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Lee Mold Handles Lyman Casting Dipper Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold Lee Production Pot Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Molds with Handles Lyman Ingot Mold Lyman Bullet Molds Lee Precision Pro 4-20 Pot Lyman 6" Stainless Steel Casting Thermometer Lyman Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace Lyman Big Dipper Casting Starter Kit MagTech Shotshell Brass Lyman No. 55 Classic Black Powder Measure Lyman Alox Bullet Lube
Lee Mold Handles Lyman Casting Dipper Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold Lee Production Pot Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Molds with Handles Lyman Ingot Mold Lyman Bullet Molds Lee Precision Pro 4-20 Pot Lyman 6" Stainless Steel Casting Thermometer Lyman Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace Lyman Big Dipper Casting Starter Kit MagTech Shotshell Brass Lyman No. 55 Classic Black Powder Measure Lyman Alox Bullet Lube
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Lee Mold Handles

Precision-steel mold handles that fit Lee buckshot molds and most other one- and two-cavity molds. Reasonably priced so you can have a set for all your molds (molds sold separately).

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Lee commercial mold handles fits 6 12. And 18 cavity bullet mold blocks and. Most other brands single and double cavity molds they are priced low enough so you can have a set for every pair of mold blocks all steel construction with. Comfortable contoured wood grips are. Sure to complement the quality of the mold you are installing them on. You.

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Lyman Casting Dipper

Our dipper with cast-iron head is shaped for easy, accurate pouring and prevents air pockets in the finished product. The long-stem dipper can also be used for stirring molten lead alloys. Wooden handle stays cool in use. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

We aren't casting up hundreds of these. 45 bullets because these are what i use. In the springfield and in the thompson. Though you know i hear people having trouble feeding lead bullets and no assumptions but i haven't had any. Difficulty that's all I've shot in it but you know this profile you know. Depends i think a lot on the bullet that you're using this profile is very. Similar to the regular jacketed bullet but this is that li mold 450 to. 230 grain but it is the tumble lube so. It's got those small grooves so i can just tumble they work very well but the. One thing i was gonna mention i have. Been using the lyman lead scooper I've. Been pretty impressed with this see but. It's got the old look there that's got a. Bevel on it and then there's two little. Feet where it'll sit and then it can be. Switched from right to left hand — but. Nice heavy cast and good long handle you. Now you said that lee would and that was pretty pitiful this really works. Well i think i paid like 20 bucks for it. But it saves me a lot of aggravation. Particularly what i like it leaves very little sprue because you can get yo that. Nozzle right in there so you don't waste a lot you don't end. Up filling led all over the top of the mall this works really well very much. Worth in the 20 bucks but that is a. Regular alignment product what i like heavy you keep it right in the pot the cast. Iron is so hot that the lid doesn't tend. To get hard you know otherwise it'll cool down in a little leak inner ones this works much better but I'm. Melting another batch here it'll be the. Third block but they're easy to work. With you know that tumble lube makes them simple.

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Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold

Save money by molding your own black powder revolver conical bullets. Mold body is crafted from aluminum with steel sprue cutters and wooden handles. Double cavity mold for volume casting. Bullets produced will have two lube grooves. Made in USA.
Available: .36 caliber/.375"; .44 caliber/.450"; .44 caliber/Ruger .456".

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Lee Production Pot

This large, deep pot will hold and melt approximately 10 lbs. of lead in less than 20 minutes. The pour spout is up front where it belongs so you can see what you're doing. Infinite heat control. Uses only 500 watts of power during heat-up and a lot less to maintain temperature. Large sturdy base. Well suited for commercial casting, clubs, etc. Perfect for molding sinkers and lead-head jigs. 4" clearance under the spout is high enough to accept most brands of molds. Operates on 110-volt AC.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Molds with Handles

Save money by molding your own round balls. The Lee round ball molds have a double cavity for volume casting. Mold body is crafted from aluminum with steel sprue cutters and wooden handles. Instruction sheet is included. Made in USA.
Available: .311", .375", .440", .451", .454", .457", .490", .495", .530" diameter.

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Léa round ball molds are made from. Aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities mold cavities are cnc. Machined for unmatched roundness and size control the mold locks featured. Tapered steel pin in cup alignment bushings providing zero clearance parting line lock trochoidal venting is. Precision machined into the mold face and sprue plate mating surface allowing. Easy and complete cavity fill out machine engraved ball diameter is. Machined into the top of the mold block for easy identification handles are included with this mold.

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Lyman Ingot Mold

Useful when melting down scrap lead, emptying your furnace, or when blending alloys. Each mold forms four easy-to-use ingots that stack easily and will weigh approximately 1 lb. 30° draft on sides of mold allows easy ejection of lead ingots. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hello youtube! I've been wanting to get into bullet casting and as a mechanic. I have a ready supply of wheel weights available that I've been collecting and. I decided that i needed to start off with smelting started off with just. Stuff I'm finding around the shop just. To get started and kind of learned the process took an old automotive air. Conditioning accumulator and cut the bottom out of it use that to melt some. Lead start it off with just melting the. Wheel weights getting the clips off. Getting the dross off the top letting it. Cool quenching it and then dropping it. Out of the basically cauldron that I made that worked okay until about the third batch.

I tried to put some more lead in idle oh there's different wemperature what I did wrong. I think a lot of the dirt and grime and adhesive. Backing from some of the stick on wheel. Weights basically it made it to where this wouldn't drop out anymore no matter what i did i ended up having to hammer it out so i knew that wasn't. Gonna work trying to heat it and cast it. In the same you know container oh and i. Was basically melting this with the oxy acetylene torch that we have at work just for a small batches for test runs. Wide ended up doing next was heating it. Up and then pouring it into a little. Metal basically a tin box that i found. Lying around the shop that wasn't being used anymore that seemed to work okay except i don't.

Now if you can notice or not where the hinges on the box where it kind of molded. Itself around those and then it wouldn't. Come out i also had a problem where i. Tried to pour some and the lead was a little too cold and you can see that I'm. Hoping this you know doesn't cause a problem when i go to actually cast bullets with it but i guess you can see what happens when you cast that too low of a temperature.

The next thing I did I headed over to do some research on the internet because things were going as well as I'd like. Came across a site called cast bullets. But the bullets is spelled b oli ts and. Saw what they were using for smelting. Ingot molds basically and i found a nice. One that they were making out of cat out. Of angle iron and i happen to have a piece of that lying around the shop so it came up with this and this was a. Design that there a lot of people are using on there and so basically i just. Copied it and stole it basically i took. The inch and a half angle iron that i had just a scrap piece about four or. Five feet long lying around the shop and cut it off into four inch sections.

The important part of this design is the angle that you cut on the sides.

You have the natural angle from the angle iron. But the angle that you cut on the sides allows when the lead shrinks that. They'll come right out and release. I had this handle lying around i had a couple of these actually that i didn't know what kind of project i was going to use them for and turned out that worked out pretty good for that and I'll show you why in a minute. Basically i saw people had discussions. About whether they weld them on the inside or the outside i decided to weld. It on the back just because this. Material that I had was a lot thicker than what everybody else is using.

The welds ended up standing up a lot more. I didn't want to have to go to the trouble to basically dress all these down to the ingots from sticking. Because of all the little depressions. That are in all the welds so this was a. Pretty tough stuff it was hard to cut with the chop saw still got some pretty nice square cuts out of it and i basically had the miller. Mattock turned him all the way to six and i still couldn't get a lot of penetration out of it but it worked out really good i heated. Up a nice batch of wheel weights and. Here're the ingots that i got out of. It and they fit real well back in there. So i can show you that just by happy. Accident this handle design worked out. Really well because basically after i poured it they frosted over a little bit.

I couldn't jiggle them anymore, I picked it up like this and turned him over and an optimal loose and i was ready to go glad to make two more bars. So that was my little project for the. Afternoon since i didn't have much work while i was waiting for parts to show up and just thought you guys might like to. See that if you have any questions about how to make these head over to cast. Bullets forums or you can message me with some questions on youtube. Thank you.

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Lyman Bullet Molds

Lyman® Bullet Molds are individually machined from high-grade steel and hand fit for precision alignment. The .45 and .50 calibers are single cavity molds, all other calibers are double-cavity molds. Handles are available.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Today we're going to review the Lyman Vote mold 3 1 3 2 4 9 which is a 32 Caliber bullet mold that throws a round nose bullet ah 32. Now around those bullets. The box states, it should be 85 grams. The reason I bought this bullet mold is I wanted to bullet for 32 smiths. & wesson's like you know this lemon squeezer. Here 32 smith & wesson and as an old cartridge. It was important. A lot of these pocket guns, these brake tops like the lemon squeezer and then there were a lot of knockoffs and copies a Harrington Richardson Iver Johnson. It was a popular cartridge for what was called pocket guns err.

Concealed carry guns back in the 1880s up until they still made these guns in this caliber and you'll find a lot of them around the problem with the boat balls is or with the bullet weight is. Lee makes two thirty-two bullets, one's a hundred grain which I believe is more for the thirty two twenty cartridge, and they made the 93 grain which I had that one and a fork AB mold. I used that in the 32 Smith & Wesson law caliber and it works very well.

The problem I ran into is 93 grams is a tad bit heavy for the little. 32 Smith & Wesson, so actually Lyman has tweeted from bulk molds you could use. There's this one here which is 85 grain. There's the 311 252 which is even slightly smaller. They expose idli throws a 77 grain. It's not even ten grains less, plus you can use this as a light bullet in the 32 long. That's why I got this one rather than the real light one. This is kind of one of the smaller bullets I cast.

Another reason why you want to reload for the thirty thirty-two smith & wesson is you can get ammunition. There're several manufacturers. It was kind of hard to find. I found this stuff here, Remington made it. I think Remington makes it. I don't know if Winchester makes it and I think Magtek will make this short but I couldn't find. The only thing I could find was a Remington gander mountain, wanted like $34 a box for it and I got this at bud's gun shop. And in the end I think I bought four or five boxes. It comes out to with the shipping and handling and everything the postage about $27 a box so i said yep i have to reload so my. Choice of bullets like I said I got a Couple of the lead 32 molds which I've used in different 32 calibers.

The french revolver and 32 long but they're tad bit heavy. I wanted a lighter bullet so I went with the lyman mold and think about Lyman molds I've always liked them. Actually preferred them the steel molds to the aluminum. When I was younger I had a huge collection of lineman molds on my pistol bullets. I cast with Lyman molds and over the years I accumulated a lot. I sold them all off. I wasn't catching bullets for a while and most of the stuff I was shooting, was surplus guns and ammo so he didn't really reload much for the aks. Anything else but now into the antiques.

The older guns and some of the large. Rifles like 4570 the grass and that you. Have to cast bones so i kind of got back anywhere the linemen moles they. Cost a little more i mean the leading molds you can get a two tab neely mold for about 20 bucks you're looking anymore from sixty to eighty dollars for the lions and their steel well i mean. Only it has a product line you can go. Get a catalogue whatever they have a set number of molds set designs which made. Up to their reloading manuals you can. Find the bullets in the reloading manuals with all the information you. No info data you need steel mold and. It's there you only get them in the steel that are blue they're probably off. The shelf other than a custom mold. They're probably the best quality mold you can get our cbs is good sake I was good but I always like the Lyman's out.

Cbs is are a little bit more expensive in psychos are a little more expensive. Then alignment also and i really like. Then i always have steel molds once you. Get the grease off of them get them up. To temperature and run the casts are real nice bullet, really. No break-in period I hate, you know.

Once it got up the temperature first time out hit some. You know you get yours anomalies once you got out the temperature cats good bullets all day long and i cast these. With 120 lead alloy and i made them kind. Of soft you don't want to make them hard. For the old guns with the old. Barrels either you know so i use the. Softer led i didn't use like hardball if. I was looking for a 38 special or. Something or 32 long.

I might use a different a like a little bit harder but. I just use a 1 to 20 fairly soft fathers. It's just pure light and a bullets did come out to about ninety-three and a half 94 grains very nice and like i said. Pulling in a fired case did an idea it. Looks good it's probably the heavy end. There's only two bullets the 84 and the. 77 green for the 32 smith & wesson as. For the steel molds like when i was revealing the other mold i had some brass ones the line of molds only come and steal some places you go and you. Give your choice of what material you want to mold me out or either steel brass or aluminum a little bit of molds. Are always going to be less expensive no matter if you get them custom-made and the only thing about aluminum molds.

I use a lot of them i guess a lot of bullets would you kind of hit a spot. With the aluminum walls where they cast. Good once they're warmed up and another. Think if you're out in the garage that. Ideally should cast indoors where the. Temperature and climate control is regulated stopping the garage at a cold. Day out here the aluminum molds act up on me you know they cool off too fast. That's your room temperature is really cold where the steel molds what i like. About them is once you get them up to. Temperature and that's where i did a technique this i like to moles and once. You get them up to temperature you're. Poor one set it on the bench to let it cool a little before the second one set. It on the bench open this one repour by then it's cooled off and on and you can. Actually look the steel mole if you can keep them up there nice temperature without over evening and. Smear on the top of the blocks that's when you get them too hot and you get carried away caston and you can keep two. Molds run all day on beautiful bullets. Not have any leg build-up nothing no trouble that's why i kind of like them. But the downside is they are more expensive, you know.

For the price of this. I can get three different types lee. Molds for the same amount of money and that's why a lot of people go with it there you're trying to conserve money that's kind of the name of the game but. As far as the linemen molds i never had. A bad one they're always they always make good. Bullets for me no matter what i like them a lot and this one here is. Like i said just heavy load for 33 smiths. & wesson i kind of had to go in it because you know we didn't have a bullet. Light enough i got the other 232 family. Which i do use in air aluminum well this. One here was just to get it out it was a. Pleasure to cast with you know even. Though it's a bit of an expense to it. The molds all you know all the way. Around i like i said I've had several of them over the years. I bought a lot of them in the past. I like them.

The only thing about this is when you're done for the day you got a coat it down with some. Wd-40 or spray something on there. Because they will rust still rust overnight if i leave this out here without putting oil on it or something or some kind of protective coating it will rust overnight it's about the only downside of the steel. Molds is you have to make sure that you don't let them rust does that a room so. That's it if you're looking for a mold for again the 32 smith & wesson. You're gonna reload that caliber i don't. Now if there's anything out there but i got these lyman three one three two. Forty nine and it's good mold, and we're. Going to do some reloading when i get into reloading it we'll try them off let's check out a bullet or.

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Lee Precision Pro 4-20 Pot

Holds approximately 20 lbs. of lead. With 4" of clearance under the spout, all brands of bullet molds and most sinker molds will fit. Adjustable mold guide allows quick and accurate positioning. Features Lee’s patented, dependable high-efficiency remote sensing thermostat in a dust-tight housing.

Long-life 700-watt tubular heating element assures quick melting and rapid recovery. Micro-adjustable, flow-control valve adjusts instantly with a twist. Front-mounted, low-maintenance, replaceable valve spout allows instant reseating.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Lyman 6" Stainless Steel Casting Thermometer

Increase your productivity when you cast your own sinkers and jig heads with this easy to use stainless steel thermometer. Measures from 200F to 1,000F. Six-inch stem will reach into even the deepest furnaces. Convenient scale shows proper casting ranges for popular alloys as well as pure lead.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Got the Burke instruments 12 inch. Stainless steel thermometer open it up. Take a look as you can see it has a 12. Inch diameter as mentioned it is made of. Stainless steel kind of has a brushed. Look to it's easy to read there's. Actually about 10 inches on the face. Actually the readable part is both. Fahrenheit and Celsius has a glass lens. It comes with and this is the backside. And this dial you see here.

You can use it if you need to make any adjustments. If you're finding that it's reading, just a little bit off and use a thermometer that you have. Make sure the thermometer using to compare it with is accurate and then if you turn it to the left it moves. It one way and turn to the right. If you need to increase it.

We do recommend that you do it in small increments because it is a spring in there so you don't want to crank down real hard on it so again this is the. Burke instruments indoor/outdoor. Stainless steel thermometer black casing. It does have a spot for a hook or nail. That you can put in the wall to hang it. Stainless steel thermometer bob your. Instruments.

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Lyman Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace

  • Advanced digital thermal-management system;
  • Separate displays for temperature setting and lead temperature;
  • Generous 25-lb. capacity;
  • Powerful 850-watt heating system for fast warm up.

Lyman's largest and most precise lead-melting furnace to date, the Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace is one of the first to offer an advanced digital thermal-management system. With 850 watts of power, this furnace heats up quickly, even with its generous 25-lb. capacity.

Also, its digital display on the front panel shows both the actual lead temperature as well as the desired temperature setting so you can create the perfect cast Bullet every time. Bottom pour-valve system and mold-block preheating plate maximize casting volume. Universal mold guide adjusts to most popular mold blocks from Lyman, RCBS®, Redding/Saeco, Lee and more. Two front-loading storage compartments. Easy-to-use keypad controls.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

I've been waiting for weeks and it's finally, here that 25 tapping by the 50th Edition feeling book from Lyman. Just came later. I figured I'd share the unboxing. Guys, its pretty cool that they don't use those for those of you who are planning on ordering something. For me Lyman like this. I need to tell you, the Fedex guy told me that you have to be 21 or over to accept the package. I will not have answered the door if my dogs would not have barked. We would have taken it back. Normal package.

You got ps or ups. We'll just leave it at the door. Fedex says milk lucky you're not awake. You don't get your shit but so that's. Not here at 11:50 ups doesn't get your. Toy 6:30 7:00 p.m. let me pops on that. Okay, so it comes with a sticker and that's bad-ass shipping invoice. Save $10 on a one-year in our inefficient. Yell at my first sticker, I can't wait to read this toy so there is the 15th edition and there's no extra blades in this bitch.

This is my Christmas present to myself. Oh I just tell you guys the most. Important thing i didn't pay $400 for this shit like it is on my website or. Even 300 on midway i paid 175 for the mag 25 plus pay $20. For this book which is the hardcover how. Did i do that well i called because i. Have a broken sizing die. And i asked them if they had an upgrade program because i also wanted to know i. Noticed there're no videos of this pot on. YouTube and i looked all over youtube because i. Wanted to see what this thing was all about before i saw it first aid money to. Buy it and she said welcome to our. Website and i was like yeah i looked on your website and i looked on your. YouTube account you guys don't have any videos of it and there's really no other pictures other than just the one standard picture of the front of the right side.

Well, I guess we don't have any. I was like okay which is the reason. I'm doing this video so i can put it up on youtube so other people who want to buy it and check it out before they buy. It don't even have that picture. That's a good book so anyway I said is there a puppy program cuz I thought the big difference and I still have that little time. I've got the foot and got the window and she said actually there is for a hundred and seventy five dollars this mag 25-degree years. And I said: well, what do I have to do? I have to get you guys my receipt from midway USA to show you that.

I brought it, and she said no it works with pdr with the honor system. You just telling me you have it. They go by your word and they give you this awesome a spot for her in 75 bucks and I was like no way, and she's like yes way and I was like was there an expiration date on this offer. She's like actually yes January 1st and when I had called it was like the 14th February. So I didn't have money on my cart at the time so I had to do what I had here. Money I called back well. They had people working that day man.

Some people were sick and they as well had a meeting at 12:00 so I started calling him as soon as they open in the morning. I actually started calling before they open soon as they open and it took me five and a half hours to get a representative on the phone. When I finally, got someone on the phone I was so excited and I told her about everything I had gone through with getting disconnected every three minutes like wait on him over three to five minutes. Every time I  waited on hold. I'd be disconnected after three to five minutes. It was very frustrating so I kept calling back and so for my patients 20 bucks.

Okay so here's the inside of the pot. There's the front, you've got your little stream. It looks like there's a protective cover on it which I think I'm actually gonna leave on their set. Output know what aln 80 me just half the. Read a book, the instructions on reducing exposure. It's got this little slider. That's pretty interesting. Okay, got most remember manufacturing. Here we've got a line in rugby rcbs and we and I say have on that way I mean. I'm sorry this is a hard week. This is a leave 44 mag all the point mode. She's pretty cool but the reason I want to test it's because it got this thing on the bottom and that goes right in there. Got an adjastable slider, so you can get it further back.

Actually this does not go right in there. The hollow point sucks for this pot gonna be a little more careful with that. This is just a sake over to our CVS Lyman. There's an older, 38 dollars went wome and that slides right in there next to pour spouts right there. It's right at the front pretty interesting. You got a Lineman 38:57 mold duo cavity that slides right in their standard. Lemo was not designed for liam olds, apparently which is good because I'm my own goes to sold all my other ones. Got our CVS lies right in there as well.

Looks very small and simple handle pivot stud when it screws shut off broad handle. You don't say how do you use the warning so more guide alignment in use operating your furnace. Won't stop bolt to adjust slide position. That's pretty cool process. Value actual temporal temperature of wet is the PV. The SV is the Set Value that the furnace is set for. These buttons are not used. Isn't that interesting? The set and, okay, down reduces the temperature up, increases the temperature. You don't say that's incredible. Isn't it okay? so I'm looking at this little thing.

There's no assembly instructions. It doesn't tell you where to screw that into I'm here. They don't even shorter the picture assembly. Main body of the furnace is fully assembled effect rejected to facilitate packaging. The shut-off rod up ring and open up when installed must be surprising a furnace to attach the handle. Slide the show-off frog through the hole in the alignment plate. We've got this thing right here which operates exactly like a leap hot. So that's on obviously and that's all stops the flow what's actually cooler about this kind of leap. Hot is how it works so I don't know if you can see it but you've got the hole on the bottom now. Whereas the leap hot like the Pro 425 or even the standard bottom for pot.

They have balloon ten pound capacity, and she's got a rounded tip and that plugs off the very point of the hole which is a terrible design because you can get contaminants stuck in there. If you have contaminated lead so go to the bottom sometimes. When you're stirring your pot, and they can get down there under it and clog it up so in the matter what you do it's gonna keep coming out the bottom of the pot. This one it's tapered so it actually shuts off the entire hole instead. It's just the tip of the hole and what I also think is interesting is there's led by soju in the bottom of this pipe.

Somebody tested this thing. They said: oh okay, it works. We put lead in it. We melted it. Now let's dump it out of the side here and do whatever receptacle we have. And we'll ship it off to the customer. I was assuming that this entire spot was a warming shelf. Does not look like that's what happened. This little plate right here appears to be the only warming shelf. If you notice, there's nothing for you have to take another mold. Set it right there and now your block will sit flat on the morning. Show which I guess. That would make more sense, so if you're gonna use the warming shelf like that this can't be all the way over the back of the wall because look how far it sticks out.

If you're gonna use it like this and you want to sit flat and obviously not the way that you would normally do that really sucks. I was hoping this entire top piece because it's so huge. Would be the warming shelf or multiple holes at a time. All right, so let's install this well. They've got this ring, they're pretty good. You're gonna need a flathead screwdriver because that is not a finger tight screw. Oh no, what this little metal things for? Where it goes or anything? I didn't design this pot and there's absolutely no youtube videos on this pot so in that little metal things, not. In the book I have nothing to look as for reference. I think they should have put a little mark on the top so you know exactly where he's supposed to stick it. To do everything for me, do something myself a little mark definitely where the Hallways. That works well. What's this one is that there?

Just take your mold from falling on the plateau. How does this adjustment. screw work? Okay, then adjustment screw. Adjust the height so if you want heavy flow so if. You want light flow you adjust it here. Further, up you go to the further up you cool with the robbery but it really only. Needs to go about that far up is what it looks like maximum for well let's put. The fish in and see how it looks right. On the top green on the bottom is what. The box shows it's got a fan built in. It is I'm in florida right now so even. Though the rest of the country is freaking its ass off it's only 76. Degrees apparently I'm sorry feels a. Little chillier than that but okay the. Set value is 800 degrees from that down. Oh that's right it's got these two buttons on here there we go okay you. Press it by pressing hold it presses and. Hold it nothing happens he hit it a bunch of times. It starts nothing out. Yeah.

Now it's moving whatever touch of a button see how low it will go. I don't know if you guys can see this, but we're at 350 right now that's just. Crazy because you know it's a much. Higher temperature than that wood we can. Set it all the way down to zero well. Let's just set it to 650. You can't hold it to make it go up you. Gotta keep that neck. Wait what i said it eats and grow up to eat that bitch the next time. Oh it's going higher 850. 850 appears to be a maximum allowable temperature you see that. Yeah that's clearly just hold up. So first of all that is the second rule. Just tighten down. Should be pretty bad ass okay getting hot. It's getting hot quick. A little concerned with doing this inside the house I'm gonna take this. Outside forgot those lenses if you are. Already in the pot so take this bitch. Outside into the cold. I'm so not prepared for a youtube video up there it's gonna be like five minutes. I'll turn this back on.

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Lyman Big Dipper Casting Starter Kit

Everything you need to start casting your own bullets except the bullet molds and lead. The kit comes with a Big Dipper electric casting furnace that has a capacity of more than 10 lbs. You'll also receive a Lyman casting dipper, Super Moly bullet lube and an ingot mold for storing excess lead. The "Instruction Guide for Lyman Reloading and Bullet Casting Products" comes with the kit as well.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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MagTech Shotshell Brass

This is premium shotshell brass. These affordable cases are crafted to the same exacting standards as MagTech's factory loads, so you're assured consistentency. Per 25.

  • 12 ga.
  • 16 ga.
  • 20 ga.
  • 24 ga.
  • 28 ga.
  • 36 ga. .410

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Lyman No. 55 Classic Black Powder Measure

A great tool for black-powder cartridge shooters and cowboy-action shooters. Internal metering bars rotate in a non-sparking brass sleeve. Large, non-static aluminum powder reservoir holds a pound of black powder. Unique three-slide adjustment bars give you consistent accuracy. Includes 7/8" x 14 adapter, and large and small drop tubes. Mounts on bench or directly on a press or powder-measure stand.

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Lyman Alox Bullet Lube

The Lyman Alox-Lube features a tubular form and fits all standard lube sizers. Prevents leading and increases accuracy.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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