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  DC Space Echo Snowboard - Men's DC The 156 Snowboard - Men's Salomon Snowboards Malamute Snowboard Boot - Men's Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot - Men's Ride Timeless Snowboard - Men's United Shapes Horizon Series Snowboard - Men's Burton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men's Niche Pyre Snowboard - Men's Salomon Snowboards Team Snowboard - Boys' Ride Orion Snowboard Boot - Men's
 DC Space Echo Snowboard - Men'sDC The 156 Snowboard - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Malamute Snowboard Boot - Men'sBurton Rampant Snowboard Boot - Men'sRide Timeless Snowboard - Men'sUnited Shapes Horizon Series Snowboard - Men'sBurton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men'sNiche Pyre Snowboard - Men'sSalomon Snowboards Team Snowboard - Boys'Ride Orion Snowboard Boot - Men's
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Baseextrudedrecycled sinteredSintered Supreme-sintered race-Sintered SupremeSintered P-Tex 4000--
BrandSalomon SnowboardsNicheDCBurtonRideRideDCUnited ShapesSalomon SnowboardsBurton
Coreaspenpoplar, paulownia, bambooStratus Core (poplar, beech)-Performance-Light Core (poplar, paulownia)paulownia, balsa--
Effective Edge[100cm] 680mm, [110cm] 770mm, [90cm] 600mm[150] 1077mm [155] 1113mm[154cm] 1125mm, [158cm] 1165mm, [162cm] 1205mm-[153cm] 1164mm, [158cm] 1202mm, [162cm] 1228mm, [167cm] 1266mm-1160mm[147] 1090mm [151] 1140mm [155] 1190mm [159] 1210mm--
Flexsoftmedium-stiff (7 out of 10 on Niche scale)stiff (8 of 10 on DC's scale)mediumstiffmedium-soft (4 of 10 on Ride's scale)stiff (8 of 10 on DC's scale)-stiffsoft
Length100cm, 110cm, 90cm150cm, 155cm154cm, 158cm, 162cm-153cm, 158cm, 162cm, 167cm-156cm147cm, 151cm, 155cm, 159cm--
Manufacturer Warranty2 years2 years1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year-1 year1 year
ProfileSuper FlatBack Seat Camber-Rockered Nosetraditional camber-hybrid camber-traditional cambercamber, early rise nose--
Recommended Usepark & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingpark & freestyle snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboardingbackcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding
Shapetrue twindirectionaldirectional-directional-twindirectional--
Stance Width[100cm] 12.6 - 15.7in, [110cm] 13.8 - 16.9in, [90cm] 11.4 - 14.6in600mm21 - 25.5in-23in-21 - 25.5in---
Waist Width[100cm] 192mm, [110cm] 205mm, [90cm] 180mm[150] 266mm [155] 275mm[154cm] 250cm, [158cm] 252cm, [162cm] 256cm-[153cm] 252mm, [158cm] 257mm, [162cm] 267mm, [167cm] 275mm-254cm[147] 250mm [151] 253mm [155] 256mm [159] 263mm--
WrapBA LD (biax)basalt stringerstriax-Carbon Infused, Carbon Array 5, Silencer 5-triaxbiax--
Sidecut Radius-[150] 7.1m [155] 7.1m8.3m-[153cm] 9m, [158cm] 10m, [162cm] 11m, [167cm] 12m-7.7m[147] 7.4m [151] 7.5m [155] 7.6m [159] 7.7m--

DC Space Echo Snowboard - Men's

Bringing symmetrical, twin-like flex pattern to a classic directional shape, the DC Space Echo Snowboard sends bigger park jumps, slashes up pow stashes in the trees, and lays out proper carves on corduroy. It's a powerful, medium-stiff deck built on a traditional camber profile for the locked-in response and energetic energy transfer you're seeking for clearing jumps, dropping into steeps, and hauling at high speeds.

Inside the Space Echo Snowboard, the Stratus Core of full poplar wood is reinforced with beech stringers down the middle of the board for added strength and resiliency. DC's Fresh Deck wood topsheet maximizes the natural snap of the board, so you can pop over anything in sight. Triax fiberglass keeps it torsionally stiff and responsive from edge-to-edge, meaning it feels better the faster and harder you ride it. It's finished with a high-density sintered base for kicker-clearing speed and proven resiliency from dings and scratches on the mountain.

  • Aggressive all-terrain board charges from peak to park
  • Directional shape has twin-like flex pattern for versatility
  • Traditional camber for locked-in response and powerful snap
  • Medium-stiff flex for powerful response and stability at speed
  • Stratus core of full wood with beech hardwood reinforcement
  • Fresh Deck wood topsheet maximizes the board's natural snap
  • Triax fiberglass adds torsional rigidity and responsiveness
  • Sintered base glides quickly and withstands regular abuse
  • Item #DCS00ZJ
  • In this video we're going to talk about the dc space echo a twin flex pattern. And a directional shape with a. Traditional camber profile to it this is one of those boards it's a super throwback to how people wanted their boards in the late 90s early 2000 it's. Just a board that you can ride the whole mountain with it's gonna have solid snap. And it's not gonna hold you back it's. Definitely in that quiver of one type of mind set so you need to take that into. Consideration when you're looking at this board features traditional camber if you need me to. Keep breaking down what traditional camber is just stop looking at this board contact point two contact point there's an arc in the board that's it. This board is available in both regular. And wide sizes the space echo is one of. Those old school type boards where it's. A twin flex in a directional package it. Is on the stiffer side so it's not quite middle-of-the-road it's a little bit past that you got a little bit of play. In the tips not a lot stiffer through the mid section with a little bit of torsional give this board is stable but. It's also very lively so you will notice a little bit of chatter resonating up underfoot but not enough to super. Fatigue you throughout the day in heavy rutted out terrain and chunder. I did get bucked around a bit with this board but that's kind of to be expected it doesn't absorb the terrain like. Something with a softer flex pattern would this is a board with a lot of snap. And rebound out of it so you can expect. Pop you do have to load it up you do. Have to be aggressive and you do have to manhandle it and that carries over to how it hits jumps this is really a board. That's designed for riding half pipe and you can see that with the fact that it's slightly directional with the twin flex that way you've got just a little bit more nose and tail speed and muscle. Those are the two things you're gonna need to butter this board or jib with it. This is a board that you can't just finesse that you can't just be light on your feet with you have to be heavy and hard with it you've got to use twice as much force to get it to press the way you want to really drive it's just. One of those boards speed will always be the key it's like a slope style board so. If you know how slope style riders are they go fast into everything this is not a lazy man's jib or butter board the. Sidecut on this board rails turns it. Really wants to carve it sets up easily. Enough you don't have a board that fights you it's nimble from edge to edge but it wants to do every kind of carve. You can and you have to be aggressive when you're driving it you really want to be center flex on that board pushing your back knee into it really get it. To arc and apex through the carve you know you just got to bring your a-game when you're carving with this board i would definitely recommend this board for your old school riders out there you can be loving guys that want a slight. Directional twin board that's who this. Is for this is for the guy that still rips the half pipe with his friends it's for the guy that's really just doing front side and backside airs maybe a 360. Probably nothing more than a 540 someone that's gonna push this board that's gonna snap it's the same guy that's gonna ollie over the fence going into the park just to prove a point it's the rad dad that's showing off for his little kid all right in space no one can hear you scream so. That probably means there isn't an echo well with the space echo these are the. Boards that stack up to it the capita. Doa or defenders of awesome as you as well. Now it the ride burnout. Not to be confused with chip the burnout. Over there. The interior plane project Connolly the. Rome national the arbour relapse all. Right so now you've decided what snowboard you're gonna get and you're going to decide where you're gonna buy it if you're shopping local awesome slap your local shop guys a high five and tell them they're killing it but for those of you that are buying online once you shop from one of the links we have down below that way you support us and you get a deal on your snowboard don't. Forget to subscribe to our channel that way you can see all the relevant or irrelevant snowboarding content that we're putting out for you guys so smash that bell down below that way you're getting a notification and I'll see you guys in another video. You.

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    DC The 156 Snowboard - Men's

    The all-mountain deck that dreams are made of, DC's The 156 Snowboard brings you the absolutely ideal combination of features—traditional camber, twin shape, blunted tips, and a light but powerful core—for having a blast in every zone of the mountain. The 156's stiff flex keeps your riding powerful and responsive as you go straight from powder-filled, white-knuckle cliff lines to high-speed laps through the park with the crew without skipping a beat. All of which means all-terrain versatility in what just happens to be the most commonly requested size.

    A stiff flex and traditional camber get the party started with reliable edgehold, high-flying stability, and powerful pop as you blast side hits and find natural transitions all over the resort. Then, the twin shape and blunted tips help you more than hold your own in the park, promoting easy switch landings and riding with a forgiving feel. DC's lightest core, the appropriately-named Light Core employs alternating stringers of poplar and ultra-lightweight paulownia throughout to keep your ride poppy and responsive without bulk bogging you down. The lightning-fast Sintered Supreme base help you blast through flat spots and slow snow conditions come spring time, and the triax laminate keeps response on point as you navigate tight trees and straight-line choppy steeps.

  • If you envisioned a perfect all-mountain deck, this would be it
  • Twin shape and stiff flex provide versatile ATV riding
  • Traditional camber is powerful, stable, and poppy
  • DC used their lightest core for lively maneuverability
  • Triax fiberglass bolsters strength and response
  • Sintered base keeps you flying at high speeds
  • Item #DCS00ZT
  • What's up internet I'm matt guf from the. House comm it's so good to see you again this is a 2019 dc 156 snowboards a park. Deck designed for intermediate to advanced level riders the 156 is a pretty unique board because it just comes in one size 156 it's a little bit. Narrow so if you have a bigger foot like its size 12 you're probably not gonna want to ride on this board it's a true. Twin deck of course it has a classic camber profile you'll see here it has a. Nice little arc up it's about six millimeters of rise which is actually quite a bit of camber but one thing to keep in mind with the dc 156 is that. Those corners those contact points are very grippy and very sharp so when you get the deck give it a little bit of a retune you should be good to go because these again these standard steel edges are super grippy right there if you're kind of not watching out you might catch. Those things pretty hard because it's a twin style clark boards can of course have a centered stance and surprisingly enough a feel and flex of a. Seven now one thing i really love about dc boards is that there's there's. Stiffer boards like boards that are stiffer than average like a 5 and above, or they tend to be a lot more than. (Lightweight) than other manufacturers boards and that's kind of you weird. Thing to can't get used to when you ride a stiffer dc jack is that it's. Responsive but it's also really lightweight on your foot now dc does that with one there of course there's carbon actually in the light cord like course combination both poplar and colonial style stringers running tip to tail there's a triax. Fiberglass on the top of that wood cord and on bottom but the thing that really makes this thing so kind of poppy buff. Lightweight at the same time is actually the top shoe this is a fresh deck ta chi so instead of doing like a heavy kind of like molded plastic or whatever it is. Other brands used for their table cheese this is actually a wood laminate it just. Makes the board a little bit stiffer to me of course like the base this is a. Wintered deck there's a wintered supreme it does have some die cuts here where the dc is it has a lot of structure to. It's really great in spring riding of course keep it waxed up throughout the season to keep it moisturizes and then again there's that 360 wraps standard steel edge the dc 156 has a nice shape to it. It really does kind of blunt it off you know if there's a 156 size thought this is gonna be one that has a really nice. Shape to it so if you're like the average sized human being i don't really. Fit that mold the 156 is gonna be an awesome deck if you like hitting booters riding rails and like lots of pop 56. It's gonna be dope one for you make sure to check it out at the house comm i select me the link below in the description leave a comment or question let us know and you think of this bad boy right here it's really fun actually seen people talk about their boards that they ride that we're reviewing in her videos and yeah subscribe to a channel never took more vids there and hopefully we'll see you guys on snow.

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    Salomon Snowboards Malamute Snowboard Boot - Men's

    The Salomon Malamute Snowboard Boot is the go-to choice for aggressive riders charging everything from the craggy peaks of Wyoming's Tetons to the no-fall lines of Alaska's Chugach. As the stiffest boot in Salomon's line, the Malamute's earned a renowned status among freeriders bombing steeps at cheek-wobbling speeds and sending 30-foot cliffs into fluffy powder.

    Salomon's PowerLock speedlace system ensures a powerfully tight fit in seconds, with the laces securing in place with a criss-cross locker situated atop the tongue. Then, the Power Frame shell is RPU-reinforced to retain its stiff flex throughout the course of multiple seasons, and the rubberized outer shell prevents premature wear that usually results from the boot rubbing against the binding's heelcup.

    Cushioning big drops and hard landings, an Ortholite C3 footbed smooths out potentially painful impacts and chatter at high speeds. Energizer H-bars attach underneath the shell for a stiffer, more responsive feel, while the Platinum liner with Custom Fit Pro Foam conforms to the unique contours of your feet, with its multi-density structure retaining a high degree of stiffness without packing out. A rugged Trek EC+ outsole grips treacherous icy terrain when unstrapped, and adds impact-absorbing protection when you're back on the board.

  • Salomon's stiffest boot for charging steep alpine terrain
  • Powerlock lacing maximizes the boot's support and stiffness
  • Extremely stiff flex for unrelenting support and stability
  • Ortholite C3 footbed cushions overshot landings
  • Power Frame shell with Energizer H-bars for customizable support
  • Platinum liner of multi-density foam for maximum flex retention
  • Removable ankle bars (inside liner) for locked-down heel hold
  • Trek EC+ sole for hiking out-of-bounds with its rugged traction
  • Item #SAL01HO
  • What's going on guys I'm jeff richards we're here at my low score in salt lake city utah yeah i got the 2015 salomon. Malamute snowboard boot this is a really. Premium high-end snowboard boot really responsive great for any of your riders. That are you know charging the back country or that you just really like a responsive dude with that added support this is one of our best sellers. Here at miles warren it's been a best-seller for salomon for years it's been in their line for many a years and it's time tested and well proven so this. Boot here is packed full of features I'm going to start here at the outsole so it's got a contra grip outsole it's. Gonna really be good durable lasts a long time and give you the supreme traction that you need for packing up those you know they can big mountains one wonderful feature about this boot. Too is here on the shell is removable j. Bars on both the inside and outside of the foot these are red because you know when you're breaking in your boot and it's really stiff you can remove these and you can get a nice good flex while you break it in and then when you're looking for that added support and response you just slide those chain bars right back in it's also got an awesome. Lacing system here so it's just the. Single cord here that wraps back and forth just something like a traditional lace with it locking on each one of these pieces here so you really get a nice fit from the bottom to the top with a nice sure lock system there at the top and then when you're finished up you can just clip this here like this coming in. With the liner it's got a premium responsive liner from salomon here at. The Sherlock on the inside you can lock that up there and then it's also got the removable j bars here for around your heel so that just can go around your. Ankle bone you know some people prefer these and some people don't it also will add a little bit of response to the boot so yeah here it is. The 2015 salomon malamute it's an. Amazing boot it said one of our bestsellers here and i think the bestseller worldwide for Solomon it's available here at milo's for on our website at wwlp.com.

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    Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Spend your days lapping the park and cruising mountain in total comfort with the Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot. It has a buttery-smooth flex and tons of comfort-enhancing features to keep your feet feeling fresh when you're on the mountain from sun-up to lift close. The Imprint 2 liner employs heat-moldable foam for a foot-wrapping fit, and it's equipped with low-profile 3M Thinsulate insulation to help your feet stay toasty on frigid days.

    The Articulating Crossbone upper strikes just the right balance between tweakability and loaded response, thanks to its carbon-embedded Jumper Cables embedded into the lateral side of the boo, which allow the boot to snap back to shape when you're loading up ollies and carving. Sleeping Bag reflective foil retains heat with its space blanket-inspired design, so the boot stays warmer on the mountain. There's a plush Man Fur cuff lining for fuzzy-wearing warmth around your upper calf. Other comfort-enhancing features include a molded EVA footbed for plush support, placed in tandem with B3 gel cushioning in the heel to smooth out harsh landings and choppy snow. And to absorb even more shock, the Dynolite sole is constructed from a special cushioning compound for the lightest feel and smoothest riding characteristics.

  • Premier park boot that goes from cruising to park laps in comfort
  • Medium flex caters to freestyle and cruising the mountain
  • Traditional laces with Asym Speed Hooks for tight engagement
  • Heat-moldable Imprint 2 liner with 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Molded EVA footbed cushions your feet while you ride
  • B3 gel cushioning absorbs harsh landings in the heel
  • Dynolite sole places lightweight cushioning underfoot
  • Item #BUR02K0
  • What's up everybody not hear from the shred guys with a quick review of the 2014 bern rampant snowboard boots these. Boots with traditional lacing a velcro. Patch to make sure you stay in no matter what happens to this pull-up liner tightening device will keep you in this. Boot no matter what super light just toss it around great for those people who are into freestyle the jib kids imprint 2 liner gives it the ultimate. Customization you can heat this boot up. At your local shop and basically they'll fit it perfectly your foot so you won't have anything of rubbing inside the boot that'll give you any blisters or anything no footprint reduction on this boot means my nine and a half sized boot will feel like a nine and a half but it's going to fit into my bindings like an eight and a half so it's going to offer that smaller footprint and not have to worry about stretching out over the sides of the board mid flexing. Binding so jib kids definitely freestyle. Enthusiasts light on your feet you can wear it all day long b3 gel inside this boot allows you to. Have the most amount of impact protection so it's not gonna hurt as much coming down off those big kickers and cruising around shock free all day. Nice boot now that we've got the boots. On i am definitely feeling the b3 cushioning down in the bottom feels super soft plushness in the liner makes. It feels real nice around the shins i do have my jeans on right now but i can still feel it through the jeans supersoft footprint reduction definitely. In there you can feel as you switch back and forth it doesn't feel the same size as your boot which will be different. Once we get in the bindings will be nice and strapped in mid stiff flex. Definitely some softness in the tongue. Get some nice grabs with these but. Overall i give them a 4 out of 5 and. For originally 200 fighting them for one pointing online definitely going to be. Happy the seasonal.

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    Ride Timeless Snowboard - Men's

    Reinventing itself and establishing its place at the head of the table year after year, the Ride Timeless Snowboard comes to you this season with an aggressive flex pattern, the powerful edge control of camber, and a directional shape for that inspires confidence on steep terrain. The Timeless is one of those boards that has no qualms about its freeride-specific nature, meaning you won't find it ducking into the park or messing around on jibs. It's exclusively meant for the aggressive rider opening it up at ridiculous speeds and taking on the steepest terrain. We'd chalk this up to its wide radius sidecut and super-stiff flex pattern, which really excel at wide-radius turns down groomers and pointing it down open bowls on powder days.

    One of the coolest features with the Timeless is the T6 aluminum topsheet, which not only draws glances of admiration in the lift line, but actually lessens high-speed vibration from slowing you down when you're bombing steeps like a madman. It's built on a Directional Hybrid Camber profile for the supreme edge hold of camber, paired with a large, rockered nose that floats above fresh powder on those deep days. Carbon Array 5 Laminates beef up the tip and tail contact points with five different carbon stringers arranged in an X-like pattern for incredible stability. Plus, it's packing Ride's Carbon Slimewalls, which are highly resistant to damage with their carbon-embedded urethane, meaning this board stands up to all the punishment you dish out.

  • Powerful freeride board for high-speed charging
  • Directional Hybrid Camber maintains powerful edge hold
  • Large rockered nose floats across deep, untracked snow
  • Tapered directional shape for freeriding at high speeds
  • Aggressive flex is best for bombing down the mountain
  • T6 aluminum topsheet reduces chatter and vibration
  • Carbon Array 5 laminates amplify power transfer
  • Carbon Slimewalls dampen vibration, increase snap
  • Item #RDE00EG
  • Whoa hello I'm at captain house common. This is a 2017 live time of snowboard. And all-mountain deck design for high level intermediate to advanced level riders that want to scream down the hill at a million miles an hour on a missile that's known as the time this board absolutely rips the directional board. The 3/4 step back stance the nose is a little bit wider and a bit longer of course than the tail the tails can be just a little bit more responsive and stiff but overall this is a very magical. Board that has a lot of high performance. Energy inside that you can unleash the beast with if you know what you're doing if you're an intermediate level rider that's just kind of still feeling out. How to make dynamic turns this is not going to be the board for you definitely have to know what you're doing to ride this thing very well it features a directional tapered hybrid camber profile ship its kind of crazy. Haha when you sent the board on flats know basically underneath the front foot. All the way to the tails contact point the board is going to be cambered and then the nose is going to have a nice sweeping rocker to it you can crush pow. Rip on groomers and stay very stable with this thing i like the thymus. Because it's explosive sure it's a little bit heavier than your average for people with aluminum top sheet of course. That's going to happen but it also charges through hard snow like no other. Board out there this is one of the best hard charging boards in cruddy conditions and really good conditions inside as a performance with court that core has three different types of woods aspen bamboo and polonium. And then there's a awesome fiberglass. It's kind of hybrid glass it's called pop glass features carbon at 90 degrees. You see throughout the entire board but there're additional laminates to this deck as well besides new aluminum top shape there's pop laws that means that in a tail area. There's gonna be slime raw material or urethane along with carbon kind of. Sandwich in that tail give it a little bit more response the sidewalls are actually beyond those side laws underneath that back foot may be all slime also urethane material that's so not temperature sensitive you can stay the same kind of flex as it does in warm. Weather as it doesn't whether so it's going to feel the exact same it's not going to feel brittle when it gets really cold along with that is going to be the carbon or 85 carbon. Stringers have to start at the contact point to kind of spread out and radiate underneath the front and back foot and. Then there're silencers five as well dampening sheets under the nose and. Under the tail i kind of give it a very smooth style feel the base is can be. Extremely fast this is the ultralight base it's a wintered base make sure to keep it waxed up through its lifetime and then there's that standard 360 wraps steel edge this thing cruises hard it's. Like a cruise missile it's called the timeless and you can check it out at the house dot-com thanks for watching leave. A comment or a question and remember to subscribe to a house boat show youtube channel right now whoa.

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    United Shapes Horizon Series Snowboard - Men's

    Ride a directional board on the steeps and feel like you are on a twin in the park by strapping in to the United Shapes Horizon Series Snowboard. The Horizon is built as a directional twin that has the ability to carve up groomers and float in powder while still performing in the park.

    The directional aspect of this deck allows for easy turn initiation on groomers while the 4mm of traditional camber hold an impressive edge at all speeds. The rockered tip featured on this board and optional setback inserts means a quick tweak to this board can make it ride like a dream in super deep snow while the centered stance lets you press down rails in the park until your heart is content.

  • Maximize your fun on hill from the summit to the park
  • Directional twin shape carves well and offers freestyle freedom
  • Camber with early rise is powerful on edge and floats well in pow
  • Stance centered over the sidecut gives this board a twin feel
  • Optional setback inserts boost float and surfy control in powder
  • Sintered base absorbs wax to keep you gliding over flat spots
  • Item #UNS0001
  • In this video we're gonna talk about the. United states pioneer part of their explorer line of boards it's a 156 and. It's one of those boards that's versatile enough to ride the whole mountain whether you're going in the park or your chased and pout and believe me i chased pow on this thing overall it's fun it's forgiving it's not. Gonna kill you and you can ride it just about anywhere so this board does have like a set back camber to it but it's more like a camber 2.0 and you actually look at the profile of it instead of just having it arcs it like kind of comes up flattens comes down hits that rocker. In the nose so when you do load it up. You get pop and snap but it's very easy to engage it doesn't fight you and this. Board just wants to pop off anything in its path overall the pioneer comes in with one of. Those middle of the road flexes you got play in the tips you got a lot of torsional flex to it yet it's still stable it's very lively it's a board. That you can go up and go fast with and. Not worry about the chatter but you can. Still play butter when you need to overall it's playful that's what you need to know about this board alright so. This board has cambered and that means it's gonna pop you do have to load it up and when you do it snaps this board can. Handle jumps that's all you need to know you look at the shape on this thing and you think it's a powder board it's not you can go out you can hit jumps and yet. Don't have to worry about it the tips of this board are super playful and you can really get your weight out. Over them and just press into it that knows what that setback in that rocker is amazing you can pop 180 lock it in. Hold it snaps right back out and continue. On your way this board swivels and sizzles when you want to butter with it. And if you want a jib fuck it go jib. With it i did i know you will so that's all you need to know you want to get sideways that camber profile is gonna hug the rail you wanna nose your tail press go for it. Don't worry about it the side cut on. This board is quick and nimble it engages its edge hold and it stays locked in and it drives all the way. Through the car this is a board that when you see where you want to go and you get it on edge forget it's on autopilot it's just gonna cruise right over there and do what you needed to do. This is a board that it fucking rocks at. Carbon that's all you need to know about it I'd recommend this board for anyone. That wants to buck the conventions of normality and ride something different. Go out slash have fun spray just play. Around on the whole mouth it's great that's that's really who this is for so what boards are comparable to the. Explorer from united shapes the. Dinosaurs will die wizard stick the roam. Blur the canoe spam even the burton. Working stiff if you really want to go a. Little more power in alright so now. You've decided what snowboard you're gonna get and you're going to decide where you're gonna buy it if you're shopping local awesome slap your local shop guys a high five and tell them they're killing it but for those of you that are buying online why don't you shop from one of the links we have down below that way you support. Us and you get a deal on your snowboard don't forget to subscribe to our channel. That way you can see all the relevant or irrelevant snowboarding content that we're putting out for you guys so smash. That bell down below that way you're getting a notification and I'll see you. Guys in another video. You.

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    Burton Invader Snowboard Boot - Men's

    Get out of those clunky rental boots and into the Burton Invader Snowboard Boot. It has a soft flex for easy steering and all-day comfort so you can go from getting your turns down on green circles to conquering the entire mountain in no time. The Imprint 1 liner is heat-moldable for a comfy custom fit, and the soft-flexing tongue makes it easy to get those toeside turns down. A Level 1 molded EVA footbed cushions impacts and absorbs vibrations for a smooth ride, while the Snow-Proof internal gusset keeps snow from sneaking in when the powder piles up. The Dynolite outsole is not only 20% lighter than regular rubber outsoles, but also allows for better board feel and provides better cushioning, even at below freezing temps. Plus, Total Comfort Construction means the Invader feels broken-in when you take it out of the box.

  • Simply comfortable all-mountain boot for progression and fun
  • Soft flex provides a forgiving feel that's easy to control
  • Traditional laces put an exact fit in your hands
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to your foot's shape
  • Level 1 EVA footbed helps soften chatter and impacts
  • Dynolite outsole is lightweight and grippy on icy terrain
  • Item #BUR02JZ
  • Paul en Edgar fornuizen dakramen in die. Zo bont snowboots dus wie in vr vr. Wie is Almelo scherm en wat persona. Larry is een de gap en zus en of ik ben in de video you be able to determine which doen is best for you and een storing aan bod voor online fishao heels for beginners and i have lawyers nee weingut naar b dat is controle hadden baas smeden chemo de boom en dan ik in groter skills met een jullie bood hij me zag vlak met specialiteit is easy to use and remote. Viewing in een burn widget stalen beugels tegen een steen zal in de kippetjes sensationeel dan lacing system de in wederom grunge wordt het goede chenal leesvoer duizenden model dan zere spier zo wat schaduw in de. Pantheons het een hele eer single boy. Gooide er staat zodat de koren de balk onderaan chique is wankel hier vorm kunnen snugfit hoer huis de spier zo'n systeem en ze separation aan boord had er een oor jones begin Eine in de pennen Griffith power i chose the spotlight oude leechers is mijn x-as en like hem in mijn appers acties mijn rauwe seks in roze parasol dat ik niets in spieren de spier zo'n lacing. System has a feature nu in hun broek spoort in de lol er een. Koers in de speech van de sjaal pijn als. Energie aan boven de marjo een ding beter bridgers tot burp app het more support pijn als de berg steentjes die er overal het bush kopie goedemorgen spicer. En support airport door de troje gsa reis en trots en noteer de in bitterheid. En isoleer de moord pleegt gaan opvoeren dus het twee stagehand. Zullen we het zelf in een simpele doet met klas het bedingen blies en zag. De meest de site de lezing seizoenen zijn slim dus sleep hem bij me vlakte voordeel dat staan alle niet door liner aan het. Machines verschiet dat wordt je bonnie instellen hebben en dit soort hem uit de banen met de pil boten we al zo zorgen. We zijn die zullen de die online al zo'n streaming grey wolf peecher suited for. Productierun technologie zo'n is zou ze letten als je huizen imprint aan de snelle besides en hoe discreter niemand moest ice al laat en filosofie niet eens kennen size stijl alleen binnen de armen. Sacrificie de booby ingang te borgen naam online er zo jefferies op letten 3 december. De boer kan de invloed marmer dus gewoon in de metro is even mooi klas woorden. Zijn meer mee zaaddoosjes dat dat plus moord was tyler 12 alle appels actie mijn verlosser we hebben zeven zaak extreme share this channel support pijn. Als een yogi bars in iv in making lacing. System van buiten mozes onder de worp. Afremmen your field trendystyle. Natuur en landbouw goed heb dus kennis. Single i get jullie ideeën. Stijl van zullen morgen bridge een stervend supporter mensen miljarden. Voordat je van Amati brian's bij les nummer perforaties voor brieven belgië morgen we gaan ingesteld haar verder weg je ook wel in arch support ben ik ken ik de binnenste mutsjes. Bevriende marrone in the entire maar willen die dunne lacing system pingback technologie er in een mooi glansje stalen tafel en waar we over. Alle grijs pak en waar u de print on board elec kleed ik ineens een krijgen snel hier de vorm vinden we ballen die dit Monaco blijkt de spieren speeddate. Businesses to moeilijke en dat separation rapper langer en gelijk de traditional kennen vaak in een staafje more slaap doen dan die haat dan in b. Duw het er traditioneel lees aan wat is. Is een boter great boots mary differente dus mensen kleur de mars op orde moet je ervaring in daarin vleessap je en boten liners op koers. Archiefmodule belkasmi mode bossen ring mode keer terugkoppeling door neem digimon een tolk mee gewonnen micro's. We hebben een nationaal dory Harmöle met je barbecue zo mengseltje rabat bloed en de hadaka. Mij sluiting van hun polo in description die de camera crash een aminozuur Flick. Bis bloed schuren social share bear chair than chair een hoek wc hans naam is.

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    Niche Pyre Snowboard - Men's

    Set a blistering pace down big faces, hold a mean edge on steep groomers, and make an offering to the snow gods while slashing deep powder on the Niche Pyre Snowboard. This directional carver is built for high speed big mountain riding but also offers incredible control and edge hold during tighter radius turns at slower speeds.

    The directional shape and Back Seat Camber-Rockered Nose profile combine to give this board a stable feel with easy turn initiation and powerful exits from turns. The rocker in the nose and camber under your back foot also helps you float through even the deepest snow while also looking into the edge on firmer snow. Combining this shape and bend with a medium-stiff flex and high quality eco-friendly materials creates a board that you can feel good riding everyday.

  • Rip through trees, crud, and slaloms on this carve happy board
  • Directional shape enters turns with ease and exits with power
  • Medium-Stiff flex is extremely stable and powerful at high speeds
  • Back foot camber and a rockered loves both deep snow and crud
  • Swallow tail drops your back foot in pow for enhanced control
  • Full length wood core is responsive, stable, and durable
  • Sintered base made from recycled materials glides extremely well
  • Item #NCH001E
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    Salomon Snowboards Team Snowboard - Boys'

    Sized-down in size but not performance, the Salomon Team Snowboard takes all the technology from Salomon's line of full-sized boards, and puts it all in an easy to handle package for your soon-to-be shredder. The Team Kids' Snowboard is ready to ride the entire mountain with a true twin shape and Super Flat profile, which aids in stability. The Bite Free edges are de-tuned in the tip and tail to reduce the chance of wrist-cracking edge grabs. A full-length Aspen core provides plenty of durability, while low-density fiberglass layers bring an ultra soft flex for easy turn initiation. An extruded base is utilized for a long lasting glide and a low-maintenance attitude.

  • Soft-flexing, easy twin snowboard for progressing groms
  • Flat profile for catch-free spins and reliable stability
  • Full-length wood core is lightweight and snappy
  • Concave base helps them progress with minimal risk
  • Biax laminate ensures a playful, forgiving flex
  • Item #SAL01H8
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    Ride Orion Snowboard Boot - Men's

    The dedicated snowboarders at Ride equipped the Orion Snowboard Boot with plenty of comfort- and performance-enhancing features to help you ride hard all season without going broke. Its traditional lace design remains tried-and-true, outperforming fancier lacing systems with its simplicity and longevity, while the heat-moldable Intuition Plush Foam liner conforms to the contours of your feet as you ride to ensure a truly supportive fit without pressure points. This liner features internal J-bars to prevent dreaded heel lift from slowing you down when you're mastering steeper trails or learning the basics of park riding. An innovative In2grated construction brings you a package that's exceptionally light and low-profile, while the die-cut EVA footbed reduces impact and vibrations at high speeds. A lightweight, rubber Grip Light outsole rounds out this all-terrain classic with sure-footed traction.

  • Progression-oriented, mid-flexing all-mountain boot
  • Traditional lacing locks down a secure fit
  • Thermo-moldable liner brings you the perfect fit
  • EVA footbed eats up harsh impacts and soaks up chatter
  • Odor-resistant coating keeps stinky odors at bay
  • Low-profile construction keeps the design streamlined
  • Rubber Grip outsole holds steady on slick surfaces
  • Item #RDE00FW
  • You guys what's going on georgia the house calm and I'm here with the all-new. 2014 ride orion boots for 2014 i mean they. Haven't changed a ton why because these boots are killer boots but if you're an. Up-and-coming freestyle rider kind of. Intermediate to beginner level rider really coming up starting to hone your skills this is gonna be the boot for you if you're looking for that original old-school traditional lacing i like traditional lacing myself as opposed to speed lace or boa i just think i get a. Little bit more dialed in feel so as you can see it's got the traditional lacing with the lace shall then you've also got. The speed hooks up at the top inside the. Boot you have the intuition lock down. Liners that are going to be integrated into the boot and yes these are going to be a heat moldable boot so it's really. Really nice and the intuition liners which are probably the top in the industry don't slack on any heat or. Warmth capabilities these are going to. Keep your feet really really toasty, and they're gonna be really comfortable so after you get them. Heat molded they're going to conform to your feet and your is it only but you can reheat them if you want so don't be. Afraid by that they come with a lock. Down quick place for the inside of that intuition liner there and then it as well. Has a die cut evie a grip sole which is. Really lightweight sole with also tons and tons of traction so these are. Gonna be your 2014 orion's from ride. They're gonna be a really nice boot for any beginner to intermediate. Rider really out there progressing their skills who want a warm super comfortable boot at a great price I'm Jordan to the house calm and I'll see you out on the slopes later.

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