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  Bee Stinger 10" Pro Hunter Maxx Bow Stabilizer Saunders Hyper Glide Slide Braided Bow Slings Pine Ridge Archery Allen Wrench Set Carbon Express® Slide Sims LimbSaver® Everlast Leech String Dampener Bohning Mini Server BCY No. 62XS Center Serving
 Bee Stinger 10" Pro Hunter Maxx Bow StabilizerSaunders Hyper Glide SlideBraided Bow SlingsPine Ridge Archery Allen Wrench SetCarbon Express® SlideSims LimbSaver® Everlast Leech String DampenerBohning Mini ServerBCY No. 62XS Center Serving
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Brand-PINE RIDGEB-Stinger-SAUNDERSSims Vibration LaboratoryBohningCarbon Express

Bee Stinger 10" Pro Hunter Maxx Bow Stabilizer

  • Two 4-oz. and one 2-oz. removable end weights for customization
  • Vibration-reducing Sims internal dampener and de-resonator
  • Internal stainless steel stud ensures rigidity
  • Bee Stinger's 10" Pro Hunter Maxx Bow Stabilizer features two independent 4-oz. and one 2-oz. powder-coated end weights so you can customize your hunting setup to obtain the perfect balance. Sims internal dampener and de-resonator soak up shock to reduce vibration, thus maximizing your bow's efficiency. Stainless steel stud ensures rigidity. Machined aluminum end cap.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Saunders Hyper Glide Slide

  • Chatter free wheel
  • Teflon provides greater durability and ease on the cables
  • Cable slide that combines the smooth chatter-free wheel for rod travel with teflon for greater durability and ease on the cables. Made in USA.

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    Braided Bow Slings

  • Allow for proper follow-through
  • Virtually eliminates possibility of dropping your bow
  • These comfortable Braided Bow Slings allow for proper follow-through, virtually eliminating the possibility of dropping the bow. Must attach with stabilizer (not included). Made in USA.
    Camo patterns: Realtree® Timber, Mossy Oak® Break-Up®.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Pine Ridge Archery Allen Wrench Set

  • Heavy-duty one piece construction
  • Slip-resistant finish
  • Chrome vandium steel
  • Sizes: .050"-3/16"
  • Heavy duty, one piece construction with slip resistant finish. Industrial strength chrome vandium tool steel. Made in USA. Sizes include: .050" - 3/16".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Pine ridge archery archers allen wrench set. And holster combo kit the pine ridge archers allen wrench set is made of tungsten steel. And has a lifetime guarantee to not strip out. Or round off the corners see full details typing 2520 in search window the new holster will make keeping your archers allen wrench within easy reach at. All times the clip will allow for attaching to belt. Or pocket the holster is available separately. Or with the wrench view video demo click here lifetime guarantee not to strip out. Or round off 9 wrench sizes included industrial-strength tool steel for more info. And special discounts please click the link below.

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    Carbon Express® Slide

    100% friction-free eliminates cable wear and noise. Fits 3⁄8" rod.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You go on this year maybe you're leaving the state maybe you're leaving the country maybe you're chasing a big kudzu bull. Or maybe you're trying to get your turkey slam on. This year let me know in the comments. Where you're watching from. What your passion is. What are you going to pursue in 2019 hi my name is Dustin Apple. This is the outdoor mentor the archery channel dedicated to making you a better sportsman. And ultimately a more successful hunter. We just got back from the 2019 archery trade show. What an awesome event don't forget to subscribe. And ring the bell this is an archery community. It wouldn't be the same without. Now let's get into the video, so we're back again in the farad I'm booth with. Another carbon express arrow we're talking to Kevin again. You write a 450 spawn so. This is out what we call 450. This is actually at 300 spines. This is the maximum right X maximum red SD. And a 300 spine for your bigger guys with extra jaw lengths. That are shooting 60 65. Or bigger that's got long 30-plus draw inch length. This is the arrow for you. We had requests for this arrow the last year with the success of the red SD so. You guys asked for it. You awesome I actually set up a 450 arrow in a piledriver a couple of years ago just to see. How heavy an arrow I could build. It was really stiff yep always. This is for ya you guys. That really want to punch a hole through things bigger guys shooting a heavy pouch. You just want a stiff arrow.

    One for you that a 204. This is a too old far inside diameter the inserts weigh 44 grains so you're definitely getting some FOC up there. That half cert that comes with an SD. Iactually shot the SD in badlands. This year and was able to build about 550 Green Arrows with 150 Green Point. It was absolutely devastating three deer. And blew through all three of them perfect. It was awesome that's awesome hey guys want to introduce. You our new Maxima xrz arrow it's our lightest weight arrow in the tri spine series so the Maxima xrz features with. Anything with the Maxima name. You get your Bulldog knock collars bordello raptor veins. And your tri spine technology the tri spine makes the. Most accurate lightweight arrow on the market.

    These green rings you see wrapped in the center of the arrow that's Kevlar strands embedded into the carbon which gives. It incredible durability. And extra spine consistency which makes. Most lightweight fastest. Most accurate arrow on the market I'm check. It out so when we're saying lightweight throw. Some numbers at us there's number guys out there. That just love it, so I'll get a 350 there 350 spines is 84 grains per inch. And a 400 spine is 75 grains. And a 500 spine is 66 grains per inch it's getting down there. Now that's that's a little bit less. Then the blue razor right is the same grains per inch as the blue RZ, but we've added. More durability with. It with the Kevlar embedded into the carb okay for all. You guys that are looking to make the highest FOC arrow possible. You can start with a shift. That is just a little bit stiffer but lightweight chef's like. This is really going to be up your alley. You start adding a bunch of weight to.

    You know stay within your perfect dynamic spine. And you're going to really increase your FOC which is going to increase your penetration. If you're a target shooter. You know you're just looking for a high quality 3d arrow. This is going to fit the bill as well. You know even have the Maxima XR disease selects which our standard straightness is point plus. Or minus 25 is plus. Or minus 1 tau yeah the Select Series in the Carbon Express lineup is going to be the straightest arrow on the market bar. None Kevin I really appreciate your time today. And for to shooting some of. This awesome new carbon express gear can't wait. All right guys anytime. You need tips and tricks on arrow building come on back. Us here at outdoor mentor a special thanks to Kevin. And Farrah dine group for allowing us to come into booth today check them out Farah dine outdoors calm.

    You just search any of the products it's going to take. You to the Farah dine website thanks for joining us thank. You Kevin really appreciate. It good luck. You guys this season.

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    Sims LimbSaver® Everlast Leech String Dampener

    Navcom® technology stops string oscillation and noise by up to 90%. Extremely durable, your string will break before the Everlast Leech does. Simple to install. Made for high-poundage compound bows and crossbows. Per 2.
    Available: Black, Red, Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bohning Mini Server

    So compact and portable, the Bohning Mini Server can be kept in your bow case. This mini version provides the adjustable tension and smooth thread flow you need for quick and tight center servings. Perfect for travel and quick fixes, the Mini Server's compact design eliminates the need for a cable spreader, and it works well with short-brace-height bows. Fits fingers for a secure grip and greater control. Includes 13 ft. of serving thread on each of its two bobbins.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I'm tim ruler of whitetail journey TV. Imet boning archery today talk to my good friend Mike Collins about brand-new product for 2013 from boning it's a new mini server Mike. This thing I'm telling you. What you know so many times. We talk about some of the simplest products on the market. Some of the simplest changes make the biggest difference in the world. You guys have hit it rights on the head with a new mini server. It down next to a traditional server. And right away you see the biggest difference obviously here in the name is the mini server but look at the size difference there. You said it the mini server is about half the size of traditional serving gig with. That comes the exact same benefits features. And then some added to. It yeah lets's talk about. Some of those at an inch. And a half you know. This was designed around today's modern bows today have gone everywhere the rage is kind of shorter. And smaller more compact not only axial but. Everything is compressed between the cables. And the string the brace heights of these bows have really shrunk down. It makes it virtually impossible to use a traditional server without putting the bow in a press using a string separator so.

    Many other additional tools. You don't have to worry about. That anymore with the mini server no not at. All the tight compact sizes at. All drop away arrest those seem to be a. You know a staple anymore with having to tie those ins. Or working on your cable strings etc can get in there with. This exactly not a problem at. All right I'd put the bow in your lap. You can work out now with the mini server yeah. One of the other things. You incorporated into. These wing features. You call exact tell. Me why you did that well. Because it's so small. You don't have quite the handle. You might have on a larger traditional sized serving jig. We had to incorporate. Some way to make this easy to use naturally it's small so. That makes it easy to use but. You throw those wings on there. When you're flipping. That around your string in a matter of minutes you're done surfing yeah just a lot easier to use the tool the other thing. You put on here is a tension button on the side yes 10 people asked.

    They raise raised questions about well with. Something so small I go set my tension. Or make sure that but incorporating a thumb screw on the. One side it allows for you get your hands in their play with. It finds your sweet spot. And your attention you will. And then you're good to go. You know not only does. This make it easy for the do-it-yourselfer. Or the home guy that likes to work on his bo eliminates. All those tools there's so. Many applications for this in hunting situations you're not having to go on a long say a Western hot. Or a hunt up in Canada. Wherever you might be going for a week two weeks at a time. And carry a lot of extra tools with. You can take you don't have to bring the boat brush.

    You don't have to bring a spreader. You can work on your boat in the field in the 10:00 at night with a flashlight on your lap yeah. You can reinstall a drop away. You have to you can fix a serving you're not gonna have a lot of extra cumbersome stuff which is really important on those bad guys. All know that goes especially pack hunts. Where guys count bounces. Imean in the Midwest. We might count pounds but. You get out laughs they count ounces. When you're hauling in. You know 30 40 pounds a year the last thing you want is. Something like you may not know. If you're going to need. Or use well not only. If you're using this but you've got a key area. All the other things with. You exactly to use this is all-in-one you're not gonna have to carry. Anything else except. This you're gonna be able to fix. Anything on your bow. That requires any kind of serving it comes with over 13 feet you're right a serving thread on.

    It so your weight you're gonna be able to get through. You know weeks probably a season yeah. You could do yours and your buddies at camp. Ineeded to I'll tell. What folks you got to check out the new mini server from boning look them up online at boning com.

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    BCY No. 62XS Center Serving

  • Spectra/Dyneema blend
  • 20% stronger and more durable than standard serving
  • Grips well
  • BCY No. 62XS Center Serving features a Spectra®/Dyneema® blend that is 20% stronger and more durable than standard serving. Grips well.
    0.021'' dia.
    Spool: 75 yds.
    Colors: Green/White, Red/Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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