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8 Good Gun Maintenance – Gun Smithing

Gunsmithing is an activity that implies repairs, modifies, designs, or builds guns. This practice differs from an armoring which usually only replacing worn parts in standard firearms.

A gunsmith actually does changes and modifications to a firearm that may require a high level of craftsmanship. It requires the skills of a top-level machinist, a very skilled woodworker, and even an engineer.

We have gathered TOP-8 items which can help you in gunsmithing.

Top 8

Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Wheeler® Level-Level-Level Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench Wheeler® Professional Trigger Gauge Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool
Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Wheeler® Level-Level-Level Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench Wheeler® Professional Trigger Gauge Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool
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Brand Real Avid Wheeler Wheeler Remington Wheeler Wheeler Real Avid Wheeler

Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool

  • Quickly disassemble your Remington bolts;
  • Removes striker assembly in seconds;
  • Compatible with a variety of Remington models.

Enjoy fast, simple disassembly of all your Remington bolts with the Bolt Disassembly Tool. Three simple steps allow the firing pin to be easily removed for necessary cleaning and maintenance. Compatible with Rem. 700®, Seven™, 40X™, 660™, 721™, 722™,XP-100™ and other military models.

I had a viewer comment: "Hey! Why don't you show us how the bolt of the 760 comes apart and goes back together?". So I figured I would show that process to you today. So getting started what we'll need a small hammer.

You might need a big hammer if your vote is stubborn like mine was the first time I took it apart. A small computer type screwdriver a one-eighth inch punch. It's good to have a magnetic part straight. Just make sure nothing gets lost. A pair of needle nose pliers and of course your bolt.

So let's go ahead and get started. When we look at the bolt you can see that there are two small pins. There's a smaller one on this side and a larger one on the other side that hold the actual bolt into the carrier.

Alright. So if you look there are some channels cut into the bolt and we can see that little pin that sticks through the bolt carrier into the bolt. So the first thing we want to do is take our small computer screwdriver. Okay, and we'll get in there and push those pins up first. And then we'll take our needle nose pliers, and we'll pull that smaller pin out go ahead and set it on our tray well. The pliers won't let go off. Now we'll move on to the bigger one. On the other side you can see it here. Take out screwdriver again. Push that one up just enough to be able to grab it with the pliers.

Okay. We'll take that larger pen and set it aside and now the bolt will come free from the carrier. So we'll go ahead and set our bolt aside all. Right now I'm not going to take the extractor out because there's a focus you can see. There's a small pin in there that holds the extractor plunger and I don't have a punch that's that size. So we'll leave it in there for now. The only part left is the firing pin. And you can see focus alright.

You can see there's a small little pin that holds the firing pin in. So the firing pin has a slot cut in it. So what we'll need to do is chuck this up in a vise. And I'll show you how to drift this pin out. Its hard to do the first time but once you get the hang of it's not too bad. Let me get the vise, set up, and then we'll drift that pin out. I've got our bolt carrier chucked into my vise and what I'll do is use some softwood, some pine or something leave the front lugs of the bolt carrier sticking out past the wood blocks. And then chuck where the pin goes. Through make sure that's in contact with the wood blocks. So you get a nice solid contact.

Alright and I've already started this pin a little bit so we'll just drift it the rest of the way out. Take your punch and just drift that pin out. It just dropped on the floor but no big deal. Well we'll get it later all right. So what we'll do is take the bolt carrier back out of the vise. You can see once I take the firing pin out there's that notch that lines up with the hole in the bolt carrier.

The reassembly process is just the reverse and one thing to mention before we get back to the reassembly. You can see in my bolt carrier. I've got a 760 and it's the model which has the chequered. The checkering cut into the stock and the four in. So the later Remington's have a firing pin spring that sits down in the bolt carrier. If you've got one of the earlier 760 s. I believe they do not have a firing pin spring. That's one thing to notice. If you open yours up and you've got an early model of 760 and it doesn't have a firing pin spring that's the way it's supposed to be so don't panic. If you've got an early one and you don't see a firing pin spring. So let's try to get this guy back down in here.

Okay, we've got the firing pin spring back into the bolt carrier and I've already started. The pin that retains the firing pin and you'll notice this is the the top of the bolt carrier. So the pin when you drift it out you want to drift it from top to bottom. When you put it back in you want to go bottom to top. It's good to go ahead and get that pin started.

You can see it there so what we want to do is maybe back it out. Just a little bit with a punch. Just enough to get the firing pin lined up. Go ahead and put your firing pin in and that notch will line up with the hole here. Let's see. If we can get some daylight through here see, if you can see that so you can see there's that notch in the firing pin, so we'll move it out of the way and.

We'll start our pin from the bottom. That will at least line everything up so we can get it set back in the bolt carrier. We'll go back to our vise all right we'll take our eighth-inch punch.

We'll just drift that pin back in there. Okay, so you can see. That pin is now set back into the bolt carrier. The firing pin is secure but it's also free to move around. That's what you want. You don't want the firing pin to be stuck forward because if it is once you go to close the action you're gonna have a slam fire. And that's what you don't want.

So make sure you're firing pins nice and free. There's the large hole that was on the side of the carrier and you'll notice the actual bolt. You have two different size channels. You've got a smaller one and a larger one. So obviously, the larger one is gonna line up with the larger holes. We take our pins that we set aside in our tray. I will take the larger one and we'll get it started into the bolt carrier body.

We'll line up the channel and just push it in with your thumb now. If you have trouble just take your punch and kind of give it an extra little push but it should go in pretty freely. So if it's not going in freely don't force it and try to figure out what's causing it to bind up.

So we take out smaller one. Just push it in with your thumb and there you have it. There's your disassembled and reassemble bolt for the 760 game master.

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15

  • Features 35 dependable tools;
  • Compact, rugged frame;
  • Includes nylon sheath.

Packed with features, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 features 35 dependable tools packaged in a rugged frame to keep your firearm reliable and accurate no matter where you are. Durable black-oxide coating for long-lasting performance. Imported.


  • Carrier scraper;
  • Nine-function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper;
  • Cotter-pin puller;
  • Bolt override tool;
  • A1 and A2 front-sight adjuster;
  • Pin punch;
  • 8-32 female thread post;
  • 2.5" raptor claw-point knife;
  • 1/4" bit driver;
  • 1/4" bit wrench;
  • 11 firearm-specific Torx®, Allen®, Phillips® and flat-driver bits;
  • Tap hammer;
  • Metal file;
  • Removable, magnetic storage compartment;
  • Lanyard loop;
  • Nylon sheath.

The real avid gun tool pro is loaded with 30 gun maintenance tools in one compact package.

No matter the make or model of your gun optics or accessories. The gun tool pros 14 driver bits will handle any screw you'll encounter. The quarter-inch bit wrench provides torque to handle the most stubborn customers. There is even a removable magnetic storage container to keep parts and pins from disappearing.

Installing or adjusting optics removing stuck choke tubes of any gauge punching or replacing pins smoothing burrs. The gun tool pro provides the precise mission built tool for these jobs and more the real avid gun tool pro. This is the gun tool your daddy wishes he had.

Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit

Engineered specifically for building, tuning and cleaning your AR-15 rifle, Wheeler's Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit has everything you need. Each tool is designed specifically for application on AR-15-platform guns, and is constructed of the highest-quality materials. The kit features an AR-15 combo tool, beam-style torque wrench, upper vise-block clamp with gas-tube-alignment tool, pivot- and roll-pin installation tool, mag-well vise block, AR-15 adjustable receiver link and a custom-fitted case.

This is gonna be a look at what's in the box of the ar-15 armors essential kit.

I was able to get this kit as well as the NC star kit for damn near the price of one of the kits. I mean like they had such a discount going on that was right after Christmas. I know that a lot of times. They don't carry this type of stuff in stores. However, if you do a website search of their website you can find damn near anything even coffins.

So let's get this out of the box, and we'll lay it out. So you guys can see what's in the bag anyway. Just got it out of the box again.

It's the wheeler engineering Delta series ar-15 armorer's essentials kit. Basically comes with your mag. Will vise you know I got to go ahead and get that down to the bench here. On this is your upper vise block comes with that set of instructions and this is a it's got your wrench castle nuts that all that good stuff.

It's not the torque wrench, this is the combo tool. And let me I'm had to read what this says because it's got a lot on it. Let's see here combo tool. Cut out for three-quarter inch flash hider barrel. Nut engagement pins cut out for thick stock buffer tubes. Buffer tube nut drivers 1/2 inch drive. Bit driver with a flat head. Screw driver bit hex key 7 64 but torque. Drives t1 bit port drive t 20 bit port. Drive t 15 bit.

So it's all on the wrench was kind of go down the line here. This is what comes on it so there's a pretty nice armorer's wrench with everything right on it. You've got this is the torque wrench. Come on so it does come with a torque wrench so you can get your foot pounds right. There's that and then know that's just screws to put the vise place down. So you can get that done and then this is all the different type of other tools that comes with it and again.

I'm gonna have to read what it is. I don't really want to get everything out of the bag here but it's your pivot pin installation tool. Roll pin installation tool torque wrench magwell by weight mag. Well, voice lock where we went through and then the combo tool and everything else. And then the last thing we have this is the gas tube alignment tool. And I think that's it for this bag. Let me double check. That's everything that comes in it. Everything best fit in the bag real nice what I'll do is since I stuttered through what all it comes with. I'll just show you the back of the box real quick. If you need this pause it goes ahead and then there's the complete list there.

There's everything laid out really nice for the box. So again we have for the price. I couldn't go wrong, I would be starting my build here.

Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set

  • Perfect for DIY gun projects;
  • Molded stand can hang on the wall or sit on a work bench;
  • Includes SAE hex, metric hex and Torx drivers.

Wheeler Engineering's 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set provides everything you need for tinkering with guns. Molded stand with holes allows it to hang on the wall or sit upright on a work bench for easy-access convenience. Set comes with 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" ball, 9/64" ball, 5/32" ball, 3/16" ball, 7/32" ball, 1/4" ball, 5/16" ball and 3/8" ball SAE hex drivers, 1.5mm, 2mm ball, 2.5mm ball, 3mm ball, 4mm ball, 5mm ball, 6mm ball, 7mm ball, 8mm ball and 10mm ball metric hex drivers and T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 Torx drivers.

Wheeler® Level-Level-Level

Level your scope and crosshairs to your firearm's receiver for dead-on accuracy. During mounting, the patent-pending magnetic level bridges the bolt raceway to level your firearm. A second level sits on top of your scope cap for a precisely leveled crosshair. Fits most bolt-action rifles and adapts to many other firearms.

Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench

  • Compact for super-easy transport anywhere;
  • Ergonomic design facilitates a positive grip;
  • Built to catch the recoil spring plug;
  • Won't damage the finish;
  • Fits government and officer's models.

Real Avid's compact 1911 Smart Wrench is easy to take with you so you're never without the perfect disassembly tool whether you need to take your 1911 apart at home or in the field. Ergonomic build facilitates a positive grip, plus an innovative design catches the recoil spring plug so it doesn't do you any harm or get lost. Resin construction is super tough, yet won't scratch the muzzle's finish. Fits government and officer's models. Convenient lanyard hole.

This is a Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench Built by 1911 owners for 1911 owners. This sixteen by nineteen-inch matt has a non-slip backing.

It protects your work surface and guns while keeping parts organized in close at hand. The super tough padded core has an oil and solvent resistant coating making cleanup easy.

The work surface is printed with step-by-step take down. Instructions for your 1911 an exclusive attached parts. Tray ensures pins springs and bolts are never lost again. The magnetized compartment keeps the tiniest pieces locked in place. The real avid 1911 smart man a little red carpet treatment for your 1911.

Wheeler® Professional Trigger Gauge

  • Accurately measures trigger-pull weight quickly and easily;
  • Measures pull weight from 0-12 lbs. with ±0.1-oz. accuracy;
  • Easy-to-read digital display.

Wheeler's Professional Trigger Gauge accurately measures trigger-pull weight from 0-12 lbs. with ±0.1-oz. accuracy. Ergonomic overmolded design fits comfortably in your hand for consistent direction of pull every time. Easy-to-read digital display shows maximum, minimum, average and live functions. Load sensor positions directly over the trigger and has an audible indicator tone. Soft-touch buttons provide quick and easy setting. Arm folds inside the housing to protect the load sensor while stored. Low-battery indicator. Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Foam-lined storage case. Imported.

Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool

  • Remove A2-style gas blocks quickly and easily;
  • Equipped with starter and finishing punches;
  • Durable steel construction.

Remove A2-style gas blocks from your tactical rifle quickly and easily with Wheeler's Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool. Equipped with starter and finishing punches, making it a must-have for your gunsmithing workbench. Also works on A2 front sights, Smith & Wesson single-taper pin gas blocks and dual-taper pins. Durable steel construction.


Never neglect to clean your firearm and keep it in the best possible conditions. A well-cared gun will bring more results and help you to fire more precisely.
On this page, we picked up all the necessary items for gun maintenance.