopefully it’ll help you to get a better idea which sure you want speed, cost rewrite -, because for right there foul razor right here discontinued.

You can still find the speed cross. 3 and our Ultra XD 4 right there. So let me know if you have any questions thanks for watching. Let me know which one you like the most.

Hey everybody, my name’s Richard from zappos com, speed cross for wide from Salomon. Now these trail running shoes here are really built. Keep your feet feeling energized outdoors! It’s got that amazing outsole down here with that really aggressive lug pattern on really help. Keep you steady or just about anything it’s made out of rubber, really help.

Keep you steady and give you a long, lasting use, which is fantastic, got that thick EBA midsole on top of that for amazing energy return, of course, keep your feet feeling good with that sturdy upper here I’ve got a protective rubber toe cap up there with a mud guard, it’s water-resistant to help. Keep your feet dry features that sense of fit technology here with this lace-up closure, which is really awesome.

All you have to do is give this guy a tug. It will lock everything in super tight, give you great customization and then you’ve got that little pocket there on the top of the tongue. So you can tuck away the lace. You have to worry about getting the way and, of course, you also have gussets on each side of that tongue there. So no debris will make its way in let’s go ahead and lace.

These up start exploring nature. Today, they’re from Salomon.

Guys and gals this is the speed cross designed for everybody. It’s a really capable shoe. It’s a shoe for the people to shoot for advanced technical runners. It’s the shoe for a beginner. It does anything anywhere. My favorite part of the speed cross four is the traction system. The Contra directly like lugs on the bottom, really just grip onto anything. We made lugs on the bottom. Full chevron shaped lugs for 22%, more surface area gives you much better traction in on down hills and over muddy and sloppy services.

Much just kind of sheds itself. Each step is a fresh step sense of it hugs, the top. Your foot really nicely that really wraps the foot up that you’re not sliding around and technical terrain. Quick lace is just all something side from the lace garage, so you know to readjust or tie your shoes. All your running shoes, also nice and lightweight, with reduces fatigue. Oh speed. Crossbar is really versatile, so you can wear it around afterwards.

Good. Looking shoe, there are so many bright colors notice it right away. Just today, I wore it at the coffee shop. I worked at the restaurant I worked on the trail, speed cross for it’s available at specialty retailers and always available on Solomon com.

Hey guys! In this video. We will review the top five trail running shoes for men available on the market. Today, We made this list based on our own opinion, research and customer reviews, We’ve considered their quality features and values. When narrowing down the best choices possible. If, you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned check. The links in the description box below So here are the top five best trail running shoes for men.

The fifth product on our list is the La Sportiva Men’s Bushido II The La Sportiva Bushido II is the perfect trail running shoe when looking for the perfect combination of swiftness, sturdiness and comfort with excellent protection and superb traction, It provides an enhanced, cushioning a stable and lightweight outsole a tongue and heel suitable to provide you with better comfort and fit Thus making it.

The appropriate shoe for mountain running Stability and traction are maintained during challenging terrain through the outsole lugs, which wrap the midsole The lugs’ distinct position in the shoe ensures they connect with one another and with the ground for maximum shock absorption. The upper sole helps in abrasion-resistance because of its breathable Air Mesh with thermoplastic film, while the middle sole has a stability control system with TPU inserts Furthermore.

Its high impact brake system has improved traction and downhill grip that ensures reduced unfavorable ground impact. As a result allowing you to explore – lets you go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do and live wherever you want to live. The La, Sportiva, Bushido II is designed for unbeatable performance on technical terrain and offers creative solutions to solve the most demanding runners’ problem, blazing the trail with a design never seen before.

In trail running shoes, Its pros, are:, * It is suitable for mountain running * It is lightweight, responsive and close-fitting;, and * It offers outstanding traction and a highly responsive ride. However the cons, are: *, the heel fit, is slightly loose but is easily fixed. With lock-lacing; and * Some runners reported that the shoe has a narrow toe box. Bushido II is suitable for trail running on challenging terrain because of the peak of comfort and versatility Up.

Next, in the fourth place, is the Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 The Salomon Speedcross 5 is for trail runners who aren’t scared of passing through wet dirty terrain. In. Other words, this shoe allays your fear of walking through water, because it protects your feet, Apart from being suitable for passing through wet terrain. It allows you to get rough due to its sharp lugs that provide an improved grip and a more dynamic upper for better fit and stability.

Speedcross 5 features an aggressive grip, exact foothold and protection. If. You want to overcome soft technical trails. The Speedcross 5 is the appropriate shoe for you because of the great benefits Whatever. It is that you love doing be it running on a measured course over an established road or running on an unpaved path outside in nature or something quite more rugged.

Salmon shoes make you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience on any of these terrains Besides. The sole has more massive lugs with more area and an updated geometry, giving improved push-off grip and braking grip in different surface conditions. Speedcross 5 allows you to give room to conquer a new distance, personal record or event whether trail running hiking, backpacking or mountaineering Its pros, are:, * It is cost-effective; and *.

It has superior grippy traction on all terrain However. The cons, are: * The threads wear out a bit faster when you wear them on roads; and *. It lacks Gore-tex that prevents water, precipitation, The Salomon Speedcross 5 is a good buy for navigating dirty terrain because of its better stability and rubber sole Still haven’t found the trail running shoes that meet your needs? Well keep watching because we have more lined up for you Meanwhile.

If this is your first time visiting our channel be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications of our next videos. The third product on our list is the Topo Athletic Men’s Runventure, 3 The Topo Runventure 3 is an advanced form of the Runventure 2, although both offer a close to zero-drop as you’ll find in a typical trail shoe Also. The reduced cushioning in both shoes makes them super lightweight and responsive You can enjoy your usual sizing expectations because they utilized the standard measurements.

When designing this running shoe’s sizing scheme However for comfortable, it is appropriate to test the use before use. The midsole is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) that safeguards the foot from the impact produced by the pacing cycle’s landing phase. While the outsole is made of aggressive Vibram XS Trek EVO The Vibram XS Trek EVO is composed of a rugged rubber, sole that helps protect the midsole foam from the jarring nature of challenging terrain and plays a critical role in its durability and optimal traction.

Technical terrain, Aside from having a sticky nature present to help your stability during movement. There is plenty of room for your toes to spread and splay As a result. Your toes align in their natural position for better balance, stability and comfort. Also, the Topo Athletic Men’s Runventure 3 has a forefoot rock plate that offers you protection on rocky terrain. While the durable mesh upper features, drainage, ports for quick water release, Its pros are:, * It is compact and lightweight.

* It assists the toes to align in their natural position for improved balance, stability and comfort;, and * It is lightly cushioned and responsive However. The cons, are: * It, is inappropriate to run with on the road; and * It has a medium cushion effect. Unlike the MT-3 Running Shoe Above, all the Topo Runventure 3 is perfect trail running due to its lightweight pliability and responsiveness.

The second product on our list is the Saucony Men’s Peregrine 10 The Saucony Men’s Peregrine 10 is one of the best men’s trails running shoe built to be fast and aggressive over different terrains. This shoe is relatively light. (0 6, pounds) and comfortable It is the famous model of many trail runners and offers some updates as against the previous versions. Aside from having the right amount of cushioning and inherent stability and support, it is incredibly responsive providing energy return and speed However.

It is relatively rigid and has less flexibility. It is worthy of note that the lugs could debase faster than the rest of the shoe affecting its durability and reducing its ability to deal with moderate terrain. It has a full-length, PWRTRAC, outsole, (a, tacky, rubber compound) to adapt to various traction types, improved lug configuration for more versatility and a mapped outsole for drainage guidance.

Holes, The midsole has new PWRRUN cushioning that is sensitive and protective to push uphill and return downhill. Plastic rock plates are also present for additional underfoot protection against trail hazards like rocks roots and other clogs Additionally. The trail-specific FORMFIT design gives the perfect lock-down fit over uneven terrain and protects the feet from trail debris Therefore offering more protection However the tight heel fit serves as a drawback Its pros are: * It is relatively lightweight running shoes, * The, less aggressive outsole unit makes it possible to use this shoe on the roads.

; and * The midsole is capable of supporting the foot throughout an entire running session. However the cons, are: * The threads, wear out a bit faster when you wear them on roads, ; and *, At, prolonged usage. The foot might not breathe well. In conclusion this product is a good buy because of its lightweight optimized external pad and protection Before. We reveal number one be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals on each of these items, Be sure to subscribe.

If you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market Finally, our top trail running shoes for men is the Hoka One One Men’s Speedgoat 4 The Hoka, One, One Speedgoat 4 features a uniquely treated fabric, that optimizes water drainage and a breathable for enhanced forefoot flexibility, In other words. It is waterproof, perfect for wet conditions and has the upgraded GORE-TEX liner, unlike the HOKA’s Skyshell bootie, used in the 3s version that protects feet and socks from getting wet.

The Speedgoat 4 has more features which makes it an improved version over previous Speedgoat iterations It comes with a better fit without changing its stellar trail running chops and has improved durability Besides having the right mix between flexibility and structure. It has some inherent stability and support. If. You are thinking of getting a shoe for your day-to-day training session.

Long slow training runs speed, work on flat surfaces or extreme distances. This shoe comes handy Also. If you want to go for regular trails, technical trails, wobbly areas, muddy areas through creeks and streams through snowy or icy sections, this shoe is suitable for such Aside from the excellent protection from the rock plate’s sharp rocks. The lugs have excellent grip and traction on all kinds of terrains and surfaces.

It has a Vibram MegaGrip outsole for superb grip and traction on all kinds of terrains and surfaces. Megagrip, a rubber manufacturer designed and developed Vibram to introduce traction on wet slippery surfaces, Similar to other shoes produced by Hoka, Speedgoat 4 uses midsole foam to ensure cushioning throughout your run. The cushioning provided can help alleviate some of the stress placed on the ankles toes and heal.

During a run, Its pros, are: * It can handle a wide range of trail from ordinary to technical *. It has an excellent toe. Bumper; and * It has a well-balanced, cushioning However the cons, are: * While it can handle flat trails. It may be too bulky for that. Use; and * Some may consider the shoe too heavy In conclusion. The Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 is a good buy for trail runners who visit moderate to technical trails because it combines strong protection and dynamic, cushioning There.

You have it. Top 5 trail running shoes for men on the market. Today, If you found the trail running shoes on our list that meet your needs and budget click. The links in the description box and catch it at its best price We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments So. If there is a product you have in mind that would love us to review comment below in the comments section and our research team will be happy to review it for you Thank you all for watching and see you next time here at the Techs You Can’t Live, Without Channel your home of fair and square product reviews.

Yo, what’s up everyone, I hope you’re, quick video well, actually might not be that quick, but I’m gonna do a video on the salomon speed cross fives and I wanna talk about the features of the shoe and how they all come together to affect overall performance of the shoe things like comfort and support, and I’m also going to talk about how they perform out on the trail and if you can even wear these, it’s kind of casually bumping around town.

I’ve been intrigued by this model. Ever since I saw the collaboration between salomon and uh boris john uh, not boris johnson, boris sabiri of 11 by bbs. Sadly, the 11 by vbs ones are incredibly hard to come across. In my size, I wear a us12 and I can’t even find them used in ux 12, but I went and opted for the all black pair, which you really can’t go wrong with, and I absolutely love these shoes.

I was really drawn to the functionality of these shoes. However, I was also drawn to the overall aesthetic of them as well. They seem very futuristic like they could be out of a cyberpunk dystopia or even like a star wars movie or something. So that’s really right up my alley. So I’m quite keen on that.

One of the more unique features about these shoes is the very aggressive chevron lugs on the sole it’s designed for very loose and uneven terrain and I’ll go over more later on this video, when I actually am out on a run and I’m just sharing my fresh thoughts on the shoes, but to keep it short and sweet here.

The traction is absolutely amazing. With these. However, my only real concern with these shoes is because the traction lugs are so aggressive. If you wear these too much out on normal pavement, you might cause a little bit premature. Wear it’s kind of like if you had a pair of mud train tires on your jeep and you like they perform really well off-road.

But if you drive way too much just on pavement, it will cause premature, wear so kind of double-edged sword there. If any of you guys are watching, have any long-term experience with these speed crosses. I would like to know how they’ve held up for you in the comments below anyways moving on to the midsole.

It is their energy cell branded midsole and it’s designed to be very responsive and it’s very light as well, and even when you’re out running you do kind of notice the rebound on it and the midsole does go kind of up in our cups around the heel, just to give some extra support and protection, but in combination with the ortholite insole, it really does add a whole other degree of comfort to this shoe and I have a lot of comfortable shoes, but I have to say this is probably one of my most comfortable shoes.

I went true to size and I have zero complaints with it. What’s nice about these salomon shoes, if you do have wide feet, they do offer wide versions as well. So again, I would just go true to size and if you got wide feet, they got you covered. Salomon does have their branded scentsy fit support upper and that’s all the zigzag lines you see here in combination with the lacing system.

It does provide really good support for your foot and I’m not sure what exact material it’s made out of visually. It does kind of look like a fiberglass like material where it’s a bunch of synthetic fibers kind of woven and welded. Together I mean obviously it’s not fiberglass, but that’s visually, that’s what it looks like, but that material goes up all the way from around the heel through the zigzags and up into the toe cap and this whole upper.

It is a welded upper meaning that there’s no stitching on it I mean other than like. You know the eyelets there. Now I did not go for the gore-tex version. I just went for the standard mesh version. It is more breathable than the gore-tex and it’s cheaper too. So really, unless you live in a very wet climate or plan on running in the mud, I would just go ahead and opt for the standard version.

Salomon says it’s an anti-debris mesh, so hopefully it doesn’t get all clogged up when you’re running through the dirt and everything I haven’t noticed any uh dirt gang clogged in there. So that’s a good sign. Also. There is a nice little toe cap here just to help protect your foot when you’re out running on the trail also also probably helps protect the shoe as well increases the durability of it, for if you were to catch your foot on a rock or something the quick lace system works really well, it’s probably one of my favorite features about this shoe, so it’s super easy to operate.

Just put your just hold the end of the laces and put your other hand on the toggle and then to tighten it, just pull the toggle down and the laces up and it tightens throughout the shoe and then to loosen them. Just do the inverse of that, of course, but once you have it tightened to tuck away all the excess laces there is this pocket here, so you can just go ahead and tuck the end of that in there, so it doesn’t get caught on anything or doesn’t flop about, and it creates a much cleaner look to it as well.

I find that once you tighten the shoes to your liking, it’s really easy just to slip them on and off. So you don’t even have to mess with that something I was a little bit concerned about was because these laces are thinner and they’re really strong too, but because they’re thinner, when you really do tighten them down, you might feel it against your foot.

However, the tongue is nice and padded, so you don’t notice that at all very comfortable anyways, those are pretty much all the main features of this shoe. So here’s my impression, while I was out on a little trail run, so I should jog hike because I’m a little bit out of shape with my cardio and everything all right.

I apologize for the audio and, if the phone’s a little bit shaky, this is my second trail run with these speed crosses and first impressions out on the trail, the traction is incredibly good. The really deep lugs are very noticeable dude. Look at my fuzz around my head jesus. So all the traction lugs work really really well, it’s the traction is on par, if not better than a lot of my dedicated hiking boots, and even the lugs like on the toes when you’re going up, really steep stuff or you’re running, you do notice that it does help.

So it’s not just for show or anything. Another thing, that’s very noticeable is the comfort, the insoles and the midsole very comfortable. Virtually no braking period whatsoever, and also the lacing system does a really good job of supporting your foot even uh, when you haven’t really broken them in or had them that long.

So I know that, lastly, the breathability, it’s really nice, I don’t notice my feet getting hot at all and a reason why I didn’t go with the gore-tex ones is just where I live. It’s uh, it’s pretty dry, so I would rather have the better breathability than the gore-tex, which is still breathable, but just not as much so it’s also a little bit cheaper too these shoes and uh so yeah.

Those are my initial trail impressions and you get better at a trail running because when I first started today, I didn’t pace myself whatsoever and I just had a coffee, maybe 15, minutes before and uh kind of felt, a little bit sick to my stomach. Another thing I want to touch on is when you’re going downhill.

You know like sometimes when you have like some some kind of loose gravel and everything, and your foot like slips out from under you. The traction legs that are kind of reversed actually do a really good job of holding your foot in place. I mean these things are practically cleats for off-road, so um yeah, that’s something that is really nice, because I always hate when you’re hiking or running and you’re going down something like a steeper hill like this, and then your foot like that slips out from under you uh.

I mean it can still happen in these, of course. So it’s features like that, like the really good traction and support that really pushed me to get these instead of working out and running in my like normal, like nike free, runs that I would normally run in because I’m not sure about you guys, but I would much rather run through the woods instead of on a treadmill or on the side of a road, so um yeah, even though these are trail running shoes.

I do think you can wear these casually just kind of bumming around town, especially if you do have like a techwear wardrobe. So here’s just a very simple fit. I threw together with these, I do have my on from levy a mess to pants and skull your dry skin, very nice fabric, probably my favorite pair of pants, just a uniqlo airism t-shirt, and then the rosen x minerva over shirt very simple fit, but I really think these shoes match the whole vibe of the outfit.

Someone who, I think really pulls off the salomon speed crosses really well, is lucky eatos. He got a white pair and he kind of did a little diy drop to make. It look like a 11 by bbs model and he wears a lot of like arterix valence um, some really clean gray, man style, but I think these look really good, even if you’re completely dripped out an acronym or anything drapier, very versatile shoe pretty easy to wear, no matter what your style is now because this is a more futuristic shoe.

In my opinion, I think a little bit more futuristic outfits kind of match the vibe a little bit more, but that’s just a general rule. My opinion, of course, anyways guys. I’m gonna go ahead and link these down below um, including the gore-tex versions, even just because I know a lot of people really do like gore-tex I mean myself included is just like, like I said in the video, it’s just very dry where I live, so it made sense just to get these, but I do use an affiliate link.

So if you guys do use the link, I get a teeny teeny bit of commission from the sale, so I’m just being open and transparent with you. It doesn’t add anything to the price whatsoever, but anyways guys. I hope you enjoyed that video. Thank you to everyone who does subscribe. I really do appreciate every single one and I will see you guys in a video pretty soon so see ya.

Bonus video bonus, video hold on hold on there. It is there it is I got it. I got it right. The Salomon speed cross four, and this is one of those running shoe reviews that just fell through the cracks in 2018 I’m, not sure what happened. I’ve owned this shoe for almost a year now and I haven’t done a full review on the shoe I’ve done a couple. Other videos, they’re gonna pop out in the next 20 seconds upper right hand corner the unboxing.

The first impressions I’ve done a ton of running in this Salomon speed cross for in 2018 and for all of the Salomon fans out there. By the way, did you know in spring 2019 so about I? Think it’s March or April they’re, releasing the Salomon speed cross 5. So it’s coming, but this is the 4 I’m gonna, give you my full thoughts and review today and and just a quick heads-up just so you know this is a very aggressive, lug driven running shoe and when I say lugs what am I talking about.

It’s these the tread and the grip on the outsole of the shoe. Here. You can see it right there, so that is, that is the hallmark of this speed cross for, in my humble opinion, so let’s get a couple more miles in them and then up here in the mountains by the way I’m at Deer Creek outside of Denver Colorado. It’s amazing up here, it’s amazing and then we’ll get you the full review and the bonus video and the bonus video with the Salomon speed cross 4.

It is in my hands. Right now ran in it today. This is the second video publishing today. If you missed the first one, it’s all about overtraining upper right hand, corner and the challenges as runners that we might have with overtraining, so go check that out, if you’re interested in getting the discussion going on that topic. But this video is all about this shoe and let’s dive into a few specs about the Salomon speed cross 4.

First of all, the heel is a 30 millimeter stack height in the back here, yeah, which is pretty high for a for any shoe really and then in the toe box. It’s 20 millimeter, which gives this shoe a 10 drop. Pretty aggressive right, putting you up on your toes because your heel is going to be lifted off the ground and I like it. I like it for the uphill, especially it helps you.

It helps relieve a little bit of that torque that you’re putting on your Achilles and your heel area um, because it’s yeah, it’s just it’s. It’s like putting a little lift on the back of your foot, um, so I like it and with this shoe I think oh yeah eleven and a half ounces which Salomon I’m gonna, call you out right now, calling you out right now, listen to what Solomon said on their website.

The Solomon speed crossed for GTX is more than a running shoe. It’s -, it’s an institution for enthusiasts who want lightweight and aggressive grip on technical, soft trails. Salomon I, don’t quite understand what you’re talking about here lightweight at eleven and a half ounces, uh I would beg to differ now. I, don’t feel like it feels too heavy and I’m not sure that eleven and a half ounces is that a size.

Twelve. Is that a size, ten and a half I’m not sure what what size shoe? They didn’t list it on the website, but that is definitely not lightweight in my books but I’ll. Forgive you for that. Little interpretation of the shoe Salomon with respect to the outsole in and so what stands out the most about the Salomon speed cross, for it is definitely this rubber outsole um, as we’ve already discussed many times with a shoe.

The lugs on the bottom of this guy are just incredible: they’re off they’re they’re off the charts off the chain as I like to say, meaning you are not gonna fall. I was running on ice today and yeah the ice. You know it’s ice, so you’re not gonna, get your best grip, but even hard packed, snow, I felt completely safe running in the shoe, but perhaps more important and I know.

Salomon is kind of making this shoe for softer trails and in Colorado we have a lot of hard packed trails because we don’t get a lot of rain here and you know Europe where Solomon is based. There’s a lot of trails over there that are softer based or I’m thinking like Northern, California or definitely the East Coast in the Appalachia is like just softer trails that might have more mud a little more leaf action that breaks down into that yeah, just a softer pack trail.

This shoe is gonna. Do amazing, however, I’m also talking about I love, this shoe for Colorado because of the protection you receive through this rubber outsole, it’s basically like a skid plate on the bottom of your foot. You know you have skid plates on the bottom of a truck or a big. You know big off-roading, Jeep I, don’t know if I feel very comfortable on the trails going over.

Some of those rocks that I’m going over right now on your screen in a Nike, Terra, Kiger or frankly, even a lot of Hocus shoes. Even though there’s like a lot of cushion there um the the the risk of a rock kind of poking through into the bottom of your foot, it doesn’t feel good I’ve done it many times, and so no issues in a Salomon speed cross for with pokey rocks on the upper of the Salomon speed cross for definitely not breathable at all.

It’s designed to get wet it’s so you’ve got a lot of rubber, especially through the outer wall here, all the way even to toward the back, but especially around the toe box. So not a breathable shoe at all. You’re, not gonna want to wear this in hot hot temperatures, that is for sure, and very durable. A little bit of wear and tear I’m noticing by my pinky toe so and listen I’ve, put 250 miles into the shoe on hard hard terrain.

It’s the classic Salomon lacing system. On top through the upper. It’s the quick lace system, it utilizes, durable, Kevlar fibers that adjust easily but again Salomon I’m gonna have to disagree with you that this is my biggest complaint about this shoe more than anything else is that the lace- and this is I- know it’s a small detail, but it’s an it’s very annoying.

The shoelaces are very stiff now and maybe I need to wash them or. But you can’t really take these. These laces out of the shoe but they’re just very stiff and it’s hard to lace up the shoe. So I just want to point that out and that’s my frankly, that’s my biggest complaint about the shoe so I’m willing to live with it, but I would not quite agree with you on the lacing system.

Analysis that I’m finding on your website. The shoe is probably going to run a half size small. So beware: if you’ve got you know, you may want to do a half size up. Just just warning you on that I am noticing it’s a little. It’s a little more snug than most shoes that I own and or you know, maybe you just need to wear a thin sock if you want to keep the same size, which might be a good idea if you do plan to run in this shoe at some point in the summer time, and a few more points took me about 50 miles to break this shoe in so it’s you know right out of the box.

It’s not gonna feel like it’s ready to rock and roll it did. You know it is on the stiffer side, more firm side of the running shoe lineup and that leads into one of the greatest benefits of buying any Salomon, but especially this Salomon. The speed cross for is the durability after 250 miles over crazy rocky trails. I think this shoe is just getting started now. The price point brand new, 160 bucks, but I did just find it for a hundred and ten dollars on Amazon Shh.

Don’t tell anyone, don’t tell anyone, so you can find this at a pretty decent price, bearing in mind that the speed cross 5 is coming out in the spring. So you may just want to wait for that, but I think I will put another hundred miles into this easy and bump it up to 350 miles easily. If I wanted, I could I could not buy the speed cross 5 and just keep riding this guy for I would I bet I could get 500 miles out of this shoe, and so, as far as value, you know, I paid full price up front.

160, bucks and I mean we’re just we’re just getting started a year into owning the shoe. So that is a huge, huge bonus for Solomon and the Solomon engineers and then just the material choices that they’re choosing to make in order to produce a higher quality product and I appreciate that because yeah they’re more expensive but you’re, probably gonna, get more life out of it.

So I’m gonna give you an overall score for the shoe and then just make one last point: eight and a half out of ten eight and a half out of ten no brainer. That’s a great score for my in my books, um but I, Solomon, I’m gonna, say your website is like a 5 out of 10 I. Think you’re you’re doing a little false advertising here, and this is just me being raw and real and transparent with you guys, I won last slight drawback is the cushion you’re not gonna, want to run.

I would not run more than 20 to 25 miles in this shoe like a big mountain day. I think this is better for, let’s say 10 to 15 miles in the mountains. The cushion is just not there. It’s not a Hoka, it’s not an ultra, it’s a it’s more aggressive and it’s it’s just a it’s a firmer as we are, as I already mentioned, it’s just a firm shoe and so just be aware of that, as if you’re considering this shoe that it’s um, if you like a lot of cushion this is not your shoe.

If you don’t necessarily if you like that ground contact feel a little more. So this is your shoe, like you feel, like you’re, really digging into the ground, and that’s where that those lugs come in and just this, the the drop from heel to toe it just is it’s dit you’re digging in as you’re climbing the mountain and the key word number four for the Salomon speed cross form and the question of the day for this video.

Do you have any desire to run on rocky trails with a lot of vertical, like is that party or do you enjoy that and if not um have you tried trails before that? Are rocky and you just didn’t like it so I’m, just trying to gauge where you guys are at with rocky, not just trail running, because there’s a difference between trail running and then rocky trail running where I like to use this shoe.

Alright, that’s the second video in the books, love you guys, I hope you enjoyed and learned a little something about this shoe again. It will be coming out. The five in the spring I’m yeah, yeah, yeah I’ll, be I’ll, be getting a pair I! Think it’s April, so I’m gonna put that on the docket. It’s it’s! The shoe is changing in the spring a little bit in the heel area.

More updates on that later see beauty, work out, I’d love to again.

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  • Occasion: Perfectly design for swimming, surfing, water sports, beach sports, sailing, yoga, water aerobics sports etc. Nice Choice for Family Outdoor Activities.
  • mud run shoes

  • Item model number: L-RUN-MS098
  • Type: mud run shoes

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer mud run shoes

WHITIN Men's Cross-Trainer mud run shoes

  • Anatomical shape provides natural comfort.
  • Adaptive materials and minimalist construction.
  • Zero drop from heel to toe for a natural stride.
  • Our vegan friendly footwear uses 0% animal products.
  • Note, if between sizes, order next size down.
  • mud run shoes

  • Package Dimensions: 11.02 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches; 12.35 Ounces
  • Type: mud run shoes

Okay, so a couple of things I do want to is um. It has a wide toe box here that really allows your toes to spread out and gives a good feel where it’s just not too tight and and confined, as I find out as I find in in most of the shoes that I use for cross training, it’s just way too tight. But again I don’t want it too loose. So this is really good with that. Another thing is: this: shoe is made entirely and from animal free products, so um, it’s nice, that you know that you’re not um, I guess participating in any of the cruelty to animals with leather, and you know, and things of like of that nature, so um, it’s completely made.

Let’s see what it says on the site produced using animal-free products and processes. So that’s just another pro another thing that they mention here is that it does have a removable sock liner. If you really want to get more of a minimalist or ground feeling uh result out of it. I have not done that. I don’t want that. I think that this gives a sufficient amount of give in here, and I really do like that and then um. It does have a true rubber sole here. So it’s thick enough where I’ve run on on twigs and um.

I’ve stepped on sharp objects and it hasn’t penetrated or really affected. My foot at all so still thick enough, but still flexible enough, has a lot of give in it. Um where it’s still comfortable, but still gives me enough. Protection and I’ve run on quite a different amount of services. But that’s running: let’s talk about calisthenics, shall we all right calisthenics wise, so we do know um, we don’t know exactly what the weight of the shoe is. I do know that the shipping box that it came in is 12 ounces, so the shoe itself is definitely lighter than that um.

So that’s 12 ounces, divided by two um at maximum. The shoe is, you know, six ounces per shoe, but, to be honest, I think it’s much lighter than that. These bad boys are so light and I have to tell you they’re extremely comfortable. So what I’m doing in this? In these shoes, when I work out generally because the calisthenics exercise style, so I’m doing push-ups, pull-ups um, I’m doing, of course, squats and um pistol, squats and handstands, and I have to tell you just having such a light shoe and anyone who out there who actually does practice.

Calisthenics will know that, often when you’re doing or you’re practicing, handstands or you’re working on um you’re working on planche and you’re doing any of those type of workouts that the more weight that you have on you. You know the harder that it is. I find so you often take off your shoe and so you’re doing it barefoot. I find that I don’t even have to take off my shoe when I use these so which is really great not having to do that, especially when I’m out at the playground or I’m outside doing my workouts, and maybe I don’t want to take off my shoe because I live in florida and there’s freaking fire ants everywhere number two, they are extremely uncomfortable.

I mean I, I love the way that they feel I have thin feet um, but I like the fact that they they the toe box, spreads out, so it allows for better balance, um, and I can really feel like I’m like I’m more in communication with the ground beneath me. If that makes sense, so I I just you know we always talk about this like mind muscle connection uh. I really feel like I’m one with my environment when I have these shoes on what they do also have is, instead of having laces they’ve got this kind of drawstring here and you draw it up and make it as tight as you want, and then afterwards it’s velcro, you just stick this bad boy on right here and it sticks well, and this right here allows it to um, strap to your ankle and it straps pretty well, the fit is really good.

It’s true, I’m normally a size, 12 shoe uh. This is a size, 12 and uh. It fit perfectly so two another pro that I do love about. This shoe is the flexibility man. Look at this thing. This it’s great. I mean how can you not not love this, and sometimes I’m doing just a regular push-up on the ground in which the shoe may be like this, but if I’m saying doing handstand push-ups against the wall, you know it’s just it’s not impeding me at all which, which I definitely love.

Another thing, too, is when I’m doing pistol, squats uh, when just not having my foot just kind of pushed up a little bit from the heel of what which you see with most shoes is really great. So it’s it’s nice to have such a light shoe, but also a shoe that feels like it’s part of your body. So I’ve had nothing but good things to say about this so far right. So what are the cons? What do we not like about this? Damn shoe number one, it’s ugly, so most people would say it’s ugly um.

I think these are so comfortable that I want to wear them out to when I’m just running errands, and my daughter always tells me that these bad boys she’s like dad these shoes are just not cool. They don’t look cool, so you know what? Let’s just see what she has to think: I’m gonna call her. She hasn’t been prompted or anything. Hey, riley riley come here babe. I want to get your opinion on something, so my daughter is 12 by the way which uh we would think who am I talking to I’m talking to youtube, I’m making a video.

What do you think about this shoe? You guys need your opinion for okay for to one minute. Should we keep me straight? What do you think of this shoe? Do you think it looks cool? Do you think? Definitely I’m sorry. What’s that? No, you don’t think my shoe is cool. It looks like you’re wearing hard socks looks like I’m wearing hard socks, okay, so it you heard it here. Folks from the coolest of the cool it looks like you’re wearing water shoes. Thank you for your opinion.

I appreciate that. So we’ve established that this shoe is not cool. Looking even though I bought this shoe for calisthenics, I have um, I have run in them some of the benefits of a minimalist shoe, the the fact that it, instead of us running on our heel, our heel, it promotes running on the forefoot or the mid foot, which number one is more natural running uh. It also promotes better balance. It also promotes uh the us humans to take shorter steps, which is more natural, which in turn helps us to go faster.

So I will say I don’t run more than three miles in it and the first time that I ran in these only did a mile. After I run in this shoe my calves, my quads um, even my shins, are just a little. You can tell that they’ve been worked, you know, um, they they’re a little little tired and a little sore in the beginning when you first start using them, and that’s just to show you that in when you’re wearing a regular shoe, though you’re not using these muscles. Because of you know the shoes designed these days to to number one absorb a lot of shock.

They also promote heel, running your foot, becomes lazy, pretty much and the bones and the muscles and the ligaments and your foot aren’t being really utilized to the fullest capability. So what I would say is good for short distance, running um excellent for calisthenics man. I think I’m gonna get I’ll, probably buy another one of these um, eventually, maybe one that looks a little bit better but great for calisthenics you’re. Looking for a calisthenic shoe, it’s light, it’s durable! It’s able to move with.

You never tried a minimal shoe. This would be the one to try because it. Why do I keep pointing with the shoe? It’s called the whitten men’s trail running shoe. I will include a link to it in the bio if anyone’s interested in getting it. I don’t have any affiliation with them. I don’t get anything from it. I just think it was a good find- and I didn’t see many people talking about this and I think it’s worth trying out so all right, thanks for watching guys, um. If you found any of this information, useful I’d appreciate a thumbs up, it does help with the metrics with youtube and uh.

If you want to get more information from me on calisthenics or on working out or just really bettering yourself, physically and eventually mentally, please subscribe. So that’s it until the next video peace. You.

I was cracking y’all seth here back at it again with another product review, video for you all and today, in this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you all these sick new kicks uh that I just recently picked up now. These are basically just like a minimalistic shoe. It’s like a barefoot, wide toe box, zero drop. So if you’re looking to be able to just restructure your feet, your toes, if you’re, a victim of modern footwear like I was- and you were you know- thrown into super narrow shoes from a young age and your feet are hyper narrow and you just want to be able to get back to the way that we are designed right and get that nice toe splay.

Ideally, you want to go for a barefoot, a minimalistic shoe, and I wanted to do a review on these um, primarily because I did in the past. I had the vivo barefoots that were actually super pricey like they were. I believe I got them for like 150 getting like 150 bucks, these bad boys right here, 35 bones, right, 35, bones all you need and you get so getting into the review.

These things are just crazy like compared to my vivo’s, the 150 barefoot minimalistic shoes that are, I think, based out of europe. These honestly like these more now. The reason that I got these is because my devos actually got. I left them at the gym and then couldn’t find them. They probably got stolen um, but with these I actually thoroughly enjoy wearing them and they have just enough comfort right.

They have just enough of like stuff on the bottom. I don’t know what you call an insole to the point where you don’t feel like. Even if you are on concrete, it’s not to the point where you’re just you can’t wait to get in normal shoes and so they’re extremely comfortable. I typically wear these without socks. I got them about a month ago, I’ve been wearing them every single day and I wear them to the gym.

You know I do squats dead lifts all that stuff in them. My camera cut off, but yeah. Typically, I walk around in the gym uh just in socks, basically until the freaking trainer comes over and tells me to pull my shoes on so with these. It basically feels like your bare foot and you can actually activate your toes inside the foot with a nice wide toe box.

So if you have toe spacers, you can actually wear them to the point where they’re not just killing your feet. So that’s really nice and I I can’t just. I can’t believe that these are so cheap right. I mean 35 bucks um. As you can see, you know I’ve been wearing them. I actually went for a run in the grass, so you can wear them.

You know on rough terrain, if you’d like um but yeah, these are super clutch highly recommend them we’ll put a link down in the description where you can check them out and so yeah. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to drop me a like down below comment subscribe until next time. I will see you guys in the next video, alright peace.


New Balance Women’s 410 V6 mud run shoes

New Balance Women's 410 V6 mud run shoes

Be off-road ready in the New Balance 410v6 womens trail shoe. Featuring a durable AT TREAD rubber outsole, this shoe is fit for any adventure. Made with a sleek upper and ACTEVA midsole technology, the shoe is designed to keep you comfortable and stylish long after your hike.

  • 50% Synthetic, 50% Mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Go Off-Road in Comfort: The New Balance 410v6 is a cushioned running shoe that’s made for the trails, offering comfort and support to get you through hikes, trail runs and other outdoor adventures
  • Cushioned Comfort: These New Balance kids’ running shoes are equipped with a famously soft Fresh Foam midsole that is precision-engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride
  • Cool Kicks for Kids: Turn heads with these fun and functional kids’ shoes. The modern design features sporty New Balance branding that will pop on the playground or in the classroom
  • Durable Outsoles: These Fresh Foam Fast v2 kids’ performance shoes are designed with a durable rubber outsole for comfortable support on a range of surfaces
  • Seasonal Style: Available in an eye-catching selection of seasonal colors and materials, these kids’ running shoes are a fashionable fit for growing feet
  • mud run shoes

  • Item Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Item model number: WT410SN6
  • Manufacturer: New Balance
  • Type: mud run shoes

Oh Oh, big old, muddy puddle come up muddy, puddle test. Look at the damage on the tip of that actual materials. Come oh there’s cracks here, there’s holes there I just had to repair that with glue. These are my beloved Salomon speed cross for trail of fell running shoes and they have been through the mill over the last year and it’s time I need to upgrade and to be honest, they were not the ideal shoe for running normal trills they’re they’re more for running off trail up mountains and and in places where your feet are gonna, get really wet more harsh conditions.

They’re not really for light trails, so I decided I would need it to get a new pair of light trail shoes. Something I could do. You know serious distance on trail, my natural choice was going to be the hooker Oaxaca speak goat for four or five I, can’t remember which, whatever the newest version of the speed goats are not so lots of cushioning super comfy lots of binds to the road you feel like you’re running on air and then I crashed my drawing and that’s costing me a hundred pounds to fix.

So I didn’t really much feel expanding 125 Pines on the speed, goats so decided to conduct an experiment. Can I get a decent pair of trail running shoes for under fifty quid under $50? This is why Paul? Where are these? These are the New Balance. It’s a ghost ship, it code mt5. These are the New Balance Mt I can’t remember things.

These are the the New Balance Mt 590 trail running shoes and they cost me only 40 pints us again 435 online. Now, if you’re, not somebody who runs, you might think, 40 pine sounds a globe when I just penned on a pair of trainers and if you’re somebody who runs you will realize my chief. This actually is most of the shoes I bought in the past few years have cost me over 100.

These are the cheapest I bought a while, and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do with my channel is the encourage just ordinary people, casual people to get out and run and you to be honest, it’s a lot to ask for someone to go and spend a hundred pine. So I thought put my money where my face and buy a pair of shoes around about the price that I would expect somebody looking to get into the sport to spend so I spent forty pounds in these.

But the question is: are they any good I’ve done two miles and them to test them? They didn’t fall to bits. So the next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna, take these on a 10-mile run over road and trail lots of varying terrain, wet dry, I’m, gonna. Take you with me and let you know what I think hello. This is nearly two weeks later after I recorded that intro and in between I’ve been sick and actually haven’t run for a week.

This is my first time getting on it, so I had plans that go on run ten miles in these shoes. Today. That’s not gonna happen, I wouldn’t get ride. It wouldn’t be a good idea to in sick singing only five miles or ankle in our forest park I’ll be on real push wooden boardwalk and up in a tree, and my legs are tired. So let’s see how this new skill so first thoughts in these shoes so far, they feel around there they’re pretty grippy underfoot they’re, incredibly lightweight, so so much lighter than my Solomon’s, but then they’re, also not waterproof in any way or wind proof.

I can feel the air instead of coming through my feet, so I’m not sure if I want to run in these. In really cold weather, aren’t snow, Oh, less Eskimo less than a mile in that’s something. I’ve been used to not having to deal with for a long time if my Salomon shoes, because they used a lot laces so once your feet are locked in those laces they’re never coming out I’m under the steps now, but this is typically somewhere.

That could be quite slippy, especially when you got to the very very bottom. It suddenly changes into a wooden platform on the time about a year ago, I came down to the ball and hit the decking run around the corner and nearly hit the deck, because it was just slick with Leafs will see a grip. It is once you get down there. There’s a waterfall Oh.

My fate slept on that I wasn’t expecting to slip back there. Let’s see what this is like now: they’re, okay, they’re, not super super grippy on the boardwalk oral, and this is actually worse here. The concrete I slipped in the concrete back up there, but that said you know most shoes would slip on that. So bones of the client night and OH horrendous.

It’s it’s amazing! Just how much you can lose. Your training have to just being sick for a couple of weeks. Oh miss abusive, but I gotta go up here. Yeah I see at the top lots of quite big chunky, gravel on this part. The forest I could fill it through these shoes, but I would say it was particularly beautiful. Oh, big old, muddy puddle come up muddy puddle test.

Well that worked a little bit better than expected. Well, I can confirm they’re, definitely not waterproof. What I got from here: okay, yeah, okay, so just quite absolutely kneeling the GoPro without muddy splash. That was a successful test, because I did not slip in the model onto my head. So keep going this. This is the this is the top of the hill victory leap test.

That’s me finished. That was a solid four miles and I’m ready to give my conclusion on these New Balance trail shoes and basically, in summary, I’m impressed for what they pay. Thirty five forty points, I can’t remember, now put it in favorite. They were greatly did the job. They were grippy, they were comfortable, they felt nice and soft underfoot.

There was no rubbing no hot spots, no like feeling that you’re gonna start getting a blister at any point. Um and I didn’t fall over died or anything like that in them. So yeah I’m pretty impressed the only downsides. I find are the laces Kim I, all mate, which well, if you double knot them, that’s not gonna happen and they’re, not waterproof, so my feet are soggy but waterproof front shoes do tend to be a lot more expensive and if, unlike me, you avoid the puddles and you’re only running on sort of fire track trails.

Generally, you don’t actually get your feet wet. Waterproof matters a bit more if you’ve gone like off trail on the FEL, where you’re gonna be squishing down in the mud or in really wet grass, so yeah. If you’re thinking of getting into drill running for the first time or you just want like a casual pair, the training I would recommend these New Balance trail shoes and they cost me.

He literally cost a quarter. Yeah big was a quarter quarter yeah. They literally cost about what a third a quarter of what I would normally spend on a pair of trail running shoes. Now the final test will be how many miles will I get out of these? How long will they last I typically get about a year out of a pair of trail shoes? But if these only last six months, that would still be worth it so yep I’m impressed if there’s anyone who’s watching this who’s already trail running and has already bought like a cheaper pair of trail shoes and I liking them I’d like to know.

Let me know down in the comments, because it’d be useful for other people who are thinking about getting in the trailer and options are always good so and that is it blue, a doctor that is it from me. I am going to get back to the car, get the heat on and get home, because I’m still a little bit sick and I expect lots and lots of sympathy in the comments I’m, so sick.


If you’re looking for the best New Balance running shoes, here’s the collection, you’ve gotta, see let’s get started at any time. You can click the circle for more info and real time deals number one most popular New Balance man’s hero for be fresh phone trail running shoe. We named the arrow v3 as one of the best trail shoes on the market two years in a row and the latest interation hasn’t changed too much, which is a good thing.

You’ll get a plush ride, thanks to a seamless layer of new bounces cushy, fresh foam in the midsole excellent grip with the vibram mega grip outsole and a beefier lug pattern and the budget-priced go be with it’s forgiving ride in the breathable mesh bootie upper Fiero remains a stellar choice. For a day of the trails, the New Balance fresh foam hero for V man’s trail shoes lets you easily conquer both time and distance, delivering a plush fresh foam platform in an upper refined for improved breathability.

Your limits need to be reimagined number two New Balance men’s 10, ATV 9, fresh foam running shoe this new Balance is a high cushion trainer that offers a lot of technologies. You’ll pay for them, but this cushion shoe will also let you up the pace and get going in your training and racing thigh cushion offerings on the market are fast and each brand has their flagship you’ll find it most of these shoes offer different technologies and vastly different fields.

When these shoes showed up I found them to be quite attractive, they have a very low profile and a settle but attractive design. I was sent a black and white color way up which usually I’m not the biggest fan, but this was a nice one that I felt look good in all the settings in which I wore them number three New Balance men’s 890 bean, seven running shoe the 890 is the lightest shoe in the 800 series of trainers and it’s filled for speedy workouts in runners who, like a lean, fast shoe, the mid-upper is designed for breathability and flexibility in the forefoot and the deconstructed heel saves weight, but don’t expect much support in this shoe.

You ride a layer of New, Balances, bouncy, eva based, rev light foam for good ground, feel you’ll find yourself reaching for the New Balance 890 feet 7. Over and over again, this Kotick trainer for serious runners features responsive technology and a gusseted tongue to help offer a snug Medford fit it’s minimal design makes it the perfect for both daily trainings or trips to the gym number.

Four New Balance men’s zante pursuit, v1 fresh foam running shoe this year. New Balance has created multiple versions of the very popular shantae Basanti pursued, picks up withers ante left office. A lightweight cushion shoot decide to provide enough comfort to go. The distance previous versions have always been great in terms of comfort, cushioning and responsiveness.

This antique pursuit features a redesigned -, a rubber, a fresh foam laser etched, one-piece midsole, an announcer made of translucent rubber. The first thing I noticed about the shoe, is the redesigned upper the meshes and I stretched to it, and the shoe has a comfortable sock, like fits previous versions of the Zant, a comfortable levers, but not this kind of comfortable I was able to get running in them.

Knowing what I know about the midsole from previous versions, number 5 New Balance men’s more v1, fresh foam running shoe a minimal drop, meets plush, cushioning on the fresh foam, more men’s, running shoe from New Balance. The results are natural fit with next, they will comfort place up. This lightweight shoe for long runs short jogs and everything in between for more details, click the link in the description thanks for watching the video.

If you liked this video, please give us a thumbs up and comment below, don’t forget to subscribe and remember to click that Bell icon. So you are notified of our review videos as soon as they come up.

With another review video and a discussion about the different types of shoes and what sports that you’re gonna use them for these are the new balance trail running shoes, and I will try to link this exact same pair in the description box below, if not one very similar to it. They have pretty much a lot of the same coloring same styles. They might be a little bit different, but what I’m going to talk about in this video is going to be very simple. So these are the fuel core nitrile new balance, trail running shoes now for trail running, of course, they’re good, because they have traction on the bottom.

We’re going to take a closer look at that in just a second here, but what I actually use these for is for disc golf or mountain biking. I haven’t used these particular ones for mountain biking, but I’ve used ones by new balance as well. This is another all-terrain shoe. Of course, we will be getting close-up shot of that now for trail running the reason: why is because they’re more stiff, these ones are light. They are lighter than this typical one right here.

This one is a little bit more bulkier, almost like a hiking shoe all terrain, and this one would be a little bit more I’d, say: slimmer, not the wide size either, and I, like the traction on the bottom for disc golf, the same traction for mountain biking. Typically, in the past, I’ve actually used running shoes, which is a terrible idea, because it’s just so slippery there’s really no traction under here, so you’re flipping off the pedals for disc golf you’re, not getting that traction when you’re, pivoting, etc, and so, if you’re, into the different sports.

These are great disc, golfing. Great mountain biking like I’ve, said and also trail running, but if you’re used to a running shoe for trail running, I actually prefer a running shoe. This is probably the best pair of running shoes that I’ve ever had. These are adidas climacool. I don’t even know the model number they’re so beat up, because I refuse to get rid of them they’re just so light for running that’s the best pair, but for trail running. These are going to feel a little bit more bulkier than obviously your running shoes, but you’re going to be able to get that traction on the bottom in dirt, small rocks, etc.

Now I’ve played disc golf with these in dirt in colorado and grass in california, and we do have a course about 15 minutes away from this location right here that has grass and a little bit of dirt, because the grass is kind of dying, and I love them. I just actually played last night with them they’re great shoes. They feel great upon driving. Your first drive your discs. Your standstill throws your walk-up throws so for disc golf. These are my go-to’s right here.

I actually got a slick deals on these, so pay attention to slick deals again I’ll, try to link these below. I actually found this deal on slickdeals com and believe it or not. After signing up for the email, promo code, I think I got these for like and change. I bought a pair for my brother for his christmas present, as well. Probably should have bought two pairs to be honest with you, I’m a 10 10 and a half, and this is the d size, not the wide size new balance.

I typically run about a 10 in new balance. Let’s take a closer look again they’re having stellar sales on these right now, and these sales are absolutely great. Like I mentioned they’re, really clearing out a lot of their new balances, it does say rev light on there new balance. I love the colors nitrile fuel core, but this is what I love the best right here. Here is your traction that is going to keep your feet on the bicycle, pedals, trail running and, of course, disc.

Golf. Like we’ve already mentioned, I really dig kind of the splattered paint. Look there. The laces are nice slips on they’re a clean shoe your mesh up front here for vent. These get a little bit, dirty, of course, in the dust. So what I do is I just take a kind of a wet cloth and wipe that down after I’m done with them for the day same thing along here. I just actually cleaned them. Last night. This is the only thing some people like this- some people- don’t, if you don’t like it, just go ahead and take your scissors and snip that off that’s what actually was done to these and then you don’t have that little back little tab there.

But again, these are the best running shoes that I’ve ever experienced in my life, climacools complete ventilation, but if there’s any sort of puddles your feet are going to be soaking wet, because this is all venting. But of course this video is not for this review. Here is the other pair again, these are more bulkier than these ones. Those are probably wide. Let’s see, I have actually adidas uh insoles in them. From my other shoe, these are 4e. I believe e is y.

Don’t quote me on that one, but these were my previous ones for disc golf and then, of course, the slick deal I mean 29 and change. You can’t really beat that, but these ones have similar traction. So if you’re going for traction for mountain biking, disc golf trail running what you want is you want the traction like this here, but out of these two shoes, I would much prefer to run in this. This is quite a bit more aerodynamic and light compared to this one.

This one just feels a little bit more bulkier, so I dig this pair right here. Keep your eye out. They actually are having some sales right now, I believe, through, like ebay deals. They have a black pair. They had like an orange and gray pair that were just stunning very comfortable, but again they’re going to be stiff, so they’re going to bend a little bit right through here and you do have to break them in a little bit. The first time I wore them, they felt very stiff and then, after about three rounds of disc golf trekking along in them, they kind of break a little bit right through here, so they just feel a little bit more comfortable.

You’re gonna have to break those in. Unlike the running shoe, of course, these are really broken in, but these are really flimsy, and so that’s why those are better for running. Let’s check out this pair yeah, that’s nice and stiff a little bit more breakable in here someone broke those in actually found these ones, dumpster, diving, but guys thanks so much for watching the review. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision if you want to get your hands on a pair of trail, running shoes for disc golf, mountain biking and, of course, trail running, you guys take care again look for those links in the description box below subscribe to the channel guys we got more action in the books and thumbs that video up.

If you wouldn’t mind, it’s much appreciative we’ll see on the next video take care bye-bye, don’t let the party stop guys hit. One of these videos continue to watch. We’ll see you soon.

ALEADER Women’s Stylish Quick Drying mud run shoes

ALEADER Women's Stylish Quick Drying mud run shoes

  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
  • Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability
  • Water Drain outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions
  • ComforDry sockliner provides the optimum cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying
  • mud run shoes

Hi, I’m going to do a video today of the leader, adventure, they’re called aqua shoes, but I use them as deck shoes. In fact, when I first bought my first pair of these, which I’ll go into what happened to those in a moment, I bought them in 2017. What I look for on amazon was deck shoes and these popped up and I bought them because they were um. It was the same thing as this, except it had a white bottom but same color as this one is um and the reason I bought it is because it’s um it’s very eerie, uh they’re, quick drying.

They do have a bottom where, if water gets in the top it drains out quickly, um and um, this sticks to the deck really good. So you don’t slide around or slip off the deck or anything so um. That’s why I bought these they’re really comfortable. It they’re to me they’re a cross between a um, a slipper and a sandal uh they’re, perfect for the summer weather, um and very comfortable. So let me tell you a little bit why I bought another pair of these um. The pair I had I I just I had it about a month ago, um.

I had a little problem on my sailboat as I was that’s what I use it for my sailboat is a deck shoe, um a line, get caught up front and I went up front to untangle it. While I was sailing- and I leaned over- to get the line and my foot was just um off the side of the um, the deck there and unfortunately, this slipped off my foot uh and fell into the water. They do float and it was floating it’s white, the other. My other pair were white upside down, so same thing as this but white on the bottom, and I figured I’d just turn around and get it so I got the lines all settled and everything I turned around.

I spent a half hour looking for it couldn’t find it. So it’s not always easy to find things um in the water. That’s my cat over there slipping off the chair and not always easy to find things in the water when they fall off, especially something small like this so anyways I bought a new pair and I didn’t hesitate, they’re 29 on amazon. They do come in different colors and let’s look at the pros of them. They’re really comfortable, like a slipper, um and they’re they’re uh, also comfortable, like a sandal, because they’re very airy, um awesome to wear um here’s the problem, if you do wear them for a boat specifically like I like to use it for I’m probably going to get another pair of two pairs um one to wear around, just as you would a sandal and one to keep on my boat, so that when I get on my boat, I can slip into these and that would work out great because um one of the downsides very bottom here, I’m going to see put this in here I was wearing these today I went on my boat, but then I got off my boat and I kept wearing them because it was such a nice day out.

I figured why not and I was walking around the area- the um. There was some area where there’s some gravel sidewalk in the gravel a little bit of gravel on the sidewalk and it got stuck there and I think there’s one there somewhere else has got stuck too there. It is another one right there. You can see so anyways, but they’re easy to get out. You just bend it and you pop them out, so not a big deal but um. If I was keeping exclusive for walking around just again, if I had a pair uh just to walk around everywhere, just do um wear like sandals no problem.

I don’t really wouldn’t really care about that. I would definitely when I got home, I popped out any any that got stuck in there pop out, because I don’t want to want to hurt the hardwood floors and I would never wear these and then go on my boat, because that would scratch my um fiberglass, my boat. So that’s that’s the downside, um and one more thing is too: if it’s raining out or even light rain, um water will come up through the holes here and if you have socks on it’ll get socks wet, but if you’re wearing these without socks, which I do um, I don’t really care.

Then um, just your foot, quick drying is. I don’t know about that. If you’re in the sun yeah it’ll dry, quick um, if you go home, you bring them inside they’re, not in the sun. They take a little bit to dry um. You know I say a little bit, probably maybe 10 hours or so, or something like that. By the next day they should be dry um. They count a bunch of different colors but they’re real. Like real. I mean this thing weighs next to nothing. It’s this is foam, so I’m going to show up here, press it in here.

You can see that just presses right in so that’s how comfortable is when you walk on them and come in all different sizes, and and they have men’s and women’s, and I believe they have kids also um and different colors sizes or whatever um, and if I’d counted them. Let’s say I didn’t even count them one, two, three, four: five, six, seven so 14 15, so I count 15 different styles, so um of what colors combinations that come in. So that’s pretty good. There is no laces.

These are elastic type of bands, but my other pair that I had for three years since 2017 that recently met their fate. Um they um they were fine. My other, my other ones were fine. They were nothing wrong with them. I did the only thing I will say that um happened to my other ones. Is the heel part of it here started to get a little loose, so I probably could have went with, and I don’t know why I didn’t do this. I should have bought these are 10 and a half. I should have bought a size, 10 um.

I think that would have worked better um, but my toe comes right up to right about here, so I didn’t want to get my foot cramped in there since they’re just really comfortable so anyways. I wanted to bring this up just a quick video on these only because I’m wearing them around today, and I just I love them- they’re really really comfortable um. I mean I don’t know what to call them. Sandals um, slipper sandals. I don’t know- and let me give you a look on the inside too.

I don’t know if you can see the little holes there, but they drain into the bigger holes right here so and to show you they look like it’s a pair and I just I just got blue only because I just I don’t know just the color. I happen to like it. So but again, that’s it short video, but um a product. I really really like and again they’re on the amazon and um alita men’s uh, quick drying, aqua water, shoes um I like them. I recommend them. They get good reviews on amazon um.

They have uh. Let’s see four and a half stars out of five stars on amazon so and right as I’m looking on at the time of this video, they have 4254 reviews, so that tells me they’re pretty good a lot of people like them, so I like them. I would give them a good review. I haven’t done that yet on amazon but anyways, I do like them and would recommend them and um. That’s about it. If you like the video, please subscribe and give it a thumbs up. I do appreciate it and I hope you have a good day.

Thank you.

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La Sportiva Men’s Bushido II mud run shoes

La Sportiva Men's Bushido II mud run shoes

  • Rubber sole
  • MOUNTAIN RUNNING, REDEFINED – For those looking for the perfect combination of responsiveness, stability and comfort with bomber protection and superb traction, the Bushido II has all that and more. They offer enhanced cushioning while also providing the user with a neutral, stable, lightweight, sticky and aggressive outsole
  • AWARD-WINNING & UPGRADED – Designed for unbeatable performance on technical terrain, the Bushido II earned the Editor’s Choice award from Trail Runner magazine; Updated tongue and heel for better comfort and fit
  • SMALL TWEAKS FOR BIG GAINS – Updated tongue and heel is ergonomic, padded, highly-breathable and will stay in place with gusseted construction; Outsole lugs wrap the midsole to provide added traction and enhanced stability on off-camber terrain
  • NO PRESSURE – Slip-on construction wraps your foot like a sock without compressing or exerting pressure points
  • GET A GRIP – FriXion XT V-Groove2 outsoles incorporate dual-compound rubber that delivers superb grip on any type of terrain, dry or wet; La Sportiva’s famous Impact Brake System gives you 20% more traction with 20% less impact
  • mud run shoes

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Item model number: 36S-900202-40.5
  • Manufacturer: La Sportiva
  • Type: mud run shoes

This is a fully featured light. Weight trail shoe that I can see being great for someone who is hiking or just fast backpacking with more of a minimal mindset. It is not a minimalist shoe by any means, but La Sportiva has you know, put some features on this trail shoe that makes it really stable for how light weight it is The. Most interesting feature about this shoe is a TPU frame that kind of starts here on the upper part of the shoe and connects to the midsole seamlessly and actually wraps around the bottom of the shoe and around the other side.

So. That gives a lot of stability in the shoe and just makes a really dialed in fit as well. The rest of the upper part of the shoe is basically a really light weight mesh And, so you own, it is one of the first things that struck me about this shoe is that the mesh is really flexible. It is really comfortable And. They have even put some overlays on the shoe in key areas where you do need a little bit more durability. You know here on the heel. You know here on the toe. There is a really nice toe cap.

You know on the front of the shoe to protect against rocks and that sort of thing, but right above your toe area. You know if you are moving fast. If you are running it is going to breathe, really well Should the shoe become wet. It is going to dry out really fast Taking a look at the tongue. You have a nicely padded tongue here. So if you do need to cinch down those laces, it is comfortable against your foot and just really soft material. Inside the shoe I mentioned, the laces You have sort of an asymmetrical design on the laces, so you know fit your foot anatomically and you can really dial in the fit The outsole of the shoes has really aggressive, lugs And.

They actually come up the round and they come up into even the midsole of the shoe So against mud against loose gravel. You are really going to have a lot of traction Starting at the bottom. You can really see that La Sportiva’s impacta brake system is, you know something that is really going to give you a lot of traction on ascending and descending. You know when you need that extra traction But all in all this shoe has an excellent balance of weight and stability. It is going to give you a lot of confidence on the trail on your next trail running adventure.

It is the Men’s and Women’s Bushido trail running shoe by La Sportiva.

So right, I’m going to get a quick bit of video on these uh my sportiva and tested a couple of shoes recently that kind of good trail shoes, but didn’t really um. Do it. For me, as a uk, fell runner um and I’ve got these the la sportiva mutant, which are shoes that I guess a lot of people see around on people’s feet. Winter training, especially but foul, races as well, um, they they’re, really good. And while I was out here um, I thought I’d yeah. I thought I’d have a bit of a waffle, so um.

What is it? What is it? I’m digging about the shoes? This goes a little bit back to my last reviews of those salomon that that would kind of um. What’s the phrase reach your dependability? That’s my new metric um. You know those sort of shoes that that you just reach for because they’re dependable um and do everything well- and these are these- are in that category. So I’m going to go back to my shed and talk a little bit more in detail about these stats, but just just briefly, there’s lots of grip, which is what we need this time of year and you can’t be let down when it comes to placing your foot and needing that dependable level of grip.

They lace up really well, although that’s quite unusual how they lace up with this sort of side. Lacing thing you need to read the manual a bit there’s a leaflet in in the box. That tells you how to lace them up and you could get it a bit wrong, but it all pulls up and comes into this pocket tongue is attached on the inside edge and it’s quite padded. In fact. The whole lot, though, is quite warm, but the main thing about that upper is: it is its protection, so you can sort of kick rocks and generally mistreat.

These and your feet will be pretty happy. I think so. Um all good for a winter fell running shoe in the uk or wherever you are, I’m sure. So I feel I feel really pleased with my blasportivas. I think I mean I’m late to the party. I know everybody knows about these, but um yeah, it’s good. It’s a lovely frosty day. I noticed that that uh, tea, rejector john kelly, was running in mutant when he had the uh when he got the fkt for running up or down what was it the pen I mean he didn’t have the record for long, but hey he’s a proper runner yeah, the mutants of his uk sure of choice.

I believe I need someone to trust. Okay, so here is the la sportiva mutant. So, coming from the perspective of a uk, fell runner looking at the las portuga range, I think the mutant is the one to go for for a lot of people. Uh, especially you know, if you, if you live in the peaks or the lakes or snowdown or scotland uh this. This is the shoe with all the grip and it’s a real. It’s a great winter training, grippy comfortable protective shoe. So, let’s get into the stats.

This is the um. I guess it’s: the las portiva colorway, it’s the black with red and yellow, there’s, also a sort of orangey coral one and there’s a blue one. That’s called neptune and oh yeah apple apple. Now the cost of these is, I think it’s meant to be about 115 great british pounds, but there seem to be about 100 pounds everywhere at the moment, which I think is a really good deal. As for the width, I’d say: they’re kind of middling that sounds like a bit of a cop out, but they’re, certainly not narrow, they’re, not a super wide fit either.

My uk size 11 appeared to be about 110 millimeters at the widest point, which is fairly middling. A lot of the strength and the rigidity in the uppers comes from these kind of cords that make up the lace eyelets, but then they’ve had like a an overlay over them, which gives it quite a tough sort of abrasion resistant outer. There’s. Also, this really strong heel tab pull on the back one that you can really put some force into. So we’ve got this padded mesh upper feels quite protective feels quite warm.

Actually, um doesn’t particularly get super heavy when it gets wet, but then again this isn’t a light shoe it’s uh sort of a one-piece upper that wraps around and over itself to create this tongue. It’s then got this funky lacing system that pulls through this side pocket here, and it is worth reading the little um bit of bump. That comes with it, because it tells you how to do that. The midsole is an injected vva kind of regular midsole. It does have some kind of um stabilization in there.

This is some kind of rock plate to give you that added protection. The outsole is la sportiva’s, friction x-r, grippy extra grippy, and it’s it’s a kind of rubber. That’s got that sort of tacky feel I’m not seeing any particular early wear, although obviously these are shoes that pretty much always are off-road in soft ground and there’s 10 mil of drop blastboard to even have these stated at 320 grams on their website seems seems about right. These are a little bit more in uk 11 they’re not meant to be a super lightweight shoe.

I tend to think of these. As being a really good winter, training shoe so for my pros, it’s pretty easy. It’s loads of grip, real confidence, inspiring shoeless, so you can hammer down and just plant your feet wherever they want to go and just kind of trust that they’re going to grip. Um. Obviously, there’s always a limit to that that grip, um there are fell shoes with bigger lugs, but this isn’t the shoe that surprises you it just sort of when it goes and slips it’s predictable and uh yeah, it’s uh.

It gives you gives you what you need yeah another pro is the upper padded mesh upper is protective and it’s comfortable. It wraps your foot nicely. It laces up pretty well cinches up well over the over the mid foot. To give you quite a good, lock down, feel as for cons, not a lot really to to pick on um, not the lightest shoe, but that’s kind of fine. It’s built to last people. Have these people use these for years um, so you should get some really good miles in them. Um.

I would have liked to have seen a way of adding like the runners lace, lock the extra hole to get a better heel. Lock, it’s a pretty good fit all round. Occasionally I just felt as if my heel wasn’t been gripped as well as it could have been, and there’s no way of changing the lacing. It is the way it is, but um yeah not really a problem and so for the score from my um scale of peak pants, all the way to peak perfect um yeah, it’s a solid peak proof, um yeah great shoe.

What I should probably add to my scores. I did mention it with um with these salomon in my last review, this kind of um reach preachy grab ability, I think I’ll call it shoes that will not let you down, so you grab them and you use them and you put a lot of miles into them. I’m sure everybody kind of knows what I’m talking about there. Sometimes you have shoes that are maybe more exciting, more innovative or something, but perhaps they have other problems, so you don’t grab them all the time these.

These are just solid, solid, solid performance, so yeah the reach grab ability score is is high with the mutant, so they they have it. A a really great shoe from las sportiva very uk focused if, if you’re a feller, especially or a mansion runner um lots of dependable grip, um great shoe for, for short winter training miles all the way up to um. I guess running up and down the spine or something like that. Maybe maybe I’ll try that challenger great good job. You.

Hey and welcome to trail trials. The name is Travis Lyles and in today’s video we’re going to take a look at the La Sportiva Bushido Mashiro stands for the way of the warrior, and this shoe was really about setting out to create a mid-weight to lower weight, low profile, highly aggressive, outsole, durable upper type of shoe that you would reach for when it was really getting nasty out there without having to carry a brick on your foot to protect you from the elements.

So with that in mind, what we’re going to do is take a look at the 9 1 ounce, six millimeter drop Bushido from the outsole from the midsole to the upper talk about the performance and some of the runs that I did with it and see if it really holds up to its claims. So, let’s start off with the outsole and what you’re going to notice on. This are a couple of things. One you’re going to have lots more Kiva’s kind of classic approach, shoe or climbing shoe type rubber.

So we’ve got some very sticky rubber here in the middle works, really great on lots of different terrain. Obviously you have lugs there for traction, but also really sticky. So when walk rocks are wet, these tend to grip really. Well, you have a slightly different kind of compound here on the outside, with our yellow lugs, which are going to be maybe more for endurance right you’re, going to land on some of these outside portions, when you’re running right on the inside or on the outside of the shoe, see that in both the front in the back, probably for your transition as well, then you’ll also see that a little bit of these lugs extend up into some of the midsole portions and the idea behind that is to provide traction even in off camber situations in the mid foot.

You can see some of these red spots in between some cutouts of the shoe. That’s going to be your rock plate in the forefoot, so it doesn’t extend all the way across, but this is pretty dense rubber, that’s on here and I would say a majority of folks that end up with some sort of bruise or something along those lines are going to get that. You know really in this mid foot section versus in heel plus heels are usually a little taller, so that cushioning is going to absorb that one of the more interesting portions that we have here is this TPU cradle, and it starts here on the bottom of the shoe and you can kind of see this grid looking or slightly raised bumps that exist and actually wrap all the way up into the midsole.

So we’ll talk about that here and, of course there. But the idea behind this is to start forming really a shell or a cage that your foot is going to sit down inside of, and it’s really going to lock that foot in. So that’s going to start here at the bottom and then, as we move our way to the back, we can kind of see some of the more traditional types of things that we’re used to seeing on trail, running shoes, kind of that line back here for breaking and lugs being spaced differently kind of downhill versus uphill types of lugs.

So, overall a really good tread. You can see they are slightly slightly deep, not as deep as something like a cross light, but overall I would say an above average in terms of aggressiveness in terms of traction and I could really feel these things bite on rocky terrain. Doing Hill repeats in these I really felt super secure, even on gravelly or scree type of areas. These things tended to dig in and bite really well and I.

Could I really had a lot of confidence wearing these? So let’s move on to our midsole. So a couple of things here, one is we’ll just kind of talk about the general midsole which you’ll see with this black foam and that’s going to continue all the way around the shoe here to the back and the heel and then, of course, continuing through all the way around that cage, though that we talked about earlier that TPU frame, you can see that sort of extend up and that’s going to extend about partial it partially up the shoe onto both the outside of your forefoot as well as in the arch area, and what this does is really lock your foot in place.

So your foot sits down inside of this. So if you’re, hammering really hard on on turns it locks in, doesn’t tend to let your foot move around too much something that in lighter weight shoes that does tend to happen, at least for me, is I, get a lot of sloppiness if I’m, really hammering switchbacks or something like that, did not notice that at all inside of when wearing these as we move around will notice on both sides.

There’s these little bars here. This is something that also existed on the La Sportiva cross, light 2 0 and it’s a little bit of a stability cage. So there’s some plastic frame within here that’s going to really help write the foot a little bit better. It’s not overly a it’s, it’s pronation control or anything along those lines, but it just adds a little bit of stability. So it’s not just single density foam that exists here.

You have a little bit of a cage. That’s going to keep some support on that back part of the shoe as well as back here. Some more of that stride back part of your your gait you’re, going to hit that back here all right now, let’s transition up to the upper so we’ll start off with the at the toe cap, and what you’re going to notice here is that you have a toe cap that really extends across the entire portion of your foot.

A lot of shoes will just stop kind of on the apex. This has a really broad one. That’s going to help with your pinky toe, getting messed up as well as your big toe. The one thing I’ll note, though, is that, while, even though that this has a good toe box or bumper, the toe box itself is a little bit low. So this took a little while for me to get adjusted to the shape of this generally a more lower profile. So, if you’re, someone that likes a really really big open toe box, it’s going to take a little bit for that to happen over time, probably the 115 or so miles.

This is stretched and stretch and stretch more now, it’s a really natural fit, and it doesn’t bother me, but the first couple of times wearing it. I really felt like my toes, were pushed down just a little bit as we work our way kind of around the the medial and the lateral parts of the shoe you’re going to see some added reinforcements on some of those high pressure points. So again, when you’re cornering, if you’re, you know running fast or a big, mid foot striker.

These are huge blowout points on most shoes. Sportivo dress that, with putting this little reinforced suede along both of both the inside and the outside of the shoe, we also have extending up from that TPU cradle. Is this mask this plastic mask that exists here? This is not stitch on which is nice, so it’s laminated here, which means you’re not going to have a bunch of pressure points or seams to worry about that’s going to extend all the way to the midsole and then, of course, all the way up to your lacing points here to really wrap and when you’re going to pull on that, it’s going to create a nice tight or if maybe secure fit, is a better way to put that around your foot.

That, of course exists on both sides. The shoe is pretty much fully gusseted, so it has really booty or boot like fit. You put your foot in there. All of this is guarded in terms of you know. You don’t really have seams anyway, but there’s a booty on the inside of this, that you can sort of see stretching out here and, of course, on the other side as well. That’s going to be those yellow pieces in there in terms of externally seen that it’s going to come up to about here and, of course, all the way down to where the tongue originates.

The tongue is lightly padded, really putting the most amount of padding in the areas that are important right so where your laces are to reduce fatigue on the top of your foot and I’m, somebody that likes to use that back lace and there’s still plenty of room for the laces to to come across and not creep up and end up over later on, and then. Lastly, from the heel cup, you have a very nice padded heel cup, though I’d say in terms of comparing you to most shoes, it’s a little bit tall, but it’s well padded and it’s flexible here at the top I didn’t feel it interfering with anything when I was running down hills or anything along those lines.

And you also have a structured heel cup that exists in this as well. So, overall, really a lot of protection. A lot of work to keep this shoe durable, but still keeping it in a moderately lightweight package in closing I think La Sportiva did an excellent job with the bushido. This is a shoe that falls in between really a lightweight and a mid weight shoe, which we don’t see. A lot of it has a highly aggressive, highly grippy outsole sock like fit that really locks your foot in an upper.

That’s so far after some pretty nasty runs on it and lots of high pressure down hills and busting around corners doesn’t seem to be showing any. You know major signs of seams blowing out so really pleased with that couple downsides. I, don’t feel like it. Transitioned super great on roads or kind of flatter areas. It took a little while to break in, but once that happened was uh was really good and the water doesn’t drain quite as well as I were of hope, but outside of that I for a mid-weight low-profile shoe that you can really just hit some aggressive terrain and feel confident in the steps you’re going to take last 40, but really hit the mark with this.

So any questions comments place those below this video thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time.

Vivian Camille, and today we are talking about the La Sportiva Bushido – people ask me all the time what she would you recommend for TRO running, and this is probably one of my favorites ever as you can tell I- have a lot of shoes, but these guys are the very first shoe. I ever had trail running and I love them, especially for trail running here in the Arizona desert. So the reason I would recommend this as a first trail running trainer shoe is because the traction, the stability and the weight of this shoe these outsole lugs wrap around.

So, if you’re doing any weird off camber trails, these provide additional traction and stability. So ya, loss for Kiba has created the friction, xt compound something or other, which is a dual compound, something basically what that means is. This thing is gonna, stick to the rocks that you’re running whether they’re wet dry. Whatever these are great shoes for mountain running. This is what they are designed for, use them for mountain running and you will not be disappointed.

These are shorter distance, more technical, mountain running shoes- yes, I ran a hundred K in these I also ran a very technical 50k in these and I just thought that my feet were going to hurt no matter what and 100 K well they’re actually not supposed to, and this was the problem once you get past I’d, say yeah 20 miles, stop running in these shoes. My feet were on fire for the bender 100 K, the first time I did it and when I did the Franklin Mountains I also wore these shoes and my feet halfway through, were so so sore.

That’s just an added pain that you don’t need so find a different shoe if you’re doing anything more than say a marathon trail run when I wore the Hocus for this years, being there 100 K, it was life-changing so find the right shoe, but if you’re just starting out and you’re wanting a good trainer, I still love these I still wear these. For my daily six to eight mile runs the reason I say there. Great training. Shoes is because they are a bit more minimal in this forefront area I like that, because I’m able to feel the rocks a bit more and improve on my technical running skills when I can feel the ground under me.

It’s it’s a lot easier to make those small adjustments. This shoe does have a rock plate in it, which is essential when you’re out here in southern Arizona, there are tons of rocks out there on every trail, there’s no, avoiding them, and if you don’t have a rock plate, your feet will get bruised. They do have a great rubber guard in the front so again for rocks and keeping your feet protected. These are great shoes, I always paint my first pair and these guys are painted.

So these will be retired here pretty soon. The lugs are starting to get smaller and smaller and become flat, which isn’t as helpful. They still work, but it’s not as helpful as these newer shoes that I got more recently and these you can see the lugs are a lot more accentuated and these have a lot less wear and tear these have a proper amount of miles so I think we’re nearing probably three to five hundred miles. I’ll check my Strava on that, but there’s a little bit of tearing up here in this mesh, but it’s just more ventilation right.

This right here is a used shoe. This is the La Sportiva Bushido, the very first one and I just wanted to show you all real, quick, the wear and tear that I got on this shoe after way, too many miles. This was when I first started, traveling and so I didn’t know what I was looking for in a shoe. I didn’t know how long I didn’t I didn’t know anything, but I just wanted to point these things out, as you can see, there’s quite a bit of fraying here, and this is all peeling off.

If you look at the shoe, tread that is dang near flat now and over here, I’ve got quite a bit of tearing going on at this upper section, but I just want to show you what what a lot of wear and tear will get you with this shoe. This shoe has held up really well. These shoes do have a smaller fit, I wear seven and a half, and in the last forty bus’, that’s a 39 for the European sizing, or you can do a seven and a half plus I recommend that plus, because you need that extra room for your toes.

The toe box is a bit smaller and narrower. That’s how European shoes usually work they’re, not as spacious as say a hookah or a Nike shoe I have a narrower foot. So these these shoes work great for me again. If you’re not running super long distances. Most of the time you don’t have to consider your feet swelling most of the time, not all the time, so the narrow fit of these shoes shouldn’t be an issue. If you do like a snugger fit and have a narrow foot, I don’t mind these laces, but I, don’t love them they’re a little short and there’s no there’s no give in them.

So if you’re, not careful, you’ll make your feet fall asleep because you time too tight. Another thing up here. This tongue, as you can see like I’m gonna, have to show you with it on my foot, it’s already off kilter and slanted. If that’s an issue for you, these, probably not the shoes for you, because they’re gonna continue to do that they are sewn in so that’s not gonna go completely over, but every run I go on these shoes always are like this on my foot, so I don’t know what what the deal is with that or why they do that.

But every pair that I’ve had has always done that the tongue will get all cattywampus I found out the hard way that the bushido too is not for ultra distances. It is for the shorter, more mountainous, more technical distances and terrain once you figure that out. These are a really great training shoe if you’re in a place with a lot of rocky or just difficult technical terrain cut. Is the law sporty Babu she do to La. Sportiva is a great company. You can actually send in old shoes and they will donate them.

So that’s pretty cool I like that I like buying things from good companies. That’s all I’ve got. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video, please like it down below and subscribe to the channel I post a new video every week. Thank you for joining me today. I’ll see you next week and happy trails.

Hello, I’m Jonathan, Wyatt I’m, working with La Sportiva working on the product development for all of the running shoes trail running shoes that we have. We have two new shoes in the range coming for you in summer 2019 we have a update for the Bushido, so the Bushido is a shoe. We’ve had quite a long time in the collection, but a shoe which is really appreciated for its ability over technical terrain, it’s a shoe which is a nice stable, shoe and works really well on Sky running and anything that’s a technical type of trail.

It gives you a really good foothold so with the Bushido -, we didn’t want to change that that strong characteristic, so we’ve we’ve kept a really good foothold in the shoe we’ve just worked on the upper of the shoe. We’ve made it more smooth. We’ve worked on the construction to make it lighter, but what what you’ll notice a lot is? The is the sensation inside the shoe, so we’ve added a thin layer of comfortable material, and that gives your a nice sensation of comfort and cushioning in the shoe.

So it’s a shoe for medium and long distance trails, keeping all of the good characteristics of the bushido, but giving you that little bit of extra comfort for the longer trails you.

Hey what’s up guys Devin here is that has been about a year and a half two years in the making, because this is a long-term review of one of my favorite shoes ever the La Sportiva Bushido. Now I really wanted to do review on these shoes for a long time, but I wanted to get a lot of mileage under my feet. With this shoe before I did a review because I think with Footwear.

It’s really important that when you are going to review something like this, that you have a lot of mileage under your feet with them on now, I can say that I’ve done probably 100 120 miles total. With this specific pair of shoes, I did purchase recently a pair to replace my old one, which still have some life left in them, and we’ll talk about that.

But I got a new pair a couple weeks ago that I can start training with for my trips and such that I’ll be doing this year now. You should know that 2016 was a very very busy year with a lot of hiking and backpacking. For me, I bagged a ton, a ton of Peaks, and this was the shoe that I took with me on all of those Peaks. Now I am talking about Peaks that are very rocky that require a lot of its stability in the foot and have a lot of elevation gain here in Utah.

Basically, any peak that you’re going to do is going to require a lot of elevation gain because the valleys come right up to the mountains and a lot of the trail heads start right at the base of the valley or where the valley comes to to the mountains. So a lot of elevation gain and these things handle the trails really really well.

Now they are getting kind of beat up, but I want to talk about some of the specifics of this shoe and just my experience with it and why I think it’s such a great option, because really trail runners are becoming a great great hiking shoe for a lot of people, they’re being built in ways that handle really rugged terrain. I haven’t worn a boot outside of like winter hiking for backpacking in a long time, and this shoe serves the purpose of holding weight and managing weight on your back really well.

So let’s talk about it. So the first thing that I want to refer to is the rubber that they’re using on this, which is called the friction rubber. It is a Sportiva specific branded rubber. Now the friction rubber is going to be this piece here, just the black rubber, and that is going to give you a lot of the sticky traction on rocks that you would expect to get from a trail runner.

Now you can see that mine has become pretty worn down and beat up, which is a good thing, but I do really like here on the side, the aggressive lugs, which give a lot of stability on the front end of the shoe. But I want to talk about the middle or the arch of the shoe right here, because you’ll notice that it doesn’t have like a gap through it, but what they’ve done here is basically created a wraparound piece that stability through the shoe.

That gives it a lot of support underfoot, and that’s one of my favorite things about it, because I’ve also done some hiking recently in a brand called ultra, which is becoming very, very popular with Drew hikers, and my initial experience with ultra so far in the few pairs of shoes that I’ve had from them is they’re a great shoe. But they don’t give me personally the support that I want on of my foot so here on the side of the bushido you’ll, see that yellow piece there and then on my brand new one you’ll see that piece there.

This is a stabilizer that they have put into the shoe to give your heel a lot of support. This kind of helps the shoe lock on your heel and when you’re moving around on rocky trails and stuff, especially when you’re running this is going to give a lot of stability around the heel. Now that does have like that standard piece of plastic that comes around the heel itself, but overall, that pieces of plastic that goes through the bottom of the foot around the heel and such gives.

This shoe a lot. A lot of stability and strength for rocky trails and I noticed that as I’m hiking around and such in the shoe I don’t notice a lot of fatigue in that part of my foot. Wear with my ultras I do experience that fatigue when I’m carrying 3040 pounds on my back, because I do hike with my child, who weighs about 25, almost 30 pounds, and then the weight of the pack and gear that I’d be carrying and I don’t get that support from those ultras, which doesn’t mean that they’re not a great shoe, but specifically speaking to the Bushido itself, you’re, getting a lot of stability and support from the shoe that way.

Let’s talk about the lugs or the bottom of the shoe, the tread pattern, I’m very, very happy with the way that these have worn and the way that this friction rubber and the lugs and the tread pattern. Let’s look at a brand new one. The tread pattern just really digs into the ground and gives you a lot of support and traction for rocky or muddy trails, wet trails, that kind of scenario or even sand.

Just a really really cool tread pattern that really grabs onto the terrain and does a good job. I do love the mesh here on the front of the shoe. So it’s going to breathe really well and that’s been my experience and then just the profile of the shoe itself. You’ll notice that it’s pretty narrow and that’s something that you should note about: La Sportiva in general.

Now they are an Italian made brand. So these things are going to be a little bit more narrow on the foot that you would expect from other brands like Meryl or something, but for me they haven’t caused any hot spots. In fact, I’ve never got a blister in the shoes for crews, which I think is something that is pretty uncommon for a shoe now, I’m not really really hard on my shoes, because I’m, not a big guy and I, don’t carry a lot of weight on my on my back and I’m careful with my footing and I’m, also not a trail runner.

So this is a review. That’s coming from somebody that simply hikes in the shoe and doesn’t trail run. It trail run in it. But the lacing system of the shoe is nice -. They have locked your foot into the shoe really really nice, and just my overall experience with this has been so positive that I hope they never discontinue. The shoe and I may end up just buying a few extra pairs because I’m so happy with the performance of it.

Now, if you are looking at this as a runner type shoe for trail running or mountain running, you know that this has about a six millimeter drop on it, which isn’t super aggressive, not that zero drop that, like ultra, has and I’m not sure what, like the speed cross, that shoes have, but overall isn’t too much of a rise from heel to toe that it’s uncomfortable or that you notice fatigue in your calves or something like that so old pair of Bushido is that have had a hundred plus miles on them of just Rocky beat up really really rough terrain.

They’ve handled the terrain really well they’ve been in the river, all sorts of fun things I just absolutely love these shoes. In fact, this pair is going to go as my desert shoe if I am going to be doing any backpacking trips we’re doing river crossings and spending time in the dirt, and this is going to be my new pair that I take with me on all my backpacking trips and such this year and all the hikes that I do so really really awesome pair of shoes, guys the La, Sportiva bushido, absolutely awesome pair of shoes and wearing them for a long time, just so so happy with them.

So there you go thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe to the channel. If you have it hope you have an awesome day.


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