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  Norrona Trollveggen 40L Backpack - Women's La Sportiva Tarantula Climbing Shoe - Women's Edelrid Jayne II Harness - Women's Black Diamond Primrose Speed Adjust Harness - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Salewa Mountain Trainer WS 22L Backpack - Women's Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's Deuter Airlite SL 20L Backpack - Women's Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Women's Mad Rock Venus 4.0 Harness - Women's Mammut Togir Harness - Women's Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Women's
  Norrona Trollveggen 40L Backpack - Women's La Sportiva Tarantula Climbing Shoe - Women's Edelrid Jayne II Harness - Women's Black Diamond Primrose Speed Adjust Harness - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Salewa Mountain Trainer WS 22L Backpack - Women's Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's Deuter Airlite SL 20L Backpack - Women's Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Women's Mad Rock Venus 4.0 Harness - Women's Mammut Togir Harness - Women's Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Women's
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Brand Evolv La Sportiva Edelrid Boreal Mammut Deuter Mad Rock Mammut Metolius Mammut Norrona Salewa Arc'teryx Deuter Black Diamond
Claimed Weight 7.2oz 10.23oz [x-small] 13.8 oz, [small] 14.4 oz, [medium] 15.7 oz, [large] 1 lb [single, size 5] 1lb 6oz 14.8oz 2lb 2oz 1lb 3.2oz 10oz [medium] 1lb 4oz 11.2 oz 2lb 15.9oz 1lb 14.08oz 1 lb 1.6 oz 3lb 2oz -
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime 1 year - limited lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime 5 years 2-years limited lifetime 1 year
Recommended Use climbing sport climbing climbing casual, sport climbing climbing hiking & camping sport climbing, trad climbing bouldering, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing sport climbing, trad climbing climbing climbing, backpacking, backcountry touring, alpine & expedition hiking, mountaineering hiking & camping hiking -
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Norrona Trollveggen 40L Backpack - Women's

From light weekend trips to moving through more technical terrain, the Norrona Women's Trollveggen 40 Backpack is designed to support every step of your adventure. This backpack features a comfortable and supportive carrying system that offers stability with heavier loads, and it lets you strip away the back plate, aluminum stay, hip belt, and top lid for a lightweight summit push.

The Trollveggen 40 features a front zippered access to the main compartment, so you won't have to pull everything out to find your fleece. Gear loops and a daisy chain let you attach ice axes and other gear, while dual compression straps on each side help you secure your load. The Trollveggen is also hydration system compatible to keep you comfortable throughout your journey.

  • A durable backpack for moving in vertical terrain
  • 40-liter capacity ideal for gear-intensive objectives
  • Comfortable and supportive carrying system
  • Removable hip belt for comfort and stability
  • Removable top lid with internal and external pockets
  • Daisy chain and ice axe attachments
  • Front zip access to main compartment
  • Dual compression straps on each side secures load
  • Item #NRA008O
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    La Sportiva Tarantula Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Creepy, crawly spiders can climb any route better than any climber, and knowing that actually brings confidence to you when you enter a climbing gym for the first time, because you can do it if an insect can do it, and the La Sportiva Women's Tarantula Climbing Shoe is here to help. Like most climbing shoes, the Tarantula has the friction to help you stick to those footholds you think are impossible to stand on. Unlike most climbing shoes, the Tarantula actually focuses on comfort so you can keep thinking about how to climb without the agonies of painful feet trying to convince you to put on some slippers or something.

  • Entry-level climbing shoe focuses on comfort
  • Flat profile ensures all-day comfort for focusing on learning to climb
  • Frixion rubber sole helps you stick to smaller footholds
  • Unlined leather upper will stretch about half a size
  • Item #LSP00GY
  • What's up guys peter here from reviews. On anything and in this video we're looking at climbing shoes not your everyday topic but very interesting these are the last 45 tarantula. Shoes in kiwi color i kid you not and. They are designed for climbing obviously this is an all-round climbing shoe that functions well on plastic so when you're climbing on indoor climbing hole but also well on rock when your bouldering or doing outdoor climbing set you back. Around 70 to 90 bucks depending on where. You buy them and if you can find a good deal online and there are a good sorts of. Media spectacles climbing shoe the top. Is made of leather and as you can tell by the straps already this is a shoe that's designed to be tight when you're buying a climbing shoe you really want it to be an extension of your foot because you can imagine obviously when you're climbing you really want to be well in touch with all your connection. Points to the wall that you're climbing actually so these shoes are meant to be. Tight and that's right then of all these loops on them so you can actually pull. Then in place properly obviously it. Should be so tight that it restricts blood flow to your foot this is size 42. For me which is very snug there's like. Hardly any room left for my toes but. Since it's leather it'll wear in a. Little bit and actually bombing in for a few times it becomes more comfortable but definitely climbing shoes unless. You're familiar with the brand and the sizing don't buy him online on seeing on. Try it really go to a store put them on see how. They feel maybe even take it for a test climb if that's possible to make sure you have the proper fit because there's nothing worse obviously than being halfway up a boulder and realizing that your shoes too tight and you can't continue that's a not a nice situation. Now you can open these shoes up pretty. Much all the way like so to make sure. You know that you can get your foot in. Properly and get it adjusted so that the. Desired titus is right for you which is. Great then we move to the business end. Of the which is obviously sole because this is. The part you're going to use to grip on any kind of climbing wall now it's made. Of something, they call friction rubber which according to them works really well on both plastics on inner climbing. And outdoor which is great that means you can use it around any way you want really the sole. Is one point eight millimeters thick which means it's not a very aggressive. Shoe you know there's a bit of flex in it obviously but it's you know a very. Solid platform to stand on so if you're a climber that wants to you know fully flex his foot and bend it in all kinds. Of shapes this probably not to shoot for you because the soul is just too thick and a bit too stiff for that but with extra cutting here around the tone extra. Cutting here around the heel it's a shoe that's fits very well in pretty much any kind of environment and i personally like shoes like this that are a little. Less aggressive because i like to really utilize a shoe in order to make my way. Up and if your shoe gets too aggressive. That i feel than just wearing socks so. This is a really substantial soul and a really substantial addition to your foot in order to climb the shoe only weighs. 290 gram so you know nice and light shouldn't hamper you too much and i find. Then actually quite comfortable and i. Think the adjustment on the top is awesome to make sure you get a good fit. And i really like that they've thought this through from a climbers perspective and actually put the loops all around the shoe to make sure you can actually put it on nice and tight as far as your. Ability goes i tried about a few times not a mark on them really and it does. Indeed, work really well on both plastic and rocks and although i think it's a. Very accessible shoe maybe when you're. Just getting into climbing like me this. Is something you can definitely pick up without the hitch and get started with and especially at the price point it's a. Decent shoe not sure about the color but hey I'm sure that you can find something that matches your own personal tastes and overall i think it's a good shoe that. Does exactly what it needs to do and makes no secrets about what it's supposed to do i like it's good too. And at the price point you can be sure. To be having a good time in this is peter from reviews on anything with a look at the lust $45 uncle ah shoes hope. You guys enjoy the video and I'll catch you in the next one cheers.

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    Edelrid Jayne II Harness - Women's

    The Edelrid Women's Jayne II Harness offers customized adjustments, comfortable padding, and versatility for rock or ice climbing. You can move the cushy and breathable 3D mesh padding to fit your body perfectly. Easy Glider buckles let you adjust the waist and leg loops to accommodate either summer or winter clothes. Edelrid also added abrasion protection for durability, two attachments for ice screws, and four asymmetric gear loops for cams and quickdraws.

  • Moveable 3D mesh padding
  • Easy Glider buckles
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Abrasion protector
  • Four asymmetric gear loops
  • Two ice screw attachment options
  • Item #ELR000M
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    Black Diamond Primrose Speed Adjust Harness - Women's

    If you want to safely get vertical while still getting great value, cinch down the Black Diamond Women's Primrose Speed Adjust Harness. Offering pro-level quality without demanding a pro-level price, the Primrose features a bullhorn shape to naturally contour to a woman's body for an ergonomic fit. Speed Adjust buckles and TrakFit leg loop adjustment allows you to further customize your fit for optimal comfort even during long jam sessions or hanging belays. Four gear loops ensure that you can haul the gear you need to finish your project, and a 12 kN-rated haul loop lets you pull off fancy maneuvers or clip yourself down when belaying some hefty dude.

  • Dual core construction
  • Women's specific waistbelt shape
  • Trakfit leg loop adjustment system
  • Four gear loops
  • 12 kN-rated haul loop
  • Item #BLD00BR
  • Hi my name is emily huesemann and today. I'm reviewing black diamonds primers is a harness this harness waist belt was. Built using dual core construction which allows for a distribution of load across that the waist belt also has two pieces. Of nylon webbing running along the top of that and on the bottom of that this. Allows for the foam padding that's inside to have ventilation holes to make. It more breathable and for the mesh on. The outside on the outer shell there. Which allows air to flow through the. Harness both in and out by having the. Mesh and the ventilation holes this. Makes it a lot more comfortable during hot conditions when climbing harness. Also he comes with a pre threaded speed adjustment buckle which makes this. Highness easy to put on, and he's really quick as you just need to pull it with. One hand on this strap also comes with a. Leap there and another loop further round just there for any access of the. Strap to be tucked away whilst climbing. So it doesn't get in your way from the. Leg loops they feature the song. Features a track fit system adjustment. System it just needs to be pulled along. Strap to tighten the leg loops up it's. Really quick really easy saves time I'm. Putting on the harness one on each leg. Loop. Belay loop it's a vertical belay loop. And it comes with i have different. Points of stitching to help reinforce it keeps it strong the top connection and. The lyric action webbing is reinforced. To help keep the webbing from wearing. With the rope. This harness features four pressure. Molds gear loops these gear loops now. Because their pressure mold it allowed for it to take up more equipment and. Won't break them won't break easily and. The back of this harness there's as well. Holy yeah which is rated 12 kilonewtons. It's reinforced and four different places for super strength stitching which helps keeps it strong harness as well. Has two elastic risers connecting the. Leg loops so the main well the waist. Belt there releasable they unclip there. And there and they can be adjusted yeah. Miss harness weighs around 350 grams. It's fairly light and costs books at me. 45 pounds harness when brought comes. With this bag here it's a lightweight. Bag something for the pilots to pack down into which makes it easy to carry. Pros of this harness father it's so. Easily adjustable using the speed adjustment buckle and the truck fit from. The leg loops its quick easy it's easy. To put on the dual core construction the. Good point as mix the harness stronger and it makes. It great for comfort as it allows it for. The ventilation holes in the foam padding so the harness and breathe. Easily making it hot making it. Comfortable for hot conditions the gear. Loops pressure molded which means they can take more weight without tearing. Without wearing away and breaking the. While loop the back is great as it's 12. Kilonewtons rated which means that it can take a lot of weight or it could just take a tool bag prior to this. Harness it's very cheap considering what it comes with and its lightweight cons. With this harness other track fit. Adjustment system on the leg loops can be known to loosen during climbs they. Would need to be tightened either during. The crime or between climbs will say. Speed adjustment buckle as it's already. Threaded and don't need anything if. Beginners wanted to use this harness and learn how to use the harness they wouldn't learn how to rethread the. Buckle and close it off one more on this. Harness is that the elastic rises at the. Back i meant to be adjustable, but they don't. Adjust easily i find overrule this. Harness is a good harness for climbing. At any level as it provides great comfort for both hot and cold conditions. That comes with features that can make. It so you can go for long climbs and. Take gear with you so overall I'd say. This the good harness but anyone.

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    Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's

    One day you'll be layering legging over legging to stay slightly warm on a chilly multi-pitch, and the next day you'll settle with sweating at a sunny crag wearing shorts. Either day, the Mammut Women's Ophir 3 Slide Harness will fit your outfit right. Just like all the Ophirs, this version features Split Webbing technology, which separates the harness's weight-bearing webbing into two strands that ride over and under your hips in order to reduce weight, increase ventilation, and decrease the necessity of padding. The tie-in protector adds durable longevity, and the fabric turns a different color after the tie-in points have worn down past the point of responsible, safe use.

  • Fully adjustable climbing harness for sport or trad
  • Split Webbing with padded mesh for comfortable support
  • Self-locking Slide Bloc buckles at waist and leg loops
  • Tie-in protector with retirement indicator for safety
  • Four rigid gear loops, haul loop, and chalk bag hanger
  • Item #MAM011E
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    Salewa Mountain Trainer WS 22L Backpack - Women's

    When you're hiking fast and tackling strenuous ascents, you need the Salewa Mountain Trainer WS 22L Backpack to keep you cool as you push yourself to the limits. Its Contact Flow Fit carrying system keeps the pack close to your body for mobility, yet ensures that your back remains dry with its 3D air channels that keep air flowing as you make your way to the summit. The lightweight split shoulder straps also increase airflow to keep you cool while also providing you with enhanced arm mobility for those tough scrambles. As you scramble, the sophisticated Twin Compression System allows for easy volume adjustment so you can stabilize and center your load at all times. Its 22L holds your snacks and extra layers in it's on-the-go pockets while pole fastening straps and a daisy chain allow you to bring along all your gear.

  • Breathable pack for comfort on speed hikes and technical ascents
  • 22L accommodates your snacks, hydration system, and extra layers
  • Contact Flow Fit system keeps pack close to body for added mobility
  • 3D air channels allow air to flow between pack and back for comfort
  • Twin Compression System allows for pack stabilization at all times
  • Lightweight split shoulder straps enhance mobility and airflow
  • Rain cover keeps your gear protected when storms roll through
  • Shorter back length and narrower shoulders fit the female anatomy
  • Item #SFW008N
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    Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Some people prefer going to yoga or seeing their therapists to relieve life's stresses, but you'd rather head to the boulder fields, slip into the Evolv Women's Shakra Climbing Shoe, and pull on rocks until your hands are raw. The Shakra boasts the same Love Bump and Knuckle Box as Evolv's high-performance Shaman—you know, the shoe worn by Chris Sharma when he sends the hardest sport routes—except it has a lower volume to fit narrower feet better. The Shakra also has a softer midsole than the Shaman for more versatile performance on less steep routes.

  • High-performance climbing shoe similar to Evolv's Shaman
  • Aggressive downturn and asymmetry for advanced boulders and routes
  • Love Bump ensures a sharper downturn at the toe for more precision
  • Knuckle Box places more power in the toes for a stronger rebound
  • VTR Rand maintains the shoe's downturn for life
  • Item #EVL000W
  • I am been brands me I'm here with the evolve spark this is actually my shoe I've had it for a couple of months now been tried climbing it having a great time because

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    Deuter Airlite SL 20L Backpack - Women's

    Thanks to its Women-specific design, the Deuter Airlite 20 SL Backpack delivers both exceptional comfort and the technical features needed to explore your favorite trails. Fitted with the Aircomfort Flexlite back system, not only does the pack provide an anatomical fit, but it allows air to pass between your back and the pack for a cool and comfortable feel. The SL Women's fit system better accommodates more petite frames and its conical shaped lower back design better fits female hips. The closer-together, shortened straps also result in a more comfortable carry. A detachable rain cover can be easily attached to keep your gear dry, and the hydration compatible design lets you stay refreshed while you're hiking. Stretch side and front pockets allow items to be quickly secured to the pack, and trekking pole loops let you carry them on you're pack when you need your hands during ridge-line scrambles. 

  • SL Women's fit system
  • Aircomfort Flexlite back system
  • Twin-frame construction
  • Front panel access
  • Detachable rain cover
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Stretch side and front pockets
  • Internal valuables pocket
  • Trekking pole attachment loops
  • Item #DTR001W
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    Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's

    Your morning might consist of a leisurely walk down to the coffee shop, but your afternoon will most certainly consist of a steep scramble up to the crag—you can't go wrong with the Boreal Women's Salsa Shoe for days like these. Combining casual comfort with mountain-ready ingredients, this hybrid approach shoe has a breathable mesh lining to keep your foot cool and comfortable in the afternoon heat and a versatile rubber sole that's capable on everything from concrete to loose scree. 

  • Versatile shoe for the trail or everyday wear in town
  • Breathable mesh lining promotes breathability
  • No-sew nylon upper reinforced with rubber toe cap
  • Boreal Street sole with shock-absorbing EVA for comfort
  • Item #BRF001O
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    Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's

    Too often, it seems that the approach is much more difficult and dangerous than the actual climb, which is why you're always happy to have the Arcteryx Women's Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe on technical trails. Not only does this lightweight, agile approach shoe boast Gore-Tex's ever-reliable waterproof, breathable protection for comfort in most conditions, but it also includes Arcteryx's unique, seamless, and ultralight Adaptive Fit Lite stretch liner for customized comfort. Underfoot, the Acrux features a durable EVA midsole for shock absorption and stability over rocky, off-angled terrain. Arcteryx also added Ortholite's cushy, comfy, and breathable footbed. The shoe's Light Approach sole is comprised of Vibram's MegaGrip rubber, and there's a climbing zone at the toe and heel for extra help on the ascent and descent.

  • Agile approach shoe for technical terrain
  • Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex insert
  • Arcteryx Adaptive Fit Lite stretch liner for customized support
  • 3D molded Ortholite footbed delivers comfort and breathability
  • Cushioning midsole absorbs shock and enhances stability
  • Light Approach sole made with Vibram's MegaGrip rubber
  • Item #ARC00LF
  • What's happening everybody I'm joe from zappos.com, and we're taking a closer look at the crux sl gore-tex approach. From arc'teryx now these approach shoes. Have been designed to be very lightweight and pack able they've got a seamless upper design here with a gore-tex membrane on the inside to keep your feet completely dry while still allowing them to breathe you have a little bit of extra rubber then reinforced up around the toe area it has. A bootie construction it's all one piece all the way around there just use those pull tabs to slide it in and those laces to snug it up now the bids removable. It's got really nice cushioning there's some arch support as well then they put the boom rubber on the outsole super. Rugged design and be great on the technical trails or on the flat so if you're in the market for a lightweight pack able approach shoe this is a must-have it's from arc'teryx.

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    Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Women's

    The Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness is one of the best fitting, safest harnesses in the world. The Deluxe is a beefed up version of the All-Around and is designed to lend maximum support to the lower back while simultaneously providing unparalleled freedom of movement. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside with a tough 1050d Ballistics outer layer and a polyethylene foam with brushed inner lining, it is ideal for Big Wall and long Trad, or Sport routes where comfort is paramount. Metolius' sophisticated adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit by adjusting the riser length; that is the distance between the waist belt and the leg loops. Women generally have much longer riser lengths than Men, so this is particularly important for sizing Women's harnesses. This harness also boasts the world's toughest and longest wearing tie-in points. Every component, including leg risers, the gear, haul, and belay loops are engineered to withstand a load of at least 2250 lbf (10kN) that's FULL strength and typically the max impact force rating of a modern climbing rope.

    Due to an alarming number of accidents involving the misuse of harnesses and/or the failure of harness components, Metolius designed their Safe Tech Series with every possible margin of safety in mind. The structural systems of the Safe Tech harness have been made as redundant and error-proof as possible, e.g., the waist buckle even shows the word ˜DANGER if not correctly double-passed.

  • Comfortable, multi-use harness from sport climbs to multi-pitches
  • Foam lined with fleece provides you with a soft, cushioned feel
  • Four gear loops and a rear haul loop help organize your gear
  • Two belay loops simplify gear management on belays and repels
  • Non-directional tie-ins keep strength if rope is routed incorrectly
  • Speed Buckle easily adjusts the size and locks for a secure hold
  • Item #MET008O
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    Mad Rock Venus 4.0 Harness - Women's

    For anyone getting their start in rock climbing, the Venus 4.0—Mad Rock's entry-level harness— will make those first days on the wall a little more comfortable. The recently updated Venus 4.0 now integrates a pre-curved webbing design to evenly distribute the load over the waist belt so you can more comfortably rest between sequences. While you're trying to figure out your next set of moves, the adjustable leg loops provide ample cushion without restricting blood flow and the auto-locking buckles add security and peace-of-mind while you're 30ft off the ground. When you decide to learn how to lead climb, the gear loops along the waist are wide enough to efficiently remove quickdraws for protection.

  • Beginner harness at an excellent price point for new climbers
  • Updated design provides long-standing comfort on your project
  • Auto-locking buckles create secure fit
  • Molded gear loops increases racking efficiency
  • Haul loop for endeavoring big wall climbs
  • Belay loop rated to 26kN
  • Item #MRC002H
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    Mammut Togir Harness - Women's

    With a streamlined design, comfortable fit, and pressure-absorbing hip belt, the Mammut Togir Women's Harness will remain comfortable whether you're redpointing a sport route, or making slow progress up a picked-out section of ice. Mammut's Split Webbing technology splits the single piece of webbing that runs through the waist into two in order to better distribute pressure and offer a more comfortable fit. The laminated construction reduces needless bulk to keep the harness light and streamlined for sport routes, while four molded gear loops and four ice clipper slots give you plenty of space to attach quickdraws and ice screws to the Togir.

  • Women's-specific fit
  • Split Webbing construction
  • Aluminum Slide Bloc buckle
  • Tie-in protector
  • 4 molded gear loops
  • 4 ice clipper slots
  • Drop seat buckle
  • Item #MAM00KL
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    Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's

    From all-day adventures in the Wind River Range to minimalist overnights in the desert, the Women's Deuter Futura 28L SL Backpack keeps you well-equipped for the trail. Ergonomic, S-shaded shoulder pads self-adjust to your shoulders and neck, providing load-bearing comfort on long days, and they blend seamlessly into the equally-ergonomic, equally adjustable hip fins. Combined with ventilated back panel and spring steel support, the Futura lets you cover long-distances in the backcountry without skipping a beat.

    The 28L capacity packs deep, with room for a first aid kit or extra food in additional to the usual gear, and a removable separator even gives you a spot to store your sleeping bag, where it can be reached from the bottom of the pack. Toggles and loops on the front of the pack let you tote along trekking poles or an ice axe, the included rain cover keeps your insulation dry in rainy weather, and an SOS-label provides helpful tips if you're stuck out in the backcountry longer than anticipated

  • Technical pack for day hikes or quick overnights
  • 28L offers enough space for minimalist camping
  • Breathable support system provides long-distance comfort
  • Rugged construction built to endure rough trail life
  • Sleeping bag compartment optional with removable separator
  • Integrated rain cover keeps your gear dry in the rain
  • Hydration sleeve offers storage for two or three liters
  • A myriad of pockets hold additional supplies
  • Item #DTR005Z
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    Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Women's

    In the face of sketchy talus scrambles, muddy terrain, and low-angle slab approaches, the Mammut Women's Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe is ready for anything. Built with colorful and functional elastic knit on top, this shoe lets your foot breathe no matter how long the hike in is. A durable TPU and EVA midsole offer protection from pointy rock and unsuspecting roots underfoot while the Michelin rubber sole adds traction on slicker surfaces. Base Fit Sliding webbing helps equalize fit throughout the shoe so your feet will stay comfy and securely in the Alnascas the entire adventure.

  • Durable approach shoes for taking on the climb before the climb
  • Base Fit Sliding webbing equalizes fit through shoe for security
  • Elastic knitted sock liner adds breathability and moisture management
  • EVA and TPU midsole offers cushioning and stability with each step
  • Michelin rubber sole adds traction on slick, steep terrain
  • Item #MAM00YO
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