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Best 15 discount Sleeping Bags for Ladies

If you want to enjoy a comfortable slumber in the woods, you need the proper gear. Selecting the right sleeping bag it`s a very important step.

Before purchasing the right bag pay attention to:

  • season (summer or winter sleeping bag);
  • material;
  • additional featured.

We offer you the best 15 discounted sleeping bags for women.

Top 15

NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Cleo 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's The North Face Furnace Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Jam 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's The North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's Millet Baikal 1100 LD Sleeping Bag : 32 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's Big Agnes Slavonia Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Rab Neutrino Pro 600 Sleeping Bag: 23 Degree Down - Women's Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's
NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Cleo 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's The North Face Furnace Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Jam 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's The North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's Millet Baikal 1100 LD Sleeping Bag : 32 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's Big Agnes Slavonia Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Rab Neutrino Pro 600 Sleeping Bag: 23 Degree Down - Women's Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ - - - - - - - - - -
Brand Kelty NEMO Equipment Inc. Marmot Rab Big Agnes Big Agnes NEMO Equipment Inc. Eureka NEMO Equipment Inc. Sierra Designs Millet NEMO Equipment Inc. The North Face Mountain Hardwear The North Face
Claimed Weight 2lb 8.5oz [regular] 2lb 3oz, [long] 2lb 6oz [regular] 3lb 8oz, [long] 3lb 10oz 2lb 4.6oz [petite] 2lb 10oz, [regular] 2lb 13oz [petite] 3lb 10oz, [regular] 3lb 14oz 3lb 3oz 2 lb 6 oz 2lb 15oz 1lb 11oz 2lb 8oz 2lb 7oz [regular] 4lb 8oz, [long] 4lb 15oz [regular] 4lb 10oz [regular] 3lb 2oz [long] 3lb 5oz
Degree 30F 30F 30F 23F 30F 0F 15F 40 F 15F 20F 32F 30F 5°F 0F 20F
Draft Tube yes Blanket Fold - insulating yes - Blanket Fold yes yes - zipper, collar yes - yes draft collar
Fill Weight 20oz [regular] 1lb 1oz, [long] 1lb 2oz - - [petite] 24 oz, [regular] 26 oz [petite] 3lb 1oz, [regular] 3lb 7oz 1lb 14oz 1 lb 6 oz 1lb 11oz 1lb 3oz - 1lb 3oz - - -
Insulation 600-fill DriDown 650-fill down SpiraFil LT (synthetic) 800-fill RDS hydrophobic goose down Insotect Hotstream (100% recycled) FireLine Eco (100% recycled polyester) 650-fill Nikwax hydrophobic down (650-fill, Responsible Down Standard-certified) Eureka! Synthesis Performance (synthetic) 800-fill power down 800-fill Dridown Supermix synthetic 650-fill down, Nikwax-treated Heatseeker Pro Thermal.Q (100% polyester) 600-fill ProDown, Heatseeker Eco synthetic
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime limited lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime limited lifetime 1 year limited lifetime lifetime 3 years limited lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime
Max User Height 5ft 8in [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft - [petite] 5ft 6in, [regular] 5ft 10in [petite] 5ft 6in, [regular] 5ft 10in [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft - [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft 5ft 8in - [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft [regular] 5ft 8in [regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft
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Shape rectangular mummy semi-rectangular mummy taper semi-rectangular rectangular Spoon (modified mummy) rectangular Spoon mummy mummy spoon-shaped mummy mummy mummy mummy
Stuff Sack included yes compression sack included dry bag compression yes polyester ripstop compression yes yes, compression yes - yes included nylon compression yes
Stuff Size 15 x 7.5in 11 x 7.5in - - 8 x 17.5in, (compressed) 8 x 8.5 in [petite] 8.5 x 9.5in, [regular] 8.5 x 10.5in 18.5 x 9.1in 7.5 x 17 in 18.1x9.1in 15 x 7.5in 10 x 7in 18.1 x 9.1in 12 x 22in 10.5 x 21in 10 x 18in
Zipper 2-way anti-snag full-length full-length with anti-snag slider 3/4-length YKK, left side left, right [petite] 60in YKK #5 anti snag locking zipper, [regular] 65in YKK #5 anti snag locking zipper full-length 2-way full-length full-length half-length 3/4-length full-length - full-length, left or right 3/4-length, left or right zip
Hip Circumference - [regular] 53in, [long] 55in - - [petite] 61.5in, [regular] 63.5in [petite] 57in, [regular] 60in [regular] 58in, [long] 60in - [regular] 58in, [long] 60in 58in - [regular] 58in, [long] 60in - [regular] 52in -
Material - 100% nylon ripstop with DWR finish [shell] 70D polyester, [lining] 70D polyester [face fabric] Pertex Quantum Pro, [lining] nylon ripstop [main] 100% nylon [face fabric] 100% nylon ripstop, DWR treatment, [lining] 100% polyester 30D nylon ripstop, DWR finish, [footbox] 40D nylon ripstop, DWR finish, [lining] 30D nylon taffeta, DWR finish [shell] polyester taffeta (40D), [lining] peached polyester (50D) [shell] 20D nylon ripstop, DWR, [lining] 30D nylon taffeta, DWR, [footbox] 40D nylon ripstop OSMO, DWR 15D nylon ripstop [shell] 40D nylon ripstop [lining] 50D polyester [shell] 30D nylon ripstop, DWR-finish, [footbox] 40D nylon ripstop OSMO, DWR-finish, [lining] 30D nylon taffeta - [face fabric] 30D nylon ripstop, DWR finish, [lining] 40D polyester plain weave [shell] polyester taffeta, [lining] polyester taffeta
Shoulder Circumference - [regular] 56in, [long] 58in - - [petite] 62.5in, [regular] 64.5in [petite] 63in, [regular] 66in [regular] 62in, [long] 64in - [regular] 62in, [long] 64in 58in 2ft 3in [regular] 62in, [long] 64in - [regular] 58in -
Storage Sack - yes - cotton yes mesh cotton - yes, cotton yes - yes included mesh -
Foot Circumference - - - - 50in [petite] 43in, [regular] 46in (knee circumference) [regular] 62in, [long] 64in - [regular] 62in, [long] 64in 39in 1ft 3in [regular] 62in, [long] 64in - - -

NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's

It'll be hard to resist the urge to tell everyone you see how good of a night's sleep you got when you sleep under the stars in the Nemo Equipment Women's Rave 15 Sleeping Bag. Designed with side-sleepers in mind, its Spoon shape is extra wide at the elbows and knees to allow you to shift around and sleep on your side in comfort, and its down fill offers plush warmth while keeping the bag light and compressible enough for carrying into the backcountry.

Unlike regular down insulation that stops insulating at the merest suggestion of moisture, this bag's Nikwax hydrophobic down is water resistant so you can confidently take it to damp environments. Plus, this down is RDS-certified so you know it comes from birds that were never live-plucked or force-fed. Thermo Gills allow excess heat and condensation to vent, without exposing yourself to icy drafts, and the Blanket Fold draft collar gives you the cozy tucked-in feel of home.

  • Roomy, warm, and compressible bag for side-sleeping backpackers;
  • Spoon shape adds space at elbows and knees for sleeping on side;
  • RDS-certified down is traceable to humanely treated animals;
  • Nikwax hydrophobic down treatment adds water resistance;
  • Thermo Gills vent body heat without letting drafts in;
  • BlanketFold draft collar provides tucked-in comfort;
  • Integrated pillow pocket for stuffing pillow or jacket;
  • Zips together with men's Disco sleeping bag;
  • Item #NEM007C.

NEMO Equipment Inc. Cleo 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's

Your backpacking trip this June won't be complete without your Nemo Equipment Inc. Cleo 30 Sleeping Bag. Easy to pack, this 30-degree down sleeping bag offers all the comfort you need for a good night's rest so you can take on the trails the next more with bright vigor. The Cleo packs down light and small to keep the weight off your back while you trek while its 650-fill down still keeps you warm where you need it at night. The Thermo Gill vents let you release excess heat but prevent cold drafts from getting inside. Snuggle up with the Blanket Fold draft collar and the Cleo's women-specific design so you're insulated where you get the coldest and your mummy sleeping bag fits like a glove while you're dreaming of tomorrow's adventures.

  • A cozy sleeping bag to pack for your next summer backpacking trip;
  • Thermo Gills release body heat without letting in colder air;
  • Waterproof footbox and head prevent soaking from tent condensation;
  • Blanket Fold draft collar provides tucked-in comfort;
  • Women-specific design has extra insulation where you need it;
  • Includes stuff sack and storage sack;
  • Item #NEM007M.

Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's Marmot sleeping bags

Year after year, the Marmot Women's Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag takes the honors as one of Marmot's best-selling bags thanks to its roomy shape, three-season versatility, and luxurious comfort. Its affordable price point sure doesn't hurt either, leaving ample cash leftover for taking weekend trips to the nearby coast. SpiraFil LT insulation traps thermal warmth on crisp, clear evenings when the temperature drops to the freezing mark. This synthetic fill maintains lofting power while standing up to the rigors of backpacking and car camping alike.

Although it's rated to 30F, the Women's Trestle 30 is actually a bit warmer than the men's-specific version. Marmot does this because female campers usually sleep colder than their male counterparts, so a bit of extra insulation helps to offset this difference in sleeping comfort. On those especially chilly evenings, the adjustable collar and hood prevent precious body heat from escaping. Another innovative feature, the second fold-down zipper increases ventilation when you're overly warm on summer nights.

  • Get a restful night's sleep without breaking the bank;
  • EN Comfort rated to 29F ensures warmth on chilly nights;
  • SpiraFil LT insulation maintains loft for heat retention;
  • Adjustable collar and hood retain body heat from escaping;
  • Second fold-down zipper for ventilation on summer evenings;
  • Marmot sleeping bags have included compression stuff sack for easy packing;
  • Item #MAR013O.

The North Face Furnace Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's

The North Face Women's Furnace 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is revised to be lighter and roomier than ever for a more comfortable camping experience. Maintaining its three-season versatility, the Furnace 20 Degree Down Bag retains lofty warmth on cold evenings under the stars. Since it's predominately filled with compressible down, the Furnace 20 compactly packs into the included stuff sack for easier carrying.

It's stuffed with 600-fill ProDown for fiery heat retention when temperatures drop below freezing overnight. Repelling humidity and outside moisture, ProDown uses a hydrophobic down treatment that maintains its lofting power in wet environments. Complementing the ProDown, HeatSeeker insulation is placed along the bottom panel to eliminate cold spots. This synthetic insulation features anti-compression properties to maintain its lofting warmth under your body weight where down would normally falter.

  • Stay toasty on chilly evenings beneath the stars;
  • Subtle redesign is lighter and roomier than before;
  • Rated to 20F for three-season versatility;
  • 600-fill ProDown for high-loft warmth in wet conditions;
  • HeatSeeker synthetic along bottom prevents compression;
  • Fixed hood and draft tube keep out cold drafts;
  • Down insulation meets Responsible Down Standard;
  • Item #TNF037C.

NEMO Equipment Inc. Jam 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's

Solving a long-time problem for those who sleep on their sides, NEMO Equipment swapped out the restrictive mummy shape in favor of the accomodating Spoon shape in the Women's 15 Degree Down Jam 15 Sleeping Bag. This unique shape adds room at the elbows and knees to let you shift positions comfortably throughout the night without losing any heat to cold air pockets.

Lofty 800-fill power down insulation wraps you in toasty warmth in temps as low as 15-degrees, while its fluorocarbon-free, water-resistant Nikwax Hydrophobic Down treatment helps retain heat even after becoming wet. The durable, DWR-coated ripstop shell proves tough against tears and adds protection from light precipitation, while the waterproof, breathable footbox helps keep you dry when you accidentally roll over into tent condensation. Thermo Gills chest zips help you vent excess heat without allowing any cold drafts sneak in, and the included storage sack and stuff sack make for easy packing when you need to move on to the next campsite.

  • Unique backpacking bag with low weight and lofty warmth;
  • Tough ripstop fabric resists tears and water;
  • Lofty down has Nikwax treatment for warmth even when wet;
  • Spoon shape provides more room at elbows and knees;
  • Thermo Gills let extra heat escape easily;
  • Integrated pillow pocket stuffs your jacket to act as a pillow;
  • Waterproof, breathable footbox keeps your feet comfortably dry;
  • Zips together with the Men's Riff bag for a bigger design;
  • Item #NEM007A.

NEMO Equipment Inc. Rave 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's

Most people don't. In fact, most people sleep on their sides. The Women's Nemo Equipment Inc. Rave 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is designed with extra-wide knees and elbows so you can roll around for half an hour before falling asleep, just in case that's your jam. Expanding on the whole idea of comfort, NEMO added ventilated gills to the top, so you can lower the temperature when you're overheating without letting in cool air, and the draft collar has a blanket fold for tucked-in comfort and temperature control. The warm down fill packs down small, but it's also treated with Nikwax to resist losing it's air-trapping loft—so there's no need to panic if you spill your canteen on your bed. And since the Rave zips naturally together with the Disco sleeping bag, you should bring your loved one along for the adventure and sleep as soundly as if you'd never left your bed.

  • Sleeping bag with a unique design for backpacking in comfort;
  • Hydrophobic down keeps water from stealing your lofty warmth;
  • Spoon-shape gives knees and elbows wiggle room while you sleep;
  • Zippered vents let you lower the temperature without adding a draft;
  • Waterproof, breathable footbox wards off tent condensation;
  • Integrated pillow pocket offers a way to create a pillow;
  • Zips together with the Disco sleeping bag when you want to cuddle;
  • Nemo likes to break the mold when it designs sleeping bags;
  • Item #NEM007D.

Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down - Women's

If your summer calendar is filled with car camping trips all over the country, plus a few backpacking missions sprinkled in, then you're going to want to be sure to bring the Kelty Women's Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag along for the journey. Eliminating the need for two different bags this summer, it packs up compactly enough to take on weekend forays into the backcountry, but has a roomy rectangular shape and plush feel to deliver comfort worthy of more laid-back car camping getaways and cross-country trips.

DriDown offers all the ultra-warm, compressible, and featherweight benefits that down is know for, with the addition of a water-resistant treatment that prevents it from losing its lofty insulating powers in damp conditions. Not only does the rectangular shape offer a spacious feel that you can shift around in, but it also allows you to zip it up to another Galactic bag so you and your sweetheart can cuddle up all night. So when your summer adventures take you from the high and dry plains of South Dakota to the humid landscapes of Tennessee, you can be sure that the Galactic is ready to tag along.

  • Compact enough for backpacking, cozy enough for car camping;
  • Down insulation is incredibly light, compressible, and warm;
  • DriDown treatment adds water-resistance to maintain loft;
  • Rectangular shape for spacious feel and zip-together function;
  • Draft tube with anti-snag zipper keeps warmth in;
  • YKK two-way zipper allows you to vent your feet;
  • Stuff sack included for convenient storage;
  • Item #KEL008V.

The North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's

Much like the alpine cat it's named after, The North Face Women's 5 Degree Synthetic Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag is adeptly suited for the cold, wind-swept environments of snowy summits and frigid northerly locations. Cyclone construction wraps continuous-filament and cut-staple fibers around the bag for thermal efficiency and superior loft. Since it uses synthetic HeatseekerPro instead of down insulation, the Snow Leopard is an excellent choice for camping in moisture-laden climates where down insulation is susceptible to losing its lofting performance.

There's a fitted hood for maximum warmth, mated to a draft collar that prevents precious heat from escaping into bone-chilling evening air. Pad loops attach to your sleeping pad, preventing migration during overnight movements. The vaulted footbox offers ample room for stretching out in cozy comfort. As a space-saving bonus, the included compression sack is handy on backpacking trips where minimizing overall bulk is essential.

  • Mummy-style sleeping bag for cold-weather camping;
  • Heatseeker Pro insulates even while wet;
  • Cyclone construction for improved loft;
  • Women-specific design targets key areas for warmth;
  • Offset quilted bottom avoids cold spots;
  • Retaining straps attach the bag to your pad;
  • Included compression sack saves space for backpacking;
  • Item #TNF03ZD.

We are here to review the North Face Snow Leopard sleeping bag.

It's a mummy sleeping bag with a hood to keep your head nice and warm. It's packed full of North Faces climate shield synthetic insulation so it's warm. It's light, it dries easily and it's breathable.

The Snow Leopard is equipped with a draft collar which has a pull string on the side opposite the zipper. The temperature rating is minus 18 degrees Celsius. On my latest trip I believe the lowest temperature we experienced was minus 5 to minus 10 degrees Celsius and I was still very warm. I had the bottom part of the zipper open to help ventilate my legs.

My overall impression of the sleeping bag was positive. I found it to be warm comfortable and light enough to pack. Did have a few issues with the zipper? It has a tendency to get caught as you're zipping around. Zipping however it is easily unstuck.

I'll admit it does take a bit of effort to get the Snow Leopard into its carrying bag but it does compress down to approximately 11 inches by 20 inches which is more than enough space for the rest of your gear for your truck.

Millet Baikal 1100 LD Sleeping Bag : 32 Degree Synthetic - Women's

Summer is a time to escape the droll humdrum of society, and you choose to get your away by backpacking into the alpine's secluded beauty. Sure the weather's warm when the sun is out, but the nighttime can feel like winter at higher altitudes, which is why you opt for the Millet Women's Baikal 1100 LD Sleeping Bag. Sure a down bag would be a lighter choice for the long approaches that keep the crowds at bay, but the alpine's environment has too much moisture to really trust a down bag to keep you warm throughout the trip. The Baikal's synthetic insulation fends off moisture to maintain warmth regardless of humidity or rain, and it boasts enhanced breathability to keep you warm. If that isn't enough, check out the Baikal's stuff size and weight in the specs, and you know you'll enjoy hauling this bag far, far away.

  • Synthetic sleeping bag built for alpine backpacking;
  • 32F temperature ideal for summers and some shoulder season trips;
  • Supermix insulation is breathable, compressible, and protective;
  • Draft tubes cover 3/4-length zipper and adjustable hood;
  • Internal stash pocket stows headlamps;
  • Item #MIL00DL.

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's

Made specifically with the ladies in mind, the Mountain Hardwear Women's Lamina 0 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag says its zero degrees, and it means it. The Thermal.Q polyester fill is highly compressible, maintains its loft, and performs far better than down in wet conditions, which makes this bag an obvious choice for backpacking in cold and wet climates. Lamina construction attaches the shell directly to the insulation, eliminating cold spots caused by typical baffle construction, while the standard mummy cut provides utmost efficiency. With a zero-degree rating, this Lamina makes a great option for those looking to snag one bag and one bag alone, since it works for mild winters, but can unzip for regulated cooling if you're using it year-round. It has all the benefits of Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z.

  • A women-specific mummy bag for mild winters or year-round camping;
  • Synthetic insulation maintains loft better than down if wet;
  • DWR-treatment sheds light moisture or precipitation;
  • Ripstop nylon shell is ultralight and highly wind resistant;
  • Mummy cut reduces bulky weight while increasing thermal efficiency;
  • Tailored hood blocks out drafts and seals in your valuable heat;
  • Contoured foot box offers ideal balance between comfort and warmth;
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pull adds assistance on dark nights;
  • Item #MHW01D8.

Mountain hardwear sleeping bag review

We're talking about the Lamina Sleeping Bag from Mountain Hardwear.

This. Is an environmentally friendly alternative to our Lamina series of sleeping bags. This bag comes in a unisex, 15 and 30 degree temperatures. With this bag we really wanted to pull out all the stops for an environmentally friendly sleeping bag.

The first thing you've probably already noticed is that the bag is completely white. So it's white because it's an undyed fabric, so in not using dye we're able to save a lot of water and chemicals in the dyeing process. The bag also features all recycled components, so the shell lining insulation and trims are all at least partially recycled.

Starting with the zipper we have a really nice number 5. Zipper with anti-snag so it's gonna allow you to get in and out of the bag really easily without it snagging. The zipper is 30% recycled. The shell fabric is a hundred percent recycled nylon ripstop. It's a twenty ten year so it's gonna be really nice lightweight and compressible. On the inside, we're using that same twenty recycled nylon ripstop. So both shell and lining in this particular bag are a hundred percent recycled.

The insulation is a proprietary thermal cue recycled insulation. It's 70 percent recycled polyester. The bag feature is a really nice ergonomic draft collar that's gonna wrap around your shoulders and give you all-night comfort and prevent those cold drafts from coming in the sleeping bag. And then at the top, we have a really nice cinch closure that's gonna cinch the hood closed. And the toggle on this cinch is actually made from recycled ocean plastic. So everything down to the small toggles on this bag is recycled.

We really tried to think of everything. Some other features about this bag is that it features our laminated technology. So just like with our laminate sleeping bags. It allows us to laminate the insulation so that we're not stitching through and creating cold spots or areas for water to collect. The bag features our performance mummy cut. So with this bag being 2010 yer, being a little bit lighter than our traditional lamina. We really wanted to push that performance a little bit further. So the cut is a little bit slimmer which is going to make the bag more compressible and lighter weight than our traditional lamb in a series of sleeping bags.
Down at the bottom, this bag features our ganache that's gonna allow you to have a lot of room at the bottom of your sleeping bag. So that you're not compressing that insulation and getting cold spots throughout the night.

This series of sleeping bags comes with both a recycled storage sack and a recycled compression sack really trying to bring that recycled story all the way down to what you put the sleeping bag into. By combining the recycled insulation. With our proprietary laminated technology, we're really able to create a high-performance sleeping bag that stuffs down really small. You're really able to put this bag in your backpack and carry it for a long period of time and push that performance for a synthetic sleeping bag.

With this series of sleeping bags, we really tried to create a performance sleeping bag that was as environmentally responsible as we could possibly make it. I love this sleeping bag because it really fills a unique void in the marketplace because it is so stark white. You're really able to bring this bag into a campsite and it becomes a conversation piece. It might get dirty but that's sort of the story of the sleeping bag it carries all of the trips that you take it on with it and then it allows you to continue to tell that story to everyone who sees this white sleeping bag.

Mountain Hardwear really tried to create an environmentally responsible option with this fully recycled sleeping bag and we're really excited about the product that we're pushing out.

Big Agnes Slavonia Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic - Women's

With its plush feel and cozy warmth, cuddling up in the Big Agnes Slavonia 30-Degree Synthetic Women's Sleeping Bag has to be the best way to relax in camp after a long day on the trail. Offering all the comforts that you expect from Big Agnes, the Slavonia's features include an integrated sleeping pad sleeve that will accept any 20-inch-wide pad, a Free Range hood that allows your noggin to move about even when the bag's zipped up, and a vaulted foot box to give your toes some extra wiggle room throughout the night. In addition to all that sweetness, the Slavonia is packed full of durable and cozy 100% recycled synthetic insulation, which will keep you warm in temperatures down to thirty degrees and has a contoured shape that makes the sleeping bag's baffles drape around your body for better thermal efficiency and fewer cold spots.

  • Ideal for summer in the high country and shoulder season camping;
  • Recycled Insotect Hotstream insulation retains warmth when wet;
  • Semi-rectangular shape provides some wiggle room while sleeping;
  • Sleeping pad sleeve secures sleeping pads up to 20-inches wide;
  • Vaulted foot box and Free Range hood for added comfort;
  • Big Agnes is based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado;
  • Item #BAG00AC.

Rab Neutrino Pro 600 Sleeping Bag: 23 Degree Down - Women's

The lightweight Rab Neutrino Pro 600 Sleeping Bag is designed to keep you sleeping warm and comfortably on your alpine and mountaineering trips in cold weather. The Neutrino Pro is stuffed with 800-fill hydrophobic down to provide warmth and comfort in cold, damp conditions. Its updated design features chevron shaped baffles to keep the down held over the center of your body without downward migration while the trapezoidal chamber design helps to eliminate cold spots. Its ergonomic mummy shape and close-fitting internal collar with hood help to contain your precious body heat while the insulating draft tube at the zipper prevents cold air from pushing through. When it's time to move camp, the bag easily compresses into its stuff sack for convenient transportation.

  • Sleeping bag for climbing and mountaineering trips in cold weather;
  • Water-resistant face fabric sheds light moisture for dry comfort;
  • 800-fill hydrophobic down provides warmth in cold, damp conditions;
  • Chevron shaped baffles keep down held over center of the body;
  • Trapezoidal chamber efficiently positions down for enhanced warmth;
  • Ergonomic, close-fitting collar and drawcord hood seal in your heat;
  • Insulating draft tube keeps out the cold when the bag is zipped up;
  • Compression stuff sack allows for easy transport to the next camp;
  • Item #RAB00L2.

We're gonna take a closer look at Rab Neutrino Pro 600 Sleeping Bag Premium offerings 800 filled european goose down. Mummy shaped, extremely lightweight and compressible. Excellent options for three season mountaineering or backpacking.

Labs tests all of their bags with a European test method that establishes a range of temperatures. A kind of lower end and then a higher end as well. But the men's and the women's really are in the range of 25 degrees. So when we talk about three seasons you've got that warmth that except for the most extreme cold.

These bags probably serve you well year-round three-quarter length zipper on both the men's and the women's bag. So you'll see that the zipper makes it almost to the foot box. This improves thermal efficiency but not by not having any point at which cold air can reach your feet. It also has some weight savings as well. Is it two two-way zipper. It does give you the ability to do a little venting down here in instances where it's a little one. You've got shaping here on the foot box that creates a nice natural position for your feet inside.

The bag gives a little bit of comfort there. The baffled construction on these bags is actually as a trapezoidal chamber what it does is it makes certain that the down insulation isn't migrating, isn't moving. It's in causing dead spaces because of that so you've got nice consistent insulation throughout.

The bag again goes a long way to ensuring that you stay warm. Behind the zipper there is an insulated draft tube so that runs again the length of the zipper. Just another barrier and making sure that cold air stays outside. The back also insulated tube that runs the whole way around beneath what would be your chin behind the head here and really kind of seals off to make sure the cold air is slipping over the top. A nice contoured hood on these bags that mirrors what you'd see on unwrapped jackets points of adjustability here inside the bag.

Kind of secure things down snugly and again eliminate any dead spots. Also small zippered pocket inside the bag for keys, valuables, anything you might want to keep within. Easy reach with each Neutrino 400 bag rab does include a stuff sack and this is a really slick stuff sack.

You've got drawstring closure on the inside to cinch down that bag. Compress it to its smallest state and then you've got a roll-top closure on top of this stuff sack. So you're looking at a compression dry sack which is a great feature to have on a three-season bag. Additionally rab includes a cotton storage sack.

Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's

There's nothing quite like crawling into a soft bed after a long day, even if your bed is a sleeping bag and your house is a mesh tent. When your long day involves hiking 20 miles of varied terrain and your bed is the Women's Sierra Designs Nitro UL 800 Dridown 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, you're in for a sweet, restful night. Packed with hydrophobic down, you stay warm during even a cold, damp spring night, and it packs up nice and easy in the morning thanks to the high warmth-to-weight ratio of 800-fill. If you're camping closer to winter, the draft dodger collar can be cinched down for a nice, mummy-shaped face hug, and if you're camping closer to summer the self-sealing foot vent makes it easy to give yourself some fresh air on a warm morning.

  • Lightweight sleeping bag for shoulder season camping and backpacking;
  • Hydrophobic down stays dry and lofty longer in damp conditions;
  • Five-inch baffling consolidates down for increased insulation;
  • Foot ventilation offers simple way to cool off on warmer nights;
  • Half-length zipper provides easy entry and reduces bag weight;
  • Bonded interface along zipper track eliminates zipper snag;
  • Item #SDS008Y.

This is the Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag.

This 4 season bag has a thermally efficient and weight saving mummy cut. It utilizes lightweight compressible and weather resistant dry down insulation. Let's have a closer look. Unlike traditional down which can lose its ability to keep you warm if it becomes wet, the feather in this bag has been treated to stay dry longer and dry out faster. If they do become damp best of all the dry down insulation continues to keep you warm even on cold wet nights.

Personally, I still want to know that the insulation is fully protected and the bags water repellent nylon rip stop shell gives me back confidence. The bags tapered mummy cut and baffled design reduces bulk and wait while also eliminating empty space inside. The bag only has a half-length zipper but that helps to cut down on weight. It makes the bag that much warmer and that's still plenty of access to the inside of the bag.

Additional insulation at the collar and behind the zipper add to the overall warmth. My feet get hot regardless of the temperature so I'm also a big fan of foot vents. The simple overlapping design on the Nitro`s foot vent is great. It's easy to extend your feet if they get too hot but when you pull them back in the vent self seals and keeps you warm. The bag weighs well under three pounds and fits inside an included 16-inch by 9-inch stuff sack that can actually compress even smaller than that a mesh storage. The sack is also included and it's the best way to store the bag to maintain loft and extend the life of the bag. With its lightweight packable and weather resistant design the Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag is a great option for winter backpacking or camping.

Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic - Women's

The Big Agnes Sunbeam Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Synthetic allows you to sleep comfortably on weekend camping or backpacking trips, then packs down small for convenient storage and transport. It's designed to stretch to accommodate a 20 to 25 inch wide sleeping pad to keep you on your pad for warmth and comfort throughout the entire night. Because of its water repellent finish and synthetic insulation, the Sunbeam ensures that you can stay warmer in wet conditions such as in foggy mornings and misty evenings. The bag is designed to keep you warm down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, but for added warmth also features interior fabric loops for a sleeping bag liner if you plan on sleeping in slightly colder temperatures.

Aside from warmth, the Sunbeam has additional features for comfort and convenience. For starters, its anti-snag zipper allows a smooth, quick zip and the Free Range Hood and foot box allow you to lift your head and wiggle your feet. A pillow barn secures your pillow throughout the night even when you toss and turn and an internal hood drawcord provides you with a secure and comfortable fit when it is cinched. Finally, when it's time to move camp, the whole bag compresses down small into its stuff sack for convenient transport.

  • Packable sleeping bag with comfort for backpacking and camping;
  • Durable ripstop fabric sheds moisture for dry comfort all night;
  • Polyester lining is soft against the skin for added comfort;
  • FireLine ECO insulation delivers a high warmth-to-weight ratio;
  • Flex Pad Sleeve keeps your sleeping pad secure through the night;
  • Pillow barn secures your pillow while you sleep for added comfort;
  • Free Range foot box allows wiggle room for your feet for warmth;
  • Stuff and storage sacks allow for simple, compressed packing;
  • Item #BAG00F5.

Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's

From a camping trip in Vermont to sleeping out in the backyard with the family, the Eureka Women's Kiewa 40 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag's tapered rectangular shape features a low profile, 3D footbox with a full-length zipper for a variety of uses. The durable yet lightweight polyester taffeta shell fabric is built to last, while the peached polyester lining gives you an extra cozy night's sleep every time you slip into the bag. A full-length, insulated zipper draft tube defends against cold air sneaking in, and the anti-snag guard helps keep frustration to a minimum. Plus, an internal pocket gives you a safe stash spot for your phone, headlamp, or map for quick and easy access in a pinch.

  • 40-degree temperature rating;
  • Eureka Synthesis synthetic insulation;
  • Tapered rectangular shape;
  • Low-profile 3D footbox;
  • Internal pocket;
  • Draft tube;
  • Compression stuff sack included;
  • Item #ERK002C.

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