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  Lake CX301 Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-XM7 Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Empire SLX Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Kaos Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-XC7 Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men's Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-Road Fuel V5 Mountain Cycling Shoe - Men's Mavic Cosmic Elite Vision CM Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-ME4 Cycling Shoe - Men's
 Lake CX301 Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-XM7 Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Empire SLX Cycling Shoe - Men'sSidi Kaos Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men'sFive Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-XC7 Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men'sLouis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi X-Road Fuel V5 Mountain Cycling Shoe - Men'sMavic Cosmic Elite Vision CM Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-ME4 Cycling Shoe - Men's
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BrandLouis GarneauPearl IzumiGiroFive TenShimanoPearl IzumiLakeGiroMavicShimanoPearl IzumiSidiPearl IzumiGiroGiroShimano
Claimed Weight[size 42] 235g[single, size 43] 281g[size 42] 425 g[single, size 9] 390 g[size 40] 870g[size 43] 370g[size 44] 181g[size 42.5] 175g[size 8.5 single] 280g---405g (size 43)150g315g (size 42)[size 42] 339g
Cleat Compatibility3-bolt3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain2-boltn/a2-bolt2-bolt3-bolt3-hole road3-hole road2-holetwo-hole mountain-2-bolt mountain-2-bolt mountain2-bolt
ClosureBoa IP1-S dial, hook-and-loop straphook-and-looplacelacelaces, hook-and-loop strap2 BOA IP1 dialsBoa L6laceErgo Dial, Ergo StrapBOA IP1, hook-and-looptraditional laces with garage-Boa IP1, hook-and-loop strap3 Techlace Pro strapsboa, hook and loop strapsBoa L6 dial, hook-and-loop straps
FootbedCoolMax ErgoAir insoleSelect insoleEVA--1:1 insole system-SuperNatural Fit KitOrthoLiteAdaptable Cup Insole---Supernatural Fit Kit, Ultralight, X-Static anti-microbialdie-cut-
Manufacturer Warranty1 yearlifetime1 year1 year1 yearlifetime2 years1 year2 years1 yearlifetime-lifetime1 year1 year1 year
Recommended Usecyclingroad cyclingcycling, commutemountain bikebikepacking, mountain bikemountain bike, cyclocrosscyclingroad cyclingroad cyclingcyclingcommuting, trail-enduro, trail, bikepackingroad cyclingcross-country, enduro, trailenduro, trail
SoleCarbon Composite-molded shank, Vibram RubberStealth Mi6 rubberVibramcarbon composite, [outsole] molded carbon rubber tips on TPU lugsLake Race 100% carbon fiberEaston EC90 SLX2 high-modulus carbon, titanium hardwareENERGY CARBON COMPcarbon fiber compositeX-Road nylon plate, rubberized lugs-nylon-carbon composite, Vibram Megagrip lugsTeXtreme Advanced Concepts Compositeco-molded nylon and rubberrubber
Upper Materialsynthetic leathersynthetic leathersynthetic, meshsyntheticnubuck leather, [toe reinforcement] rubberAdvanced 3-Layer Seamless CompositeClarino microfiberone-piece Evofiber SL90% polyurethane, 10% polyestersynthetic leathermesh, synthetic-syntheticUltralight Techmesh, Teijin TPU[body] synthetic leather, [heel/toe] microfibersynthetic leather

Lake CX301 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Upgrade your clunky, worn out shoes and wrap your feet in modern, streamlined style with the Lake CX301 Cycling Shoes. A single Boa dial adorns the side of each shoe, providing precise fit adjustments and on-the-fly utility for exceptional comfort while maintaining clean lines and minimalist style.

This shoe isn't just about looks though, and hiding under that sleek exterior lies some decidedly high-end touches that make this shoe just as race-ready as it is aesthetically pleasing. The CX/TX Race last is a little narrower in the toe box and heel than the Competition last found on Lake's CX237 for a streamlined, glove-like fit that minimizes excess foot movement and prevents hot spots. Combined with a feathery light and stiff carbon fiber sole, the CX301 Shoe efficiently transfers every watt of power output to the pedals.

  • A lightweight, yet durable cycling shoe
  • Race Carbon sole for efficient power transfer
  • CX/TX Race last with slightly narrower toe and heel
  • Lightweight microfiber upper is durable and breathable
  • Boa closure dials in a micro-adjustable fit
  • Compatible with three-bolt road cleats
  • Item #LKC001D
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite shoes.com.

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    Shimano SH-XM7 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When you're planning an epic bikepacking adventure, you don't want to rely on just any old pair of off-road shoes to get you through it. You need shoes that will protect your feet from unexpected weather conditions, walk well, and survive the rigors of adventure. The Shimano Men's SH-XM7 Bike Shoes have all of those boxes covered with a Gore-Tex liner, durable upper, and a grippy Vibram sole. With an outsole stiffness rating of three, which falls solidly on the comfort side of the comfort vs. competition spectrum, these shoes are built for functionality for long hours in the saddle and while setting up camp on foot, and they promise durability to last over the miles.

    Shimano fashions the SH-XM7's upper from nubuck leather with rubber reinforcement around the toe box for stability and protection. A waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner protects your feet from sudden rain squalls and other inclement weather to keep your toes toasty and dry. Laces span the top of the shoe for easy adjustment and a customized fit, and a hook-and-loop strap across the top of the foot holds the laces in place and provides an extra dose of support.

    Underfoot, a Vibram outsole provides grippy traction over rocks, roots, and other obstacles, while a half-length shank plate provides excellent walkability. To cap things off, shock-absorbing EVA foam increases comfort on and off the bike.

  • Weather-resistant mountain bike shoes made for adventure
  • Gore-Tex liner offers waterproof yet breathable protection
  • Vibram outsole provides traction for tricky hike-a-bike
  • Durable uppers with reinforced toe box are made to last
  • EVA midsole cushions and supports your feet in rough terrain
  • Laces for easy adjustment, hook-and-loop strap for security
  • Compatible with 2-bolt mountain bike cleats
  • Item #SHI00A6
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    Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You're committed to cycling now and short days and bad weather won't keep you from getting on your bike even if that means indoors on the trainer or rollers or a spin class session. Pearl Izumi's SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe for Men lets you keep your expensive cycling shoes for longer rides when the weather breaks and provides a set of dedicated shoes for the gym. The materials and construction itself are specifically built to endure the challenging environment, such as hot and humid conditions, of indoor cycling. It's equipped to handle three-bolt road and two-bolt mountain cleats so it'll work with virtually any cleat you're currently using including those popular on spin bikes.

    The synthetic collar and closed cell foam padding on the Select Studio V5's help shed sweat, and the anti-microbial upper mesh helps resist odor-causing bacteria and fungus. Inside the shoe, a PE sockliner with Silvadur anti-microbial material adds durability and additional bacterial resistance. Added ventilation holes in the last board add more breathability during those long intervals. You won't feel bad leaving these shoes in a locker or gear bag as you save your high-end kicks for better days.

  • A cycling shoe designed for indoor riding and spin
  • 2- and 3-bolt cleat mounting for maximum versatility
  • Synthetic leather upper and foam padding shed sweat
  • Hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure custom fit
  • Item #PLZ00OY
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    Giro Prolight Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Give yourself a serious competitive edge with the Giro Men's Prolight Techlace Shoes. Tipping the scale at a mere 150 grams, the Prolight balances ultralight construction with top of the line pedaling performance from its progressive upper and outsole.

    Adorned with three quick and convenient Techlace Pro straps, the Prolight offers a fast and secure closure system, while its Ultralight Techmesh upper with a Teijin TPU skeletal overlay ensures long-lasting durability, breathability, and overall comfort through the seasons. An Ultralight SuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support in the footbed provides you with just the right level of support and response, while X-Static anti-microbial fiber in the Ultralight footbed helps things stay fresh and fatigue-free. Then, the stiff TeXtreme Advanced Concepts outsole serves up lightning-fast responsiveness in an insanely lightweight package.

  • Lightweight, performance-driven cycling shoe
  • Durable and breathable Techmesh upper for comfort
  • Techlace Pro straps lock down the fit in a pinch
  • Adjustable arch support at footbed provides the right fit
  • Stiff TeXtreme Advanced outsole enhances overall response
  • Item #GIR00EN
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    Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When your sense of adventure is larger than mountains ahead of you, your mountain bike shoe shouldn't be what holds you back from chasing after it. The Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Mountain Bike Shoes just may have a craving for off-the-beaten trail adventures to rival your own, thanks to rugged construction and a build that offers all-day comfort for days of pushing into the backcountry on a fully loaded rig, chasing down the sun. The X-ALP Elevate use 3-layer uppers that hug your foot in with seamless design to extend durability for all-day riding, with perforations in the arch and forefoot to let fresh air inside, and mesh panels that wick away sweat so you can stay cool. The top closure uses both a IP1 Boa and a hook and loop toe strap so you can dial in a semi-custom fit with 1-millimeter micro adjustments for all day comfort.

    On the inside the shoe decks you out with a supportive footbed for soaking up rough trails, and a lightweight EVA midsole for cushioning your flippers when you're off of the bike. Contrasting the soft and flexible midsole, the shank features a nylon and carbon composite construction that ensures stiff power transfer to the pedals to propel you forward, with just a touch of flex to maintain a natural walking feel when you roll into a moose head on and have to bolt off trail on foot. Vibram Megagrip lugs make sure your footing stays sure when you do have to bolt off trail, with directional tread to propel you forward as needed, and help you put on the brakes in the heel. The shoes are 2-bolt SPD compatible, with a unique cleat mount patch that features enough space to securely clip in, and tread surrounding the recessed cleat so you don't have to sacrifice walking capabilities to ride clipless.

  • Clipless shoes for charging into uncharted territory
  • Nylon-carbon composite shank boosts power transfer
  • 3-layer seamless uppers enhance durability and comfort
  • Boa and hook-and-loop combo dials in a perfect fit
  • EVA midsole soaks up impact on foot
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole elevates traction for hiking
  • 2-bolt cleat compatible with recessed mounting patch
  • Item #PLZ00M9
  • Hi I'm tony torrence I'm the cycling footwear product line manager here at lulu's me dad i could talk to you a bit about our health category of cycling shoe this category really came about. Through our european office they saw a. Need to have a cycling shoe where a. Cyclist could wear it all day long they could pedal over a mountain pass and then keep it on and you know go into a. Market or go to a restaurant really a shoe when you have it on it feels like you're wearing a running shoe or a Marquette a casual shoe but then when. You're on the bike it transfers power. Really well across oak elite it's really. A high-end shoe or cross-sell category. It's made from mom i could love to ride it's got a really good micro just buckle. With our pro level instep strap it's got. Three adjustments on the medial side a really center of the eba strap it's got. Our one-to-one nylon power band so. Really holds your heel down for great. Power transfer and then it's got our. Brand-new cross help bottom unit which. Has dual density eva a foam in the forefoot, so we can put a firmer, or we do. Put a firmer foam between your. Forefoot and your pedal so you get great power transfer we put our one-to-one energy foam in the heel which is a high. Rebound rubberized foam great off the. Bike shock attenuation cushioning the. Shoe you can be worn it can be worn all day long you feel like you have a running shoe on or a casual shoe and on the bike super. High performance across helped seek for. It's really a go-to shoe for mountain. Biking lace up kind of run shoe inspired. But it's got our brand-new cross tile bottom unit on it which is a full-length eba foam mid sole with a dual density. Forefoot so we can put a firmer stiffer foam between your forefoot and. Your pedal for power transfer then the heel we've got a rubberized 1/1 energy. Foam so off the bike you get great rebound from the heel so when you're wearing this shoe off the bike it feels like you've got a running shoe or very nice casual shoe on but on the bike great power transfer great style i think it goes really well with. Today's baggy mountain bike clothing.

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    Giro Empire SLX Cycling Shoe - Men's

    At just 175 grams, the Giro Empire SLX shoes are breathing some pretty rarefied air. Not many shoes on the market come within 100 grams of the Empire, but it’s not giving up anything in terms of performance, either. The uppers are a single piece of Evofiber microfiber, which is highly breathable, but is also perforated for additional airflow. The shoe closes using just the laces you no doubt noticed, but those laces are specially designed to remain tied, and there’s also a lace garage on the tongue to ensure they don’t get anywhere near your drivetrain.

    Those uppers are attached to an ultra-stiff Easton EC90 SLX2 Carbon Sole. This sole is among the stiffest available, and due to high grade of carbon fiber used in its construction, is also one of the slimmest, producing a stack height of just 6.5mm. A low stack height means less power lost to thick cleat plates. And, to make the Empire SLX even lighter, Giro’s opted for another old-school classic —Ti hardware. Between the uppers and the sole sits Giro’s lauded SuperNatural FitKit, the long name for its user-tunable footbed. These insoles have swappable arch support so you can tune the fit of your shoes precisely to your feet.

  • Racing shoes that privilege style and stiffness
  • The same top-tier carbon sole ridden in the peloton
  • Microfiber uppers conform but don't stretch
  • Laces provide twice the contact points for better fit
  • Titanium cleat mounting hardware discreetly sheds grams
  • Customizable fit inserts feature anti-odor treatment
  • Item #GIR005H
  • This top-end shoe has old school looks. With modern technologies it's super lightweight highly breathable with a microfiber one-piece upper there's no. Stitching to restrict any movement and the carbon sole is super stiff so there's no energy loss when you're pedaling this is an awesome blend of top-spec with super slick aesthetics when you get the fit right it's really nice. You.

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    Sidi Kaos Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Kaos shoes are built upon the Millenium 4 Outsole, which is a nylon matrix infused with carbon fiber. The mixed compound is resistant to heat and humidity, ensuring that your soles will outlast replacement heel pads and buckles, which are available separately.

    The uppers are a breathable synthetic leather lined with a microfiber to keep your feet cool and dry. Unlike leather, the synthetic will not stretch and provides consistent support for your feet. To secure the shoes, Sidi placed its ratcheting buckle at the ankle sewn to a wide band to reduce pressure. At the forefoot are two Techo-3 buckles. These feature a twist and tighten mechanism that allows micro-adjustments. Both are easy to adjust in the saddle.

  • Road Cycling 3-hole cleat compatible
  • Millenium 4 Outsole
  • Ratcheting buckle and Techno-3 wire for added security
  • Item #SID004S
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    Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe - Men's

    If the Freerider Contact Shoes look and feel like an old friend, that's because Five Ten based its design on an updated version of the VXi chassis. The big change from VXi to Contact is the addition of toe protection in the latter the equivalent of ensconcing your little piggies in a brick house instead of just the synthetic leather of the VXi. With this additional armor, the Contact's capabilities encompass a bit more of the DH spectrum while also improving the outcomes of mishandled landings.

    The sole's flat metatarsal section of Stealth Rubber carries over from the VXi to the Contact, giving you secure grip on flat pedals that still allows you to freely reposition your feet similar to road pedals with a high degree of float. The durable, synthetic uppers and mesh ventilation also return, making for shoes that rock the park, cruise the DH circuit, and clean lines across all manner of all-mountain riding.

  • Mountain biking shoes for everything from downhill to enduro rides
  • Burly synthetic upper resists wear and tear and offers toe protection
  • Lace closure system puts the fit in your hands
  • Mesh ventilation allows for breathable comfort on hot days
  • Stealth Mi6 rubber outsole absorbs shock and adds easy pedal placement
  • Item #FVT000V
  • Hi I'm brad and when I'm out riding i love riding at five ten today I've got the five ten contact here this is an. Updated version of the free rider vxi. This is stiff shoe it's going to be great for all-mountain endure and free ride. The contact has the famous mi6 stealth. Rubber on the outsole the stickiest rover in the world it also sports a smooth outsole under the arch so that the pedal pins don't get caught up in the lugs finally it's got a updated toe. Box to prevent those painful rock strikes the abrasion resistant upper has. Been redesigned for more comfort and to be more breathable after a long day of riding you might want to clean these the insole pops right out so you can put it. Right in the washing machine or hit it with some febrile the 510 contact is. Like the all-around cowboy shoe it's. Going to be your best shoot for all-mountain free ride dirt jumps and. Killing it in the park if you've had a. Chance to ride these shoes please post some comments on fit size comfort and style that's it for the 510 contact happy riding.

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    Shimano SH-XC7 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    If the SH-XC9 is Shimano's shoe equivalent to its superlative XTR drivetrain, then the SH-XC7 is analog to XT, borrowing a heap of inspiration from its top-tier sibling to bring industry leading function to those of us on a bit more of a budget. Given that the XC7 is a race-ready shoe, the carbon-reinforced midsole is the most important of these layers as it places the XC7 near the top of Shimano's stiffness hierarchy. It clocks in at nine out of 12 on Shimano's stiffness scale, and the only Shimano XC shoe that's stiffer is the XC9 S-Phyre at 11 out of 12. This places the XC7 firmly into race-ready territory, with highly efficient power transfer and just a hint of forgiveness for increased utility when running over barriers or climbing steep embankments.

    Though it's not as stiff as the S-Phyre, the XC7 does feature a more robust complement of lugs, so it's better suited for navigating sloppy run-ups or trails on foot. The rubberized outsole also includes toe spike mounts for days when not even the lugs are enough, and the compound comes from the experts at Michelin. Michelin uses two different durometers throughout the soles, targeting different qualities of grip and durable depending on how the lugs will contact the ground—just like with the brand's tires.

    Shimano builds the last with its proprietary Dynalast construction, a design that increases pedal efficiency by a claimed .56% on each stroke. While that doesn't seem like much at first, any cyclist who's ridden for longer than two hours understands the importance of marginal gains like this. They can be the difference between finishing at the front or struggling to hang on. Dynalast involves lowering the toe-spring and heel section in relation to the arch and metatarsal areas to create an optimal pedaling angle on either side of the up-swing to shorten inefficient dead spots.

    The upper is secured with a BOA IP1 dial and a single hook-and-loop strap over the forefoot, letting you quickly dial fit across the midfoot while leaving ample room for metatarsal expansion while mashing out of corners or jockeying for position during a bunch start. It envelopes your foot rather than simply strapping it down, creating more uniform support and further reducing pressure points.

  • A cyclocross and XC race shoe
  • Stiff, efficient carbon-reinforced sole
  • Dynalast construction increases pedaling efficiency
  • Dual density rubber outsole blends grip and durability
  • BOA IP1 dial buckle provides a customizable fit
  • Finished with reinforced toe spike mounts
  • Item #SHI00D5
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    Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe - Men's

    We love a good pair of super nerdy, minimalist road shoes, but are willing to concede that there are more appropriate choices when things lean towards the dusty and adventury. That said, we aren't willing to sacrifice on style or functionality, which puts the Giro Men's Rumble VR Cycling Shoes right at the top of our adventure cycling footwear wish list. Pairing classic lace-up style that's perfectly at home at your favorite local breakfast café with a grippy sole and two-bolt cleat compatibility, the Rumble VRs are up for everything from last-minute gravel excursions to days long epics to leisurely mid-week rides through the city.

    Giro fashions the Rumble VR's uppers from a mix of synthetic fabrics and mesh, blended to provide a balance of protection and breathability that'll have your feet turning in comfort through dusty side roads, rocky access points, and cloud-clearing sunbursts. The lace-up closure system isn't just there for style, but also offers precise adjustability for an impeccably customized fit that minimizes pressure points.

    Underfoot, a molded shank gives the sole needed stiffness to efficiently transfer power into speed while leaving enough flex for comfortable walkability during hike-a-bike and coffee shop situations. To cap things off, a Vibram Rubber Outsole provides sure-footed grip while an EVA midsole offers comfortable support.

  • An adventure-worthy cycling shoe
  • Molded shank provides stiffness without sacrificing walkability
  • Grippy Vibram rubber outsole
  • Lace closure for a customized fit
  • Tongue loop holds laces in place
  • Compatible with two-bolt cleats
  • Item #GIR00DB
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    Pearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The new Pearl Izumi Men's X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoes perch atop the X-Project line with their efficient carbon composite sole and a comfortable upper that's more than up to your next XC or cyclocross challenge. The stiff sole is complemented by an outsole featuring molded rubber tips on hollow TPU lugs that lend enough traction to dig through mud, rock, sand, and any other challenging conditions you may encounter en route to the finishing tape. The EVA foam heel takes a cue from cushioned running industry technology, helping to reduce the impact on your joints if you end up having to hike or run repeatedly throughout a long ride or race.

    Pearl Izumi shapes the upper from its 3-layer Seamless Composite synthetic with a flexible fit that conforms to a variety of foot shapes, making hot spots and pressure points unlikely. It also allows for ample air transfer, helping to pull moisture from your feet and socks. The dual BOA IP1 dials give you extensive adjustability pre-ride or from the saddle, allowing you to achieve a secure fit that helps prevent numb feet in the middle of a trail.

  • A race-ready mountain bike or cyclocross shoe
  • Carbon composite sole efficiently transfers power
  • Lugged outsole provides grip and walkability
  • Seamless synthetic upper shapes to your foot
  • Dual BOA IP1 dials adjust the fit in 1mm increments
  • Adjustable 1:1 insole lets you further customize fit
  • Item #PLZ00HJ
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    Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Taking on a sleeker, more streamlined profile than its LS-100 predecessor, the Louis Garneau Men's Carbon LS-100 II Cycling Shoes borrow aesthetic hits from some of the more popular footwear in the peloton and brings it to your closet at a much more wallet-friendly price point. Their combination of Boa and hook-and-loop closures conspire to make quick work of customizing the fit so you can get out the door and off to racking up training miles in a snap.

    Once clipped in, the carbon composite sole and low stack height ensure you'll be rolling smooth and rocketing off the front with effortlessly efficient power transfer. Across the top, the perforated synthetic leather upper provides ample ventilation and a close-fitting profile that minimizes pressure points so you can add on extra miles without worrying about hot spots or general foot discomfort.

  • A cycling shoe that balances style, function, and affordability
  • Carbon composite sole efficiently transfers power
  • Streamlined synthetic leather upper
  • Reinforced toe improves durability
  • Slip-resistant membrane holds heel securely in place
  • Boa dial and hook-and-loop strap closures customize the fit
  • Reflective heel and front strap increase visibility to others
  • Compatible with 3-bolt cleats
  • Item #LGN00GY
  • Hi everyone I'm nellie and this is carbon ell s102 from louis garneau here. We have a synthetic leather upper with breathable mesh inserts they feature the bow of l 4 single rail pipe attachment. System that works together with a 4-foot hook and loop strap for quick and easy adjustments and a secure fit the feature. That hrs 100 with 0.6 millimeter. Membrane the helps maintain heel position while reducing power loves the. 4.3 millimeter carbon platform is closer to the pedal for maximum power down at. The bottom we have a carbon composite hm. Air light outsole that is ultra light and rigid for optimal power transfer. They also feature the replaceable low-profile rubber heel make sure you. Check them out they're from louis garneau

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    Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Your riding takes you all over the mountain, so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline? In the Giro Cylinder Mountain Bike Shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breathability for banging out miles of XC singletrack, and stiff, rugged support that has no problem blasting through rock gardens and weaving through techy tree lines. New to Giro's lineup, the Cylinder takes queues from the Privateer, utilizing a co-molded nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn’t weigh you down, and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure.

    Unlike the Privateer, the Cylinder is created with a lighter weight upper construction. It features a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, allowing for unsurpassed breathability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days. The toe and heel feature reinforcement to protect you from trail debris when the singletrack gets a little wild. The upper secures your foot into place with an L6 Boa system, offering 1-millimeter adjustment increments when tightening, so you can perfectly dial in your fit, and a macro-release function for easy removal. On the inside, a die-cut insole adds just the right amount of cushion to your arch and heel, keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle.

    The co-molded nylon and rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in variable conditions, if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail. While admittedly less stiff than a carbon fiber outsole, the nylon provides significant rigidity for committing power, but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike. The outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in the mid foot area, so you can stay confident when the singletrack starts to get a little hairy, and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness.

  • Lightweight trail shoe for ripping down singletrack
  • Optimize pedaling efficiency with co-molded nylon sole
  • High-traction rubber lugs provide grip on foot
  • Synthetic uppers are incredibly breathable and supple
  • Boa closure optimizes fit with micro adjustments
  • Hook and loop toe strap secures your little piggies
  • Item #GIR00IE
  • Gyro cylinder cycling shoes men's blue /. Black 45 your writing takes you all over the mountain so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline in the gyro. Cylinder mountain bike shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breath ability for banging out miles of xc single track and stiff rugged support that has no problem. Blasting through rock gardens and weaving through tetchy tree lines new to. Garros line up the cylinder takes cues. From the privateer utilizing a co molded. Nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn't weigh you down and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure unlike the privateer the cylinder is. Created with a lighter weight upper construction it features a combination. Of synthetic leather and mesh allowing for unsurpassed breath ability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days the toe and heel feature. Reinforcements to protect you from trail debris when the single track gets a little wild the upper secures your foot. Into place with an l 6 boa system offering one millimeter adjustment. Increments when tightening so you can perfectly dial in your fit and a macro release function for easy removal on the. Inside a die cut insole adds just the. Right amount of cushion to your arch and heel keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle the co molded nylon. And rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in. Variable conditions if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail while admittedly less stiff than a. Carbon fiber outsole the nylon provides. Significant rigidity for committing power but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike the outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in. The mid foot area so you can stay confident when the single track starts to get a little hairy and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness upper. Material body synthetic leather heel /. Toe micro fiber closure boa hook and. Loop straps footbed die cut sole co-molded nylon and rubber cleat compatibility tubule mountain for more info and special discounts please click the link below.

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    Pearl Izumi X-Road Fuel V5 Mountain Cycling Shoe - Men's

    If you're just dipping your toes into the clipless pedal waters, look no further than the Pearl Izumi Men's X-Road Fuel V5 Mountain Shoe for confidence-inspiring stability and plentiful traction underfoot. Designed to emulate your favorite pair of hiking shoes, the X-Road Fuel V5 Mountain Shoe does away with an overly stiff, race-oriented design in favor of sure-footed grip and flexibility underfoot, which are two key areas for those just learning to engage into and release from their newly acquired clipless pedals. On a side note, these shoes can be used with traditional flats, should you desire to ride unattached to your pedals on the trail or around town.

    Looking underneath this sneaker-inspired trail shoe, you'll find an X-Road nylon plate with a two-hole mounting pattern that's compatible with SPD-style cleats used by mountain bikers and urban commuters for their solid pedaling platform and intuitive operation. Instead of taking up the entire forefoot, this nylon plate is only located where the cleat attaches, allowing the rest of the sole to use grippy rubber lugs, just like a normal pair of sneakers. This way, you can confidently walk off your bike or use these shoes with flat pedals when you're just cruising around town.

  • Confidence-inspiring trail shoes for those just learning
  • Flexible design with plentiful traction for gaining confidence
  • X-Road nylon plate for pedaling efficiency without being stiff
  • Works with two-bolt mountain cleats (SPD-style) or flat pedals
  • Seamless bonded upper for durability with breathable mesh
  • Traditional lace-up design with garage for tucking laces
  • Item #PLZ00OW
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    Mavic Cosmic Elite Vision CM Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The shoulder seasons always present a sense of urgency in our riding. Fall brings shorter days as we try to squeeze in some quality rides before winter sets in. In the early spring, cabin fever has us itching to get off the trainer and hit the roads. We have different kits that we wear for each season, why would our shoes be any different? If you are looking to maximize your riding experience in these type conditions where lighting may be low or weather might be unpredictable, the Men's Cosmic Elite Vision CM Shoe from Mavic will surely keep your feet comfortable and dry and provide additional visibility to drivers.

    The Clima Mavic construction on the front half of the shoe keeps your feet dry and insulated and prevents water absorption during the course of the ride. The upper material is super easy to clean so you can wipe the mud and grit off from your heroic day in the saddle and have them looking like new again. Mavic yellow highlights and 360-degree reflective black and silver synthetic finish don't sacrifice breathability. These shoes are highly visible in conditions typically seen in fall and spring that have you out riding before the sun rises and after it sets.

    Mavic's DNA of creating high-quality race shoes that pros count on extends to these shoes. The footbed consists of a high-quality OrthoLite insole designed to prolong comfort for the long days and offer a good fit which increases performance. The Mavic Ergo Dial and hook-and-loop straps handle closure duties and it's easy and precise retention system makes tightening down the shoes right before an extended climb or sprints a cinch. Harnessing all of your pedaling power is the Energy Carbon Comp Outsole which is super light, extremely stiff, and its thin outsole with carbon reinforcement and composite glass fiber and polyamide inserts ensure a low stack height to the pedals.

  • A road cycling shoe for wet and low visibility conditions
  • Energy Carbon Outsole efficiently transfers power
  • Clima Mavic construction keeps feet dry
  • Highly adjustable Ergo Dial and Ergo Strap customizes fit
  • Supportive OrthoLite insole
  • Compatible with 3-bolt cleats
  • Item #MAV00I7
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    Shimano SH-ME4 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Built for high performance at a high value, the SH-ME4 Mountain Bike Shoe packs technical features and durability into a shoe that's ready to dominate the trail. Whether it's long miles in the backcountry, quick laps on your local trails, or dabbling in enduro racing, the ME4 is tough enough for any off-road undertakings while remaining friendly on the wallet.

    The shoe is constructed from a high-density synthetic leather upper that is comfortable against your foot and withstands repeated scrapes from rocks and other trail obstacles. The upper is also perforated to ensure your foot doesn't get too warm when you're spinning up a tough climb. The closure uses a Boa dial for quick and precise micro-adjustments, paired with offset hook-and-loop straps that relieve tension at the highest part of the foot, avoiding pressure points and numbness. Frankly, we're impressed to see a Boa closure at this price point.

    Moving to the bottom of the shoe, a glass fiber reinforced midsole rates at a five on Shimano's stiffness scale. It gives you efficient power transfer to the pedals, but also allows some torsional flex between the heel and toe box for comfort when you're throwing your bike into corners and navigating tricky descents. The lightweight rubber outsole offers traction on all surfaces, and features a wide cleat adjustment range of +10mm fore and -13mm aft so you can dial in the perfect position for your 2-bolt cleats.

  • High performance, high value shoe for trail and enduro
  • Durable synthetic uppers resist abrasion and impacts
  • Boa dial allows quick and precise micro-adjustments
  • Offset straps relieve tension at highest point of foot
  • Lightweight rubber outsole offers traction on any surface
  • Midsole efficiently transfers power to the pedals
  • Midsole has some engineered flex for fluidity controlling the bike
  • Item #SHI00JM
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