7 Top-Rated Splitboarding items for Ladies

Splitboarding is an exciting sport. It also can be traumatic and dangerous if you have no appropriate gear. Its quality is crucial for your performance and protection. The main item - splitboard - you should select considering the same characteristics you would with the solid board: stiffness, directional shape, and profile option. Also, you need good binding and backpack.

We have gathered the most important items you need for safeness and comfort. Take a look at our TOP-7 list and pick up the best splitboarding set.

Top 7

Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack - Women's Weston Snowboards Riva Splitboard - Women's Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding - Women's Arbor Swoon Splitboard - Women's Karakoram Prime-X Carbon Splitboard Binding - Women's Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard - Women's Venture Snowboards Tempest Split Snowboard - Women's
Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack - Women'sWeston Snowboards Riva Splitboard - Women'sVoile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding - Women'sArbor Swoon Splitboard - Women'sKarakoram Prime-X Carbon Splitboard Binding - Women'sJones Snowboards Solution Splitboard - Women'sVenture Snowboards Tempest Split Snowboard - Women's
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BrandBurtonVenture SnowboardsVoileJones SnowboardsWeston SnowboardsKarakoramArbor
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime2 years1 year1 year3 years2 year3 years
Recommended Usecasual, snowboardingbackcountry snowboardingbackcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboardingbackcountry snowboardingbackcountry snowboardingbackcountry snowboardingbackcountry snowboarding
Base-Evil Twin (sintered)-sintered 9900sintered-sintered
Core-ash, poplar-Master Core, Web Fused Carbonpoplar, paulownia-Single Malt (poplar wood)
Effective Edge-[148cm] 1110mm, [152cm] 1150mm, [156cm] 1190mm-[148cm] 1110mm, [152cm] 1146mm, [156cm] 1178mm[149cm] 1120mm, [153cm] 1150mm, [157cm] 1190mm-[148cm] 1108mm, [152cm] 1144mm
Flex-mediummedium-stiff8 out of 10medium (6 of 10 on Weston's scale)stiffestmedium (6 out of 10 on Arbor's scale)
Length-148cm, 152cm, 156cm-148cm, 152cm, 156cm149cm, 153cm, 157cm-148cm, 152cm
Profile-Straight-Line Rocker-Directional Rocker (hybrid rocker camber flex pattern)rocker-camber-rocker-The System Rocker
Shape-directional (8mm taper)-directionaldirectional-Thunderhead Profile Tip
Sidecut Radius-[148cm] 7.9m, [152cm] 8.1m, [156cm] 8.4m-[148cm] 7.3m, [152cm] 7.5m, [156cm] 7.9m[149cm] 9.3/7.4/7.1/8.4m, [153cm] 9.5/7.6/7.3/8.6m, [157cm] 9.7/7.8/7.5/8.8m-[148cm] 8.3/7.4/8.3m, [152cm] 8.5/7.6/8.5m
Waist Width-240mm-[148cm] 239mm, [152cm] 241mm, [156cm] 245mm[149cm] 246mm, [153cm] 248mm, [157cm] 252mm-[148cm] 236mm, [152cm] 238mm
Wrap-triax (45-degrees)-triaxtriax-triax, biax

Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack - Women's

Fresh lines or good grades? Luckily, you won't have to choose between the two when you're rocking the Burton Women's Day Hiker 25L Backpack. Extremely versatile by design, this daypack transitions from out-of-bounds pow to studying all night thanks to its roomy main compartment and padded laptop sleeve that doubles as a reservoir compartment for on-mountain hydration.

Its fleece-lined top pocket won't scratch your favorite goggles, while the internal shovel compartment holds a collapsible shovel for backcountry missions. Furthermore, you'll delight in the pack's ergonomic shoulder harness for comfortable carrying, as well as its vertical board carry when you're boot-packing outside the resort. A sternum strap and adjustable waist belt keep the pack from swaying all over the place when you're riding or skating across campus.

  • Versatile pack that goes from campus to the resort;
  • Padded laptop sleeve doubles as hydration sleeve;
  • Molded webbing on snowboard straps for improved grip;
  • Air channel on back panel helps you stay cool;
  • Sternum strap and hip belt for secure fit when shredding;
  • Women-specific shoulder straps for superior comfort;
  • PU backing provides water-resistant protection;
  • Item #BUR01YV.

Hello, I'm Matt. And this is the 2017 Burton Day Hiker woman's backpack. Features a lifetime warranty. It's 19 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. Features 2 meters of space. You put a lot of stuff in here.

This is a great pack for adventurers women who skateboard, snowboards, bike, hike, trail, run, whatever. This is a very well-rounded pack and it features one of my favorite items. A vertical board carrying system for skateboards and snowboards. So if you're biking to a place or hiking in the backcountry you have a place to put your board so it's pretty nice.

It has a polyester style, double woven material with a PU backing. A double padded bottom for media device protection and, of course, zipper closures throughout. All zippers have a nice little storm flap as well to keep the elements from getting inside of your pack. It has a vertical accessory pocket on the outside, two water bottle pockets that have elastic closures on top and then a smaller narrower compartment on the exterior that has a little bit of a mesh pocket for like phones and such, and also have a nice little key ring as well. That's well more like kind of flat style items and then there's a large compartment that's where we put the big volume items and has a 15-inch laptop fully padded sleeve for your devices. It's a nice little touch now.

This is a women's specific design, something just a man's version kind of made smaller. It actually has an ergonomic au style shoulder straps and placement that are more beneficial to a woman's kind of shape. The padded shoulder straps are fully adjustable as are the sternum and waist straps and those are perfect to keep the pack secure and close to your body without Yolanda items shifting back and forth that could cause you to come off balance. This is a great pack overall. The Burton Day Hiker women's pack for 2017 comes in a lot of colorways, has that vertical board carry system, double padded bottom, and lots of great options. Make sure to check it out.

Weston Snowboards Riva Splitboard - Women's

Inspired by the iconic Riva Ridge that was stormed by the 10th Mountain Division, the Weston Riva Splitboard was designed for ladies who refuse to be bound by the lift lines, ropes, and groomed runs of ski resorts. Ready for the wild snow out of bounds, the Riva has a wide, long, early-rising sharpened powder nose to keep you floating in the deep stuff, while its tapered tail and setback stance allow for surfy turns in tight trees. It's built for touring and ease of skinning with flattened sections before the early rise in nose and tail that optimize skin contact for strong skin traction on the steep ascents.

Giving you the best of both worlds, the Riva has camber between the bindings with an early rise in the nose and tail to ensure that the Riva has the power, response, and stability to handle sketchy lines with aplomb, while still maintaining a fun, floaty feel in powder. Its progressive flex prevents the nose from sinking, while the stiff tail offers confident stability at high speeds. Then, the carbon fiber stringers provide extra pop in softer snow and additional dampening when you take a cliff to flat. Sustainably-harvested wood in the core keeps your snap lively and powerful, yet at a low weight, and the sintered base ensure you keep cooking at high speeds over flat spots.

  • Hard-charging and aggressive, directional splitboard;
  • Medium-stiff flex mixes playfulness with power;
  • Camber with slight rocker is responsive, powerful, and pow-ready;
  • Sustainably-harvested wood delivers pop at a low weight;
  • Carbon stringers enhance response and dampening;
  • Sintered base stays fast after multiple days of use;
  • Weston Snowboards are handmade in Minturn, CO;
  • Item #WST000Z.

I've been with Weston snowboards. We're here at talking about our new lineup of split boards this season where it's really hard this year to figure out hold of spaces so that is kind of our new technology.

For this season we were able to do a lot to use some fine thread screws, and we were able to actually create homeless bases this season. So you can see no through holes at all this season, brand-new olace basis. We're using Karakorum ultra clips will a tip and tail clips. This is our new for 2019. Range so one of our best free ride for its last year. This for one free ride split board of the year split water bag so just one of our best free ride all-mountain words. It's a setback twin about an inch and a half setback.

You can set it forwards and it rides like a true twin one of the lightest poppy is those flexible boards on the market. Buffalo got carbon stringers run into the tail as well for case wintered bases stone brown and textured right their in our factory. Got the award-winning backwoods this. Board has been split border earth support of the year editor's choice in. That country mag two years running it is certainly one of our most versatile shapes we design it as a powder board but it is a all season board from early. Season powder late season spring cool ours this thing just rips all conditions.

And certainly my favorite all-mountain spliff did we make again you know the wholeness basis we love to highlight follow my top sheets and this we. Actually left our core visible so you can see the bamboo stringers and the poplar and polonia cores that we incorporate into all of our boards. We've got the women's reba when I'm one. Of our favorite new women's boards all of our boards are camber underfoot with. Earlier eyes nose and tail this is obviously in tour mode with some beautiful new spark surges right there. The riva is made for a woman who rips. The aggressive rider who is looking to get out and ride an aggressive board we've used all the best technology from all of our men's boards and crammed into the best package we can dream and then our big chief this is an award-winning split board again at stake in split board of the year before it's a little stiffer board.

It's made for an aggressive rider or big lines big guys they need a horde that can keep up with them we also have a 1920 prototype here. That we've been working on really hard this is the new Japan so this is. Top secret but we're giving it out for. You guys this thing is tail weighted which we've really been working hard on you can see that tail wave what this does even though it has no tail at all it's still heavier than the nose when. Your kick stepping your nose always stays up and doesn't dig into the stone so I can actually show you guys which is pretty sweet so if we just bump off our bindings. Care for alpine crime is awesome.

We only have three connections here to now the details so on this board right. Here in the center where your joe is we've specifically weighted it so the nose will always come up just like that if I kick it back just an inch the nose. Is all of a sudden heavier so, so we put a lot of tech into this board we're still dialing it in, but we're really hoping to come up with one of the best swallowtail split boards on the market weighs in at just over seven and a pound. So also super light amazing board we're hoping to really dial it in and get it out to you guys next.

Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding - Women's

Ditch the slider pins and switch to the smooth-operating Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding's intuitive hook-to-axle interface. The Speed Rail does away with pesky slider pins for an upward-facing hook that attaches to a solid axle, allowing free-pivoting action when you're touring uphill. When it's time to ride, simply pop off the binding, slide it front-to-back on Voile Pucks, and snap down the rear-locking latch. It's really that easy and quick during transitions, providing an excellent touring and riding interface.

The Ride-N-Stride Highback features a forward lean toggle that pops in and out between ride and tour mode. Pulled outwards, the forward lean toggle slides away from the heelcup, giving you an additional 25-degrees of stride length. When it's time to ride, simply snap it back down to obtain your pre-set forward lean setting. The Heel Lockdown feature is essential for cruising over rolling meadows en route to the ascent, traversing ridgelines, and side-stepping, while its brass bushings provide greater reliability over time, without being suspect to premature wear. The rest of the binding retains its upgraded straps from last season, 6061-T6 aluminum baseplate, and fully adjustable heelcup.

Please note, the Speed Rail Splitboard Binding comes with dual-height climbing wires, touring brackets, and mounting hardware for both the climbing wires and touring brackets. It doesn't come with Voile Pucks, which are sold separately.

  • Get rid of slider pins for good with the Speed Rail Binding;
  • Upward-facing hooks attach to axle with free-pivoting action;
  • Slides onto pucks from front-to-back, with locking rear latch;
  • 6061-T6 aluminum baseplate and upgraded straps over Light Rail;
  • Ride-N-Stride Highback offers additional 25-degrees of stride;
  • Heel lock-down for side-stepping and traversing ridgelines;
  • Reinforced with brass bushings for greater durability;
  • Voile is credited with inventing splitboarding in the 90's;
  • Item #VOL005H.

Today is my first-day splitboarding. I'm out of birth dude pass super stoked, couldn't ask for better conditions pretty amazing out here. We're just at the bottom of our loop right now going to send it up the hill and do some touring and try to get some nice cow laps in and today I'm going to talk about my voule universal split board bindings.

It's my first day on them and I'm just gonna let you guys know what I think, on my first impressions on those bindings and just splitboarding in general. Colorado avalanche info center says it's a super low avalanche risk today. It's safest rating that they give also this late in the season the snow's nice and fused up and pretty safe, but we do all have our beacons shovels and probes just in case. Oh my god should stick out here guys. We're almost at the top I think we might. Be turning around right now I'm out riding with my buddies Jordan and cam. Today and looks like we're going to get. Some good turn I think we're going to. Hit a line right up there somewhere. Maybe over there maybe that shoot right. There buddy hey v lie. So I thought this was going to be the hardest part transitioning from split to snowboard mode but I guess with the lubrication from the snow that binding. Just slid right on it was super easy and that in that pin which a lot of people complain about wasn't really a big deal so sorry if the audio quality drops guys. The input jacks my external mic so I hope you got to hear me okay son Jordan. So we just got to the top for our first lap I just kind of getting all the gear ready got my flint converted back to snowboard mode and just kind of discussing our lines.

The two lines I showed you earlier. The first one is over their second guy is kind of ahead of us. Over there the binding so pretty good on the way up I'm running the bowl a universal split board binding just with my regular union bindings you guys seen all the review videos I'm also on the jones explorers flip board and I have a spark rd skin, so they felt really comfortable on the way up nice long strides overall it's been an awesome experience so far I'm super happy with. The bowl a universal kit the transition was super mellow putting in that tin was no big deal sliding the bindings on was nice and smooth so I'm really happy so far really. The only difference I'm seeing is that you're elevated just a little bit over the board which isn't really that big of a deal so far it's been pretty sweet. All right, we're at the top of the first line and a little scared but look how good this looks all right do it all good all right here comes cam dude that was insane bottomless george about to drop. You've taken a different route than we did Oh good dude all right.

It's still pretty early in the day we're going to head back down to that cabin and go up for one more lap. We get clip down if i could we take under. Almost back to the cabin alright guys. We're going up for round two we've got. Some snow coming down but a temperature. Stayed nice and cool all day so it should still be nice and safe we probably won't go up to tie this time but uh trying to get some more of those. Bottomless turns in that was epic I feel. Like you can get some really nice long strides with these bindings so that's. Pretty awesome Knudsen help and keep up with my ski your friends taking some long strides keeping a good pace one. Think through when I was setting these guys up today I don't have my right. Binding perfectly a zero on the ball a slider so I'm about 3 degrees angled. Forward so I'm not perfectly at the stance I sent my pucks at well yeah other than that it's been really good out here today super stoked on the experience transition time has been. Really short I feel like it's harder to. Get into touring mode than in to snowboard mode when you're sliding that pin through but it's really not that big. Of a deal either way, I wouldn't say it took me more than three or four minutes. Either way so i think these bindings are pretty sweet if you're looking to get out in the backcountry I'd highly recommend them 160 bucks brand-new MSRP so it's a lot. More affordable than binding a three or four hundred dollars or more split board binding alright keep going we'll go one. More lap in and then head back to the car and get back to Denver as a reasonable time. You got the avalanche-prone terrain here. Guys it's about 38 degrees wind blow to slope. Underneath this cliff band, so we're just going to traverse it one by one and try to reduce the load on this face here and. Get across it safely be found the spot.

So good pretty excited much better than. Anticipated look at this all right. Dropping tj the hips and let it rip oh. All right oh my god. All right final stretch to the truck of. Apollo camp. Oh my god, guys that was so much better. Than expected the standard has been set. For split boarding now we're good hey buddy definitely going to be doing a. Lot more of this spring especially if the snow keeps up like this one last. Think on those bindings that second time. It took me a lot longer to transition because I didn't realize my binding wasn't slid all the way forward so when you are transitioning on these guys make sure that it's all the way forward or you might waste a bunch of time trying when it's not going to say, awesome guys.

It's been an epic day out here, thanks for watching. It's got any questions for me - leave it in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram at board archive if you want to check out these bindings in my gear in a little more detail.

Arbor Swoon Splitboard - Women's

Move beyond the confines of tracked-out resorts and maddening lift lines with the Arbor Swoon Splitboard guiding you to fresh lines and untapped terrain. It's built off a reclined version of The System Rocker for better uphill skinning and easier float in the deep stuff. Grip Tech sidecut adds two extra contact points for improved grip when you're dropping into sketchy chutes and wind-buffed ridgelines.

This directional twin split features a mid-level flex, allowing you to ride everything from low-angle tree stashes after big storms to alpine steeps in the spring. Since it retains a centered stance, the Swoon Splitboard is also highly adept at spinning off cliffs and sending backcountry kickers. Karakoram clips actively join each half together, allowing for a solid feel underfoot without the excess slop plaguing earlier, more primitive splits.

Arbor's Single Malt core features tip-to-tail poplar for a consistently smooth feel, with proven durability for years of backcountry exploration. The Bamboo Power Ply gives the board its distinctive look, doubling as a durable topsheet against dings and scratches. Mixed Glassing is Arbor's most versatile fiberglass lay-up for stability without sacrificing playfulness. And to ensure plenty of speed, the sintered base provides quick glide across flats and deep snow.

  • Women-specific splitboard for attacking the steep and deep;
  • The System Rocker profile for surfy turns and maximum float;
  • Medium flex (6 out 10 on Arbor's scale) for added versatility;
  • Single Malt core made from sustainably harvested poplar wood;
  • Universal splitboard inserts accommodate any split binding;
  • Bamboo Power Ply topsheet is durable and eco friendlier;
  • Arbor boards are made in the USA using sustainable materials;
  • Item #ARB00D2.

Hi, my name is Tony Perez. I'm the rocky mountain sales rep for Arbor snowboards and here I'm holding the swoon women's specific board made for the woman that wants to go do everything on the mountain. Riding powder, riding trees, doing big lines awesome. Board comes with a sustainably sourced bamboo top sheet. A sustainable source of wood core recycled steel ledges based on our system rocker. Parabolic rocker with grip tech great board for doing everything. The Arbor Awoon comes in multiple sizes all the way from a 40 all the way up to 156.

Karakoram Prime-X Carbon Splitboard Binding - Women's

The Women's Prime-X Carbon Splitboad Binding is Karakoram's premiere binding for professional splitboarders. It's the lightest Karakoram binding available, and its extreme stiffness assures the unforgiving, instantaneous response that professionals look for while dropping the steepest lines down the biggest mountains. Updates for this season include a prepreg carbon highback for a lighter weight, a better fitted heel cup for better power transfer, and a more open chassis that allows your splitboard to flex naturally.

Lending an incredibly supportive and powerful and featherweight feel to this binding is the aforementioned carbon highback. Adding to its ultra-responsive feel is Karakoram's Prime Interface, which ensures a completely solid feel underfoot without unnerving seam slop or chatter at high speeds. Its Solid Ride four-point attachment gives you increased stance options (-30 to 30 degrees) and improved ergonomics. Four wide, pre-loaded contact points direct energy to the edges for unmatched response and control when you're riding steep, high-consequence terrain.

Its Ride-Stride forward lean quickly toggles between Ride and Walk modes with a 1/4-turn of the forward lean adjuster. In Walk mode, the -8 degree forward lean elongates your stride to conserve energy on the long uphill skin. Ride mode delivers 0 to 22 degrees of forward lean (in two-degree increments) for quick-turning response when you're charging steeps.

Ditching traditional climbing wires for a two-height riser that deploys with the quick flick of your pole basket, the Flip-Speed Riser conquers mellow approaches and more demanding ascents alike. Engage the shorter riser on long, flatter approaches or flip up the taller riser during intimidating, steeper climbs. Additionally, there's a heel lock-down feature that's ideal for skating across long flats and side-stepping small hills. This lock-down has a load equivalent to DIN 6.

Specializing in efficiency, the Prime Interface uses the tried-and-true Tour Mode used on the original Split 30 interface. A quick-release touring bracket and Power-Link activation lever allow for quick-and-easy transitions from touring to riding without taking your foot out of the binding. Total changeover time is roughly two minutes, and that includes taking off your skins and stashing everything in your pack. Best of all, the Prime Interface has no moving parts, so you never have to worry about losing parts in the snow.

  • Karakoram's lightest, stiffest binding for pro splitboarding;
  • Carbon highback is insanely light and responsive;
  • Prime interface for superior up and down performance;
  • Quick and easy switch from tour to ride mode;
  • Open Binding chassis allows board to flex torsionally;
  • Solid Ride design eliminates slop in the seam;
  • Negative forward lean option for walking comfort;
  • Karakoram's innovative split solutions are made in USA;
  • Item #KRM001Y.

Yes, I would like to hear again really. I mean your four bindings which perfect target for you, for your bindings. It would be great if you can tell us for which kind of split border every kind of binding feels best.

Yeah, we'll start at kind of the top of out of our line. So this is the prime X Carbon. This is for the customer looking for the apex and backcountry technology. No sacrifices, no compromises. Just the best technology can buy. They want kind of the futurist foot boarding right now really stiff carbon high back all the weight savings of the Prime X no compromises just stiff charge. All over everything the best thing you can get prime x a very similar customer. It's really up to the customer what they want in feel that same customer that wants maybe just a slightly less aggressive high back is going to go for. The prime x i mean really happy this is like kind of i put the stiffness of this high back at probably. A seven and a half hour eight on the stiffness scale the stiffness of this high back but the prime x carbon is a 10 out of 10 so very similar customers with the x and x carbon moving into the prime nomad.

This is for us, kind of bar study. In backcountry bonding I would just say the backcountry pier is someone that's doing a lot of time in the backcountry is going to be really happy with the prime nomad and as morning grows a lot of snowboarders, a lot more snowboarders keep making the transition into split board. The connect binding is meant to reach out to those customers. And bridge the gap between snowboarding and split boarding so if you want a really comfortable resort feel you're going to be really happy with the fully va footbed the nylon damping sidewalls and just. Overall kind of familiar feel of a. Connect binding it's also a more accessible price point and then the connects we break up into two models with the connect are being kind of the mainstay bread-and-butter nice high back. All the benefits of the kine ct all the benefits of the prime system. Rides awesome mainstay connects binding connect s softer high back softest strap a more surf. I kind of feel someone that's looking for a softer ride is gonna be really happy on the connect s and the connects to is for the rider that wants nothing but stiffness is the stiffest sidewall stiff is high back and the. The Stiffest connection to the board someone that's just really interns everywhere or someone that's maybe a bigger rider that can never get enough stiffness out of their binding look no further than the connect ci.

Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard - Women's

Score yourself a lifetime season pass to drool-worthy backcountry lines with the Jones Women's Solution Splitboard. Built for stability at high speeds and control when it's absolutely critical, this hard-charging board handles the gnarliest descents you can get to on your own feet. It's souped-up with a Master Core of strong poplar and lightweight paulownia wood, and reinforced with snappy carbon stringers and torsionally stiff triax glass for a hard-charging personality.

The Solution is a directional splitboard primarily intended for bombing steeps, slashing across open bowls, and dissecting tree runs at high speeds. The longer nose rises early with a prominent rocker that keeps you surfing across the deep stuff with ease. Camber underfoot locks into carves and responsively digs into sloughed-off steeps, so you're not struggling to hold an edge when falling isn't an option. Speaking of edge hold, the board's stiffer flex pattern and Traction Tech edges really grip into icy conditions and hardpack. These same Traction Tech serrated edges are found on the inside edge, which is a major asset on icy skin tracks.

Carried over from last season is the Bolt-Less Bridge. This technology thickens the core at the clips, so Jones doesn't have to drill all the way through the board to anchor the clips. Not only does this provide a more powerful connection, but it increases torsional stiffness with Karakoram's Ultra Clip for a more stable ride on seriously steep slopes. As part of its mission to create a more sustainable product, Jones gave the Solution an Eco-Plastic topsheet. Made from Castor beans, this topsheet is lighter and more durable than the harmful plastic kinds, naturally shedding snow so you're not pulling extra weight while breaking trail. Quick Tension notches in the tail eliminate the need for a traditional tail clip, making your touring experience all the more enjoyable with Jones' signature climbing skins (sold separately).

  • Aggressive splitboard for high-consequence alpine terrain;
  • Directional shape with a prominent, rockered nose for float;
  • Camber underfoot locks into carves and snaps energetically;
  • Stiffer flex caters to ladies charging at scary-fast speeds;
  • Boltless bridge with Karakoram Ultra Clips for stiff connection;
  • Master core of strong poplar and lightweight paulownia wood;
  • Snappy carbon stringers + triax glass for torsional rigidity;
  • Traction Tech inner/outer edges grip tenaciously in hardpack;
  • Item #JSB007N.

We have the solution. This is my one board quiver. I love riding different boards but when it comes time to travel. For me it's a no-brainer the solutions. Going in the bag solution is camber underfoot rocker tip and tail works in all conditions from meaty powder to bulletproof ice and it's just this really predictable incredible platform. That's also really fun to ride this year, really excited. We were able to bring in this bolt list bridge which means no more screws on the bottom and this Karakorum ultra clip. This combination of the bolt list bridge with the ultra clip have just made a significant improvement on the torsional stiffness of the board.

This board also features inner edge Magna traction. This helps with side heeling on icy slopes and as the eco-plastic top sheet made out of castor beans. The solution comes in nine sizes from a 154 to a 169 why the 161 is my go-to size early in late season. I'll go down to a 158 carbon solution.

This is truly our finest split weapon we have. It's got all the features of the normal solution but it's got at extreme carbon top sheet and this is new for this year. This is a material that I first started playing with a couple years ago and it's lighter damper and more responsive. This board also has the fastest base that we make the Fastest base on the market. This is a race bass brought in to snowboarding all the splits. This year we re-engineered the tip and tail of them just get more durability out of them. This is for the serious foot boarder the loves performance.

Venture Snowboards Tempest Split Snowboard - Women's

Designed to ride headlong into the storm with aggressive response and powerful stability, the Venture Tempest Splitboard is a women's-specific split that can handle all-day adventures spent taking on technical terrain and surfing through deep pow. The Tempest's moderate taper and a softer nose provide float in the fresh, while a stiffer midsection and tail drive stability and control. Equipped with a setback stance, mid-stiff flex, and powerful triax wrap, the Tempest delivers maximum power for carving turns, stomping landings, and ruling anything you choose to ride.

The Straightline profile is flat underfoot to provide stability and edge hold on hardpack and steeps, with rocker at the tip and tail for float and forgiveness. Then, a setback stance keeps your tip up in the deep stuff and gives pow turns a surfy feel, while a slightly tapered tail provides drive and control when you're charging at max speed. Precise craftsmanship and attention to detail prevents sloppiness in the seam so the board rides more like a solid snowboard, and ash and poplar in the core offer a dynamic feel while keeping weight down for an easy uphill. Triax glass offers pop and responsiveness while still holding a mean edge.

  • Hard-charging women's-specific split that handles it all;
  • Straightline Rocker profile is floaty yet stable;
  • Tapered directional shape enhances drive and response;
  • Ash-Poplar core provides power and strength without weight;
  • Triax glass offers responsive and powerful feel;
  • Castor Bean topsheet cuts down on environmental impact;
  • Cold-Rolled High Carbon edges for superior durability;
  • Includes Voile clips and hooks for immediate use;
  • Item #VTS001F.

I'm Lisa with venture snow horse clear fief silver ton colorado, and we built all our force from scraps right there in the heart of San Juan mountains what we're looking at right.

Here is the Paragon, this is a newer board in the line. It's all-mountain and intended to kind of be a quiver at one you can ride it anywhere and like all the ports in our line. You can see it's available both solid and slit so if you're venturing out of bounds or want to get into the backcountry we have your cover their next up.

We have the felix, a directional twin so those that are little more freestyle oriented will find this is a really good choice that they like to ride switch and the graphic on this is featuring topo map of the Silverton area. So this is actually sultan peak right outside of silver ton that you see here just tying it together a little bit with where the boards are actually made next up we have stormed. Which is our flagship freeride board probably our most popular model. This has some paper and stance offset a nice wide shovel so really pops out the snow and does great in a variety of different snow conditions.

This is probably my favorite board in the line. The one that I write about and here we have the Odin. This is a big mountain board. So if you want to make three turns top to bottom, if you like to go at mach speed  - this is the board for you really excels in steep terrain. I have a shallower sidecut than the rest of the boards in the line so it's going to make big wide arcing parents. This one here is our euphoria and this is a powder surfer and a powder specific shape. As you can see it's got a super wide nose, a cool little fishtail that helps your back leg thank you and it's 27 centimeters wide so lots of surface area for slope nation and then over here we've got our women's offerings on the oracle and a tempest. And these are the women's versions of the Paragon and storm that we talked about over there more of an all-mountain shape for just riding in bounds with the resort or you. Now a variety of conditions and then a pretty rad shape for ladies that want to take it into bigger terrain so that's the venture lineup.


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