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  Big Agnes Roxy Ann Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Kelty Callisto 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Big Agnes Picket SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Sea To Summit Flame Fm0 Sleeping Bag: 55 Degree Down - Women's Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's The North Face Guide 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag - Women's Big Agnes Daisy Mae Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag: 9 Degree Down - Women's
  Big Agnes Roxy Ann Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Kelty Callisto 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Big Agnes Picket SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Sea To Summit Flame Fm0 Sleeping Bag: 55 Degree Down - Women's Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's The North Face Guide 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag - Women's Big Agnes Daisy Mae Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag: 9 Degree Down - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ - - - - - - -
Brand Big Agnes Mountain Hardwear Sea To Summit Mountain Equipment The North Face Big Agnes Big Agnes Big Agnes Kelty Mountain Equipment
Claimed Weight 1lb 15oz [regular] 3lb 3oz, [long] 3lb 7oz [regular] 7.9oz [long] 8.3oz [regular] 3lb 6oz, [long] 3lb 8oz [regular] 2lb 10oz, [long] 2lb 13oz [petite] 2lb 12oz, [regular] 3lb 1oz [petite] 2lb 12oz, [regular] 3lb [petite] 2lb 2oz, [regular] 2lb 4oz 4 lb 3 oz [regular] 2lb 8oz, [long] 2lb 12oz
Degree 30F 15F 55F -6F 20°F 30F 15F - 30 F 9F
Fill Weight 1lb 5oz - [regular] 3.5oz [long] 4.1oz [regular] 2lb 1oz, [long] 2lb 3oz - [petite] 27oz, [regular] 30oz [petite] 15oz, [regular] 17oz - 44.8 oz [regular] 1lb 7oz, [long] 1lb 9oz
Insulation PrimaLoft Gold Active, PrimaLoft Silver Thermal.Q (100% polyester) 850+ Ultra-Dry Down 700-fill power duck down Heatseeker Guide FireLine ECO (synthetic) 650-fill DownTek 650-fill DownTek CloudLoft 700-fill duck down
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime lifetime 2 years lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime
Material [exterior] nylon, [lining] polyester [face fabric] 30D nylon ripstop, DWR finish, [lining] 40D polyester plain weave 10D nylon [lining] 7D nylon Drilite Loft II [face fabric] 15D nylon ripstop, [lining] 20D nylon taffeta [face fabric] 100% nylon ripstop, DWR treatment, [lining] 100% polyester stretch, water-repellent [face fabric] polyester ripstop, [lining] polyester taffeta 190T nylon taffeta DriLite Loft II, PU coating
Recommended Use weekend camping backpacking, weekend camping backpacking backpacking, mountaineering, winter camping backpacking, weekend camping backpacking, weekend camping camping backpacking, weekend camping camping, casual backpacking, mountaineering
Shape mummy mummy women-specific mummy mummy mummy rectangular mummy mummy rectangular mummy
Storage Sack yes mesh - yes included mesh yes yes - yes
Stuff Sack yes nylon compression Ultra-Sil yes included polyester ripstop yes yes yes yes
Stuff Size 7.5 x 15in 9.5 x 18in 0.7L [regular] 12x10x9in, [long] 12x11x9in - [petite] 7.5 x 7in, [regular] 7.5 x 8in 8 x 17.5in [petite] 2.92L, [regular] 3.48L - 12 x 8in
Zipper full-length full-length, left or right 3/4-length - full-length [petite] 60in YKK #5 anti snag locking, [regular] 65in YKK #5 anti snag locking full-length - full-length full-length
Hip Circumference - [regular] 52in, [long] 55in [regular] 53.5in [long] 56in - - [petite] 57in, [regular] 60in [petite] 61.5in, [regular] 63.5in [petite] 57in, [regular] 60in - -
Max User Height - [regular] 5ft 8in, [long] 6ft [regular] 5ft 7in [long] 5ft 10in 5ft 7in - [petite] 5ft 6in, [regular] 5ft 10in [petite] 5ft 6in, [regular] 5ft 10in [petite] 5ft 6in, [regular] 5ft 10in 5 ft 8 in [regular] 5ft 9in, [long] 6ft 1in
Shoulder Circumference - [regular] 58in, [long] 60in [regular] 57.5in [long] 58in 31in - [petite] 63in, [regular] 66in [petite] 61in, [regular] 63in [petite] 63in, [regular] 66in - 31in
Foot Circumference - - [regular] 35in [long] 38in 20in - [petite] 43in, [regular] 46in 50in - - 20in

Big Agnes Roxy Ann Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's

The Big Agnes Women's Roxy Ann 15 Sleeping Bag mixes lightweight loft with weather-resistant capability for camping or backpacking in nasty conditions. DownTek treats the lofty down insulation with water-resistant protection to help it retain its loft and warmth in rainy weather and moisture-riddled environments. Insotect Flow Construction optimizes insulation by strategically placing vertical chambers with Flow Gates to minimize shifting and to ensure warmth where you need it most.

For a roomy, rectangular-shaped bag, the Roxy Ann is surprisingly light and compressible for backpacking trips. Big Agnes also equipped this bag with a draft tube around the hood and a full-length zipper to keep brisk air at bay. Internal loops let you attach separate liners for extra comfort, and there are pockets for pillows and car keys. Since Big Agnes doesn't insulate the bottom of bags, be sure to pair this sleeping bag with a 20in sleeping pad.

  • Lightweight loft meets weather-protection in this bag
  • 650-fill DownTek insulation keeps you warm even when wet
  • Vertical chambers minimizes shifting for warmth where you need it
  • Water-resistant fabric helps shed moisture
  • Integrated pockets stash keys, wallet, phone
  • Item #BAG00A6
  • Here we've got the big agnes women's roxy and 15 degree sleeping bag this is. A fully featured lightweight very. Innovative sleeping bag that is perfect for any backpacker or camper that's. Looking for an excellent sleep system something that's very comfortable and warm and gives just enough features without adding a lot of weight. The standout technology with this big. Agnes sleeping bag is the down tech. That's used to insulate the bag so you. Have 650 fill down and the important. Think about down tech is that each plume. Of down is coated with a water resistant. Finish so unlike traditional down if. This bag were to become wet it would dry. Our really fast it retains its thermal. Efficiency if it becomes wet or damp and. Ultimately it keeps you warmer in wet. Conditions the second thing that's really great is these baffles this has a vertical. Baffle design rather than your traditional horizontal baffles that go. This way this does a couple of things on it really transfers your heat up and. Down so the heat from your core can. Really flow back and forth down to your down to your feet keeps you a lot warmer when you're sleeping at night and in. Within these baffles you have little. Chambers so there's a lot of technology. There where you don't have unwanted shifting of down so you do have these really long baffles but the down isn't going to shift and create cold spots one. Think that we've come to know and love about big agnes is their sleep system so. It's not just your traditional sleeping bag you've got your sleeping bag that is. Integrated with a sleeping pad and i. Peel back the hood of the sleeping bag. Here you can see that i. A big agnes double z sleeping pad in. Here and it's integrated with the. Sleeping pad sleeve so unlike a. Traditional sleeping bag that has the. Some insulation on the top as it does on. The bottom with big agnes sleep system. Bags most of the bottom of the sleeping. Bag is completely uninsulated so you do. Need to use the roxy in sleeping bag. With a sleeping pad you need a sleeping. Pad that is at least 20 inches wide and. About 72 inches long it'll fit their in. That pad sleeve big agnes sleeping pads. Fit best inside those pad sleeves but. You can use other sleeping pads that are. The same length again there is a section. Of the sleeping bag here that is uninsulated so right here you just have. A really soft lightweight fabric starting right here at the stitch line. You've got nice baffled warm down. Insulation so this is going too really. Insulate you on the sides and up the. Side of the sleeping bag it really does trap in your heat you're not going to lose a lot of heat because you're. Sleeping on top of that insulation anyway so once you compress the. Insulation that you're sleeping on it doesn't really give a lot of thermal efficiency so big agnes found a way to. Just remove all of that insulation it lightens the sleeping bag and you're carrying all-in-all a lighter weight bag. And it packs down to be smaller as well. Again with the add sleeve this is sewn in so if i were. To peel this back you could see the. Pad sleeve runs the whole length of this. Sleeping bag if you toss and turn at. Night or if you roll from side to side you don't have to worry about your. Sleeping bag moving off of your sleeping pad and either ending up halfway on the. Ground or on the ground so it's just a. Really comfortable sleep system it feels. A lot more like your bed at home i do. Want to mention that the top portion where the hood is this is fully insulated so you have a nicely baffled. Hood and it's insulated all the way down. To here on the bag and also a nice foot. Box at the bottom so this foot box here. Is insulated as well so the features of. This bag from top to bottom starting. With the fully baffled hood really warm. If you need to cinch that down with this stretchy draw cord that goes above and. Below your head there's also this within. The pad sleeve but there's a stretchy area where you could stuff a pillow or. An extra layer or something like that to. Give you a little bit of a pillow there. You have a full length zipper goes all. The way to the bottom of the foot box. With this sleep system you do have a. Pretty wide foot box here so it's a semi. Rectangular shape it's not completely a. Mummy it's not completely rectangular but you do have a lot of room their in. The foot boxes so a little bit more sprawling comfort with this bag up at. The top with the zipper if you need to vent the bag from the top but you don't. Want to lose this in the middle of the. Night you can attach that so you still. Have you know everything cinched up around your head but you can vent a little bit if you need to same thing there's a double zipper so. You can vent from the bottom of the bag as well you can close that off so that. You don't have velcro if you have the. Bag open one thing inside you do have. These little loops there's there's four of them and if you need to attach a sleeping bag liner you can attach it there, so they don't get all bunched up in the middle of the night there's a nice draft tube behind the zipper so. That prevents unwanted cold spots and. Sometimes with this really lightweight nylon rip stop material your unzipping. And zipping your bag and it gets caught in a zipper so a big agnes has done is. Have they've kind of sewn in a really. Durable material right here behind the zipper and that prevents snags and if it does snag it's not gonna. Rip that lightweight fabric so that's a nice feature there's a little collar. Here that fits snug right around your. Head feels like a nice blanket at home. You can put that out you can tuck it in. It's nice a little feature there if i. Unzip the bag there's a nylon taffeta. Lining on the inside this is a really. Soft fabric and you know it definitely feels nice against your skin the bag. Does come with an included stuff sack. It's very lightweight small pack size. For a 15 degree bag with that 650 fill. Down so you can pack it down to be. Pretty small there it also comes with an. Included storage sack so when you're not. Using it storing it at home store it in an uncompressed state but while you're. Traveling with it while you're backpacking with it you can stuff it down to that small pack sighs all in all this is a really great. Sleep system you've got high quality. Materials you've got really good technology with the down tech and the in. So tucked flow baffles and just all in. All a great sleep system it's the big agnes roxy in 15 degree bags.

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    Kelty Callisto 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    Not only is the Kelty Women's Callisto 30 Sleeping Bag a comfy option for the occasional camping trip, but it also unfolds to double as a quilt for outdoor concerts and summer picnics. CloudLoft insulation keeps the bag warm in nearly freezing temperatures, and it stays warm even after you've been stargazing over dewy grass. There's even a pocket designed specifically for smartphones, so you can tuck it away and just enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Rectangular sleeping bag for comfy camping
  • CloudLoft insulation stays warm in near freezing temperatures
  • Full-length zipper unfolds to double as a quilt
  • Smartphone-compatible pocket
  • Item #KEL007R
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    Big Agnes Picket SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    Some people like the restraints of a mummy sleeping bag, but you, on the other hand, would rather be able to move around a bit while you sleep. In your Big Agnes Picket SL 30 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag, you have the warmth of a mummy design with the stretch you need to be comfortable all night long. Specific stretch panels and stretchy PrimaLoft Gold Active and Silver insulation move with you as you toss, turn, and curl up in your sleep while still maintaining heat and loft. The Picket's vaulted foot box gives you room to wiggle your toes, too. Along with this bag's stretchability, the Picket also rocks a durable and water-resistant nylon design that's easy to pack and bring along on your camping adventures and dries quickly in the case of spilled beer or light rain.

  • Synthetic mummy sleeping bag that stretches while you snooze
  • PrimaLoft synthetic insulation maintains heat even when damp
  • Stretch panels move with you while you sleep while retaining warmth
  • Vaulted foot box adds space for wiggling around
  • Water-resistant and durable nylon shell dries quickly
  • Mummy shape helps retain heat while you sleep
  • Stuff sack and storage mesh sack included
  • Item #BAG00CQ
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    Sea To Summit Flame Fm0 Sleeping Bag: 55 Degree Down - Women's

    The Women's Flame Fm0 Sleeping Bag is the lightest in Sea to Summit's Flame collection of ultralight bags built for backpacking. This bag is particularly useful in that it can double as a liner for the other Flame bags for increased warmth. By itself, the bag's 850+ down insulation provides a comfortable temperature rating of 55F, which is suitable for the middle of the summer. The down insulation is so lofty and compressible that the bag weighs a mere eight ounces, and it can pack down to the size of a water bottle so you can take it on adventure races. Sea to Summit treated the down with Ultra-Dry for hydrophobic properties that maintain the down's lofty warmth in moisture-riddled environments.

  • Ultralight sleeping bag for mid-summer hikes or adventure races
  • 850+ Ultra-Dry Down has a temperature range of 55F degrees
  • Doubles as a liner for other Flame Bags to increase warmth
  • Ultra-Sil compression sack packs smaller than a water bottle
  • Item #STS006L
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    Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    Mountain Hardwear made the Women's Lamina 15 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag for ladies that like three-season camping, and dare to travel in inclement weather. Synthetic insulation delivers reliable warmth if you encounter wet conditions, or if your hydration bladder leaks in your pack (hey, accidents happen), yet Thermal.Q doesn't come across as the bulky, weighty stuff you're used to. This polyester fill packs down well, so you can take the bag on multi-night trips, and it features unique Lamina welded baffles that directly connect the insulation to the durable face fabric to eliminate cold spots. The 15-degree rating is just right for getting you through early spring or late fall nights, while a dual-way zipper helps you vent from the feet if you're camping in high-summer conditions.

  • A lightweight mummy bag for all-weather three-season camping
  • Unique welded baffling enhances loft and eliminates cold spots
  • Durable water-repellent finish defends against damp conditions
  • Two-way zipper lets you vent air at the feet on warmer nights
  • Tailored hood blocks drafts and traps your valuable body heat
  • Contoured footbox maximizes warmth and comfort
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls assist with midnight nature calls
  • Item #MHW01DA
  • Hey everyone this is david woman and today I'm going to do a review of this mountain hardwear torch lamina z. Sleeping bag and it's a five-degree bag. And it's about 70 up so I'm a little. Warm right now mo toasty a little ready. To get out Oh. All right so in case you missed it this. Is the mountain hardwear torch lam ZEE which is the men's version of their five. Degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag overall i want to say i really like this bag and i would keep it. Except for one factor which I'll talk about later and but it's been I've had. It for almost a year now it's been across the u.s. with me japan in snow storms it's been in summer. It's been in a living room lots of aluminum and i can fairly accurately. Attest that it's a great sleeping bag i put it through the wringer for sure I'm going to start with a few things that i do like about it first of. All i do like the brand mountain hardwear and i do like the color. Important i do also like one thing i liked about. It is the welded pam construction now if. You know anything about baffle construction in these kind of products is anywhere that is if you don't well. Depending on the kind of construction typically if it's sewn then you're going to have this spot where the two fabrics meet together for the zone and it's a spot where he can easily escape. Because there's very few barriers by doing the welded you end up having loft all the way through the bag which is really nice less heat escapes that way i. Do like the zippers have been very good it's a large ykk zipper. And the air guard on the zipper does. Occasionally get stuck but I'm not going to call it a complaint because it's pretty minor it's got one strap that. Goes from the outside and then swings towards the inside so you can access it. From either side it is a double zipper so if you tend to get hot feet at night. You can unzip this and stick your feet out the bottom or for airing it out or. However you want to use that and it is a. Double zipper the velcro around the neck. I haven't had any issues with some people typically complain about that on. Sleeping bags that use velcro i haven't had an issue with that granted i don't use it a ton typically i just zip it up. But i haven't issues with it some things i don't really like about this pag and take this. With a grain of salt because they're not huge issues to me like i said i have the. Only reason I'm not going to keep it is for one reason and it's not one of these so i don't really like the fit of it now. That's something that i should have looked into more when i got this bag and it's something that i just didn't know at the time or thing to consider but just because something is a mummy bag does not mean it's going to fit you exactly the same every manufacturer has. A different fit and sizing chart and this bag in particular is quite broad. And has a lots of space in it which is great if you want to move around and twist a lot but for me I'm typically. Looking for something that is compressible small and holds in my. Warmth really well so i need to look more carefully next time at a bag fits me really well this one just has a lot. Of space around the shoulders and even the head when we cinch it up I've still got a bunch of dead air space next to my head and it's just unnecessary energy. Being wasted and heat being wasted so. That's that's my fault not necessarily the bags thing just something to know it seems to be a little bit wider than other bags to things that don't really like about this bag the drawstring the. Drawstring is difficult in my opinion it. Is a elastic shock cord which isn't. Necessarily a bad thing but the actual mechanism itself is a very stiff spring which is hard to open especially when. You're tired but also i think more. Importantly i don't like the angle of it some bags put it on the inside so that. You can easily access it but if you're all zipped up they're nice and cozy and snuggly for the night it's really. Difficult to kind of reach out through the neck and tighten things it's just. It's just difficult and it's stiff i don't know I'm not a big fan of the draw cord i wish it was on the inside and i wish it was a little easier to adjust that's just me also they have this. Zipper on the outside a very small. Little pouch good for like a cell phone. I use it for well use it i would use it. For a camera or like camera batteries. Sorry not a full camera a camera batteries or by phone to keep it warm at. Night so that the batteries don't end up going kaput well that would be great except that. They put it on the outside of the bag on the outside of the insulation which means your body heat doesn't keep it warm and there's nothing from the outside keeping it warm so basically anything you put in this bag is going to. Be freezing by morning and so that doesn't do me any good for me personally i would prefer it was on me inside then. It might have some use that's pretty. Much it oh the one thing dun-dun-dun the one. Reason I'm not going to keep this bag for too much longer is compressibility and that's not necessarily the bags fault it's just because of what i do a lot of backpacking and hiking and i. Need something more compressible because this guy even at its smallest point with. Me sitting on it and squeezing the life. Out of it doesn't really fit into my 70 liter backpack very well and so it's. Just not a good fit for me if you're. Doing a lot of car camping this may still be a great bag and I'd recommend it but if your goal is ultra light and small i would not recommend this bag all. Things considering i suppose that being. A synthetic 5 degree bags it compresses. Pretty well but i know it's a little big. For me it does come with its own compression sack which is great and its own storage bag closet storage bag the. Compression sack i will say is well fitted to the bag i do like that is if. You buy another one you're actually not going to get it any smaller they pretty much made the compression sack to be at. Its smallest point which i do like a lot so a well-fitted compression sack and a. Nice storage bag those come with it i do like that i do like the bag i would. Recommend someone else i won't be keeping it for much longer because I'm going to get a nice down one and that. Will compress a little bit more and be better suited for my adventures but. Overall this is a great bag you can find. More info about it on mountain hardwear's website or like rei website as far as actual weight and. Fill weight and it is a synthetic now. Down i don't know if i mentioned that and it's a good bag it's a good bag i. Would definitely recommend us if you guys have questions feel free as always. To drop a comment below i typically respond to those within a couple days and sometimes even post a follow-up video if i feel the need and so please. Do that and subscribe for more reviews and adventure vlogs that will be coming and photo shoot stuffs and etc yada. Yada and now I'm rambling so until next. Time has a good one get outside and. I'll see you then.

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    Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's

    If you consider your expedition tent a luxury hotel, then the Mountain Equipment Women's Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag is your world-class hot tub. This bag boasts light, lofty 700-fill down insulation that assures warmth in near-zero temperatures, and the insulation keeps the bag light enough for backpacking in higher altitudes during the shoulder seasons and summertime. Mountain Equipment made the shell out of light, breathable, and ruggedly water-resistant fabric with box-wall baffles that enhance the bag's overall watertight protection. Plus, the waterproof roll-top stuff sack and storage cube help you pack this bag down easily when it's time to break camp.

  • Luxuriously warm comfort comes to you in this down bag
  • Exceptionally lightweight, durable shell is water-resistant
  • Duck down insulation traps precious heat and compresses small
  • Unique baffling delivers consistent warmth throughout bag
  • Lode Lock closure delivers insulated collar against drafts
  • Included stuff sack is waterproof for added protection
  • Item #MEQ008K
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    The North Face Guide 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag - Women's

    You're a chilly sleeper, so you need help staying toasty even when you're camping in the summer. The North Face Women's Guide 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag is your ticket to a cozy night in your tent, as it locks in your body heat with Heatseeker Guide insulation. These synthetic fibers are placed using cyclone construction that maximizes heat-saving efficiency, and they won't lose their insulating properties if they get wet. Features like the fitted hood and draft collar keep cool air from sneaking in to give you chills, and the Guide has retaining loops to keep you on your pad for extra insulation. The included compression sack helps you pack the bag down so that it'll fit easily into your car or pack, saving room for all of the other layers you brought just in case the temperatures drop.

  • Sleeping bag for camping and backpacking
  • Heatseeker Guide insulates you against the cold
  • Durable materials resist abrasions and tears
  • Draft collar keeps cold air out
  • Mummy shape maximizes heat efficiency
  • Pad-retaining loops keep you in place
  • Compression and storage sacks included
  • Item #TNF04BV
  • On this week's episode of tech review tuesday we're going to take a look at. The north faces aleutian synthetic. Sleeping bags for men and women what's up journey airs welcome to our channel if you are new. Make sure you hit the subscribe button down below and make sure you hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on any awesome videos we have coming up if you are new to our tech review. Tuesdays welcome we are so glad to have. You here if you haven't checked out some of our other videos we'll put them on the screen somewhere for you to check it out we are so excited about this travel series because we want to showcase some of the products that we use on our travel videos so that you can make the. Best decisions when you go to travel or. Itself if you're interested in getting. Any of our gear that we feature on our tech review tuesday please check out our amazon affiliate link which is going to be located in the description box below part of the proceeds will go to help us. So one of the most important items in. Camping gear that you need is your. Sleeping bag absolutely let me tell you. What i know what it's like to be miserable without one what do we mean by that well let's take a look morning yes he slept for an hour today. Good morning kelsey i didn't pay more. Than two hours of sleep i think i didn't. Miss a little bit it's about 3 a.m. and. I'm, and she's what do you want me to do. Just we're gonna spoon. 20 minutes later i finally stop stirring, but she was chu shivering dude, so we were both like really rough night. For us it was pretty terrible first time. In yellowstone camping my first 70s gone camping and i was absolutely miserable so let me tell you what when. This sleeping bag came around the next year i was happy. Yeah i think it was a little bit different it was a entirely so these. Sleeping bags retail for about 100 to 180 and i know that may seem a little. Pricey for a sleeping bag but it is a hundred and twenty-seven percent worth it and I've had mine for going on three. Years now, and we use them a lot obviously they come in immense, and they. Come in a women's the men's i have a 35. They also have a 20 degree and the. Women's is a 35, and they also have a 20. Degree the men's the 20 degree comes in. A nice blue and i think it's like a great spy rubber quickly and the women's. Is more of what you say kind of look good turquoise like a darker blue yeah. It's like a darker blue also a gray. And obviously these are orange women's. Actually has a updated one called the. Women's north face cat's meow which is. Literally pretty much the newer version of the aleutian for the women's side the guy still does the men's solution i think the cat's meow sounds a little bit better to them than solution exactly. The same features as this sleeping bags different color just different color and a different this is all personal preference depending on what degree you want some people like higher degrees some people like lower i should like the higher degree because i get extremely hot really fast i personally like. Lower degree as in the 20 because i get. Cooled very easily so the 20 degree is perfect for me because i don't have to freeze yeah and the only difference pretty much is how thick it's gonna be alright guys, so we're gonna tell you a little bit about the different features of the sleeping bag so first feature is. These are mummy style sleeping bags what. Does that mean they do exactly that. That your head the whole purpose of it is to have as little exposure for air to come in to freeze you out, so we as well. Have these little things that actually tighten around your head yes right by your head if you tighten so it's nice. And close but this keeps it in a nice cocoon shape so you feel all good and snuggly this is a 30% down synthetic and. They call it the heat seeker eco. Synthetic pretty much what that means is it's gonna stay lightweight but it's gonna keep you warm all the sleeping bags have double zipper on each side one. Into one that's on the men's and women's but there is a difference there is a. Short zipper which is on the left side for me and then a long zipper which is on the right side for me and that's just your preference you can get the different zippers you get opposite basically the purpose of the zippers on both side is to give you that feel that you're at home in bed so basically you. Could zip it up all the way keep all the heat in or you could unzip it to about to this point where it goes about like right underneath there and then zip it on zip. It down on the other side and then you can fold it down so it kind of gives you that like you're under the covers kind of feel so that's the purpose of that and it's really nice to have just kind. Of feel like you can breathe a little bit more too but sometimes a little too snug absolutely depending on what season these are a three season sleeping bag. That is another feature these are not meant for deep winter you know like. Mount everest you're not gonna stay warm in those okay these are meant for spring summer fall you can pretty much get away with any trip that you go on we have done these in 10,000 feet in 20 degrees and stayed completely warm oh these zipper goes all the way around too almost. Basically the other side of the sleeping bag so what's great about the foot section is that it kinda has this square. Shape at the bottom so that it lays flat so you don't have like just yeah you. Don't have access room for it flop all over the place when you're sleeping it's gonna stay completely center so what's great is you can unzip it and give yourself so a little bit of breathing room for your feet and that is a great feature that's a great feature for summer camping when you still want to feel snugly but you kind of feel like. You're getting in a hotbox usually just pop the feet open and you're good other. Think you can zip it like we said all the way and just lay it flats and you can. Literally have it as a blanket we have done that multiple times so one of my. The Biggest dislikes for my bag is i know. Exactly it is so warm and that's not the. Dislike the dislike is because it's the. Lower temperature sleeping bag so the. 20-degree one it's thicker so it does. Not compact easy and that is the biggest. Think i do not like about this thinking value i have to stuff it stuffs. That it takes two people with mine yes and you've got it with one to start. Weight where i grow good on my own but it is that i mean i love this sleeping. Bag but i hate that part am i just like I'm just limited on how cold i can put. Myself back country situations so be it only. Being 35 degrees i do get warm a lot but i can only go so far before i get fruits for me just realizing that it is limited in that. Since that i can't push the boundaries all the way to really do some winter camping that that will really so if you're looking for some car camping or just some local camping i would totally recommend this big sleeping bag is great. For if you want to go to yellowstone and. You just stay at a campsite and you pull your car right up tetons she's done some. Backcountry with it just know because it's bigger it's gonna take up a little bit more room in your back yeah i would totally recommend this one for that but if you're looking for back country camping i would recommend a smaller one. But the problem is you're going deep. Into the mountain your argument just depends on the time of year like this you can get away with probably about sixty seventy percent of a year but if. You're getting into higher elevation it's gonna be cold 35 degrees they can cut it for you so you got to go to 20 thank you guys so much for checking out. Our page and coming along another tech review tuesday with us we had a blast. Featuring the north face men's and. Women's aleutian sleeping bag remember the women's now it's called big cats yeah guys if you want to purchase one of. These sleeping bags the link is below make sure you hit our link helps us out. So we can continue doing more videos like this please subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on anymore awesome videos we are coming give us a big like and tell us what your favorite sleeping bag is in the comment below also another. Shameless plug we have merchandise that is also in a. Link in the description below coffee mugs bees hats t-shirts long sleeves can't go. Wrong check out some of our march and rep the journey brand we will see you. Guys on the next tech review tuesday. Peace.

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    Big Agnes Daisy Mae Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's

    Whether the chill of fall is in the air or you're adventuring to a higher elevation to escape the heat of summer, the Big Agnes 15 Degree Down Daisy Mae Sleeping Bag is the refuge you'll be happy to crawl into at the end of the day. This bag features DownTek insulation, a treated down that has a high warmth to weight ratio yet resists collapsing when exposed to moisture. The exterior of the bag is constructed with polyester ripstop, which is lightweight yet abrasion resistant, and given a DWR finish to help it deflect moisture like condensation. Big Agnes gave the Daisy Mae its Flex Pad Sleeve, to save you weight by eliminating bottom side insulation while preventing your body heat from transferring to the ground.

  • Sleeping bag for backpacking and camping
  • DownTek compresses well and insulates while wet
  • Polyester ripstop is abrasion-resistant
  • DWR treatment sheds dew and condensation
  • Flex Pad Sleeve secures your bag to your pad
  • Free Range Footbox and Hood for flexible warmth
  • Draft tube seals out chilly gusts
  • Anti-snag zipper is easy to use in the dark
  • Item #BAG00EX
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    Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    The Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic helps you sleep comfortably on your weekend camping and backpacking trips. It is designed to keep you warm through wet conditions due to its water resistant face fabric and synthetic insulation that retains its loft when wet. Additionally, the Sunbeam is designed to stretch to accommodate your 20 to 25 inch sleeping pad to keep your sleeping kit secure throughout the night for added warmth. The bag is designed to keep you comfortable down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit but thanks to the interior fabric loops you can attach a sleeping bag liner if you plan on being in slightly cooler temperatures.

    Aside from warmth, the Sunbeam has additional features for comfort and convenience. To begin with, it has an anti-snag zipper for a smooth and quick zip. A Free Range Hood and foot box allow you to lift your head and wiggle your feet respectively. Additionally, a pillow barn secures your pill through the night even when you're tossing and turning and an internal hood drawcord provides you with a secure and comfortable fit when it is cinched. Finally, when it's time to move on to a different camp, the whole bag compresses down small into its stuff sack for convenient transport.

  • Packable and comfortable sleeping bag for backpacking and camping
  • Durable ripstop face fabric sheds light moisture for dry comfort
  • Polyester lining is soft against the skin for comfort and warmth
  • FireLine ECO insulation provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Flex Pad Sleeve keeps your sleeping pad secure through the night
  • Pillow barn secures your pillow to help achieve uninterrupted sleep
  • Free Range foot box delivers wiggle room for your feet for warmth
  • Storage and stuff sacks included to provide convenient transport
  • Item #BAG00F3
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    Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag: 9 Degree Down - Women's

    Backpacking adventures into the Alaskan wilderness can sometimes put you smack dab in the middle of a glacier come nightfall. When that happens you're glad to find yourself tucked in tight inside the Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 9 Degree Sleeping Bag. Featuring well over a pound of high loft duck down, you're guaranteed a good night's rest despite the frozen sheet that rests just the other side of your sleeping pad. Well-designed baffling optimizes warmth while balancing weight, and the improved DriLite Loft keeps this bag under three pounds. Light enough to trek through mountain passes on arduous trips, the Glacier 700 also comes with a waterproof stuff sack—just in case you encounter any melted sections of glacier on your journey to solid land.

  • Ultralight sleeping bag for extended treks into harsh landscapes
  • Lofty dose of down provides warmth in alpine climes
  • Lightweight shell fabric offers water-resistant protection
  • Trapezoid baffles optimize insulation during colder nights
  • Magnetic closure at draft collar seals out the cold arctic wind
  • Waterproof roll-top stuff-sack keeps your down from getting soaked
  • Item #MEQ008M
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