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  Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women's Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Fi'zi:k R5 Donna Boa Cycling Shoe - Women's Five Ten Kestrel Lace-Up Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Espada Boa Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Empire W VR90 Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Shoes - Women's Louis Garneau Ruby II Shoe - Women's Scott MTB RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-RP2 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's
 Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women'sPearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women'sFi'zi:k R5 Donna Boa Cycling Shoe - Women'sFive Ten Kestrel Lace-Up Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women'sPearl Izumi All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Espada Boa Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Empire W VR90 Cycling Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Shoes - Women'sLouis Garneau Ruby II Shoe - Women'sScott MTB RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women'sRide Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women'sShimano SH-RP2 Cycling Shoe - Women'sGiro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women'sLouis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's
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BrandLouis GarneauShimanoLouis GarneauFi'zi:kGiroLouis GarneauGiroRide ConceptsFive TenPearl IzumiPearl IzumiLouis GarneauGiroGiroGiroScottLouis Garneau
Claimed Weight240g (size 38)[Size 40, single] 235g[size 38] 205 g7.6 oz310g[single, size 38] 280g245g (size 39)418g-[size 43] 12.8oz248g (size 40)-330g (size 39)[size 39] 305 g-[US 6.5] 285g250g (size 38)
Cleat Compatibility3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain3-Bolt Road3-bolt road3-hole road-2-bolt3-bolt road-2-bolt2-bolt mountain SPD2-bolt mountain, 3-bolt road2-bolt2-bolt2-bolt MTB2-bolt mountain2-bolt MTB3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain
ClosureIP1-S Boa, hook-and-loop strap3 Hook-and-Loop strapsBoa IP1-SBoa IP1Boa dial (1mm), hook-and-loop3 Hook-and-Loopboa, hook and loop straplacelace, hook-and-loop strap1:1 Anatomic 3-strap3 hook-and-loop straps2 hook-and-loop straps, 1 ratcheting buckleTechlace, Boalacehook and loop strapsIP-1 Boa2 hook and loop straps
Manufacturer Warranty1 year1 year1 year2 years1 year1 year-1 year1 yearlifetimelifetime1 year1 year1 year1 year2 year limited1 year
Recommended Useroad cyclingroad cyclingroad cyclingcyclingroad cyclingcross-country, cyclocross, trailroad cyclingdownhill, enduromountain bikecyclocross, gravel, cross-countryroad cyclingcross-country, trailcross-country, trailcyclocross, cross-countrycross-country, trailcross-country, cyclocross, trailroad cycling, spinning
Soleinjected nylon/fiberglassglass fiber reinforced nyloncarbon compositecarbon reinforced nyloninjected nylonMulti Air Flex nylon and fiberglassEaston EC70 carbon fiber[outsole] Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 High Grip RubberStealth C4 rubberrubberComposite Power Plate with nylon reinforcementErgo Grip 2 (nylon/fiberglass)Easton EC70 carbon fiber, molded Vibram rubberEaston EC90 carbon fiberinjected nylonHMX Carbon, two-component PUinjected nylon/fiberglass
Upper Materialseamless PU leather, meshhigh-density synthetic leathersynthetic leather with Power ZoneMicrotexsyntheticsynthetic leathermicrofiber and meshsynthetic, anti-abrasion meshPU-coated syntheticsyntheticsyntheticsynthetic leather, meshEvofiber microfiberPremium Evofiber (Teijin microfiber)microfiber, meshlightweight microfiber, 3D nylon air meshsynthetic leather, mesh, anti-odor treated
Footbed--CoolMax Ergo Air-die-cut insoleEVAmolded EVA with arch supportD3O High Impact Zone Insoles-SELECTSelect insoleEVASuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch supportSuper Natural Fit Kitmolded EVAadjustable and removable ErgoLogic-

Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women's

We live for the miles we spend on the bike, but sometimes the weather outside just doesn't permit us to hit the road. When trainer season rolls around, we find that we always drench our favorite gear in sweat, and while we can toss jerseys and shorts into the wash, shoes are not quite that easy. That's why Louis Garneau offers us the perfect, extra-breathable option for hitting spin classes or spending miles on the trainer inside with their Actifly Cycling shoes for women. With more vents than you thought you could need, these keep sweat pulling away so that you can keep feeling fresh, even if you're in a dingy basement staring at a computer while grueling through your training routine.

Since the emphasis of the Actifly is breathability, Louis Garneau opted for an almost entirely mesh upper, with some synthetic leather holding the shape together and adding support. The internal lining is also mesh, with a honeycomb construction designed to, you guessed it, breathe. Collectively with both a mesh upper and lining the shoes continually wick away sweat and dry to keep you feeling fresh, but if that wasn't enough, they are also treated with anti-odor technology to help you feel clean from start to finish. A nylon-injected fiberglass outsole provides you with the stiff support you want when you're putting down the power, but does offer a bit more torsional flex than a carbon fiber sole does. The outsoles also feature a breathability boost, with ventilation throughout to keep your feet cool and dry, avoiding the dreaded hot-foot.

Not all of us are blessed with the same pedal setup indoors and outdoors, and if we're heading to a new spin class who knows what they be running on their bikes, which is why Louis Garneau designs the Actifly to be compatible out of the box with nearly any clipless pedal you'll find on the market. The shoes come along with steel inserts that allow you to run either 2-bolt mountain cleats, or 3-bolt road cleats, and with just a few turns of a hex-key you can swap from your favorite SPD's to Look Keos in minutes.

  • Wick the sweat away with shoes for maximum breathability
  • Perfect for spin class, training, or hot-weather rides
  • Mesh uppers pull sweat away and dry quickly
  • Honeycomb mesh insole keeps air moving inside
  • 2-hook-and-loop straps secure your foot in place
  • Ventilated outsole keeps your foot breathing
  • Feel fresh all day thanks to anti-odor treatment
  • Compatible with 3-bolt road and 2-bolt mountain cleats
  • Item #LGN00IG
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    Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Minimalist, but not lacking, the Pearl Izumi Women's Road V5 Cycling Shoes make for the perfect partner on all-day weekend cruises, and after work group rides alike. That's because they pack a good punch in their simple profile, with three hook-and-loop straps to enclose your foot with a customized fit, and synthetic uppers that support you through the longest miles. The sole might flex a touch more than the Road Race model, but they still push forward with a good degree of stiffness thanks to a composite matrix reinforced with nylon, landing it right in the middle of Pearl's stiffness scale, so you have a little forgiveness when you head for your first century, when comfort is a bit more important than pedaling efficiency. The sole is finished with traction at the heel and toe to help you keep upright when those long days in the saddle are punctuated by refueling stops at convenience stores with slippery linoleum floors.

  • Comfort and support combine for all-day comfort on the bike
  • Synthetic sole reinforced for stiffness that doesn't punish
  • Seamless upper breathes and maintains a sleek, modern profile
  • Closure reduces instep pressure by pulling around rather than across
  • Bumpers maintain traction of slippery store or café floors
  • Item #PLZ00OV
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    Fi'zi:k R5 Donna Boa Cycling Shoe - Women's

    An ill-fitting bike is a bad thing. When your ride mileage routinely measures in the triple digits, however, an ill-fitting shoe may be worse. Too tight and circulation is cut off; too loose and slippage causes painful blisters. Skiers and snowboarders have known for years: for a perfect fit almost nothing beats the Boa system. The Fizik R5 Donna Boa Women’s Shoe takes advantage of the incredible precision of the Boa system while maintaining extraordinary ventilation, tough durability, and impressive light weight.

    The R5's closure system starts with a conventional hook-and-loop strap close to the toe for near-infinite forefoot width control. Moving up the front of the foot, the Boa Cable dial-in closure system snakes its way through four separate anchor points for complete control all the way up to the tongue. For extreme control over volume, or simply to efficiently clean the inside of the shoe, Fizik designed the tongue pad to be fully-removable.

    To further control slippage, Fizik has shaped the heel cup at the aft position of the shoe. This feature keeps the foot in the perfect position on hard up-strokes and while climbing out of the saddle. As a result, you're powering the pedals comfortably and efficiently. This has been further heightened by a variable stiffness sole construction. Underfoot, the R5 makes use of a carbon-reinforced nylon outsole. And while this keeps costs down, it doesn't inhibit either comfort or power transfer. In fact, the R5 retains a low stack height and a high level of rigidity. Fizik has also engineered-in trace flexibility, so the outsole drives power directly to the pedals while allowing enough movement to guarantee comfort after 80 kilometers.

    And on the topic of comfort, Fizik went above and beyond to make the R5 extremely breathable. The R5 features Fizik's Microtex for the support structure of the uppers and nylon mesh for the ventilation windows. Together, these materials keep your feet breathing and comfortable on long summer days in the saddle. And for the insole, Fizik included its own Superlight Insole. And while its not custom moldable like with the R1, it does incorporate a thoughtful design that assures comfort by absorbing road vibration and supporting your arch.

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    Five Ten Kestrel Lace-Up Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The dirt-loving designers over at Five Ten decided their original Kestrel shoe was so much fun that they couldn't stop at just one. As a result, you now have plenty of options to choose from when you're upgrading your biking shoes for the season. Kestrel made a few changes and tweaks along the way that led to the creation of the Kestrel Lace-Up Women's Shoe.

    Designed for hard-charging all-mountain/enduro gals, the Kestrel Lace-Up aims to provide a more supportive, contoured fit around your foot than its older sibling with its lace-up closure, hook-and-loop strap, and non-slip heel cup. Kestrel also chose a nylon-reinforced EVA midsole to achieve more flex along the bottom of the shoe, and it designed the Stealth C4 rubber outsole with a wide cleat interface to make it easy to snap in and out of the pedals quickly on technical terrain. The Kestrel Lace-Up's uppers are PU-coated synthetic, so they won't crack or rip at the first spill you take on a loose, scree-filled section of trail.

  • A grippy enduro shoe for the all-mountain gal
  • Outsole inspired by climbing shoes for maximum grip
  • Perforated toe and tongue maintain fresh feet
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole with nylon shank
  • Dual closure system for secure customization of fit
  • Item #FVT001R
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    Giro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's

    It's been all too long that we ladies have been put on the backburner by brands in the biking world. Fortunately, it does seem that slowly (but surely) slack is being picked up, and we are being offered gear that's built for those of us reaching for podiums, pushing ourselves to the limit and charging into terrain that the world of shrink-it-and-pink-it doesn't dare to dream of. The Giro Sica Techlace, while offering a pink option, isn't one to fall into soft and frilly category, and certainly doesn't treat us like delicate little flowers. These shoes are made to be tough, with stiff carbon soles that commit maximum power to your cranks, and rugged vibram lugs for charging up the mountain with a bike over-shoulder.

    The Sica Techlace Shoe is built just as burly as its male counterpart, the Giro Code, featuring the same Evofiber Microfiber uppers that wrap your foot in snugly, and wick away perspiration through perforations throughout the entire shoe. The toe and heel are reinforced with rubber for protection against chunky rock gardens and trail debris, with a stretch paneling through the arch to shield you from unwieldy cranks.

    The enclosure system includes an L6 Boa dial, which offers micro-adjustments in 1mm increments, and two Techlace straps that provide an enhanced, supple feel across the forefoot. Inside, the shoe features Giro's SuperNatural FitKit with adjustable arch support, and Aegis odor-fighting fiber. This insole molds to your foot with a series of inserts for enhancing comfort whether you're flat-footed or have arches steeper than the mountains around you.

    The soles of the Sica Techlace feature Easton's EC70 carbon fiber for ultimate stiffness and power, eliminating flex that can cost you watts when you're fighting for a virtual QOM or an actual podium on race day. This ultra-stiff sole is backed up with Vibram rubber, known for its tacky grip and durability, with aggressive, directional lugs that keep your footing sure if an off-bike section is a must. The sole has a mid-foot scuff guard for on-foot protection, and a recessed 2-bolt cleat mount for clipping into your favorite mountain pedals.

  • Race-ready shoes for podium-hungry cyclists
  • Ultra-stiff carbon sole maximizes power to the crank
  • Breathable microfiber uppers wick away sweat
  • Techlace and Boa come together for supple, secure fit
  • Grip the trail on foot with Vibram rubber lugs
  • Reinforced toe and heel stand up to trail debris
  • Dial in your fit with adjustable arch support insoles
  • Compatible with steel toe spikes (included)
  • Item #GIR00GU
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    Pearl Izumi All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You don't like to limit yourself. One day, you're 10 miles deep on some singletrack enjoying the smell of loamy dirt and pine, the next you're hammering out road miles in your local Critical Mass, and next weekend you'll be heading to the Swell for a gravel-grinding bikepacking adventure. We admit, you may want to switch up your steed between those rides, but with Pearl Izumi's All-Road V4 Cycling Shoes, one thing you won't have to switch up is your kicks. These versatile shoes are designed to tackle it all, from spin class to mountain biking, with bonded seamless uppers that offer all day comfort, anatomic strap closure for dialing in fit without creating pressure points, and breathable lining that helps prevent dreaded hot foot. To support you from beneath, Pearl employs a stiff nylon composite power plate that adds rigidity and durability to the shoes, so you don't lose the power that you put into your pedals. The soles are finished off with lugged rubber that offer excellent traction for off-bike adventures across mountain springs, or off the beaten path to take in the view.

  • Versatile shoes ready to take on anything
  • Bonded seamless uppers make for all day comfort
  • Three anatomic straps secure to reduce hot spots
  • Get the most from your power with stiff nylon composite sole
  • Lugged rubber keeps your footing sure on off-bike missions
  • SELECT insole offers longitudinal and transverse arch support
  • Item #PLZ00LF
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    Giro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Hit the trails for a day of rolling singletrack or push it even further to full-blown backcountry adventure in the Giro Riela RII Shoes for women. Built with tough uppers, rugged outsoles, and footbeds that keep you comfortable from first to last mile, the Riela RII's are hungry for the trail, and with Giro's sleek styling, you don't have to stress hitting the brewery for a post ride pale ale with the ladies.

    The Riela RII uses the same over all construction as her predecessor, the Riela R, with three hook-and-loop straps securing your foot in, and microfiber uppers, but those of us who get a wicked case of hot-foot on most rides get a big win with the addition of large mesh panels along the toe box and lateral portions of the shoes. The microfiber still uses perforations, just as it used to, to help with venting, but the added mesh aids in moisture transfer, helping your feet stay cool and comfortable all day long. A comfortable EVA footbed gives you the support you need inside of the shoe to stay comfortable, and underneath, a nylon injected outsole stiffens things up, so you don't waste your energy on a shoe flexing under your pedal stroke, and instead transfer that power directly to the bike.

    The outsole is also topped off with hearty portions of rubber lugs that add traction to the shoe, so when you have to make your way through river beds or up steep, rocky faces, you'll have the grip you need to do it safely. To cap it off, there is a large recessed cleat pad underneath your foot, so you have plenty of room to lock in any 2-bolt mountain cleat, so you can clip into your favorite pedals and ride off into the sunset.

  • Your new go-to XC shoes for miles of rolling singletrack
  • Microfiber uppers have tons of perforation for breathing
  • Additional mesh panels aid in moisture transfer
  • EVA insole supports your heel and arch
  • Nylon-injected outsole prevents flex under pedal power
  • Beefy lugs help you hike it out through bouldery river beds
  • 2-bolt mountain cleat compatible
  • Item #GIR00GW
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    Giro Espada Boa Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Feeling your shoe flex over your pedal when you're hammering out to the front of the pack on race day is less than ideal, but so is spending a fortune when you're a self-sponsored rider. Instead of diving in to budget shoes just to save a few bucks, find the perfect happy medium with the Giro Espada Boa Shoe for Women, designed with stiff carbon soles, and a price that isn't too hard to swallow. These shoes are designed for the avid cyclist and new cyclist alike, with a comfortable fit and snug uppers that can be cinched down right where you want them, and replaceable walking pads, so they can last for years.

    Beginning construction, the Espada shoes start out with microfiber and mesh uppers that hold your foot in like a warm hug, but with ample venting, so that warm hug doesn't turn into hot-foot. The mesh is perfect for transferring moisture if your foot gets sweating, and perforations in the microfiber help heat escape from your feet constantly. The uppers are constructed with both a L6 boa, for micro adjustments, and a hook and loop strap in the forefoot for tightening things down with serious support, ensuring minimal foot slip when you're putting down maximum power.

    Inside of the shoe you'll find a supple EVA insole, with molded arch and heel support that keep your foot in a comfortable position when you're laying down the power. To make sure you don't experience flex and twists when you're putting out maximum watts, the sole is constructed out of Easton's stiff and supportive EC70 carbon fiber composite, allowing for direct power transfer into your pedals with every stroke. The sole also features a replaceable walking pad, making them ideal for long term use, as they won't go out of commission after a year of hard wear and tear. The shoes are equipped with steel hardware for running three-bolt road cleats, for compatibility with most road cycling pedals.

  • Lead the way with stiff and supportive shoes
  • Carbon soles transfer maximum power to the pedals
  • Synthetic uppers offer your foot a comfortable hug
  • Perforations in microfiber allow your foot to breathe
  • Moisture wicks away thanks to mesh uppers
  • Boa system helps with dialing micro adjustments
  • Hook and loop strap cinches things down tight
  • Replaceable walking pads help the shoes last for years
  • Item #GIR00GR
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    Giro Empire W VR90 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You may spend the majority of your ride time on singletrack, but unlike a lot of your fellow dirt hounds, you're riding for time on both the up and the down. Whether the speed and technique required on the 'cross circuit keeps you training every night after work, or you prefer the speed of XC, trust the Giro Women's Empire W VR90 Shoe to deliver power to the pedals times and time again. The Empire's elegant silhouette has been beyond reproach, in our minds, since Giro first introduced it, and the VR90 continues the legacy of clean lines and impeccable fit, adapted to the rigors of trail life.

    Giro crafts each VR90 with an entirely one-piece Teijin microfiber upper, eliminating stitching, seaming, and overlays to leave you with lightweight support around the rolling contours of your feet. More breathable and weather-resistant than leather, synthetic Teijin microfiber molds around your feet much like its natural cousin. Use the lace-up design to make infinite adjustments in width and tightness along the length of your toes and instep to achieve a secure fit without the burden of hot spots distracting you from flyovers and technical rock gardens.

    When you're throwing all of your energy into the pedals to keep speed heading into a grueling climb, count on the Easton EC90 carbon fiber outsole to consistently deliver your watts to the pedals each time you turn them. The soles accommodate spikes for added traction on slick, muddy race days, and Giro subtly adds Vibram rubber lugs to the bottoms to make sure you can run your bike through sand pits as confidently as you ride it. Underneath your arch, Giro's Super Natural Fit kit gives you the option to swap out arch support until you find what's right for you, ensuring your foot's mechanics don't hinder your ride from inside your shoe.

  • Ride for a PR in your next 'cross race in this elegant shoe
  • One-piece microfiber uppers conform to a range of foot shapes
  • Lace-up design allows for further fit customization
  • Easton carbon fiber sole guarantees consistent power transfer
  • Interchangeable support accommodates different arch types
  • Outsole includes space for toe spikes for muddy days
  • Item #GIR00DE
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    Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II Shoes - Women's

    If you're looking for race-worthy energy in a shoe to replace your worn entry-level kicks, but are sponsoring yourself on the bike for the foreseeable future, upgrade to the Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 II. With a palatable price point and a construction that represents a significant step up from the starter shoes you've been using, the Carbon LS-100 won't drain your bank account in exchange for its responsive nature and contoured fit.

    Less expensive starter shoes tend to offer fewer options for customization, providing riders with a generous, but not necessarily precise, fit. All of that changes with an upgrade to a shoe like the Carbon LS-100. Its upper mid-range distinction earns you a Boa dial and hook-and-loop strap across the supple synthetic leather uppers. This combination allows you to adjust for different needs across your instep and toes, ensuring both feel secure, but without the dreaded pins-and-needles sensation that imprecise buckles and straps often lead to. As you turn the pedals heading into a notoriously harsh local climb, the Carbon LS-100 will jump eagerly to the task of transferring precious watts into the pedals, matching your intensity with a rigid carbon composite platform.

  • Upgrade your rides and races with this energetic shoe
  • Durable synthetic leather uppers withstand the elements
  • Boa dial and hook-and-loop strap for precise fit
  • Shoe's low stack height improves responsiveness
  • Carbon composite sole lends intermediate stiffness
  • Reflective accents help you stand out to motorists
  • Item #LGN00HD
  • Hi everyone I'm nellie and this is carbon ell s102 from louis garneau here. We have a synthetic leather upper with breathable mesh inserts they feature the bow of l 4 single rail pipe attachment. System that works together with a 4-foot hook and loop strap for quick and easy adjustments and a secure fit the feature. That hrs 100 with 0.6 millimeter. Membrane the helps maintain heel position while reducing power loves the. 4.3 millimeter carbon platform is closer to the pedal for maximum power down at. The bottom we have a carbon composite hm. Air light outsole that is ultra light and rigid for optimal power transfer. They also feature the replaceable low-profile rubber heel make sure you. Check them out they're from louis garneau

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    Louis Garneau Ruby II Shoe - Women's

    It's hard to beat the comfort of home, and the Louis Garneau Ruby II Shoes for women just may be the ruby slippers that take you there. They combine just enough tech to keep you up to date and in charge on the road, but without going overboard with bells and whistles that the pro's demand. Crafted from seamless PU leather and mesh, the uppers hug your feet in securely, while an IP1-S Boa allows you to cinch things down and make two-way micro-adjustments for the perfect fit. A hook-and-loop strap secures your forefoot without pressing down on your instep, allowing natural toe splay that not only boosts your comfort, but power, too. The new Ruby II may share a lot of similarities with its predecessor, the Ruby, but it features Louis Garneau's new X-Comfort Zone technology. This innovative tech allows the shoe to stretch to accommodate those with wider feet, thanks to the ventilated elastomer-spandex insert. This makes for a non-constrictive fit that keeps you going for the long rides ahead.

  • A cycling shoe for spin class to centuries
  • Stiff nylon and fiberglass sole won't flex under power
  • Seamless uppers are smooth and comfortable
  • Prevent hot-foot with mesh panels to boost breathing
  • Boa and hook-and-loop strap dial in your fit
  • X-Comfort Zone allows some flex to fit wider feet
  • HRS-90 secure heel cup prevents wiggle in the back
  • Item #LGN00JW
  • Greetings everyone autumn from zappo's here and today I've got the ruby two shoes from louis garneau this cycling. Shoe is made with a standard fit gives you an all-day comfortable feel polyurethane leather upper the seamless it's also got mesh panels for breath ability to love the bright color hrs 90 heel retention you have the boa. Ip 1s two-way and micro adjustments so. Excuse me adjustment so it's got this cool way of adjusting you can just give this a little turn here tightens up but. When you need to loosen it just give it a pull and then it loosens up easily. Which i think is great the tongue is really thin so it's not gonna here at 8 you at all there's nice padding underneath it pad around the sides as well breathable mesh lining with a power zone technology so it gives you arch support and power transfer you do. Have a patented i can't say that word patented injected molded nylon fiberglass outsole it's got tons of. Ventilation and the steel insert does fit all major road and spd pedals show. Everyone who the real boss is when you cycle like you've never cycled before wearing these from louis garneau

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    Scott MTB RC Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Launching full speed ahead can be tricky when your shoes flex under every pedal stroke, and podiums won't earn themselves without the best performance. The Scott Women's MTB RC Lady Shoe are ready to surge forward at lightning speed, accelerating as you push up switchbacks and holding you tight to steep banked turns with stiff carbon soles that won't waiver under the heat of competition. As you'd expect from a shoe of racing pedigree, it's the stiffest, most powerful offering in Scott's line. The blended HMX Carbon sole maximizes pedaling efficiency when speed is of utmost concern, with just enough flex to make it comfortable enough for trail use.

    The asymmetric upper conforms to your foot like a glove, with breathable perforations facilitating active cooling. Boa IP1 dials provide a micro-adjustable fit over the upper and lower zones, also promoting easy removal by quickly pulling up on each dial. Scott's ErgoLogic footbed maximizes comfort with its customizable design. It features adjustable arches for greater support without the nagging pain of a traditional, one-size-fits-all footbed.

  • Stiff-soled race kicks for sprinting to the finish line
  • HMX Carbon blended sole provides rocket-like acceleration
  • Boa IP1 dials independently adjust upper and lower zones
  • Sleek, form-fitting upper of microfiber and air mesh
  • ErgoLogic footbed with adjustable arch support
  • Breathable perforations throughout upper
  • Item #SCO00RJ
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    Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Women's

    Whether you're ripping laps at the bike park or embarking on an all-day backcountry adventure, the Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe is ready to take on any trail with its sticky rubber sole and tough-as-nails construction. And while they share the same features and overall design as the Ride Concepts' Livewire Shoe, they offer improved stability and better ankle protection thanks to the taller cuff. Durable synthetic uppers with anti-abrasion mesh hold up against rocks and overgrown trails, while the tacky DST 6.0 rubber sole locks your feet firmly to the pedals for unwavering composure in rock gardens and steep terrain.

    As far as protection goes, The Wildcat Shoes have anti-abrasion toe guards, as well as a fully gusseted tongue that prevents the intake of dirt and debris. These are nice features, but we're most excited about the D3O High Impact Zone Insole Technology. D3O is highly shock-absorbent padding that's commonly used for knee pads and elbow guards. By incorporating D3O into the insole, the Wildcat significantly reduces the impact force you feel from harsh landings and long days on rugged singletrack.

  • Flat pedal mountain bike shoes with a sticky rubber sole
  • Mid-height cuff enhances stability and ankle protection
  • Tacky DST 6.0 rubber keeps you glued to the pedals
  • D3O padded insole absorbs harsh landings and impacts
  • Durable synthetic uppers withstand on-trail abuse
  • Anti-abrasion toe guards protect against rock strikes
  • Gusseted tongue keeps out dirt and debris
  • EVA midsole adds cushioning to your step
  • Item #RPT0005
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    Louis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Louis Garneau's Mica II Cycling Shoe goes a long way to dispel the notion that you have to spend a fortune on riding shoes in order to keep your feet happy. As a good option for everything from big cross country rides to everyday trail riding, the Mica II keeps your feet comfortable on long rides while helping you put power to the pedals efficiently. And while they may be on the more budget-friendly side of the spectrum, these shoes don't skip out on features or quality, as they come with Garneau's award-winning X-Comfort Zone technology trickled down from top-tier models.

    When cycling, feet tend to swell due to the increase in blood flow to the muscles. This can lead to numbness and hot spots that could potentially cut your ride short. Garneau addresses this issue with their X-Comfort Zone technology, an integrated stretch panel on the outside of the toe box that allows the foot to swell up to 5mm while riding, thus eliminating hot spots and discomfort. It also allows the shoes to comfortably fit riders with average and above average forefoot widths, taking some of the guesswork out of shoe selection.

  • A performance MTB shoe that's friendly on the wallet
  • X-Comfort Zone eliminates numbness and hot spots
  • Power Zone increases arch support and power transfer
  • Outsole balances power transfer with off-bike walkability
  • Closure system provides an adjustable and secure fit
  • EVA insole for improved comfort on the trail
  • Abrasion-resistant toe box holds up to rocks and roots
  • Item #LGN00M8
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    Shimano SH-RP2 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Clip in and be a part of your bike and enjoy the world of more efficient pedaling with Shimano's SH-RP2 Cycling Shoe. Shimano cycling shoes are an in-house favorite as it consistently brings comfort and reliability to your feet and the SH-RP2 is no exception. Compatible with three-bolt road cleats, these shoes will pair with almost any road pedal and the women's specific last provides a dialed-in fit with more comfort as you push your limits.

    The upper consists of a high-density synthetic leather for durability and it has perforations to help in the breathability department. Its closure system consists of 3 hook-and-loop straps for exceptional stability and easy on the fly adjustability while the uppermost strap is offset to minimize pressure across the top of the foot. Down below, its lightweight, glass fiber reinforced nylon sole gets the power to the pedals while letting the shoes hit a performance to price point value that very few shoes approach.

  • An exceptional road clipless shoe for the uninitiated
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole is efficient and provides value
  • Three-bolt road cleat compatible
  • Offset strap reduces pressure on the top of the foot
  • Women's-specific last improves the fit and comfort
  • Synthetic leather upper boosts durability and perforations let it breathe
  • Item #SHI00K1
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    Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Serving up the comfort you'd expect from Giro, the Women's Savix Shoe delivers a quick-adjusting Boa dial and set-and-forget front strap to get you in your shoe and on the road quickly. The Boa L6 dial adjusts in 1mm increments to offer a precise fit, while the macro-release strap lets you escape the shoe easily at the end of your ride. An injected nylon outsole provides you with versatile options to mount either mountain biker or road cleats, while the die-cut insole locks in a comfortable fit.

  • Convenient, comfortable, and versatile cycling shoe
  • Boa dial and front strap provide a secure fit
  • Die-cut insole keeps your foot comfortable
  • Universal cleat mount works for both road and mountain bikes
  • Item #GIR00GS
  • Hi everyone its toby from levite. Chickaletta and today i want to talk to you about jiro cycling shoes now a bit. Of a backstory first eric horton used to have a specialized bg. Cycling shoe program and he thought that. While their shoes were really good for many reasons their design principles. Were a little bit too rigid for his liking, so he wound up in zeros hands and. They told him he can take whatever materials and whatever time necessary to make the shoe best to his liking so. These shoes their biggest selling points. Can be broken into three categories the first being engineering the second being the last and the third being support the. Big story with engineering of these shoes was that jiro teamed up with. Eastern harbin sports to design a carbon else'll specifically for this project. Now easton has a well-established and. Well-respected reputation for their design as well as manufacturer of carbon. And what they gave this project was a. Carbon outsole with the highest stiffness to weight ratio on the market one thing that strikes me about the. Soles is that the heel step as well as. The toe step are actually not replaceable so time will tell seeing how well they go about it with respect to. The upper it's made of tasia 100. Microfiber which you find in high-end nike whoo soccer shoes no what do we have to. Learn from soccer shoes well soccer. Players tend to kick run jump slide pivot go through mud basically there are. A lot harder on their gear than cyclists are so what we have here is a upper. That's actually overkill for a cyclist it's light weights very simple but. Strong and breathable the last point. With engineering is that if you look at the way the straps line up linearly. They're not in the same line so you'll never actually get hotspots to the same spot of your foot zero uses a mid volume. Last which is between the italian model on one hand which is typically very thin. Think seedy shoes and on the other hand you have the american japanese model. Which tends to have a big wide-open entry and then you have to mold the shoe. Down to your foot think of the shimano heat moldable shoes jiro went through 16 last revisions. Before they came out with launched at markets and the us comes in half sized. Greetings throughout the entire size and spectrum. The last big speaking points about these. Shoes is the support now your a-courtin. When he was with specialized thought that the foot beds did not automatically. Need a one-degree canting rather it. Would be much more important to address arch support issues so if you think about it makes a lot of sense most people have a natural arch to certain extensions and if this is your foot. Inside the shoe what's happening is when. You apply force to the pedal on the down stroke first the foot is pushing. Down to fill the volume with the shoe and. Potentially your toes move forward creating fictional hotspots and then only once the foot is completely collapsed you start applying pressure. Onto the pedals so power transference. Becomes a big issue so what they've done is with every shoe model you get a. Footed as well as three arch supports. High medium and low moving through the. Range of shoes on offer here at the top. Of the line we have the pro light sls and the idea was jira wanted to make the lightest cycling shoe on the market so. Notably they didn't actually put a buckle at the very top they found that a strap would. Weigh less and keep you equally as. Secure so the carbon outsole uses easton. Ici 90s lx carbon which is the lightest that they make yes the strongest uses the. Asian 100 microfiber upper the straps. Are all offset from each other to avoid hot spots they actually use titanium. D-ring loops as well as titanium screw. Threads for your cleats and it weighs. 205 grams next down the line we have the. Zero factor which uses easton's ec 90. Carbon outsole has the same offset. Straps aluminum dearing's. And steel screw threads but this time. They actually use an italian ratcheting. Buckle which moves one date science at a. Time so it's very good for being a micro. Adjustments well on the bike as well there's actually two positions which you can put the buckle on the shoe this shoe. Weighs two hundred fifty-five grams and almost the differences between the factor and the slx are pretty minor on. The good better massive spectrum zero. Trans represents a good it uses the east. And ec 70 carbon outsoles so it's a. Little bit heavier a little bit less stiff uses the same offset straps the. Same it's hollien ratcheting buckle with two positions but notably this is the. Aegis antimicrobial compound on his. Insole which will eventually wear off. Over time as opposed to in the upper two models there's the ecstatic antimicrobial threading the shoes weight. A little bit more to, but they have a sister model called me trane's hp which uses a high-volume. Glass and wood represents a double-wide. Shoe but not necessarily any longer zero. Cycling shoes over one year in the market have already jumped in the number three cycling shoe manufacturer, so we. Invite you to check out what it's all about.

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    Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Get ready to hit the trails, knock out that commute to work, or even attend a spin class in the Women's Multi Air Flex Mountain Bike Shoe from Louis Garneau. We can't decide if its versatility or low barrier of entry is what we value most, but that combination certainly makes this shoe a winner if you're in the market for your first pair of clipless cycling shoes. Using Louis Garneau's standard fit, it offers a slightly roomier last for all-day comfort that's specially designed for the shape of the female foot offering excellent performance.

    This shoe's upper is crafted from a durable synthetic leather with mesh inserts for breathability. Three hook-and-loop closures make getting in and out of the shoes super easy and offer a solid, yet soft support over the top of your foot. A ventilated EVA insole keep feet from overheating on long summer rides and prevents any hot spots or other foot discomforts. At the rear of the shoe is Garneau's HRS-80 heel stabilizer that keeps the rear of your foot anchored in place for efficient pedaling. On the outside of the heel are reflective accents allowing for visibility to motorists in low-light. For the sole, the Multi Air Flex nylon and fiberglass outsole offers just enough toe flexion for easy walking while off the bike. The sole accepts 2-bolt cleats that are used on almost every mountain bike pedal.

  • A versatile shoe for any rider's budget
  • Built on a last that accommodates a female's foot
  • Large mesh ventilation panels let in air
  • 3 hook-and-loop straps secure the foot in comfort
  • Efficient and grippy outsole keeps your footing secure
  • EVA insole soaks up shock from the trail
  • Compatible with 2-bolt MTB cleats and pedals
  • Item #LGN00K2
  • Hey what's happening guys my name is richard and this is multi air flex from. Louie garneau these versatile cycling. Shoes are ideal for training commuting or just those weekend rides have a synthetic and mesh upper to give you great breath ability three hook and loop closures on top to ensure you always have a snub secure fit you also have a. Here he'll reflector back here to give you great low-light visibility soft. Breathable lining on the inside here with a ventilated eba insult I'll give you excellent breath ability here on. Bottom we have this composite outsole data give you great flexibility and. Walking ease these shoes are also spd. Cleat compatible make sure you check. Then out they are from louis garneau.

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