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  Rossignol Double Diamond Pro Ski Poles - Women's Tecnica Mach1 105 LV Ski Boot - Women's Armada Trace 108 Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's Atomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women's Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's Nordica Speedmachine 115 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's K2 GottaLuvit 105TI Ski - Women's Head Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women's Dalbello Sports DS 110 Ski Boot - Women's Head Skis USA Absolut Joy Ski - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women's Bern Diabla MIPS Helmet - Girls' Armada ARW 86 Ski - Women's
 Rossignol Double Diamond Pro Ski Poles - Women'sTecnica Mach1 105 LV Ski Boot - Women'sArmada Trace 108 Ski - Women'sScott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women'sSalomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women'sAtomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women'sNordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women'sNordica Speedmachine 115 Ski Boot - Women'sK2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women'sK2 GottaLuvit 105TI Ski - Women'sHead Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women'sDalbello Sports DS 110 Ski Boot - Women'sHead Skis USA Absolut Joy Ski - Women'sRossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women'sLine Honey Bee Ski - Women'sBlizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women'sBern Diabla MIPS Helmet - Girls'Armada ARW 86 Ski - Women's
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BrandHead Skis USASalomonK2LineBlizzardK2RossignolAtomicDalbello SportsTecnicaArmadaBernNordicaArmadaNordicaScottRossignolHead Skis USA
Constructionhalf-cap--capAlight WSDhalf-cap----sandwich--sandwichsandwich--sandwich
Corewood, Koroyd, carbon, graphene--aspen woodC-spine (poplar, beech, carbon)Nanolite Bioflex Konic Technology (aspen, paulownia, Nanolite)----Pop-Lite--Hybrid Ultra-Light CoreEnergy 2 TI Balsa (poplar, beech, balsa I-Core, Titanal, carbon prepreg laminate)--composite, graphene
Dimensions133 / 85 / 113mm--120 / 92 / 116mm[153] 120 / 69 / 104mm [160] 122 / 69 / 106mm [167] 122 / 69 / 106mm[all lengths] 137 / 105 / 121mm----[156] 112 / 86 / 106mm [163] 113 / 86 / 107mm [170] 115 / 86 / 109mm--[156] 131 / 108 / 124.5mm [164] 132 / 108 / 125mm [172] 133 / 108 / 125.5mm[153cm] 123 / 93 / 111mm, [161cm and 169cm] 124 / 93 / 112mm, [177cm] 126 / 93 / 114mm--[163cm] 129 / 79 / 109mm
Length153cm, 163cm-100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm144cm, 155cm, 166cm153cm, 160cm, 167cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm----156cm, 163cm, 170cm--156cm, 164cm, 172cm153cm, 161cm, 169cm, 177cm44 in, 46 in, 48 in, 50 in, 52 in105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm153cm, 163cm
Manufacturer Warranty2 years2 years1 year1 year1 year3 years1 year2 years2 years1 year1 year1 year2 years1 year1 year2 year limited1 year1 year
ProfileAllride Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot)--rockered tip and tail, camber underfootcamberAll-Terrain Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)----AR Freestyle Rocker--EST Freeride Rockerearly rise tip and tail, camber underfoot--early rise
Recommended Useall-mountain skiingall-mountainall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingpark & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountainall-mountain skiing, park & freestyle skiingskiing, snowboardingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, telemark skiingall-mountain skiingskiing, backcountryall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing
Turn Radius[163cm] 13.6m--[166cm] 14m[153] 10m [160] 10.5m [167] 11.5m[170cm] 16m----[156] 16.5m [163] 17m [170] 17.5m--[156] 16m [164] 17m [172] 18m[153cm] 12.5m, [161cm] 13.5m, [169cm] 15.5m, [177cm] 16.5m--[163cm] 13.5m

Rossignol Double Diamond Pro Ski Poles - Women's

The sign says “Experts Only”, but that hasn’t turned you away since high school, so you cruise right past those diamonds and drop in. You live for steeps, so it’s only fitting to snag the Rossignol Double Diamond Pro Women’s Ski Poles. Made from a light yet durable aluminum alloy, these poles can deliver quick plants on expert terrain and take a beating when things get a little too tight in the trees. The Double Diamonds come with both standard and powder baskets, so you’ll be prepared for everything from frozen faces on the ice coast to deep days in the Rockies.

  • Lightweight ski pole for all-mountain performance
  • Durable construction lets you rip without constraints
  • Light aluminum alloy allows for quick plants and turns on steeps
  • Standard, powder baskets ensure that you’re ready for any day
  • Item #ROS00F3
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    Tecnica Mach1 105 LV Ski Boot - Women's

    If you're looking for instant comfort when you head to the ski hill, just slip your foot into the Tecnica Mach1 105 LV Women's Ski Boot. Getting the Mach1 on in time to chase down pow is a breeze, because Tecnica designed it with a Quick Instep panel, a flexible piece of plastic right at the overlap to take the pain and struggle out of parking-lot donning and doffing.

    The fit is a fairy tale, too, because the Mach1 features C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) technology in the shell, liner, and bootboard. Basically, they've all been constructed to allow maximum customization, so you (or better yet, a qualified booter) can grind out problem areas in the shell, shave the bootboard down to improve alignment, and heat-mold the Women's Ultrafit liner in a snap. Improved fit means improved comfort and performance, so you can make the most of the narrow 98mm last and low-volume (hence the"LV" moniker) fit. The Mach1 locks down via four micro-adjustable aluminum buckles and a 35mm power strap, and handles treacherous parking lots and staircases with a grippy bi-material sole, so getting to the lift isn't the sketchiest part of your day.

  • C.A.S. shell
  • C.A.S. Women's Ultrafit heat-moldable liner
  • Quick Instep design
  • Four aluminum buckles
  • C.A.S bootboard
  • Bi-material sole
  • 35mm power strap
  • Item #TEC001J
  • Hi I'm allison start house in truckee. California we're boot testing at mount. Bachelor today right now I'm on the. Technical mach 1 105 another woman's boot. I've enjoyed it so far it's the end of days kind of soft credit a coming down. The groomers but it's performing really well it's really comparable to the nordica Velcro that i just tried it has. A very similar fit I'd say it tightens. Up pretty well and you're able to control it really well so it's a good performing dude.

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    Armada Trace 108 Ski - Women's

    The Armada Trace 108 Ski believes there is no reason to wist another backcountry run on skinny skis just to save weight on the way up. This 108mm waisted ski is lightweight enough for even the most picky backcountry riders while still offering an exceptionally controllable and fun ride down your go to backcountry terrain. The EST All-Mountain Rocker further enhances the float by offering rocker from the contact points out to the tip and tail while a powerful camber section underfoot helps you grip steep skin tracks and hold an edge in dicey chutes and on rocky faces. Finally the Hybrid Ultra-Light Core further cuts weight while providing a damp and responsive feel that is complimented by the durable and torsionally resistant Xrystal Mesh laminates.

  • High performance downhill ski with lightweight uphill perfromance
  • 108mm waist offers freedom and control in untouched powder
  • EST All-Mountain rocker mixes float in pow and powerful edge hold
  • Short turn radius adds a nimble feel for navigating tight lines
  • Hybrid Ultra-light core conserves energy for multiple laps
  • Tapertop 3D profiling adds stability at the edges of your ski
  • Comp series base helps you glide out of backcountry basins
  • Item #ARM00JK
  • Hi skiers I'm jeff from ski essentials. Comm we're here today to do another 2019. Ski review kind of carry on the theme of. 2019 ski reviews leading up to the season and this one's exciting this is a. Relatively new brand for us hopefully. You've kind of seen some announcements in the past kind of anytime we pick up a. New brand we usually do an article on chairlift chat kind of announcing the new brand and this is our motto, so we're. Pretty excited to have armada you'll. Find results in our 2019 ski test on. Armada we had a bunch of models there and had a lot of fun having them into test and yeah great ski is kind of cool. Company history formed in the early 2000s it's always been a very athletic. Umpah knee they were kind of the first. Ski company to adopt more of a snowboard. Or skateboard team model where they. Really gathered a collection of athletes. And really focused on athlete driven. Products and kind of as the company has. Aged so have their athletes aged tanner. Hall for example was once kind of. Really freestyle park focused skier and. Kind of still is but now he skis a lot. Of back country ski some you know is known for back country lines for technical back country lines he'll be in the free ride world tour this year i think he's an alternate but still really cool so kind of as their athletes. Have h-has the industry has changed. A little bit so have their skis so this. Is the 2019 tracer 108 definitely. Freebie kind of off-piste oriented ski. But a really cool stuff this one next to. It is the tracer 98 so very similar just a little bit narrower so tracer. Want to wait let's take a look at it we'll start by talking about construction first thing I'll say is its pretty darn. Light for especially for a ski this wide this is a 180 it's not not the longest i think there's 188 but still for a 180 that's 108. Underfoot it's pretty darn light. Fair amount going on in the core of this. Ski its kind of hybrid core. Made up a lot of a lot of different materials so armada calls their hybrid. Ultralight core and essentially the easiest way to think of it is there's relatively lightweight wood running through the whole ski and then right underfoot there's some denser heavier wood that kind of gives it a stiffer. Slightly more powerful feel right underfoot there's also a little bit of metal underfoot and there's some rubber underfoot so quite a bit going on kind. Of right in between my hands rubber. Metal definitely a thicker core and then. You get the kind of that denser wood in there to our madhi uses a negra mesh. Which they call crystal mesh which is. You know fairly similar to carbon fiber very lightweight material that gives you a lot of energy boost torsional stiffness, and then they also have this beveled top sheet which is probably going to be hard to see from that distance and as usual i will do kind of. A close-up so you can see the bevel I'm gonna spend essentially it's designed to improve efficiency actually makes the. Ski a little stronger along the edges which is really interesting it almost looks like semi cap construction but it's a lot different than that there's even two different degrees of beveling which is its just really cool I'm. Having this ski in your hand it just feels like a quality ski so that's. Basically what's going on with the construction of the tracer 108. Shape is pretty cool i like this. Shape for us of this width so quite a. Bit of camber underfoot and then pretty. Long tip rocker so again I'll do. Close-ups of this so you can see a little closer but the tip rocker essentially starts right where my hand is really not much difference whether. You're dee cameron or not I'm sure you've probably seen us certain skis when you de cambra them that the tips really start to rise up drastically doesn't change too much when you d camber the trades are 108 tail rocker. There's not nearly as much tail rocker. And something that i put in the article. Armada calls this a rocker camber rocker ski which I'm totally fine with but i. Think you could it's almost more of a. Twin tip with tail rocker if that makes sense it's not like a symmetrical twin tip by any means it's its definitely a directional ski but definitely was more. Tip rocker than tail rocker and fairly. Substantial amounts of camber to which i. Was pretty excited to see i like that i. Think when you have a low-rise camber it. Can almost make the ski feel like it's flat or a reverse camber which has its. Benefits but that camber underfoot kind. Of gives, it gives us a little bit of energy a little bit more to kind of push off on use it to manipulate turn shape. Which we'll get to but yeah really cool. Shape really cool construction definitely that's i think the first. Think you'd noticed picking up a pair is how light they are and you kind of start noticing the construction technique. Kind of how unique it is i don't say all. Of this kind of goes together to create. A relatively soft flexing ski i mean i. Don't know if you can see it there but it's quite a bit stiffer right on their foot so that denser wood the metal the. Rubber that they put in there it is affecting the skis flex underfoot i should say when you're skiing it the. Tips feel a little bit softer than the tails not drastically different but tips. Are a little bit softer than the tails just barely so 108 millimeters. Underfoot skis of this width range I'm sure there. Are people out there that would say this is an all-mountain ski but really a 108 millimeter underfoot ski is kind of. Freebie off piece ski and that's really. The intended use of the tracer it's kind. Of talk about different applications and the performance that it has I'll start with kind of off piece scenarios. So here in Vermont a lot of our testing. On the traits don't want to wait was here at Vermont both down at stratton and here at stowe a lot of our terrain. Especially off-piste terrain it is pretty tight we do have some open kind. Of natural snow trails but even those. Are usually kind of rocky and then i what i would call a relatively tight terrain but the focus for a lot of people around here is trees and i found. This thing is just the easiest way to describe it is just smooth and kind of. That tight off-piste terrain in those. Scenarios it's such a smooth predictable. Ski it is relatively soft flexing but. Then it to me that's that's a benefit. It's not designed to be a super stiff. Hard-charging ski rather because the. Tips and tails are pretty soft you can. Really manipulate turn shape really easily and it does it in such a smooth deliberate predictable way there aren't. Any surprises when you're kind of kicking that tail edge out whether you want to do it quickly or whether you want to kind of slow of a turn i mean it. Does all that really easily and because it's relatively light it's not fatiguing. There are some lightweight skis that. Really feel like you have to kind of give them skier input they don't like to just smear along the top of the snow but. The trees are one way it definitely does and i think we owe that to the. Combination of rocker you know there is. A little rock in the tail and then the flex pattern that kind of corresponds with that that tip until. There is some early taper to i don't know if i mentioned that and discussing the shape that definitely adds into it too you know if you're in the trees and there're six inches of snow that tip. Shape it's not catching but it's its. Giving you good edge contact you know. Some skiers have really distinct early taper which basically reduces the. Effective edge even when you're in soft snow it doesn't really feel like that on the tracer 108 you can definitely use the whole ski you know the fact that. You're using the whole ski and that the tips and tails are relatively soft flexing kind of gives you that ability I'm going to manipulate turn shape really easily which i have a blast on. This thing in Vermont you know i would. Say at the end of this video I'll go through and kind of say look you it could be four buts just started east. Coast powder ski done um you know where. There aren't really times when we're like charging super hard there are but. Last opportunities to do that here in the east through choppy snow typically so yeah awesome use coast powder ski for. Sure now more open off-piste rain this. Is where i think the conversation gets interesting armada has the invictus line. As well which uses more metal in their skis they're stiffer they're heavier so if you're a hard-charging like you know free ride world tour big. Mountain kind of guy this might not have. The flex profile you're looking for the. Stability so if you're skiing back bowls. At vail maybe yesterday was a powder day. Today is kind of choppy if you're the. Type of guy that wants to just point it down the fall line and then rip like 50. 60 miles an hour through tundra choppy snow you'll probably find that this is a. Little bit soft flexing for you but it's. It requires a lot of speed to get it to. That point where it becomes unstable and. I think for most people it would be fine it's really that upper echelon of super. Aggressive skiers that may push it past its limits but then so yesterday with. The powder day today is choppy so choppy if you're super aggressive maybe you want a stiffer ski the previous day however the day the powder. Day it's a blast in that kind of back. Bowl open terrain as long as there is. Some really nice soft snow it's its an. Absolute blast and i don't want to scare people away. From it think that it's going to be unstable you do get that nice portion. Underfoot which is very stable it's more tips and tails you'll get some movement you'll get some minor tip deflection here in their so again not a. Super hard-charging ski but that's what comes along with the weight i think another off-piste application. And an important thing to note on the tracer 108 it has a flat portion on the. Tail this is designed specifically for a. Skin clip so definitely a potential. Touring ski whether you're an eastern skier or a western skier and i think there's a few different ways you could do that you could put a frame binding on it you could put a atomic or so on and shift binding on it and really have it is like a 50/50 resort and touring ski. Awesome application for the tracer 108. You could even put more of a tech fit like true tech fit binding on it you. Now whether you're going deena fit rotation or something like the kingpin. And make it more of a dedicated 80. Touring ski i think that's perfectly. Acceptable and then i think they're definitely going to be people out there that that just put an alpine binding on. It and ski it as a resort ski but yeah. Skin clip less tail rockers so that's good as a touring ski a little bit more. Contact as you're ascending just kind of. Usually 18 skiers don't want to too much. Tail rocker and their skis so an interesting design element there and. Then it's 108 millimeters underfoot but. We usually always talked about groomers. Pretty fun on groomers actually it does require relatively high edge angle when your if you want to link carving turns but i. Think most skiers of the upper. Intermediate level yeah upper intermediate and up won't have a problem with it at all and then kind of going back to the flex of the tips and tails you can definitely gas pedal it on groomers and get it to flex. Into a shorter carving turn which is super fun also similar to kind of the. Type off-piste train that i was talking about really easy to manipulate turn shape on groomers so definitely not a. That i don't know if you're more of a. Frontside skier it's not it's highlight. Is not it's front side firm snow performance but you know if this is your. If you're out west and this is your daily driver when you're getting back on. The cat track or jump me on the groomer to get back to the lift it's not like you're just gonna be washing around you can actually ski and make some proper turns and it's its a fun ski on the groomers it's not exceptionally quick edge to edge tracer 98 is definitely. Quicker edge to edge so you can make kind of your own assumptions it's fairly. Obvious what the difference would be between these two ski a little. But more float in deep snow a little bit quicker edge to edge and narrower ski is. Morte ordinary stiff just in general. That's kind of how it works so you know you'll get a little bit better edge grip on the first 98 but again if you're. After front side performance that's not really the highlight of either each ski. Is definitely not the place you want to. Wait actually exact snow performance is more of a highlight than that but it's nice stuff so yeah i think really cool. Ski i think there's a lot of different applications for it you know if you're. An eastern skier it could definitely be a dedicated powder ski there are some. Some skiers here on the east who are always seeking out stuff soft snow you. Now it's like a week after a powder day, and they're still like venturing deep into the woods to find those pockets of snow i think it could be a daily driver. On the east for somebody like that definitely capable as a daily driver out. West if you tepid at low soft snow and kind of this. This type of ski speaks to you not super. Heavy nice even not super soft nice even. Relatively soft flex and the tips and tails definitely a great choice for. Somebody like that you know snow in the. West even on groomers is typically. Softer there'll be some icy days. Here on the east where it's you like this doesn't quite have the edge grip. That's ideal but on the west that's not. Nearly as much of a concern so. Definitely more and more justifiable as a daily driver ski and then touring ski. I think it's an awesome choice for a. Touring ski it's light enough that it's not gonna be fatiguing on the uphill but it's really fun on the way down. Definitely kind of has an armada feel which is a hard thing to describe but. It's a playful fun ski that's its just. Got a really good intended use clearly. Armada knew what they were doing when they designed the ski it's its a it's a. Deliberate design that results in really good performance i think that shift. Binding from atomic and salomon would be a great choice to me that's that's very much a 50-50 binding great touring. Performance and great alpine resort performance — and i think the tracer 108. Is a great 50/50 ski great touring. Performance but also could just be skewed as a resort scheme so yeah that's. The tracer 108 a lot of different. Applications super fun ski we're really excited to have it has the trace of 98. — and we have we've quite a lot of. Other skis from armada — we're gonna try. And fit in some other 2019 or mono reviews before we start looking at 20:20. Skis which sounds crazy but really we'll. Start doing that in you know January. Usually early January we're starting to. Get on the next season skis so before. Then we'll fit in some more 2019 armada reviews you can find lots of information. On our 2019 ski test yeah we hit quite a. Few armadas skis this year and the ski tests which was exciting and yeah as. Always if there's a ski out there if you have follow-up questions or if there's a ski out there that you want us to compare this to definitely let us know in the comments, and we will do our best. To compare and contrast the. Tracer 108 or the tracer 98 to other skis out there that you might be interested in i can think of a lot, and we're going to be doing some free ride or some ski comparison videos and. Articles probably starting in around. Mid-october so keep an eye out for those. And i will try and clear the tracer 108 but off the top of my head you know soul. Seven is really similar with fairly similar performance or at least fairly. Similar idea and the core 105 would be. Another one there's definitely a lot of ski is in this waist width range that. Are kind of have similar. Focus so yeah if you have any questions. Definitely let us know and hopefully we're skiing leaves are changing here in. Vermont killing ton usually starts blowing snow in mid-october so with any. Luck we'll be on snow and just over a. Month so we will see you on the slopes.

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    Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's

    The Scott Women's Strapless S Ski Pole holds upright and stays solid whether you're carving frontside groomers or trenching through back-mountain pow. Its strapless grip has a women-specific grip for a female-friendly feel, and the aluminum alloy shaft is lightweight and tough for superior swing weight when you're slashing, carving, and making the ski-game look good.

  • Women-specific ski pole for on- or off-piste skiing
  • Durable alloy shaft withstands wear and tear
  • Strapless S handle with women-specific grip
  • Standard basket and metal Ice tip
  • Item #SCO00IX
  • This is the scott strapless pole as its. Name suggests its strapless so the idea. Of this pole is instead of having a webbing strap that's really fiddly to get your hand in especially when your hands are cold or straps frozen the idea. Of this is its all integrated within the handle so literally just slide your hand in there it gives you a nice easy. Grip you haven't got mess about but as well. You're not going to drop the pole it is super comfortable all shaped and molded to fit your hand it's lightweight it's. Just a super easy to use pole this is. The scott strapless pole available at. Ski Bartlett in hillingdon or you can also buy it online at ski Bartlett comm. Don't forget to also check out the other. Reviews on in the snow tv.

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    Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's

    Contrary to popular belief, your foot actually doesn't have to hurt with hot spots and numb coldness halfway through a day filled with skiing groomers. Salomon outfitted the Women's X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot with its heat-moldable Custom Shell, heat-forming Custom Fit 3D liner, and electronic Heat 3D Pro technology, so you can ski in a boot that mirrors your foot's shape and adjusts its warmth according to the day's temperatures.

    With a fully charged battery, the X Pro's Heat 3D Pro technology assures adjustable warmth for up to eighteen hours. A Twinframe chassis grants the X Pro with enhanced control and sensitivity, so you can feel the corduroy underneath your skis while you bank turns with precision. The Oversized Pivot makes sure you get the most out of the boot's moderate 90 flex when you're skiing with wider skis.

  • Customizable all-mountain ski boot for all-day comfort
  • Moderate 90 flex for beginner to intermediate skiers
  • Wide last assures a comfortable fit
  • Heat-formed 360 degree Custom Shell and Custom Fit 3D liner
  • Electronic Heat 3D Pro technology customizes warmth
  • Twinframe chassis enhances control and sensitivity
  • Oversized Pivot helps drive wider skis
  • Item #SAL00UM
  • The ex-pro custom heat is a 110 flex 102. 106 millimeter last performance food for. The intermediate to advanced level skier the custom heat technology is an on one. Heated liner with batteries it's a twin frame construction efficiently transfers energy from skier. To this case the 360 shell allows the shell to be custom molded to eliminate pressure points the custom sean cuff allows for the cup to custom mold the 3d. Pro liner is 60% thermoform oval foam. Aligned for a custom fit in the shin angle pocket and toe box an oversized pivot improves lateral stiffness increasing response and control and a plexi juster allows for the flex to be softened by up to 10 points for more. Info on the x pro custom heat please visit us at skis.com.

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    Atomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women's

    The Atomic Women's Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot rips groomers, shreds powder, and weaves through trees with a perfect fit and feather-light feel. It boasts a medium-stiff flex that's responsive for intermediate and recreational skiers, and a nice mid-volume last feels comfortable for most average-width feet to fill. Revolutionarily light technology keeps weight off the shell, using reinforcements only where needed—such as the Energy Backbone, which bolsters that boot-to-ski response every skier craves.

    At the heart of this successful collection lies Atomic's Legendary Hawx Feel, which refers to the combination of fit and balance that makes these boots so worthy of praise. Memory Fit technology in the liner provides a comfortable out-of-box fit, which works in harmony with the anatomically-specific last, and its thermo-moldable for dialing in just the right shape. Meanwhile, the ramp angle, stance, and forward lean create a balance that encourages nothing but confidence on the mountain, helping you charge every run like a pro.

  • Lightweight ski boot for exploring the frontside
  • 95 flex balances forgiving comfort with downhill perfomance
  • 100mm last offers welcoming comfort for average volume feet
  • Lightweight shell keeps you feeling fast on the slopes
  • Memory fit liner can be heat molded to create the perfect fit
  • Insulation provides low bulk warmth on cold storm days
  • Reinforced backbone enhances strength and edge grip
  • Item #ATO00CJ
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    Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's

    As the slimmest ski in Nordica's Santa Ana Fleet, the Women's Santa Ana 93 Ski is a great choice for ladies who love to rip down pristine groomers, but desire the freedom to venture to the backside on occasion. The 93-millimeter waist is nimble and fast on hardpack and corduroy, but won't leave you thinking you brought the wrong skis when an unexpected storm dumps a foot of fresh. Thanks to the early rise tip and tail, each turn you make is easy to initiate and easy to release for a smooth, maneuverable feel, while underfoot camber enhances edge grip for confidence and control.

    A lightweight wood core sandwiched in between layers of carbon and Titanal gives the Santa Ana 93 a perfect blend of pop, stability, and edge-to-edge power transfer for a smooth, stable ride. And, to top off this balanced package, an impressively short turn radius means you can dance through tight trees and down wide open bowls with effortless agility.

  • All-mountain ski for shredding any type of snow
  • Adaptable 93mm waist can handle a variety of conditions
  • Early rise tip and tail ease turn initiation and increase control
  • Underfoot camber ensures reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Wood core is light and poppy for a playful, responsive feel
  • Titanal layers dampen energy vibrations for an even ride
  • Carbon prepreg laminates increase stiffness without excess weight
  • Item #NOR004Y
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today I'm talking about the 2018 nordica santa ana 93 women's ski so. Just to jump right into it this is really a do-it-all ski for a girl that knows what she's doing it's for an intermediate to advanced level rider for a couple reasons that we'll get into and it's great for all-mountain specifically but it's gonna have a lot of floats and powder and if you want to do some freestyle moves or hit the park a little bit its diverse enough to take you there and let you be successful as well so the profile of. This as you might be able to see on the video it's kind of hard to tell but there's a pretty heavy camber right in the center here it's called the all-mountain cam rock nordica calls it. So it's gonna push the contact point of the rocker in the front back 25% with. The way that they're doing it now in the tail five percent so it's gonna give you. With the rocker in the front and increased float while the camber care is gonna give you increased velocity and. Maneuverability and powder as well as. Just on groomers too so and it's gonna have a turn initiation too, so we have cambered underfoot here and then a really early rise rocker in the nose so you'll notice if you push here is if your weight is on the ski the contact point is extremely early rise um so the. Contact when is getting really far back pretty far back especially since this is considered an all about in ski that's that's more of a classic powder. Ski i would say so for that reason with. These skis you'll notice that your contact points are a little bit shorter in general even in the back of it here too, so we would recommend that you do size up just a little bit compared to what you might normally be used to in other skis so to get into the specs of. This it's 1:24 width under nose 93. Underfoot and then one 12 in the tail. The base of these skis is centered and the edges are full steel so it's a very. Well-made ski and it does have a really. Really cool design on top i really like the top sheet it does feel super high-quality we also have some interesting technology with these skis, so we have a hammerhead nose and that's gonna maximize the contact and it's also kind of gonna reduce some vibrations that you might experience at high speed so it's a very high quality and very well-designed ski now we do have a. Partial twin tip and in the core we have poplar beach and. Balsa icore so it's gonna make it very lightweight but still super high. Performing board we have a lot of materials going into this board now with the flex of this kind of experimenting with it myself i would definitely say that's a medium flex so it's gonna be a little bit softer in the nose and a little bit. Stiffer in the tail so and obviously when you manage keys it's a little further back so it's gonna give you that. Turn initiation that you need but it's gonna be a little bit softer in the front so you can get up and powder and it's easy to maneuver still so with the laminate of this we have sheets of carbon along the edges and it gives you really good edge hold an edge grip now if you have any problems with this ski you have a one-year warranty through nordica so you can contact them with any problems that you run into now you can find the 2018 at nordica santa and a 93 women's skis at the house calm.

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    Nordica Speedmachine 115 Ski Boot - Women's

    The stiffest women-specific offering in Nordica's Speedmachine lineup, the Women's Speedmachine 115 Ski Boot caters to aggressive all-mountain skiers that want to rip steep corduroy, bomb through powder stashes, and ski the most technical lines on the mountain. In addition to its aggressive nature, the Speedmachine leans towards comfort with a customizable shell, liner, and relatively roomy 100 millimeter last to keep your feet happy from first bell to last.

    Nordica's Infrared Tri Force shell is anatomically shaped for a lightweight, responsive feel. Stiff plastic along the shell's spine holds true to the hard-charging nature of the boot by providing smooth and efficient power transfer through the boot to your ski, while softer plastic above the instep makes it easy to get in and out of. Both the shell and the responsive cork liner are fully customizable to ensure you get a precise, comfortable fit so you can tackle any terrain and conditions the mountain throws at you, and Primaloft insulation in the liner keeps your toes warm and happy on the coldest bluebird days of the season.

  • Crush the frontside in this all-mountain boot
  • Stiff 115 flex is suitable for expert lady shredders
  • 100mm last fits a variety of foot widths for a precise feel
  • Lightweight, anatomically shaped shell ensures responsiveness
  • Stiff plastic along spine adds efficient power transfer through boot
  • Soft plastic above instep makes entry and exit easy
  • Shell and cork liner are fully customizable for a correct fit
  • Primaloft insulation keeps toes toasty in frigid days
  • Item #NOR004B
  • This is Dylan here from ken jong's scheme art in Manchester new hampshire, and we are here today to talk about the. New nordica speed machine series this is. A very popular name a name that a lot of. Our customers will remember speed. Machine was extremely popular in the 90s into the early 2000s one of the most popular boots on the market so now it. Has been brought back with brand-new technology brand-new fit new liners in a. Very cool new product or boot fitting. That we call infrared technology so. These boots have the ability in key points where customers generally will. Have fit issues these boots have the ability to stretch conform very easily. With a little bit of heat it's a very. Easy treatment and results in unbelievable fit characteristics. Extremely the ski ability is. Going to be through the roof on these boots classic nordica ski ability. Starting up at the 130 speed machine the head of the class resist for their. Series this is going to be your top-level skier who's looking for fit and. Performance we move down into the 110. Flex again higher-end boot still all the. Great features a little more forgiving flex slightly softer little cushier in. The liner still though gonna have great. Nordica performance rounding out our men's collection for the speed machine series is the speed machine 100 same. Great fit great infrared technology but. With more comfortable on the liner softer on the flex to allow intermediate. To a lower and advanced skier to feel confident be able to stay forward on his skis and have all-day comfort really. Exciting for the speed machine series on the women's side three beautiful. Boots distinctly different flexes for. Different skiers at the high end coming. In at the speed machine 105 performance. Fit all the bells and whistles that a high-end women's skier is going to need moving down in to the eighty-five flex. Level right in the middle of the market for your intermediate to low and advanced women's skier great fit great. Liners extremely warm on these liners too on the women's side of the liners they put an even more effort and newer. Technology to allow these to be warmer. For women and then coming in at the 75 flex this is actually a really great product it's really bringing all of this great technology down to a very affordable price and this we think is. Going to be a very popular booth for us this year so that's it for nordica speed. Machine get down in here to ken jong's ski mart try some of these new boots on for a lot of you people a lot of people out there have owned a nordica speed machine boot in the past and it's a great time to get back with the product so get down here try one on, and we'll see you next time with another product review.

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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

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    K2 GottaLuvit 105TI Ski - Women's

    Whether you want to spend your day ripping the frontside, hucking big cliffs, or sniffing out untouched powder stashes, the K2 Women's GottaLuvit 105TI Ski can oblige. Its adaptable 105-millimeter waist will have you floating through waist-deep days with enjoyable ease, but isn't overpowering in variable or compact conditions, and the rockered tip and tail provide easy turn initiation and flotation in softer snow. A healthy helping of camber underfoot means you can make powerful turns on firm groomers, while the tapered tip and tail lets you ease out of each turn and reduces deflection in the tip.

    The GottaLoveit features a women-specific core, utilizing a combination of lightweight composite reinforced with aspen and paulownia wood, which reduces the ski's swing weight and offers a playful, powerful, and impressively balanced ride. Layers of Titanal and fiberglass embrace the core to add dampness and keep the ski stiff from edge to edge for optimal power transfer, leaving you with a smooth feel no matter where you decide to point your tips.

  • Tackle hardpack to powder with this balanced, versatile ski
  • 105mm waist doesn't sink when the snow is deep
  • Rockered tip and tail plows through soft snow
  • Underfoot camber provides power and edge hold in firm conditions
  • Tapered tip and tail reduces deflection and eases turn release
  • Lightweight composite and wood core for low swing weight
  • Titanal and fiberglass layers add a damp, smooth feel
  • Underfoot sidewall construction ensures reliable power transfer and edge grip
  • Item #K2S00HC
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    Head Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women's

    Make a ski too heavy and your legs will be done by lunch time; make a ski too light and you're going to have a hard time skiing anything but the most ideal snow conditions. When Head set out to design its Women's Total Joy Ski, the company wanted to make a ski that was light, powerful, and, most importantly, fun to ski. So what did Head do? Well, it put heads together and came up with a whole new way to build a ski in order to keep it light, powerful, and a Total Joy to ski.

    What Head came up with was a special ingredient called graphene. Like sugar, graphene just makes everything a whole lot sweeter. Ultra thin, lightweight, and stronger than diamonds (yeah, that's right), graphene gives the Total Joy a stiff and stable feel, without adding a bunch of weight to the ski. But Head took it a step further and threw in layers of carbon, then used a lightweight Koroyd synthetic core to keep the ski light, nimble, and easy to ski. With an 85mm waist, the Total Joy is a frontside ski that will rip everything from East Coast ice to West Coast groomers with ease. A women-specific profile consists of an early rise tip to make turn initiation a breeze, while a toned-down camber profile makes the ski forgiving, yet solid once laid on edge.

  • Carving ski dominates frontside groomers
  • 85mm waist is nimble and carves corduroy
  • Early rise tip eases turn initiation
  • Camber holds an edge on firm snow
  • Graphene adds stiffness and strength
  • Carbon and Koroyd keeps things light and nimble
  • Short turn radius is responsive and maneuverable
  • Item #HEA004E
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    Dalbello Sports DS 110 Ski Boot - Women's

    When you're powering your way through tight trees or steep chutes, you'll do so with plenty of confidence—and the Dalbello DS 110 Ski Boot strapped firmly on, of course. This hard-charging boot uses a stiff, lightweight shell that effectively transfers power into you ski without weighing you down, and features a thermo-moldable liner that gives you a personalized fit for ultimate control over your sticks. Dalbello's My Fit System means that the shell is moldable as well, for working more room into the boot over personal hot spots. A stiff flex index of 110 is just what the doctor orders for experienced or more aggressive skiers, putting you in the front seat whether you're slashing powder or carving up fresh corduroy, and the mid-volume last will fit a large range of feet.

  • A big mountain alpine ski boot for hard charging ladies
  • Stiff flex optimal for experienced or larger skiers
  • 99mm last offers a good fit for most sized feet
  • Adjustable cuff alignment lets you tweak the ramp angle
  • Micro-adjustable buckles dial in a precise fit
  • 40mm Power Strap offers closure with responsive performance
  • Compatible with Grip Walk outsoles, sold separately
  • Item #DBL004D
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    Head Skis USA Absolut Joy Ski - Women's

    Much like the name implies, it feels pretty good to get out on Head's Absolut Joy Skis. An ideal ski for the intermediate rider looking to expand their frontside territory, the 78mm waist is perfect for groomers and firm snow. An early rise tip eases turn initiation for effortless steering, and the low camber is super maneuverable when you're practicing your moguls. The composite core is lightweight and easy to handle, while the Graphene Power Sidewall adds strength and stability when you start to up your speed.

  • Reliable trail skis for beginner to intermediate skiers
  • 78mm waist thrives on groomed runs and hardpack
  • Tip rocker helps you sail over crud and bumps
  • Lower camber underfoot ensures quick response on the trails
  • Composite core is super light and easy to maneuver
  • Graphene side walls add strength and power
  • Short turn radius offers intuitively nimble control
  • Item #HEA004F
  • Hi I'm cooped with head Tyrolean here today. With christy sports talking about the absolute joy within the joy woman's specific series of skis this ski is. About fun if you want to go out and have fun if you're an intermediate ski or maybe a lower intermediate skier you'd. Be astonished how comfortable you'll be on this ski, so we really build the ski around trying to make you as comfortable as possible we use a composite core that's two different densities of foam that we use within the ski it allows us to make this ski very light we use graphene underfoot with this ski which. Gives it a very comfortable feel on groomed terrain as well as checking out. Some of that chopped arraign that might be new to you as a skier utilizes a seventy-nine millimeter footprints through the waste it has about a thirteen and a half meter turn radius so like i said this ski is about making you comfortable putting you at ease on the. Snow and allowing you to enjoy your day and enjoy your day longer urge you to check out the absolute joy christi sports. You.

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    Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    When you're the type of person to get up early, catch first chair, and then ride until last call, you need a boot that'll back up your ambitions. There'll be no stopping you with Rossignol's AllTrack Pro 100 Women's Ski Boot, a warm and comfortable boot that truly embraces the do-it-all versatility that all-mountain boots are meant to deliver. This one boasts a reasonable aggressive 100 flex suitable for the intermediate skiers or aggressive riders on the lighter side, and the comfortable-but-precise 100mm last includes a lower cuff and a slimmer footbed to better accommodate women's natural proportions. 

    The AllTrack Pro is meant to ride well over soft powder and stiff crud alike, and it offers custom-moldable comfort to make anything possible. If properly shaped by a boot professional, the Optisensor 3D liner can be tailored to fit you personally, giving you proper control and efficient power transfer on the slopes. And with warm Thinsulate Platinum insulation added to the liner, you need not worry about frigid winter days driving you indoors before you've had your fill.

  • All mountain alpine boot for repeat laps at the resort
  • 100 flex gives intermediate or lightweight rippers power and control
  • 100mm offers an award-winning fit for most average width feet
  • Thermo-moldable technology dials in an efficient fit
  • Insulated liner offers extra warmth on cold winter days
  • Grip Walk soles come in handy when traveling by foot
  • Hike-mode makes bootpacking and parking lots pain-free
  • Item #ROS00EY
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's

    If the park were a fresh, doughy roll, then the Line Women's Honey Bee Ski would the sweetest glaze to smear all over those rails and jumps; just don't forget to butter before you take off. The early rise tip and tail encourage buttering all over the park, and also work to provide you with enjoyable float in deeper snow while still maintaining easy engagement on hardpack. Line's Symmetrical Flex provides an equally balanced feel whether you're riding switch or not, and the lightweight aspen wood core keeps the ride soft, playful, and responsive, also makes the ski easy to throw around. Fiberglass near the core along with thicker edges and bases add durability to the mix, increasing the tuning life so you can spend more time perfecting your 360 and less time in the shop.

  • Dominate the park with this women-specific park ski
  • Skinny 92mm waist speeds up spinning on and off jumps
  • Early rise tip and tail float in deep snow and engage on hardpack
  • Lightweight aspen core is nimble and responsive
  • Symmetric Flex feels the same when you ride switch
  • Thicker edges and base increase durability and tuning life
  • Fiberglass near core enhances durability without adding weight
  • Item #LIN005H
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    Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women's

    The Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W binding features a thin 69mm waist, traditional camber profile, short turn radius, and a construction that enhances control. This combination allows you to confidently carve up groomers and firm pack with tight turns and excessive control that will make even hard charging slalom racers jealous.

    The thin 69mm waist of the Alight pro allows you to get from edge to edge quickly and easily for smooth turn transitions and nimble control. Working with that thin waist, the traditional camber and tight turn radius create powerful energy transfer to the edges as well as confident edge hold at any speed. To ensure you can properly control the ski and benefit from its shape these sticks feature a responsive and powerful C-spine, a lightweight layup, and a damp IQ suspension. This combination will have you enjoying every turn you make from first chair to last run.

  • Traditional all-mountain carving ski with integrated bindings
  • 69mm waist transfers from edge to edge quickly and easily
  • Traditional camber enhances power transfer to your edges
  • Short turn radius encourages tight turning for maximum control
  • IQ suspension smooths out your ride by boosting dampness
  • Full sidewalls enhance torsional rigidity and stability
  • C-Spine core adds carbon to a full wood core for response
  • Item #BLZ003L
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    Bern Diabla MIPS Helmet - Girls'

    You can rest easy this winter knowing your little snow demon is shredding around with the Bern Diabla MIPS Helmet planted firmly on her noggin. Built with a protective ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam, it also uses the power of MIPS to reduce rotational forces from angled impacts. The fuzzy liner and ear pads add warmth and comfort on cold days, while radial ventilation keeps her from overheating if you guys are out in the spring corn. Plus, the helmet is certified for bike—simply remove the liner and ear pads and she can keep playing all summer long.

  • All-season helmet for skiing and bike safety
  • MIPS technology reduces rotational forces
  • EPS foam absorbs the shock from impacts
  • Thinshell construction offers lightweight comfort
  • Radial ventilation helps regulate her body temperature
  • Liner and ear pads can be removed for summer use
  • Item #BRN005P
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    Armada ARW 86 Ski - Women's

    Whether you are just starting to slide rails or if you are working on perfecting your big switch sevens, the Armada ARW 86 Ski will boost your confidence to inspire progression and fun in the park. The 86mm waist is a perfect blend of nimbleness for rail tricks and stability for big jumps at high speeds. The AR Freestyle Rocker supplements this mixture of control and stability by combining a powerful and long camber section nearly out to the tip and tail, with short rocker sections to the tip and tail that add forgiveness and encourage stylish butters and snappy shuffles. To ensure this ski holds up to day after day of park abuse it is equipped with a beefy 2.2mm edge, a responsive and durable Pop-lite core, and an easily repairable S7 sintered base.

  • Jib ski built for fun and progressive days in the park
  • 86mm waist is nimble on rails and stable at speed
  • AR freestyle rocker mixes poppy camber with buttery rocker
  • Short turn radius is easy to control and manuever
  • 2.2 Impact Edges hold up to hard rail skiing day after day
  • Pop-Lite core offers excessive ollie power and adds durability
  • S7 base features a speed additive so you can clear the big line
  • Item #ARM00JT
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