9 Best Trail Running Poles

  1. TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking
  2. Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Collapsible
  3. High Stream Gear Foldable
  4. Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles
  5. Trekking Poles Collapsible Lightweight
  6. Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold
  7. Black Diamond Distance Carbon
  8. CAMMPO Collapsible Lightweight Aluminum
  9. Black Diamond Alpine Carbon
TOP #1
TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Trail Running Poles
TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Trail Running Poles

  • Imported
  • Increase Your Foot Print
  • Engineered and Built To Last
  • Compact Design that is Ready to Go When You Are
  • Sizing … We’ve Got You Covered
  • Lighter Than Your Average Umbrell
  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #2
Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Collapsible Trail Running Poles
Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Collapsible Trail Running Poles

  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #3
High Stream Gear Foldable Trail Running Poles
High Stream Gear Foldable Trail Running Poles

  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #4
Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Trail Running Poles
Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Trail Running Poles

  • Dual-density grip and 360-degree padded webbing strap
  • Non-slip foam grip extension
  • Control Shock Technology
  • Double Flick Lock Pro
  • Interchangeable carbide Tech Tips and low-profile trekking baskets
  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #5
Trekking Poles Collapsible Lightweight Trail Running Poles
Trekking Poles Collapsible Lightweight Trail Running Poles

  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #6
Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold Trail Running Poles
Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold Trail Running Poles

  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #7
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Trail Running Poles
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Trail Running Poles

  • 100% carbon fiber construction. Improved joint support and stiffness. Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture-wicking grip.
  • Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension. Three-section foldable shaft with speed cone deployment and FlickLockAr adjustability. Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and carbide Tech Tips.
  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #8
CAMMPO Collapsible Lightweight Aluminum Trail Running Poles
CAMMPO Collapsible Lightweight Aluminum Trail Running Poles

  • COMPLETE WITH ACCESSORIES: 2 mud baskets, 2 rounded all-purpose tips, 2 boot tips, 2 snow baskets, and a carry bag for the trekking poles.
  • Trail Running Poles
TOP #9
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trail Running Poles
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trail Running Poles

  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world’s best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
  • Trail Running Poles

TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Trail Running Poles

TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Trail Running Poles

  • Imported
  • Increase Your Foot Print! Trek-Z Ergonomic Trekking Poles (set of 2) give you reason to increase the steps you take. Help Prevent knee injury, support extra weight, and walk comfortably with these hiking poles. Cork-texture grip wicks away sweat from hands keeping them drier. Firmer grip in muddy areas with added mud stops. EVA foam shafts allow for a strong grip in extreme all terrain environments. Trek-Z poles are the perfect gift for outdoor hikers who enjoy light and compact gear!
  • Engineered and Built To Last: Keeping your Adventurous nature in mind, we knew that No detail could be overlooked! Made with aircraft grade aluminum-crucial for hiking or backpacking in rough terrains and supporting heavier weights. The joints have been enhanced to be extra secure with added metal caps. Cork texture grip absorbs sweat out of your hands. Trek-Z hiking poles are meant to withstand pressure and impact far superior to carbon fiber poles. Pick up your map and start your adventure!
  • Compact Design that is Ready to Go When You Are: Trek-Z trekking poles collapse down to a portable 15 inches (38 cm), thanks to its retractable tri-fold design. Fitting into backpack, luggage cases, or duffel bags for compact travel! Trekking Poles for seniors – No more cumbersome walking sticks! Trek-Z gives you the ability to build strength and muscle while you run errands. Let these unique poles go with you to all your outdoor leisure activities and adventures!
  • Sizing … We’ve Got You Covered: The length of the pole can be adjusted quickly and easily using an innovative flip lock technology. Customize the height to your liking, and ensure it is secure with our metal stopper secure locking system. The height of the poles has adjustment range of 20cm. Choose the sizes that best fit you – either 100-125cm (5’8″ or shorter) or 115-135cm (5’9″ or taller) pole pairs. Short or long – fits for men, women, teenager. Each package comes in pair with holder bag.
  • Lighter Than Your Average Umbrella: Each pole weighs only 11 ounces (310g) perfect as an all-day walking stick or for backpacking in high mountains or on your favorite ski trails, or even crossing the stream. The staffs are engineered with 100% air-space grade 7075 aluminum-same material used on aircraft and in marine environments, when strength and lighter weights are needed. Whether you are for fishing, hunting, hiking, these folding poles are the only trek poles you will ever need.
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Manufacturer: Trekology
  • Origin: Imported
  • Brand: TREKOLOGY
  • Material: Carbide
  • Color: TREK-Z V2 (Blue)
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Collapsible Trail Running Poles

Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Collapsible Trail Running Poles

  • MOVE FASTER & FURTHER WITH LESS EFFORT: Foxelli hiking poles are made from Ultralight Aluminum 7075 material. Weighs only 9.4 oz so it reduces arm fatigue allowing one to move quicker and go the extra mile while exerting less energy. Indestructible design will withstand the most challenging backpacking trips.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Quick Lock Technology allows user to adjust pole’s length quickly and easily while firmly holding its position. Perfect fit for short or tall MEN, WOMEN & KIDS. Provides benefits to seniors and those carrying extra weight. Retractable from 24” to 55”, this makes Foxelli walking poles one of the most versatile and compact in its class.
  • SUPREME COMFORT: Anti-Slip natural cork grips adjust to the hand, absorb sweat, and keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes. Air ventilated, extra padded, adjustable wrist straps provide all day comfort. The extended foam sleeve has ridges and is made of soft EVA foam to easily handle switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain.
  • ALL TERRAIN, ALL CONDITIONS: From climbing Ice Mountains to an easy urban walk, heavy duty 4 season accessories and a tungsten carbide tip won’t let you down. Thermoplastic rubber tips strongly attach to the staffs so they won’t be lost in snow, mud or when snagged. CARRYING CASE INCLUDED!
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We offer a 120-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee with a 3 year warranty for defects. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Manufacturer: Foxelli
  • Brand: Foxelli
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Blue
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Length: 55 Inches
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

About this item, move faster and further with less effort, ultralight, aluminum, 7075 material weighs only 9 4 ounces, so it reduces arm fatigue allowing one to move quicker and go the extra mile, while exerting less energy indestructible design will withstand the most challenging backpacking trips. One size fits all quick, lock. Technology allows user to adjust poles length quickly and easily, while firmly holding its position perfect fit for short or tall men.

Women and kids provides benefits to seniors and those carrying extra weight retractable from 24 to 55. This makes foxilee walking poles one of the most versatile and compact in its class supreme comfort, anti-slip natural cork grips, adjust to the hand, absorb sweat and keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes, air ventilated extra padded adjustable wrist straps provide all-day comfort.

The extended foam sleeve has ridges and is made of soft eva foam to easily handle switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain all terrain. All conditions from climbing ice mountains to an easy urban walk heavy duty. Four season.

Ah, I gotta tell you: I got these trekking poles in the mail and I am completely blown away. Extremely lightweight. Foxelli did a stand-up job hooked them out last weekend on a backpacking trip. They came in extremely handy because the hills were like this non-stop and I had a 45 pound pack on my back, and these were a godsend. Another thing I really like is the cork handle and they have this foam handle. They are pretty rugged. I don’t they’re not wearing out on me. I’ve used them a fair amount, since I got them nice rounded edge on the top here for palming nice and secure wrist straps.

Here they are fully adjustable and they do have those little blocks right here. That kind of slide in place and that’s how it locks the strap they’ve held up really well had no issues with any of these kind of bracket pieces here. These have no play because they have these sort of twist locks, or these clamp locks packs down really small a lot of adjustability on this. These are going to be a staple of all of my backpacking trips. From now on, they are fantastic. I am totally sold. The poles are going to last and be really good on the trail, I’m going to be using these on every hiking trip that I go on from now on.

If you enjoy hiking or backpacking and you’ve never tried, trekking poles give this pair a shot, they’re affordable, and they work really really well, and I promise you you’ll never want to leave without them. When you go on a long hike, do so bye.

High Stream Gear Foldable Trail Running Poles

High Stream Gear Foldable Trail Running Poles

  • STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE US ARMY, These strong and durable folding walking poles are made out of Aluminum 7075 which due to its high strength and low weight is utilized in the manufacture of military aircrafts, missile parts and the M16 rifle. If the material is strong enough for the army, it’s strong enough for anyone!
  • ON THE TRAIL, EVERY INCH IN YOUR BACKPACK IS IMPORTANT. That’s why in a few seconds you can fold each telescoping walking pole down to 37cm (14.5 inch) for easy carrying in your backpack, leaving enough place for the rest of your hiking equipment and camping gear. Each set contains 2 poles, 2 rubber tips, 2 mud baskets and 2 belt mounted holders.
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Don’t just believe us, read the feedbacks we get! Our customer’s Satisfaction is the most important things for us. You can buy with confidence that we will do our very best to give you an outstanding experience. You get a 1 YEAR LOVE IT GUARANTEE, If you Don’t love the hiking stick or are not 100% pleased with our service, you can send it back and get a full refund. Our job is to make sure you wonג€t want to do that.
  • YOUR HANDS ARE IMPORTANT – LOOK AFTER THEM. The Handles are designed ergonomically for hand protection. They are the professionals’ choice for superior trekking poles. ThIs set of poles also include two unique belt mounted carriers that let you quickly holster your trekking poles to free your hands. They enable you to pick up items on your trek or open a map, before taking the poles out again to hike up the mountain.
  • THERE TO HELP WHEN NEEDED THE MOST. These walking poles weigh approximately 10 ounces so they are great for tough treks, hunting and nordic walking, but also are perfect to assist you or your loved ones walk with more ease. Excellent get-well gift for women or men after surgery and seniors.
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Manufacturer: High Stream Gear
  • Brand: High Stream Gear
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black/Blue/Silver
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Length: 135 Centimeters
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Trail Running Poles

Whether it’s your first time on the trail or fifth decade exploring the same forest, Black Diamond’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles will help you reach your destination with confidence. Lightweight, collapsible, and featuring Black Diamond’s FlickLock Pro technology for easy adjustability, these poles can carry you anywhere on (or off) the map. PRODUCT FEATURES: Weight Per Pair : 590 g (1 lb 5 oz) Usable Length : 68-140 cm (7-55 in) Collapsed Length : 68 cm (27 in).

  • Dual-density grip and 360-degree padded webbing strap
  • Non-slip foam grip extension
  • Control Shock Technology
  • Double Flick Lock Pro
  • Interchangeable carbide Tech Tips and low-profile trekking baskets
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Black Diamond Equipment
  • Brand: Black Diamond
  • Color: Multi
  • Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Lock Type: Flick
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Shock trekking poles. These versatile poles feature shock, absorbing technology, extended, grips and lightweight aluminum construction, in addition to interchangeable tips and baskets black diamonds control shock technology uses an external shock absorber that works smoothly and quietly the progressive four stage system saves, wear and tear on your joints and can benefit hikers with joint issues. The pole is constructed with three telescoping aluminum sections. This forged aluminum construction gives you strong, durable support, while keeping the weight low.

This telescoping construction allows the poles and adjustability range of 41 to 55 inches the poles collapse down to 26 inches for storage, sturdy flick, lock, Pro locks are located on the upper shaft section of each poles. These kinds of locks are popular due to their reliability and ease of use. This is especially important when you’re wearing gloves on the lower sections of the poles. A smash, lock, quick release, feature, allows you to quickly extend or collapse. The section to lengthen extend the section until it clicks to collapse, push smash lock down and shorten the section.

The polls have contoured foam grips. These grips extend far down the upper pole sections allowing you to adjust your hand position in response to terrain without having to change the overall length of the pole. The adjustable high surface wrist straps, reduce stress on your wrists. The poles include carbide tech tips and low-profile 38 millimeter trekking baskets. These carbide tips can be switched out for compatible rubber tips available from Black Diamond. This means you can use carbide tips when you need bite on icy ground.

However, when you need grip that doesn’t damage trails, you can use the non scarring rubber tips. The baskets are also interchangeable. Wider 100, millimeter powder baskets can be added for deep snow along with the built-in shock absorbers. These poles offer extended hand, grips and interchangeable tips and baskets, allowing you to comfortably take on all kinds of rain and weather. These are the Black Diamond trail pro shock. Trekking poles call us with your questions or visit our store at bat country.

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Got, the men’s version also comes in a women’s version. Really nice all around options. You have got anti shock built into the poles, You have got user, friendly, external flick locks and three part adjustability, really nice options for year round. Back country use As I mentioned there. These are there part adjustable poles, which means you have got two flick.

Locks These are flick, lock pro mechanisms on the Trail Pro Shock So. It is a really nice metal construction on these nice hardware as well, just whether you are wearing gloves or you have got bare hands these. Just they are so user friendly, On, the men’s poles. You have got adjustability from 27 inches to 55 inches On, the women’s poles.

They are a little shorter, so you are starting at 24 inches and going out to 49 inches in length. You have got durable, but light weight, aluminum construction on these poles The men’s the pair comes in at 20 ounces. For the pair, the women’s an ounce lighter at 19 ounces for the pair You want to take a look at these grips because they are unique As, the name would sug-gest.

You do have an anti shock mechanism on these poles. It is not down in the shaft. It is actually in the grip itself. So you can see that give It is pretty passive. It is not springy. It is not going to be bouncing on you, but when you need it, when you are really bearing down on the pole, it will have some give.

There is vibration. Whenever you are using trek-king poles You strike the ground. That vibration makes its way up the poles. It is going to hit that last solid piece which happens to be your wrist This will dampen that So. It takes some of the repetitive strain during long days on the trail. You can see nice contoured foam grips here as well as an extended length beneath that shock mechanism.

That would enable you, when you are side, hilling or back and forth on switch backs. You wouldn’t necessarily have to readjust the poles each time. You could change it where you are holding them or grabbing them. It also gives you another place to hold it. When you are making adjustments So that extended length has some nice benefit there.

You can see integrated padded wrist. Straps There is also full adjustability on those to really dial in that fit At the bottom of the poles. You have got Black, Diamond’s flex, tech tips. So. You can see this portion here on the poles It is actually designed. Should you have a catastrophic in-stance, and maybe you put the poles down in between two rocks and your weight bears down on them rather than snapping the poles.

This can actually break away. It doesn’t sound like a good thing, but this is a replaceable part. While broken shafts is a different story. You can see this small disk here. This is called a basket. It is a very low profile basket that comes with these poles For on trail usage that is sufficient. Winter comes along.

You may be looking for a broader diameter basket that keeps the poles from driving too deeply into the snow or even in mud. For that matter. There are broader diameter baskets that can be purchased separately and threaded into place. On the pole, At the very end, you can see a carbide tip perfect for on trail usage and dirt and mud un-improved surfaces If you are going to be using them on improved surfaces or, in certain cases, even on rocks something a bit more solid that might eat up the carbide tip.

These will screw out. You can purchase separately rubber tech tips that will screw into place. And that is better on those surfaces. Also sold separately are caps, tip protectors, a press fit design that will go over the tips themselves. And. That is a nice piece also for travel. It keeps these from coming into con-tact with clothes or other items.

Again. Just a great combined feature set on these poles and a good price for what you are getting as well. You have got that anti shock. You have got that broad range of adjusta-bility full featured grip. It really makes the Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock poles ideal for year round use in varying conditions.

Good morning, outdoor enthusiasts hikers, backpackers trail runners. Anyone else out there today we’re going to be reviewing the black dining – pro trail, Pro shock, trekking poles. So now trekking poles come in different sizes. This one is the 68 140 centimeter, so it’s adjustable. I chose these because they’re a four-season trekking pole and they have a shock absorber and they have the they’re.

The quick adjust, buckles I want to say they call them when they called the flick, lock, Pro, so that shot control these cushions. Here it has a four-stage shock absorption in it, so it can handle some pretty hard compressions, which is good because unity, you don’t know like you, could just be my body weight. It could be 50 pounds on my back or even more so that’s good and the foot lock.

Pro is actually nice because it’s its first off, it’s stainless steel. So again that all-weather and then it’s really low profile. It’s not that much bigger than this basket here on the bottom and the other thing that’s nice about it is dual axle design, so it it’s I want to say it’s guaranteed to keep this locked in whatever position you leave it in, but it’s going to lock it in there pretty good.

They come with a basket. I, Club, I’d, tip I, believe it says it comes with extra tips. They might be in this box. Here, I, don’t know, I haven’t looked unless it just comes with the tips that are on it. These tips are interchangeable. These baskets are interchangeable as well. You can buy bigger ones. No, you can buy tip protectors, you can buy a rubber tip, there’s different tips out there you can use.

It’s got a nice, a lot of cork handle, but it’s like a felt handle. This top here is rubber. These straps are pretty nice too. This is like a nylon out here and then on. The inside feels just like the fabric, that’s on their head, lamps for the head, strap. So it’s kind of soft. It’s almost like a fleece kind of like a micro fleece. Maybe everything else seems to be pretty stout again.

It says it’s a four season: Pole, that’s one reason why I bought it and the shock absorption. That’s the main reason why I bought it so again they. This is part of the trail series, so my biggest thing is for really big steep hikes and maybe even weekend hikes I, don’t know where I’m going, what I’m doing but they’re they’re, not that heavy they’re, pretty lightweight, Wow, sorry and I mean the way 590 grams, but throwing them on my backpack.

It’s not going to be that heavy and you’ll never know when you need a mining, attire, I, don’t know I, just don’t know, I, don’t know if I’m doing the PCH and I’m going to do it. You know I, don’t know, I really don’t know. I was just kind of going for the worst case scenario. So, but again, the major factors are the main reasons why I picked this pole. I know they make the carbon Z, which is a lot lighter, but I’m I didn’t do that.

Much research on those I just know that these are forces in pole and I’m, going to throw them bigger baskets for snow shading in the winter and then, of course, I got these carbide tips for climbing mountains and I can buy rubber tips on them too, if I’m in rocky areas or our softer softer areas. So but you had a shock absorption and the weight is not that heavy, the baskets the versatility, the adjustment on them and the structurally sound adjustment feature on them as well.

So there’s anything that else you’d like to know that’s not on the website or you’d like me to show you you’re, pointing out to you. Let me know: leave a comment: I’ll try to reply as soon as I can or I’ll make another video and kind of show you what your question was the answer to your question, but yeah. If you’re not already subscribed, please subscribe like if you took something away from it dislike.

If you didn’t think it was a good video and it needs improvement, but with that please leave a comment, so I know what to improve on all right. Thanks for your time, you guys have a nice day.

Me you’re, a big fan of trekking poles and I always want to know what’s new and coming out on the market. So today we’re going to talk about the new Black Diamond trail Pro, charging, poles, let you know how they did. We put them to the test. These are the new Black Diamond trail, Pro, trekking poles and some of the nice features about the trekking pole is number one. It’s got a nice hard foam handle, sometimes the really hard foam handles will get a little bit wet or a little bit snowy covered, and then you, your ham, slides on this is more of a hard foam.

But yet it’s got a soft feel to it, and even though it’s wet or there’s snow on it, your hands still drift to it really well or you’re, sweaty and more aerobic activities. It’s also got an extension on the bottom. So that way, when you’re going uphill- and you need to choke down a little bit to keep your angle right, you can just choke your hand, down I, really really like that. It’s got a really comfortable wrist wrap around here. You can adjust it easily to make it fit and then the flintlock system.

This is the new flintlock Pro system which I really like you know. They went from the twist locks to a flintlock and now they’ve got a flintlock Pro and the flintlock Pro works really really well just easily flips over there’s an adjustment on a screw right here, so it’s easily accessible and the actual flintlock is it Clips over actually covers up that screw protects it. So it doesn’t let it tighten up or loosen up and really protects it. The rest of trekking poles pretty much the same as most the other Black Diamond trekking poles, a couple different baskets to choose from which is always nice.

The Black Diamond sends you titanium tips and very, very durable, I’m, very, very lightweight, maybe not quite as lightweight as some of the liked Z series, but overall, very lightweight. These trekking poles run around 129 dollars, there’s also a shock one that you can get that’s one hundred and thirty nine dollars. So if you’re looking for some new trekking poles, definitely want to check out the Black Diamond trail pro I. Think you’ll, really like you.

Black Diamond Trail, Pro, Trekking Poles are an excellent balance of price and perfor-mance You are getting a high end feature set for year round, use at a really affordable price. Let’S. Take a closer look at the features of the Black Diamond Trail Pro, trekking pole, The Trail Pro. Poles are three section: poles So, you have got two points of adjustability It enables these telescoping poles to collapse down to just 25 inches, but gives them a nice adjustability range.

In fact, all the way up to 55 inches You have got markings on the shaft sections to let you know exactly what length you have extended them to And. You have got easy to use and nicely constructed flick, lock pro locking mechanisms So. It is an external locking mechanism. You, don’t need to worry over whether it is tight enough or loose enough Open.

It Move it to where you want it to be, and lock it down. The metal construction in play here on the flick, lock pro mechanism increases strength and also in-creases the durability and longevity You have got extended length. Eva foam grips on the Trail Pro, trekking poles, So. Really nice comfortable hand hold Next to skin.

That foam feels just really nice really comforta-ble You have got adjustable straps for your wrists The fabric on the inside of those straps wicks moisture, which also enhances comfort, gives you a little bit of padding as well The extended length to those grips comes in handy. If you are using these in winter, you have got gloved hands and it can just be.

You know a little troublesome to hold the poles. While you are making adjustments. You have got that much more range at which to grab the poles. That length of grip range also comes in handy when you are side hilling or you are traversing back and forth across a slope If. You didn’t have that extension. You only have those top grips.

You might find yourself making micro adjustments to the length of the poles every time you turn on a switch back. It can be a little inconvenient and can slow you down. But. You can set the Trail Pro poles to a height at which you can change where you are grabbing them. As you cut back and forth across that hill, Really conven-ient, smart, simple feature that certainly adds value to the poles On, the other end of the poles is where you will find Black Diamond’s flex, tech tips So.

That is this entire piece here at the bottom of the lowest shaft section. It is worth mention that the design there is such that this whole piece is replaceable. It is designed that way, because it is also constructed in such a fashion that, if you would find yourself with the poles in the kind of situation that could break the poles and by that I mean actually breaking or snapping the aluminum shaft sections.

Instead of that occurring, this piece can break away While that might not sound ideal. It is a whole lot better than having actually broken shaft sections, especially in the back country So. That is a replaceable part On. The very end of that tip is where you will find the carbide portion, which is really what is coming into contact with the ground On dirt on trail those kid of surfaces.

This is ideal. This can be screwed off entirely and replaced with a semi permanent rubber tip. It is sold separately, but available for purchase in replacement for that tip. It gives the poles versatility and basically puts those poles in a much better position to perform on im-proved surfaces. If you were using these at all on roads or even indoors, Some people are taking these on museum tours, and things like that, Or on rock That rubber tip can actu-ally give a little bit better performance on a smooth rock than a carbide tip might So again.

Black Diamond builds some of that versatility in While. We are talking about there on the tips. You will see some threading on the tip itself, And just above it. You will see this low profile, trekking basket, On most surfaces where you are probably not sinking very deeply into the ground anyway. This basket is enough to stop the poles from going any further than you want them to If.

These poles were to go too far into the ground. They are actually not giving you that smooth supportive action that you are expecting of the poles. The reason you are using them in the first place, Black Diamond, throws in with each pair of Trail Pro trekking poles. These broader profile powder, baskets You, think about using these in snow Snow is going to give way in a fashion that dirt or packed trails will not And.

In that case, you are going to love the fact that these slow, the progress of the poles into the ground You get that tip far enough in to give you the purchase you want and you keep moving forward. So again great value built into these poles by having Black Diamond include them. Black, Diamond, Trail, Pro, trekking poles with that durable aluminum construction.

Those easy to use extremely durable flick, lock, pro external locking mechanisms, the powder baskets thrown in you- have got an excellent amount of value and year round performance in this single set of poles.

Trail pro shock, trekking poles, the aluminum construction gives incredible durability for the weight. The simple locks make height adjustments a breeze and the shock absorber lessens the impact of long days on the trail. If using trekking, poles has irritated your wrists, elbows or shoulders in the past, the shock absorber could be a great solution. Let’s check them out. These are three sectioned telescoping poles with durable, aluminum shafts.

These women’s specific poles adjust from 95 centimeters to 125 centimeters, with the flick, lock, Pro mechanisms they enable you to make height adjustments easily with them open, with your thumb, adjust to the right height and flick closed. The lower section locks into place at a fixed point with black diamonds smash lock. This eliminates the need to adjust the top and the bottom sections to the same height, just pull down until it locks itself into place.

It gets its name because, in order to collapse it back down again, you simply release the upper flick lock and then smash the upper section down into the lower one. It releases the lock as you press down and then you’re all packed up. Black Diamond places their shock absorber towards the top of their poles. This is called control, shock technology and it dampens the vibration that travels through the poles.

As you hike on hard surfaces, it can go a long way to preventing irritation on your wrists, elbows and shoulders throughout a long day of the foam grip offers an extension, so you can grasp it when you reach an uphill section of the trail. The top of the grip is flat, so you can palm it going downhill. The adjustable straps take a note from black diamonds, comfortable and supportive solution.

Climbing harnesses they’re shaped just right with a high surface area to cradle your hands and wrists down at the bottom. The carbide tech tips dig into mud dirt, give traction on rock. These baskets are included, but you can purchase snow baskets separately for winter use. If trail conditions call for non scarring rubber tips, you can also purchase rubber tech tips that will replace the threaded carbide ones.

This tried-and-true design is built for hikers and backpackers, who put in a lot of miles with a heavy pack and need a sturdy durable set of poles. There, the Black Diamond women’s trail, Pro Shack, trekking poles, call us with your questions or visit our store at bat country. Edge com subscribe to stay tuned and follow us for the latest in outdoor gear. Great deals and trail knowledge we’re the gear specialists at backcountry, edge, awesome gear, amazing service, see you on the trail.


Thursday, which means I’m reviewing another piece of gear of mine today, I’ll be reviewing my favorite piece that I took with me on the Appalachian Trail, and that was my Black Diamond trail pro shock, trekking poles. Well, you’ve heard me say it that my trekking poles were my favorite piece of gear on the trail. There’s no line of that.

The first thing that I loved about these was just the multi-functionality that I had with them. These serve as my tent poles, in addition to my trekking poles, a second with using my technique on these poles I was able to ascend and descend mountains so much faster than if I was not using any trekking poles or maybe just walking sticks now.

I’ll be talking about my special technique that I actually used that made these really effective in another video that I’ll be releasing on Saturday, but that part was just fantastic and the third thing these poles help prevent so many injuries that that really I was vulnerable on the trail to I can’t tell you how many times that these things saved me from rolling my ankle and just distributing the weight from everything that is on my upper body to my poles, instead of distributing it to my lower body.

So these things were just fantastic, but the reason why I went with the specific model was just because of the durability. I’ve hiked, with lots of different trekking poles in my life and I, have found that there was not a trekking pole that have had that actually withstood the test of the miles and the views that I put on them quite like these poles.

Now, when I got to the end of the trail, Katahdin I actually had one of my poles that had broke in a couple different places, and that was really due to me. Slipping on a rock and actually this point underneath me and break in my fall and but I will tell you. There are so many times that I had thought. I was going to break these shafts and, and they just wood stood very well now these are made of aluminum.

The shafts that is I have used some trekking poles out there that have the carbon fiber and I had two different pairs of them, both from REI and I, actually shattered one of them and then the other one of the the ends broke. Like my second day that I was using it with my technique that I use with my trekking now. The technique that I use does put a lot of abuse on these things and again, that’s the reason why I had to have a really durable, solid, trekking pole.

Now these come in at 20 ounces, each one weighs 10 ounces, so it’s a little bit heavier than what you’re going to see with a lot of those carbon-fiber poles out there. But again for me, the the weight didn’t really matter. It was more of the durability. Now the features on this pole that I really love the first. Is this flick lock mechanism, this flick, lock mechanism was just outstanding.

I, never had a problem with this slipping or collapsing, while I was hiking, I’ve had some other power locks that I’ve owned in the past, where power, lock systems that have slipped and collapsed, and the flick lock system is so much better than the twist lock. I will never ever own another pair of trekking poles that have the twist lock the problem with those they just get stuck all the time and they collapse all the time.

So that was an essential component that I needed with my trekking. Poles was something they had a power lock, but these flick locks I was just really impressed with the other thing that I loved about the flick, lock mechanism was during the course of time. The numbers that are usually on your trekking poles start to disappear because of the abuse from the shafts and collapsing the poles, and it just rubs up against the the numbers and lettering, and it just wears off, and the trekking poles that I use on the Appalachian Trail when I, actually summited katana, you could still make out the numbers on the side here and I was just really impressed, so that was something that I really loved about these as well.

The numbers are really helpful because you know exactly where to set your pole length at so anyway. The flick, lock were just amazing now. Another feature that I loved about these trekking poles was the the dual grips that you have right here. You have two different areas that you actually can hold on. Your trekking pole to you got the top grip up here, which is you know your your handle, but then you also have a foam handle on the bottom, and this was really helpful because when I would be descending, I would always usually grip on to the top foam pad, and when I was ascending a lot of times, I would actually hold on to the grips right here through my strap.

So it was really nice being able to have two different areas that you can actually hold on to now. I love these straps they’re, really durable, easy to adjust. I did have some issues with them. Slipping near the end right now. I don’t really have that issue at all. These are brand new poles, but I would say once I got about 14 1 500 miles being on them.

They would start to slip through the miles of the day and I probably would have to adjust them, maybe two three times a day, I just kind of got used to it. Now these trekking poles have the anti shock on them, which you know really takes away. Some of the vibrations and abuse that you would have normally on your wrist or your elbows.

Now one issue that I had with the anti-shock mechanism here is somewhere in Pennsylvania I, actually had my shocks, bottomed out, I, don’t know if that’s really the term that you use, but basically what happened was the the top of the shock actually because of all the views and the pressure that I was putting on top of it.

It just basically got stuck, and there was a gap in the shock valve right here, where you have this top of the lip here just below my my grip handle, and there was probably maybe I, don’t know a couple millimeter gap and basically my shock mechanism was stuck and for the first I don’t know, maybe day I couldn’t figure out how to reset that I tried to put a lot of pressure on it and punch it and all kinds of things and it didn’t work, and it was just really annoying.

What I ended up finding out, though, is, if you actually just put pressure on both sides and push in really hard. It actually would release and go back to its original form. Now that probably happened to me about five times on the trail, so that was one thing that I didn’t like about these, but I would say the advantage of having these outweighed the disadvantage of that issue.

All right. One thing that I forgot to mention about the straps. You actually have one strap that says r4 right and one that says L for left. These letters did wear off. You know I would say somewhere probably couple three months in, but it was kind of nice just to know which one was right, which one was left because I got used to it and I, don’t know what kind of conformed I guess to to to my hand, at least that’s what it felt like it felt different when I had them swap I, don’t know it was weird, but but I did like having to know which one was right, which one was left and the the Flex tips on the bottom.

Here, these flex tips I ended up having to change about four times, and that wasn’t because of the design of this. It was because of the technique I actually used when I was using. My trekking poles I will again I’ll talk about that in in another video, but the flex tips were really simple to take off and to put back on so I, really like that piece of these as well and with all of the buttes that I went through my entire journey I was just really impressed.

They actually lasted the entire time, so I strongly recommend these poles. They are a favorite of mine and if you look on Amazon once in a while, they’ll have incredible discount on these the pair that I got right here. I actually got for $79 about three weeks ago and when I looked on Amazon today, I think they’re coming in at about ninety seven dollars.

Normally these are a hundred and forty dollar hundred thirty dollar trekking poles. So the Amazon does have some great price on these. If you just wait it out and wait till they’re on sale, alright, guys well that wraps up my review of my Black Diamond trail, Pro Shop, trekking poles, I love these things, I give them 5 stars.

I reviewed a lot of these online and a lot of the reviews came somewhere around the 4 8 out of 5 star range. The there was one review that someone wrote. They had the same issue with me with the shocks and she actually called Black Diamond and they sent her a brand new pair. No questions asked and let her keep the old pair for spare parts which I thought was really cool so that wraps it up.

I would love to hear from all of you what pair of trekking poles that you use or if you are biased towards one that you really love, and we kind of just share that around that would be awesome, stay tuned from an exciting and remember to always follow Bigfoot.

Black Diamond trail shock, compact of price and performance. You have extended length, narrow diameter compact grips shock, absorption mechanisms built right into the poles and durable aluminum construction that make these poles ideal for year-round use. Trek compact poles have extended length, foam grips, nice texture here feels really comfortable in your hand, and it does have a narrower diameter than the standard versions, yet making them a a better choice for smaller hands.

The extended portion of these grips allows you to change on the go where you’re actually grabbing the poles. It saves you from making numerous micro adjustments in instances where terrain may be varying in such a way that you’d otherwise constantly be going up and down with where you’ve set the poles. At the very top of the grips you’ll see this textured dimpled and an ovoid portion of the pole, that’s designed to be very comfortable in the palm of your hands at certain times on the trail you may find it that’s the way you prefer to actually grip the poles.

Lastly, here is foam padded wrist straps, which really takes some of the stress off your wrists, while in use certainly a standout feature on the trail shop. Compact poles is the shock absorption mechanism itself. You’re. Seeing here, Black Diamond has embedded that mechanism in the grip itself, rather than at the lower section of poles, which is where many manufacturers place this thinking here is it improves on swing weight by having it further from the ground, as I press on the pole itself, you’ll see the give when you’re striking down hard with these poles that that will be exaggerated again.

Taking that stress off your wrist, when you don’t need that deep shock, it’s very passive, you barely even notice. It again makes these comfortable to use in varying terrain drove shock. Compact poles consist of three sections: the middle and lower sections being adjustable, see. There’s graduated markings here on the poles to indicate exactly what length you’ve reached on the compact version.

A full extension is 125. Centimeters, locking in that in place is very easy, with black diamonds flick, lock mechanism, just flip it down when you’re ready to make an adjustment. Flip it open move the poles to where you need them to be close, that flick, lock again for a nice, secure, lock at the bottom of the poles, our flex tech tips, there’s a breakaway design on these tips, so on the off chance that you would get them stuck between rocks or a crack.

These will actually break away, that’s good because it saves the aluminum shaft sections from actually breaking. This is an easy replace. Should this come off at the very end of the flex. Tek-Tips is a carbide portion that comes into contact with trails dirt things of that nature and gives you a nice bite. Good traction, there’s a design that, in this these flex, tech tips that allow you to take that off and screw in its place, a rubber tip, that’s better suited for improved surfaces for travel, put that in place, and then this carbide tip doesn’t come into contact with other things that you’re packing low profile trekking baskets, come included with the poles.

A threaded design beneath that allows you to utilize, broader diameter, snow, baskets or deep powder baskets for winter use. Those accessories are sold separately. You.

Hey Johnny, mostly here for Peter, Glenn, ski and sports, this in my hands, my friend is not a ski pole. This is the Black Diamond trail, Pro, trekking pole, all right now in the winter, I use a lot of Black Diamond poles and they do a really good job of creating really easy to use class, and this is called their flick, lock check it out boom, it’s really easy to use, but it’s very effective. A lot of these mechanisms will slip and slide this one’s very easy to tighten as well just put a little screwdriver in there and close the clamp if you need to to get the certain lock, but it’s already adjusted perfectly.

It comes in three sections. Has a nice numerous numbering system, so you know exactly how far how large you’re making it on both poles, but it also does give you the flexibility to really micro, adjust, don’t lank great grip here, and what I really like here for for trekking and walking is that it has a little internal nice padded material where it hits your hand. Okay, cuz you’re not really always wearing a glove when you’re using this trekking poles.

So it’s not gonna check your hand after a long day or a long few days or after a week of Trek, pretty easy to adjust this little strap to just has a little cleat. That’s really all there is to. It has a little foam right on the lower part of the pole. So when you’re you know on an angle side hill, you can just grab here and not be all the way up. High on the pole comes with two different baskets. You have a powder basket as well, really easy to put on and off.

You can also replace the carbide tip. So overall I mean what do you expect from black time and a high quality trekking pole learn more details at peterglenn com or go in the store. One of the sales associates can show you how to how to use this thing. Great pole buy black diamond I highly recommend it. Alright have a great time out there be safe, I’m, Jonny Moseley for Peter Glen, skiing sports, I’ll, see you on the trail.

Палок от фирмы благодарим on trial, pro шок данная модификация палок, принципе, повторяет полки trail про, но, с, одним, добавлением в виде, вот, этого, элемента, давайте, посмотрим, как, он, работает, это, треккинговая, упал, к, предназначена, для, достаточно, суровых, условиях, и, если, по, какой-то, причине, вы, оступаетесь, например, то, этот, элемент, будет, срабатывать, следующим, образом, при, чрезмерной, нагрузки, на, полку, он, амортизирует, рукоять, тем, самым, снижая, нагрузку, на, ваш, на, ваши, суставы, кисти, или, локтя, тем, самым, снижая, риск, получения, травмы в походе, что, сэм, способствует, успешному, завершению, любой, экспедиция, эти, треккинговые, палки, предназначены в первую, очередь, для, людей, которые, хотят, поберечь, свои, суставы, но в тоже, время, и, за, счет, этого, элемента, без, палок, увеличен, и, за, пару, составляет, 590, грамм, что, для, аналогичных, палок, без, этого, амортизатора, то, этот, вес, составляет, приблизительно, 530, грамм, то, есть, придется, нести, дополнительный, вес в угоду, экономии, своих, запястий, и, других, суставов, также, здесь, реализована, удобная, ручка, спинного, материала, который, отлично, себя, показывает, как, и, на, морозе, так, и в жару, и, темляк, который, удобно, регулируется, под, размер, вашей, руки, который, выполнен, из, приятного, на, ощупь, тканевого, материала, и, внутри, у, него, расходятся, с, трапа, на, две, составляющие, что, более, равномерно, нагружает, вашу руку во время нагрузки на полку, также, у, этой, палкин, реализован механизм защелки smash лак который защелкивается при полному движение нижнюю, колено, и, фиксируются в определенном, положении для, того, чтобы, его, закрыть, нужно, оттянуть, вниз, смыслах, защелку, и, после, это, вы, сможете, вставить, колено, внутри, полки, для, того, чтобы, выбрать, ростовку, под, вашу, необходимость, под, ваш, рост, вы, можете, раздвинуть, второе, и, третье, колено, относительно, друг, друга, и, максимальная, ставка, составляет, 140, сантиметров, после, этого, идет, от, меточка, стоп, выше, которой, лучше, не, заходить, при, регулировке, треккинговые, палки, обычно, иду, 140, ростовки, что, подходит, для, людей, даже, допустим, 2, метрам, роста, потому, что, при, спуска, хочется, полку, немножко, удлинить, тогда в этом, случае, вы, удлиняете, полку, чтобы, ее, можно, было, ставить, перед, собой, ниже, по, склону, а, когда, вы, поднимаетесь, можно, сделать, немного, покороче, для, того, чтобы, вам, было, удобней, перестал, переставлять, полки в верх, в этой, палки, реализовано, защелка, free clock, pro которая легче отщелкивается, и, жестче, фиксирует, палку в нужном, положении, приблизительно, 30, процентов, по, заверениям, фирмы, благодаря, ему, соответственно, для, того, чтобы, затянуть, немножечко, зажим, кликклак, здесь, есть, специальное, отверстие, под, шестигранник, с, помощью, которого, можно, сделать, затяжку, этого, элемента, еще, жестче, со, временем, они, могут немного разбалтывается это нормальный естественный, процесс, при, переходе, из, одного, температурного, режима в другой в собранном, виде длина, палки, составляет, 68, сантиметров, максимально, ростовка, как, уже, говорилось, ранее, 140, сантиметров, у, этой, палки, есть, корр, бедовый, наконечник, который, можно, легко, поменять, случае, того, если, он, у, вас, уже, износился, как, правило, для, этого, должно, пройти, вы, должны, пройти, не, один, километр, и, даже, не, десяток, по, камням, после, чего, скорее, всего, вы, захотите, его, поменять, чтобы, он, был, такой, же, острый, и, такой, же, износостойкие, как, и, раньше, для, этого, достаточно, снять, только, вот, это, металлическое, окончанию в котором, shit, corby, давай, наконечник, для, этого, вам, потребуется, пассатижи, и, соответственно, запасные, части, также, отдельно, можно, докупить, наконечник, который, будет, пластмассовым, для, транспортировки, комплект, на, он, не, идет, комплект, на, входит, грунтовые, кольца, для, жесткого, грунта, также, качестве, аксессуара, можно, докупать, снежные, кольца, для, мягких, грунтов, или, смежных, поверхностей, люди в возрасте, магазине, очень, часто, на, хвали, времени, эти, полки, поскольку, они, реально, чувствовали, помощь в сложных, переходах, например, по, камчатке, от, этого, амортизатора, за, счет, этого, можно, сказать, что, это, поистине, удобны, и, комфортны, и, полки, для, людей, которые, берегут, свои, суставы, [музыка],.

Welcome to the trail section at the beauty booth at creative Safin, we’re here, looking at the new trail Pro so for spring 19, we’re updating all our trail, family and trim. Pro is one of our most most sold poles. So there’s a few features that we’ve changed here, starting with the flick clock like that and remembers the first inventor of the flick Wapato, so a metal flake Locker. We have redesigned that for spring 19 and it’s now hot forged.

We have optimized the sizing and reduce it in ways. Second thing: we have done we’re introducing the smash lock system, the smash, lock system, it works as it sounds. You press it down and you smash the pole together and then it’s really a great use usability. You now only need to regulate the pole on one size on one point where size so when when using it, you just deploy it, and you have one system where you put the length in instead of to smash, lock technology and trail through the play clock.

Pro, we’ve also updated the rubber grip on the top to be to be more nicely next to skin and ergonomic, and we’ve also integrated our solution construction. So our harness construction in the strap for very smooth, smooth handling, trail Pro retails at 120 euros.

And I wanted to get new ones anyway, because that’s really dull, so I ordered these off Amazon for five or six bucks. I think this is dirt cheap. That says, to get these tips off the flex tips in boiling water for two minutes and then carefully pull the tip off pliers may be needed to install place the Flex tech tip into the pole and pound the tip into the ground to set it tightly in place. These are genuine Black, Diamond replacement tips, which really surprises me for the Flex, very cheap price target.

Two minutes: what’s your problem, just cuz I went downstairs and got my poles. You think we’re doing something: we’re not going anywhere: okay, Oh! That came off easy new tip. Well, that’s probably it okay, all right! So, okay, no more cracky, ready, yep! That says put this part in not the thick part. We just yep, I, guess, I’ll put my baskets. We don’t have our new ones yet little ones they seem to screw on and then once they’re on they spin the basket. We sweet sweet.

Beautiful Nepal today this is trekking FAQ is keeping you informed and in shape for the mountains on this channel. I’ll share with you my travel advice, fitness tips specifically for trekking as well as gear review videos just like this one. So if you’re new here consider subscribing in this video I am reviewing the Black Diamond trail ergo cork, it’s one of my favourite trekking poles on the market at the moment and I’ll be sharing with you.

The features that I really love about this pole, as well as some of the things to avoid and things to look for when shopping for trekking poles. So without further ado, here’s the review- we’ve got beautiful cool candles. A cork is so comfortable over a long periods of time. If you think about it, this is going to be in your hand for potentially six to ten hours a day, so cool wicks, away, sweat or automatically probably absorbs it, but it is far more comfortable than hanging onto a phone all day.

As we move down the pole, the cork gives way to a foam non-slip handle. So that’s great when you need to quickly change from an angle where it’s a slight incline to a really steep incline and then, rather than changing the pole, flick lock, you just grab at the lower handle. So that’s super super handy and I’d be looking for that in any trekking pole that I’ve bought.

Also in terms of the structure of the pole, it’s made from aerospace alloy, which sounds very fancy. I, don’t know exactly where that comes from, but it is very, very light at only 510 grams for the set one of the things that I recommend you look for straightaway when buying trekking poles is that it is using a flick, lock, system, flick, locks or a must-have for trekking poles and Black.

Diamond have now that, with this pole in particular, I’ve had a lot of trouble with twistlock poles that have very complex mechanisms within the pole, but not only take up a lot of weight, but they can also file, and they do regularly. I’ve had a number of instances where I’ve had trekking poles break on me and deep snowy conditions, and it’s the last thing you need with a flick lock and what black Dromund have done with this flick.

Lock is made it very very simple, so there aren’t any moving parts, there’s nothing that can break and go wrong other than a simple screw that holds the flick, lock together, which is pretty hard to break in itself in terms of the dimensions it’s 74 centimeters long and can be up to a hundred and forty centimeters long within the first few minutes of use.

You will notice that they are very well made and you can feel that just in your hand, as you were using the poles when you place your weight into the poles, I feel very sturdy, there’s a very small amount of flex and for something that’s so light. It’s surprisingly strong at the other end of the pole, it comes with a choice of baskets. You’ve got the standard, hiking basket, which is maybe four centimeters wide.

You also get snow baskets with the poles. They are included and they’re very easy to screw on and off in terms of the tip. You’ve got a very strong, anti, corrosive carbide tip. What is surprising about these poles is. It doesn’t come with a cover to go over the carbide tip, which I thought was a little strange, but, as was pointed out in a comment on another one of my checking pile videos, these plastic tips have been showing up all over hikes and there was one particular case of a guy in the Grand Canyon who’d noticed them all up and down the trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon sites.

What’s really important is when you’re using trekking poles is to remove that plastic cap unless you’re going to somewhere, like the Inca Trail, where they actually require that you use that plastic cap, so it doesn’t damage the rock. In summary, these are a great all season, multi-purpose pole that you can use summer winter they’ve got to be one of the best poles on the market and I highly recommend that if you are going to do some trekking, especially in the Himalayas that you watch my other video on how to use trekking poles, there is many benefits of using them from staying injury free through to exerting yourself west to wrap up I’m going to give the black diamonds trail ergo cork, five mountains out of five.

That’s all for this video guys, thanks for checking out the review, if you do have a trick or a climb planned, and you don’t want to suffer through it and you want to be as fit as you could possibly be. For that experience check out our training programs. You can get a free week in the link below. If you found this video helpful, please hit the like button that really helps the channel we’re just getting started here at trekking, a fake use, and we have a lot more to share with you.

And if you have a question that you want to answer that, you can’t find an answer to put it in the comments section below and I’ll answer you directly straight away and if it’s a common question I’ll make a video about it. Just like this one. That’s all from me guys, there’s a couple more videos here that you might find useful. Just remember, trekking if iqs is bringing you the best tips and advice so that you can have the best possible experience in the mountains.

See you in the next video.

Trekking Poles Collapsible Lightweight Trail Running Poles

Trekking Poles Collapsible Lightweight Trail Running Poles

  • ▶【TOUGHNESS THAN CARBON FIBER】 – NIANYISO Hiking Poles tough 7075 aluminum can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber – crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight. WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT.
  • ▶【MORE CONVENIENT TO CARRY】 -This trekking poles collapsible lightweight pair can be quick lock mechanism allows user to adjust the walking poles’ length from 44″ to 53″ quickly and easily, perfect fit for short or tall men, women & kids. When not in use, these hiking poles could be folded up small and light enough to be stored within your backpack or fit well in any suitcase.
  • ▶【COMFORTABLE HAND GRIPS AND WRIST STRAPS】 – The trekking poles rubber tips are designed with ergonomical grips which made from soft EVA foam to add comfort on your hiking trips, absorb sweat and keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes! The adjustable padded & wider wrist straps provide more support, less rubbing/chaffing.
  • ▶【ALL TERRAIN, ALL CONDITIONS】 – From climbing ice mountains to an easy urban walk, heavy duty 4 season accessories (1 pair of each rubber tips, boot tips for hard surfaces, snow baskets, mud & sand baskets) and a tungsten carbide tip won’t let you down. 1 pair carry bags for storage and transport is also included in this hiking gear.
  • ▶【OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE】 – 45 days unconditional refund or 13 months free replacement . You can purchase with confidence for our trekking poles collapsible aluminum, our goal is to ensure that every customer is treated right & 100% satisfied. WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT.
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Package Dimensions: 14.76 x 4.25 x 4.09 inches; 1.86 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: NIANYISO
  • Brand: NIANYISO
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Length: 53 Inches
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

About this item right, pointing black neon iso hiking, poles, tough, 7075 aluminum, can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber, crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight. Watch the video before using the product right, pointing black triangle more convenient to carry this trekking, pole’s, collapsible lightweight pair, can be quick. Lock mechanism allows user to adjust the walking poles length from 44 to 53, quickly and easily perfect fit for short or tall men, women and kids.

When not in use these hiking poles could be folded up small and light enough to be stored within your backpack or fit well in any suitcase right, pointing black triangle, comfortable hand, grips and wrist straps. The trekking poles rubber tips are designed with ergonomical grips, which made from soft, eva foam to add comfort on your hiking trips absorb sweat and keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes.

The adjustable padded and wider wrist straps provide more support. Less rubbing, slash, chaffing right, pointing black triangle, all terrain, all conditions from climbing ice mountains to an easy urban walk, heavy-duty, four-season accessories, one pair of each rubber tips, boot tips for hard surfaces, snow, baskets mud and sand baskets and a tungsten carbide tip. Won’t. Let you down one pair carry bags for storage and transport is also included in this hiking gear right, pointing black triangle, our customer service, 45 days, unconditional refund or 13 months, free replacement.

You can purchase with confidence for our trekking poles, collapsible aluminum. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is treated right and 100 satisfied. Watch the video before using the product in the description to get this product today, at the best price about this item right, pointing black triangle, toughness than carbon fiber neon iso hiking, poles, tough, 7075 aluminum, can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber.

Crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight. Watch the video before using the product right, pointing.

Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold Trail Running Poles

Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold Trail Running Poles

  • ►DURABLE – Aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy provides strength comparable to steel but weighs significantly less, making our trekking poles incredibly durable while also lightweight. They will not let you down!
  • ►ADJUSTABLE – The poles are quickly adjusted from 115 cm to 135 cm using a single flick-lock, allowing them to be at the ideal length for whatever terrain you’re on.
  • ►COMPACT – The unique folding design packs down to less than 15 inches in length, making our poles easy to fit into a carry-on or small backpack. Assembly is simple and takes just a few seconds.
  • ►COMFORTABLE – The ergonomic but firm EVA foam handle will absorb sweat and provide all-day comfort for both men and women. Each trekking pole comes in at less than 10 ounces, reducing arm fatigue and letting you get farther on the trail.
  • ►LIFETIME WARRANTY – We’re a US-based company that offers a lifetime warranty on all of our gear. If you have any problems with your trekking poles, let us know and we’ll do our best to help!
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Manufacturer: Paria Outdoor Products
  • Brand: Paria Outdoor Products
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Length: 120 Centimeters
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Trail Running Poles

  • 100% carbon fiber construction. Improved joint support and stiffness. Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture-wicking grip.
  • Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension. Three-section foldable shaft with speed cone deployment and FlickLockAr adjustability. Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and carbide Tech Tips.
  • Stopper basket with shaft catcher to secure folded sections. Series : Distance. [95-110 cm] 350 g (12.3 oz).
  • [105-125 cm] 360 g (12.7 oz). [120-140 cm] 370 g (13 oz). .
  • [95-110 cm] 95-100 cm (37-43 in). [105-125 cm] 105-125 cm (41-49 in). [120-140 cm] 120-140 cm (47-55 in).
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 7 x 4 inches; 1.15 Pounds
  • Item model number: Black Diamond
  • Manufacturer: BLACK DIAMOND
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Oh, hey guys, zach here from blue ridge hiking today we’re going to talk about the black diamond carbon distance, flz, trekking poles hope you enjoy the video all right guys. I got these uh carbon fiber z, trekking poles from rei good spot, so they weigh um 11 7 ounces, they’re collapsible, as you can see, pretty cool break down to about 13, 4 inches or 34 centimeters for those uh everybody, that’s not american. They um they’re. Awesome! Sorry, I’m looking at my cheat sheet here so they’re.

Also the maximum length is 43 3 inches. The minimum length is 37 4, um, centimeter, wise, 110 max and 95 to to minimal. Basically you open them up, and then you just pull it tight. Then you get this little lock up here at the top right there and once that locks you’re good to go if you’re taller than me, which I’m about I like to claim five nine. But you know taller than you yeah I like to claim five nine, but that’s a lie. So we’ll um, you just flip this little lock right here it comes up and adjusts them flip it back to whatever height you have it’s got the markings on there, so you can kind of get an idea and memorize what setting you have when you collapse them.

If you want to collapse them all the way down, so me, I just put them on the shortest, and that seems to be the good thing, a good spot for me. Here’s the breakdown on them, click that button slide them in and they fall apart. All ready be put in your pack good to go pretty simple good. I’ve used them for a couple years. Now I love them I’ll use them to help set up my tarp to keep it up in porch mode I’ll. Show you guys a picture of that the we used them on the jmt this past summer and they worked out great.

They helped me from falling a lot going over some boulders, as you guys can see, they got some wear and tear on them there just from uh being used, but um. Those rocks are rough on you out out west, so, but these things have been really good. No blisters, no calluses, my hands, don’t sweat a lot with these foam grips. So I’ve been pretty impressed if you’re new to trekking poles, I highly recommend them or, if you’re thinking about it, I highly recommend getting a pair.

It makes hiking easier a whole lot easier going. Helps you get uphill up. She lets you use some of your upper body, strength to get you up the hill. If you’re going downhill, it takes a lot of the impact off. If you have knee issues or hip issues or joint issues regardless, you can really help alleviate some of that downhill, bounce or downhill compression, so they’re definitely handy. They do take a couple hikes or a couple trips to get used to just having them in your hands and getting to where you’re walking with them and the feel of them and what makes them more efficient.

So I’m not the most efficient with them as far as walking. I know, there’s probably some other videos out there that can help you guys with that. If you ask me, I just use them to whatever feels the best of the time so but like the carbon fiber um black diamond distance, carbon flz dang, it’s a mouthful, so these are 120 to 140 centimeters set. I got and I said, I’m five I like to claim five nine, so uh they’ve been pretty good. I like them highly, recommend them recommend them.

If you’re going to get them, they um. Let’s see they weigh 11 7 ounces, so they’re they’re light they’re, not cheap, though I think they’re 180, 189 dollars at rei is where I got mine. So they are a bit on the pricey side, but they’re super light and they’re durable. So I’m about 220 and I haven’t broke them yet, and I’ve had a lot of pressure on them. Things where I thought that they would probably snap but or break but um. If you got any questions, please leave in the comments.

If you um got any comments, please leave in the comments, so I hope you guys are enjoying our videos hope to get some more gear reviews out there. Please subscribe, give us a like thumbs up. All that good stuff and see you on the next video happy hiking.

Flz, trekking poles are ideal for ounce, counting hikers backpackers or even trail runners. These poles check in at less than 13 ounces for the pair Let’s. Take a closer look at the feature set of these ultra light weight, trekking poles As. You can see now that I have broken down these poles. The pack size is really really small small enough. You could put these inside a pack and obviously you could also lash them to the exterior of the pack. They come in three different length: variations from Black Diamond and in each case they are weighing in at less than 13 ounces, for the pair I have got in front of me.

The pair that maxes out at 120 centimeters There, is a smaller version that maxes out at 110 and a longer version that maxes out at 140, centimeters Packed size here on the 120 is just 14 inches You can shave an inch or pick up just an additional inch if you go with either of those larger sizes At that weight that pack size. These really are living in some rarified air compared to the other collapsible or certainly telescoping, options out. There Looking here at the basically the joint or the space between these two sections.

You can see that there is cording that runs throughout the poles, Makes them again very light. Weight gives them that collapsibility, but surprisingly strong and durable. At the same time, To put the poles together. You basically just align the three lowest shaft sections and ex-tend them. Until you hear positive click, You can see the push button that is in place and now keeping them from collapsing any further. There is then the short section above that that gives you that range of adjustability On, this 120 centimeter length pole.

You have got an adjustability range that runs from 41 inches on the minimum side to 49 inches on the long side. There is an integrated, easy to use external flick, lock mechanism It locks it down, Open that up adjust it to the size. You want it to be And. There are markings here on that upper shaft, section Lock that down into place- and you are all set There- are nice comfortable, but also weight saving grips here on the Carbon FLZ, poles So. You have got some cutaways Again that is going to cut down on the weight, but also gives that some interesting texture and it feels pretty nice there in hand EVA foam exte-rior.

That gives that nice next to skin feel There is an extended portion to these grips so rather than just where you need it up top. There is a little bit of an extension Gives you a little bit of versatility on where you decide. You want to grab the poles and gives you a little something more to grab on to when you are making adjustments. A nice, again, weight conscious, wrist, strap on these poles There is some Velcro adjusta-bility on those straps, so you can kind of dial in the fit there get it as comfortable for you, as you would like it to be And.

That helps take some of that strain off your wrists over the course of a long day on the trail using the poles. I have turned the poles around and you can see the Z pole tips here on the end Is this en-tire section here at the bottom of the pole, Right now. What is in place on the tip end is a rubber tip. These are threaded in such a fashion that very secure They are not going an-ywhere at all. This gives you a nice contact point. If you are using this on rock smoother surfaces, improved surfaces, It is nice for travel as well But.

This can be taken off and re-placed, with carbide tips that Black Diamond includes with each pair So. These can be screwed on in place of the rubber tips and on dirt on trail. This is actually going to give you a better bite and better performance. Black Diamond includes a real minimalist Velcro strap that you can use to wrap around the poles and kind of keep them securely in place. But I did want to point out that, on that, strapping is where there is a very small pocket in which the carbide tips are enclosed.

So. If you are picking up a pair of these, you will know where to find them, and then you have got a nice little storage option there Whichever pole tips you are going with. You can store the other tips in that little pocket. Black Diamond, Distance, Carbon, FLZ, trekking poles that combination of ultra light weight, carbon construction, the range of adjustability that you will not often find on a pair of poles that checks in under 13 ounces. This really is an interesting option for anyone who is valuing that weight, saving and collapsibility.

Welcome back to runner’s garden today I not the stakes: black diamond distance, carbon flz, trekking poles. Flz stands for the flip, lock right here. The z means that you can break them down into a z or an n or possibly an l, and you can see the cone here. This is how it easily goes into place when you just pull it it’s a little hard, but you have to pull that and make sure it locks.

I got the middle size which extends up to 125 centimeters and that weighs 360 grams. You can set your height right here. It’s recommended for my height that I put them at about 110 lock it up. They come with carbide tips and you can also get the interchangeable hard rubber tips. I switched to the carbide tips on my poles. The sales clerk recommended that we get these rubber caps that go over top.

That was, I think, an additional 90, nt or three bucks. So I think it’s worth it. So what I do is I carry these in my pocket and when I’m ready, when I’m done with the trail and I’m going back to asphalt, I just clip them on when you break down the poles. They snap into place here for easy storage, the left and right poles have an l or an r on them.

The way you put them on is up from the bottom and down, and this is so, if you fall, you can put your hand out your directions here, come in many languages in english, it covers deploying collapsing adjusting the tension, the flick, lock system and changing the tips, and you have some diagrams as well. It covers care and maintenance and replacing the z-pole straps.

I’m just going to read the warning for you right there trekking poles and z. Poles are for hiking and trekking use. Only the strength of aluminum and carbon fiber is compromised by dents, gouges, scratches fractures and chipping, which may result in catastrophic structural failure. If the trekking pole has suffered any impact, carefully inspect its surface for these signs of damage, lightweight trekking poles are made to be light weight and will not withstand excessive forces if previously damaged or if the forces are applied.

Beyond structural limits. Ultralight carbon fiber poles are more susceptible to damage than other poles and frequently require inspection. Failure to follow these warnings may result in catastrophic failure of the trekking poles or cause serious injury or death careful. They came attached to this backing one on each side and gives you the the rundown as well as this card here, but this is in chinese.

I picked them up in a beautiful large camping store in taichung. I believe I took a picture of the outside and I’ll throw the address in the description, I’m getting into trail running a little bit more there’s a bunch of trails, not too far from my place in bagua mountain I’m going to be doing. My second trail run it’s going to be a 30k on big belly mountain uh towards taichung.

I don’t know if I’m going to use the poles or not, but in training. I was using the polls and a couple of my buddies, and I went to a mountain recently uh yen in yenzoi mountain, and that was fantastic. That’s probably the best hike I’ve been on in taiwan, so I want to start doing more of that get up into the altitude, especially in the summer. It feels so good.

I’ve been having some trouble with plantar fasciitis, and it really helps to put a little bit of weight on my hands and help me up those mountains. I can really dig in and push off with them. I’m able to study myself a little bit more on the way down, protect myself against the wild dogs out there that are sometimes out and about I kind of just put my pole in in front of myself and until I pass it just gives me a little bit of extra security when I’m running past the dogs that I don’t know when I’m not using them, they can be folded up and put into my salomon pack, I paid 3450 nt dollars I’ll put the equivalent right here in usd casey’s trying out the polls.

What do you think nice I like it.

These are the black diamond distance are perfect for ultralight, thru-hikers adventure, racers or anyone looking for a simple, streamlined and packable trekking pole they’ll give you the best of both worlds by providing a collapsible compact construction, while also being adjustable and not fixed in length. Let’s take a closer look. The distance carbon flz poles are made up of completely carbon shaft sections which lets them come in at an incredibly low weight. Among the three options.

The heaviest comes in just around 13 ounces for the pair and has a collapsed length of less than 16 inches he’s almost redefined light and fast in terms of trekking poles. Black Diamond has beefed up these poles in some sections to address possible durability concerns. Each joint support has added reinforcement which gives it improved, stiffness and overall durability. They’ve also built up the locking mechanism section to offer increased durability. I also really like how the Black Diamond pulls a deploy.

The Z poles have this rapid deployment system based off of their tried-and-true Avalanche probes, which is super convenient for those of us who don’t really stop once we hit the trail. These poles have a Kevlar concealed inner cord which connects to these speed cones. Basically, you can just grab the top shaft section and pull it away from the handle and the poles will automatically align and marry up. Once you hear the click from the push button under the handle, you know they’re good, to go once the main shaft sections are aligned.

You’ve got a simple flick, lock mechanism, which gives you a comfortable adjustment range. This is great for those folks who prefer a length that comes between a fixed length option. You still get the lightweight, but can tailor the poles for your preferences rather than being stuck at the bottom. You’ve got a neat little tip design. The poles come standard with a non scarring rubber tech tip, but they also include a separate carbide tip which I’ve installed here. The tip can easily be threaded on there for harder bite on trail surfaces, along with that, you get a small performance basket with a little cutout that cutout is designed so that the poles can stay clipped together when they are collapsed.

It’s great for keeping things from bouncing around awkwardly when the poles are strapped to your running pack or being stored away. Last but not least, the grip at the top is made with evie a foam and has some nice comfort features. It has a mini extension, so you can change and adjust your grip depending on the terrain you’re facing there’s a super light, strap to take off some of that wrist stress and that strap can be adjusted with this velcro depending on your size or fit preference.

The evie a handle also has some cutaways, which shed weight, add some texture and ergonomics to the overall structure. This also beefs up the moisture management properties of that soft foam grip. Overall, the black diamond distance carbon flz is a pretty advanced system if you’re looking to do a big through hike or have some aspirations of adventure, racing or ultra running. These are definitely worth checking out thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists.

We have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our products. We have additional bonus videos and, if you like what we do here on YouTube, please subscribe.

These are the black diamond distance favorite, among trail runners, an ultra-lightweight enthusiast for years. The carbon fiber construction keeps weight down. They travel easily with you because of the folding design, and the rapid deployment system means setup is fast and folding them down as a breeze. Let’s take a closer look. The Z poles get their name because they fold down into a Z pattern. That’s perfect for storing on your pack, if you encounter a steep section of the trail or for stowing in your travel luggage on your way to your next adventure, they fold down smaller than traditional telescoping poles and they save weight because less materials are used in each section.

Setting them up is easy because of black diamonds, Rapid Deployment system, the inner Kevlar cord, connects all sections together and once that is tensioned, the poles are stable, just grab the grip and the first shaft section and pull them away from each other. Until you hear the click you’ll see a locked icon on the pole to fold them down. Just pull these two sections apart a little bit press down on the button and push the first section back up towards the grip, this action loosens the central cord, and then you can fold down the sections it’s fast to set these up on the run because of the speed cone design, which guides each section into place at the joints.

This is important for ultra trail runners, who carry their poles some of the time, stow them in their packs some times and then need to break them out quickly to keep moving. The grip is made of Eevee a foam I like foam grips because you can use them with gloves and they wick perspiration really well. The top of the grip is rounded enough that you could Palm it going downhill and then for steep ascents. The grip actually extends down below it so that you can grab it at a lower spot.

These are fixed length, poles, so there’s no adjustment whatsoever, but they come in several different lengths. So you can choose what size is best for. You protip, if you’re a runner and are in between sizes, we’d recommend sizing down for a better uphill propulsion. On the flip side, if you’re in between sizes and you’re, an ultra lightweight, hiker or fast Packer, we’d recommend sizing up for more stability and support I’m about five, six and I hike in trail run with Black Diamond distance poles and the one tens are perfect.

For me, the lightweight straps adjust to your hand with a hook and loop closure now down at the bottom. Black Diamond gives you versatility with interchangeable tips. You get a carbide tip and a non scarring rubber one. The rubber tech tips are installed onto the poles in manufacturing, but for most dirt trails and in ice or snow I would use the carbide tips for the best traction. The rubber ones are great for improved surfaces like cobblestones or pavement. The small attached basket here is good for flotation in mud, and it has a little cutout here that actually attaches to the other side of the poles.

When they’re folded down. There is a little notch above the existing basket, where you can attach Zee Pole snow baskets for use in winter they’re sold separately, they’re, versatile and ultra lightweight for trail, running traveling and fast packing there, the Black Diamond distance carbon Z poles thanks for watching. If you have additional questions about the gear you just saw, please feel free to visit that country edge, comm and get in touch with me or of our other gear specialists.

We also have technical specs about that gear. On the product pages of our website and often times, we have bonus videos, if you like our channel, please subscribe.

Looking for streamlined performance, Black, Diamond, Distance, Carbon, Z Poles are lightweight and incredibly collapsible. Let’S. Take a closer look at these innovative, trekking poles, The, Distance, Carbon, Z Trekking Poles differ from traditional, trekking poles, in that they don’t have a telescoping design where the shaft sections collapse inside the shaft section above it Instead.

It is more of a folding collapsible design. There is cording that connects all of the shaft sections By extending that grip and clicking that into place. You have got a rigid but fixed length. Trekking pole, So you don’t have any range of adjustability Because. Of that you have got incredibly light weight, poles But, it does mean you have got to select the fixed length that will fit you best.

Black Diamond does give you options there, so you have got 100, 110, 120 or 130 centimeter fixed length options to choose from I have got the 120 centimeter poles here. They weigh just 10 ounces for the pair and when collapsed they are only 16 inches in length, so significantly lighter significantly smaller when collapsed than traditional, trekking poles, The, poles are equipped with EVA foam grips.

You can see that there are some cutaways here. It actually gives it a little bit of texture and some ergonomics, so it feels that much better in the hand, but it also helps to cut down on weight. So again, you have got that streamlined weight, saving thought process in every construction feature on these trekking poles. There is a slight extension of the foam here below the standard grip, It let’s.

You grab the pole at a slightly different height depending again on how you are traveling a side hill or up and down slopes. You have got fixed length, poles, You don’t have that adjustability But. You can change a little bit where you are grabbing the poles to find it a little more comfortable on varying grades or on changes in the severity of slopes.

You do also have again very lightweight wrist straps here on the end of the grip So. It helps to take some of the strain off your wrists on long days on the trail or, if you are using these for running, you know, as you are pounding away, This helps to alleviate some of the repetitive stress on your wrists. There is some adjustability built in a small Velcro tab there that lets.

You make some modifications to the fit of that, so it is most comfortable for you At. The other end of the poles is where you will find Flex Tech tips, the Z pole, Flex, Tech tips. There is a small diameter basket here, If you are in slightly softer surfaces. The poles may want to sink in a little bit into the ground. That slows their progress, so you can spring off of the poles and be on your way before they sink too deeply Standard with the poles.

You have got in play a rubber tip on the end here, That this best on rock or on improved surfaces, but it is a threaded design. You can actually remove that and put in its place the carbide tip, which is also included So again threads right into place. Confidently stays where you need it to This would give you better purchase on trails or on dirt.

Again. You have got the versatility with both of those tip ends included and the ability to swap them out. With Black, Diamond, Distance, Carbon, Z, Trekking Poles. You have got that great combination of collapsibility and light weight. Construction It makes it a nice option for through hikers ounce, counting adventure, racers or ultra marathoners.

So I thought I’d do a quick video just trekking poles. These are the Black Diamond carbon distance Z. It’s quite people helpful, trekking poles. You can see by. Hopefully you can see by the wear on them. I had these about three years, their epic. They have done thousands of miles and they’re still running beautifully their carbon fiber. So you can probably just see by the way I’m handling them.

They are incredibly light. They literally were a couple of ounces. You’ll notice were from some changes. I’ve made I’ve actually cut the blue handles off the top, the straps that they have I, think they’re dangerous I, don’t like having straps on poles, I’m, not a fan, and basically what happens? Is they start off? I’ve just put these on a bag just to show you how I would mount them on a backpack.

So this is an ultimate Direction backpack and the poles actually just mount just to the sides of where the water bottles go on the front chest and you can see when they’re packed up they’re, not very big, so they pack up into sort of three pieces they go through. The two bungees on an ultimate direction on the front there, so you can see they’ll just sit on the front of a backpack so that you can easily grab them and stow them away again.

Super super fast. You can see size-wise, that’s the span of my hand, they’re not much bigger than that, and they pack up into three little pieces. This end I tend to prefer the carbide tip. It seems to grip on almost everything. Some people go for the rubber grips but I, don’t think they’re any good. There’s a little plastic doodad here, that’s supposed to clip into the poles and hold them, but to be honest after literally a few uses, they wear a bit and they don’t really hold properly, but it doesn’t matter because the bungees here on the bag will actually just hold the poles together when you’re not using them.

So you just simply put the bungy round like that, which you can do. I can even do one-handed, look while I’m videoing, and then that just holds your poles just in front of you here. So you would have with your chest here: you’d have a water bottle on your chest, like I, haven’t a few pouches of things and then I tend to put either one pole on either side or two poles in one which I kind of prefer actually I’m extended this one’s 110 I’m about five foot, seven I’d say I’m, five or eight, but I’m not on five for seven, if you’re, slightly taller bloke, if you’re above five foot, 10 5 for 11, you probably want 120, but most people 110 suits and to pack them up super easy and I’m even gonna.

Try it one-handed! So there’s a very little button here, a little metal button that you just press in here. We go yeah, so you just press the button in and then the handle slides down a little bit and then that gives the leeway for these to just pull apart and they kind of fold themselves the magic of cinema. They fall themselves together, like that so and these little bits at the end of superb job, we’re just holding these bits together and obviously, as you can imagine, when you’re trekking, if you’ve got these mounted on the front of your bag, you simply pull them out.

The bungees I tend to hold them here, let go and they drop down, and then all you do is you can see they’re loose this little section here, you grab it firmly. You sit and pull and you’ll hear the snap and that button locks in that little bottle, bot that little button there locks in and now the pole is super sturdy and ready to you so they’re super quick and easy to deploy the super strong.

The super lightweight, I’ve tried various makes and models of carbon trekking poles and broken almost all of them, but these are my absolute favorites and they’re the ones that I use. So there you go. That just gives you a little bit of a look at the Black Diamond carbon distance, Z poles, and why they’re an absolute favorite of mine.

– Good day guys It’s Ben from Snowys here, Today we’re gonna, have a quick look at the Black Diamond Distance FLZ Trekking Poles, which are really great lightweight option for your next hike And they fold up into thirds as well, which means that not only will they fit in your main pack, but they also fit in a day pack as well.

So they’re great for even just single day hikes So. These come in three sizes, So, the small one is adjustable anywhere from 95 centimetres through to a 110 And. Then you’ve got your medium, which is 105 through to a 125 And. The large ones which I’ve got a pair of here is 120 through to 140 centimetres high Now.

It’s worth nothing that, while I’ve only got singles of these two sizes that these are all sold as a pair And, as I said, they’re, really lightweight So, even as a pair. These are only 475 grammes for the large You’re, looking at 445 grammes for your medium and about 415 grammes for your small ones as a pair Now.

The reason these are so light is that you’ve got an aluminium shaft on this, and the grip on the top is an EVA lightweight foam Now on the top here. Also at the top, we’ve actually got a moisture-wicking strap So you’re, not gonna, get too sweaty underneath that So these come with some rubber tech tips on the bottom But.

If you also looking for some carbide ones, they do actually come with a couple of carbide tech tips as well So. You can use those if you want to I’ve mentioned before that these are adjustable So with that you’ve got your flick lock on the side here, So. What you simply do, is you pop that out and you can adjust it to whatever height you want and then you simply pop it back, and it’s sealed up Now, that’s pretty much it for the features of this So we’ve had a lot of people come to us and said: they’ve had some trouble with setting these up and packing them down again.

Now I think it’s probably because a lot of people don’t know the trick with it. So I’ll run through quickly. Now So, if we’re packing it down, what you wanna do is make sure it’s at it’s shortest length. So. First up you get your flick, lock, shorten her right down! There you go Now! You got a little slide lock here.

So what you wanna do is pull up on that It releases, the rest of the pole, so it can slide in And. What that does. Is it releases these two bits? So your two bits come out here and there And. Then you’ve got this little clip, so you can clip that on And there we go right as rain Pop it in your day pack and you’re good to go Now setting it back up again is the bit where people get a bit confused, They, try and piece it together, That’s, not really how this is designed.

I’ll show you how it’s done So. First off you just unclip it again, Now you just let it dangle down below like that Grab your top section up here and you just pull it down until you hear a click So once it clicks, it’s locked in and good to go, Don’t try and push the pieces in together. It gets really fiddly and a bit gets caught up, Just pull from the top and you’re right as rain So.

That’s pretty much it for these Black Diamond Trekking, Poles Now. They do come with a one year, warranty from Black Diamond and they really are a great lightweight, trekking pole, option And if you’ve got not much pack, space or you’re going overseas or interstate and you’re, taking a plane packs in really small And, they’re nice and light so they’re good for your hikes as well.

If. You wanna find anymore information about these jump online, snowys com, au with fast free delivery to most of Australia Until. Next time, happy trekking (upbeat, music).

Distance FLZ Poles are the perfect option when you want to move fast and light in the back country, Take a look at all the features that makes this pole so special The first thing that stands out to me about these poles is the compact size So. These are a collapsible pole, meaning that the sections here don’t telescope down into one another They collapse down into that Z pattern that gives them their name.

The FL in the naming stands for the FlickLocks So. These are an adjustable pole. You have got Black Diamond FlickLocks here that are going to allow you to adjust the pole. Depending on what size you have And. We will talk about that later, But, the first thing to do to set up that poles. You have got a couple of different sections here in the pole. You have your three shaft sections that have a central cord that run through those shaft sections These remind me of tent poles in the way that they go into one another So.

The first thing to do is just set those sections up. You have got two sections at the top of this pole. One of them is the piece that tensions the cord on the inside So. What you want to do is find the section underneath of this little grey part of the bottom of the top section of the pole, and you want to pull those sections apart. Once you pull them apart. Far enough, you will see a little blue line and a button that is going to expose itself.

You will hear a positive click and then it will be set up, and that means that the cord on the inside is tensioned all the way, and you have a very secure pole. So I opened that up and you can see the button there exposed itself And from here. You can adjust the pole So. This top section of the pole is separate From there you can adjust it up and down. I have the 125 centimeter poles in my hand here, and they are going to adjust from 105 centimeters all the way up to 125 So.

This is a great option for someone who either doesn’t, want fixed length poles or know that they are going to adjust their poles in different ways. This is perfect for if you are walking on uneven terrain- and you want to make quick adjustments or if you are someone that is in-between sizes on the fixed length poles and you really need to dial in that fit. The Black Diamond FlickLocks couldn’t be any easier to use.

You just flick it open with your thumb, adjust it easily up and down and then flick it closed. It doesn’t take a lot of force to open and close this lock, but once the lever is closed, it is an extremely secure and tight seal and you are not going to have to worry about your pole going anywhere so really great locks there And they are pretty light weight as well So. They keep the weight down for this ultra light pole Moving up to the grips you have Black Diamond’s foam grips.

These are non slip grips so you have some texturing here in the top The thing I really like about foam grips is in warmer weather. If your hands are perspiring, the foam, wicks away, sweat, really well. You can also use them in colder, temperatures You don’t feel cold through the foam. Grips- and they also work really well with gloves. There is some shaping to it, and you even have a little extension below that grip So.

If you need to grab the pole at a lower spot, you can And. There is a flat top to this grip as well So you can palm the top of the pole if you need to A, really easy, adjust and comfortable strap at the top is going to help. Take that strain off of your wrists. As you are hiking These are aluminum poles So, you have got the durability of aluminum, but they are also very light weight.

So. The different sizes of this pole will weigh in at different weights, but they are ultra light weight for having the feature of that locking mechanism Moving down to the tip. You have Black Diamond’s tech tips So. These are a little bit smaller diameter of a basket on this tip And. It is a really great feature that Black Diamond includes two sets of tips. They include the carbide tips, which give you really good traction on dirt and on trails on ice as well And.

They also include a replicable rubber tip, which is what I have on here now. The rubber tip is great on improved surfaces or harder surfaces where you don’t want the carbide tip to slip around And. Those tips are included in a Velcro, strap The, Velcro strap that comes with the packaging has a small pocket in it, and the extra set of tips are in that pocket. When. You want to break down the poles for that small pack size.

What I normally do is pull the two sections at the top apart a little bit just so, I can get a thumb on that button, and I can press that down. Then you undo the other sections of the pole. You can undo the lock as well Make sure that is compressed down all the way. And. You have your small pack size So. These are great for trail. Runners. They are light weight enough that if you are running along and you need to throw them in your pack or something like that, you can either run with them or put them in a pack For ounce counting back packers.

These are great as well. And with that feature of being able to adjust the pole, these are a great option for anyone who wants more stability in the outdoors They are the Black Diamond Distance FLZ Poles.

What so kitty is rocking some new trekking poles that I got the Black Diamond distance flz, the carbon fiber? How do you like them so far? Superlight, hey! What’s up guys Devin here with backcountry exposure, we’re going to talk about trekking poles today, but specifically the distance carbon flz poles from Black Diamond as I’ve gotten older I, have really become to enjoy trekking poles as a great option to help me hike further and more comfortable in the backcountry. So let’s go ahead and talk about these carbon flz distance poles from Black Diamond, because these are easily the most expensive pole that I have ever owned.

As far as trekking poles are concerned, now I’ve used a lot of different, trekking poles over the years. I’ve had Black Diamond poles I’ve had two sets of Black Diamond poles actually, but not as expensive as these are I have they’re like trail series that are an aluminum pole, which is a three-piece extendable Pole, where this is like their Z breakdown type thing which I’ll show you here in a second and then I’ve used poles from Perea outdoor products. I’ve used poles from wild horn.

Outfitters mountain Smith’s, a lot of different brands and essentially like trekking poles, are all basically the same if you really think about it, but there are certain aspects to a trekking pole that make them more comfortable or super lightweight, and in this case this is a full carbon pole. So what you’re looking at is basically the entire shaft of the pole is carbon fiber. This pole set comes in at just under a pound total, which is crazy, crazy light weight, and that’s something that I really like about these poles is I’ve, been using them for the past several months, they’re just so light and so easy to use that they they make traveling with them really easy.

One of the things that I, don’t necessarily like about this pole, though, is the fact that it is that, like Z shape breakdown, which I’ll go ahead and show you right now, let me lower this down. Push this button in. So essentially, the pole breaks down in this sense, so it makes it a really small package to be able to put in your backpack and such, but if I’m using this for a tarp type situation, where I am setting up a shelter using trekking poles, then I don’t have as much versatility in being able to drop one end of the tarp by lowering the length or shortening the length of the pole like I can, with those 3-piece poles like the wild horn, Outfitters ones or like the the other Black Diamond trail series that I have so something to think about when you are considering.

But if you’re using a pole like this, it’s super lightweight to just hike, fast, really quick distances, which essentially this distance series from Black Diamond is meant more for that type of setting. But such a lightweight pole that it’s nice to have on the trail for any type of activity that you’re doing now. This does have this classic Black Diamond flick, lock system to it. So if I push that open, then I’m able to extend this to the different lengths that I have so. This pole happens to be the 105 to the 120 centimeter.

They do have a shorter one than this and then also a longer one than this. Looking at the top of the pole, you’ve got a molded evie. A foam and I do really like that they put these cutouts into the foam, so this makes it so it breathes really well on your on your hand, so that you’ve got not sweaty hands every time that you are hiking. But let me explain one thing that I do not like about this pole in particular: I’m, not a huge fan of black diamonds system right here, where they’ve got this piece of cordage around through the inside of the pole now base.

Typically, what this does is when I stick my hand through it. It allows for a little bit better articulation, but I notice that right here on the top of my hand or where my my thumb wraps around you I kind of digs in and because this is sewn right here, it could just be how I have it set right now, but the fact that, like that is right on where my hand rubs and where I’m trying to push down it, does cause a little bit of pain and discomfort right on my hand. So if I, if I, was using the pole, just like this, let’s see if I came down in this manner, which is not the the recommended way of using a trekking pole, then it would be more comfortable but coming up through and utilizing the strap around your wrist to effectively put the weight on the pole.

This type of sit setup with this strap is not ideal. I do like how I’ve seen on a bunch of other poles, even like Leki poles and the mountain Smith wands lots of different brands. This strap will attach onto the inside and kind of come over top of itself. Instead of wrapping around a piece of of cordage in for a pole, that’s almost $200 in price. That is something that can be kind of frustrating. So if we take a look on the bottom end of the pole, they do have a carbide tip on here and you have the option as well with what comes with the pole, to be able to switch out this tip to just like kind of a standard rubber tip, but the carbide tip is pretty standard for any kind of trekking pole and then with the fact that they break down into such a small package is a really really cool thing.

So I’m going to show you this one more time you guys are probably familiar with this and other types of poles, but black diamond basically are the. Are the brand that revolutionized, what trekking poles are capable of doing and really good designs? The flick, lock is is one of their cool things, so really small package and then to extend it and set it up. You basically drop those together and then slide this top tube down, and that gives you your rigid pull. So again, a full carbon fiber, pull really lightweight.

The pair is just under a pound like I mentioned before. I am a little concerned about how this button is gonna hold up over time against the carbon fiber, but it should be okay. The other carbon fiber pulls that I had were from Fox tele and that pole actually ended up breaking, which was pretty unfortunate, but there’s a good amount of flex in there, but they are super strong and have a lot of like trust in them and they’re just a great Pole in general, I’m rambling at this point.

But should somebody spend a hundred and eighty dollars on this pole? That’s totally up to you. You could get away with other types of carbon poles, but they are super lightweight and I think that black diamond really has a great product here well guys, so that is the carbon flz distance, poles from Black Diamond. These things are awesome. If you want to spend a hundred and eighty dollars on a set of trekking poles definitely check these out. Obviously, there are other options out there, but I think this is a great one to look at.

So thank you so much for watching guys, I’m gonna, head back out on the trail and get on hiking and, as always, please subscribe to the channel. I hope you guys have an awesome day.

When you’re doing a mountain ultra, you doubt about it, so I was really keen to test out these Black Diamond distance Carbon FL sets, which are three hundred and sixty grams at which retail at one hundred and sixty quid I am a 110 centimeter length. Typically, but the good thing about these is you can adjust them both for length and then snap them into keep them rigid, so actually reasonably easy, even for a non tank like me, so you adjust the lengths I’m, just gonna, bring up the camera here, bring that out, as you can see, I’m at around about 110 snap-in and then once you’re in you’re in then to actually activate the system.

You just pull the pole and snaps in and you’ve got the little debris at the top the little button and then to get rid of it again. You just put that in and step out, so really really simple to use. Now. What I liked about these poles is that they are sturdy. I was putting my full weight on some of the downhills, really leaning on them down. Boulders tried to go as fast as I could but Dad the boulders.

You are putting your weight on them, you’re, putting your trust in them. If one of these little fellas snaps you might snap – I found them very, very good for that. I previously have used Mountain, King, Danian poles, which I also really liked, but I would have found them far too light for the conditions we were in on the amorous trail race in the mountain race, so good, poles, very sturdy good at the bottom.

You’ve got the screw attachment as well. If you want to change for that, I, like the flexibility of height I, didn’t change my height at all during the race I’m around 110 I find that easy enough for going up and down they’re, not the lightest but as I say for me personally. I wanted the heft looking at the handles firm grip here, I didn’t get any blisters and I couldn’t use these before I went so I was worried that, because I hadn’t used them I would get blisters, I didn’t and good strong straps.

Personally I don’t use the straps because I’m always scared. If I have a fall that might break my wrist, but I know a lot of people do I’m sure it’s the right way to do it and these -. So to sum up a good sturdy, strong pole that I felt had my best interests at heart and wasn’t going to. Let me down.

Higher, so you can do vo2max productions here with a trekking pole review today we’re going to talk about black diamond distance, Carbon Z, trekking poles, and these are made out of carbon fiber they’re super lightweight. They come in four different sized versions depending on your height, and these are my first career, trekking poles, I’ll, admit I’m, not a super experienced, trekking pole type of guy, but man. These are light. Um sandy had I had some other trekking poles at sandy was using that were static and they didn’t fold up into thirds like these do and they were a little heavier but they’re.

So great poles for hiking around these are great for running if you’re doing fast, packing long-distance pole, maybe like a utmb, 100 type of race or one of those extreme vertic aureus is mountain races, Nolan’s 14, hardrock, whatever uh. This is the boy I heard to get and man. It is great carbon fiber construction again, and this nice soft EDA handle um I, think CV, a foam double check on that and I got. Let’s see, I got her for Sammy’s whoa she’s, coming back from Achilles tendon surgery and she’s been able to hike around, but the poles really allow her to hike up in the mountains and kind of take that strain that pressure off the legs, because you can engage the arms, especially on steep slopes or, if you’re, trying to balance yourself on rocky technical terrain.

Now the handy thing about these is that they fold up they fold up in thirds and you can stow them very easily again 9 ounces, amazing. They got these nice rubber tips on the end. It’s probably what they dig in real, durable we’ve been testing them out in the San Juans, we’re taking them to France, I may or may not use them for UTMB, but that’s to be decided still I’m going to Trainer them out in the Swiss Alps. So what I like is that they store really well. Oh I should also mention they have this nice lightweight wrist, strap that you see zhilie adjust and then you know slip it on and off so allows you to really not lose your poles I guess, but a great little addition, they’re super lightweight nice and breathable everything you want in a high-performance, trekking pole, so another product plug here sponsor plug.

Actually, this is the ultimate Direction groove system, mono system, velcro belt, the mother mono attachment trekking poles fit in the roped off sections up front here for easy access not going to drop them. The way I’d probably prefer to carry them for a race or a fast FK, T type effort. So that’s it for the product review of the carbon Z distance, trekking poles from Black Diamond again, real lightweight 9 ounce range type of trekking pole collapses into thirds real compact ideal for really fast efforts.

Ultra efforts in the mountains- or you know fast, packing or UTMB style, racing, hero, racing sky racing things like that. So real, versatile pole, great and compact, to carry great to use I’m still getting the hang of trekking poles, but I could see it as being a huge benefit for a lot of people. So that’s my review on the Black Diamond product stay tuned for some more product reviews from this channel. You can subscribe for more as well as training for UTMB and more adventure, videos to come and some speed go 50 K footage from last weekend, thanks for watching guys hope your summer training racing is going well and stay tuned for more via to max productions.


And I wanted to get new ones anyway, because that’s really dull, so I ordered these off Amazon for five or six bucks. I think this is dirt cheap. That says, to get these tips off the flex tips in boiling water for two minutes and then carefully pull the tip off pliers may be needed to install place the Flex tech tip into the pole and pound the tip into the ground to set it tightly in place.

These are genuine Black, Diamond replacement tips, which really surprises me for the Flex, very cheap price target. Two minutes: what’s your problem, just cuz I went downstairs and got my poles. You think we’re doing something: we’re not going anywhere: okay, Oh! That came off easy new tip. Well, that’s probably it okay, all right! So, okay, no more cracky, ready, yep! That says put this part in not the thick part.

We just yep, I, guess, I’ll put my baskets. We don’t have our new ones yet little ones they seem to screw on and then once they’re on they spin the basket. We sweet sweet.

Ein echter klassiker wenn es um trailrunning und trekking stöcke geht klassiker ist dann bleibt dran [Musik] hallo liebe werk war, nicht ist er ja und wir, wollen heute, über, einen, tracking trailrunning stock sprechen und wenn, ihr und das, thema denkt denkt ihr, wahrscheinlich zuerst, dann läge klar die marke ist irgendwie riesengroß, machen ja, auch nichts, anderes, als als, stöcke, besonders und trailrunning ist aber dieses gute, stück, hier auch, schon ja, so was wie ein goldstandard, oder ewig, schon, empfohlen nämlich der blackdiamond distance kartenset also said steht ihr, einfach für fall stock und ich durfte das gute stück ein bisschen testen will euch aber erst mal kurz ein bisschen was zu den features, erzählen klar, also der name: sagt schon kalkalpen, carbon ihr, habt, es mit dem carbon stock zu tun das, heißt er ist schön leicht black damit hat hier, aber zusätzlich an den an den gliedern nochmal eine aluminium verstärkung sondern was ihnen einfach noch mal eine ecke robuster macht ihr habt einen schönen schaumstoff griff der sieg greift ihr habt eine leichte schlaufe die jetzt nicht zum mega dick ist die auch gut vorstellen könnt ihr habt eine, kapitalspritze, im, lieferumfang enthalten ist außerdem eine gummi spitze also gerade wenn ihr irgendwie, fiel, er, auf fels, oder viel, mit auch straße oder, so zu tun habt, dann könnt ihr die spitzen wechseln die könnte, einfach mit einer, zange relativ einfach, abschrauben und wenn man, das, teil aufbauen will geht es auch relativ einfach lass es einfach fallen, zieht, hier das, oberste segment, runter dann kommt hier, so ein kleiner, knopf, raus und schon, ist der stock, auf wenn man, zusammen machen will machen wir das genauso und er hatten wir da zusammen und wie schlägt sich jetzt der blackdiamond distance kabel, set auf dem trail, ich würde sagen ganz gut ich habe tatsächlich wenig auszusetzen das, auf- und zumachen geht, prima der griff ist schön festen und kann gut greifen gerade auch wegen, diesen, willen hier.

Also, das ist wirklich liegt richtig bombe in der hand die schlaufe, könnt, ihr, relativ, ein oder geht geht sehr leicht zu verstellen durch diesen klettverschluss hier er ist schön griffig gibt, halt auf dem trail, also da kann man, wirklich wenig negatives, finden, einziges, kleines manko will ich sagen ist dass die griff verlängerung für meinen geschmack ein bisschen, länger hätte gehen, können weil, man, kann ihn, zwar gut greifen, aber vielmehr spiel hat man, dann nach unten nicht, also, das ist ein bisschen ein einziger punkt, wo, ich sage da hätte, ich gerne noch ein bisschen, mehr, ansonsten macht, er das war, so soll er ist leicht lässt sich gut zusammen verhalten er lässt sich auch gut im, rucksack verstauen keine probleme wer ein bisschen, bedenken hatte das, carbon angeht die kann, ich euch nehmen, also ich bin jetzt seit eine ahnung sieben jahren mit karbon stücken acht jahren mit karbon stock in den bergen und also gebrochen ist mir da noch keine von daher das zeug ist robust da brauchte keine angst davor zu haben, wenn ihr euch den track damit distance, karl und sagt, jetzt zulegen wollte, kein problem gibt es natürlich, bei unserem workshop zu kaufen für 140 euro ovp mal daumen und die gibt es in vier längen, also 100 110 und 120 130 cm also ist kein variable stock sondern fix langstock, welche größe braucht, so ein bisschen, abhängig von eurer, körpergröße und der längere arme, also wenn ihr den stock in der hand, halten und auf den boden stellt solltet, ihr noch, so einen winkel von ungefähr, 90 grad haben, dann ist es perfekt es gibt, aber auch stock lang, rechner im internet wo, ihr das, relativ schnell ausrechnen können, ich habe mich für die 120 cm variante, entschieden weil, es für mich mit einem meter, 82 perfekt passt und in der variante wiegt er 290 gramm was ich auch ganz gut findet ja, das war, es von mir, ich hoffe euch hat das, video gefallen wir, lassen, uns, gerne, leichter, folgt, uns, hier, auf youtube und wenn, ihr noch fragen, zum stock habt, dann gerne rein in die, kommentare mit, ich bin dann aus für heute und sagen, wir, mal, [Musik].

CAMMPO Collapsible Lightweight Aluminum Trail Running Poles

CAMMPO Collapsible Lightweight Aluminum Trail Running Poles

  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The collapsible trekking poles take up minimal room in your backpack or suitcase!
  • EASY TO USE: Quickly extend or collapse the hiking poles using the guaranteed Flip Lock system. The hiking poles adjust from 24” to 54” – suitable for adults up to 6’4″ and built with 7075 Aluminum which is tougher than Carbon Fiber.
  • BUILT FOR ENDURANCE: Our customers wanted hiking poles to be able to last in tough conditions of backpacking, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, and mountaineering. Whether you choose a relaxing walk around the neighborhood or an extreme route on the mountain, CAMMPO hiking poles will EASE THE BURDEN on your joints and SECURE your feet making every hike or walk an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • VERSATILE! The adjustable trekking poles are ready for all your favorite adventures: backpacking, hiking, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, climbing, mountaineering. The Tungsten Carbide Tip of the hiking stick provides stability and traction.
  • COMPLETE WITH ACCESSORIES: 2 mud baskets, 2 rounded all purpose tips, 2 boot tips, 2 snow baskets, and a carry bag for the trekking poles.
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Package Dimensions: 26 x 4 x 2.2 inches; 1.5 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: CAMMPO
  • Brand: CAMMPO
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Gray
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Length: 54 Inches
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trail Running Poles

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trail Running Poles

  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world’s best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
  • Trail Running Poles

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 3 inches; 1.3 Pounds
  • Item model number: Black Diamond
  • Manufacturer: Black Diamond
  • Type: Trail Running Poles

I love that they fold into such a tiny space they fit in a small comfortable to hold onto and are tough I’ve been using them on very rocky terrain, with no problems at all perfect. Very sturdy. Poles with comfortable cork handles big improvement from previous version. I love the foam extension as it allows flexibility and grip placement on uneven terrain, incredible value on an amazon, sale, excellent lightweight carbon trekking poles.

I like the fact you buy the right size, no lengthening or shortening just a flick to straighten them from folded and click into place. Far superior to my last aluminium poles. Well worth the money easy to use, strong and durable, accompanied me, 150, kilometers product looks good bought as a present. Am I waiting to hear from the recipient as to how good they are top notch polls. Save me, hiking around mt hood, highly recommend to anyone.

These poles are great for ultra marathon running. They are easy to fold up and strap to my pack. The only downfall is that they do not have adjustable length. However, mine fit me perfectly, so you should have no issues if you size them properly. These walking poles are lightweight and strong being carbon. They are very good, walking poles with very little flex in them best poles, I’ve ever used. The poles were exactly what I needed for trail running.

I run on some steep trails and I needed a pair of foldable sturdy poles. These fit the bill.

Carbon Z trekking poles, they have a lightweight compact, foldable design and some features that make them absolutely ideal for year-round use. The shaft sections are constructed entirely of ultra lightweight carbon, but aluminum sleeves strengthen the connection points between the shafts, an internal cord, connects all three shaft sections and ensures stability when pulled taut and locked in place.

The simple, push-button design makes the poles easy to assemble and disassemble note that the poles aren’t adjustable in length, but they are available in 100, 110, 120 and 130 centimeter lengths to accommodate users of varying heights I really liked a dual construction of the grips. The cork in the upper section provides a confident, textured handhold in the humidity of summer and the cold of winter.

An extended section of foam allows you to switch up your grip, which is really handy on switchbacks and side hill traverses, when you might find that one pole is landing in a different position than the other padded adjustable straps. Take stress off your wrists, adding versatility, black diamonds, flex, tech tips, let you choose between carbide and rubber tips, depending on the surface.

Two sets of baskets are included, and the broader of the two allows the poles to function better on soft ground or in snow when the poles might otherwise think too deeply to give you optimal support delivering all season. Backcountry performance there, the Black, Diamond Alpine, carbon Z, poles call us with your questions or visit our store at bat country.

Edge. Comm subscribe to stay tuned and follow us for the latest in outdoor gear. Great deals and trail knowledge we’re the gear specialists at backcountry, edge, awesome gear, amazing service, see you on the trail.

Light weight, packable design, The collapsible construction of these poles enables them to pack down far smaller than traditional, trekking poles, making them an interesting option for mountaineers, hikers or backpackers Let’s. Take a closer look at the feature set of the Alpine Carbon Z trekking poles. I have broken down the pole. To give you a better idea of those packed dimensions.

This pole is available only in fixed length options. So, you do not have a range of adjustability in these poles But Black Diamond has made them available in four different lengths to accom-modate users of varying heights. So. You have got your choice of 100, 110, 120 or 130 centimeter length options. I have got the 120 centimeter version here in front of me now And you can see.

It has got that 16 inch, packed size again really convenient You pick up another inch. If you move to the 130 centimeters and you come down the line in pack size. If you go with the shorter length options, Before I put the pole back into place here. I want to point out that flexible cording that runs the length of the poles and connects all four sections of the poles Very light weight.

But surprisingly, strong and durable To put the poles together, get them to that full exten-sion. You just align the shaft sections and pull the handle until you hear that positive click, There is a little push button there that ensures that your poles hold that fixed length confidently But again that push button design also makes it quite easy to collapse them again.

When you are done. Really nice grips on the Alpine Carbon Z, poles You have got nice texturing on that natu-ral cork grip really confident handle There are some nice ergonomics. You also have an extended foam section below that top grip So. If you are thinking about again, these be-ing all season poles, you might be using these with gloves. You might be using them on steep slopes and changing the direction on those slopes.

So. You could have any number of instances where you want to grab the poles, at least for a moment at a slightly different point than at that that top grip, and that extension comes in really handy. You also have straps at the top of the grips. These are adjustable Nice bit of padding on the interior fabric of those straps, also a kind of wicking lining there that adds to comfort as well Adjust those straps.

It helps to take the strain and the stress off your wrists, as you are using the poles Turn the poles around to other end. So we can take a look at the point of the poles that is coming into contact with the ground. This entire section, three and half four inch section at that attaches to the lowest portion or the lowest shaft section is designed in such a fashion that, if you would get yourself in some kind of situation where your carbon fiber poles might snap or break let’s say you have wedged it between two rocks or something like that.

This will actually break away and kind of save the integrity of the shaft section itself. And, that is a nice feature, as this is replaceable On. The very end you can see these come equipped with carbide tip ends, On dirt on trails on softer surfaces like that. That is certainly the tip end that is going to serve you best. But Black Diamond does include rubber tips, This carbide portion will unscrew and you can replace it with that rubber tip And.

This functions a lot better on smoother rock or certainly on improved surfaces, and can be a nice swap out even for travel purposes. If you put the carbide tips, maybe off of clothes or other things. If you have got these packed away, You will see this fairly broad diameter basket on these poles That this actually wider or broader than you find on traditional poles, because again, these were designed with the expectation that for year round use or alpine use So on softer surfaces and in snow.

Certainly this is going to slow the travel of the poles deeper into the ground than you want them to And. That is important in enabling the poles to function at their highest lev-el Adding to functionality. Here, Black Diamond throws in some really broad diameter bas-kets. So what I think of more as deep powder basket where that snow is even deeper? You are more likely to be sinking into Nice functionality by being able to screw those into place with threading.

That is there on the bottom. Again Black Diamond includes adds great value to these poles So in the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z, trekking pole. You have got year round per-formance with that light weight, but durable carbon construction. Those swappable bas-kets that work well in the snow and in the softer surfaces You have got those really nice cork grips and again that collapsibility.

That makes these such stream lined options for hiking for mountaineering for backpacking.

I have used my black diamond alpine on the pacific crest trail on the rotter vicentena in portugal, and countless other hikes here in the uk and around the world uh. So it’s about time, I gave you my full review. Let’s go hello russ here, bringing you the best tips and inspiration for hiking around the world. If all of that sounds right up your street then do consider hitting that subscribe button below for more content.

Just like this, every single week I used to be so against using trekking poles. I didn’t know how to use them properly. Uh, if you really want to find out how to use trekking poles properly, then do hit this link up here in the corner. To my how to use trekking poles like a pro video, it will teach you all of the basics after I learned how to use these properly and the fact that they’re multiple use, I can’t go back to not using them, especially on longer hikes.

What I used to do is I’d just stick to one trekking pole and only use it if the terrain got a little bit uh hard on the feet and on the ankles. But, as I said after learning how to use these properly, I was able to crush way more miles with a lot less strain on my body. The black diamond alpine carbon cork, trekking poles cost me 105 pounds on amazon. They have a carbon fiber shaft, a natural cork handle aluminium flick, locks and a comfy, webbing and foam on the strap.

These chicken poles are super light and super strong. They haven’t failed me on the trail at all, because these poles are made out of carbon fiber. They are super light and super strong. They have a really good natural cork grip on the handle which wicks off more sweat. It’s a lot more comfortable and it allows you to have a better grip and they both come with little right and left signifiers on the wrist straps, which really helps with making sure you’ve got the right trekking pole in each hand, they have a really comfortable wrist, strap with some mesh on the inside and a long piece of webbing so that you can adjust it.

They come with included dust baskets and they also come with a set of snow baskets as well. More on that later, in this video, they have a rubberized handle on the top, which is really comfortable for downhill walking. They have two telescopic shafts and one main shaft. Those have two aluminium flip locks on the shaft, which are much easier to use, especially when you’re wearing gloves they’re much more hard wearing they’re, more reliable than your twist kind of action adjustable ones, and they are much stronger.

They also have these long kind of hard foam extensions on the shaft just under the handle which make them a much more versatile, trekking pole. They also have really clear measurement markers on the shafts, which makes it really easy to tell exactly how long you’re setting these up at with the flick locks. It’s also really easy to adjust the flick. Locks they’ve got a flat head screw on there.

You can just tighten that, however, you wish, but I’ve never actually had to adjust them since I’ve had these trekking poles, as you can see on the shaft. I also like to have a little bit of gorilla tape, but it’s just a good place to put it, it keeps it safe and you just wrap it around the shaft and whenever you need it, just cut a bit off with your pocket knife and you can patch up holes in your tent and things like that.

It’s just a little hack that I like to do with my trekking poles. They also have removable carbide tips, so you can take these off change them, really easy. You can put rubber tips on them as well, and these trekking poles also come with a rubber tip as well that you can just slide on and off for walking on really flat surfaces. Such as roads or pavements after using these for hundreds of miles on the rv, the pct and other countless weekend, trips uh, I found them to be really light and super strong.

I’ve never had an issue with them. I haven’t had to adjust the flick locks once as I’ve said and they’re really perfect for trekking pole tents. I found with my trekking pole, tents because of their telescopic capabilities and the fact that they’re so strong and light. It’s really good for setting up my top 10 stratosphere, because once you’ve got the four corners in you just put the top into the grommet, and then you just extend it and you get the right amount of tension for the tent.

The same goes for my z-pack soleplex. I really love having these instead of those twist action ones. You know what I really do. Love the cork handles on these they’re, really comfortable uh people say that they mold to the shape of your hand. I don’t know how true that is. They look pretty much the same as when I got them, but they wick off the sweat, really well uh.

So to keep your hands dry and comfortable, I don’t get blisters on the palms of my hand, like I used to do with my lucky ones, which were made out of rubber on the handle so yeah. The cork on the handles is a definite plus for me and I probably won’t be going back to a rubber one at all. I really love how light these are for their sturdiness. Um can’t go wrong with that.

Another one of my favorite things about these trekking poles is how small they collapse down to so when they’re fully collapsed. They’re, probably about I, don’t know a foot long, something like that, but they don’t stick out from the side pocket of your backpack too much um yeah. Just I really love how short they are when they’re fully collapsed, and my favorite feature is probably how reliable the flick locks are.

Like I said, I haven’t actually adjusted these once and they’re really easy to use they’re a little bit stiff when you first get them, but over time they just slightly adjust and loosen a little bit but, as I said, never had to adjust them very reliable, haven’t broken on me and yeah good flip locks, my first pet peeve with these is that the snow baskets they come off.

This really short thread really easily, especially if you’re like walking in snow and if you do like little twists while you’re walking. If you do it the right way over and over again, they will come off and while I was on the pct, I was going through the san jacinto and I’m walking and I’ve got my trekking poles everything’s fine and I stop and I look and I’m like damn.

I’ve lost one of my snow baskets and it it could have been left like 10 miles down the trail. Who knows hope somebody picked it up and put it in the trash, but yeah they do come off very easily. Just make sure that you’ve screwed your snow baskets on really securely and they’re right to the end of the thread, and it will ensure that they don’t come off so easily. I did say that I really love the cork handles, but my only pet peeve with them is that they’ve started to chip off already actually two pet peeves.

They started to chip off already. I don’t know how much that’s going to continue, but there’s some little bits of cork missing and they do get really dirty really quickly. All of that sweat and dirt and grime has just kind of built up on the inside of them and yeah. They don’t look as nice and fresh as they did. When I first got them. I haven’t tried cleaning them because I don’t want to like damage the cork in any way.

If anyone knows of any good cleaning tips for the handles of the um cork handles on these trekking poles or any other cork handle trekking poles do let us know below. In the comments section and my last pet peeve is the the straps while they’re really comfortable and very good and they’re. Very well placed uh; they don’t quite go as tight enough for my wrists and my hands as I’d have liked like that’s.

It looks like it’s got a little bit more, give to it and a little bit more room to go, but I can’t actually tighten those anymore. So when I put them on, I wish my hands were just a little bit higher up, but it was just like these are just the smallest tiniest little things that I can definitely get over. They are really small pet peeves and everything else definitely comes up trumps with these trekking poles.

What trekking poles are you using for your three hikes and why let us know down below in the comments section, the trailhunter community would love to hear from you thanks for watching this review of my black diamond alpine carbon cork trekking poles thumbs. If you liked it subs, if you loved it and I’ll, see you in the next one.


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