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  Bern Weston Jr. Helmet - Boys' Scott The Ski - Men's Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys' Dalbello Sports CX-1 Ski Boot - Boys' Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys' Rossignol Black Ops 118 Ski - Men's Dalbello Sports Menace 2 Ski Boot - Boys' Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men's Salomon QST Max JR Ski + EZY7 B80 Binding - Boys' K2 Ikonic 80TI Ski with MXCell 12 TCX Light Quikclik Binding - Men's Prior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men's Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men's Kastle BMX 105 HP Ski - Men's
 Bern Weston Jr. Helmet - Boys'Scott The Ski - Men'sBern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'Dalbello Sports CX-1 Ski Boot - Boys'Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'Rossignol Black Ops 118 Ski - Men'sDalbello Sports Menace 2 Ski Boot - Boys'Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men'sSalomon QST Max JR Ski + EZY7 B80 Binding - Boys'K2 Ikonic 80TI Ski with MXCell 12 TCX Light Quikclik Binding - Men'sPrior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men'sDynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men'sKastle BMX 105 HP Ski - Men's
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BrandKastleK2BernScottSalomonBernRossignolSalomonDynastarDalbello SportsPriorDalbello SportsBern
Claimed Weight[165cm] 4lb 3oz, [173cm] 4lb 6.5oz, [181cm] 5lb, [189cm] 5lb 5oz[177cm] 4.1lb[large] 1 lb 1 oz[pair, 180cm] 8lb 9.6oz[pair] 7lb 2oz15.5 oz[single, 186cm] 5lb 8oz[140cm] 3 lb9lb 7oz-[183] 8lb 7 oz [193] 9lb 7oz-13.4 oz
Constructionsemi-capsandwich-sandwichsandwich-sandwichmonocoquesandwich-XTC Carbon--
Coresilver fir, beech, titanalaspen, paulownia, konic-paulowniawood, carbon, metal-woodcompositepoplar-aspen--
Dimensions134 / 105 / 123mm129 / 80 / 108mm-[175cm] 130 / 91 / 120mm, [180cm] 131 / 92 / 121mm, [185cm] 132 / 93 / 122mm[165cm] 129 / 84 / 112mm, [172cm] 130 / 84 / 113mm, [179cm] 131 / 84 / 114mm, [186cm] 132 / 84 / 115mm-145 / 118 / 140mm[130cm] 109 / 68 / 90 mm, [140cm] 109.5 / 58 / 90.5 mm132 / 98 / 120mm-[183] 131 / 123 /128mm [193] 149 / 125 / 132mm--
Length165, 173, 181, 189cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm, 184cm-175cm, 180cm, 185cm165cm, 172cm, 179cm, 186cm-176cm, 186cm130 cm, 140 cm175cm, 181cm-183cm, 193cm--
Manufacturer Warranty2 years-1 year2 year limited2 years1 year1 year-1 year2 years-2 years1 year
Profilecamber underfoot, rockered tip and tailSpeed Rocker-early rise tip, camber underfootrocker/camber/rocker-rocker / camber / rockerAll-Terrain Rocker 2.0tip and tail rocker-Hybrid Rocker--
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingskiing, snowboarding, skateboardingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingskiing & snowboarding, skatingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingskiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingskiing, snowboarding
Turn Radius[165cm] 17m, [173cm] 19m, [181cm] 21m, [189] 23m[177cm] 17.5m-[175cm] 17m, [180cm] 18m, [185cm] 19m[179cm] 15m--[130cm] 10.5 m, [140cm] 12 m23m-[183] 25m [193] 29m--

Bern Weston Jr. Helmet - Boys'

Your kid is already showing you up by carving at high speeds, seeking out powder in the trees, and dropping into the terrain park. Protect him from nasty spills on the mountain with the Bern Boys' Weston Jr. Helmet. This low-profile helmet features Zip-Mold+ construction for an ultralight feel with certified impact protection in the case of a major fall.

Oversized vents prevent overheating on warmer days, while the soft-wearing liner promotes hours of continuous comfort. It sports Bern's Crank Fit, so he can dial in the secure fit all on his own. And because it's decked out in lively colors, he'll actually want to wear it on the slopes—instead of 'accidentally' leaving it in the backseat of the car before riding.

  • Low-profile helmet for young riders and skiers
  • Zip-Mold+ construction offers a lightweight feel
  • Certified Impact protection from nasty spills
  • Crank Fit system for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Vents prevent overheating on warmer days
  • Item #BRN003H
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    Scott The Ski - Men's

    Scott designed The Ski to be a versatile daily driver that can handle any conditions and terrain, from groomer laps to off-piste exploring to some fresh turns on a quick backcountry tour. The 91-93 millimeter waist adds to the skis do-it-all-nature by providing just the right amount of float in deeper snow without being overwhelming on hardpack. A rockered tip adds to the Ski's aptitude in all conditions, and Scott's 3D sidecut improves edge control, adds stability throughout turns, and delivers an overall playful feel.

    The Ski features a full-length paulownia core that keeps the ski light and responsive while also maintaining a smooth, consistent flex. Scott's Elliptic Sandwich construction is responsible for the torsionally stiff, powerful overall feel, which you'll enjoy whether you're ripping East Coast groomers or West Coast fluff.

  • Versatile ski for whatever terrain you point it towards
  • 91-93mm waist can handle soft snow or hardpack with ease
  • Rockered tip plows through deeper snow
  • Full-length wood core provides a smooth, consistent flex
  • 3D sidecut improves edge control and stability through turns
  • Elliptic Sandwich construction delivers exceptional torsional stiffness
  • Item #SCO00UE
  • This is scott the ski it's a brilliant. Super all-round ski for anybody from an. Intermediate level to an advanced level skier reason being the construction of the ski an intermediate level will allow. You to be quite Cruz and very easy. Turning but if you pick up the pace you. Push it a bit more you ski faster you ski more aggressively the ski construction will still allow you to get. Good grip good edge hold good stability. At speed the way this ski shape is made. It has a long tip profile at the front. Here so the contact point with the ground is much further back on piste that gives you the feeling of a more. Agile playful ski but once you ski off. Piece this longer length of ski allows. You to float through the powder it gives you a smooth cruiser feel off-piste. Scott the ski is a brilliant ski for. Anyone who wants a playful fun feeling. Ski whether you're an intermediate level. Skier or higher but the beauty of this ski is it will progress with you and it will help your skiing if you want more information please visit us at. Hillingdon or have a look on our website at ski Bartlett calm.

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    Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'

    Get rid of any worries when you send your kid out to the slopes this winter with the Bern Kids' Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet. This helmet features an EPS thin shell outer, so it's nice and lightweight, but still protects against impacts like a champ. Inside is an EPS hard foam designed to take a beating and keep the noggin safe. An interchangeable winter and summer liner lets your kid transition from the slopes to the skate park safely and easily.

  • EPS thin shell technology
  • ABS hard shell outer
  • EPS hard foam inner
  • Interchangeable winter and summer liner
  • Item #BRN000Y
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    Dalbello Sports CX-1 Ski Boot - Boys'

    The pint-sized Dalbello CX-1 Kids' Ski Boot makes your little skier's first days on the hill fun and painless thanks to a soft-flexing shell and comfy, cozy Super Comfort Jr. liner shaped just for a short stack's foot. A super-easy ratchet-buckle closure makes dialing in a secure fit a cinch, and low-contour cuff fits small legs comfortably and snugly for shred adventures that bring nothing but smiles. Dalbello also included replaceable and grippy Dura-Grip sole lugs, so your mini ripper will have an easier time navigating stairs and you'll be able to replace the sole instead of buying new boots.

  • A great first ski boot for mini shredders
  • Beginner-friendly 20 flex for lightweight skiers
  • Cozy Super Comfort Jr. liner keeps tiny toes happy
  • Dura-Grip soles help keep your little one upright
  • Buckle closure is quick and easy to adjust
  • Item #DBL003I
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    Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'

    Between winter days on the slopes and summer nights on bikes and skateboards, your kid never slows down. When he’s wearing the Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell, you won’t have to worry so much about his noggin on the snow and pavement he rips up year round. Designed with skate style in mind, Bern’s EPS hard foam coated in ABS polycarbonate thin shell weighs less than a pound and can stand up to the abuse he dishes out. When seasons change from snow to sun, just remove the fleecy winter earpads and change the customizable venting to keep him protected.

  • Protection for skiing, snowboarding, biking, skating, and general hell raising
  • Durable and light construction can take a beating
  • Removable earpads and customizable venting for summer activities
  • Item #BRN003J
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    Rossignol Black Ops 118 Ski - Men's

    Prepare yourself for your next deep snow mission by clicking into the Rossignol Black Ops 118 Ski. These powder specific skis boast a 118mm waist that can handle even the deepest days and situates them as Rossignol's widest freestyle oriented powder ski. The top secret turn radius (believed to be medium length) is centered on the ski giving the Black Ops incredible pivoting control and freestyle prowess for big tricks and switch landings in deep snow. When you find yourself riding them forward, the rocker-camber-rocker profile will keep you floating over deep snow, turning on a dime, and even providing excellent edge hold on firm snow thanks to a surprising 5mm of camber. All of these attributes are wrapped up with a beefy construction centered around a full wood core that creates one of the heavier skis on the market. This added weight may limit your touring options but will give you peace of mind while you are going 100mph through chopped up snow.

  • Big mountain jib skis for riders who express themselves in deep snow
  • 118mm waist floats over pow and creates a stable landing platform
  • Rocker in the tip and tail helps you pivot on a dime, float in pow
  • 5mm of camber underfoot holds an edge on firm, boosts resort control
  • Centered turn radius creates a jib friendly upright feel
  • Full wood core and beefy lay up creates a stable platform at speed
  • Item #ROS00GH
  • It also rolls the shooting in vemdalen. Don't forget to walk so you. Don't miss anything from it the age you have driven a little. Mysterious and so. what is this for? Good question. i got it here given by the suppliers. and he said that. He doesn't really know what it is built by mystery. You get to test and. Feel. i do not know either what the model is called but the 100. 180. Cm long and 99 feet to find out facts. When we talk to the supplier how was it going on. He described it as that would feel like a complement to going. Be able to get something new. So described he the one who. The feeling of slalom. Ski got stuck in a completely different and it feels like it's not so. A lot of hockey on it. so you get no help in the turn but you know how. You should. Run on and press hard into the turn so the turn works. Is very good at me as real piste. But at the same time one is. Very hard as well as for soft forward after all. How did you like. How did you like it went outside the podium. It is difficult. When you don't have any forming their opinion at all is difficult to. Just say short though it works well there. So as it rocks, i enjoy it a lot so you had to work a little. But we. Drove on it works before. But i would like to strike a blow for me. Think it would be lucky today. For one. Park riders. who should go. Over and drive a little more with four or off-piste for prejudice. The. Very many ski. At the same time has these four skills should. Summarize a grade. What can be done where would i give a little more time to drive me in. I just dare give it a third today but i think it also this one. Like driving this a few more go and feel like i think. It has more to give I've managed to get out. Max. Now you have also gone on when my Rossini ski mounted. What. Did you like it. it was a little adventure. i am not used to go mid-mounted. It is. Little style. It was a long time since i was small. For a few weeks that was. Test on skis but it was exciting. It was strange the first ride. The second yoke just get into it a little. You came to the ski. It was. Easy to go into the swing though it is difficult it does not really feel. Fair to. as my mounting. Of. Riders were difficult to assess it but it went into the turn fast. It was stiff the stiffer and the. i wanted to play was playful. Wants. Well out at the edge and jump at it. Here, team. What may you for rating. It gets. There it is still a four. i could imagine having a bullet. Had you fitted them in. The middle and everyone cheered red a bit further back. Not really that much. But maybe. Stands jonas from Rosendo. You also have this year, a light clothing selected. Has. You still warm socks. That's right. Have worked just as well this year. That project is the same pair warm socks this year. That's right. Good. Well, it's not just a matter of struggle and throw even if you work in. Industry. What is this for which our skaters have tested. This is black ops 98 and that is a new ski that came last year. Can you say that has been a limited product that we only have. Tried to build a shark around that just circles in social media so. There have been no facts about them. The only thing we all know knows which one. Lengths and which waist measurement it has. then it was for construction. And so on. it's only secretly simply so that it is. Made with our team skaters in the united states who wanted something special. To go on so based on their wishes. i know the best run on them. Also. That's right. he is our Swedish. Skaters so that's right. I've heard very well from him. he is very positive. But I'm not really up to it. is this a new width for i year or when he came last year. What was. The same waist size then. It is the same waist size a new one design and construction. Don't know about it. Not updated but it's a new one design. Available in a hundred years 1992. and. Then what's new is that we have a black op 98 ladies then. 160 272. Our skaters almost feel like that you were mine mounted. Now we look. A little closer to it. it is not completely mounted but. What makes it. Is mounted a little further ahead than most other skis. Do it. Something for the ride. What would you say. First of all it is. More this kind of ski more than vc jobs but still a real one. Good skis there because there are opportunity to have it and jump. And spin and so on ends up in my fitting run a bit. Later on. and it is well off the reason it should be one. Very. Versatile ski. But just for that. off-piste skiing so there. Well, no one is right. You have after all, rocker both type and tails. It is. Well more for the park rider maybe who want a wider ski. So. You are now waiting. What do you think about the commercial impact of this. The shark that now comes rushing and sell end or whatever. What do you think. Will go home. It's taken but i think so that it is still. We don't know. So much about what it is like it is difficult to talk about consumption but. Always. We have received from those who dare to buy and from our skiers it is. A solid stable ski as well. The here is. a moderate ski like that. Is still playful and has one quiet character but with a little more. Meat on the legs than solo maybe to the one who wants a safe stable. Yet. More breaks. I think that would be enough a very broad target group definitely about. The market is hungry and thinks that it is a good food purchase close. Now let's just say one thing like that one should do it is to walk on. A certain youtub channel. Which YouTube channel would you go in and. Dominate if you were sitting computer. sweden's youtube channel clearly. And you will find it here simply. jonas.

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    Dalbello Sports Menace 2 Ski Boot - Boys'

    Set your budding ripper loose in the Dalbello Kids' Menace 2 Ski Boot and watch the magic happen. The three-piece Cabrio shell has a tongue that pivots at the base, making the Menace easy to get on and off, and the top ratchet buckle lets him learn how to fine-tune his own fit. Flex indexed for lightweight skiers, the Menace can take the abuse of a steep learning curve, and the replaceable Dura-Grip heel and toe lugs mean he won't permanently ruin his boots tramping back and forth to the snack counter. Add a soft and comfy kid-specific Super Comfort Jr. liner, and your grom will be begging to stay after the sun sets.

  • A comfortable first ski boot to get him hooked on skiing
  • Kid-friendly flex for comfort and performance
  • Junior last fits little feet
  • Three-piece Cabrio shell is super responsive
  • Super Comfort Jr. liner keeps his feet happy
  • DuraGrip soles help him stay upright walking through the parking lot
  • Item #DBL003F
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    Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men's

    Part of Salomon's XDR series, the XDR 84 Ti Ski is a solid choice for carving every frontside run at your favorite resort. It features the same versatile all-mountain profile as its big brother, the XDR 88, with a slightly narrower waist for days when you know you're not leaving the groomers. A slight rise in the tip and tail assist with turn initiation over varied terrain, while classic camber underfoot gives you quick on-trail response. Like all the sticks in the XDR collection, the 84 features a CFX Superfiber construction, which adds power and precision without weighing you down, and it's equipped with a Ti laminate for additional stability and edge hold when you're speeding down the steeps.

  • A solid all-mountain ski for cruising the resort
  • 84mm waist underfoot excels on frontside terrain
  • Slight tip and tail rise offer versatility and control
  • Classic camber underfoot provides quick edge-to-edge response
  • Rubber layer in critical zones dampens vibrations in mixed snow
  • Carbon laminate adds stiff response to the lightweight wood core
  • Sandwich construction with full ABS sidewalls for solid edge grip
  • Item #SAL012Z
  • Hi skiers I'm jeff from ski essentials calm this is bobbed our shipping manager from skin essentials comm we are here. Today do another 2018 skier review this. Is the brand-new salomon xd re4 ti. Before we kind of get into our. Experience on the ski a little bit about this line basically it's replacing the. Salomon xdrive collection which you can. Kind of get a sense in the name of the new skis xdr there's some xdrive in. There and it takes some of the. Technology we see in the qst line which. You've seen us through a qsp 99 review. And asked us p 118 review this was the. 92 and essentially it uses a material. Called cfx super fiber which is its flax. And carbon fiber woven together uses. What they call a ti power platform which is essentially a single strip of tit anal. In the qft line and on the xt are they. Carry all that over but they take that. Cfx and the ti power platform and extend. It to the edges of the ski you can kind. Of see, it underfoot they're a little wider platform of cfx and tit anal. So new kind of front side oriented. All-mountain ski bob you spend more time on this than anybody else what was your first impression of the 20 set 2018 salomon x. Br 84 just felt very natural and my. Feeling very easy to control. From the moment i clicked in and that feeling well long holiday lovely. Something that you said while i was taking you with the cameras you uh i think you said something like you liked it as soon as you clicked in yeah I'm not so which i think says well I'd rather ski you can kind of click in and feel the quality of it right away. Now obviously more front side oriented. Then the qsd collection so we hope that. Car to turn pretty well bob you're a pretty. Big guy you carve a pretty powerful turn what you think i didn't feel i pushed it. Pretty hard i didn't feel like about at all i thought it kept up great lot of. Energy out of the tail of the turn and very easy to initiate and held that edge. Throughout it's pretty soft snow but still very impressive awesome so definitely not not a. Slouch in terms of carving no not. Remotely paige definitely is that on the. Groomers all day well and then you and i kind of in. Talking about the ski why when I've been. Looking at the tip shape quite a bit and how that corresponds to its performance. In soft snow bob and i command c in. Another video that we did together of the k2 ikonic 85 ti which came up in. Conversation as a comparison to this ski. But you thought it did a little better off piece than that ski yeah and. I think like you said due to the tip shape just kind of kept that kept the. Front of the ski up on top a little easier and i think it's you know it says. It's one millimeter narrower underfoot but couldn't really tell yeah you know. We had some natural snow on both tests and it stayed you know pretty much on. Top throughout our experience. Yeah it was a it was good very good. Yeah the days the longest day that we tested these it was pretty firm but. It was snowing really hard too, so we got a good mix of conditions that i think. You'll see in the video so pretty versatile ski i think we threw around the word. Oxymoron yeah a lot more onic something. I can't exactly remember what Solomon. Says but they say something along the. Lines of it carves and it floats which. You know is somewhat of a bold claim and. Definitely a theme in the industry right now what i think that's a good way to describe this ski does't you definitely you can throw a lot of words together that sound like oxymorons you know. Lightweight but stable I'd like to heard it said definitely quick but substantial. Wasn't know how when we threw around you so definitely a cool ski so yeah. Brand-new collection of skis its more. Than just a 84 this is the 88 behind us. And then i think it goes all the way down to a 75 with a few others. Models in between they're the 75 being. More of a price point ski an 84 and the. 88 time being the flagship models so. Definitely check them out brand-new ski to help you if you ski it. An xdrive and liked it definitely checks out the. New the new collection from salomon it's. Always exciting to see new technology working work its way into all-mountain carving ski is kind of theme over the. Past few years and, and we think Solomon's done a great job with it. And yeah that's the salomon xdr 80/40 i. Will see you on the slopes and bob liked it so much you might see him on a pair who knows.

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    Salomon QST Max JR Ski + EZY7 B80 Binding - Boys'

    Designed to help young beginners progress into confident blue-square aficionados and finally into little all-over-the-mountain rippers, the Salomon Kids' Q-Max JR Ski + EZY7 Binding offers the versatile performance necessary to accommodate a variety of skill levels. This ski features a subtle All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile, making it easy to turn and able to glide over uneven snow like a flying squirrel glides between trees. Nothing else about the Q-Max is squirrely, though, as it's built with a solid composite core that's light and forgiving and a monocoque cap construction that makes skiing comfortable and easy. Your aspiring shredder is bound to hit some bumps along the way, so Salomon gave the Q-Max a reinforced structured topsheet to keep it looking good and skiing like new for as long as you need it to.

    An adjustable Salomon EZY7 binding comes with the ski, so you don't have to fuss and worry about buying the right binding. It sits on a track, making adjustment as simple as flicking a switch, sliding the heel and toe pieces to fit the boot, and flicking the switch back down—no fuss, no stress, no worries about growing feet.

  • A grom-friendly ski for kids learning how to rip
  • 68mm waist is ideal for pint-sized rippers
  • All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile eases turn initiation
  • Monocoque construction is lightweight and durable
  • Included EZY7 binding does not come attached
  • Item #SAL00U1
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    K2 Ikonic 80TI Ski with MXCell 12 TCX Light Quikclik Binding - Men's

    Positioning itself as K2's purest carving performance system ski, the K2 Ikonic 80TI Ski with MXCell 12 TCX Light Quikclik Binding will get you from the top of the lift to the lodge at the bottom quickly and in control. The 80mm waist is designed to tear up groomers and firm snow conditions by transitioning quickly edge to edge and all but eliminating chatter at high speeds. The Speed rocker profile further enhances on piste control by offering a large camber section that drives power to your edges, mixed with a short rocker section in the tip that helps you transition between turns effortlessly. Those effortless turns can vary in length and power thanks to the versatile 17.5m turn radius that can handle any variations you throw at it. This combination allows you to paint your own lines down fresh corduroy and encourages fun riding between storms.

  • System ski for race-like performance on groomers, frontside terrain
  • 80mm waist is quick edge to edge for confidence while carving
  • Speed rocker drives power to your edges and eases transitions
  • Short 17.5m turn radius gives you ultimate control over turn length
  • Integrated binding boosts response when carving and riding at speed
  • Carbon SpYne keeps you grounded even at speed to inspire confidence
  • TwinTech sidewalls help limit edge to edge ski contact damage
  • Item #K2S00GI
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    Prior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men's

    Shred deep pow, pop off of pillows, and maintain control while straight lining chutes on the Prior Snow A-Star XTC Carbon Ski. This deep pow lover sports a giant 123mm or 125mm waist and generous length options to not only help keep you floating in powder but also provide a solid stompable platform for freestyle maneuvers. The directional shape and long turn radius boost control at all speeds by simplifying turn transitions and enhancing stability when going fast and straight. Furthermore the Hybrid Rocker profile mixes the float and quick control of rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot that can bail you out on windblown faces by providing edge hold.

  • Fat powder ski for skiers who spend all of their team off piste
  • 123,125mm waist floats in deep powder and provides a wide platform
  • Hybrid rocker profile provides pivoting control and excellent float
  • Stiff flex boosts stability at speed and reliability on edge
  • Long turn radius enhances carving and high speed stability
  • Aspen core is responsive, durable, and extremely consistent
  • XTC carbon layup cuts weight to keep you shredding all day
  • High quality sintered base gets you back to the lift with ease
  • Item #PSA002U
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    Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men's

    Slice and dice through fresh snow, frontside groomers, and off of natural take offs by clicking in to the Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski. This jib friendly all-mountain ski boasts a nimble but stable 98mm waist, maneuverable and floaty rocker in tip and tail, and a medium turn radius that encourages hard charging.

    The 98mm waist can quickly go edge to edge on hard pack while still providing ample float in deep snow so that you can enjoy slashing that foot of snow you got overnight. The rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot creates a platform for riding all kinds of snow. The camber section underfoot can hold a mean edge on firm snow while the rocker in the tip and tail helps you float in deep powder, skip through crud, and break the edge free for quick manuevering in tight areas. To counteract this nimble feeling a medium length turn radius provides the stability and confidence you need to go fast in wide open areas.

  • Jib friendly ski for riding pow or front side terrain
  • 98mm waist is responsive and nimble while offering float
  • Tip and Tail rocker boosts float and pivoting control
  • Medium length turn radius is stable at speed and easy to control
  • Poplar core is poppy and responsive for powerful jibbing and riding
  • Full length sidewalls provide a durable and damp ride
  • Item #DYN005Z
  • The slicer from dynastar so skis got. Full wood core which is beefed up underfoot to give you the power stability where you need it especially when you charge in hitting big kickers anything like that but with the spring fall or spring blade technology it mills. Out into the tip and the tail which makes it really nice and playful really soft and really nice and buttery easy to get so this ski is definitely someone. Who wants to be on a freestyler and take. It skis but wants to be skiing the whole mountain not limiting yourself to the park and pipe you can scare in the park cause it's light enough and swing weights really low so you can still do that but it's really nice all around the. Mountain yeah definitely more freestyle orientated around all mountain ski. Summary this ski is really good. Fun surprisingly good fun all around the mountain loads of playing it really buttery and fun super rad You.

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    Kastle BMX 105 HP Ski - Men's

    When it comes to snow, the Kastle BMX 105 HP Ski isn't picky. Whether you're cutting first tracks into a few fresh feet or hunting through chopped up crud to find some hidden powder fields, it'll give you a smooth and stable ride thanks to its innovative construction and high quality materials. The HP in its name stands for "High Performance" and it takes that queue from the quality of the materials used in its construction. From the base to the sidewalls to the core, you'll find nothing but the best, including a lightweight woodcore made of silver fir and beech, surrounded by dual titanal layers for added dampening characteristics that really smooth out your ride through even the most variable conditions.

    This ski's got a 105mm waist width that's definitely at home getting first tracks on a powder day, but has enough versatility to not be relegated to a deep-days-only role. Its camber underfoot ensures edge grip when new snow starts to flatten out into harder packed surfaces, while the rockered tip and tail provide playful float when the deep stuff returns in a couple of days. You've also got Hollowtech technology in the tip reducing swing weight, enhancing stability, and delivering a more powerful edge grip as you soar down the mountain. Tack on a semi-cap sidewall construction for added durability, and you've got a ski that doesn't wait for the conditions to dictate when it gets to charge.

  • Super stable ski for big mountain ripping in any and all conditions
  • 105mm waist maneuvers through fresh snow with ease
  • Titanal and wood core delivers a smooth ride in the choppiest snow
  • Rockered tip and tail ensure float through powder and crud
  • Camber underfoot provides edge stability at higher speeds
  • Semi-cap sidewall balances durability with a lower overall weight
  • Hollowtech tip helps dampen your ride and reduce swing weight
  • Item #KAS001C
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