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  Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women's Salomon QST Pro 90 TR Ski Boot - Women's Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women's Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski - Women's Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's Kastle LX85 Ski - Women's Salomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women's Atomic Cloud 9 Ski + Lithium 10 - Women's K2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women's DPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women's K2 Luv 100 LV Ski Boot - Women's Salomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women's Moment Hot Mess Ski - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Endless Luv Ski with Binding - Women's Lange RX 90 Ski Boot - Women's
 Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women'sSalomon QST Pro 90 TR Ski Boot - Women'sSalomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women'sRossignol Soul 7 HD Ski - Women'sBlizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women'sKastle LX85 Ski - Women'sSalomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women'sAtomic Cloud 9 Ski + Lithium 10 - Women'sK2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women'sDPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women'sK2 Luv 100 LV Ski Boot - Women'sSalomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women'sMoment Hot Mess Ski - Women'sLine Honey Bee Ski - Women'sRossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women'sK2 Endless Luv Ski with Binding - Women'sLange RX 90 Ski Boot - Women's
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BrandK2AtomicDPS SkisRossignolKastleK2LineMomentSalomonSalomonLangeRossignolBlizzardSalomonVolklSalomonK2
Claimed Weight[pair, 26.5] 3lb 10.2oz--[pair] 8lb 6oz[160cm, pair] 7lb 12.9oz, [168cm, pair] 8lb 3.2oz-[pair] 6lb 9.6oz[pair, 172cm] 6lb 2.5oz[pair, 165cm] 6lb 4oz[pair, 165cm] 6lb 4oz--[pair, 156cm] 6lb 13oz-[pair, 163cm] 6lb 13oz[pair] 7lb 6.4oz-
Manufacturer Warranty1 year2 years2 years1 year2 years2 years1 year2 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year2 years1 year2 years2 years
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingpark & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing
Construction-sanwichsandwichsandwichsemi-cap sandwichhalf-capcaphalf-capsandwichsandwich--sandwich compound sidewall-3D.Glass (sandwich)-half-cap
Core-Densolite (foam)aspen wood, prepreg carbon fiber laminatepaulownia woodfir, beech, fiberglass, titanal laminatefir, aspen, carbon laminateaspen woodaspen and pinepoplar wood, flax, carbonpoplar wood, flax, carbon--ISO poplar, beech, balsa, paulownia wood, Carbon Flipcore-multi-layer wood, 3D.Ridge, carbon stringers-aspen, fir, carbon laminate
Dimensions-[143cm] 116 / 73 / 97mm, [150cm] 118 / 73 / 99mm, [157cm] 120 / 73 / 101mm, [164cm] 122 / 73 / 103mm129 / 94 / 110136 / 106 / 126mm126 / 85 / 109mm129 / 82 / 111mm120 / 92 / 116mm[162cm] 116 / 89 / 109mm, [172cm] 119 / 91 / 111mm[165cm] 129 / 84 / 112mm[165cm] 129 / 84 / 112mm--131.5 / 102 / 121.5mm-133 / 98 / 116mm-125 / 80 / 107mm
Length-143cm, 150cm, 157cm, 164cm157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm156cm, 164cm, 172cm, 180cm160cm, 168cm146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm144cm, 155cm, 166cm162cm, 172cm158cm, 165cm, 172cm158cm, 165cm, 172cm--154cm, 164cm, 172cm-156cm, 163cm, 170cm-146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm
Profile-Piste Rocker (early rise tip, camber underfoot, flat tail)rockered tip, camber underfoot, flat tailPowder Turn Rocker (rockered tip & tail, camber underfoot)rocker/camber/rockerSpeed Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot)rockered tip and tail, camber underfootrockered tip and tail, camber underfootAll-Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)--rocker/camber/rocker-rocker / camber / rocker-Speed Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot)
Turn Radius-[143cm] 12.2m, [150cm] 12.8m, [157cm] 13.4m, [164cm] 14m[178cm] 19m18m[160cm] 14.5m, [168cm] 16.5m[160cm] 14m[166cm] 14m[162cm] 15m, [172cm] 18m[165cm] 14m[165cm] 14m--[154cm] 13m, [164cm] 14.5m, [172cm] 16m-[156cm] 14.6m, [163cm] 15.9m, [170cm] 17.9m-[160cm] 15m

Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women's

Yeah, you've heard it all before: the unwavering promises of versatility, but nine times out of ten those do-it-all skis simply come up short—until now that is. Say hello to coldsmoke and goodbye to the mirrors with a little help from the Volkl Women's 90Eight Ski. Touting a design that's legitimately based in all-mountain fun, the 90Eight features an adaptive 98mm width waist that'll go to mow-town on bumps, sashay through groomers, and float pow like a grade A yacht on the sea. Oh, and don't forget about those nuggets of spring time slushy joy, the 90Eight easily maneuvers those without skipping a beat.

Now, simply because it's a women-specific ski doesn't mean it's been the victim of the pink-and-shrink laser beam of doom. Boasting the same design as its twin brother (just in an overall lighter package), the 90Eight features Volkl's 3D Ridge construction, which brings the bulk of material to the center of the ski, resulting in reduced swing weight. Though, Volkl does this without actually sacrificing the ski's damping and stability at speed. Additionally, the early taper sidecut eases turn initiation for an easy, playful feel when it comes to hunting down pow stashes or making tight turns through technical features. The multi-layer wood core encompasses the character and flex of the ski, which, since its a Volkl, is inherently stable at speed, and is packed with plenty of power to bust through crud, without even batting an eye.

  • Versatile freeride ski for all-mountain exploration
  • 98mm waist underfoot works well in a variety of conditions
  • Rockered tip conquers crud and powder with prowess
  • Camber underfoot with tapered tail provide good edge control
  • Central woodcore ridge reduces weight without losing power
  • Full sidewall drives power transmission through the entire ski
  • Beech and poplar core offers poppy durability
  • Carbon stringers provide stability at high speeds
  • Item #VKL007E
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    Salomon QST Pro 90 TR Ski Boot - Women's

    The Salomon Women's QST Pro 90 TR Ski Boot is designed to blend access to the backcountry with reliable, hard-charging downhill performance that's just as at home in the resort as it is out of bounds. Its 90 flex is perfect for intermediate to advanced lady shredders who enjoy comfort but require a powerful boot to drive their skis down steep, technical lines, while the generous 100-millimeter last accommodates normal-width to slightly wide feet.

    Though it's certainly not the lightest boot on the market, the QST Pro TR's 40° range of motion in walk mode and sub four pound weight will get you to lines far from the trailhead, or steep bootpacks to fresh stashes in the resort. The women-specific liner and lower cuff offers an anatomical fit, and both the liner and shell are thermo-moldable for precise customization. Salomon built the boot's shell with thinner walls to keep the weight to a minimum, but reinforced key areas to give you the power you need when you're slaying your proudest line of the season.

  • Versatile ski boot for touring and the resort
  • 90 flex is suitable for intermediate to advanced lady shredders
  • 100mm last fits normal or slightly wide feet for all-day comfort
  • 40° range of motion gets you up steep skinners
  • Women-specific liner is anatomically shaped for a secure fit
  • Thermo-moldable shell and liner for a precise, customized fit
  • Shell is stiffer where it's needed for increased power transfer
  • Item #SAL01J1
  • Rob here with christy sports talking about the new salomon alpine boot collection and in my hands i have the new x pro 90 women's the x pro 90 women's is designed for high-performance female skiers who are looking for. Performance on the mountain without sacrificing comfort for comfort what we. Have is that my custom fit 3d liner which creates great heel retention and foot hold while allowing the foot to be warm and comfortable on the exterior who. Will use the 360 salomon custom shall the custom shell allows us to adapt the width of the boot in the forefoot through the instep and in key areas on the medial and lateral side of the foot in order to give you a real comfortable. But yet secure platform to get out and ski everywhere on the mountain so come check out the comfort and performance of the x pro 90 women's.

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    Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Salomon Women's X Max 110 Ski Boot has all the elements of a performance-first boot, but throws a generous helping of comfort into the mix so you can ski fast and hard from first to last chair. A stiff 110 flex is suitable for advanced to expert lady shredders, and the 98-millimeter last, while narrow, can be expanded to about 104 millimeters, thanks to Salomon's easy heat molding process. Salomon designed this boot with an oversized pivot, which reduces play and increases precision and power transmission.

    The liner is thermo-moldable, too, with thermo-moldable inserts that prevent pressure points and ensure a secure fit, and is women-specific, meaning that it has a slightly lower cuff and volume to give you the best possible fit and feel. Fuzzy material on the inside of the liner delivers plush comfort and warmth, which you'll appreciate on the coldest days of the season.

  • Performance-oriented ski boot that makes room for comfort
  • Stiff 110 flex is suitable for advanced to expert lady shredders
  • Narrow 98mm last offers a performance-first fit
  • Thermo-moldable shell for a wider last and customizable fit
  • Women-specific liner is anatomically shaped
  • Liner features soft, plush lining for added warmth and comfort
  • Oversized pivot reduces play and increases precision and power transmission
  • Item #SAL01IY
  • Okay so this is gary gannett realm of sun valley in san mateo california helm sports calm and in this video i want to cover the sum and xmax 90 this is a boot. For or for women and it is a ninety. Eight millimeter last boot which is going to fit a b with two ac with kind. Of foot very well but more importantly. This boot hat is custom shall it's a. Different kind of material where we heat. The shell up in an oven to about 200 degrees and then put it on your foot and wherever you have a bony prominence or if your foot or four foot is wider or any part of your foot is wider the shell physically moves out and takes the shape. Of those wider areas or those bony prominences and you're on your foot so. It's quite an advancement in boot up in. Boot technology it's really amazing not. Only that it has some thermal moldable. Materials in the liner too and what that is an intuition like material. Closed-cell foam that gets heated up also during the customization process and it further does some sculpting to. You to your foot so it really is quiet. A good fitting boot and fits many types of feet because of that custom show this is not a walking boot so it's. A little bit less of money because of that typical sole that sort of thing but. A great boot for a lady who is a good. Intermediate to advanced level type of. Skier and it's been extremely popular here at home so yeah if you found this. Video helpful please give me the big thumbs up down at the bottom and if you have any cuts any questions or comments you can comment down in the comment section that would be great, and we'll get back to you alright thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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    Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski - Women's

    The Rossignol Women's Soul 7 Ski isn't the biggest, burliest, or hard-chargingest ski out there, but it's the perfect tool for skiers who like to ski hard all over the mountain, and are more worried about having fun and skiing well than being the gnarliest person on the mountain.

    Rossi's 7 Series has been around for years now, starting with the game-changing S7, and the Soul 7 keeps things pretty true to the "fun-shaped" heritage of that ski. The Super 7 and Squad 7 are bigger and burlier, but the Soul 7's 106mm width and versatile Powder Turn Rocker help it conquer any type of snow and all types of terrain, from deep blower to leftover crud to wind-buffed cream cheese to groomers. Powder Turn's large amount of tip splay smooths out rough snow and helps you float through the deep, and the camber underfoot provides plenty of stability and edge grip when you're pinching the throttle on the way back to the lift. This season Rossignol has upped its honeycomb Air Tip game with Air Tip 2.0, lightening the swing weight by 15% to further reduce the chatter and flap that haunted old-school tip rockers.

    By building the core out of lightweight paulownia wood, Rossignol kept the Soul 7 quick and maneuverable, and it reduced the weight to make it more backcountry friendly. A slightly squared-off tail allows easier skin attachment. Vertical sidewalls give the ski a bit more edging power and a more hard-charging look. And, while it's nice and light, the race-inspired Carbon Alloy Matrix in the core keeps things stiff enough to charge when you're feeling aggressive.

  • Rossignol's most playful freeride ski for all-mountain versatility
  • 106mm waist has a penchant for powder and still cruises groomers
  • Powder Turn Rocker maneuvers the deeps and edges the steeps
  • Poppy paulownia wood core with carbon matrix for added stiffness
  • Air Tip 2.0 floats above snow and minimizes chatter at high speed
  • Item #ROS00B5
  • What's up skiers I'm jeff from ski. Essentials calm here to talk about the. 2017 rossignol soul 7 hd chances are. You've seen this black and yellow ski on your local hill this is the 2016 sol 7. Rossignol came out with this ski a few years ago and ever since it's been one. Of the most popular skis on the market it's very maneuverable it's very versatile can carve turns on groomers. But it does really well off-piste. And then the even in powder so yeah. Really popular ski i got tons of. Great reviews and they've changed it so. So why change it well really the only negative feedback. That rosin will receive on the original. Sole seven was from really aggressive or. Or just heavier skiers and those skiers. Felt that it was a little bit unstable. And lacked a little bit of torsional stiffness for a really high speed aggressive skiing especially aggressive. Skiing on firm groomed snow or through. Kind of choppy variable conditions so. What Ross wanted to do is they want to. Add torsional stiffness to the ski and a. Little bit of strength while retaining that playful lubert will feel that the. Ski has become known for and really. The reason why it's been so popular the past few years to accomplish that now as menaul has added carbon to this something that we're seeing. Across the industry right now it's a very popular material for speed construction rossignol has done a little. But different there their technology is. Called carbon alloy matrix now you probably won't be able to see it on this video because it is pretty subtle but when you have a pair in your hand you can actually see that the new construction of the ski it's kind of woven into the core so it's not a complete sheet of carbon fiber but it. Does it do its job now it has received. A couple mixture use from some people. Out there that that didn't maybe necessarily think they should have changed it, but we think probably really. Accomplished what they set out to do i personally have blast skiing this. Ski i think it's still very playful. Very maneuverable but i found i could. Make really aggressive powerful turns where on the older soul seven i think. This ski would have been shattering i think it probably wouldn't have held an edge as well as we're skiing in spots. Some pretty icy terrain and this he still held tell me that you really love. The carbon fiber definitely adds that desired extra torsional stiffness and. Stability but it doesn't add that much. Weight to the ski unlike a sheet of. Metal that that was made this ski very heavy it's still really lightweight still kind of retains that pivoting. Maneuverable feeling but now you can. Actually get up on any charge on it so if you're nervous but rosin will kind of. Ruin the great ski don't be it's still. Still, a phenomenal ski for people that like lightweight maneuverable skis but. If you're more aggressive. You wanted a little bit more stability out of it's got that now rossignol. Did an early release of the sole 7 hd as. Well as the new experience 88 hd you'll. Find both of these skus on ski essentials calm right now so yeah that's. The 2017 the rossignol soul 7 hd. Definitely try and get a pair in your hands check it out the car with instruction and if you can try and get out on a pair and ski it because i think most people out there will be really happy with Ross with what brasi did to this ski.

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    Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's

    Blizzard's Sheeva series is an ode to ripping chicks who spend more time in ski boots than out of them. A freeride-oriented daily driver, the Sheeva 10 is a super versatile set of planks that annihilates big terrain. The 102mm waist is slightly narrower than its burlier big sister, the Sheeva 11, so while you'll still be able to float pow turns on storm days, the Sheeva 10 also sees you through bulletproof hardpack and chundery debris.

    Utilizing the Carbon Flipcore technology that skiers already know and love, Blizzard also added two layers of carbon fiberglass to their women-specific skis to maintain strength while shedding a little bit of weight. The DRT Titanal layer underfoot makes the Sheeva 10 powerful and stable while you're clocking high speeds on the hill, and the playfulness of the multi-layer wood core is just begging you to pop off side hits and pillows. These confidence-inspiring skis rip all kinds of terrain, and even though you take pride in your excessive quiver of skis, the Sheeva 10 is the only thing you'll be reaching for any time soon.

  • A hard-charging daily driver for freeriding ladies
  • Versatile 102mm waist rips up any conditions
  • Rockered profile floats like a dream in fresh snow
  • DRT Titanal layer underfoot adds stability and power
  • Multi-layer wood core is playful and responsive
  • Strong carbon fiberglass layers decrease weight
  • Sandwich construction maximizes edge grip
  • Item #BLZ002Q
  • We've taking a look at the rustle of nine for men this is the equivalent in the women's collection it's the shiva 9 another brand-new ski it is 92. Millimeters underfoot really nice. Looking free ride ski again it's got the tit anal plate here the full wood core if you're looking for a nice playful free ride ski it's very versatile on and. Off pieced this one looks really nice.

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    Kastle LX85 Ski - Women's

    With classic sidewall construction and stable skiability, the Kastle LX85 Ski is an ideal choice for light, easy turns when your favorite place on the mountain is the frontside. The 85mm width underfoot provides quick edge-to-edge response when you're on trail, with a hook free shovel and tail for performance that's forgiving if you do venture off-piste. Low camber underfoot helps you pop in and out of turns with a performance that feels natural and playful, all day long.

    The LX85 uses a blend of silver fir and beech wood at its core, providing a stiff, powerful feel that handles well at high speeds, with a metal laminate for further carving strength on the corduroy. Kastle's signature Hollowtech tip returns, naturally, now larger in a 2.0 version. By removing unneeded materials from the tip, swing weight is reduced, and the ski becomes 30% damper. The end result is a powerful edge-grip, more stability, and more precise steering.

  • A classic all-mountain ski for ripping down the frontside
  • 85mm waist underfoot ideal in hardpack and groomed conditions
  • Early rise shovel is forgiving in off-piste mixed snow
  • Low camber underfoot encourages natural responsive turns
  • Racing-inspired sidewalls ensure control at high speeds
  • Hollowtech 2.0 delivers higher performance and reduced weight
  • Strong core materials provide stable response on edge
  • Item #KAS000Z
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    Salomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women's

    The Salomon Women's Aira 84 Ti Ski is a powerhouse in a light package, with a penchant for steep groomers, fast speeds, and firm snow. Its frontside-oriented 84 millimeter waist is quick and nimble, with a rockered tip and tail to add to its maneuverability in varying conditions, and generous underfoot camber for impressively reliable edge grip.

    Thanks to Salomon's C/FX construction, the Aira remains light and responsive but also impressively strong and powerful. A blend of flax and carbon keeps the ski damp and smooth at speed without adding excess weight that takes away from its approachability, while a Titanal platform flatters the lightweight, poppy wood core by delivering torsional stiffness for efficient power transfer as you move from edge to edge.

  • Frontside-oriented ski for hard-skiing women
  • 84mm waist is nimble on hardpack
  • Rockered tip and tail promote maneuverability in varying conditions
  • Camber underfoot reliably grips firm snow
  • Poplar wood core is light and fun
  • Titanal power platform adds stiffness for increased power transfer
  • Salomon's C/FX³ technology increases stability and dampening while keeping weight low
  • Item #SAL01I8
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    Atomic Cloud 9 Ski + Lithium 10 - Women's

    Head out for a full day of resort-wide ripping with your Atomic Cloud 9 Skis with Lithium 10 bindings. These frontside planks are ideal for the intermediate on-piste skier looking for a fun and stable ski to explore the whole mountain. The 73mm waist and sidewalls help create a smooth edge-to-edge feel while you're arcing turns down fresh corduroy, and the early rise tip and short turn radius make for quick and easy turn initiation while you're shredding bumps or navigating tight trees. The Densolite core is lightweight and forgiving, while an Elastomer inlay damps vibrations for a smooth ride all day long.

  • A fun and forgiving ski for the intermediate frontside ripper
  • 73mm waist is resort-friendly
  • Piste Rocker eases turn initiation and carves firm snow
  • Densolite core is light and soft
  • Elastomer inlay reduces vibrations
  • Titanium layer adds stability
  • Short turn radius is nimble and maneuverable
  • Lithium 10 bindings have a 3-10 DIN
  • Item #ATO00BE
  • Hi my name is sunny and I'm here evo and. This is the atomic cloud 7 this is. Actually ski package i don't have the bindings on here right now it comes with. Bindings but they will come unmounted. Like this and then you'll want to take them into a shop and get a mountain get. The den set and get yourself all ready to go but these skis are great it's a. Great beginner real soft easy forgiving ski super narrow on the waist so it's. Only 70 millimeters on the waist just makes turning super easy but just a ski. That you're probably gonna want to stay mostly on the groomed runs with not great off piece but great for just cruising and really easy for learning so. If i hold these guys together here you can see this skis got ton of camber so. All the way from the tail to the tip this is a really cambered ski so it's. Gonna make carving easy and give you. Some response as you turn so tell my. Camera in this ski so real energetic and. Great cruising ski the cloud7 from. Atomic.

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    K2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women's

    If you crave firm groomers and high speeds, then the K2 Women's Tough Luv Ski with ERC 11TCx Light Quikclik Binding is your ticket to frontside freedom. With a narrow yet nimble 82 millimeter waist, rockered tip, and generous camber, you'll slice pristine corduroy and zoom over end of day chop, and will never feel like you can't hold a reliable edge on even the slickest, steepest runs.

    K2's women-specific BioKonic Core—which puts denser materials at the ski's edges for improved strength and power from edge to edge—keeps this ski light and balanced without sacrificing any performance. The core is built from a combination of strong, stiff fir and light, responsive aspen, with a carbon laminate for increased stability and power, meaning you'll experience a buttery-smooth, robust, and dependable feel, whether you're dabbling in the softer snow at the side of the trail or laying hard edges down the steepest, firmest run you can find.

  • All-mountain ski and binding to rip the frontside
  • 82mm waist nimbly navigates morning corduroy to afternoon chop
  • Rockered tip and underfoot camber holds a solid edge on firm snow
  • Women-specific core improves strength, control, and balance
  • Carbon laminate delivers stability and power for a smooth ride
  • Sidewall underfoot and cap throughout adds reliable edge grip with reduced weight
  • Item #K2S00H7
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    DPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women's

    As the widest ski in DPS's Uschi line, the Women's Uschi 94 Ski has the versatility to rip groomers, but craves softer snow, and, thanks to the Alchemist construction, delivers an impressively damp, smooth ride no matter where you point your tips. DPS makes its women-specific skis with the same hard-charging performance that's found in the rest of its line, but slightly alters the mounting point for a more balanced, responsive feel.

    A generously rockered tip and flatter tail make this ski nimble and easy to turn, while a helping of underfoot camber adds a powerful feel out of each turn and delivers a reliable edge hold when you hit really firm snow. The Alchemist construction boasts an aspen wood core that offers up a fun, energetic feel, while DPS's signature prepreg carbon laminate with added dampening technology sandwiches the core for a buttery-smooth, stable ride, whether you're hunting for leftovers in the trees or laying quickly from edge to edge on wide open groomers.

  • Versatile women-specific ski with a penchant for softer snow
  • 94mm waist is accessible in firmer snow and can handle deeper days
  • Rockered tip and flatter tail is impressively nimble
  • Camber underfoot delivers edge hold when the snow is firm
  • Aspen wood core adds a fun, energetic feel
  • Prepreg carbon fiber laminate increases dampening for a smooth ride in a variety of conditions
  • Item #DPK001P
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    K2 Luv 100 LV Ski Boot - Women's

    When your heart is in the mountains, there's no better place for your feet to be than in the K2 Luv 100 LV Ski Boot. Built with lightweight agility and alpine precision in mind, it delivers the power and performance you crave on the downhill, in a lightweight package that you're sure to love. It features a medium stiff flex that's perfect for intermediate rippers, or ladies that are slight of stature but aggressive on the slopes. The low-volume last will fit narrower feet, or deliver a true performance fit for more average-width folks.

    K2 built the Luv 100 with plenty of adjustability for a perfect fit and plenty of comfort that won't detract from performance. The shell is fully TPU heat moldable, making it easy for a boot fitter to punch out room for hot spots and bone spurs, and the LuxFit Pro liner is equipped with heat-moldable foam that conforms to your feet. Four types of TPU within the shell keep it flexible and comfortable where you want it, and stiff where you need it—with a Powerfuse Spine for ultimate strength and response. If you want an even more aggressive lean angle, you can add the Power Wedge, and even the soles can be canted in 0.5 degree increments up to 3 degrees, according to stance. And, because taking your ski boots on and off can sometimes be the worst part of skiing, the Luv100 has a FastFit instep feature for easy entry and exit.

  • A versatile alpine boot for lady rippers that want performance
  • Medium stiff flex ideal for intermediate skiers
  • Low-volume last provides a performance fit for smaller feet
  • Heat-moldable shell and liner can be tweaked to perfection
  • Women-specific calf adjustment offers a versatile calf fit
  • Addition of Power Wedge offers 2° additional lean
  • 40mm powerstrap encourages a snappy boot-to-ski response
  • Item #K2S00ID
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    Salomon Aira 84 Ti Ski - Women's

    The Salomon Women's Aira 84 Ti Ski is a powerhouse in a light package, with a penchant for steep groomers, fast speeds, and firm snow. Its frontside-oriented 84 millimeter waist is quick and nimble, with a rockered tip and tail to add to its maneuverability in varying conditions, and generous underfoot camber for impressively reliable edge grip.

    Thanks to Salomon's C/FX construction, the Aira remains light and responsive but also impressively strong and powerful. A blend of flax and carbon keeps the ski damp and smooth at speed without adding excess weight that takes away from its approachability, while a Titanal platform flatters the lightweight, poppy wood core by delivering torsional stiffness for efficient power transfer as you move from edge to edge.

  • Frontside-oriented ski for hard-skiing women
  • 84mm waist is nimble on hardpack
  • Rockered tip and tail promote maneuverability in varying conditions
  • Camber underfoot reliably grips firm snow
  • Poplar wood core is light and fun
  • Titanal power platform adds stiffness for increased power transfer
  • Salomon's C/FX³ technology increases stability and dampening while keeping weight low
  • Item #SAL01I8
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    Moment Hot Mess Ski - Women's

    Go from ripping firm groomers to slicing and dicing surprise powder to skillfully navigating moguls with the Moment Women's Hot Mess Ski. Built to energetically rip the frontside, its 89-91-millimeter waist can handle a bit of deep, too. The tip and tail rocker add float in softer snow, with a helping of underfoot camber to even things out on hardpack. Durable UHMW sidewalls provide a great edge hold on really firm snow or ice, and the playful wood core dampens vibrations for a smooth ride as you open up your speed. Complete with a helping of carbon and fiberglass around the core to keep the ski stiff throughout each turn, you won't leave any granule of snow undisturbed as you conquer the whole mountain.

  • Fun, balanced ski for ripping groomers and beyond
  • 89-91mm waist enjoys firm snow but can handle the deep
  • Rockered tip and tail provide nimble movement and float in powder
  • Camber underfoot holds an edge on hardpack
  • Durable UHMW sidewalls transfers power to edges for superb grip
  • Wood core remains playful while dampening vibrations
  • Carbon and fiberglass around core adds torsional rigidity
  • Item #MMT003D
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    Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's

    If the park were a fresh, doughy roll, then the Line Women's Honey Bee Ski would the sweetest glaze to smear all over those rails and jumps; just don't forget to butter before you take off. The early rise tip and tail encourage buttering all over the park, and also work to provide you with enjoyable float in deeper snow while still maintaining easy engagement on hardpack. Line's Symmetrical Flex provides an equally balanced feel whether you're riding switch or not, and the lightweight aspen wood core keeps the ride soft, playful, and responsive, also makes the ski easy to throw around. Fiberglass near the core along with thicker edges and bases add durability to the mix, increasing the tuning life so you can spend more time perfecting your 360 and less time in the shop.

  • Dominate the park with this women-specific park ski
  • Skinny 92mm waist speeds up spinning on and off jumps
  • Early rise tip and tail float in deep snow and engage on hardpack
  • Lightweight aspen core is nimble and responsive
  • Symmetric Flex feels the same when you ride switch
  • Thicker edges and base increase durability and tuning life
  • Fiberglass near core enhances durability without adding weight
  • Item #LIN005H
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    Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    When you're the type of person to get up early, catch first chair, and then ride until last call, you need a boot that'll back up your ambitions. There'll be no stopping you with Rossignol's AllTrack Pro 100 Women's Ski Boot, a warm and comfortable boot that truly embraces the do-it-all versatility that all-mountain boots are meant to deliver. This one boasts a reasonable aggressive 100 flex suitable for the intermediate skiers or aggressive riders on the lighter side, and the comfortable-but-precise 100mm last includes a lower cuff and a slimmer footbed to better accommodate women's natural proportions. 

    The AllTrack Pro is meant to ride well over soft powder and stiff crud alike, and it offers custom-moldable comfort to make anything possible. If properly shaped by a boot professional, the Optisensor 3D liner can be tailored to fit you personally, giving you proper control and efficient power transfer on the slopes. And with warm Thinsulate Platinum insulation added to the liner, you need not worry about frigid winter days driving you indoors before you've had your fill.

  • All mountain alpine boot for repeat laps at the resort
  • 100 flex gives intermediate or lightweight rippers power and control
  • 100mm offers an award-winning fit for most average width feet
  • Thermo-moldable technology dials in an efficient fit
  • Insulated liner offers extra warmth on cold winter days
  • Grip Walk soles come in handy when traveling by foot
  • Hike-mode makes bootpacking and parking lots pain-free
  • Item #ROS00EY
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    K2 Endless Luv Ski with Binding - Women's

    The K2 Women's Endless Luv Ski with ERC 10TCx Light Quikclik Binding is an all-mountain machine with a penchant for steep, open groomers. Its narrow yet nimble 80-millimeter waist can dance through trees or take on perfectly groomed corduroy without batting an eyelash, while the rockered tip and underfoot camber enables this ski to plow through crud and lay a solid edge on the firmest snow you can find.

    K2's women-specific BioKonic Core is to thank for the Endless Luv's balanced yet powerful feel, mapping denser materials at the outside of the ski to distribute weight and power to the edges. The core itself is built from a blend of strong, stiff fir and light, poppy aspen, with the addition of a carbon laminate to increase strength stability for a smooth, balanced, responsive ride that feels solid and reliable on any frontside exploration.

  • Frontside-oriented ski and binding package to tear up groomers
  • Nimble 80mm waist dances down steep runs with ease
  • Rockered tip and underfoot camber provides solid edge grip
  • Women-specific core increases balance and performance
  • Carbon laminate adds strength and power for a smooth, stable ride
  • Sidewall underfoot and cap throughout for better accuracy and edge grip with reduced weight
  • Item #K2S00H8
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    Lange RX 90 Ski Boot - Women's

    Throw away those beat up, hand-me-down boots and treat your feet right with the Lange RX 90 Ski Boot. Built for comfort and performance, this boot will allow you to push the limits of your skiing and encourage you to take just one more run.

    The RX's 90 flex index is right in the middle of Lange's line, offering a wonderful balance of responsiveness for performance, and forgiveness for comfort. The 100mm last and four buckle system create a snug fit free of pinch points or hot spots so that you, not your feet, decide when you are done for the day. This secure fit also creates better ski control so that you can take your riding to the next level. The comfort and performance is further ensured by the heat-moldable liner which provides customized support and fit for any size foot.

  • Alpine ski boot for cruising resorts
  • Flex index of 90 provides comfortable performance
  • 100mm last for a secure but not constricting fit
  • Heat-moldable liner allows for customized comfort
  • 4 buckle system creates a responsive ride
  • Replaceable soles boost the longevity of the boot
  • Lange is an industry leader in high performance ski boots
  • Item #DYN006E
  • Hi I'm kevin and I'm here today to talk about the brand-new length rx100 ski. Boot the rx series is a brand-new series. Of boots from laying this year all new last all new molds completely redesigned. From the ground up to work with today's modern day shaped skis and skiing styles. So if you thought you couldn't fit into a legg fit before give them a try. Because they're really are some great skiing boots they've done a number of updates on them to modernize them and change their fit, so they fit a much. Wider variety of feet than they used to. For sure as we mentioned this is rx 100 it's got a hundred flex out of the box. It does have an adjustable flex. It's got rivets instead of like a labor. So you can remove one both top or bottom. Of the rivets to cut it down on the flex to your weight your skiing style and. Performance level so nice adjust ability. You know this being 100 flex boots it's gonna be good for an advanced level skier you know somebody that's you know. Definitely a little more aggressive not. Not too timid but you know just a good. All-around skier they widen up the last. Of this boot so whereas lang's used to be down around 98 last and only fit very. Narrow feet they've widened this last up so now it's a hundred millimeter last so like i said before it's gonna fit a wider variety feet 100 mil asses is gonna. Comment anywhere some like a bead would be with so before legs were pretty much. Bees and below so much wider variety. Fits got for michael adjustable and. Those buckles here so put the micro adjustable buckles aluminum is going to. Make a lightweight durable micro adjust ability you can spend them 360 degrees either way tighten them loose them so if you're in between catches here you can dowe in the fit lose your headers so you're not putting too much pressure on the top of your foot there you got eight thirty. Five-millimeter power strap up top so it gives you a nice secure wrap of the compensator lower leg fit good energy. Transmission lange's a little different than some of the other manufacturers they use a mono injected shall some of the other manufacturers use a fire ejected shell and a lot of their boots lange does a mile injected shell which. Means it's all one material all one type. Of plastic all one density and this makes the boot perform better it's a lot. More responsive there's no energy loss. Just you know it's an overall it's a better skiers boot lanes always been about performance first and that continues with this series, but they have done you know some updates to make it more comfortable I'll feature here on the outside of the boot we do have an adjustable cuff alignment on the outside so if you are bowlegged where you need. To lay out or knock name for your needs come in this will help align that cop to. That knee so less stress on your knees or ankles skis sit flatter, so they were. Less prone to captain adage that your spine quicker so all around a good boot. Some other things they've done is they've lessened the ramp angle they've. Increased that it made this more of an upright stance or you're more balanced this is what's kind of going on in the world cup right now with a lot of boots and then kind of file a course to keep up with the modern day skis moving down. Into the liner we've got lang's thermal fat one liner. Here I've got this nice leather insert up top so flosser cable slide and easily. A very solid heel pocket here lange has. Been Always known for the heel hold and that continues here with this rx100 boot. That pa tong hold allow you to get that tongue forward on the boot easier entry. We've got a full 180 degree neoprene toe. Box covers the top and the front fold the toe box it's also appreciated asymmetrical toe box so it is right less specific a lot of manufacturers just pasted on a generic tool box on their. Boots playing makes it asymmetrical toe box here so it's going to think your. Foot much better add some metallic liner on the. Outside that's gonna help retain heat make this much warmer more comfortable it's gonna hold up your foot very well also they use the true blasted liar so. The outside of this liner matches up. Perfectly to the inside of the shell so. You get a very precise fit no gaps direct energy transfer again it's all about performance here with length so in the best performing boots and best games is out there on the market so that about. Wraps it up for the brand-new rx 100 like i said brand-new liner and shell and everything from the ground up all new molds from lang this year in these. Boots i had a chance to skiing last spring in some of the best skiing boots. I better ever been on by far.

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