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  Leupold LTO-Tracker Thermal Viewer Leupold® LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer Night Owl XGen Digital Nightvision Viewer Night Owl Nightvision Monocular FLIR Thermosight ATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope Night Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars
 Leupold LTO-Tracker Thermal ViewerLeupold® LTO-Quest Thermal ViewerNight Owl XGen Digital Nightvision ViewerNight Owl Nightvision MonocularFLIR ThermosightATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal RiflescopeNight Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars
BrandNight OwlLeupoldNight OwlATNFlirNight OwlLeupold
Length (in.)4.8-5.96.858 / 87.65.6
ModelxGen-NONB2FFATN ThOR-HD Thermal RiflescopeRS-32 / RS-64 1.1-9NONM4X172830
Power2.1X-2X3-12x2.25-9x / 1.1-9x4XFixed Focus/ 6X Digital Zoom
Weight7-25.327 oz.1.8lbs / 1.8lbs14.510 oz.

Leupold LTO-Tracker Thermal Viewer

  • Recover downed game animals
  • 21º field of view detects heat signatures out to 600 yds.
  • 6X digital zoom
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Leupold's LTO-Tracker Thermal Imager is an advanced, handheld thermal imager that shows you the heat signature of game, blood trails, what's making noise in your backyard and more – day or night. The LTO-Tracker is an extremely useful and versatile tool for big game hunting that can prevent you from spooking game as you approach your stand in the dark, or enable you to recover downed animals. Features up to a 6X zoom and 21° field of view to detect heat signatures up to 600 yds. The lightweight, compact LTO-Tracker allows it to be carried easily in a pocket or daypack. Runs on a single CR-123 battery (included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello, so I just want to talk about the new toy. And it's got this the Leopold LTO tracker just got. It today so far you see the thermal ends the front here okay says. They got a lifetime warranty. Icalled to clarify. That it's for pretty much. Everything inputs electronics the housing the switches. And buttons which I had to make sure. That correctly you would think. That the electronic but apparently it's not considered them but. It does have a five-year warranty on. It for like trucks so far. It the reason why I bought. It I'll go shop around for the thermal. Ilike to seek reveals. Ilike the pro the only problem with those units are. They have an internal battery. And then the way you hold them. And face them it's almost like a flash like you're looking down on. You have to look at the screen like. Idon't like I want to build. You know get behind. And look at it like a scope. Something like now with the Torrey Pine logics couldn't really find anything on the warranty. Ialso got a lot of bad reviews about them as far as like a file online just. Because the size of the screen not saying. This screen is any smaller bigger. Ididn't want the chance. And the prices were kind of wacky trying to find them. And to get the thirty Hertz model you're looking at a lot. More money and the detection range is nowhere close to.

    What they say this is so just going to go through. It very quick I got a three chihuahuas here in the yard the mother. And two puppies they they came looking its kind of see them out there. They were looking at. Something in just a tree. And just grass you can see with the sun shining so on. This unit this little gnarled place. You say thing around. It right here is you would unscrew to break. It in half to get to the battery I'm not going to fill every. One hand but it's pretty simple takes ones here. One two three and oh yeah by the way that's. Another reason why I chose. And over everything else was. Iwanted something had a battery not. Something I had to recharge so. That was my problem. Idon't not a big fan of stuff like. That having an internal battery. You know you charge. It sits for a while still dies out. And then it has a shelf life from the battery eventually. Any of the plug in charge of. Ijust pop into battery end. They also advertise the use time up to 10 hours.

    Or so that's also a lot higher. Then similar models but first off. You can see there's three buttons in the front here. This is obviously an. You look through it's like a TV screen. And then there's the thermal camera but. You would press and hold. This button right here for a second. And you'll see the lujah pool come on takes only a. Few seconds it has a reticle as. You can see the reticle by double tapping the power button comes on. That lets have to put. It back on the center button is the zoom so. If you're looking up here. You can zoom Nexus 2x. It starts off at 15 X buts. Ilike to go to the. One because of just the fact. That the clarity is better. You zoom in it's actually a digital zoom. It just makes everything so fuzzy but.

    It does help a little bit around the 2. If you're just trying to get an idea. What you're looking at like it's a big object small object. Whatever those dogs are roughly about 25 yards away. And it's very hard to see them, so I'll cycle through the views pointing at them okay so here's the One X. You can see the fence spot that's lit up. You can also it's hard to see on the cellphone camera but. Ican kind of make or employers. This defense section that's lit up by the actual Sun I'm gonna change the views it's black. You can see where it's dark to the right of them is a piece of steel it's like a metal fire ring hey guys come here come on here's two of them running towards. You right you can see them they're very small. And it's black I must switch to. Another mode that's the third button. This is kind of cool. Because it's high white so.

    What it does it kind of enhances the hottest pallets out there. And the things that kind of helps. If you're in a situation in the woods. You look for something to pop out really easily. This is the pallet you want to use. You can see like that fence section. Where the sun's been shining its pretty obvious. Now there're small targets so they're hard to make help with. That extra thing but. You can still see them with the contrast here's the high black same thing except it's. More of a blacker contrast. It shows like the white background come here guys come on give here. It comes a little small there. She goes that's about 15 yards away here's the red. You can see you're pretty good okay. Iwould say the red. And the green more for nighttime yep just because of my vision stuff like. You can definitely see. It pretties damn good the white. And then we're back to the black from earlier.

    You can see her I set the quality a little bit better on the screen itself. This was in 1 x mode right here I'm just going to walk out here a little closer so. You can kind of see details here's like the grass go through the views fish puppy come here buddy there. You go there you go see. You can actually make out their eyes. And those stuff like. You can your this dog is pretty small. You can see next my foot say so yeah look at. That a black and I'll give. One here and zoom in on a seat guys get the optical see. Igets fuzzy kind of worthless. Ijust rather keep one action rock with. It there's the other dogs right there's. All three of them you'll see him running trying to catch him do so quick about twenty yards away. Now I'm gonna walk towards them.

    Imay use a highlight. They are in the corner playing right Adam here come on guys come here. One come here come on. One side come on you can see the refresh rate is super fast it's supposed to be thirty Hertz. Whatever just be perfect for and. You can make Evalia so that's 15 20 yards away so do. More thing here's my crappy trailer see. What looks like here yes it's a little like predator erection here pretty cool. Though right in green. Iwouldn't use in a day. If you're trying to look at facial features stuff like. You could use it turns a day but. Iwould definitely use the weights. And stuff I use those mess. Once a day at work you go outside. Some modes really can use because of the heat on like the blacktop. And a lot of stuff, so I'm gonna come out here it's my car right quick just got home just do a kind of example here see. What you can go trying to get the line up here.

    You can kind of see. And do much there where it's off actually had a mosquito Misha look the dads for fun yeah see. We can see some breaks here oh yeah see the lug nuts lighten up there. You go very cool you can make out pretty much. Everything at close range so. This would be perfect. If you're not going to use. It for hunting and again double tap. This take that reticle off. If you're not going to use. It for hunting I think. It would be a sweet little piece just for look around the house. And stuff like that the only thing I will tell. That the it can't really see through glass so. If you're peeking at your window at.

    Somebody I found the fact. That would just pick up the heat of actual window. And just show it as like a piece but there was. One instance someone walked up to the window. He was able to be viewed through the glass. You could kind of see a little fuzziness of the like. That predator view like the high white. And high black but not enough to detect. Anything so just keep. That in mind just at the end of. All exam I'm going to crank. It rights up see how Clarence inks. One to two seconds not too bad at. All here's one of those little puppies seminars Oh it's re-meet. It looks like I said from here to the backyard it's about a 25 30 yards so. That gives you an idea pass.

    You could probably see a vehicle. You could you know. If it's a clear night. You know you're in the middle of woods. Or Camilla feeling you saw. Something moving I'd be good for. That but you can identify damn thing. That distance here the houses it's kind of hard to see. Some transit of the camera those lines aren't. One there by the way see I'm saying by the contrast it's hard too there. We go its kind of hard to pick up those lines are not there in real life. Iwant to see anyways that's. Ithe show my new toy. Ifigure anything else out about. It I'll show it off pretty simple to use it's going to work for what I want to use. It for I'm going to use. It for backpacking music. Because uh we're in the middle of nowhere so be cool at the villa night to kind of see what's a jump around a tent.

    It could be a squirrel could be a bear who know. That way at least I sit there wondering and wishing our batteries. And our flashlights to find something that's not there so then the other thing is to. While I'm on my boat. Iwas thinking about taking it out. Igo out at night just to kind of do like a sweep. Once in a I see a boat. Or a seal like to see. It is actually a boat. And like I said with the distance issue. Idon't know if it's going to pick up. Anything on the water but. Iguess we'll see maybe. Ibe at next video I do other. One take hope it helps. Someone out and place your comments below thanks.

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    Leupold® LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer

  • Up to 750-yd. range for HD, 300-yds. for Standard
  • Eight color palette options
  • Rugged rubberized body
  • Built-in 300-lumen dual-intensity flashlight
  • Built-in camera takes over 2,000 images
  • Make hard-to-spot game stand out like a sore thumb with Leupold's LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer. Starts up in less than three seconds. Advanced thermal sensor detects heat signatures in a 20° field of view. Fixed focus keeps images clean. Eight color palette options allow use in any lighting. Three-button operation makes use simple. Internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours, four hours with continuous use. Rugged rubberized body slips easily into your pocket. Built-in 300-lumen dual-intensity flashlight. 2.4" LCD screen. Manufacturer's limited five-year electronics warranty. Includes wrist lanyard and USB cable. Made in USA.
    5"H x 2.4"W x 1.2"D.
    Wt: 6.25 oz.
    • Standard – 206x156 thermal sensor detects out to 300 yds. Micro-SD card slot allows you to store up to 2,000 photos.
    • HD – Advanced 320x240 thermal sensor extends your detection range from 300 yds. to 750 yds. Built-in memory stores up to 3,000 images.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Night Owl XGen Digital Nightvision Viewer

  • Integral infrared illuminator
  • Selectable Gain and IR control
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Crisp image resolution
  • This nightvision viewer features the latest innovations at an affordable price. Integral infrared illuminator is designed for viewing targets from 70 to 100 yards depending on the model and sports adjustable intensity control. Gain and IR selectable settings deliver ideal performance in various nighttime environments. 640x480 VGA resolution provides crisp images. XGen runs on three AA batteries and XGenPro takes four AA batteries (not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Night Owl Nightvision Monocular

  • High-quality Generation 1 image-intensifier tube
  • Built-in columnated infrared illuminator
  • Soft-touch rubberized finish
  • Employing the latest optics-design technology, Night Owl’s monoculars optimize low-light illumination and high magnification without the extra weight found in other models. The columnated infrared illuminator allows use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment. The Generation 1 image-intensifier tube combines with the choice of 4-power and 6-power magnification to deliver superior resolution and accurate identification of distant targets. The rubberized finish with integrated rubber hand grip and machined-aluminum lens body combine practical design features in a robust mechanical housing.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    FLIR Thermosight

  • Thermal imaging detects heat energy instead of light, ideal for night use
  • Four-button interface with all settings accessible in three clicks or less
  • Advanced Image Correction automatically optimizes images
  • InstaAlert displays the hottest temperatures in red for quick detection
  • Internal shock-reduction system qualified for up to a .308 caliber
  • Water-resistant casing can be submerged in up to three-ft. of water
  • With exceptional image quality in both complete darkness and broad daylight, the ThermoSight R-Series from FLIR lets non-game hunters use one scope for either nighttime or daytime predator-hunting scenarios. Thermal imaging doesn't require any illumination, meaning animals' body heat stand out against cooler backgrounds even on the darkest night. Large, glove-friendly four-button design lets you easily zoom in (up to 16X) and out with one click, while all other settings are accessible in three clicks or less. Advanced Image Correction automatically optimizes images for the clearest picture. Up to six detection palettes including FLIR's exclusive InstaAlert™ that displays the hottest temperatures in red for super-quick detection. Ultradurable design includes an internal shock-reduction system (SRS-M™) qualified for MSR semiautomatic platforms up to a .308 caliber, plus the water-resistant casing can be submerged in up to three-ft. of water. Three reticle settings (duplex, fine duplex and German) with a repeatable zero. Mounts easily to Picatinny rail.  Powered for up to 4 hours by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included). USB-interface wall charger included. 3-in. eye relief. Two-year standard warranty. Three-year warranty with registration on scope, 10-year warranty with registration on thermal detector.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    ATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope

  • Obsidian "T" II Thermal core provides exceptional resolution
  • Recoil Activated Video automatically records your shot
  • Smart Rangefinder connected to the internal ballistic calculator
  • Multiple electronic environmental monitoring sensors
  • As some of the most advanced thermal optics on the market, ATN's ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope allows you to take aim, adjust to the conditions and pull the trigger in a flash. Obsidian "T" II Thermal core provides exceptional resolution in a smaller, high-value package without sacrificing quality. Pull the trigger and their patented Recoil Activated Video automatically records your shot to a micro-SD card (not included) so you can relive that moment every time you hit play. The Smart Rangefinder connected to the internal ballistic calculator makes instant corrections to the crosshairs, so your shot goes right where you want it to. 30mm mil-spec germanium lenses. This scope also includes Smooth Zoom, Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth®, 3-D gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, electronic compass and GPS geotagging.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You well is 3 o'clock 3 am and a lot of people don't understand why we do. What we do you can see right behind. Me that's a huge reason. You know this isn't just for sport. This isn't just for fun. You know we're not getting money from sponsors to pay for a show we're not going from state to try. And entertain you guys. This truly is a lifestyle for us. Imean I'm just being a good Shepherd out here. These coyotes you know come through our cattle in. This particular pasture. We have about 400 pairs of cows. That have calves. We kick them out after. They calve in those coyotes live out here it's our duty. It is our responsibility to protect the animals. We raise for not only our livelihood but for your food. And as much as it in the beginning to have to justify our work to explain to people. That didn't understand why we hunt. And why we do what we do in the end. Ifind myself doing it over. And over and over it helps a lot of the ignorant people out but then again there's a lot of stupid people out there. That Oh that'll never understand. This is a prime example of our work of our lifestyle. This coyote coming in through the cattle picture perfect footage out here in the middle of the night. You can't see your hand in front of your face, but we're out here doing it. You know we're out here protecting the animals. We raise and a lot of people just can't can't understand. You know it's its taken. Another look another detailed look at hunting not just for sport not just for trophies not just for food but as a lifestyle.

    And that's what people need to understand 400 mama cows back there can be wrong Oh Neil ops out you.

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    Night Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars

  • 2X magnification
  • Fixed focus for fast recognition and identification
  • Generation 1 nightvision
  • These fixed-focus binoculars feature premium performance wrapped in an attractive soft-touch rubberized finish for a sure grip and comfortable handling. Impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housing adds an extra measure of protection. Built-in infrared illuminator provides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness. High-quality, all-glass objective and ocular lenses with 2X magnification and 160-ft. at 200-ft. range will get you up-close and personal. Unique stringer system for precision and control. Requires CR-123 3-volt lithium battery (not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Overnight camp once again you're handy by knocking who failed. You needed most don't. You think it's time to stop. That bad habit of taking a daytime binocular during those night trips. Ihave the perfect solution to a problem night owl optics presents the industry's best night owl Nov 5 X. That offers high magnification the best economical design. And precision engineering made specifically for you to see in complete darkness. It has an attractive ergonomic design. That allows adjustment tier viewing comfort. And your personal fit its protective finish also contributes to its toughness. When used in the dark it's extraordinary night vision technology relies on its powerful built-in infrared illuminator. That provides clear. And bright viewing in complete darkness. It also has two electronic intensifier troops. That is incorporated in its unique still stringer system giving precision. And control of viewing you can amazingly see. Everything even in complete darkness. Everything will appear in a monochrome green color. This night vision version proudly offers its five times magnification with its 50 millimeter objective lens diameter it's high quality. All glass optics for. Both objective and ocular lenses makes viewing at night hassle-free. It also has a low battery indicator. And an expanded infrared operation at low battery voltage plus.

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