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  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Wheeler® Professional Gunsmithing File Set CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit Magpul BEV™ Block Barrel Extension Vise Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set Cabela's 9-LED Bore Light Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Magpul Armorer's Wrench Wheeler® 43-Piece Professional Screwdriver Set Wheeler® 55-Piece Hex and Torx® Screwdriver Set Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set
  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Wheeler® Professional Gunsmithing File Set CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit Magpul BEV™ Block Barrel Extension Vise Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set Cabela's 9-LED Bore Light Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Magpul Armorer's Wrench Wheeler® 43-Piece Professional Screwdriver Set Wheeler® 55-Piece Hex and Torx® Screwdriver Set Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set
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Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool

  • Quickly disassemble your Remington bolts
  • Removes striker assembly in seconds
  • Compatible with a variety of Remington models
  • Enjoy fast, simple disassembly of all your Remington bolts with the Bolt Disassembly Tool. Three simple steps allow the firing pin to be easily removed for necessary cleaning and maintenance. Compatible with Rem. 700®, Seven™, 40X™, 660™, 721™, 722™,XP-100™ and other military models.
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    Hey youtube nc shootist here did a video. A couple weeks back i think it was on. The Remington 760 game master disassemblies. And reassembly and i had a viewer comment hey why don't you show us how the bolt of the 760 comes apart and goes. Back together so i figured i would show that process to you today so getting. Started what we'll need a small hammer you might. Need a big hammer if your vote is stubborn like mine was the first time i. Took it apart a small little computer. Type screwdriver a one-eighth inch punch. It's good to have a magnetic part straight just make sure nothing gets lost a pair of needle nose pliers and of. Course your bolt so let's go ahead and. Get started and when we look at the bolt. You can see that there are two small pins there's a smaller one on this side. And a larger one on the other side that. Hold the actual bolt into the carrier. Alright so if you look there are some. Channels cut into the bolt and we can. See that little pin that sticks through the bolt carrier into the bolt so first. Think we want to do is take our small computer screwdriver okay, and we'll get. In there and push those pins up first. Okay and then we'll take our needle nose pliers, and we'll pull that smaller pin. Out go ahead and set it on our tray well. The pliers won't let go of it okay now. We'll move on to the bigger one on the other side you can see it here take out. Screwdriver again push that one up just. Enough to be able to grab it with the. Pliers okay. We'll take that larger pen and set it aside and now the bolt will come free. From the carrier okay, so we'll go ahead and set the our bolt aside all right now. I'm not going to take the extractor out because there's a focus you can see. There's a small pin in there that holds. The extractor plunger and i don't have a. Punch that's that size, so we'll leave it. In there for now the only part left is. The firing pin okay and you can see focus alright you can. See there's a small little pin that. Holds the firing pin in so the firing pin has a slot cut in it so what we'll. Need to do is chuck this up in a vise. And I'll show you how to drift this pin. Out so it's its hard to do the first time but once you get the hang of it's not too bad so let me get the vise. Set up, and then we'll drift that pin out okay I've got our bolt carrier chucked. Into my vise and what I'll do is use. Some softwood some pine or something. Leave the front lugs of the bolt carrier. Sticking out past the wood blocks. And then chuck where the pin goes. Through make sure that's in contact with the wood blocks so you get a nice. Solid contact alright and I've already. Started this pin a little bit so we'll just drift it the rest of the way out so. Take your punch. And just drift that pin out okay and it. Just dropped on the floor but no big deal well we'll get it later all right. So what we'll do is take the bolt. Carrier back out of the vise okay and. You can see once i take the firing pin. Out there's that notch that lines up. With the hole in the bolt carrier all. Right so the reassembly process is. Just the reverse and one thing to. Mention before we get back to the reassembly you can see in my bolt. Carrier I've got a 760 and it's the. Model a dl which has the chequered. The checkering cut into the stock and. The four in so the later Remington's. Have a firing pin spring that sits down. In the bolt carrier okay if you've got. One of the earlier 760 s i believe they. Do not have a firing pin spring so. That's one thing to notice if you open yours up and you've got an early model of 760 and it doesn't have a firing pin. Spring that's the way it's supposed to. Be so don't panic if you've got an. Early one and you don't see a firing pin spring all right so let's try to get. This guy back down in here okay we've. Got the firing pin spring back into. The bolt carrier and I've already started the pin that retains the. Firing pin and you'll notice this is the. The top of the bolt carrier so the pin. When you drift it out you want to drift. It from top to bottom and when you put it back in you want to go bottom to top okay so it's good to go ahead and get. That pin started you can see it there so. What we want to do is maybe back it out just a little bit. With a punch just enough to get the firing pin lined up okay go ahead and. Put your firing pin in and that notch. Will line up with the hole here let's. See if we can get some daylight through here see if you can see that okay so you. Can see there's that notch in the firing pin, so we'll move it out of the way and. We'll start our pin from the bottom okay and that will at least line everything. Up so we can get it set back in the bolt. Carrier okay so we'll go back to our. Vise all right we'll take our eighth. Inch punch. We'll just drift that pin back in there. Okay so you can see that pin is now set. Back into the bolt carrier the firing. Pin is secure but it's also free to. Move around that's what you want you don't want the firing pin to be stuck forward because if it is once you go to. Close the action you're gonna have a slam fire and that's what you don't want so make sure you're firing pins nice and free okay there's the large hole. That was on the side of the carrier. And you'll notice the actual bolt. You have two different size channels you've got a smaller one and a larger. One okay so obviously the larger one is. Gonna line up with the larger holes okay. So we take our pins that we set aside in. Our tray i will take the larger one. And we'll get it started into the. Bolt carrier body okay we'll line up the channel and. Just push it in with your thumb now if. You have trouble just take your punch and kind of give it an extra little push but it should go in pretty freely so if. It's not going in freely don't force it and try to figure out what's causing it to bind up all right, so we take out. Smaller one just push it in with your. Thumb and there you have it there's your. Disassembled and reassemble bolt for the. 760 game master so i appreciate you. Watching if this video was helpful give it a thumbs up thank you guys for watching god bless we'll see you next time.

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    Wheeler® Professional Gunsmithing File Set

  • Includes every file you'll ever need for gunsmithing
  • Use to reshape wood stocks and smooth out an action
  • Includes 15 coarse, medium and fine files plus accessories
  • Wheeler's Professional Gunsmithing File Set is the perfect addition to any gunsmith's workbench. Includes various files from a rough rasp to extra-fine diamond plate. Use for everything from reshaping a wood stock to smoothing out your firearm's action. Includes two 8" files, three 6" files, one 4-in-1 rasp, nine small files (course, medium, fine) and a cleaning brush, extra-fine diamond plate and stick of file chalk.
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    CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit

    The answer to when those tiny pieces are misplaced or worn out. Don’t get caught without it!
    AR survival kit includes:
    • Spring, magazine catch
    • Spring, selector detent AR-15
    • Spring disconnect AR-15
    • Spring, extractor AR-15 (Per 2)
    • Extractor pin M-16
    • Buffer, extractor AR-15 (Per 2)
    • Gas rings AR-15 (Per 3)
    • Spring, trigger AR-15
    • Spring, hammer AR-15
    • Firing pin retainer (Per 2)
    • Disconnect AR-15
    • Extractor AR-15
    • Firing Pin M-16
    • Cam pin AR-15

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    Magpul BEV™ Block Barrel Extension Vise

  • Provides support for all AR-15/M4 upper and lower receivers
  • Solidly engages barrel extensions with steel lugs
  • Full-length steel support shank prevents flexing
  • Body made from high-quality polymer to protect receivers
  • Use the all-in-one compact BEV Block by Magpul for AR-15 and M4 assembly operations. The block tool mounts securely in a vise and provides support for billet and forged receivers as well as engaging barrel extensions with solid steel logs and a full-length support shank to prevent flexing. Optimized steel hardness delivers durability without damaging the extension. High-quality Magpul Polymer body protects aluminum receivers. O-ring post uses a bolt carrier for additional stability. Includes a pin to keep upper receivers in the proper position. Bottom side works as a mag well vise block to support lower receivers during maintenance. Made in USA.
    Wt: 11.2 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench

  • Apply precise torque when installing firearm screws
  • Ergonomic click/clutch
  • Adjustable from 10-in.-lbs. to 65-in.-lbs.
  • Apply the exact amount of torque you need to install delicate base screws, scope rings, windage screws and trigger guard screws with repeatable accuracy that translates to more consistent performance in the field. This ergonomic, click/clutch enables you to adjust torque from 10 inch-lbs. to 65 inch-lbs. at increments of 5 inch-lbs. Features standard 1/4" drive tip and includes eight bits: T15 Torx; T20 Torx; 3/2" Allen; 5/2" Allen; Leupold/Buehler Windage; #10 Deluxe Flat Blade; #11 Deluxe Flat Blade; and a #32 Deluxe Flat Blade.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set

    Every firearm has a number of different screws involved in its assemble, and some can be hard to replace. You'll have no worries about lost screws when you work on your gun if you own this handy set. It's a 277-piece set that includes a dozen each of 23 screws that fit common applications in many firearms. Because some are so small, the kit includes tweezers and multiple compartments to keep the various sizes separated.
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    Cabela's 9-LED Bore Light

  • Great for inspecting hard-to-see areas in your gun
  • Compact machined-aluminum design
  • Nine ultrabright white LEDs
  • Use our 9-LED Bore Light to illuminate hard-to-see areas in your gun. Its compact machined-aluminum design and nine ultrabright white LEDs make it easy to check the condition of the chamber, bore or receiver. Also great for inspecting pre-owned firearms. Removable lens cover. Push-button on/off. Uses three AAA batteries (included).

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    Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set

  • Perfect for DIY gun projects
  • Molded stand can hang on the wall or sit on a work bench
  • Includes SAE hex, metric hex and Torx drivers
  • Wheeler Engineering's 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set provides everything you need for tinkering with guns. Molded stand with holes allows it to hang on the wall or sit upright on a work bench for easy-access convenience. Set comes with 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" ball, 9/64" ball, 5/32" ball, 3/16" ball, 7/32" ball, 1/4" ball, 5/16" ball and 3/8" ball SAE hex drivers, 1.5mm, 2mm ball, 2.5mm ball, 3mm ball, 4mm ball, 5mm ball, 6mm ball, 7mm ball, 8mm ball and 10mm ball metric hex drivers and T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 Torx drivers.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Magpul Armorer's Wrench

  • Heat-treated construction with a manganese phosphate finish
  • Two hammer faces install and remove rifle receiver extensions
  • Extended teeth for use with ASAP plates
  • Multiple armorer wrenches combined on one wrench
  • Converts to a bottle opener for metric and SAE bottle caps
  • Grab Magpul's all-in-one Armorer's Wrench whenever you need to work on your firearm. The two hammer faces install and remove rifle receiver extensions and carbine castle nuts, with extended teeth for use with ASAP® plates. Solid steel heat-treated construction with a manganese phosphate finish grips both stock and pin-style barrel nuts as well as fitting standard size flash hiders. Works with a 1/2" torque wrench, providing relevant torque specifications on the wrench for quick reference, then converts to a handy bottle opener for use after the build is complete. Made in USA.
    one USGI barrel nut wrench, free-float tube barrel nut wrench, 1/2” torque wrench/breaker bar interface, armorer's hammer, rifle-length/entry length receiver extension wrench, 3/4” wrench and USGI castle nut wrench, which is usable with after-market end plates like ASAP and ASAP-QD.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The magpul armorer's wrench is an american-made solid steel tool that tackles a number of tough jobs on the air 15 the wrench installs and removes. Rifle receiver extensions and carbine castle nuts and features extended teeth. For use with a set plates it also engages both stock and pin style barrel nuts and fits standard size flash hiders. It can be used alone or in concert with. A half-inch torque wrench and even includes relevant torque specs on the wrench for quick reference the wrench is coated with a grip enhancing phosphate finish and includes a bottle opener to help crack open the refreshment of your choice when the job is done like all products sold by brown ells the magpul armorer's wrench is backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee. You.

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    Wheeler® 43-Piece Professional Screwdriver Set

  • Hollow-ground bits are made of S2 tool steel
  • Comfortable, overmolded screwdriver handle
  • Contains the most popular bits for gunsmithing
  • This well-thought-out bit set belongs in your gunsmithing kit. Put an end to burred, buggered and busted screw slots with Wheeler's 43-Piece Professional Screwdriver Set. Made of S2 tool steel with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. Hollow-ground shape spreads forces equally along the sides of screw slots, resulting in no damage. Bits gently curve as they reach the tip to protect the screw's fit and finish. Set includes a short, comfortable, overmolded screwdriver handle to ease work strain and a durable custom-made storage case for easy transport and setup.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® 55-Piece Hex and Torx® Screwdriver Set

  • Hard-to-find bits for all jobs
  • Includes two driver handles
  • SAE, metric and Torx heads
  • Get all of the hard-to-find bits you need for large and small jobs with the Wheeler 55-Piece Hex and Torx Screwdriver Set. It includes all of the most common bits (including two Phillips and two flat-head bits). a 1/4" driver handle, 4mm driver handle and a convenient carry case. SAE hex heads included are .028″, .035″, .05″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, 9/64″, 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″. Metric hex heads included are .7mm, .9mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm. Torx heads included are T1, T2, T3, T4, TT5, TT6, TT7, TT8, TT9, TT10, TT15, TT20, TT25, TT30, TT35, TT40 and TT45 and TT50.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set

    A professional-grade set less than half the size of sets containing comparable tools. 26 bits fit most gunsmithing applications. Includes standard, Phillips, hex and torx bits; a 2" No. 2 Phillips bit that's ideal for recoil pads and a hex-to-square conversion bit to use with 1/4" square-drive sockets. Magnetic handle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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