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  Sidi Zero Gore-Tex Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider EPS Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider Canvas Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Code Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott MTB Prowl-R RS Cycling Shoe - Men's Louis Garneau Tri Air Shoe - Men's Lake MX105 Mountain Bike Shoe Shimano SH-AM9 Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's
  Sidi Zero Gore-Tex Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider EPS Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider Canvas Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Code Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott MTB Prowl-R RS Cycling Shoe - Men's Louis Garneau Tri Air Shoe - Men's Lake MX105 Mountain Bike Shoe Shimano SH-AM9 Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's
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Brand Sidi Five Ten Giro Shimano Five Ten Lake Lake Louis Garneau Sidi Scott
Cleat Compatibility 3-bolt road 2-bolt 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt mountain - 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt mountain 3-bolt road 3-bolt road 2-hole MTB
Closure 1 ratcheting buckle, 2 hook-and-loop straps lace Boa, Techlace lace, hook-and-loop strap lace 2 side mounted IP1 BOAs dial hook-and-loop strap, BOA L6 Tecno-3 dial, hook-and-look straps Boa IP1 dial, hook-and-loop strap
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 year limited
Recommended Use road cycling trail, all-mountain cross-country, cyclocross, trail mountain biking, downhill, enduro, trail downhill, enduro, trail cross-country, cyclocross trail triathlon road cycling mountain bike
Sole Millenium 4 Carbon Composite Stealth S1 rubber Vibram EVA foam Stealth Phantom rubber, Stealth Dotty tread pattern carbon fiber Trail V, with removable fleat cover Carbon Air Lite composite Millenium 5 carbon composite fiberglass-reinforced, nylon co-injected, Sticki rubber compound
Upper Material Technomicro leather Evofiber synthetic leather canvas kangaroo leather, Thermaform carbon fiber waxed canvas, Teltile synthetic, DWR coated microfiber, mesh microfiber microtech mesh microfiber, 3D nylon
Claimed Weight - [single, size 9] 1lb 1.4oz [size 42.5 single] 345g [pair, size 40] 800g 13.9oz - - [single] 235g - [size 8.5] 13.4 oz
Footbed - heat-reflective SuperNatural cup insole - - - Ventilated IceFil Transfo 3D insole with 3 adjustable arches - ErgoLogic with adjustable arch support

Sidi Zero Gore-Tex Cycling Shoe - Men's

To extend your riding into the colder and wetter seasons of fall, winter, and early spring, you need solid coverage for your feet. Shoe covers do an adequate job, but they can be a hassle to take on and off, they often don't protect as well as a dedicated winter cycling shoe, and you risk marring your summer shoes from inclement conditions. Using a Gore-Tex membrane combined with Sidi's proven shoe technologies, the Zero Gore-Tex Cycling Shoe will keep your feet warm and dry in the unpredictable shoulder seasons with the quality and performance you expect from Sidi shoes.

The uppers are made of eco-friendly and durable Mircrotech microfiber mesh, with a water-repellant and breathable Gore-Tex membrane lining. Gore-Tex blocks road spray, precipitation, and cold drafts while remaining breathable to let heat and water vapor escape during harder training rides, keeping you dry instead of clammy when body temp rises and perspiration ensues. The taller neoprene ankle cuff with hook-and-loop strap enhances protection from the elements, with Sidi's effective Tecno-3 closure to dial in the fit with micro-adjustment capabilities and a quick release.

This is a performance winter shoe after all, so Sidi incorporates their Millenium 5 carbon composite sole. The infusion of carbon into a nylon matrix creates a stiff sole with efficient power transfer that withstands prolonged use and drastic temperature changes. To further improve power transfer, a reinforced heel cup keeps your foot in an optimal position and avoids deformation from extreme performance or prolonged pressure. It's worth noting that the sole has replaceable heel pads, and the Tecno-3 closure is replaceable as well, contributing to the long life span Sidi shoes are known for.

  • Sidi road cycling shoes for cold and wet conditions
  • Gore-Tex shields from the elements while remaining breathable
  • Durable microfiber mesh uppers withstand prolonged use
  • Carbon composite sole delivers efficient power transfer
  • Tecno-3 closure allows quick fit, even tension, micro-adjustment
  • Reinforced heel cup prevents heel-slip & strengthens the shoe
  • Ankle cuff adds additional protection from cold & wet
  • Replaceable heel pads & closure ensure long lifespan
  • Item #SID009J
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    Five Ten Freerider EPS Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When everyone else packs up for the season, cleaning their bikes then storing them away in the garage citing cold and wet weather, you grab your Five Ten Freerider EPS Shoes and head out to enjoy crowd-free trails for the first time all year. You know that if you grab some beefy plus-sized tires and stay low and out of the mountains, riding through the colder months doesn't have to be all that difficult—if you have the right gear.

    Five Ten makes sure your extremities don't miss out on staying warm by sneaking ultralight PrimaLoft insulation along the length of the Freerider EPS' instep and tongue, which creates a lofted layer of insulation next to your feet as they grind it out on the trails. Its Stealth S1 rubber outsole makes another triumphant appearance on the outside of the shoe, giving you its signature sticky grip on slick rocks and rugged hike-a-bike sections of trail.

    Using just one piece of leather to construct each shoe's upper, Five Ten avoids seaming and limits the amount of water that could soak through the shoe as you're rallying through mud puddles and rain storms. A fully gusseted tongue furthers the cause, and a heat-reflective footbed paired with a cushy, insulated foam liner finish off this capable dirty secret of winter riding.

  • Cold and wet weather won't keep this shoe off the trails
  • Lightweight PrimaLoft adds breathable insulation
  • One-piece uppers allow less water into the shoe
  • Rugged outsole delivers Five Ten's signature hiking grip
  • Item #FVT002B
  • Hey folks I'm jaden with fanatic bike company and I've got here the new 510 free rider eps shoe I've been riding. This shoe for about a month or so now and lately we've had about the wettest. Fall on record so far for the pacific northwest so i feel like I've given this. A pretty good run for its money so far. My feet have stayed dry and warm i haven't really had any issues so I'm. Pretty happy with the shoe at this point a couple features on this to talk about. It's got a full leather toe here there's. No seams or anything for water to seep through we have primaloft insulation which is. Gonna be the key factor in keeping your feet warm it's definitely not a shoe. You're gonna want to wear in the summer it'll be way too hot also pull the. Insole out you'll notice there's a reflective heat shield here which keeps. The warmth towards your foot and not. Escaping out to the bottom of the shoe. Other than that we have the classic s1. Stealth rubber sole it keeps your feet glued to the pedals at all times we as well. Have a pretty decent overlap here on the. Tongue which again is designed to kind. Of keep water and mud out of the shoe. And we also have a high-top version so. The top and high tops so that whatever. Strikes your fancy we got you covered there and that's it for the 510 for your. Outer eps.

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    Five Ten Freerider Canvas Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Five Ten's men's Freerider Canvas Shoes may not be the first pair of kicks to fit in on the trail, at the park, or at the bar, but they are the first to marry the Freerider body and sole to the always-appropriate look of canvas. By cloaking a pedal-ready build with a canvas upper, the Freerider Canvas Shoes effectively transcend the trail.

    Five Ten officially classifies the Freerider Canvas as "lifestyle inspired." Given the shoes' non-marking, grippy Phantom soles and Stealth Dotty tread, this opaque description must translate to shoes that keep your feet riveted to pedals, skate decks, or barstool rails while leaving no trace on hardwood or stained concrete.

  • Flat pedal mountain bike shoes stylish enough for casual wear
  • Durable canvas uppers withstand years of abuse on and off the trail
  • Stealth rubber offers tacky grip but won’t mark up your floors
  • Dotted tread pattern stays glued to the pedals over rough terrain
  • One-piece molded cupsole offers support for hard impacts
  • Item #FVT000S
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    Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's

    It's hard to overstate the reputation Sidi shoes have earned over the past few decades, earning a cult-like following throughout the peloton and amongst self-sponsored cyclists alike. Built with extra circulation-saving space to free your toes from the confines of regular-width shoes, the Genius Fit Carbon Mega Shoe is the stuff of dreams for wide-hoofed cyclist. Stock up on a few pairs of these to keep cramped toes and pressure points a thing of the past on your road rides.

    The Genius Fit Carbon closes with Sidi's beloved ratcheting buckle system and two hook-and-loop straps, giving you freedom to make minute adjustments along your instep and working with a plush Soft Arch Compression Strap to prevent numbness and pressure from interrupting your pedal stroke. Sidi uppers are known for being some of the toughest of all, so throw any amount of rain, humidity, and road grit at the Technomicro synthetic uppers and be prepared to wait years before you see any significant signs of wear. Sidi balances their durability with well-placed mesh vents along the uppers, which prevent the inside of the shoe from resembling the walls of a greenhouse during hot rides. Finally, Sidi rounds out the Genius Fit with its Millennium 4 Carbon Composite outsole. The rigid platform will energetically deliver power from your legs to your frame, refusing to flex even when you're throwing watts onto the pedals at the end of a climb.

  • Millennium 4 Carbon Composite outsole
  • 1 ratcheting buckle and 2 hook-and-loop strap closure
  • Technomicro synthetic uppers with mesh venting
  • Wide fit
  • Item #SID007X
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    Giro Code Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Giro footwear is famous for fit and comfort, and the Code Techlace Shoes are no exception. Giro crafts a race-bred shoe for riders who want efficient power transfer without sacrificing durability on rugged trails and harsh conditions.

    First launched on its road shoes, the revolutionary Techlace system comes to dirt, combining the comfort of laces with the convenience of a strap for dialing in a near-custom fit with easy adjustments on-the-fly. By replacing D-rings and other hardware with laces, the Techlace system provides a better fit across the forefoot and as a bonus, the laces can be easily replaced if damaged. Improving upon the adjustability of the two-strap system, Giro partnered with Boa to offer precise adjustments and a secure feeling at the top of the instep using its L6 dial, providing adjustment in 1mm increments when tightening.

    The upper features Giro's proprietary one-piece Evofiber microfiber for a superb fit that conforms to your foot and doesn't stretch over time. Perforations provide adequate ventilation when the mercury rises, and an adjustable SuperNatural Fit Kit reaffirms that focus on internal comfort by letting you custom-tune the insole with three different arch support inserts.

    The Easton EC70 carbon composite sole offers pro-level stiffness that remains comfortable on hike-a-bike sections and while running between the barriers. A low, 6.5mm stack height reduces the amount of material between foot and pedal for efficient power transfer and quick clip-ins. The sole is finished with a tough and grippy Vibram rubber outsole that provides protection and traction anytime you're not clipped in. Each shoe also includes fittings for two toe spikes for extra traction when you really need to dig in.

  • Offroad cycling shoes for trail and CX use
  • Hybrid closure ensures near custom fit and easy adjustment
  • Stiff Easton sole keeps weight low and stiffness high
  • Option of toe spikes provides traction while shouldering the bike
  • Synthetic upper conforms to the foot and is highly durable
  • Item #GIR00GO
  • Hi this is bike shoes.com and today we have the g bilko tech lace mountain bike. Shoes the code tech lace is made for. Mountain bikers who wanted a spread sheet with style and performance the. Upper features at one piece evil fiber microfiber that confined your foot for a natural fit and ventilation for those. Hotter days on the trail it has a. Supernatural footbed that lets your foot custom tune itself for comfort and the tech waste system makes its way to the. Dirt fast museu justments along with the. Boa system to dial you into the perfect fit it has a nice can ec 7 carbon. Composite soul coupled with grippy vibram rubber for traction and protection the shoe is available for men. And women and multiple sizes and color options at bike shoes.com.

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    Scott MTB Prowl-R RS Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Scott Men's MTB Prowl-R RS Shoe is built for the demanding trail rider pedaling across technical singletrack strewn with root lattices and chunky rock gardens. The Boa IP1 closure works in tandem with Scott's Wrap-fit upper, which provides a micro-adjustable fit that conforms to your foot like a glove. The Boa dial tightens with a quick turn for hassle-free adjustments, releasing with a single push when it's time to kick off your shoes after riding.

    Differentiating it from others on the market, the ErgoLogic removable footbed provides customizable support and premium shock absorption. Adjustable arch support conforms to your individual arch geometry for a truly customized fit, regardless if you have a low, medium, or high-volume foot. Poron foam dissipates vibration and jarring impacts from fatiguing your feet across technical trails. The footbed also features a metatarsal button, which reduces forefoot numbness, especially when you're cranking the shoe's Boa dial as tight as possible.

    Transferring pedaling motion into forward acceleration, the fiberglass-reinforced, nylon co-injected sole provides an efficient platform when you're cranking up steep alpine trails and maintaining speed across undulating terrain. Scott rates it as a 7 of 10 on for stiffness, meaning it's highly efficient, yet not overly stiff like race-specific carbon soles. 

  • Aggressive trail shoe delivers a powerful pedaling platform
  • Boa IP-1 dial provides a micro-adjustable fit and quick exit
  • Wrap-fit upper conforms to your foot like a second skin
  • Ergologic footbed eliminates tired arches and foot pain
  • Nylon and fiberglass sole for pedaling efficiency
  • Sticki rubber tread grips across rugged trails
  • Item #SCO00K4
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    Louis Garneau Tri Air Shoe - Men's

    Your search for a premium tri shoe can end here with the Tri Air Shoe from Louis Garneau. It took its bestselling Tri-400 shoe and gave it some meaningful updates to improve the comfort so you can focus on racing and training and not sore feet. By providing exceptional cooling, supporting the feet, and transferring power efficiently, you can expect lower times between T1 and T2.

    Louis Garneau uses heat-shielding materials on the shoe’s upper that helps reflect the sun’s rays and thus, heat, keeping your feet as cool as possible. Furthermore, it also places mesh vents in strategic areas and uses a ventilated Carbon Air Lite outsole. This allows for impressive airflow all while still maintaining a really stiff outsole for efficient transfer.

    What we're most excited about though is the addition of its patent-pending X-Comfort Zones to both the inner and outer sides of the upper. First seen on its top-tier road shoe, the X-Comfort Zone allows for an expandable area of the shoe providing 5-10 mm of non-restrictive expansion while still providing ample support. That means a reduction or elimination of numbness and hotspots all while accommodating various widths.

  • Louis Garneau's premium tri shoe for snagging PRs
  • Heat-shielding microfiber and mesh upper keep feet cooler
  • Large heel tab aids in faster transitions
  • BOA L6 dial and hook and loop closure secures the foot
  • Carbon Air Lite outsole provides airflow and stiffness
  • Dual X-Comfort Zones improve the fit and comfort
  • Ventilated IceFil Transfo 3D insole with 3 adjustable arches dials in the fit keeps feet cool
  • Item #LGN00M7
  • Hey guys been up at try shop today we're. Looking at the new track 400 shoe from. Louis garneau on the bit side this shoe. Uses a boa ratcheting system versus a velcro strap that allows you to literally dial in the fit you prefer the. Power strap on the upper is fully adjustable it allows you to cinch up the shoe as tight as you like utilizes a low. Pull tab that doesn't rub up against your heel once your foot is already in the shoe unique to the shoe is the anti slip heel that utilizes material that. Really holds your foot into place once your foot is in the shoe on the. Performance side this shoe is all about keeping your feet cool and dry with serious venting on the outsole as well as the insole the outsole of the shoe is. Comprised of carbon with titanium inserts making it one of the stiffest shoes on the market and new for 2015 lg. Has provided additional cleat adjust ability in the outsole for those who want to be able to pull their cleats further back another cool feature is the. Loop lg is provided allows your shoes to. Stay more level while you're running through transition lg has really. Delivered with the tri 402 shoe jam-packed with some pretty unique features for those racing hot weather races like buffalo springs iron man texas. Or kona this shoe will go a long way in. Keeping you a little bit more comfortable on race day. You.

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    Lake MX105 Mountain Bike Shoe

    Sure, some people might kit up for the trail with the stiffest carbon shoes possible, putting themselves through torture to gain speed, but you're more for the comfort side of things, and we can respect that. To offer you a softer fit than race-ready kicks, Lake created the MX105 Mountain Bike Shoe. At first glance they may look like a sneaker, but don't be fooled — the MX105 is ready to take to the trail, with a supportive Trail V outsole, and lightweight canvas and Teltile synthetic uppers, and a DWR coating to keep your toes dry in light showers. The outsole has a profile more akin to a hiking boot than a bike shoe, offering you tons of grip with deep lugs when you've got to hike-a-bike across a precarious log bridge, or simply want to get off trail a few feet to check out the view. The sole also features a removable cleat plate cover, allowing you to skip the clipless pedals and opt for caged pedals or flats.

  • A comfort driven shoe for casual trail riding
  • Waxed canvas and Teltile uppers repel water
  • Boa closure helps dial in the perfect fit
  • Trail V outsole offers big lugs for hiking a bike
  • Tacky Vibram rubber grips slick roots and rocks on foot
  • Switch from clipless to flats with removable cleat plate
  • Shoes are treated with DWR coating to shed water and mud
  • Item #LKC002Q
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and today we have the lake mxz 200 winter mountain bike shoes the standard for this. Winter's riding is in lake mxz 200 with the taiking boot aesthetics this shoe is gonna keep your feet warm and comfortable for hike up bike situations and everyday winter riding disguised by. Its leather upper and lace closure as a heavy-duty waterproof membrane coupled with it insulate lining to keep your foot dry and worn the lace-up closure. Gives your foot more leverage to wear thicker socks and adjust the boot to your liking and as a nice mountain v vibram outsole for traction and walking comfort this shoe accepts to both spd. Style cleats and is available at bike shoes calm.

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    Shimano SH-AM9 Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Gearing up for gravity days usually includes a full face helmet and big body armor to protect you from major hits, but don't forget about properly equipping your feet as well. Don the Shimano Sh-AM9 Bike Shoes for a little extra toe protection, in a build that's lightweight and breathable, so you don't feel weighted down or end up with a wicked case of hot-foot mid lap. The SH-AM9 is built to be tough and stand up to stray branches, grabby roots, and chunky rocks, with a tacky sole for when hiking a bike is a must, and a recessed clipless platform that stays out of the way when walking, but allows you to snap in for maximum power when its pedal time.

    Made from synthetic leather uppers, the SH-AM9 is durable and repels the elements. It naturally keeps water rolling off so you can stay dry, but features laser cut perforations to boost breathability. It uses a quick lace system that's easy to slide on and off, and features a large, hook and loop lace cover to keep your instep and laces protected from trail debris. At the ankle you'll find another hook and loop strap that adds just a bit more support, so you don't have to worry about heel slip on the ride, plus asymmetrical padding to protect you from hits on the inside from crank arms or frames. Your toes also stay well protected in the AM9's, first with a molded toe cap that provides armor against rocks and roots, and second with a lighter weird shield that moves from the toe to sides of your foot, providing protection to the widest points that might be more likely to catch a branch.

    On the bottom, the shoes use Shimano's AM sole for aggressive downhill riding. This uses a 3-layer construction, with a stiff midsole for support that keeps from over-flexing on the pedal, and tacky rubber on the outsole to keep you locked in when walking is a must. The outsole features direction specific tread patterns, with tread to propel you forward at the toe box, and opposite direction lugs at the heel to help with braking when moving downhill. As mentioned before, the sole features a recessed cleat channel in the center, which enables you to run flats with full rubber to pedal contact when needed, or opt for any 2-bolt mountain cleat you want when it's time to clip in.

  • Gravity ready clipless shoes for that shield your toes
  • Synthetic leather uppers shield from mud and water
  • Laser cut perforations help keep your feet cool
  • Speed lace system for fast off and on
  • Lace shield protects from trail debris
  • Molded toe cap adds extra armor for your little piggies
  • AM sole provides stiff support and tacky rubber lugs
  • Item #SHI00F1
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    Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You spent your winter training hard, rotating between hours in the gym and hours on the rollers so you can steamroll into race season already in your prime condition. But your race-ready physique shouldn't end with your training routine — you'll surely need intensely stiff shoes that don't waiver under the power you put out, like Lake's MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe. Designed perform under heat, stress, and power, the MX332's feature featherweight carbon fiber soles that are intensely stiff under pressure, without a weight penalty, and pack in tacky tread, and replaceable toe spikes for off-bike moments, ideal for XC racing, or taking to the cyclocross season.

    The MX332 feature Lake's signature K-Lite kangaroo leather uppers that hold up to serious abuse, while claiming to breathe better than traditional leather. The heel is crafted with internal Thermaform carbon fiber panels that contour to your foot for a snug and precise fit. The uppers are finished off with an Outlast temperature regulating liner, and two IP1 Boas to secure you in with the perfect fit. Lake implements its MC Race last on the MC332's, with a narrower toe box, and tighter heel than the Competition last, and much less volume overall than the Sport last, instead opting for a fit that's slimmer, and suitable for racing.

  • Race-hungry kicks designed for power and precision
  • MX Race last is narrow and snug for racing
  • Carbon fiber sole is feathery light and intensely stiff
  • Rubber lugs and replaceable toe spikes offer off-bike grip
  • Hold up to abuse and heat with Kangaroo leather uppers
  • Dial side mounted IP1 Boa system secures the perfect fit
  • Outlast insole regulates temperature to keep you cool
  • Heel contours to the ideal fit thanks to Thermaform carbon panels
  • Item #LKC001H
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