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  Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women's Salomon X Max 90 Ski Boot - Women's Atomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women's Scott Scrapper 95 Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's Lange RX 110 LV Ski Boot - Women's Tecnica Cochise 95 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon QST Lumen 99 Ski - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's Rossignol Experience 84 AI Ski - Women's Salomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women's K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's K2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women's K2 Missconduct Ski - Women's
 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women'sSalomon X Max 90 Ski Boot - Women'sAtomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women'sScott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women'sScott Scrapper 95 Ski - Women'sScott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women'sLange RX 110 LV Ski Boot - Women'sTecnica Cochise 95 Ski Boot - Women'sSalomon QST Lumen 99 Ski - Women'sDPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women'sRossignol Experience 84 AI Ski - Women'sSalomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women'sK2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women'sK2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women'sK2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women'sRossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women'sDPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women'sK2 Missconduct Ski - Women's
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BrandDPS SkisK2ScottScottK2SalomonTecnicaScottK2LangeDPS SkisRossignolK2RossignolRossignolSalomonAtomicSalomon
Claimed Weight[pair, 168cm] 7lb 2oz--[pair, 168cm] 6lb 5.6oz[pair, 159cm] 7lb 8oz[pair, 167cm] 6lb 10.9oz--[pair, 163cm] 7lb 2.6oz--[single] 4lb 6oz--[pair, 160cm ] 5lb 11.7oz-[pair] 7lb 9oz-
ConstructionAlchemist Pure Carbonhalf-cap-sandwichsandwichsandwich--sandwich-sandwich---sandwich-sandwich-
Coreaspen woodfir, aspen, carbon laminate-wood, carbon/aramid stringersaspen, carbon boost braidpoplar wood core, carbon, basalt, flax--aspen, paulownia, metal laminate-aspen, carbon fiber laminate---HD core Basalt VAS W-Light Woodcore, Energy Backbone, Carbon Tank Mesh-
Dimensions130 / 106 / 120mm129 / 82 / 111mm-[168cm] 129 / 94 / 133mm116 / 88 / 110mm[153cm] 130 / 99 / 112mm, [159cm] 132 / 99 / 114mm, [167cm] 134 / 99 / 116mm, [174cm] 136 / 99 / 118mm--132 / 95 / 115mm-[165cm] 126 / 87 / 107mm, [171cm] 127 / 87 / 108mm---126 / 84 / 116mm-[156cm] 127 / 97 / 116mm, [164cm] 128.5 / 97 / 117.5mm, [172cm] 130 / 97 / 119mm-
Length158cm, 168cm, 178cm146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm44 in, 46 in, 48 in, 50 in, 52 in160cm, 168cm149cm, 159cm, 169cm153cm, 159cm, 167cm, 174cm-[44in] 110 cm, [46in] 115 cm, [48in] 120 cm, [50in] 125 cm, [52in] 130 cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm-165cm, 171cm-40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm-144cm, 152cm, 160cm, 168cm-156cm, 164cm, 172cm100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year2 years2 year limitedlimited 2 years3 years1 year1 year2 years limited3 years1 year2 years1 year1 year1 year1 year2 years2 years2 years
Profilecamber underfoot, rocker tip and tailSpeed Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot)-Twin-Tip Rocker S (rocker/camber/rocker)All-Terrain Rocker (rocker/camber/rocker)All Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)--All-Terrain Rocker (rocker/camber/rocker)-early rise---All-Terrain Rocker (early rise tip, camber underfoot, flat tail)-All Mountain Rocker (rocker/camber/rocker)-
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingskiing, backcountryall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingpark & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingskiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing
Turn Radius[168cm] 18m[160cm] 14m-[168cm] 18m[159cm] 14.5m19m--[170cm] 14m-[165cm] 17m, [171cm] 17.5m---16m-[156cm] 15.9m, [164cm] 17m, [172cm] 18m-

Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women's

You wish you could enjoy the ski resort from first chair to last, but your toes go numb sometime after lunch every time. Instead of roasting your frozen feet by the fire while all your friends enjoy the afternoon, slip into the Rossignol Women's Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot. This boot's liner is thermal regulating and made from naturally odor-resistant merino wool that stays soft and smooth after seasons of wear, and will keep your feet happy from parking lot stretches to apres in the lodge.

Rossignol designed the Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot with a mid-range flex that's ideal for all types of riders, from those just starting to challenge themselves to people who get 100 days in a year. The 100mm last includes a women-specific design that effectively balances performance and comfort, while the Sensor Blade shell effectively translates power to the skis edge while shaving as much weight as possible. As you ride the boot more you can customize your flex via simple screws in the spine of the boot to get either a slightly stiffer or slightly softer flex depending on your preferences.

  • Comfortable ski boot for taking your skiing to the next level
  • 100 flex is ideal for beginner through advanced skiers
  • Adjustable flex control lets you fine tune your ride
  • 100mm last creates a great blend of control and comfort
  • Sensor Blade shell reduces weight without inhibiting performance
  • Diagonal buckles offer superior heel hold and a more natural wrap
  • Merino wool liner with electronic Thermic System for heat regulation
  • Item #ROS00BL
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Salomon X Max 90 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Salomon Women's X Max 90 Ski Boot blurs the line between performance and comfort so you can have your cake and eat it too. A friendly 90 flex is suitable for intermediate to advanced lady shredders, and though the 98-millimeter last offers a performance-first fit, the boot's last can be widened up about 104 millimeters, thanks to the fully customizable shell. Salomon added an oversized pivot to reduce play for increased power transmission, even when you're driving your widest set of sticks.

    The liner is women-specific, meaning it is has a lower cuff and slightly lower volume to give you the best fit, and boasts a secure heel hold and anti-packing foam so the liner doesn’t compress down too much after a few seasons of wear. Fuzzy material on the inside of the liner adds plush comfort and additional warmth, which is a welcome feature when you're spending a full day tearing up the mountain.

  • Ski boot that blends performance and comfort
  • 90 flex is perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Narrow 98mm last provides a performance-oriented fit
  • Shell is thermo-moldable for a wider last and customized fit
  • Women-specific liner is anatomically shaped
  • Liner has soft, plush lining for added warmth and comfort
  • Oversized pivot reduces play for increased precision and power transmission
  • Item #SAL01IZ
  • Rob here with christy sports talking about the new salomon alpine boot collection and in my hands i have the new x pro 90 women's the x pro 90 women's is designed for high-performance female skiers who are looking for. Performance on the mountain without sacrificing comfort for comfort what we. Have is that my custom fit 3d liner which creates great heel retention and foot hold while allowing the foot to be warm and comfortable on the exterior who. Will use the 360 salomon custom shall the custom shell allows us to adapt the width of the boot in the forefoot through the instep and in key areas on the medial and lateral side of the foot in order to give you a real comfortable. But yet secure platform to get out and ski everywhere on the mountain so come check out the comfort and performance of the x pro 90 women's.

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    Atomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women's

    Atomic's Women's Vantage 97 C Ski is the perfect blend of lightness, strength, and versatility. Perfect for intermediate to advanced lady shredders who want one ski to do it all, the 97-millimeter waist and rockered tip and tail thrives when the snow is deep and fresh, and underfoot camber and an approachable shape makes it charge like a champ on hardpack when the storm doesn't deliver.

    To construct such a light, approachable ski, Atomic started with a minimalist profile and added strength in the areas of the ski that need it the most. The poppy poplar core keeps the Vantage 97 damp and stable, and carbon mesh from tip to tail ensures full-length stiffness for a smooth feel. Complete with full sidewalls for extra stability and superior edge hold on hardpack, this ski is your key to unlocking all-mountain fun, no matter what the conditions.

  • All-mountain ski for powder days and all the days in between
  • 97mm waist is nimble on firm snow
  • Rockered tip and tail offer float in powder
  • Underfoot camber for reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Lightweight poplar wood core is damp and stable
  • Full-length carbon mesh adds strength without compromising weight
  • Full sidewall adds stability and efficient power transfer at speed
  • Item #ATO00B2
  • hi I'm sean with atomic skis and I'm. Here today to talk to you about the atomic vantage 95 c for women the. Vantage 95 c is lighter and stronger and more capable than it's ever been thanks to carbon tank mesh and an all-mountain rocker profile making the ski versatile and soft snow and incredibly fun on hardpack snow the. Firewall sidewall gives you good edge grip and confidence while skiing all over the mountain it's a to time magazine test winner and the all women's all-mountain category and the perfect one ski quiver for the undecided skier out there it's perfect for all ability levels and this is the atomic managed 95 c.

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    Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women's

    You've never really been a pole strap kinda gal, not relishing skier's thumb or the feeling of your arm being jerked around when your pole is snagged by a tree. That's why you rock the Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles, which feature a strapless grip that you can't get enough of.

  • Strapless ski poles for skiing simplified
  • Lightweight shaft material won't drag you down
  • Ice tip ensures a steady pole plant
  • Item #SCO00IZ
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    Scott Scrapper 95 Ski - Women's

    Scott made the Scrapper 95 Ski for scrappy skiers like yourself, who want it quick and nimble on the trial but are also down to explore for more. With a 95mm waist underfoot, it's more than ready to tear up the fresh corduroy, but it's got enough width that you won't find yourself sinking too deep when you find a stash from last week's storm. It features a rockered tip and tail for quick turn initiation and surfability, while camber underfoot gives you snappy response in the trees and on the steeps. The full length wood core keeps the skis from weighing you down, while carbon and aramid stringers add strength at speed and dampen vibrations when you encounter crud.

  • An everyday all-mountain ski for players that like to play
  • Versatile 95mm waist feeds well on- and off-piste
  • Rocker tip encourages free sailing over powder and crud
  • Rocker tail creates smooth and easy turn initiation
  • Camber underfoot provides quick edge-to-edge response
  • Lightweight wood core strengthened by carbon/aramid stringers
  • Item #SCO00UJ
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    Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's

    The Scott Women's Strapless S Ski Pole holds upright and stays solid whether you're carving frontside groomers or trenching through back-mountain pow. Its strapless grip has a women-specific grip for a female-friendly feel, and the aluminum alloy shaft is lightweight and tough for superior swing weight when you're slashing, carving, and making the ski-game look good.

  • Women-specific ski pole for on- or off-piste skiing
  • Durable alloy shaft withstands wear and tear
  • Strapless S handle with women-specific grip
  • Standard basket and metal Ice tip
  • Item #SCO00IX
  • This is the scott strapless pole as its. Name suggests its strapless so the idea. Of this pole is instead of having a webbing strap that's really fiddly to get your hand in especially when your hands are cold or straps frozen the idea. Of this is its all integrated within the handle so literally just slide your hand in there it gives you a nice easy. Grip you haven't got mess about but as well. You're not going to drop the pole it is super comfortable all shaped and molded to fit your hand it's lightweight it's. Just a super easy to use pole this is. The scott strapless pole available at. Ski Bartlett in hillingdon or you can also buy it online at ski Bartlett comm. Don't forget to also check out the other. Reviews on in the snow tv.

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    Lange RX 110 LV Ski Boot - Women's

    As the stiffest women-specific boot in Lange's RX line, the Women's 110 LV Ski Boot offers the powerful connection you require to rip your skis down steep corduroy groomers, tight trees, and open bowls of pure powder. The 110 flex is ideal for advanced skiers looking to tear up the whole mountain, and a narrow 97-millimeter last offers a precise, performance oriented fit. A mapping of lightweight plastic at specific areas of the boot's shell makes entry and exit a breeze, and works to increase energy and flex control, optimizing its responsiveness.

    Lange's women-specific Shin Control liner evenly distributes shin pressure as you flex into the boot, which give you better control and a more comfortable feel. For a customized fit, the liner is also thermo-moldable, and features two different high-density foams in key fit zones to add plush comfort and all-day support to your ride. And, even on the coldest days the mountain has to offer, Thinsulate insulation in the liner will keep your toes warm so you don't have to quit early.

  • Solid boots for tearing up the mountain
  • 110 flex is stiff and responsive for efficient ski control
  • Performance-oriented 97mm last accommodates narrower feet
  • Women-specific liner is anatomically designed for a precise feel
  • Liner is thermo-moldable to offer completely customized fit
  • Thinsulate insulation keeps toes warm on cold mountain days
  • Max Grip sole provides traction when booting to powder stashes
  • Item #DYN006D
  • This is the lang xt 110 low-volume. Women's boot it's a hike android boot so. It's got a walk function on the back which means you can stand up a little bit straighter in the boot if you are doing any hiking off the lift but it's. Also a really good solid piece boot ideal for quite aggressive female skiers and the 110 flex is quite stiff through. A women's boot and but in general the. Line boots ski were really nicely on the bottom you can see we've got some super grippy cells which are going to help you if you are walking around on snow or ice. So if you want to find out more about the lang xt low-volume 110 women's boot. Then come and see us at ski Bartlett or have a look at our web-site ski but calm.

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    Tecnica Cochise 95 Ski Boot - Women's

    Looking for all-mountain performance that's ready to hike to out-of-bounds stashes or bootpack up the ridge to the resort's most distant corners? Check out Tecnica's Cochise 95 Women's Ski Boot, which fuses a friendly 95 flex and comfortable 99mm last with a Cuff Mobility System ski/hike mode that gives you a large range of motion in the ankle for a free and comfortable stride. The shell's constructed out of ultralight polyurethane, which offers a consistent flex and shape in all temperatures for steady performance and comfort whether you're cruising backcountry powder or spending the afternoon cruising sunny groomers.

    A boot is only as good as its liner, though, which is why Tecnica outfitted the Cochise 95 with a snug and warm women's UltraFit liner, which provides an awesome out-of-the-box fit and can be heat-molded to perfectly fit the contours of your foot. The Cochise also has a pre-punched navicular area to accommodate your foot bones and a defined heel pocket to lock down ladies' heels so you don't slip around when you're bouncing through moguls or surfing your way through the trees. A Quick Instep system uses a flexible panel over the forefoot to make the Cochise super easy to take on and off, and the boot also comes the option to swap out the included alpine DIN soles for tech soles, if you're planning on spending most of your time in the backcountry.

  • A versatile boot for exploring every inch of the mountain
  • 95 flex ideal for intermediate skiers or lightweight chargers
  • 100mm last offers a good volume for most average sized feet
  • Ultralight shell won't weigh you down in the light fluffy stuff
  • Women's UltraFit heat-moldable liner lets you dial in the comfort
  • Hike mode provides 42° range of motions on the bootpack
  • Quick Instep easy entry for painless entry and exit
  • Interchangeable DIN and tech soles (tech soles sold separately)
  • Item #TEC003P
  • Hi I'm stefano from technical we are here. At the company today and i just want to tell you briefly what happened when we. Construct when we thought when we build the new croce's first of all we start. From the old Cochise we use that booth now for five years, so we know basically all the points that we need to improve. In that boots plus we work a lot with our athletes they are today summit. Meeting we met them twice a year, so we listen from them we try to catch all. Idea possible to implement them into the. New development that's how we start so improving the existing coaches and adding all their all the true the real needs of our best skier which we ever. Run in the world so the goal we put on. The table for the new coaches was to make the boots lighter but yes lighter but also we want to put into the boots. The best performance possible and when we say the best performance possible it's listening to our athletes they want. To have a racing boots they want to have a boot which you can almost race in yes. You can go use a long gs key go as fast as you can and the boot should hold those kind of headphone performance so. As light as possible with the most. Performant possible shape talking about. The shape coming from the old Cochise we. Want to make the boot slimmer narrower slimmer more tight have a. Better wrapping around your feet have a better shape so if you see compared to the old Cochise the boot is much slimmer much closer to your. Feet like i said our goal was to make. The boots like and perform it. Lightweight the goal was to go below 2 kilos in poly ether and you know poly ether. Is the best plastic you can use is the best plastic in terms of performance the best rebound is the most alive plastic we can put is the plastic they are using in workup so, but we know it's a le. Plastic so the goal was to make it light and would be below 2 kilos and here we are. One kilo 960 970 now for the new Cochise. 130 in poly ether the new mechanism. That's a long story when we start was two years ago with our athletes, and they. Had only one goal they said the MacLeish should be as strong as the worker booth. And when we talk about work at boots we know we have to screw so basically they want to have a locking system which is. Yes strong but the solo key system that. Where they can trust under percent when they make beam jump or when they really push the boots over the limit, so we make the new mechanism and what is. New in this mechanism strong they're. Integrated into the calf we try to integrate to put it integrated the most. Possible and the system is able to adjust himself that means if in by using the boots you. Will get some place some extra movement. Which you don't want to have the system will be able to adjust and go back to have always the best blocking the most. Solid connection another important point. Was to put the maximum possible range of. Motion and I'm talking about the leg the. Leg motion so first freedom completely. Freedom soft extremely soft when you are. Moving the calf, and we position a range of motion mostly to the front because we. Mostly climb we mostly go the steeper terrain and you need to have the boots which is flexed very nice soft with. Without effort to the front another. Interesting feature the fact that we. Have no hunting we figured our if you is. You want to have the canting immediately you have some play because you. This play allowed the canteen to move, so we don't want to have any place so that means having a the time stood tightest. Connection possible between the calf and the shell it means no canteen super solid connection big difference. Compared to the old Cochise it's now the low-tech insert are the real dyna fit. And they are integrated into the short. So the sole are not interchangeable like. In the orchestra they are integrated into the sole this give a lot of. Versatility and we combined with sky walk. So real good quality rubber would have. The best hiking performance lift lock a. Patent things from technical we are used. To when we put the boots on and off we. Are used to do like this and then bend this path right so now what we change. It's very simple you open the buckle you use your leaf lock step in step out of the boots very. Easy and when you wanna buckle just lift it go in position and close a very cool. Feature simple to step in step out. Of your boots very easily. You.

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    Salomon QST Lumen 99 Ski - Women's

    Your search for the ideal one-ski quiver ends with the Salomon Women's QST Lumen 99 Ski. With a 99-millimeter waist, this all-mountain slayer skis freshies and hardpack with equal prowess. A rockered tip and tail provides flotation in softer snow and adds effortless maneuverability, with camber underfoot to ensure excellent edge grip when the going gets firm.

    The Lumen 99 is built around a lightweight yet fun-loving poplar core, with the introduction of Salomon's new patented C/FX³ technology, which is a prepreg fiber layer engineered from a combination of carbon, basalt, and flax, that gives this ski an impressive amount of dampening and strength without packing on the weight. A Titanal insert brings excellent torsional stiffness to the table, ensuring the QST maintains a solid and stable feel whether you're laying wide-open turns down steep groomers or straightlining those blue runs.

  • A ski with true all-mountain versatility
  • 99mm waist carves hardpack and floats boot-top pow
  • Rockered tip and tail deliver improved maneuverability
  • Koroyd tip enhances steering and control
  • Camber underfoot ensures edge control on icy terrain
  • Poplar wood core is light and responsive
  • Titanal insert adds torsional stiffness and power transfer
  • New C/FX³ technology increases stability and dampening while keeping weight impressively low
  • Item #SAL01IB
  • Rob with Solomon here talking about the new Solomon alpine ski collection for 28:19 and in my hands i have the newest. Version of the salomon lux 92 the qst. Lux 92 has been in the market for a couple of seasons but for this coming year we've done some significant improvements to the interior with a new. Laminate layer the laminate layer and this uses our patented cfx or carbon and. Flax laminate technology and the new cf x3 improves the stability and edge hold. By not only using stringers that run tip to tail but also flax fibers that run. Edge to edge this flax dampens vibration while still providing the carbon performance and high-energy rebound that. You come to expect from a free ride all-mountain ski like the lux 92 the rocker profile through the tip means that this thing transitions from soft snow to hard snow very comfortably it's going to provide you float on the deep days but nice carvable edge grip on the. Days when you're out there enjoying the groomers this is a ski that has been. Loved for years and the newest version is sure to expect.

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    DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's

    The DPS Women's Zelda Alchemist Special Edition Ski is ready to take on powder days in the backcountry or late-season days skiing crud in the resort, all with ease and marvelous versatility. DPS makes its women-specific skis the exact same way as its other hard-chargers, only with a slightly altered mounting point to harness a more engaged feel. Underneath the unique, special-edition top sheet is a lightweight, fun-loving, stable ski that's built to charge.

    Its versatile 106mm waist comes in handy when the powder is deep, but the Alchemist Pure Carbon construction, which features a pre-impregnated carbon fiber laminate, also offers a damp, smooth feel when you're skiing corduroy or chunder at lightening speeds. The slightly rockered tip provides effortless float on the deepest days of the season, while the camber underfoot adds reliable edge hold on harder snow. Whether you're skiing through tight trees or laying on your edges on groomers, the lightweight aspen core adds responsiveness and pop, making each turn feel energetic and powerful.

  • Powerful, versatile ski with a special-edition top sheet
  • 106mm waist takes on hard pack and powder with ease
  • Rockered tip and slightly rockered tail offer float in deeper snow
  • Camber underfoot provides reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Carbon construction dampens vibrations for a smooth, powerful feel
  • Lightweight aspen core adds energy and responsiveness to every turn
  • Shifted mounting point offers a more engaged feel
  • Item #DPK0025
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    Rossignol Experience 84 AI Ski - Women's

    Rossignol's Women's Experience 85 AI Ski loves to carve on pristine groomers, but won't have any issues sampling softer snow off the beaten path. Its 84 millimeter waist and underfoot camber is quick from edge to edge when the going is firm, while the generously rockered tip floats you through mixed conditions and fresh powder in the trees.

    Rossignol's Line Control Technology, a central power rail that runs from tip to tail, is responsible for the Experience's stable, easy-to-control feel, while the high-density wood core keeps the ski damp and lively for a smooth, fun ride in a variety of conditions. Air Tip VAS boasts integrated dampening filters in the tip of the ski, which offers a more consistent power transfer and an overall lighter swing weight for a confidence-inducing ride that can rip on piste and off.

  • Carve groomers and sample new terrain with this all-mountain ski
  • 84mm waist is nimble on hardpack
  • Rockered tip floats you through softer snow
  • Camber underfoot holds a reliable edge on firm snow
  • Power rail from tip to tail offers a stable, controlled feel
  • High-density wood core is damp yet lively
  • Air Tip VAS for a lighter swing weight and better shock absorption
  • Women-specific shock-absorbing elastomer below tip further reduces vibrations
  • Item #ROS00E8
  • Hey my name is josh i just got done. Riding the rossignol experience 84 ai. This is definitely an advanced level ski. Perfect for a lot of the front side stuff. A little bit of the all-mountain things this is a little bit heavier but it is still that aluminum core in it so it's not quite as aggressive as some of the titanium ones it you'll see but that means that it does like longer turns and it will grab an edge very quickly. So if you're not ready for some of those big long sweeping turns on some of the front side groomers this is probably not a great ski for you but if you like some speed you like a little bit more power in your skis then this is gonna be perfect

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    Salomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women's

    Your grandma's old ski poles are awesome, but the wrist straps broke off two seasons ago, and that bend on the right pole isn't for racing, so it's time for the Salomon Women's Angel Ski Pole. The Angel has a classic look that will match your retro vibe perfectly, and a thoroughly modern 16mm aluminum shaft that will handle everything from pillow lines to groomer hot laps. The wide strap is much better than the corroded leather you're used to, and the sticky grip won't slip out of your hand at inopportune times.

  • Solid ski poles point and plant all over the mountain
  • Alloy construction is durably rigid
  • All-mountain basket, tip, grip, and strap
  • Item #SAL01J9
  • The Solomon brigade pole this is a. Aluminum pole from our friends at. Salomon this comes in some kind of in-between sizes for those guys that want to use a little bit smaller pole that aren't into the old standard size. It's got an oversized grip nice round almost kind of bmx bike style grip i. Guess you could call it very clean very basic a nice soft oversize strap on this. One and it comes with again a nice versatile utility size basket no need to. Switch it out for a powder basket it'll do the trick in soft snow as well again the salomon brigade pool check it out a level 9 sports.

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    K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women's

    Conditions vary, its a fact of life on the ski hill, but there's no way you're missing a single day this winter. When there are patches of fresh snow hidden between chopped up powder, with a groomed trail or two thrown in, you're glad to have the K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski in your corner. This freeride ski features a mid-width waist that's designed to handle everything you might encounter on those gray days between storms. The all-terrain rocker profile uses a gradual rise in the tips for floating in the fluff and sailing over crud, with a low rise tail for more stability, and generous camber underfoot for optimal edge-to-edge control on hardpack.

    The Fulluvit features K2's Konic construction, which layers a stiff metal laminate alongside the reinforced Nanolight core. The very center uses this Nanolight composite and paulownia wood to keep things light, with aspen layered alongside both for additional strength, and metal at the edges for dampening and stability on the chopped-up off-trail slopes. Triaxial fiberglass braiding is added for increased torsional stiffness that still allows the lively flex of the wood core to shine through. All these details combine to produce a ski that's lively, agile, and playful whether you're twisting through powder-filled trees or laying it over on steep groomed runs.

  • A powerful freeride ski that's ready for anything
  • 95mm waist offers versatility in varying conditions
  • Rockered tip and tail crush crud and float in the fresh
  • Camber underfoot provides control on hardpack
  • Lightweight, poppy aspen tempered by metal for extra power
  • Konic technology reduces swing weight without shirking performance
  • Item #K2S00HD
  • Hello this is clemmed smith with k2 skis in. Colorado coming — coming to you today from christie sports we're talking today about the k2 skis all of it 88 to the. All of it 88 ti is part of our love it. Series skis which are free right specific women's skis and what makes. Then free ride specific is that these things are engineered to go anywhere on the mountain in any conditions you can throw at it the olivet eighty-eight to is probably. Our most versatile high-performance women's specific free ride ski the 88. Millimeter footprint makes it very nimble and agile on harder snow and in bumps and then the rocker camber rocker profile makes the ski still float really. Well in softer snow and in variable snow. Conditions it features a full women's. Specific wood core that we call bio flex. So it's a proprietary blend of polonia. And bamboo that makes the skis nice and light, but then we reinforce that with metal teen all layers over the. Perimeters of the ski and on the base and those layers of metal are going to give this ski tremendous edge grip great. Smoothness and predictability and variable snow and harder snow so the all. Of it 88 as far as versatility goes from our free ride lineup this thing can't be beat. You.

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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

    It might be a groomer day, but you're taking those turns at blazing speeds and you need poles to match. The K2 Women's Style Composite Ski Poles have more than enough eye-catching graphics to keep up, and their lightweight composite construction has the perfect swing weight without slowing you down.

  • Women's specific all mountain ski poles, with style
  • Lightweight, durable construction keeps up with your speed
  • Performance rubber grip assists with pole plants
  • All-mountain basketa won't trip you up on the flats
  • Item #K2S00J0
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    K2 Tough Luv Ski with Binding - Women's

    If you crave firm groomers and high speeds, then the K2 Women's Tough Luv Ski with ERC 11TCx Light Quikclik Binding is your ticket to frontside freedom. With a narrow yet nimble 82 millimeter waist, rockered tip, and generous camber, you'll slice pristine corduroy and zoom over end of day chop, and will never feel like you can't hold a reliable edge on even the slickest, steepest runs.

    K2's women-specific BioKonic Core—which puts denser materials at the ski's edges for improved strength and power from edge to edge—keeps this ski light and balanced without sacrificing any performance. The core is built from a combination of strong, stiff fir and light, responsive aspen, with a carbon laminate for increased stability and power, meaning you'll experience a buttery-smooth, robust, and dependable feel, whether you're dabbling in the softer snow at the side of the trail or laying hard edges down the steepest, firmest run you can find.

  • All-mountain ski and binding to rip the frontside
  • 82mm waist nimbly navigates morning corduroy to afternoon chop
  • Rockered tip and underfoot camber holds a solid edge on firm snow
  • Women-specific core improves strength, control, and balance
  • Carbon laminate delivers stability and power for a smooth ride
  • Sidewall underfoot and cap throughout adds reliable edge grip with reduced weight
  • Item #K2S00H7
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    Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    When you're the type of person to get up early, catch first chair, and then ride until last call, you need a boot that'll back up your ambitions. There'll be no stopping you with Rossignol's AllTrack Pro 100 Women's Ski Boot, a warm and comfortable boot that truly embraces the do-it-all versatility that all-mountain boots are meant to deliver. This one boasts a reasonable aggressive 100 flex suitable for the intermediate skiers or aggressive riders on the lighter side, and the comfortable-but-precise 100mm last includes a lower cuff and a slimmer footbed to better accommodate women's natural proportions. 

    The AllTrack Pro is meant to ride well over soft powder and stiff crud alike, and it offers custom-moldable comfort to make anything possible. If properly shaped by a boot professional, the Optisensor 3D liner can be tailored to fit you personally, giving you proper control and efficient power transfer on the slopes. And with warm Thinsulate Platinum insulation added to the liner, you need not worry about frigid winter days driving you indoors before you've had your fill.

  • All mountain alpine boot for repeat laps at the resort
  • 100 flex gives intermediate or lightweight rippers power and control
  • 100mm offers an award-winning fit for most average width feet
  • Thermo-moldable technology dials in an efficient fit
  • Insulated liner offers extra warmth on cold winter days
  • Grip Walk soles come in handy when traveling by foot
  • Hike-mode makes bootpacking and parking lots pain-free
  • Item #ROS00EY
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    DPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women's

    Designed for all your frontside-hungry desires, the DPS Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski is a well-rounded on-piste ski that won't leave you high and dry if you venture off-trail. A relatively narrow 87mm waist is perfect for groomer days between storms, when you're craving fast, easy carving down the fresh corduroy.

    The Uschi 87 falls nicely into the center of DPS' new Uschi line and features the same profile as the Cassiar lineup, with a sidecut that's responsive on the groomers yet forgiving when you're cruising around in mixed snow conditions. Early rise in the tips help you initiate turns and ride with ease over crud or soft snow, while classic camber underfoot and flat tails add control, performance, and stability to on-piste turns. Built with an Alchemist construction, a lightweight aspen core offers a playful feel while aerospace grade carbon fibers add dampening and torsional strength that won't weigh you down.

  • A playful, all-mountain resort ski for hard-charging ladies
  • 87mm waist underfoot handles well on groomers and packed pow
  • Early rise in the tips offers forgiving off-trail performance
  • Classic camber underfoot ensures quick edge-to-edge control
  • High tapered edge angles provide an immediate, responsive feel
  • Aspen core keeps things poppy and playful on the way down
  • Carbon laminate dampens vibrations without adding weight
  • Item #DPK002B
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    K2 Missconduct Ski - Women's

    The K2 Women's Missconduct Ski is built for the park, but still boasts an all-mountain construction for ripping the resort when you're done riding rails and hitting half-pipes. An 88mm waist is park- and trail-friendly, with a rockered tip and tail to ease turn initiation and keep you afloat should you encounter that elusive, white fluffy stuff.

    Despite its name, the Missconduct loves to perform, especially for you. The aspen wood core is light and playful, begging you to air over cat tracks and go big under the lift, while longitudinal carbon stringers add pop and rebound. K2 added metal rivets to the tip and tail, which deliver enhanced durability on tip-slapping landings—in or out of the park.

  • Playful park ski with trail-worthy downhill performance
  • 88mm waist ideal for hitting tricks and carving groomers
  • All-terrain rocker profile hops easily over obstacles
  • TwinTech sidewalls improve torsional strength and edge hold
  • Aspen core offers lightweight, high-energy response
  • Carbon stringers add pop and power to your performance
  • Item #K2S00HG
  • Hello I'm matt guff from huff's calm this is judge did you i do like that this year yes well you know it's always. Nice having johnny, and he knows a product or so well and the product is always great this is the 2019 k2 a. Misconduct a freestyle ski for female. Riders that like to rip in the park what's going on for 2019 well be built. This facility for women so with that. Being said is you know we have a wood core in the core in this ski yeah so. It's gonna have a lot of durability out there we have full sidewall on the ski. Also so it gives a lot of edge power a. Lot of stability and when you're skiing this ski plus it's more durable that. Sidewall gives it much more durability out there for that customer we put a. Thicker edge on a thicker base so any of. The women that are more aggressive skiers that want to give into the park and set right in the park or have been riding the park and want something that's gonna be more durable and better performance that's the misconduct when we put carbon. Stringers to it so it has some pop and energy okay gives us some stability out there we have rivets on it so it has a little bit more durability built into their right you know you put more sidewall off by that front of the tip of the ski so it really the durability is. What we're trying to build it to a ski right um and then the mounting position we melted a little bit different, but we still have a range of multi positions okay, so they can still mount to ski in. The center core center of the ski, or they can't anymore that traditional spot on the ski so yeah it's a nice twin tip for women who want to have something that they can ski anywhere in a mountain with um and yet go down to the park and slay the rails and do though through the. Boxes and ropes and everything else is just works very well for them yep and you know looking at the misconduct like overall aesthetically it looks great of. Course and one of my favorite things is the shaping you know the shaping of the. Nose of the tail a nice twin tip you can mount it up center you can set it back, and we want to a little bit has that fourth nice and thick sidewall forage. Nice structure good edge bite and durability oh yeah absolutely awesome well thank you guys for watching leave a comment or question let us know what you think of the misconduct from k2 john thanks for being here thank you matt you're welcome and remember to subscribe to the channel and hopefully it will see you guys han stop.

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