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  Bridgedale Ski Lightweight Merino Endurance Sock - Men's Smartwool PhD Training Beanie - Men's Tobe Vivid Mono Suit - Men's Backcountry Dead Tree Zip-Off Knickers - Men's Stoic Midweight 1/4 Zip Baselayer Top - Men's The North Face Freedom Bib Pant - Men's DAKINE Titan Short Glove - Men's Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Glove - Men's Mountain Hardwear Boundary Line Jacket - Men's The North Face Ventrix Crew - Men's Planks Clothing Tracker Jacket - Men's Norrona Roldal Ace Pant - Men's Fjallraven Bergtagen Woolmesh Sweater - Men's
 Bridgedale Ski Lightweight Merino Endurance Sock - Men'sSmartwool PhD Training Beanie - Men'sTobe Vivid Mono Suit - Men'sBackcountry Dead Tree Zip-Off Knickers - Men'sStoic Midweight 1/4 Zip Baselayer Top - Men'sThe North Face Freedom Bib Pant - Men'sDAKINE Titan Short Glove - Men'sBurton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Glove - Men'sMountain Hardwear Boundary Line Jacket - Men'sThe North Face Ventrix Crew - Men'sPlanks Clothing Tracker Jacket - Men'sNorrona Roldal Ace Pant - Men'sFjallraven Bergtagen Woolmesh Sweater - Men's
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BrandThe North FaceDAKINEPlanks ClothingSmartwoolMountain HardwearBackcountryBurtonTobeBridgedaleFjallravenThe North FaceStoicNorrona
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime2 year limited-2 yearslifetime-1 yearlimited lifetime3 years1 yearlifetimelimited lifetime5 years
MaterialDryVent 2L (100% nylon)syntheticRideDry 2056% merino wool, 44% polyesterDry Q Elite (100% nylon, 3-layer)[face fabric] 40d nylon ripstop, DWR treatment, [abrasion panels] 50% nylon, 41% polyester, 9% spandexGnar Guard leather[membrane/laminate] Sympatex (2-layer), [face fabric] Cordura, [lining] mesh, taffeta, [reinforcements] Armortex Kevlar20% merino wool, 51% nylon, 20% EndurofilTM (polypropylene), 7% tactel, 2% LYCRA[chest, shoulders] 52% wool, 35% polyester, 13% nylon, [sleeves, sides, low torso] 80% wool, 20% nylon, [low side panels, cuffs, neck] 95% wool, 5% elastane[body] 100% nylon, DWR treatment, [underarm, back collar, cuffs, and hem] 85% nylon, 15% elastane, DWR treatment [insulation] 60g Ventrix85% polyester, 15% spandex3L DRI3 (organic cotton, hemp) DWR treatment
Pocketshook-and-loop chest, 2 zippered hand, 2 cargo-2 zippered chest, 2 zippered hand, 1 sleeve, 1 media, 1 goggle-[external] 2 hand, 2 chest, 1 sleeve, [internal] 2 drop-in1 zippered stow-2 zippered hand, 1 zippered sleeve, 1 interior goggle, 1 interior media----2 hand, 1 thigh, 2 back
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboardingskiing, snowboardingall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboardingnordic classic, nordic skate, road running, trail runningbackcountry skiing & snowboardingbackcountry skiingskiing, snowboardingall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboardingall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboardingall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowshoeing, hiking, mountaineering, snowshoe hiking, winter campingcasual, loungingskiing, snowboardingall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding

Bridgedale Ski Lightweight Merino Endurance Sock - Men's

Enjoy your next ski vacation in the Bridgedale Ski Lightweight Merino Endurance Sock. The wool blend will keep your feet dry and smelling nice thanks to its moisture wicking and odor resistant properties while the Lycra ensures that your the sock doesn't slide down in your boot.

  • Lightweight ski socks for your next ski vacation
  • Merino wool blend is moisture wicking and odor resistant
  • Cushioned foot and shin adds comfort for all day use
  • Lycra keeps the sock in place while you shred
  • Item #GAR006P
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    Smartwool PhD Training Beanie - Men's

  • Synthetic fabric dries quickly and wicks moisture
  • Item #SWL015Q
  • Hey guys my name is rainy and if you're looking to stay won this cold weather season while still being able to stay out there and train then check out the training beanie from smart wool the. Training beanie is made from 100% merino. Wool it is a very durable very versatile. And it's naturally odor free perfect size to wear underneath the hat or a helmet to help regulate your body temperature guys seriously it's smart. Wool what else do you need to know.

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    Tobe Vivid Mono Suit - Men's

    Whether you're tearing up the mountain on your snowboard or your snowmobile, you're gonna want the Tobe Vivid Mono Suit in your corner. This rugged one-piece snowsuit features 45,000mm of waterproof protection from head to toe, keeping you dry no matter how deep the snow you're falling into gets, and every seam is fully sealed so there's no avenue for moisture to sneak in. Even the Aquaguard zippers are designed to keep water out. Integrated leg and wrist gaiters further bolster your snow defenses, and the leg gaiters include metal hooks for attaching to your boots. The durable Cordura construction is built to stand up to hard-charging mountain adventures, with reinforced seams that are double stitched for durability. Kevlar patches are placed at high wear places such as the knees, inner calf, and cuffs. Tobe equipped the suit with a kill switch D-ring, so you can attach a lanyard to your snowmobile's engine in case you and your rig part ways unexpectedly.

    The Vivid isn't all techy performance features, either—it also boasts plenty of comfort for long days in the snow. The same membrane that's powerfully waterproof is also breathable, so you're not sweating up a storm when you're riding hard, and the suit features ventilation points at both the chest (so you can still unzip with a backpack on) and thighs, so you can dump heat quickly. Internal ergonomic shoulder braces offer a comfortable, adjustable fit, and interior drawcords at the waist let you further tweak for ideal comfort. And—of course—there are plenty of pockets for stashing snacks, maps, phone, music, ski pass, and more.

  • Hardcore snowsuit for skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling
  • Breathable membrane offers waterproof, windproof protection
  • Durable construction built for rugged mountain adventures
  • Chest and thigh vents let you dump heat on the go
  • Thumbholes keep the sleeves securely in place during play
  • Hood can be removed when you're out in bluebird conditions
  • Suit is sized to fit protective padding underneath
  • Expandable collar lets you tweak for comfort
  • Item #TBE0001
  • Hey guys I'm tyson with adventure rig. Callie and i are currently out here in mammoth california now i know it doesn't look like much from this spot but take a look at this it was an absolutely incredible day today a hundred percent different than the day we had yesterday we were absolutely in the gnar it was. Storming a blizzard all day long 50 to. 60 mile an hour winds and prior to that. We were in squaw storm skiing there the snow is heavy it's windy it's cold. However callie and i are both completely protected because of our mono suits made. By 2b now i have on the vivid and if you. Take a look at callie i have on the novo. In pink cuz I'm a girl she's also done a. Full review on her suit so if you're a woman wanting that perspective definitely be sure to check it out or if you're a dude and you're just curious be sure to check out her review cuz she's got a lot of great points on her suit as well going back to mine this is absolutely amazing so not only do we ski. In these, but we also have snowmobiled we use them to get into the back country so that we can ski we needed something that was gonna keep us protected and really hold up against what the snowmobiles have to throw at us we've found in the past that with just normal ski layers. They somehow seem to really get shredded on the sleds snowmobiles are really hard on our outer layers and to be seems to. Have that covered online looking on. Facebook and different forms I've come across people saying my to be suit ripped i hit a tree they're thin i don't. Know how you could say that about these the exterior is cordura it's very. Durable on the inside of my calf on my. Knee down here around the whole bottom i have this armored text reinforcement the. Ski edges are not gonna tear through the bottoms which is awesome cuz that's always a problem that i have on normal pants i can hit trees with this it's pretty indestructible i think i kind of feel like with the 45,000 millimeter. Waterproofing that the simple text to layer membrane provides i could almost jump in lake tahoe and stay completely dry but i don't have gaskets i only have gators on my wrist you can see right. Here you can pull it out and fit it or around your thumb these are really nice because they're not overly tight I've worn some things that are kind of tight and uncomfortable they've given me plenty of room with these also on the very bottom inside i. Do have a gator there what's great about this one on the inside of it you have a. Hook so if you wanted to hook it on laces snowboarding or snowmobile boots. You can easily do that it also has a. Button closure so you can snap it around something if you'd prefer to go that. Style beacon of style my bright green it's st. Patrick's Day today so i really. Fit in with it any other day i just feel like I'm awesome out there cuz i love green i love this color i think they've done an awesome job you can check out all the colors at us to be outerwear. Calm if maybe this green is not for you. Diving into some of the features that. They provide I've got a lot of pockets on this i have two zippered rights here on my thigh as well as this interesting. Pocket right here this is just a chest pocket the reason that i say it's interesting is because you obviously can. Go into it like this from the bottom if i zip it down you can see that that same zipper actually is the same zipper to. Adjust my collar if i want the collar tighter i can zip it up and it brings it. All together i wasn't exactly sure about it because. You can see if i dip it down half-way to. Provide a little extra length in my. Collar i thought maybe there'd be a chance of snow getting down, but they've got it covered they actually have a nice flap in there that's a really cool pocket that I've never seen anyone else do super functional because it really is a pocket as well as the adjustment for how. Tight or loose you want your collar as well. Speaking of snow on this front zipper cal and i do have a couple other suits from other companies that we have tried out and something that to be does right. On the very bottom you can see this nice green fabric that they have provided. This is going to keep out all the snow from coming in the bottom of the zipper on the other suits that we've tried no one else does that so when you zip this down it seems like there's always just a little bit of a crack that the zipper does not fully encase down. There and snow or wind kind of seems to make its way in there but that flap they keep all the elements out zipping this all the way up you can see exactly how much this covers my face as. Well as putting the hood on i can easily fit the hood over my. Goggles and helmet when we're skiing and i can still look to the left and to the right up and down it's a little snug but it's definitely completely doable i skied all day yesterday with the hood up and my collar zipped all the way up to. Provide 100% protection besides having. The pockets you do have two really nice chest vent zips on the exterior here i. Kind of wish they were pockets cuz i do like having pockets up high these are just vents it's give and take. I have pockets other places so I'm just learning to use my other pockets i kind of like having the vents more on the front than say on the underarms because even though your underarm does get warm the core of your body is what's regulating your temperature than most so by having these right on the front they. Seem to really help to keep my body temperature in check one thing I've noticed those skiing is that if i leave. Then down and it's a deep pow day there is mesh that helps to keep some of the snow out but if it's a light enough snow i can get snow kind of packed through the mesh and inside so i always just zip. Up before going down and I'll unzip on the lift also down here inner thigh. Vents these are great just to let a ton. Of air in and a ton of air out again. Regulating that core temperature on the. Inside of the jacket they do provide a couple really useful pockets you have your media pocket feed your headphones. Right out and into your ears as well as. A zippered mesh pocket on this side which i kind of like if you're gonna be well I've got my driver's license in their right now if you have a driver's license credit card that kind of stuff that's always safe in that inside pocket. And then i also have a nice goggle pocket right here that's just a mesh as. Well as elastic band on the top to kind of keep it tight so if your goggles are fogging up you can throw them in there also if you're out in the back country skinning you can definitely throw your skins in there if you wanted to another thing that to be offers with the. Suit is these really heavy-duty nice suspenders now. You can see I've obviously taken mine out that's something that i like these are removable some of the other suits i have they're not removable and i wish they were these are handy because if you have them in they actually kind of help to keep everything pulled up because. They connect about where your waist sits the one thing that i didn't love about these is that it's heavy-duty as they are they're a little bit warm on my back they have provided a little bit of mesh to help with that but i still found that. If i overdressed these just kept me a little too warm so. I took them out it's still 100%. Functional without them i honestly didn't notice the suit falling or any. Abnormal t's like that so let's talk about sizing this is something that i you see a lot of questions asked online about these this is a size large i am 6. Feet tall and I'm 200 pounds you can see. I currently do have a light thin down. Jacket under the suit right now i also i. Telemark ski so I'm always dropping my knee I'm wearing knee pads also so maybe. If you're wearing knee braces or chest protection this should accommodate it. You can see how much room i have as well as the length on the arms and the length. On the legs i really like the way that. This suit fits if i lift my arms up i. Have plenty of room everything moves up. With me and nothing's too tight this one is for sure the best fitting suit out of. The three that I've tried from other companies also if you get on to b's. Website one thing that i think they've absolutely crushed in this department you can actually go and see different. People spinning around wearing different. Sizes and it gives what their measurements are and the size of suit that they're wearing so you can see exactly what they look like on other people i think that's probably one of the best things I've ever seen as far as sizing goes now if you're in the market. For a mono suit i think that 2b is absolutely crushing it in this department there are other ski companies that make them it's not really what I'd call their specialty i think that the. Suit is kind of specialty of to be and i think that they have it dialed again this is the to be vivid mono suit with the. 45,000 millimeter of waterproofing this. Is going to be a hundred percent waterproof as well as a hundred percent wind proof if you're looking for outerwear that is going to keep you 100% protected from the elements and keep you dry look no further because you found it. With to be if you guys are wondering where callie and i are or what we're up to you please check us out on Instagram and facebook at adventure rig if you. Have any questions about this suit or anything else just leave them in the comments below, and we'll get back to you thank you again for watching I'm tyson with adventure rig

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    Backcountry Dead Tree Zip-Off Knickers - Men's

    The darkest hour is just before dawn. It’s also the coldest one, and since Backcountry Gearheads get most our skiing done before sunrise, we wanted to add more warmth to our touring collection. The Dead Tree Zip-Off Knickers are insulated to add warmth on frigid dawn patrols with innovative insulation that boasts high levels of breathability and plenty of stretch for performance-oriented comfort on the skin track.

    When the track gets steep or the temperature rises with the sun, top-to-bottom zippers at each side let you remove the knickers without taking off your boots or skis. The knickers have a water-resistant treatment to shed any snowfall when you’re in the middle of this transition or when things get powdery.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Insulated knickers part of Backcountry’s ski touring collection
  • Breathable, stretchy insulation ideal for highly aerobic skiing
  • Abrasion-resistant shell assures long-lasting durability
  • Water-resistant treatment prevents moisture from soaking baselayers
  • Top-to-bottom side zippers make on-and-off easy
  • Zipper pulls are glove-friendly for fumble-free transitions
  • Gearhead Certified Product
  • Item #BCC00BV
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    Stoic Midweight 1/4 Zip Baselayer Top - Men's

    Your skis are waxed and ready to go and your boot liners have been drying out over the heater all night, but don't forget to get your Stoic Men's Midweight 1/4 Zip Baselayer Top ready to go before you bust out the door in pursuit of fresh pow. Providing next-to-skin warmth and effective moisture management, this midweight baselayer is made from a combination of moisture-wicking polyester and stretchy spandex for comfort

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • A baselayer ideal for skiing and snowboarding
  • Midweight material manages moisture and body heat
  • 1/4-zip mock neck for quick ventilation
  • Item #SIC002L
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    The North Face Freedom Bib Pant - Men's

    The North Face Men's Freedom Bib Pant represents an endless pursuit of powdery independence, because your life is all about skiing the soft snow, and this pant gives you the liberty to do it. Its DryVent membrane is ruggedly waterproof to fend off chest-high deeps, and remains incredibly breathable when it's time to move back up the mountain by whatever preferred method. The inner thigh vents zip open and close to add airflow, and the bib itself has a side zipper entry, adjustable suspenders, and a large pocket. There are four additional pockets—two of which are cargo—to maximize your storage potential.

  • Feel free to ski the deepest powder in this bib pant
  • DryVent membrane is ruggedly waterproof and breathable
  • Inner thigh vents zip open and close to adjust airflow
  • Bib boasts adjustable suspenders, side entry, and a large pocket
  • Four additional pockets maximize storage options
  • Reinforced kick patches drastically decrease wear and tear
  • Item #TNF04PZ
  • Whether you're skiing snowboarding. Trekking up the front side or tracking out the backside the north face freedom. Pants for men are versatile enough to take on any condition the mountain presents these snow pants have a relaxed. Fit with articulated knees and lots of room in the seat and legs made from high. Vent nylon fabric they are waterproof and breathable with a dwr finish for. Extra weather protection the waistband has belt loops and hook and loop tabs for our custom fit over layers the front. Closure has a zipper and two snaps pockets include two zippered hand. Pockets and one leg pocket with a hook and loop flap closure zippered thigh. Fence are lined with mesh for ventilation that keeps the snow out the cuffs are reinforced and the stretch. Vent boot gaiters enhance ventilation experience warm dry comfort and lots of. Mobility in the north face men's freedom pants.

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    DAKINE Titan Short Glove - Men's

    The Dakine Titan short gloves give you everything you need to stay warm and comfy on a day at the resort. There's 280 grams of insulation to provide plenty of warmth for most days, and you'll stay dry thanks to the guaranteed waterproof, breathable Gore Tex insert. The Rubbertec palm is super tacky for tweaking those grabs, and the removable glove liner is smart phone compatible, so answering phone calls won't mean freezing your fingers off. For days when the less hardy are sticking close to the lodge, the zippered stash pockets make a perfect home for heat packs. The short cuff is easy to tuck under the cuff of your jacket for a seamless fit. After all, it's a lot harder to enjoy crushing laps when your fingers are frozen.

  • Gore Tex guaranteed waterproof breathable insert
  • High loft synthetic insulation
  • Rubbertec palm
  • DWR coated shell
  • Removable smart phone compatible glove liner
  • Short cuff
  • Item #DAK3612
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    Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Glove - Men's

    When snow is piling up by the foot, slip your hands into the Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Glove for impermeable protection from raging blizzards, icy temperatures, and howling winds. This glove features a Gore-Tex membrane for premium waterproofing in the most demanding conditions, ranging from waist-deep powder to soaking coastal snow. Thermacore insulation locks in warmth when you're riding in teeth-chattering cold.

    The Gnar Guard leather shell is smooth and supple, maximizing durability while allowing ample dexterity for strapping into your bindings, fetching items from pockets, and fist-bumping your shred friends. Another cool feature is the Screen Grab thumb and index finger that allow you to answer calls and change music on your smartphone without exposing you bare skin to the cold.

  • Warm and durable gloves for riding in cold, wet conditions
  • Gore-Tex membrane for excellent weatherproofing and breathability
  • Gnar Guard leather shell for durability and supple wear
  • Thermacore insulation provides low-bulk warmth
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger
  • Hook-and-loop cuff seals out the elements
  • Item #BUR02GW
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    Mountain Hardwear Boundary Line Jacket - Men's

    The whole gang is headed out for a morning of touring, and while most people are planning on just getting one lap in, you and a couple of other brave souls just can't let conditions like this go by without making the most of it. Charge ahead and earn those turns with the ultra-breathable Mountain Hardwear Boundary Line Jacket. It's made with air-permeable Dry Q Elite fabric, which delivers uncompromising breathability that won't sacrifice waterproofing thanks to its durable three-layer construction. For even more temperature regulation you've got extended underarm vents that let in gusts of cooling airflow when you start to really cook on the ascent. The handy powder skirt stops snow from getting when you're riding deep, then quickly removes if you want to save weight or bulk in less snowy conditions. The hood is helmet compatible to keep your dome protected and dry at the same time, and thanks to the bevy of pockets you'll have storage for all the gear, snacks, and maps you need.

  • Breathable shell for protection and comfort on backcountry missions
  • Dry Q Elite is air-permeable for enhanced breathability
  • Fully sealed three-layer construction protects against heavy snows
  • Extra-long underarm vents deliver quick regulation when you heat up
  • Removable powder skirt keeps the snow out on waist deep days
  • Adjustable hood fits over a helmet for greater coverage
  • Army of pockets includes media-compatible chest pocket
  • Item #MHW016T
  • I'm wearing the mountain hardwear men's exponent jacket this jacket is a really. Good balance of price and performance it's lightweight but it's durable and it. Gives you the performance you need to be. Waterproof to stay dry and rainy conditions and just be comfortable on a long backpacking trip or hike the jacket. Is built with 40 b rip stop material and it's mountain hardwear's vapor dry technology it's a two-and-a-half layer waterproof breathable membrane that's designed to just keep you cool and dry while you're out on the trail this. Material is breathable but sometimes if. You're working on a steep climb or you're hiking hard you're going to generate a little bit more body heat and it's not going to breathe as quickly as you may want it to so mountain hardwear gives you pit zips under each arm to. Help dump that extra heat so if you're really working hard if you feel that you're getting hot or clammy inside the jacket you can open up those pit zips and really dump that heat while maintaining protection from those elements so it's just an added benefit to the jacket there the jacket does have. A full length center front zipper and that's going to protect a little bit from the elements but you do have a storm flap behind that to just prevent. Any leaks so you're covered there in the. Event of a serious down for the jacket. Is also steam taped so all the stitching areas have seam tape behind them, so they are also waterproof to enhance the fit. You do have a draw cord hem at the bottom just one full on the right-hand side to. Really cinch that down so it'll stay in place it won't ride up on you or become. Uncomfortable you've also got velcro at the cuffs of the jacket so if you're wearing gloves if you just need to cinch this down a little bit more you can do. So with that velcro super quick and super easy to get the good fit down there the jacket does have a hood so you. Do get the full coverage protection and. That hood is pretty large it's large enough to fit over a climbing helmet if you're taking this out climbing and it does have a wire in the brim here to hold up in serious condition so if. There're driving winds or anything a little bit stronger you do have a little bit more structure in that hood you've also got. Adjustments at the base and at the back. To really cinch it down if you need to but you are going to get full protection from that hood and when you zip it all the way up there's a nice little zipper garage there so it prevents it from chafing or snagging any beard hair so that's always pretty nice overall this. Is a pretty nice rain jacket it's abrasion resistant it's durable it's lightweight you can move in it pretty easily and it does give you the extra. Venting options that you may want from a waterproof breathable shell it's perfect. For backpacking hiking it does pack into. Its own pocket so you can actually reverse this pocket on itself and stow. The jacket away so for travel purposes. For clipping to a climbing harness that's always a nice feature to have but. Overall it's just a simple and effective rain jacket it's the mountain hardwear men's exponent jacket thanks for. Watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of. Our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our products we. Have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    The North Face Ventrix Crew - Men's

  • High-performance midlayer for skiing and riding in the cold
  • Ventrix insulation offers breathable warmth on long runs
  • Hybrid fabric design maximizes temperature regulation and movement
  • Targeted perforation makes up for the lack of vents or zips
  • Side zip makes it easy to pull on and off
  • Thumb-loop cuffs makes it easy to pull on under a shell
  • Item #TNF04MZ
  • You know the saying, we don’s stop progress!. In this mindset, tnf will soon put on the market. A new insulated jacket with the ventrix technology. I think the name comes from mixing ventilation and matrix…. If we look closely at the synthetic insulation, it’s laser cut at regular interval. When moving, these cuts open up and release excess heat and. When we stop moving, they close, so we keep the heat in. I had the chance to receive a sample and to try it all winter. It quickly became my favorite insulated piece for anything quick paced. I used it while back country skiing, running and, obviously, ice climbing. The exterior is supple, breathable and abrasion resistant. There're openings where it’s needed that help the ventrix technology to do its job. No joke, it really works. The “dynamic” perforations really help in regulating body temperature. Where it truly stands out is in skimo and long multi-pitch ice climbing. There’s two ventrix models. a core and one in the summit collection my personal choice is certainly the summit version. The core only has ventilation under the arms as the summit is also vented in the back. Also, the summit comes with abrasion resisting material on the shoulders. Summit also has a cinch cord for the helmet. Both have hand pockets, but the core also has a chest pocket. It's a jacket to be worn all the time not just while belaying but also on approaches and while climbing. So if you move quite a bit and are looking for a versatile and comfortable jacket. The ventrix is a very good option. It easily passes the test. I’m sure if you try it, it’ll become a favorite. As i said at the beginning, you can’t stop progress!.

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    Planks Clothing Tracker Jacket - Men's

    You can spend all day scouting for soft snow, or better yet, actually ski powder from first chair to last with the Planks Clothing Men's Tracker Jacket. This ski jacket has a RideDry 20 membrane with fully sealed seams for extreme waterproof ratings that complement your powdery lifestyle. It has a light serving of insulation for welcoming warmth from autumn to spring, and the insulation is quilted for extra comfort. The powder skirt, hood, cuffs, and internal wrist gaiters solidify coverage from the snowiest weather, and you can remove the powder skirt for bluebird groomer days. There are pockets specifically designed for goggles, phones, resort passes, and more.

  • Ski jacket offers rugged defense suitable for powder hounds
  • RideDry 20 material boasts high waterproof, breathable ratings
  • Body-mapped insulation is quilted for lofty comfort
  • Ventilation zippers under each arm amplify airflow
  • Removable powder skirt customizes coverage for groomer days
  • Adjustable hem and cuffs with Lycra wrist gaiters for secure coverage
  • Item #PLA001C
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    Norrona Roldal Ace Pant - Men's

    Always be prepared for mountain town fun in the functional and stylish Noronna Roldal Ace pant. These ski and snowboard pants are equipped with a Dri3 membrane that keeps you protected from the weather and allows your legs to breathe, allowing you to ride from bell to bell in full comfort. Additional features of these pants include a large mesh lined side zip to dump excess heat while boot packing, a high waist to avoid gaps that may let snow in, and internal gaiters to keep snow out of your boots. As an added bonus these pants fit right in at the bar or restaurant after a long day on hill for a seamless transition into night life.

  • Technical pant for going straight from the hill to apres in style
  • Dri3 membrane creates a waterproof and breathable pant
  • Sidezip ventilation dumps heat on skin tracks or boot packs
  • High waist in the back prevents gaps and cold spots while riding
  • Reinforced lower leg adds longevity by preventing fraying
  • Integrated snow gaiters keep your socks dry while hiking
  • Compatible with zip-in ski and snowboard bib
  • Item #NRA00FC
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    Fjallraven Bergtagen Woolmesh Sweater - Men's

    Having a wool baselayer is great, but having specific wool blends mapped on the body for targeted comfort and performance is even better. The Fjallraven Bergtagen Woolmesh Sweater is an advanced baselayer for all your mountainous adventures. High-loft wool is placed on the chest and shoulders for targeted warmth. A wool and nylon mesh is placed strategically on the sleeves, sides, and lower torso to maximize ventilation and flexibility. And the lower side panels, cuffs, and neck use an elastane blend to give a chafe-free fit in concentrated areas. All this wool is naturally moisture-wicking to help you stay dry while moving, while the polyester and nylon increase mobility and durability.

  • Technical baselayer sweater for mountainous adventures
  • Wool blend strategically mapped on the body
  • Merino wool is breathable and naturally odor-resistant
  • Synthetic fibers add durability to resist wear and tear
  • Item #FJR00G7
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