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  Mammut Magic High GTX Boot - Women's La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Women's La Sportiva Mythos Eco Climbing Shoe - Women's Scarpa Crux Shoe - Women's Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's Scarpa Techno X Climbing Shoe - Women's Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's Five Ten Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoe - Women's Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's
 Mammut Magic High GTX Boot - Women'sLa Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Women'sLa Sportiva Mythos Eco Climbing Shoe - Women'sScarpa Crux Shoe - Women'sMad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women'sScarpa Techno X Climbing Shoe - Women'sEvolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women'sFive Ten Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoe - Women'sBoreal Salsa Shoe - Women'sScarpa Zodiac Tech GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's
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BrandMammutLa SportivaScarpaMad RockScarpaEvolvBorealScarpaLa SportivaFive Ten
Claimed Weight1lb 8oz8.2oz(single, size 38) 8 oz[single, size 9] 8.1 oz[single, size 38] 1lb 2.7oz7.2oz[single, size 5] 1lb 6oz[single] 13oz6.1 oz[size 9, single] 6.3 oz
Closure3 zone lacelaceasymmetric lacehook-and-loop straplacehook-and-looplacelacehook-and-looplaces
Lining[instep, shin, heel] premium quality foamunlinedunlined--unlinedAir Net (PU)recycled polyester[front] Pacific-
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime1 year1 yearlimited lifetimelifetimelimited lifetimelimited1 year1 year1 year
Midsolepolyurethane, nylon shank, poro wedgeLaspoFlex (1.1mm)1.4mm FlexanArch Flex (polycarbonate)2D PU + 2D EVA-MPMX-P (1.0mm), Love BumpEVA, [insert] TPUdual-density EVA1.1mm LaspoFlex-
Recommended Usemountaineering, backpackingclimbingtrad climbing, sport climbingsport climbing, boulderingice climbing, mountaineeringclimbingcasual, sport climbinghiking, sport climbing, trad climbingclimbinggym climbing, trad climbing
Upper Materialleather, microfiber, textileEco Idro-Perwanger biodegradable leathersuede (1.8mm), microsuedeSyn Flex1.8mm Suede PerwangerSynthratek VX (synthetic)nylonsuede, kevlar webbing, recycled polyester airmeshleather, microfiberleather
Profile-flatflatdownturned, Concave DDS-downturned--aggressive downturn-
Rubber-100% recycled La Sportiva Eco rubber (1.1mm)4mm Vibram XS Edge[bottom] Science Friction 3.0, [rand] R2-Trax (4.2mm)--Vibram® XS Grip2™ (4mm)Stealth C4

Mammut Magic High GTX Boot - Women's

There's no place like a snowy summit, and while the Mammut Women's Magic High GTX Boot won't transport you to the top in the blink of an eye, it will assist you through steep scree fields, vertical ice, and long, wandering trails. Gore-Tex Performance Comfort equips this boot with enhanced breathability that still assures reliable waterproof protection. Foot protection this great deserves equally great traction, so Mammut hooked the Magic up with Vibram's mountaineering-specific Maton sole. 

  • Mammut's burliest mountaineering boot without a gaiter
  • Gore-Tex membrane with reliable waterproofing and extra breathability
  • MemoFoam conforms around your instep, heel, and shin for comfort
  • 3D Heel Foam adds plenty of cushioning where you need it most
  • 3 Level Wedge assures support, stability, and balance
  • Vibram Maton rubber sole with mountaineering-specific tread
  • Item #MAM00TF
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    La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Women's

    The Women's Otaki Climbing Shoe is an updated version of La Sportiva's versatile Katana, upgraded with a downturn for a more aggressive performance on any route or problem. P3 technology applies a Permanent Power Platform that ensures the Otaki's downturn stays downturned. The S-Heel construction optimizes heel hooking and gives a snug fit, while Vibram's XS Grip2 sole sharpens the sides for ideal edging, slicing, and dicing. La Sportiva styled the Otaki's upper with laser-cut leather and microfiber reinforcements to reduce stretch. The LaspoFlex midsole isn't too soft nor too stiff; you could say it's just right.

  • P3 downturned performance
  • Laser-cut leather and microfiber upper
  • LaspoFlex midsole with medium stiffness
  • S-Heel construction
  • Vibram® XS Grip2 sole
  • Item #LSP008W
  • Oh cocky performance climbing shoe. Precise supportive and structured ideal. For climbing on crog's walls and. Boulders double velcro closures for. Quick closure and precision the three. System construction he'll shell with. Innovative s he'll maintain perfect. Stability in torsion regime resistance. Coating for tow hooks. Vibram access edger for many little soul. Attack e precise and sharp like a. Samurai's word.

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    La Sportiva Mythos Eco Climbing Shoe - Women's

    The Women's Mythos Eco Climbing Shoe is basically the same shoe that crack and multi-pitch climbers have come to love for the past generation, except La Sportiva made 95% of it out of eco-friendly materials. The biodegradable leather upper comes from Idro-Perwanger's metal-free, eco-tannery to reduce impacts on the environment, and La Sportiva's Eco rubber is 100% recycled.

  • La Sportiva's classic crack climber made eco-friendly
  • Flat profile with low asymmetry for all-day comfort on multi-pitches
  • Biodegradable leather upper from metal-free Perwanger tannery
  • Unlined upper stretches to conform to your foot's shape
  • La Sportiva's Eco rubber is fully recycled
  • Item #LSP00D2
  • Hi guys I'm everett with la sportive so. The next shoe that we're introducing it outdoor retailer is the cobra eco climbers who are familiar with the la sportive line will remember the cobra slipper this year in north america were. Reintroducing the shoe is the eco model for those of you familiar with the methow seco this shoe incorporates many of the same design features as the methos eco emphasizing environmental responsibility the cobra eco will feature a fully recycled rubber made. From actually the scraps of other shoes production so when our factories producing solutions or testators's la. Sportive actually will take those scraps melt them down reval kanai's them, and we. Call that our friction eco rubber same. Performance as the any of the other rubber compounds we use additionally the leather and the nylon on the shoe are all environmentally sourced the leather is eco tanned. Features no heavy metals water-based glues for both the rand construction and. Water-based dyes for the leather as well the friction eco outsole on the cobra is a one-piece sole providing a little more. Stiffness underfoot there's a very thin. Point eight millimeter las bow flex insole in here a lot of the shoe stiffness does come from the outsole being a one-piece design versus the. Split sole design on some of our softer more sensitive shoes the cobra is an. Unlined leather upper but with that solid outsole kind of balances a softer more malleable upper with a little more stiffness through the mid sole and the outsole so the cobra eco. Will retail at 140 dollars and release in summer of 2018.

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    Scarpa Crux Shoe - Women's

    The Women's Scarpa Crux Shoe shows that you need not worry about scrambles or loose scree as you approach the crag. Suede and recycled polyester airmesh encourages natural ventilation, with Kevlar webbing integrated for shape retention and durability. The Vibram Vertical Approach sole keeps your footing confident through sketchy scrambles, with a dual-density EVA midsole adding comfort to tough approaches and low-level climbs. A member of Scarpa's Planet Friendly initiative to support more sustainable manufacturing practices, the Crux helps you get to the crag with confidence and a clearer conscience.

  • Approach shoe for route finding and short hikes
  • Durable suede protects from rocky terrain
  • Vibram soles designed for grip on slick rock or scree
  • Dual-density midsoles engineered for comfort and support
  • Rubber toe rand assists with the steeper approaches
  • Lace closure and Kevlar banding provides supportive fit
  • Item #SCR005N
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    Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's

    The hardest sends always seem to happen when you least expect it—you're not feeling great, or you're tired, or you don't really care, and then BANG! You're topping out. The Mad Rock Lotus Women's Climbing shoe aims to give you that top-out buzz every climb, with an aggressive downturn, slipper-style design that's ideal for extra-steep sport climbs and boulder problems. The Lotus rocks an ultra-sticky Science Friction 3.0 rubber sole that sticks to rock like gum to hair, and also uses Mad Rock's polycarbonate Arch Flex system to help provide a super-snug, sensitive fit.

    The top of the shoe features Mad Rock's Power Upper rubber toe patch to help you work your way through those overhanging toe-hooky problems, and the Edge heel is ridged to help you lock onto tenuous heel hooks. One hook-and-loop strap complements the Lotus' snug fit—the synthetic Syn Flex upper won't stretch or deform like leather—making the Lotus' super-easy to take on and off in between redpoint attempts.

  • Syn Flex synthetic upper and footbed
  • 3.8mm Science Friction 3.0 rubber with 2.2mm R2 rubber rand
  • Arch Flex AES polycarbonate midsole
  • Edge heel
  • Power Upper rubber toe patch
  • Moderately asymmetrical shape
  • Aggressive downturn
  • Single hook-and-loop strap
  • Item #MRC000F
  • So yeah this is mad rocks flagship shoe it's called the redline a lot of really innovative features have the clutch heel. Which works kind of like a chinstrap that gives you the adjust ability and the control of putting it to where you need it also a pretty aggressive downturn. Shoe pretty interesting downturn shoe it's not downturn throughout the whole shoe it's just downturn throughout the toe box that allows the heel to work by itself and not affect the heel and the fit of the heel also we're still using the proven arch flex a design that just. Worked really well for us in the past shoes with different tensioning specific to this shoe this is not a specifically outdoor shoe but it's its driven and. Built for outdoor climbing it does climb very well indoors as well but. You're gonna see its true potential outside on all different terrain slab. Overhanging pockets crimps and micro. Diamond for sure a lot of power in the shoe also introduced a compression tongue so the tongue is designed with elastic to squeeze the top of your foot down this shoe actually works really well as a slipper unlaced but also you're getting that added control and fit and feel with that lace i really wanted to give matt rock a chance to put. Ourselves out there and show this industry what we can produce and then. Also within the shoe i really wanted to make a complete shoe i really felt like you know with climbing shoes and how there had been made for the last 20 years we really get a good fit in the toe box area but the struggling area has always been the heel so my goal was to make a complete shoe from heel to toe and then also stylizing it really making. It really loud really different than anything else that's been out there a lot of design cues from race cars some people have come in and say wow that looks like a Jordan a michael Jordan shoe and that's where I've got a lot of the influence from you know I've always respected michael Jordan shoes waited in. Line to get the shoes and you know i put a little bit of that into rock climbing you know it does have an aggressive look and an aggressive profile to it but it's an extremely comfortable shoe and it doesn't come at. The expense of performance so yeah we. Are continuing to make pretty comfortable shoes but that still perform the way you need them perform a lot has to do with the lining this is a line high-end shoe a lot of the higher-end shoes are not lined they're just let you know put your foot in it let it conform a lot of the idea behind this shoe is to have the fit be consistent. From when it comes out of the box to a month or two down the line and. Especially when you're actually using the shoe to maintain the power and put everything where it needs to be we did use 4.1 millimeters sole rubber here rx5. Formula our competitors don't necessarily use that thick of rubber but i think it adapts to the style of each climber so if you are a bit of a beginner climber and you're getting into experiencing the high performance end of the shoe line you're not gonna get screwed by you know having the shoe blowout on you that fast or having a rubber wear out on you within reason i mean it is a it is a tool that we're using, and they do wear down like a kitchen knife we knew exactly what we wanted, and we work a compromise, so we. Were just right after it's pretty awesome we're really proud of it's like it generated a lot of buzzes a lot of. People that would normally never step foot in a and a mad rock booth came down to check the shoe out this is a performer this i think is gonna do really well for us if you are gonna be seeing a lot of cool things coming from this company for sure and with a whole. New styling and a whole new attitude, and we're hoping to turn some heads.

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    Scarpa Techno X Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Scarpa designed its Techno X Climbing Shoe specifically for women so you can face-climb on dime edges, smear some slabs, and crack climb comfortably. While the technical flat-lasted construction makes this shoe comfortable for all-day climbing on the big walls, its Bi-Tension active randing system provides maximum power on your toe without cramming them down. And its flat toe profile ensures you can jam your foot in the smallest cracks with the utmost comfort. Perforated suede leather provides comfort and breathability, and microsuede overlays boost durability. Its Flexan 1.4 midsole keeps the shoe stiff for quality edging and increased support, and the Vibram XS Edge rubber offers incredible grip and durability so you can smear slabby sections with confidence for many seasons. Scarpa left this shoe unlined for an increased sensitivity, which is something you appreciate when you're climbing on slippery, dime-sized edges. And the asymmetrical lace closure offers a better fit than standard laces do. 

  • Women-specific fit
  • Suede upper with microsuede overlays
  • Asymmetrical lacing system
  • Flat toe profile
  • Flexan 1.4 midsole
  • Vibram XS Edge rubber
  • Unlined
  • Bi-Tension active randing system
  • Technical flat-lasted construction
  • Item #SCR000H
  • Features of the scarpa men's techno ex climbing shoe by tension active rounding. System provides maximum toe power comfort fit heel with low rubber tension. Libram excess edge provides incredible. Grip and durability technical flat. Lasted construction delivers all-day comfort and performance a symmetrical. Power lacing system creates a better fit this product can only be shipped within. The united states learn more about the. Scarpa men's techno ex rock climbing. Shoe by clicking the link below the video now.

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    Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Some people prefer going to yoga or seeing their therapists to relieve life's stresses, but you'd rather head to the boulder fields, slip into the Evolv Women's Shakra Climbing Shoe, and pull on rocks until your hands are raw. The Shakra boasts the same Love Bump and Knuckle Box as Evolv's high-performance Shaman—you know, the shoe worn by Chris Sharma when he sends the hardest sport routes—except it has a lower volume to fit narrower feet better. The Shakra also has a softer midsole than the Shaman for more versatile performance on less steep routes.

  • High-performance climbing shoe similar to Evolv's Shaman
  • Aggressive downturn and asymmetry for advanced boulders and routes
  • Love Bump ensures a sharper downturn at the toe for more precision
  • Knuckle Box places more power in the toes for a stronger rebound
  • VTR Rand maintains the shoe's downturn for life
  • Item #EVL000W
  • I am been brands me I'm here with the evolve spark this is actually my shoe I've had it for a couple of months now been tried climbing it having a great time because

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    Five Ten Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Five Ten recognizes that you're as committed to climbing as the next woman, but that doesn't mean you want to break the bank on shoes. That's one of the reasons it introduced the new Women's Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoes. Built with the same fit as the low-volume Anasazi, these shoes will provide all-day comfort thanks to their full-leather uppers and lace-up closures, which allow for the most adjustable, comfortable fit possible. Plus, tried and true Stealth C4 rubber outsoles ensure that you have some of the stickiest rubber ever made gracing the bottom of your feet.

  • Budget-friendly climbing shoes for the gym and crag
  • Stealth C4 rubber sticks to plastic and rock
  • Lace-up closures ensure a precise and snug fit
  • Low-volume fit is similar to 5.10's Anasazi climbing shoe
  • Full-leather uppers will stretch out about a half size over time
  • Item #FVT000P
  • So here we have the 2010 road the ribbon. Is a great all-around shoe we've got c4 rubber on it as well as a. Fish hook yet still inside which is great for micro edging got it underlined. Perforated upper keeps the foot cool and. That just makes this you more comfortable overall it's got a velcro. Closure system the top row strap is. A little bit wider in that bottom one what that does is it disperses the pressure on the top of the foot to make the shoe a little bit more comfortable over autumn the shoe is made for your. First time jim climbing up to your multi-pitch fat fiber 510 road.

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    Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's

    Your morning might consist of a leisurely walk down to the coffee shop, but your afternoon will most certainly consist of a steep scramble up to the crag—you can't go wrong with the Boreal Women's Salsa Shoe for days like these. Combining casual comfort with mountain-ready ingredients, this hybrid approach shoe has a breathable mesh lining to keep your foot cool and comfortable in the afternoon heat and a versatile rubber sole that's capable on everything from concrete to loose scree. 

  • Versatile shoe for the trail or everyday wear in town
  • Breathable mesh lining promotes breathability
  • No-sew nylon upper reinforced with rubber toe cap
  • Boreal Street sole with shock-absorbing EVA for comfort
  • Item #BRF001O
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    Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's

    The Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX Mountaineering Boot strikes the midway point between an approach shoe and mountain boot for those missions with long approaches and snowy summits. ActivImpact Technology absorbs impacts during your approaches for more comfort on your joints while a Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry as you encounter snow near the summit. The boot's multi-density PU and EVA midsole provides a balance of weight and performance to keep your feet cushioned without weighing your down when the miles get long. Additionally, the Zodiac is outfitted with Scarpa's ActivFit system and Sock-Fit system to reduce bulk and create a snug fit for precision and control on technical ascents. The boot is compatible with semi-automatic crampons for icy traverses and the Vibram soles provide you with durable traction across all the other surfaces you'll encounter.

  • Durable boot for taking on long approaches and snowy summits
  • Gore-Tex membrane blocks moisture for dry feet in wet conditions
  • ActivImpact technology absorbs shock for comfort on your joints
  • EVA and PU midsoles provide lightweight cushioning for your trek
  • Sock-Fit DV construction reduces bulk for a snug, precise fit
  • Semi-automatic crampon compatible for icy and snowy traverses
  • Extended rubber rand enhances both performance and protection
  • Durable Vibram soles have toe area optimized for rock climbing
  • Item #SCR008U
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